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2021 Ledger

Leader Awards

Drivers Education

Classes Offered

Driving on some local

highways can be hazardous

and difficult for some folks.

To help combat this issue

Gadsden State's Continuing

Education Program is

offering summer Driver’s

Education classes.

All sessions are from

8 a.m. to noon. Students

must attend all four classes

in a session to receive

credit for the course. The

session dates and campus

locations are as follows:

Week of June 7 in Joe

Ford Center on Gadsden’s

East Broad Campus

Week of June 14 at

Gadsden State in Centre

Class of 2021

Week of June 21

on the Ayers Campus in


Week of July 12 in Joe

Ford Center on Gadsden’s

East Broad Campus

Week of July 19 at

Gadsden State Cherokee in


The class size is

limited to 12 students. The

course is $175 and preregistration

is required.

To register visit


For more info, call

Pam Clough at 256-549-

8462 or email pclough@

Submitted Photo

Savannah Wood, a dual enrollment student,

was able to earn her Associate Degree from

Snead State while also fulfilling credits for

her high school diploma at Boaz High School

this past May. For more graduation info see

the inside of this issue of the Alabama Ledger.

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

D.A.R.E. Program Holds Graduation

DeKalb County Probate Judge Ronnie Osborn speaks to 6th grade students during the 2021

D.A.R.E. Graduation festivities at the DeKalb County School's Coliseum in Rainsville. Founded

in 1983 the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Eduction) program teaches students skills they

can use to make good decisions and avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence. More

pictures from the DeKalb County D.A.R.E Graduation are inside this issue.

Election Audit Seeks To

Improve Voter Confidence

Following the

outcome of the 2020

General Election, many

voters, as well as state

and local officials, believe

that more should be done

to ensure fairness in the

election process.

Although Alabama

was not in the national

spotlight like its

neighboring State of

Georgia, the state is taking

steps to improve voter

confidence in the future.

The Alabama Voter

Confidence Act was

recently signed into law,

authorizing the Alabama

Secretary of State and three

Probate Judges to conduct

a one-time post-election

audit after the upcoming

November 8, 2022 General


According to a press

release from the Secretary

of State's office, this

project is being done to

confirm the accuracy of the

originally reported election

outcome and to increase

voter confidence.

The audit, which will

be conducted no earlier

than November 30, 2022

and no later than January

31, 2023, will occur at one

voting location in each of

the three counties selected.

The audit will include one

statewide office and one

county office.

Results from the postelection

audit will be made

public by posting on the

county courthouse door in

the three counties in which

the audit is completed.

Additionally, findings will

be posted on the website of

the Secretary of State.

Page 2

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

Inaugural Edition



First of all, thank you for reading the Alabama

Ledger’s inaugural print edition. In the previous edition of

The Sports Ledger, I mentioned that the Alabama Ledger

had been established and that the first edition was coming

soon. Well, I am proud to announce that it's here!

The Alabama Ledger is home owned and operated

by The Sports Ledger, LLC. This new publication will

include more than just the traditional sports coverage

I hope you have grown to love over the past few years.

As you browse through the next few pages, you will find

news events, our Ledger Leader award recipients, sports

coverage, and graduation info about the Class of 2021.

Speaking of the Class of 2021, it is a privilege to

honor a few of this year’s graduating seniors. I say a few

because not every high school submitted information or

photos about the 2021 senior class, and several schools

did not respond to our information request for our

Ledger Leader awards. However, this lack of response

is somewhat understandable this year, as administrators,

teachers, students and even parents, have faced many

obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But on the bright side, things are getting better. We

have now a vaccine, schools and business are doing away

with many of the useless restrictions, and most local

schools were able to hold commencement ceremonies and

other events this year.

Often times, we know about upcoming events such as

graduations and sometimes the paper even gets personal

invitations to attend these events. Other times, we may not

know about your events, so please keep us informed by

emailing your event info to

Although we are not always able to attend every event

that we are invited to, I do appreciate all the opportunities.

One of the events I was able to attend recently was

the high school and senior awards day ceremony at Valley

Head High School.

The Valley Head awards day, like many others in the

Alabama Ledger’s coverage area, was held to honor and

recognize this year’s graduating seniors for their academic

excellence and accomplishments. Students in grades 7-11

were also honored for their success in the classroom. It’s

not often that I have the time to spend almost two hours at

an event, but watching the joy and excitement in the faces

of the students who received scholarships or class honors

was truly something special.

Congratulations to all students and to the Class of

2021. I want to wish all graduates a successful future and

the best in everything that life brings.

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Students in grades 7-11 at Valley Head pose for a picture following the school's awards day.

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Lynn's Ledger


What Would Jesus Do?

By Denise Lynn

A popular acronym in the early 1990’s mostly with

youth asked the question “What Would Jesus Do”? Many

wore a bracelet to help them remember to pause and think

in their daily life. WWJD is a great way for all of us to

remember from graduating senior to senior citizen.

The Bible gives tons of instructions on how to live,

act and answer that daily question, but first you need to

know what the Bible says. If we all could hit our pause

button before speaking and ask WWJD, would we still say

it? What if before we make a decision, we sought advice

in His word and asked WWJD, would we make the same


The Bible talks about the fruit of the spirit in Galatians

5:22-23. We have heard or read the list before that we are

to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness and self control. All of these are

great to have, and will certainly draw us closer to God,

but it’s easy to think of it as a list of qualities, but better to

think of it as a tool in your toolbelt of life.

Tools serve a purpose and when used properly will

bring amazing results in your life. We need to take time

and learn about the workings of these tools, and there’s

some great books and Bible studies on each one of them.

Let’s pretend, you have a situation on your hands.

First thing to do is ask “What would Jesus Do?" Jesus

would grab one of the tools and apply it to the situation.

You may need the tool of gentleness, or you may need the

tool of patience or maybe even self control. All the tools

work together to grow you and keep you alert, aware and

prepared for this crazy world we live in.

For believers in Christ, it’s just our temporary home!

Let not just survive it, but thrive in it by grabbing our tools

and building a beautiful life that can reflect Him and help

others ask the question “WWJD?”

How to contact The Sports Ledger, LLC & Alabama Ledger

Alabama Ledger - Established in 2020

Home Owned, Operated, and Published

by The Sports Ledger, LLC


Brandon K. Pierce



Myra W. Pierce

The Sports Ledger, LLC

Established in 2006


PO BOX 175

Albertville, AL 35950





God Bless America!

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Summer 2021 Page 3

Submitted Photo

Ledger Leader Awards

Jess Bobo has been selected as one of the

2021 Ledger Leader award recipients. This

award is given to high school students who

will be entering their senior year this coming

fall and it is based on academics, athletics

and leadership. Jess is one of the top local

students in all three areas She has a 99.7 GPA

and plays both volleyball and basketball at

Boaz High School. She is involved in various

clubs at BHS including HOSA, FCA, Spanish

Club, and Beta Club. She is a member of the

National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and

the Math Honor Society. Jess was a 10th grade

homecoming court attendant and serves as a

Junior Ambassador to the Boaz Chamber of

Commerce. To read about additional Ledger

Leader award recipients see the following

pages of this issue of the Alabama Ledger.

DNA Analysis Aiding In Cold Case

Marshall County Chief Investigator Keith Wilson speaks to the

media about a cold case from 1997 during a press conference in May

2021. Wilson is seated in front of a poster created from Snapshot

DNA phenotyping technology, which is an "advanced forensic DNA

analysis service that accurately predicts the physical appearance and

ancestry of an unknown person from DNA." Authorities believe this

will help with solving the cold case, as they hope to piece the puzzle

together by identifying the victim, whose partial remains were

originally found near the Marshall/Morgan County Line. If anyone

recognizes the person shown on the poster, or has any info related to

the case, call the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at 256-571-7851.

Photos by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

DeKalb Forest

Products, Inc.

256-528-8733 (TREE)

8563 US Hwy 431 Albertville, AL

For All Your Real Estate Needs


Tracy Honea 256-302-2590

Teresa Simmons 256-878-1000

Mike Gentry 256-506-3319

Auto a Home a Life a Business

Diane Pledger

Insurance Agency

Diane Pledger


10831 US Highway 431 N

Albertville, AL 35950

Phone: 256-878-5454

Fax: 256-878-5315 Cell: 256-506-3105

Page 4

Summer 2021

Ledbetter Named New Adult

Education Coordinator

Melissa Ledbetter will

be working within Marshall

County to grow the Adult

Education program to

enhance its services for the


“I want to put more

attention in Marshall

County by working closely

with our community

partners, by recruiting GED

students, and encouraging

them to continue their

education and training

through programs like

Ready to Work,” said Ms.


With her office

located on Snead State’s

Boaz campus, she will

be in a position to work

closely with the College’s

Workforce Development

Department, which

provides the successful

Ready to Work program.

Ready to Work is a

free program that trains

participants in essential

job skills and work habits,

and once completed, the

students earn two industryrecognized

certificates, the

Alabama Certified Worker

and the National Career

Readiness Certificate.

Completers also receive a

tuition-free, three-credithour

course from Snead


“I want to learn more

about (Marshall County)

and its needs. I want to

get to know the different

adult ed locations. I want

to recruit new students

to the program, but I

also want to go one

step further. I wanted to

break the stigma of Adult

Education being only for

those who need to earn

their GED. The program

serves every person in a

different way whether it

be computer classes or

general remediation prior

to entering college. Also,

due to COVID, we are now

able to see face to face,

online and hybrid models

of learning depending on

the situation. I believe the

process can be intimidating

and keeps students from

taking advantage of the

free services we offer,” Ms.

Ledbetter said.

Ms. Ledbetter said

she’s excited about this

new opportunity, one for

which her career, up to

this point, has prepared

her. In addition to earning

a Bachelor’s degree

in Criminology and a

Master’s degree in Human

Resources with an emphasis

in Strategic Leadership,

her work experience began

within the judicial system

as a paralegal as she served

in public office as a city

councilwoman. But it was

when she worked as an

adjunct Adult Education

instructor that she realized

what she was meant to do.

“I fell in love with it.

I knew this was where I

was supposed to be. My

experience really helps me

Melissa Ledbetter

Alabama Ledger

in working with potential

students. I know how to

connect with them and

reach them in different

ways,” she said. “I want

to assess a student’s

weaknesses and strengths,

so I know how to help them

push through the steps to

reach their goals on a larger

scale. I want them to learn

from and build on their

successes as well as their


The Adult Education

program is part of Northeast

Alabama Community

College but serves the

Marshall County area.

Ms. Ledbetter said there

was many programs and

services provided by the

state that the community

isn’t aware of, and she

hopes to help spread the

word so those programs

can grow. The Adult

Education program offers

GED, general remediation,

Digital Literacy

Certification for basic

computer training, English

as a Second Language, and

Ready to Work.

For more info contact

Ms. Ledbetter at melissa. or by

calling (256) 601-6854.




Read Free Online at

Submitted Photos

Hanging out in the clouds

Justin May, and his friend Ryan Mitchell, have been seen by many

people around the Sand Mountain area using Powered Paragliders.

Justin described powered paragliding, or paramotoring, as a form of

ultralight aviation in which the pilot is suspended from a paraglider

with a back mounted motor to provide forward thrust. Justin added

that most "everyone has dreamed of flying since they were young, at

least we have, and with powered paragliding being one of the safest

and most affordable forms of aviation, and the ability to fly as low

and slow or almost as high as you want without being couped up in

a cockpit, made it the obvious choice. On top of that you cannot beat

the view.” Justin and Ryan are both from Crossville.

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Summer 2021 Page 5

Making a Difference at Kappler

Snead State

Community College

alumnus Christian Roberts

of Albertville cites one

of the perks of working

in his job field is solving

new problems, and he used

his education and training

to offer a solution to a

problem at work.

Roberts has worked for

six months as an Industrial

Engineer and Multi-Craft

Technician at Kappler Inc.

in Guntersville.

While on the job at

Kappler, Roberts noticed

his co-workers were

having difficulty with

assembling and pushing

out product to meet their

goals. An idea came to him

for the design of a new

boot prototype that would

help the workers be more

efficient and eliminate the

problem standing between

them and their goals.

“We still have to get

the new layout design for

cutting and calculating

time studying to see if the

new product can fix the

previous problem,” he said.

Founded in 1976 by

George Kappler, Kappler

Inc. is a respected global

leader in chemical

protective apparel. George

Kappler is still involved

in the business, but his

daughter, Laura Kappler-

Roberts currently serves

as the company’s President

and CEO. When the

company began, very little

was known about chemical

protective clothing, but

today, Kappler has defined

an entire industry with

patented fabrics, innovative

seaming technology,

and unique garment

designs. In its 40 years of

existence, the company

has built a reputation for

quality, innovation and

straightforward advice on

what protective clothing to


Roberts said he

enjoys working with new

situations, and with the

new experiences he’s had

at Kappler, he’s relied on

his education and training

he received at Snead State

to help him understand the

complexities of the job,

especially the technical

wording and definitions

used on a daily basis.

“There are a ton of

opportunities in this field

if you’re willing to work

hard, have a good mind set

and be eager to learn every

day,” Roberts said.

And Roberts plans

to continue to learn and

grow in his field. He is

completing his Associate

degree in Industrial

Technology and after

graduating from Snead

State, he plans to transfer

to Auburn University. His

goal is to own his own

business and be a leader in

his field.

“I want to eventually

give back to everyone

who encouraged me and

believed in me,” he said.

Snead State

Community College

Christian Roberts

President Dr. Joe Whitmore

recently toured Kappler to

open dialogue on how the

College and the company

can work together.

“We appreciate

industry partners such as

Kappler not only for their

work in the community

and worldwide, but also

Guntersville Senior Class of 2021

for the experiences they

provide for our students to

use their skills and training

in the workforce,” said Dr.


“I look forward to

growing our partnership

with Kappler and enhance

the opportunities for our


Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Page 6

Summer 2021


By Josh Bean


OXFORD – Plainview

High School’s fast-pitch

softball team arrived

at Choccolocco Park

on Saturday, May 22,

needing three straight wins

to capture the Class 3A


Little did the Bears

know, they’d have to work

the midnight shift to do it.

Plainview defeated

Houston Academy in the

elimination bracket finals

and then beat Prattville

Christian twice to claims

the 2021 state crown

The Bears won the

first match-up 13-4 and

then earned a 13-0 victory

in the winner-take-all finale

that started at 10:26 p.m.

and ended at 12:06 a.m.,

by the 10-run-mercy rule in

five innings.

Plainview (43-8-1) won

their first state fast-pitch

softball title and closed out

the 2020-21 AHSAA sports

championship year in the


Jada Hampton hit a

three-run homer in the first

inning of the final game,

and her third-inning, basesloaded

single cleared the

bases with the help of a

fielding error. Halle Brown

had a three-RBI triple in

the Bears’ seven-run fourth

inning, and Elaine Puckett

finished 3-for-4 with three

RBIs and three runs scored.

Plainview pitcher and

Tournament MVP Tessa

Word did the rest, allowing

just four hits to earn the

complete-game shutout.

Tessa did not allow

a walk, struck out four

opposing batters, and

picked up the completegame

win with the 13-4

victory. She also had two

hits and an RBI.

Prattville Christian (35-

10) had defeated Plainview

3-2 in the previous

night’s winners’ bracket

final, but the Panthers

never found any rhythm in

the state finale.

The 3A championship

started more than two

hours later than its 5 p.m.,

scheduled start because

the 6A championships

also went to the “if” game

and ran much longer

than expected. The extra

rest seemed to energize


The Bears won the first

game 13-4, thanks to a

nine-run seventh inning,

and carried the momentum

into the 13-0 finale.

To reach the Class 3A

state championship game

Alabama Ledger

Josh Beene | AHSAA

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | The Sports Ledger

(TOP) Members of the Plainview Bears pose

with the 2021 Class 3A State Trophy. (ABOVE)

Lily Boswell delivers a pitch for the Bears.

Plainview picked up a 12-1

six inning victory over

Houston Academy.

In that game, Tessa

Word and Mia Tidmore

hit three-run homers as

Plainview won by the 10-

run, mercy rule.

Lily Boswell pitched

a four-hitter and struck out

five. Mia Tidmore finished

3-for-4 with two runs

scored and four RBIs, and

Mallory Lindsey added

two hits and two RBIs

The members of

the Class 3A All-State

Tournament Team are:

Jersee Carter, Prattville

Christian; Landyn

McAnnally, Prattville

Christian; Elaine Puckett,

Plainview; Mia Tidmore,

Plainview; Halle Brown,

Plainview; and Tessa

Word, Plainview (MVP).

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College Students Earn Awards

Students at Snead State Community College were recently recognized for their

academic achievements.

The college's award recipients include:

• Accounting: Shelby Payne of Warrior.

• Agricultural Science: Kaylie Hanrahan of Albertville and Dylan Sanders of


• All-Alabama Academic Team members: Madeline G. Devin of Boaz and Sara

C. Koonce of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

• Anatomy/Physiology: Zurisadai Ortiz of Albertville, Bethany Savannah Wood

of Albertville, Luis Elizarranas Mosqued of Albertville, Emily McDuffie of

Crossville, and Alyssa Stanley of Crossville.

• Art: Elisa Blackwelder of Guntersville and Marcy Blitchington of Boaz.

• Outstanding Student Achievement Award in Biology: Anna Watkins of

Rainbow City.

• Business: (Transfer Program) Sara Koonce of Fayetteville, TN; (Applied) Roberta

Kolb of Jacksonville.

• Chemistry: (Inorganic) Salma Santiago of Albertville and Chase Williams of

Boaz; (Organic) Madeline Devin of Boaz and John David Hutchens of Horton;

and (College Chemistry II) Mauren Arreaga of Albertville and Miriam D. Chavez

Ibarra of Albertville.

• Computer Science: (Transfer) Savannah Graham of Moulton and Jainum Patel of

Albertville; (Cybersecurity) Daniel Jordan Bryant of Attalla.

• Dean’s Awards: Emily F. McDuffie of Crossville (Academic) and Lisa Murray

of Boaz (Technical).

• Economics: Logan Edmonds of Guntersville.

• English: Ashia Bice of Boaz, Roman Peppers of Boaz, and Jacqueline Rhodes of


• Health/Physical Education: Sadie Burns of Boaz.

• American History: Myriam Eason of Albertville and Wyatt Eason of Albertville.

• Information Systems Technology: Alejandro Gomez of Albertville.

• Mathematics: Sofia Cruz-Zarate of Albertville (Freshman Award) and Savannah

Graham of Moulton (Sophomore Award).

• Music: Juan Ramos Jimenez of Albertville (Most Improved Musician) and Natalie

Duvall of Boaz (Best Music Theory Student).

• Music Endowment Scholarships: Casie McBrayer of Boaz (John Howard

Precise Memorial Scholarship) and Natalie Duvall of Boaz (Glenn L. and Mary

Wells Maze Memorial Music Scholarship).

• Nursing: Rebecca Oden of Boaz (Highest GPA-First Level RN). Mackenzie

Wolfe of Gadsden (Highest GPA-Second Level RN), Rachel Cooper of Horton

and Deyna Tomas of Boaz (both Clinical Excellence-First Level), and Kayla

Upton of Albertville (Clinical Excellence-Second Level).

• Office Administration: Angie Perez Gonzalez of Albertville and Youdeline Jean

Joseph of Albertville.

• Physics: Jainum Patel of Albertville and Miguel Andres of Albertville (both Dr.

Byron K. Leles Physics Award).

• Political Science: Johnny Figeroa of Albertville.

• President’s Award: Olivia A. Logan of Arab (Academic) and Alejandro L.

Gomez of Albertville (Technical).

• Psychology: Matthew Ard of Albertville.

• Sociology: Brisa Martinez of Boaz and Skyler Pittson of Brownsboro.

• Speech: Donovan Guinois-Golden of Altoona and Salma Santiago of Albertville

(Outstanding Public Speaking Awards); Hailey Hill of Boaz, Katherine Gray of

Birmingham, Kaylee Justice of Albertville, Gracie Duncan of Anniston, Ellie

Green of Attalla, and Payton DesRosier of Huntsville (All Oral Communication

Speech Awards).

• Western Civilization: Caroline Smith of Boaz.

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Summer 2021 Page 7

Snead State Holds Commencement Ceremony

Joe Whitmore confirmed as college's 12th President

Snead State students,

faculty members, and

special guests gathered

at the Sand Mountain

Park and Amphitheater

on Thursday, May 6, to

share in the successes and

accomplishments of the

2021 graduating class as

well as some of the 2020

graduating class.

The Commencement

was a special occasion, not

only for the graduates, but

also for Dr. Joe Whitmore.

At the beginning of

the ceremony, Alabama

Community College

System Board of Trustees

member Matthew Woods

formally conferred Dr.

Whitmore as the 12th

President of Snead State

Community College.

“In Dr. Whitmore,

we found a leader, but

more importantly, we

found a man of great

personal faith…During

these challenging times,

he has continued to focus

on excellence even in

economic uncertainty and a

pandemic. We have found a

leader in the truest sense of

the word,” said Mr. Woods.

Mr. Woods closed

the official investiture by

presenting Dr. Whitmore

with the President’s


“It is an honor for me

to stand here today as the

12th President of such a

great institution. I am truly

humbled to be entrusted

with the legacy of this great

college, and I am excited

as we pursue together the

many great opportunities

that lie before us.” said


US Congressman

Robert Aderholt was the

commencement speaker

and he shared advice with

the graduating class about

persevering through life

and on interacting with

people who cross their


“I’d like to give you a

few simple lessons — I’d

like to call them simple

rules for human relations

that I have run across…

They’ve been around for

a long time. If you try to

put these simple rules into

practice, you’ll be shocked

at the rewards it will give

you," said Aderholt.

“The first is to take

time to speak to people…

The second thing is to take

time to smile at people…A

smile is the first thing you

notice when you meet a

person. It really makes

a big impact. No. 3, call

people by their name. No.

4, just be friendly and

helpful to people whenever

possible. No. 5, be kind

to people. Speak and act

like everything you do is

a genuine pleasure. No.

6, be genuinely interested

in other people. No. 7,

be generous with your

praise and be sparing of

your criticism. No. 8, be

considerate of the feelings

of others. No. 9, have a

good sense of humor, and

No. 10, always be alert to

give service to others.

“I want to add one

more. Don’t overlook the

importance of faith. Every

one of us needs an abiding

faith to get us through those

tough times,” Congressman

Aderholt said.

The evening was

a time for honoring the

success and achievement

of students. Some of

Jason Cannon with Civitan Award recipient

John David Hutchens

the graduates were also

recognized as award


John David Hutchens

of Horton received the

Civitan Best All-Around

Student Award. The

Civitan Award is presented

annually to the Best All-

Around Student of the

graduating class. To be

eligible for this award, the

student must have attended

Snead State Community

College for at least three

semesters and attained

a minimum cumulative

academic average of 3.0

on a four-point scale.

In addition, the student

should have participated

in extracurricular and

community activities. The

student is elected by a vote

of the faculty from a list

of eligible graduates who

are participating in the

graduation ceremonies.

Logan Edmonds of

Guntersville and Sara

Koonce of Fayetteville,

Tenn., were awarded the

James B. Allen Award. The

award is presented annually

to the Outstanding Student

of the graduating class, but

this year both students were

chosen. This award is a gift

of the late James B. Allen,

United States Senator from

Alabama. To be eligible for

this award, the student must

have exhibited outstanding

qualities of leadership

and service, attained a

minimum cumulative

academic average of 3.5,

and attended Snead State

Jason Cannon with All-Alabama Academic

Team Member Maddy Devin

Snead State Vice President Jason Cannon with James B. Allen Award recipients Sara Koonce,

who is also wearing her All-Alabama Academic Team medallion, and Logan Edmonds

Community College for

at least three semesters.

Recipients are elected by

a vote of the faculty from

a list of eligible graduates

participating in the Spring


Sara Koonce and

Maddy Devin of Boaz

were recognized as this

year’s members of the

All-Alabama Academic

Team. The All-Alabama

Scholarship program is

a complement to the All-

USA National Academic

Team Program, which is

sponsored by USA Today,

Phi Theta Kappa Honor

Society, and the American

Association of Community


Sara and other

members of the Lady

ball fields.

The baseball and

softball graduates were

unable to attend the

ceremony because they


The college also

presented 40 Associate

Associate in Applied

Short-Term Certificates

ceremony in late May.

Page 8

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Over 200 Students Graduate at FPHS

Patel and Jones are top students in Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 at

Fort Payne High School

had 207 students and

the group w as led by

Valedictorian Ashvi Hitsesh

Patel and Salutatorian

Sarah Jones.


Ashvi Hitesh Patel

Ashvi Patel, the

daughter of Hitesh Patel

and Pragna Patel, is Fort

Payne High School’s class

of 2021 Valedictorian.

She has achieved

a GPA of 4.44 and is a

member of Mu Alpha

Theta, National Honors

Society, and National

Spanish Honors Society.

She is also the president of

Future Business Leaders

of America and the Project

Manager for the Real

World Design Team.

While attending

Fort Payne Ashvi has

participated in many

clubs including Key Club,

BEST Robotics, and

Student Council. She will

be finishing high school

with 22 college credit

hours through an AP class

and Northeast Alabama

Community College.

After graduation,

she plans on attending

(UAB) where she is will

be majoring in Engineering

Design and participating

in an early graduates’

program in Engineering



Fort Payne


Ashvi Hitesh Patel


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, Fort

Payne High School's Class

of 2021 Salutatorian, is

the daughter of Kristi

and Brian Jones and the

granddaughter of Wanda

Jones and Ruth and Paul


Sarah has achieved a

4.4 grade point average and

a 31 on the ACT, and she

was inducted into National

Honors Society as well as

Mu Alpha Theta.

She has played

marimba and been on both

drumline and color guard

in marching band, and she

has played percussion and

clarinet in concert band.

Sarah has also

participated in Winter

Guard, SADD, and Science


Upon graduation,

she plans to attend the

University of Alabama

to pursue a degree in


The remainder of the

Top Ten students at FPHS

in alphabetical order are

listed below:

Will Abbott

Braden Barksdale

Hannah Buffington

Erica Hughes

Troy McCormick

Arturo Rodriguez Lopez

Mitzie Rojo

Antonio Sandoval


Fort Payne


Sarah Jones

Twin City Used Car Sales


1015 Gault Avenue South

Fort Payne, AL 35967

Congratulations to the Class of 2021

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Summer 2021 Page 9

Fort Payne Senior Class of 2021


to the class of 2021!

The best way to predict your future

is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln

Submitted Photo

Tennessee Football To

Open Season On Sept. 2

First-year Tennessee

head football coach Josh

Heupel and his Volunteers

will make their debut in a

nationally televised SEC

Network primetime game

on Thursday, Sept. 2,

against Bowling Green in

Neyland Stadium. Kickoff

is slated for 8 p.m. ET.

The contest was originally

scheduled for Sept. 4.

"This should be a fun

way to begin celebrating

100 years of Neyland

Stadium while also

beginning an exciting new

era of Tennessee football

under Josh Heupel. I cannot

wait to feel the electricity

as the Vols come bursting

through that T on Thursday

night," said UT Athletics

Director Danny White.

commences the centennial

in 1921. Tennessee and

meeting for just the second

time. The Vols began the

2015 season with a 59-30

neutral-site win over the

reins of the Volunteers as

one of college football's

winningest head coaches

over the past three seasons.

overall record at UCF, a

2018 American Athletic

Conference championship

and three bowl appearances,

including a New Year's

Six Fiesta Bowl berth in

The 2021 opener

celebration of Neyland

Stadium, which opened

Bowling Green are

Falcons in Nashville.

Heupel takes the

He produced a 28-8

January 2019.

Page 10

Alabama Community

College System (ACCS)

Chancellor Jimmy Baker

recently announced tuition

will not increase for the

2021-2022 academic year

and the ACCS anticipates

all community colleges

will resume normal, oncampus

operations for the

Fall 2021 semester.

“This year has

been difficult for many

Alabamians and access

to education and skills

training shouldn’t be

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Alabama Community Colleges To Freeze Tuition

something that makes it

harder. By freezing tuition

and ensuring online, inperson,

and hybrid classes

are available at Alabama’s

24 community colleges,

we’re doing our part to

expand opportunities for

coursework and training

to help Alabamians build

a better future,” said

Chancellor Baker.

Tuition at ACCS

colleges is currently at

$133 per credit hour, which

is less than half the cost

of tuition at the state’s

four-year colleges and


“This freeze on tuition

certainly will be a help to

Alabamians who have been

slammed hard by economic

conditions caused by Covid

19,” stated Northeast

Alabama Community

College President Dr.

David Campbell. “The

freeze will not only assist

with completing school,

but it will also assist

individuals seeking new

careers after their old

jobs were wiped out by

economic changes resulting

from coronavirus.”

The freeze on tuition

is one of many efforts

Alabama’s community

colleges have rolled out this

year to expand access to

higher education, including

a statewide Community

Scholarship program

featuring a tuition discount

for buy-one-get-one free

classes at ACCS colleges

for the spring semester.

ACCS colleges also

deployed 10,500 laptops

to students to help ensure

access to course materials

was not an obstacle to

course completion.

According to reported

numbers, approximately

87% of Alabama’s

community college students

receive financial aid and

95% of the community

college students are from

Alabama. Last year, the

ACCS college system

served more than 159,000


The 24 colleges in

Alabama’s community

colleges offer 330 degree

and technical training to

compete in a constantly

and certificate programs

and with 130 locations

ACCS is Alabama's

gateway to first-class,

affordable education

leading industry partners.

evolving workforce.

Students benefit from

the various certification,

credential, dual enrollment

and degree programs

ACCS offers alongside

The System includes the

Alabama Technology

Network, which provides

extensive training and

service offerings directly to

business and industry.

Submitted Photo

West End Class of 2021

Madison Pryor

has been named the

Valedictorian for the 2021

Graduating Class at West

End High School.

Kailee Nichols is the

school’s 2021 Salutatorian

and West End senior

classmate Hunter Tucker is

the class Historian.

The members of the

West End Class of 2021


Zachary Allan Baldwin

Della Ruth Battles

Alexis Leilanie Benefield

Miranda Michelle Boswell

James Garrett Wayne Box

Hunter Lee Davis

Andrew Thomas Dodge

Kaitlyn Allanah Duffey

Anna Victoria Edwards

Alexander Ray Evans

John Jerome Gann, Jr.

Anna Grace Gilbreath

Corwyn Jade Gilliland

Mckenzey Paige Grochola

Michael Garrett Hak

Randall Will Hallmark

Trevor Brian Hamby

Savannah Danyel Harper

Daniel Levi Hawkins

Mikayla Brooke Hilburn

Brady Wayne Jenkins

Elizabeth Grace Jordan

Gavin Lain Knue

Rylie Dawn Lowe

Issaac Ray Luna

Micxon Martin Martin

Dakota Patrik Mcalpine

Savannah Grace Mccright

Jolie Brooke Mccurley

Kayla Cheyenne McMullen

Samantha Brooke Moore

Kailee Michele Nichols

Madison Hope Parker

Harli Grace Patterson

Courtney Madison Pattillo

Eli Anthony Pearce

Jose Fransisco Piceno II

Kaleb Shayne Pierce

Cheyanna Lucille Pinkston

Madison Marie Pryor

Jordan Noel Ramos

Lydia Juliette Ramos

Kenyon Zaine Reyes

Zachary Charles Rubio

Kaitlyn Cheyanne Smart

Dylan Chase Stokes

Ethan Broc Talley

Tyler Cole Taylor

Hunter Gene Tucker

Trevor Allen Willett

Submitted Photo


Andy Gardner is a 2021 graduate of

Jacksonville State University. He finished

with a degree in Marketing.

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Summer 2021 Page 11

Submitted Photo

Fyffe Senior Class of 2021

Fyffe High School held it's 2021 Graduation ceremony on May 20. The Class of 2021 was very

successful academically earning a reported 1.6 million dollars in scholarships. The graduating

seniors include: (Front to back - left to right) Row 1: Avery Guffey, Brianna Lindblad, Taylor

Yancy, Katie Coots, Madeline Farmer, Gracie Kirk, Summer Elkins, Lexi Scott; Row 2: Hope

Hearn, Alexia Barber, Courtney Pehm, Barbara Zapata, Summer Anderson, Jade Benefield,

Ansley Dukes, Shayla Mayben, Kayla Mayben; Row 3 (standing): Tate Thomas, Sarah Bell,

Natalie Bynum, Kylie Fay, Tori Reecer, Jade Johnson, Haylin Veal, Maddie Crowe, Riley West,

Madison Myers, Koby Harris, Alyssa Howell, Ivan Salvador, Macey Brown, Matthew McCollum,

Dakota King, Allen Marcos, Andrew Hamilton, Dakota Payne; Row 4 (standing) Sarah Bell,

Kylie Fay, Jade Johnson, Riley West, Koby Harris, Ivan Salvador, Matthew McCollum, Allen

Marcos, Dakota Payne; Row 5 (standing) Emma Hilley, Hayden Pettus, Jacob Tijsma, Caiden

Gore, Chris Pytlik, Evan Woodall, Xavier Works, Trace Whitmire, Ty Bell, Tanner Cowart, Eli

Hilley, Eli Benefield; Row 6 (standing) Cody Green, Levi Carroll, Perry Dalton, Tucker Dodd,

Malachi Mize, Jacob Stiefel, Brayden Robinson; Row 7 (standing) DaKota Manning, Chase

Wooten, Brody Coots, Hunter Gillilan, Ike Rowell, Parker Godwin, Gavin Cowart; Row 8

(standing) Hunter Casey, Brody Dalton, Blayden Woodall, Micah Johnson, Tate Goolesby,

Caleb Lyles, and Travis Shook.

Quarterfinal Finish

Fyffe varsity athletics

was strong in every sport

during 2021, including on

the baseball diamond.

The Red Devils

advanced to the Class 3A

state playoffs and picked

up wins over Lauderdale

County and Ohatchee in

the opening two rounds.

However, the Red

Devils season came to a

disappointing ending with

a loss to Phil Campbell

in the state quarterfinal


Phil Campbell went on

to sweep Bayside Academy

to win the Class 3A State

baseball championship.

Fyffe Valedictorian

Accepted To Yale

Salutatorian is Bama Bound

Trace Whitmire, son of Steve and Heather Whitmire,

is the Valedictorian of the Fyffe High School Class of

2021. He has big plans for his future, as he gained early

acceptance to Yale University in December 2020 and plans

to attend in the fall. He is currently unsure of his major,

but he is considering graphic design, video production

and editing, or music production or management.

Trace was very involved in the academic and extracurriculars

side of Fyffe. He was a class officer for all

four years of his high school career. He was also Reporter

for the Beta Club in his 11th grade year and President

in his 12th. Trace, through a Beta club program, visited

the local senior center every Monday in his 11th grade

year and played games with the seniors. As President,

Trace spearheaded a campus beautification project and

the popcorn fundraiser that funded it. He is a member of

the Spanish Club and Vice President of the FBLA club.

Trace has taken 8 classes with Northeast Alabama

Community College to gather over 24 dual-enrollment

hours before he graduated. He also got trained in suicide

prevention through Emma Hilley’s awareness team and

the SAM Foundation.

Emma Hilley, daughter of Chris and Natasha Hilley,

is the 2021 Fyffe High School Salutatorian. She plans to

attend the University of Alabama in the fall and pursue

pre-medicine and major in Psychology or Biochemistry.

She intends to take classes with the UA Honors College

and shadow the medical professionals in Tuscaloosa

County. While attending the University of Alabama,

Emma hopes to continue her volunteer work by becoming

a part of the Tide Against Suicide Program. She has been

accepted into the Rural Health Scholars program at UA.

After graduating from college, Emma would like

to attend the UA School of Medicine through the Rural

Medical Scholars Program, where she will return to the

rural communities in Alabama and help those who are in

need the most. Her goal is to become a psychiatrist.

Emma also excels in her extracurricular activities

at Fyffe She has been a class Officer for four years and

is currently the senior class vice-president. Emma is the

Beta Club chaplain and Spanish Club vice-president. She

is a member of NACC honors clubs: Mu Alpha Theta, Phi

Theta Kappa, and Sigma Kappa Delta.

Emma is the founder of the FHS mental health

awareness club YANA (You Are Not Alone) and FHS

Morning Announcements. She volunteers with the SAM

Foundation/Family Services of North Alabama and has

scheduled QPR training for the FHS student body. She also

volunteers with the Beta Club’s Campus Beautification,

Giving Tree, and Christmas Giving program. Emma

commits to all these activities while maintaining a 4.3

GPA and receiving 24 dual enrollment credits from

Northeast Alabama Community College.

Page 12

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Sylvania High School Class of 2021

The members of the 2021

Graduating Class at Sylvania

High School are:

Gareth Shane Anderson

Jaxon Alfredo Andrade

Rebeca Andres Tomas

Zoey Nicole Bailey

Rachel Faith Bewley

Kaden Bryce Boman

Cassidy Lane Bray

Nicholas Hunter Brooks

Dawson Jarrett Campbell

Adriana Castaneda Felipe

Kelby Rain Chadwick

Tylin Marlene Cisco

Joshua Michael Collins

Isabella Faith Corbin

Margaretta Susan Grace Davis

Savanna Alexis Jullian Davis

Alix Bethanie Dekker

Dakota Dale Epps

Ana Elena Fernandez-Garcia

Angel Ulices Fernandez Ogaz

Sierra Haze Franks

Morgan Olivia Furgerson

Avery Hunter Gayski-Crouch

Sommer Alexyss Gimm

Abigail Lauren Graham

Elijah Jude Gurley

Payton Sky Hairston

Rebecca Candace Hairston

Evan Ryan Haney

Brayden Kurt Harris

Hunter Justin Hill

Jarrett Shaun Hill

Kendall Nicole Hill

Preston Miles Holcomb

Breanna Nicole Houston

Jasmine LeAnn Hurst

Steven Edward Ivey

Aubrey LeeAnn Johnson

Brittany Cheyenne Johnson

Isabella Grace Knopps Johnson

Riley Seth Johnson

William Conway Joiner, III

Jacob Austin Kittle

Emily Brooklyn Lambert

Thomas Clay Landers

Kenadie Rae Lee

Logan James McCullough

Kylie Cheyenne Moree

Steven Matthew Newsome

Sandra Paula Ortiz

Montana Christopher Owens

Hannah Marie Pair

Blakely Austin Phillips

Landon Jeremiah Pickett

Peter Efrain Ramirez

Selena Layne Rodriguez

Katelyn Grace Sammons

Josey Steven Sargent

Abby Grace Shrader

Dillon Lucas Shrader

Photo Courtesy of Andy Vance

William Mark Smothers

Hannah Rose Stover

Joseph Edmund Techlowec

Norah Grace Trotman

Caden James Tuttle

Daven Ray Vasquez

Keenan Seth Wilbanks

Clayton Bradley Wilks

Dillon Taylor Williams

Rodriguez and Lee lead Sylvania Senior Class

Selena Rodriguez is the

2021 Valedictorian at Sylvania

High School.

Selena has been attending

Sylvania School for 13 years.

She has been a part of Beta Club

since 5th grade. She has also

been a member of the National

Technical Honor Society since

her junior year. She has been

taking dual enrollment with

Northeast Alabama Community

College since her sophomore


Selena has received a

Technical Scholarship from

Northeast and will begin the

Nursing Program there this fall.

Selena Rodriquez

Kenadie Lee is the 2021

Salutatorian at Sylvania High

School. She is the daughter of

Kent and Kelly Lee of Henagar.

Some of Kenadie's activities

in high school include: Yearbook

Staff, Student Government

Association (SGA) President,

Class Officer, National Beta

Club, and she is the Hugh O'Brian

Youth Leadership representative.

Kenadie has also been

nominated for the SHS Alabama

Girls’ State representative.

She is a member of the

school's Varsity Basketball and

Varsity Softball teams, where she

has won several awards.

Kenadie has received

accolades with the Lady Rams

Basketball program. In addition

to All-County and All-Area

honors, she was voted as Overall

MVP from DeKalb County. She

also made the All-Tournament

Team in the 3A State Playoffs and

earned a position on the 1st Team

All State roster.

Outside of school Kenadie

is an active member of Henagar

Baptist Church where she enjoys

spending time with her youth

group, as well as singing with the

Praise Team.

Upon graduation, she

has chosen Berry College to

further her education in Sports

Administration. Kenadie is a

recipient of the Berry College

Academic Scholarship, and she

has signed with the Lady Vikings

Basketball program.

Kenadie Lee

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Summer 2021 Page 13

NACC Foundation Memorial Teacher Scholarship

The Foundation

for Northeast Alabama

Community College has

announced a new memorial

scholarship. The Hilda

Thornbury Fears and Carol

McKown Fears Memorial

Teacher Scholarship will

be available to current

Northeast students who are

also graduates of Sylvania.

Established by Captain

John A. Fears, USN

(Ret.) and Diane R. Fears,

HMCM, USNR (Ret.), this

scholarship donation will

enable him to honor his

mother and late wife while

also fulfilling his desire to

give back to his alma mater

at Sylvania High School.

Hilda Thornbury Fears

graduated from DeKalb

County High School

in 1928 and furthered

her education at Athens

College. She completed her

degree in 1930 and began

her 41-year DeKalb County

teaching career at the Rock

Bridge School on Lookout

Mountain before her 20th

birthday. She boarded

with the Culpepper family

and borrowed a mule to

ride home to White Hall

community for weekends

with family.

Mrs. Hilda Fears

taught at various schools

through the 1930s and

married career Navy man

A. M. Fears in December

of 1932. She completed

her Bachelor of Science

degree at George Peabody

College for Teachers in

1938. In 1947, following

assignments at Plainview

and Valley Head, Hilda

began teaching at Sylvania

High School for the first

high school graduating

class in 1948. That

assignment lasted through

the graduating class of

1961, and she then taught

another 10 years at Ider,

before retiring in 1971.

Carol Fears also

graduated from DeKalb

High School, but with the

class of 1958.

Carol attended JSU

and graduated with a

triple major in Languages

(Spanish, French, and

English) in August 1961.

Carol then left Alabama

to accept her first teaching

assignment at Newnan

High School in Newnan,

Georgia, barely older than

the seniors in her Spanish

classes, which also included

a witty sophomore, the late

columnist Lewis Grizzard.

After one year in

Georgia, she returned home

to Fort Payne and accepted

a position at Sylvania High

School in the fall of 1962.

While teaching at

Sylvania High School, she

continued her graduate

education at University of

Alabama and was awarded

her master’s degree in

education in August 1964.

Following her third

year at Sylvania, she was

selected as a member of

the inaugural faculty for

the brand new Northeast

State Junior College,

now Northeast Alabama

Community College. She

taught English, Spanish,

sponsored the Debate Team

and remained on the faculty

for three years.

“We married in Dec.

1966, but despite marrying

a career Navy man like

my mother, she was able

to continue her position

at Northeast State Junior

College until moving to

California to join me in

1968,” said Fears.

John Fears graduated

from Sylvania in 1961

after being a student of

his mother. He attended

Marion Military Institute,

Auburn University, and

the US Naval Academy en

route to Navy flight training

in 1965. Upon completion

of flight training 1966,

he was commissioned,

received his wings, and

immediately married the

late Carol McKown Fears.

John served in the

Navy for 27 years.

Plainview High School Class of 2021

Fort Payne, AL




Henagar, AL


Rainsville, AL


Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Grant, AL


Page 14


2021 Ledger


Two students at

Plainview High School

have earned the honor

be being named a 2021

Ledger Leader.

Noah White is a

two sport star for the

Bears athletic program,

competing in both football

and baseball.

In addition to All-

County football honors in

2020, Noah has achieved

academic success in the

classroom. He is a member

of the school's Beta Club

and he has a 3.8 GPA.

Ellie White is an All-

County Cheerleader (2019

& 2020) at Plainview and

she is one of the 2021

Ledger Leaders.

Ellie has a 4.0 GPA

and she studies healthcare

science. She is also a

member of the Beta Club

and Science Club.


Noah White


Ellie White

Summer 2021

By Brandon Pierce


Dual Enrollment is

a program that is popular

among many students

across Alabama as it helps

them get a head start in

college by earning credits

while still attending high


Both 2021 Collinsville

High School Ledger Leader

recipients are participating

in the Dual Enrollment

program this year and both

award winners have perfect

4.0 GPA’s.

Kayla Beene is a

three-sport standout for

the Lady Panthers and she

is involved in numerous

school organizations

including Beta Club,

FCCLA, FBLA and Teens


Alabama Ledger

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Dismuke and Martin are GHS Ledger Leaders

By Brandon K. Pierce


Jaden Dismuke is

a three sport star for the

Geraldine Lady Bulldogs

and she has a 4.17 GPA.

These achievements have

helped etch her name on

the 2021 Ledger Leader

award list.

"I don’t think I can

pick a favorite sport,"

said Jaden. "Volleyball and

softball both are my go to

and can turn any bad day

good. Whatever season I

am in is the sport I love."

Jaden was a North/

South Alabama Volleyball

Game Participant in 2021.

She earned All-County and

All-State volleyball honors

for two years, as well as

All-Area volleyball honors.

She recently earned the

program's defensive MVP


In softball, Jaden has

made the All-Area list for

two years and she earned

All-County honors for the

past five years.

In the classroom, Jaden

has been an “A” Honor

Roll student for three years

and she has won the Honors

English Award. She is also

a Junior Marshall and Beta

Club Member, as well as a

nominee for the Alabama

Governor’s School.

When asked what

she thought about being

a student leader, she said

that "I think a leader is

someone that the team

turns too and looks for

when something is going

Collinsville High School Ledger

Leaders Embracing Dual Enrollment

She is a member of

the school’s basketball,

softball and volleyball

teams. Kayla is the L.D

Dobbins Award winner

and an All-County athlete

in both basketball and


In 2020, she helped

lead the Lady Panthers

to the AHSAA Class 2A

State Girls Basketball


wrong. Someone to calm

them down, but also push

them and make them better.

I apply this to my athletics

by always being that calm

teammate and being able

to hide my nervousness.

In my academics people

are not afraid to ask me a

question and I take charge

and answer questions in the


Jaden added that she

is looking forward to her

senior year and noted that

she is thankful for everyone

that has helped her as a

student athlete.

"I have had many

people inspire me to want

to be great but one person

I couldn’t have done this

without is my dad," she

said. "He has coached

Junior Classmate

Donovan Smith is also

involved in numerous

school activities.

He is a member of the

Beta Club, NHTS (Tech

School), Teens Together,

and the Auto Mechanic

Program at the Tech


Donovan is also a

member of the Collinsville

basketball team.

Scott C. Lloyd, Attorney


No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed

is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers

Jaden Dismuke

me in softball since I was

8 years old. He instilled

in me a drive and a work

ethic that has helped me be

extremely successful in my

athletic career. I know that

the things he has taught me

will carry on into the real

world and will help me be

successful at whatever I

decide to do."

Kayla Beene

Levi Martin

Geraldine High School

classmate Levi Martin also

earned Ledger Leader

honors. He has a 4.0 GPA

and plays baseball, where

he is an All-County and

All-Area athlete.

Levi is also a Junior

Marshall and Beta Club

Member, as well as an "A'

Honor Roll student at GHS.

Donovan Smith

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Summer 2021 Page 15

Submitted Photo

Geraldine High School Class of 2021

The members of the

Geraldine High School Class of

2021 are:

Ezekiel Jeremiah Anderson

Keren Eiliannah Anderson

Nadia Arevalo

Suleima Nektali Balcazar Corona

Anthony Paul Baldwin

Garrett Kade Barclay

Stephen Miles Benton

Calvin Ridge Berry

Franklin Jett Berry

Frederick Chase Bloodworth

Rhiannon Caron Bloodworth

Atticus Kain Brice

Kylie Ann Bright

Elexia Hope Bryant

Maeleigh Grace Chandler

Angela Mae Clontz

Jessie Ty Cofield

Keyan Zayd Cole

Alyssa Jade Cook

Alona Jade Dabbs

Cole Roger Drain

Emma Jayden Dunn

Dessa Leann Faulkner

Erik Sanchez Garcia

Allyson Jade Gibbs

Hunter Tray Gibbs

Mallory Lynn Gilbert

Austin Cole Gilreath

Miguel Gomez

Alexis Noe Gutierrez

Joanna Scout Hammett

Chase Michael Harris

Jamie Nicole Hill

Paige Mary-Ruth Hotchkiss

Preston Patrick- Louis Hotchkiss

Stormie Faith Hyatt

Dawson Johnathan Gerry Jay

Carlie Reese Johnson

Seth Leevi Johnson

Alannta Mychelle Jones

Griffin Scott Knight

Juan Angel Lara Gijon

Jimmy Mashburn

Catarina Mateo Juan

Collin Glenn Mayfield

Gracie Marie Miesaloski

Keona Kate Miles

Jaqueline Lara Moreno

Jada Ziera Moses

Sylas Ethan Daniel Moses

Jonathan Glen Piper

“Your Hometown Pharmacy”


Daniel StClair, Rph


Brooke Jones Walker, PharmD


Adam Jeremiah Price

Dixie Nicole Pruett

Kaylee Jade Reagan

William Christopher Rogers

Reagen Leigh Rowan

Aaron Nathaniel Rowell

Ashley Suzanne Rucks

Tinsley Elle Satterfield

Damien Matthew Scott

Allyssa Lynn Short

McKynzie Renea Sims

Justin Derrick Snow

Brodie Paul Stone

Emma Faith Strickland

Sebastion Xavier Totherow

Courtney Grace Trussell

Kolton Ty Wilkes

Jerica Alysse Willoughby




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All The Best!

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Aunt Nancy

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Brandon K. Pierce


Page 16

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Collinsville Class of 2021

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Panthers and Lions Reach State Semifinals

By Brandon K. Pierce


Most athletes dream

of participating in a state

championship, but for

both the Collinsville and

Crossville varsity boys

soccer programs that dream

became a reality this year.

Collinsville advanced

to the Class 1A/3A state

soccer tournament and

was trying to becoming

the second public school

team since 1993 to win

a boys state soccer title

in the AHSAA's smallest

classification. The Panthers

were also trying for the

program's first title since

winning the crown in

2014. However, the

Panthers' dream fell short

in the semifinal round.

Collinsville led the

match early, but Mars

Hill tied the game 1-1 late

and went on to rally for a

2-1 double overtime win

against the Panthers.

Collinsville finished

the 2021 season with a 15-

5-1 record.

Crossville's varsity

boy's soccer season also

came to a disappointing

ending in the Class 4A/5A

State semifinals.

Like Collinsville, the

Crossville Lions battled

their way to overtime,

but could not hold off

Russville, who scored with

only 30 seconds left to pick

up a 3-2 overtime win.

Crossville finished the

2021 soccer season with

15-4-0 record.


Brandon BoswellhPharmacist/Ownerh256-524-2981

“Caring for You Like Family”

588 South Valley Avenue

P.O. Box 498

Collinsville, AL 35961

(256) 524-2981

(256) 524-2987

Best Wishes Class of 2021

Collinsville Health Care and Rehab

Short Term Rehab Care or Long Term Care,

Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

James Coker, Administrator

685 North Valley Avenue

P.O. Box 310

Collinsville, AL 35961


Fax: 256-524-2035


Class of 2021

Brandon Boswell, PharmD


Photos by Brandon K. Pierce | The Sports Ledger

Crossville's Rodolfo Balcazar (#9)

Collinsville senior Alexander Cornejo (#13)

and Fernando Padilla (#11) battle for the

ball against Mars Hill's Dawson Derr (#11).

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Summer 2021 Page 17

Crossville Senior Class of 2021

Local bankers serving local customers since 1971

A Full Service Banking Institution

Consumer | Business | Mortgage

Internet i Mobile i Telephone Banking


P.O. Box 187

40956 AL Highway 75

Geraldine, AL 35974



P.O. Box 219

15053 Highway 68

Crossville, AL 35962




P.O. Box 1639

305 North Broad Street

Albertville, AL 35950



1660 Sardis Road

Sardis, AL 35956



P.O. Box 736

5350 AL Highway 68

Collinsville, AL 35961



P.O. Box 626

87615 US Highway 278

Altoona, AL 35952


Telephone Banking: 256-659-4800 i Internet Banking:


Pharmacists: Alan Gardner,

Brittany Patterson & Will Hunt


Submitted Photo

$5 OFF

your purchase of $20 or more

*Some Restrictions May Apply. See Pharmacist for more details

Page 18

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Diamond and Stanley Lead Boaz Class of 2021

Boaz High School’s

Valedictorian for the

2021 graduating class

is Gabrielle McCall

Diamond. Gabrielle is

the daughter of Penny

Freeman and Scott

Diamond. Her awards

include Distinguished

Scholar, National Honor

Society, Mu Alpha Theta,

Marshall County Youth

Leadership, Jacksonville

State University

Leadership Scholarship,

BBB Torch Scholarship,

Health Science Internship,

Top Ten Percent, as well as

Early Acceptance of JSU

Nursing Program.

Gabrielle has been

involved in many clubs and

activities while at Boaz.

Those include Mu Alpha

Theta, National Honor

Society, Varsity Volleyball,

Marshall County Youth

Leadership, and HOSA.

After graduation,

Gabrielle will be attending

college at Jacksonville

State University. She plans

on pursuing a Master's

Degree of Science in

Nursing to become a

nurse practitioner or nurse

anesthetist. Her goal is to

graduate by 2026 and work

at Huntsville Hospital.

The 2021 Boaz High

School Salutatorian is

Alyssa Danielle Stanley.

Alyssa is the daughter

of Michelle Daniel and

Wendell Daniel, and

Daniel Stanley and Rachel

Stanley. Alyssa’s honors

include: Ms. BHS Nation

Honor Society, Mu Alpha

Theta, Distinguished

Scholar, and a Full

Academic Scholarship.

Alyssa has also taken

several Dual Enrollment

and AP classes. Alyssa also

received an Outstanding

Achievement Award in

Anatomy/Physiology from

Snead State Community


While at Boaz, Alyssa

has participated in many

clubs and organizations

and she has served in a

leadership position in many

of them. Her involvement

includes Vice President

of SGA, President of

Gabrielle Diamond

National Honor Society,

Vice President of Mu

Alpha Theta, Secretary of

Art Club, Counsel member

of First Priory, Marshall

County Youth Leadership,

Spanish club, Hope club,

and HOSA.

Alyssa Stanley

After Graduation,

Alyssa Plans to finish

Snead State Community

College in the Spring of

2022 and then transfer to

Jacksonville State to pursue

a career in secondary


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Summer 2021 Page 19

Boaz Senior Class of 2021

Jose Carlos Aguilar Marcelino

Olivia Ann Altay Akyol

Mason Conner Alexander

Reece Tanner Alexander

Karla Yissele Argote Gonzalez

Nicholas Edward Armagost

Rosa Baeza Luna

Gerardo Baeza Medina

Madelyn Claire Baher

Aliviya Mae Beard

Mikenzi Rae Bearden

Sarah Elizabeth Beck

Kadin Bryce Bennefield

Huriel Blanco Ramirez

Emily Kay Grace Blitchington

Maegen Nicole Bouvier

Taiylor Jayd Bowen

Cole Jacob Bowling

Sandra Jean Bowman

Dawson Tyler Boyd

Chloe Alyson Brasher

Hannah Renee Bridgman

Kyle James Brooks

Michael Caelan Brown

Chelsea Faith Burdick

Tristen Reed Burns

Daniel Gomez Cabrera

Lisandro Callejas Celestino

Hedy William Calmo-Matias

Jaiden Makay Camper

Makayla Kristine Cannady

Daylyne Lizzette Cartagena

Kayla Unique Carter

Tiffanie Amber Cassels

Carson Tyler Chamblee

Hannah Mae Clift

Madelyn Ryan Cline

Deanna Renee Cole

Maleah Jan Collins

Chloe Elizabeth Cooley

Erick Yahir Cordova

Aivianne Tamerie Damarlane

Gabrielle McCall Diamond

Nahavah Lynn Dodd

Madalyn Shea Droze

Marleny Elvira Felix Florencio

Camille Annice Ford

Jesus David Garcia

Vanessa Garcia

Myra Alexis Glassco

Hope Elaine Golden

Lina Dell Gomez

Alejandro Gonzales Diego

Adilene Gabriela Gonzalez-Ortiz

Trinity Alaisha Griggs

Samantha Diane Hall

Austin Lee Hancock

Joshua Brian Harms

Cherish Grace Henderson

Jesus Hernandez Zavala

Lydia May Hitchcock

Deanna Nicole Horton

Julian Lucien Huddleston

Emma Grace Hutchens

John Michael Jackson

Chaz Kolby Johnson

Hunter Ryan Johnson

Allison Malia Jones

William Tyler Jones

Magdalena Jose

Francisco Daniel Juan Palomec

George Keaton Lloyd Kennedy

Karly Elizabeth Kilgo

Lawson William King

Jake Walker Knighten

Christopher Tanner Lacey

Ethan Brett Lackey

Michael Shaun Lankford, Jr

Alexis Desiree Lara

Dixie Lara

Jamin Brody Layton

Kinlee Jade Lesley

Carolina Lopez Altamirano

Sandy Dalila Lopez Mendez

Sandy Soledad Lopez Rivera

Claudia Elyse Lowery

Michele Marry Marin

Caitlin Remae Mathis

Estephanie Vanessa Matias Tomas

Becca Grace Mayes

Jesse Andrew Mayhall

Cade Ross McDowell

Jenna Riley McGee

Shannon Nicole McMurtrey

Gabriela Tennille Mendez

Santiago Monzon Franco

Thomas Douglas Moore

Lilly Beth Morrison

Addie Jaylynn Murdock

Shawn Daniel Nation

Anna Grace Nicholson

Andrew Steven Nuss

Estuardo Daniel Ortiz

Cesar Cortes Pacheco

Blanton Tucker Pankey

Marcos Pascual-Sebastian

Hannah Michelle Patterson

Xavier Hamilton Pell

Kimberli Cindy Perez

Austin Glenn Phillips

Logan Anthony Phillips

Jenna Grace Pierce

Dylan Ryan Posey

David Acosta Quintana

Malia Gail Rains

Heidy Johana Ramirez Morales

Alexander Ramirez Perez

Bladimir Ramos Jarquin

Jordan Rogelio Rios

Maria Selinda Rios-Cervantes

Miranda Grace Roberson

Oliver Rodriguez

Lesley Roman-Martinez

Jessica Rosales Aguilar

Adrian Rosales-Balcazar

Michelle Rosario

Kalynn Grace Ross

Stefanye Sofia Ruiz-Lopez

Catarina Sebastian Tomas

Patricia Sebastian-Martin

Jacob Hunter Silas

Isaac Israel Silva

Keila Simon Ambrocio

Hannah Nicole Smith

Photo by Bentley Gray Photography

Hannah Rose Smith

Kensley Marie Smith

Laney Grace Smith

Trent Alexander Smith

Wyley Garrett Smith

Alyssa Danielle Stanley

Kaleigh Makenzie Tate

Edgar Nehemias Tercero Lopez

Trea Junior Thomas

Carlin Brenae Tillman

Allison Leigh Todd

Everly Dalila Tomas

Guillermo Trevino, Jr

Heriberto Us Domingo

Jocelyn Darrian Vansandt

Analia Velasquez Juarez

Ricky Gabriel Velasquez Rafael

Jeremias Vicente Sebastian

Maddie Grace Waldrep

Drake Thomas Watkins

William Alexander Wilburn

Zachary Taylor Williams

Bethany Savannah Wood

Keagin Mekai Woods

Floridalma Xiloj Lucas

Alberto Zaragoza, Jr

Page 20

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Douglas High School Class of 2021

Photo Courtesy of Bentley Gray Photography

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Summer 2021 Page 21

Fyffe's Will Edge and Olivia Wilks

Named 2021 Ledger Leaders

Fyffe High School’s

2021 Ledger Leader

award recipients both have

perfect 4.0 GPA’s and both

exemplify what is takes to

be a student athlete both on

and off the playing field.

Will Edge is a twosport

student athlete for

the Red Devils and is

involved in numerous

school organizations. He

is a member of the Senior

Beta Club and serves as

the Beta Chaplain. Will is

also a member of both FCA

and Yana.

Additionally, he plays

both football and baseball

for the Red Devils. He

has the honor of being a

three-time state champion,

as he played on Fyffe’s

2018, 2019, and 2020 state

football championship


Will Edge

Fyffe Junior classmate

Olivia Wilks is this year’s

other Ledger Leader award


Olivia is a member

of the Red Devils softball

program and this year she

helped her team finish the

regular season with a 22-10

record and the runner-up

spot in the Class 3A Area

14 tournament.

In addition to playing

softball for the past four

years, Olivia is involved in

the school’s FCA, FCCLA,

Yana, and Beta club. She

also serves as the Beta

Club reporter.

Outside of the

classroom and off the

softball field, Olivia is

involved with the Rodeo.

She has been a

Member of Alabama

Little Britches Rodeo

Association since 2017

and a member of Alabama

High School Rodeo

Association since 2018.

For the past two

years (2020 and 2021)

she was the reserve goat

tying champion and in

2019 Olivia was the

champion breakaway

roper. Additionally, she

is a National qualifier in

goat tying and breakaway

roping (2018-2021) and

she has placed in the Top

Fyffe Softball Reaches Elite 8

The Fyffe varsity

softball was one of the

Elite 8 teams in Class 3A,

reaching the 2021 AHSAA

State Tournament, which

was held in Oxford, AL.

The Red Devils got

on the scoreboard early

in the opening game, but

could not hold off Prattville


The Red Devils lost

the opening game 8-2.

Fyffe could not

rebound from the loss, as

the Red Devils suffered a

13-3 setback to Houston

Academy in their final

game of the tournament.

Fyffe finished the

season with a 27-15-2

overall record.

10 in state for Goat Tying

and Breakaway roping


When Olivia is not

at the ball field she can

be found in the practice

pen preparing for her next


Olivia Wilks

In a social media post

prior to this year's softball

season, Olivia noted

that she is considering

attending college at the

University of Alabama in

Birmingham (UAB) to

become a Pediatrician.

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | The Sports Ledger

Submitted Photo

Cornerstone Christian's Jacie Bell is one of

the 2021 Ledger Leader award recipients.

Sports, Fine Arts

and a State Title

Jacie Bell is a junior at Cornerstone Christian

Academy in Rainsville and she is one of the 2021 Ledger

Leader award recipients.

Throughout her time at Cornerstone Christian, Jacie

has participated in a variety of extracurricular activities

ranging from sports to fine arts, all while maintaining

academic excellence.

Jacie has competed in volleyball since seventh grade

and has received numerous awards in the sport including

ACAA All-State Volleyball, three all-tournament honors,

CCA Best Defensive Player, and All-Star Team nominee.

Jacie is also the starting point guard for the varsity

basketball team where she was chosen as an All-Star

Team member and All-State Team member. During her

career on the court, she has helped Cornerstone win two

state championships.

Additionally, she has competed on CCA’s track team.

She reportedly won the state title in triple jump, 4x100m

relay, and the 4x200m relay, all of which helped her team

win the state championship title in ACAA division.

As if three sports and a 4.0 GPA were not enough,

Jacie also plays on CCA’s softball team and is involved in

numerous other school activities.

Outside of athletics, she has participated in the Senior

Beta Club for three years, becoming National Group

Talent Champion in 2018. In 2019, She was selected as

a Premiere Performer at the National Beta Convention in

Oklahoma City. Jacie is also involved in music. She is

a member of the CCA concert band where she plays the

flute and the oboe. Additionally, she is the Prefect of the

House of Elisha.

Page 22

Valley Head

2021 Ledger


By Brandon Pierce


A Valley Head

golfer and a varsity girls

basketball standout have

both earned the honor of

being named as two of

this year’s Ledger Leader

award recipients.

Austin Ingram is a

two-sport athlete for the

Tigers, competing in both

golf and basketball. His

performance earned him

All-County honors in 2019

and 2021. He was also the

2021 Individual Sectional


Austin has a 3.87

Academic GPA.

Junior Classmate

Ansley Blalock is one of

the top student athletes at

Valley Head, as she has a

4.0 GPA.

Ansley is a member

of the Valley Head varsity

girls’ basketball team,

where she was selected as

an All-Area standout the

past three seasons (2018-

19, 2019-20, and 2020-21).

Summer 2021

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Valley Head Class of 2021 Valedictorian

Britza Rojas and Salutatorian Thomas Potts

Alabama Ledger

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2021 Ider Ledger Leaders

By Brandon Pierce


Ider High School

baseball standout Peyton

Hood has been named as

one of the 2021 Ledger

Leader award recipients.

He is one of two Ider

students selected for the

award, as varsity girls star

Maliyah Smith was also

tabbed for the honor.

Peyton has earned

numerous honors for his

efforts on the playing

field and he also sports

a perfect 4.0 academic


In the 2021 season

he earned the Golden

Slugger Award and was

named to the All-County

Tournament Team. He was

selected as an All-County

athlete this year, and was

an All-Area player the past

Peyton Hood

two seasons (2020, 2021).

Last year, Peyton earned

the Golden Arm Award.

Maliyah is a multisport

standout for the Lady

Hornets and has lettered

in three varsity sports:

volleyball, basketball and


Maliyah Smith

She helped both the

volleyball and basketball

programs earn Area

Runner-up honors and she

helped lead Ider to an Area

softball championship.

Maliyah is also one

of Ider’s top academic

students with a 3.9 GPA.

Valley Head Senior Class of 2021

Valley Head's

Austin Ingram

Valley Head's

Ansley Blalock

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

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Summer 2021 Page 23

Ider Senior Class of 2021

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Valley Head High School Salutatorian Thomas Potts

is planning to continue his eduction while serving

his country as a member of the US Army. He was

presented with the above check during the school's

2021 senior awards day ceremony in May.

Submitted Photo

Car Chase and Stand-off

Law Enforcement officials

are always prepared for events

and busy days, but DeKalb

County Authorities had a

particular busy day on May 24,

2021 that included a car chase

and a brief stand-off.

While attempting to conduct

a traffic stop on US Hwy 11,

authorities spotted a vehicle

with the subject throwing

items out of the window as he

was heading into Fort Payne.

DeKalb County Deputies and

Investigators followed as the

subject entered onto I-59 south.

The vehicle continued, passing

the Collinsville exit for several

more miles, before striking a

guardrail after the subject lost

control of the vehicle.

According to a press release

from DeKalb County Sheriff

Nick Welden, Carter Dale

Franklin Jr., age 36 of Anniston,

was charged with Attempting to

Elude, Reckless Endangerment,

Resisting Arrest and DUI

(Controlled Substance).

Also on May 24, DeKalb

County deputies, as well as police

officers from Sylvania, Henagar,

Fyffe, and Rainsville responded

to a residence on Industrial

Drive in Sylvania in response to

a subject with what authorities

called an altered mental status.

Sheriff Welden noted that a

male subject called 911 stating

he was going to harm himself,

the public and Law Enforcement.

Authorities set up a perimeter

at the location and the DeKalb

County Special Response Team

was called to the scene.

Following a brief stand-off,

the subject was coaxed out of

the residence and taken to a local

hospital on a pickup order issued

by Probate Judge Ronnie Osborn.

"Everyone involved did

a phenomenal job keeping the

public safe in both of these

situations,” said Welden.

Brady Peek

Picked For 2021

Ledger Leaders

Academy’s Brady Peek is one of

the 2021 Ledger Leader award

Brady has a 3.9 GPA and

is a multi-sport student athlete

basketball, cross country and

His skills on the basketball

court have led to several honors.

Brady received the Best Team

Defense award in 2019-2020, he

was an ACAA All-Tournament

In Cross Country and Track

he was chosen for the Best Team

Spirit award in 2019 and he

earned 1st Place in the ACAA

is a member of the Beta Club

(chosen as Premier Performer

2019); Potter's House Paladin

in the Show Choir, Band, and

Outside of school, Brady is

an active member of New Home

Baptist Church and the youth

Cornerstone Christian


at Cornerstone Christian in

Rainsville. He competes in


member in 2020-2021 and

he earned ACAA All-State

Basketball Second Team in 2020-


400 meter Sprint in 2021.

In addition to athletics, Brady

(2019-2020) and Chancery

(2019). He also participates



Cornerstone Christian's

Brady Peek

Page 24

Albertville High School held

its Senior Graduation Ceremonies

on May 21. The members of the

AHS Class of 2021 include:

(NOTE: A group photo was not

available due to class size)

Christopher Mason Abel

Emilie Griffin Adams

Olivia Adeline Adams

Nataly Elizabeth Aguilar Nieto

Miriam Aguilar Ramos

Benjamin Patrick Allen

Kaylee Michelle Allensworth

Magdalena Alonzo Alonzo

Daniel Alonzo Gregorio

Estela Alonzo Lorenzo

Domingo Alonzo Perez

Emilio Alonzo Xiloj

Ashton Caleb Ted Anderson

Trevor Keith Anderson

Rufina De Leon Andres Pascual

Luis Miguel Andres Tomas

Anthony Harold Andrews

Luz Maria Antonio Diaz

Luz Darlin Antonio Diaz

Kelly Esmeralda Antonio Juarez

Juan Diego Arellano

Daniela Sky Argote

Natalia DeAnn Arroyo

Jessica Laura Baltazar

Jackson Trinidad Banda

Marcotulio Bartolo Virves

Henry Gonzalez Bartolon

Adam Ryan Bearden

Trinity Alde Shun Bell

Nathan Hardy Belue

Joana G Benitez

Emory Joy Marie Berrey

Vivian Nichole Biles

Caydin Justice Blunt

Elijah Cade Boman

Adrianna Maryann Boozer

Jacob Demar Bouvier

Lizzie Katheryn Bowen

Karlie Marie Brodzinski

Jordan Brian Burgess

Chloe Burke

Isabella Grace Bynum

Henry Omar Caal Caal

Alejandra Paola Cabrera

Joel Tanner Cain

Zachery Bryant Campbell

Miguel Angel Canseco

Wilmer Rolando Carranza

Karla Niuzet Carmona

Oscar Antonio Carreno Ramos

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Albertville Senior Class of 2021

Jonathan Cervantes

Nathanael Omar Chacon

Fernando Chagolla

Emily Cierra Chambers

Kinsley Mae Chambers

Caleb Thomas Champion

Hannah Grace Childress

Jocelyn Elizabeth Claborn

Amber Nichole Clifton

Blake James Collins

Emma Grace Colvin

Jadyn Nacole Coody

Jordan Alexander Cooper

Trever Jeremiah Coppins

Brianna Nicole Corbin

Amber Joy Cordell

Katie Beth Cornelius

Angel Gabriel Corona Chavez

Marilin Cortes

Alberto Cortez

Eric Garcia Cortez

Alice Barragan Cruz

Summer Rayne Elizabeth Culbert

Nicholas Cole Cuzzort

Jacob Albert Dacy

Garrett Lee Dalrymple

Grace Anne Davis

Zion Jamal Davis

Tristen Curtis Dendy

Brindlee Rae Denney

Matthew Ryan Densmore

Isabella Rene Diaz

Avery Leigh Dickerson

Kathy Diego Juan

Djalie Dieujuste

William Kyle Dixon

Raphaella Dolne

Bartolome Tomas Domingo

Zoey Katelynn Dorsett

Ethan Dallas Garrett Edwards

Jeremiah Nicholas Felipe

Pierre Denel Felisme

Guypson Ferdinand

Amber Noelle Fitzpatrick

Grace Elizabeth Bain Foshee

Eularia Francisco

Tomas Jr Francisco

Andres Francisco Alonzo

Evelyn Isabela Francisco Baltazar

Marcos Francisco Esteban

Herlinda Francisco Esteban

Leslie Franco

Daniela Franco

Diana Franco Perez

Mia Michelle Galloway

Marco Garcia

Tania Estrella Garcia

Monica Garcia Aguilar

Anniston Irlanda Garcia Chacon

Gabriel Garcia Garcia

Luis Reynaldo Garcia Rojas

Jaime Isaia Garcia Velasquez

Mackinzie Nichole Garner

Carson Jake Garrett

Candillaria Miguel Gaspar

Carmen Michelle Gay

Grayson Cole Gladden

Jackson Cain Godwin

Jose Gomez

Samantha Mechelle Gomez

Yenifer Gomez Melchor

Victoria Gonzalez

Lizette Sarai Gonzalez

Jazmin Yadira Gonzalez Diaz

Fausto Gonzalez Garcia

Landon Rollins Grizzard

Jayven Lovon Gurley

Antonio David Gutierrez

Daniela Guzman Carreno

Cole Bastian Hall

Adria Faith Hamilton

William Kaeleb Hand

Alexus Savannah Hansard

Brianna Kay Harden

William Maddox Harrington

Kayla Rayne Harris

Jerlissa Maria Henderson

Tanner Lee Henry

Edi Marvin Hernandez

Jeffrey Hernandez Flores

Kaitlyn Benice Holaway

Evan Drake Holsonback

Lauren Nichole Hood

Kaylee Reese Hood

Allyson Marie Howard

Joseph Wyatt Igou

McKenzie LaShawn Inman

Anna Nicole Jackson

Farrah Jade Jaco

Monica Jimenez Nicolas

Sydney Caroline Jones

William Trenton Jones

Tristan Malachi Jordan

Osvin Gaspar Jose

Jose Felipe Juarez

Richard Juarez

Haley Alexis Keeton

Kaleb Todd Kemp

Anna Grace Kennamer

George Clayton Kennedy

Hayden Greer Kilpatrick

Chloe Grace Kilpatrick

Kristopher Allen Kirby

Jade Leigh Monte Kirkland

Noah Lucas Daniel Kirkland

Emma Gayle Knight

Jordon Dewayne Knight

Isabella Shanta Kroslack

Kiley Brianne Lacey

Abbie Lynn Lafollette

Kaden Nicholas Landers

Robert James Lang

Zachary Keith Langner

Juan Diego Lara

Marlen Eldanuri Lazaro Servin

Emily Grace Leija

Lydie Berlande Leone

Joshua Theodore Logue

Mayra Elisa Lopez

Henry Jason Lopez

Mayra Elisa Lopez Mendez

Briana Lorissaint

Michael Kade Lowery

Tyler Ray Lowery

Wilson Waldemar Lucas Castro

Jessica Lucas-Perez

Logan Addison Chad Lynch

William Logan Lynn

Mary Elizabeth Maddox

Josue Mandujano

Dominga Marcos Tomás

Kellie Leigh Martin

Evan Alonso Martinez

Ely Anthony Martinez

Leah Beth Matthews

Sage Brook McCann

Leah Faith McCann

Ariel LaReen McClendon

Trinity Jordan McLemore

Lesbia Marisol Meletz Jorge

Misael Yalam Mendoza Segundo

Gabriel Jason Michael

Felipe Miguel Pascual

Coby Zack Mikel

Kacey Alane Miller

Alexander Miranda

Johnathan Lawrence Mitchell

Gaelle Mojuste

William Odell Moment

Payton James Moore

Joseph Devonte Moore Harris

Carlos Miguel Morales

Griselda Morales Ayala

Jessica Jazmine Morales Lopez

Jonathan Luke Mosley

Ty Garrett Murphy

Jordan MeKenzie Needham

Cambree Deanne Nelms

Breanna Ashlyn Nelson

Angelina Sebastian Nicolas

Emma Grace Nix

Eric Josue Olivares

Leecia Marie Oliver

Alex Carmelo Olvera

Erica Andrea Osorio Cortez

Emily Brianne Paas

Rosa Linda Pablo Velasquez

Jacklyn Lopez Pacheco

Haylee Elizabeth Pack

Hayden Luke Pack

Robert Marshall Parnell

Jerry Colin Paschal

Santiago Patino

Rodrigo Cantellano Patino

Jose Guadalupe Patino Duran

Keontae Eugene Patterson

Melisa Juan Pedro

Pedro Pedro Pascual

Vicky Pascual Bartolome

Zoe Elana Peed

Emerald Serenity Xianne Pell

Leonardo Pena Teran

Daniel Antonio Per Figueroa

Jaime Perez

Arly Carlila Perez Ramos

Kim Quy Phung

Jyhno Widel Pierre Charles

Victoria Elise Poe

Shelby Lynn Poe

McKenna Ree Ponder

Eden Elizabeth Ponder

Sophia Postemus

Emmett Tyler Powell

John Landen Powell

Breanna Nicole Prickett

Jesus Emanuel Quintanar

Julio Cesar Ramirez

Kevin Ramirez

Christopher Ramirez

Adan Ramirez Almaraz

Tania Ramirez Garcia

Jovany Ramirez Lopez

Alicia Maria Ramirez Perez

Feliciano Elias Ramirez Perez

Breldy Guisel Ramirez Perez

Daniela Ramirez Soriano

Luis Mateo Ramos

Amy Norena Ramos Ambrocio

Arturo Jaime Ramos Jimenez

Thaddieus Luvert Rasberry

Christopher Charles Rice

Lenslie Jayde Richards

Donna Marie Rios

Victor Manuel Pacheco Rios

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Summer 2021 Page 25

Oscar Humberto Riz Ordonez

Trent Josiah Roberson

Michael Roberts

Lesly Robles

Andrew Daniel Rodgers

Hannah Danielle Rodgers

Jason Alexander Rodriguez

Katherine Rodriguez Guardado

Bryan Israel Rodriguez Sandoval

Melissa Roque

Jaxon Craig Rowley

Alexander Ricardo Rios Ruiz

Gardiamentha Saint Jean

Jordan David Salmeron

Giovanny Sanchez Cortez

David Sanchez Doroteo

Adriana Sanchez Sierra

Wesley Bryant Sandifer

Nancy Santiago Avalos

Angelica Santiago Hernandez

Nicolas Alexander Santos

Nancy Tello Saucedo

Katherine Ann-Marie Schwall

Emma Ann Scott

Liset Pedro Sebastian

Yoselina Sebastian

Jenna Faith Shedd

Samuel Mason Sheets

Emma Claire Shell

Rilley Jacob Shores

Gustavo Angel Silva

Heidy Isidora Silvestre Cota

Ethan Malachi Smalley

Cole Bryton Smedley

Coleman Alexander Smith

Brooklyn Leann Smith

Mattie Smith

Bethanie Sara Smith

Christopher Ryan Smith

Natasha Leigh Snell

Elizabeth Grace Snider

Alison Kate Soriano

Alan Soriano Gijon

Jennifer Arely Soto Peraza

Jordanna Leann Stancil

Tanner Reid Stephens

Sarah Marguerite Stephens

Jason Scott Stephens

Austin Douglas Stewart

Nathan Matthias Stewart

Kyle Blake Stone

Destiny Stratton

Jorge Suar Tzoc

Christian Adam Taymon

Ana Isabel Tercero Lopez

Benjamin Cross Thompson

Hannah Michelle Tobias

Jennifer Lopez Tomas

Diego Torres

Erick Isai Torres

Pablo Cesar Rafael Tzul Tomas

Ashlyn Brooke Varnell

Riky Eliaser Vasquez

Ronando Vasquez Velasquez

Seydi Judith Vasquez Vicente

Micaela Patricia Velasquez Perez

Evan Juan Velazquez

Natalie Vital

Kaylee Morgan Walden

Brett Allen Walker

Alana Brooke Watwood

Francisco Cruz West

Carter Paul Williams

Alex Jay Williams

Justin Arlington Wilson

Valicity Vanae Wilson

Noah Chandler Winningham

Ashton Dean Wise

Maggie Elizabeth Woodall

Emma Lauren Woodham

Lane Harrison Young

Arleth Zavala Rodriguez

William Frank Ziese

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AHS Ledger Leaders

By Brandon K. Pierce


As a member of Class 7A,

Albertville High School has one

of the largest athletic programs

in Northeast Alabama and to

be recognized as one of the top

student athletes at the school is an

impressive achievement. What’s

more impressive is that this year’s

AHS Ledger Leader recipients

both have a 4.0 or better GPA and

both are involved in numerous

school clubs and organizations.

The 2021 Ledger Leaders

from Albertville are Campbell

Priest and Tristan Golden.

Campbell has a 4.05 GPA and is a

member of both the Tennis Team

and the Aggie Band. Tristan

sports a 4.0 GPA and plays both

baseball and football.

Campbell has played on the

Aggies Varsity Girls' Tennis team

since the 2017-18 season earning

multiple honors along the way.

In 2019, she received the Gilmore

Brannon “On Target” Award and

she was the Marshall County

Doubles Champion. In 2019 and

2021, Campbell placed as the

runner-up in the county singles

competition. Additionally, she

earned varsity tennis awards in

both 2017-18 and 2018-19.

In addition to tennis, she is a

3-year member of the Aggie Band

and has been on the Southern

Stars Danceline for two years.

She earned the 2020-21 Athletic

Award and the 2021 Endurance


Academically, Campbell

was in the Top 10% of her class

this year and in the 2018-2019

school year. She is a member of

the National Honor Society and

the FCA. She also serves as a

Youth Worship Leader.

Campbell will have the

opportunity to add to her

accolades next year, as a senior

at Albertville.

“I am really looking forward

to, and thankful for, having

a senior year because I know

Campbell Priest

Tristan Golden

many people didn’t get to have

one because of COVID,” she

commented. “I am also looking

forward to football games and

tennis season, all the memories

I will make with friends, getting

ready for college and all that

entails, and so much more!”

Tristan earned the Top

Scholar award during his

sophomore year on the Aggie’s

football program, as well as the

Top Defensive Newcomer Award.

He is a member of the FCA

and FFA. Tristan is also an active

member of his church youth


Page 26

Summer 2021

NACC President to Join

Roundtable of Regional

College Presidents

NACC President

Dr. David Campbell was

recently invited to join

a roundtable of college

presidents from the states of

Alabama, Florida, Georgia,

Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Dr. Campbell will be

one of twelve presidents

selected to participate in the

roundtable discussions.

“I am very honored

by being selected for this

group of presidents from

around the South,” stated

Dr. Campbell.

“One major benefit

from these discussions is

that they will permit me to

talk to leading presidents of

their states and apply new

ideas here at Northeast.”

Developed by

the Higher Education

Research and Development

Institute (HERDI-South)

and supported by the

Association of College

and University Educators

(ACUE), this roundtable

initiative will consist

of monthly, hour-long

professional development

discussions. These monthly

discussions will be held

virtually through Zoom and

will focus on current and

future community college

issues, challenges, and

finding creative solutions

to those challenges.

The Southern

region’s roundtable

initiative will be chaired

by Dr. Karen Bowyer,

President of Dyersburg

State Community College

in Tennessee. Dr. Ed

Meadows, President of

Pensacola State College in

Florida, will serve as the

initiative’s Co-Chair.

Campbell, through

his career, has been active

in Southern regional

educational activities,

serving as chair Southern

Association of Colleges

and Schools Commission

on Colleges committees.

He has also served on

more than 30 accrediting

committees at campuses

in six Southern states. In

2015 he was presented the

organizations Award for

Meritorious Service.

Regionally, Campbell

is on the Board of

Directors for the

Community Colleges of

Appalachia and Southern

Colleges with Associate


For more info NACC,


Alabama Ledger

Read Free Online at


NACC President Dr. David Campbell

Photos by Brandon K. Pierce

and the DeKalb County Sheriff 's Office

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Summer 2021 Page 27

New CodeRED System

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) has

launched a new high-speed notification system known as

CodeRED, designed to notify residents of missing person

alerts throughout the state. ALEA unveiled the new system

to highlight the 2021 National Missing Children’s Day.

“Our Alabama Fusion Center (AFC) will use the new

state-of-the-art system to issue alerts in the event of a

missing person, and it will have the capability to quickly

deliver essential information to citizens throughout the

state or in a targeted area, depending on the situation,”

Gov. Kay Ivey said.

ALEA Secretary Hal Taylor said, “We are continuously

looking for ways to improve our overall operations and

efficiently serve the citizens of this state. ALEA’s Fusion

Center has worked diligently to provide citizens with a

new alert system that can easily be accessed. CodeRED

will allow all Alabamians to quickly subscribe to alerts

via a variety of methods and it will deliver time-sensitive

information during high-stress situations where time is of

the essence for those missing loved ones.”

CodeRED gives those who want to be included an

easy and secure method for inputting information. The

data collected will be used only for such emergency

notification purposes as when citizens are reported

missing. Citizens who wish to enroll should visit www. and click on the CodeRED logo displayed on

ALEA’s homepage.

An additional easy enrollment process can be

completed by texting “ALalerts” to 99411 from any mobile

device. Citizens will then receive an immediate response

containing the Community Notification Enrollment (CNE)

link for the state.

AFC Director Jay Moseley said, “Your participation

in this emergency notification system will provide a direct

conduit between public safety officials and your local

community. CodeRED allows us to disseminate missing

person alerts via phone, text, email and social media,

however, citizens have the ability to select the preferred

means of communication.”

Citizens and partners should be advised that ALEA

will cease sending emails on the existing system in the

near future but will give everyone notice before doing so.

Amber Alerts and Blue Alerts will continue to be relayed

over the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system, in

addition to being distributed on the CodeRED platform.

Missing and Endangered Persons Alerts and Emergency

Missing Child Alerts will only be distributed over the

CodeRED platform.

The Fusion Center exists to improve Alabama’s

preparedness against terrorist attacks and to deter criminal

activity. It is an information-sharing organization designed

to combine or “fuse” information between federal, state,

tribal and local government, private sector entities, and

the intelligence community. Its personnel are responsible

for issuing all state alerts, including AMBER Alerts for

missing children. For additional information visit the


Gael Vazquez






Boaz High School

junior Gael Vazquez has

earned the honor of being

selected as a 2021 Ledger


Vazquez is a member

of the BHS Swim Team

and he plays basketball for

the Pirates.

Vazquez has a 97.3

GPA and is a member of the

National Honor Society,

Mu Alpha Theata and the

Math Honor Society.

He joins Boaz

classmate Jess Bobo,

who was the girls Ledger

Leader nominee from

Boaz High.

Albertville Chamber Awards

The Albertville

Chamber of Commerce

recently held its 66th

Annual Awards Banquet.

The theme, "Be

Resilient" echoed how

many folks in society have

viewed 2020, given the

COVID-19 Pandemic and

the world we live in today.

Newsworthy Notes & Events

SCHOLARSHIP - Ten senior student-athletes in the AHSAA have been selected by the

Alabama High School Athletic Directors & Coaches Association (AHSADA) to receive

the 2021 Coaches’ Children Scholarships. One of the recipients is Fyffe's Eli Benefield.

He is the son of Red Devils Head football coach Paul Benefield.

NASCAR TO LIFT RESTRICTIONS - When NASCAR racing returns to Daytona

International Speedway for late summer night racing on Aug. 27-28, there will be no

restrictions on the number of fans allowed to take in the action at the World Center of

Racing. Fans will be treated to two races - the Coke Zero Sugar 400, NASCAR Cup

Series regular season finale, on Saturday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. and the Wawa 250 Powered

by Coca-Cola NASCAR Xfinity Series race on Friday, Aug. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

BRIGGS TO LEAD AHSAA - Alvin Briggs has been selected to become the fifth

Executive Director of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Briggs, 56, has

been on the executive staff of the AHSAA since 2011. He will be taking over his new role

as Executive Director officially on July 1. Steve Savarese, who has served as Executive

Director for the past 15 years, is retiring. Kimberly Vickers, a member of the Alabama

High School Athletic Association Executive Staff since December of 2014, will become

the next AHSAA Associate Executive Director.

MUSIC ON THE MOUNTAIN - Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC)

officials are excited to announce the return of Music on the Mountain after the COVID-19

pandemic forced the cancellation of last year’s event. Music on the Mountain will be held

on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the NACC Tom Bevill Lyceum. This year’s

musical event will feature award-winning American bluegrass band Dailey & Vincent.

FREE FISHING DAY IS JUNE 12 - Each year, the Alabama Department of Conservation

and Natural Resources designates a "Free Fishing Day" for the public to fish in public

waters without a fishing license. The event is part of National Fishing and Boating Week,

which runs June 5-13, 2021. State Public Fishing Lakes still require a fishing permit on

Free Fishing Day, and fishing in a private pond requires the pond owner’s permission.

Some piers may also require fees and permits.

STEAK COOKOFF - The Albertville Chamber of Commerce will host the Sand Mountain

Sizzle Double Steak Cookoff in partnership with the Steak Cookoff Association on June

12, 2021. The competition will take place in the Farmer’s Market parking lot behind the

Chamber. Teams from all over the Southeast will compete to win cash prizes. The winner

of the event will qualify to move on to the World Championship SCA competition. The

team entry fee is $150 for Steak A Only & $300 for Steak A&B and $25 for the chicken

wing & $25 for the margarita portion. Teams can register at

Contact the Albertville Chamber at (256) 878-3821 for more information.

FREEDOM FEST - The 2021 Rainsville Freedom Fest will be held on June 26. This

year the festival will feature “John Stone” in concert at 7:30 p.m. There will be additional

entertainment, fun for the kids, face painting, food vendors and fireworks at 9:00 p.m.

The Chamber

of Commerce Award

Recipients for 2020 are:

Ambassador of the Year

• Randy Taylor from

Taylor Agency, Farmers


Educator of the Year

• Caitlin Dickerson from

Albertville High School

Emerging Business

• Ramy's Landscaping &

Lawn Maintenance

Small Business

1 - 10 Employees

• Hollingsworth Shirt


Small Business

11 - 50 Employees

• Papa Dubi's

Small Business

51+ Employees

• Rehab Select Albertville

(Albertville Nursing


Industry of the Year

• Mitchell Grocery,

Albertville Foodland

Citizen of the Year

• Tracy Honea

Page 28

A special pinning

ceremony for the RNs

was held Tuesday, May

4, 2021 as friends, family,

and Snead State faculty and

administration attended

to celebrate the students’


Members of the

Snead State Community

College RN Class of 2021


Albertville: Magan

Saunders, Sandra Clontz,

Julia Davis, Brooke Taylor,

Brittany Underwood, Kayla

Upton, Jayla Phillips,

Guadalupe Ramirez and

Jennifer Voss.

Altoona: Jennifer

Stiefel, Nikki Vaughn,

Andrea Willett and Monica


Anniston: Sierra

Stoudemire and Karen


Summer 2021

Class of 2021 Registered Nurses

Arab: Elizabeth

Bennett and Jessica


Attalla: Ruby

Rodriguez and Melisa


Blountsville: Brittany


Boaz: Kayla Davis,

Ashley Downs and Kelcie


Gadsden: Deztanee

Sanders and Mackenzie


Glencoe: Priscilla

Banks, and Jill Hunt.

Grant: Gregory


Guntersville: Shannon


Holly Pond: Skyler


Jasper, Tenn.: Taylor

Cheyenne Smith.




Jill Hunt

Lincoln: Dylan


Oneonta: Adriana


Phenix City: Erica


Piedmont: Vanessa


Rainbow City: Kathy


Rainsville: Emily


Southside: Hannah

Burchfield and Cecily


Valley Head: Adele


Alabama Ledger

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Fort Payne Youth Baseball

Photos by Brandon K. Pierce

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | Alabama Ledger

Collinsville Beta Club Members

Members of the Collinsville High School Beta Club pose for a group

photo during the school's Cap & Gown Senior picture day. The 2021

Collinsville Valediction was Landon Womack and the school's Class

of 2021 Salutatorian was Caroline Brannon.

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Summer 2021 Page 29

Prater is a

three sport

star at FPHS

By Brandon Pierce


Darrell Prater is a

three-sport student athlete

for the Fort Payne Wildcats,

competing in football,

basketball and track &


Academically, he is

a member of the National

Honor Society and has a

4.2 GPA.

For his efforts, both on

and off the playing field,

Prater has been named one

of the 2021 Ledger Leader

award recipients.

This past year, Darrell

was a member of the

Wildcats Class 6A football

team where he earned 2nd

team all-region honors for

helping his teammates earn

an 8-3 overall record and

reach the first round of the

AHSAA State Playoffs.

He is also a three year

“Power Cat” in the weight

room in squat and power


Know your


I’m There

1827 Gault Ave. North

Fort Payne, AL 35967

Fort Payne's

Darrell Prater

Darrell also earned

third place in the Class 6A

Track and Field Javelin


Outside of athletics,

he participates in the Key

Club and he is a member

of Mt. Lebanon Baptist


M. Chris


Bus: 256-845-4984

Fax: 256-845-7509

Fort Payne's Maddie Jackson recently

won the 2021 Class 6A 4x400 State Championship.

Fort Payne's Jackson

Named Ledger Leader

By Brandon Pierce


Fort Payne’s Madelyn

“Maddie” Jackson is a

true champion both on

and off the field. With a

4.0 GPA, a wide range of

extracurricular activities,

and a recent state

championship title, she

exemplifies what it takes to

be one of the 2021 Ledger

Leader award recipients.

As a member of the

Wildcats’ Cross Country

and Track & Field team,

the FPHS junior standout

won the 2021 Class 6A

4x400 state championship.

She was a Class 6A Bronze

medalists in the 4x8

outdoor 2021 track meet

and she earned a Bronze

medal in the 4x4 indoor

track meet.

Also this year, Maddie

was the Class 6A Runnerup

in 4x8 indoor track and

she was nominated for the

2021 North/South All-Star


Prior to this season,

Maddie was the 2019 runner

up in both 4x4 outdoor

track and 4x8 outdoor/

indoor track. She won the

2017 Cross Country State

Championship and was

Submitted Photo

the state runner up in both

2018 and 2019. She has

been a member of the All-

State team for the past five

seasons (2016, 2017, 2018,

2019, and 2020).

The best part is, she

has a chance to repeat as

a state champion and earn

additional honors next year

as a senior at Fort Payne

High School.

Maddie is a member of

the National Honor Society,

FPHS student council and

Spanish Honor Society.

She is also a member of the

Key Club and she serves as

a Junior Class Officer.



Girls Flag


The Alabama

High School Athletic

Association (AHSAA)

recently announced that

girls flag football will

be a sanctioned sport in

2021. The new sport will

be available for member

schools beginning this fall.

The AHSAA Central

Board of Control approved

sanctioning the sport at its

January 2021 meeting.

The new flag football

season will culminate with

a championship game at the

Super 7 State High School

Football Championships

AHSAA high schools

will have the opportunity to

declare girls’ flag football

as a sport for their schools

for the upcoming 2021-22

school year. For more info,

please contact the AHSAA

at 334-263-6994 or email:

50 Mile

Yard Sale

Mountain Trials 50 Mile

Yard Sale is held annually

on the weekend before

This year's five day

event is set to start on

Thursday, Sept. 2 and

The yard sale is held

on Sand Mountain and goes

from Section to Bryant,

Alabama on Highways 71

For more info call the

Chamber of Commerce at

The 14th Annual

Labor Day.

continue until Sept. 6.

and 73 in Jackson County.


Page 30

Summer 2021

Alabama Ledger

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Penn State To Host Auburn Tigers

Penn State University and the Big Ten Conference have approved a revised 2021 Big Ten football schedule which

includes a September 18, 2021 home match-up against SEC Powerhouse Auburn. Penn State and Auburn kickoff at

7:30 ET. Other game times and network designations are TBD. Penn State will open the 2021 season at Wisconsin,

while the Tigers will open up against Akron. Penn State and Auburn's 2021 football schedules can be seen below.



September 4

September 11

September 18

September 25

October 2

October 9

October 16

October 23

October 30

November 6

November 13

November 20

November 27

at Wisconsin

Ball State




at Iowa

Bye Week


at Ohio State

at Maryland



at Michigan State

September 4

September 11

September 18

September 25

October 2

October 9

October 16

October 23

October 30

November 6

November 13

November 20

November 27

Akron @ 7 p.m. ET

Alabama State @ noon ET

at Penn State @ 7:30 ET

Georgia State

at LSU


at Arkansas

Open Date

Ole Miss

at Texas A&M

Miss State

at South Carolina


Alabama Athletics Photo

Alabama Football

Alabama running back Najee Harris (22)

hurdles a Notre Dame defender during the

2021 Rose Bowl. Najee helped lead the

Crimson Tide to a 31-14 victory over the

Fighting Irish. Alabama will be playing

without his help this fall, as Harris was

selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL

draft to play professional football for the

Pittsburgh Steelers. The Crimson Tide opens

the upcoming season in Atlanta against

Miami. Kickoff is set for 3:30 ET on ABC.


September 4

September 11

September 18

September 25

October 2

October 9

October 16

October 23

October 30

November 6

November 13

November 20

November 27

Miami @ 3:30 ET (ABC)

Mercer @ 4:00 ET (SECN)

at Florida @ 3:30 ET (CBS)

Southern Miss

Ole Miss

at Texas A&M

at Mississippi State




New Mexico State


at Auburn

Todd Van Emst | Auburn Athletics

Auburn's Anthony Schwartz (1) runs the football against Mississippi State this past season.

Schwartz will be continuing his career this fall in the NFL, as he was selected as the 91st pick

in the draft by the Cleveland Browns.

2021 SEC

Baseball Awards

Player of the Year: Tanner Allen, Mississippi State

Pitcher of the Year: Kevin Kopps, Arkansas

Newcomer of the Year: Jack Leiter, Vanderbilt

Freshman of the Year: Enrique Bradfield, Jr., Vanderbilt

Coach of the Year: Dave Van Horn, Arkansas

Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Tim Elko, Ole Miss

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Summer 2021 Page 31

HydroFest Racing Returns

To Lake Guntersville

Photo by Brandon K. Pierce | The Sports Ledger

The 2021 Hydrofest is scheduled to be held on June 26-27

Alabama is known for

fast cars and a NASCAR

superspeedway, but the

southern state is also

developing a name for fast

boats on a liquid track. Lake

Guntersville invites people

of all ages to an extreme

summer event where the

fastest boats today race on

an oval course at speeds of

200 mph.

Hosted by Marshall

County Tourism and Sports,

the annual Guntersville

Lake HydroFest is set for

June 26-27, 2021, offering

two days of competitive

racing as drivers volley to

take home the Southern

Cup title.

H1 Unlimited

hydroplanes are the fastest,

reaching speeds of up

to 200 mph, and most

powerful, closed-course

racing boats in the world.

Racing takes place along

scenic Sunset Drive in


Eight H1 Unlimited

hydroplane race boats, 20

Formula 1 powerboats and

20 jet skis are expected

to take part in the actionpacked

event that offers

three classes of racing:

H1 Unlimited, Formula

1 Powerboat and Hydro-

Cross Jet Ski. The stateof-the-art

hydroplanes race

on a 2 ½-mile oval course

and maintain speeds of 130

mph to upwards of 200

mph on the straightaways.

In addition to

experiencing the action

as boats race around the

liquid track, there will

be entertainment on land

including a kid’s area,

sponsors giveaways, food

vendors and interactive

activities provided by the

U.S. Army.

On Friday, June 25

from 9-11 a.m. at Marshall

County Park #1, located at

19348 Highway 431 North,

the public is invited to a

meet and greet with owners,

racers and team members

and up-close views and

photo opportunities of the

boats. Autograph sessions

with the owners, racers and

team members will also be

available for spectators.

A weekend pass is $20

for adults and $10 for kids

6 to 12 years old. A one-day

Pass is $15 for adults and

$5 for kids 6 to 12 years

old. Admission is free for

children five years old and

under and for active-duty

military with valid military

ID. The Ultimate Weekend

Pass is $30 and includes

admission into the event,

transportation to see the

boats at any time throughout

the two days of racing

and a commemorative

program. Club Level is

$100/ticket and includes

access into a large, private

tented area for on-thewater

viewing at the start/

finish line, transportation

to see the boats at any

time throughout the two

days of racing, lunch and

nonalcoholic beverages.

Event hours are 9

a.m. to 6 p.m. both days

with activities taking place

at 1500 Sunset Drive on

Lake Guntersville in unless

otherwise noted.

Parking is $5 per day.

All parking for spectators

will be off site with

bus transportation running

daily from 8:45 a.m. to

7 p.m.

"Friday Night Lights"

Youth Football Camp

Douglas High School Football Coach Brandon Lyles,

along with the Douglas Quarterback Club, recently

announced the dates for the 1st annual “Friday Night

Lights” youth football camp. It will be held July 30,

2021 from 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Registration will be

$35 per player and you can pre-register by emailing

the quarterback club. In person registration is set for

June 10 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the varsity field.

West End Ledger Leaders

Gary Russell Smith

and Kathryn Baylee

Grayson are the 2021

Ledger Leaders from West

End High School.

Gary is a two-sport

student athlete with a 3.875

GPA. He competes in both

football and track. Outside

of athletics he is involved

with the Beta Club and Mu

Alpha Theta.

The Gadsden State

Cardinals Athletic

Department will host

summer youth basketball

camps at Beck Field House

on the Wallace Drive

Campus in June. Youth

basketball camps for

boys and girls in grades 2

through 6 will be held from

8 a.m. to noon June 28-29.

Kathryn plays both

volleyball and softball at

West End and she also

sports a 3.875 GPA. In

addition to sports and being

a JSU Emerging Leader,

she is involved in the Beta

Club, FCCLA, Student

Leadership Academy, and

Mu Alpha Theta. She was

also the school's Girl’s

State Representative.

Gadsden State Set To Host

Youth Basketball Camps

$50 per camper to attend

both camp dates or $30

per camper to attend one

For more info contact

Deddric Tarver, Cardinals

Registration fee is


head coach and camp

director, at 205-368-2353.

The deadline to

register is June 21.


Snead State Alumni Association Assistant

Lindsey King, right, recently presented the

2021 Distinguished Service Award to Wayne

Hunt of Boaz. Wayne is a graduate of Boaz

High School and he served in the U.S. Navy

from 1977-90. He has been married to Bonnie

Hunt for 28 years. They have two daughters,

Kelly Weatherly of Boaz, and Lindsey Salee of

Colorado, and two grandchildren. His service

to the community was passed down to him by

his parents, the late Joe Hunt and Catherine

Hunt of Boaz. His parents were owners of

the former Hunt & Wright Hardware Store in

Boaz. Meagan NeSmith of Boaz received the

2021 Snead State Alumna of the Year Award

during the college's Alumni Homecoming.

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Summer 2021

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