Estetica Magazine UK (2/2021)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com


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SUMMER<br />

Season to Lighten Up<br />

and Brighten Up!<br />


Style Solutions for<br />

Holidays in the <strong>UK</strong><br />


Easy-to-Wear<br />

Bobs, Crops & Pixies

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editorial<br />

There is no end to the number of online articles about the challenges that businesses are<br />

facing post-pandemic - and the hair and beauty industry is no exception. Interestingly, there<br />

is much evidence that companies which are engaging with new technology are finding that<br />

Colour & Cut:<br />

Marc Antoni Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard,<br />

Jamie Blanshard<br />

Photography<br />

Model: Annabelle Strutt<br />

Products: Blonde Life and<br />

LumiShine by JOICO<br />

digital platforms really do help ride the storm. They are much better placed to<br />

adapt to market realities through<br />

discovering new ways to communicate<br />

their commitment to the public. Through this<br />

process, the hot topic of 'Sustainability' is no longer presented as a mere change in packaging<br />

or a reduction in pollutants, but can prove to be a powerful instrument in interacting with<br />

consumers by attracting a large number of potential new clients who have become more<br />

intensely aware of problems with the ecosystem. This came to light at the G7 Summit <strong>2021</strong><br />

of world leaders held in Cornwall back in early June, when Sir David Attenborough's<br />

contribution proved to be one of the most talked-about issues on the agenda. Customers<br />

across all aspects of our industry and society are proving to have a much greater appreciation<br />

of brands that are waving the flag for green issues and place care for the environment as one<br />

of their priorities. They are also becoming much more savvy about what's really credible and<br />

are no longer as easily duped into believing everything they read, so green credentials now<br />

need to be substantiated with certification by recognised industry bodies or recognised and<br />

respected brands.<br />

Gary Kelly,<br />

Editor-in-Chief, <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>UK</strong><br />

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<strong>Estetica</strong> n. 2/<strong>2021</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


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FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

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Elisabet Parra,<br />

Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi,<br />

Glorianna Vaschetto<br />

USA<br />

Marie Scarano<br />


Erica Balduini,<br />

Ludovica Cavalli,<br />

Erika Marchese,<br />

Wilma Sommariva<br />

Catwalks Eye-Catching Colour 9<br />

Looks Short Stories 16<br />

Styling Staycation Styles 24<br />

Farewell Raffel Pagès: Icon, Legend 28<br />

Interview Double Act 84<br />

Anniversary 75 Years of Excellence 86<br />

Event We Create: Virtual Excellence 88<br />

international trends<br />

True Colour 33<br />

Colour provides your<br />

perfect partner in<br />

every aspect of beauty<br />

- it’s your shortcut to<br />

creativity!<br />

Wherever your travels<br />

take you this Summer, go<br />

with the sun in your hair!<br />

Short hair is never<br />

short on style: bobs,<br />

crops and pixies are<br />

always en vogue,<br />

whatever the<br />


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Max Mara<br />

Gregis<br />

Valentino<br />

Eye-catching<br />

C O L O U R<br />

It’s full speed back to normality, so gear up and energise<br />

yourself by embracing the power and vitality of colour.<br />

Choose a shade to wear with strength & optimism! Laura Castelli<br />

Victoria Tomas<br />

Gregis<br />

Valentino<br />

Franchi/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Gabriela Hearst<br />

Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Boss<br />

Versace<br />

Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Franchi/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani<br />

/Courtesy of Press Office

Blue moon<br />

And surprisingly, it’s not denim that's standing<br />

out – it’s a combo of oceanic- and sky- coloured<br />

voile overlaid with light blue cotton. China Blue<br />

is out there on the horizon.<br />

Fendi<br />

Fendi<br />

Sportmax<br />

Hermès<br />

Etro Louis Vuitton Boss<br />

Christian Dior<br />

Genny<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

Dolce & Gabbana<br />

Fendi<br />

Kenzo<br />

Max Mara<br />

124 adloremter

Dolce & Gabbana<br />

The energy of<br />

citrus fruits<br />

bathed in sunlight.<br />

Essential yellow<br />

stimulates a ‘joie<br />

de vivre’ and<br />

composes a hymn<br />

to elation. In<br />

pastel it's a must.<br />

Etro<br />

Fendi Balmain Etro<br />

Laura Biagiotti<br />

Genny/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Daffodil<br />

Blumarine<br />

Bronx Banco/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

catwalks<br />


Bubblegum<br />

Fila<br />

Annakiki/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Romantic allure, of course –<br />

forever reinterpreted. Ironic and<br />

beguiling, from petunia to rose,<br />

pink softens the warrior spirit of<br />

contemporary femininity.<br />

Simona Marziali<br />

Isabel Marant<br />

Chanel<br />

Blumarine<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Franchi/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Blumarine<br />

Chanel<br />

Balmain Fendi<br />

Dolce & Gabbana

Isabel Marant<br />

Valentino Genny/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Isabel Marant<br />

Koche<br />

Lipstick<br />

Lanvin/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Philosophy<br />

Blumarine<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Fendi<br />

Boss<br />

An intellectual red:<br />

suppose you dress for an<br />

interview with panache<br />

and culture? A brand new<br />

and hyper-modern<br />

tomato red. Strictly total.<br />

Etro<br />

catwalks<br />


Pistachio<br />

Valentino<br />

In full ecological revamp:<br />

fashion adopts organics and is<br />

unleashed in a palette of<br />

greens that stimulate the<br />

appetite for environmental<br />

fashion addiction.<br />

Genny/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Coperni<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

Dolce & Gabbana<br />

Tod’s/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Koche<br />

Valentino<br />

Koche<br />

Balmain<br />

Alberta Ferretti Boss<br />

Christian Dior

Marco Rambaldi<br />

Mattiussi<br />

Coperni<br />

Versace/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Isabel Marant Isabel Marant<br />

Lilac<br />

The magical middle<br />

ground between polite<br />

blue and sassy scarlet.<br />

The nuance of<br />

mediation, which smells<br />

of lavender and shines<br />

like an amethyst.<br />

Tod’s/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Valentino<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Chloe<br />

Annakiki/Courtesy of Press Office<br />

Valentino<br />

catwalks<br />


Short stories<br />

Ever since the first liberating bobs of the 1920s, short hair<br />

styles have become the ultimate fashion-forward option.<br />

Marie Scarano and Gary Kelly<br />

There is no description for long locks that short locks can't fulfill as well or even better! Sexy? ☑ Gorgeous? ☑ Stylish ☑<br />

- not to mention classic or contemporary, quirky or queenly, tame or textured. It looks like these styles are ticking all the<br />

boxes. Whatever the look you're craving, there is a spectacular bob, crop, shag, or pixie cut that is sure to suite you to a T.<br />


This contemporary look was designed by to capture all the positive vibes of the first post-pandemic America's Beauty Show. A nod to the<br />

shag, but in a luminous, summertime blond. The face-framing, disconnected cut lends movement and livability, and the flirty, point-cut<br />

bangs call attention to the eyes.<br />

The Ulta Beauty Pro Team for America’s Beauty Show (USA)<br />

Hair: The Ulta Beauty Pro Team for America's Beauty Show<br />

Hair: James Pecis for Oribe Hair Care<br />


Stylish volume can often be achieved with a great cut. Why not just give beautifully-shaped curls free rein? Don't<br />

fight mother nature, just go with the flow! Not a curly-girl? Maybe you can opt for a bluntly layered, sideswept bob.<br />

For added oomph, add some volume to the roots for height and run fingers through for a rocker vibe.<br />

Hair: James Pecis for Oribe Hair Care (USA)<br />

16 looks


In spite of the name of the collection to which this shot belongs, there's nothing bookish about this<br />

chic yet edgy look for all seasons. Yet there are all the elements of a great novel - black & white, light<br />

& dark, conflict in the lengths, and - most of all - a happy ending! The perfect melding of creatively<br />

innovative cutting and color placement make a stunning fashion statement, minimalist and over the<br />

top at the same time.<br />

Hair/Styling: Michael Haase for Platinum Black @ Michael Haase Salon; Photo: Nick Berardi;<br />

Make-up: Eric Allen; Products: Wella Company (USA)<br />

Hair: Michael Haase<br />

Hair: Ken Picton<br />


“I love the versatility of short hair! The right cut allows for such diverse styling; from a smooth, sleek<br />

finish to more textured looks like this, which really let you play with movement and create something<br />

very personal. Post-pandemic, whether that's trend-led looks like a modern mullet or something more<br />

commercial and wearable like a layered crop, people are embracing real cuts and stronger shapes again<br />

– which can only be great news for us hairdressers.” Ken Picton<br />

Hair: Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon; Photo: Andrew O’Toole; Make-up: Kylie O’Toole;<br />

Styling: Ella Murphy; Products: L’Oréal Professionnel. (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

trends<br />



The beauty of the bob is that it can be clean and classic or... something completely different! “One of the<br />

fiercest versions of a bob. This truly graphic bob plays a huge role, literally balancing on a projected<br />

undercut. The micro slashed, spliced fringe completes the look.” Errol Douglas MBE (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Errol Douglas MBE, Errol Douglas London; Photo: Andrew O’Toole.<br />

Hair: Errol Douglas<br />

Hair: Dylan Tung<br />


“I draw my inspiration from the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. I sought elements that can<br />

be found in nature to create a look that is full of life, and that has movement – just like the wings of a<br />

butterfly – with the same shimmering hues lending numerous facets and reflections. I wanted it to be<br />

daring and extravagant, yet maintaining femininity and keeping the style on-trend. I applied<br />

disconnected, texturized, deep point cut technique to achieve the smooth trendy look. For finishing<br />

touches, I applied Goldwell Dry Texture Spray for easy, free styling and texture.”<br />

Hair: Dylan Tung from Evolve Salon (Singapore)<br />

124 trends trends 125


There is a common misconception that short hair limits a girl's styling options, but WhitneyVerMeer dispels these fears with this pixie<br />

look - a bit extreme with the close shave and fade on the sides but just the right length on top. This androgynous look can be changed<br />

up with a minimum of product and a flick of a comb. Slicked to the side when getting down to business, textured and tousled for a<br />

more casual, easy-going look with eye-brow tickling bangs. What's not to love?<br />

Hair, styling, photo: Whitney VerMeer (USA)<br />

Hair:: Claire<br />

Hair: Whithey VerMeer<br />

Hair: Goldwell<br />


Sometimes all you need is dramatic color to bring a casually tousled pixie to life. Natural looking texture is the key to this wash-n-go<br />

beauty, perfect for carefree summer fashion. Add vibrant claret red and style with Goldwell's StyleSign Soft Waver onto damp hair<br />

layered over with StyleSign Diamond Gloss. Dry with a diffuser on medium setting and allow to cool completely. Dress out using your<br />

fingers and style with StyleSign Unlimitor. Easy as pie!<br />

Hair: Goldwell (USA)<br />

looks<br />



“This image was inspired by the Goldwell Hair Color Style Collection <strong>2021</strong>. We believe the haircut is one of the first things<br />

people notice when you make a change, especially in the case of women. Along with the pixie, the bob is one of the most<br />

significant hairstyle trends of late, so if a client is interested in wearing a classic bob, try mixing things up with wavy texture and<br />

a disconnected haircut on the horseshoe section, as it can really bring hair back to life and create some beautiful movement to the<br />

hair while building up the volume at the back.” Peter Wu @ Coloriste Hairstyling & Eason Chen @ EROS Hair Styling (Taiwan)<br />

Hair Colour: Peter Wu @ Coloriste Hairstyling; Hairstyle: Eason Chen @ EROS Hair Styling;<br />

Styling: Yu-Hao Chang; Make-up: Justin lien<br />

Hair: Peter Wu and Eason Chen<br />

Hair: Martin Crean<br />


“This image evokes feelings of calm and solace, key to improving our well-being, which is at the forefront of all our thoughts at the<br />

moment. The soft, pearly pink hues are indicative of health and vitality but also bring a subtle sense of fun to lighten our mood.”<br />

Martin Crean (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Martin Crean and the MODE Hair Artistic Team; Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis;<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

20 looks


“I love a good cut, so I am totally here for short hair in the summer months! The weather is getting<br />

warmer, everyone is happier, it is literally the perfect time to experiment with a shorter cut. Getting nice<br />

movement in the hair is key, as I think short hair has to move. Soft lines next to bold shapes always looks<br />

stunning, almost classic and timeless. I love a good undercut too, it’s perfect to take some weight out for<br />

anyone who has a lot of hair, but also a great way to have some fun with your hair and add a bit of edge.”<br />

Paul Falltrick (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Paul Falltrick; Photo: Barry Jeffrey; Make-up: Elizabeth Rita: Styling: Magdalena Jacobs.<br />

Hair: Sharon Cox<br />

Hair: Paul Falltrick<br />


Soft elements of disconnection enable movement and fluidity to what is a signature Sanrizz classic: a<br />

razor-sharp, new geometric bob. Psychedelic tones of petrol, mahogany, sepia and gold flow through<br />

the hair in a brickwork print. To finalise the look, high polish and texture create drama and strength.”<br />

Sharon Cox @ Sanrizz (<strong>UK</strong>)<br />

Hair: Sharon Cox @ Sanrizz; Photo: Andrew O’Toole.<br />

124 trends trends 125



www.salonshow.co.uk/estetica<br />

Main image: Hair, Robert Eaton; Photography, Richard Miles; Make up, Lucy Flower; Styling, Clare Frith



#<br />

Salon21<br />

@Salon_Intl @Salon_Int Salon International

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Staycation<br />

Styling<br />

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Easycare solutions will prevail when you glam it up<br />

on a campsite, help reboot the traditional British holiday<br />

resort, or visit that <strong>UK</strong> city you've always admired!<br />

24 styling<br />

With uncertainty over summer holidays still hanging around for a good while yet, staycations are the<br />

way to go for <strong>2021</strong>! Whether it’s glamping to staying in a luxury hotel in the city or an AirBnB near the<br />

beach, there’s a multitude of amazing places to visit within the <strong>UK</strong> borders. So if your client is swapping<br />

Croatia for Cornwall, Milan for Manchester or the South of France for the Lochs of Scotland, styling<br />

options will be different to the usual salt spray-and-go of previous summer months. Wherever they are<br />

heading, here’s some staycation style solutions.

Nothing screams beach holiday like mermaid waves – soft, natural waves that look better the dirtier<br />

they get. Marcello Moccia from Room 97 Creative, Leeds and Wakefield, says: “Boho waves, tumbling<br />

curls and mermaid waves are the perfect beach hairstyle as they require minimum styling, but look<br />

good the looser and messier they get. After a shower, gently apply a product such L’Oréal Professionnel<br />

Tecni.Art Beach and leave hair to dry for the ultimate summer textured finish. And most importantly,<br />

slather on sunscreen to make sure hair and scalp is protected as much as the skin.” Alternatively, a top<br />

knot can be created quickly but look incredibly chic and sophisticated. Stylist Callum Standen-May<br />

adds: “It’s the perfect hairstyle for the beach and for clients who want a hairstyle they style away from<br />

their face, but still allows them to look chic and stylish. I love leaving some pieces of hair out around the<br />

face with this look too, giving a more relaxed and ‘undone’ look.<br />

Beach Holiday<br />

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Hair: Room 97

Glamping<br />

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Hair: Room 97<br />

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Celebrity hairdresser, Jay Birmingham, says:” My go-to hairstyle for a glamping<br />

has to be braids. Anything from two classic French braids on either side of the hair to a high<br />

ponytail with a long braid can work. This will keep your hair out of your face and stop you touching it too<br />

much which encourages oil production and leads to it needing washing quicker. I also think creating a<br />

beachy wave at home before travelling is a great option for an outdoor trip. You can wear it down for the<br />

first 1-2 days and then try a textured ponytail or half up half down style on day three. Dry shampoo will be<br />

your BFF for this look. Apply to the root and leave for five minutes to soak up excess oil.” Karoliina<br />

Saunders agrees – natural textures are not only the best way to wear your hair on holiday, but are currently<br />

on trend too. “Texture is the word this season. Where we used to gloss everything and smooth all the<br />

flyaways we now embrace them and purposely create the look. It all comes from cultural influences but is a<br />

perfect Glamping style, especially when combined with a few different-sized braids."<br />

26 styling

After spending over a year cooped up inside, it’s nice to get your walking boots on and discover city<br />

wonders. “Casual is still the name of the game, but with a bit more luxury thrown in,” says David<br />

Corbett from David Corbett Hairdressing, Glasgow. “After a year of messy, relaxed hair, it’s time to opt<br />

for more dressed, luxurious finishes. A bouncy blow dry will take you from sightseeing to restaurant<br />

in an instant. A slick of serum and spritz of hairspray will hold it in place – and if it’s the Great British<br />

summer with plenty of rain, tuck lengths in your collar and hide under a waterproof trilby!” Whether<br />

you’re staying locally or heading further afield, Ryan Steedman from Adam Reed, London, says booking<br />

in your clients for a big bouncy blow dry before they go away will ensure they have great looking hair<br />

for the first few days. “Build strong foundations throughout the hair so that the volume will stay put for<br />

at least 72 hours! Then make sure they take some gorgeous accessories with them – like the fabulousleather<br />

covered pony scrunchies there are available now and get that hair into the highest pony tail you<br />

can fashion for that final day before you hit homeward bound.”<br />

CIty<br />

BreAK<br />

Photo: Getty Images<br />

Hair: Callum Standon<br />

Hair: Callum Standon

Never stop learning.<br />

I’m still doing it and will<br />

continue to do so until<br />

the end of my days...<br />

“<br />

”<br />

Raffel Pagès<br />

Icon... Legend<br />

It is with much sadness and regret that we must report<br />

on the sudden passing of our dear friend - a global icon<br />

in the world of international hairdressing, Raffel Pagès.<br />

Sergi Bancells

A wonderful human being, an inspiring artist, an overwhelmingly successful<br />

businessman, Raffel was the founder and director of the chain of salons that bears his<br />

name and which currently has 80 establishments in Spain, employing more than 300<br />

people. The son of a hairdresser, he learned to love hairdressing at the prestigious Carita<br />

in Paris, under the guidance of his mentor and teacher, Rosy Carita. There, his soul as a<br />

hairdresser was formed, theoretically, philosophically and emotionally. Back in Barcelona,<br />

he worked with his father and his brother in the family business before opening his<br />

own salon. In the mid-70s he began to travel throughout Europe, starring in shows,<br />

seminars and ateliers, where he conveyed his passionate understanding for the profession<br />

- something Raffel called “Peluqueria Emocional”- not only carried out with the hands,<br />

but with the senses and emotions. In the Olympic year of Barcelona 92, he inaugurated<br />

his renowned Instituto de Perfeccionamiento, a temple of education where thousands<br />

of hairdressers have been trained and the starting point of the exponential growth of his<br />

firm. In the 90s, Raffel opened salons throughout Spain, in Italy and even in his beloved<br />

Paris. For Raffel, the keys to success were his four Is: Investing, Investigating, Intuiting and<br />

Innovating - in addition to continuing to firmly believe in continuous training, with the<br />

aim of continuing to evolve: “You have to learn throughout your life, I am still learning<br />

and will continue to do so until the end of my days.“ Passionate about art and history,<br />

in 1960 he began to collect objects related to hairdressing, founding the most important<br />

Museum of the History of Hairdressing in the world, located in Barcelona and which<br />

today exceeds the 14,000 pieces. In recent years, Raffel received in London the prestigious<br />

Hair Legend Award from the hands of the AIPP during the world famous Alternative<br />

Hair Show, while continuing to dedicate much of his time to growing his Museum and<br />

following the in front of his chain of salons together with his two daughters, Carolina and<br />

Quionia Pagès. <strong>Estetica</strong> has followed the brilliant career of Raffel Pages for more than<br />

four decades, since his first successful show at Cosmoprof 1975, when <strong>Estetica</strong>'s founder<br />

Mino Pissimiglia dedicated an article to him proclaiming him a “new star in hairdressing”.<br />

Throughout time, there have been countless encounters, shared stories, articles ... together<br />

with Raffel, with whom we have always been united in great friendship.<br />

Raffel recently won the prestigious<br />

AIPP Hair Legend Award in London<br />

during the Alternative Hair Show,<br />

while continuing to dedicate much of<br />

his time to the growth of his Museum<br />

and to personally follow his chain of<br />

salons together with his two<br />

daughters, Carolina and Quionia<br />

Pagès. Still today, they continue to<br />

lead the family business, respecting<br />

the values in which it was founded.<br />

in memoriam<br />


design tip<br />

Choose vibrant ferns for a<br />

tropical oasis or dried fan<br />

palms and pampas for a<br />

Boho inspired look.<br />


1<br />

1<br />

3<br />

2<br />

3<br />


1.MESSINA TERRAZZO Salon Mirror €559,-<br />

2.ARIA TAN II Styling Chair with Matte Black Bolt down Base €499,-<br />

3.HAZEL TAN Shampoo Wash Lounge €1755,-<br />

4.SADDLE STOOL TAN II with Black Base € 149,-<br />




Resort<br />


modern mediterranean<br />

and dreamy escapes<br />

Take us away to the Mediterranean and dream of a resort<br />

style salon with sculptural proportions and feminine<br />

undertones. Earthy, dusty tones are taking centre stage,<br />

think clay, rust, blush and peach with natural materials like<br />

travertine, terrazzo, light timbers and rattan to add a sense<br />

of escape. Lush tropical foliage completes the look.<br />





3291 LX STRIJEN<br />





PHONE +31 (0) 10 303 1600<br />

WHATSAPP 31 (0) 6 57 83 86 88<br />


I’ve<br />

escaped<br />

my partner<br />


Together we can help make a difference supporting<br />

terminal illness, domestic abuse, homelessness,<br />

poverty, mental health, and financial hardship<br />




BRONZE<br />


Hairandbeautycharity.org | Registered Charity in England & Wales No: 1166298

MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

Hair: Adrian Gutierrez/Photo: Damien Carney<br />

Make-up: Joanne Gair/Styling: Nikko Kefalas<br />

true<br />

COLOUR<br />

In a world where grey is increasingly prevalent, what could ever be better than to add a bit of fun and a splash of colour? Let’s be<br />

dazzled by joy and envelop ourselves in innumerable gradations of every hue, stimulating our imaginations while we go on our<br />

journey through life. Embrace your inner-rainbow and let colour consume you inside and out!<br />

In un mondo in prevalenza grigio, cosa c’è di meglio che aggiungere un po’ di divertimento e qualche pennellata di colore? Lasciamoci<br />

abbagliare dalla gioia e avvolgiamoci in infinite sfumature di colore che stimolino la nostra immaginazione, mentre proseguiamo il<br />

nostro viaggio attraverso la vita. Abbracciate il vostro arcobaleno interiore e lasciate che il colore vi pervada, dentro e fuori!<br />

Was könnte in einer Welt, in der Grau immer häufiger vorkommt, besser sein, als ein wenig Spaß und einen Farbtupfer hinzuzufügen?<br />

Lassen Sie sich von Freude blenden und in diverse Farbnuancen einhüllen, die unsere Fantasie anregen. Umarmen Sie Ihren inneren<br />

Regenbogen und lassen Sie die Farbe auf sich wirken!<br />

Dans un monde où tout est gris, la meilleure manière de stimuler la bonne humeur est de lui apporter quelques touches de couleurs !<br />

Laissons-nous nous illuminer par la joie et nous remplir de cette palette infinie de couleurs qui stimulent notre imaginaire et nous accompagnent dans<br />

notre parcours de vie. Libérons notre arc-en-ciel personnel et laissons la couleur stimuler notre for intérieur ainsi que notre environnement extérieur.<br />

En un mundo donde el gris es cada vez más frecuente, ¿qué mejor que agregar un poco de diversión y un toque de color? Déjanos<br />

deslumbrarte por la alegría y envolverte en innumerables gradaciones de todos los matices, estimulando tu imaginación mientras<br />

avanzamos en nuestro viaje por la vida. ¡Abraza tu arco iris interior y deja que el color te impregne por dentro y por fuera!

TRIBAL<br />


If you want to explore Tribal then play with colour combos, but be<br />

extreme! Remember that anything goes with anything, so discard the<br />

shackles of convention and break free from preconceived ideas.<br />

Se volete esplorare il tribale potete giocare con le combinazioni di<br />

colore, purché siano estreme! Ricordate: tutto si abbina a tutto, perciò<br />

liberiamoci dalle catene delle convinzioni e dei preconcetti.<br />

Wenn Sie den Tribal-Trend erkunden möchten, dann spielen Sie mit<br />

Farbkombinationen, und zwar extrem! Denken Sie daran: alles passt zu<br />

allem. Befreien Sie sich von Konventionen und vorgefassten Ideen.<br />

Envie d'une tendance tribale ? Jouez avec les combinaisons de<br />

couleurs les plus extrêmes. Sachez que tout peut fonctionner et que<br />

tout est permis. Alors, libérez-vous des conventions et des aprioris.<br />

Si quieres explorar lo tribal, juega con combinaciones de colores, ¡pero<br />

sé extremo! Recuerda que todo vale, así que desecha los grilletes de<br />

las convenciones y liberarte de las ideas preconcebidas.<br />

Hair: Anne Veck<br />

Photo: Magic Owen/Make-up: Morgan Defre<br />

Pronounce<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani<br />

Dolce & Gabbana<br />

Dolce & Gabbana<br />


Hair: Anne Veck<br />

Photo: Magic Owen<br />

Make-up: Morgan Defre

Hair: Andrew Smith<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Louise Lerego<br />

Styling: Magdalena Jacobs

Hair, Photo & Make-up: Harri Åkerberg

Hair: Alexander Dinter @ La Biosthétique/Photo: Anna Bauer/Make-up: Steffen Zoll<br />

Hair: G. Nevado, E. Lozano<br />

@ Eternian Kreactivos<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Ana Yuste Kripa<br />

Hair: Gogen Team as Alter Ego Italy International Creative Director<br />

Photo: Marco Di Filippo @ TM Studio Productions

Bobbin’ along<br />

LIKE THIS?<br />

Hair: Carla Bergamaschi<br />

& the Artistic Team Inebrya<br />

Photo: Filippo Fortis

Creative Director: Toni Pellegrino<br />

Artistic Director: Salvo Binetti<br />

Hair: G. Maltese, S. Peluso<br />

Photo: Domen & Van de Velde<br />

Products: Redken, Kérastase,<br />

L’Oréal Professionnel

Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza

Hair: HC Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Davide Cirillo,<br />

Alessandro Gennusa<br />

Make-up: Marta Basiglio<br />

Products: Wella Professionals

Softest shades of... gelato!<br />

You can almost taste the<br />

pistachio and lavender...<br />

Creative Director: Simon Ellis<br />

Cut: Tyler Johnston<br />

@ Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

Colour: Viola Landsky<br />

Photo: Simon Emmet<br />

Make-up: H. Branscheidt, L. Breitfeld


EMBERS<br />

Annakiki<br />

Laura Biagiotti<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani<br />

Versace<br />

Valentino<br />

The fire is never out while one small flame is still flickering - it takes just one<br />

spark to reignite the inferno! Forget the consequences; who has the audacity<br />

to take ownership of the hottest end of the spectrum?<br />

Il fuoco non è spento finché c’è ancora una piccola fiammella: basta una<br />

scintilla per riaccendere l’inferno! Dimenticate le conseguenze: siete abbastanza<br />

audaci da appropriarvi della parte più calda dello spettro cromatico?<br />

Das Feuer ist nie erloschen, solange noch eine kleine Flamme flackert - es<br />

braucht nur einen Funken, um es neu zu entfachen! Wer besitzt die Kühnheit,<br />

das heißeste Ende des Spektrums zu erobern?<br />

Le feu qui est en vous ne peut s'éteindre tant qu'une petite flamme est<br />

encore là pour le réanimer ! Une seule étincelle et tout peut repartir. Prêt pour<br />

le grand saut ? Concentrez-vous essentiellement sur la partie la plus chaude<br />

du spectre chromatique.<br />

El fuego nunca se apaga mientras exista una llama. Solo se necesita una<br />

chispa para reavivar el infierno. ¡Olvídate de las consecuencias! ¿Te atreves<br />

a apropiarte del extremo más caliente del espectro?<br />

Sportmax<br />

Direction: Roberto Bombardieri/Hair: Emsibeth Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Tiziano Zatachetto @ Zatac/Make-up: Max Moretto

Hair: Jorge de Sancho<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Anna Gonzalez<br />

Styling: Carmen Marco

Hair: Kobi Bokshish<br />

Colour: Stevie English<br />

Photo: David Mannah<br />

Make-up: Pablo Morgade<br />

Styling: Josie McManus

Hair & Photo: Chung-Yang Su<br />

Colour: Sanja Scher<br />

Make-up: Ann Stevens<br />

Styling: Jessica Jade

Hair: Ken Hung @ Salon Era/Photo: Babak/Make-up: Maria Li/Styling: Sirena Shonuck<br />

Hair: Chad Demchuk/Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: Lan Nguyen/Styling: Jamie Russell<br />

Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs/Photo: Studio Zajaczek/Products: Wella Professionals, Hairdreams<br />

Hair: Isaac Martín/Colour: Sita Zoroa/Photo: Esteban Roca/Styling: Joss Blaké

Hair too<br />

hot to<br />

HANDLE<br />

Hair: Mark Leeson<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lans London<br />

Styling: M&R<br />

Products: Revlon Professional

Artistic Direction:<br />

Marco Migliorelli @ Jean Paul Mynè;<br />

International Colour Ambassador:<br />

Sergio Laurenzi<br />

Photo: Gianvito Caputo<br />

Make-up: Paolo Nicolai

Hair: Safy Burton<br />

Photo: David Greensmith<br />

Make-up: Rebecca Butterworth<br />

Products: Goldwell

Maitrepierre<br />

Hair: P. Di Serafino, S. Minella, F. Di Claudio @ Zero6 Lab<br />

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska<br />

Dolce & Gabbana Liberatore<br />



Valentino<br />

Koche<br />

When nature inspires the shades of fashion it leaves nothing to chance.<br />

Those with a love of flowers will tell you that 'anything goes with green',<br />

but in the natural world there's never really a clash of colours, is there?<br />

Quando è la natura a ispirare le sfumature della moda, nulla è lasciato al<br />

caso. Gli amanti dei fiori vi diranno che "il verde sta bene con tutto", ma in<br />

fondo in natura non c'è mai uno scontro di colori, no?<br />

Wenn die Natur die Mode inspiriert, geschieht nichts per Zufall. Diejenigen,<br />

die Blumen lieben, werden Ihnen sagen, dass ‚zu Grün alles passt’, aber<br />

gibt es in der Realität einen echten Farb-Clash?<br />

Quand la nature inspire la mode, rien n'est laissé au hasard. Les amoureux<br />

du végétal vous l'affirmeront : "le vert fonctionne avec tout". Dans la<br />

nature, les couleurs ne sont jamais en rivalité. Vous êtes bien d'accord ?<br />

Cuando la naturaleza inspira a la moda, nada queda al azar. Los amantes<br />

de las flores te dirán que ‘el verde va bien con todo', pero en el mundo<br />

natural nunca hay un choque de colores, ¿verdad?<br />

Versace<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani

Hair: Giovanni Iovino for Cotril<br />

Photo: Pasquale Abbattista

Accentuate<br />


Hair: Patrizio Di Serafino,<br />

Simone Minella, Fiorindo<br />

Di Claudio @ Zero6 Lab<br />

Photo: Justyna Pawlowska<br />

Styling: Carolina Turra<br />

Products: Wella Professionals

Hair & Art Direction: Tom Connell/Colour: Ashleigh Hodges/Photo: Jon Gorrigan<br />

Make-up: Jose Bass/Styling: Steph Stevens/Products: Davines<br />

Hair: Dominik Podwika/Photo: Sonia Kumidaj<br />

Make-up: Wiola Szkudlarek/Styling: Aleksandra Fu/Products: Rica<br />

Hair: HC Artistic Team/Photo: Davide Cirillo, Alessandro Gennusa<br />

Make-up: Marta Basiglio/Products: Wella Professionals

Hair: Martin Crean @ Mode<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Roseanna Velin<br />

Styling: Magdelena Jacobs

Hair: Marc Antoni Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard Photography<br />

Products: Joico

Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza

Pink waves dappled in<br />

reflected light: it’s a long<br />

story... and every girl’s<br />

pastel dreamscape.<br />

Hair: Viktoriia Vradii<br />

Photo: Tony Le-Britton<br />

Make-up: Evgeniya<br />

Spiktorenko<br />

Styling: Irina Dzhus

NEON<br />


Multiply, intensify, beautify... colour without boundaries, combinations<br />

without end. When you enter the rainbow-zone your options are limitless,<br />

but the only way forward is to go into the depths and emerge renewed.<br />

Moltiplica, intensifica, arricchisce... colore senza confini, combinazioni<br />

illimitate. Quando si entra nell'arcobaleno le opzioni sono infinite, ma l'unico<br />

modo per andare avanti è scendere in profondità e riemergere rinnovati.<br />

Multiplizieren, intensivieren, verschönern ... Unendliche Farben und<br />

Kombinationen. Der Regenbogen ist grenzenlos. Der einzige Weg nach vorn:<br />

in die Tiefe gehen und Neues entstehen lassen!<br />

Amplifier. Intensifier. Enrichir. Des couleurs sans limites et des<br />

combinaisons démesurées. Lorsque l'on entre dans l'arc-en-ciel, les<br />

possibilités deviennent infinies. L'unique manière d'avancer est de plonger<br />

dans les profondeurs pour en ressortir renouveler !<br />

Multiplica, intensifica, embellece... ¡color sin límites! Cuando entras en la<br />

zona del arco iris las opciones son ilimitadas. El único camino a seguir es<br />

adentrarse en las profundidades y emerger renovado.<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Versace<br />

Versace<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Art Direction: Laurent Voisinet & Pascal Latil<br />

Hair: Laurent, Carole & Manon Voisinet/Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Mark Fast<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani<br />


Art Direction:<br />

Laurent Voisinet & Pascal Latil<br />

Hair: Laurent, Carole<br />

& Manon Voisinet<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Ambre<br />

Products: Wella Professionals

Art Direction: Andrew Smith<br />

Colour: I. D’alessandro, A. Sbreglia<br />

Photo: Kamil Strudziński<br />

Make-up: Mary Cesardi

Tufted, tousled, undone:<br />

when was ‘natural’<br />

anything but perfection?<br />

Love the true you.<br />

Hair: Team Contrasto @ Fanola<br />

Colour: Alessandro Fiorin<br />

& Gionathan Contino<br />

Photo: Marco Di Filippo

Hair: Dee Parker Attwood<br />

@ Wieselmann<br />

Colour: Dee Parker Attwood<br />

& Katie Ryman<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Kylie O’Toole

Hair: Shogo Ideguchi<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: Lan Grealis<br />

Styling: Jamie Russell

Girly Pink?<br />


Hair & Styling: Davinia Cuñat Ripoll<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Cristina Garcia<br />

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Mark Leeson/Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lans London/Styling: M&R/Products: Revlon Professional<br />

Hair & Colour: Viktoriia Vradii/Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: Annie Lysenko/Styling: Irina Dzhus<br />

Hair & Styling: Davinia Cuñat Ripoll/Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Cristina Garcia/Products: Revlon Professional<br />

Hair: Kobi Bokshish @ Intershape Hairstylists<br />

Colour: Stevie English @ Stevie English Hair/Photo: David Mannah

Hair: Olga García<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Jose Luis Blasco<br />

Styling: Visori FashionArt

Sorbet, chocolate,<br />

champagne: more<br />

inspiration to<br />

pique our appetites<br />

in every sense!<br />

Hair & Art Direction:<br />

Joey Scandizzo<br />

@ Eleven Australia<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Kylie O’Toole<br />

Styling: Kate Gaskin

Rick Owens<br />



Razzle dazzle yourself - it'll be worth it! Have faith in the alternatives and take<br />

that bold step beyond the conventional and into the surreal. OK, beauty is in the<br />

eye of the beholder, but honestly, do we really care who's looking anymore?<br />

Lasciatevi abbagliare, ne varrà la pena! Credete nelle alternative e fate quel passo<br />

coraggioso oltre il convenzionale e verso il surreale. Ok, la bellezza è nell’occhio<br />

di chi guarda, ma onestamente, a chi importa più chi sta guardando?<br />

Blenden Sie sich selbst - es lohnt sich! Wagen Sie den kühnen Schritt ins<br />

Surreale. OK, Schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters - aber mal ehrlich,<br />

kümmert es uns wirklich, wer noch hinschaut?<br />

Laissez-vous éblouir, cela en vaut vraiment la peine ! Acceptez de faire un pas dans<br />

un univers alternatif, au-delà des conventions, où le surréel est une nouvelle réalité !<br />

La beauté est dans le regard de celui qui l'observe. A lui de faire son choix ?<br />

¡Déjate deslumbrar! Ten fe en las alternativas y da un paso más allá de lo<br />

convencional. ¡Ve hacia lo surrealista! La belleza está en el ojo de quien mira,<br />

pero ¿nos importa quién está mirando?<br />

Hair: Shy+Flo/Photo: Karine & Oliver<br />

Make-up: Sophia Sing, Iris Kümin<br />

Rick Owens<br />

Blumarine<br />

Hair: Ismahan Obenali/Photo: G+K photo<br />

Make-up: Florence Claire<br />

Hair: Manuel Mon & Gonzalo Zarauza<br />

Photo: Pavel Zverev & Alina Paranina<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani

Hair: Senen Armas<br />

Photo: Eduardo Melo<br />

Make-up: Marisol Bullon<br />

Styling: 442 Fashion hunters

Hair: Alexis Ferrer @ Anna Ferrer<br />

Photo: Rafa Andreu<br />

Make-up: Mary Torres

Hair: Stacey Smoker<br />

Photo: Andrew Werner<br />

Make-up: Heath Bryant-Huppert<br />

Styling: Kyndall Minley-Marshall

Hair: Kumenhair/Photo: David Arnal/Make-up: Ana Paola<br />

Art Direction: Teresa Romero/Hair: Jose Luis Buitron/Photo: Nico Nordstrom/Make-up: Tanya Ortega<br />

Hair: Dylan McConnachie @ Salon64/Photo: Caz Dyer<br />

Make-up: Emily James<br />

Art Direction: Teresa Romero/Hair: Jose Luis Buitron/Photo: Nico Nordstrom/Make-up: Tanya Ortega

Hair: Justo Seoane<br />

@ Antonio Calvo Estilistas<br />

Photo: Danny Goiri<br />

Make-up: Maria Freire<br />

Styling: Antonio Calvo<br />

Where to go?<br />


Hair: Virginia Martinez<br />

@ Yoko-Pels<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Sylvia Mengual<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf<br />


Hair: Cos Sakkas<br />

@ Toni&Guy London<br />

Photo: Jack Eames

Hair & Photo: Jose Urrutia<br />

Make-up: Peluquería Jose Urrutia<br />

Styling: Veronica Calpa Perugachi<br />

Products: Revlon Professional

Don’t be modest,<br />

revamp your<br />

greatest asset with<br />

colour - then live<br />

your hair dream.<br />

Hair: Sandy (Chang Hsin-Wen)<br />

@ Visavis<br />

Photo: Dean<br />

Make-up: Tseng Ya-Fan<br />

Products: Shiseido<br />

Professional Taiwan



A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers in enterprises<br />

into new international markets.<br />




The embodiment of classic design and lasting performance<br />

that never goes out of style<br />


<strong>Estetica</strong> because...<br />

It’s international<br />

The leading trade publication is Italian:<br />

1hairdressers worldwide read <strong>Estetica</strong><br />

2<br />

It’s<br />

inspirational<br />

Clients in every salon read <strong>Estetica</strong>:<br />

an exclusive magazine found only<br />

in professional salons<br />

3It’s hair fashion<br />

Previews of all the best<br />

international collections: with more<br />

than 150 images in every issue<br />

4<br />

It’s<br />

educational<br />

All the new cutting and styling<br />

techniques and product launches:<br />

so you always have the latest news<br />

5It’s shows and events<br />

Updates on all the leading sector<br />

happenings: as if you had been<br />

there yourself<br />

6<br />

lt’s reputable<br />

Seventy-five years of history<br />

and expertise: always at the<br />

hairdresser‘s side

9 – 13 SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />




9 – 10 SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />


9 – 12 SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />



11 – 13 SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna<br />

presents OnBeauty, the first<br />

in-person event, crucial<br />

to return to face to face business,<br />

promote networking and create<br />

new opportunities.<br />



Onbeautybycosmoprof.com<br />


BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a.<br />

Milan, Italy<br />

P +39 02 796 420<br />

F +39 02 795 036<br />

info@cosmoprof.it<br />



Double<br />

Act<br />

”<br />

In an exclusive interview for <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, Zoe and Amy discuss our industry’s emergence from challenging<br />

times and share optimism with their positive approach to moving forward.<br />

How would you introduce your brand to those who do not know it yet?<br />

Salon Success are here to make it easy for hairdressers and barbers to be successful in<br />

both business and artistry through marketing and education, as well as providing the<br />

products to make their salon guests look and feel awesome and helping the planet<br />

along the way too. Salon Success started around a kitchen table in 1979 with the aim<br />

of helping hairdressing to become a better-paid and more respected career choice by<br />

raising the standards within the industry. We choose to work with a broad range of<br />

brands including John Paul Mitchell Systems, Olaplex, Matrix, #mydentity and Scrummi.<br />

How did you face up to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic?<br />

We formed a tight team whose main focus was to support and inform our customers<br />

throughout the pandemic. Through sharing information via our website, emails and<br />

social media we ensured that our customers felt connected to us as a business, even<br />

though theirs was closed. John Paul Mitchell Systems reacted quickly with a global Covid<br />

relief support fund for salons, that we were able to use in each country to support our<br />

customers getting back on their feet after lockdown. Our promotional objective since reopening has been to help our salon<br />

customers to save on professional costs, grow their retail and increase their service sales.<br />

We’re assured by the powers-that-be that our emergence from lockdown this time is ‘irreversible’. Assuming that’s<br />

true, what does it mean for your immediate and longer-term plans as a business?<br />

Just like our salon customers, we have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working. We have accelerated our digital<br />

offering across our marketing, sales and education activities and tested new ground in terms of delivering information to<br />

the industry. Some things have worked really well and we will continue to drive our digital offerings further, but there is<br />

no long term replacement for face to face connections which has been backed up by some research we have conducted with our<br />

84 interview<br />

“<br />








For further information about Salon<br />

Success hello@salon-success.co.uk<br />

and www.salon-success.co.uk<br />

Hair: Noogie Thai, Paula Peralta and<br />

Mary Cromeans for Paul Mitchell<br />

Make-up: Fiona Stilles<br />

Wardrobe Stylist: Martina Neson<br />

Creative Direction: Lucie Doughty<br />

Art direction: Iris Arnaud<br />

Photographer: Kate Powers<br />

customer base. Like many companies, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to pause and revaluate, it has also forced the<br />

hand with some projects that were not planned so early on. I think we have learned a lot and there are definitely positives to come<br />

out of this whole experience, but what is really vital moving forwards is that our team and customers are safe and we support our<br />

customers and industry first and foremost to strengthen and futureproof their businesses.<br />

How do you choose the brands to distribute?<br />

We are fortunate to have worked with the John Paul Mitchell Systems brands since the 80s, this business and the brands and<br />

salon support they offer has gone from strength to strength and has an exciting future. For the other brilliant brands we<br />

offer, it has been a combination of brands approaching us, and us seeking brands which have great stories for salons and<br />

consumers to connect with. We have seen a huge increase in interest in our ‘conscious brands’ that are environmentally<br />

friendly and have ethical practices. This is something that is inherently important to Salon Success, we are fortunate to do<br />

business with manufacturers and suppliers who are like minded and great to work with.<br />

How do you communicate with your market?<br />

We saw a huge increase in engagement through our website, social channels and emails during lockdown, and now that salons<br />

are re-opened we are happy to say this level of engagement has continued. Predominantly our communication is through these<br />

digital channels, but we have also created new ways of working for our sales team who are not back out on the road yet, this<br />

has been a really powerful shift and has worked incredibly well. From a business and creative education perspective, we have<br />

experienced the power and success of digital events. Our 365 team were busier than ever during lockdown, working with our<br />

members to communicate the correct legislation and guidance and create solid business plans to ensure their businesses could<br />

sustain the pandemic and grow healthy, strong and profitable businesses moving forwards. We see digital education having great<br />

importance in the future, but this will complement and be in addition to face to face education as soon as it is safe to do so.<br />

Do you use online marketplaces to promote product sales or do you work directly with salons?<br />

We work directly with salons. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, we have a super friendly and<br />

knowledgeable team at Salon Success whose primary objective is to help our salon customers to grow their businesses.<br />

Our international business readers are very interested in getting a viewpoint from <strong>UK</strong> businesses in our industry<br />

about Brexit. Have you experienced any impact from it and if so, how easy is it proving for you to work around it?<br />

Being part of a pan-European organisation and working with European distributors has meant Brexit has had a huge impact<br />

on our business. We have had to get to grips with new paperwork and labelling and adapt how we distribute and deliver<br />

products throughout Europe. Of course it has also meant additional operational costs to the business, and working with<br />

American brands we also have the exchange rate to factor in which has been pretty challenging at times!

75 Years of<br />

Excellence<br />

Together with <strong>Estetica</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, this year marks a special<br />

anniversary for the Fellowship for British Hairdressing, as<br />

both look back on 7½ decades of supporting our industry.<br />

In the 1940s, the world was emerging from a world war and rebuilding for the future. Salon appointments<br />

had been scarce but women did their best to emulate Veronica Lake or Betty Grable with<br />

beer rinses and sugar and water solutions to set the hair. After the rations and restrictions came a<br />

new-found freedom and a desire to spend money on hair and beauty treatments. The Fellowship for<br />

Hair Artists of Great Britain was founded in 1946 by a group of passion hairdressers, a brand-new<br />

organisation to promote the professional hairdressing industry and invite hairdressers to belong to an<br />

organisation to share experiences, knowledge and desire to be the best in the world. Now, 75 years<br />

later, its membership is a who’s who of great British hairdressers and encourages new talent while<br />

promoting excellence, professionalism and creativity.<br />

Throughout the past 75 years there have been memorable moments – the launch of the Luncheon and<br />

Awards in 1984, the Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year in 2000 and a myriad of top talent taking on<br />

the role of President, with B Furman taking up the mantle in 1946. Creativity has been at its heart<br />

since the inception of the Fellowship for Hair Artists of Great Britain– which has morphed into<br />

various guises to become the Fellowship for British Hairdressing today. It launched its inspirational<br />

86 anniversary

Christofer Mann and Joshua Galvin<br />

Kevin Arkell and Ann Herman 1991<br />

FAME Team 1998<br />

Image of the Year 2020: Errol Douglas MBE<br />

F.A.M.E. Team – Fellowship Academy for Merit & Excellence - in 1993 with many former members<br />

becoming household names. Lisa Shepherd, Adam Reed and Kim Kardashian’s stylist Chris Appleton all<br />

started their creative careers with the F.A.M.E.Team. And around the same time as the Fellowship was<br />

raising standards and professionalism of hairdressing, so was <strong>Estetica</strong> – which was also founded<br />

75 years ago.<br />

“The Fellowship has seen many changes and been there through many hairdresser’s journey and<br />

alongside <strong>Estetica</strong>, we have grown together and been a voice for the industry,” says President Ken<br />

Picton. “Now, in these unprecedented times, we all face challenges we never expected but by working<br />

together and supporting one another, we can help mould it into the industry we want it to be.”<br />

FAME Team <strong>2021</strong><br />

The Fellowship For British<br />

Hairdressing President,<br />

Ken Picton.

We Create:<br />

Virtual Excellence<br />

The Wella Company’s We Create virtual event was a<br />

celebration of excellence conveyed through a programme<br />

of shows, seminars and intimate conversations. Gary Kelly<br />

Hosted and compered by long hair icon and Wella Professionals Global Ambassador, Patrick Cameron, the<br />

virtual expression of excellence, We Create, set a new benchmark in demonstrating how to bring together<br />

hair creatives and professionals from all around the world. While nothing will ever substitute the joy and<br />

excitement of coming together is person, this ground-breaking 4-hour virtual spectacular by the Wella<br />

Company has proven that the same sense of participation and enjoyment that we all feel when sitting in an<br />

auditorium can still be matched through a virtual reality. Demonstrating Wella’s commitment to<br />

supporting the professional community at the time when it needs it most, #WeCreateLive amassed over<br />

70,000 registrations by professionals from across the globe registered to the event. The event featured 26 of<br />

Wella’s top stylists, who all shared their unique education and inspiration. Headliners united from across<br />

the globe, including hot markets such as Tokyo, New York and London - all coming together on the virtual<br />

stage to share their mastery and creativity.What’s more, this entire creative, educational and inspirational<br />

spectacular was broadcast entirely free of charge, not only to those already part of the Wella Family, but to<br />

anyone who wished to participate – anywhere in the world!<br />

88 events

Wella offers an incredible line up of color and cutting courses delivered by the international stars<br />

of WeCreate. Robert Eaton and Jayson Gray teach Color Masterclass, a 1 day course that will push<br />

your creative boundaries, built around editorial creative color. Akin Konizi and Darren Ambrose<br />

deliver Advanced Cutting, for higher level stylists looking for advanced level techniques and new<br />

approaches to latest trends. Plus, there’s the ‘Color Craft’ collection; courses which hone all of your<br />

fundamental color skills to become a confident and in-demand colorist. For all the information<br />

head to www.wella.com/educationbook<br />

The event also showcased<br />

the finalists and broadcast<br />

the winners of the<br />

International Trend Vision<br />

Award, which this year saw<br />

5,000 entries received from<br />

across 28 countries. The<br />

Gold Award Winners were<br />

announced by Lara Zunica,<br />

Vice President Head of<br />

Education Global, Wella<br />

Company and Laura<br />

Simpson, Chief Marketing<br />

Officer.<br />


Gold COLOR Winner: ARTIST<br />

Kati Gold Suokas, Winner: Finland<br />

Kati Suokas, Finland<br />


Gold Winner:<br />

Svetlana<br />

COLOR<br />

Teryaeva,<br />

ARTIST<br />

Russia<br />

Gold Winner:<br />

CRAFT Kati Suokas, ARTIST Finland<br />

Gold Winner:<br />

Cicera COLOR Rolim, ARTIST Portugal<br />

Gold Winner:<br />

EDITORIAL Kati Suokas, LOOKFinland<br />

Gold Winner:<br />

Rita Tuska, <strong>UK</strong><br />


Gold Winner:<br />

Aoife Pomphrett, <strong>UK</strong><br />



Gold Winner:<br />

Ashton Harlan, USA<br />

MEN’S HAIR<br />

Gold Winner:<br />

Viktoria Elistratova, Russia

Hair: HOB Academy<br />

Hair: Robert Eaton<br />

Hair: D&J Ambrose<br />

Advertorial<br />

Inspired?<br />

Read On!<br />

The amazing success<br />

of We Create has<br />

helped opened many<br />

minds to the what a<br />

great educational resource<br />

online learning can be<br />

for creative stylists<br />

and colourists.<br />

hile online resources<br />

will continue to be a<br />

pivotal part of Wella’s<br />

educational and creative<br />

programme, nothing can<br />

really substitute the real<br />

thing! So if you were<br />

inspired by what We Create has<br />

shown you, the great news is that<br />

it’s now very easy to continue<br />

your journey with face-to-face<br />

educational courses, skilfully led by<br />

a highly accomplished Wella Artist<br />

at one of the Wella Studios. Here are<br />

details of just some of the courses<br />

due to be held later this Summer:<br />


Skilfully led by a Wella Artist<br />

including HOB Academy’s Akin<br />

Konizi and Darren Ambrose from<br />

D&J Ambrose, Advanced Cutting<br />

begins with a razor-sharp<br />

consultation, hones your cutting<br />

technique and introduces you to<br />

the finishing touches that will leave<br />

your clients bang on-trend. After<br />

this one-day course, you’ll return to<br />

your salon brimming with ideas to<br />

inspire your clients and fellow team<br />

members. Be inspired by the latest<br />

hair cut trends and enjoy up-close<br />

tuition with a leading Wella Artist,<br />

while discovering how to deliver<br />

the perfect cutting consultation. If<br />

you’re confident in classic<br />

haircutting but know you could take<br />

your skills to the next level,

Jayson Gray Robert Eaton Darren Ambrose Akin Konizi<br />

Advanced Cutting will give you the<br />

inspiration and practical skills you<br />

crave. Course cost: £310 / €360<br />

Next Available Dates:<br />

Edinburgh 26th Jul; London 7th<br />

Sept; Manchester 20th Sept;<br />

Dublin 26th Oct.<br />

➜ COLOUR<br />


Wella Artists Robert Eaton<br />

(Russell Eaton) and Jayson Gray<br />

(Karbon Kyd), both of whom<br />

participated in We Create, are just<br />

two of the renowned colourists<br />

who head up the Colour<br />

Masterclass - an invitation you to<br />

open your mind and embrace your<br />

creativity! Explore the world of<br />

editorial hair colour, and learn the<br />

fashion-led, inspirational<br />

techniques seen in magazines and<br />

competition work. Enjoy<br />

demonstrations, tutorials and<br />

background knowledge on<br />

creating collections to enable you<br />

to push the boundaries as you<br />

take your creativity to an extra<br />

dimension. If your colouring<br />

prowess could benefit from added<br />

inspiration, then this is your<br />

opportunity to have your creative<br />

sparks ignited by some of the<br />

most esteemed individuals in the<br />

hairdressing world.<br />

Course cost: £300 / €315<br />

Next Available Dates:<br />

London 9th Aug; Edinburgh 6th<br />

Sept; Manchester 27th Sept;<br />

Dublin 2nd Sept.<br />



These exceptionally insightful<br />

courses provide you with the<br />

perfect foundation upon which<br />

to build your career. The Wella<br />

Studios offer a range of ‘colour<br />

craft’ courses each designed to<br />

hone your skill in a key area of<br />

hair colour, covering every<br />

element you will need in order to<br />

run a successful colour column:<br />


2 days Course cost £220 / €260<br />

To become a great colourist, you need to<br />

start with the colour fundamentals; the<br />

“ABCs” of hair colouring. This course<br />

starts you off on the right foot with a full<br />

understanding of the colour principles, as<br />

well as Wella’s colour portfolio and how it<br />

can be used to achieve sensational results.<br />

Next Available Dates: London 9th & 10th<br />

Aug; Manchester 9th & 10th Aug; Dublin<br />

10th & 11th Aug.<br />


1 day Course cost £174 / €210<br />

Whether you’re looking to create<br />

highlights, babylights or contouring,<br />

the art of foiling is an essential skill and<br />

a timeless technique. This hands-on<br />

workshop session ensures you have the<br />

very best practical skills and how to<br />

develop new highlighting techniques<br />

for the modern client.<br />

Next Available Dates: London 3rd Aug;<br />

Manchester 4th Aug; Dublin 29th Sept.<br />


2 days Course cost £240 / €310<br />

When you master the skill of colour<br />

correction and can solve any colour<br />

challenge, you are guaranteed a longlasting<br />

client relationship. This course<br />

combines theoretical knowledge with<br />

hands-on workshops to change the way<br />

you look at colour correction forever<br />

Next Available Dates: Manchester 26th<br />

& 27th Jul; London 10th & 11th Aug;<br />

Dublin 24th & 25th Aug.<br />


1 day Course cost £174 / €210<br />

Balayage is now an essential service to<br />

every colour menu. This course is the<br />

perfect starting point to learn this everpopular<br />

technique, and will give you<br />

hints and tips that help you achieve<br />

a beautifully blended result every time.<br />

Next Available Dates: London 16th Aug;<br />

Manchester 16th Aug; Edinburgh 28th<br />

Sept; Dublin 19th Oct.<br />

➜ THE COLOUR<br />



This combines four of Wella’s most<br />

popular and essential colour<br />

courses together, offering a 20%<br />

saving on the cost of booking<br />

them separately. After completing<br />

the Colour Craft Specialist<br />

Programme, you will have learnt<br />

everything you need to know to<br />

run and grow a successful colour<br />

column, including the Wella<br />

colour product portfolio,<br />

techniques, formulas, placement,<br />

and even the latest colour trends<br />

and palettes. You will also have<br />

completed the four pre-requisite<br />

courses that Wella ask you to<br />

undertake before enrolling on the<br />

prestigious Master Colour<br />

Programme – so this is a fantastic<br />

step for your career path to<br />

becoming an elite level colourist!<br />

The Colour Craft Specialist<br />

Programme includes Colour<br />

Craft Essential, Colour Craft<br />

Highlights, Colour Craft<br />

Correction and Colour Genius.<br />

The package costs £695 / €875.<br />

To book, please contact:<br />

- Wella World Studio London<br />

+44 (0)203 650 4700;<br />

- Wella Studio Manchester<br />

+44 (0)161 834 2645;<br />

- Wella Pop-Up Studio Edinburgh<br />

+44 (0)161 834 2645;<br />

- Wella Studio Dublin<br />

+353 (0)1 416 0900<br />

Visit education.wella.com and follow<br />

the <strong>UK</strong> or IE link for more information<br />

All face-to-face<br />

educational courses<br />

are carried out at<br />

the Wella Studios<br />

with all appropriate<br />

safety and social<br />

distancing<br />

measures in place.<br />

education<br />


Oribe Hair Care announces<br />

two new additions to its<br />

top-selling Bright Blonde<br />

Collection: Essential Priming<br />

Serum & Sun Lightening Mist.<br />

The Bright Blonde<br />

Collection by Oribe caters<br />

to the unique needs of<br />

blonde hair, with products<br />

specially designed to<br />

maintain colour vibrancy<br />

and reveal hair’s most<br />

radiant, healthy-looking blonde.<br />

To complement the existing<br />

collection, the new Essential<br />

Priming Serum hydrates strands<br />

and enhances existing blonde tones<br />

with a dose of colour-correcting<br />

protection, while the Sun Lightening<br />

Mist gradually and naturally<br />

lightens and illuminates blonde<br />

hues. Both products can be used<br />

on professionally coloured and<br />

naturally blonde hair of all types<br />

and textures, and their portable<br />

Blonde<br />

Made Better<br />

packaging make it easy to achieve<br />

blonde anytime, anywhere.<br />

“Consumers are increasingly<br />

seeking ways to preserve and<br />

perfect their colour at home,”<br />

explains Michele Burgess,<br />

Executive Director of Product<br />

Development, Oribe Hair Care.<br />

“Hair health drives Oribe’s<br />

innovation, so it was critical for us<br />

to create specific products that not<br />

only revitalize blonde shades, but<br />

also deliver those benefits through<br />

formulas that improve the overall<br />

integrity of the hair.”<br />

Both products can be<br />

used on professionally<br />

coloured and naturally<br />

blonde hair of all types<br />

and textures.<br />



Inspired by a skincare-minded<br />

approach, the Bright Blonde<br />

Essential Priming Serum<br />

replenishes essential moisture and<br />

eliminates brassiness using violet<br />

and pearlized pigments to reveal<br />

visibly brighter blonde hues. As<br />

the essential first step when caring<br />

for blonde hair, this lightweight<br />

serum allows for seamless layering<br />

of styling products and helps

ensure more even distribution of<br />

product throughout the hair. Hair<br />

is left protected, touchably soft<br />

and lit from within and it can be<br />

used daily to brighten and tone<br />

blonde hair.<br />

• Eliminates brassiness and<br />

enhances vibrancy for healthier<br />

looking hair.<br />

• Provides 450°F heat protection<br />

and helps prevent breakage.<br />

• Replenishes lost moisture to hydrate<br />

and restore softness to dry hair.<br />

• Improves elasticity and strengthens<br />

damaged, brittle strands.<br />



The Bright Blonde Sun Lightening<br />

Mist is the innovative way to<br />

create controlled highlights by<br />

gradually lightening their hair by<br />

using the heat from the sun or a<br />

hairdryer. The hydrogen peroxidefree<br />

formula blends the power of<br />

natural plant, flower and fruit<br />

extracts to gradually lighten hair<br />

while imparting weightless<br />

moisture, shine, and essential UV<br />

protection for optimal hair health.<br />

• Gradually brightens, illuminates<br />

and enhances natural or<br />

professionally coloured highlights<br />

(based on clinical test conducted on<br />

human hair against a control group.<br />

• Provides lightweight moisture<br />

and nourishment.<br />

• Adds shine and a reflective<br />

luminosity to strands.<br />

• Protects from damage and dryness<br />

caused by harmful UV rays.<br />

• Features a hydrogen peroxidefree<br />

formula to prevent dryness.<br />

All Oribe products are formulated<br />

with safe, high quality, innovative<br />

ingredients. They are dermatologically<br />

tested and formulated without<br />

sulphates (SLS & SLES), as well<br />

as being vegan, gluten-free and<br />

approved by PETA.<br />

Bright Blonde Essential Priming Serum<br />

and Bright Blonde Sun Lightening Mist<br />

are launching April 5, <strong>2021</strong> and will be<br />

available now on Oribe.com and at<br />

Oribe salons and retailers nationwide.<br />

For more information about Oribe Hair<br />

Care please visit Oribe.com or call<br />

Customer Services on 03301 239530.<br />

The Bright Blonde<br />

Collection by<br />

Oribe is specially<br />

designed to<br />

maintain colour<br />

vibrancy and<br />

reveal hair at its<br />

most radiant.<br />

products<br />


Advertorial<br />

Mist<br />

Evolution<br />

Be a ‘Colourpreneur’ and transform the<br />

power of your colour business.<br />

94 equipment<br />

Every salon knows the<br />

power of colour - not<br />

just as a creative aspect<br />

of hairdressing and an<br />

art form within itself, but<br />

also as a business<br />

generator. Colour is<br />

technical, and it’s a reflection of<br />

skill, dedication and education that<br />

differentiates the average salon<br />

from those who are celebrated for<br />

their colour prowess. From<br />

hairdressing icons that elevated<br />

colour to prominence, and who<br />

may well have coined the phrase<br />

‘colourist’, like Royal colour<br />

supremo Daniel Galvin to Jo<br />

Hansford and Lisa Shepherd, to<br />

their contemporaries such as<br />

Sophia Hilton and Skyler London,<br />

colour has evolved. It is a key<br />

hairdressing service and essential<br />

to business success.<br />



Colour product is essential to<br />

results and it has evolved over the<br />

decades with both exceptional<br />

range and quality available to<br />

colourists of every artistic<br />

persuasion. From everyday to<br />

extraordinary and off the shelf to<br />

off the wall, colour is a creative<br />

playground in which colourists and<br />

clients play with equal passion.<br />

As part of the constant evolution of<br />

colour and in the search for<br />

continual improvement in the<br />

technical delivery of colour<br />

services, and of course the result,<br />

technology plays a vital role too.<br />

Processors have long been a key<br />

tool, used by colourists to<br />

accelerate colour take and lock-in<br />

pigments for more vibrant, durable<br />

results. By using temperature to<br />

open the cuticle layer, colour<br />

product penetrates deeper into the<br />

hair shaft and, as cooling occurs,<br />

the pigment is sealed in. This<br />

ensures longer-lasting colour and a<br />

more vibrant result. The theory is<br />

sound. Yet in practice many<br />

processors used, and still use,<br />

heated water to create the ‘steam’<br />

that opens the cuticle layers. The<br />

downside of this is that to create<br />

steam from water it needs to be<br />

extremely hot. First, the cuticle<br />

layer opens at around 30˚- 40˚so it<br />

doesn’t need extreme heat to<br />

achieve that. Overheating hair can<br />

damage it too so, despite the<br />

intention, hair can be weakened<br />

and its condition adversely affected.<br />

Second, the presence of ‘water<br />

steam’ entering the cuticle<br />

effectively dilutes the colour<br />

product, so the effect is<br />

compromised too.




As a world-leading equipment<br />

innovator, Takara Belmont has<br />

presented colourists with a<br />

selection of ground breaking<br />

technological solutions to this<br />

problem. Rollerball-F brought<br />

infrared technology to colour<br />

processing, which has literally<br />

revolutionised global colour. It’s<br />

distinctive rotating ring halves<br />

processing time and achieves<br />

exceptional colour results. But it’s<br />

in the area of ’steam processing’<br />

that lies the greatest evolution of<br />

this processing equipment genre.<br />

To address the problem of heat and<br />

dilution, Takara Belmont applied<br />

ultrasonic wave technology to<br />

create a micro-mist from water at<br />

significantly lower temperatures.<br />

This ultra-fine ‘dry’ mist is not only<br />

generated at the optimum<br />

temperature of 30˚- 40˚, it<br />

ingeniously eliminates water<br />

moisture allowing the cuticle layer<br />

to open to receive colour and<br />

treatment product without any<br />

dilution. Next, to quickly cool hair<br />

and seal product in, a special<br />

cool-shot feature quickly reduces<br />

the cuticle temperature to close it.<br />

The result. More vibrant colour<br />

that lasts longer and more intensive<br />

conditioning treatments that<br />

combined, leave hair visibly<br />

healthier, glossier and more vibrant<br />

with no heat damage to the<br />

structure of the hair.<br />


The equipment design that delivers this innovative processing technology serves as its own<br />

innovation too. How could this technology benefit every salon?How could it be mobilised to treat<br />

more clients without requiring a fixed location? And how could it be unobtrusive and small enough<br />

to stow away when not in use? Importantly, how could it be easily and affordably available to salons<br />

with a minimum training requirement? The answer - Spa Mist II. As ingenious in its physical form<br />

as it is in its performance, Spa Mist II is the perfect companion for colour, and for those looking to<br />

elevate treatments and other chemical service outcomes, such as perms and waves.<br />

This multi-tasking processor has it all. Convenience, speed, agility and scientifically proven results.<br />

Spa Mist II enhances every colour and treatment into a spa-style, atmospheric experience with its<br />

soothing, calming and warming mist. It delivers exceptional results that visibly and tangibly<br />

transform hair health, condition and process outcomes. Spa Mist II is mobile and just one unit can<br />

be affordably introduced and used to service multiple stations. It’s versatility allows salons to not<br />

only enhance colour and conditioning treatments, it improves perms and waves and you can expand<br />

your service menu with the addition of spa-style hand treatments. And, by elevating the quality of<br />

results and the service delivery, technical services can be charged at a premium to boost income too.<br />

As hairdressing salons seek to recover following a challenging year, Spa Mist II accelerates<br />

processing time so you can see more clients too. Why not discover how Spa Mist II can help you on<br />

your journey to a business transformation?<br />

(l-r) Headband to ensure treatment comfort;<br />

Hand Treatment Glove Capo for hand treatments to cleanse pores;<br />

Silver Cap for colour treatments; White Cap for treatments and scalp care.<br />

Discover at https://www.takarahairdressing.co.uk/equipment/processors/spa-mist-ii<br />

Call 020 7515 0333 email: hairdressing@takara.co.uk


MOST<br />


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Henkel Nederland B.V. – JOICO | Grasbeemd 4 | 5705 DG | Helmond | The Netherlands | HAIR & COLOR Larisa Love & Gina Bianca | PHOTO Hama Sanders | J69787<br />

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#BlondeLife4All<br />

LEVELS<br />

OF LIFT<br />

Lifting each other<br />

to the next level<br />

joico.eu<br />

*Results may vary depending on the hair type/original hair color

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