Belmont Times June 2021 Issue

We hope you enjoy the June 2021 edition of the Belmont Times magazine!

We hope you enjoy the June 2021 edition of the Belmont Times magazine!


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Cindy Anderruci counted her last few bags “..., 47, 48, 49, 50!”

Cindy was very excited she was going to go to a vacation house

for 2 months off the coast of Maine after a crazy work year.

Cindy hurriedly pulled up her sleeve to check her watch. Oh No!

She thought hopelessly “I am going to be late!” Cindy ran

outside while hurriedly dialing for a taxi. As the car came rolling

up the street, Cindy dragged her last few bags out onto the

pavement. With her driver Tom’s help, Cindy picked each and

every one of her 50 bags into the

by Sophia


As the car raced off towards the airport, Cindy wrote a list of

the animals and plants she was hoping to see: seagulls,

seaweeds, mussels, and clams. When Cindy got to the airport,

she ran frantically through the doors and skipped across the

room until she found her flight. Cindy ran in and took her seat

right as the door closed.

Time to Relax!

Cindy quickly fell asleep as the engine roared to lift, the wheels

tucked in, and her plane soared into the sky. When Cindy woke

from her doze, lunch was being served. Cindy ordered a BCFP

(Bacon, Cheese and FRIED potato sandwich, but didn’t eat any

of it and repeatedly glanced out of the window looking for any

sight of land.

After the plane landed, Cindy raced out stopping by the counter

to get her bags. Cindy found the car she had rented back home

in Australia and sped away to her hotel. Cindy checked in with

the manager to get her keys and raced up the stairs to plop

every one of her bags onto the comfortable king-sized bed.

Without bothering to take a bath, Cindy flung on the covers and

fell fast asleep with the sound of waves crashing in her ears…

“Tomorrow, oh, tomorrow…” - Cindy couldn’t wait to wake up

and set out for her adventures in Maine.

Memories By Eva C.

“I remember…” We gathered in front of my grandmother,

listening to her tales of Before. Before we broke the land. Before

the world had become a dystopia where we were confined to our

homes in fear of the destruction and death that awaited us on

“the Outside.”

“I remember during summer our mother would force my brother

and I outside, telling us that the weather was beautiful and we

needed the fresh air. We would have such adventures out there -

venturing into muddy creeks, hiking through dense forests,

walking along the road in a simple straight line in search of

something new. We never knew what would happen - and we

were almost never prepared - but that was the fun of it. Not

knowing. Of course, sometimes that would scare us. Like in the

creeks. Oh! How my brother and I were so afraid of snapping

turtles! We never dared to wade to the parts of the brook where it

was so murky that we could not see the bottom. Many a toy or net

had we lost, when we both succumbed to our fears and refused to

go and get it. Of course, the one time we did see a turtle, my

brother and I both ran splashing out of the creek, screaming all

the way, while the turtle simply sauntered away, as if this were a

normal occurrence in its everyday life.

And on those rare days when my mother

would take us to the beach, we would

make towering sand castles and swim

farther and farther into the sea. Funnily

enough, as we swam farther into the sea,

we were not afraid of sharks, as my

brother and I believed they were simply

harmless. What a contrast between our

fear of the harmless snapping turtles and

bravery towards the sharks. Almost

everything was a competition: who could

swim faster; who could find more

seashells; who could build the best sand

castle. Sabotage was a certain constant,

as my brother and I refused to let the

other win. And our poor mother would

have to stand as the sole judge between


But now the world is in pieces. No longer

do we play at the beach. No longer do we

venture into creeks. We now wish for the

fears of snapping turtles. If only we had

made a different choice. If only we had

tried to save our “Outside.”

If only…”

by Sarah

Playground First Full Day at the

First Full Day at the

Hi! Today is the first day without school! I’m getting

ready to go play with my friend CrimsonWing for a whole

day, and -Oh! I’m already telling you whatI'm going to do,

and I haven’t even introduced myself! I’m AmberWind, and

we were going to Cobalt Cat Elementary’s public play


It's the best playground ever. It’s divided into four

equal sections, which are painted bright yellow for

Summer, mint green for Spring, pumpkin orange for

Autumn, and frosty white for Winter.

In each section, it has:

- 16 bamboo slides(5yd-1yd)

- 6 rock walls with decorations depending on the

season(Leaf, Crystal, Flower, Ice cream)

- 8 climbing ropes made out of willow branches(5yd-


- 4 stand-on swings made out of a log and

vines(Barely off the ground)

- 4 more swings just for doing Spider that have a

pretty wide seat

- And the last 4 are for swinging normally.

We both climbed a willow branch, slid down the

longest vine slide, swung while standing, did the spider,

swung normally, and finally, climbed the rock wall with

popsicle decorations. We played tag for a while, and ate


I didn’t know what to do, so I asked CrimsonWing if

she had any idea what to play.“Do you want to find the

things on the scavenger hunt?” CrimsonWing

suggested.“Sure!”I smiled.We found the first step to

making a popsicle under a platform. 2nd, in the shortest

slide. 3rd, on a spider swing. And the last behind the rock

wall.“Aw…We have to leave now, CrimsonWing.”I sighed.

We waved goodbye, and padded up the street.We ate

a dinner of sweet peas, carrots, side muffin, and for

dessert, Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, fudge and whipped


I climbed up the stairs on drowsy paws, climbed into

my soft mossy bed and fell asleep.

Tige's Adventure

By Henry

Once upon a time there was a tiger named Tige who went into a

house. He found a chair. He sat in the chair. The chair was so

comfy, that he fell asleep. He dreamed about he was a ninja tiger

and he threw fire bombs at people. He threw bombs at bad

people. And then! He threw a fire ball at the police one time, and

he went to jail. When he got out of jail, Tige the tiger got more

careful of throwing fire bombs. And then he never went to jail

again. Then Tige the tiger woke up from his nap.

Tige went outside and played in the bushes. He saw his friend,

named Cat. Tige and Cat played until it was the end of the day.

When it was the end of the day, they stayed up late. At midnight,

they saw a bat. They followed the bat and saw a huge soda can.

They leaped into the soda can. There was no soda in the can. So

Cat and Tige leaped out of the soda can and went to sleep.

When Tige and Cat woke up, they were in a totally different

place. And they were separated. Tige was in Florida, and Cat

was in Africa. Tige found a pool in his backyard. He swam in it.

When he came out he was soaking wet, and he hated it. So then

he poured milk into the pool. When he swam again he was very

comfortable in the milk water. Tige then started to watch TV.

After watching TV he had lunch, and after lunch he went

swimming in the milk-water pool again. At dinner time Tige

drank milk and ate fish, and went to bed after dinner.

Tige was dreaming of his friend Cat, and that he didn’t get

separated from him. When Tige woke up, he had breakfast. It

was fish cereal and milk. After breakfast he went for a quick

swim in his milk water pool, and then went shopping. Tige came

back after shopping and watched some TV, and he saw his friend

Cat on the news!

Cat was on the news saying “Meow, meow, meow!”. Tige knew

what she was saying. She was saying, “I want to play with Tige,

but I am in Africa and Tige is in Florida.” So then Tige went to

the airport to fly to visit Cat. When Tige got to Cat’s house, Cat

suggested that Tige buy a house next to her’s! So he did. And he

moved all his stuff from his Florida house to his Africa house.

Tige lived there and Tige and Cat lived happily ever after.

By Hillary


(A haiku)

Nightningales are in the sky,

Oh, how high they can fly!

We hear them sing,

"Ling ling ling!"

Happy notes ring in our ears,

While sad notes bring tears.

I wait for the nightningales in the day,

While in the night, I watch nightningales fly to me, YAY!

Oh, how happy and relaxed am I in the summer,

And all the nightningales come out of their lumber!

Nightningales, please grant me some wishes,

That I can have delectable food every day, mmm ... delicious!

Looking at them through my own eyes,

I can make my heart joyful inside!

They sing in the night

With our lanterns lit, so bright!

By Yueqi

Poems of Collection



Beautiful water

White sand shining in the sun

Calm and relaxing

My Night

Lying in bed

Good night, mom had said

Want to cuddle up with my


Where is it? I yank it

Nice and cold

Though it’s old

Hug it up, to my chest

Yawn. My blanket is the best!



Eyes close, rest in bed

Covered with a soft blanket

Getting happy dreams

By Adeline

Summer Playful

April, May, June!

Wandering around in graceful joy,

Swimming in the pool and enjoying the fun.

Summer is here and all is back,

Remembering good memories of the wonderful summer


June, July, August!

Long summer blast!

Happily spending family time,

Love is what makes it special.

Love, Family, and of course don’t miss the fun!

Smile in joy for summer vacation!

It’s a special season for everyone no matter what.

Learn to embrace all the struggles in life,

Summer can make those struggles disappear…

Because summer is what makes a world a better place!

A while later, after a lot of effort, the three finally lugged the

telescope down the hill and to the park. As Kiwi wiped sweat off

her forehead, she said, “Next time instead of slacking off, you

two could actually help carry it!” But Yope and Bun were too

busy “ooh”ing and “aah”ing to notice. “Cool! I think I see Draco.”

Yope said. Bun shook his head. “That looks more like Cassiopeia.”

Kiwi yawned. “How can Draco look like Cassiopeia? One’s a

dragon and the other? Cass looks like a W! Let me see.” Bun and

Yope moved aside to let Kiwi look through the telescope. A

moment later, she responded with, “Yeesh, Yope. That’s

Cassiopeia for sure. Don’t you see the W?”

“Cassiopeia’s a W?”

“Right. And how do you plan on even finding aliens if you don’t

know what you’re looking at!” Yope scratched his head, “Uh…”

“Exactly!” Kiwi said haughtily.

Suddenly, Bun yelled, “YOPE! I SEE A UFO!” Yope stopped

thinking about finding aliens and looked to where Bun was

pointing. Kiwi sighed, “That’s ridiculous. It’s an airplane. And

plus,” she looked at her watch. “It’s ten— we should get going.”

Yope and Bun groaned. “But it’s only ten! We can stay for a

little longer…” they whined.

“Yeah? Take into account how long it took us to haul the

telescope down a hill. How long do you two think it will take to

lug that thing back up the hill?”


“A long time?”

“Right! And it’s ten already! I still want to sleep.”

“Alright, alright!” Yope said, holding up his hands in surrender.

But just as Yope was going to pack up the telescope, Bun

shouted, “Look, Yope! Do you see? It’s Ursa Major! And Ursa

Minor and Draco! Oh. That one called, …..Bootes too. Heh.”

Yope laughed at the last one and Kiwi said, “You’re not saying it

right. It’s ‘boo-OH-tees’, not ‘boo-ties’.” Bun laughed. “You two

can continue laughing your heads off while I go home and

sleep. And watch movies.” Kiwi snapped. At ‘movies’, Yope and

Bun stopped laughing. “Movies? Alright! Come on, Bun. Let’s go


So, the three of them started up the hill, backs bowed and

heads hunched and dragging the telescope, unaware that in

the flying object that Kiwi had identified as an “airplane”, two

pairs of bright yellow eyes glowed with a devious plan to prove

that extraterrestrial life did yet exist.

I Hate Foreign Language Class

by Rishika

“MUAHAHAHA!! I will rule the world with my Miniaturization Tool!


“Good job Robert, but you need to work on your evil laugh.” the drama teacher

said. “It sounds like a cow tried to snort.” she muttered. A few laughs scattered

across the room.

Sometimes the drama teacher, Ms. Garcia, can get a little grumpy. But only if

someone messed up on something that is really easy.

“NEXT!” Ms. Garcia screeched, her voice echoing across the theater.

I stepped up onto the stage and took a deep breath. “People of Pensylnomia,

today is the best day of my life. Because TODAY, I will rule the world using my

secret tool. And NO ONE can stop me! MUAHAHAHAHA!!” I stopped, glancing at

the teacher who was now sitting on one of the chairs in the front row. She stood

up, clapping hard. And soon, the whole class joined in. I blushed.

“Wonderful work, Devin!” Ms. Garcia said delightfully. “You were fantástico!”

“Thank you.” I replied, still blushing.

Suddenly, a loud noise screamed through the speakers. It was the end of the

period bell.

“And there’s the bell. Well, tonight I will decide who should do what role. Class is

dismissed.” I hurried off the stage as Ms. Garcia spoke.

I hauled my bag over my shoulders and rushed out the door of the theater

Next was math. I am the best! In fact, Ms. Ames thinks I'm so good that she

recommended the National Math Contest!

After math class, came science. I guess I’m alright in science. And, believe it or

not, science is actually pretty fun to me! It’s very cool.

But after science is… foreign language. I haven’t always been that good at foreign

language. … Okay, FINE! I’m horrible at it. I am good at everything but it. I

dunno why, but foriegn language is my worst enemy.

I opened the door to one of the classrooms and sat at one of the many desks.

“Attention class, open up your notebooks and write these sentences in two

different languages other than English. Go!” the foreign language teacher, Mr

Baker, pointed at the chalkboard to a bunch of sentences. I gulped.

After that mess, Mr Baker announces a project. “We will be doing a project and

in that project you will have to speak in 5 languages. And in one language, you

will be saying a little conversation starter. Then in another, you will answer as a

second person in that conversation. And each language will be one person. On

the worksheet, there will be more information. This project is due by Friday

midnight and today is...” Mr Baker glanced at his watch. “Thursday. Any

questions?” Mr Baker asked.

A kid raised his hand. “Is this mandatory?”

“Yes, Jacob, and this is 7th grade-you should do everything even if it is not

mandatory. If you do extra, you can get good grades and maybe even become

something big in the future.” I rolled my eyes.

I raised my hand. “Can one of the 5 languages be English?”

“Yes. And remember: these 5 can be any language. Even some that are

considered dead or not rarely spoken!”

Another kid, Ella, raised her hand. “Is there a prize?”

“Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me. The prize is $20 if you win the best

presentation.” It felt like the oxygen in the room was sucked out. I felt my face

turn white. I would never win this.

I slammed my head against my kitchen table and groaned.

“Devin, what’s wrong?” my mom asked me.

“Mr Baker assigned a project today and I need to speak 5 different languages.

And the prize is $20.” I groaned again.

“Well, I can help you.” a voice called.

I looked up. It was my older sister Destiny. She’s two years older than me and is in 9th

grade. She stood there, all sassy with her hands on her hips.

“Really?” I asked her, hopeful.

“Yes… but obviously there is something I get from you.”

I slammed my head on the table again and rested it there for a moment. Then I looked

back up. “Fine. What is it?”

“You need to do my homework for a week.”

“2 days.”

“Fine.” Destiny scoffs. “Starting next week.”

I groaned. Why did I say that??

“But you need to help me with this.” I said.

“Yep. And we can start right now.” I moaned. “Come on, slowpoke!” My sister led me up

the stairs and into my room.

“Show me your project.” I shuffled toward my bag and grabbed a piece of paper inside. I

held it out and Destiny snatched it. She quietly read it and I flopped down face first onto

my bed.

“Okay.” she finally said. “We first need to make a conversation between 5 people. Then we

can translate them.”

“Okay.” I mumbled, getting up. Destiny sat down at my desk and wrote something down.

A few minutes later, Destiny got up and handed me the paper. “Wow Des, this is


“Well, thank you.” she said. “I try.”

“Anyways, now it is time to choose 5 languages.” Des ordered. “Choose.”

“Um, Spanish… French… and I don’t know any more.”

“Welp, you gotta think then do it yourself. Just search up one of these sentences,

translate it in the language you want, and practice saying it.” Des explained. “You’re on

your own. I gotta do my homework.” Destiny skipped out of my room and down the hall

into her own room.

I trudged downstairs and sat on one of the chairs in the kitchen.

“Hi, Dev. What’s up?” Mom asked me.

“I will fail this project and the prize is $20.”

I plopped down on my bed and groaned. “I hate foreign language class.”

The next morning, I woke up extra early. I rushed downstairs and grabbed a

handful of cookies on the kitchen table.

I stuffed one inside my mouth and smiled. “These are really good, Mom!”

“Thanks! Now go finish your foreign language project. It’s due today, right?”

I sighed. “Right.” I trudged back into my room and started gobbling down the

cookies. I sat down in my chair and opened my computer. I then searched up a

few sentences in Google Translate. I translated into 5 languages and none of them

was even English! And I spoke each sentence so fluently when I practiced! I don’t

know how I did it but I feel proud of myself.

Finally, it was time to give my presentation. I secretly ate one cookie out of my

bag. They seemed to be my lucky charm so I hoped it would save me from this


“Devin, your turn.” Mr Baker said, gesturing to me.

I took a deep breath and walked to the front of the room with my folder.

“Hola, ¿cómo estás, persona francesa?”

“Bonjour! Je vais bien. Comment ça va, personne indienne?”

“Theek hu. Aapki zindagi mein kya ho raha hai, cheenee insaan?”

“Shenghuo hen hao. Ni ne, riben ren?”

“Watashi wa junchodesu, arigato gozaimasu.”

I paused. “Great work Devin! You spoke in Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese, and

Japanese! I give you an A+!” Mr Baker gave me a sticker and I stuck it to my folder.

“And since you were the last one… I have to announce the winner now! Devin,

would you go sit down?”

I walked back to my chair in the middle of the room and sat down. I secretly ate

another cookie while the teacher decided the winner. My heart was beating fast.

“So, the winner is… Devin Olowinsky!!”

Everyone in the class clapped for me. I grinned so big that my jaw hurt.

I got up and went to the front of the classroom. “Great job, Devin.” Mr Baker

whispered in my ear. “I knew you could do it.”

And I got my prize. I don’t know how I did it, but I did.

woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing. Just great. I


pulled on the first thing I could find, then stumbled


to eat breakfast. It was only a week after school had


but I was focused on making this the best summer possible.


honey. You look tired,” Mom said, ruffling my hair. “Did you sleep


last night?” She handed me a bowl of cereal. “Here you go.” I


a half-hearted thanks before finishing it off just as quickly.


I started to head up the staircase, I suddenly remembered that


was the first day of sleepaway camp. Panicking, I said, “Hey,


Do you know where I put my bag last night?”


laughed. “Yes, of course. It should be on your bed. Don’t worry


it. I left a little note as a goodbye, too, if you want to read it.” I


my eyes. I wasn’t in the mood for any sentimental ‘I love you’


“Please. I’ll miss you, you know.”


only going to be for three days, but whatever,” I said, nodding.


she gave me a quick kiss, before sending me back upstairs


brush my teeth.


I was done cleaning myself up, I went to my room to make sure I


everything I needed. Sure enough, the bag was there. So was a


hot pink Post-It note that was stuck on top of it. I picked it up.


while you can. What in the world…? This was not at all on what


was expecting. Most of time, she wrote a quick I love you, or even a


miss you a lot, sweetie. This time, however, things were different.


she trying to scare me off? Why did her handwriting look so


Strange Sleepaway

By Eva Y.

different, too?

It was probably just all a joke, I thought, shutting the idea out of


head.. As I went down the hallway, I felt the tip of a piece of paper


against my sock. It was probably just one of my homework


I forgot to throw out. I didn’t feel like picking it up, so I let


be. it

sweetheart. I’ll miss you,” she called out as I was tying my


I flashed her a quick grin, waved, then raced out the


clutching my bag tightly.


I boarded the bus, it smelled…strange. It was probably just the tall


that were sitting up front. They reeked of Joy Baccarat, an


expensive perfume brand. But that wasn’t the scent that I




headed down the aisle, feeling uncertain for no reason in particular.


it was because that all of the other passengers were wearing


clothing and talked in the same voice.


looked through my bag once again, feeling tense. This time, I


another piece of paper. Run. This place isn’t safe. I looked


me. My house was about ten blocks away by now. There was no


that Mom would have sneaked this one in, and even if she did


I certainly didn’t notice it.


I looked back up, I was surrounded by terrifyingly identical faces.


shiver went down my spine, but it was too late. Pain struck through


the side of my head, and I blacked out, unconscious.



Brown Girl Dreaming

by Jackeline Woodson

Submitted by the Belmont

Times editing team

I'll give you the Sun

by Jandy Nelson

Submitted by the Belmont

Times editing team


Recipe: Fruit

June Craft:

Craft +Recipe







Summer Bucket List

Drink fruit punch or coconut milk at

the beach

Hike up a mountain

Swim across a lake (or along the


Write a piece about your vacation

and send it to us

Try a new popsicle/ice cream flavor

Read a new book

Have fun!

To the Tune of the Song of Peace

Poem of the Month

Year by year, in the snow,

I have often gathered plum flowers,

intoxicated with their beauty.

Fondling them impudently,

I got my robe wet with their lucid tears.

This year I have drifted to the corner

of the sea and the edge of the horizon,

my temples have turned grey.

Judging by the gust of the evening wind,

there’s hardly a chance that I will be able

to enjoy the plum blossoms.

- Li Qingzhao

Send us your favorite poem at


Dear Readers,

Letter from the Editors

Thank you all for your participation in this month's

issue of the Belmont Times. Whether you're a reader

or a young creator, we really appreciate your

continuous support and contributions.

To our student writers - congratulations on

completing this past school year! We've made it

through nine months filled with challenges and

successes, both personal and nationwide. During this

time, you have all grown tremendously as writers; we

are so proud of you! This month's submissions were

amazing, and your effort and progress are clear

through the work that you submitted. We really

enjoyed reading your pieces. Thanks for taking the

time to participate in the Belmont Times!

Happy Summer!

Belmont Youth Writers

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