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JULY 1, 2021 • VOL. 60, NO. 26


Boys verbally assaulted

with racist language

By Anne MArie ToBin





LYNNFIELD — The end of the

school year took a sour note for a

couple of young Lynnfield brothers

when a group of older boys verbally

abused them, using the “N-word” and

trying to steal their candy, according to

an account from their father.

“The casual use of this word can do

a lot of damage, to those who use it and

to those who have it used on them,”

the victims’ father, Dennis Anderson,

wrote in a June 21 Facebook post. “As

adults, I would like to think we all

know this. If your child is using this

word, you need to know. And you need


Rail trail ‘front and center’

on town agenda


Friends of the Lynnfield Rail Trail President Vince

Inglese points out the proposed route for the Lynnfield

Rail Trail.

Two Family Coming Soon!


Call Evelyn for

more info

Evelyn Rockas



to put an end to it.

“It’s enough to be upset that my kids

and their friends were harassed by a

group of older kids, it’s another thing

to have them singled out for the color

of their skin.”

Select Board Chair Dick Dalton said

the incident was “disturbing.”

“The Select Board will not and

cannot tolerate discrimination,” Dalton

said Friday. “Rest assured that we

are taking appropriate action in this


Anderson said his sons, ages 7 and

10, had walked from their MarketStreet

apartment to IT’SUGAR to buy candy.

They were playing catch with three

By Anne MArie ToBin


Lynnfield Rail Trail project

is alive and well.

“The rail trail is still

moving forward and we

look forward to it being built

in our town,” said Town

Administrator Rob Dolan.

“Who would have imagined

the last two years, but

we want to be up front and

clear that the rail trail is

front and center on the town

agenda and our plan is to

move as quickly as the state

Gale Rawding






other neighborhood kids when a group

of older boys, believed to be eighth

graders, started harassing them.

“They attempted to take the bag

of candy from the boys and failed,”

Anderson said. “The older boys then

began verbally abusing my sons and

their friends. They told one of the boys,

who is Egyptian, that his older brother

“smells like s***” and called my boys,

who are half black, N- words.”

Anderson said his younger son was

“shook up from it” and was taken away

from the scene by a friend, fearing the

matter would escalate.

“I am not OK with this. I am furious,”


allows us.”

Dolan, Friends of the Rail

Trail President Vince Inglese,

Town Engineer Charlie

Richter and Department of

Public Works Director John

Tomasz appeared together

on the June 23 Town Talk

program to update the public

on the status of the project.

Dolan said the town is

finishing the design phase

of the project and is going

through the regulatory process

in terms of the path

of the trail and known

Rossetti/Poti Team


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Days by Debbie


Debbie Caniff




A Healthy


honors five

For The Weekly neWs

LYNNFIELD — A Healthy Lynnfield

(AHL), an active community partnership

working hard to prevent substance

abuse and to ensure those impacted have

the help they need, recently recognized

five Lynnfield High School students who

serve on the AHL Youth Council.

The Chairman’s Award, in recognition

of AHL founder and chairman, Phil

Crawford, honors graduating seniors

who have demonstrated outstanding

commitment, service and prevention

skills in their community.

This year there are three honorees:

Madddy Cook, Sarah Doherty and Riley


Cook is a founding member of the

Youth Council. For three years, she has

been a leader and active participant in

many AHL activities such as Kick Butts

Day at the State House and the MIAA

Wellness Student-Athlete Leadership


She has also been a key presenter at

School Committee and Select Board

meetings and an essential bridge between

the Think of Michael Foundation and her

peers, especially with respect to the foundation’s

A Night of Hope fundraiser.








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Steve Macdonald



WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021


Friends of the Lynnfield Rail Trail President Vince Inglese walks along a railroad bed slated to become part of the Lynnfield-Wakefield Rail Trail.

Trail ‘front and center’ on town agenda


From page 1

environmental issues. The town

had been working with the

Department of Transportation

and some of the project’s contractors

throughout the pandemic

to keep the project

moving forward.

“We are excited to see the

progress we have made,” said

Inglese. “Naturally, we want to

try to keep things moving in a

timely and prudent manner, but

we do know nothing great happens

easily. We have to be patient

with the process.”

Richter said the town has

communicated regularly with

the Town of Wakefield and

Lynnfield’s consultant World

Tech Engineering, and has

also met with several environmental

groups including Essex


“We are now in the process

of completing the layout and

the preliminary design,” said

Richter. “The goal is 75 percent

design, which — even though

there still is a lot of permitting

to be done — we will pave

pretty much the entire project

design at 75 percent. We are

proceeding full steam ahead on


Dolan noted that due to

the pandemic economy, the

Massachusetts Department of

Transportation (MassDOT) has

prioritized rail trails, and he

questioned whether this is still

the case in 2021.

“Yes, this is a very important

project for MassDOT

as the final link for this rail trail

system,” Richter said. “They

are fully behind this project.”

According to Inglese, the

Wakefield component of the

trail is nearly complete.

“That 1.9-mile stretch is a

key part of our project and it’s

exciting that it is being completed,

maybe this summer,”

Inglese said.

Inglese said there may be

an opportunity to expedite the

funding process.

“If our design is completed

before funding dates of other

community projects, we may be

able to move up the STIP (State

Transportation Investment

Program) list if the other towns

aren’t ready.”

Officially known as the

Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail,

the project has been debated for

more than two decades, oftentimes

the subject of intense argument

in Lynnfield.

In September 2019, voters at

a special town meeting debated

for nearly an hour before approving,

by a vote of 585-380,

to appropriate $348,000 for design


The project will convert the

former Newburyport Railroad

bed into a recreational trail that

provides for a safe, off-road

connection to the town’s key


The trail starts near the

Wakefield Commuter Rail station

and passes through two

Wakefield schools before continuing

under I-95 (Route 128)

into Lynnfield via a 0.6-mile

section of Reedy Meadow. The

trail then extends to the middle

school, Reedy Meadow Golf

Course and the high school

before ending at the Peabody

border. The total length of the

trail is 4.4 miles, with 2.5 in

Lynnfield and 1.9 in Wakefield.

“The goal is to take the natural

and passive recreational

areas and make the gem of the

town,” Dolan said. “If we can

get the rail trail done, Lynnfield

A Healthy Lynnfield honors five

will have many natural areas for

people to enjoy just steps from

their homes.”

Dolan noted that the

Lynnfield Center Water District

is working with Middleton,

North Reading and Peabody

to create paths and trails in the

upper Main Street area.

“With COVID and people

not having too many things to

do, a lot of people bought bikes

and also were walking outside,”

said Dolan. “I’ve talked to a

number of people who never

experienced rail trails who

have not only found them, but

loved them all across the state.

We are surrounded by a beautiful

rail system and look forward

to hopefully soon having

the Lynnfield connection

with other trails so people can

enjoy them.”


From page 1

Also a founding member

of the Youth Council, Sarah

Doherty has been a leader and

Get your car looking

great this summer


Don Winslow’s


Celebrating 49 Years


MON-FRI 8-5 • SAT. 9-12

166 Holten Street • Danvers

(corner of Center & Collins)

978-762-6366 • 978-535-2474


active participant in various

A Healthy Lynnfield Youth

Council activities, such as presentations

on the dangers of

vaping at the Wellness Fair and

Kick Butts Day at the State


This past year, she has been

a key presenter at School

Committee and Select Board

meetings. Doherty also spoke

at the statewide forum for

Massachusetts legislators entitled

“How Can We Protect

Youth from Alcohol Harms:

What Lawmakers Need to


The forum was co-sponsored

by A Healthy Lynnfield and the

Mystic Valley Public Health

Prevention Coalition.

Slaney is also a founding

member of the Youth Council.

For three years, Slaney has been

a leader and active participant

in various A Healthy Lynnfield

activities, such as the MIAA

Wellness Student-Athlete

Leadership Conference, and has

been a key presenter in School

Committee and Select Board

meetings. She also served as

an essential contributor to a

“21 Reasons to Stay Above the

Influence” video.

The Youth Advocate Award,

which honors excellence in

advocacy, use of one’s voice

to make a positive impact on

AHL’s cause, and the ability to

influence change in the community

was presented to Evyenia

“Evy” Georges, a first-year

Youth Council leader.

Georges has been a leader

in identifying challenges she

sees at the high school and in

the community and sharing her

ideas that she feels will positively

impact change for the

health and well-being of her

peers. Her passion inspires her

peers to feel invested in their

school and community and

helps them to ignite their own


The Unsung Hero Award

was presented to Olivia “Liv”

Scire for positively influencing

A Healthy Lynnfield’s Youth

Council from behind the scenes

with a positive attitude, a willingness

to help in whatever capacity

necessary and a commitment

to excellence.

Scire recently completed

her freshman year at Lynnfield

High School and was a firstyear

Youth Council leader. She

had an outstanding record of

participation and attendance in

meetings and rose above adversity

to recruit for the “21

Reasons Above the Influence”


She also found her stride

with presentations to the Select

Board and School Committee,

as well as participation in

Superintendent Kristen Vogel’s

entry plan meeting.

A Healthy Lynnfield is an

active community partnership

and a 501(c)3 charitable organization

working hard to prevent

substance abuse and to

ensure those impacted have the

help they need. Its mission is

to empower residents to make

positive choices every day by

preventing substance misuse,

improving the quality of life for

those impacted, and supporting

programs that help all young

people thrive.

Learn more at www.


JULY 1, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 3

Boys verbally assaulted with racist language


From page 1

Anderson wrote. “TWO DAYS

after Juneteenth and this is the

state of our town.”

Anderson’s post set off

a flurry of comments on

Facebook in support of the

family, condemning the action.

“This makes me sick to my

stomach,” Tracy Miller Geary


“Absolutely despicable,”

wrote Jen D’Ambrosio.

Dalton said he was proud that

so many community members

expressed their support for the

boys and their family.

“The social media posts and

acts of kindness were obviously

from the heart and, according to

the family, very much appreciated,”

Dalton said. “Those are

the individuals that reflect the

true character of this town.”

After learning about the incident,

members of the Lynnfield

Police Department visited the

family on Monday.

“We are aware of the incident

from social media posts that

day,” said Interim Police Chief

Nick Secatore. “Going forward,

we will be working with the


Anderson thanked the police

for stopping by “to let the

boys and us know this type of

behavior won’t be tolerated in

this town and that we have their

full support,” Anderson said in

a post on Tuesday. “Yesterday

showed us and our children

firsthand the utmost of ugly and

sad, but quickly followed by

the most loving and supportive

community we had here in

Lynnfield. Thank you to all who

reached out with an encouraging

comment, message, text,

phone call or conversation.”

Anderson asked parents of

boys entering the ninth grade

who took a bike home from

school Monday to “need to

have a talk with (their children)

Putting normal back into summer

By Allysha Dunnigan


world slowly opens back up,

summer recreational programs

in Lynnfield have returned in

full force.

Last week kicked off the

summer recreation program

for grades 1 through 8, with

about 300 kids signing up. The

summer recreation program for

juniors, primarily kindergarten

students, begins this week and

will see about 65 kids.

As a youth activity program,

the town’s recreational summer

camps were able to run last

summer during COVID-19, but

with all of the safety precautions

in place.

Citing the usage of masks,

social distancing, and frequent

hand washing and sanitizing,

Chair of Lynnfield Recreation

Rick Sjoberg said there were no

cases of COVID-19 in the program

last summer.

“We worked very closely

with the town and fire chief to

provide the proper training to

our staff,” Sjoberg said. “We

took it seriously, got it done and

were very successful.”

Sjoberg credited the hard

work of the town’s Recreation

Director, Julie Mallett, for

the continued success of the

summer programs.

“She is truly incredible,”

Sjoberg said.

He also acknowledged the

help of the program’s staff and

volunteers, which includes

teachers in the town and college

and high school students.

“The whole program has such

a great, positive community

spirit,” Sjoberg said. “It works

out and it’s going well so far.”

Many of the field trips and

activities were canceled last

summer, but will return this


Trips to visit Boston, local

beaches and other local attractions

will resume, in addition

to “rec adventures,” which can

be registered for on the town’s


These adventure trips are separate

from the summer program

and are for grades 3 and older.

These rec adventures require a

fee for the outings that include

white water rafting, Canobie

Lake Park, Salem Willows and

the Codzilla boat. Sjoberg said

students in the summer recreational

program can attend

these trips but will just have to

pay the amount for each one

they wish to attend.

The town also offers fitness

camps and classes that focus

on strength and conditioning as

well as athlete development.

Other athletic opportunities

are available, including a crosscountry

training camp, volleyball

clinic, summer basketball

and golf programs, and camps

focusing on girls and boys lacrosse

and field hockey skills.

All of these activities can be

viewed and registered for on the

town’s website at lynnfieldma.


St. John’s announces honors

For the Weekly News

DANVERS — St. John’s Prep

recently announced the names of

students who earned academic

honors for the fourth quarter of

the 2020–21 school year.

Headmaster’s List

John Burns ‘23, Matthew

Ciampa ‘23, Brendan Ciampa

‘26, Theodore Cullinane ‘22,

Matthew Cushing ‘25, Dante

D’Alessandro ‘22, Andrew

D’Avanzo ‘22, James Driscoll

‘24, Sean Drzewiczewski ‘24,

Stephen Forgione ‘27, Michael

Forgione ‘27, Joseph Gizmunt

Students who qualified for the

Headmaster’s List earned grades

of A- or above in all courses,

students who qualified for the

Principal’s List earned grades of

B+ or above in all courses and

students who qualified for the

‘21, Henry Indresano ‘23, Reed

Manning ‘25, Jack Prokopis

‘25, Luke Prokopis ‘25,

Christian Rosa ‘24, William

Van Sicklin ‘23, William

Vittiglio ‘24

Principal’s List

Benjamin Deraps ‘22,

Michael Maddison ‘21, Jason

McCausland ‘24

Honor Roll earned grades of B

or above in all courses.

The following students listed

with their graduation year were

named to the academic honors

list for the fourth quarter of


Honor Roll

Joseph Berrian ‘25, Nicholas

Brandano ‘25, Cameron Busa

‘24, John Coffey ‘26, Ryan

Feijoo ‘22, Braedon Flanagan

‘24, Matthew Heaslip ‘27,

Timothy Heaslip ‘27, Nathan

Lopez ‘23, Mark McDuffee

‘24, Henry Pizzotti ‘26, Pierson

Scala ‘26, Shahaan Zaheer ‘27

Have a story? We Let love us to know! hear from Contact you. the Editor,

Write to the Editor,




“All I remember is one of

the boys’ bikes was yellow.”

Anderson wrote. “My oldest

gave them the gum from the

bag just so they’d leave, and,

whether they truly know it or

not, they responded with such


The incident comes one year

after the town experienced a

rash of racially-based incidents

of targeted vandalism. After an

intensive investigation, a father

and son were arrested and

charged under the hate crimes

statute. The victims (and other

neighbors) displayed Black

Lives Matter signs on their


“Let’s also keep in mind that

this (the MarketStreet incident)

was an act of a few,” Dalton

said. “Our town welcomes everyone

regardless of their race,

color, religion, gender, gender

expression, age, national origin,

disability, marital status or

sexual orientation.”

“The fight against ignorance

and racism is far from over,

here, in our country and in the

world,” Anderson wrote. “The

town of Lynnfield has shown it

has plenty of fight left within its

residents. We can do better. We

have to do better.”

Call her

Dr. Iacoviello

For the Weekly News


Iacoviello, a lifelong town resident

and Lynnfield High School

Class of 2015 member has graduated

from the Massachusetts

College of Pharmacy and Health

Sciences School of Pharmacy

- Worcester/Manchester’s

Accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy

(PharmD) program.

Dr. Iacoviello’s matriculation

date was May 8 and

her study focus encompassed

pre-pharmacy coursework at the

University of New England in

the spring of 2017.

She served as president of

the Phi Lambda Sigma-Gamma

Gamma (PLS) Pharmacy

Leadership Honor Society as

well as several national and state

pharmacy programs.

Iacoviello received the Dean’s

Award, Excellence in Patient

Care Award, Community Service

Engagement Award, and the

APhA Outstanding Leadership

and Service Award during pharmacy


She is also a recipient of the

Dr. James Lukose Scholarship.

Iacoviello published an


Ashley Iacoviello is a

Lynnfield High School

Class of 2015 member and a

pharmeceutical doctor.

abstract in the American

Association of Pharmaceutical

Scientists (AAPS) Journal titled,

“In silico optimization of amino

pyrazole ureas as antileishmanial


She plans to continue her

pharmaceutical studies by completing

a post-graduate residency

training program as an acute

care PGY1 pharmacy resident

at Western Arizona Regional

Medical Center in Bullhead

City, Ariz.


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WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

Sunday, June 20


A report of a motor vehicle

crash at 10:40 a.m. Sunday at

922 Lynnfield St.; A report of a

motor vehicle crash with personal

injury at 7:52 p.m. Sunday

on Walnut Street.


At 3:23 p.m. Sunday, a caller

reported kids were jumping off

rocks into the water at Hawkes

Pond on Walnut Street.

Monday, June 21


At 12:09 p.m. Monday at

Summer Street School at 262

Summer St.

Wednesday, June 23


At 4:48 p.m. Wednesday at 1

Mitchell Road and 816 Main St.;

at 5:54 p.m. Wednesday at 1100

Main St. and 228 Lowell St.


A report of a disturbance

at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday at 5

Locust St. A caller reported a

man appeared to be in considerable

distress and was yelling

loudly in front of the Lynnfield

Glass location. Police searched

the area, but were unable to locate

the man.

Thursday, June 24


Daniel K. Tringali, 58, of 35

Lynnbrook Road, was arrested

and charged with OUI-liquor,

negligent operation of a motor

vehicle and marked lanes violation

at 9:55 p.m. Thursday.

Police Log


A motor vehicle crash with

personal injury was reported

at 9:55 p.m. Thursday at Legal

C Bar at 220 Market St. A

58-year-old man was arrested

(see arrests).

Friday, June 25


A report of a motor vehicle

crash at 7:51 a.m. Friday at

Forest Hill and Howard avenues.

A report of a motor vehicle

crash with personal injury at

6:32 p.m. Friday on Condon

Circle. One person was taken to

Lahey Clinic.


A report of juvenile offenses

at 1:04 a.m. Friday at 15 Moran

Road. A caller reported a group

of kids was taking his trash and

burning it in the cul-de-sac.

Police were unable to locate the

group, but did report finding

logs and twigs in the roadway

that they were attempting to


A report of a disturbance at

10:05 a.m. Friday at 14 Moran

Road. A caller reported kids rang

her doorbell late Thursday night.

A disturbance was reported

at 12:54 p.m. Friday at 4 Moran

Road. A caller reported kids

moved his basketball hoop

Thursday night.

Saturday, June 26


At 1:21 a.m. Saturday at 380

Salem St. and 1 Ramsdell Way.


A report of a disturbance at

2:03 a.m. Saturday on Bourque

Road. A caller reported 12 loud

pops or shots. Police searched

the area and reported the call

was unfounded.

Sunday, June 27


A report of suspicious activity

at 7:14 a.m. Sunday at Audubon

and Market streets. A caller reported

a bald man of average

height was making inappropriate

sexual comments to women in

the area. Police spoke with the

man, who was found lying in the

grass and reported he did compliment

a woman, saying she

was out of his league. The man

was sent on his way.

Campbell joins

J Barrett & Company

For the Weekly News


Subscribe for half the

newsstand price.

Subscriptions include

full online access.


or call 781-593-7700, ext. 1239

BEVERLY — J Barrett &

Company is pleased to announce

that realtor Allison Campbell, a

full-time real estate agent, has

joined the firm in the Cummings

Center office.

Campbell brings her extensive

skills in customer service, organization

and attention to real


“Allison’s organizational

skills and her ability to work

with clients is a tremendous

asset to our company,” said J

Barrett President Jon Gray, “We

are very excited to have her on

our team.”

A successful and experienced

hospitality and event management

professional and Beverly

resident, Campbell admits that

sharing her love of the area with

clients is inevitable.

“Joining J Barrett & Company

is an excellent professional opportunity

as I am now working in

a firm that values high standards

and service,” said Campbell. “Of

course, working with some of


Allison Campbell is bringing her customer service skills to real


the most experienced and most

productive agents in the industry

is another plus.”

Established in January 2007,

J Barrett is a service-oriented

company that has quickly become

the premiere privately-owned

real estate firm on

the North Shore. The company

serves the North Shore and

Cape Ann areas from offices in

Beverly, Gloucester, Ipswich,

Manchester, Marblehead and in

Prides Crossing.

“I am not originally from here

but, after attending Endicott

College, I knew where I wanted

my future to be. The opportunity

to help others find their happiness,

whether it’s here on the

North Shore, or anywhere else is

exciting,” Campbell said.

JULY 1, 2021

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J ULY 4TH 4:05PM



Religious News

Centre Congregational


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In the Centre since 1720,

Centre Church is an open and

affirming congregation of the

United Church of Christ. No

matter who you are or where

you are on your life’s journey,

you are welcome at Centre


Messiah Lutheran Church

708 Lowell St., Lynnfield

(corner of Lowell &

Chestnut) is currently open

for in-person worship Sunday

morning at 9:30 am (summer

hours). Worship services

will also be streamed live

on Facebook. Like us on

Facebook: facebook.com/


Worship times: Sunday

mornings at 9:30 am, Sunday

evening devotion on Facebook

Live at 6:30 pm, Wednesday

evening Prayer time at 7:01 pm

on Facebook Live.

Messiah Lutheran Church

is served by Rev. Dr. Jeremy

Pekari, and Rev. David


Temple Emmanuel/


For more information about

Temple Emmanuel, a member

of the Jewish Reconstructionist

Communities, call 781-245-

1886 or see our Facebook

page or website at www.


Request service links to

the Zoom streaming: info@


Shabbat services: Friday,

7:30 p.m.: June 25.

Saturday mornings at 9:30

am: June 5 and 19, July 17.


United Methodist Church

Peace, Hope & Virtual Hugs

Deb Willis Bry, cell:


Office Assistant, Wakefield-

Lynnfield United Methodist


Assistant Coordinator,

Greater Boston Project Linus

Wakefield-Lynnfield United

Methodist Church, 273 Vernon

St., Wakefield, Mass., 01880

Church Office: 781-245-

1359, Parsonage: 781-245-0338

Email: WLUMC272@gmail.






*A Project Linus Blanket

Drop-Off Location*





Look out world — here comes Passatempo

By Steve Krause

LYNNFIELD — Nicholas

Passatempo, who graduated

from Lynnfield High School

last month, is one of two area

people to receive the Lique

Human Services Scholarship,

named in honor Vince Lique,

the late executive director of

Greater Lynn Senior Services


Passatempo won the

$5,000 grant along with Lynn

English’s Samantha Parker.

The award, established 15

years ago, is given to graduating

seniors from schools

in Lynn, Lynnfield, Saugus,

Nahant and Swampscott. It

honors students who are interested

in pursuing careers

in health and human services,

and who have made an impact

in the world through community


Because he has received this

honor, Passatempo has been

chosen Lynnfield’s Student of

the Week.

“Every year, it is a challenge

to choose just two honorees

from among the many

students who apply,” said

Kathryn C. Burns, GLSS’

chief executive officer. Burns

recently met the students outside

Lynnfield High to present

the checks for the grant.

Among those on the committee

choosing the scholarship

winners was Lique’s

wife, Kathy, as well as representatives

from the GLSS staff

and community members.

A top student and athlete

at Lynnfield High School,

Passatempo will be attending

Endicott College and hopes to

pursue a career in health sciences,

possibly in the field of

mental health counseling.

Math teacher Joseph

DiBiase describes Passatempo

as an active and involved

member of both Lynnfield

High School and the community


“Nick has been a summer

camp counselor, and volunteered

in multiple roles around

Lynnfield, such as Haven

from Hunger, Habitat for

Humanity, and several clubs

at school,” said DiBiase. “He

is also an executive board adviser,

a prestigious role where

he is one of five students to

organize and lead activities at

Lynnfield High School.”

Passatempo is just an

“all-around” good kid, says

friend and peer mentor Carlo


“In the [high school] halls,

Nick is a friend to everyone,”

DeMaria said. “He can bring

a smile to anyone’s face,

whether it be a teacher or a

fellow student. His outgoing

personality is one of his strongest

qualities. He is a leader to

younger peers, providing them

with comfort and help whenever


Passatempo said, “more

than 15 years after his passing,

Mr. Lique is still powerfully

impacting people’s lives in a

tremendous way, including

my own.”

He described the effect of

volunteering to help others as


“My time volunteering for


Lynnfield High School graduate Nick Passatempo is the

recipient of the GLSS Lique Human Services Scholarship.

Haven From Hunger was especially

meaningful for me,”

he said. “It was inspiring.”

“It is our distinct honor to

offer these scholarships to

such deserving young people

— it truly gives us hope for

the future,” said Burns. “I

knew Vince Lique, and he

would be incredibly proud of

your achievements, your commitment

to community, and

your compassionate approach

to helping others.”


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

Library shares its summer page turners

By Alexandra Lambright

LYNNFIELD — With summer

here, now is the perfect time to

pick up a summer read. Get ready

for summertime fun with these

great titles for children and teens.

All of these books are available in

through the public library catalog.

Children’s Picture Books

“The Last Peach” by Gus

Gordon, illustrated by the author

“Summer Song” by Kevin

Henkes, illustrated by Laura


“Sea Glass Summer” by

Michelle Houts, illustrated by

Bagram Ibatoulline

“Rules of Summer” by Shaun

Tan, illustrated by the author

“Ice Cream Summer” by Peter

Sís, illustrated by the author

“Summer Days and Nights”

by Wong Herbert Yee, illustrated

by the author

“Wave” by Suzy Lee, illustrated

by the author

“Chu’s Day at the Beach”

by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by

Adam Rex

“It Began with Lemonade”

by Gideon Sterer, illustrated by

Lian Cho

Children Chapter Books

“It Doesn’t Take a

Genius” by Olugbemisola


“Boy-Crazy Stacey” by Gale

Galligan, color by Braden Lamb

“Camp” by Kayla Miller, illustrated

by the author

“The Season of Styx Malone”

by Kekla Magoon

“Katie the Catsitter” by

Colleen AF Venable, illustrated

by Stephanie Yue

“Shirley and Jamila Save

Their Summer” by Gillian

Goerz, illustrated by the author

“The Best Friend Plan” by

Stephanie Calmenson and

Joanna Cole, illustrated by James


“Ways to Grown Love” by

Renée Watson, illustrated by

Nina Mata

“Bummer in the Summer!”

by Dan Gutman, pictures by Jim


Young Adult Fiction

“The Falling in Love

Montage” by Ciara Smyth

“The Cousins” by Karen M.


“My Last Summer with Cass”

by Mark Crilley, illustrated by

the author

“This One Summer” by

Mariko Tamaki, art by Jillian


“Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware

the Kitten Holy” written by

Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis,

created by Shannon Watters,

illustrated by Brooke Allen

“Once and for All” by Sarah


“We Were Liars” by E.


“The Summer I Turned Pretty”

by Jenny Han

“You Have a Match” by

Emma Lord

Senior News

Tapping into senior connections

For the Weekly News

LYNN — One result of the

global pandemic and its longterm

isolation is the need to find

innovative ways through which

people can stay connected.

One such effort includes a

new tool that Greater Lynn

Senior Services (GLSS), which

serves town residents, is piloting

called Uniper — a device

that plugs into your television

set, along with a small camera

which perches on top, enabling

one-on-one communication

with case managers, healthcare

providers, counselors, family

and friends.

“The COVID-19 pandemic

pretty much destroyed the limited

social connections that

many older people or adults

living with disabilities already

experience,” said Kathryn C.

Burns, GLSS’ chief executive

officer. “Research shows that

isolation, particularly long-term

isolation, has a very negative effect

on people’s overall health,

significantly contributing to

premature death from all causes

and increasing a person’s risk of

diseases like dementia.”

Uniper loads an individual’s

contacts into its device,

allowing for immediate virtual


“This is really the primary

reason we chose Uniper over

the many other platforms we

reviewed,” said Valerie Parker

Callahan, director of planning

and development. “We view

it first and foremost as a communications

tool to help people

better manage their health

and well-being, with Uniper’s

built-in programming as a secondary

— but very helpful

— add-on to reduce social isolation

and promote stronger

connections with the wider


It is easy to use with a simple

remote that allows people to

quickly transition from Uniper

back to television programming.

“Many platforms that allow

for virtual connection require a

computer, tablet or smartphone,

which many older people do not

have and might be uncomfortable

using,” Parker Callahan

noted. “But Uniper only requires

a TV, which most people

already have and use regularly.”

Uniper’s existing content includes

access to hundreds of

videos — travel, arts and culture,

music and educational

programs, as well as “live” programming

that includes exercise

and other classes, peer-led

discussion groups, support

groups and more — which are

available throughout the day

and scheduled by Uniper.

GLSS is developing its own

content, which will be available

to users through a separate

channel, and is also working on

developing some live programming,


“We envision, for example,

that our Wellness Pathways fall

prevention and health selfmanagement

workshops will

be offered over the Uniper

platform, as well as group and

individual counseling through

our Mobile Mental Health and

Senior Citizens

Advisory Committee

For the Weekly News

LYNNFIELD — The town

Senior Citizens Advisory

Committee’s role is to recognize

the significant contribution

Lynnfield’s senior citizen population

has made to the town.

The Lynnfield Senior Citizen

Advisory Council plays a critical

role in making sure our

senior citizens receive the community

support they rightly

deserve to enhance their health

and quality of life.

The council makes recommendations

to the Board of

Selectmen on how the town can

effectively implement and coordinate

services and programs

that would greatly benefit the

senior citizen population.

The council focuses on pursuing

opportunities to ease or

reduce the tax burden for the

senior citizen population in the

Town of Lynnfield.

The Senior Citizen Advisory

Council considers and advises

on issues and concerns that

affect the senior citizen population

within the Town of


The council meets regularly

to discuss issues and concerns

brought to the attention of the

council. The Senior Citizen

Advisory Council is to appear

regularly before the Board of

Selectmen to update and advise

the board and Town of

Lynnfield on issues and concerns

that impact the senior citizen


The Senior Citizen Advisory

Council is responsible for

conducting its activities in a

manner that is in compliance

with all relevant state and local

laws and regulations including,

but not limited to, the Open

Meeting Law, Public Records

Law and Conflict of Interest


Family Caregiver Support programs

in a private, HIPAAcompliant

setting,” Parker

Callahan said, “This would be in

addition to virtual case manager

visits with GLSS consumers.”

UniperCare is an innovative,

Israeli-based company with a

West Coast U.S. hub. Its programming

is starting to pop

up all around the country, but

GLSS is its first Massachusettsbased


One of the Uniper’s unique

features is the work they

have been doing with Jewish

Federation of North America,

connecting Holocaust survivors,

their descendants and

people of Jewish faith with tailored

supports and group meetings,

bringing together people

from all across the country in

celebration of some Jewish

holidays during the pandemic.

They plan to continue this

programming moving forward.

Uniper also offers a lot of

content in Russian and Spanish.

GLSS is initially hoping

to sign up 100 people age 60

and older or adults living with

disabilities in its service area

of Lynn, Lynnfield, Nahant,

Saugus and Swampscott for

the free one-year service. The

product will be reevaluated

after a year and could last beyond

that, depending on its results

and continued interest on

the part of funders.

Uniper offers training and

a helpline to troubleshoot any

issues users encounter. The program

is supported by funding

from the Administration for

Community Living as well

as funding through the Older

American Act administered

through the Massachusetts

Executive Office of Elder

Affairs, and a grant from

Beverly and Addison Gilbert

Hospitals, operated by Beth

Israel Lahey Health.

Interested individuals can

contact Andrew Wallace,

GLSS’ Title III Planner, at 781-

477-6702 or email awallace@

glss.net. More information can

be found at www.glss.net.

Senior Center

offers plenty to do


Lynnfield Senior Center is

open and offering the following

programs. Get out of the heat,

and join us for some laughs as

we test our knowledge every

Monday at 1:30 p.m. with Trivia.

Meet friends, have fun, and win


Join us every Tuesday at 9 a.m

for Bingo.

The Walking Club meets

every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Walk

at your own speed and for as

long as you are comfortable.

Let’s get those steps in!

Drop-in Knitting will be every

Thursday at 9 a.m. Bring your

own project for some stitching

and chatting.

Grab and Go Lunch every

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

at 11:15 a.m. for $2. It is too

hot to cook, let us do it for you!

Registration for lunch required.

Call the Senior Center for more

information: 781-598-1078

Have a story? We Let love us to know! hear from Contact you. the Editor,

Write to the Editor,



JULY 1, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 7

Lynnfield Middle School Honor Roll




Layla Allen, Rishabh Anand,

Faith Angelo, Giada Antidormi,

Kaylee Barrett, Adam Bayer,

Chase Bergeron, Chloe

Bergeron, Stefania Bonavita,

Jamie Broady, Shana Butter,

Jordan Calichman, Andrew

Carbone, Chase Carrera,

Sophia Catinazzo, Zachary

Chiarella, Drew Cuddy, Mia

Daley, Ava Damiani, Brooke

Fenderson, William Gardner

IV, Sofia Giardina, Ryan

Gorman, Melina Haggis,

Avery Haney, Abigail Harris,

Magdalyn Hatzis, Nino

Jaliashvili, Brendan Koleszar,

Subhang Konduri, Phoebe

Lambros, Allison Maddocks,

Nathan Malenfant, Audrey

Manning, Jack Martino, Lauren

Mattia, Chloe McEwen , Katie

McGuinness, Lilli McSweeney,

Kira Miles, Sarah Mitchell,

Jada Moga, Oliver Morgan,

Joseph Moscoffian, Grant Neal,

Ella Price, Inaayah Qazafi,

Adriana Regitano, Brendan

Reilly, Charlotte Rose, Olivia

Ryou, Lindsay Squadrito,

Thayer Sutherland, Sophia

Tramontozzi, Jason Tran,

Eleanor Underwood, Juliette

Vaccaro, Hayden Valiton,

Emma Wagon, Coleman Walsh,

Maeve Wertz




Mahir Akhter, Kiara Alarcon,

Joel Attubato, Samuel Bird,

Gianluca Bottaro, Dante

Bucci, Chase Buoniconti,

Jared Burke, John Burns V,

Mia Capodilupo, Benjamin

Clancy, Lucas Deraps, Hannah

Doherty, Ephram Donahue,

Callie Donovan, Kellen Farias,

Richard Federico, Maura

Flaws, Zachary Fredette, Evan

Gately, Karolena Gomez, Anna

Gorman, Oliver Harth, Cole

Hixon, Alexander Janicki,

Jason Kouyoumdjian, Serena

Long, Lily MacEachern, Tyler

Maciorowski, Ritvik Mahajan,

Delilah Mahnfeldt, Nicholas

Marini, Neico Marino,

Elizabeth Marley, Adrian

Marton, Noah Mazzola, Nate

McQueen, Victoria Minor,

Devon Neenan, Lorenzo

Nieves, Sophie O’Toole, John

Powers, Aliah Salinas, Lara

Schmitz, Brett Shaffer, Kate

Shrewsbury, Ava Sonek, Ryan

Swales, Allison Sweeney,

Jad Tannous, Brady Trippe,

Campbell Wallin




Francesca Aloise, Kyani

Campbell, Brady Cole, Claire

Connors, Charles Cumming,

Gabriella D’Ambrosio,

Grayson Field, Anthony

George, Mason Glinski,

Emma Greenleaf, Shea

Killeen, Stephanie Lane,

Sebastian Langdon, Bennett

Luba, Anthony Marino,

Lyla McCormick, Vincent

Minichiello, Luke Moschella,

Olivia Myteberi, Kathryn

Palmer, Mia Roostaie-Moore,

Sattyartha Singh, Madison

Sloan, Neal String, Olivia

Sylvester, Zachary Unger




Fiona Asaad, Charlotte

Beccia, Jacob Book, Lydia

Buonopane, Reagan Chisholm,

Chloe Cieslewicz, Victoria

Clancy, Samuel Curley,

Benjamin Dahlstedt, Sydney

Danese, Octavio DeOliveira,

Annabelle Eckhardt, Lorelei

Eckhardt, Gennaro Ferrante,

Ereeny Georges, Harris

Hadzihasanovic, Audrey

Janielis, Alexandra Kent,

Sonia Kumar, Abigail Lopez,

John MacDonald, Kieran

Mattingly, Gianna Micieli,

Madeline Migliero, Shealyn

Moore, Elizabeth Morse,

Dylan Nguyen, Jason Nguyen,

Nandana Nishanth, Anna

Raslavicus, Zoe Rockwell,

Victoria Ruisi, Alexandra

Schmidt, Aditya Shrivastava,

Samantha Stanley, Baoyun

Sun, Isabella Sykes , Siri Tudi,

Alexia Vaquerano, Ian Wagon,

Lillian Williams, Eusha Zaman




Marianna Axiotakis, Patrick

Brown, Rori Caprio, Michael

Celata, Heavenly Claypool,

Ava Cook, Jack Cuddy,

Logan Daigle, Celishanex

Diaz Santos, Luke DiSilvio,

Colin Doyle, Brendan

Driscoll, Zakaria Elhallabi,

Isabella Fiorentino, Gabriel

Fredette, Giuliana Fusco, Gia

Gagnon, Andrew George,

Dino Gesamondo, Isabella

Giacobbi, Ryan Giacobbi,

David Glynn, Erin Golden,

Jayden Ing, Olivia Kelter,

Sophie Kennison, Emrys Klee,

Matthew Langton, Kamden

Mauser, Victoria McCrann,

Zahir Mitchell, Alexander

Morales, Steven Morse,

Addison Munion, Cameron

Munion, Camden Nagy,

Hannah Ozanian , Calogero

James Patermo, Grace Pena,

Anthony Petruccelli, Ellie

Phelps, Zarrar Raja, Callie

Robbins, Jerusha Robins,

Rocco Scenna, Benjamin

Schumacher, Kayla Smyrnios,

Nicole Solomon, Estella

Steadman, Jenna Supino,

Matthew Tracy, Joseph

Wozniak, Nathan Zalvan,

Evangelos Zavras




Lily Alves, Ivan Andrews,

Phoenix Billings, Aurora

Capobianco, Christian

Cullinane, Ethan Curran,

Mallory DiSilvio, Christopher

Gildea, Christina Haggis,

Nicholas Kelter, Henry Klee,

Nicholas Lu, William Mandile,

Cara Manfredonia, Lila

Martins, Aislin McCormack,

Caden Mendese, Zoe O’Brien,

Hayden Service, Andee Shieh,

Aiden Simeone, Abigail





Tyler Adamo, Alexander

Adreani, Raffi Arkun, Arianna

Atsales, Adishree Batchu,

Gabriella Bottaro, Clara

Caulfield, Elizabeth Considine,

Julia Corrente, Paul Daley,

Nila Dharma, Rayna Downey,

Christopher Duprey, Anna

Feury, Brady Field, Kaila

George, Ariana Guarracino,

Aanya Gupta, Ella Hayman,

Morgan Hubbard, William

Kennedy, Shlok Kudrimoti,

Lauren Lane, Rachel Lim,

Maxwell Lin, Paige Martino,

Madison McCarthy, Michael

McCarthy, Abby Miles, Charles

Morgan, Brandon Qesja,

Matthew Reinold, Emma

Rose, Parminder Saini, Jason

Sewyck, Olivia Sieve, Kye

Smyrnios , Kimberly

Staffier, Taylor Valiton, Cora





Roxanne Beatrice, Gregory

Benedetto, Cade Buklarewicz,

Caitlin Buoniconti, Hailey

Burrill, Christopher Calnan,

Isabella Carroll, Lucy

Chamberlin, Samuel Childress,

Taylor Collins, Kaitlyn

Connelly, Olivia DeLeo,

Gavin DeLuties, Adriana

DiCorato, Camryn Donovan,

Jesse Dorman, Alexander

Fleming, Ty Goldberg, Ella

Gould, Chloe Gromko, Erin

Higdon, Madux Iovinelli,

Jonas Koyle, Massimo

LoGrasso, Ciara Long,

Nicholas Lozada, Ashkrit

Mahajan, Ava Mazzone, Liam

McCarthy, Kye McClory,

Kyle McDonald, Adayna

Mitchell-Forde, Will Norton,

John Pascucci, Erika Pasquale,

Sarah Powers , Joshua Robins ,

Aubrey Rocha, John Settipane,

Isabella Shrewsbury, Matthew

Squadrito, Anthony Tammaro




Marissa Calamari, Owen

Considine, Enzo DeLuca,

Cassidy Dembro, Christopher

Fleming, Elizabeth Grieves,

Maxwell Guertin, Emma

Harnett, Jack Kouyoumdjian,

George Lambros, Amelia

Luongo, Jack Mackey, Tyler

Maddocks, James Mahoney,

Gia Marotta, Iain McCarthy,

Shea McCarthy, Elijah

Mendese, Dillon Reilly, Sierra

Scanlon, Gabriel Schumacher,

Nicole Sorrentino, Olivia

Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan,

Emily Toscano, Brooke

Waxman, Lily White,

Malden Catholic announces

Brother Gilbert honorees

Have a story to share?

Need a question answered?


For the Weekly News

MALDEN — Three

Lynnfield students are new

members of Malden Catholic

High School’s Brother Gilbert

Chapter of the National Honor

Society (NHS).

They are Hayden Bond, a renewing

senior and a graduate

of the Class of 2021; Nicholas

Julian, a junior inductee in

the Class of 2022 and Mario

Russo, a junior inductee in the

Class of 2022.

The National Honor Society

is dedicated to advancing the

attributes of scholarship, leadership,

character and service in


In May 2021 Malden

Catholic High School inducted

140 new members into the

Brother Gilbert Chapter of the

National Honor Society. For

the Brother Gilbert Chapter

at Malden Catholic, students

become academically eligible

for membership when, after

four semesters, a cumulative

average of 88 percent has been


Students apply through a faculty

moderator and provide to a

five-person faculty committee

documented evidence of character,

leadership and service.

With help of faculty input,

the committee evaluates each

candidate, votes in a closed

session and makes the final

decision on membership. NHS

academic averages, service requirements

— which include

voluntary contributions made

by the student to the school

or community — along with

demonstrations of leadership

through resourcefulness,

problem solving and idea generation

are reviewed quarterly.

Students who meet NHS

scholarship requirements will

also have the opportunity to

submit information regarding

accomplishments in and commitment

to service, leadership

and character for scholarship


According to Malden

Catholic Principal Rose Maria

Redman, “this has been an extraordinary

year for MC and

our students have performed

well despite the challenges

that were presented. We are delighted

to have an outstanding

group of students at our school

who, throughout the year, have

been dedicated to leadership,

academic excellence and giving

back to our community.”

Financial planning is

more important than ever…

• Detailed Life Planning

• Education Plans

• Longevity Planning

• Legacy & Estate Planning

• Investment Management

• Retirement Planning

• Long Term Care Planning

• Life Insurance

• Sustainable investing

• Charitable Giving


Vice President, Investments


20 Burlington Mall Road, Suite 130 // Burlington, MA 01803

781.313.8403 // evergreenfinpartners.com

© 2021 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC. 21-BRNAO-0003 TA 1/21


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

Rhea Prem earns Georgia Tech honors

For the Weekly News

ATLANTA — Lynnfield’s

Rhea Prem earned the distinction

of Faculty Honors for

Spring 2021 at the Georgia

Institute of Technology. This

designation is awarded to undergraduate

students who have

earned a 4.0 academic average

for the semester.

The Georgia Institute of

Technology, or Georgia Tech,

is a “Top 10” public research

university developing leaders

who advance technology and

improve the human condition.

The Institute offers business,

computing, design, engineering,

liberal arts, and sciences

degrees. Its nearly 40,000

students, representing 50 states

and 149 countries, study at

the main campus in Atlanta, at

campuses in France and China,

and through distance and online


As a leading technological

university, Georgia Tech is an

engine of economic development

for Georgia, the Southeast,

and the nation, conducting more

than $1 billion in research annually

for government, industry,

and society.

Georgia Tech offers a wide

variety of technologically-focused

degrees with more

than 130 majors and minors



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now available for viewing

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JULY 1, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 9

Lynnfield High School 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Grade 9 High Honors

Lucas Adreani, Nina Alfe,

Niccolo Antidormi, Alex

Baldini, Zacory Benedetto,

Sophie Bergeron, Eva

Bockoff, Keely Briggs, Katie

Buonopane, Eva Cammarata,

Paul Capodilupo, Melissa

Caprio, Maria Chambers,

Megan Collins, Addison

Connelly, Anna Connolly,

Hannah Corkhum, Madison

Danese, Ryan DeBenedictis,

Ava Delaney, Lilyana DeLeo,

Kiera Doherty, Dhimitri

Dono, Hannah Doyle, Sophia

Fiorentino, Brian Flores-

Cuvedo, Ava Gamache,

Samantha Geary, Liam

Gorman, Anthony Grabau,

Max Halsey, Janhavi Joglekar,

Catherine Kampersal, Russell

Kasdon, Maeve Kennedy,

Nicholas Kozakis, Chloe

Kustka, Christopher Ladd,

Alexis Lambros, Sumeet

Lampert, Slate LoPilato,

Brendan Manoogian, Leticia

Marafon, Jake Martinho,

Madeline Mastrangelo,

Maeve Mattingly, Hailey

Mihalchik, Chloe Milne,

Isabelle Moschella, Owen

Mullin, Ryan Nguyen, Devin

O’Connor, Adrianna Pascuccio,

Alexa Petruccelli, Haniya

Qazafi, Joseph Raffa, Kurt

Rothermund, Samaya Saab,

Olivia Scire, Ellie Shapleigh,

Madelin Sieve, Zoe Sipcic,

Brendan Sokop, Mark Sweeney

III, Alexandra Sykes, David

Tracy, Ivan Vargas, Viola

Wertz, Megan Woods

Grade 9 Honors

Joshua Agostino, Malak Al-

Mamori, John Alzate, James

Atsales, Emilie Bell, Sophia

Brown, Katherine Cash,

Nathaniel Clancy, Joseph

Cucciniello, Christopher

Daniels, Casey Flynn, Olivia

Goguen, Hazel Gonzalez,

Nicholas Hubbard, Charles

Kane, Gavin Leuci, Daniel

Levin, Ryan MacEachern, Cole

Manfredonia, Anthony Morales,

Arash Saini, Livia Tare, Emma

Tran, Srivanth Tudi, Veronica

Wainwright, Ryan Zannella

Grade 9 Credit List

Paul Breslow, Jake Connell,

Dylan Damiani, Grace

D’Augusta, Lola Fitzemeyer,

Joseph Graffeo, William

Hardisty, Deven Henehan,

Matthew Howell, Lily

Langdon, Quinn Lavey, Bianca

Marano, John Marenghi, Luke

McQueen, Dylan Murphy, Laci

Robbins, Michael Savio, Kyle

Schmitz, Mia Sheikh-Abdou,

Lianna Shememian, Kabir

Singh, Patrick Spychalski,

Britney Sylvester, Emily


Grade 10 High Honors

Katherine Adamo, Sahil

Akhter, Lauren Amico, Charles

Beatrice, Vincent Benvenuto,

Avery Bird, Devin Bolger, Nate

Buklarewicz, Aidan Burns,

Sophia Calle, Julia Carbone,

Henry Caulfield, Kevin

Connolly, Chloe Considine,

Courtney Cumming, Madison

Daigle, Drew Damiani, Grace

Davie, Ella Deirmendjian,

Angelo DeLuca, Aran Dharma,

Jack DiGangi, Ella Doherty,

Ethan Downey, Steven

Dreher, Ella Feury, Alexander

Gentile, Isabella George,

Evyenia Georges, Genna

Gioioso, Cassie Giordano, Ella

Gizmunt, Harrison Grasso,

Maria Gravini, Hannah

Gromko, Bianca Guarracino,

Giuliana Guarracino, Robert

Higdon, Khanhhoang-Julia

Ho, Sihoc-Adam Ho, Gabrielle

Jacobs, Kevin Julian, Rafik

Khodr, Owen Klee, Sumaedha

Konduri, Marianne Lane,

Gianna Leach, Carissa

LoNigro, Fisher Luba, Camden

Marengi, James Marini,

Robert Marley III, Colin

McCormick, Grace McKrell,

Daniel McSweeney, Isabella

Mendese, Domenic Micieli,

Payton Munion, Erin Murray,

Alyssa O’Keefe, Damon

O’Neil, Margaret Ozanian,

Jason Passatempo, Sofia Raffa,

Maria Raslavicus, Margaret

Reardon, Munir Safwan, Owen

Santarella, James Sharkey,

Kailee Shieh, Avi Shrivastava,

Benjamin Sieve, Emme

Speicher, Abigail Travers,

Alana Villar, Andrew von Jako,

Ava Zalvan

Grade 10 Honors

Brian Ballaro, Jack Calichman,

Ayush DasGupta, Daniel

Dorman, Nolan Drislane,

Mohamed El Mataoui, Andrea

Ellis, Sophia Faro, Chase

Goldberg, Coleen Golden,

Kiera Mallett, Ava Marotta,

Sophia Mazzone, Lucas

Montesano, Julian Morales,

Jamil Ndansi, Chloe Palumbo,

Ella Pescione, Nicholas

Razzaboni, Julia Souto, Abigail

Spillane, Lana Sutera

Grade 10 Credit List

Cole Adams, Teanne Alfama

Polanco, Jake Ballaro, Celia

Carbone, Anthony Cassano,

Veronica Coletta, Gavin

Fair, Ainsley Hurley, Bryce

Kay, Nicholas Lucich, Kyle

Morais, Christian Murphy, Mia

O’Brien, Aaron Olsen, Emily

Palumbo, Justin Rose, Richard


Grade 11 High Honors

Abby Adamo, Giulia Albano,

Benjamin Blacker, Sarah

Breslow, Amanda Buckley,

Samantha Bunar, Alyssa

Calvani, Mariella Calvani,

Jacqueline Carbone, Chase

Carney, Ryan Cataldo,

Madeline Condon, Natalie

Connell, Natalie Deady,

Morgan DeGrazia, Victoria

DeGrazia, Ava DeGregorio,

Jack DellIsola, Raymond

DiGiovanni Jr, Ema Dono,

Jillian Driscoll, Sarah Foley,

Gianna Fuccillo, Lauren

Grava, Mary Gray, Kelsey

Hodsdon, Brooke Hubacz,

Samantha Israelson, Caitlin

Johnston, Anna Kaminski,

David Kasdon, Chris

Kozakis Jr, Jordan Lavey,

Lauren Lim, Harrison Luba,

Alyssa MacPherson, Jacob

MacPherson, Madelyn

McCarthy, Courtney

McCausland, Caitlin

McCormack, Lauryn Millar,

Georgia Milne, Francesca

Minichiello, Madeline

Monkiewicz, Sophia

Montesano, Ava Natola, Emma

Neenan, Michael O’Brien,

Adriana Parisi, Rachel

Perrin, Matthew Petralia,

Anna Radulski, Olivia Reska,

Jemima Robins, Daniela Rosa,

Jasmine Rose, Allen Saini,

Andrew Scangas, Elizabeth

Schmidt, Julia Seelig, Andrew

Shone, Alexander Sieve,

Gianna Spinella, Sadhvi

Sreeram, Lauren St Andre,

Catherine Sweeney, Benjamin

Sykes, Yara Tannous, Ava

Tardito, David Tashjian, Ava

Tishler, Kayla Tracy, Fang-Yun

Tsai, Alexis Veglia, Lucas

Williams, Jason Yang, Alexis


Grade 11 Honors

Kaleigh Burke, Catherine

Ciolfi, Lucy Cleary, Emma

Condon, Marissa Corvi,

Maggie Davidson, Evan

Fair, Riley Hallahan, Owen

Kennedy, Jake Mallett, Shane

McQueen, Julia Smedira,

Janssen Sperling, Chloe

Thomas, Charles Wainwright,

Kaleigh Weeks

Grade 11 Credit List

Peter Accardo, Alice

Barbosa, Matthew Buston,

Ella Cammarata, Alexander

Darwish, Devin Delaney,

Brian Ellis, Evan Fitzemeyer,

Julia Floramo, Jenna Mack,

Nicolas Marcinowski, Matthew

Michalski, Benjamin Mullin,

Timothy Pivero, Spencer Riley,

Gabriel Schmitz, William

Steadman, Rupert Thomas

Grade 12 High Honors

Madison Angelo, Kayla

Anjoorian, William

Arsenault, Evan Balian,

Trent Balian, Noah Book,

Lauren Braconnier, Aidan

Briggs, Jenna Brodigan, Ava

Buonfiglio, Kiera Burns,

Alyssa Campbell, Jeanne

Carpenter, Megan Chann,

Yvonne Chen, Michael

Colarusso, Ava Coleman,

Christopher Collins, Julia

Colucci, Avery Comeau,

Haley Corkhum, Kimberly

Daniels, Christopher daSilva,

Simbat Deirmendjian,

Alexia DellaPorta, Sarah

Doherty, Joseph Fernandez,

Cynthia Flores-Cuvedo,

Jennifer Flynn, Ashley

Fomenou, Emma Gallucci,

Jack Galvin, Ella Gaudette,

Ava Giannasca, Isabelle

Giordano, Kyara Glinski,

Emily Goguen, Makayla

Greene, Taylor Guarracino,

Dana Kampersal, Matthew

Kane, Ava Kelly, Jamil

Khodr, Grace Klonsky,

Francesca Lamontagne,

Kiran Lampert, Dario Leach,

Paige Leuci, Alex Lin,

Daniel Lu, April Luders,

Grace Magno, Madeleine

Mahan, Nikolas Marotta,

Amanda Martin, Finnian

Mattingly, El Medford,

Gabrielle Mellor, Charlotte

Mihalchik, Jennifer Miller,

Michelle Miller, Ashley

Mitchell, Lauren Mitchell,

Andrew Moreschi, Lindsay

Nardone, Megan Nevils,

Evelyn Noto, Joseph

Pagliuca, Anthony Palmer,

Nicholas Passatempo,

Christopher Pavao, Alexis

Robles, Jack Ross, Isabella

Scala, Erin Sharkey, Riley

Slaney, Zachary Sparkas,

Isabella Toscano, Francesca

Tropeano, Fang-Tung Tsai,

Caroline Waisnor, Lauren

Yazel, Anthony Zhang

Grade 12 Honors

Brooke Adams, Declan

Bolger, Meredith Boone,

John Briggs, Mateusz

Brzezinski, Daniella

Colarusso, Madeline

Cook, Anthony Corrente,

Elizabeth Daly, Viviana

Desiderio, Allison Dillon,

Kerry Donovan, Michael

Dreher, Reilly Ganter, Nadia

Ghosheh, Lauren Harrison,

Angelo King, Ian McDonald,

Grace Mealey, Madison

Murphy, Molly Murphy,

Olivia Murphy, Geovann

Nunes De Sousa, Veronica

Nunez, Ava O’Brien, Emma

Palermo, Hailey Palermo,

Mark Ring, Dominic Russo,

Chloe Shapleigh, Connor

Sokop, Jake Soriano

Grade 12 Credit List

Jillian Babine, Joseph Badger,

Harris Carolan, Gabriella

Colarusso, Allia Ferrante,

Richard Floramo, Jack Ford,

Sofija Gavrilova, Dante

Gesamondo, Brenden Henehan,

Joseph LaFerla, Michael

Madden, Dylan Marano, Myles

McKay, Blake Peters, David

Picariello, Lars Ruecker,

Caroline Sprince, Adam Tanner

Oosterman’s Rest Home offers a warm, homelike

setting and more personalized care at lower costs

than those big institutional facilities.

Come see for yourself the personalized care

our residents receive.

For more information, call Kate Oosterman

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From left, Jamil Khodr, Harrison Luba, head coach Joe Dunn and assistant coach Tony Lena

pose with the Division 3 North finalist trophy after falling to Weston Friday afternoon.


Lynnfield native Pat D’Amico had a home run and one RBI

for St. John’s Prep in a Division 1 North Final victory over

Lincoln-Sudbury Monday.

D’Amico, St. John’s Prep

win Division 1 North title


By Mike Alongi

DANVERS — Behind a

pair of clutch home runs and

a gutsy pitching performance,

the No. 4 St. John’s Prep

baseball team added another

piece of hardware to its trophy

case after taking down No. 2

Lincoln-Sudbury 4-2 to win the

Division 1 North title Monday

afternoon at Pete Frates Field.

In a funny bit of symmetry,

the baseball team is the second

St. John’s Prep team in as

many days to earn a win over

Lincoln-Sudbury after the Prep

lacrosse team knocked off the

Warriors to win the Division 1

North title on Sunday.

Sam Belliveau was the star

of the day for the Eagles,

tossing a complete-game twohitter

on the mound. He didn’t

allow a hit until the bottom of

the seventh inning, and had a

perfect game going through 5

2/3 innings.

Kyle Webster and Lynnfield

native Pat D’Amico led the offensive

attack, both smashing

home runs in the win. Shane

Williams added an RBI.

The Eagles didn’t waste

any time getting on the board

Monday, thanks to D’Amico.

Just one pitch into the game,

the senior third baseman turned

on one and smashed a solo

home run to put the Prep ahead

1-0 right away.

Belliveau got off to a great

start on the mound for St.

John’s, retiring the first nine

Lincoln-Sudbury batters in

order with five strikeouts.

The Prep added onto its lead

in the top of the fourth. After

getting a runner into scoring

position, Williams ripped an

RBI single down the left-field

line to double up the lead at

2-0. On the very next pitch,

Webster doubled the lead

yet again when he knocked a

two-run home run to make it a

4-0 game.

Belliveau continued to deal

on the mound after that, retiring

the side in order in the

fourth and fifth innings and

then getting the first two batters

of the sixth innings out as

well. But his bid for a perfect

game came to an end there, as

he hit Lincoln-Sudbury’s Evan

Munuz to give the Warriors

their first baserunner. He then

walked the next batter before

notching a strikeout to get out


But the no-hitter wasn’t in

the cards for Belliveau, as he

gave up his first knock in the

bottom of the seventh. Lincoln-

Sudbury followed with an RBI

double from Tommy Rogers

and grabbed another run on an

error, but Belliveau buckled

down and forced a gameending

4-6-3 double play to

send the Eagles on to the next


St. John’s Prep (14-3) now

moves on to the Division 1 state

semifinal, where the Eagles

will take on South champion

Xaverian Wednesday (4).

Lynnfield sees dream season

come to a close in North Final


By Mike Alongi

WESTON — The Lynnfield

boys tennis team saw its undefeated

season come to an end

on Friday afternoon, as the

No. 2 Pioneers fell to No. 1

Weston, 5-0, in the Division 3

North Final.

Harrison Luba fell in first

singles (6, 2-6), while Jamil

Khodr lost in second singles

(3-6, 0-6) and Dan Levin fell in

third singles (0-6, 1-6). In doubles

play, the team of David

Kasdon and Jason Yang fell

in first doubles (0-6, 0-6) and

the team of Rafik Khodr and

Russell Kasdon fell in second

doubles (0-6, 0-6).

Lynnfield finishes the season

at 13-1.

Luders, Rose place at All-State meet


By Mike Alongi

A number of local track and

field athletes competed in the

All-States over the weekend,

including Lynnfield runners

April Luders and Jasmine


On the girls side, Luders finished

ninth in the pentathlon

(2627 points) and Rose finished

10th in the 100 (26.28).

Peabody’s Jolene Murphy

capped off her high school career

by setting another school

record, this time in the 400.

Murphy finished fourth after

running a time of 56.37, her

fifth individual school record

time as a member of the


“She’s the greatest sprinter

we’ve ever had for girls,”

Peabody coach Fernando Braz

said of Murphy, who will be

running at Boston College next


Elsewhere in the girls events,

Peabody’s Lindsey Wilson finished

eighth in the high jump

(5-2), Peabody’s Arlene Davila

finished ninth in the shot put

(33-10 1/4) and 12th in the

discus (94-1) and Peabody’s

Aaliyah Alleyne finished 11th

in the pentathlon (2461 points).


Lynnfield’s April Luders had a strong showing at the MIAA

All-State Track and Field Championships this weekend, finishing

ninth in the pentathlon.

JULY 1, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 11

Spring all-stars announced for Cape Ann League


Twin brothers Trent (left) and Evan Balian have been named to the Cape Ann League’s All-CAL

Team following stellar seasons on the field.


Despite a tough season for the Lynnfield boys lacrosse team, senior John

Briggs has been honored for his strong season by being selected to the

All-CAL Team.


Lynnfield pitcher Reilly Ganter (left) and shortstop Chloe Shapleigh, the only two seniors on the

Pioneers’ roster this spring, have both been named to the All-CAL Team.


Senior Jen Flynn capped off her high school lacrosse career on a high

note after being the lone Pioneers player to be named to the All-CAL

Team this spring.


After an incredible 13-1 season, the Lynnfield boys tennis team had six players named to the All-CAL Team in, from left, Jamil Khodr (second singles), Dan Levin (third

singles), David Kasdon (first doubles), Jason Yang (first doubles), Russell Kasdon (second doubles) and, not pictured, Rafik Khodr (second doubles). On the girls side, third

singles player Anna Radulski, not pictured, also earned All-CAL Team honors.


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

Pioneer trio were Agganis All-Stars

PHOTOS | Julia Hopkins

The Pioneers were represented well in last week’s 59th Agganis All-Star Football Game at

Manning Field with, from left, Jack Ford, Bakari Mitchell and David Capachietti all hitting the

gridiron one last time together with the North All-Star Team.

Bakari Mitchell leaps into the air to contend a pass.




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Jack Ford catches another pass and tries to avoid a tackler later in the game as darkness surrounds

Manning Field.

JULY 1, 2021

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Members of Above the Influence Lynnfield, from left, Maddie Cook, Riley Slaney, Sarah Doherty, Drug Free Communities organizer Julie Greene, middle school

health teacher Matt Angelo, Drew von Jako, Ella Hayman and Emma Rose.

Above the Influence a success

By Allysha Dunnigan

LYNNFIELD — Local students,

businesses, and A Healthy

Lynnfield members rolled out

the Above the Influence anti-substance

abuse campaign

with the focus on helping town

residents make healthy choices.

One of the goals of this

campaign is to influence what

people think about substance

abuse in the community, which

Substance Abuse Prevention

Coordinator Peg Sallade said

carries a variety of messages on

social media.

The campaign was created

as a partnership between students

from the middle and high

schools and the nonprofit A

Healthy Lynnfield (AHL).

High School Youth Council

leaders Maddie Cook, Sarah

Doherty and Riley Slaney said

they have seen success with the

campaign and are happy to be

involved in it.

Some campaign activities provided

by Above The Influence

included “Be It,” where participants

worked on developing

their own personal brands, and

“Tag It,” where they went into

the community and learned to

recognize and identify negative

influences — as well as positive

ones which keep them “above

the influence.”

Leanne Bordonaro, AHL’s

outreach coordinator, said the

partnership with restaurants

began in March and kicked

off the Above the Influence


“The businesses that signed

the pledge were promoted in

the news as a responsible business

who really care about

protecting kids from underage

alcohol sales,” Bordonaro said.

“The pledge was a great opportunity

to continue to build relationships

in a positive way.”

Some restaurants displayed

Above the Influence’s poster

in their establishment, and

Bordonaro said the 13 businesses

that signed the pledge

were very supportive.

Cook, Doherty and Slaney

helped create a video listing 21

reasons to be above the influence,

bringing in peers who are

not involved in the coalition.

Through Above the Influence,

Sallade said the goal is to focus

the campaign on one message

that can engage different partners

and people in the community

in different ways, with

making healthy choices being

the focus for 2021.

For 2021, the group based

Proud Supporter

their initiative off a national

media campaign by the same

name, which was run several

years ago, and designed different

aspects to reach a broad

swath of people.

This included getting local

businesses involved by encouraging

restaurants to sign a

pledge to not serve alcohol to

underage individuals.

Julie Greene, Drug Free

Communities program coordinator

at AHL, works with youth

in the community and said this

year was the first where AHL

operated as an after-school,

club-based program. Kids in

the program participated with

Above the Influence by engaging

in a number of activities

and projects.

“Anyone that works with

youth really wants to focus on

teaching and building resiliency,

which I think is what this

campaign really embodies,”

Greene said.

Michael Garabedian

Emma Rose, left, and Ella Hayman show off their posters for

Above the Influence.




Pledge to prevent

underage alcohol sales

In partnership with

Lynnfield Police Dept.

& A Healthy Lynnfield



Prevent ion

Coalit ion

A Healthy


Mike Garabedian

welcomes his friends and former customers


Mike says he will beat any deal from any Subaru dealer!

260 Main Street

North Reading MA 01864

Sales: 978 396 6090

Direct: 844 720 9034



WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

NEPGA Junior Tour at Reedy Meadow

PHOTOS | Julia Hopkins

Danvers’ Leo Schroeder works his way out of the bunker at

Reedy Meadow.

Winchester’s Charlie Badger chips onto a green during the

NEPGA Junior Tour tournament.

Belmont’s Gregory Federico

watches his putt.





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B: Juan Dejesus & Arianny Urena

S: Freddy A Rodriguez



B: Tristan Brosnan & Emily Mcgranachan

S: Kenneth J Kachinski & Zwitsa

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B: Meghan M Chella

S: Patrick Attridge & Rachel Attridge



B: Laura J Freeman & C Hernandez-Salazar

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B: Kevin Armstrong & Maria Scheri

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Lynnfield Public Schools

Public Notice of Destruction of Special Education Student Records

The Massachusetts Student Record Regulations authorize public school districts to

destroy student records within seven (7) years of a student's graduation with a

diploma or when services are concluded at age 22. The Office of Student Services

is authorized to periodically review student records and to destroy misleading,

outdated or irrelevant information contained within a student's temporary student

record. 603 CMR 23.06

In accordance with applicable state and federal regulations, the Lynnfield Public

Schools does hereby notify you of its intent to destroy student records relating to

your child/you within ninety (90) days of the date of this notice. The records to be

destroyed include, but not limited to, documentation contained within your

child's/your temporary student record. A copy of your child's/your student

transcript will, however, be maintained by the District for at least sixty (60) years

following your child's/your graduation, transfer or withdrawal from the District.

Massachusetts regulations require that the District provide you with prior written

notice of its intent to destroy student records and that you be given an opportunity

to obtain all records to be destroyed.

If you would like to pick up your student's records before they are destroyed,

please submit a written request to the Office of Student Services, 525 Salem

Street, Lynnfield. Contact Camille Ernest at the Office of Student Services at

781-334-7300 or ernestc@lynnfield.k12.ma.us if there are any additional

questions concerning the destruction of special education records for your


Weekly News: June 24 and July 1, 2021


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JULY 1, 2021

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NEPGA Junior Tour at Reedy Meadow

PHOTOS | Julia Hopkins

Danvers’ Leo Schroeder lines up a putt.

Melrose’s Drew Hebert follows through on a drive.

Concord’s George Joseph shows off a picture-perfect follow through off a tee.

Manchester’s Preston Potter watches his putt make its way toward

the hole.

Belmont’s Gregory Federico follows the flight of an approach.

Joseph, left, and Hebert, center, follow the flight of a drive by Wellesley’s Zach Haverty.


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 1, 2021

Happy 4th of July!

Let’s celebrate our great nation and honor those who serve to keep it free.

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