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4 Why Choose the School of Professional Studies (SPS)?

6 The SPS Unique Learning Toolbox

8 Mode of Delivery of ACCA Courses

10 Important Information About Your Studies at SPS

12 Tutors’ Profiles

18 Course Fees

19 The SPS Loyalty Scheme

19 Financial Aid and Flexible Payment Terms

20 Planning Your ACCA Studies

22 Timetables

30 SPS Administration Team

Why Choose the School of Professional Studies (SPS)?

Why Choose the School

of Professional Studies?


First College in Cyprus offering professional courses since 1977 -

More than 40 years of excellence

2 First Class Lecturing Team of highly qualified and experienced tutors


ACCA Platinum Tuition Provider -

The highest recognition offered by ACCA to tuition providers

4 Excellent pass rates monitored by ACCA


The only institution in Cyprus offering an innovative approach to delivering ACCA

training by enhancing the classroom tuition with BPP online courses at no extra cost,

offering the ideal learning toolbox

6 Excellent student support and guidance




Using technology to improve students’ learning experience with enhanced digital

study options

8 ACCA Approved CBE Centre (both in Nicosia and Limassol campus)

9 Continuous support from BPP UK

10 Career and professional development though the SPS employer network


The SPS Unique Learning Toolbox

*The BPP Online Course

SPS is the only tuition provider in Cyprus that offers the following unique learning toolbox to students:

The BPP online course offers the following learning tools which will enhance the learning experience and will help

students succeed in their professional exams:

BPP Online Course* at no additional cost.

The BPP online courses are not available for the Cyprus variant papers

BPP textbook/workbook at no additional cost

Flexible study options for students. SPS offers part-time (evening) courses and

Block Release courses for all ACCA papers after the first three


Recorded lectures, covering the whole syllabus helping students revise difficult and

key areas of the syllabus at their own pace, In addition, the recorded lectures can help

students catch up with classroom tuition they might have missed

2 Assumed knowledge videos, recapping any prerequisite topics


Assessment activities (including online practice questions), helping student identify

their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of the syllabus

4 Short videos, summarising the key areas of the syllabus

5 Constructed response questions are available for practice, followed by debrief videos



Supplementary student guidance,including Pre-Revision Guidance, Retake Guidance,

Syllabus Changes Summary

CBE software practice area can be used to solve constructed response questions in

real CBE environment



Mode of Delivery of ACCA Courses

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) of Cyprus College offers evening (part-time) and block release courses

(BRCs) leading to the ACCA exams.


Usually commence in the 3rd week of January (for the June exams) and in the 3rd

week of July (for the December exams) and

Are usually taught on a weekly basis (1-2 times per week), 6:15 - 9:15 pm.

Occasionally, Saturday classes might be held from 9:00 am - to 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm

(specific details for each course are provided on the timetable)


Usually commence late February (for the June exams) and late August

(for the December exams)

These intensive courses are implemented between four to six phases depending on

the subject:

- 3 to 5 teaching phases (usually Friday and Saturday) which are held every 3 weeks

- 1 revision phase (spread over 3 to 4 separate weeks thus allowing students

adequate time to revise the material)

Hybrid tuition: where the classroom mode of delivery applies, the HYBRID model will also be used. When students

are unable to join face-to-face classes, the hybrid mode allows them to attend in a synchronous manner online.

The recordings will be made available to the students to watch in their own time.



Important Information About Your Studies at SPS

Important Information About

Your Studies at SPS


This Scheme allows ACCA students who have taken a paper at the SPS to attend entirely free of charge the same

course in the next semester in the unlikely event of being unsuccessful, provided they meet the following conditions:

1 At least 90% attendance

2 At least 35% on each progress test and the final mock exam


All tests and the mock exam were attended on the SPS premises,

on the scheduled date


Students who have received exemptions from any ACCA paper, and especially from TX(F6) and FR(F7), can join the

respective full SPS courses at no cost provided that they will attend the corresponding ACCA advanced papers (ATX

and SBR) at SPS later on. Students will be provided with the textbook and revision kit free of charge. This will help

students refresh their knowledge and bring it up to date before attending the next ACCA papers, thus increasing

their chances of passing the next ACCA papers on first attempt.




Our Award Winning Team of Tutors


Tutors’ profiles

Our award-winning team of tutors is comprised of highly qualified professionals with vast teaching

experience. Our tutors are student-oriented and their main concern is how they can best assist

you in preparing and successfully passing your ACCA exams. Our tutors are very passionate

about teaching, which is reflected not only in the positive comments and feedback received by

their students, but also in the results.

Our students consistently achieve pass rates in their ACCA exams well above the worldwide

ones. That is why SPS has been awarded with the Platinum Approved Learning Partner status by

the ACCA.


Dr. Efstathiades Andreas BEng, MPhil, PhD

BT Blended Course

Dr. Andreas Efstathiades holds a BEng (Hons) degree from Engineering Council (UK)

and MPhil and PhD degree in Management from the United Kingdom. He is currently a

Professor and the MBA Program Coordinator at the European University Cyprus. He is

an experienced consultant in Business Planning and Human Resource Development.

Therefore he can relate theory to real life examples. Andreas is an experienced trainer

with over 20 years of experience teaching Professional and ACCA courses. His area of

specialization is strategic and operations management.

Xhollo Elena BA (Hons), MSc, CTP, ACA

MA Evening Course

ATX Block Release Course

Elena is a qualified chartered accountant (ACA) with a BA (Hons) in Business

Administration and an MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics. She has worked for

a decade in the profession; initially as an auditor of investment holding companies

and financial institutions for one of the big four firms in Cyprus. Later on, she worked

from the position of a manager in the tax and legal department, overseeing a large

portfolio of clients. During her involvement in the audit and corporate compliance

sector, Elena managed a large portfolio of clients and had hands on experience

on corporate compliance, tax and legal matters, Anti – Money Laundering (AML)

legislation, FATC, CRS and other relevant legislations. As of 2016, she’s a full time

tutor at the SPS of Cyprus College, teaching a range of subjects: UK Tax Compliance

and Principles of Taxation (ACA), Cyprus Advanced Taxation (ACCA), Financial

Accounting (ACA) and Management Accounting (ACA and ACCA). Furthermore, she

is an approved HRDA level 5 trainer and delivers a variety of professional seminars.

Kythreotou Maria BA (Hons), FCCA

FA Evening Course

TX (CY) Evening and Block Release Courses

Maria is a qualified accountant (FCCA) with a BA (Hons) degree in Economics from

the UK. She has been teaching professional courses, ACCA and ICAEW, in Cyprus

and abroad for more than 20 years. Her areas of specialization are Taxation,

Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. Maria has earned a lot of

experience working in one of the Big Four firms and in the industry holding the

position of financial controller. Maria also teaches courses leading to the ICAEW

qualification at SPS.


Ilia Kammitsi Michaelides LLB,LLM

LW(CY) Evening and Block Release Courses

Ilia studied law in UK, and holds an LLB degree from Warwick University and an LLM

Georgia Karayiannides BA (Hons), ACA

AA Evening Course

banking, corporate, contract and tort law. She has been working in the banking sector for

the last seventeen (17) years and she is currently a Manager of Legal Advisors at Bank of

Cyprus Public Co Ltd. She is the co-author of the book “Cyprus Corporate and Business

Law” (6th edition) which is the ACCA LW (CY) manual. Ilia’s extensive experience in Law

coupled with her ability to convey the information in an understandable way makes the

subject interesting. Ilia will be using exam focused course notes to help students to pass

their exams.

Kasapis Pantelis BSc, FCCA, MBA, MPSM, MAAT

PM Evening and Block Release Courses

and Assurance) and has 11 years of experience in accounting /reporting departments in

large local and international organisations. Georgia teaches the AA evening course with

enthusiasm and assists students to adopt a structured step by step approach to their

studies to enable them succeed in their examination.

Michaelides Michael BA (Acct), FCCA

FM Evening and Block Release Courses

Michael is the Director of the School of Professional Studies (SPS) of Cyprus College.

School of Economics (UK), an MBA and an MPSM from the CIIM. Pantelis is an

experienced instructor with over ten (10) years of teaching experience. His area

gained extensive working experience in the audit practice working for big audit

enables him to relate the PM material to real life examples and this allows him to

make the syllabus more understandable to students.

and has earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from a USA university. Michael

has been teaching professional courses for more than 25 years in Cyprus and

abroad. He specializes in the areas of Financial Management (FM) and Management

Accounting. He has taught a number of ACCA and ICAEW papers in the past. He

currently teaches the ACCA and ICAEW FM papers. Michael has developed his own

course notes, adequately covering the FM material so as to help students better

prepare for their exams. Michael welcomes questions throughout the course to

Marcou Argyris, BSc, ACA

FR (INT) Block Release Course

to develop and reinforce their knowledge as they progress through the course. As

the SPS Director and FM lecturer, Michael participates at the ACCA’s and ICAEW’S

Teachers’ Conferences and attends the presentations delivered by the examiners.


Services Department. His duties included the handing of a broad portfolio of clients

in the Trading, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction and Investment sectors. As of

January 2018, Argyris admitted the position of Chief Accountant for a Group of

Companies operating overseas.

Antonia Solomou BSc, MSc, ACCA

FR (INT) Evening Course

Antonia is the Head of ACCA/TQUK customer service of the School of Professional

of ICPAC with a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics

from the University of Cyprus. She started her teaching career back in 2004 and

since 2008 she teaches ACCA and ICAEW professional courses, specialising in

Financial Accounting and Reporting papers. Antonia is a very passionate, dedicated

and enthusiastic lecturer with a proven record of excellent results. She is a great

student mentor assisting ACCA students to choose the optimum exam path for the

Sordini Lorenzo BSc, CIA, FCCA

SBL Block Release Course

dealing with the provision of Web and Server Hosting services to clients worldwide.

For two decades served as CFO in the tourism sector through a company listed in

coupled with his extensive experience in the industry as a chief accountant and

manager, enable him to make the ACCA paper he teaches interesting to students.

He has also been involved with the teaching of ACCA paper P3 for several years

at SPS Nicosia. Additionally, Lorenzo is teaching the SBL paper in Greece, and the

ICAEW Business Strategy & Technology at SPS. He has prepared his own course

notes to better equip his students in passing their examinations.



Kyriacos Petrides BA, FCCA

SBL Evening Course

Kyriacos holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and History from the University of

Cape Town and is a qualified accountant (FCCA). He comes with over 25 years of

multinational experience in private enterprise, the accounting profession, manufacturing,

services and non-governmental organisations. He also has a passion for lectured young

professionals preparing for ACCA and ICAEW accounting exams with over 8 years of

experience in this field. Kyriacos has taught the ACCA Performance Management paper

in the past for SPS and the comments received by his students were very positive. He

currently works as the Chief Finance Officer in a London based Compliance Consulting

Firm. Kyriacos has prepared his own SBL exam focus notes in order to help students to

adequately prepare for the SBL exam.

Karyda Aliki BSc, ACA

SBR Evening Course

Aliki is a qualified accountant (ACA) with a BSc degree in Public and Business

Administration from University of Cyprus. She qualified with one of the big four firms,

acquiring valuable experience and knowledge in the areas of Financial Reporting and

Audit, before being employed on a full time basis by the SPS. Aliki is passionate and

enthusiastic with teaching and she makes every effort to explain difficult parts of the

syllabus in an understandable way. Aliki is also involved with the delivery of ICAEW

Financial Reporting and Corporate Reporting courses, with excellent results.

Nicolaou Pavlos MBA, FCCA

SBR (INT) Block Release Course

Pavlos has been teaching ACCA courses at Cyprus College since 2001 specializing

in the areas of Financial Accounting, Corporate Reporting and Management

Accounting. He is a qualified accountant (FCCA) and also holder of an MBA degree

from the United Kingdom. He has taught ACCA courses both in Cyprus and abroad.

He has also taught the F7 paper (Financial reporting) for a number of years at

SPS Nicosia and the P2 paper (Corporate reporting) at SPS Nicosia and Limassol.

Pavlos has prepared his own set of notes which equip the student with the required

knowledge and technique so as to pass the SBR INT exam. Pavlos has worked in

one of the Big Four accounting firms earning experience in auditing and financial

accounting both in Cyprus and abroad.

Zambakides Nicos FCCA

ATX (CY) Evening Course

Nicos is a qualified accountant (FCCA) with a vast experience in teaching ACCA,

ICAEW, AAT and CAT courses in Cyprus and abroad specializing in both UK and

Cyprus Taxation. Nicos has taught the ACCA paper 3.2 UK and has been teaching

the ACCA P6 (CY) paper [ATX (CY)] since the introduction of the Joint Examination

Scheme in 2003. He has developed his own lecture material in order to help

students better prepare themselves for the ATX (CY) exam. Nicos has the ability

to make tax interesting and understandable and is liked and respected by his

students for his professional yet friendly approach. Nicos also teaches the ACCA

ATX (CY) paper in our SPS Limassol centre and lectures in Taxation at the European

Aletrari Stavria BA, ACA

AAA Evening Course and AA Block Release Course

Stavria earned her BA (Hons), first class, in Finance, Accounting and Management from

Nottingham University before joining the London office of a big eight firm where she

qualified with the ICAEW. After working for more than 5 years in London leading teams

in providing Audit and Assurance services to a portfolio of clients, Stavria joined the

Assurance services of a big four firm in Cyprus leading teams in providing audit services

to both a portfolio of clients and on behalf of the European Commission. She later on

joined a major service provider firm holding the position of a manager. Stavria has been

part of the internal training teams in both the UK and Cyprus, thus being involved in the

provision of audit and accounting training to her colleagues. She is a very enthusiastic

and highly motivated individual who likes interacting with her students thus making the

subject matter interesting and comprehensible. Stavria’s extensive experience in audit

and assurance coupled with her ability to convey the information in an understandable

way allows students to develop the required skills and knowledge to adequately cope

with their AA and AAA exam.

Foka Elena BSc, ACA

AAA Block Release Course

Elena is a qualified accountant (ACA), a member of ICPAC and holder of a BSc

Hons in Accounting and Finance from the Lancaster University, UK and the SUNY

Binghamton University, New York. She has over 9 years of experience in the Audit

Department of Big 4 companies both in London and Cyprus, holding a group senior

manager role. Elena has strong technical skills in accounting, audit, IFRS, business

processes, finance transformation and financial control. Until recently, Elena was

actively involved in delivering in-house training and support, and was a member

of the external training group for technical and soft skills and the International

Financial Reporting Standards group (“IFRG”) providing insights, consultation and

training on financial reporting issues both internally and externally. Elena is also a

part time visiting lecturer at the University of Cyprus teaching the Advanced Audit

and Assurance module to the final year accounting students.


ACCA Course Fees*

The SPS Loyalty Scheme








Students who attend FIVE of the above papers at SPS, will be offered a 40% discount on the last (5th) paper.


- Business and Technology (blended course)**

- Management Accounting

- Financial Accounting








Students who attend ALL the strategic professional papers (SBL, SBR, ATX, AAA) at SPS, will be offered a 40%

discount on the last paper.


- Corporate and Business Law (CY)

- Performance Management

- Taxation (CY)

- Financial Reporting

- Audit and Assurance

- Financial Management


- Essentials

Strategic Business Leader

Strategic Business Reporting

















Discounts and Scholarships


SPS offers a 15% early bird discount if fees are settled by 31/01/2022. Students already benefiting from other

discounts can only benefit from an additional 5% early bird discount (full settlement by 31/01/2022).


Τhe SPS offers an out of city discount of 20% to students who reside in other districts.


Τhe SPS offers scholarships to university graduates with outstanding academic performance.


- Options

Advanced Taxation (CY)

Advanced Audit and Assurance



* Course fees for attending the full course for the first time. Reduced fees apply for retake and revision students.

** Business & Technology (BT) - blended course: The taught phase will be delivered through the BPP online course with the guidance and support

of the tutor, whereas the revision will be delivered live online with a Cyprus-based tutor.


- Classroom tuition (taught and revision phases)

- BPP online course - available for all papers, except for the Law and Tax variant papers

- Tutors’ course notes

- BPP textbook / workbook PLUS revision kit (for non-local variant papers)

- Local publishers’ material for LW, TX and ATX Cyprus variant papers

- Participation in invigilated test and mock exam

- Personalized feedback on test and mock exam

- Participation in the mock debrief session

- Participation in the SPS Don’t Pass Don’t Pay scheme



Students who do not complete the course will be changed on a pro-rata basis, based on the date of the submitted drop form.

Financial Aid and Flexible Payment Terms

The School of Professional Studies is sensitive to students’ financial challenges and needs. For this reason, we

offer various financial aid discounts and flexible payment terms to our students.


Students with financial need can apply for reduction of fees by completing the relevant financial aid application

form and submitting it to the SPS along with all supporting documentation. All applications for financial aid

are carefully and confidentially reviewed by the relevant committee and the student is then informed of the

percentage that the fees will be reduced. Financial aid is offered to students with families with low income, single

parent families, large families etc.


All students are entitled to flexible payment terms. The course fee is settled in five equal monthly installments,

due at the end of each month (31/01, 28/02, 31/03, 3O/04, 31/05).


Planning Your ACCA Studies

It is vital to decide in advance how many and which papers you will attempt in each examination

sitting. Our experienced ACCA administrators can help you plan your ACCA studies considering

your personal circumstances.




Timetable - ACCA Evening Courses


If Covid-related conditions, governmental legislation and recommendations permit it,

our lectures will be delivered face-to-face in classes. If at any point we are unable to

deliver face-to-face lectures, our lectures will continue with live-on-line delivery.

Special arrangements have also been made in order to accommodate for students

who for Covid-related reasons might not be able to attend face-to-face lectures

during a specific period.



Timetable - ACCA Evening Courses




Timetable - ACCA Block Release Courses


If Covid-related conditions, governmental legislation and recommendations permit it,

our lectures will be delivered face-to-face in classes. If at any point we are unable to

deliver face-to-face lectures, our lectures will continue with live-on-line delivery.

Special arrangements have also been made in order to accommodate for students

who for Covid-related reasons might not be able to attend face-to-face lectures

during a specific period.



Timetable - ACCA Block Release Courses




SPS Administration Team - Nicosia




Michael Michaelides

Director of the School of Professional Studies



Antonia Solomou

Head of ACCA/TQUK customer service

Elena Anastasiou Kyprianou


Payments, sponsorship letters,

general ACCA queries

Maria Dalmira


ACCA Books and materials








Tel: 22 713 230



Tel: 22 870 030



Tel: 0044 141 582 2000


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