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Editor’s “N” Chief Statement

Empowering people of color to pursue their entrepreneurial

goals, however ambitious, is the central

objective of the Black Owned Businesses (B.O.B.)

Magazine. We strive to provide to people of color of

all nationality, culture, race and ethnic background,

all the essential knowledge required to become successful

in all their endeavors.

We will present the journey of successful people of

color as an example for aspiring entrepreneurs of

color to follow.

We can assure our readers that we will be committed

to providing them with accurate news of successful


We will strive to avoid all prejudice and/or favoritism,

thus advocating accurate knowledge and experiences

that will invariably lead to success.



The Concept of B.O.B. Magazine is to highlight

the progress of our business people of

color in all walks of life all around the planet.

This magazine is about reporting and empowering

young entrepreneurs who see

themselves as the future black business owners.

The sterling examples of successful people of

color are among some of the most powerful

motivational forces for those of the younger


By carefully emulating those examples, the

younger generation of people of color will be

motivated to become law-abiding and outstanding

citizens within their community.

Especially in the field of the Arts, Music, Culinary,

Theater, Farming, Government, Politics

and all the other pioneers of our cultures

Past, present and future.




There is something very special about Mr. Bolt , when he retired it was heart broken for all of us who love track & field entertainment , but we sti

with us his true and devoted fan what he has been up to. That he is still a champion father on fathers day we thank you Sir & family for sharing this


ll following him even into his house as we see here he is still a champion in his newly roll as fatherhood he post in on his social media only to share

wonderful “Bolt family portrait “


Richardson trotted about half a victory lap,

then ran up concrete steps into the stands

and hugged her grandmother. “My grandmother

is my heart,” Richardson said. “My

grandmother is my superwoman.

“I use my age as, honestly, an intimidating

factor,” Richardson said. “If you’ve been

doing this and I step on the scene, I’m letting

you know I respect you for putting on

for our sport. But at the end of the day,

when we get on this line, what you’ve been

doing, you have to do that against me.”

America’s latest sprinting star arrived in full Saturday night at

Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore., and she is neither going anywhere

or changing for anybody. Richardson, a 21-year-old from

Dallas, made her first Olympic team with a dominant performance

in the 100 meters, dusting the field in 10.86 seconds and

declaring to the world her intention to win America’s first gold

medal in the event since 1996 later this summer in Tokyo.

Before the U.S. Olympic track and field trials, Sha 'Carri

Richardson dyed her flowing hair orange, so it looked this

weekend as if she sprinted with flames coming out the

back of her head. At her previous meet, when she had become

the sixth-fastest woman ever, she picked blue. The

decision on which color usually just comes to her before a

race. Before the biggest meet of her life, she let her girlfriend


“She said it just spoke to her, the fact that it was just so

loud and vibrant,” Richardson said. “That’s who I am. She

just wanted me to be able to make a statement — let’s continue

to show the world I’m a force to be reckoned with.”

Start reckoning with Richardson now. Start learning how

to pronounce her name — it’s sha-KERRY — and start

learning her personality because she will be happy to

show it. Get used to her Technicolor hair and perfect

stride, her elegant eyelashes and her bold proclamations,

her blazing times and her unapologetic attitude, brash and

bubbly at the same time.





was ex

that inn

leged to

like a c

, couldn't stop this young Coral Springs swimmer, she

ceedingly glad to be back in the pool She was born with

er power as she is born from Jamaican parents and albe

the cousin of the Great Colin Powell .she sure swims

hampion .



Lennox Claudius Lewis CM CBE is a former professional boxer who

competed from 1989 to 2003. He is a three-time world heavyweight

champion, a two-time lineal champion, and remains the last heavyweight

to hold the undisputed championship.

We all wonder if he will ever come out of retirement and fight

again, here is the big question who would he fight cause he whip

them all may be Roy Jones I suppose we missed the highly majestic

presence of this boxing superstar ..


It’s amazing how I met Carl

Dixon from Carl’s Seafood .

The Guzigar introduced me to

him. I went to the store at 441

& Oakland to my surprise the

people lined up to get his

food. I told Carl you have a

problem, when I saw the line

outside the store. He said: “

What kind of problem ? “ and

I responded you have the demand

and you need another

location. As a result we

opened another location in

Tamarac on University Drive.

It’s amazing to combine an

American brother with a Caribbean

brother to fulfil the


We are both from the motherland

and they scattered us.

And now we can reunite. In

the diaspora as one great

people working together for

the betterment of our people

and humanity in general.

We will rebrand the restaurant

Carl’s Seafood so good

you think your momma was in

the kitchen”.


Classic cars are rare like

people who are great fans

of classics cars and the

Rude Boy car club is a typical

example of what a car

club should be. With hundreds

of Classics Cars. And

the guzigar is definitely

one of those rare people

as he is a true member of

the rude boy car club..






Q:Where In Jamaica are you from originally ?

A: Junction, St. Elizabeth, Tryall Dist. I was born on the 26th of July .

Q: What makes you have this Entrepreneurial sprit? Were you born with it or is it

an air born thing ?.

A: Born with it. I was born to come see my parents be successful in business, so I

know everything about business. God blessed me with the talent to feed the people

and I’m going to feed the people as long as I can.

Q: How and when did you get started?

A: I started in 2000. I saved up some money from my trucking biz.

Q: How much money did you have when you got started ?

A: I gave the landlord $ 3000.00 and then still had to buy the supplies and the equipment.

Q: You have been in business for 21 years, what do you consider your secret of success


A: I have to get up at 5 am every morning to prepare fresh food. If it wasn’t for that I

wouldn’t have any customers.

Q: With how many workers did you get started ?

A: It was just me alone in the beginning .

Q: On July 26th you celebrate your birthday and also Customer Appreciation day ? Why

on that particular day ?

A: It’s important to always give back in order to receive and in this case keep the customers

happy and coming back, because customers always come first.

Q: Are you welcoming any franchises ?


“Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of value. With this definition, entrepreneurship

is viewed as change, generally entailing risk beyond what is normally

encountered in starting a business, which may include other values than simply

economic on



A: If someone came up with the

right amount I would consider,

but there is more than just the

money. It takes good customer

service skills and the right ingredients

as well. Jamaican food

business requires a lot of work

and it is important to have the

right location. Everything about

the person has to be to a certain

standard good .

Q: How do you feel that all the

top celebrities come to eat at

Carl’s Seafood … Usain Bolt, Shaba

Ranks, Lennox Lewis and Bunny

Wailer .

A: I feel good and Bunny Wailer

is my friend . He tell you how he

wants his food to be cooked and

that’s what I like about him.

Q: How does it feel to be Carl

Dixon ?

A: I’m good man . It feels good.

When you don’t celebrate

Q: How do you get along with

your staff?

A: If you don’t have good staff

there’s no business. They account

for 99.5 % and the

0.5 % remains for me.

Either way lets celebrate and

have a good time cause I only

like good friends and good

times, good things its all bout


I don’t like nothing bad he says .

So Mr. Guzigar, thank you for

coming to Carl Seafood

One love.

Well said Lion of Judah.. B.O.B




Carl’s Seafood (5726 N University Dr Tamarac Fl. 33311

for more info. Tel: 754 444 4176






London base entertainer from Kingston Jamaica has been working on a few different project lately . A collaboration with Sizzla Kalonji

Real Rastaman and a Tribute song to the world renowned Jamaican Top Celebrity man who have just recently passed on from complication

stem from blood pressure that causes a double strokes and is badly missed by all of us. Mr. Bunny Wailer . This ambitious project has

been occupying most of the entertainer life these days. Boom would like us to support his effort. We all know how generous and kind Jah

B. was. This song is called fig tree one of Jah B’s favorite song. I personally can recall him saying he will be a bird ...B.O.B. Magazine


None of these women who accused Mr. Cosby of indecent

conduct, don’t even half as beautiful as his co-star Ms.

Rashad and she been around him for ever. How she have no

complaint ?

This is Politics trying to smear all the decent black men who

might have the ambition to be the next black president.

The moment Kanye West announce he might run for President

immediately his life gets out of hand, he is losing his

mind. Now he and his wife and mother of all his wonderful

children are split.

Now you cant run, cause you don’t have your family together

so can you keep America together..

Hip Hop Super star & Female Legend find herself glowing like

a MF. And we just cant get enough of her


Born: Kirk Garfield Thompson July 4th Jamaica’s newest

musical sensation with the hit single soul food Jahra has

served in the us navy in the Korean war and return to the us

as a honorable veteran: his time served in the us navy and

realized he got talent and a great contribution of music for

the world of entertainment. While he was on the ship USS

John S. McCain in Asia he would seldomly entertain his

crew he serves with. And they boosted him saying you got


Jahra station in Japan for quite a while he even learn the

language, he wrote the song soul food, and produce it on

his own record label “CHRIST CAMP” along with Jamaican

female artist with supporting back ground vocals.

The song is very soulful

20 years later the same song taking the airwaves in Jamaica

and Florida like a hurricane.

Jahra the Black Star & Fleet Admiral in Marcus Garvey Black

Army ..

The Black star. B.O.B. Magazine


Mr. Foster is known to us as king Yellowman. One of the great mystery about this yellow king, he walk this earth and

experience discrimination of all sort , yet he love everyone . With is humor in art form, he created a huge following

all over the world, makes everyone curious and anxious to see him.

He played in pact halls and stadiums all over, a real crowd puller, and with is gimmicks and jokes about girls and a

little bit of everything , he manage to make a good living a real story of our uttermost admiration how this kid grew

up among us in a foster home, he has nobody he even has to carry the name foster. us at bob magazine has recognize

spiritually , the house was actually built for him. So it couldn’t have been any other way.

B.O.B. Magazine .. Prince Thompson


Here is King Yellow Man greets Beres

Hammond, The King of lovers Rock.

music is love these reggae artist s are

two of Jamaica’s greatest

King Yellowman show us nothing but

love and a typical example of true

artistry . The way he conduct himself

The younger artist must take a page

out of the King book, business wise.

Most people don’t even know that

king yellow Man is a very savvy businessman.

To show how he thinks check out one

of his last video “Kiss me each morning”

he actually played all the instruments

s , al we can say Gwaaaaaan

King Yellow man


Robert Marley (aka Bob Marley ) Find Himself defending the oppress and the traded down people clearing the waves of oppression and

injustice bigotry and lies , during his 36 years on this kind planet of mean people who choose hate & Vanity “over love”, the cry for “one

love” echo's Off Mr. Marley bandstand while he tells us to “get up stand up “ and “stir it up” while you at it cause its “hurt to be alone “

so “could you be love” cause we don’t need “no more trouble” so come dance with me “Roots rock reggae”

Reggae used his Image and likeness reggae inspires him to deliver some of the most prophetic lyrics and sounds that transcend age,

race , culture, nationality, and generations, every child that is being born in this world today loves bob’s music. All these wonderful works

finally paid of when we can now see he has a star in Holly Wood C.A. Plus multiple awards so excuse me

while I light my spliff so I can continue with my “easy Skanking” not doing any hard job but only doing what

Jah sey mi fi do :So Jah Sey” so I hope we all learn from the wonderful brother that we should be “ coming

from the cold” please don’t be so cold and mean to each other … these are the hands of Damian Marley

light up a spliff at his father star ..

B.O.B. Magazine



The whole bible verse describes the identity of the promised Messiah or Christ: “For unto us a child is born, unto

us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful,

Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6)

Scripture says, “God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). Chaos is antithetical to who

He is. He is a God of order. Christ the King is orderly ...

On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords. ... And we know that the

Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we the musician, singers, and rappers can proclaimed

among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in his glory. ... And I will place on his shoulder

the key of the house of David.


"I, Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, am here today to claim that justice which is due to my people,

and the assistance promised to it eight months ago, when fifty nations asserted that aggression had

been committed in violation of international treaties.

There is no precedent for a Head of State himself speaking in this assembly. But there is also no precedent

for a people being victim of such injustice and being at present threatened by abandonment to

its aggressor. Also, there has never before been an example of any Government proceeding to the systematic

extermination of a nation by barbarious means, in violation of the most solemn promises made

by the nations of the earth that there should not be used against innocent human beings the terrible

poison of harmful gases. It is to defend a people struggling for its age-old independence that the head

of the Ethiopian Empire has come to Geneva to fulfil this supreme duty, after having himself fought at

the head of his armies.

I pray to Almighty God that He may spare nations the terrible sufferings that have just been inflicted

on my people, and of which the chiefs who accompany me here have been the horrified witnesses.

It is my duty to inform the Governments assembled in Geneva, responsible as they are for the lives of

millions of men, women and children, of the deadly peril which threatens them, by describing to them

the fate which has been suffered by Ethiopia. It is not only upon warriors that the Italian Government

has made war. It has above all attacked populations far removed from hostilities, in order to terrorize

and exterminate them.

At the beginning, towards the end of 1935, Italian aircraft hurled upon my armies bombs of tear-gas.

Their effects were but slight. The soldiers learned to scatter, waiting until the wind had rapidly dispersed

the poisonous gases. The Italian aircraft then resorted to mustard gas. Barrels of liquid were

hurled upon armed groups. But this means also was not effective; the liquid affected only a few soldiers,

and barrels upon the ground were themselves a warning to troops and to the population of the


It was at the time when the operations for the encircling of Makalle were taking place that the Italian

command, fearing a rout, followed the procedure which it is now my duty to denounce to the world.

Special sprayers were installed on board aircraft so that they could vaporize, over vast areas of territory,

a fine, death-dealing rain. Groups of nine, fifteen, eighteen aircraft followed one another so that the

fog issuing from them formed a continuous sheet. It was thus that, as from the end of January, 1936,

soldiers, women, children, cattle, rivers, lakes and pastures were drenched continually with this deadly

rain. In order to kill off systematically all living creatures, in order to more surely to poison waters

and pastures, the Italian command made its aircraft pass over and over again. That was its chief method

of warfare.”



“I have heard it asserted that the inadequate sanctions already applied have not achieved their object. At no

time, and under no circumstances could sanctions that were intentionally inadequate, intentionally badly

applied, stop an aggressor. This is not a case of the impossibility of stopping an aggressor but of the refusal

to stop an aggressor. When Ethiopia requested and requests that she should be given financial assistance,

was that a measure which it was impossible to apply whereas financial assistance of the League has been

granted, even in times of peace, to two countries and exactly to two countries who have refused to apply

sanctions against the aggressor?

Faced by numerous violations by the Italian Government of all international treaties that prohibit resort to

arms, and the use of barbarous methods of warfare, it is my painful duty to note that the initiative has today

been taken with a view to raising sanctions. Does this initiative not mean in practice the abandonment of

Ethiopia to the aggressor? On the very eve of the day when I was about to attempt a supreme effort in the

defense of my people before this Assembly does not this initiative deprive Ethiopia of one of her last

chances to succeed in obtaining the support and guarantee of States Members? Is that the guidance the

League of Nations and each of the States Members are entitled to expect from the great Powers when they

assert their right and their duty to guide the action of the League? Placed by the aggressor face to face with

the accomplished fact, are States going to set up the terrible precendent of bowing before force?

Your Assembly will doubtless have laid before it proposals for the reform of the Covenant and for rendering

more effective the guarantee of collective security. Is it the Covenant that needs reform? What undertakings

can have any value if the will to keep them is lacking? It is international morality which is at stake

and not the Articles of the Covenant. On behalf of the Ethiopian people, a member of the League of Nations,

I request the Assembly to take all measures proper to ensure respect for the Covenant. I renew my

protest against the violations of treaties of which the Ethiopian people has been the victim. I declare in the

face of the whole world that the Emperor, the Government and the people of Ethiopia will not bow before

force; that they maintain their claims that they will use all means in their power to ensure the triumph of

right and the respect of the Covenant.

I ask the fifty-two nations, who have given the Ethiopian people a promise to help them in their resistance

to the aggressor, what are they willing to do for Ethiopia? And the great Powers who have promised the

guarantee of collective security to small States on whom weighs the threat that they may one day suffer the

fate of Ethiopia, I ask what measures do you intend to take?

Representatives of the World I have come to Geneva to discharge in your midst the most painful of the duties

of the head of a State. What reply shall I have to take back to my people?"

June, 1936. Geneva, Switzerland.


You can’t claim you're a Conquering Lion, when you have never conquer a

Lion, now we can see who the lion bow to . His Name is Rastafari


It is collective security: it is the very existence of the League of Nations. It is the confidence that

each State is to place in international treaties. It is the value of promises made to small States that

their integrity and their independence shall be respected and ensured. It is the principle of the equality

of States on the one hand, or otherwise the obligation laid upon mail Powers to accept the bonds

of vassal ship. In a word, it is international morality that is at stake. Have the signatures appended to

a Treaty value only in so far as the signatory Powers have a personal, direct and immediate interest


No subtlety can change the problem or shift the grounds of the discussion. It is in all sincerity that I

submit these considerations to the Assembly. At a time when my people are threatened with extermination,

when the support of the League may ward off the final blow, may I be allowed to speak with

complete frankness, without reticence, in all directness such as is demanded by the rule of equality as

between all States Members of the League?

Apart from the Kingdom of the Lord there is not on this earth any nation that is superior to any other.

Should it happen that a strong Government finds it may with impunity destroy a weak people, then

the hour strikes for that weak people to appeal to the League of Nations to give its judgment in all

freedom. God and history will remember your judgment.


“Following on this award. the Ethiopian Government sincerely thought that an era of friendly relations

might be opened with Italy. I loyally offered my hand to the Roman Government. The Assembly

was informed by the report of the Committee of Thirteen, dated October 5th, 1935, of the details

of the events which occurred after the month of December, 1934, and up to October 3rd, 1935.

It will be sufficient if I quote a few of the conclusions of that report Nos. 24, 25 and 26 "The Italian

memorandum (containing the complaints made by Italy) was laid on the Council table on September

4th, 1935, whereas Ethiopia's first appeal to the Council had been made on December 14th, 1934. In

the interval between these two dates, the Italian Government opposed the consideration of the question

by the Council on the ground that the only appropriate procedure was that provided for in the

Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1928. Throughout the whole of that period, moreover, the dispatch of Italian

troops to East Africa was proceeding. These shipments of troops were represented to the Council

by the Italian Government as necessary for the defense of its colonies menaced by Ethiopia's preparations.

Ethiopia, on the contrary, drew attention to the official pronouncements made in Italy which,

in its opinion, left no doubt "as to the hostile intentions of the Italian Government."

From the outset of the dispute, the Ethiopian Government has sought a settlement by peaceful

means. It has appealed to the procedures of the Covenant. The Italian Government desiring to keep

strictly to the procedures of the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1928, the Ethiopian Government assented.

It invariably stated that it would faithfully carry out the arbitral award even if the decision went

against it. It agreed that the question of the ownership of Wal-Wal should not be dealt with by the arbitrators,

because the Italian Government would not agree to such a course. It asked the Council to

dispatch neutral observers and offered to lend itself to any enquiries upon which the Council might


Once the Wal-Wal dispute had been settled by arbitration, however, the Italian Government submitted

its detailed memorandum to the Council in support of its claim to liberty of action. It asserted

that a case like that of Ethiopia cannot be settled by the means provided by the Covenant. It stated

that, "since this question affects vital interest and is of primary importance to Italian security and

civilization" it "would be failing in its most elementary duty, did it not cease once and for all to place

any confidence in Ethiopia, reserving full liberty to adopt any measures that may become necessary

to ensure the safety of its colonies and to safeguard its own interests."


Daniel 2

And in t


stand fo

ዳንኤል 2

፤ ግን ትፈ

That in

which a





le M



he days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the

shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall

r ever

:44 በእነዚህም ነገሥታት ዘመን የሰማይ አምላክ ከቶ የማይፈርስ መንግሥት ያነሣል ፤ መንግሥቱም ለሌሎች ሰዎች አይተወችም

ራርሳለች ፣ እናም እነዚህን ሁሉ መንግሥታት ታጠፋቸዋለች ፣ ይቆማል። ለዘላለም

the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and

re on earth; even in him: Ephesians 1:10

إلدارة نهاية الزمان ، أن كل األشياء الموجودة في السماء

واألرض ستصبح جديدة مرة أخرى بواسطة المسيح.‏

Para la administración del fin de los tiempos,

que todas las cosas que están en el cielo y en

la tierra sean renovadas nuevamente por el


r l'administration de la fin des

ps, que toutes les choses qui

t dans le ciel et sur la terre

aient à nouveau renouvelées par


ለፍጻሜ ዘመን አስተዳደር ፣ በሰማይና በምድር

ያሉት ሁሉ በመሲሑ እንደገና እንደ አዲስ


終 わりの 時 の 管 理 のために、 天 と 地 にあるすべての

ものがメシアによって 再 び 新 しくされるであろうという

為 了 末 日 的 管 理 , 天 上 地 下 的 所

有 事 物 都 將 被 彌 賽 亞 再 次 更 新 。



All the City Elected Officials were there

including the Broward County and states

reps. Mr. Dale Holness a prominent member

of district 9 was presents in full color .

Ms. Grant. The newly elected Ray Martin

just to name a few.

It was a glorious morning for the city of

Lauderhill gone with the old we welcome

the new as the buses drive out in triumph.

The smiles on our local leaders face shows

that they are please with this great accomplishment

that will go on for many generation

to come, so help Jah. B.O.B. Magazine




Revelation 17:14 KJV: These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he

is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.

The Italian war with Ethiopia was a fulfillment. Simply because the Living God

would has to come on earth to fulfill the biblical prophecy of Revelation. Many

historian and religious scholar would argue why is he a Christian ? I would say

to them be still the Lord Livet.

If the Father send his Son to do a job, until H.I.M. Himself come. And he arrived

to see that his son has done a wonderful job . Sure he has to praise

Him ..wouldn't you ? B.O.B. Magazine



This is the generation of them that seek him, that

seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah.


Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye

everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.


Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and

mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.


Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye

everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.


Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is

the King of glory. Selah.

Psalms 24: 6-10

How much more mighty can one prove, after using his left foot to defused a poison

gas bomb set by the Italian invading forces on the holy land of Cush..

How much more mighty can

one prove, after using his

Air craft shooter aiming

40.000 feet in the sky, the

Emperor hit two planes

dropping gas bomb on his

country those two plane

was the duke and his lieutenant

the leaders of the


The other fleet of followers,

who have lost there leaders

quickly retreat back to Italy

to Mussolini with the news

that it seems we are fighting

God Himself ...B.O.B. Maga-


Congratulations to the late Alcee, all th

Congressman and farmer Federal judge


e Broward county and local city official is at hand for this spectacular moment a proud continuation of the legacy of

Alcee Hastings





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