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Do you know someone who needs assistance with a Medicaid long-term care application?

We’re here to help!

Nursing homes are expensive. Not everyone has

the funds to private pay for 24/7 care. Most families

don’t even consider nursing home care for their

loved ones until a crisis occurs, and then are left

with little options. Upon admission, the nursing

homes will ask, “what are the assets and what is the

payor source?” How the nursing home care for your

loved one is going to be paid for can send panic

throughout a family. Most families are not even aware

life insurance policies, investment accounts, stocks,

bonds, annuities. Has a Durable Power of Attorney

been established? Do they have a pre-paid funeral?

Is there an irrevocable or revocable trust? Do they

have a reverse mortgage on their home? Is there a

spouse still living at home? How do they obtain all

of these documents and how is all of this handled

with a Medicaid long term care application? Should

they hire an elder law attorney to handle this? But

attorney fees can be in excess of $10,000. Where do

they turn?

Medicaid is a state-issued medical assistance program

to help pay for healthcare related costs, including

for eligibility. Eligibility is determined by income,

assets, residency and household composition.

for a Medicaid application, and navigating the

complicated regulations can be an overwhelming


Darcia Tremblay is the president and owner of

Silver Lining Solutions, Inc. with over 12 years of

experience in processing Medicaid applications.

In Massachusetts there is a 5- year look - back

opened or closed bank accounts. Asset transfers,

are subject to the 5 year look back period. When

applying for Medicaid, the application requires

years preceding the date of application. It is critical

to understand how any transfer of assets will be

considered for Medicaid penalty periods and what

steps may be necessary to cure the transfers.

If the Medicaid applicant has a spouse still living

at home, Medicaid looks at the income and assets

that assets can be transferred to the spouse living

at home with no penalty period. In addition, the

at-home spouse is allowed to keep all of his/her

monthly income. In some instances the spouse may

be allowed to keep some of the applicants monthly

income to bring him / her up to the federal and state

minimum monthly maintenance allowance amount.

There are still asset limits that will need to be met.

Assets over the limits are considered to be part of

a spend down.

It is evident that the Medicaid application process

can be challenging, confusing and frustrating.

Fortunately, there are Medicaid application

professionals that have extensive experience that

will guide applicants and their families through the

process. Companies such as Silver Lining Solutions,

over 3000 Medicaid applications. Silver Lining

Solutions is based upon caring, compassionate and

personalized relationships with the applicants and

families, while maintaining open communication

the full Medicaid application process is an allowable

spend down expenditure. Silver Lining Solutions

provides full assistance with navigating the Medicaid

application process.




Playtime: It’s not just for kids, say experts

Healthy Living


While most of us associate playtime

with childhood, adults are increasingly

acknowledging the importance

of play and leisure time for


A new survey commissioned by

The Genius of Play and conducted

by OnePoll finds that 89 percent

of adults have learned to appreciate

the importance of play and leisure

time over the past year. What’s

more, 84 percent say taking time to

play helps them be more productive

at work.

“You’re never too young or too old

to play,” says Anna Yudina, senior

director of marketing initiatives at

The Toy Association, which spearheads

The Genius of Play. “In fact,

research links play with a number

of wellness benefits in adults, such

as reducing stress, boosting life satisfaction,

and empowering people to

be creative, flexible thinkers.”

To incorporate play into your life,

consider these tips from The Genius

of Play:

• Take on a hobby: Seventy percent

of adults picked up a new hobby

or leisure activity over the past year

— and with good reason. Hobbies

can be a source of positive emotions,

get you outdoors, encourage physical

activity and social interaction, and

spark creativity. From roller skating

to dancing to crafting to playing

an instrument, consider taking on a

new, playful hobby or revisiting one

you enjoyed during childhood.

• Plan a game night: While play

often occurs spur-of-the-moment,

life is hectic and schedules are jampacked.

Consider scheduling time

for fun to ensure it happens. For

example, make one evening each

week a totally screen-free, stressfree

experience. Order pizza (or

your household’s cuisine of choice)

and break out games and puzzles.

You might even consider planning

themed trivia nights delving into

your favorite subjects.

• Hop in the car: Whether you

choose a destination that allows

you to simply relax, or you take on

a more active adventure, a trip can

broaden your horizons and rejuvenate

you when you’re feeling down

or just trapped in the daily routine.

Consider taking a just-for-fun trip

on your own, with a friend or partner,

or pack up the car and bring the


• Bring out your inner child: Parents,

grandparents and other adults

with a kid in their life can spend

more time playing with the little

ones. Not only is play the perfect

way to bond, research highlights a

number of associated health benefits.

Those who play with children

burn 20 percent more calories per

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park

Cemetery & Crematory

week, and researchers link playfulness

to creativity, spontaneity and

positive attitudes. Intergenerational

play can help adults maintain cognitive

skills as they age and even extend

their life. A study published in

the journal “Evolution and Human

Behavior” found that grandparents

who help out with grandchildren

live longer.

If you’re looking for some inspiration,

visit for

tons of fun, free games and downloadable


“While our primary mission is educating

parents and caregivers about

play’s vital role in child development,

adults need time to play too,”

says Yudina. “We hope to motivate

people of all ages to play more —

whether it’s by embracing personal

hobbies or by spending more time

playing with their kids.”

In Response to Challenging Times, Special Savings Offer (thru 8/01/21)

Traditional Lot For Two Save $600 ⧫ Cremation Lot For Two Save $300

Everyone Qualifies for 0% Payment Plans For Up To 36 Months!

Call: (978) 535-3660 or E-mail: for Brochure & Information

185 Lake Street ⧫ Peabody, MA 01960 ⧫ (978) 535-3660 ⧫ ⧫ Follow Us:


Your most pressing asthma questions addressed



More than 25 million people in the

United States are living with asthma,

amounting to about one in 13

people. Asthma is a lifelong chronic

lung disease that causes difficulty

breathing and often limits regular

daily activities.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Recently, the American Lung Association

provided a series of patientfocused

asthma webcasts featuring

clinical speakers, Cindy Fiske and

Aliciee Griffith, registered nurses

and patient engagement liaisons

with GlaxoSmithKline. This is what

they had to say about understanding,

managing and living with asthma.

Q: What recommendations

would you make to newly-diagnosed

patients and caregivers?

A: Everyone can benefit from

asthma education. It’s a good idea

for those newly-diagnosed to have a

conversation with their doctor about

asthma basics, as well as to learn the

type and severity of their asthma,

which will guide their treatment. It’s

important to understand that asthma

is a chronic (long-term) disease

that causes inflammation and narrowing

of the airways in the lungs,

and that asthma can cause a variety

of symptoms, making breathing difficult.

Q: How would someone know if

they’re asthma is in control?

A: Patients should talk to their

doctor about how well their asthma

is controlled and what signs or

symptoms they should track. Lack

of control may limit daily activities,

participation in strenuous activity or

even sleep, making a discussion with

one’s doctor essential. Signs of good

asthma control include:

• No shortness of breath.

• No need for rescue medication.

• No asthma symptoms while waking

or at night.

• No urgent care, emergency department

or hospital visits due to


• No missed days from work or

school due to symptoms.

Q: What’s the best way to identify

a patient’s type of asthma?

A: Patients should schedule an appointment

with their doctor, keep the

physician updated on symptoms, and

ask if a referral to a specialist would

be helpful. This may be necessary for

severe asthma, for example, because

symptoms may be hard to control

with standard therapy.

Q: What can a patient or caregiver

expect at office visits?

A: It’s very important for patients

to partner with their doctor to manage

symptoms. A patient should be

prepared to give a health history

with details of their condition, including

respiratory symptoms, exacerbations,

reoccurring and additional

health problems, such as allergies or

gastroesophageal reflux disease, current

medications, frequency of rescue

medication use, personalized emergency

instructions, their asthma action

plan, etc. Doctors should be able

to educate patients on treatment options.

The more a patient is actively

engaged, the more likely they are

to get maximum benefits. Patients

should let their doctor know what’s

important to them and ask their

healthcare team about resources and

websites providing accurate medical


Q: What additional resources

and support groups are helpful?

A: Asthma patients should know

they’re not alone. Every new patient

can take action and talk to their doctor

about asthma, its impact on their

life and how to align their goals for

treatment. It’s important they create

an Asthma Action Plan with

their healthcare provider, find support

groups, and participate in educational

seminars, like those offered

by the American Lung Association.

While asthma can’t be cured, it can

be managed, particularly with support

from family, a healthcare team

and by connecting with other patients.

By visiting or, patients and caregivers

can find more information, tools and

tips, as well as support, by joining the

American Lung Association’s Better

Breathers Network.


Evelyn Rockas

Premier Agent

Now is the time to sell! Call Evelyn!

C. 617.256.8500

Lynnfield Office | 1085 Summer Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940

*Based on closed sales volume information from MLS Property Information Network, Inc. in all price ranges as reported on April 26, 2019 for the period of 4/26/18-4/26/19. Source data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Real estate agents affiliated

with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage are independent contractor sales associates, not employees. ©2019 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports the principles of the Fair

Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Owned by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. 19FXWN_NE_5/19


Digital and virtual ways to give back to military and veterans



While there are certain holidays

and events each year dedicated

to members of the U.S. military,

the need to support veterans and

active-duty military members and

their families is an ongoing effort.

The good news is that there are

plenty of ways you can give back all

year long from your smartphone:

Volunteer and donate virtually:

Volunteering doesn’t have to be

in-person these days. Soldier’s Angels

has numerous virtual ways to

make an impact in a service member’s

life – from supporting deployed

service members by collecting

and sending care packages to

adopting a family for the holidays

and hosting virtual baby showers.

It’s never too late to donate your

quarantine wardrobe and declutter

the house. Organizations

like Vietnam Veterans of America

accept gently-used clothing and

household items and will even

pick up donations safely from your

home. Providing reliable transportation

is another way to help. Programs

like Vehicles for Veterans

and Recycled Rides provide donated

cars and vehicle maintenance

and repair assistance for veterans

in need of a ride.

Take honor flights to the next

level: The Honor Flight Network

enables veterans to visit war memorial

monuments and museums

at no cost, but for veterans unable

to travel to Washington, D.C., T-

Mobile and virtual reality mental

fitness solutions company Healium

are bringing a virtual Honor Flight

experience to veterans where they

live. Veterans can tour the Washington,

D.C. war memorials from

the comfort of their own homes using

virtual reality goggles and a

hotspot, powered by T-Mobile’s 5G


Give a gift that gives back: The

next time you need to buy a birthday

gift or stock up on household

essentials, make a purchase you

can feel good about. Americanmade

apparel company Oscar Mike

donates 100 percent of its proceeds

to help injured military members

stay active. Boss Dog provides tasty

and nutritious food and treats for

your four-legged companions while

giving back to disabled veterans

and service dog organizations like

Victory Service Dogs and Pets for

Vets. Providing a fun night out for

service member families is a way

to boost mental health and well-being.

Nonprofit organization Vet Tix

provides tickets to concerts, sporting

events and more to families in

need of a little fun.

How your business can help:

Large or small, your business can

make an impact. Offering a veteran

or military discount at your

business will not only show appreciation

and support, but will also

drive business. Companies like T-

Mobile offer discounted military

smartphone service plans and support

programs like Hiring Our Heroes,

a U.S. Chamber of Commerce

initiative to help provide military

members and their families with

meaningful employment opportunities.

Those who serve in the Armed

Forces have given so much of themselves.

These are just a few ways

we can continue to show our gratitude.


How to combat allergies and support health all year

Healthy Living


Used as a remedy for centuries, propolis

is a bee product increasingly turning

heads in the scientific community.

Here’s what the research says about

how propolis can potentially support

health during the warm weather

months, as well as year-round:

The Research

• An April 2021 case report published

in Acta Medica Mediterranea

about a patient at the Ahi Evran University

Hospital showed the potential

of Anatolian propolis to be used as an

adjuvant therapeutic agent in CO-

VID-19 infections.

• Other research conducted in 2021

at Black Sea Technical University

concluded that Anatolian propolis has

the potential to prevent the entry of

the virus causing COVID-19 into the

host. Additionally, a 2020 review article

published by Melbourne University

scientists concluded that PAK1-

blockers like propolis could serve as

potential therapeutic agents against


• Authors of a Hodeidah University

study suggest that propolis is an effective

antimicrobial agent to support

the treatment of throat infections

caused by bacterial and candidal species

in children.

Your Health

“As the seasons change, it’s common

to suffer from cold, flu and allergies.

The strength of your immune system

determines how fast you can recover

Nichols Village -

committed to

Nichols Village is a unique community

designed for active adults

committed to living a healthy

lifestyle. In support of this commitment

Nichols Village recently

opened a new state-of-the-art Fitness

and Wellness Center featuring

a heated indoor pool, cardio and

strength training gym and fitness

studio for exercise and yoga classes.

The Center is housed within the

new Woodburn Manor South addition

also featuring a theater-style


resident health and

hellness, for life

auditorium, The Tavern at Nichols

Village, and 21 additional apartments.

With the new addition, Nichols

Village now offers a total of 99

apartments and 16 cottages. The

Nichols Village lifestyle is maintenance-free,

and offers one level living

with an abundance of bright,

natural lighting and quintessential

countryside views.

Call for current availability and

information - 978-372-3930

and kick symptoms like cough, sore

throat, itchy throat, and runny nose

to the curb,” says Dr. Aslı Samancı,

a food scientist and the founder of

BEE&YOU, who developed an awardwinning

extraction technology for

propolis to cure her son’s autoimmune


According to Samancı, here are a

few ways to incorporate propolis

into your wellness routine:

• Take it as an extract: For a natural

immunity booster, try taking

BEE&YOU Water Soluble Propolis 15

percent Extract. Its CAPE content, the

main antioxidant that gives propolis

its incredible benefits, is significantly

higher than alternatives. With three

times more antioxidant and antibacterial

activity than the highest-grade

Manuka honey, as well as antiviral

properties, it’s a great way to support

your immunity and fight against cold

and flu. Usage is as easy as adding

20 drops per day to your favorite cold


• Soothe with sprays: Soothe and

protect your throat with the antiviral

and antibacterial activity of

BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey

Throat Spray. With its strong formula,

it soothes sore throat, supports the

treatment of respiratory infections

and relieves allergy symptoms, while

offering immunity support. Just spray

twice directly into your throat a few

times a day. In addition, BEE&YOU

Nasal Spray helps to cleanse congested

airways, relieve sinuses and alleviate

allergy symptoms.

• Take a tablet: Add BEE&YOU

Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Tablets

to your daily routine for a range

of health benefits, such as supporting

anti-aging and skin health, improving

cognitive functions, and strengthening

the immune system.

100 percent natural BEE&YOU

superfoods are traditionally-sourced,

organic and fair trade. To learn more,

visit and receive a

25 percent discount using the code:


This allergy season and beyond,

consider using propolis to naturally

manage symptoms and support your

immune health and overall wellness.

Community Living at its Best!

Create your safe home sanctuary

Eat, drink and be merry in the tavern

Fully equipped kitchen

Heated, indoor pool

Call to View Available Apartments 978-372-3930

One Nichols Way, Groveland, MA 01834 ◆


Monteforte Law, P.C.’s Story:

The Law Office of Michael Monteforte

Jr. was established in 2006.

The firm started as a general practice,

handling whatever came in the

door. As time passed, Attorney Michael

Monteforte gradually began to

concentrate on areas of the law that

he found to be the most challenging

and rewarding. Today, Monteforte

Law, P.C. focuses exclusively on estate

planning and elder law.

Michael chose elder law and estate

planning because of his grandparents.

When he first started his career,

he had to help his grandparents

figure out their finances while trying

to pay for long-term care. Since

they were late to the game, Michael

could only do so much to help them.

After seeing what his grandparents

went through and how they drained

their entire savings just to live comfortably,

he wanted to make sure no

one else would have to deal with this

same situation. By helping others, in

some small way, it is like he is helping

his grandparents too, and hopefully

making them proud.

We are much different from other

estate planning law firms. We thrive

on doing things differently from everybody

else. From the start of our

process to the end, you will find

that no other estate planning firm

does things quite like us. When you

work with our firm, you will have

access to years of experience and

specialized knowledge. We guarantee

tailor-made, targeted solutions

to your specific needs. Don’t fall for

“boilerplate” website solutions that

do not consider your unique situation.

Our estate plans are customized

specifically to you and your

family. We do not offer canned solutions

where each client walks away

with the same thing. Our packages

are designed to accommodate your

family, your finances, and your specific

goals. Whether your goals are to

minimize taxes, to pass wealth down

to the next generation, or to protect

your home from long-term care

costs, our documents are custom tailored

to you. No two families are the

same, and no two estate plans are

the same. We thrive on finding solutions

to accomplish your goals.

Our Strategic Planning Session

is the initial step to get any of your

work done with us! This session is

much different from so-called free

consultations that other law firms

try to sell you on. All of your information

is provided to us before your

appointment via our secure encrypted

online intake forms. That way, no

time is wasted in the meeting talking

about your basic information. We

have it all before you even stepped in

the door, so no time is wasted! This

session can take place in our Woburn

office or for those that prefer to

stay in the comfort of their home, we

even offer Touchless Legal Services.

During this one-hour session, you

have an opportunity to ask all the

questions you want, and the attorney

will use the meeting to determine

the appropriate recommendations

to make for your situation and

your family. Those recommendations

are then provided to you in writing,

with all flat rate pricing provided as

well. These prices will not change so

there will be no surprises. We can’t

say the same for most attorneys.

To learn more about our firm

please visit us at

Order Attorney Monteforte's FREE Book Today!

ElderLaw EstatePlanning Wills&Trusts WealthPreservation MedicaidPlanning Long-TermCare

The Long Game

The Top 10 Reasons Your Massachusetts

Long-Term Care Application Will Be Rejected

Owner of Monteforte Law, P.C., Attorney Michael

Monteforte, wrote a book based on the costs of

long-term care and how to prepare for it. If you

or a loved one is applying for long-term care

through MassHealth, you need to read this book!

For more information, call us at 978-633-7939




Our bed and breakfast style

community combines the

freedom of independent living

with assistance and a friendly,

caring atmosphere.

Give us a call or visit

our website for more


75 Lake Ave, Melrose MA 02176 • 781-665-0521

The Fitch Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Dental Care North

• All phases of general dentistry with emphasis on prevention

• Tufts Dental Clinical Instructor for 8 years

• Readers #1 Choice

• Affordable treatment options

• Complimentary consultation

Senior discounts

• Call now!




The Fitch — Senior

living on Ell Pond

Fitch is a unique and reasonably

priced choice in senior living located in

Melrose, Mass. Situated on the banks

of Ell Pond, this nonprofit bed and

breakfast style community prides itself

on its rich 101 year history. With

20 private resident rooms and private

baths, we provide quality individualized

care in a homelike environment

starting at $3,900 per month. Accommodations

include meals, laundry,

housekeeping, activities, nursing with

medication management, and a hairdresser

on site in our salon. We have

ample parking for residents with cars,

and promote independence within a

safe and hospitable living environment.

Socializing contributes to happiness,

and social opportunities are ramping

up more recently with outdoor entertainment,

religious services and walking

the property on a nice day and visits

from families and friends. Casual

encounters like catching up with a

friend and sharing a movie, watching

a game or doing a craft is a welcome

change to the day.

Our beautiful location on Ell Pond

provides the perfect space for walking

groups as well as birdwatching and

gardening. A variety of weekly outings

are being planned again, which include

trips to the local Melrose Farmers’

Market, library, theater, and mystery

rides. During the summer months

residents enjoy fresh air and entertainment

and meals on the screened

in deck overlooking scenic Ell Pond.

Performers are always greeted with a

warm welcome!

We invite you to visit our website at and take a virtual tour

of our beautiful home by navigating 3D

images of select rooms. Learn more by

watching our online video where you

will hear from Maria Haggerty, executive


For more information, please give

us a call at 781-665-0521 or visit our

website,, to get a better

sense of The Fitch’s unique senior living



Must-Have Gear for Your Outdoor Trips and Adventures



If you’re like many Americans, your

family has spent the past year discovering

— or rediscovering — the

joys of vacationing in the great outdoors.

Nearly half of all campers either

started camping for the first time in

2020 or restarted after having not

camped in recent years, according

to KOA’s North American Camping

Report. Plus, a recent

study conducted by Ipsos reveals RV

ownership is at a record high, with

11.2 million American households

owning an RV in 2021, up 62 percent

over a 20-year period.

Whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast

or a first-time camper, being

prepared to hit the road is essential.

In time for the warmer months

ahead, here are some tips to tackle

all your excursions into the great

outdoors with confidence.

Drinkable Water

For obvious reasons, ensuring you

have a surplus of drinkable water for

the duration of your trip needs to be

a top priority. As you plan, take a cue

from experts in preparedness, the

U.S. Armed Forces, and put Scepter

Military Water Cans on your “musthave”

list of gear. Standard issue to

the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces,

these easy-to-carry, virtually indestructible

containers are up to the

task of camping trips, sports expeditions,

boating and more. They’re also

BPA-free to keep chemicals, odors

and tastes out of your water, as well

as corrosion- and fungus-resistant, so

your drinking water is clean and safe.

A quick-pour option makes it possible

to empty up to 5 gallons of water

in under seven seconds through

the 4-inch-wide cap opening. Or, you

can set up the container for practical,

personal use at your campsite

conveniently, thanks to an optional

dispenser spout for when you need to

fill cups or bottles.

Hassle-Free Refuels

Making the best use of your supplies

and avoiding waste is key to

successful adventures, especially

when you’re far from creature comforts.

However, fuel containers can be

heavy and often bulky to use, increasing

the likelihood of spills. Having a

comfortable and convenient way of

refueling sporting equipment, recreation

vehicles and other gear can

make your travel prep and on-the-go

fill-ups clean, fast and hassle-free.

Check out durable, easy-to-manage

fuel storage options, like those from

Scepter SmartControl. The line-up is

available in 1-, 2- and 5-gallon sizes

for gasoline, diesel and kerosene, and

comes in different shapes with different

handle options to fit the application,

for controllable flow and

no-mess usage.

From rugged off-roading escapades

to serene nature hikes, all your outdoor

activities will be much more enjoyable

when you have the confidence

that comes with the right gear and

preparation strategies.


About the Program:

This innovative program

provides caregivers with a

monthly payment for taking care

of a disabled adult. Caregivers

are special, dedicated people

who may take care of a family

member or welcome a new friend

into their own home.

Caregivers are reimbursed up

to $1,500 monthly, tax-free, for

personal care services. Each and

every caregiver is supported by

AFCNS’ professional staff which

helps train the individual

regarding the personal care

needs of their clients. AFCNS

carefully and selectively matches

clients with caregivers to ensure


Adult Foster Care of the North

Shore provides the following


Financial Support: Through

MassHealth, a monthly, tax-free

stipend is given to the caregiver.

Health & Social Support:

Clients and caregivers are

assigned a nurse and care

manager who visit the homes

regularly. Staff members can

answer questions about health

issues and serve as a resource for

medical training, education and

needed interventions. On-call

support is available 24 hours a

day, 7 days a week.

General Resource Support:

Seasoned nurses and care

managers can identify vital

resources including:

• Adult day health programs

• Specialized work and

community support programs

• Mental health counseling

• Guardianship and health care

proxy information

• Transportation services


International-approved service

provider, having demonstrated

that it meets international

standards for quality and

is committed to pursuing


Adult Foster Care of the North Shore provides

financial and emotional solutions to families

Adult Foster Care of the

North Shore (AFCNS) is a

one-of-a-kind organization.

For 20 years it has been

emotional solutions to families

in need of care for a disabled

or chronically- ill loved one

(client). Many AFCNS clients

are already living with a

parent, child or other family

caregiver. Others are placed in

“Anytime we have

a problem or a

question, we know

who to ask. We are

very appreciative

of AFCNS!”


Caregiver to

Daughter, Kim

homes with compassionate and

diligent caregivers.

Founded in 2001 by Cynthia

Bjorlie, MD, AFCNS has

grown to a staff of 30 and now

serves over 350 clients. The

difference between AFCNS

and other similar companies

is that, even though they share

the same mission, the staff

at Adult Foster Care of the

North Shore actually lives the

mission. AFCNS provides

compassionate and flexible

support for clients and their

caregiver families.

If you are interested in

becoming a paid caregiver for

a disabled family member or

or call today at 978-281-2612.



Are You Washing Your Fruits and Vegetables Correctly?

Healthy living


The USDA’s Dietary Guidelines

recommend adults eat anywhere

from five to 13 servings of fruits and

vegetables per day. While meeting or

exceeding your recommended daily

dose is an essential component of a

healthy lifestyle, it’s just as important

to ensure that you’re consuming

produce safely. This fresh produce

season, keep in mind that rinsing

with water doesn’t completely eliminate

pesticides, or the wax that’s

sprayed on produce to help extend its

shelf life.

Whether you’re making a salad,

sauté, skewers or soup, the best way

to ensure you’re maximizing the

health benefits of these good-for-you

food choices is to consider incorporating

a fruit and vegetable wash into

your kitchen routine. Just be sure

that when choosing a wash you look

out for the Safer Choice label from

the EPA, which indicates the product

is both effective and uses only ingredients

that are safer for families. One

such choice is Arm & Hammer Fruit

& Vegetable Wash, which combines

baking soda with other pure and

simple ingredients such as lemon,

purified water and salt. This formula

is scientifically proven to safely eliminate

up to 90 percent of pesticide

residue of the commonly used pesticide,

thiabendazole, when used as

directed, as well as clean four times

better than water alone.

To safely eliminate pesticides,

wax and soil from your

fruits and vegetables, follow

these three steps:

1. Spray: Spray produce with Arm

& Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

2. Gently rub: Gently rub produce

to remove soil and wax.

3. Rinse: Rinse under water to wash

away pesticides, wax and soil.

To learn more, and for additional

tips, visit armandhammercleans.


When it comes to your family’s

healthy lifestyle, choosing nutritious

fruits and vegetables is just part of

the equation. With this small tweak

to your food-prep routine, you can

ensure those supermarket selections

are wholesome and safe by the time

they reach your plate.

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Let the HomeMD team come to you.

When patients 65 or older have difficulty

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The HomeMD team follows all COVID-19

safety precautions. We are here to care for you in

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* Photo taken before COVID-19 precautions

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Wondering how to protect your assets?

The Law Office of Julie Low can help

The Law Office of Julie Low practices

exclusively in elder law, estate

planning, probate and estate administration,

and special needs planning.

The firm designs customized, comprehensive

will-based and trustbased

estate plans to meet each client’s

unique needs. Whether your

goal is to protect assets from future

long-term care costs, minimize estate

taxes and administration fees, ensure

a legacy for your descendants,

provide for your needs in the event of

incapacity or protect and provide for

a family member with special needs,

the Law Office of Julie Low can design

an estate plan that meets your


Attorney Low opened her Beverlybased

firm because she had a vision

for the way law should be practiced

— with a focus on the client instead

of billable hours.

She believes in creating an inviting,

personable atmosphere where clients

feel comfortable discussing very personal

subjects. Attorney Low fully

engages her clients in the design

process, educating and guiding them

to make informed decisions. The end

result is a comprehensive plan clients

understand, rather than a set of

documents that have little personal


The firm charges fixed prices instead

of traditional hourly rates for

estate planning. Ms. Low believes clients

appreciate knowing the cost of

services up front and the open communication

such an approach fosters.

Client meetings are centered

around important issues — not the

clock — and are handled with a

touch of lightheartedness, when appropriate,

"because contemplating

disability, incapacity or death is not a

delightful or pleasant experience for


Clients are invited to contact Julie,

or a team member, with questions,

without worrying about being billed

for extra time.

One of the firm’s specialties is the

creation of Long-Term Care Plans to

help clients navigate the complicated

regulations of Medicaid, Veterans

Benefits and other government programs.

Because Julie is knowledgeable in

planning for both types of Medicaid

(traditional nursing home and the

lesser known, but unbelievably beneficial,

community programs), she reviews

her clients’ options with an eye

to all programs to ensure each plan

provides later flexibility.

Julie is a member of WealthCounsel,

ElderCounsel, The National

Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

(NAELA), and The Academy of

Special Needs Planners.

She graduated cum laude from

Western New England University

School of Law in 2007.

In her free time, Julie volunteers

with North Shore Elder Services’

Money Management Program, assisting

local seniors with paying bills

and budgeting, and on Northeast

ARC’s Human Rights Committee.

The Law Office of Julie Low provides

complimentary workshops on

the basics of estate planning and

long term care.

Call the Law Office of Julie Low today

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Tips to Embrace the Healthy Habit of Bicycling

Healthy Living


Whether rediscovering the joy of riding

a bike or taking a ride for the first

time, cycling saw a boom during the

pandemic, and many believe this trend

is here to stay.

The summer is an excellent time to

recognize the many benefits of this

healthy habit, as well as outfit yourself

with everything you need to embrace

your inner adventurer. Huffy Bicycles is

offering the following tips and insights

Plan ahead for peace of mind.



Lynn spacer


An Affiliate of Alderwoods Group, LLC/Service Corporation International, 1929 Allen Parkway,

Houston, TX 77019 (713) 522-5141.

to celebrate cycling.

Recognize the Benefits

Bicycling is a heart-healthy cardiovascular

exercise that strengthens your

lower body, yet is low-impact on joints,

making it a terrific workout for adults

of all ages, as well as kids and families.

It’s also great for the mind, and has

been shown in studies to boost mood

and improve cognitive function. But the

benefits extend beyond the individual.

Biking as a substitute for driving a

car is good for the planet and your local

community, cutting down on greenhouse

gas emissions and air pollutants

and improving traffic congestion.

Find Time to Bike

Changing or creating a single habit

can have unexpected and wide-reaching

effects. Even with a jam-packed

schedule, you can establish the habit

of biking by seamlessly incorporating

it into your current routine. Here are a

few ideas for doing so:

• Pick one to two days a week to commute

to work by bike.

• Swap out sedentary activities you

do to unwind with your family, such as

watching Bulletin TV, with bike Print rides. Ad

• Are weekends the time you spend

connecting with friends? Suggest your

next meet-up start with a bike ride.

• Whether you’re a runner, swimmer

or love working out at home, swap at

least one workout a week with cycling.

Cross training emphasizes different

muscle groups and helps build out a

more well-rounded fitness routine.

Go Electric

Electric bikes are great alternatives

for all adult riders, no matter your

level of experience. An e-bike helps

you get back on a bike if it’s been a

while since your last ride, if you have

physical limitations that make riding

a standard bike difficult or if you want

to keep up on a ride with more experienced

friends. The pedal-powered boost

can also provide a less intense alternative

to traditional biking, especially

for those looking to commute without

breaking a sweat. Whether it’s to ease

back into biking or you just want a cool

bike, the e-bike offers the same joys as

a conventional bike ride with a bit of a


Get Equipped

Consider a one-stop brand, such as

Huffy Bicycles, to ensure each member

of your family is equipped with the bike

that best meets their needs. Whether

you’re an adrenaline seeker in need of

a tough, durable mountain or gravel

bike or a day tripper seeking a cruiser

or comfort bike, Huffy offers a range of

models in every style. They have tricycles,

bicycles, scooters and battery-powered

ride-ons for kids of all ages, from

those still experimenting with foot-tofloor

and first-bike fun to active kids

seeking adventure. Finally, if you’re an

It's simple to customize this ad for your location.

1. Change the document name of your ad by

clicking on "Change Document Name" at the top

of the page. Consider including size, date and

abbreviated publication name.

2. Review the property information to ensure

the correct location(s) has been selected.

RV-er or plan to regularly commute by

bike, they also offer fun-to-ride electric

bikes that make it easy to ride more

miles and power up hills. For more information,


This year, pave the way for a healthy

habit you and your family can enjoy together

for years to come.

3. Double-click on the headline of the ad to

change the messaging. Choose from


Where your

“new normal”

can be even


As a resident at The Linden at Danvers, you won’t need to worry about things like

housekeeping, yard work, or transportation. You can focus on what’s really important: you.

Rediscover a past hobby or uncover a new passion in a comfortable yet active environment

tailored to you. It’s five-star fun, with five-star service.

Take a home tour. Call today.

A Whole Lotta Heart

220 Conant St • Danvers, MA • (978) 261-3298


Supporting families and helping them

remain in their homes and community

All Care’s Adult Foster Care (AFC)

program is an alternative to a nursing

home or assistedliving placement,

which affords individuals the

opportunity to remain in a home

setting and be taken care of by an

approved caregiver who provides

meals, personal care assistance, and

24-hour supervision.

For individuals to be eligible for the

AFC program, they need to have a

live-in caregiver, who is not a spouse

or a legal guardian, Mass Health

Standard or Commonwealth Care

Alliance (CCA) and require daily assistance

with their personal care.

The Nurse and Care Manager

provide caregiver training and coordinate

other services as needed to

ensure the client stays safe at home.

Through monthly visits, both client

and caregiver receive the health,

social and general resource support

they need to maintain a safe and fulfilling

life. In addition, the AFC benefit

includes financial support where

caregivers are paid a tax-free stipend

of up to $1,500 a month.

When pandemic first began, the

AFC team reached out to all their

families to ensure they had the necessary

resources and provided pertinent

information related to CO-

VID-19. As the crisis progressed, the

state allowed adult foster care agencies

to provide care to the families

via telehealth. Our nurses and care

managers continued to contact families

to offer support, education and

case management throughout the


Kathy, of Swampscott, cares for her

son, Robbie. She reports, “they really

care about Robbie; both Melanie, RN,

and Tia, Care Manager, respect him

as a person, not a disabled person.”

Kathy states that the team has been

helpful and supportive since the beginning.

During this pandemic, she

is most appreciative of the checkin

calls as well as the information

regarding resources. Kathy states,

“Melanie and Tia do the best to support

me as a caregiver.”

Tatyana, of Lynn, cares for her dad,

Vasilijs. She reports that her AFC

team, Melanie, RN and Tia, Care

Manager, were the first people to

provide guidance to her family about

COVID-19. Tatyana states, “I feel

supported by both Melanie and Tia.”

Maria, of Chelsea, cares for her

mom, Ramona. Maria states she

likes the flexibility the state has allowed

for telehealth visits due to the

severity of the virus. Maria reports

that both Daniel and Tia have called

several times to check in on her mom,

and she is appreciative of that.

Elaine Buckely, director of All Care

Resources, is confident the Adult

Foster Care program is a health care

solution many families and caregivers

will embrace. “I am proud that

we have been able to keep families

like Kathy and Robbie, Tatyana and

Vasilijs and Maria and Ramona well

served, together, and at home where

the best and most loving outcomes

for quality of care are realized.”

If you are interested in becoming

a paid caregiver for a disabled

family member or qualified

adult, please visit allcare.

org or call 888-801-8084.

All Care Adult Foster Care is

a CARF International-approved

service provider, having demonstrated

that it meets international

standards for quality and is committed

to pursuing excellence.

Caring for you at home

Maria, cares for her mother

Ramona in Chelsea and

feels very supported by the

Adult Foster Care team,

“They go out of their way to

check-in frequently.”

Because there’s no place like home. It’s memories of your past, comfort in the present, and the place you want to be, living independently, now and in the future.

If you or a loved one need assistance living at home, All Care is here to help you.

For over 100 years, All Care has provided exceptional home care services to many seniors just like you. Our goal is to help

you maintain a high quality of life, stay active, safe and living as independently as possible in the comfort of your home.

All Care serves 65 communities throughout the North Shore, Greater Boston and Merrimack Valley with a full continuum of

home care services that transition seamlessly with each other to fulfill your needs at every level of care. We offer solutions,

assistance and peace of mind with a personalized plan of care for you through:

All Care Visiting Nurse Association

Professional nursing care and rehabilitation


Palliative Care Program

Pain management, education and support

All Care Hospice

Comfort and compassionate end of life care

All Care Resources/Private PayCare

Supportive care for daily life at home

Adult Foster Care

Caregiver relief and support at home

If you need help at home,

ask for All Care... because there’s no place like home. For ALL Your Home Care Needs. 781-598-2454

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