Binds & Shutters - Issue 3/2021 (July)

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NEW<br />



IS COMING…<br />




&ROMANS<br />

Take your exclusive<br />

first look at our new collection<br />

by arena

NEW<br />


COMING<br />

SOON<br />

Get ready for our best collection yet<br />

It’s an exciting time at Arena, with our<br />

stunning new Aquarius collection of Rollers,<br />

Verticals, Romans and Curtains launching<br />

soon. Get ready to be inspired with a huge<br />

selection of contemporary designs,<br />

functional solutions and more recycled<br />

fabrics than ever to choose from.<br />

Plus we’re bringing out the WILD side,<br />

with our first ever capsule collection<br />

across all three new books.<br />

For more information<br />

speak to the Arena team<br />

sales@arena-blinds.com<br />

0800 389 7281<br />

by arena






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Regulars<br />

NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4<br />

Coulisse picks up another award<br />

NEW PRODUCTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56<br />

247 Blinds has launched an eco-friendly range<br />

Features and articles<br />

PROFILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-26<br />

Duco has celebrated its 30th anniversary<br />

FABRICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-39<br />

Leinesch-Style has new fabric collection<br />

R+T ASIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40<br />

R+T Asia was a physical and virtual success<br />

MOTORISATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44<br />

Cruze is an easy choice to make<br />

SOLAR SHADING . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-51<br />

Louvolite has a range of blinds to control light<br />

PLEATED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52-53<br />

Modern pleated blinds are a great option<br />

AWNINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70-74<br />

Awnings can be sustainable as well as practical shading<br />

solution<br />

From the editor<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />

As I write this we may. or may not be<br />

coming out of lockdown, but it does<br />

seem that we are at the beginning of<br />

the end of the pandemic.<br />

With the nation on the road to full<br />

vaccination I’m sure many of us were<br />

hoping for a holiday abroad, but this<br />

seems unlikely for another summer<br />

for most of us.<br />

This has lead to many people<br />

(including myself) looking to spend<br />

holiday money on home<br />

improvements. The problem now is<br />

that there are supply chain issues<br />

which are delaying delivery of<br />

products for many weeks. Hopefully<br />

the blinds industry can cope with this<br />

issue and deliver when promised. If so<br />

it will be a ray of light for the industry<br />

and customers alike.<br />

John Hatcher<br />

editor<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

Cover image: Courtesy of<br />

Decora<br />

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<strong>2021</strong> ISSUE THREE • SUMMER<br />

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Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong> 3

NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Coulisse been awarded as<br />

Trevira CS Club Gold Member<br />

For the second year in a row, Coulisse, worldwide window<br />

covering specialist, has been awarded as Trevira CS Club<br />

Gold Member.<br />

With the prolongation of this gold membership, Trevira, supplier of inherent flame retardant<br />

fibers and yarns, acknowledges our long-standing commitment to comfort and safety in<br />

window covering textiles and the continuing growth in sales of our extensive collection<br />

Trevira CS fabrics.<br />

Safe indoor spaces<br />

Trevira CS fabrics are made of highly flame-retardant fibres and contribute to a safe indoor<br />

environment. Coulisse offers a range of Trevira CS fabrics for the contract market, which are<br />

also suitable for the residential market. The Coulisse offering of Trevira CS fabrics allows for<br />

perfect heat control and natural light management, and as a result, contribute to productivity,<br />

comfort and energy savings.<br />

Beauty and functionality<br />

Apart from their highly functional properties, the fabrics offer unique decorative<br />

possibilities, allowing to create style and a sense of warmth and well-being. Catharina Idema,<br />

Creative Director at Coulisse: ‘We are proud to be awarded as gold member of the Trevira<br />

CS Club for the second year in a row. By designing the collection for the project market, of<br />

which the our Trevira CS fabrics are a part, we aim at uniting beauty and functionality. This<br />

way, our window covering solutions are the perfect solution for creating healthy, comfortable<br />

and inspiring indoor spaces.’<br />

Trevira CS Club<br />

The Trevira CS Club was founded to work closely together with partners along the textile<br />

supply chain. The club membership status is made up of three categories: gold member, silver<br />

member and member and is determined by the fulfilment of certain criteria, such as sales<br />

figures, geographic presence and creativity.<br />


Eclipse is proud to offer a wide range of<br />

digital marketing materials that you can<br />

use on your website and social media.<br />

The company has made the process<br />

of obtaining these digital marketing<br />

materials even easier by developing a<br />

new marketing assets website. The<br />

company has developed this easy to use<br />

website so that all of our lifestyle<br />

imagery, videos and fabric scans are all in<br />

one easily accessible place!<br />

The assets website gives you access to<br />

all of the Style Studio, INTU and Market<br />

Collection lifestyle images, fabric scans<br />

and videos.<br />

The new Hive & Pleated Collection<br />

has officially launched. We have<br />

developed new aspirational lifestyle<br />

imagery to accompany the collection to<br />

show off our new fabrics in modern and<br />

contemporary room settings. These new<br />

images and fabric scans are now<br />

available to download from the Eclipse<br />

Assets website.<br />

To gain unlimited access to our digital<br />

marketing materials sign up at<br />

www.eclipsemarketingassets.com<br />

4 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />


NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Get the right<br />

blind for the job<br />

Oh - it’s just a blind – what’s the lowest quote?<br />

Really? Just a blind? No doubt even those<br />

of us who are wholly engaged in the creation<br />

and supply of solar control products (blinds<br />

to you and I) forget the full properties and<br />

capabilities of the items we offer. The<br />

annoying fact is that many commercial<br />

contractors leave the specification of window<br />

shading until the very end of the job when<br />

effectively, they have spent all the budget on<br />

other items. Too often, shading is seen as an<br />

ancillary decorative product rather than part<br />

of the building envelope.<br />

Ironically REHVA the Association of<br />

Heating and Ventilation engineers have<br />

published the fact that the very first step in<br />

establishing the design and performance<br />

requirement of HVAC within a building is the<br />

selection of the appropriate solar shading<br />

products.<br />

A blind which is correctly specified and<br />

operated can harvest natural light and by<br />

doing so can reduce the need for artificial<br />

lighting. A project run by Lawrence Berkley<br />

University using the New York Times<br />

building in New York established that<br />

$20,000 per floor, per year could be saved<br />

across the use of both artificial lighting and<br />

artificial cooling costs. The building has 52<br />

floors so that’s a staggering $1,000,000+<br />

per year, every year.<br />

The world is becoming more in tune with<br />

recycling, upcycling and sustainability. The<br />

humble window blind is one of the few<br />

products that can start to save energy from<br />

the moment it is installed and thereafter<br />

throughout its life. A lifecycle assessment<br />

study by the Schweinfurt Institute in Austria<br />

established that a 1.2m x 2m venetian blind –<br />

with embodied carbon of 150kg – would<br />

typically save over 8 tons of CO2 over its<br />

lifetime – a payback of 57 times!<br />

Sick Building Syndrome is a term used to<br />

try and explain issues typically within buildings<br />

that affect staff in such a way that they are<br />

unable to work, either totally or at their<br />

optimum level. Use of the appropriate<br />

window shading can help avoid SBS by<br />

controlling light and therefore glare, providing<br />

a degree of individual control over their<br />

immediate surroundings and affording a view<br />

combined with shade. Employers have a duty<br />

to control glare from computer screens as<br />

detailed in health and safety regulations.<br />

In addition to the items mentioned, the use<br />

of correct and appropriate window blinds<br />

can add so much more to a work<br />

environment. They can act as internal screens,<br />

they can add colour and visual dynamics to<br />

an otherwise dull and lifeless environment,<br />

you can even project information or video<br />

conference calls onto some blinds, the list is<br />

endless.<br />

So, if in the future you are being<br />

pressurised on the prices for blind<br />

installations, please remember, it’s not just a<br />

blind!<br />


Just a year in the market and already a<br />

popular awning model: according to<br />

manufacturer markilux, the MX-3, with<br />

its shapely curves and harmonious<br />

colour range, has struck a definite chord<br />

with end consumers. The model has<br />

been a top seller so far and is thus a<br />

profitable product for specialist dealers.<br />

“We launched the MX-3 at just the<br />

right time. The size, appearance, range of<br />

colours and smart light features are<br />

tailored precisely to the requirements of<br />

lots of customers,” explains Klaus<br />

Wuchner, director of sales and<br />

marketing at markilux.<br />

Usually it takes a new model several<br />

months to become established in the<br />

market. But things were different with<br />

the MX-3, which is equally suitable for<br />

use both on patios and balconies thanks<br />

to its compact height. After only a few<br />

weeks the sales figures rose continuously<br />

and the company therefore had to place<br />

follow-up orders for material to cope<br />

with the increasing number of awnings<br />

that had to be assembled. “As the model<br />

was also very positively received by our<br />

specialist dealers, we were able to place<br />

lots of sample awnings in their<br />

showrooms. And that certainly fuelled<br />

the fast spread of its popularity,” explains<br />

Mr Wuchner. The high demand for the<br />

awning certainly exceeded expectations.<br />

6 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />


Available<br />

in four<br />

stylish<br />

colours<br />

Introducing<br />

a stylish new<br />

screen fabric<br />

that enhances wellbeing inside and out<br />

The new YewdaleDefiant ® Roe White Back fabric lets you connect with your<br />

view even when the blinds are closed. Enjoy the comfort of natural light<br />

through 1% or 3% light openness whilst the white back protects from solar<br />

glare and ultraviolet rays, providing a uniform external appearance.<br />


Accreditation<br />

as standard.<br />

Warranty<br />


Warranty as<br />

standard.<br />


certified as low<br />

emissions.<br />

FLAME<br />


as standard.<br />

Call: +44 (0)1268 570900 or Fax: +44 (0)1268 732509 or Email: enquiries@yewdale.co.uk

NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Final countdown<br />

Sudbury based business, Caribbean Blinds, is thrilled to<br />

have reached the finals at the annual Pro Landscaper<br />

Business Awards <strong>2021</strong> in the Supplier and Service Provider<br />

category.<br />

As finalists in this category, judges were<br />

looking for a quality offering demonstrating<br />

strong relationships, staff retention and a<br />

company that offers the best value for money<br />

and has earned themselves an impeccable<br />

reputation within the industry.<br />

What makes the Pro Landscaper Awards<br />

unique is that they recognise and celebrate the<br />

business aspect of these amazing companies<br />

rather than highlighting specific landscaping<br />

projects. Across 15 categories, the awards<br />

showcase how well businesses operate their<br />

processes, staff training, health and safety<br />

records and consistently positive customer<br />

feedback.<br />

In its fourth successive year, the awards will<br />

bring together the landscaping community to<br />

celebrate the excellent standards set within<br />

the industry.<br />

Stuart Dantzic, managing director at<br />

Caribbean Blinds commented: “We are so<br />

proud to have been shortlisted for this<br />

prestigious industry award. The landscape<br />

sector represents an important route to<br />

market for our products and our team work<br />

tirelessly to not just provide the industry with<br />

innovative, all weather terrace coverings that<br />

deliver genuine lifestyle enhancing benefits but<br />

provide expert advice and support to ensure<br />

our products are seamlessly integrated into<br />

each unique garden design.”<br />

Stuart and team are delighted to have been<br />

invited to attend the ‘physical’ awards<br />

ceremony on Friday 25th June at East<br />

Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, as opposed to<br />

the virtual events that we have all become so<br />

accustomed to. It will be a fantastic afternoon<br />

of networking, good food and celebration.<br />

Despite tough times for businesses through<br />

2020, Caribbean Blinds adapted to the<br />

circumstances and successfully launched its<br />

dedicated ‘Holiday at Home’ campaign,<br />

designed to encourage consumers to create<br />

their very own ‘slice of paradise’ in their<br />

garden. In addition to this, the family run firm<br />

recently won ‘Best Garden Buy’ for its bestselling<br />

Outdoor Living Pod at the Real Homes<br />

Awards 2020 and have recently been<br />

announced as finalists in the <strong>2021</strong> Family<br />

Business of the Year Awards.<br />


The Mzuri Group which owns Decora,<br />

has announced today it has acquired<br />

Vako, a leading international supplier of<br />

window blind systems.<br />

Established in The Netherlands since<br />

1984, Vako design, manufacture and<br />

distribute their own window blind<br />

solutions worldwide with warehousing<br />

facilities in Holland, Finland and USA. The<br />

acquisition also incorporates Domicet in<br />

Finland which distributes high quality sun<br />

protection components and textiles.<br />

The company employs 60 people and<br />

will continue to operate independently<br />

under current management.<br />

Alistair Speer, group operations director<br />

of Lisburn based Mzuri<br />

commented;“Vako’s ethos for innovation<br />

and quality perfectly fits that of Mzuri’s.<br />

Their brand portfolio of window blind<br />

systems will enable Mzuri to evolve and<br />

expand globally. In addition, their extensive<br />

and experienced skill set will further drive<br />

growth and we look forward to<br />

welcoming Vako to the Group.”<br />

8 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />


Sun.<br />

Shade.<br />

Shelter.<br />

★★★★★<br />

Winner<br />




Waterproof fabric or aluminium louvered roofs<br />

Effortless motorised remote control operation<br />

Wind resistant upto Beaufort 12 (hurricane force)*<br />

Optional LED lighting & infra-red heating<br />

5 year guarantee for peace of mind<br />

Enhance your product portfolio with our innovative retractable awnings<br />

and aluminium pergolas that provide flexible shade and shelter. Proudly<br />

UK manufactured since 1987, fully set up for a quick and easy installation<br />

and delivered nationwide on our own vehicles in the shortest lead times.<br />

t 0344 800 1947<br />

e info@cbsolarshading.co.uk<br />

w cbsolarshading.co.uk/trade<br />

*Wind resistance and snow load based on our louvered roof Outdoor Living Pods TM<br />



Thirty years and still<br />

going strong<br />

Duco is celebrating<br />

its 30th year in<br />

business as Blinds<br />

& <strong>Shutters</strong> found<br />

out<br />

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control in Veurne<br />

has celebrated its 30th anniversary. To be<br />

exact, the company started production on<br />

18 March 1991 with a workforce of seven. Since<br />

then, the ventilation specialist has undergone<br />

massive growth. Not only are there now around<br />

240 employees, the company infrastructure is also<br />

continually being expanded to be able to<br />

accommodate the continued growth. No large-scale<br />

festivities have been possible yet but CEO Luc<br />

Renson did not intend to let the occasion pass<br />

without a mention.<br />

As an integral part of the West Flanders business<br />

landscape, DUCO is a permanent feature of the<br />

Westhoek. Begun in 1991 in Nieuwpoort, the<br />

company has evolved into a leading European player<br />

whose employees are passionate about creating<br />

ventilation systems for a healthy indoor climate day<br />

in, day out. For thirty years DUCO has been<br />

ensuring a healthy indoor climate in homes,<br />

apartments, schools, offices and care centres. The<br />

company exports 85% of its sales volume with all<br />

production located at the 10-hectare production<br />

site in Veurne.<br />

3 million homes full of oxygen<br />

In its first year of operations, DUCO provided<br />

800 households with oxygen. 30 years later, the<br />

ventilation and solar shading specialist has provided<br />

more than 3 million homes with a healthy indoor<br />

climate. A unique achievement which, according to<br />

the CEO, was not possible without a strong DUCO<br />

team, loyal DUCO dealers and satisfied customers.<br />

The 30-strong R&D team is also constantly striving<br />

for sustainable and innovative ventilation and solar<br />

shading concepts. “Thanks to this ambition and gogetter<br />

mentality we are well-positioned for a healthy<br />

and green future,” beams the West Flanders-based<br />

businessman.<br />

New offices<br />

From this summer, DUCO will be celebrating its<br />

30th anniversary in a brand-new office complex. The<br />

structural external solar shading with rectangular<br />

louvre blades makes the new offices an absolute<br />

eyecatcher along the E40 motorway. Furthermore,<br />

the new site serves as an excellent advert for the<br />

Belgian ventilation specialist, highlighting what it can<br />

offer in the area of sustainable ventilation technology<br />

with smart, natural ventilation combined with<br />

intensive night ventilation. As well as demonstrating<br />

how a healthy indoor climate can be created in a<br />

natural way for all employees without the use of<br />

energy-guzzling air-conditioning systems. The<br />

7,500m 2 office space, in turn, facilitate the continued<br />

growth of the DUCO team. In order to create<br />

every opportunity for further growth of the<br />

company, DUCO is looking to hire 30 new staff.<br />

10 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Empowering you to grow<br />

- we partner with you to provide solutions that help your<br />

operations become more efficient and effective,<br />

so you can focus on growing your business.<br />

All-In-One Leading Software<br />

Estimate, quote, plan, order, schedule, notify, manage customers<br />

and undertake marketing with an all-in-one solution<br />

from £30 per month.<br />

Increase Productivity<br />

Save Time On Daily Tasks<br />

Save on Staffing Costs<br />

Increase Repeat Orders<br />

Generate Better Customer Relationships<br />

“I wish I had Blind Matrix years ago!”<br />

HHHHH<br />

Paul, Blind & Track Services<br />

“Thank you for making my job easier”<br />

HHHHH<br />

Tony Cruise, Noosa Blinds<br />

“BlindMatrix has transformed our<br />

“A great improvement in time saved<br />

company”<br />

doing paperwork”<br />

HHHHH<br />

HHHHH<br />

Kim, ABC Blinds<br />

Bridget, A& B Window Blinds<br />

For all enquires email sales@blindmatrix.com<br />

BlindMatrix<br />

Smart software to accelerate your business<br />

BlindMatrix<br />

www.blindmatrix.com | | sales@blindmatrix.com | | 020 0207096 70961371


Outdoor opening<br />

Caribbean Blinds<br />

has enabled latest<br />

BBC Apprentice<br />

Winner to offer<br />

outdoor dining at<br />

her Dough Artisan<br />

Bakehouse<br />

Award winning manufacturer of external<br />

shading systems, Caribbean Blinds, has just<br />

completed its sweetest project to date for<br />

Lord Sugar’s 2019 business partner Carina Lepore<br />

for her bakery business, Dough Artisan Bakehouse.<br />

Providing the Beckenham High Street bakery<br />

with one of their state-of-the-art fabric Puerto<br />

Rico Pergola awnings, which are perfect for large<br />

terraces, Caribbean Blinds answered Lepore’s brief<br />

to install an all-weather, waterproof cover for the<br />

courtyard area at the back of the shop and to<br />

remove the piece of tarp that was being used as a<br />

temporary cover!<br />

Lepore required flexibility from the product so<br />

as to allow the full benefit of the sun but to be able<br />

to fully cover and protect the garden from rain at<br />

the push of a button.<br />

Stuart Dantzic, managing director of Caribbean<br />

Blinds, explained, ‘Carina was looking for a stylish,<br />

easy to use, permanent and waterproof solution to<br />

protect against the weather to enable her to open<br />

the bakery’s ‘Secret Garden’ to her customers. She<br />

had seen our installations on social media and<br />

messaged us for advice and ideas. We soon struck<br />

up a rapport, sent her our ideas and got started. It<br />

has been a pleasure to work with her and we are<br />

thrilled that one of our products is the reason she<br />

can keep an outdoor dining area open all year<br />

round.’<br />

Carina Lepore added: ‘When we chose the<br />

Beckenham location, we always planned to<br />

improve the garden area for outdoor dining and<br />

hospitality as we knew it would bring added value<br />

to the business. The pandemic restrictions definitely<br />

gave me that push I needed to get this done and<br />

made me far more focused about finding the<br />

perfect, all year-round outdoor covering.<br />

When I saw the quality of the Caribbean Blinds<br />

products and started to deal with them as a<br />

business, I realised that I didn't need to look any<br />

further because they had everything I needed. The<br />

team was really professional and could answer all<br />

my questions and convinced me that I should go<br />

ahead with the installation and the value it would<br />

bring to my business. They weren't wrong!<br />

The install was really quick and easy, it only took<br />

two days from start to finish. The awning design is<br />

stylish, modern and so easy to operate. We’re really<br />

happy with it and we now have the most amazing<br />

space for our customers to enjoy our coffee, cakes<br />

and bakes while adhering to the strict social<br />

distancing guidelines.’<br />

12 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Full sun, partial shade or complete shelter,<br />

the Puerto Rico Pergola awning gives you<br />

complete flexibility and freedom over your<br />

outdoor space. The slimline pergola<br />

framework features a sliding fabric roof that<br />

can be adjusted to any position and when<br />

fully extended, the integrated guttering built<br />

within the leadrail ensures effective water<br />

drainage from the fabric into and out of the<br />

post uprights.<br />

The hospitality sector has been doing all<br />

it can to welcome customers back with<br />

open arms, whilst still adhering to the most<br />

recent set of rules and regulations.<br />

Open to the elements 24/7, all outdoor<br />

social and dining spaces should be fully<br />

weather proofed with high-quality structures<br />

such as canopies, awnings and pergolas to<br />

allow customers to not only feel safe, but<br />

comfortable too and for this reason, outdoor<br />

terrace coverings can no longer simply be a<br />

piece of fabric – they need to incorporate a<br />

number of features including ambient lighting,<br />

instant heating and side screens to create a<br />

pleasant atmosphere and essentially provide<br />

the comfort of indoors, outdoors.<br />

Since it was founded in 1987, Caribbean<br />

Blinds has been exclusively designing,<br />

manufacturing and supplying the very finest<br />

external shading products that transform<br />

the use, functionality, and enjoyment of all<br />

types of spaces and has a solution to every<br />

problem.<br />





www.isotra.com<br />







Lienesch and Style Group proudly announce<br />

our cooperation in realizing a formidable<br />

wholesale distribution company in the<br />

UK. The new Lienesch–Style warehouse is<br />

situated in Leeds as a central location for<br />

the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.<br />

The wholesale warehouse offers a wide range<br />

of Flame Retardant roller & vertical fabrics<br />

along with roller blind components. We offer<br />

SCREEN fabrics (1, 3, 5, 10%, metalized,&<br />

screen blackouts), a range of polyester FR<br />

plains in dimouts and Blackout versions,<br />

along with soft fiberglass blackout PVC<br />

Permanence<br />

We are now embracing a range of roller<br />

components & motors from the Rollease /<br />

Acmeda range to maximize the benefit of our<br />

wholesale operation to UK manufacturers.<br />

In stock available from our UK warehouse<br />

allowing a next day service for full rolls or<br />

cut lengths.<br />

Lienesch Style<br />

Unit 2 – Hunslet Trading Estate,<br />

Severn Road, LEEDS,<br />

LS10 1BL United Kingdom Sales<br />

T. (0) 0113 868 1066<br />



Satisfaction<br />

guaranteed<br />

Eclipse is now an<br />

accredited member<br />

of the Institute of<br />

Customer Service<br />

For the last 5 years our goal here at Eclipse has<br />

been to advance from being a member of the<br />

Institute of Customer Service and we are<br />

delighted to confirm that we are now an<br />

‘Accredited Member’.<br />

We are leading the Window Blind industry in<br />

customer service by achieving this accreditation<br />

from the only independent, professional<br />

membership body for customer service in the UK.<br />

This is as close as the Institute gets to endorsing<br />

a company’s service through an in-depth<br />

assessment of our Customer Service Strategy and<br />

Service Delivery.<br />

Service quality is a key corporate value at Eclipse.<br />

We achieve this through:<br />

• Commitment<br />

• Credibility<br />

• Customer Focus<br />

• Continuous Improvement<br />

We strive to always keep customer service at the<br />

heart of what we do, and this reflects the hard<br />

work and passion which we as a business dedicate<br />

to continuously improving our service quality.<br />

16 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Building business confidence<br />

- we work with a diverse range of businesses from 1 man bands<br />

to family run companies, small businesses and large enterprises.<br />

Our approach remains consistent, to give you the tools to conduct<br />

better business in ways that benefit you and your customers<br />

u Survey solution<br />

for small retailers<br />

u Retail solution<br />

for small to medium retailers and<br />

manufacturers<br />

u Wholesale solution<br />

for manufacturers that mainly sell to the<br />

trade<br />

u Ecommerce solution<br />

for retailers looking to sell blinds online<br />

Enhance Customer<br />

Satisfaction<br />

Eliminate<br />

Duplication<br />

3<br />

Boost<br />

Productivity<br />

4<br />

Streamline<br />

Processes<br />

5<br />

6<br />

Reduce<br />

Costs<br />

7<br />

Increase<br />

profitability<br />

2<br />

1<br />

Gain insight<br />

For all enquires email sales@blindmatrix.com<br />

BlindMatrix<br />

Smart software for the window shading’s industry, designed to help you grow<br />

BlindMatrix<br />

www.blindmatrix.com | | sales@blindmatrix.com | | 020 0207096 70961371


Long and winding road<br />

Louvolite has a<br />

long and varied<br />

history as Blinds &<br />

<strong>Shutters</strong> found out<br />

It was a cold wet day in 1978, April 11th actually,<br />

when the writer caught a bus to attend his first<br />

day in a company that would – unbeknown to<br />

him - totally takeover his world. He wore a heavy<br />

grey overcoat, made to measure at Hepworths the<br />

tailor. His new employer had been in business for<br />

seven whole years and was looking for a person to<br />

take over sales for the North West of England – he<br />

got the job!<br />

His first task on introduction was to check<br />

through invoices and allocate them to customers’<br />

record cards. He “wasted” a good 75% of the day<br />

doing that and was then asked to drive his new<br />

Sales Director to the bank some 20 miles away<br />

before they closed in what was to be his short<br />

term car. It was a Peugeot 104 ZS and bright<br />

orange in colour - look it up on Google but please<br />

don’t laugh too hard. He had absolutely no desire<br />

to drive it or his boss at speeds which could lose<br />

him his new career before he started it, but there<br />

you go, off they went and they made it just in time.<br />

Oh by the way, his new coat – he never saw it<br />

again!<br />

The next day he was offered more invoices to<br />

allocate – sod that he thought – “I’m off to see a<br />

customer”. Establishing that a blind was meant to<br />

be delivered to a customer in Cheadle, Jeremy<br />

Clarke he recalled, and had been missed off the<br />

van, he strapped the vertical headrail to the struts<br />

in the bonnet and boot – if you could call it a boot<br />

– of the ZS and off he went. Fabulous, freedom, he<br />

was off and running. It was like being a cowboy in<br />

the Wild West, seeing existing customers and<br />

prospecting for new ones. In those days the<br />

window blind products he offered were relatively<br />

fresh to the domestic market having first seen<br />

success in the commercial world. His company<br />

offered two ranges of fabric for these new fangled<br />

vertical blinds, 5-6 colours in each range, a simple<br />

anodised aluminium headrail. You want chains for<br />

the bottom of the louvres? Sure thing, but in those<br />

days they were an extra.<br />

He remembered the first time he met the big<br />

boss, the Chairman. He was being shown the<br />

weaving and coating operation that the company<br />

had which was housed away from their<br />

administration and blind assembly area. He saw a<br />

middle aged man walking towards him wearing a<br />

18 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />

continues on page 20

25mm cellular blinds


essence in motion


Introducing solid wood shutters<br />



Discover<br />

more<br />



white work coat with a thoughtful look on<br />

his face. They both looked at each other,<br />

said hello and shook hands and that was the<br />

start of a working relationship that lasted<br />

almost 42 years.<br />

Within 2 years the retail market started<br />

to morph into small manufacturing<br />

companies wishing to be in control of their<br />

own costings and delivery times. By that<br />

time not only was his company weaving and<br />

coating their own textiles but also it had<br />

bought its first injection moulding machine<br />

and was moulding its own components,<br />

albeit in a small way at that time. It was as if<br />

it was destined to supply this hungry new<br />

market. The 1980’s was a period of<br />

significant change with independent<br />

manufacturing companies becoming the<br />

norm and, by the end of that decade, it was<br />

those blind manufacturing companies who<br />

were servicing the “retail” market and his<br />

company’s role was to serve them.<br />

In 1990 it was all change again as it<br />

changed its position from being essentially a<br />

production led company to a marketing led<br />

one. This had to be done in order that that<br />

it was able to provide what the market then<br />

needed, a greater programme to offer the<br />

consumer. To make this palatable and viable<br />

it also introduced the very first cut-length<br />

service allowing its manufacturers to offer<br />

the widest, most comprehensive<br />

programme, whilst not having to finance or<br />

stock it. Of course people like to think it’s<br />

commonplace now, but 30 years ago it was<br />

ground-breaking.<br />

The 1990’s was a great time for the<br />

industry and indeed the company. Yes, there<br />

was a recession but it was almost as if its<br />

customers hadn’t heard of it and decided<br />

not to join in. The industry grew and so did<br />

the company. To help expand its growing<br />

export business it opened an operation in<br />

Ontario, Canada, where it had a number of<br />

customers already. The location was just 35<br />

minutes from the US border and gave the<br />

company the opportunity to service the<br />

USA too.<br />

By 2000 it was struggling to keep up<br />

with demand and had to review its<br />

operations in order to satisfy it and allow<br />

continued growth. Its small Singapore<br />

operation was moved lock stock and barrel<br />

to Australia – a larger but more demanding<br />

market. The heads of both of its overseas<br />

operations had been employed with in the<br />

UK business for a number of years prior to<br />

taking their posts, so the overseas depots<br />

had the company’s DNA running through<br />

them.<br />

In the UK it was again running out of<br />

space, even after a couple of changes that<br />

had freed up 10,000-20,000 sq. ft. or so.<br />

Again, the Chairman showed his wisdom …<br />

“think big” you can’t have too much space.<br />

So it found a new location some 8 miles<br />

away and moved the whole fabric division.<br />

This led to significantly more room for<br />

customer services and engineering to<br />

populate, and space for the fabric division to<br />

grow yet again. To compete with overseas<br />

component items and maintain high quality,<br />

control and of course sales and long-term<br />

jobs, a gradual but total change was<br />

introduced into the engineering division.<br />

Over a period of 18 months or so assembly<br />

of their key component parts moved from<br />

manual to automated with new terms such<br />

as “Pick and Place technology “ being heard<br />

in discussions regularly .<br />

Innovation has always been at the heart<br />

of our company’s progress and perhaps no<br />

product wears this fact on its sleeve as well<br />

as Perfect Fit. A totally revolutionary<br />

concept that took a little time before the<br />

industry realised how much it needed it.<br />

Perfect Fit is now of course an industry<br />

staple and part of every successful<br />

companies armoury.<br />

“Thinking big” again meant there was only<br />

ever going to be one answer when the mill<br />

next door to its head office indicated it<br />

could be bought. Once purchased it was<br />

knocked down as quickly as possible to<br />

provide a footprint big enough to facilitate<br />

further expansion … which it has seen,<br />

twice so far.<br />

So as we bring this story up to date, we<br />

have seen products such as its Vision<br />

programme become more and more<br />

popular, the introduction of its One Touch<br />

programme that revolutionised the<br />

adoption of motorisation within the<br />

industry providing greater, higher value sales<br />

for their customers in addition to increased<br />

child safety for the home. And then more<br />

recently Allusion has given a serious boost<br />

to the traditional and original vertical blind<br />

market.<br />

The company of course is Louvolite.<br />

Sadly it lost its founder and Chairman Reg<br />

Allsopp in 2018, but at 92 he had a good<br />

innings and his legacy of who the company<br />

is and what the company does lives on<br />

today. So, six decades on and still fighting,<br />

what’s next??<br />

20 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>



Innovation and sophistication at your fingertips with our exclusive SmartLift system.<br />

This exciting upgrade is available in our Genoa Collection of venetians, and it offers<br />

your customers a superior lift system, for a smooth and effortless operation that is<br />

completely cord-free!<br />

• Available in Serino real wood and Albaro faux wood ranges<br />

• A stylish and practical solution for bay windows<br />

• Child safe – no free-hanging cords<br />

• Creates a neat and uncluttered finish<br />

Blind samples<br />

available<br />


: 0333 202 5054<br />

: connect@s-craft.co.uk


One hundred up<br />

PC Henderson has<br />

been in business<br />

for 100 years and<br />

is still going strong<br />

Sliding door gear manufacturer, P C<br />

Henderson, is proud to celebrate its 100th<br />

year in business - signifying an entire century<br />

of high quality manufacturing, product innovation<br />

and a dedication to worldwide exporting.<br />

Founded by Percy Cecil Henderson on the 24th<br />

February 1921, the company has come a long way<br />

since its humble beginnings where the business<br />

started in an unused loft space of a paint and<br />

varnish factory. Fast forward 100 years and the<br />

company has offices in the UK, Ireland, Holland and<br />

China, exports to over 70 countries worldwide<br />

and is firmly positioned as the go to provider for<br />

sliding door gear.<br />

Speaking about the companies continued<br />

success, Trevor Cossins, managing director at P C<br />

Henderson, commented, “Celebrating a centenary<br />

in business is a huge achievement, it puts us<br />

amongst a rare group of companies which have<br />

truly withstood the test of time and it certainly<br />

isn’t something that happens by chance.<br />

The company operates out of its 2.9 acre<br />

Bowburn based manufacturing plant where it has<br />

resided for the last 52 years. Showing no signs of<br />

slowing down, the company has achieved record<br />

sales, multiple award wins and some of the most<br />

successful product launches in its history in the last<br />

three years alone.<br />

“In the late 1920s’ Percy Cecil Henderson<br />

established the export side of the business –<br />

developing strong relationships in South Africa,<br />

New Zealand and China – regions which we still<br />

have a strong presence in today. I believe this<br />

courageous move has been a huge factor in the<br />

company’s longevity and success over the years.<br />

P C Henderson has won multiple awards for its<br />

exporting achievements, most notably ‘UK Export<br />

Business of the Year’ at the British Chamber<br />

Awards – a highly prestigious and respected award.<br />

Exporting currently accounts for 70% of the<br />

company’s annual sales with products reaching all<br />

four corners of the globe.<br />

“Our expertise and dedicated team ethos has<br />

also been a huge contributing factor over the years.<br />

We have a great team of highly skilled and<br />

passionate individuals - almost 60% of our team<br />

members have been with the company for over 10<br />

years and 30% for over 20 years.<br />

Product innovation is also high on the company’s<br />

agenda – boasting a market leading range of over<br />

60 products catering for sliding doors weighing up<br />

to a huge 8000kg. Its products can be seen in a<br />

number of high profile applications across the<br />

globe including Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan,<br />

the Amphia Hospital in Holland, Disneyland<br />

Shanghai and the Four Seasons Hotel in Tianjin,<br />

China.<br />

“Our products are renowned in the industry for<br />

being built to last, we still receive enquiries for<br />

restoration projects installed in the 1950s and<br />

1960s. It’s this which has firmly positioned us as the<br />

go to provider for sliding door gear - customers<br />

come to us because they know the product will<br />

withstand the test of time,” continued Trevor.<br />

The company enters its second century of<br />

business with ambitious growth plans - including a<br />

number of major product launches and expansion<br />

plans for the American markets. Driving forward<br />

with digital innovation is also high on the<br />

company’s agenda as well as ensuring product<br />

design meets the ever changing ways in which<br />

sliding doors are used in residential, commercial<br />

and industrial applications across the globe.<br />

20 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>




Tropical Blinds are a UK manufacturer offering the trade an independent choice of<br />

custom blind collections designed for you and your customers.<br />

Our Impressions Collection combines practicality with a range of modern faux wood slats<br />

featuring smooth, embossed and grained finishes.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />



Smart move?<br />

Blind Matrix says it<br />

may be worth<br />

making a move to<br />

smart<br />

manufacturing<br />

It has been nearly 260 years since the beginning<br />

of the Industrial revolution. We now refer to this<br />

age of this industrialization as Industry 4.0,<br />

otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial<br />

Revolution.<br />

Thanks to the advance in technology, it is now<br />

easier than it has ever been to share important<br />

information and to use data to help business<br />

leaders make decisions.<br />

Industry 4.0 refers to various technologies, from<br />

Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile<br />

Applications and the Internet of Things, to name<br />

just a few.<br />

The way we use these technologies has shifted<br />

our mindset about manufacturing to a solutions<br />

approach that optimizes the entire manufacturing<br />

operation.<br />

What is Smart<br />

Manufacturing?<br />

Smart manufacturing is not something that can<br />

be implemented into the production process<br />

directly. It is a combination of technologies that<br />

together provides custom business solutions to<br />

help support business growth.<br />

How is get started with<br />

Smart Manufacturing?<br />

Many manufacturers still use predominantly<br />

manual, human driven production processes to<br />

produce their products. A good example is the<br />

cutting of fabric and hardware by hand.<br />

Other manufacturers have ventured into semiautomatic<br />

to fully-automatic production processes,<br />

having invested in and implemented smart<br />

machinery in the production environment to<br />

optimize their manufacturing operations.<br />

For manufacturers that use manual production<br />

processes, the first step is to implement production<br />

process control. This can be achieved using<br />

barcodes and or factory-based, cloud-enabled<br />

computers to account for the various stages of<br />

production that Jobs and products pass through.<br />

For manufacturers that use semi-automatic and<br />

fully-automatic production processes, some of the<br />

production process controls can be driven by the<br />

machines themselves. A good, basic example of this<br />

is sending the fabric and hardware cutting<br />

instructions directly to the machine to set the<br />

machine and remove human error.<br />

24 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


When machine based sensors are<br />

incorporated into the solution, it becomes<br />

possible to see when a machine is being<br />

operated and also what job is being worked.<br />

These sensors collect data related to the<br />

production and manufacturing processes<br />

and can then be transferred to a data<br />

center to help analyze and optimize the<br />

manufacturing operation.<br />

Why start thinking<br />

about Smart<br />

Manufacturing?<br />

A move into Smart Manufacturing can<br />

help businesses to account for the day-today<br />

manufacturing operations, to find issues<br />

related to bottlenecks, account for time<br />

consumed in each production process and<br />

to generate data-driven insights into the<br />

efficiency of the manufacturing operation.<br />

Some of the key areas of data-driven<br />

insights range from production monitoring,<br />

process control, production scheduling to<br />

capacity planning.<br />

How can Blindmatrix<br />

help your business?<br />

The growth of data-driven insights is<br />

evolving at an enormous rate and has led<br />

to the increased application of smart<br />

manufacturing principles within the blinds,<br />

curtains, shutters and awnings industry.<br />

Blindmatrix is a solution provider that<br />

works to understand, design and<br />

implement world-class solutions for retail<br />

and manufacturing businesses to help<br />

businesses like yours grow.<br />

Their solutions are scalable and enable<br />

maximum productivity for both small-scale<br />

and large-scale enterprises.<br />

Innovation comes built-in<br />



Choose ScreenLine integral blinds:<br />

unrivalled performance and the<br />

most stylish option for controlling<br />

light in all window and door<br />

applications including bi-folding<br />

and sliding doors.<br />

morleyglass.co.uk<br />

0113 277 8722<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong> 25


Service counts<br />

Louvolite has a<br />

long history of<br />

providing great<br />

service<br />

Within this issue you will find a number<br />

of pages celebrating Louvolite’s 50th<br />

year of trading. You will note from the<br />

images that it has been quite a ride, with the<br />

company development being front and centre in<br />

the need to ensure we can support our customers’<br />

growing needs.<br />

Perhaps one of the points that doesn’t come<br />

across in those images, yet has been crucial to the<br />

progress of the company, are the colleagues that<br />

operate the business. As a collective and in many,<br />

many cases as individuals, they have helped make<br />

Louvolite the company it is today.<br />

In normal times when customers were frequent<br />

visitors to Louvolite, the number of colleagues that<br />

were greeted by name when passing through their<br />

area of work would be commented on. That would<br />

not only because we believe that all colleagues can<br />

have an important role to play in the business and<br />

as such should be valued, but also the incredible<br />

record of longevity of colleague service that<br />

Louvolite achieves. Many of the teams can lay claim<br />

to having 2-3 decades of service, whilst a small but<br />

select band can point to 4 decades and even more.<br />

In an industry such as ours – in particular with<br />

Louvolite whose vertical integration dictates<br />

numerous unique skill sets being required –<br />

experience can be a massive asset to any company.<br />

Very often, staff members rise through the<br />

business due to their ability to develop their<br />

natural skills in line with the changing needs of the<br />

business. Occasionally, these natural skills are<br />

supported by internal training and support and in<br />

other instances, external training and tuition can be<br />

introduced to augment in-house knowledge.<br />

Louvolite has never been shy of supporting<br />

members of its team in helping them grow in<br />

capability, and with that, responsibility.<br />

Louvolite is also very proud of its history in<br />

engaging apprentices within their business. One<br />

division key to this is Louvolite’s Engineering<br />

division where seven members of the team started<br />

their Louvolite career as apprentices and a further<br />

number are being sought right now to continue<br />

this increase in depth of skills. In Louvolite’s Fabric<br />

Division, team members have been supported<br />

through remote learning programmes to gain<br />

educational degrees to help enhance their<br />

performance and roll within the business.<br />

Furthermore, in-house training has resulted in<br />

maintenance operatives being trained in-house to<br />

further add to the existing team. These teams are<br />

key to keeping the wheels turning in production<br />

areas.<br />

Actually, if we accept one of the thesaurus<br />

options for the word term apprentice as trainee,<br />

learner, beginner, novice, student, you could rightly<br />

say that all the team at Louvolite started as<br />

apprentices in one way or another, and many – and<br />

this absolutely includes the writer – are still<br />

learning something every day.<br />

Not so much – you’re fired rather you’re hired!<br />

26 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Discover your WILD side<br />

Aquarius first ever capsule collection.<br />

We’re bringing out the WILD side,<br />

with our first ever capsule collection<br />

across all three new Aquarius books.<br />

Launching soon.<br />

Only available<br />

in the new<br />

Aquarius<br />

presenters<br />

For more information speak to the Arena team<br />

sales@arena-blinds.com 0800 389 7281<br />

by arena

Discover the new Coulisse | Irwin collection. As a result of a long-standing<br />

partnership, Coulisse and Irwin are proud to present to you the collection<br />

for <strong>2021</strong> and beyond. This extensive range of roller and vertical blind fabrics<br />

includes a variety of plains and textures worked out in soft and natural<br />

colour palettes that perfectly suit modern as well as classic interior styles.<br />

Explore and be inspired!

Discover<br />

more<br />



Function meets design<br />

Lienesch-Style<br />

offers a broad<br />

screen collection<br />

for its customers<br />

Lienesch-Style is specialised in technical<br />

fabrics and hardware for the project market.<br />

They have a comprehensive collection of<br />

fabrics and Rollease Acmeda components to<br />

maximize the benefit to UK manufacturers.<br />

In order to get the best functionality without<br />

compromises in design Lienesch-Style offers a<br />

broad screen collection and follows the motto<br />

“better together”.<br />

A good example is the extensive product family<br />

of screen fabric called Focus. Available in 1%, 3%,<br />

5% and 10% openness factors, even with Blackout<br />

and metalized 1% and 3% versions.<br />

It gives a lot of freedom to architects and<br />

designers to secure perfect functionality with<br />

optimized sun control needed in a project and<br />

keeping a uniform look from the inside. It is only<br />

recently that the market has embraced this type<br />

of polyester fabric using PVC coated yarns which<br />

combine aesthetics so well with practical<br />

performance and safety. On top of this Focus<br />

carries the Oeko-tex 100 certificate and has an<br />

Ultra-Fresh treatment with anti-bacterial and<br />

fungal properties.<br />

Another very practical fabric is Contrast, a halftone<br />

screen (white on the reverse side) in 1% and<br />

3%. Securing a uniform look from the outside.<br />

There are another 3 qualities of various<br />

polyester FR dimouts and blackouts, including Style<br />

Light, Night and a strong soft fiberglass PVC<br />

blackout called Permanence,. All available in a<br />

broad colour range that makes it suitable for<br />

usage in a wide variety of projects like offices,<br />

schools, day care centres or for extra safety in<br />

your home due to the FR properties.<br />

In stock and available from their UK warehouse<br />

in Leeds allowing a next day service for full rolls<br />

or cut lengths.<br />

Quoting for a contract? Get in touch with the<br />

Lienesch-Style team and find the perfect match.<br />

30 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

The new Cwtch ddining podd - ffortlessly Stylish<br />

Measuring 3m x 3m andd ddesignedd using highest quality Makefast Bimini prodducts.<br />

Roof system retracts into the enclosure at the press of a button.<br />

The frame utilizes marine-gradde 316 Stainless Steel poweredd by a hyddraulic motor system.<br />

Marine-quality waterproof fabrics in a choice of colours.<br />

Options:<br />

Sidde andd Rear Walls<br />

Internal seating<br />

Internal lighting<br />

Prouddly ddesignedd andd manufacturedd in Wales<br />

For more information please contact the sales team at Shade and Shelter<br />

www.ShaddeanddShelter.co.uk Tel: 01686 629010 FB @ShaddeAnddShelter


Stylish statement<br />

Coulisse has<br />

launched Living<br />

Beauty<br />

a new textile<br />

collection for <strong>2021</strong><br />

and beyond<br />

Inspired by the beauty of the world. The<br />

concept centers around sustainable and tactile<br />

materials and includes recycled fabrics, refined<br />

textures and luxurious velvets. With the concept,<br />

Coulisse presents conscious possibilities for all<br />

product groups that allow for either making a bold<br />

fashion statement or creating a stylish natural feel<br />

in the interior.<br />

A new design philosophy<br />

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Coulisse<br />

presented its new collection Living Beauty<br />

during R+T Digital <strong>2021</strong>. The concept is a new<br />

sense of opulence. creative director Catharina<br />

Idema: “At Coulisse, we see every reason for a<br />

return to elementary values and design<br />

principles. The right mindset and a fresh<br />

approach to minimalism brings exceptional value<br />

to our lives. Our design philosophy aims to do<br />

that. Living beauty is telling us to be kind for the<br />

earth, inspired by the elements and design for<br />

recycling.”<br />

Rather than a stand-alone collection, Living<br />

Beauty is a concept that covers all by beauty<br />

inspired textiles of the existing collections and is<br />

expanded with new textiles. Catharina Idema:<br />

“As we want to be more thoughtful about what<br />

we add to this changing world, our focus will be<br />

on less and better, yet with an everlasting sense<br />

of beauty. We will add well-thought products to<br />

the Living Beauty concept throughout the year. ”<br />

Downsized but<br />

comprehensive<br />

In composing the fabrics for the Living Beauty<br />

concept, the Coulisse Design Team made a careful<br />

selection from the current fabric range, based on<br />

data and trends. This selection has been extended<br />

32 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


with new fabrics provided with textures and<br />

structures, offering a complete look and feel.<br />

The well thought-out textile collection is<br />

downsized but comprehensive. “The<br />

foundation of the collection are the musthaves;<br />

plains that never go out of style. To<br />

express our creativity, we complemented the<br />

basics with textures, jacquards and prints in<br />

different colour tones and materials. This adds<br />

character to the collection and makes sure<br />

we offer our partners a distinctive and<br />

innovative collection,” says Catharina Idema.<br />

EcoLuxury<br />

Conscious about the fast-changing world,<br />

Coulisse wants to take responsibility for their<br />

ecological footprint. Therefore, the focus is on<br />

well-thought products and materials that can<br />

stand the test of time, rather than fastfashion.<br />

These products can either be made<br />

from recycled materials, produced in a more<br />

responsible way, or both. The products in the<br />

Living Beauty collection that meets those<br />

criteria, will be marked with the EcoLuxury<br />

label. This label can be categorized in four<br />

pillars; recycled yarns, eco produced, Oekotex<br />

or FSC paper.<br />

The Living Beauty collection is organized<br />

in Plains, Screen, Textures, Nature and<br />

Velvets.<br />

Choose Broadview as your<br />

Trade Awning Partner<br />

• Shading solutions for residential<br />

and commercial projects<br />

• Knowledgeable and highly<br />

experienced team<br />

• Point of Sale materials available<br />

• Full dealer support<br />

Call us for an informal discussion<br />

01202 679012<br />

sales@broadview.co.uk<br />



Global colour platform<br />

Ultrafabrics says it<br />

has launched a<br />

global platform for<br />

colour innovation<br />

Ultrafabrics has launched its Color Lab, a<br />

global platform for color innovation,<br />

discussion and discovery.<br />

Ultrafabrics has long been a partner and<br />

resource for brands to future- proof their<br />

products with trend-setting color choices. The<br />

company offers over 500 available colors, far<br />

surpassing its competitors, and offers a custom<br />

service where it can color match any tone on the<br />

spectrum.<br />

The Color Lab is now an official platform within<br />

Ultrafabrics that offers clients, brands and<br />

specifiers the latest color trend forecasting,<br />

innovation partnerships and inspirational color<br />

content.<br />

Barry Silverman, vice president of marketing<br />

and brand, says of the launch, “The exciting part of<br />

the Color Lab launch is the fusion of Ultrafabrics’<br />

color intelligence and research with ongoing multichannel<br />

content creation, industry focused panel<br />

discussions and partnerships with creative<br />

trendsetters. The Color Lab is the space where<br />

ideas begin. These synchronous events and<br />

activations will manifest in digital and physical<br />

spaces around the globe.”<br />

Nicole Meier, director of branding, adds, “In this<br />

post-Covid world without traditional trade shows<br />

and physical activations offering inspiration, we<br />

launched Color Lab as an antidote to the<br />

uncertainty in the industry. We are excited to<br />

offer our partners, clients, designers and<br />

innovators a trusted place to look for ongoing<br />

color intelligence and inspiration.”<br />

Digital content<br />

Over the course of the year the Ultrafabrics’<br />

team will release color themed content on various<br />

channels. The Edge and Color Perspective will be<br />

monthly updates on innovative uses of color in<br />

the world. The Poetry of Color is an ongoing<br />

digital series featuring notable designers, such as<br />

Oyuna Tserendorj of Oyuna, and Bibhu<br />

Mohapatra of luxury fashion house Bibhu. The<br />

content focuses on their fashion creations through<br />

the use of color. Women on Color will be a series<br />

of case studies, told by a global chorus of female<br />

designers and color authorities, on how they use<br />

color to solve problems. ColorXchange will cover<br />

dynamic conversations between complementary<br />

brands on their approach to color in design.<br />

34 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Quite Possibly the Largest Battery<br />

Powered Roller Blind ever produced!<br />

QMotion now available with a width of up to 3.8m and a drop of up to 4.5m!!!<br />

QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems specialise in providing wire free<br />

window covering solutions for the home. Whereas traditional motorised window<br />

coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240V power wiring for the blind<br />

motor, the QMotion UK solution requires no wiring at all. Now for the first time<br />

the user has the ability to install a fully functional quiet motorised roller system<br />

that provides a wire free system operated via remote control or by their smart<br />

phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their<br />

shades individually, by room, by elevation, by floor and all at the same time.<br />

Contact us today for the best automated blinds on the market.<br />

www.qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

info@qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

+44(0)1908 047 980<br />

@QMotionUK<br />

QMotionShades<br />



A new horizon<br />

Woven Image<br />

embraces New<br />

Horizons in <strong>2021</strong><br />

As the world begins to reopen with a<br />

renewed sense of optimism, Woven<br />

Image introduces New Horizons a<br />

collection of prints, new colours and patterns that<br />

embraces a fresh start for the work place.<br />

Designed to support the interior finishes<br />

company’s hero products including the awardwinning<br />

EchoPanel, New Horizons pushes the<br />

boundaries of these tried and trusted materials to<br />

further innovate and inspire in a new interior<br />

world. As new working patterns evolve, the<br />

workplace now comprises a fusion of the home<br />

office with the commercial environment, creating<br />

more spaces for collaborative work and one-onone<br />

quiet areas. This re-enforces the importance<br />

of flexible interior solutions that can provide the<br />

acoustic protection needed in open-plan office<br />

floorplates.<br />

In response to these growing trends, Woven<br />

Image releases two new colour additions for the<br />

EchoPanel 12mm palette, along with an elegant<br />

precision cut EchoPanel design called Empire.<br />

Completing the new offering is a new multifunctional<br />

textile pattern, ‘Focus Hoop’ providing a<br />

flexible fabric suitable for seating, as well as<br />

upholstered & vertical wrapped panel applications.<br />

The prevalent design language of New<br />

Horizons mimics the concept of a new start, a<br />

sunrise, a new energy and a sense of cosiness or<br />

‘hygge’ via classic organic forms found in nature.<br />

Arcs, curves & gentle flowing linework as well as<br />

subtle textures and a focus on the earthy tones of<br />

Cinnamon, warm Grey and comforting marle<br />

effect neutrals define this concept.<br />

The 12mm EchoPanel palette extends to a total<br />

of 33 colourways, with the addition of Cinnamon<br />

and a mid-tone warm Slate Grey hue. To celebrate<br />

this colour palette extension, Woven Image has<br />

introduced Empire, an elegant precision-cut<br />

acoustic wall panel.<br />

36 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Empire beautifully encapsulates the ‘New<br />

Horizons’ concept mimicking arcs and<br />

archways and vertical line work and is<br />

available in all 12mm EchoPanel colours.<br />

Specifically engineered with a bevelled edge,<br />

Empire panels can be beautifully<br />

incorporated into design schemes which<br />

feature EchoPanel Longitude, without a<br />

visible join line, and delivers acoustic<br />

performance to commercial interiors.<br />

Woven Image’s Focus fabric collection has<br />

been transformed with a trend-driven print<br />

design called Hoop, which is available in 12<br />

colourways. The design language speaks to<br />

archways and curves, found in classical<br />

architecture and references organic circles<br />

and a simplicity of form with fine flowing<br />

linework. The larger scale of this design suits<br />

multi-functional applications, suitable for<br />

wrapped panels or screens for privacy and<br />

acoustic separation, as well as general and<br />

task seating.<br />

The pattern of Focus Hoop is printed<br />

onto two subtle marle-effect backgrounds<br />

and includes the key seasonal colours of<br />

Cinnamon and Orchid. Secondary colours<br />

of Blush, Jade, Ochre and Pacific Blue tie the<br />

mid-tone palette together with accents of<br />

Cream and Navy and neutral tones of Slate<br />

Grey and Pebble complete this beautiful<br />

patterned textile collection.<br />

The new hybrid culture of work, merging<br />

the home office with commercial<br />

collaborative spaces identifies the need for<br />

acoustic multi-function solutions in the<br />

traditional workplace. The Woven Image<br />

‘New Horizons’ launch evokes a sense of<br />

comfort and an evolution of the definition<br />

of workplace whilst providing the best in<br />

acoustics solutions.<br />


Matic M1<br />

- Automatically cuts on four sides<br />

- Fast and Accurate<br />

- Athenea Software links to<br />

your Order System<br />

- Utilises part rolls or pieces<br />

- Automatic Nesting<br />

- Minimal Waste<br />

- Users report over 25%<br />

material savings and increased<br />

production<br />

Matic M1-PC Cutting Tables<br />

&<br />

Matic Impulse Welders<br />

All Matic machines are Industry 4 compatible<br />

www.atech.co.uk<br />

Matic Welders<br />

- Automatic fold and weld<br />

- Perfect for vertical blinds<br />

- 3 - 8m welding widths<br />

- Weld Zips, Pockets, Splines<br />

and much more<br />

- Seamless welding, no shine<br />

- Weld fabrics with welding<br />

tape<br />

- Semi or Fully Automated<br />

- Simple to use


Sweet shading<br />

YewdaleDefiant<br />

White Back Roe<br />

fabric is shading<br />

that enhances<br />

wellbeing inside<br />

and presents<br />

uniformity outside<br />

The perfect combination. A shading fabric<br />

that enhances wellbeing inside and<br />

presents uniformity outside. Keeping<br />

specifiers satisfied as building design isn’t<br />

compromised by a patchwork effect of different<br />

coloured window blinds on the exterior and<br />

internally and, keeping end-users happy with its<br />

high quality and attractive properties.<br />

Yewdale identified a need to extend its ever so<br />

popular YewdaleDefiant Roe fabric range to<br />

include a Roe fabric with the same properties but<br />

one that also maintains greater continuity on the<br />

exterior of the building and offers flexibility<br />

internally.<br />

The YewdaleDefiant Roe fabric is a uniquely<br />

stylish and popular screen fabric that offers<br />

diverse performance characteristics and is now<br />

available with a white back option – a twill woven<br />

fabric structure with a warp of white yarn. Roe<br />

fabric comes as a choice of two openness<br />

percentages, allowing either 1% or 3% of light<br />

through.<br />

Roe fabric is the perfect choice of shading fabric<br />

to enhance wellbeing - human-nature studies have<br />

shown that human connection with nature<br />

improves their wellbeing including stress reduction,<br />

mood improvement and physical health. The<br />

screen fabric allows you to see the view outside,<br />

keeping the connection with nature, even if the<br />

blinds are shut. This fabric has proved particularly<br />

popular in commercial buildings, restaurants and<br />

communal areas in hotels and university halls of<br />

residence - also high-rise buildings and places with<br />

an aesthetic skyline/view.<br />

38 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


As well as bringing nature inside, the<br />

YewdaleDefiant Roe white back (Roe WB)<br />

fabric comes as standard with Biosafe antimicrobial<br />

properties which has other<br />

characteristics to enhance physical and<br />

mental wellbeing - its wipe-clean surface<br />

prevents the spread of infection and is easy<br />

to keep clean.<br />

When it comes to specifying shading,<br />

shading coefficiency is important. Yewdale’s<br />

Roe WB fabric is GREENGUARD certified as<br />

a low emissions product suitable for indoor<br />

use and has key solar reflectance properties<br />

with high ultraviolet protection ranging<br />

between 97% and 99%. The efficiency varies<br />

depending on the colours but the white<br />

backing allows for increased efficiency for<br />

heat reflectance, helps to reduce interior<br />

heat levels and protects furniture from<br />

harmful UV rays. The fabric is fire retardant<br />

and comes with a lifetime warranty.<br />

If screen fabric is right for your next<br />

shading solution, you can have ultimate<br />

flexibility with a choice of roller blind<br />

operating systems from a manual wand<br />

control to an electric hard-wired cassette,<br />

choose the system or multiple systems right<br />

for your next project. There are three<br />

widths available, 2m, 2.5m and 3m, with the<br />

capability of covering greater sized windows.<br />

You can choose from four sophisticated<br />

colours including beige, light grey, mid-grey<br />

and dark grey.<br />

The inclusion of this white-backed range<br />

within the YewdaleDefiant Roe range<br />

ensures ease of use when aiming for<br />

continuity across a project along with the<br />

amazing benefits of a quality screen fabric<br />

that has two options for light transmittance.<br />

To make it easier to see the difference<br />

between the two openness percentages of<br />

the Roe 1% or 3% fabric , we have designed<br />

our new fabric selector to include both Roe<br />

and Roe WB, as well as a clever window so<br />

you can hold the fabric up to the light and<br />

clearly see the difference in the percentages<br />

and appreciate how much light is<br />

transmitted through the fabric. You can<br />

download the fabric selector from our<br />

resources page on the website:<br />

https://www.yewdale.co.uk/downloads<br />

Roe and Roe WB fabrics are part of the<br />

YewdaleDefiant range, the range offers a<br />

host of shading fabrics suitable for all<br />

environments and includes daylight fabric<br />

(Eden), dim-out fabrics (Thames) and<br />

blackout fabrics (Eden blackout, Dart and<br />

Roach) – with and without white back<br />

options. Get in touch with our expert team<br />

to explore the fabric options and shading<br />

solutions suitable for your project.<br />


Dutch Blind<br />

Extrusions and<br />

Components<br />






6 metre x 200mm<br />





J’ BRACKET<br />








1” x 1” x 6 metre<br />

ANGLE<br />

1” x 1/8” x 6 metre<br />



Made from Glass Filled UV Stabilised<br />

Nylon for strength and durability.<br />

All components moulded to match the<br />

colour of the Extrusions.<br />

Anodised, White, Black (Major system)<br />

and Anthracite (Metro System)<br />



+ INSERT<br />








Unit 2a, Miglo Ind Est, Paignton,<br />

Devon, TQ4 7QW<br />

Tel: 01803 522887<br />

E: tony@supa-shade.co.uk<br />

W: www.awningsdevon.co.uk

R+T ASIA<br />

Reconnecting customers<br />

Impressive restart<br />

of the trade fair in<br />

China/Digital<br />

complement with<br />

R+T Asia Connect<br />

With its first physical event after the<br />

pandemic, R+T Asia enjoyed a<br />

successful restart for the sun<br />

protection and door/gate industries in Asia from<br />

24 to 26 March <strong>2021</strong>. The trade fair in <strong>2021</strong><br />

proved to be a total success with more than<br />

42,000 visitors, 700 exhibitors on a gross<br />

exhibition area of 68,000 square metres, over 20<br />

on-site educational and networking events, and the<br />

additional hybrid offering in R+T Asia Connect.<br />

"The outstanding response by every participant is<br />

confirmation of the market position of R+T Asia in<br />

the sun protection and door/gate industries – even<br />

after a one-year break for the trade fair due to the<br />

pandemic. It is becoming abundantly clear that<br />

companies are very willing to ramp up their<br />

business in <strong>2021</strong>," said Manuela Keller, senior<br />

project manager for the R+T Alliance at Messe<br />

Stuttgart.<br />

Successful digital extension<br />

For visitors who were unable to travel to China<br />

this year, R+T Asia organised matchmaking sessions<br />

between on-site exhibitors and dozens of global<br />

buyers. Almost 150 video sessions arranged in<br />

advance were held in the special Matchmaking<br />

Area to enable the participants to learn more<br />

about one another and conduct condensed<br />

business discussions in speed dating formats that<br />

worked well despite the geographical distances and<br />

time zones.<br />

The trade fair also saw the première of the new<br />

Virtual Booth Tour in which online selected stands<br />

at R+T Asia <strong>2021</strong> could be visited virtually. The<br />

webcasts were streamed live on Twitter. The<br />

exhibitors had the opportunity to present their<br />

stands just like in a personal discussion while online<br />

visitors learnt more about the exhibitors' new<br />

products. The atmosphere of a trade fair therefore<br />

became tangible. The live webcasts are still available<br />

on the official Twitter channel @RTAsiaFair and<br />

every video session has already achieved more<br />

than 300,000 hits.<br />

R+T Asia Connect, the first online meeting<br />

point for the sun protection and door/gate<br />

industries in Asia, was created shortly before the<br />

start of the trade fair and is arousing great<br />

international interest with more than 115,000<br />

accesses at present. Every exhibitor who registered<br />

under www.rtasiaconnect.net had the opportunity,<br />

in addition to a physical presence at the trade fair,<br />

to present their exhibits beforehand digitally and<br />

make direct contact with buyers from all over the<br />

world. The campaign relating to R+T Asia Connect<br />

will be continued and - looking forward to 2022 -<br />

will feature matchmaking initiatives and innovations<br />

in the industry and from the Asian market.<br />

R+T Asia 2022 will be held at the National<br />

Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC), the<br />

largest trade fair complex in Shanghai, from 25 to<br />

27 May 2022. The NECC trade fair complex is<br />

located right next door to Shanghai-Hongqiao<br />

International Airport and the Hongqiao transport<br />

hub with very good connections to the<br />

underground railway, high-speed trains and buses.<br />

A later date for the trade fair in 2022 was<br />

chosen because the next Winter Olympics are<br />

being held in Peking in February 2022. This time<br />

stagger will ensure that R+T Asia runs smoothly<br />

for exhibitors and visitors.<br />

40 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Modern<br />

architecture needs<br />

modern fabrics<br />

With Sattler Twilight your projects will be<br />

unique<br />

Sattler Twilight is a fabric that avoids glare while at the same<br />

time allowing daylight to pass into the rooms – an optimal<br />

combination for all users and tremendously important for the<br />

wellbeing of people. Sunlight means life and plays a decisive role in<br />

our Twilight collection – it is all about health and well-being. Enjoy full<br />

daylight, avoid glare, and protect your spaces from overheating during<br />

the summer.<br />

Twilight, Sattler’s solution for a modern privacy, glare and sun<br />

protection create a specific daylight at-mosphere in a wide range of<br />

colors within the designline PEARL and extraordinary surfaces at<br />

METAL. All of them share an appealing and attractive textile look and<br />

feel as well as a total PVC free coating. This was the focus during the<br />

development of this product: No plasticizers leaking out and all<br />

fabrics being odorless and therefore suitable to be used without<br />

hesitation in both indoor and outdoor areas.<br />

This quality has also been tested and complies with norm DIN EN<br />

14501 regarding its suitability as glare protection fabrics and offers<br />

the perfect solution for every situation.This is also one of the<br />

reasons why Sattler’s Twilight Fabrics have been successfully used in<br />

multiple commercial shading projects across Europe.<br />





Twilight avoid glare while at the same time allowing<br />

daylight to pass into the rooms – an optimal combination<br />

for all users and tremendously important for<br />

the wellbeing of people.<br />

• 100% PVC-free<br />

• High weather-fastness<br />

• Ideal summer heat protection<br />

• Optimum glare protection and visibility at the<br />

same time<br />

• Textile character<br />

• Odorless<br />

• Flame-retardant<br />

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use<br />

www.sattler-twilight.com<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong> 41<br />



Solid shutters<br />

A new range of<br />

luxury shutters has<br />

been launched<br />

Madison, a solid wood shutter offering<br />

launches under the Santa Fe Shutter<br />

brand at the beginning of June.<br />

The new collection of luxurious, sustainably<br />

sourced hard wood handcrafted shutters perfectly<br />

compliment the Hampton, Dakota and Nevada<br />

ranges currently on offer from Santa Fe. Madison<br />

presents an extensive array of choice for the most<br />

decerning customer. Quality craftsmanship and<br />

attention to detail is at the core of the Madison<br />

Collection.<br />

Two blade designs; the contoured elliptical and<br />

the contemporary Urban blade is available. The<br />

urban blade has been included in line with<br />

consumer demand since the blade’s introduction<br />

through Dakota. The blades linear form introduces<br />

practicality and function, the shutter panels lipped<br />

blades close neatly onto one another to achieve<br />

enhanced light control as well as a minimalist<br />

aesthetic.<br />

Madison shutters offers an abundance of shutter<br />

configuration possibilities; full height, tier on tier, café<br />

style, tracks, and shapes ensure every window can<br />

be impeccably dressed.<br />

Available in a choice of 25 colours and finishes,<br />

13 painted tones range from crisp white through to<br />

the alluring black. The Madison offering extends to<br />

12 natural wood tones and one white textured<br />

wood grain facilitating the beauty of nature’s wood<br />

grain to emulate through from the delectable real<br />

wood core.<br />

The finer details and finishing touches have been<br />

enhanced and addressed; RPS blade control, hinge<br />

and striking plate size through to catching plates for<br />

bi-fold shutters. These refinements to the Madison<br />

specification support a high-performance<br />

specification as well as the stunning aesthetics a<br />

shutter should bring to a room.<br />

The importance of sustainability and a focus on<br />

environmental impact, is engrained in the Santa Fe<br />

ideology. Careful consideration to the origin of the<br />

wood alongside the guaranteed longevity of each<br />

hand-crafted shutter is paramount. These intrinsic<br />

qualities reinforce the allure of the Madison brand<br />

to homeowners whose desire is to invest in<br />

considered interior choices. Choices that resonate a<br />

timeless investment.<br />

Santa Fe’s commitment to delivering the ultimate<br />

shutter offering is further enhanced with the ability<br />

to train shutter orders expediating standard<br />

shipping lead times at a competitive £15 per m 2 .<br />

A passion for precision, quality reverberates<br />

through the Madison production team, each skilled<br />

professional meticulously constructs every shutter<br />

exuding luxury to become a “forever interior<br />

piece”.<br />

42 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Outdoor Living<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Discover our full range<br />

of custom-made solutions<br />

on www.harol.com<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Outdoor living<br />



Cruze control<br />

Cruze Roller<br />

Motorisation:<br />

Effortless motion,<br />

with a touch of a<br />

button.<br />

Everyday life is filled with smart technology.<br />

Innovated concepts and modern<br />

appliances are designed to help improve<br />

our daily routine as well as shaping how we live<br />

in our homes. Creating a more comfortable and<br />

safer environment.<br />

Precision engineering was at the core when<br />

developing Cruze motors, we had a clear vision<br />

and focus to combine simplicity and function for<br />

smarter rooms in any home.<br />

The battery powered motor is suitable for<br />

industry standard 32mm or 40mm roller tubes,<br />

the motor can easily be inserted and<br />

programmed using the blinds current brackets<br />

proving to be a discreet motorised solution,<br />

complete with quiet and smooth operation.<br />

Cruze Roller Motors offer smart window<br />

covering solutions that enhance everyday living,<br />

simply with a touch of a button. Motorised<br />

blinds are no longer just for the modern home;<br />

Cruze roller motors can be retro fitted enabling<br />

current chain operated blinds to be motorised;<br />

the perfect, smart technologically led home<br />

improvement allowing homeowners to filter<br />

light and manage privacy at the touch of a<br />

button. Installation and programming<br />

instructions can be provided for both new and<br />

existing blinds.<br />

Cruze motors are a perfect and competitively<br />

priced addition to new or current blinds.<br />

Installation, programming, and operation of the<br />

blind is made simple with the Cruze 4 channel<br />

RTS remote. A blind grouping option is available<br />

to control multiple blinds simultaneously.<br />

As technology continues to evolve and craft<br />

how we live, Cruze Motors will continue to<br />

evolve throughout <strong>2021</strong> injecting contemporary<br />

living to window coverings.<br />

44 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


25MM MOTOR.<br />

Soft closure at end limit, bi-directional wireless controls, smooth<br />

fast 40rpm motor speed, up to 300 complete open & close cycles<br />

per charge. Control with your smart home hub.<br />


For more information call a member of our team on 0161 945 4561.


A new vision<br />

Louvolite’s range<br />

of blinds can<br />

control the light in<br />

any room<br />

There are a number of alternative ways of<br />

reducing levels of light into a room whilst<br />

also achieving interesting different visual<br />

effects.<br />

One that immediately comes to mind may<br />

surprise a number of readers the - ever so humble<br />

but still amazingly popular - vertical blind. Don’t be<br />

silly there are too may light gaps between the<br />

louvres you may well say however, think on this:<br />

An 89mm Vogue black headrail and select one of<br />

Louvolite’s many opaque vertical fabric options, lets<br />

say Topaz Slate (grey is the new beige don’t you<br />

know).<br />

Now here is the real trick; manufacture 127mm<br />

louvres and fit to the 89mm track to provide<br />

significantly more overlap than would be seen with<br />

an 89mm. Ideally this would be fitted outside<br />

recess to further enhance the reduction of light.<br />

This use of a vertical louvre blind can, by tilting the<br />

louvres, allow the homeowner to significantly<br />

reduce direct light ingress whilst retaining light<br />

entering in another part of the room. Alternatively<br />

full closure of the blind creates an effective<br />

blockout product.<br />

Louvolite’s Vision product has now become such<br />

a well-recognised and popular product that it can<br />

probably be stated that it is part of the core<br />

domestic product options – and becoming more<br />

popular for commercial use too.<br />

Louvolite’s opaque options for Vision are its<br />

46 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>



• The UK’s most popular shutter<br />

• Made from Polymer wrapped MDF for<br />

extreme durability<br />

• Ideal for high traffic areas and family homes<br />

• Available in 9 Contemporary Colours<br />

• Genuine Easytilt ® hidden tilt rod option<br />

• Bay Posts and Shaped Battens available<br />

For more information contact 0800 681 6076 or visit customwest.co.uk


shade without any operation - amazing.<br />

Now all of that’s great, but we cannot<br />

ignore the “go to” product for reducing light<br />

levels – the roller blind. Many companies<br />

offer blockout fabrics but the number and<br />

diversity of opaque fabrics within the<br />

Louvolite collection takes some beating.<br />

From the ultimate in colour trends to the<br />

classic shades that will remain popular<br />

forever its programme has the lot. Add to<br />

this its unique range of laminate fabrics<br />

which combine the luxury of high-end<br />

drapery fabrics with the practicality and<br />

versatility of a shade, then you have all the<br />

choices you need. When these are<br />

combined with the Louvolite roller blind<br />

system featuring its blockout channels and<br />

fascia, then you really have got the right<br />

product to control light ingress.<br />

So with Louvolite the consumer has all<br />

the options they could wish for to achieve<br />

whatever level of room darkening they<br />

require.<br />

Sienna fabric, which is FR, and its Rimini<br />

fabric which offers the same opacity<br />

performance but is not FR. Depending on<br />

the amount of light the consumer actually<br />

needs to omit, the Sienna and Rimini Vision<br />

products achieve a very reasonable job –<br />

that said there will be narrow horizontal<br />

light ingress around the solid panels. This<br />

effect actually adds to the definition of the<br />

product and may be an added feature to<br />

certain consumers who do not see the<br />

need for a more complete effect.<br />

Louvolite’s cellular offerings include Luna,<br />

a 3m wide cellular fabric that is opaque and<br />

can be used with any of the typical cellular<br />

operating systems available. Its pleated<br />

programme offers a number of ESP fabrics,<br />

which in themselves are totally opaque.<br />

For a very different slant on light control<br />

and room darkening you can always<br />

combine technology that is tried and tested<br />

with something that is a recent addition<br />

albeit extremely successful. Louvolite’s<br />

Allusion programme combines the<br />

versatility of its Vogue vertical blind system<br />

with a soft vane that’s 40mm wide and<br />

incorporating a sheer section in the centre<br />

with solid sections either side. These vanes<br />

fit as any vertical louvre would fit the Vogue<br />

headrail and also rotate in exactly the same<br />

way however when the blind is in the open<br />

position the sheer element forms a soft<br />

rounded form which combines with the<br />

other vanes to create what is essentially a<br />

curtain of sheer elegant fabric.<br />

When the vanes are rotated fully the<br />

solid panels replace the sheer and the<br />

privacy gained is, as a normal blind would<br />

provide. What’s more with Allusion, as the<br />

vanes are not attached to each other at the<br />

bottom they can be parted at any section<br />

of the blind allowing passage through the<br />

48 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

We’ve Won!<br />

Our innovative BlocOut Blind has achieved the prestigious Red Dot Award.<br />

Internationally recognised as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for<br />

outstanding design.<br />

The better we sleep,<br />

the better we live.<br />

To order visit: portal.blocblinds.co.uk<br />

Become a trade partner<br />

T: 028 7944 0130 E: sales@blocblinds.com SleepSimple


Automatic cooling<br />

Automatically<br />

controlled vertical<br />

roller blinds ensure<br />

cooler<br />

temperatures<br />

indoors and save<br />

energy according<br />

to markilux<br />

The German department for the<br />

environment says that the summers in the<br />

last five years have been the hottest in<br />

succession since records began. And the trend<br />

seems to be continuing this year. Well planned<br />

exterior window shading, for example using vertical<br />

roller blinds, therefore makes a lot of sense, as it<br />

prevents the inside of the house becoming<br />

overheated. That saves energy that would be used<br />

to cool the house and reduces the release of CO2<br />

into the atmosphere.<br />

Year on year, climate change is becoming more<br />

noticeable in Germany. A drop in the amount of<br />

precipitation and record temperatures in the last<br />

five years are a clear indication of that. The<br />

consequence: Without exterior solar protection,<br />

buildings heat up even more quickly - especially<br />

when they have large areas of glass. Of course, the<br />

orientation of the windows and the type of glazing<br />

are the decisive factors as far as heat gain is<br />

concerned. Exterior solar protection, e.g. in the<br />

form of vertical roller blinds, can prevent indoor<br />

rooms heating up excessively in the summer.<br />

A cooler indoor climate and<br />

a reduction in CO2 emissions<br />

There are models in all shapes and sizes. Vertical<br />

roller blinds fit tightly against the window and keep<br />

the warmth effectively outside, confirms Michael<br />

Gerling, director of R&D and production at<br />

markilux, a leading manufacturer of solar<br />

protection systems. He explains: "Our vertical roller<br />

blinds can be fitted either to the wall of the house<br />

or tightly inside a reveal. The windows are so well<br />

protected - in particular in those models which use<br />

our tracfix system, where the cover is held in the<br />

guide tracks at the side. "Tests have shown that the<br />

cover reflects a good 30 per cent of the sun's<br />

energy. A special pigmentation process which coats<br />

the surface of the slightly transparent "vuscreen<br />

fabric" takes care of that. This means, according to a<br />

study undertaken in 2018 by the Industrial<br />

Association of <strong>Shutters</strong>-Solar Protection-<br />

Automation in Germany (IVRSA), that rooms<br />

50 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Bloc<br />

Bloc Blinds are a leading designer and manufacturer of simple, clever and innovative roller blinds. Made<br />

using fine fabrics and highly durable components, we create blind solutions for any window and any<br />

situation. We offer a wide range of exclusive designs at competitive prices, plus secure on-line ordering<br />

through our website. For exceptional service and UK produced blinds, sign up today.<br />

info@blocblinds.com www.blocblinds.com<br />

Coulisse<br />

Since 1992 Coulisse has been developing window coverings for the residential and the<br />

commercial market. The extensive range of Coulisse window covering solutions stands out<br />

for its innovative design, appeal and great functionality, and includes systems, fabrics and<br />

motorization. Visit our website to discover our products and services. Be inspired by our<br />

world of window coverings.<br />

coulisse.com<br />

Dickson Constant<br />

Innovative textiles for your world. Five words that attest to our powers of innovation and global<br />

reach. Innovative in textiles is what drives Dickson to conquer the markets of the future and meet the<br />

challenge of improving people’s living space.<br />

kwild@dickson-constant.com www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Don Smith Blinds<br />

We offer a Survey, Manufacture and Fit service for Perfect Fit International Roof and Gable blinds (including<br />

motorised) - you get the sale, we do the rest, under your company name with full after sales support.<br />

Or, supply only Perfect Fit Blinds (Pleated, Roller, Vision & Venetian), standard Pleated, Roller, Vision, Vertical, Allusion,<br />

Panel blinds and Retractable Insect Screens.<br />

info@donsmithblinds.co.uk www.donsmithblinds.co.uk<br />

East Anglia Blinds Limited<br />

E. A. Blinds can supply you with a fantastic range of pinoleum blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds, roof roller blinds,<br />

venetian blinds, vertical blinds and Vision blinds.<br />

Offering a national and international service to the blind and conservatory industry.<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk www.eablinds.co.uk

ISOTRA<br />

BLINDS AND ROLLER SHUTTERS. ISOTRA is the Czech producer of interior and exterior blinds, fabric roller<br />

blinds, plisse blinds, Japanese panel blinds, pre-window exterior roller shutters, insect screen, awnings, screen blinds<br />

and pergolas. ISOTRA has its own development workplace, design center, modern tool shop, pressure unit for<br />

thermo-plastics and wide manufacturing operating units.<br />

dvorsky@isotra.cz www.isotra.com<br />

Lienesch<br />

Lienesch is specialized in decorative, functional and technical fabrics for interior window coverings. Tailored for use<br />

in the home market, project market and all objects on the move. In our UK warehouse we have selected products<br />

available, allowing a next day service for full rolls or cut lengths.<br />

Ask for the possibilities and let us inspire you!<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk www.lienesch.com<br />

Louvolite<br />

Recognised as a leading global supplier, Louvolite proudly designs and UK manufactures high quality components<br />

and stylish fabrics for window blinds.<br />

With a commitment to progression and innovation, we offer our customers training and support for roller, vertical,<br />

roman, pleated, celluar, Vision, Perfect Fit and Allusion blinds.<br />

orders@louvolite.com www.louvolite.com<br />

Morley Glass & Glazing<br />

Uni-Blind sealed units with integral blinds inside are available in just 12 days.<br />

Choose from 5 operating systems from manual to fully electric and more than 40 colour options.<br />

They are stylish, maintenance-free and ideal for bi-folding and sliding doors.<br />

info@morleyglass.co.uk www.morleyglass.co.uk<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX - technical textiles at the highest level<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX has developed to become a leading supplier for technical textiles, manufacturing fabrics for sun,<br />

antiglare and privacy protection for residential and commercial buildings, as well as boat cover fabrics and<br />

weatherproof outdoor upholstery fabrics at our state-of-the-art facilities.<br />

mail@sattler.com suntex.sattler.com<br />

SHY<br />

Innovation, expertise and heritage are at the heart of SHY’s shading solutions. Embracing challenge,<br />

we design and manufacture commercial roller blinds for windows of all ages, shapes and sizes that<br />

incorporate a wide range of manual, electric and ZIP® options.<br />

info@shy.co.uk www.shy.co.uk<br />

Style<br />

Style is a group of international companies with a number of different products supplying<br />

customers on every continent all within the window covering market. The best technology,<br />

materials and systems to create many of the top products in the market. From made-to-measure<br />

venetian and roller blinds to durable motorised blinds, for domestic and commercial applications.<br />

sales@stylebyglobal.com stylebyglobal.com<br />

Supa-Shade Blinds & Awnings Ltd<br />

Supa-Shade offers Dutch Blinds in Kit form or complete, covered ready to fit. Also an extensive range of Extrusions<br />

with Nylon Components to match.<br />

Our computerised Bending Machine enables us to bend most shapes in the design and style to suit your needs.<br />

Telephone us on: 01803 522887<br />

tony@supa-shade.co.uk www.awningsdevon.co.uk


shaded externally are up to ten degrees<br />

Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than<br />

unshaded rooms. The study also came to<br />

the conclusion that up to 50 per cent of the<br />

energy used for cooling purposes, i.e<br />

airconditioning and fans, could be saved as a<br />

result. According to the IASSA (IVRSA) this<br />

means all the same that CO2 emissions<br />

could be reduced by around six million tons<br />

every year, if all buildings were shaded<br />

externally like this.<br />

Energy savings by virtue<br />

of automated operation<br />

To do this, the solar shading units have to<br />

be operated by motor. This is the only way<br />

to utilise the cooling effect to the full.<br />

According to Michael Gerling, vertical roller<br />

blinds can be controlled by means of<br />

sensors or a timer and even integrated into<br />

a Smart Home System. "By App and<br />

Smartphone, it is really easy to control the<br />

solar shading and lower the blinds even<br />

before the temperature outside starts to<br />

rise", he explains. "The advantage of blinds is<br />

that they do not make the room completely<br />

dark and the right choice of fabric makes it<br />

possible for an exchange of air to take good investment which prevents the<br />

place", he goes on. Consequently, a well interior heating up too much in summer<br />

east anglia blinds_quarter page_BLS1-12 16/12/11 12:30 Pa<br />

planned external solar shading system is a and also protects our climate. “<br />

Louvolite VogueTrack<br />

for Trade Customers<br />


now available with Allusion<br />

Conservatory and<br />

Window Blinds<br />

Specialists<br />

Motorisation options<br />

available<br />

fax: 01492 539581<br />

Available in white, brown,<br />

champagne, black &<br />

silver<br />

• Does not twist<br />

• Trouble free<br />

fitting<br />

■ Panel blinds ■ Pinoleum blinds<br />

■ Pleated blinds ■ Roller blinds<br />

■ Roof blinds ■ Roof roller blinds<br />

■ Vertical blinds ■ Conservatory blinds<br />

■ Motorised blinds<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE 2007 51<br />

bend it_quarter page_iss1-19.indd 1 14/12/2018 12:13


Modern moves<br />

A new Style Studio<br />

range has been<br />

launched as Blinds<br />

& <strong>Shutters</strong> found<br />

out<br />

The Style Studio Hive & Pleated Collection<br />

new for <strong>2021</strong> has officially launched. The<br />

new collection has been revamped to<br />

include over 190 luxurious fabrics across Hive &<br />

Pleated. With a wide array of colourful plains,<br />

trend-setting patterns, and beautifully structured<br />

textured weaves, this collection is sure to make<br />

an interior statement in consumers homes. We<br />

have also created new aspirational lifestyle<br />

imagery, showing our new fabrics in a modern<br />

and contemporary room setting.<br />

Let’s talk about the new book. We have given<br />

our cover a make-over, with a new darker green<br />

colour and a stunning green foil. The pages<br />

within the book have also been made using<br />

responsibly sourced materials. The layout of the<br />

book has not changed, the right-hand side of the<br />

book is laid out in colourway format, and the<br />

left-hand side of the book is laid out by range.<br />

Greys are more popular than ever, so we have<br />

moved the grey fabrics towards the front of the<br />

book for easy browsing! We have also included a<br />

new design gallery page showing off our<br />

stunning new pattern designs, while giving you<br />

an idea of how they will appear in a window.<br />

Add a touch of luxury to your customers<br />

homes with Hive Deluxe. Hive Deluxe is our<br />

versatile woven fabric, that will add a soft luxury<br />

look to the home. Coloured on both side and<br />

available in an impressive 10 contemporary<br />

colours. New for this collection is Hive Deluxe<br />

Blackout, this range also has 10 colour options, 8<br />

of which mirror those of standard Deluxe. With<br />

enhanced light control Hive Deluxe blackout<br />

makes the perfect addition to any bedroom or<br />

office space. Hive Deluxe Blackout Rose and Sky<br />

are our soft pastel blackout only colours. The<br />

versatility of these two colours make them ideal<br />

for office spaces, bedrooms or even a baby’s<br />

nursery.<br />

We have collaborated with our in-house<br />

trend experts to bring you a range of modern,<br />

contemporary and wow designs. Traditionally<br />

patterns were only available in pleated, but for<br />

52 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Focus BO<br />

this collection we have not only developed new trend inspired<br />

pleated patterns, but we have some new exciting Hive patterns.<br />

Hive Decadence is our bold monochrome pattern that is sure to<br />

make a statement! Or add some heat to an interior look with Hive<br />

Dolce Spice. If your customers can’t decide between a texture or<br />

a pattern, we have them covered with our modern Iconic asc<br />

printed texture. Whether your customers are looking to make a<br />

statement or complement their interior look in a subtle way, we<br />

have a pattern to suit them.<br />

We have updated our pleated plain fabric offering and are<br />

excited to introduce Shadow Blackout which is replacing our<br />

current Galaxy blackout fabric. Shadow Blackout is available in 6<br />

colours that range from cool neutral beige hues to warm orange<br />

tones. Have you seen our new stunning Radiance asc Metallic<br />

fabric yet? This stunning fabric is taking neutral tones and adding a<br />

modern twist. Capella is also new for pleated and has a stunning<br />

sparkling yarn that will be sure to brighten up window spaces.<br />

Perla FR asc is our stylish new fire-retardant option.<br />

Infusion asc continues to be one of our most popular plain<br />

ranges for pleated so we have added a few additional colours<br />

options to our existing range. Including Infusion asc Aqua, which<br />

has been tipped to be a key colour for <strong>2021</strong>. If your customers<br />

want to add colour in a subtler way, introduce them to Infusion<br />

asc Soft Lilac and Infusion asc Cool Mint our soft pastel tones. We<br />

also have two new neutral tones Tuscan and Sand; these two tones<br />

are adding a modern twist to our existing neutral tones.<br />

It's good to be green! We all need to do more to benefit the<br />

environment. That is why we have created a range of recycled<br />

pleated fabrics that have been developed using yarn that has been<br />

derived from post-consumer recycled plastic. This is a versatile<br />

product that offers a stunning high-quality finish. Available in 5<br />

ranges, which each have colour options that cover the colour<br />

spectrum. Go bold with Shea asc eco, a geometric weave with a<br />

giraffe inspired design. Or take a subtler approach with Cactus asc<br />

eco, which helps to bring a sense of nature inside the home.<br />

There is so much newness to this collection we couldn’t fit it all<br />

on one page!<br />

So, don’t miss out and order your NEW Style Studio Hive &<br />

Pleated Collection book today!<br />

fabulous fabrics<br />

Lienesch-Style is specialised in technical<br />

fabrics and hardware for the project market.<br />

We have a comprehensive screen,<br />

roller and hardware collection.<br />

In stock and available from our UK warehouse<br />

allowing a next day service for full rolls or cut lengths.<br />

Quoting for a contract? Please contact us.<br />

delivery from the UK<br />

Lienesch Ltd<br />

Unit 2 - Hunslet Trading Estate,<br />

Severn Road, LEEDS, LS10 1BL United Kingdom<br />

Tel. 0113 8681066<br />

sales@lieneschstyle.com<br />

lieneschstyle.com<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong> 53


Light control<br />

Vertical blinds are<br />

a good choice for<br />

managing light<br />

Cruze was designed to create the ultimate<br />

vertical blind system. From conception,<br />

advanced and precision engineering<br />

merged with sleek design were at the foundation<br />

of the development process.<br />

Whilst aesthetics and functionality were pivotal<br />

to the system design the aim of facilitating<br />

optimum light management was essential to the<br />

systems success. Presenting a choice of three<br />

operating systems Cruze vertical provides the<br />

customer with an application to meet every<br />

customer’s needs: A direct drive, a reduction<br />

geared system and wand control. The direct drive<br />

operation delivers a responsive sleek vertical blind,<br />

while the reduction gear box offers precision and<br />

control in an unparalleled operating system. The<br />

Wand controlled option presents the consumer<br />

with the ultimate child safe solution eliminating<br />

chains and cords.<br />

The finer details compound the performance of<br />

the system; Cruze’s patented double facing<br />

channels encase every traveller within the headrail<br />

creating the systems distinctive appearance. The<br />

purposely designed channels benefit the systems<br />

functionality by reducing the light gap between the<br />

bottom of the headrail and the top of the vertical<br />

fabric vanes, further enhancing light control<br />

properties.<br />

Unique stylistic development combines linear<br />

form with soft contours and engineering to create<br />

highly functional yet visually attractive vertical<br />

components. Enhancing the desirability of the<br />

system is the superior production efficiency possible<br />

through the enclosed traveller cording process. The<br />

carefully designed traveller, with reduced width<br />

dimensions decreases the fabric stack of fully<br />

retracted blinds by 20%, offering enhanced room<br />

aesthetics and view to the exterior.<br />

Linear angles blend seamlessly with precision<br />

curves creating a stunning contemporary aesthetic<br />

to the Cruze headrail. Each sculpted line, edge and<br />

surface is shaped to perform. A variety of colour<br />

options including a unique textured matt finish in<br />

white and anthracite blends perfectly with today’s<br />

contemporary living. Colour coordinated<br />

components perfectly complete every visual aspect<br />

of a Cruze vertical blind.<br />

Cruze Vertical has been created and designed<br />

with one distinctive purpose: The ultimate light<br />

management system.<br />

54 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

prestigious blinds<br />

www.slxblinds.co.uk 01274 568822


Eco-friendly blinds<br />

247 Blinds has<br />

launched a range<br />

of sustainable<br />

blinds as Blinds &<br />

<strong>Shutters</strong> found out<br />

247 Blinds has recently launched a sustainable, eco-friendly range of roller blinds, Eco-Friendly Fabrics. I<br />

thought they may be of use for any features you're working on, particularly those looking at<br />

sustainability.<br />

The Eco-Friendly Fabrics range offers a variety of bold colours as seen in the images below. Each product<br />

is made from 100% recycled plastic (PET) bottles, making them a great choice for those looking to make<br />

their homes more sustainable. In addition, the blinds are also 100% PVC free and the energy and water<br />

consumption in the production process is much lower too.<br />

56 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Age of Aquarius<br />

Aquarius has a<br />

range of new<br />

fabrics and blinds<br />

When it comes to window dressings,<br />

meeting your customers needs can be<br />

a balancing act. Often in search of a<br />

solution, such as reducing glare on home-working<br />

computer screens, they’re also increasingly looking<br />

for something that will look great and ignite their<br />

style spark.<br />

Here at Aquarius, striking that balance is part of<br />

our DNA is and something that’s been held front<br />

and centre when designing our latest collection of<br />

Rollers,Verticals and Romans and Curtains<br />

launching this Autumn.<br />

Featuring a new and improved selection of<br />

fashion-forward plains, textures and prints, as well as<br />

solution-focussed options like blackout and<br />

moisture-resistant fabrics, we’re confident the range<br />

has something for everyone. In fact, with nearly 80%<br />

of the range being updated, Senior Product<br />

Manager Yvonne Keal is confident it will appeal to<br />

both new and existing customers alike.<br />

‘We’ve really evolved the collection since the last<br />

launch in 2018, and we’re really excited to see our<br />

customers’ reaction to this. It’s more contemporary<br />

and on-trend than it’s ever been, whilst making sure<br />

we keep the popular fabrics we know our<br />

customers love.’<br />

Included within the range is a selection of fabrics<br />

made from up to100% recycled plastic bottles. These<br />

new eco-friendly fabrics are available as plains or<br />

jacquards in a range of colours, giving eco-conscious<br />

shoppers more choice than ever before when being<br />

mindful of their environmental footprint.<br />

We’re also excited to launch Wild, a capsule<br />

collection of fabrics that sit across all of the new<br />

product categories at the same time. Taking<br />

inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the<br />

African savanna, the collection features an earthy<br />

palette of terracotta, stone and grey punctuated by<br />

verdant greens and sunset corals. It expertly<br />

combines muted shades that are easy to live with,<br />

with bold animal prints, tropical grasses and<br />

repeating motifs, and is sure to be a hit with<br />

fashion-forward customers looking to bring their<br />

windows to life.<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong> 57


Bacteria breakthrough<br />

Coulisse has<br />

introduced a<br />

breakthrough<br />

antiviral screen for<br />

window coverings<br />

As part of its commitment to comfortable<br />

and healthy indoor spaces, worldwide<br />

supplier of window coverings Coulisse<br />

introduces a screen with breakthrough antiviral<br />

properties. The innovative screen, which is<br />

particularly suitable for public facilities with strict<br />

hygiene requirements, is the first in the market with<br />

a fast-acting and long-lasting antiviral and<br />

antibacterial effect, designed to effectively help<br />

contain the spread of corona-like viruses.<br />

Antimicrobial textiles were already a valued part<br />

of the Coulisse collection. They counter the<br />

proliferation of microbes that can cause discomfort<br />

or disease. Faced with the perils of a new virus<br />

raging around the world, Coulisse is undertaking<br />

new efforts to ensure that its window coverings<br />

solutions keep contributing to indoor health and<br />

safety.<br />

Coronavirus inactivated<br />

within seconds<br />

Lingering remnants of contagious virus particles<br />

present an obvious health risk, especially in public<br />

spaces where people come and go. Research shows<br />

that viruses of the corona family can remain on<br />

materials for days. One of the few fortunate facts<br />

about corona is that the virus can be destroyed<br />

with relative ease. Tests with the SARS-CoV-2 virus<br />

on the antiviral screen from Coulisse show that 99<br />

percent of the coronavirus particles are inactivated<br />

within 16 seconds.<br />

Eva Jongejan, textile engineer at Coulisse: ‘We are<br />

excited to introduce the first screen in the market<br />

that is both antimicrobial and antiviral. The screen is<br />

designed with fast-acting and long-lasting antiviral<br />

and antibacterial effects to help contain the spread<br />

of Covid-19. When aerosols come into contact with<br />

the antiviral screen, the virus will be unable to<br />

disperse. Screen fabrics have always been a<br />

preferred choice for public spaces, including<br />

hospitals, because of their functionality and<br />

durability. Especially for such buildings, we have been<br />

seeing increased demand for hygienic solutions.’<br />

Maximum protection and<br />

peace of mind<br />

The new screen fabric, with a 5 percent<br />

openness factor, is part of the Screen Essential 3000<br />

series. Screen Essential is a PVC and polyester-based<br />

fabric with a 2x2 basket weave. It is Oeko-Tex<br />

compliant and free of VOCs, phthalates,<br />

formaldehyde and heavy metals, making it safe for<br />

direct skin contact. Provided with both antimicrobial<br />

and antiviral properties, the new screen<br />

offers maximum protection against pathogens.<br />

Much like the Coulisse window covering screens<br />

with antimicrobial properties, the new antiviral<br />

screen is particularly suitable for public facilities with<br />

strict hygiene requirements. Naturally, it also<br />

provides peace of mind in domestic settings and<br />

places where children play. As part of the Screen<br />

Essential 3000 series, it is available in a width of 250<br />

centimeters and comes in 6 timeless colors ranging<br />

from white and beige to grey and black hues.<br />

58 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>



Kayospruce Ltd is the UK's leading<br />

supplier of high performance<br />

materials and accessories for the<br />

structures and leisure industries.<br />

LTD.<br />


Soltis outdoor blinds can block up to<br />

97% of heat, offer greater comfort and<br />

reduce the need for air conditioning<br />

equipment. For vertical blinds, awnings<br />

or blinds for verandas and glass roofs,<br />

Soltis fabrics offer attractive, technical<br />

solutions for both professionals and<br />

private individuals. Soltis indoor blinds<br />

guarantee optimal visual comfort and<br />

protection against dazzle, preserving the<br />

privacy of building occupants without<br />

blocking the outside view.<br />

Contact Kayospruce Ltd for more<br />

information about the entire<br />

Serge Ferrari collection.<br />

SOLTIS 96<br />

Kayospruce Ltd<br />

2 Cockerell Close | Segensworth West<br />

Fareham | Hampshire | PO15 5SR<br />

info@kayospruce.co.uk<br />

+44 (0) 1489 581 696<br />



Get the look<br />

Kebony has created<br />

a new Look Book<br />

for <strong>2021</strong><br />

Global leader in the production of<br />

sustainable wood, Kebony, has now<br />

created a <strong>2021</strong> Look Book – a collection<br />

of the most striking, sustainable and innovative<br />

projects built with Kebony from around the world.<br />

As the world transitions to clean energy, the most<br />

ambitious projects are embracing<br />

sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials like<br />

Kebony, to positively contribute to the global drive<br />

to net zero carbon, and create innovative buildings<br />

that will be both beautiful in appearance, and carry<br />

forth a long-lasting green legacy.<br />

Kebony’s <strong>2021</strong> Look Book includes projects from<br />

every corner of the world… from<br />

mesmerising winter cabins in the Arctic to<br />

beautifully crafted-private homes in the UK, ecoluxury<br />

hotels in southern Europe and the world’s<br />

first net-zero quick service restaurant in the US.<br />

Describing Kebony wood, James Dodson,<br />

Founder and Partner at<br />

SPINN Arkitekter commented: “With each project<br />

we try to push ourselves and our clients toward a<br />

cleaner, net-zero carbon future. Our experience<br />

with Kebony has shown us that it provides a brilliant<br />

and sustainable alternative to traditional hardwoods,<br />

diverting demand away from endangered, tropical<br />

rainforests, thereby sharply decreasing the carbon<br />

footprint involved in construction.”<br />

“Kebony wood is a material for the future,<br />

which is vital to embrace now as we aspire to<br />

achieve a greener, more sustainable built<br />

environment.”<br />

60 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


The heat is on<br />

markilux can now<br />

offer a stand-alone<br />

heater for use on<br />

patios and<br />

balconies<br />

To generate cosy temperatures under an<br />

awning, markilux is able to offer an infrared<br />

heater which can be fitted to a wall or<br />

suspended from the solar protection unit itself.<br />

Now a mobile stand-alone unit complements this<br />

offer. It has been fitted with a timer function via<br />

which the appliance automatically switches itself off<br />

after one of three time delays has been selected.<br />

To be able to spend as much time as possible on<br />

patio or balcony between spring and autumn is<br />

what people want. So, depending on the time of<br />

year, it is primarily in the evening - when it starts to<br />

get cooler - that heaters are welcomed. Precisely<br />

for this purpose and in addition to a heater which<br />

can be fitted to a wall or an awning, solar protection<br />

specialist markilux now offers a stand-alone unit<br />

with a power output of 1400 Watt. Both heaters<br />

can be combined with one another which means<br />

the heating solution under an awning can be<br />

individually customised.<br />

The soberly designed infrared stand-alone heater<br />

is manufactured from high-quality, powder-coated<br />

aluminium. It is just less than a metre high and 35<br />

centimeters wide and deep. The stand-alone unit<br />

has to stand on a flat surface. But, if it does fall over,<br />

it automatically switches itself off. A position sensor<br />

takes care of that. The soft start function brings the<br />

heater quickly up to temperature and, according to<br />

markilux, even saves energy in the process. "The<br />

stand-alone unit runs on a similar technology to<br />

that of the heaters we have hitherto offered. On<br />

top of the soft start function, they offer a cosy,<br />

infrared warmth. And, apart from that a pleasant<br />

glare-free light temperature which is based on<br />

heating tube 'No Glare' technology", says Michael<br />

Gerling, the technical and production director. As a<br />

free-standing appliance in a room, it should be kept<br />

at least 70 centimeters away from the nearest<br />

heated surface and at least 30 centimeters from the<br />

nearest object to the side or rear.<br />

62 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

Venetian & Vertical ALL SHAPES<br />

TM<br />

• Bespoke manufacturer of shaped<br />

vertical and shaped venetian<br />

window blinds<br />

• Manufacturing handmade<br />

blinds Since 1986<br />

• Only using the highest quality<br />

components<br />

• International sales<br />

Blindshapers Ltd<br />

Festival Works, Spragg Street,<br />

Congleton, Cheshire CW12 1QR.<br />

T: 01260 297976<br />

F: 01260 297515<br />

info@blindshapers.com<br />

www.blindshapers.com<br />

Blindshapers Ltd are trade suppliers only and direct all non<br />

trade enquiries to our nearest trade partners.<br />

• From individual blinds to<br />

large projects


Motoring in<br />

Rollease Acmeda<br />

has a range of<br />

motorization<br />

options for blinds<br />

Rollease Acmeda is one of the largest<br />

independent engineered component and<br />

systems manufacturers in our windowcovering<br />

industry. Headquartered in Stamford,<br />

Connecticut Rollease Acmeda has a global team of<br />

over 250 employees and facilities spanning the USA,<br />

Australia and Europe, serving thousands of<br />

customers in over 40 countries around the world.<br />

Once mainly known for its over-engineered<br />

clutches, Rollease Acmeda have expanded product<br />

ranges hugely over the years, offering innovative<br />

solutions in roller, Roman blinds, outdoor shading,<br />

fabrics and of course motorization.<br />

Motorization is today’s hot topic and Rollease<br />

Acmeda created a new division Automate, to<br />

create what is one of the most complete range of<br />

indoor and outdoor shading options on the market.<br />

Building on Automate’s extensive USA experience,<br />

their well thought-out systems are now available in<br />

the UK and Europe.<br />

Rollease Acmeda designed and created the<br />

Automate line with the aim of solving the main<br />

practical issues that manufacturers and end-users<br />

face when embarking on smart home projects. At<br />

the same time by minimizing stock-holding, so the<br />

same components can be used in many<br />

applications.<br />

New in this Spring, is Automate’s 1.1Nm Li-Ion<br />

Zero ‘short’ motor. This has the same torque, speed<br />

settings and battery size as the standard 1.1Nm<br />

motor, but benefits by being 75mm shorter. This<br />

means that the minimum blind size is 560mm,<br />

instead of 635mm for the standard 1.1Nm motor.<br />

To complete the range later this year, a new<br />

0.5Nm Li-Ion Zero motor will become available<br />

which will be perfect for smaller tube sizes. This will<br />

mean that Automate will be able to offer motors<br />

suitable to the smallest blinds, to the biggest with up<br />

to 10Nm battery motors.<br />

It sounds a simple thing, but one of the big<br />

challenges is how to fit the best hardware into the<br />

most commonly available tube sizes. Rollease<br />

Acmeda have been working on this and have a<br />

variety of integrated and exchangeable adapters for<br />

tubes and brackets coming on stream. This means<br />

retrofitting an Automate motor in existing blinds<br />

becomes simple and customers can take advantage<br />

of Rollease Acmeda’s superior smart home<br />

integration.<br />

Rollease Acmeda and its UK partners offer<br />

comprehensive support featuring short and easy to<br />

follow video tutorials, knowledge-based articles, and<br />

a full suite of support manuals. An innovative on-line<br />

Programming Assistant is also on hand to help you<br />

24 hours, 7 days a week.<br />

The complete range and the support material<br />

can be found at AutomateShades.com where<br />

manufacturers can see the breath of the range. The<br />

range is distributed in the UK by New House<br />

Textiles for design applications and Style for<br />

commercial applications.<br />

64 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Now a trademark, Semper Blinds is a family run business that can offer you a range of pleated<br />

and cellular blinds which are all made by ourselves, and all of which can be motorised.<br />

We always look to help save you time and money without sacrificing quality, and this is shown with<br />

our easy measure system for conservatory roof blind projects. You can quote a customer in<br />

minutes with no need to measure any glass, or having to count the number of windows,<br />

just measure the floor and look at our grid for your “Survey and Fit” price.<br />

Then you just leave the rest to Semper Blinds, all you need to do is collect the<br />

balance once we’ve made and installed the blinds!<br />

We aim to give you a service you deserve, no long waits for quotes / call backs and we only use<br />

quality components / fabrics from Benthin, Eclipse, Louvolite, RA Irwin and Arena<br />

(no cheap parts or corners cut)<br />

Stuart and the team<br />

at Semper<br />

www.SEMPERBLINDS.com<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com<br />

01706 523405 07766 600131


Sliding in<br />

The markilux<br />

“format slide” is<br />

fitted to balconies<br />

and carports in<br />

sliding sections.<br />

Last year, markilux launched the “format” - a<br />

new lateral protection against the wind and<br />

inquisitive glances. The modular system made<br />

of rectangular aluminium frames with integrated<br />

covers is fastened to the ground with posts. Now,<br />

the screen system “format slide” can also be used as<br />

a versatile partitioning feature with multi-track rails.<br />

Using textile protection against the wind and<br />

prying eyes has the advantage of offering spatial<br />

shielding, while still allowing enough air to pass<br />

through the fabric so that the temperature remains<br />

pleasant. “Nevertheless, you might want a clear view<br />

at some point. And that is why we are also now<br />

offering the ‘format’ side screen as a sliding system<br />

called ‘format slide’,” explains Michael Gerling,<br />

director of R&D and production at markilux.<br />

Smooth-running track system<br />

The rectangular aluminium frames with integrated<br />

cover can be slid on floor tracks between balconies,<br />

in open carports or as partitions in interior<br />

situations. In combination with the awning roof<br />

“markant”, they also act as variable walls with which<br />

open-air seating areas can be closed all round<br />

whenever necessary. Depending on the width of<br />

this lateral privacy screen, there are several<br />

variations in which up to five elements can be<br />

combined. Depending on their number and<br />

dimensions, they run on two or three stainless steel<br />

rails. In the case of the awning roof “markant”, three<br />

rails are prescribed as it finishes flush with the<br />

supporting posts. “Height-adjustable wheels<br />

transport the aluminium frames safely and quietly<br />

along the lower rails. At the top, the frames are held<br />

by sliding profiles which also guide them generating<br />

very little noise,” says Mr Gerling.<br />

Also suitable for large areas<br />

The height of the individual screen sections can<br />

vary between 100 and 250 centimetres. The<br />

maximum width of an individual section is 130<br />

centimetres. In total, this system which protects<br />

against the wind and inquisitive glances consists, in<br />

the “format slide”, of several sections that can<br />

measure between 200 and 600 centimetres. Runner<br />

and rails must be attached securely to a firm surface<br />

for safe operation. If you would like to have a<br />

slightly more open view to the outside even when<br />

closed, a panoramic window can be inserted into<br />

the cover. In this new variation of the “format”, the<br />

awning cover is still kept perfectly taut by virtue of<br />

the patented tensioning system. The frame of the<br />

"format slide" comes in seven standard colours as<br />

well as in a wide choice of non-standard colours<br />

66 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

THE<br />



Tropical Blinds are a UK manufacturer offering the trade an independent choice of<br />

custom blind collections designed for you and your customers.<br />

Our Interior <strong>Shutters</strong> Collection are skilfully hand-made by quality craftsmen. Your<br />

customers can select from one of our many paint or stain finishes or opt for a custom<br />

colour to complement and enhance their home.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />



Elegant solution<br />

Discover the Genoa<br />

Collection from<br />

S:CRAFT, featuring<br />

the elegant Serino<br />

real wood and the<br />

stylish and<br />

practical Albaro<br />

range of venetians<br />

The Serino range features quarter-sawn<br />

wood. Unlike cheaper plain sawn slats, our<br />

slats are milled from quarter sawn timber.<br />

Each Serino blind slat is cut perpendicular to the<br />

grain for added stability and excellent resistance to<br />

warping. This premium range is available in a wide<br />

range of colours and finishes, including 10 solid<br />

painted, 17 wood stained and 10 Osmo finish<br />

options. What is Osmo? It’s a distinctive and rustic<br />

finish that combines natural plant oils and<br />

vegetable wax, amplifying the wood’s natural<br />

graining for intensely character-rich slats. The<br />

Serino range is an eco-friendly option as the<br />

Paulownia wood originates from “miracle” forests<br />

that rejuvenate every 7 years after harvest. It’s a<br />

perfect solution for large installations, with a<br />

maximum blind width of over 2.7 metres.<br />

The Albaro range has all the style of a real<br />

wood venetian, but is made from a practical,<br />

manmade, polyvinyl material that stands up to the<br />

daily wear and tear of a family home. Also boasting<br />

the tightest slat closure in the industry, this<br />

proprietary formulation is not only lightweight and<br />

useable but it is also completely lead-free. Colour<br />

options include: five solid painted with a smooth<br />

finish, five solid painted with an embossed finished<br />

and 10 wood print embossed effect colours.<br />

Albaro is ideal for large window expanses with a<br />

maximum blind width of over 2.4 metres.<br />

The many features and benefits of the Genoa<br />

Collection make them a popular choice for your<br />

customers. Both our real wood and faux wood<br />

ranges offer award-winning SmartPrivacy<br />

technology that closes the blinds tighter, for<br />

increased room darkening. They come in slat sizes<br />

of 50 and 63mm, and as if that wasn’t enough,<br />

experience our remarkable SmartLift cordless<br />

technology making this the safest and best choice<br />

for houses with young children. This additional<br />

extra offers your customers superior operation.<br />

They’re easy to lower and raise, and they stay level<br />

once manoeuvred to the desired positon, with no<br />

slat shift. The Genoa Collection has an engineered<br />

cap, which is incorporated into the bottom rail,<br />

eliminating any protrusion that might cause<br />

damage to the windowsill over time. Our corded<br />

lift blinds come with insta-lock which provide<br />

effortless and precise locking of the blinds position;<br />

no need to pull left or right, just pull straight down<br />

and release!<br />

With so many features and benefits to this<br />

fantastic collection of venetians, we’re sure your<br />

customers will find the perfect style and operation<br />

to suit their needs.<br />

68 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>


Swing and win<br />

markilux equips a<br />

golf club with<br />

large-scale awning<br />

systems<br />

Today, outdoor sports are very popular. Golf<br />

is also gaining more and more followers<br />

and is now considered a popular sport<br />

where you can work up a good sweat in the<br />

summer. And that is why, after their round of golf,<br />

players enjoy relaxing on the clubhouse patio or<br />

terrace of the club restaurant, protected from the<br />

heat, wind and rain. Manufacturer markilux has<br />

special awnings in its product range that cover<br />

large areas for precisely this purpose.<br />

“For several years now, we have been equipping<br />

restaurants, cafés and hotels with our awning<br />

systems that combine sun and weather<br />

protection,” says Jan Kattenbeck, head of “team :<br />

project”. Together with specialist dealers, his team<br />

plans and implements projects for contract<br />

customers. Last year, the list of customers included<br />

golf courses that had decided to weatherproof<br />

their outdoor seating areas. These projects<br />

included an awning system measuring more than<br />

170 square metres for the restaurant & café in<br />

Karlsruhe Golf Park, the “genusswerk”. “The<br />

awning ensemble at ‘Gut Batzenhof’ consists of<br />

the ‘pergola’ model, our wind-stable post system,<br />

and the ‘syncra’ model. Several awnings can be<br />

attached to this at the same time,” explains Mr<br />

Kattenbeck. The awnings create an outdoor dining<br />

area that the tenant says is well frequented in all<br />

weathers – not only by club members, but also<br />

other guests who enjoy the attractive open-air<br />

seating area.<br />

Plenty of guests in almost all<br />

weathers<br />

The “Schloss Vornholz” golf club in Enningerloh-<br />

Ostenfelde, in the Münsterland region of<br />

Westphalia, also opted for a comparable system<br />

from markilux. The combination of “pergola” and<br />

“syncra” covers an area of over 100 square<br />

metres. Integrated vertical blinds with panoramic<br />

70 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />

continues on page 74


Blindspace products offer you solutions to<br />

future-proof buildings and to conceal blinds<br />

in any type of window or skylight.<br />

®<br />

To find out more about how Blindspace can help transform your blind projects<br />

Contact: Farnborough ough Blind Company - 01732 456304 - sales@farnboroughblinds.com<br />

Whatever your inspiration, we can match it.<br />




TEL: 01732 456304 sales@farnboroughblinds.com<br />






All round protection<br />

The "pergola<br />

stretch" from<br />

markilux offers allround<br />

weather<br />

protection in<br />

considerable sizes<br />

The markilux pergola range has been<br />

expanded by the addition of the new<br />

"stretch version". The toothed belt-driven<br />

operating system makes it possible to offer even<br />

larger sizes. In combination with waterproof (for<br />

purpose) covers, it also offers protection against<br />

rain.<br />

Patios in private gardens have been turned into<br />

"lounge" areas which can be used all year round. In<br />

this context, large awning systems offer suitable<br />

protection against both sun and rain. But in the<br />

hospitality sector, too, they are finding a lot of<br />

favour. This is because these systems create an<br />

area in the open air where guests can sit<br />

comfortably at almost any time of the day or year.<br />

It is for this reason that markilux has expanded its<br />

range of products with the "pergola stretch". It<br />

offers all-round weather protection in impressive<br />

dimensions.<br />

Single or multi-field units<br />

are possible<br />

"Our 'pergola' has sold well to both private and<br />

commercial customers for a number of years; Be it<br />

in the standard or in the smaller compact version.<br />

In the 'pergola stretch', we are offering a model of<br />

superlatives", explains Michael Gerling, director of<br />

R&D and production. Impressively, a single unit can<br />

cover an area of up to seven by seven metres.<br />

Moreover, several units can be linked together to<br />

cover an area of 25 by 7 metres, which according<br />

to Mr. Gerling really shows what it is capable of.<br />

72 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong><br />

continues on page 74

Feel-good lighting<br />

in the sturdiest of arms<br />

Design<br />

Novelty<br />

markilux 1700<br />

| Brand | Website<br />

| e.g. markilux 1700<br />

markilux designer awnings. Made in Germany.<br />

The lighting now integrated into the folding arms of the awning allows<br />

you to decide what sort of lighting atmosphere you have on your patio.<br />



from page 70<br />

windows provide additional protection from the wind over a length of more than 17 metres, while offering an unobstructed view<br />

of the golf course’s parkland. “By equipping<br />

it with infrared heaters, guests can use the<br />

open-air seating area virtually the whole<br />

year round. And the LED light strips ensure<br />

a cosy atmosphere. These accessories can all<br />

have a positive effect on the turnover,”<br />

stresses the awning expert. The facilities also<br />

offer the advantage that award ceremonies<br />

are possible even in rainy weather and that<br />

the outdoor areas can be better used for<br />

private functions. “And then of course it has<br />

to be said that the summers of recent years<br />

have been much hotter than they used to<br />

be. But many people still prefer to spend<br />

their free time outdoors. Club operators or<br />

restaurateurs who want to offer their guests<br />

the necessary comfort on a terrace are thus<br />

happy to create a generous shaded area<br />

where people like to spend a considerable<br />

amount of time,” says Jan Kattenbeck. With<br />

over 700 golf courses and more than<br />

600,000 golfers throughout the country, he<br />

therefore sees plenty of potential for<br />

providing individual roofing for clubs’<br />

outdoor seating areas with high-quality<br />

awnings.<br />

from page 72<br />

Each individual unit is driven by its own,<br />

radio-controlled motor.<br />

Toothed belt-driven gear<br />

system that can<br />

transport heavy loads<br />

What is unique about the "stretch<br />

version" of the pergola is its innovative<br />

toothed belt-driven gear system. According<br />

to Mr. Gerling, this allows ideal transferrence<br />

of the drive force to the mechanics of the<br />

cover support system. Together with the<br />

electronics for the lighting and heating<br />

options, the gear mechanism is to be found<br />

in the front housing. The drive is connected<br />

to a toothed wheel in the guide tracks and<br />

pretensioned in the factory. If required, the<br />

specialist dealer is able to increase the<br />

tension slightly, on site. And the changing of<br />

a motor, too, is also easily carried out, as this<br />

is readily accessible via a maintenance louvre<br />

in the housing.<br />

Coverboard keeps rain<br />

and dirt at bay<br />

This sun protection system is available<br />

with two or three guide tracks depending<br />

on the width required. To facilitate<br />

attachment of the guide tracks to the<br />

housing, the face fixture brackets can be<br />

fitted at a pitch of five degrees before the<br />

actual pitch angle is set. In addition, a wall<br />

sealing profile ensures a clean transition to<br />

the coverboard. It is there to protect the<br />

cover against rain and soiling. The extension<br />

of the awning determines the number and<br />

size of the individual profiles which make up<br />

the coverboard. Silicon seals between the<br />

profiles and the housing which lie on top of<br />

the extended cover prevent rainwater from<br />

being swept away by gusts of wind.<br />

Transverse profiles<br />

transport the cover<br />

"In order to be able to sit high and dry<br />

under the awning, our waterproof and<br />

highly flame-retardant fabric sunvas perla FR<br />

and Soltis Proof 502 is put to good use", Mr.<br />

Gerling emphasizes. Transverse profiles,<br />

which move up and down the lateral guide<br />

tracks, extend and retract the awning cover<br />

in similar fashion to a roof festoon. LED<br />

Lines can be selected to provide a pleasant<br />

lighting effect. All the cabling for the lighting<br />

runs - starting from the housing - in cable<br />

conduits built into the lateral guide tracks. In<br />

addition, lighting systems or heaters can also<br />

be attached to a cross-beam. These can be<br />

controlled individually in multi-unit systems.<br />

Fitted with a gutter<br />

New to the "pergola stretch" is the<br />

addition of a gutter. It is connected to the<br />

front support posts through which<br />

rainwater will drain away from a pitch angle<br />

of just five degrees. The posts can be moved<br />

inside or outside the awning and they also<br />

contain dedicated channels for electrical<br />

cabling. And a vertical roller blind with<br />

Panorama window can also be fitted as a<br />

privacy screen or as protection against wind<br />

or slanting rain. In the same way, the "format<br />

slide" or "triangular format" models can also<br />

be integrated into the awning. As part of<br />

the "pergola family", the "stretch model"<br />

offers another way of protecting large<br />

outdoor areas flexibly from wind and wet<br />

weather almost all the year round.<br />

74 Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2021</strong>

The perfect way for bonding your vertical<br />

blinds, quick, very easy to use, with a superb<br />

neat finish and no unsightly holes!<br />

Available with a 3 sided weld attachment.<br />

Great alternative to a sewing machine.<br />

Tel: 0116 2611055 / 0116 2611066 Email: sales@micropneumatics.co.uk<br />

Micro Pneumatics Ltd<br />

1 Palmer Street<br />

Leicester LE4 5PT<br />



Helpline To advertise here phone Julie Saridakis 01923 437 620<br />





www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Contact Luxaflex<br />

Distributor for Dickson awning fabrics<br />

0161 442 9500<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />


Conservatory and<br />

Window Blinds Specialists<br />

Motorisation options available<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

Your No1<br />

choice for<br />

integral<br />

blinds<br />

www.morleyglass.co.uk<br />

ea blinds_3x1_BLSCLASS.pdf 29/10/12 15:41:21<br />

Leeds 27 Ind. Estate,<br />

Leeds LS27 0HH.<br />


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


2202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />


K<br />

Stainless steel powered<br />

awnings and shade systems<br />

supplied to the best of the<br />

marine industry...<br />

01686 629010<br />

sales@makefast.com<br />

www.makefast.com<br />


...now available onshore<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


2202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />


Perfect Fit Blinds<br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Perfect Fit<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />


Award winning blinds<br />


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

To advertise in Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

please call JULIE SARIDAKIS<br />

on 01923 437 620<br />

or e-mail me at:<br />

j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />

0800 107 5535<br />


blocblinds.com<br />


& FABRICS<br />

2202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21 COMPONENTS & SYSTEMS<br />


Roller / Verticals / Pleated blinds / Honeycomb<br />

For more information contact:<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk<br />

lienesch.com<br />

Pleated Blinds<br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Pleated<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

Roller Blinds<br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Roller<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />





Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 2202-Tropical 10:21 Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />




DAY & NIGHT<br />


www.stylebyglobal.com | 01449 722996<br />

sales@stylebyglobal.com<br />





DAY & NIGHT<br />


www.stylebyglobal.com | 01449 722996<br />

sales@stylebyglobal.com<br />


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

Vertical Blinds<br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Vertical<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />


202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21 WOOD BLINDS CUSTOM PAINTED<br />



Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

202-Tropical Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 2202-Tropical 10:21 Blinds advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

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JULIE SARIDAKIS on 01923 437 620<br />

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Classified’s<br />




We’re recruiting!<br />

Join our dedicated local advisors<br />

team now - immediate start available<br />

• Blinds manufacturing, installation and sales business based<br />

in Central Scotland<br />

• Highly profitable, established 49 years<br />

• Offers in the region of £299,995<br />

For more information, please contact<br />

Central Business Sales on 03454 745 145 or<br />

enquiry@centralbusinesssales.co.uk<br />

Would you like to work for yourself, at your own pace,<br />

with hours that suit your needs and lifestyle? Then join our<br />

dedicated network of over 1000 self-employed advisors<br />

who operate locally and do just that, advising the nation on<br />

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Flexible<br />

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We’re recruiting!<br />


Join our experienced installation team<br />

At Thomas Sanderson we pride ourselves<br />

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exceptional customer service skills our<br />

hands-on surveyor installer roles could<br />

be the next step in your career.<br />

These roles allow for part-time or full-time<br />

working hours, access to our professional<br />

training academy, flexible commission based<br />

earnings and generous bonus scheme.<br />

careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk<br />

Join our award winning network of specialist installers -<br />

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As the UK’s number one provider of window furnishing solutions<br />

we’re always looking for practical thinking, confident new people to<br />

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Join today and grow your own local business.<br />

Flexible<br />

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Join our dedicated network<br />

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Thomas Sanderson is always seeking<br />

talented new sales professionals to join<br />

our experienced team of sales designers.<br />

Our national field roles are suited<br />

to those with exceptional customer<br />

service skills, a passion for interior<br />

design and a great eye for detail.<br />

With a generous bonus scheme,<br />

flexible commission based earnings<br />

and part-time and full-time roles<br />

available, our sales designer roles<br />

are perfect if you’re looking for a<br />

more bespoke career.<br />

careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk<br />

In the October <strong>2021</strong> edition,<br />

features include:<br />

n Pleated blinds<br />

n Printed fabrics<br />

n Acoustic blinds<br />

n Honeycomb blinds<br />

n Integral blinds<br />

n Blinds components & accessories<br />

This edition will also include the<br />

Blinds & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

<strong>2021</strong>-22 Wallplanner<br />

To submit your editorial article, please contact:<br />

John Hatcher, Editor<br />

T: +44 (0)1923 437 618 • E: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

For all advertising enquiries, please contact:<br />

Julie Saridakis, Sales Manager<br />

T: +44 (0)1923 437 620 • E: j.saridakis@turretgroup.com

As the UK’s leading independent blind<br />

manufacturer we tailor our products to<br />

fit your business and will support you<br />

with first class customer services<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />


Our New Hive & Pleated Collection is bursting<br />

at the seams with inspirational fabrics!<br />

• More Hive fabrics<br />

• New eco recycled fabrics<br />

• On trend patterns<br />

ORDER<br />

NOW<br />

• Tempting textures<br />

• More blackout fabrics<br />

• Colourful plains<br />

Hive & Pleated Collection Book<br />

MSP5053<br />

For more information contact your Area Sales Manager or call our<br />

Customer Service Department on<br />

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