LeadershipConnexion 2nd QRT 2021

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PennDel Ministry Network | Summer <strong>2021</strong><br />


Breath & Power<br />

pages 8-9

OCTOBER 4-6, <strong>2021</strong><br />

We hope to see you and your team<br />

at this year’s THRIVE Conference.<br />


GUESTS:<br />





For more info and to REGISTER:<br />

penndel.org/thrive<strong>2021</strong><br />

2<br />

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

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Managing Editor:<br />

Donald J. Immel<br />

Carole Bongiorno<br />

Volume 67 Number 2 - (USPS 165-700) is the official periodical published quarterly<br />

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Randall Rhoads South Central East - SCE<br />

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Allan Thorpe Northwest - NW<br />

David Twiss Northeast - NE<br />

General Presbyters<br />

Donald J. Immel<br />

Jeff Marshall<br />

Jason Lamer<br />

Honorary General Presbyter<br />

Philip Bongiorno<br />

PennDel Superintendent Emeritus


in a Post-Pandemic Culture<br />

Paul Lynde used to star in a sitcom in the early seventies<br />

called “The Paul Lynde Show.” In the opening of each<br />

episode someone would ask, “so how goes the rat race?”<br />

Lynde would answer, “the rats are winning!” As we come out<br />

of the pandemic, I’m afraid that fatigue has caused many of<br />

us to feel that the virus has caused us to lose more than a few<br />

attendees. Churches, congregations and staffs have divided<br />

over masks, vaccines and what feels safe. We know that the<br />

time is coming to fully re-engage, but many leaders are unsure<br />

when to pull the trigger. The reality is that the virus is still being<br />

spread (1350 new cases per day for the last 7 days: 5.25.21),<br />

and the optics of how we operate are still very important in<br />

communicating with empathetic compassion.<br />

Here are three ways that we can THRIVE<br />

as we head out of the pandemic:<br />

PLAN your fall outreaches NOW. We can always pivot<br />

regarding the details of maximum safe capacity, but we cannot<br />

pivot if we have no plans in place! During the summer months<br />

outdoor activities will be welcomed because they provide<br />

community in a safe environment.<br />

PROVIDE ministry that addresses anxiety. Preaching a series<br />

on how the Lord helps us navigate our fears or having a Christian<br />

counselor as a guest will be both relevant and meaningful as<br />

people process a long season of heightened stress and anxiety.<br />

Dr. Dobbins presented a series entitled, “The Believer and His<br />

Mental Health,” many years ago. The topic continues to be<br />

applicable in a post-pandemic culture. Small groups and support<br />

groups are also ministries that can help people of faith engage in<br />

studies, discussions, and support that provide encouragement<br />

and a safe space to process their fears or the anxious condition<br />

of their loved ones. Seeking the Lord in prayer and worship<br />

should also be identified as a mentally healthy soul exercise: “I<br />

sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from<br />

all my fears.” (Psalms 34:4; NKJV)<br />

PROMOTE your fully open, fully safe re-engagement plan.<br />

Patrick Lencioni suggests that good leadership provides clarity,<br />

communicates clarity, and over-communicates clarity in order<br />

to create organizational health. This applies to churches and<br />

ministries. Someone recently said, “by the time you’re getting<br />

tired of saying it (your message), people are just beginning to<br />

really hear it!”<br />

At the writing of this article, we are about to enter the summer<br />

season. I am anticipating that by the fall and school season,<br />

most schools, universities and society in general will be (mostly)<br />

fully functional. Those who are prone to experience anxiety due<br />

to pre-existing conditions will continue to wear masks and avoid<br />

close contact. Churches would be wise to plan for the ongoing<br />

accommodations for those who are “covid-sensitive” with hand<br />

sanitization stations and mask only sections.<br />

The past year feels like it has been a rat race!<br />

We have survived…now it’s time to THRIVE!<br />


Welcome Carl & Andrea Redding<br />

We are pleased to welcome CARL & ANDREA REDDING<br />

back to the PennDel Ministry Network as our new Bongiorno<br />

Conference Center Executive Directors! Carl, a Valley Forge<br />

graduate, has had a long history with PennDel. He served<br />

as a youth pastor at First AG, Wilkes-Barre (1997 – 2002)<br />

and Mount Morris Gospel Tabernacle (2002 – 2017).<br />

Most recently, Carl served as Lead Pastor at Macomb<br />

AG, Macomb, IL. (2017 – <strong>2021</strong>), where he also served as a<br />

sectional presbyter. Andrea recently graduated from Evangel<br />

University with a master’s degree in business administration.<br />

(Andrea graduated at the same time as their daughter<br />

Abigale, who graduated from Evangel with a bachelor’s<br />

degree in small profit business and history!) Welcome home<br />

Carl and Andrea – we look forward to working together to<br />

develop our camping and retreat ministries at our Network<br />

Conference Center!<br />

Here’s a little insight into Carl:<br />

What is your greatest passion?<br />

Seeing people come to know Jesus<br />

What is your favorite song?<br />

Victory in Jesus<br />

What is your best way to relax?<br />

Being in a tree stand in the Fall<br />

What is a personal big dream that you<br />

have?<br />

To hunt elk with my bow!<br />

Great Bible verse:<br />

“I can do all things through Christ who<br />

strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13; NKJV)<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Spring <strong>2021</strong><br />


ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT | STEVE DEFRAIN | 484.686.4843 | sdefrain@penndel.org<br />

In the Book of Wisdom, we read: “The wise man saves<br />

for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he<br />

gets.” (Proverbs 21:20/TLB) To me, this verse speaks about<br />

personal development and growth. It asks the question, “Will I<br />

become a disciplined saver or live like many others who spend<br />

every cent they make?” The latter option is way too stressful for<br />

me because there would be no room for life’s emergencies or<br />

any place to draw from when life happens. If there’s one thing<br />

we know – life happens!<br />

Life happened to us a few years ago when the sand mound<br />

pump went, the engine on the riding mower blew and<br />

something happened to one of our vehicles. Altogether, the<br />

repair bill would be over $3000. Liz would ask me where the<br />

money was coming from, and I would tell her we were okay,<br />

not wanting to burden her. I knew things were serious when<br />

she wrote me a letter (one of only three in our forty-three years<br />

of marriage). She said, “I need you to show me where we are<br />

getting the money to fix everything.” That crisis changed my<br />

mind on the importance of saving for emergencies.<br />

According to Bankrate.com, fewer than four in ten Americans<br />

can handle an unexpected $1,000 expense, such as a<br />

medical bill or car repair. This number comes after the federal<br />

government’s stimulus funding and unemployment aid. This<br />

statistic means that many of us are not building financial margins<br />

in our lives.<br />

The beauty is that you don’t have to stop once you create a<br />

savings account for emergencies. You can have a separate<br />

account for just about anything. You can start a savings account<br />

for a vacation, a car replacement, house repairs, your grandkids<br />

- anything!<br />

Building<br />

Margin<br />

in Your Life<br />

“Will I become a disciplined saver or live like<br />

many others who spend every cent they make?”<br />

However, don’t stop the savings journey until you save for<br />

the big one: retirement savings. Chris Hogan says, “Social<br />

Security is the icing on the cake - not the whole cake.” Anything<br />

you get from Social Security should be a fringe benefit.<br />

Sources differ, but the story remains the same. The average<br />

American has nothing saved for retirement – or it is so tiny<br />

that it won’t help. 28% of people in their sixties have less than<br />

$50,000. Based on these numbers, it doesn’t sound like we are<br />

living like the Proverbs wise man.<br />

It’s never too late to start. No one else is going to do this<br />

for us. Today, it’s time for action. Here are some tips to<br />

take:<br />

» Put your money to work today<br />

Tweak the budget, reduce debt and start saving each month.<br />

Now is the time to put the power of compound interest to<br />

work. Remember, everything you pay interest on is a penalty,<br />

and everything you make interest on is a reward.<br />

» Automate your savings<br />

Set it up so that a certain amount leaves your checking<br />

account or paycheck monthly and automatically goes into a<br />

retirement account, such as a 403(b) or a Roth IRA. The good<br />

news is that you won’t miss it after a while and will learn to<br />

live without it.<br />

» Retire debt-free<br />

Remember that a paid-for-house is a part of your retirement<br />

funding too.<br />

I made plenty of mistakes along the way but learned and made<br />

better choices too. Remember, it is a journey with lots of twists<br />

and turns, and I would be honored to continue the conversation!<br />


A Summer of Soul-Care<br />

A<br />

few years ago I was backpacking with my boys through the hills of Pennsylvania. Because of their age, I had to carry<br />

more than my fair weight of the gear. One of the provisions I packed was extra water, which was packed at the bottom<br />

of my pack. As I refilled the larger container of water the first morning we awoke on the trail, I placed it at the bottom<br />

of my backpack under all the other provisions. Little did I realize that I did not quite tighten the top. As we hiked in the summer<br />

heat, the water began to leak out little by little. Because of the heat and the speed at which the water was leaking out, I didn’t<br />

realize what was happening until many hours later when we went for the reserve of water I had packed earlier that morning.<br />

As we stopped to refill our water bottles, we quickly realized the dilemma… No Water, Great Thirst!<br />

The MINISTRY (whether as a missionary, chaplain, lead pastor, youth, children, young adults, etc…) has always been that<br />

which drains us. Don’t take me wrong, it is an honor and a joy to fulfill God’s call upon our lives. However, even Jesus<br />

verbalized the physical, spiritual and emotional toll ministry places upon the servants of the Lord. In fact, Dr. Luke identified<br />

these moments for us in his gospel. He watched as the crowds invaded Jesus' space and He felt the need to regularly<br />

withdraw to a solitary place (Luke 5:16). He also recorded the interaction of Jesus’ healing virtue flowing from Him and Jesus<br />

saying, “Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.” (Luke 8:46). While Jesus was fully God, He<br />

was also bridled by His humanity.<br />

The last sixteen months of ministry during a pandemic have increased the stress, pressure, expectations, conflicts, pivots,<br />

technological shifts and overall weight of ministry spiritual leaders have had to shoulder. Like me and my boys on the trail, we<br />

are tired and thirsty. Perhaps like my empty water bottle in my backpack, you need some refreshment to keep going but you<br />

are not sure where to get it! Let me suggest three strategies to make this a Summer of Soul-Care!<br />

1. 2. 3.<br />

RE-TREAT:<br />

Like our dilemma with the<br />

empty water bottle, we<br />

knew we would somehow<br />

have to find a source of<br />

water. This source would<br />

not be found on our trail.<br />

We had to take the time<br />

to leave the trail, go find<br />

a stream, and utilize our<br />

water cleansing system<br />

we brought. Like Jesus<br />

leaving the crowds of<br />

people, going to a solitary<br />

place, at times we have<br />

to “retreat.” We are not<br />

retreating in defeat, rather<br />

we are retreating to<br />

get reconnected to our<br />

source.<br />

RE-FILL:<br />

This will sound a bit elementary, but… “a bottle<br />

can’t fill itself.” Once we found the stream, we<br />

were able to refill our bottles and reserves. We<br />

are much the same. When we are empty, we<br />

need a source outside of ourselves in order to<br />

refill. This Summer is a chance for all of us to<br />

visit the source of our strength, hope and life.<br />

You can’t fill yourself. Scripture identifies two<br />

primary sources by which we are filled. First,<br />

Jesus identified Himself as one source as He<br />

describes the vine and the branches (John 15).<br />

Now through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we<br />

are filled and called to be continually filled (Eph.<br />

5:18). The Apostle Paul expresses the other<br />

source as other believers in Ephesians 4:16,<br />

“From him the whole body, joined and held<br />

together by every supporting ligament,<br />

grows and builds itself up in love, as each<br />

part does its work.”<br />

RE-FRESH:<br />

These are the regular activities<br />

that keep us healthy and whole.<br />

Athletes provide a great example.<br />

After physical activity, professional<br />

athletes will dip into an ice bath,<br />

put a compression suit on, stretch,<br />

or schedule a “cupping” session.<br />

All these therapeutic strategies<br />

help their bodies recover and<br />

replenish following intense physical<br />

activity. I would like to suggest<br />

we, as spiritual leaders, also need<br />

to schedule regular refreshing<br />

strategies following intense relational<br />

and spiritual activities. Our spiritual,<br />

emotional and relational health<br />

impacts the Kingdom work we are<br />

called to accomplish.<br />

MINISTER CARE & CHURCH RECALIBRATION JASON TOURVILLE | 717.795.5921 | jason@penndel.org<br />

Each of these listed above begin with “RE”. The reason is that none are one and done.<br />

They must be a part of our ongoing rhythms in order to keep healthy and whole. If you find<br />

the water bottle of your soul has leaked out or it has been poured out in activity, please<br />

make this a Summer of Soul-Care. You are worth it!<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 5

SECRETARY/TREASURER | JEFF MARSHALL | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org<br />

Meet Our New Presbyters<br />

At Summit21 there were five new presbyters elected and ratified by the body.<br />

We wanted you to have an opportunity to meet our new presbyters.<br />

Brad Leach James Goodman Wayne Schaffer Jeff Dyer Jason Lamer<br />

Brad Leach, Presbyter of the Greater Philadelphia<br />

Section (gpapresbyter@penndel.org)<br />

He serves as the founder and Lead Pastor of City Life Church in South<br />

Philadelphia. Brad has been married to Leah Leach for thirteen years,<br />

and they have four children, Gabby (11), Claire (10), Caleb (8) and Karis<br />

(5). Brad received his B.A. in Preaching and Evangelism from Central<br />

Bible College and his M.A. in Church Leadership from the Assemblies of<br />

God Theological Seminary. Brad enjoys playing and watching basketball<br />

(Go Sixers!) and spending time with his family.<br />

James Goodman, Presbyter of the North Central West<br />

Section (ncwpresbyter@penndel.org)<br />

He serves as the founder and Lead Pastor of Life Community Church<br />

in Dubois. James has been married to Niki for thirteen years, they have<br />

three children, Hannah (6), Ethan (5), and Micah (3). James received a<br />

degree in Pastoral Ministry from the University of Valley Forge, where he<br />

also met his wife. James enjoys playing and watching sports, especially<br />

golf. His favorites teams are the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates.<br />

Wayne Schaffer, Presbyter of the South Central West<br />

Section (scwpresbyter@penndel.org)<br />

He serves as Lead Pastor of New Life Worship Center in Altoona. Wayne<br />

has been married to Suzanne for twenty-nine years. They have two adult<br />

children, Michael, and Carley Wilson (Derrick) and one grandson, James<br />

Wilson. Wayne attended Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, the University of<br />

Valley Forge and Phoenix Masters Commission. Wayne enjoys date night<br />

with his wife visiting the various restaurants in the Altoona area.<br />

Jeff Dyer, Presbyter of the Delaware Section<br />

(delpresbyter@penndel.org)<br />

He serves as the founder and Lead Pastor of Deep Water Church in<br />

Wyoming, Delaware. Jeff has been married to Denise for twenty-seven<br />

years. They have two children, Josh (17) and Elle (15). Jeff graduated with<br />

a BS in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, an MA from Fuller<br />

Seminary and Doctorate of Ministry from Assemblies of God Theological<br />

Seminary in Springfield, Missouri. Jeff serves as an adjunct professor with<br />

Global University and Africa’s Hope in Ethiopia. He enjoys lifting weights,<br />

bike riding, hunting, camping, and kayaking.<br />

Jason Lamer, General Presbyter Lead Pastor<br />

(gppastor@penndel.org)<br />

He serves as Lead Pastor of Faith Assembly of God in Uniontown, PA.<br />

Previously, Jason served the PennDel Ministry Network as the Youth<br />

Alive Missionary. Jason has been married to Jodi for twenty-four years.<br />

They have three children Jaron (22) married to Anna, Jalyn (20) married<br />

to Eli and Jordyn (16). Jason graduated with a BA from North Central<br />

University. He enjoys traveling, date nights with Jodi and Pittsburgh<br />

Sports teams.<br />


6<br />

BEVERLY A CLUTE, 88, passed away on February 21. She was<br />

preceded in death by her faithful husband, LaVerne Clute. Beverly was<br />

an active lead pastor’s wife to the women and girls in the churches where<br />

they served. Together, they ministered at the following PennDel churches:<br />

Tunkhannock, Shamokin, Lewistown, Jeannette and Beaver Falls.<br />

ARTHUR L MCDONALD, 73, passed away on February 24. He is<br />

survived by his faithful wife, Drucilla (Lowmaster). Art worked several<br />

years in the tax/accounting business. He was a dedicated clergyman<br />

who enjoyed many years serving his hometown communities of Northern<br />

Cambria/Barnesboro and Cherry Tree with the local fire departments and<br />

a non-AG church.<br />

MILDRED T. PROVARD (Milly), 88, passed away on May 29. She<br />

is survived by her loving husband of almost sixty-seven years, Jack<br />

Provard. In addition to being a daycare director, church organist and<br />

choir participant, Milly had been a faithful lead pastors wife in the<br />

following PennDel churches: Barclay MD, Jersey Shore, New Stanton and<br />

Punxsutawney. During their later years of ministry, Milly supported Jack<br />

while he served on staff at Teen Challenge.<br />

HARRISON TILLEY, 91, of Phillipsburg NJ, passed away May 24.<br />

Harrison was preceded in death by his faithful wife, Elsie Castner Tilley,<br />

with whom he shared over sixty years of marriage until her passing in<br />

2016. Harrison was the lead pastor at the following PennDel Churches:<br />

Cresco, Wrightsville, Mercersburg, Brodheadsville and Greentown.<br />

AMELIA VELAZQUEZ, 60, passed away on March 4. She is survived<br />

by her husband Alex Velazquez, Jr, lead pastor at Oasis City Church,<br />

Philadelphia. Amelia loved her role as lead pastor’s wife and ministry<br />

at Oasis. She cared deeply for the children and residents of the Olney<br />

neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Missions and Travel Amidst Global Pandemic<br />

AGWM is committed to safely and prudently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

As well, AGWM continues to acknowledge the Great Commission as God-given and<br />

unconditional. Christ’s followers are called to go into all the world and make disciples, even<br />

amidst the challenges of COVID-19.<br />

Although international travel restrictions remain in force, our AGWM missionaries in the<br />

United States are leaving for the fields of their calling as their nations open. Also, depending<br />

upon the specific conditions, restrictions, regulations, guidelines and other relevant factors<br />

applicable to a particular country, trips by missions teams and other short-term ministry<br />

trips may also be possible with the approval and agreement of AGWM personnel. The<br />

health and well- being of our personnel and our partners are of the highest importance to<br />

us. These travel restrictions, and any additional protective steps taken, in no way, change<br />

our focus from fulfilling the Great Commission. AGWM missionaries continue to serve and<br />

establish the Church in over 190 nations around the world. As they follow local pandemic<br />

guidelines, they continue to serve their communities and the gospel continues to advance.<br />

PennDel Project: Honduras<br />

Thank you for partnering with us through these<br />

various projects!<br />

Contributions as of April 30, <strong>2021</strong>:<br />

$159,252.56<br />

Opportunities to give to the Honduras Project:<br />

ONLINE: penndel.org<br />

CHECKS made payable & mailed to:<br />

PennDel Ministry Network<br />

ATTN: World Missions Project<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

WORLD MISSIONS | JEFF MARSHALL | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org<br />

Missionary Spotlight • Doug & Susan Sayers<br />

Latin America/Caribbean Missionaries<br />

As Latin America/Caribbean (LAC)<br />

Missionaries, God has challenged us to<br />

raise up leaders to go after a generation<br />

of students. The LAC culture is reluctant to such<br />

ministry because it is believed that teenagers<br />

are “resistant fruit” as opposed to “low hanging<br />

fruit.” In spite of this challenge, God has helped<br />

us through relationships in Bolivia to start twenty<br />

youth ministries.<br />

Covid-19 continues to be a challenge, store<br />

shelves have low stock, health care is out of<br />

reach for most and there is little to no vaccines<br />

available. It has been reported that 1% of<br />

Assembly of God pastors in Bolivia have died<br />

from Covid-19, yet the work of God continues.<br />

As Christians, we look for possibilities. For all<br />

things are possible with God.<br />

One of our Bolivian youth pastors contracted<br />

Covid-19. He was fortunate to be able to get<br />

to a hospital. This week he returned home after<br />

forty days in the hospital. Because the church is<br />

not recognized as a business in Bolivia, pastors<br />

do not qualify for health Insurance. The youth<br />

pastor’s hospital bill came to 70,000 Bolivianos<br />

or $10,000 dollars. A youth pastor earns about<br />

$10 a day.<br />

In speaking to this youth pastor, the first thing he<br />

said was:<br />

“I believe I will be strong enough to be back with<br />

the students this week…my sickness has caused<br />

many students to put their trust in God. They<br />

have fought for me in prayer and now believe in<br />

the power of prayer.”<br />

As the former PennDel District Youth Director, I<br />

witnessed thousands of students experience the<br />

power and presence of Jesus. I encourage you,<br />

former students, to tell your story that this next<br />

generation might know that God is working for<br />

them in their battle. I would like to hear your story<br />

as well, so that as the Lord allows, we can inspire<br />

others with your stories through HOPE RISING<br />

~ God’s love unleashed for a generation. Take a<br />

moment to send us your story of how, when, and<br />

where you experienced the power and presence<br />

of Jesus to dsayers99@gmail.com. We would<br />

love to hear from you!<br />

Please join us as we continue to pray that<br />

effective doors of opportunity will open and that<br />

we get our budget raised quickly, so that this<br />

work can continue. To learn more about HOPE<br />

RISING and how you can partner with us, go to<br />

www.agmd.org/u/sayers<br />

If you would like to support<br />

Doug & Susan or schedule<br />

them at your church,<br />

Please contact them at<br />

doug.sayers@agmd.org<br />

or 717-512-8891<br />

Acct # 2259620<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 7

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR | Samuel Rodriguez<br />

Breath &<br />

When Jesus’ breath becomes your sou<br />

When His exhale becomes your inhale, when His breath becomes<br />

your oxygen, when His Spirit becomes your life force, you live<br />

empowered! With this breath of life comes power: “But you will<br />

receive power when the Holy Spirit comes” (Acts 1:8).<br />


as Senior Pastor of New Season<br />

Church, with campuses in Los<br />

Angeles and Sacramento, where<br />

he resides with his wife, Eva, and<br />

their three children.<br />

He is President of the National<br />

Hispanic Christian Leadership<br />

Conference and co-founded<br />

TBN Salsa. He has participated<br />

in the inauguration ceremonies<br />

of two different Presidents<br />

representing both political<br />

parties. Rodriguez consults with<br />

Congress advancing immigration<br />

and criminal justice reform as well<br />

as religious freedom and Pro-<br />

Life initiatives. He is the recipient<br />

of the Martin Luther King Jr.<br />

Leadership Award presented by<br />

the Congress of Racial Equality.<br />

He is the author<br />

of You Are Next,<br />

Shake Free, Be<br />

Light, and From<br />

Survive to Thrive<br />

and is executive<br />

producer of two<br />

films.<br />

Simply stated, you cannot claim to have the Holy Spirit and be powerless.<br />

There is no such animal as a powerless child of God. There is no such<br />

thing as a powerless question. There is no such thing as a powerless Christ<br />

follower. There is no such thing as a powerless person filled with the Spirit<br />

of God. When you inhale God’s exhale, when you open up your heart and<br />

receive God’s Spirit, then you have power - unlimited, inexhaustible power<br />

to do what others say is impossible, what you know cannot be done on<br />

your own!<br />

You have POWER to move MOUNTAINS.<br />

You have POWER to cast out DARKNESS.<br />

You have POWER over FEAR.<br />

You have POWER over ANXIETY.<br />

You have POWER over DEPRESSION.<br />

You have POWER over your PAST.<br />

You have POWER over the old YOU.<br />

You have the power you need to do the work of God, live out the Word of<br />

God, walk in the way of God, listen to the whisper of God, look through the<br />

windows of God and change the world for God!<br />

Private Before Public<br />

As we move from surviving to thriving, we realize that we must do more<br />

than merely breathe in the power of God’s Spirit. We must also release<br />

that holy breath into the lives of others. If all we do is breathe in, then<br />

we die. We must exhale even as we must inhale.<br />

Sometimes you will encounter people who only want to breathe in without<br />

ever letting go of what they’ve taken in. They rely on the energy of others<br />

and literally seem to suck the air out of the room when you’re with them.<br />

They inhale and spiritually hold their breath. No wonder, then, they’re blue in<br />

the face!<br />

Excerpt From Survive to Thrive, Samuel Rodriguez, Charisma House, 2020<br />


Power<br />

rce of life, you begin to thrive.<br />

When you’re filled with God’s Spirit, you begin to practice<br />

spiritual breathing. You inhale and exhale, trusting both are<br />

necessary for you to survive and then to thrive. With patience<br />

and wisdom we discover the following:<br />

Breathing IN is RECEIVING.<br />

Breathing OUT is GIVING.<br />

Breathing IN is SOWING.<br />

Breathing OUT is REAPING.<br />

Breathing IN is BINDING.<br />

Breathing OUT is RELEASING.<br />

Breathing IN makes you a LISTENER<br />

of the Word.<br />

Breathing OUT makes you a DOER<br />

of the Word.<br />

Breathing IN makes you a CONSUMER.<br />

Breathing OUT makes you a PRODUCER!<br />

Behind closed doors, in the holy quarantine, Jesus Christ, after<br />

His resurrection, breathed in and breathed out. And when He<br />

exhaled, He blew upon His disciples the most essential element<br />

not just for us to survive but for us to thrive - His Holy Spirit! As<br />

we find ourselves quarantined, whether literally or figuratively,<br />

let us not forget what is most essential: an intimate relationship<br />

with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.<br />

Remember, it’s what you do behind closed doors that will<br />

determine what you will see when the doors are open. Closed<br />

doors precede open doors. Closed doors represent the private;<br />

open doors represent the public. It’s what you do in privacy that<br />

will determine what you will do in the public sphere. Your private<br />

life will determine your public life.<br />

Jesus died publicly and then privately showed the disciples His<br />

wounds so they could demonstrate His power publicly. We’re<br />

assured, “Then Jesus made a public spectacle of all the powers<br />

and principalities of darkness, stripping away from them every<br />

weapon and all their spiritual authority and power to accuse<br />

us. And by the power of the cross, Jesus led them around as<br />

prisoners in a procession of triumph.<br />

“He was not their prisoner;<br />

they were his!” (Col. 2:15, TPT).<br />

What we do behind closed doors will determine what we see<br />

with open doors.<br />

It’s time to get your behind-closed-doors life aligned with God<br />

so your open- door life can thrive. Frequently the problem is<br />

that people want to fight their giant in the open when they’re<br />

not willing to fight the giant behind what is closed. You must<br />

win your private battles before you try to fight your public<br />

giants. You must worship and be empowered alone with God<br />

before you attempt to do it in front of others. Because once you<br />

overcome inside, you can overcome outside!<br />

When you submit to the Lamb in private, then you can<br />

crush the serpent in public. You must pass through the<br />

narrow way in your heart before you can walk the red carpet<br />

in the world. You must put God first before you take your first<br />

step through an open door. You encounter God before you<br />

encounter the world. God changes you before you change the<br />

world!<br />

As followers of Jesus we are<br />

called to be set apart, sanctified<br />

and transformed into the<br />

likeness of our Savior. While<br />

we may feel claustrophobic<br />

at first, when we retreat into<br />

stillness and intimacy with God,<br />

we discover the liberation and<br />

power that comes from His<br />

Spirit. We are never isolated<br />

from God, nor can we be<br />

quarantined and cut off from<br />

His presence.<br />

Reflection<br />

What does spiritual<br />

breathing look like in your life<br />

right now?<br />

How have you experienced<br />

a fresh breath of God’s Spirit<br />

lately?<br />

How has this produced new<br />

life as you breathe out holy<br />

power to others?<br />

We are His children created in His image to THRIVE!<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 9

SUMMIT21<br />

May 4-5, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Christian Life Assembly, Camp Hill PA<br />

Ordination Celebration • May 5, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Congratulations to our Jubilarians (50 Years Ordanined)<br />

John & Saundra Kuert<br />

Aliquippa AG, Aliquippa<br />

First AG, New Castle<br />

Evangel Heights AG, Sarver<br />

Wayne & Shirley Hixon<br />

Trinity AG, Montoursville<br />

Aliquippa AG, Aliquippa<br />

Lock Haven AG, Lock Haven<br />

Not Pictured: Paul Walters from Praise AG, Bear DE (Betty with the Lord)

Congratulations to the Ordination Class of <strong>2021</strong>!<br />

Bini Alycia<br />

Dan & Mariah Boll<br />

Michael & Jessica Brown<br />

Scott & Stephanie Crowell<br />

Tara & Jim Galbraith<br />

Duane & Beth Goodling<br />

Forrest Hall<br />

Jason & Bridgette Jodon<br />

Brian & Stephanie Knorr Jr.<br />

John & Crystal Knudson<br />

Daniel & Carrie Martin<br />

Christopher & Jessica Massey<br />

William & Barbara McClure<br />

Justin & Tabitha Rhodes<br />

Aaron & Bethany Schappell<br />

Jacob & Megan Walsh<br />

Stephen & Cheryl Weber<br />

Tyler & Sandra White<br />

Keith & Valerie White

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR | Dr. Robert Crosby<br />

Dr. Robert Crosby<br />

Emerge Counseling Ministries<br />

President/CEO<br />

“These two shal<br />

but not o<br />

The more husbands and wives take time to unders<br />

to live and to love, the more oneness can develo<br />

self-interests in the relationship, however, can make un<br />

4 Things Men Wish Their Wives Could See<br />

After counseling couples, I have observed several common viewpoints men wish women<br />

knew about their husbands; things they think, feel, and experience, but often find it difficult to<br />

express. Here are just a few of those most often cited.<br />

Many men wish their wives would:<br />

Understand … He Really Wants to Make You Happy, But Often Isn’t Quite<br />

Sure Just How.<br />

If there were a “joy box” your husband knew he could open in your soul, he would likely<br />

make that one of his first steps every day. Noted marriage researcher, John Gottmann, PhD.,<br />

found that “Men want less conflict. Way less conflict. [Men] don’t want to be the source of her<br />

unhappiness, and when she’s unhappy, [they] want to fix whatever’s broken and move on.”<br />

Understand … Men Enjoy Romance When It is Working, but Often Question<br />

Just How to Get It Started.<br />

If “romance” = relational intimacy, then he likes it most when a loving tone exists between the<br />

two of you. In fact, in many cases he wants it more than you know, but in different ways than<br />

you may expect. Gottmann “found that men actually want more intimacy just as much as<br />

women, but they feel that intimacy when there’s less fighting and more sex.”<br />

Understand … He Sees the Goal of Conversation Differently Than You; to Him<br />

it is About “Getting the Report.”<br />

Research by Deborah Tannen showed the “goal of conversation” for men is different than<br />

women. While men focus on getting the report, women focus on gaining the rapport of<br />

connection and understanding.<br />

Understand … He desires to display his strengths in front of you and in the<br />

context of your relationship.<br />

Do you remember how much your husband appreciated how you made over him and the<br />

things he did when you first started dating? Remember … how “strong” he was when he<br />

picked you up and hugged you? How “smart” he was when he told you all about some subject<br />

he was interested in? How “thoughtful” he was when he got you the gift you “really wanted”<br />

(whether it really was the one you “really wanted” the most or not)? Those moments and those<br />

affirmations are part of what made him fall for you. They will likely keep him doing so.<br />

The CROSBYS are<br />

also co-founders of<br />

TeamingLife.com. They<br />

write and teach on<br />

marriage, parenting,<br />

leadership, and team<br />

building. Their newest<br />

book together is The<br />

Will of a Man & The<br />

Way of a Woman:<br />

Balancing & Blending<br />

Better Together.<br />

Robert also authored<br />

The Teaming Church:<br />

Ministry in the Age of<br />

Collaboration, More<br />

Than a Savior and<br />

The One Jesus Loves.<br />

Together they have<br />

pastored churches in<br />

New York, Ohio, and<br />

Massachusetts.<br />

The Crosbys<br />

will be speaking<br />

at the THRIVE<br />

Conference in<br />

Carlisle.<br />

The wife that takes time to “study her man” and understand what he deeply desires is well on<br />

her way to enriching her marriage.<br />


l become one…”<br />

vernight<br />

tand each other and how God has designed them<br />

p in marriage and love can grow. Tensions and<br />

derstanding each other’s needs and desires difficult.<br />

Pamela Crosby<br />

Emerge Counseling Ministries<br />

Executive Director of Development<br />

3 Things A Woman Most Desires<br />

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR | Pamela Crosby<br />

Have you ever wondered what a woman looks for in a<br />

husband? It is probably quite different than you may have<br />

thought. While the rugged knight in shining armor or movie-starlike-looks<br />

may get her attention, they might not qualify for the “I<br />

do.” We asked focus groups “what a woman most desires” and<br />

these three desires scored high on her list:<br />

Desire #1: SECURITY<br />

As a young woman, I had thought “falling in love” meant a<br />

rush of emotions, firework-like-heart-throbbing flashes of<br />

“Oh my gosh – he takes my breath away!” But, instead I was<br />

overwhelmed with a different rush; rather, I found a deep<br />

sense of safety and peace with Robert. When we first met,<br />

his presence brought calmness to my otherwise topsy-turvy<br />

anxieties and insecurities. I had a deep sense of security<br />

whenever we were together, I could share my thoughts and<br />

secrets, my fears and concerns and knew they were safe with<br />

him.<br />

Transparent communication, discussing expectations and<br />

fears is how most women seek for security. Uncovering the<br />

soul creates and invites a space for oneness to take place at<br />

a deep emotional level for the woman; a place to be “naked<br />

and unashamed” emotionally (Gen. 3:25). Gary Smalley writes,<br />

“Make it your goal to create an environment that feels like<br />

the safest place on earth.” This level of listening and caring<br />

communicates that the man values his wife’s ways (her<br />

thoughts, insights, and wisdom) and that his heart trusts in her.<br />

Desire #2: PROTECTION<br />

The second characteristic women seek from their man is:<br />

Protection. Many women want a husband who displays<br />

“strength,” in other words, a man who is gentle enough to<br />

change a baby’s diaper but strong enough in character to lead<br />

his family. Being a provider can go beyond “bringing home<br />

the bacon” but one who provides spiritual direction for his<br />

family and shared values for their future. Most women want a<br />

man who is independent and yet a partner; someone who is<br />

decisive, but also takes time to hear her desires. Rod Cooper<br />

calls these paradoxical expectations “the double-binds of<br />

manhood.”<br />

Though a woman can desire protection she must also be<br />

aware and compliment him for his attempts at providing it.<br />

This may not always appear the “way” she pictured protection<br />

would look but whether she is shy and timid, out spoken<br />

and appears confident, a husband’s physical tough in public,<br />

or understanding of her insecurities, can provide a sense of<br />

protection. It is also important that she acknowledges and<br />

shows appreciation in his efforts, not scrutinizing and/or judging.<br />

Desire #3: INTIMACY<br />

A woman’s intimate ways lay dormant until “love is awakened”<br />

(Song of Solomon 8:4 – Make sure to read Chapter Fifteen, by<br />

the way!). There are many books and articles written, stating<br />

that women have sexual desires, but they also appreciate the<br />

non-sexual touches. There are so many non-sexual approaches<br />

that touch her soul, encouraging and highlighting her womanly<br />

“ways”. Being told what about her is alluring and “I can’t get you<br />

off of my mind” throughout the day is just the beginning.<br />

What captures and softens your woman’s heart is unique to<br />

her, but not impossible to discover. Maybe an unexpected<br />

gift, cup of her favorite coffee, invite her to a lunch date for a<br />

undistracted conversation, cook a meal together, and a list of<br />

simple actions and time spent together could be your answer.<br />

Or, remind her what it is about her that is alluring to you, what<br />

part of her body you can’t get out of your mind, and what it<br />

means to know her heart belongs to you can awaken love. Most<br />

women have learned to believe there is an expectation behind<br />

every compliment. So, surprise her. Share your thoughts and<br />

your attention with her, put your strong arms around her and let<br />

her know she is the true owner of your heart.<br />

God has not only designed us to flourish in a relationship<br />

with him, but he has intricately designed us to flourish in a<br />

relationship of oneness in marriage; emotionally, spiritually,<br />

physically and even mentally. For her, oneness is the overflow<br />

that comes from long-lasting security, protection and intimacy. A<br />

display of love so powerful it brings healing to her soul.<br />

Take time to appreciate and enjoy her ways. Meet her desires.<br />

Awaken her love.<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 13

CHURCH PLANTING | TOM REES | 717.795.5921 | tom@penndel.org<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Home Missions Project<br />

We exist to compel people to follow Jesus completely<br />

Jason & Teri have been serving in ministry together for twenty-five years. After graduating<br />

from the University of Valley Forge they served as evangelists, youth pastors and interim lead<br />

pastors. Their ministry has been focused on serving others, loving people and sharing the<br />

gospel. As ministers they have trained over 300 interns and lead over 100 youth ministries<br />

to evangelize the streets of the Northeast through their evangelistic ministry.<br />

Recently, Jason has been an executive pastor and has specialized in consulting churches<br />

on structure and system development for the past ten years along with pastoral coaching.<br />

His depth of experience in development will help him create a strategy for Collegeville and<br />

immediately invest into equipping the church for the work of the ministry.<br />

Teri has been a spiritual coach in “Leading and Loving It” and has a burden to disciple and<br />

mentor women. Her passion helps her easily connect to women from all walks of life.<br />

724-679-3325 vergechurch.com<br />


65% say they<br />

are not involved<br />

in a religious<br />

congregation or<br />

community.<br />

In 2012 a study found<br />

that 46% of our mission<br />

field stated that they have<br />

a personal relationship<br />

with the one living God,<br />

who is Lord and Savior.<br />

In 2017 we saw that<br />

number drop to 39%.<br />

People NOT in the<br />

religious community say<br />

the number one reason<br />

for not participating in<br />

a church is due to the<br />

demands of raising<br />

children. In the past five<br />

years this demand has<br />

caused an increase of<br />

marriage problems, stress<br />

and problems balancing<br />

work and family. We are<br />

seeing an increase of<br />

personal issues that are<br />

private and painful.<br />

71% of those who<br />

were once active in a<br />

church but no longer<br />

go to church do not<br />

attend due to the fact<br />

that they do not trust<br />

religious leaders. (This<br />

is higher than the<br />

national average).<br />

We are creating a strategy for the top two personal needs of our community.<br />

We can immediately have an impact in our community by providing space for development of human potential.<br />

Several ways you can partner:<br />

PRAY<br />

Please pray for Jason and Teri as they step out in this new adventure,<br />

gather a core team and launch this fall.<br />


verge church is one of the first fruits of the vision to plant 100 churches. I<br />

am grateful for those who have encouraged and invested in this new<br />

church plant and are envisioning more.<br />

GIVE<br />

Faith commitments/offerings are now being received. Jason has spent<br />

much of his ministry sowing into PennDel churches through outreach,<br />

coaching and leadership training. As he launches this new venture, my<br />

hope is that PennDel churches will sow back into verge church.<br />

This year we are partnering with Connection Church as they plant Verge Church in Collegeville.<br />

Churches can send in their offering to:<br />

PennDel Home Missions Project • 4651 Westport Drive • Mechanicsburg, PA 1705<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 15

THRIVING through Discomfort,<br />

YOUTH MINISTRIES/DYD | Lee Rogers | 717.795.5921 | lee@penndel.org<br />

March 12, 2020 was a day I would like to forget. It<br />

was with a heavy heart that we announced the<br />

postponement of Youth Convention 2020, which would<br />

later be canceled entirely. Change was forced upon us by an<br />

overwhelming global pandemic. This was not what I envisioned<br />

for my first year as the Network Youth Director. Over the years,<br />

we’d developed very comfortable patterns of youth events and<br />

traditions. Now all that was changing very quickly, and we were<br />

being forced out of our comfort zone.<br />

At the same time, I had to recognize that God had called me<br />

to a specific role for this specific time; that He had given me a<br />

dream for the PennDel Youth, and a pandemic could not erase<br />

that dream. My dream is to see an exponentially increasing<br />

number of students thriving through the power of Holy<br />

Spirit, demonstrating a spirituality that is sacrificially<br />

generous, and effectively sharing the message of Jesus<br />

with their generation and beyond. As the initial wave of<br />

cancellations became an elongated reality, we decided to find<br />

a way to thrive through the discomfort and grow through the<br />

change. We were forced out of our comfort zone, but we fought<br />

for the dream God had given us.<br />

In his book The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson wrote, “There’s<br />

nothing wrong with a comfort zone. After all, no one likes<br />

danger and uncertainty. Yet, a comfort zone can become a<br />

barrier, too. Why? Because big dreams always lie outside<br />

our comfort zone. That means we will have to leave what<br />

feels comfortable if we want to achieve our dream.”<br />

As we were forced outside our comfort zone, God helped us<br />

thrive and grow with huge wins through the change:<br />

The Holy Spirit filled the room, over and over again. One of our<br />

Covid protocols for youth camp and other events was “altar<br />

in-place.” No one could sit back and watch the altar from a<br />

distance anymore; the altar became something no one could<br />

avoid. As a result, we saw increased participation and intensity<br />

in prayer and in seeking the Lord.<br />


GROWING through Change<br />

Students gave with sacrificial increase. We took the largest<br />

offering in recent memory for Speed-the-Light at youth camp<br />

last year. That number was eclipsed by the sacrificial giving<br />

we saw from students at the Spirit Tour this past Spring. While<br />

some offerings are still coming in, we received over $54,000 inperson<br />

for missions through Speed-the-Light. At least $50,000<br />

additional money has been raised for the same projects in the<br />

weeks since.<br />

Students shared Jesus in courageous new ways. Many<br />

Campus Missionaries found new ways to share Jesus during<br />

the pandemic. One student started a Campus Club to share<br />

Jesus with his classmates online. His efforts generated so much<br />

email traffic and communication that the school’s email system<br />

crashed and was temporarily shut down! As a result, the club<br />

started with more publicity and participation than was likely<br />

possible before the pandemic.<br />

Now we are going outside of our comfort zone, once again,<br />

in pursuit of the dream God has given us. We are excited<br />

to announce the return of Youth Convention, at a new<br />

location and at a new time of the year. Youth Convention<br />

will be held at Kalahari Resort on October 15-17, <strong>2021</strong>! It is<br />

our anticipation that the Holy Spirit will empower us to thrive and<br />

grow through this change. It is going to be an AMAZING time!<br />

Plan to join us and get more information at www.penndelyouth.<br />

com/convention.<br />

I thank God for all He did in the past through our Youth<br />

Convention at Hershey. I was personally impacted by the<br />

Holy Spirit at the Hershey Arena in both middle school and<br />

high school. As a youth pastor, I was able to take students to<br />

The Giant Center and see God pour out the same Spirit upon<br />

teenagers in my youth group.<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 17

Rhythms<br />

PENNDEL WOMEN | LIZ DEFRAIN | 484.686.4554 | liz@penndelwomen.com | penndelwomen.com<br />

Ninety days, sixty days, thirty days, two weeks, five days,<br />

and then it’s here! I’m talking VACATION! For me, there<br />

is nothing like anticipation. I envision the warm sun on<br />

my face while the ocean breeze floats over me like a golden<br />

embrace. Reading a good book or listening to worship music<br />

as I settle my soul and lean into a quiet rhythm of peaceful bliss.<br />

I don’t know about you, but it takes determination to forget<br />

what is happening around me or needs my attention to focus<br />

on rest and renewal. I find myself feeling “guilty” for time spent<br />

on self-care. Personality tests have shown me that I hold myself<br />

to a high standard, being task-oriented and a perfectionist.<br />

There is always something to do or accomplish, and I carry that<br />

weight with me all the time. Are you like that too? We think we<br />

are indispensable, right? WRONG!<br />

For many in ministry, summer can afford us a different rhythm in<br />

our lives as church schedules adapt to summer vacations. This<br />

year, because we are just getting back to “normal church life”<br />

after a year of the pandemic, you may be hesitant to take time<br />

off for yourself. That would be a mistake. More than ever, we<br />

need time to quiet ourselves and hear from Jesus.<br />

Jesus modeled stepping away.<br />

Luke 5:16 NLT<br />

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.<br />

In the Old Testament, the prophet Isaiah warns Israel about<br />

trusting in Egypt and not relying on Him.<br />

Isaiah 30:15 NLT<br />

Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved.<br />

In quietness and confidence is your strength.<br />

I often find myself tempted to do the same thing. Whether it<br />

be technology, marketing, or hard work, none of it is wrong<br />

in itself. What is wrong is the ORDER we apply these to our<br />

lives and ministry. Learning a lesson from applying make-up<br />

has taught me about using PRIMER first. The primer becomes<br />

the foundation of everything, and our time with Jesus is the<br />

primer of our lives. This significant time sets the atmosphere for<br />

everything else.<br />

This summer, set some significant time aside for YOU and<br />

Jesus! Rest, recharge and renew. Fall will be here before you<br />

know, and rhythms will change again. I am in countdown mode<br />

to vacation, and I hope you too. Rest, recharge, reinvigorate.<br />

See you in the fall!<br />


In my mind I see thousands of elementary kids rushing the<br />

doors trying to get back into church. The real truth is, COVID<br />

is diminishing and kids are coming back, slowly and surely,<br />

but they’re coming back. Several churches reported more kids<br />

than adults are returning.<br />

They’re back! The question is, are you ready? Churches<br />

report that many of their volunteers are not back. Many are<br />

seniors or people at risk and they have concerns. So what are<br />

you doing to develop volunteers? Here are a few things that<br />

may help.<br />

Resource them<br />

Helping your children’s leaders can be as simple as getting<br />

them a few good books that help them excel in kids ministry.<br />

Here are a few that we’ve used for our children’s<br />

ministry internship program.<br />

Children’s Ministry Leadership: You Can Do It, by Jim Wideman<br />

Beat the Clock, by Jim Wideman<br />

Strong Enough to Last, by David Boyd<br />

They're Back!<br />

Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions,<br />

by George Barna<br />

Inspire them<br />

Broaden the horizons of your children’s leaders by giving them<br />

a Sunday off and sending them to a church that’s knocking<br />

kids ministry out of the park. Many times visiting a church<br />

that’s a little larger or doing a phenomenal job with kid’s<br />

ministry will give children’s leaders the inspiration to take things<br />

to the next level.<br />

Feel free to call our office for suggestions of some tremendous<br />

children’s ministries. We even give you an assessment tool<br />

your team can use.<br />

Equip them<br />

Offer your volunteers Hydrate. Hydrate is kid’s ministry (Kidmin)<br />

training from our National Assemblies Of God Kidmin Office.<br />

Volunteers watch three short 10 to 20 minute videos every<br />

month. There is a monthly coaching call (Zoom) to discuss<br />

what the participants have learned.<br />

Individuals can receive practical training from Kidmin veterans<br />

and connect with like-minded leaders for $150 per year.<br />

Registration opens July 1, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Three 10-15 minute videos a month<br />

Worksheets<br />

Video notes<br />

Hydrate Huddle (small group Zoom)<br />

Hydrate Facebook access<br />

Certificate of completion<br />

Here’s the link: kidmin.ag.org<br />

I remember being<br />

a lay person in<br />

kid’s ministry at my<br />

home church. My<br />

pastor resourced<br />

me with some<br />

great books. He<br />

allowed me to visit<br />

other churches,<br />

and equipped me<br />

with kids’ ministry<br />

trainings. These<br />

provided growth both personally and professionally in my kids’<br />

ministry. Perhaps you could provide the same for your kidmin<br />

leaders and volunteers.<br />

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION | GEORGE KREBS | 717.795.5921 | george@penndel.org<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 19

PennDel Royal Rangers<br />

ROYAL RANGERS STEVE | STEFFEL | 302-379-1580 | www.pdrangers.org | Follow us: Website: pdrangers.org | Facebook: PennDel District Royal Rangers<br />

We are happy to report that work has continued<br />

on the Shower House at Camp Berry and the<br />

floor has been poured and block is on site for<br />

the walls. This is an excellent time for a home missions’<br />

team to come from your church. Contact Steve Steffel<br />

at ssteffel@verizon.net and we would be happy to host<br />

your team. We have twenty-six bunks, two baths, kitchen,<br />

dining, etc. on 135 beautiful acres of camp plus four RV<br />

sites. The next work Saturday work days are June 5 and<br />

12, July 10, August 14h and September 10.<br />

Events have started up and the Frontierman’s Camping<br />

Fellowship had fifty-nine at their spring trace. It was a<br />

great time with a number of new boys joining and boys<br />

advancing. Sections held Pinecar and Lego Derbies with<br />

boys, girls and whole families enjoying the event. Each<br />

event has a spiritual component and is a stepping stone<br />

for our boys to develop into Godly servant leaders.<br />

One of our PennDel churches has recently started up<br />

Royal Rangers after having stopped for a number of<br />

years. They already have twelve boys, a number of leaders<br />

and others who have expressed an interest in leading.<br />

They had one of the PennDel Sectional Royal Ranger<br />

Coordinators come and do a ten minute presentation<br />

one Sunday on the Royal Ranger program and then met<br />

with potential leaders after the morning service. If you<br />

would like to have a presentation, please ask and we<br />

will be happy to come to your church to meet with your<br />

leadership.<br />

Many churches have started Royal Rangers meetings in<br />

person again and the boys are glad to see their friends<br />

and have more fun during their activity time. District<br />

PowWow is coming up and our Theme is “Sharpen Your<br />

Edge” with Rev. Freddie Pettet as our speaker. Whether<br />

your church has Royal Rangers or not, you are welcome<br />

to invite several leaders and bring your boys. There will<br />

be a lot of great activities as well as great opportunities<br />

for your boys to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord<br />

and be challenged to grow in their faith. Check out the<br />

promotional flyer, video and registration packet on the<br />

website pdrangers.org and look under events. All leaders<br />

need to have their background checks done (see packet)<br />

so don’t delay.<br />

If you don’t have a premier Christian boys mentoring<br />

program at your church, come join the adventure and start<br />

Royal Rangers at your church.<br />

Walls started going up at the shower house and climbing<br />

wall was finished on May 22 for PowWow.<br />


Robin Immel<br />

Women In Ministry Coordinator<br />

Women grow stronger when they spend time together.<br />

God has created us to thrive after REST.<br />

Our Women in Ministry Retreat is created to provide a<br />

time for both CONNECTION and REST.<br />

My dream as you attend Singin in the Rain is that God<br />

will pour over you all your heart and soul is thirsty for.<br />

I will be waiting for YOU as you give me the privilege of<br />

loving on you throughout our weekend.<br />

The Blessings of<br />

The Pandemic<br />

“In everything give thanks: for<br />

this is the will of God in Christ<br />

Jesus concerning you.”<br />

I Thessalonians 5:18 KJV<br />

No one wants to be the weird one, the odd one, the one<br />

who stands out for being different from everyone else.<br />

But it appears that we are told by the Apostle Paul to<br />

do exactly that. Be different. Stand out from the crowd.<br />

How? By giving thanks in everything. Everything. Give<br />

thanks.<br />

I do not believe that God meant that we are to be thankful<br />

in a weird way. How can I be thankful that our world has<br />

been hit with a pandemic? How can I be thankful that so<br />

many of my friends have become ill and four have passed<br />

away from Covid? It is creepy and offensive to be thankful<br />

for those things.<br />

GIRLS MINISTRIES | SHARON POOLE | sharonp@pdgirlsministries.com | penndel.org/girls<br />

So what did Paul mean? Was he just wrong on this?<br />

Absolutely not!<br />

I can be thankful in all things! It is God’s will in Christ<br />

Jesus for me. I need to take the time, put forth the effort,<br />

do the work to find the good for which to be thankful!<br />

In the pandemic, God has blessed! He has provided. He<br />

has shown Himself to be the God who loves and cares for<br />

us. And He has used His Church to reach many who were<br />

hurting before the pandemic. The stressors and fears of<br />

the pandemic caused their pain to intensify. The Church<br />

stepped up and did what God intended. We ministered.<br />

We helped with the pain and fear. For that I am grateful.<br />

For those who have lost loved ones, God is with you. He<br />

provided wonderful life memories that bring comfort and<br />

strength. I thank God that He is with me, He is with you<br />

and carries you through the grief. There are blessings<br />

there. There is good! Give thanks in all things!<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 21


Jeff and Melissa Beauvais<br />

(Melissa not pictured)<br />

Lighthouse Community Church, Galeton, PA<br />

Pastor Installations<br />

Matthew and Andrea Openbrier<br />

Christian AG, Bentleyville, PA<br />

Sal and Mary Ann Reyes<br />

Faith Church, Weatherly, PA<br />

Thomas and Cecelia Manning<br />

Kinport AG, Cherry Tree, PA<br />

Sam & Memuna Konteh<br />

R3 Church (previously international Christian fellowship), Darby, PA<br />

Two Therapists available<br />

to you, your family<br />

and your church.<br />

Jason Tourville<br />

Sarah Walter<br />

22<br />

Accepts most forms of insurance<br />

Online or In-Person<br />

www.Emerge.org/PA<br />



JULY<br />

4 Independence Day<br />

5 Ministry Network Closed – Independence Day Observed<br />

12-16 Kids’ Camp Week #1 – BCC<br />

13-17 Youth AIM Trip – Philly Dream Center<br />

19-23 Kids’ Camp Week #2 – BCC<br />

23-24 PennDel Women – Summer Missions Experience @<br />

Philly Dream Center<br />

26-30 Kids’ Camp Week #3 – BCC<br />

AUGUST<br />

2-6 Kids’ Camp Week #4 – BCC<br />

2-6 Nat’l Fine Arts Festival – Orlando, FL<br />

2-7 RR Junior Leader Development Academy – Honey Grove<br />

13-15 Youth Bible Quiz Camp – BCC<br />


6 Ministry Network Closed – Labor Day<br />

10-11 ACTS 2 Journey East (Retreat 3) – UVF<br />

10-12 RR West Division Fall Camporee<br />

11 Youth – Fearless Central:<br />

One Day to Make a Difference<br />

13 Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

14 Credential Interviews – BCC<br />

15 Youth Campus Awareness Day<br />

17-18 ACTS 2 Journey Central (Retreat 3)<br />

17-19 Women In Ministry Retreat – BCC<br />

17-19 RR East Division Fall Camporee – Tri-County/Bethel<br />

22 See You at the Pole<br />

24-25 ACTS 2 Journey West (Retreat 3) – Riverside/Oakmont<br />

25 Youth – Fearless West: One Day to Make a Difference<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Summer <strong>2021</strong> 23

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Find us online: penndel.org<br />

Join us on Social Media:<br />

PennDel Ministry Network<br />

PennDelMinistryNetwork<br />

#penndelag<br />

HIS Fund marks 40 years of<br />


In April of <strong>2021</strong> HIS Fund<br />

marked its fortieth year as<br />

a lender to Assemblies of<br />

God churches. One of the<br />

churches with which HIS<br />

Fund has had a decadelong<br />

relationship is Liberty<br />

Worship Center, Fairfield,<br />

PA. The following testimony<br />

from Pastor Jeff Walter is<br />

one of many testimonies<br />

HIS Fund has received<br />

over the years that reveals<br />

what we mean by the<br />

phrase, INVESTING FOR A<br />

HIGHER PURPOSE, and its<br />

relationship to the words<br />

of Jesus as recorded in<br />

Matthew 16:18:<br />

“This past December we<br />

celebrated ten years in our<br />

new building. A building<br />

made possible by the labor and<br />

faithfulness of many people of<br />

our church. HIS Fund has been<br />

a trusted partner for us every<br />

step of the way. We have seen<br />

challenges and blessings, but<br />

always the goodness of God.<br />

We were seeing growth and<br />

had plans to finish our west wing and kitchen in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Like every other church<br />

congregation, we were unable to meet in person for a while and it seemed like our plans to build would<br />

be on hold. But, God is a miracle working God. Because of restrictions on private home building, but not<br />

commercial work, we were able to contract the build-out and it was completed early and under budget. In<br />

addition, many of the local community groups were left without places to meet. We were able to open our<br />

church building while following COVID guidelines to allow these groups to safely meet. We hosted events<br />

for the Senior Classes of 2020 and <strong>2021</strong> that otherwise would have been cancelled. We<br />

are now recognized in our community as a resource for helping to meet the needs of our<br />

neighbors. God took that which was intended for evil and worked it<br />

for good, we give Him glory! HIS Fund has played an important part in helping<br />

us be Light in our area! Thank you and bless you!”<br />

—Pastor Jeff Walter<br />

If you love Jesus and His church and want to invest for a higher purpose, contact us at: invest@hisfund.com.<br />

www.hisfund.com • 866-219-0820 (toll free) • 717-796-9784<br />







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