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In this issue, we delve into an odyssey of wisdom,

watches, and wishful thinking spanning numerous

contributions from around the world.


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We return to the well and cast our bucket down angrily

only to detonate in rage when it comes up empty. How

Presidents learn to pace withdrawals and behavior.



KEFA is leading the

way with unique

timepieces as unique

as each new

President of the

United States.

A Captain of the highseas

doesn't plunder

shipping. In today's

world and bury

treasure chests on

deserted islands.


Senela Jayasuriya shares her personal secrets in three keys to

opening the padlock of your thoughts and mind. In this special

article to PRESIDENTIAL, she helps all of us see better.


Better than a spa treatment or nail job - Rajiv invigorates the

mind and spirit with his motivating reasons for lady success

stories with PRESIDENTIAL readers. In this exclusive, he unleashes

a torrent of unbeatable and convincing mantras.

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A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego

travels the world foiling V.I.L.E.'s evil plans -- with help from her

savvy sidekicks. This Carmen also travels the world coaching

businesses to foil diabolical business quandrys'




When I first met Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (Marky Mark) it

was in LA and I was shocked at how nice of a guy he was! I mean,

they are all stars and I know that, but he was truly gracious. He

expresses his faith in God to the world, sane love for his wife, and

adoration of kids with a foundation. Mark's gym is a great example.

"Mark Wahlberg

is also a


of working out weekly to build up muscle and mind -

which is a terrific idea for all of us. Many exercised this

past 16-months by walking from the couch to the

kitchen and back as we isolated ourselves for safety.

2021 has been a tough year for many entrepreneurs,

with multiple businesses closing down and new

businesses mushrooming. Many entrepreneurs had to

find new ways of doing business and find new ways to

solve complex problems. After canceling multiple live

events and conferences due to Covid 19, I, too, had to

find new ways of running my business events, celebrity

interviews, and speaking gigs. I had the awesome

opportunity of partnering with the US Presidential

Service Center to publish this terrific magazine.

This month we are so excited to be featuring some of

the world's most inspiring organisations, entrepreneurs,

CEOs, and Humanitarians. Despite the downturn, we

have all learned how to pivot, reinvent, and flow around

the large abrupt rocks dropped into our normal streams

of life. In this issue, we are proud of numerous ladies

empowerment articles and please take note of the

snippets of presidential information throughout.

We have often included First Ladies' comments and

quotes and look forward to more articles from our

readers about vice presidents. The US Presidential

Service Center supports the showcase of both

presidential offices with first and second families of the

land. In addition to that, we welcome new stories about

the staff and team in the many civilian offices

supporting the presidency and the White House Military

Office. There is no end to fascination about the

plumbers, calligraphers, florists, Marine One, Air Force

One, the presidential yachts, and rail cars as well as

famous dinners at Camp David! We welcome your

input and articles.

"The future belongs to those who

are willing to innovate and solve

complex problems."

Hazel Meares Herrington, BA




he Well of Wishes & Help

How often have we thrown our bucket down into the well only

to pull it back up and find it bone dry? With your family

relations - or in business dealings.

The Presidents and Vice Presidents watch how many times they

empty individual wells. They have maps of where they are all at

and allow aquifers to replenish them. Such is a good idea and

example for your business and family relationships. Before you

drain down another time - allow for replenishment. Or why

drain people to nothing at all?

Keeping a healthy supply of water level in wells of hope,

relations, diplomacy, and business is smarter. So drop your

bucket in and pull out fullness every time!


Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA, MA, MCFE

CEO of the USPSC









"To the children of our country, regardless of your gender, our

country has sent you a clear message: Dream with ambition, lead

with conviction, and see yourself in a way that others might not

see you, simply because they’ve never seen it before. And we will

applaud you every step of the way,"

Harris said during her Vice President-elect acceptance speech.


The American Dream

Belongs to all of us.











Photos by Nicola Majocchi


i n s p i r a t i o n

Petrus: a one-of-a-kind watch that marks the time of a

centuries-old history. KEFA is a Roman start-up that

transformed a simple watch into a treasure chest of

universal values.

It is no secret that the world of watchmaking is

populated with passing trends along with immortal

brands that render prestige for the wearer their raison

d’être. Today, the timepiece market is truly saturated.

Making a name for yourself means competing with the

Titans in the sector and with the Maisons that have also

forged watchmaking history. So, how can a new entry

stand out amongst a myriad of giants of time? The

answer lies in presenting a truly innovative idea to make

a watch that is more than a simple timepiece or mere

status symbol. The answer lies in creating a unique object

that, in addition to its material value, can be rich in meaning

and capable of expressing and transmitting different values,

not only focused on the wearer’s ego but also virtuous and

shareable with other people.

Small Made in Italy start-ups grow ideas, courage, and an

ace up the sleeve. So today, talking about great values that

translate into new ideas and projects to be implemented

means talking about start-ups, new frontiers of innovation,

and being “different from the rest.” And we are here to talk

precisely about one start-up in particular.

"When George Washington wanted a new watch in 1788, he wrote

his fellow Founding Father Gouverneur Morris, asking him to buy

one for him in Paris. Morris, who would become U.S. minister to

France three years later, was making a business trip there.

Washington asked for a simple, gold watch of good quality, similar to

the big, slender one that Thomas Jefferson had gotten for James


Written by Norma Buchanan

KEFA is an Italian start-up, born just over a year ago in the Eternal City, a

short distance from the Vatican. For KEFA, taking the plunge and diving

into the crowded sea of prestigious watchmaking meant having to present

itself with all the credentials to compete with the greats right from the



And the cards that KEFA played proved to be a decidedly winning hand.

The company held an exclusive concession from the Vatican authorities to

utilise two official symbols of the Holy See to create the Petrus as the first

model created by the Italian brand. But, of course, we are not talking about

any old symbols - but about the Emblem of the Vatican City State and the

Coat of Arms of Pope Francis, personally chosen by him in 2013 when he

rose to the papal throne. Today, Petrus proudly bears these prestigious

emblems fused on the dial and case back.

A recipe for success – combining business and solidarity. But how did the

two founders of KEFA realise this dream and become “entrepreneurs of

value”? First, they firmly believed in their project and created a brand whose

indisputable principle, more than mere business, is also a higher moral

value: solidarity. Second, this company philosophy led the two founders,

Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo, to donate part of the proceeds

from Petrus timepieces to the Vatican Science and Faith Foundation –

STOQ and to its charitable purposes.

A story that has come full circle, with KEFA eager to be distinguished by its

values and unique product, all conveyed in the choice to concretely

characterise its corporate soul with much higher and more supportive


Down-to-earth Harry S. Truman wasn’t into

fashion trends, except, apparently, when it

came to watches. During the 23-day Potsdam

Conference convened in the summer of 1945

to determine the future of Germany, Truman

wore the most popular chronograph of the

time, a Universal Genève Tri-Compax.

Universal Genève had introduced the watch

the year before. The watch had so many

admirers, thanks in part to its very

complicated but elegant styling.

Written by Norma Buchanan

KSaint Peter, Petrus, and KEFA: the three facets of an

ambitious project: Yet, there is even more to this endeavour since,

for the founders of KEFA, embarking on this adventure also meant

something else: chasing their dream and creating something unique

that would leave its mark. To do so, they decided to reinvent

themselves, going from simple state officials to entrepreneurs.

Hence, a change of life inspired by a specific figure, that of Saint

Peter, appears repeatedly throughout the history of Christianity.

Peter, the man who abandoned life as a fisherman to undertake a

higher mission alongside Jesus, the man who lends his name (in its

Latin version) to the Petrus watch and, in Aramaic, the name of the

brand KEFA, which means “stone” (or, “Pietra” in Italian).

And here lies the deeper meaning of a watch that seeks to be more

than a simple timepiece: wearing it means feeling part of a large

family that is the spokesperson of universal values shared by more

than a billion Christians worldwide. A different way to assert

themselves – on the up and up. Thus, an object that is more than a

mere watch, that is always with you, is to be shown off (why not?)

as a veritable treasure chest of thousand-year-old values but above

all, a distinctive symbol that can represent enrich and characterise

the wearer.

A limited-edition numbered series of 2013 pieces, whose number

one piece is today in the hands of the very person to have inspired

the timepiece: Pope Francis. After an official meeting, Carmelo

Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo personally handed the watch over

to His Holiness. Why KEFA? Because the history of KEFA and its

two founders can be an example for all new entrepreneurs and

young start-uppers with a great dream. After all, if pursued with

courage and conviction, great ideas are always rewarded.


“The Successful Woman” (TSW)

initiative is a global movement

that unlocks women's next level of

success. TSW activates this

growth by supporting women to

achieve holistic success in all

areas of your life.

Because the fundamentals for

success in education are generally

not taught in mainstream

schooling or Universities, our

philosophy is to provide you

proven insights and tools based on

the three main pillars of mindset,

heart set, and soul set.

When these are enhanced in

combination, they positively

impact all aspects of life.

All women are born with the power to do

amazing things in life, yet too many

settle for mediocrity. At TSW, we aim to

optimize their personal transformation to

collectively and effectively evolve as a

tribe of timeless, elegant, beautiful,

powerful, and successful women.

Ron Malhotra founded TSW, a worldclass

mentor, thought leader, bestselling

author, global speaker, wealth specialist,

and business advisor who is absolutely

passionate about empowering women to

achieve success. He recognized a

shortcoming in available education

specifically for women to enable a

holistic, successful life.

Namrita Chandi and Joanna James were

appointed chief ambassadors for their

passion for serving other women to

succeed. Both having worked in

predominantly male-dominated domains,

they offer a wealth of life and

professional experience.

Many women find the predominant

focus of their lives is preparing for

their careers, without appropriate

support in preparation for the things

that truly determine our experiences,

the quality of our relationships,

health, mindset, and wellbeing. Yet,

paradoxically the deep work that

TSW curates also boosts career

progression, clarity, and confidence

for Women by identifying their life’s

purpose and passion.

The Successful woman is founded on

inclusion and diversity while focusing

on all women's commonalities,

including the feminine power we seek

to connect with.

We believe only an empowered

woman can create positive change for

her family, career, community, and


Contact us today to register for our

next masterclass or online mentoring

program -







By Senela Jayasuriya, an award-winning business strategy & leadership coach,

helping women around the world to build their brand and business inside out.

“Our deepest fear is not that we

are inadequate. Our deepest

fear is that we are powerful

beyond measure.”

- Marianne Williamson (Author and Activist)

Have you ever heard about the ABCs to

be a strong woman? Strong women are

Assertive, Bold, and Courageous. And

how could one get there? How could we

grow in our confidence and boldness

while gaining inner clarity and courage

to go after the things that really matter to

us? How could we raise our vibration

levels to attract abundance and strength

to live a life we deserve?

I am a business strategy and Leadership

coach, and my personal coaching and

mentoring programs help women build

their brand and business inside out. I

also run a global Women in Business

and Women in Leadership online

academy. My programs have a network

reach in over 50 countries worldwide. I

work with amazing global influencers

worldwide on masterclasses and

mentoring programs and emerging

leaders to help them pivot to their next

level. The coaching program I’ve

designed have been conducted in over 20

countries to date.

In my work area and working with women worldwide, I help them

through their personal and business leadership goals and needs. I feel so

blessed and grateful that I get to practice and teach what it takes to create

a life we desire filled with purpose and passion.

Let’s first start with “Why is finding vision so hard?”

Let me tell you! I could speak to this from my own experience as a

woman who had difficulty figuring out her purpose and passion. Like for

many of us, the biggest conundrum I had is not really knowing who we

are or recognizing what we are capable of. Let’s start there. Because

without even knowing whom we are, being comfortable in our own skin,

or loving ourselves to know our worth – until that time, we could never be

successful in supporting others to love themselves and recognize their


Next, let’s look at “What makes a personal vision powerful?” Let’s start

with defining what a vision is? I like to describe it as a future state of

being that you desire and imagine that fulfills your ultimate sense of

connectedness to your soul purpose and soul satisfaction. Note my words

“soul purpose,” not the sole purpose.




Elements that make a vision powerful are made up of the following strong levels of impact:

1. Impact on self is the impact the vision has on your life, goals,

relationships, and health.

2. Impact on growth is the impact through progressing by achieving

planned goals towards your vision.

3. Impact on others is the underscore we give towards supporting the

ecosystem at a scale beyond yourself.






On growth

Figure: Senela's three

elements and impacts

Now let’s go over some fundamental steps and keys to help you

find your vision and unlock your potential.

Fundamental keys are:

Key 1: Get clarity for your vision.

Key 2: Own your vision, you can’t outsource it.

Key 3: Look at the foundational steps to start working on it so you can vocalize it with

an action plan.

About the author

I challenge you; the sooner you check out my keys to

unlocking your vision by grabbing a notepad and pen

and going through the thought process, and journaling

your answers, you will feel motivated. Please make

note; it’s important to remember that, after going

through the above 3 steps and writing down your

vision summary and approach, and by chance, if you

don’t feel like you can really connect with it and get

passionate about it – then start back at step 1. Yes, you

heard me – REPEAT! I once read a quote by Tony

Robbins that said, “repetition is the mother of skill.”

So, keep doing this exercise a few times until you feel

truly aligned with the outcome. After all, you can’t

move forward unless you find clarity and a vivid image

in your mind about where you want to go.

I am very passionate about this process because this is

the same one that I designed to help myself when I

needed it most! I am so grateful that I get to pass it on

and share it with you, and I would love for you to

apply it and let me know how it goes by writing back

to me and sharing the experience of what that internal

journey was for you. As a transformational coach

working with women worldwide, I have observed that

we are all seeking meaning and purpose universally.

And our possibilities and potential are limitless. We are

ever-changing and ever-evolving cosmic energy

waiting to explode into magnificent forms of value that

can be experienced one explosion at a time.

If you would like to learn more about how you could

join my coaching program to help you (in my words)

“find your vision, own your vision and vocalize your

vision,” then reach out to me once you’re ready to

invest your time and energy to let me help you get

“unstuck” and build the foundational steps to empower

you to live your best life. I honour you and want to

encourage you to begin with the journey of self-love,

which leads to ultimate self-fulfillment and a legacy

that could potentially leave a positive impact on a

footprint larger than yours.

Senela Jayasuriya, Awarded “Exceptional

Women of Excellence” and "Iconic Women

Creating a Better World for All" by the Women

Economic Forum and recipient of the “Women

Icons Asia Award” and the "Sri Lanka Women

Leadership Award." Senela is a global Keynote

speaker and Coach for women in Business,

aspiring to Leadership and STEM (APAC,

EMEA, USA). She is the Founder & CEO of

Women Empowered Global. Managing

Director of Diverse Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.,

Founder & Chairperson of the WE Global

Academy. Co-Founder of Personal Agility

Systems in Sri Lanka. Board Director of

McQuire Rens Global Consulting. Former

Country Head for British firm HQ in the UK,

with a background in HR, Marketing & Global

Brands, CRM, Global business & Business


She is also a Six 'I's® of Innovation Certified

Practitioner and Innovation coach, speaker, and

member of the International Society of

Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

She is also a recognized expert Trainer and

Coach of the Personal Agility Systems.

Senela is an Executive Coach at Herrington

Publications worldwide. Senela is also the

President of the African Women Leadership

Forum and a Delegate in the Africa Committee

of the US Presidential Service Center.

Follow Senela on Instagram, Linkedin, and

Twitter. Check out her expertise here on her

personal page to connect or collaborate

By Priya Misra

March 8 is International Women’s Day. In

2021, the theme was “Choose to Challenge.”

Over the century, women have progressed,

but at the same time, the current generation

is better disposed to prove its worth. As a

result, several collective efforts and active

steps have been taken to advance women in

the corporate world.

Gender Stereotypes

All aspects of men and women’s behaviour are impacted due to

pervasive gender stereotypes. Expansive literature on social

psychology and organisational development indicates that gender

stereotypes lead to universal expectations that force women to

view themselves in a certain way, especially where leadership is

required. The perceived effectiveness in leadership is also affected

by the differences in leadership styles.

It takes women who have it to lead an

organisation effectively. Yet, most of the

people at the top are men. It also means that

rather than advising women to act like men

to get ahead, it would be better if men could

learn some lessons in leadership from them.

In a nutshell, men should do some things

that women do – motivating through

transformation, empathising, and enriching


A woman’s career is primarily dependent on

her ability to adjust to the male-dominated

culture. If they play by the existing

workplace rules, there are other hurdles in

societal perceptions about how they should

be seen. Education and awareness are

changing that too, but there are still some

challenges to overcome. Women leaders

must embrace the role-model status to

address these impediments and answer them

with actions.

Older studies

Social psychology and organisational development literature on

gender stereotypes provide insight into pervasive expectations that

influence how women are perceived or view themselves in

situations where leadership is required. Differences in leadership

styles associated with gender affect the apparent effectiveness of

leaders. A ‘consideration’ of behaviour is essentially categorised as

feminine while ‘structuring’ a behaviour remains masculine. This

also means that the consistency of characterisation of the

masculine gender role is perceived as more structured, designed,

and coordinated.

Current Women Power Index

In September 2020, the CFR Women’s Policy Program conducted

a study that said that the WPI (Women Power Index) ranks 193 in

progress towards gender parity. The report analysed the proportion

of women that served as heads of governments across cabinets,

legislatures, etc.

This, even though women hold almost 52% of all professional-level and management jobs. Research also indicates that

companies embracing diversity in the top quartile are more likely to experience above-average profitability. The where

and how of the gap: Stubborn stereotypes, stigmas, and societal challenges are still roadblocks to advancement – even in

the 21st century. Therefore, the first step towards progress is to understand the dynamics of an equal workplace. A diverse

and inclusive workforce always corroborates a collective effort.

For women in leadership roles, data

from the United States is rather

stifling. American women fall

substantially behind men in terms of

their representation across

supervisory positions.

Priya Misra is a thought leader and an evangelist who works relentlessly towards creating culturally conditioned

organisations. As a strong woman, she grew up to be where she is the hard way and believes that it takes only a few people

to trust and support you through your journey. You can read all about it here:

“The search for human freedom can never be

complete without freedom for women.” — Betty Ford

elf Love

Self-Love is the most underrated emotion – not by society but by us, the women. So we

have been conditioned all through our initial years to be the primary care & love givers

to our family that we have forgotten to love ourselves in the process. Be it serving the

best-baked bread to your husband or putting your health on the back burner to care for

your elders, or never buying yourself fancy stuff so that your kid can enjoy expensive

toys -you never are your own priority. So for International Women’s Day each year,

let's practice “Self-Love” by embracing these 15 changes in your life.

I Love You- say this loudly every morning to yourself, looking at a mirror multiple

times with a deep breath of gratitude to yourself.

I love how you are- too fat, thin, tall, and short; it just doesn’t matter. Be

comfortable in your skin.

Be your own critic but don’t overdo it. Sometimes it’s important to pat your own

back for your achievements. Wear your badge with pride.

Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them remind you

just how amazing you are.

Believe that

there is no one

else like you

in the world.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Every

journey is

different & unique.

You need to be a better version of yourself.

Walk out of toxic relationships – an abusive husband and emotionally

overburdening friend or children who don’t value you. Any person who makes you

feel less loved or doesn’t invest time in the relationship as much as you do- it’s

better to say “goodbye.”

Raise a toast to every win of yours, even if no one else does. Celebrate your

progress with yourself.

Try something new at regular intervals – a new hobby, a new hairstyle, a new habit.

Step outside of your comfort zone, and you will be surprised when you surpass your



Say No – very important to learn to say no when it is easy to say Yes. It gives out a strong

message that you can speak up & stand up for what you believe in.

Forgive yourself. You will always have some moments when you would have behaved

weirdly or embarrassed yourself – just let it go. You cannot change the past so make peace

with it, forgive, and move on.

Do what you love for yourself- head out for your favourite coffee, grab your favourite

ice cream or walk to your favourite place to be with yourself. Gift yourself some “Me”


To Hell with your Haters. There will always be someone out there or rather many

of them around you who will hate you for being you. Let them be in their own

perceptive world.

Your Happiness is important and is internal. Do not & I repeat, do not give the reins

of your happiness in anyone’s hands-how much ever important that person is in

your life.

Express yourself in any way you can. We are conditioned not to express our

feelings loudly or in public. Each of us has pushed ourselves to sleep with tears

wetting our pillows at some point in our life. Shed that tear, howl at that traumatic

experience, paint it, write it, sing it, dance it out, if you can’t do any of this. Just

talk it out but express you must.

Write yourself a letter of appreciation for the small or big things you do or

achieve. Self-praise is a big part of self-love.

Self-love is not a science that can be learned or taught; it is actually an art

that needs to be practised daily. So, start today!

"You have to have confidence in

your ability, and then be tough

enough to follow through." —

First Lady Rosalynn Carter

“I will stand by you, not for duty,

not for pity, not for honor, but

for love. Trusting, protecting,

comprehending love.” —

First Lady Edith Wilson

Smita Shetty

Think of the

“Leaders” you

admire & respect for

who they are and

how they show up.




As I go down my own

journey as a Global

leader, these “5

Leadership Mantras”

stand out in most

successful leaders

who inspire through

their being.


The 5 LEADERSHIP MANTRAS that we will reflect on are based on my own learning and experiences,

working with multicultural teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Leaders who WIN Never GIVE UP

2. Leaders always LEAD by EXAMPLE

3. Leaders who matter are AUTHENTIC

4. Leaders understand VULNERABILITY is


5. Leaders always TRUST themselves & TRIBE

"Certainly, in the next 50 years, we shall see

a woman president, perhaps sooner than

you think. A woman can and should be able

to do any political job that a man can do."

President Richard M. Nixon

Now, as we focus on reflecting on the inspiring & aspiring “Women” we are all surrounded by, I see a set of

unique patterns & traits they show up with. These are their natural gifts & talents that make them who they

are and represent “Woman Hood.”

• A Doer

• A Guide

• A Fighter

• A Multitasker

• A Role Model • A Problem solver

• A Patient listener • A Pillar of strength

• A Soft at heart, Strong in mind

• A Creator, Nurturer & Caregiver

• A Compassionate heart centred on a human who trusts

As we explore the role of women in “leadership” roles and, more importantly, as a living symbol of

“womanhood,” it is important to understand what these two words literally mean and how best can we explain

their confluence in meaning, intent, and more importantly what we see around us yet sometimes stays in the

realm of the “unsaid & unseen.”

Merriam-Webster defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people”. ... Leadership- is the

ability to direct me and influence those around me, role model expected behaviours, and leverage strengths, so

everyone feels fulfilled and valued.

1a: the state of being a woman.

b: the distinguishing character or qualities of a

woman or womankind.

Let me now take you all through a journey we all are

familiar with, but it is essential to set the context to

what is important to understand about the traits of a

“Woman” who reflects her true abilities as a


Think of any woman you have seen & been within

your life, as a Mom, Partner, Co-Worker, Sibling,

Friend, Boss, or any other role through which she

would have impacted your life.

She is a born leader, a giver, a creator and nurturer

of the human race right from carrying the human

race in her womb to nurturing it and being the

caretaker; she is in heart and soul a leader who never

gives up trusts her instincts and those she cares for,

& is a role model who always leads by example.

Isn’t this true?

She is a guide & a teacher who builds foundational

values in our being and allows a safe, supportive

trustworthy space for open & fearless conversations

not only with children but with partners, friends &

colleagues as a compassionate, trusted confidante.

As a person, I refer to women being the best “circus

artist”, a juggler of many hats, and a joker who has

emotions hidden deep down in her skin but shows

what is needed & important to those she selflessly

cares for and loves. I want us to think about this

simple yet obvious observation to recognise the

inborn “Leadership” traits that “Women” show up

with across continents and roles.

As we see through these roles and journey of a

Womanhood of Definition

woman we all have experienced in our lives in some

form or the other, some things that stand out for me

and worth highlighting are her natural leadership

qualities, abilities, and gifts that she lives day in and

day out without even realizing that they all are being

manifested through her being the “woman” she is

Womanhood is a truly a symbol of Leadership, heartcentred,

servant leadership which comes to every

woman naturally, it is for them and for us to see the

“unseen “and start acknowledging the “unsaid”.

"A woman is born to lead and

shows up with her instincts and

qualities to create, build,

nurture, motivate, guide,

support, evolve, and be a

listener, problem solver, and

above all, a role model who

never gives up on those she


Questions that come to my mind and I want to bring

out here for us to introspect within.

Are these not what True leaders do and learn and

strive to evolve through as what “Womanhood”

brings to women as their natural gift?





" T h e p r e s i d e n t o f t h e

c o u n t r y i s t o t h e n a t i o n a s

a p a r e n t i s t o t h e i r c h i l d ! "

Children are not born with an

instruction manual for life; that

is, they learn from the example

of their parents. Therefore, we

can say that example is a

natural way of nurturing and

guiding. It is the same with the

leadership of a country. No

matter what the policies and

laws of the state are, the nation

will always work and live as its

leader lives. Therefore, we can

say that the best leader is the

one who leads the country as he

feels and lives. This means that

he is honest with himself, and

the nation will follow him


I have always fought against violence in all areas. However, in my work, I have

found that most of the silence is in hidden violence. Especially when leaders act

out their psychological complexes on their employees, citizens don't say that they

physically abuse them, but they demand something from them to satisfy their ego.

Even if outwardly he/she seems to be kind to them and gives many comforts, this

is only an apparent motivation, but in reality, it is manipulation. That's why very

early on, as a physicist and later as a psychotherapist, I began to develop a

business model of how to lead in such a way that leadership is not manipulation,

exploitation ... but to lead as naturally as possible, to develop our feelings, to work

with colleagues, citizens ... develop their potential and create real freedom and


So, first, as a scientist and researcher, I founded a new science: Dynamilogy!

Dynamilogy is the active study of "living" processes and phenomena related to

humans and nature! It is a new branch of science that I formed based on physics,

psychology, and economics.

People know me in the media as

a professor at the university, an

advisor to presidents of states

and large corporations, and

numerous books on leadership

and relationships. Therefore,

with this article, I will try to

present myself a little

differently, and what is not

visible is of great importance

for the development of the

world and peace in the world.

It is decoding nature’s secrets of a sort. Only if we look at nature, we see that everything is simple and that everything

works independently. And we often say that it would be great if it were like that also in our lives.

Let’s examine a diamond as an example. A diamond is made of carbon. But graphite is also made of carbon. So the

difference between the two is only in the atomic structure. And if we transfer this fact to our economy, how much

graphite would we have to sell to get a value equal to the value of one solid diamond?


The whole secret is, therefore, in the right order. The code of nature is in the right order. If we compare a business

process or a process in personal life with natural processes, we quickly figure out what we are doing wrong. This way,

we will also quickly come up with a formula for success. Therefore, we need to put the process in our personal or

business life in the right order.

Then I developed a business leadership model from

Dynamilogy. A Dynamic Leadership Model that comes

from nature and develops and encourages people to

have a positive side. Thus, in a dream, a system for

managing the future was created, bringing a whole new

economy in the future, for which I was also nominated

for the Nobel Prize in Economics!

That's why, when I advise world leaders, I make it a

priority to help them develop their potential and be as

honest as possible. Above all, I am honest with them

and do not wrap their advice in fine words and praise.

But I also lead in a certain way.

Of course, I don't just help with words, and I also help

with actions. As an active member of the Informative

Protection Association, we help to separate real

migrants from those who exploit the system or are even

dangerous in the world. At the International Police

Association, I help the security authorities, especially

with their mental health.


As Knights of Malta, we mainly help in different parts of the world through

various charities. Lately, I have moved from being a counsellor and a

professor mainly to fieldwork solving various conflicts in the world.

Thus, I am actively involved in saving the nations of the world that live in no

man's land and deserve their stance or at least autonomy.

My latest and current project

is to resolve the status of

Western Sahara, specifically

the nation waiting for 40

years for a referendum that

was agreed upon as part of

the UN. However, due to

various interests and

manipulations, more than

200,000 people are

suffering. Therefore, I have

set myself the task of

clarifying their status at the

highest level next year.

I am always on the honest

side and those who want to

fulfil their potential, which

is also the only thing that

will save the world.

In January of 1943,

President Roosevelt visited

Casablanca and Dakar in

the middle of World War II.

Prof. Dr Milan Krajnc is Vessel Captain in Admiralty for North Atlantic Sector of Western Sahara Navy in

Associate Professor of Public Management at European Center for Peace and Development, University of

Peace est. by UNITED NATIONS, Professor of the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School,

Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) and

Member Of The Board Of Advisors l World Leaders for Mental Health.

Kanzun Ventures

By Wan Fara Ayu W Ahmad

Established to create a better world through impact

investments in technology, healthcare, education and

sustainable ventures, Kanzun Ventures came to light.

Kanzun originated from the Arabic word meaning

treasure. In Japanese, a similar-sounding word means

complete/perfect. Combined, we have complete

treasure. Kanzun has the complete combination of

expertise to manage investors' and stakeholders' wealth

into growing viable business ventures with exponential

benefits to humankind.

As the new dawn of technology emerges in the real

economy, we see real positive changes in how things

are being run. The proliferation of dynamic and

innovative business models requires investors to be

astute with the development of trends and how wellreceived

these innovations are in the market.

The emergence of deep tech technologies such as

artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, virtual reality (VR),

augmented reality(AR), robotics, drones, sharing

economy are examples of successful technological

transformations taking place, and the collaborative

economy is evolving innovative business models at



Strategic positioning for hyper-growth

Optimizing utilization of available and ready assets

makes for a more energy-efficient, greener world with

fewer wastages. This form of new economy undercuts

the traditional arrangement and saves costs, time and

energy. Kanzun’s primary investment focus will be on

dynamic, innovative and proven business models in

ICT, emerging technologies, sharing economies and

socially responsible investments.

Applying AI in fund management and digitization

of fund

The Kanzun Fund is cognizant of the current shift of

money flow into technological deals, intense tech

projects and digital assets and IPs. Therefore, we have

taken active measures to engage with industry players

in further understanding the workings of digital

instruments, especially cryptocurrencies and their risks

and rewards.

Making a social and economic impact where it


All investments made through Kanzun Fund will

be vetted for its application of innovation and

technology to solve real-life issues, pain points,

and business needs. We will also consider a

project's contribution to social impact and its

ripple effect in enhancing the economic wellbeing

of society, job creation, and knowledge

transfer. Kanzun aspires to enable high potential

companies in Malaysia, the South East Asia

region, and globally to get the help they deserve

in funding, coaching, mentoring, advisory,

commercialization efforts, and market linkages.

We will apply AI to select the best deals for our

portfolio and use AI-generated reports based on NLG

(natural language generation), NLGU, machine

learning, cognitive analytics, and image analytics. This

will reduce the risks associated with managing new

instruments and asset classes regarding onboarding

deals, screening, and selection.


A female-led, emerging markets fund that promotes diversity, shariahcompliant,

and supports the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals no.

3,4, 9, 13 & 17, supporting digital transformation and technology

companies with potential investment returns of 3X-5X in 3 years.

The multiplier effect - An opportunity to 3X-

5X your funds. Through its extensive

experience in evaluating high-growth start-ups,

Kanzun has shortlisted a pipeline of proprietary

investments from various sectors, namely AI,

blockchain, sustainable ventures, impact

investing, and more that could potentially be

unicorns in the making. Operating from Malaysia,

South East Asia, there is a melting-pot of start-up

ecosystems just waiting to be unraveled.

Kanzun’s unique value proposition. Kanzun

is well-positioned through its multi-faceted and

multi-dimensional collaborative model, which

gives it access to ecosystem players, investors'

networks, and start-up communities.

An invitation to get to know our funds

better. The Kanzun Fund is currently open for

its first raise of investments from limited

partners and direct investment into projects;

therefore, we would like to invite all esteemed

investors to join us in our journey to make this

world a better place reaping the economic

returns of investment.

We offer our pipeline deals that target 3X – 5X

within 3 years. Our investments will be managed

by a registered and experienced VC fund


Kindly write to or connect

at Linkedin at

for more information on any of the funds or deals

mentioned herein.

In support of SDG 9 & SDG 17, Partnerships for the

Goals regarding international collaboration, Kanzun

Ventures has been engaging and will continue to engage

partners and ecosystem players for investments, crosscollaboration

works, deal sharing and fundraising efforts.

Kanzun is planning for funds that will focus on Nusantara

(South East Asia) investments in technology and another

one on global social impact investments in collaboration

with iPortal.Live. Each of the funds will raise between

$10M and $25M for venture investments.

Restore & Rebuild - Helping businesses recover from


Kanzun is very active in terms of connecting

businesses to investors, no matter where they are

located. We realize that many businesses have been

severely affected during Covid-19, and one of the

ways to address this issue is to facilitate access to

funding for these businesses. Kanzun also carries an

intermediary role to facilitate access to funding to

date. Through its collaboration with its AI Partner,

Kanzun applies the Rebuild and Restore AI solutions

to businesses wanting to address the issues they may

be having regarding financial health and recovery.

There will be certain parts of the fund dedicated to

investments with high environmental and social

impact, reducing wastage of resources, saving energy,

spreading opportunities for economic betterment and

alleviating poverty. For example, our AI project in

healthcare (dialysis) will be a social impact project

that supports people from all walks of life but

especially those in the B40 categories. It is tied to

providing affordable quality healthcare to the less

fortunate through waqf arrangements.





by carmen wilde

The devastating impact of lockdowns has exposed just how vulnerable

businesses and industries are to disruptive socioeconomic forces. This raises

the question, “Was this a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ crisis, or a sign of what’s to

come and what business leaders need to gear themselves for in the future?”

According to two leading Futurists, Jerome Glenn and David Houle, whom I

recently interviewed on, many disruptive events await us

over the next decade. If leaders do not become masterful at navigating and

adapting quickly to disruptive changes, businesses, industries, and

economies will collapse in the chaos and the very survival of humanity as

we know it will be at risk.

This might sound dramatic, but we need to look at the widespread

convergence of social, economic, political, and environmental crises on a

global and national scale right now, and how this has negatively impacted

businesses, families and individuals, to see that leaders across the board, are

not geared to respond effectively to these threats. Even the most optimistic

thinkers among us realize we need to shake the tree and start to think and act

dramatically different to how we have until now!

Is Covid-19 The Cause Of This Disruption Or Simply The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back? Let’s reverse before

Covid-19 and look closely at the general condition and integrity of business and leadership structures. A frank analysis

would reveal, on the whole, an impressive fasçade grossly lacking in substance to withstand any form of strength-testing

on a disruptive scale. Instead, these structures are infected with greed, self-interest, disparity, corruption, fragmentation,

division, parasitism, predatorial competition, and an immeasurably long list of traits that support the ‘every man for

himself’ model that has infected the core of our economic and social systems.

It’s a time bomb that’s been waiting to explode!

Unfortunately, it took a crisis of global proportions to

reveal these fatal flaws. The economic and social

fallout of lockdowns has exposed just how weak we

are when we are not united and reminded us of

what’s really important. Only in the aftermath are

more people beginning to realize how interconnected

our fates are. Businesses or leaders who did not have

a trusted network, community or collaborative

partnerships to lean on and ride out the storm with

were the most vulnerable.

A warning shot has been fired across our bow, and

it’s time to raise our game radically! It’s no longer

enough for leaders to be ‘change fit; they need to be

‘game-changer-geared’! To achieve this, we don’t

need cleverer leaders; we need conscious leaders!

CONSCIOUS Leaders Will Be The Architects Of A

Prosperous Future.

A dramatic departure from the past to succeed going

forward is for leaders to constantly choose to take the

‘me hat’ off and put the ‘we hat’ on, to see fellow

entrepreneurs as collaborators, not competitors.

Collaborative leaders will not only survive and thrive

but will lead the charge into the next decade.

By working together as a united force, we CAN

create abundance and add sustainable value to each

other. When humans work together, in concert, in

pursuit of a common goal, we’re unstoppable!

In my business coaching practice, I’ve seen vastly

different outcomes for those entrepreneurs or

corporate leaders who embraced the fact that

‘normal’ was a thing of the past and that VUCA

(volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) was here to

stay. This led to re-invention strategies and pivots that

paved the way for growth despite the disruption. For

example, a listed client in the retail and hospitality

industry avoided being hit as hard as other

organisations in the industry because of a conscious

style of leadership employed by the CEO, who was

able to make changes that ensured no one was

retrenched. Shareholders could enjoy returns, albeit

slightly less than anticipated. This is a feat of epic

proportions only possible with a conscious leader at

the helm.

"Conscious leaders will be the

architects of a prosperous future."

Conscious Creator

Conscious Leaders know that all outcomes flow from their

actions and inactions. They take full ownership of shaping

future outcomes, overcoming challenges, and formulating

innovative solutions to problems as they arise. They carefully

consider the direct and indirect causal impact of their

decisions and actions over time on all stakeholders and the

larger environment they influence.

Conscious Leaders are quick to hold themselves accountable

and take corrective action when outcomes are undesirable or

fall short of expectations. They are not a slave to pride or habit

and won’t hesitate to eradicate redundant or legacy thinking,

systems or processes that no longer serve the interests of the

business or the environment it influences.

Four Core Skills Of Conscious Leaders

Value Creation

The Conscious Leader understands that the success and

sustainability of any business are driven by creating and

exchanging value between operating elements of the

ecosystem it exists within. Therefore, the single-minded

pursuit of profits at the expense of value creation can never

result in sustainable success. In contrast, sustainable profits are

a natural by-product of the ongoing creation of value.

The Conscious Leader builds businesses to last by upholding

the principles of fair exchange, thereby safeguarding the

balanced flow of energy exchanged between operating

elements of the ecosystem.

More value is created within such an environment than is

consumed, which expands the ecosystem and drives its own

evolution to the benefit of all.


More and more thought leaders are drawing the same

conclusion… competition needs to become a remnant of our

past because we cannot survive the future alone and will only

thrive as a species when we finally muster the power of our

collective abilities.

The next leap in our economic evolution will materialise

when businesses work together towards a common goal,

bound by a common cause, rather than in competition

with each other in pursuit of their own self-interests.

Conscious Leaders strive to unite businesses and

combine efforts to CO-CREATE far more value in cooperation

with one another than could ever be

collectively created alone or in competition with each

other. Co-Creation requires sincere co-operation

between parties, built on high-trust relationships united

by the desire to create a compelling vision of the future

for the benefit of all. Never before has building highquality

relationships been more important.

In his BwB TV interview, respected influencer David

Homan explains why ‘Relational Value’ is one of the

most untapped commodities on the planet and why we

need to value relationships simultaneously as we do

money and time.

creative agility

Creative Agility

It’s no longer enough for businesses to be geared to respond quickly and effectively to rapid, incremental changes in

the business landscape. Instead, the future demands we also gear our businesses to respond effectively to gamechanging

disruptive events at lightning speed.

But the prevailing models and methods of thinking, problem-solving, and innovating have reached their limit, and

much like the limits of Newtonian Physics had to be breached by Quantum Physics to bring about step-change in

scientific and technological advancements, it’s going to take a new level of mind and consciousness to emerge at

leadership levels to tackle disruptive changes that lie ahead. While many businesses succumbed to the disruptive

forces caused by lockdowns, other businesses in the same industries pivoted successfully. They proved we’re far

more adaptive and responsive than we thought we were capable of, ushering in a new level of creative agility that

will serve as the baseline to build on.

Is Your Business ‘Disruption Ready’?

When do we consider the potential magnitude and diversity of disruptive challenges we are likely to face before the

end of this decade? How many businesses are geared right now to survive these game-changing events, let alone

succeed and thrive? If the trail of destruction left by lockdowns is any gauge, very few businesses or leaders are

‘disruption ready.’ Fortunately, while we might not be ready (yet), we most certainly are resilient, and we are

resourceful. The decisions we make as leaders from here will determine whether we sink or soar to new heights. If

we all take up the change-maker baton and learn to master Conscious Leadership skills, we will be the change we

wish to see and build a future we’re proud of!





Mealtime Founders believe that convenience

should not compromise on ‘healthy’, ‘tasty’, and

nutritious’ meals and are passionate about where

their food comes from and its journey to its


A contemporary meal delivery startup is about to

embark on an exciting journey in the UK meal

delivery market, with its recipes inspired by the

African and Caribbean cuisines.

Sustainability and building a responsible brand

are also at the Mealtime brand's core, with the

Founders committed to limiting Mealtime’s

environmental impact. Mealtime meals are

frozen after cooking, locking in tasty flavours

and nutrients whilst helping reduce food waste.

In addition, mealtime has taken steps to

minimise its environmental footprint, from how

it sources its ingredients to its choices around


Mealtime is a player in the UK’s meal delivery


The Founders’ vision is to produce high-quality,

healthy and tasty meals inspired by recipes from

across Africa and the Caribbean - bringing the best

culinary experiences of these cuisines to the world.

Therefore, they have taken care to select from various

flavours, textures, and colours to cater to every

palette. Thus, allowing their customers to take their

taste buds on a journey through the tasteful vibrant

colours and textures of African and Caribbean

cuisines. Being a UK company, Mealtime founders

are committed to creating a range of products,

whenever possible, from fresh ingredients sourced

from British farms.




Our Co-Founder

Sippie Mungaraza is one of three Mealtime cofounders,

hoping to lead the Mealtime brand in

delivering healthy, tasty and convenient meals to

its UK customers. Sippie is an accomplished exbig

four chartered accountant with a

distinguished career spanning nearly 15 years.

She has an MBA from Oxford Brookes

University and completed (with distinction) the

Oxford Executive Leadership Programme - from

the University of Oxford.

Following a career in the city, Sippie has decided

to join forces with the other two Mealtime

Founders in creating a healthy and tasty meal

delivery startup that also offers private and

corporate catering services.

Sippie hopes to bring the best African and

Caribbean cuisines to the world, creating a brand

that most households will easily recognise.





Global youth mental health awareness (GYMHA), Australia

By Prof. Jude Ediae

I want to introduce you to Global youth mental health awareness limited. The Global Youth Mental Health Awareness

(GYMHA) is a global network of professionals whose VISION aims to make psychology a household term and advocate

for raising awareness and improving youth emotional and mental health outcomes.

The GYMHA aimed to empowers anyone, especially those youth experiencing psychological health problems, emotional

turmoil, adjustment issues, and concerns, with an endeavour to make psychology a household word without any stigma or

prejudice. The GLOBAL YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS LIMITED is registered under the Australian

Securities and Investments Commission of the Corporations Act 2001. The company is a limited by guarantee Not-For-

Profit organization. GYMHA became a proud member of the United Nations Association of Australia Victoria branch on

the 28th of July 2019.

Upholding the GYMHA mission and goals

GYMA is elated to have onboard its members' beautiful people from

different parts of the world and various works of life. Without our esteemed

members, the GYMHA goals would have been unachievable. We have

always worked with the vision of raising awareness and improving the

emotional and mental outcomes of our youths. Have you noticed how

rampant depression is these days? Society these days seems to be filled with

many stressors posing a threat to people's mental health, particularly the

youths. Are you not excited to be part of this movement focused on youth

and child psychology and mental health? GYMHA has recognised that there

is a cankerworm, gradually eating deep into society; this cankerworm has

caused the lives of many youths in the form of mental health issues.

“To every little girl & boy who

dreams big: Yes, you can be

anything you want—even


Secretary and First Lady

Hillary Clinton

Thus, together we have been working to tackle the youth mental health

issues and offset any stigma associated with individuals with mental health

problems. The good news is that we have been upholding our goals so far

and have stuck with our core values. We have reached out to people in

different ways, offering mental health support exactly at the point when

they need it. Thank you for being part of this cause. If you are not yet a

member, GYMHA would be happy to have you on board. Be part of this

journey to make the world a better place.

Connect with us at:



You can also check out GYMHA on social

media and connect with us via:









Membership benefits and opportunities

As a GYMHA member, you stand to gain a lot

as GYMHA gives you access to networking

opportunities. This is an opportunity to

contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of

youths. So get ready to build on your capacities.

When you sign up to become a member of

GYMHA, you enjoy an opportunity to serve

humanity under a platform that enables you to

network with influential leaders, professionals,

and problem solvers from different parts of the


Through our numerous conferences, meet-ups

and training, GYMHA has helped its members

attain career, personal and capacity growth.

In addition to getting a membership certificate,

you get training on various skills, particularly

mental health and wellbeing. GYMHA also

promises to stand in for members by offering

recommendation letters for scholarships, jobs

and other opportunities.

Mental Health support during COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic had hit hard on

nations of the world, and even now, we are still

not done with its impacts.

No doubt the pandemic has done lots of harm to

people's mental health and psychology,

particularly the youths who make up a

significant proportion of the workforce. To keep

you updated, UNICEF's recent poll showed that

the coronavirus pandemic is having a significant

impact on the mental health of adolescents and

young people in Latin America and the

Caribbean. Trends like this are what we are


People were forced to stay at home; thus, leaving

room for loneliness. Some were already battling

emotional and mental health issues even before

the onset of the lockdown measures. Now, the

lockdown only made things worse. Did we add

that many also lost their jobs to the pandemic?

Global Youth Mental Health Awareness

recognised the need to help public members get

past this difficult time. Hence, it reached out to

people offering mental health support.

GYMHA had its volunteers, members, and

advocates create mental health awareness,

helping the youths fight through mental issues.

Knowing that many youths with mental health

challenges can barely afford the treatments and

support they need, GYMHA came in to offer

these youths the support necessary to feel safe,

secure, and connected to their community and

the world.

One of GYMHA's biggest achievements during the pandemic was successfully engaging youths in

meaningful discussions through virtual hangouts, conferences, and social media live shows where youths

going through emotional turmoil and psychological health problems were empowered to take charge of

their lives. For instance, on September 4, 2020, GYMHA hosted a powerful online event titled, 'Unlocking

Youth Potential to Contain The Impact of COVID-19 in Africa'. The program had over 120 people in

attendance. How about the 'Free Global Virtual Summit on Stress Management Revolutions 2020' also

organised i2020 and held online? There couldn't have been a better way to teach the youths how to

manage and deal with stress, especially in such a time when the pandemic is wreaking havoc on people's

physical and mental health.

Check out GYMHA on social media for more information and video snippets of these events:

Facebook: / LinkedIn: / Instagram / GYMHA YouTube channel:

GYMHA also advocated a self-care plan for the youths. Irrespective of the pandemic, youths must live a

wholesome life by adopting all the pillars of self-care, which include physical, emotional, practical, mental,

and social self-care.

GYMHA is working with the youths to make a valued difference in their lives during the pandemic.

GYMHA Global Support Group cares!

GYMHA project Highlights

GYMHA makes its impacts mostly through an educational model. This means GYMHA advocates for a

global community's mental health education and suicide prevention programs in the rural, urban, and

regional communities. As a result, we have invested in (and tend to invest more) in tertiary institutions and

secondary school mental health education, community-based education, and youth mental health

promotion activities.

Here are highlights of GYMHA events and projects from 2020 to date:

GYMHA Stress Management Revolutions Summit held on 19-20 September 2020.

The PAN African Youth Diplomats Forum In Conjunction With Global Youth Mental Health

Awareness Virtual Summit held on 4th September 2020.

Global Youth Mental Health Awareness Zimbabwe Virtual Campaign held on 4th May 2020.

Managing Social Diversity (zoom conference) held on 14th June 2020.

Coping With COVID-19 Anxiety and Uncertainty (webinar) held on 16th April 2020.

Stress Management Revolutions held on 19-20 September 2020.

The Virtual Career Exponential Conference held on 25th April 2020.

Finding the mindset tools to overcome challenges summit held on 20-21 February 2021

GYMHA Online course: Are you a

staff or part of the management of an

organization? GYMHA brings you

an online course, 'Workplace Youth

Mental Health', geared towards

educating you about the importance

of youth's mental health in the

workplace... Do you know that

mental health awareness is important

even in the place of work? This

course will teach you how to unlock

potentials, enhance workplace

productivity and improve the support

network for young people by taking

care of their mental health at work.

This course isn't the first of its kind

on GYMHA. GYMHA keeps

unveiling projects, programmes, and

courses on youth mental health.

Moving forward in 2021: As we advance in 2021, GYMHA is set to

engage more professionals and youths in addressing issues affecting

youths' mental health. Plans and projects have been set to have people of

like minds (including youth activists, community leaders, health

professionals, and international leaders) discuss vital problems faced by

our youths. Just in January this year, GYMHA received a reimagining

health grant from VicHealth. The grant means funding to assist GYMHA

in providing youths (between the ages of 18-25) access to a secure and

anonymous SMS chat service, "Let's Sort This Out Together" (LSTOT) so

that they can develop meaningful social connections with others. This

provides a good tool and strategy for dealing with loneliness and isolation.

GYMHA also kick-started the year with a power-packed virtual summit

tagged 'Finding the Mindset Tools to Overcome Challenges' held on 20-21

February 2021.

GYMHA guest speakers are powerful men and women that have done

much for society. In addition, we have psychologists, life coaches,

international public speakers, entrepreneurs, soft skill trainers, mental

health advocates, medical doctors, etc., willing to address the youths.

GYMHA membership opportunities: Do you know that asides from

hosting different events, GYMHA also offers counseling, youth mental

health first aid training, coaching, and networking opportunities? You also

get a certificate of membership to boost your CV.

You wouldn't want this one to pass you by. You can become a GYMHA

member today or invite someone to register as a member.

Find out more about GYMHA membership registration and learn about

how we can empower and support you to improve your mental state and


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What is happening is slow and maybe not enough. The shift needs to begin with our acceptance that it is no longer about

equality and a preferred status because “Women” who matter and inspire and aspire to make a difference are not here to get

a special status. They are here for being themselves & to be recognized for who they are, to be celebrated & acknowledged

for their being the leader with the gifts and talents they are blessed with as they are “natural leaders” which they

themselves, their fellow women and men around the need to start accepting more & only allow them to coexist and fly to

achieve and live their dreams that they aspire to evolve into & positively impact humanity with their “compassionate

servant leadership” they stand for. The momentum needs to shift towards celebrating womanhood as a symbol of leadership

with concrete actions that leverages the natural leadership trait. SHE makes an impact as the:

Mom who selflessly cares and nurtures a new generation of future humans to become leaders.

A head of government who leads her people with exemplary success

through a crisis of war and the current COVID pandemic.

A CXO who leads her company fearlessly and successfully to profitable and stronger results,

and yet is also available to listen, be vulnerable and be the shoulder to cry

on for her partner, sibling, coworker, or friend.

This is the multifaceted Celebration of Womanhood that I admire, adore and respect in every woman. To make a fair point,

I am not choosing to be a feminist here. However, it is important to acknowledge that some men as partners who choose to

recognize this and accept the power of equal participation and co-existence as equal partners, the impact of these traits of a

woman only get up-leveled manifold by the supportive actions of fellow men. So a big shout out to such awesome men, and

I invite more of us to accept and make this change and shift a REAL one. I am blessed and grateful to have been

surrounded by some powerful, awesome women in my life, starting with my mom, who made me who I am to Be daring,

caring & honest, which are the core values I strive to live, as I evolve and grow into a better being each day myself.

My wife, my two amazing daughters, and a lovely granddaughter allow me to celebrate womanhood each day and each

moment as they all continue to surprise me with what they show up with as their “unseen & unsaid” potential to impact and

make a difference. As I close this piece, the idea here is to bring about what many of us know, and some of us choose to

ignore or overlook. I have also raised a few open questions to ponder about and express how best we can be part of the

solution and bring about the change to evolve and make a meaningful impact. JE

This is a journey, and we all are part of it

together as co-creators of a better social

framework where biases and isms move

away, and abilities, gifts, talents can be

the means to celebrate success and

growth and form the basis; of real


Either way, the important point is that we

need to ponder what can be done to

hasten the speed of change to shift

celebrating womanhood into meaningful,

sustainable norms that make us a

balanced and just social framework

where equality is not why women need to

grow. Still, for the fact, they are natural

leaders, and we need to allow and support

each other to get better leadership for the

betterment of the human race over the

next few decades faster than ever.

I sign off by saying kudos to women who

aspire & inspire by their natural abilities

and gifts, with a shout out to all those

men who stand with them as partners

who accept them for who they are. An

invitation for us all together to make this

celebration a reality faster and stronger

for the good of the human race and future


That is when we will truly celebrate

womanhood in leadership slowly but


About the Author : Rajiv Handa

Global Business Leader & People Potential Catalyst

Leadership Coach & Business Mentor

Building Accountability Partnerships with committed Leaders,

Entrepreneurs & Organizations Founder – SSCULPTT

Co Founder - TheAllWeatherLeaders






Don’t judge people, as you never know what kind of

battle each individual is going through. All my life, I

have been the smiley one, despite my struggles.

Positivity has been the real power to go through

difficulties in my life, have faith, hope, and believe in a

better future. Or maybe it’s Finnish Sisu, which is

helping me as it’s described as determination and

resilience. Finally, I’m brave enough to share my

experiences, and I want to help others globally in the

healthcare field. I chose to be a well-being warrior by

finding daily coping methods for my mental and

physical wellbeing. Health is our wealth, that’s for


I want to give my voice and face to represent all those

women and girls who have faced violence in their lives,

and I call us ‘Survivors’. I want to empower women

and girls who are voiceless, powerless, scared, and

ashamed to talk about it. Terrific actions of violence

should never be taboo or shameful for the victims,

whether physical or mental.

Regarding the latest UN report, every 3rd woman has

faced violence, and many cases remain hidden.

Unfortunately, due to traumatic events, experiences of

violence in any form are still shameful for many

victims. I truly understand it, as it took me nearly 20

years to be strong enough to open up and unlock

traumatic memory attacks as from my own life

experience, I know the journey well. People who have

experienced traumatic events are highly resilient and

develop appropriate coping strategies mostly by

themselves. Like me, I haven’t shown my pain to

others but have limited my life in different ways.

There are many short-term effects to mental health,

long term effects on mental and physical health. Not all

are considered negative. Some find creative, healthy

ways to manage strong effects generated by trauma, a

strong commitment to physical activities, or by creating

organizations to support survivors of traumas. Special

Thanks to US Presidential Service Center and

Herrington Publications Worldwide for the honour to be

a speaker and author to spread awareness of healthcare.

I’m so grateful that my voice matters.

Now I’m finally in the spot of reasons for my life work.

This time we go deep into my why. I have developed

my strong coping methods over the years, but it’s not

helping me to get rid of the heavy burden of traumatic

memory attacks as my experiences are severe. I have

faced death threats, child abduction threats; I’m a

victim of physical and mental violence. Also, I have

experienced sexual harassment like so many other

women during the years, including tracing; the list is

quite endless. It was time for a solution; it was time to

start living without fear, without self-created

boundaries. More flowers, more laughter, more dreams,

more courage, more love. As we all deserve to be happy

without heavy burdens from the past.

Traumatic memory attacks can come from sudden

situations in daily life, even I have strongly limited my

life, made it super safe in my small circle. I need to

spend time with my children, with my family. Also, my

days content much self-care to keep the traumatic

memories away from my mind. I need to have sports

activities; I need to feel, see, and smell nature. I need to

take care of my flowers; I need to bake, I need to paint.

I need to create and surround myself with beauty. All

these are my coping methods. I’m hyperactive, so much

that I thought I have ADHD. Therefore I went to

adultery ADHD tests. It seems my traumatic

experiences have caused my hyperactivity as a coping


It’s painful to stop and necessary as we need to face the

real reasons, take care of our pain, and unlock those

traumas. That’s the way towards happiness and healing,

improving overall wellbeing. What a feeling it is to

understand the reasons and the effects. To identify the

pain, as only identified pain can be treated.

Moreover, there is a significant connection between

trauma and chronic health conditions—common

physical disorders and symptoms. According to

research, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal,

cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal,

respiratory, and dermatological disorders can be found.

Therefore there’s a perfect match with an amazing

Finnish company in the medical field called Kipuwex.

Kipuwex’s vision is to become a world-leading

company in the pain management domain. What is

Kipuwex? Kipuwex's mission is to combat healthcare

inequality and help millions of people. Kipuwex is one

of the top IoMT innovations in the world for the

healthcare industry.

I became a fan of Kipuwex already before I was part

of their amazing team. I have always been a father’s

girl. Kipuwex, as its solution, is developed for

honouring the memory of CEO Mr. Marko Höynälä’s

passed father. His beloved father has been a driving

force for the new medical innovations, which will

change the world in the pain management domain.

As Christian, we are celebrating Easter now, the

Resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion,

death, and burial, three days later, he arose from the

grave. The significance of Easter is Jesus Christ's

triumph over death. Easter also means changing

seasons, especially in Finland; days are coming

lighter. There’s light in the tunnel also when

we learn to manage the pain. Living happily does not

mean there won’t be pain. Pain is timeless; it has

always existed. Important is how we view the world

and view joy, victory, pain, and sorrow. It important is

to have faith and keep hopes up.

How we can strive for betterment, it’s about

curiosity. Dr. Diane Hamilton is an expert, so

grateful for the interviews hosted by Dr. Diane

Hamilton Take the Lead Radio Show, recently

facilitated by Mr. Marko Höynälä, CEO of

Kipuwex. Kipuwex was curious to innovate new

medical solutions to measure different physiological

parameters from the patient digitally, converting

them with an algorithm into pain data and providing

efficiently reliable measurements for healthcare

professionals and home users, which is vital to

assessing human well-being and disease

management. The master brain behind the

innovations is Mr Marko Höynälä, CEO of


Whether your pain or your heavy burden from life, it

can be identified and treated. Kipuwex’s mission is to

decrease the pain in the world by providing reliable

pain assessment at home and in hospitals regardless of

patients' age, gender and illness. Over the last 3+

years from its humble beginnings, Kipuwex is gamechanging

how the healthcare industry monitors and

tracks’ patients’ ecosystems incl. Patients, doctors,

nurses, ambulances, home care, and elderly care.

Kipuwex's ability to ‘remote monitor especially

during Covid-19 and the cost-effective, yet most

innovative solutions we provide, position it on a

global front in the leading medical IoMT industry.

Kipuwex solution has an important role in

revolutionizing the Telehealth industry towards a

more Patient-centered-approach, tackling global

healthcare problems.

Kipuwex is the only objective pain measuring device in

today's market. No one has developed an objective pain

measurement device. Also, children are therefore

suffering from pain-related problems like life-Long

Trauma, Disorder in Development, and Chronic Pain.

Kipuwex is a small wireless IoT device that

continuously measures different physiological

parameters from the patient digitally, converting them

with an algorithm into pain data and provides efficiently

reliable measurements for healthcare professionals and

home users. Especially now during a global pandemic,

this kind of solutions the world needs. There’s no need

to be next to the patient at the hospital, which is

decreasing infections between nurses and patients.

Regarding the latest reports, over 30-million people have

been infected with covid-19, over 1 million people have

lost their lives.

I can proudly recommend also PainCARER mobile

application, as I have been using it as a surgery patient.

PainCARER mobile application is another innovative

healthcare solution from the Kipuwex company. PainCARER

mobile application for pain monitoring and self-assessment.

Developed in co-operation with Oulu University Hospital as a

part of the In-demand program. Pain care is an easy-to-use and

reliable way to record and evaluate chronic pain experiences

to manage your pain experience. PainCARER mobile

application is available in Google Play and Apple Stores.

When there’s less pain in individuals' lives, it leads to personal

happiness and the betterment of the future. Moreover, personal

happiness leads to a strong culture in different sectors by

providing peace and love.

Since the days of our first president, the Office

of the Physician to the President has served to

preserve the health and fitness of our Nation's

Chief Executive.

Today, this tradition continues in the

challenging environment of leadership in a

global community. To meet the challenge, the

White House Medical Unit (WHMU) provides

worldwide emergency action response and

comprehensive medical care to the President,

the Vice President, and their families.

The WHMU ensures the continuity of the Office

of the Presidency through seamless

integration with the U.S. Secret Service and

White House Military Office elements.

Unparalleled global medical intelligence,

detailed medical contingency plans, life-saving

interventions, and a critical advisory role in

implementation of the 25th Amendment

of the U.S. Constitution

ensure the safety of the

President, and the

Presidency, around the

clock and around the world.


Marketing Manager of Kipuwex

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E V E R Y T H I N G ( C O E ) T E C H N O L O G Y

O F T W E N T Y - F I R S T - C E N T U R Y

B E Y O N D C O V I D 1 9 E R A

Leadership in the age of 21st-century

technology, which is a cloud technology of things

different from Leadership in any other era, one

must understand and become familiar with this

technology knowing its benefits and uses and

avoiding bad use of it, in addition, to lead in the

era of Coronavirus and after it and lead in the

case of work from a different distance also.

Twenty-first-century technology is considered

one of the technologies that approach the

problems of individuals, society, countries, and

the world as a whole. By activating this

technology in the world, it can solve poverty,

diseases, epidemics, violence, management and

leadership. By activating it, the elderly and

people with special needs can be helped and

allowed women like men in all fields and build a

generation of children. At a high level of

education and health, and by activating them in

the year 2030, the seventeen sustainable

development goals can be achieved all over the


It is necessary to make sure this time that the

technological gap between countries as a whole

and between women and men between

generations of leaders in the world as a whole is

reduced, and that no one is left behind in this

technological revolution, as happened before

with the existence of technological gaps.

Cloud of Everything project focuses on

spreading awareness of the benefits of this

technology in all areas, such as education,

health, energy, and focusing on Aviation for my

work and taking Aviation from harsh

conditions. By activating this technology in

aviation a challenge. With its success, we ensure

the success of activating this technology because

the aviation environment is dynamic. It is highspeed,

very dynamic and includes all fields,

including education, health, energy, etc.

We hope that the world as a whole will be delivered

to future generations in a better way than it is now in

education, health and all fields as a whole. The

opportunity is still available for the current

generation to do that for future generations.

The Cloud of Everything project started in 2013.

Since its inception until now, updates on this are

constantly being published in international journals,

as well as in international books and social media, in

addition to discussing this in all international forums

on the continent of Africa, Asia, America, Europe,

and examples from China, Russia and America.

I have been exposed to many challenges and

material, moral and temporal losses that affect my

family. Still, we thank God Almighty for the

continuation of my efforts in this project until its

date. The evidence is my presence today in April

2021 at the United Nations Information Summit to

present some project points in addition to all

international forums and my nomination To head

many scientific organizations and peace

organizations, an ambassador of goodwill, awards

for the best researcher, awards for thought, awards

for achievement, excellence in education, peace

books, and so on.

We hope to support this COE project and activate

the scope of its uses to include all members of society

and all countries globally as a whole in 2030, that is,

after 9 years of its date, and to allocate a budget for

it. Change lies in changing its exchange aspects by

stopping wars in the world, allocating what is spent

on wars in this technology, and activating the laws

necessary to set restrictions For use in causes of

peace and progress, not reasons for war and


The world is facing a fierce virus, COVID 19, since

last year that caused disease and death of many

people worldwide, stopping the movement of air

traffic and transportation, paralyzing movement as a

whole and losses in the economy in the entire world.

With the length of time and the absence of a vaccine

to date and the attempt to balance between the

health of individuals and the economy, most

countries turned to the idea of coexistence with the

virus; that is, life continues. With the precautions for

infection from the disease and coexistence with it and

the life in the continuity of the presence of the virus

and its success, two essential factors must be

activated. The first basic factor is the new technology

for the principle of prevention, better than the

treatment represented in the cloud of things from the

Internet of things, cloud computing, big data,

Artificial intelligence and 5G, the fifth generation of


The second key factor is the emotional intelligence of

its importance in this difficult period for self-control

and the reduction of material and moral losses in

these difficult moments when humanity as a whole

pass both material and moral losses together. We

need it in every home, every company, every

community, every country, and the entire world as a

whole, with different exposure to material and moral


In the era of COVID 19, the best solution to get out

of the current crisis is to use both cloud-of-things

technology CLOUT to prevent disease by identifying

the sufferer to avoid and using emotional intelligence

EQ to get out of the crisis.

In education, 4 axes are science, engineering,

technology, and Math. A fifth axis, medicine, must

be added, so STEMM should replace stem by adding

the medicine to it.

Why EQ & CLOUT in The Technology of twenty-first-century Era

EQ Emotional intelligence is twice as

important as other skills in determining

outstanding leadership. By managing

your emotions and relating well to

others, you can achieve higher levels of

influence as well as personal well-being.

How to use those feelings more

productively to make stronger decisions,

overcome negative thoughts, control

yourself in volatile situations, or

understand others when they act in a

way that surprises or angers you.

Identifying and managing your own

emotions and react to tough situations

like COVID 19 with resilience, respond

to stress productively and to Persuade

and to influence others.

From a scientific standpoint, emotional

intelligence is the ability to accurately

perceive your own and others’ emotions,

understand the signals that emotions

send about relationships, and manage

your own and others’ emotions.

Great leaders move us-they inspire,

motivate, and energize us; you can be a

successful leader without much

emotional intelligence if you’re

fortunate. You’ve got everything else

going for you, BUT THIS IS NOT THE

Right TIME and The Right situation,


Behind every ordeal Crisis, a grant And

Activation of a Cloud of things clout and

emotional intelligent EQ in the entire

world could be the Grant of COVID 19


Some important feature of Leaders is Resilient,

Decisive, Agile, and Ambitious. – Communicators,

Creative problem-solvers, Passion for purpose, Ability

to think big. – Brave, Generous. But in COVID 19

ERA, Leaders should have the Mentality of Abundance,

not the Mentality of Scarcity.

The mentality of abundance entrepreneurs and the

mentality of scarcity individuals are prevalent concepts

that may change our lives for the better.

(Scarcity Thinking)

(The Abundance Thinking Mindset)

Abundance mindset:

It is to believe that everyone has enough opportunities

and good enough for everyone in this world.

You do not need to lose anyone or harm anyone until

you gain ... it is good enough for everyone.

Scarcity & Scarcity


It is to believe that good and opportunity are limited

(the bite is one to either eat you or someone else to

eat it); there must be one losing ... the whole life is a

struggle and a competition.

The question: Which mentality can make you live in

peace, tranquillity and peace?

(The mentality of abundance for sure) Goodness

exists for everyone.

Who thinks of a scarcity mindset:

They are afraid that others will succeed; they are

afraid to praise others.

He does not share information or knowledge because

he thinks that he is a loser if someone succeeds.

Afraid that people know how he succeeded and how

he developed, people are afraid to take his place ...

Who is thinking of the mentality of abundance:

You find it calm and calm. - The successes of others

do not threaten him. Rather, he praises them and

praises them; People share their experiences,

knowledge and information.

In short:

Some people think of the "abundance" mentality,

and you see everything around it many and many,

and others have been occupied by "scarcity". You

find them in constant anxiety and tension ...

- Leaders who do not change after the change will


- Leaders who change after a change will survive.

- Leaders who change with change will succeed.

- Leaders who change the change will lead.

Article by Assem Mousa

The ability to leverage clout digital tools and adopt

new leadership skills like EQ has become a must for

entrepreneurs in the entire world to survive the

ongoing crisis; The COVID 19 pandemic has

accelerated clout digital transformation EQ

adoption across almost all sectors in the entire

world. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to notice a sea

change until it washes over you in this COVID 19








“ It’s Normal; these things happen, forget it,” this advice still haunts me

and makes me panic more than the scary incident that happened to me.

How can you tell me to be normal? When my body and my mind both are

suffering till now? The scars are still visible, both physically and mentally?

Coming out and saying this is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm

known to be a strong person adorning many degrees, positions in human

rights, media…who never thought this could happen to me?. How could I

be the victim? I occasionally drink alcohol, yes. I love spending my free

time chilling at the local places with my friends and watching movies. I

wear dresses and have male friends. I'm like any other regular woman you

would meet. I could never be a victim. Wrong, totally wrong! I had a rough

time with my husband for years and was really heading towards a breakup,

and I was a mess. That was when "He" happened. Yes, “HE” as I

thought someone I knew, someone I trusted, but someone who is now

nameless to me because I genuinely can't comprehend his identity, but still

haunting me.

I had trust issues and thought I couldn't trust anyone, and I found him

always there. I began to trust him, to depend on him, and to feel so safe

with him. I used to lay my head on his chest with that cross pendant,

thought of it as assuring as Lord Jesus, and calm down in my worst

moments. He was my closest friend and confidante. As our friendship

grew, so did my closeness to him. Whether to call it romance or what, but

sooner or later, a physical relationship took off. I truly wasn't romantically

interested but also did not consider it a hook-up. I believed I had far too

deep an emotional connection with him for that. We had several fights and

several long talks. Things improved.



He was perfect. He was that guy who always seemed "too good." He was, and still

is, perceived as that proper man with the classic new Indian morals of being a

good man, and never dating girls, having one of the highest positions in

professional, social circles, interacting with the mighty! He was the poster man for

"decency." He never did an immoral thing in life…or so everyone thought.

After few months, one day, several weeks later, around mid-March, he invited me

to attend a high-profile party hosted by who is who of international repute, and

the incident after shattered his “the man with the perfect image and the apparent

undying respect for women." Writing it out makes it sound so dramatic. The thing

is, it was so real when it did happen and yet, so unreal. The party was attended by

powerful men and women from the international arena. I was feeling so happy

and proud among such an elite crowd and all the more happy, safe, and secure

with my man next to me” attitude.

As the party progressed and we were all sitting around the table with his male

friends and having food, I was so happy that we enjoyed it. He was so proud and

happy to introduce me to all, and I was the cynosure of all eyes as being so well

educated, having so many positions and certificates… It all started when, I really

don’t remember, he kept taking me out of the group and smoking vigorously. I

didn’t find anything abnormal, but when he started sitting at another table away

from us all, I realised something is not right.

I had finished having my food and asked him whether we can go back home as it

was getting late. He started behaving abnormally and was acting as though he is

not in his senses. I never saw him drinking much, even though he claims he did!!!

As his other friends were going back, I told them I feel he is not normal and

whether they can drop him back home. They all were not so keen, and one even

said that it's your responsibility to drop him home. Even though I kept asking all

to help me take him home, no one cared. Instead, another friend of his even

advised that he is a very good person and I better stay back and drop him home.

How nice of them. A woman or a fellow human being is asking for help and see

how even mighty, educated, and supposed to be highly responsible group reacts??

I was really getting nervous and somehow booked a cab and was

requesting him to go back home. He got up and took the flower vase and

threw it on the floor. As a well-known, famous five-star hotel and the

other people from the party were also watching, I felt humiliated. Some

people got so angry with his actions that they were videoing it. I kept

trying to take him to the cab, and everyone watched the drama, and no

one came forward to help. He became angry and was pushing me aside.

Somehow I managed to get him inside the cab.

The horror was to start, though!!! Inside the car, he started kissing me

so aggressively that he bit my lips, and I was bleeding. He started pulling

my hair and striking me. The cab driver got so scared hearing my cries,

he stopped the car and asked me to call the police and leave him there

and go. I could not do anything, and the cab driver was shouting at him

and trying to stop him. I was brutally beaten again and again, and seeing

that - the cab driver stopped the car. He was equally terrified as me as

this guy was hitting the car window and asking me to get inside.

By then, the passers-by started crowding the car. As he is one of the

well-known people in the National and International arena and

representing the position of the highest repute, I didn’t want anyone to

see us. People were videoing the incident on phones, and I was requesting

them, actually pleading not to! One young man from the crowd came

forward and spoke to him and the cab driver and somehow made him sit

inside the car and asked us to go back home soon. The cab driver was

hesitant, and he asked me to get inside the car and leave him there. I

didn't want to do that, fearing something may happen; I don’t know. I

was terrified!!!

Somehow we started heading towards his house. His friends kept on

calling to see whether we reached home. He got so angry and took the

phone from me and threw it out of the car!!! He got angry when I

stopped the car to take it. He pulled my hair and started striking me. I

was screaming in pain. At this point, I began to feel frightened and fight

back. I attempted to push him off and tried to speak. I remember

thinking he was strong and being genuinely scared. I told him to let go of

me because he was hurting me. I was horrified, and I remember just

sinking to the seat of the car and curling up, begging him to stop. He


Closed windows contained my screams! I still wake up in the mid of the night thinking of the

same! It was then that the cab guy stopped the car and tied his hands with his towel, and

made him sit next to him in the front seat. As we saw a police van standing in the distance, the

cab guy threatened him; he will call the police. This worked, and he became slightly calm. The

cab driver was driving so fast, and in minutes we reached his home and somehow made him

get out of the car, and we left.

While going back, the cab driver asked me whether he was my husband or am I going to my

mom’s place…He was asking me why I didn’t leave him there and go. He also stopped at the

medical shop and got me medicines as I was bleeding from my lips, tongue and totally bruised.

I didn’t answer anything as I was in total shock and in a state of complete exhaustion.

I locked myself up in the room after reaching home and couldn't even get myself to cry. His

friend was messaging me, and I just messaged him everything that happened, and if he had

helped me, this could have been avoided. He apologised and really expressed his concern.

That night I messaged his friends and informed them about the incident and wanted them

never to abandon a woman asking for help. I got mixed responses. Most of them were

supportive, and one guy even refused to acknowledge my call to this date as though it’s my

fault. Another was advising me that I could be in touch with the elite group due to him, and I

should forget it. My mind didn't want to accept it.

He called me as if nothing had happened in the morning, and when I asked about the incident,

he was acting like he doesn’t remember anything. But as his phone was broken last night due

to the scuffle we had, and when I asked about that, he could not hide further and still was

trying to act he was drunk and didn’t remember what happened, blah, blah… But I was not

willing to forget it. He then started apologising unapologetically, persuading me to forget it

and saying I have this habit of exaggerating… if we were married and living together, I would

have just forgotten the same. That was alarming!!! He was trying to tell me that it's normal

among couples, and I am just exaggerating!!! I blocked his number and just shut myself off

from the world. Weeks and weeks full of self-contemplation, blaming and doubting myself,

and feeling alone and trapped went by.

He made his other female friends call me and try to make things look normal, and I sent my

bruised face and blood-clotted lips pictures to them, and they were astonished!!! I asked them

will they be able to forget these? I was living a nightmare. He kept trying to reach out to me

not to apologise but to compromise, fearing backlash from me that I may approach law

enforcement agencies.

After many months, repeated counseling sessions, and wonderful friends' support, I slowly

realised that what had happened was not my fault. I am still in denial that my best friend, my

safe place, was actually where I'd been harmed. My trust was doomed forever again.

He compelled me to meet him along with

his friend and was cutting the cake,

celebrating my birthday (not genuinely

keen to celebrate my birthday), but keen

to make sure I am not going to the law

enforcement agencies or complain to his

boss, so his job will be safe… and was

pressing on the need for me to forget it

and trying to portray everything was

fine!!! His friend trying to assure that

“he is a very nice person” was just not

okay with me! Later I found all this

drama was because someone at the party

had video recorded the same and had

emailed his boss, and he wants this “all is

fine” moment with me to showcase to his

boss as fear of losing his job!!! There is

no sign of apology and instead sublimely

threatening me with dire consequences if

I pressed any charges against him!!! It

was all coverup, and I am sure he will

repeat the same with many women and

get away with it!!!

Writing from my heart; because this was

one of the most unexpected and

traumatising things to happen to me. I

was scared because I know it can be

twisted to where I am the one to blame.

But I think I have a moral right to tell all

women out there that this Domino effect

may cause many women to get affected in

the same manner. Violence against

women is treated unapologetically, and

women have been compelled to keep

quiet, citing pressure from society and


It’s become common among couples that

fearing lifelong trials from a maledominated

society and character

assassination; women cover up the

bruises inside long dresses! Don’t worry,

Let’s speak out to reach out.

Strengthening our Nation’s Commitment to Preventing

and Responding to Gender-Based Violence

APRIL 02, 2021

By Rosie Hidalgo and Libby Washburn

Women’s History Month has provided an opportunity for

us to shine a light on so many courageous women who

have made valuable contributions while overcoming

significant barriers and challenges. This is certainly the

case for many survivors of domestic violence and sexual

assault, whose voices, resilience, leadership, and

dedication have paved the way for legal reforms and the

creation of services to prevent and respond to genderbased

violence. It is that leadership and activism, and

the willingness of survivors to tell their stories, that led

President Biden to write and champion the passage of

the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) as a senator in

1994. Since then, he has led efforts to ensure that

Congress passed legislation renewing and strengthening

VAWA three times with bipartisan support: in 2000,

2005, and in his capacity as Vice President in 2013. Each

reauthorization of VAWA has improved the legislation

by expanding access to safety, services, and support for

all victims and survivors. As we mark Sexual Assault

Awareness Month each April, we have an opportunity to

focus on important ways to enhance prevention efforts

and improve the response to sexual assault, including

for survivors from historically marginalized

communities who face additional barriers to safety and


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While it has long been said that First Ladies

Lincoln and Reagan held seances or holistic

events in the White House - this is nothing of

the sort. Her name is Patricia Freudenberg,

also known as Patty. Since day one, she has

been an entrepreneur and visionary at heart.

Her company, Miss-U-Gram ® , LLC

provides a digital solution to pay tribute to

cope with loss and share memories on a social

media app. You may also see Patty on the

PRESENTS television network as a co-host

of the Goodbye I Love You series.

As a beautician for 30 years, I continuously listen to clients share and express Loving memories

of their deceased loved ones. While engaging in these conversations, I realize that it gives people

a sense of inner peace. I became increasingly aware of the need for such a space that allows

people to share these stories at any point in time, hence a native live app, exclusively to

memorialize, either publicly or privately, therefore, inspiring me to create and continue to expand

the development of this comfortable & respectful social platform, Miss-U-Gram, so people can

pay tribute to cope with loss & share memories to last forever. A place where users can create

endless communities and take a keen interest in well-being.

Miss-U-Gram’s app development became a brand-new way to transform the pain of loss into

power by writing and connecting, resulting in emotional freedom & inner peace. Giving people

the ability to use this resource makes it possible to pay it forward with a purpose, one word at a

time, because “everyone wants to be remembered.”

Now Miss-U-Gram ® is my call of duty, and I am responding accordingly.

Miss-U-Gram ® is a prosper for purpose company giving partial proceeds to the humanitarian

efforts of the American Red Cross. I am also a Red Cross volunteer and proud to assist with

human services in a worldwide organization where “everyone means everyone”.




Mission statement: Patricia Freudenberg believes you can transform the pain of loss into power,

one word at a time, by writing, reading or even exchanging comments when you share the tender

memories of those you miss who have passed away.

Objective: Miss-U-Gram® app gives you a respectable & comfortable place to pay tribute by

emotional writing, where you can cope with loss and share memories to last forever, as well as to

create endless communities on a social media platform.

Vision: The spirit of love lives within all of our hearts; it’s the fire we share. So tap into the power

of love and share the tenderness of life by posting tributes where memories can live on forever.

Could you pay it forward with a purpose: because?

“ Everyone wants to be remembered ”.

Key Results: Miss-U-Gram® is a prosper for purpose company providing disruptive digital and

spiritual transformation, a revolution in public affairs on a global scale, making the world a better

place. Visit our home page for details & download1⬇

My call for duty & with all of my heart…

”I pledge allegiance to Miss-U-Gram ®

of the United States of emotions,

and to the deceased for which it stands,

one App, on a World-Wide-Web,

with tributes & memories for all”






Global Goodwill Ambassador for Art & Culture

Founder & CEO at Hoinser Magazine - International Speaker-Musician-

Adviser-Writer & Philosopher

Global Goodwill Ambassador – Humanitarianism, Politics, Arts &

Entertainment GLOBAL REGIONS: Europe, Asia, USA, UAE

BUSINESS SECTOR: Humanitarianism, Politics, Arts & Entertainment

EXPERTISE: International Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Music, and


Ms Gokovi is the Founder & CEO of Hoinser Magazine. She is also the Global

Goodwill Ambassador at the Canadian non-profit, FAAVM. She is also the

Ambassador for Human Rights & Peace. Ms Denisa is Ambassador of Peace to

Cad bridge Corporation, USA. Ms Gokovi is an honoured member of the

“International Royal Academy” of the United Nations, also the Ambassador of

Culture and Art for the “International World Peace Committee “. She is also the

Ambassador for Arts and Humanities in the “Royal Society Group” and an

Ambassador for “Global Union”. She is an accomplished musician and composer;

Gokovi has studied piano since the age of six. She often performs live concerts

and donates time performing for benefits supporting underprivileged

communities and children. She also aids young artists in their professional

development and training. Ms Denisa was recently nominated in 2019 for the

Global Humanitarian Award by the World Peace & Diplomacy Organization;

also, She is award winner “Creator of Greatness “ 2020, United Kingdom. She

has been appointed to her role as Chairperson & Speaker for Albania in the

Women's Economic Forum, India and the Global Ambassadors' Human Rights

organisation. Ms Denisa is a member of the ECO LEAGUE Forums team & Cher

Eco-City – Singapore.

Ms Denise Gokovi is also a Goodwill Ambassador to the eminent organization

where she promotes human values and commitments "Noble World Records”

India. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador & Speaker of the non-profit USA

organization (GGA) on a global audience well known on the professional social

network LinkedIn. Ms Denisa is Dame Grand Officer of the Holy Order of

Protection & Education for women children and families (H.O.P.E). She is also

General Coordinator for “Wisdom International Festival” in Albania. H.E Denisa

Gokovi is appointed as National Brand Ambassador of Albania from

“International Non-Olympic University” & Adviser of INOU Peace – Mission.

Dr. Sahdev Singh did his MA in History and LLB from

Delhi University. Then he went to Malta & London to do

his LLM in international maritime laws from IMO - IMLI.

He has also done postgraduate diplomas in constitutional

law, parliamentary procedures & institutions, and

international law and diplomacy. In brief, Mr. Singh has

got various degrees of MA, LLB (DU), LLM (Malta-

London), postgraduate diploma in constitutional law,

postgraduate diploma in parliamentary institutions &

procedures, postgraduate diploma in international law &

diplomacy, and parliamentary fellowship.

In the Ministry of Shipping, Dr. Sahdev Singh dealt

with maritime shipping and navigation, lighthouses,

national/inland waterways, ports, etc.

However, in the Department of Higher Education, in

the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Dr.

Sahdev Singh dealt with matters relating to

universities. He was also dealing with the matters of

NAAC and Indian Research councils, i.e., ICSSR,


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can

use to change the world" - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Being

so much educated and intelligent, he has attended many

short courses, meetings, workshops, and conferences at

various renowned institutions and educational centres. In

addition, he visited about 10 countries. In the recent past,

he was working as Under Secretary, Ministry of Human

Resource Development, in the government of India.





Philanthropists Taiwo and Mandy Olowu


Apart from being two love birds, Taiwo and Mandy Olowu are passionate philanthropists and have been

involved in humanitarian work for upward of 30 years. After retiring from the corporate world of

banking, the couple decided to pursue more vigorously their shared passion in doing good, helping the

poor, the underprivileged, the disabled, and advocating for better living conditions for people around the

globe, especially vulnerable children and women.

They consequently co-founded and registered a non-profit and non-governmental charity designated as


Doing so brings to the fore and the public glare all they have been doing informally for several decades.

It is their fervent conviction that by going public, they will motivate and encourage many people to

either venture into philanthropy or team up with them or others to volunteer, collaborate, support, or

donate to humanitarian causes. It is undoubtedly true that the need and demand for humanitarian help

are enormous and growing every day, especially with recurring vicissitudes in the world economy.

The frequencies and occurrences of natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes

in the last few decades juxtaposed by diseases such as epidemic and pandemic (Ebola, SARS and now

Covid-19) have adversely affected the living conditions of people. Furthermore, man-induced incidences

such as civil strives, wars and corruption have also further aggravated refugees situations in places like

Syria, Yemen, Congo DCR, Somalia, South Sudan, Afghanistan and several other trouble spots in the

world. Many Syrian refugees, especially children we saw the last time we were on vacation in Istanbul,

Turkey, was really heartbreaking. Nothing prepares one for the grave and complex humanitarian crises

that forced families into destitution, homelessness, helplessness and hopelessness. Hope Ambassadors is

here to live to its mantra of 'reviving the hope in hope'.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 'Hope Ambassadors' is extending its frontiers and establishing

membership across borders, starting with Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, all in Asia, and other parts of

Africa and the UAE and other Gulf countries. Respected and highly qualified Continental Chairpersons

have been appointed with the mandate to fly the flag of Hope Ambassadors and expand its tentacles

within their territories. Hitherto, Hope Ambassadors has formulated formidable alliances and

partnerships across international boundaries with reputable International Foundations. The major one is

with the Global Goodwill Ambassadors, an organization with over 15,000 members spread over 200

countries. They have and still are extending massive moral and institutional support to Hope

Ambassadors, and the relationship has been of immense mutual benefits.

Hope Ambassadors, albeit a self-financed body that has not received any financial grant or strong

institutional support, has emerged as a frontline philanthropic organisation and is making remarkable

impacts in Nigeria and around the globe. Hope Ambassadors have, over the years, gradually shifted its

paradigm from 'giving people fish' to 'teaching people how to fish.' The emphasis is now gravitating

towards a combination of hunger and poverty alleviation plus empowerment schemes. This is because

it is inconceivable for you to feed the destitute perpetually but more strategically if you feed them in

the short term and empower them through skill acquisition, education, and entrepreneurship

development. That way, they will be able to fend and cater for their families in the long run. So while

we still undertake some of our programmes such as "Hunger Burst," where we intervene directly by

distributing cooked food and food materials, medication, and essential materials as palliatives, we are

more focused on doing what accords recipients more human dignity and respect.

Consequently, we provide skill acquisition, entrepreneurial training, bursary, and scholarships for

indigent learners and students. Our empowerment programme targets widows, homeless, unemployed

people, retired but not tired, pensioners. We discovered that many people lost their jobs or are forced

into early retirements while still strong and healthy and capable of contributing to the economy.

We have established Hope Ambassadors Academy under the leadership of Dr. Shauli Mukherjee, an

erudite educationist and Thought Leader. The Academy is charged with the responsibility of grooming

Interns and Volunteers for future roles in philanthropy.

We believe we can do more with the right support, as all we have accomplished so far has been

internally generated. Hope Ambassador's major constraint is finding and getting funds from the

appropriate organisations to expand our scope and impact. We have the right structure and people and

need the requisite resources and collaborations to support and extend all that we do.

We need individuals and corporate organisation to come to our aid as part of their CSR to contribute to

our 'Covid Prevention Support Scheme' to fund Handwash Stations and Facemasks in schools.

Mandy and I are gratefully strong members and directors of Global Goodwill Ambassadors and

contributing our humble quotas to making the organization stronger and relevant within our

jurisdiction and beyond.



by Sima Mala

My body is my body


songs –changing


lives around the world.




Upma Kite, Mrs Universal Australia 2019,

and the director of Ravishing Fashionistas

introduced the unique concept of all sizes and

ages in 2019. Upma herself is a published

model and knows the struggle in the industry.

She wanted a space for women where they

can showcase their talent. Continuing the

mission to embrace yourself by breaking

stereotypes and advocating positive body

image, RF is organizing a dynamic gathering

of designers, creators, and patrons of the

fashion industry at our next show on 03 July

2021 at Royal International Convention

Centre. The team is determined to deliver an

exceptional Fashion Show experience.

The Fashionistas Team consists of experts

from the fashion industry and other

professional backgrounds who volunteer their

time to produce the show for professional and

emerging models and designers. The team

has delivered two Sold Out shows in Sofitel,

2019, and Stanford Plaza, 2020. With every

event produced, RF pledges that a portion of

the funds raised will go to a charity. This

year Ravishing Fashionistas Fashion Show

2021 will donate a portion of profits to the

National Breast Cancer Foundation and

Dignifying Women.

We love to challenge ourselves and aspire to deliver our guests an

unforgettable experience. Local politicians, celebrities, and influencers

gather under one roof to witness the best of Brisbane's models, fashion

designers, jewellery creatives, stylists, hair and makeup artists,

photographers, social media influencers, and guests.

The Fashionistas Team has kicked off preparations for this year’s show

by conducting a casting call on Sunday, 14 March 2021, at Hamilton

Hall. 100 professional and emerging models attended to try their luck

to be short-listed for this year’s show.

The Judges Panel consisted of Upma Kite (Concept Creator & Director

of Ravishing Fashionistas); Francesca Webster (Founder, Director &

CEO of Brazilian Beauty and ASI Training Centre); Lizzie Wagner

(Founder of Lizzie Wagner Group Executive Coach, Business

Consultant, Keynote Speaker & Styling and PR professional); Thuy

Nguyen (Director & CEO of Fashion360); Vera Haddock (Founder of

VERAS & Social Media Influencer) and Unga Folau-Tupou (Fashion

Show Model Coordinator & Choreographer of Ravishing Fashionistas).

As the day began, models from various age groups, nationalities and

dress sizes lined up for their turn to shine in front of the judges. The

models were requested to walk solo and then in a group. This was an

opportunity to mark their entry into the fashion industry. Each model

was judged on their confidence, personality, walk and posture. Out of

100 models, 30 models will move to the next stage of rehearsals and

preparation for the major event.

In a world where misogyny and sexism still

exist, where women are put to shame for

various reasons, body types are prevalent

characteristics used to criticise a woman.

“Too thin”, “too fat”, “too pale”, “too tan”,

“too mature”, “too casual”, “too wrinkly” are

the words that we hear quite often.

Ravishing Fashionistas Team is encouraging

everyone to fight this prejudice and advocate

positive body image for all women. Their

message to the community is to confidently

embrace their beauty and body irrespective of

their age, body type, background, skin colour

or culture. Every woman has a story and a

unique personality.

The selected models will be mentored by fashion industry experts, developing skills in choreography, wellbeing,

communication while being coached to collaborate in a team environment. The final event is scheduled on

Saturday, 3 July 2021, at Royal International Convention Centre starting at 6 pm; It is expected to surprise and

delight the audience with the theme of gold and glitter. So, Brisbanites and Fashionistas - follow the RF social

media channels to keep up to date as the excitement builds. Purchase your tickets early, and don’t miss out on

joining the revolution! Follow Ravishing Fashionistas on Facebook and Instagram. Your support can change

someone’s life!

For Sponsorships inquiries, please contact: Manish Juneja at

For PR related inquiries, contact: Tanu Jayaswal at

For general inquiries, please contact:

Mary Carbajal

by Hazel Herrington

Contributor - Mindy Reynolds

HH. What was the inspiration behind


MC: My mother! I took care of her for the

last 10 years of her life before losing her battle

with Diabetes. During that time, it was a

struggle to keep up with her medical records,

numerous prescriptions, surgeries,

amputations, dialysis, physical therapy, and

more. I had to keep a spreadsheet of all the

information as it became difficult to maintain

otherwise. As a mother juggling a full-time

career, it was stressful as any communication

error with her medical professionals could

have been fatal for her. I knew there had to be

a better way, and years later, I designed the

B1OS HealthPass.

HH. As a female leader, what has been the

most significant barrier in your career?

MC: Myself! First, while we have come a long

way since I started my career, IT is still a field

largely dominated by our brethren. Often, it

was difficult to get a seat at the table, and

when I pulled up my own chair, it was equally

difficult to have a voice in the conversation. I

wish I would have learned early on to allow

what I call 'graceful boldness' to prevail rather

than thinking I needed to suit up with a cloak

of armour. Once I figured that out through

great mentors and female leaders sharing many

of the same struggles,

HH. What personal sacrifices have you made in your


MC: It was always my dream since I was a child to travel

and work worldwide. I became a single mom when my

children were 6 and 3, and my mother was living with

me at the time. My career took off, and I started to travel

internationally when my mother suffered a massive heart

attack. I put my international work on hold to take care

of my family and focused on the health and well-being of

my children and my mother. As God would have it, 10

years later, I got the opportunity to start traveling again,

and in the last 10 years, I've traveled to roughly 50

countries around the world and lived in 7. What's meant

for you will be yours if you keep the dream alive and

work towards your goals.

HH. What is your why?

MC: My personal why, Christ. He died so that I may

have life and have it more abundantly. God made me

with a specific purpose in mind; I aim to live that

purpose and give to the world everything I'm supposed to

give before it's my time to go. I want to help save lives,

alleviate poverty, and restore hope, all while earning the

trust of those I serve.

HH. Could you name a woman who’s

inspired you the most?

MC: That's such a difficult task, to only name

one. Some so many incredible women are the

reason I am where I am today. If I only have

one, it would have to be my mother. She was a

nurse before she adopted me. The story goes,

when I was 5 years old, I asked her to stop

working so I wouldn't have to stay with my

grandparents every day; apparently, I didn't. I

wouldn't say I liked though I do not remember

those days. While my mother was a tough

disciplinarian, there was nothing she wouldn't

do to help others. She was a resilient woman

of grace, empathy, compassion, strength,

charity, and faith. Her rock was the Blessed

Mother Mary. I never saw her go to sleep

before saying her rosary on her knees every

night. She fought through many years of pain

suffering from diabetes, and I hardly ever

heard her complain about the pain. I never saw

her take a sick day during her career. And she

gave up nursing to take a job as a cook at the

school my brother, and I attended to be at

home with us when we were not in school.

More than anything, her servant heart, and

strong faith have inspired me to this day.

HH. How do we move forward when everyone is

telling us our idea won't work?

MC: Not everyone will see your vision. We have to

know that our idea is what we are supposed to be

chasing. How do we know that? It's hard to think of

anything else. The hours don't matter; the chatter

won't matter! If that fire is burning deep inside you

and your passion for solving a particular problem fuels

you when you do not know how to take another step,

keep moving forward. The experience will stretch you,

strengthen you and surprise you when you come out

the other end of it. Have the resolve to know it's the

journey that matters most, and regardless of the

outcome, you will have gained invaluable knowledge,

wisdom, and a network along the way that will help

propel you to the next level. If you fail, be grateful

because I promise you another idea will have been

born through the process, so get busy with it and have

no regrets. If any of the greats had given up after their

idea didn't come to fruition, we wouldn't have half the

innovations we now take for granted, from organ

transplants to self-driving cars. Trust the process,

follow your passion, and live your truth. It's not what

others say to you; it's what you say to you that matter


HH. Where do you see yourself in the future?

MC: Near future, leading the first company to solve

the challenge of having one comprehensive view for

all our health information. It's time; join us on the

journey! Long term future, building regenerative cities

in underserved parts of the world to help people live

their highest potential through our ISeeU non-profit


A former White House

Chef Marti Mongiello:

Keynote speaker for

on stage and online



The go-to experts for:

Magazine publishing

Book publishing


Event management - online

& on stage with social media workup/frenzy

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