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Maturity Journal


Volume 36 Issue 4 April 2021

Entertaining Evansville,

Part 8: The Hoosier Sentimentalist

By Peggy K. Newton

“Oh the moonlight’s fair tonight

along the Wabash….”

In the age before radio, when

recorded music was limited to cylinders,

the success of a song depended

on the sales of sheet music. Paul

Dresser found that he could write

successful songs and make as much

money, maybe more, by staying in

one place and concentrating on

songwriting rather than performing.

In a 20-year span he wrote and

published 150 songs, and over his

lifetime he earned about $375,000

(equivalent to $9,670,500 in 2009).

Of that, $100,000 came from sheet

music sales of “On the Banks of the

Wabash, Far Away” alone. The song,

published in 1897, was an immediate

solid hit in the music halls

and vaudeville circuits and soon in

parlors of homes across the country

where the piano was a family’s main

source of entertainment.

It would become the first state

song for Indiana in 1913 (later joined


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by the more “modern” “Back Home

in Indiana,” which is sung or played

each year during opening ceremonies

of the Indy 500). In the first verse

Dresser recalls memories of seeing

his mother standing in the doorway

of the old homestead. In the second

less familiar verse, he refers to an

old love, Mary, who died long ago.

On the original sheet music Dresser

dedicated the song to Mary E. South

of Terre Haute, but she was not the

Mary referred to in the song. Dresser

told an acquaintance that he had

used the name “Mary” for “rhythmic

purposes,” according to South Bend

writer Clayton Henderson, author

of On the Banks of the Wabash: The

Life and Music of Paul Dresser. At

the time it was common practice for

songwriters to dedicate their songs to

people they knew. Dresser couldn’t

think of anyone he knew named

Mary and asked his friend if he knew

anyone named Mary. His friend said

he knew a 14-year-old girl, daughter

of a Terre Haute Big Four Railroad

general agent, who was “as pretty as a

dream and sings delightfully.”

In time, Paul Dresser would

meet her after they exchanged a

series of letters, but he went ahead

and dedicated the song to her, sight

unseen. Was there, in fact, a “Mary”

Louise Dresser at the beginning of

her career (Billy Rose Collection,

New York Public Library)

in his past? Dorothy Clark, a Vigo

County historian recounted a legend

that Dresser courted Mary O’Brien

of Terre Haute early in his career.

Her father did not like the idea of

her going out with a man associated

with show business and wouldn’t

allow her to go out with him. Not

long after Dresser went back on

the road with his touring company,

Mary died. It makes a good story but

has not been verified.

When it came to women,

Dresser was consistently mysterious,

as the protagonist of another of his

hit songs shows.

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Maturity Journal

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“They called her frivolous Sal,

A peculiar sort of a gal….”

For more than a century frivolous

Sal, like Mary, was a mystery. The

song “My Gal Sal” may be forgotten

today but for at least a half-century

it was a pop standard. Jackie Gleason

sang it at the beginning of the Joe the

Bartender segment on his old variety

show. Singers as disparate as Jelly

Roll Morton, the Everly Brothers,

and Bobby Darin have recorded it. (I

can hear Millenials asking, “Who are

they?”) Rita Hayworth played the

title role in the 1940s’ 20th Century

Fox film, My Gal Sal, to Victor

Mature’s Paul Dresser. But the real

gal Sal remained elusive.

Paul’s brother, Theodore Dreiser,

wrote that Sal was Annie Brace, who

used the name Sallie Walker professionally.

Professionally she was

a madam who lived in one of the

fancier “houses” in Evansville. Sallie

Walker’s considerable generosity

matched her beauty. When Paul first

brought his family to Evansville, she

helped provide food and clothing,

and it’s been said that for a while

Paul and Sallie had an intense relationship.

But no one could locate either

Annie Brace or Sallie Walker in the

Evansville newspapers or the city

directories. John Jeremiah Sullivan, a

writer for New York Times Magazine,

told Domenica Bongiovanni, of the

Indy Star website, that he found her

after hours of searching old newspapers

on microfilm. Her professional

name was Sallie Davis and

her real name was probably Annie

Swonner. Her relationship with Paul

Dresser ended due to his seeing other

women, including other prostitutes.

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As for the many songs he wrote,

it is just as well that most of them

remain forgotten, not so much due

to their sentimentality as to their

overt racism. A certain genre of song

was popular in the latter 1800s and

into the early 20th century; there’s

no merit in mentioning the name of

that genre, but Dresser contributed

his fair share of songs.

Soon after the success of “On the

Banks of the Wabash, Far Away,”

Dresser became an active partner in

the Howley, Haviland and Company

music publishers; heretofore he had

been a silent partner. The company

was renamed Howley, Haviland

and Dresser with the idea that his

name would invite other successful

songwriters to sign with them. This

prompted a move to New York.

But one day he was in Chicago

on business when a very young and

beautiful blonde-haired woman

Maturity Journal

asked to see him. She was from Ohio,

she said, but was born and spent

her early childhood in Evansville.

Her father was an engineer for the

Evansville & Terre Haute Railroad.

Perhaps Paul remembered him. His

name was Kerlin.

Remembered him? He certainly

did! Paul said he was a young kid

selling newspapers on the train to

help make ends meet for his family.

People used to make fun of him

because of his size, but his father was

always kind to him.

The girl, whose name was Lulu,

told Paul that after the family left

Evansville her father was killed in

a train wreck in Ohio. Greatly saddened,

Paul told her he was sorry

to hear that. Was there anything he

could do for her?

Lulu said, as a matter of fact, that

she wanted some advice. She said

she was told that she had a lovely


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Paul Dresser dedicated this song to a

girl he never met until after the fact.

singing voice and decided to go into

show business. Paul thought for a

few minutes and then made a phone

call. He scheduled Lulu for a show

he was involved with in Chicago but

used her given first name — Louise

— and told her to use Dresser as her

last name. He would tell people she

was his sister. And that’s how Louise

Dresser, who became a beloved star

of the musical stage and, later, an

excellent character actress in silent

and talking movies, got her start. In

1927 Louise was one of the three

actresses nominated for Best Actress

in the first Academy Awards.

Paul Dresser’s lifestyle and circumstances

finally caught up with

him as the 20th century entered its

fifth year. With the new century

came a new type of American music

with uptempo, syncopated rhythm.

Suddenly ragtime, or jazz, was all the

rage. Suddenly Paul Dresser’s sentimental

music was old-fashioned.

Paul left Howley, Haviland and

Dresser. His music no longer sold

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APRIL 2021


April 2021 Page 5

Maturity Journal

Page 6 april 2021

and he could not entice the ragtime

artists to sign up with him. Years of

high living took a toll on his health

and finances. He ended up losing

everything he had and moving in

with his sister and brother-in-law.

On January 30, 1906, he suffered

a fatal brain hemorrhage. He was

three months shy of his 48th birthday.

He was buried in an unmarked

grave in Chicago, and there matters

stood until the mid-1920s when

someone proposed a memorial to

the writer of the state song. The

idea took on roots but was forgotten

when the Great Depression hit and

once more Paul Dresser went back

into obscurity.

It took someone like Monte

Katterjohn to bring him back, but

not before Katterjohn had his own

encounter with Louise Dresser and

his own taste of fame, fortune and

ultimately heartbreak. MJ


Storms make trees take

deeper roots.

~ Dolly Parton

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Page 8 april 2021


Tri-State History September1976 to August 1977

By Harold Morgan

September 1976: An anti-busing crowd of 1,200

people in Louisville was tear gassed by police. Smoking

was banned on Evansville city buses. Kent Chevrolet began

rebuilding its burned dealership at Second and Vine

Streets. Patty Hurst, a former kidnap victim, was given a

seven-year prison sentence for armed bank robbery. (She

said she was forced into the robbery.)

October 1976: Barbara Walters was the first woman

TV anchor on the ABC Evening News. Evansville teenagers

were given a community center at St. Joseph Avenue

and Franklin Street; this was a converted IGA market.

The Ray Becker Parkway that would extend St. Joseph

Avenue to the southeast was approved for construction.

The $1.2 million high-tech Evansville airport control

tower off Highway 57 was fully operational and dedicated;

it had been in use since December 1975. Elvis Presley

sang in Roberts Stadium for 13,500 thrilled fans. The

Four-Freedoms Monument was completed on the Evansville

riverfront. Walgreen Drugs bought the former ABC

Discount Center on Washington Avenue.

November 1976: Orr Steel Company closed all operations;

it was Evansville’s oldest business; the Samuel

Orr Company opened on Main Street in 1835. The University

of Evansville received a grant for its Science and

Engineering building. Bob Hope presented an Evansville

Evansville's Four Freedoms Monument was completed

on the riverfront in October 1976. (Willard Library


show for 1,600 guests in the Executive Inn hotel.

December 1976: Gary Gilmore was executed by firing

squad in Draper, Utah for the murder of a Provo hotel

clerk. Swine flu shots were halted immediately across

America from fear of causing temporary paralysis. Ohio

River traffic was halted for a week or more due to an

11-barge tow crashing into the Dam 51 gates near Golconda,

Illinois. The Vanderburgh County building boom

in 1976 was a record setter.

Sally (Angermeier) Primus, M.D.

East and North locations

Comprehensive eye care with passion for Macular Degeneration and Diabetes


Accepting New Patients

January 1977: It was revealed that $3,000 was stolen

from an open safe in the Vanderburgh Clerk's office on

December 13, 1976. University of Evansville basketball

coach Arad McCutchan announced his retirement at the

end of the season. The Ohio River was covered by ice and

river traffic was blocked. Evansville had 10 inches of snow

with a -16 degree temperature.

Mead Johnson would build a $20 million expansion in

Mount Vernon. It was 21 degrees below zero on January

17, 1977 and was the second lowest temperature ever recorded

in Evansville. The Ohio River ice was eight inches

thick. The area fuel supply was low because of the ice

blockage of river barges. More than $125,000 was found

missing from Evansville parking meter funds over a fouryear

period, and former parking meter supervisor Harry

Hall and his wife were indicted.

10,000 Vietnam draft evaders were pardoned. The

TV series Roots began on ABC. The conversion to the

metric system was well underway. Evansville’s water system

was shut down to avoid flood crest damage. A minus

12 temperature increased the local heating gas problem.

Evansville had its coldest month in history with an average

temperature of 14.8 degrees.

February 1977: SIGECO asked homes to lower home

temperature at least two degrees, and local stores cut their

open hours to help. The Wadesville Athletic Club was

raided and 90 to 100 people were arrested for drug and

alcohol violations. A major fire in the Princeton oil refinery

developed when a 420,000-gallon oil storage tank

erupted; it was visible 30 miles away during the afternoon

Maturity Journal

The Beverly Hills nightclub fire killed 165 people and

changed fire regulations around the world. (Public

domain photo)

and the blaze was controlled after an eight-hour fight by

firemen. Former University of Evansville basketball star

Jerry Sloan accepted the position of basketball coach;

after one week Sloan quit the job because it was much

more demanding than he was prepared to take. Whirlpool

returned its air-conditioner production equipment

to Evansville from the Marion, Ohio plant.

March 1977: Eastland Mall was announced for Evansville,

and it was to be completed by 1981. Northbrook

Plaza at First Avenue and Buena Vista Road was announced

for Evansville and would open in late 1977.

Highway signs were posted along highways promoting

the conversion to the metric system over a 10-year transition


575 people were killed when two 747 airliners crashed

Silver Birch

of Evansville

Inspiring purposeful lives for all

475 S Governor St. • Evansville, IN 47713


We are a Medicaid approved assisted living for the 55 and older population.


April 2021 Page 9

Page 10 april 2021

together on a fog-covered runway in Las Palmas in the

Canary Islands. There was a 60-foot visibility and the

airplanes carried a total of 643 crew and passengers. (A

bomb explosion at Las Palmas airport caused the rerouting

of the airliners.)

April 1977: Mount Vernon twice halted water intake

until a “hexa” pesticide spill passed the city water intake.

In a class action lawsuit, Evansville sued the EPA over

February water pollution. The Apple II computer was

introduced at a cost of $1,298. The estimated Evansville

census dropped by 5,000 over the past five years.

The old L&N railroad depot on Fulton Avenue became

the Evansville city garage site. A ship carrying 200 tons

of uranium ore disappeared between Germany and Italy

and the ship was never found; it may have been moved to

Israel to power a small reactor and other things.

May 1977: Evansville’s walkway from Riverside Drive

to First Street was approved. Richard Nixon apologized

for bad judgment during his presidency. The Indiana Supreme

Court halted the death penalty in the state; it cited

unclear federal guidelines. Indiana chose the east “county

line route” for the I-164 corridor; this was option B. 165

people were killed by fire in the Beverly Hills nightclub at

Southgate, Kentucky. (This devastating fire changed fire

regulations across the nation and around the world.)

June 1977: The Evansville to Mount Vernon four-lane

highway project was completed. 22 show horses were lost

in a barn fire at Jasper. Global warming was first mentioned

to be caused by carbon monoxide. Five men held

up the National City Bank on Vann Avenue and took

$12,600; on the next day five men held up Sandleben

Pharmacy on Harriett Street for $1,000.

Lawndale Shopping Center was sold and an expansion

was announced by the new owner. $180,000 was the high

bid for the Pleasant View Rest Home (the former Vanderburgh

County Poor Farm dormitory); $1.2 million

was expected. Oil began flowing through the Alaskan

pipeline on June 20. 42 people died in a smokey jail fire

in Columbia, Tennessee; the fire was set by a juvenile in

a padded cell.

July 1977: Indiana motorcyclists could now ride without

wearing a helmet; the law requiring a helmet had

been passed in 1967. The former Clearview Hospital near

Buena Vista and Kratzville Road was made a half-way

house for paroled convicts for up to 28 men. Evansville

was given a state grant of $300,000 to restore its old Post

Office building.

Maturity Journal

New York City had a total blackout caused by electrical

storms; power began to return after four hours. Alaskan

pipeline oil reached the Valdez Alaska port on July 30,

an 800-mile trip that took 41 days. A male ex-mental patient

was shot and killed at 29 West Franklin Street; he

held police at bay for 90 minutes with rifle sniper fire and

Evansville police entered his apartment when he refused

to surrender.

August 1977: In NYC the street killer “son of Sam”

killed his 12th and 13th victims. A long-awaited Roberts

Stadium audit revealed no fiscal irregularities (an earlier

rodeo promoter-renter claimed fraud). 38 city, county

and state police arrested about 100 youths at Kramer

Lake for drug and alcohol use; the raid took place after 10

PM on Sunday night.

NYC street killer “son of Sam” was arrested; his name

was Berkowitz. Elvis Presley died of heart failure in

Memphis at age 42. The five-county Evansville area had

129,200 workers. The 10-year-old Vanderburgh County

Auditorium was showing “age spots.” MJ

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It is important to know if the deceased was the primary

and sole person on the credit card account. The deceased

spouse may have had their spouse on the credit card as merely

an “authorized” user only. If the surviving spouse is only

an authorized user; and did not sign the agreement with

the credit card issuer and agree to be responsible, then the

surviving spouse is not responsible for charges before death.

The surviving spouse should not charge, nor anyone in

the family, on the credit card of the deceased after death,

or they could be responsible for these charges. Each credit

card company should immediately be notified, preferably in

writing, of the death of the spouse, and the card shredded

and removed from any automatic and electronic payments.

The surviving spouse should also notify the three credit

reporting agencies; and request the credit report of

their deceased spouse to which they are legally entitled to

obtain to make sure all creditors are notified and identified.

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the credit reporting agencies:

• Equifax Equifax.com 1-800-685-1111

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Most credit card companies will want the death certificate,

either a copy or an original based on their internal

practices. Some companies, like Discover independently

verify. This will “freeze” this credit card and prevent possible

identify theft or family use of the credit card, after the

spouse’s death.

Indiana law (every State differs) provides that unsecured

creditors, such as a credit card companies, only have

nine (9) months from the date of the death of the spouse

to formally open an estate and pursue their claim/bill. If

an estate is formally opened before this time, notice in the

paper and sending written notice by the personal representative

to known creditors will start the three (3) month time

for a credit card company to file a claim in the estate; but

still subject to the absolute nine (9) month deadline from

date of death for claim to be filed in deceased spouse’s estate.

It is important not to quickly pay a credit card company

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have priority, or even administration expenses or taxes lawfully

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April 2021 Page 11

Maturity Journal

Page 12 april 2021

Hometown History Contest

Presented by Lyn Martin, Special Collections Librarian, Willard Library

Study the photo below, answer the question relating to the photo, and you’re a potential

winner! It’s that easy! Entries may be made by sending a note or card to the address below.

Please include your address and telephone number. Entries must be received no later than

the 17th of the month to be eligible, and only one entry per person will be allowed. The

winner will receive a Meal for Two at Carousel Restaurant. Send your Hometown History

Contest entries to:

Maturity Journal, 8077 Marywood Dr., Newburgh, IN 47630

Originally known as the Vanderburgh County

Society for Crippled Children and Adults,

this nonprofit was formed in 1946 to assist

people who needed braces, crutches, etc.

and even surgery. In 1978, the first Telethon

was broadcast from Washington Square and

continues annually. Services now include

physical, occupational, aquatic and speech

therapy, audiology, psychology and more. A

major fundraiser is the Ritzy’s “Fantasy of Lights” in Garvin Park. What organization,

in 2016, redesigned its logos, colors and brand standards and changed

its name from two words to one?


Congratulations to Marilyn Sutton of Boonville who correctly identified

CASA in our March issue. Marilyn has won a $25 MasterCard

from Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union.


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Indiana Foot & Ankle



Wound Care for Senior Citizens


Darin Serletic, DPM, FACFAS

• 26 yrs of lower extremity wound care expertise

• 4 yrs, Medical Director, St. Mary’s Diabetic Foot Clinic

• Currently, Staff Physician MHHCC Wound Care

• Joint Commission Certified Wound Care Clinic

• Medicare participating

• Offering Medicare approved advanced


• No referral required

STAT Care Building l 5010 Davis Lant Drive l Evansville, IN 47715

Phone: 812-858-3800 l Fax: 812-634-2909 l Email: pvppc@psci.net

Maturity Journal

Vectren is now CenterPoint Energy!

You’ll see our new logo on field

crew uniforms, advertisements, and

more while the same dependable

energy delivery you trust and the

service you’ve grown to appreciate

continue. Here are some things to

look for:

• Starting in late April or early

May, the bill you receive in the mail

or your email will be updated slightly.

Besides the new CenterPoint Energy

logo, your bill will look the same as

it did before the name change was


• If an employee comes to your

door, they will have a CenterPoint

Energy company badge that will be

displayed or shown on request and

they will be dressed in a CenterPoint

Energy uniform.

• Our company trucks are

also changing and will feature the

CenterPoint Energy logo.

The website will be transitioning

as well. Visit CenterPointEnergy.

com and choose Indiana from the

drop-down list of service areas. This

will direct you to the same website

you are familiar with, but it will

feature the CenterPoint Energy logo

and language. You will still access

your online account as you always

have. When you login to your online

account, you can manage your

account details, pay your bill, view

energy use reports, and even change

your service online.

We will continue to offer a variety

of rebates and programs to help

homeowners and businesses conserve

energy and save money. You can

explore available rebates, incentives,

and programs at CenterPointEnergy.


If you have any questions,

please visit our website at

CenterPointEnergy.com or call to

speak to a customer service representative

at 800-227-1376. We thank

you for your patience during this

transition and for helping celebrate

our new name.

Programs and services are operated

under the brand CenterPoint

Energy by Southern Indiana Gas

and Electric Company d/b/a

CenterPoint Energy Indiana South.

Get ready

for summer


Senior Community Service

Employment Program


The following paid training

positions are currently available:

• Custodial, Thrift Store Workers,


Program Eligibility Requirements:

• Must be age 55 or above

• Must reside in Gibson, Pike, Posey,

Vanderburgh or Warrick county

and show proof of residence

• Must meet Federal Poverty Income

Limit Guidelines and show proof of

all income

• Must be looking for permanent fulltime

or part-time employment

• Must be unemployed

For Further information, call

AARP Foundation Senior Employment


Spring is a great time to prepare for the hot weather ahead.

A smart thermostat can help you save energy and money while

staying comfortable! You can even earn a cool rebate. For more

information visit CenterPointEnergy.com/SmartSavings.

Please double check the program requirements online before purchasing equipment or applying for rebates.

When you bury the hatchet,

don’t mark the grave.

©2021 CenterPoint Energy 210130-02

CenterPointEnergy.com/SmartSavings | 866-240-8476

April 2021 Page 13

Maturity Journal

Archery • Badminton* • Basketball 3 on 3 • Bowling* • Cornhole*

Cycling* • Darts* • Disc Golf* • Golf18 Hole

Pickleball* • Power Walk* • Race Walk* • Racquetball

Road Race 5K* & 10K • Shuffleboard* • Swimming

Table Tennis* • Tennis* • Track & Field* • Triathlon • Volleyball

Recreation Day at the Park* • Celebration of Athlete’s Dinner*

*Events in Evansville, IN June 3 - 12, 2021

Register by May 25th


(812) 4764912

Our Mission: To Provide a Caring Community Through an

Atmosphere of Christian Love and Concern.

Medicare and Medicaid approved

Private and semiprivate rooms

LongTerm Nursing Care and ShortTerm Rehabilitation Care

Pigskin Power

• Football is a sport in which 22

perfect specimens get a 3-hour workout

while 50 million fans who need

the exercise sit back and watch them.

• Football confuses me. Each

team has a dozen beautiful cheerleaders,

but when the team scores,

the players hug each other

• The football coach was worried

that a candidate for the team

wouldn’t make his grades, so he

asked him, “What is 3 plus 3?”

“Five,” the player responded.

“He’ll do just fine,” said the

coach. “He only missed by 3.”

• Pro linemen are so big it only

takes 3 of them to make a dozen.

• The wife stepped in front of

the TV and confronted her couch

potato husband by declaring, “Play

me or trade me!”

• A second football widow tried

another tactic and donned a sheer

negligee and paraded herself in front

of the TV.

“Why did you buy a grey negligee?”

“I didn’t,” she answered. “It’s


Visit our website: www.goodsamhome.org

Call Laura Tate or Mallory Schweikhart in our Admissions Office

Make our Home your Home

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support our magazine.

Please return the

favor by

supporting them.

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Maturity Journal

Visit our Website


to see great photos like the one shown

here. While you’re there, explore our

site to enter contests, learn about the

MJ staff and MUCH MORE!

Feet of the Statue of

Liberty arrive on

Liberty Island 1885

Picturing Our Past

by Pat Sides,

Archivist at Willard Library

This is a view of the Pennsylvania Avenue Expressway

in 1961, looking towards the west. Even before the

Lloyd Expressway replaced it in the 1980s, it was a

major east-west thoroughfare in Evansville, stretching

between First Avenue and Rosenberger Avenue.

East of First Avenue, the highway narrowed to two

lanes and was

called Division

Street. Most of the

buildings in this

picture are now

gone, including the

Zephyr gas station

and other small businesses in the foreground. The tall

buildings in the distance — Orr Iron Company (left)

and Sterling Brewery (right) — once stood at or near

Fulton Avenue. They were razed in recent years, but

the Coca-Cola building (far right) still stands. MJ

Do You Have Questions About Your Medicare Insurance Options?

• Exactly what do I need to do when I turn age 65?

• What’ s the di ff erence between Medicare Supplements and Medicare


• What can I do if my Medicare Insurance Plan had a rate increase?

• How do I know if my doctors will accept my Medicare Insurance Plan?

• Which Medicare Insurance Plans cover dental and eye exams?

• How can I easily compare prices for all the plans I see advertised?

• How can I lower the cost of my medications?

Jo Burke, Jo Burke, MBA, MBA, CPA, ChFC, CPA CFP

Since 2003 we’ve assisted thousands

of local seniors. Call for your FREE

personal consultation today.

(812) 867-8358

2420 E. Morgan Avenue

Evansville, IN 47711

Not Affiliated with Medicare or any Government Agency.

April 2021 Page 15

Maturity Journal

Page 16 april 2021




By Jancey Smith


Visit janceys.blogspot.com

Do you remember back, about a

year ago, when traditional holidays

meant a dinner at the house with at

least parents, children and grandkids

creating family memories? Maybe

there were aunts, uncles and cousins

visiting while some kind of game was

involved in the fun. Hopefully soon,

our families can return to those traditions.

Even though they exhaust

me, I miss the little people. They

are germ-carrying, busy little bodies

that are just full of questions. The

hubby and I delight in watching our

children go through the trials of parenting.


This is just how I felt after one

traditional holiday dinner: “They

came and they conquered.” We

endured the in-and-out of shrieking

children through the front door and

that pitter-patter up and down the

stairs for hours. Please just let me

sink into my recliner and go on your

merry way, preferably home.

Once upon a time, I had a plan

for this holiday dinner but it unraveled

somewhere along the way. There

were interruptions that put me

behind and a few ingredients that I

forgot on the grocery list. It was time

to adapt — and quickly.

The plan was pretty simple considering

some of my grand ideas —

meat, a few sides, like hash brown

casserole, baked beans, assorted finger

foods, especially for the little

people, and a few desserts. The fruit

salad, deviled eggs and customary

Jell-O Jigglers were no problem.

However, I ran into a serious problem

with the Cranberry 7-up Salad

because I had used the gelatin for the

Jigglers. I had no time for a grocery

store run, nor did I have refrigerator

space. After a few more interruptions,

that entire idea went out the


I also had the great idea of using

a can of leftover pumpkin for a cake

drizzled with butterscotch topping

and crushed Butter Finger bars. As

luck would have it, I didn't bring

home the Butter Fingers. Agh! We'll

just have to get back to that experiment

later. But let me tell you, that

one turned out pretty good, but just

not for that holiday. Oops!

The one dish that turned out

• Maintenance-Free Living

We mow the Lawn, Rake the Leaves, Shovel the Snow

and even change the Light Bulbs!

We Do the Work, So You Don’t have to!

• Ideal Location

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to be a real hit with even the pickiest of eaters was the

stuffed pork loin. (It was time to try something other

than the traditional ham, and besides, pork loins had

been on sale.) I seasoned it with a dry rub that's perfect

for grilling and rolled it up with stuffing tucked inside.

Now of course, to make it even better, I wrapped each

loin in bacon. Why not? (the hubby called it pork-apalooza!)

Maturity Journal

Recipe of the Month

Bacon Wrapped-Stuffed Pork Loin

2/3 whole boneless pork loin, cut in 2 equal parts,

10-12 inches long

2 T. dry rub of choice

1 box pork flavored stuffing mix

6 slices bacon

kosher salt and pepper

Preparation: Preheat oven to 350.

Make stuffing according to package directions and

set aside.

Slice each loin in half lengthwise, almost through,

but leaving at least 1/2-inch or so that it opens like a

book. Slice again from the middle almost towards the

outside edge, but not all the way through. (butterflied)

Sprinkle both sides of meat with dry rub, salt and

pepper. Spoon 1/3 stuffing (about 3/4 cup) into one side

Buyer of costume jewelry, Fenton, dolls, glassware, old stuff, etc.

812.483.9561 www.reddogantiques.com

of pork loin. Roll pork from stuffing side, like a soft shell,

on a spray coated baking sheet.

Wrap loins in bacon and place seam side down.

Cook 1-1/2 hours or until an internal temperature of

around 160 degrees. Let rest at least 20 minutes and then

slice carefully.

Serves about 16. *(Use a whole loin to serve about 2

dozen or cut in half for 10-12 servings.) MJ


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Evansville IN


April 2021 Page 17

Maturity Journal


by Ron Eaton

In this letter grid you will find thirty words of at least 5 letters

each. The words can be found by searching horizontally,

vertically, or diagonally in any direction.

The thirty words can be divided into six groups of five related

words. (Ex: planets, baseball teams, U.S. states)After you

have found the thirty words, the unused letters, when read

from left to right (top to bottom), will spell out five words of a

seventh related group.

Solution on page 23

IN - Lic. # CP 89100093

KY - Lic.# M7312







Offer cannot be combined. Some restrictions apply. (ask for details)•Coupon never expires!

Unused letters spell:

Page 18 april 2021

Maturity Journal

2 x 2 x 2

by Ron Eaton

1 2 3

Match each pair of letters in column

1 with pairs from columns 2 & 3 to form

ten 6-letter words. Do not switch the order

of the letters in each pair. Each pair

will be used only once, so cross them off

as you use them. GOOD LUCK!

CA TT GM ____________________________________

RO SE IP ____________________________________

YU TN IE ____________________________________

BE CE OT ____________________________________

OR PP RY ____________________________________

IN DE AM ____________________________________

PH SA SE ____________________________________

UP RO AL ____________________________________

DE LE OR ____________________________________

AS FU NT ____________________________________

Solution on page 23

MJ Terrific


March's winner with a perfect

score - Christine Jones of Evansville

has won 2

Buffets &

2 Drinks from...

Locally owned by Rick Riddle

March Questions


What NFL team recorded a music

video called "The Super Bowl

Shuffle" in 1985?

A. Packers B. Giants C. Bears

D. Packers


Who wrote "The Tell-Tale Heart"

and "The Raven"?

A. Hemingway B. Twain C. Faulkner

D. Poe


What was Rambo's first name?

A. John B. Simon C. Samuel

D. Mark


Brooke Shields' famous ad line

said "Nothing comes between me

and my WHAT?

A. Maybelline B. Virginia Slims

C. Calvin Kleins D. Cover Girl

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Installed Garage Door, 9x7 Raised Panel, Non-Insulated,

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All & All Hardware Included

Benthall Brothers Garage Doors

“Your Garage Door Specialists” Serving the Tri-State Since 1943

15 Read Street • Evansville, IN 47710 • 424-0413


Walter Cronkite was a long-time

news anchor on what network?


April Categories:

April Categories:

I Love Lucy

Cinema Music

’50s Television



Enter online at


April 2021 Page 19

Maturity Journal

Page 20 april 2021

Yesterdays Remembered

Recently on the TV, I heard

several stories about the teens of

this era being very bored and upset

at not being able to attend school

because of the pandemic. I certainly

understand the need to keep the kids

from getting into a crowded classroom

to learn. But I wondered how

the kids would have survived if they

had attended schools in my day, and

many of the audience reading this

story are from my generation.

As a kid who grew up in the

country, I recall that there was a

certain stigma attached to those of

us who rode a school bus. Now, that

The Country Life!

sounds ridiculous, but the kids who

lived in town would already be at

school when the buses arrived and

began to unload. When we would

exit the bus, we felt that we were

scrutinized by the ‘city-kids’ as to

what we were wearing. Now, at this

time I know that my readers are saying

that it wasn’t true! However, as a

country kid, I remember being called

a “country hick”.

For the city kids, they never

realized that the children raised in

the country had spent most of their

waking days doing chores, either in a

chicken house, or a barn tending to

by Cora Alyce Seaman,

the author of

several novels

their chores,

or tending to a humongous garden.

We had not been exposed to the life

that the other kids were enjoying,

such as a trip to Eddie’s after school

or shopping at the local department

store for the latest blouse or pants.

Their lives were different!

Because I was convinced that

the ‘country kid’ was a stigma that I

would have to endure, I walked the

mile down the country road each

morning and caught the ES&N bus

and rode to the station that was

on the corner of 2nd Street. After

getting off the bus, I would walk




Maturity Journal

to school and arrive prior to the bus that I would have

naturally been riding on, therefore avoiding the stigma

of riding a school bus to school.

My mother was taking care of her invalid mother

at that time (no nursing homes then!) so I was on my

own after school. While my friends were having a soda

at Eddie’s, I was building a fire in the coal stove and preparing

an evening meal for my parents. My parents did

not have the funds to provide me with the latest clothes

or shoes. So, fortunately for me, I had learned to sew very

early in life and I was able to make the clothes I wore. I

had the ability to watch what the other kids wore and

replicate them for myself from fabric that mother would

bring home from my grandma’s house.

School was certainly different in those days, too. My

home room teacher was a tiny little old lady who wore

dresses that looked like a nightgown. She was what was

labeled as a ‘spinster’ and she had a spinster sister and a

bachelor brother at home. She was not very strict, and

the older boys in our home room really got out of hand

on many occasions. One such episode that I can remember

was when one of the boys leaped out the window

(812) 474.0470

903 South Kenmore Dr.

Evansville, IN 47714


In-Home Non-Medical Care Services:

• In-Home Companionship Care

• Alzheimer’s In-Home Care

• In-Home Personal Services Care

• Dementia In-Home Care

• Respite Care






and ran around the building before coming in the room

again. She tried to discipline him but he only laughed,

as did the rest of us in the room. She also taught Latin,

a language that had been ‘dead’ for many generations.

Today, I can only remember the phrase “Ego, Amo, Te”.

One of my teachers was a man named Loge, for

which the elementary school is now named. He was to

be teaching us history. However, if there was a game

that weekend, whether it was basketball, football, or

baseball, that was the subject for the day. Of course, on

Monday we rehashed the games of the past weekend.

His disciplinary actions were stricter than many of the

others, although corporal punishment wasn’t used. But

he would make you write essays about the subject of the

week, although we had not cracked the book. Any one

of us could have written about the latest basketball game

— but not the history chapter!

Another teacher I had was Social Studies man. He

was also a coach of the football team. He also taught

Algebra and Geometry. Needless to say, those were my

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Located one block from Green River Rd.

Between Bellemeade & Lincoln


April 2021 Page 21

Maturity Journal

Page 22 april 2021

favorites. One of the boys in the class

was named Frank. He was a genius

at those problems. However, when

it came time for the State Math

Contest I outscored Frank on the

qualifying test and won the opportunity

to go to Indy. I came in 7th

in the state. Upon returning to class

on Monday, the teacher informed

me that I should have let Frank go

because he would have won!

One of the English teachers was

a real delight. She had brilliant red

hair and dressed like a beauty queen.

I had taken all the required classes in

English but she taught a class called

Speech. Naturally I took that one as

an elective. She was very thorough in


trying to make us speak properly. She

also led a group from her class called

Dramatics. What a delight it was to

perform under her supervision for

the entire school in the auditorium

during “activities period”. I remember

the year that the Dramatics

Class memorized and presented the

Preamble to the Constitution for

the entire school assembly in unison.

And, of course, we had the

National Honor Society that awarded

their membership to persons who

were voted on by the other members

in your classes with the final

vote coming from the teachers. I

did not make it during my junior

year, but by my senior year perhaps

the teachers and students had a bit

of pity on me, because I did win the

honor that year. I was also voted into

the Thespian Society, which was an

award given to those who participated

in many artistic events.

One of the high points of that

time was when I could be in town

visiting one of my girlfriends and a

boy with a car would take us for a

ride around the court square, over

and over! If we could gather fifty

cents among us, it could be used for

several trips.

I did not have time to be bored

with school, nor did I ever lose interest

in the activities, even though I

was not able to have a rendezvous

after school at Eddies. I was envious

of those kids, but I knew that I had

a different life to live and that my

family depended on me. I know that

many of my friends who rode the

school bus also had similar obligations

at home. Maybe we missed out

on some things, but my life at Good

Ole’ BHS remains one of my best

Yesterdays Remembered. MJ

Maturity Journal

Search Party Answers













Remaining Letters Spell: CONDUCTOR, BRASS,


Search Party Solution


Evansville, Indiana


Cora Seaman


Tours are a product of DarCor

Travels, your Local Tour Company

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Cora Seaman 812-455-9260

1. Catnip

2. Rosary

3. Yuppie

2 x 2 x 2 Answers

4. Bettor

5. Ordeal

6. Inseam

7. Phlegm

8. Uproot

9. Defuse

10. Ascent

Oak Hill & Locust Hill Cemetery

Serving Families for Over 168 years

Experts in Senior Care

• Rehabilitation • Memory Care • Long-Term Care

• Respite • Hospice • Outpatient Therapy

We specialize in helping Veterans

with short-term, long-term,

respite and hospice care needs.


$100 Down Payment, $74.59 A Month For 12 Months. No Finance Charges.*


Payment plans also available**

Please call for details 812-435-6045

4255 Medwell Dr., Newburgh IN 47630

(812) 853-2993

Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sat 9 am - 1 pm



April 2021 Page 23

Maturity Journal

Page 24 april 2021

The Village at

Hamilton Pointe




Hamilton combines comfort, convenience and

peace of mind with the lifestyle of an active

premiere adult community.


“ My mother lived at Hamilton Pointe for

five short months. During her stay she had

excellent care. Mom was in an apartment in

the assisted living section. The staff are awesome.

They treated Mom like she was part

of their family. Everyone there is very dedicated

to the care of their residents. Mom

passed away last week in her apartment. Her

health began to deteriote after Christmas.

She was taken care of with love and respect.

Thanks to everyone that assisted with her

care - the management staff - nurses - CNAs

- CMAs - Activities staff - Housekeeping

staff. I would highly recommend Hamilton

Pointe Assisted Living.”

— Linda N




What are

they saying?



Call today for more info!


The Village at

Hamilton Pointe

a continuum of care community

3800 Eli Place • Newburgh, IN 47630


Located across from Deaconess Hospital

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