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Triangle Magazine - July 2021. The church magazine for the parishes of Clymping and Yapton with Ford

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July 2021

The church magazine for the parishes of

Clymping & Yapton with Ford

Triangle - July 2021


Services for July 2021

Every Sunday

Yapton 9.45 am Holy Communion

Clymping 11.00 am Holy Communion


Every Thursday

10.00 am Holy Communion

The, now familiar, social distancing ‘rules’ will continue to apply and you

will still need to book a place.

Please contact Richard on 01243 552962 or email him at

Changes to this service pattern are not anticipated until September.

Please check the website regularly and watch out for emails with updates.


Memorial Service for

Maureen Bravington

any people were disappointed that, due to the Covid-19 lockdown

restrictions, they were unable to attend Maureen’s funeral to say a last

goodbye. There will, therefore, be a memorial service, as a celebration of her

life, and her service to the Church. This will be on Thursday 15th July at 11am

in Clymping Church.

You are very welcome to attend the service and to share the refreshments

afterwards in the Church Hall. If you wish to come to the buffet, would you

please let me know so that I can give the caterers an approximation of


Bob Bravington

( 01903 719368

Triangle - July 2021 Page 2

From the Editor

Dear Triangle Readers


elcome to the July edition of our magazine.

This month should see the further easing of restrictions

delayed from mid-June, and so from mid-July it should no

longer be necessary to ‘book-a -pew’. However, we will still

need to be mindful of the social distancing and other ‘rules’

that have become so familiar over the last 18 months.

July also sees the end of the current school year when many of our

young people will be moving to new schools, colleges and universities, or

into the world of work. Please remember to pray for them as they take these

important new steps.

In August, when Richard takes his annual break, there will be one

Benefice service each week alternating between Yapton and Clymping.

In addition, the Sunday service pattern will be changing in September, so

make sure that you pick-up a copy of the August and September editions

when more details will be included.

Until next month…..


Editor: Nigel Smeeth, 3 Dial Close, Barnham, Bognor Regis, PO22 0JU

( 01243 552821 (not after 8.00 p.m. please)


The deadline for next month’s magazine is


Items received after this date will normally be carried over to the next month

Revd Richard Hayes (Rector)

Day off is Friday

Our Rector

The Rectory, St Mary’s Meadow, Yapton,

Arundel, BN18 0EE.

( 01243 552962

Full details of our ministry team, along with other contacts can be found at the back of the magazine.



Glorious wisteria at Exbury Gardens (Editor’s collection)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 3

Keep in Touch with


Please check the Benefice website regularly for

the most up-to-date news:

Facebook – cyfchurches

If you’re not on Richard’s email newsletter list,

then drop him an email and he’ll

add you - just another way for us

to of keep in touch with you:

Richard - 01243 552962

Clymping, Yapton & Ford

Benefice Fellowship Groups

Join us in one of the fellowship groups around

the Benefice; supporting, learning, enjoying,

praying together. Each group has its own way

of doing things and we’re sure you’ll find one

that suits you. There are groups that meet

morning, afternoon and evening. Some meet

weekly, most meet fortnightly.

If you’d like to know more contact the Rector

01243 552962

Church Office

Special Notice


athy will normally be in

the office on Monday,

Tuesday, Thursday and

Friday mornings, although

exact times will vary.

Please note that should

you wish to visit, it MUST

be by prior appointment


Please email

or call

01243 553653

(leave a message if


These arrangements are

subject to review in light of

coronavirus advice.

Thank you.


lease pray for the two primary schools in

our benefice. Keep in your prayers the

children, the head teachers, class teachers and

all other staff.

Remember, particularly, the many children

from disadvantaged backgrounds; pray that

they may find peace and security in a loving

and caring Christian environment.

Keep the students in your prayers as they move through the secondary

education system and onto colleges, universities and apprenticeships.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 4

From the Rector


veryday, sometime

between 5.30 and 6.15

in the afternoon, Tracey rings

me to tell me she’s on her way

home and I walk the 200 meters to

meet her. Over the last year it’s

become a bit of a ritual. It’s a small

thing, but often it’s the small things

that give rhythm to our lives.

We need these sorts of things to give

us rhythm to our lives, and when

things get interrupted we loose our

equilibrium. We know that because of

the past 18 months.

What rituals, patterns, rhythms

have you missed? For those of us who

go to church perhaps we’ve missed

the old patterns of services more than

many things. But as we wait to hear

what Boris has to say on July 19 th I

want to encourage us to think about

the NEW rhythms that may have

entered our lives, or the possibility of

discovering new ones in the coming

months that might replace the old


Some of these may be by

necessity. Things change and

circumstances sometimes force these

changes, but circumstances can also

introduce new opportunities, and a

change of perspective brings fresh

views and understanding. I’ve written

and spoken before about my deep

yearning that I don’t fall back

automatically into the ‘old’ ways of

doing things. It’s sometimes

easier to do that, but it could

be such a missed

opportunity. What’s true

about us as individuals is

surely also true about us as


Which takes me back to my little

walk to meet Tracey. Just a little walk.

It’s the little things that are easier

to readjust, to refresh or to change.

Yes, if you ask me to dream I could

give you some grand designs for my

future and for the future of the

Benefice, but it’s more likely that

change will be most effective when I,

when we, find new, small rhythms for

our lives and for our church



When we feel shaken


aithful Father,

When we feel shaken by the

events of the past; when we don’t

know quite how to go forward; when

our confidence in what we thought

we could control is undermined;

remind us that one thing is needed –

to sit at your feet and listen to You.

You are our security. You will

never fail those who belong to You

through faith in Your Son, Jesus.

As we take time to listen to You,

Lord, and to meditate on Your Holy

Spirit-inspired Word, may we know

Your peace – and Your good plans

for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 5

Collective worship; the heartbeat of

Church of England Schools


he Church of England’s Chief

Education Officer, the Revd

Canon Nigel Genders, has been

commenting on the recently updated

guidance for the Church of England’s

collective worship in schools.

“One of the most rewarding parts

of my role is the opportunity to visit

schools across the country and join in

inspirational and uplifting collective

worship, led by children and young


“This Spring the Church

of England published

updated guidance for

collective worship in

schools. This is mainly a

resource for Church of

England schools, but one

which can be helpful to all


“State schools in

England are required to

provide a daily act of

collective worship which is ‘wholly or

mainly of a broadly Christian

character’. Although there is scope for

schools to apply for an exemption to

that depending on their particular

circumstances, very few overall seem

to do so.

“That’s perhaps not surprising as

schools tell us that, whatever the legal

obligations, daily collective worship

has proved a powerful tool in

bringing pupils together. For Church

of England schools that means

Christian worship and that will

remain the case.

“The guidance builds on the

Church of England’s Vision for

Education, which is to be ‘deeply

Christian’ while ‘serving the common

good.’ In collective worship terms,

this means opening the rich traditions

and modern expressions of Christian

worship to people of all

faith backgrounds in a way

which does not presume a

particular starting point, so

is invitational and inclusive

as well as inspiring.

“Children can expect

the worship they encounter

in a Church school to be

formational; to enable

pupils and adults to

consider big questions

about who we are and why

we do what we do. It should call us to

action, to thinking and behaving

differently. We suggested that schools

take care that pupils and adults do

not feel ‘compelled to sing strongly

confessional lyrics’. But it became

clear that the word ‘confessional’ had

been misunderstood - one rather over

-the-top newspaper column even

tried to claim that this meant we were

(Continued on page 7)



worship has

proved a

powerful tool

in bringing



Triangle - July 2021 Page 6

(Collective worship in CofE schools -

continued from page 6)

‘purging’ hymns of Christian content.

Far from it.

“Christians often speak about

‘confessing’ their personal faith in

God. The use of ‘confessional’ here

was simply meant to recognise that

whilst most will enjoy singing their

heart out, schools should not insist

that everyone must join in and should

take care with what is appropriate,

depending on their context.

“So, for example, insisting all

pupils sing ‘All to Jesus, I surrender’

in a school where the majority of

pupils are devout followers of another

faith, as is the case in some of our

Church school, might seem

unnecessarily exclusive when there

are lots of other inspirational

Christian content to choose from. We

have changed the wording of the

guidance to make this clear.

“Parents value this approach, as it

encourages thinking differently, and

reflecting the behaviour and actions of

individuals and communities.

Inspirational collective worship

should lead pupils to become

courageous advocates of causes and

encourage them to think searchingly

about their faith, beliefs and/or

philosophical convictions.

“We want pupils to leave school

with an understanding of Christianity

having encountered Jesus Christ

through worship in a way that

enhances their lives, whatever their

faith standpoint.

“Around one million children

attend Church of England schools

which shows that parents and pupils

clearly welcome what is on offer.

Collective worship is at the heart of

this, and we are committed to

providing this in a way which is

accessible to all.”

The value of making

our church ‘common



s we seek to reconnect with our

community this summer, how

many local people would find it easy

to even venture into our church?

Dr Anne Richards, National

Adviser, Mission and Publish Affairs,

Church of England, recently had this

to say:

“I think that churches, especially

rural churches, can be sites of

common ground for their

communities, both physically and

spiritually. A lot of people who

contact me think that churches are

private spaces and that they might

not really be ‘allowed’ to walk in the

churchyard or to visit the church on a

casual basis. They are often surprised

by the openness and welcome of

churches.… Mission flourishes where

our ‘commons’ are developed and

offered. Have we developed holy

habits of neighbourliness and care?

Triangle - July 2021 Page 7

CITB Unvented Hot Water Systems

Registered Part 1 Energy Efficiency



Central Heating Installation & Maintenance

All Domestic Gas Work

17 South View Road


Bognor Regis

PO22 7JA

Tel: 01243 830340

Mob: 07885 424470

jewellery - crafts - fashion

( 01903 889998


handmade jewellery

in precious metals

made on the


19 Tarrant Street


Triangle - July 2021 Page 8

God is in the here and now


Exodus & Numbers

two of the twelve spies returned with

a confident report that God would

help them conquer the land.


At this point the Israelites rebelled

n Deuteronomy chapter 1 v1 we

by refusing to enter the land and

are told that It takes eleven days to

turned away from God and even

go from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea by

longed for the ‘good old days’ of

the Mount Seir road. So from Egypt to

poverty and slavery in Egypt. What a

the Promised Land, it’s an 11-day

tragedy! They still had so much of

journey. But it took the Hebrews

Egypt in their thinking and behaviour

escaping from slavery in Egypt 40

that they thought going back to

years. Why would a journey of a few

slavery would be better than pressing

days or months have taken years?

on through adversity into freedom

Well, first they didn’t take the

and a new life.

direct route. That would have taken

And it’s just like that for us today.

them too close to the Egyptians and

We become Christians, but there’s so

they certainly weren’t ready for any

much of our old lives in our thinking

kind of fight. So God took them on an

and our behaviour that we often yearn

indirect route and the Israelites didn’t

for those days when we did what we

like it. Some two years later, God

liked without reference to God. He

brought them to Kadesh-Barnea, at

has a unique plan for each of us that

the edge of the promised land. The

He doesn’t want us to miss. He wants

land ‘flowing with milk and honey’.

us to enjoy the richness of our

The land God was giving to them

relationship with Him. But it depends

forever that would provide all they

on our willingness to do things His

needed for life.

way. So often, we end up in our own

The trouble was, that after being

wilderness, wondering how on earth

slaves for so long, the Israelites no

we got there. And unless we return to

longer had confidence in either

God and confess our rebellion and our

themselves or in God. Despite the

sin, we may be there a long time.

plagues, despite their escape with

If you find yourself in the

gold and silver, the parting of the Red

wilderness today, ask yourself if it’s

Sea, and being led by the pillar of fire

worth it. Is the dry and dusty place

by night and the cloud by day, they

you’re in better than living in the will

couldn’t realise their position or

of God? I can’t promise you it’s easier

appreciate what God had done for

being in God’s will – you may have to

them. Rather than obey God and go

make some sacrifices - but I can

straight into the promised land, they

promise you it’s far more rewarding.

sent spies Triangle on ahead - July first. 2021 And only

Page 9

All aspects of general maintenance

undertaken. No job too small.

Here are some of the many services we

can provide:

Grass & hedge


Pruning, Weeding,

Fencing & repairs,

Small tree cutting,


Patio Cleaning,


General garden


Matt Lubbe, Mobile: 07843 476446


Our local Primary Schools

‘Good Schools’

Yapton Church of England

Primary School

Further details from the Head Teacher,

Mrs Kim Huggett, 01243 551246

St Mary’s Clymping

Church of England

Primary School

Further details from the Head Teacher

Mr Aaron Morrissey, 01903 714325

Triangle - July 2021 Page 10

Yapton Cottage Gardeners’ Society


he Cottage Gardeners’

will be a simple lunch at

committee took the

Hobbs Farm Allotment

decision in early June not to

site provided by the

proceed with the Annual

plot-holders for

Flower Show on August 7th.

themselves to celebrate

Despite whatever

the first ten years of its

proclamations were pending


from central government, the

Thus there are a few

argument was that until everyone has stirrings of life in the area.

been vaccinated against the

coronavirus COVID-19, then the

problem remains of having to wear

Our advertisers

face-masks and observe social

distancing within the confines of the Where to find...

Village Hall and the marquee for the Carpet cleaning 14

duration of the event.

Clockmaker/repairer 14

At least one of the committee Coffee shop 16

members was most disappointed at the

Computer repairs etc 30

loss of another show.

That only leaves the Autumn Electrical services 30

Flower Show on September 25th to Fitness & Pilates classes 12

anticipate before next season. Let us Foot healthcare 30

hope that this competitive event will

Funeral Services 20

go ahead, if only for the Cottage

Gardeners’ members to meet in open

Garden services 10, 14, 26


Gas Engineer 8

Rustington Horticultural

Hair Salon 12

Association cancelled its Rose and Jewellery, craft, fashion 8

Sweet Pea Show for June, but Felpham

Oven cleaning 8

and Middleton Horticultural Society

Pest control 26

held a ‘members-only’ Open Gardens

day in late May, only for the rain to Plumbing services 28

wash out the afternoon session. Property Maintenance 18, 28

Still ‘on’ at the time of writing is

Skip Hire 32

the flower and produce show in

Walberton on July 3rd, with its “fun” T’ai Chi classes 20

dog competition, and following closely Vehicle repairs 10

Will writing services 14

Triangle - July 2021 Page 11



YMCA RSA Qualified Fitness Instructor

YMCA Step Qualified

Institute of Pilates Qualified & Tai Chi Qualified


Classes every Tuesday, 10.00 am, Yapton & Ford Village Hall

All Welcome

Now also available:-

Personal one-to-one sessions

Perfect for beginners or those with particular needs

for further details please call

01243 554355 or 07814 814394


Silhouette Hair Salon

Main Road, Yapton, BN18 0EY

Gift Vouchers




01243 551194

Free Parking

‘Save for Style’

For every £9 you save

we will make it £10!

We are a busy and friendly village salon, priding ourselves on customer

care being our main consideration. We welcome all ages delivering high

standards of traditional and modern styling.

Our experienced stylists offer cutting & styling, colouring & hi-lighting, perming, roller

setting, bridal & prom hair, all at very competitive rates using Goldwell products.

25% off your first appointment, just quote ‘advert1992’ when booking

If your hair is not becoming to you,

you should be coming to us!

Triangle - July 2021 Page 12


Tuesday - Saturday


hat began as an amusing way

to keep up with the seven

teenagers in her congregation is now

serious outreach for the

Revd Anne Beverley of

Christ Church in

Wesham, Lancashire.

When the

coronavirus pandemic

struck, the first lockdown

brought with it a need to

stay in touch with the

teenagers in her

congregation, so Revd

Anne Beverley filmed on

the social media

platform, TikTok – but

she did not expect what

happened next.

In three days, her video on her

TikTok account

@ChristChurchWesham was seen not

just by the seven local teenagers, but

by 1.7 million people around the



Vicar’s TikTok meant for seven

teenagers reached 1.7 million!

Triangle - online

“We just sat at home watching

the numbers go up every time we

refreshed our phones,” said Anne, “it

was ridiculous.”

Today, five or six

videos are posted each

week, which range from

dances and singing, to

short sermons while

walking her dog.

The church’s TikTok

account now has more

than 84,000 followers and

receives around a

thousand comments and

questions about God each



John 8:12

Once again Jesus spoke to the people. This

time he said, “I am the light for the world!

Follow me, and you won’t be walking in the

dark. You will have the light that gives life.”

ince the spring of 2020, when it was proving difficult to produce printed

versions of our Triangle magazine, we’ve been adding an online version to

the CYFchurches website so that readers can keep up-to-date.

Although the printed version is now ‘back-to-normal’, the online version,

in glorious Technicolor, is proving very popular achieving around 700 ‘hits’

each month, so we’ll continue to make the full version of Triangle available


Thank you for supporting Triangle Magazine!

Triangle - July 2021 Page 13

Philippe Arent


Repair, Restoration &


of mechanical clocks

West Dean Diploma

BADA. PG Diploma

Grandfather, wall, table and mantle clocks

repaired and restored. I will visit you to discuss

the work required to repair and restore your

clock to working order.

All work is undertaken with careful

consideration to the history of the clock.

Your clock will be cleaned, repaired and

restored in my local workshop, tested and

regulated before being returned to you.

Tel: 07752 236274


Clear and understandable advice on:

¨ Wills

¨ Estate Planning

¨ Probate Services

¨ Powers of Attorney

Full details at

Contact Nikki Hobbs

on 07922 231032




with professional qualifications

Garden maintenance


01243 555196

07772 569539

Triangle - July 2021 Page 14

Connecting with Culture

Why Christians Need to Rethink

Defence and Security Issues


he world is changing. It’s a cliché escalate a crisis between countries.

I know, but it’s on an accelerated As a Christian working on foreign

path towards some worrying policy, defence, and security issues, I

possibilities on the horizon.

often find myself asking: what do

Ten years ago, our focus was these factors mean for Christians? But,

primarily on combatting extremist most importantly: does the gospel

terrorists. But for many in defence have anything to offer a world that is

and foreign policy circles, our seemingly spinning out of control?

assumption was that the world was Sadly, there are no easy answers

becoming more peaceful, conflicts less here, and no space for platitudes.

deadly, arms control more effective, Revamping old debates or rhetoric,

and a major war between sovereign from “just war” to pacificism, are not

states unlikely.

of much help; neither are uncritical

Fast forward to 2021: the terror sentiments towards past wars or

threat hasn’t disappeared, and new today’s militaries. We need new

forms of terrorism have been added to voices and perspectives on global

threat lists. A new global geopolitical challenges based up on Christian

competition among powerful ideals, to discern new personal

countries has emerged, along with responsibilities and new frameworks

competition among regional medium for national and international

powers often brutally seeking to accountability.

advance their own interests beyond Yet, what is new is most likely to

their borders.

look like what was always a given:

There is already a new nuclear appreciation of a good world

arms race unfolding. International law intended for peace, not war; a fallen

and platforms are undermined, sidelined,

world, full of danger; a way forward

and often judged incapable of centred on crucifixion and

meeting the current challenges. These resurrection that offers an alternative

are all accelerated by the new basis for being human; but also a

industrial revolution we are going hopeful vision of the future that

through, from drones to artificial refuses to give darkness and pain the

intelligence to information flows. last words.

Today’s world is precarious, full Every generation is called to

of misinformation, and risks of grapple with what God’s salvation

miscalculation that could easily

(Continued on page 17)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 15

Triangle - July 2021 Page 16

St James the Least of All

On why the clergy should avoid computers

My dear Darren

Thank you for the kind offer of your

old computer, but I do not want it. I

know you find it a fundamental basic

of daily life, but I do not, and I intend

to keep things that way.

This is despite the fact that our

diocesan office now takes it for

granted that all of us clergy have a

computer. Indeed, the diocesan

secretary and I have had several

awkward phone calls upon this very

subject. He can’t believe that I really

don’t have one, and suspects that I am

simply hiding my email address from

him so that he cannot send me the

daily diocesan briefings, weekly

questionnaires, and constant

notification of all sorts of meetings

and training days. But I remain firm: I

have survived in ministry for nearly

50 years without a computer, and I

don’t intend to change now. When he

gets tetchy with me, I take the high

moral ground and remind him that St

Paul did not have a computer.

Besides, it would not end with just

a computer. Next, I would be obliged

to get a printer and then ink cartridges

and then maybe some sort of virus

would attack me. As I have no idea

about any of this, I might have to

allow someone into the vicarage to

sort it out, and even worse, I might

even have to pay them. My money can

be far more usefully spent on

good claret.

Being without a computer

also saves me much

aggravation. From what I can gather,

most computer owners spend

significant parts of their lives either

trying to get their machine to do

something that it refuses to do, or else

getting help from someone in a

remote part of the world who speaks a

jargon only distantly related to

English, who assures you that

whatever you did, it would have been

better if you hadn’t.

So I have decided that should I

ever REALLY need to use a computer

for something, I will visit our local

primary school and get a six year-old

to do the job for me, which they do

with effortless efficiency, speed and


Your loving uncle,


( LICC - continued from page 15)

story means for the particular

challenges they face, and every

generation faces the temptation to

walk away from the implications of

such questions. May our generation

take up this mantle, and choose well.

Dr Ziya Meral

Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United

Services Institute

© LICC. Used with their kind permission.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 17

This comes from an article by Claire

Wrethem, spiritual care coordinator at

Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the

Vale. She was writing in Idea magazine,

July/August 2020.


When someone you love is dying

have found hope and peace in

knowing that as Christians we hold

fast to the promise that God will bring

forth good out of this season, and that

God is with our patients all the more,

especially if we cannot be.

As a society and as a church, we

are often poorly equipped to deal with

death, with the fear, the questions and

the concerns that come with it –

whether people have a faith or not. As

the church, we have a real opportunity

here to speak into this space, and to

point to the hope that we have in

Jesus. We can prepare ourselves as

well for conversations around death

and the fear of that, but most

importantly (to talk about) the hope

that we have in our Lord and Saviour.


can take my telescope

and look millions of miles

into space; but I can go away

to my room and in prayer

get nearer to God and

heaven than I can when

assisted by all the telescopes of earth.

Isaac Newton



þ Guttering

þ Painting

þ Building Work

þ Patios Laid

þ Decorating

þ Renovation

þ Plastering

þ Groundwork

þ Cleaning of


Patios and


Established for over 20 years

Fully insured (£2 million Public Liability)

Call Simon NOW on:

m: 07760 268091 - t: 01243 605612

For information and testimonials please visit our website

Triangle - July 2021 Page 18

Reflected Faith:

‘the spaces between’

This month Revd Dr Jo White

continues her Reflected Faith

series looking at ‘the spaces



ost of us have been in

situations where we are not in

control, and we don’t know how to

feel or how to react to our situation.

We need help.

The most valuable gift you can

have at those times – is time itself.

Time to be ‘listened to’. Really

listened to. But it is not easy to find

someone who will ‘actively listen’ to


Think of the last time you were in

the reverse position with a friend or a

colleague, and they were talking to

you. How easily do you recall what

they actually said? Most of us are so

busy getting our replies ready for

when the person has finished

speaking, that we don’t clearly hear

their punch line.

With God it is different. We can

take everything to Him; all our

worries and cares and failures and

faults. And He listens.

He doesn’t necessarily jump in

with an instant, easy solution, but

rather He promises to always guide

us, if we ask Him, through life’s

challenges, and He promises to never

leave us. He often speaks to us

through his written word, the Bible.

This last year, when

many of us have been

communicating with others

by phone or Zoom, we get

nervous if it all goes quiet.

We feel the need to ‘nudge’

the other person, to make sure they

are still there. Silence is not a natural

state for many of us – and yet it is in

the quiet we can hear ourselves and

God most clearly.

So, when we talk with God, our

conversation should not be rushed

and one-sided. We need to give space

to our silence before Him, to wait and

listen for Him to speak to us.

This month:

Next time you worship in church,

listen to the silences: the spaces

between the words, the music and the

actions. Listen to all the prayers that

are spoken.

Look at your surroundings and

reflect that they have absorbed

thousands of prayers – and holy

silence – down the centuries of their


Look out the window and see the

vastness of the sky above you – and

let your prayers join with those that

have gone before you. May the

knowledge that you are not alone

encourage and strengthen you.


Triangle - July 2021 Page 19

246 Chichester Road

Bognor Regis

PO22 5BA

( 01243 868630

Independent Family Business

24-Hour Personal Service

Private Chapel of Rest

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Triangle - July 2021 Page 20


his month I am returning to the

Book of Psalms, with a hymn

based on Psalm 121, reflecting God’s

love and care for us; surely a theme

appropriate for these difficult times.

The author, Timothy Dudley-

Smith, still alive aged 95, started his

hymn writing with ‘Tell out my soul

the greatness of the Lord’. He had

always loved verse, rhyme and the

rhythm of words and had long been

writing Christian verse, but in his

own words, he never regarded

himself as ‘musical’ and never could

have imagined that hymn-writing

might one day be regarded as his

greatest contribution to the Church’s

life and worship. When a new hymn

book was brought out in the mid 60s

he was asked whether he had written

any hymns that could be included in

the book. On being pressed he

showed the compilers the verses

which had been inspired by the

opening words of the song of Mary,

the Magnificat, in Luke 1.46 as they

appeared in the New English Bible of

1961. By 1976, John Betjeman in a

broadcast spoke of it as ‘one of the

very few new hymns really to

establish themselves in recent years’.

In 1973, Psalm Praise was

published as an attempt to promote

singing of the psalms in several

different ways. It was felt that many

congregations were having difficulty

Hymn of the Month

I lift my eyes to the hills

with traditional chanting especially

when there was no choir to give a

lead. It didn’t really get off the

ground mainly because many of them

were linked to instantly forgettable

tunes. A few of them were written by

TD-S and have been included in other

books including our Songs of

Fellowship, one of them being ‘I lift

my eyes to the quiet hills’.

He prefers to think of his verses

as ‘based on …’, not as translations or

even as metrical versions of the

psalm, but as ’ hymns which owe

their form, theme and content to the

psalm’. For probably most of us who

live in Sussex, it is the Downs that

come to mind when we think of hills

and the gentle phrase ‘quiet hills’

repeated in each verse is specially

evocative. Dudley-Smith imagines

himself in Folkestone looking across

at a hill called Caesar’s Camp (which

it once was) when he lived there

before and during the 1939-45 war.

No doubt other hills and mountains

are evoked by the words depending

on people’s differing experiences.

Naturally, there is a great contrast

between the quiet hills of southern

England and the wild, rugged and

often dangerous mountains

surrounding the Jerusalem of the

psalmist. Think of the parable of the

Good Samaritan. But the hymn shows

(Continued on page 22)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 21

(Hymn of the Month - continued from

page 21)

us a way of appropriating for

ourselves one of the most beautiful of


He feels that the phrase which he

includes in his verse 2, ‘secure and

still’ summarises the heart of the

psalm especially the word ‘secure’

from the Latin ‘sine cura’ meaning

‘without anxiety’:

secure and still

in the Father’s will

and kept by the Father’s care.

Throughout, the language is kept

simple and makes a remarkable

version of the psalm. In verse 4 of the

psalm it says ‘Behold he that keepeth

Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep’

and in v6 ‘the sun shall not smite thee

by day, nor the moon by night’ and

Dudley-Smith imagines the Lord as a

shepherd guarding us, his sheep, by

night and day, through the dark and

light. He ends his hymn with

‘in all my ways

to the end of days

the Lord will preserve his own’

reflecting the psalm itself ‘the Lord

will preserve thy going out and thy

coming in from this time forth, and

even for evermore.’

TD-S was to become Bishop of

Thetford in the Norwich diocese. For

him ‘hymn-writing has been a most

enriching and entirely unexpected

gift’. It is also a craft and at times a

hard and demanding one. Halfway

through a line, he observes, ‘one finds

oneself wondering “Will it do?”’ If

you have to ask that question, there

can, for him be only one answer: it


The tune DAVOS was written for

it by Michael Baughen who at that

time was the vicar of Holy Trinity,

Platt near Manchester. It was in this

church that the hymn was sung for

the first time (during a service on

television) in 1970. Later he was to

become the rector of All Souls’

Langham Place in London and when

was consecrated Bishop of Chester in

1982, it was sung in York Minster. It

wasn’t given a name originally, but

the composer later chose the name

Davos, after the resort in Switzerland

where he served as a chaplain in the

summer for several years,

surrounded by very different hills

from those of southern England.

Peter Nunn

Hymn Quotes

My grandfather once ventured upon

publishing a volume of hymns.

I never heard anyone speak in their

favour or argue that they ought to

have been sung in the congregation.

In that volume, he promised a

second if the first should prove


We forgive him the first collection

because he did not inflict another.

Charles Spurgeon

1834–1892. Influential English preacher.

Known as the “Prince of Preachers”.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 22

1. I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

in the press of a busy day;

as green hills stand

in a dusty land

so God is my strength and stay.

2. I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

to a calm that is mine to share;

secure and still

in the Father’s will

and kept by the Father’s care.

3. I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

with a prayer as I turn to sleep;

by day, by night,

through the dark and light

my Shepherd will guard his sheep.

4. I lift my eyes

to the quiet hills

and my heart to the Father’s


in all my ways

to the end of days

the Lord will preserve his own.

Timothy Dudley-Smith (born 1926) from Psalm 121

© administered by Oxford University Press in Europe (including UK and Ireland) and

Africa, and by Hope Publishing Company in all other territories (including USA)

Used by permission, CCL Licence No 792544

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Triangle - July 2021 Page 23

Intercessions for the month

Let us bring to God in prayer…

Thu 1st


The Sonshine Group. May all involved be blessed and supported,

remembering especially Alan and Elizabeth leading the group

2nd Give thanks for the NHS and all medical professionals who have

sought to heal and help during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sat 3rd St Thomas, apostle. May we be blessed in Christ and see our Lord in


Sun 4th

Mon 5th

Tue 6th

Wed 7th

Thu 8th

Great is the Lord and highly to be praised, in the city of our God;

His holy mountain is fair and lifted high, the joy of all the earth.

The unemployed, especially those whose jobs have been affected or

abolished due to the coronavirus

Skilled tradespeople and all involved in building new homes or

restoring existing houses.

Pray for all who worship in hospital or residential care, may they

know the peace of God

Thank you for the love and guidance of those who have been as

shepherds to us in the Christian Faith

Fri 9th With the USPG, we pray Lord God, for the wisdom and strength to

be your disciples, may we spread the gospel with conviction and


Sat 10th The RNLI Crews and volunteers supporting them

Sun 11th Sea Sunday. Those who go down to the sea in ships… see the works

of the Lord and His wonders of the deep

Mon 12th The Royal Navy, and other sailors and personnel involved with

work at sea

Tue 13th The coastguard and air-ambulance crews and support staff

Wed 14th Charities providing help for seafarers and their families

Thu 15th For wisdom and unselfishness for all who plan the growing of food,

its harvest, transport and distribution


16th Pray for those with suicidal thoughts, and for their loved ones

Triangle - July 2021 Page 24

Sat 17th All workplace chaplains

Sun 18th My song shall be always of the loving kindness of the Lord,

I will declare that Your love is established forever.

Mon 19th For railway employees especially those based in our local


Tue 20th Offer the small details of our lives in prayer

Wed 21st Church musicians working for the glory of God in vocal and

instrumental music

Thu 22nd St. Mary Magdalene. Let the inspiration of Mary’s witness of

Christ’s Resurrection encourage us to continue to follow Him.

Fri 23rd End of school term. May staff parents and children enjoy a

safe and happy holiday.

Sat 24th Those who deal with finance, remembering our own church

treasurers Annemarie and Colin

Sun 25th The Lord has indeed done great things for us and therefore

we rejoiced

Mon 26th St. James, apostle. As he responded to Christ’s call, let us be

ready at all times to answer God’s loving invitation

Tue 27th Amnesty International. May we appreciate and respond to the

work done to promote peace

Wed 28th Select a celebrity or several and pray for them

Thu 29th Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Pray for the Sisters of

Bethany (Southsea) and give thanks for their prayer for us and

their outreach in Jesus’ name

Fri 30th For all cancer patients, and their families and friends

Sat 31st Our bell-ringers. Thank you for their skill and dedication

Prayers & Intercessions pages

A phrase from the Psalm of the Day is usually used on Sundays.

Please send suggestions, comments and items for inclusion to Eileen Keough at

40 Spinney Walk, Barnham, Bognor Regis, PO22 0HT. (01243 552577)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 25

What’s your next step?

Roger Roberts reflects on the endings –

and beginnings - that summer can bring.


oes this month spell the end of

school, college, or even a job, for

you? Then congratulations are in

order: you have completed a

significant step!

Now it’s time to decide your next

step. The dictionary defines ‘step’ as a

physical movement that advances you

in a desired direction. You ‘step’

forward in order to get somewhere

specific. Each ‘step’, however small,

will make a difference to your life.

The Bible reflects this. It is filled

with the metaphors of stepping,

walking, running and goals,

pilgrimages, journeys, all to describe

the years of our lives.

So, choosing your next step in life

this year is important. The good news

is that you need not do it on your own.

In God, you have a divine ‘life coach’.

He knows you perfectly – and He has a

plan for your life. Most of all, His plan

is to have a close personal relationship

with you.

We’ve all seen toddlers staggering

towards danger, ignoring their

parents’ cries of warning. We’ve all

seen adults making a mess of their

lives. They are ignoring their personal

divine Shepherd, Guide, Teacher and


A baby learns to walk safely by

listening to its parents. We learn what

God’s will is for us through daily

reading of His word, in the Bible, and

in obeying what we read.

For when God guides us, He does

not hand down a divine map of our

lives for us to follow on our own. His

guidance is more like that of a torch – a

little advance light, day by day, for our

immediate daily path.

Remember, the Lord wants you to

succeed in the earthly goals that He

has for you! So,

trust Him to be

your guide and

helper as you step

into your future.


Wasp & Hornet

Nests Removed

No Call-out charge

Insured & Certificated


Mike Bridle

07739 342145

01903 775621

Triangle - July 2021 Page 26

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A celebration of faith & service

Save the date!


four-day Bank Holiday

from 2-5 June 2022 will

mark the Queen’s Platinum

Jubilee next year. This is an

amazing opportunity to

bring our communities

together for the

celebrations, which

end on Pentecost


HOPE Together, the

Church of England, the

Methodist Church, Biblica

and other key partners are

currently planning for the Queen’s

Platinum Jubilee, with a specially

commissioned souvenir book for us

to give away; a new anthem for

communities and churches to sing; a

‘70 Acts of Service’ community

challenge for us to adapt to use

together with churches and other

organisations in our area, and lots of

resources for children and schools.

Rachel Jordan-Wolf, HOPE’s

executive director said, “Churches are

in an ideal place to bring

communities together for national

celebrations. We have the tables,

chairs, crockery and PA systems –

and we love making cakes!

“It is so appropriate that the

nation and Commonwealth should be

celebrating the Queen’s Platinum

Jubilee on the same weekend as

Pentecost, the day when the

church celebrates the gift of

God’s Holy Spirit.”

The anointing of

God’s Holy Spirit was

central to the

Coronation and, in

preparation for the

day, The Queen

prayed: ‘Come, Holy

Spirit, and daily increase

in all of us, and in me, thy

humble servant, thy manifold

gifts of grace; the spirit of wisdom

and understanding; the spirit of

counsel and strength; the spirit of

knowledge and true godliness, and

fill us, O Lord, with the Spirit of thy

holy fear, now and forever. Amen.’

The beautifully illustrated

souvenir book to be published for the

celebrations uses rarely seen prayers,

which the Queen prayed in

preparation for the Coronation, and

highlights how God has answered

those prayers over the past seven


The ‘Platinum Jubilee Celebration

of Faith & Service’ will build on the

successful partnership facilitated by

HOPE Together, which enabled local

churches to bring their communities

(Continued on page 28)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 27

(Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Continued from page 27)

together for the Diamond Jubilee and

the Queen’s 90 th birthday celebrations.

Over the next year HOPE will

provide churches across the country

with all the resources and ideas they

need to run a great all-age community

event that will celebrate the Queen’s 70

years of faith and service.

We can plan to get our church

involved, invite our community to the

party, and round off the weekend with

a special guest celebration service for


Find out more at


observations on our

Christian faith and


W The search for happiness is one of

the chief sources of unhappiness. -

Eric Hoffer

W Humility is to make a right

estimate of one’s self. - Charles


W Life has many choices. Eternity has

two. What’s yours? Anon

W Can’t sleep? Count your blessings.


W Forbidden fruit creates many jams.


W Christians, keep the faith - but not

from others! Anon

W God is a little like American

Express - don’t leave home without

Him! - Anon

Robert’s Home Maintenance

& Plumbing

City & Guilds qualified plumber

Interior and Exterior Property Maintenance

Leaking pipes, dripping taps etc.

New bathrooms and kitchens fitted

Tiling, decorating and much more

Reliable and Friendly Service

Telephone: 01243 552691 Mobile: 07587 216040


Triangle - July 2021 Page 28

Garden Tips from Alan Doick

{ Make war on your weeds-hoe,

hand pull, mulch or if really

necessary use weed killer.

{ If lawns look thin and yellow give

a liquid lawn food.

{ Over this period, you can take

cuttings of many shrubs; make

sure that you take from new

growth, which is firm, but not


{ Check roses for mildew and black

spot as well greenfly and spray as


{ Layer border carnations as growth


{ Prune summer flowering shrubs

as they finish flowering.

{ If blanket weed is a problem in

your pond then get some barley

straw, put in a net bag and leave

in the pond for the summer. Try

and have as much of the water

surface area as possible covered

by your aquatic plants, this cuts

down the amount of sunlight

hitting the water.

{ Strawberries are not long lived so

now is a good time to root runners

but only if they look healthy.

{ Lift autumn planted onions;

spread them out in the sun to dry.

{ Sow spinach for late

summer/autumn cropping.

{ Make successional

vegetable sowings

as space allows.

{ Tie in blackberry

new shoots as well as raspberry;

these will be fruiting next year.

{ Be sure to ‘side shoot’ tomatoes as

necessary so that all goodness

goes into producing fruit and not

unnecessary growth. Also check

for green and whitefly


{ Check on and pick any fruit


{ Keep all plants well-watered as

necessary, especially newly

planted ones.

Garden Quotes

On Saturday afternoons when all the

things are done in the house and

there’s no real work to be done, I

play Bach and Chopin and turn it up

real loudly and get a good bottle of

chardonnay and sit out on my deck

and look out at the garden.

Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

American poet, memoirist,

and civil rights activist.

Sowe carrets in your gardens, and

humbly praise God for them, as for a

singular and great blessing.

Ricard Gardine, c1533

Triangle - July 2021 Page 29

Anita Williams MAFHP MCFHP

Mobile Foot Healthcare Professional

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Toe-nail cutting & filing

Corns & Callus

Cracked heels

Verrucae advice & treatment

Diabetic foot-care

Advice on nail infections

A neurovascular assessment and medical history taken prior to every treatment

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Ridea Technology

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Virus & Spyware removal

Home network installation and maintenance, including


Equipment sourcing and supply

Games console internet connectivity

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ë Testing and Inspection

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ë Fault Finding

ë Electrical Installations

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ë Quality Guaranteed Jobs

Triangle - July 2021 Page 30

Recipe Page - chilli con carne

This month the Editor includes his

favourite classic chilli con carne

recipe. It’s low in calories, quick and

easy, but be warned - it’s fiery!


¨ Cooking oil (a couple of


¨ 1 large onion, finely chopped

¨ 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

¨ 500g lean beef mince (5% fat or


¨ 2 tsps. ground cumin

¨ 1 tsp ground coriander

¨ 1-2 tsp cayenne pepper or paprika

¨ 1 red pepper and 1 yellow

pepper, deseeded and roughly


¨ 400g can of passata

¨ 400g tin of red kidney beans,


¨ 400g can of mixed beans, drained


1. Place a large non-stick pan over a

medium heat. Add the onion and

garlic to the oil and stir-fry for 1-2


2. Add the spices and mince and stir

-fry for 5-6 minutes until the

mince is browned.

3. Now add the passata and peppers

and bring to the boil over a high


4. Season to taste, cover lightly and

cook over a low heat for 30

minutes. (see the alternative


5. Add the beans, stir well and cook

for a further 10 minutes.

6. Serve with rice and a chunky

salad, if you like. Eat and enjoy!

I usually cook this is a large Le Creuset

pan and let it simmer gently (lid on)

in the oven for half an hour, then add

the beans and cook for a further half

hour. It freezes well and the flavours

develop over time.

Cooking Quote

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has

taste, even if they don’t realize it.

Even if you’re not a great chef,

there’s nothing to stop you

understanding the difference

between what tastes good and what


Gerard Depardieu - French Actor

Triangle - July 2021 Page 31

Triangle - July 2021 Page 32

Gigglebox - laughter is good for you!


The vicar asks his flock, “What would

you like people to say when you’re in

your coffin?” One congregant says,

“I’d like them to say I was a fine

family man.” Another says, “I’d like

them to say I helped people.” The

third responds, “I’d like them to say,

‘Look! I think he’s moving!’ “


A preacher trained his horse to go

when he said, “Praise the Lord,” and

to stop when he said, “Amen.” The

preacher mounted the horse, said,

“Praise the Lord” and went for a ride.

When he wanted to stop for lunch, he

said, “Amen.” He took off again,

saying, “Praise the Lord.” The horse

started going toward the edge of a

cliff. The preacher got excited and

said, “Whoa!” Then he remembered

and said, “Amen,” and the horse

stopped at the edge of the cliff. The

preacher was so relieved and grateful

that he looked up to heaven and said,

“Praise the Lord!”


The funeral directors where I am a

receptionist were asked by a grieving

family if they could place a golf club

in the casket alongside their uncle,

who had been an avid golfer.

“Of course,” was the answer.

On the day of the funeral, as the

pallbearers descended the steps

toward the hearse, a loud rattling and

rolling came from the

coffin. “Sounds like a

pinball machine,”

murmured one startled


Later a family member of

the deceased came to the chapel office

to apologize. At the last minute, they

had decided to place in the coffin,

along with the club, half a dozen golf




Seen while passing by a church:

“Get in touch with God by knee



Los Angeles weatherman Fritz

Coleman, after a year that included a

few earthquakes, several wildfires,

extreme winds, record flooding, and

even some funnel clouds:

“California—more than a state, it’s an

Acts of God Theme Park.”


The vicar of my church hates to plead

for money. But when the coffers were

running low, he had no choice.

“There’s good news and there’s bad

news,” he told the congregation. “The

good news is that we have more than

enough money for all the current and

future needs of the parish. The bad

news is, it’s still in your pockets.”

Triangle - July 2021 Page 33

Prayer for the month


ob Peters says that this is one of his

favourite prayers. He has used it for

more than 20 years and it is, sadly, still as

relevant today as it was then. The prayer is

particularly good for family services and

school assemblies. It is credited to a UK

charity, Children’s Aid Direct, which ceased

activities in 2002.

I am the child who lives on the streets;

pray for me,

I am the child in a refugee camp;

pray for me,

I am the child hidden away in an

orphanage; pray for me,

I am the child trying to find my parents;

pray for me,

I am the child dying of hunger;

pray for me,

Share your music, your education, your

riches with me.

Share your shoes, your food, your

blankets, your fuel, your toys with me.

Share your ideas, your imagination, your

skills, your time, your dreams with me.

Share your world with me.

It should be mine as well.



A young mother writes:


t is always busy in our

home, as we have four

young children running about.

But one particular Sunday

afternoon James, my four-yearold

kept following me about

very closely. He was on my

heels every time I turned

around, and after nearly falling

over him several times, I lost

patience. ‘Whatever is the

matter with you?’ I demanded.

‘Why don’t you go play?’

He looked up at me and

said: ‘This morning at church

the teacher told us that we

should walk in Jesus’

footsteps. But I can’t see Him,

so I am walking in yours


I gathered up my young

son and felt tears in my eyes. I

thanked God for this lesson I

will never forget – about the

value of being a living example

to our young ones.”

You can


because roses

have thorns, or

you can rejoice

because thorns

have roses.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 34

This month Michael Blencowe of the

Sussex Wildlife Trust takes a look at



t’s not what you look

glowing. The male looks

like but what’s inside

like a different species

that counts. The Glowworm

altogether and is Glow-

knows this. First off

worm by association.

we need to get one thing

Much smaller and beetlelike

straight – she’s not a

in appearance, he has

worm. Glow-worms are

bulging eyes which are

beetles, except she doesn’t

protected under a seethrough

look much like a beetle - more like a

rim on his tough beetle-body

squashed woodlouse.

– imagine a tiny Marty Feldman in a

She may not look like much but suit of armour and a sun visor and

she knows that she has a certain you’re not too far off.

something that is more alluring than On warm evenings he flies over

all the brightly coloured feathers, the grass looking down for a female’s

petals, fur and scales that others use glow. When her signal registers on

in their desperate cries for attention. his radar he dives, crashing to the

When the colours of the day start to ground near her. He then looks up

fade she undertakes a dignified climb through his visor to locate the female

to the top of a blade of grass. She hanging over him, before scuttling

positions herself carefully, turns on the short distance to his new partner.

her love-light and shines.

This amazing little animal has

When scientists explain this inspired poets through the centuries.

phenomenon they use words like William Blake’s Glow-worm lit the

‘bioluminescence’ and discuss the path for the ‘Troubled wilderd and

‘oxidation of luciferin’ – but these forlorn’ while in the poem ‘Among

boffins and their fancy talk ain’t All Lovely Things My Love Had

fooling me. I know magic when I see Been’ William Wordsworth woos his

it and to look upon Glow-worms sweetheart with a Glow-worm. But

shining on a warm summer’s evening surely the most epic verse ever

is just that – magical.

written about a Glow-worm is this

Of course the Glow-worm is not anonymous poem: “I wish I were a

glowing for our benefit – there’s a glow-worm, a glow-worm’s never

special someone she’s trying to glum, ‘cos how can you be grumpy,

attract. I’ve been referring to the when the sun shines out your bum?”

Glow-worm as ‘she’ because the

Picture: Male glow-worm © Derek Middleton, Sussex

female is the one who does the

Triangle - July 2021 Wildlife Trust

Page 35

All-party report underlines why our

magazine is important


n April, an all-party parliamentary

group published a report: Learning

to Listen, Inquiry into Religious

Literacy in Print and Broadcast Media.

The 99-page report highlights the

decline in local newspapers and

magazines and the resulting cutback in

staff, all of which has led

to a lack of, or in some

cases no religious

coverage in the remaining


For me, as editor of

our church magazine, this

gap in the marketplace

offers an opportunity

because our humble

publication is ideally

placed to help fill the gap.

For many years I have

been a member of the

Association for Church Editors (ACE)

whose help and advice has helped me

to put together, and hopefully improve

our magazine each month. ACE seeks

to help church editors achieve this and,

in doing so, help churches to achieve

their objectives of reaching out to both

church members and the communities

we serve. With their help my aim is to

make Triangle look and feel a little

more professional.

Here are three relevant short extracts

from the report’s conclusions …

‘religion and

belief have

always been

vital to the

political and

cultural life of

this country’

‘Religion is here to stay. It is deeply

woven into this country’s way of life

both in the past and the present and it

continues to act as a source of

guidance and teaching to a large

majority of the world’s inhabitants. A

media that fails to recognise that will

increasingly be a media

that fails to represent our

world accurately.’

‘A lack of religious

literacy training for

journalists may have made

some sense 20 years ago;

most newspapers still had

internal specialists who

would either be writing the

piece or available to

provide guidance on

navigating the nuances of

stories about religion.

However, as religious correspondents

have been cut from newsrooms, there

has been no corresponding realisation

that knowledge is being lost which

needs to be either retained or newly

acquired somehow. We have reached a

stage where there is neither

standardised training nor internal

specialisation. The underlying

assumption appears to be that

specialisation is no longer required.

We strongly believe that not to be the


(Continued on page 37)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 36

The Wondering Soul

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater


he concept of washing in water is

quite recent. There was not a lot of

clean odour free water about and the

Romans enjoyed nice smelling oil

being rubbed all over.

So the scene is set. ‘To wash or not

to wash’ that is the question.

No it isn’t.

How do you safely dispose of the

dirty water? How do you retain the

baby in the bowl?

These are the right questions.

And the answer is - in a string

vest! Readers of my previous note will

get the gist.

String vests are full of holes but

are inherently strong. You may fight

your way out of a paper bag but a

string vest ? Use your imagination

dear reader.

(Continued from page 36)

‘Religion is not ‘back’ – it never

really left. Religious belief is and will

remain an important part of the UK

and a growing part of international

life and politics. We would widen this

to say that religion and belief have

always been vital to the political and

cultural life of this country and are a

growing part of international life and

politics. Religion does not need special

treatment but we all deserve a media

which recognises this reality and has

the confidence to report on,

interrogate, question and discuss it.

Now the Rumination.

The quick among you

will have some knowledge of the Baby

Jesus but I guess His bath time routine

can only be recalled with joy by His


Fortunately her disposal of the

bathwater did not end with a fatality.

The string vest is an analogy for

religious theory.

You may have an old string vest

with some strings broken but you can

still catch the baby.

Praise the Lord.

Oh, think on wondering soul.

There will be more from the Wondering

Soul next month when he looks at


We hope that this report, with its

recommendations and proposed

actions, will help to foster a more

informed, religiously literate

conversation about religion and belief

and go some way towards achieving

that end.’

The full report is available ‘free’.

Please drop me an email and I’ll send

you the link.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 37

Once Upon a Time in Nazareth

A Tale of Anne

After several wonderful sons, Joachim

and I were blessed with our daughter

Mary. Perhaps we spoilt her a bit, but

she grew up to be a devout Jewish girl.

We wanted her to have a marriage as

happy as ours, and everyone rejoiced

when she was betrothed to Joseph. He

was rather a dreamer, but also a skilled

builder working in his father’s business,

and he would be able to provide a

secure home for her. Even better, Mary

and Joseph obviously loved each other


My cousin Elizabeth had sent the

amazing news to us that she and

Zechariah were expecting a baby many

years after they’d come to accept that

they would be childless. Unfortunately,

Zechariah had lost his ability to speak,

but they coped with that and he could

write whenever necessary. Mary seemed

very preoccupied, nervous about her

forthcoming new life with Joseph

perhaps, and she asked if she could stay

with Elizabeth for a few weeks. I

thought it was a good idea; Elizabeth is

older than me, and Mary could help and

support her during her pregnancy. So

Joseph took her to their village in the hill

country a few miles away. He came back

even more thoughtful than unusual.

Mary came home after three

months. Elizabeth’s beautiful baby had

been safely born and was named John;

somewhat surprising as it wasn’t a

family name. But Zechariah had written,

‘his name is John’, and suddenly his

speech returned. A miracle?

I was overjoyed when Mary

whispered to me that she was pregnant -

another blessing for us, our first

grandchild. However, soon after that

Joseph was summoned to Bethlehem to

register in a census ordered by the

Roman authorities. Being newly

married, Mary insisted on going with

him. They should be back in plenty of

time for the birth; a girl needs her

mother especially then. I didn’t worry

too much, although she did seem

somewhat further on in her pregnancy

than I thought, but you can’t always tell.

So we waved them off happily enough.

We’d much rather the Romans

weren’t here, but at least with the good

roads they had built, news from

Bethlehem only took a few days to get

here instead of weeks. Joseph sent a

message to say he’s got several months

of very well-paid work there, so they

wouldn’t be back as soon as expected,

then he’d have earned enough to set up

his own home and business, and that

Mary was well and happy.

We were alarmed when there was

no further news for a while, then

eventually a message got to us that the

Baby had been safely born and named

Jesus, but that, unfortunately, for safety

(Continued on page 39)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 38

(Continued from page 38)

reasons, the little family had become

refugees in Egypt.

Joachim and I prayed for them, and

our younger daughter Salome was a

comfort to us. But I ached to see my

Grandson and to hold Him in my arms.

And I grieved that I hadn’t been there to

help Mary when she had her Baby and

for the months afterwards.

Another blessing - after about three

years they all returned to Nazareth.

Jesus was absolutely gorgeous. He was

so loving, but as He grew older He

could stand up for Himself in the rough

and tumble with the other village boys.

Joseph brought Elizabeth’s son John to

stay with them from time to time, so he

and Jesus could learn and play together,

and have boys interests and adventures.

We made sure they never missed the

synagogue services and lessons of


All children seem to grow up too

quickly, and when He was twelve, Jesus

was old enough to go to Jerusalem for

the Passover festival with His parents

and many of our neighbours. Joachim

and I were not able to manage the

journey by then, so we looked forward

to hearing about it when they got back.

Zechariah was unable to continue doing

his duties as a priest in the temple, but

he and Elizabeth would try to come to

our celebration when everyone returned


It was a terrible worry when

everyone did come home - except for

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Our friends said

that Jesus had gone missing and His

parents were searching Jerusalem for

Him. ‘O Lord God – NO!’ we prayed,

‘not another Roman atrocity. Had he

been taken for a slave or worse – please,

please bring them back to us.’

And what was our relief and

thankfulness when they did return

safely a few days later! Joseph was not

pleased with Jesus; and who could

blame him? Mary was even quieter than

usual and gently told us that Jesus had

been found in the Temple with the

famous teachers there. Of course, all

parents think their children are

wonderful, but Mary was convinced that

Jesus was divinely wonderful. Joseph

was convinced that He was now old

enough to be useful in the family

building trade and that hard work

would soon help Him become a faithful

Jewish Man. I’m convinced that I’ll slip

little honey treats to Him and John

whenever I can, and I’m becoming

convinced that they are divinely

inspired. Joachim, Joseph, and now

Jesus; may there be many to follow Him.

Blessed be God forever.

Gilene Oekhue

Bible references:

Luke 1: 23-65, Luke 2: 1-7; 41-52

Matthew 2: 13-23

Anne and Joachim are commemorated

on 26th July

Triangle - July 2021 Page 39




13.5 x 13.5


Solutions on page 44

Triangle - July 2021 Page 40

Local Directory

Check with the organisers or website for meeting dates and times

Name Location When & Contact

Sonshine - Church for

people with learning


Knit & Knatter

Yapton Village

Women’s Institute

Yapton & Ford

Community Group

Downland Art Society

Five Villages Minibus

Yapton & Ford Local

History Group

Village Friends

Good neighbour scheme

Clymping Pétanque


Clymping Church


Clymping Church


Yapton & Ford Village


Yapton & Ford Village


Walberton Sports


Regular shopping


Yapton & Ford Village



First Sunday at 3.00 pm

Alan Doick

01243 554810

Joan Rees

01243 552961

Third Tuesday at 10.00 am

Maggie Brackley - 07789 790706

every Wednesday


Colin Morris - 01243 584274

Brian David - 01243 553635

First Monday each month

Meg Brackley 07925 217843

Clymping Village Hall

U3A - Arun West various

BEADYS - St Wilfrid’s

Hospice Support Group

various Gill Kelly - 01243 552230

Five Village Society various Joanna Williams - 01243 551524

Samaritans 116 123

Citizens Advice

Call FREE any time, day or night,

from any phone, anywhere

0344 477 1171 (0300 330 0650 from a mobile)



Love West Sussex

Report anti-social driving or abandoned vehicles

Report highway matters incl. potholes, footway problems, etc.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 41

Slim down

Two out of three adults in the UK are now overweight. That means that the

Government has made tackling obesity as the ‘priority’ for recovering from

the pandemic. (80 per cent of our health problems are caused by unhealthy

lifestyles.) Boris Johnson recently announced an Office for Health Promotion

(OHP) to boost our activity and to slim our waistlines. Experts say that the

Covid-19 death toll has been fuelled by the obesity epidemic.

Triangle - July 2021 Page 42


1 Sent out three times on a reconnaissance mission from Noah’s ark

(Genesis 8:8–12) (4)

3 ‘The vilest — who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon

receives’ (8)

9 Described by the 19th-century MP Sir Wilfred Lawson as ‘the Devil in

solution’ (7)

10 ‘Whoever — his life for my sake will find it’ (Matthew 10:39) (5)

11 King of Gezer (Joshua 10:33) (5)

12 Gideon’s home town (Judges 6:11) (6)

14 The area under the jurisdiction of a primate, for example, Canterbury, York


17 To him God promised that David would be king (1 Chronicles 11:3) (6)

19 A descendant of Aaron who was not allowed to offer food to God (Leviticus

21:20) (5)

22 ‘If any of you — wisdom, he should ask God’ (James 1:5) (5)

23 I gain me (anag.) (7)

24 Relating to the armed forces (1 Chronicles 5:18) (8)

25 Title given to 2 Down (abbrev.) (4)


1 Greek coins (Acts 19:19) (8)

2 Church of England incumbent (5)

4 What Epaphroditus was to Paul (Philippians 2:25) (6-7)

5 Mother of David’s sixth son (2 Samuel 3:5) (5)

6 ‘We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in

— ’ (2 Corinthians 4:8) (7)

7 It destroys treasures on earth (Matthew 6:19) (4)

8 It threatened Paul in Jerusalem (Acts 21:35) (3,3)

13 Well-known Reference Bible that espoused dispensationalism (8)

15 Where the choir sits in a parish church (7)

16 Real do (anag.) (6)

18 ‘Martha, Martha... you are worried and — about many things’

(Luke 10:41) (5)

20 ‘One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man

considers every day — ’ (Romans 14:5) (5)

21 A place with twelve springs and 70 palm trees where the Israelites camped

(Exodus 15:27) (4)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 43

Sudoku Solutions



8.8 x 8.8

Crossword Answers

ACROSS: 1, Dove. 3, Offender. 9, Alcohol. 10, Loses. 11, Horam. 12, Ophrah.

14, Archbishopric. 17, Samuel. 19, Dwarf. 22, Lacks. 23, Imagine. 24, Military.

25, Revd.

DOWN: 1, Drachmas. 2, Vicar. 4, Fellow-soldier. 5, Eglah. 6, Despair. 7, Rust.

8, The mob. 13, Scofield. 15, Chancel. 16, Ordeal. 18, Upset. 20, Alike. 21, Elim.


If you have any questions about adult or child safeguarding

matters please contact one of our Safeguarding Officers in the

first instance for more help and information.

ª Alan Doick 07522 605457

(Adults, Lead for Benefice)

ª Esther Hunt 07773 095068

(Children, Lead for Benefice)

ª Maggie Berney 07940 449328

(Children - in training)

Triangle - July 2021 Page 44


Sources & resources

Unless an article is specifically

acknowledged with a name, then the source of

miscellaneous articles will usually be usually

followed with one of the following ‘codes’:

¨ ACE - The Association for Church


¨ PP - Parish Pump.

¨ LICC - London Institute for

Contemporary Christianity

¨ BS - Bible Society

Articles from these sources are © cleared

and used with permission. Images come from

the editor’s personal collection or from various

copyright free sources. Images submitted by

readers are always very welcome.

Parochial Church Council


The PCC meetings for Clymping and

Yapton with Ford are held bi-monthly as

announced on our church notice boards.

‘Condensed’ reports of the meetings are

generally available in church. Questions

about the PCC meetings should be

directed to Sue Fitzgerald in the first

instance. Sue’s is secretary to our two

PCCs and her contact details can be

found on page the next page.

Clymping Village Hall

Large Hall with Stage, Kitchen & Bar

facilities, Disabled Facilities

and a Playing Field.

Suitable for Parties, Receptions, Clubs,

Meetings, Activities

For more details, Google:

‘Clymping Village Hall’

Enquiries & Bookings: 01903 725311


Clymping Church Hall

Function Rooms

Suitable for Receptions, Parties,

Conferences, Clubs, Group Activities,

Staff Meetings

Seating capacity for 80 people.

Excellent facilities including:

disabled access, baby changer, AED,

upgraded kitchen,

crockery and cutlery available, if

required, for hall use.

Large outside grass area available for


For enquiries and bookings contact

Chris Keeling - 01243 585584

Yapton & Ford Village Hall

Community Facilities for Hire

This excellent modern building has three

halls of varying sizes and a fully

equipped kitchen (including cooker and


The Large Hall has a stage, sound

system, bar and kitchen and is ideal for

parties, weddings, clubs and large


The halls, hireable separately, offer

opportunities for all sorts of functions and

activities, large or small, at very competitive

rates - crockery, cutlery, heating and

electricity are included

For enquiries and bookings contact

Mandy Keet

01243 553494 or 07940 325844

Triangle - July 2021 Page 45



Church Office - Yapton and Ford Village Hall

Mrs Kathy Draper


Please see the

Covid notice on

page 4

Opening hours: 9.30 a.m. - 12.00 noon

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

t: 01243 553653 (answer phone at other times)


Correspondence should be addressed to

The Church Office, c/o The Rectory, St Mary’s Meadow,

Yapton, Arundel BN18 0EE.

Benefice website



PCC Secretary - Clymping PCC and Yapton with Ford PCC

Mrs Sue Fitzgerald, 01243 584733

Data Compliance Officer - Nigel Smeeth, 01243 552821

Safeguarding - Details of our safeguarding officers can be found on page 46


Parish Council

Yapton Parish


Ford Parish




Support Officer


Clerk: Val Knight, 33 The Ridings, East Preston,

Littlehampton, BN16 2TW. T:01903 771922.

E: W:

Clerk: Andrew Gardiner, 38 Ruskin Avenue,

Bognor Regis, PO21 5BW

T: 01243 859141, E:

W: Office Hours, Yapton & Ford Village Hall, Mon,

Wed, Thurs, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Clerk: Carol Hatton, Yapton and Ford Village Hall, Main Road, Yapton,

Arundel, BN18 0ET. T: 07908 571164 .

E: W:

There are now four PCSOs covering all of the Littlehampton area. The

Yapton area PCSO is Caroline Wilson. If you need to contact the police

for non-emergencies or local issues, then call 101 (fixed charge of 15p) or


Triangle - July 2021 Page 46

Ministry Team


Revd Richard Hayes (Rector), 01243 552962, Day off is Friday

The Rectory, St Mary’s Meadow, Yapton, Arundel, BN18 0EE.

Clergy with permission to officiate

Revd John Ironside, 01903 722884 Revd Ron Johnson, 01903 732210

Revd Bill Garlick, 01903 883698 Rev Derek Goddard, 01243 555843

Revd Pam Swadling (Deacon), 01243 820154


Mrs Liz Peart, 01243 583078, Mr John Stirland, 01243 554890,

Mr Martin Draper 01243 553653



Mr Chris King - 01243 586963 Mr Kevin Swadling - 01243 820154


Mrs Wendy King 01243 586963


Mr Colin Morris, 23 West Close, Middleton-on-Sea, PO22 7RP. 01243 584274

Organist & Choirmaster

Mr Peter Nunn, 01903 782552

Messy Church

Messy Church, for all ages. Contact the Rector for more information

Women’s Guild - 2 nd and 4 th Wednesday of each month

Mrs Joan Rees 01243 552961

Yapton with Ford


Cdr. Rupert Head Mrs Bex Holden 07846 135221

Verger - Yapton

Verger - Ford

Vacant Mr David Donovan - 01903 726006

Treasurer - Mrs Annemarie Doick - 01243 554810


Yapton Choir, Mrs Pam Pyle, 01243 553592, Choir practice, Thursday 6.30 p.m.

Ford Choir, Mrs Eileen Keough, 01243 552577, Choir practice - see Diary page

Sunday School - 1st & 3rd Sundays in term time

Esther Hunt 07773 095068

Triangle - July 2021 Page 47

More than eighty

people enjoyed the

open-air service in the

sunshine at Clymping

on 30 May.

Thanks to Jean Sprenkel

for these lovely pictures.

triangle magazine

Member Editor 2021

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