Attachment 22 NYSAG Lefkowitz to Lasker-Present Governers Executive Order Certified 2017-07-25 doc 12 et seq

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1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case MDL certified No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 1 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

i..OI.m~ .J. ~lll(f't(@Win<br />

~Y?Ol!Smi:V 0Sil'l&li>M.<br />



NEW YORK, N.'l'. 10047<br />

~W31>§£o 4611•7111:1<br />

G~O .. GE 0. ZUCKERMAN<br />

A~~i®YA~ ATWe .. ~~V ~gW&lO-'>~<br />

,.. Cl<br />

January 5, 1977<br />

Re:<br />

Percy v. Brennan<br />

73 Civ. 4279<br />

Han. Morris E. <strong>Lasker</strong><br />

United States District Judge<br />

Southern District of New York<br />

United States Courthouse<br />

Foley Square<br />

New York, N.Y. 100<strong>07</strong><br />

Dear ,Judge <strong>Lasker</strong>:<br />

Pursuant <strong>to</strong> your order of February 24, 1975, and<br />

your recent order extending jurisdic·tion in this<br />

matter, the State defendants submit <strong>to</strong> you herewi·th<br />

a copy of Governor Carey's <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong> Number 45<br />

of January 4, 1977, the effective da·te of which is<br />

thirty days from the date. of the <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong>.<br />

Regulations delineating an affirmative action plan<br />

irnplementing ·the <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong> 1;o?'i11 be pronmlgated<br />

shortly and will likewise be submitted <strong>to</strong> the Court<br />

prior <strong>to</strong> their becoming effective.<br />

A copy of the affirmative action plan is being<br />

forwarded simultaneously <strong>to</strong> counsel for plaintiffs.<br />

It should be noted, however 1 tha.t counsel for plaintiffs<br />

were provided a draft of this plan on July 13,<br />

1976, and the const.ruction trade defendants were given<br />

a draft by the Industrial Commissioner on December 14,<br />

1976.<br />

Very truly yours,<br />


At<strong>to</strong>rney General<br />

By<br />


1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case MDL certified No. 3011 <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 2 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

NO. 45<br />

E X ~ C U T I V E 0 R D E R<br />

'.iVJ1EREAS, it is Lhe •2stablishecl pol icy of th(:"'! StAte of ~Se\',' York<br />

tro provide equal opportunity in employment and trainil·:g for all perso11s<br />

w3.thot:.t discri.mi.·;1.a-t.ion on account. of race, creed, color, na::ional oriqin,<br />

sex, age, disability or marital status, a11d <strong>to</strong> promote the full realization<br />

of such cgual 00portunity through affirmative, continuing progcams<br />

by contrac<strong>to</strong>rs and t.heir suhcont.rac<strong>to</strong>rs in ·the performcui.CS of cont.ract:.s<br />

Vlith o:c for the State of Nbv York, anu<br />

1~1HERE~i\S, di.~crirnin.::.ti.on in employTnent by public con:~rac<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

·tends <strong>to</strong> decrease th.u po::Jl of a'·i.a.ilable l

1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case MDL certified No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 3 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

-2-<br />

(b)<br />

ic)<br />

(d)<br />

·r11c Ot.3CC may prOF\U lga te~ con t:r:ac L p::::ovi :;;ions coasis tent<br />

with tl10 pur~o~;E~s and inter1t of this <strong>Order</strong>, for inclusion<br />

in every contract and agreement subject here<strong>to</strong>.<br />

The OSCC wilJ. prepare st~r1da~dized forms <strong>to</strong> be utilized<br />

by conti-~c<strong>to</strong>rs and by State aqer1cies for notices and<br />

compliance reports relating tb che oporatlon and implementation<br />

of the <strong>Order</strong>.<br />

The OSCC shall examine the employment practices of any State<br />

contrac<strong>to</strong>r or subcontrac<strong>to</strong>r, or direct sucl1 exa~ir1ation by<br />

the appropriate State agency, <strong>to</strong> assure the effectuation of<br />

the policies and purposes of this <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong>. Where<br />

such examination is initiated by a State agency, il shall be<br />

conducted in accordance with procedures established by the<br />

OSCC and the agency shall report <strong>to</strong> the oscc any action taken<br />

or recor:1.mendcd.<br />

The OSCC shall use its best efforts, directly 2nd through<br />

C(Jiltracting agencies, otl1e~ governnental. agenci£s, cor1i:raclors,<br />

and all other available inst~umentalities, <strong>to</strong> cause any labor<br />

union whose n1cutb8rs are enqaqed ir1 work under State contractsr<br />

or any agency or body referring such workers or providing<br />

apprenticeship or training for or in the course cf such work,<br />

<strong>to</strong> cooperate in the imr-:;l.?.s and procedut't::s<br />

of St:.ate a•Jencies v:ith r.E-:spect: t.c compliance by tf:eE:<br />

wittt the provisio11s of tl1is <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong>, and sh~ll require<br />

them <strong>to</strong> file performance rc~orts.<br />

(j)<br />

The OSCC may direct withdrawal of approval or funding granted<br />

by any State agency <strong>to</strong> any affirmative actlon or training<br />


1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case certified MDL No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>, <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> <strong>2017</strong>-10-06 Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 4 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

2.2 Constr,Jctiorl c:c)ntract- ~ny as defined i11 Sectio11 2.1<br />

of this Article for the erectl.on~ COll:~truclioJl, recc)nstruction, rc!1abilit~ti.on,<br />

alteration, conve~si.on, exte11s.ion, repair, landscaping, improvement,<br />

demolition of build.Lnqsr hi•;hv:ays .. or other rea.l properLy~<br />

2 ~ 3 S11bcon ~:ract -· ;_-tny ctgrf::c~men t bc~t:\V(-2-en a con tx t.lc Lor· an·.i any p-::~.rsor<br />

under wl1ict1 any portion of the contr.~c<strong>to</strong>r's obli.gation i.s ~,crfor·li:cd, undertaken<br />

or asse1nwd.<br />

2~4 Statc-assistrlnce- i11cludes but is not limited <strong>to</strong> the fo~lowl.nq<br />

forms of assi.stance accc)r·ded <strong>to</strong> cc)ntrac<strong>to</strong>rs or appllGa~ts directly or<br />

indirectly by the State of New York or any State ~3gcncy: }(Jans; fit1a11cia1<br />

gt1araJ1tecs: subsidies; gratlts; insurar1ce; tax abateme11ts; tn~ Gxemptions;<br />

dir rigl1ts; and the sal0, lease, disposition or lease-back of propertyc<br />

2.5 State agency- all_ agcrlcies of tt1e State., and all flUbl.ic<br />

benefit corporations, authorities, bureaus, depart1nents, bo~x-ds,<br />

or other bodies authorized or created by the Stale which operate wl1olly<br />

withi.n the Slate~<br />

2,6 CoDtractiny agency- any StD·te agency wl1lch awards or<br />

administers a State or State-assistecl contract.<br />

co~nissions<br />

2. 7 ~..~cnt.l~act.or - .:lhy bidder for o.r a\IJax-dr:c of a contt·act, a:..;<br />

defined above, obtained th.t"ough comp<strong>et</strong>itive biddinq procedurccs or<br />

otherwi::~e.<br />

2.8 Applicant -an~' entity which appljE~s f~r State assistance,<br />

and .ir'lcludE:'S such applicant aftt?r it becor~tes a recipient of E31lch State<br />

assistance.<br />

2. 9 ltf..firmat:ivc: action p_roqrans - prc):-;l·amt: ,·).ppl-O'led or a..doptc~ri<br />

by the cornmissi.on0.r of lluman Hiqht:::;·t.u assure c.qu~·.l cmploymc~nl<br />

oppo.rtun:i.ty for m::Lnority· g.r:cn::.p pcx.-son:_; and VlOrncn by SLatt:: and Stat.easnisted<br />

contrac<strong>to</strong>rs. Such programs shall iJ1Cl~t3£~~ at ~ mirlimum,<br />

provi.sions requiring contrac<strong>to</strong>rs <strong>to</strong> rnake gtlod fait~~ c~ffcrts <strong>to</strong> a~l1ieve goals<br />

and tinr2tables designed <strong>to</strong> re::l"ct adequate utili?;ation of nJ.nority gt"oup<br />

persons anc1 '"~\'owen~<br />

3~1 Except for cont1·acts exe;n~tcd in accorciancc wlt~t Article V<br />

hereof, all State co11tractin~ agencies shall include i11 2vcry cor1tract<br />

hereafter entered in<strong>to</strong>, and the bid <strong>doc</strong>uments therefor, the following<br />

provi:::d.ons:<br />

{a) TlH:~ contract~or '~\'ill no-:: discriminate a.qainst. c1r:ployc~(:s (')r<br />

app~_icants for •:'mploynH:::nt bccau~;c of race, c~:eeJ, co:~.or¥<br />

national origir1, sex, aqo, disabj_l1t~ or n~ari.tal st~tll~~<br />

artd will undertake program~ of ~Ffirrnativc actiotl <strong>to</strong> insur£~<br />

t.hat they are rlf for·dcd cqua.l employment cppo~tuni t j_es<br />

without discrimination. Such actior1 sl1Al1_ be tater1 witt1<br />

rt:::fe:cr.;:nco, but not be l_Lrnited -<strong>to</strong>: rccrl~it.mont, e1nployrnent,<br />

job assig~roent 1 proGotiOil, U[lgradirlg, dGmotiorl, tran~ferr<br />

la\'off, c)r termi11ation, ra<strong>to</strong>s of pay or other forms of compe~sc:.tio!l,<br />

and sel~:!ction for~ trai~.inq or r<strong>et</strong>ra:-:__ning, in--<br />

. eluding c;pprenticesrli.p and on-U:c-job tral.ni.ng.<br />

{b)<br />

If the contLac<strong>to</strong>r is directed <strong>to</strong> do so by tl1e contracti:1q<br />

ag~~ncy or tttc Office of State Co11tract Co1npliance (h0renfter<br />

OSCC) y ~.--he contract:or ~;;hall requost each employment_ c'H:Jcncy,<br />

labor nn_iont or author·i ~~cd rcpresentati"'.!C~ t";f 1/,rockE~rs v..ri:.:h<br />

vJhich he hz.ts a collective bo-(g<strong>et</strong>ininq or othc!r c~s~recmcnt or<br />

i.Hic1•.3rstandin(J, <strong>to</strong> turr~is:1 1Ji.rn \\ 7 ith a wr.j_t_tcn ~::Latt?:me.nc Lllat<br />

such cmp1.oync:nt asr.:~ncy, luboY union or 1--c:preser!Lat-. .i•..?c 'f,.;i L1.<br />

not discrim~.Jla<strong>to</strong> because of rae~, creed, c~olor, nati.onal origitl,<br />

sex, age, disability o~ n1a~ital status a11d thi~t such labor<br />

un.Lon or repr~s~n~·ativ~ will affi.rmativ2ly cooper~te ill the<br />

~nplementation of the contrac<strong>to</strong>r's obligations hereunder<br />

and the purposes of <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong> 45(1976).<br />


1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case certified MDL No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>, <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> <strong>2017</strong>-10-06 Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 5 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

(c) Th{~ contrac<strong>to</strong>r 'dill sj-:Jt.:c, in all solicitationt; or cvJvcr-++<br />

t.i.sement.s for cmployercs rjJ.acE'd by ClX on behalf of the<br />

contrac<strong>to</strong>r, that all g~alified applicants will be afforded<br />

equul employment oppcr~uniti(:;:; \Yi.t.hout discr:i..mination<br />

because of race, creed, color, national origi11, sex, ase,<br />

disability or marital status.<br />

(d) The contrac<strong>to</strong>r will comply with all the prov~sions of<br />

<strong>Executive</strong> Ord0r 45 (l:rf1) . <strong>to</strong> interveu;<br />

and protect the interests of the State of New York.<br />

3 .. 2 Every Stz1te contract hcrr~a..fter entered in<strong>to</strong>, c:.nd the<br />

biddi g <strong>doc</strong>urnents thert~f

<strong>07</strong>54<br />

1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case MDL certified No. 3011 <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 6 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

- 5 ~<br />

Article IV -<br />

Contract Provisions : State Assisted Contracts<br />

------ -<br />

4- l Gach s t.a t,~ agency which ad:ninis ter s a program .i.nvol v i.ng<br />

State assistance as defined in Section 2.4, shall include in any contract<br />

entered in<strong>to</strong> with an applicant for State Assistance provisions tbot said<br />

applicant undertake and agx:•28 <strong>to</strong> incorporate or c2use <strong>to</strong> l:Ha incorporated<br />

in all conlra.cts enterecl in<strong>to</strong> by ttw applJ.cant purmwnt <strong>to</strong> 'che purposes<br />

for which the assistance is granted, the provisions 2rescribed LU<br />

Section 3.1 <strong>to</strong>g<strong>et</strong>her with the provisions prescribed in Section 3.2 for<br />

prospective contrac<strong>to</strong>rs.<br />

4. 2 T::ach such contract shall also require the arpLicant t.o<br />

undertal~c and a9r~e: (l) <strong>to</strong> assist and cooperate act._L_vely ~rVith the contractir1g<br />

agency ahd tl1e OSCC l11 obtain:l~g the compliance of COJ1tractcrs<br />

and subcant:cac<strong>to</strong>1:s •,.;:ith St1ch provisions; ( 2) <strong>to</strong> obtain and <strong>to</strong> .furnj o;h <strong>to</strong><br />

the contracting agency and <strong>to</strong> oscc such information as they may recruire<br />

for th~~ supervision o.f such compliance; {3) <strong>to</strong> carr? out sanct-.ions fot'<br />

violation oE suci1 obligations~ imposed upo11 contrac<strong>to</strong>rs and subcontrac<strong>to</strong>rs<br />

by t.i'e Cornmissionor of lhlmm-, Rights or t:he contracting agency pu:rsu:mt <strong>to</strong><br />

Article VTT o.f this <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong>; and (4) <strong>to</strong> r(:frain from e;;tering in<strong>to</strong><br />

any contr

1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case MDL certified No. 3011 <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 7 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

- 6 -<br />

6~2 All State ag0ncies shall require every con~rac<strong>to</strong>r working<br />

on a. State or State-assisted contract <strong>to</strong> file, ,,nd <strong>to</strong> cause C'Jcl1 of its<br />

subc:ontrac1:ot:-s <strong>to</strong> fiJ.e, such pc.r-iodic compliance L{~pox-t-..s as t:J1e Commissioner<br />

of Human Riqhts may prt;;~;cribc~ by rule or res-Julatior1.. Sta7:.e. aqouci.es shall<br />

require each StiCh contrac<strong>to</strong>r <strong>to</strong> keep and ma.intain such records pertaining<br />

<strong>to</strong> its employment practices as the Corn.F:issioner of n·J.rr:an I?..i~;;hts may prescribe<br />

by rule or regulation, atld sl1all cause its subcontrac<strong>to</strong>rs <strong>to</strong> keep and<br />

mainta.in such records.<br />

6. 3 Onder rulGs c.nd regulat.ion:s presccibE~d by the Com.r:.-1issioner<br />

of fiumari Rights, each agency compliance ()fficer shall make every effort<br />

.<strong>to</strong> secure compli,ance •.v'Ji:-.h the contract provisions requir.~d pursuant <strong>to</strong><br />

Articles III

1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case certified MDL No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 8 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

7~2 'T'he Cor.rrnissioner of Human nj'-]hts in a.d~.lition <strong>to</strong>. or in place<br />

of the foregoing and without a hearing, may:<br />

{a) Pub.l.i.::;h or ca.u:::~~ t.o be published the t"lJ:G.i.eS of unions or<br />

o·th·:::r bodies o.nd orqanizat:Lons vvhicl: tho Commissioner has<br />

concluded hdvc: interfered w.i.th or imp·2ded cor~:pJ .. i.tutc:e· v~~.i. Lh<br />

the contract provisions or

1977-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>12</strong>; Filed Transcript of Record 5-9-77-<br />

Case certified MDL No. <strong>2017</strong>-<strong>07</strong>-<strong>25</strong> 3011 Document <strong>doc</strong> <strong>12</strong>,<strong>2017</strong>-10-06 <strong>25</strong>-<strong>22</strong> Filed 06/24/21 <strong>doc</strong> 23, Page 9 of 9<br />

<strong>2017</strong>-08-09-3 <strong>doc</strong> 2, <strong>2017</strong>-08-09-4 <strong>doc</strong> 1-6<br />

- 8 -<br />

If any part of this Ordqr cr tha npplication there(>( ~0 a~v J?~~r~~o~<br />

or circumstances be adjuc1~lE?c1 invalid by a.ny court of cnmpelcnt :ji~rf~dlcti~;n.·,<br />

such jtldgement sl1all be cor1fin2d in its operation <strong>to</strong> the part, provision or<br />

application directly involved ir. t.he cont:r·oversy in which such juocp:1ent<br />

shall have been render~d and shall not affect or in~air the validity of the<br />

remainder nf this <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong> or the application thereof <strong>to</strong> other persons<br />

or circumstances.<br />

Executiv0 <strong>Order</strong> No. 43r dated January 2·1, 1971, and continu2d by<br />

Ekecutive <strong>Order</strong> No. 1, dated JallLJary 1, 1975, is hereby revoked and sup~rs2ded<br />

by this <strong>Executive</strong> <strong>Order</strong>, whicl1 shalJ. become effective thirty (30) days after<br />

its date.<br />

GIVEN under my hand and the ~rivy<br />

Seal of the State at the Capi<strong>to</strong>l<br />

in the Cl ty of 7'\.lbar::y this fT -rt_.<br />

yo ... "'..v...o...""'Y,<br />

day of 'fl.ee0Rlli4i, :l n the year<br />

of our Lord, o~1e thousar1d nine<br />

SJl..A-~·-Y\ •<br />

hundred sevc:ty-..,...,_<br />

BY 'l'tlE GOVEH.t:rOR:<br />

Secr<strong>et</strong>ary <strong>to</strong> the Governor:<br />


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