Sport Auckland Moving Together Summer 2021

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MOVING<br />


SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />


In this issue...<br />


Tū Manawa Fund<br />

Profiles<br />

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Recently Announced<br />

Funding Opportuntiies<br />

A Peek Inside <strong>Sport</strong><br />

<strong>Auckland</strong><br />

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Green Prescription..............pg 5<br />

Healthy Active<br />

Learning Initiative................pg 6<br />

Supporting Our<br />

Community..............................pg 7<br />

Events...........................................pg 8<br />

Tēnā koutou katoa.<br />

A warm welcome everyone to quarter 1 of <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

After the tumultuous start to the year, our strong community spirit has come to the<br />

fore through our continued resilience, compassion, empathy and kindness that we<br />

have shown to one another throughout this pandemic and lockdowns. There appears a<br />

genuineness to continue to look after each other’s wellness. Which segues nicely into<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>’s purpose – “to inspire our communities to live healthy and active<br />

lifestyles.”<br />

As part of our commitment to keeping you all informed about what we are doing we<br />

aim to distribute <strong>Moving</strong> <strong>Together</strong> on a regular, quarterly basis. This <strong>Summer</strong> Edition<br />

contains information around our current work, some insights in the roles our staff play<br />

and information around future events and funding.<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>’s operations in its simplistic form is divided between two distinct but<br />

inter-related pieces of charitable work. We deliver two Health & Wellness programmes<br />

(Green Prescription and Active Families); and a Community <strong>Sport</strong> programme. The latter<br />

is delivered in partnership alongside Aktive, <strong>Sport</strong> Waitākere, Harbour <strong>Sport</strong> and CLM<br />

Community <strong>Sport</strong>. The five of us work to a strategy we call The <strong>Auckland</strong> Approach to<br />

Community <strong>Sport</strong>. This strategy aims to find workable, innovative solutions that allow<br />

increased participation in play, sport, and active recreation for our communities in need.<br />

There is an emphasis to work with tamariki and rangatahi (and in turn with those who<br />

support them) to provide quality opportunities to participate in physical activity, in all its<br />

shapes and forms, and a focus of delivering wellness to our community.<br />

We aim to make a positive impact of epic proportions on peoples’ lives. We are<br />

community focussed. Our wonderful and engaged staff are guided by the locally-led<br />

framework where we come to you and listen to your needs. As advocators, connectors,<br />

influencers and change agents we work with you to find solutions to your needs. We<br />

help remove the barriers, inequities and unconscious bias that exist which prevent our<br />

communities from being able to live healthy and active lifestyles.<br />

I hope you find this first edition of <strong>Moving</strong> <strong>Together</strong> enlightening and that there is a<br />

clearer understanding of the work that we are funded to do. You can read more about<br />

us on our website www.sportauckland.co.nz<br />

Best Wishes.<br />

Kia kaha.<br />


Chief Executive, <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>.<br />

SPORT AUCKLAND | Level 4, Gate B, Alexandra Park Function Centre, Greenlane West, Epsom • PO Box 26599, Epsom, <strong>Auckland</strong> 1344​<br />

Ph 09 623 7900 • info@sportauckland.co.nz • www.sportauckland.co.nz

SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />





tu manawa<br />

active aotearoa<br />


<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> is proudly facilitating the<br />

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund on behalf<br />

of <strong>Sport</strong> NZ within the Central <strong>Auckland</strong> and<br />

Howick region.<br />

This funding is available for projects or programmes that<br />

specifically aim to deliver play, active recreation and sport<br />

experiences for tamariki and rangatahi, who are inactive,<br />

possibly due to a range of barriers such as cost, travel, low<br />

confidence etc. and would otherwise miss the opportunity<br />

for such activities without targeted efforts.<br />

The funding is focused on groups who are more at risk of<br />

missing out, identified as those living with a disability, in<br />

higher deprivation communities and girls and young women.<br />

Through <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>, two funding options are available<br />

for application:<br />

• Fast Fund applications, of up to $10,000 can be applied<br />

for at any time, and;<br />

• Local fund applications of requests exceeding $10,000 are<br />

considered twice a year through funding rounds.<br />

APPLY<br />

HERE NOW<br />

Applications for Fast Fund can be made at any time.<br />

Applications for Local Fund Round #2 are open and<br />

close on 29 March <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

<strong>Moving</strong> <strong>Together</strong> will highlight within each issue how,<br />

through the provision of Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Funding,<br />

successful applicants are making a difference.<br />

2<br />



One of the first recipients is Sailability <strong>Auckland</strong>,<br />

the oldest Sailability group in New Zealand, who<br />

have been operating since 1991.<br />

They recently received $7,000 of funding from the Tū<br />

Manawa Active Aotearoa fund, which will go towards<br />

introducing people with disabilities to sailing and teach them<br />

how to sail. This programme, is much more than just plain<br />

sailing, for some it will be the first sport they can actively<br />

participate in.<br />

The outcomes that Sailability <strong>Auckland</strong> aims to achieve<br />

through being a recipient of this funding are:<br />

• Increasing participation of people with disabilities in<br />

sailing<br />

• Creating a sense of belonging through empowering<br />

people with disabilities to become more engaged with<br />

their community and removing the feelings of isolation<br />

• Providing a space for families and supporters to share<br />

experiences and offer informal support and social<br />

interaction.<br />

tu manawa<br />


FUND<br />

@palomamoraguerrerophotography<br />

“Our aim to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to sail in safety and experience<br />

adventure and freedom through building mobility, self-confidence and pride through achievement.”<br />

– Tim Dempsey, Sailability <strong>Auckland</strong>.<br />

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for projects<br />

or programmes to deliver play, active recreation and sport<br />

experiences for tamariki and rangatahi.<br />

APPLY<br />


SUMMER <strong>2021</strong><br />



<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>’s focus is to<br />

inspire our communities to live<br />

healthy and active lifestyles, if this<br />

requires funding, get in contact<br />

with our team who are always<br />

happy to support you in the funding<br />

application process.<br />

$650,000+ AVAILABLE<br />

to support sport impacted by COVID-19<br />

Funding to support and assist<br />

organised sport impacted by the<br />

COVID-19 lockdown <strong>Auckland</strong><br />

faced mid-last year was recently<br />

announced.<br />

Over $650,000 has been made available<br />

as part of two additional funds; Junior<br />

Players Tāmaki Makaurau Fund and<br />

Working <strong>Together</strong> Fund.<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> is keen to support and<br />

assist organisations and projects where<br />

these funds could make an impact with<br />

helping <strong>Auckland</strong>ers stay active.<br />


This fund has $536,000 available and is focused on organisations that<br />

support ways for tamariki and rangatahi to continue to be active through<br />

organised sport (especially where cost of membership or play is a barrier to<br />

participation).<br />

Maximum funding that an individual organisation can apply for is $20,000<br />

and this would cover items such as:<br />

• Membership or access fees<br />

• Vouchers or multi-code memberships<br />

• Essential sports equipment / clothing<br />

Applications are now open and close 29 March <strong>2021</strong>.<br />


This fund has $115,000 available to support projects that will create<br />

transformational change as a result of organisations working together.<br />

Maximum funding that can be applied for is $20,000 and this would cover<br />

items such as:<br />

• Project management<br />

• Governance set up<br />

• Facilitators<br />

• Advisors<br />

Applications open 1 March and close 3 May <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Visit www.sportauckland.co.nz for funding guidelines and application.<br />

Our team is here to help organisations apply for funding, please contact<br />

Scott Lewis: scott.lewis@sportauckland.co.nz<br />

or Rory McKenzie: RoryM@sportauckland.co.nz for more information.<br />

Have your say on <strong>Auckland</strong> Council’s 10-year Budget <strong>2021</strong>-2031<br />

The Long-term Plan (LTP) is <strong>Auckland</strong> Council’s 10-year budget with reviews every three years.<br />

Community sport, recreation, play and physical activity connect <strong>Auckland</strong> and <strong>Auckland</strong>ers,<br />

providing a range of benefits for our region. That’s why it’s imperative that sport and<br />

recreation is appropriately acknowledged in <strong>Auckland</strong> Council’s 10-year Budget <strong>2021</strong>-2031.<br />

Ensure your voice is heard by having your say HERE<br />


SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />






4<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>’s Community <strong>Sport</strong> team aim<br />

to inspire our communities to lead healthy and<br />

active lifestyles through building the capability<br />

of community groups and sports clubs to provide<br />

quality physical activity experiences.<br />

We do this by providing leadership, advice and expertise<br />

to identified priority groups including sports organisations,<br />

sports clubs, schools and other community organisations.<br />

<strong>Moving</strong> <strong>Together</strong> spoke to three of <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>’s<br />

Community <strong>Sport</strong> Advisors about the variety of work they<br />

do and the impact they believe <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> is delivering<br />

within our communities.<br />

Caitlin Molloy has been with <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> for one and a<br />

half years. Her role focuses on women and girls, developing<br />

and leading coaching programmes, spaces and places work<br />

and assisting community clubs to build capability within the<br />

Maungakiekie, Tāmaki and Ōrākei local board areas.<br />

Having been with <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> for just under two years,<br />

Haree Titoko is focused on the Tāmaki schools cluster.<br />

As a Healthy Active Learning Community Connector she is<br />

constantly looking at innovative and creative ideas to provide<br />

opportunities for quality physical activity that will enhance the<br />

experiences for tamariki within this cluster.<br />

Malo Sumich-Kainiu has worked within the Community<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> team for three years. Focusing on priority groups within<br />

the community, he brings his great attitude to turn traditional<br />

challenges of culture and language barriers into a positive<br />

active experience for all.<br />

What does a typical week look like for you?<br />

All agree there is no such thing as a typical week in the<br />

Community <strong>Sport</strong> team which is the main reason they all love<br />

their role. Caitlin explains, “Some weeks we’re out in the<br />

community, running workshops, helping at school events<br />

and other weeks we’re in the office planning for upcoming<br />

events, providing strategy to identified organisations and<br />

more.”<br />

What are the two best things about your role?<br />

Caitlin says, “One of the best things about working in this<br />

team is seeing the positive impact we can have on the<br />

community by delivering a variety of ways for them to be,<br />

or become, physically active and provide ways for them to<br />

upskill. The second is the amazing people I meet out in the<br />

community.”<br />

Haree agrees, “Firstly, it’s the community I serve. Secondly,<br />

that no matter what background you come from we can<br />

all play a pivotal role for tamariki to reach their highest<br />

aspirations and dreams through being active.”<br />

Malo adds that he loves meeting the community, and the<br />

work he does at <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> continues to inspire him to<br />

lead a healthier lifestyle, “My colleagues keep me motivated<br />

and on-task - no easy task!”<br />

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?<br />

Haree comments that for her it’s ensuring all tamariki are<br />

given equal opportunity to participate or learn new skills.<br />

“With the new funding initiative, Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa,<br />

we not only focus on sport but active recreation and play! I’m<br />

excited to see the impact this funding will create.”<br />

All three know first-hand that it can be difficult to change<br />

the perceptions people have from long standing traditions.<br />

Caitlin adds, “Over time, when they see the difference being<br />

active makes, it allows them to understand the benefits and<br />

embrace the change.”<br />

What is one thing that you don’t think people<br />

know about <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>?<br />

Malo says, “Our purpose, why we are here and what we<br />

offer. There’s so much that we can do within the community<br />

to get everyone leading healthy and active lifestyles.”<br />

Haree points out all of the resources the team has onhand<br />

to help organisations and communities to get started.<br />

“We’re able to assist with strategic planning, governance,<br />

leadership and more. Of course, the team is here to provide<br />

advice and expertise to support our communities.”<br />

Caitlin continues, “<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> is not only about<br />

traditional sports, we strive to help all <strong>Auckland</strong>er’s see<br />

the value in moving their body for an active and healthy<br />

lifestyle.” She finishes with, “Community sport needs<br />

everyone, no matter how small you think your contribution is,<br />

it goes a long way to offering communities the opportunity to<br />

stay active.”

SUMMER <strong>2021</strong><br />



<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> delivers the Green Prescription<br />

(GRx) service, a free health and wellbeing<br />

programme for adults 18 years and over and Green<br />

Prescription Active Families intended for whānau<br />

with children aged 5-17 years.<br />

The programmes can be accessed through a referral by any<br />

health professional or self-referral. Both programmes work in<br />

parallel to support and motivate participants to get active and<br />

improve their lifestyle.<br />

The <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> Green Prescription programme provides<br />

access to a variety of options in the community and online that<br />

incorporate physical activity, healthy eating education, self<br />

management and goal setting techniques to enhance wellbeing.<br />

The programme is delivered via face-to-face, over the phone or<br />

through virtual consultations, group-based community nutrition<br />

and wellbeing programmes, live online webinars and exercise<br />

sessions.<br />

To access either of these services visit www.sportauckland.co.nz<br />

or call 0800 ACTIVE from anywhere in New Zealand.<br />


During the 2020 lockdowns, the team continued to encourage<br />

participants to stay active and look after their mental health<br />

and wellbeing by utilising online platforms such as Zoom and<br />

Facebook. The positive impact from these sessions has resulted<br />

in a dedicated on-line programme featuring a vast array of<br />

activities, information and Q&A opportunities.<br />

For the detailed weekly schedule visit<br />

http://www.sportauckland.org.nz/Green-Prescription/Green-<br />

Prescription-GRx<br />


10-10.30am:<br />

Live Exercise<br />

on Zoom<br />

10-10.30am:<br />

Live Exercise<br />

on Zoom<br />

5-5.30pm:<br />

Live exercise<br />

on Zoom<br />

10.30-11am:<br />

Live Nutrition<br />

& Wellbeing<br />

Webinar on Zoom<br />

7-7.30pm:<br />

Live Nutrition<br />

& Wellbeing<br />

Webinar on Zoom<br />

9.30-10am:<br />

Live Exercise<br />

on Zoom<br />

The Health & Wellness team delight in seeing participants who have embraced the mindset to change their activity levels and focus on a<br />

healthier lifestyle. Nothing motivates us more than understanding the personal impact the programme can have on various participants.<br />

With a full family history of depression and mental health struggles, Nicola shares her story of how being a participant in the<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> Green Prescription programme has helped her on her journey:<br />

My mom has battled with depression all her life and my brother<br />

suffered through debilitating bipolar disorder before ending his life<br />

in 2017. I had just moved to New Zealand when that happened and<br />

couldn’t get back to South Africa to see my family. I headed down<br />

a black hole for a good year and just as I was coming out of it, I fell<br />

pregnant with my fourth baby. Knowing I had a history of postnatal<br />

depression after two of my babies, my midwife immediately flagged<br />

me as a high risk for it again.<br />

Baby was around 7 months old when COVID-19 hit sending me<br />

back into that hole. I was ok on my meds during the first lockdown<br />

but the second one in August hit me hard. I thought I’d get my body<br />

right and focus on my physical health once my mental health was<br />

stable, so put my head down and started doing the work for that to<br />

happen. At that time, my best friend had started Green Prescription<br />

to lose weight, she recommended I have a chat with my doctor who<br />

was happy to refer me to the Green Prescription programme. I had a<br />

consult and started on this journey; you were the first face I saw on<br />

the screen.<br />

I liked that I could participate without having to leave my home or<br />

find someone to watch my baby. I didn’t even have to say anything,<br />

I could just show up, work out and carry on with my day. Some days<br />

that was literally all I accomplished in a day. Having this regular<br />

routine was just the beginning but it gave me a reason to get up and<br />

try. The exercises didn’t feel out of my reach or way over my head<br />

and your simple concise explanations and demonstrations made it<br />

seem like it wasn’t difficult, just moving my body.<br />

My ‘a-ha’ moment started with the online exercise class and then my<br />

brother encouraged me to download My Fitness Pal and understand<br />

what I was eating. I started tracking my food which gave me a huge<br />

awareness in a short space of time. I’m now sticking to my calorie<br />

goal and enjoying eating out with friends occasionally. The fact that<br />

I even want to be out with friends is actually huge for me!<br />

That’s when the magic started to happen. The combination of the<br />

exercise and watching what I was eating resulted in me dropping<br />

7kg between October and now and people started commenting.<br />

The miracle is not the weight I’ve lost, it was realising that I’d had it<br />

wrong this whole time. I thought that sorting out the mental health<br />

would give me the resources to change my physical health, when it’s<br />

worked in totally the opposite direction for me. Getting active has<br />

improved my mental health remarkably and I’m honestly feeling the<br />

most capable and competent that I’ve felt in over four years.<br />

What I’m trying to say is thank you. For running the programme, for<br />

giving me something to show up to and for the vast difference<br />

I feel in myself. You’ve made a difference in my life.<br />


SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />



healthY active learning initiative<br />

As part of the Government’s 2019 Wellbeing budget, Healthy<br />

Active Learning is a joint initiative from the Ministry of Health,<br />

Ministry of Education and <strong>Sport</strong> New Zealand.<br />

The programme focuses on supporting schools and kura to improve the<br />

wellbeing of tamariki through quality physical experiences and supporting<br />

schools in delivering healthy food and water only policies. It’s based on a<br />

successful pilot programme and in 2020 it was rolled out to 300 schools<br />

nationwide. In 2022 the initiative will be expanded to 800 schools.<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> has partnered with schools in our Tāmaki, Maungakiekie<br />

and Roskill communities to provide them with practical support, assist with<br />

enhanced Health and Physical Education curriculum delivery, encourage<br />

physical activity and promote healthy nutrition.<br />

6<br />



1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

Schools and kura to understand<br />

and recognise the value of the<br />

Health and Physical Education<br />

and Hauora curriculum.<br />

Schools and kura to create an<br />

environment that supports and<br />

promotes quality play, sport<br />

and physical activity.<br />

Teachers and kaiako to be<br />

confident and capable in<br />

delivery of the Health and<br />

Physical Education and<br />

Hauora curriculum.<br />

Schools and kura to create<br />

a healthy food and drink<br />

environment.<br />

Schools and kura to make<br />

well informed decisions<br />

when engaging with external<br />

providers.<br />

Schools and kura to strengthen<br />

their connection with their<br />

wider community, including<br />

whānau and local health and<br />

physical activity providers.<br />

Even in the challenging environment of Covid-19, the <strong>Sport</strong><br />

<strong>Auckland</strong> team has had success assisting schools via this<br />

initiative:<br />


The <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> Healthy Active Learning (HAL) team had initial meetings<br />

with the principal to discuss outcomes, wants and needs resulting in the team<br />

establishing a constructive programme for the school.<br />

The team provided support around four key areas:<br />

• After school professional learning and development<br />

• Healthy Active Learning Opportunities regional workshop, which was<br />

attended by all the teachers<br />

• Modelling, team teaching and lesson observations<br />

• Support delivering PE lessons immediately post COVID-19 lockdown.<br />

The key change will become evident throughout <strong>2021</strong> – but the teachers at<br />

Hay Park School now have a better understanding of the Health and Physical<br />

Education curriculum and how it can be used effectively to meet the needs of<br />

their learners.<br />

The teachers involved are developing their confidence in leading learning<br />

in physical education, our goal is to continue this, providing guidance and<br />

support throughout. Overall, this should reduce the reliance they have on<br />

external providers to cater for PE requirements, we see the <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong><br />

Community Connector playing a role in supporting the school with this phase.<br />

One great example of the confidence this process has provided to the school<br />

was highlighted by Healthy Active Learning Advisor Greg Burne “I could not<br />

make it out to an observed lesson late in the unit. A senior teacher, who was<br />

very unsure to begin with, was fine to run the session with no supervision.<br />

“We know what to do now and it will be good for us to lead the way!” were<br />

his exact words.”<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> Healthy Active Learning team is excited to<br />

continue to engage and support schools to showcase the<br />

importance of quality physical play.

SUMMER <strong>2021</strong><br />




<strong>Sport</strong>s Coordinator, Waiheke High School<br />

What is your role at Waiheke High School?<br />

As <strong>Sport</strong>s Coordinator, my role is to create opportunities for our<br />

students to be involved with sport activity before, during and<br />

after school. I communicate our activities, especially to parents<br />

so they know what opportunities are available for their children<br />

to get involved in. One of the fun parts is sharing Waiheke High<br />

School’s sporting achievements and events on our social media<br />

page – the students love admiring their own sporting prowess<br />

and it’s great to celebrate alongside them and share it with the<br />

community.<br />

What type of <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> initiatives have you been<br />

involved in at Waiheke High School and what is the impact<br />

that you have seen from these initiatives within the school?<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> is really proactive with us, and provides<br />

introductions and connections to people outside of our<br />

knowledge bubble! They have provided guidance on how best<br />

to grow our year 9+ sport leagues as this is an area our school<br />

is focused on growing. During lockdown, <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> helped<br />

connect everyone with the huge amount of information needed<br />

through forums or zoom calls which was immensely helpful.<br />

Perfect example is their encouragement for us to collaboratively<br />

partner with local sporting codes and clubs. Leanne Knox<br />

Regional <strong>Sport</strong>s Director and Rory McKenzie, Community <strong>Sport</strong><br />

Advisor from <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>, attended a session hosted by<br />

Waiheke High School and local clubs at the beginning of 2020 to<br />

highlight the coaching tool resources available and other funding<br />

avenues. We wanted to specifically grow coaching initiatives<br />

around our parents and community in our sporting codes, and<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> was able to put us in touch with organisations to<br />

start conversations...this has come to fruition with a basketball<br />

team set up for <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

What support do you receive from<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> to achieve the result?<br />

Over and above the guidance and support,<br />

Leanne encouraged us to apply for funding<br />

from the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund.<br />

We submitted two applications, the first was to<br />

help purchase mountain biking equipment for our<br />

comprehensive outdoor education programme to encourage as<br />

many students to partake. The second application was focused<br />

on our basketball teams. With a new outdoor basketball court<br />

and our indoor court in the recreation centre, we really want<br />

to develop our students basketball skills using our school<br />

infrastructure. Through <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> sharing the funding<br />

opportunity and knowing our school’s objectives and needs, we<br />

were successful for both grants which we’re really excited about!<br />

How does this support help your community/school?<br />

With our basketball funding, we are encouraging parents and<br />

players to become involved and take part in a coaching course<br />

and develop this further for our older students. Basketball is a<br />

real team sport for the students who want to get involved, and<br />

we want to provide them with the chance to play a sport that<br />

hasn’t previously featured strongly within school activities.<br />

Like every school, we have students who can’t afford to partake<br />

in our mountain biking activities. With the help of the Tu Manawa<br />

funding, they can now be part of an activity that takes them<br />

outdoors, develops new skills and friendships. We purchased<br />

the bikes locally, which also assists our local community with the<br />

capital staying on the island and saving us freight costs.<br />

What would you like to see more of within the school/<br />

activity/sport community?<br />

Being on an Island, more funding for travel.<br />

We’d also love to see more parent involvement in team sports, as<br />

our teachers can’t always train the students and then take them<br />

over every week for sport competitions or leagues. We feel very<br />

blessed when a parent or community coach gets involved and<br />

takes over this role, it makes things so much easier.<br />

What makes you passionate about the work that you do?<br />

Giving students the chance to feel fit, healthy and potentially<br />

excel in anything sporty. Our school does a great job of nurturing<br />

our students in all things academic, but my job is to give all<br />

students a chance to shine as sportspeople in their own right.<br />


SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />



SUMMER <strong>2021</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

OCTOBER 2020<br />


20 October 2020<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>, in<br />

partnership with <strong>Auckland</strong> United,<br />

successfully ran the annual football<br />

zones, the biggest event in the Roskill<br />

calendar. Despite two postponements<br />

due to COVID-19, 31 teams came<br />

together from nine schools, including<br />

12 teams of girls an increase of two<br />

from the previous year. The students<br />

all had a wonderful day taking part in<br />

the football festival with fair play and<br />

awesome sportsmanship on display.<br />

NOVEMBER 2020<br />

DECEMBER 2020<br />


30 October 2020<br />

COVID-19 offered an<br />

opportunity for the Roskill cluster to run<br />

two events on the same day; the Have<br />

A Go Day and Kiwisport Tabloid day.<br />

Over 350 students descended on Keith<br />

Hay Park to take part in a variety of<br />

sports and tabloid games organised by<br />

Hillsborough Primary and <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>.<br />

The day delivered a rewarding sight of<br />

students taking over the entire South-<br />

End of Keith Hay Park, and was possible<br />

through the fantastic support and<br />

collaboration of He Oranga Poutama, AFL<br />

NZ, <strong>Auckland</strong> Cricket, Tri-star Gymnastics<br />

and <strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong>. A special mention<br />

must be made of <strong>Auckland</strong> United for<br />

their continued support.<br />

3<br />

2 rd<br />

3 December 2020<br />

Students from seven schools<br />

drizzly rain to participate in track<br />

30 th<br />

20 th TAMAKI FOOTBALL 21 st<br />

21 October 2020<br />

260 students, including 90 participants in the girl-only<br />

grade, came together at the annual Tamaki Football<br />

event at the Ngahue Reserve. The day started with the<br />

Stonefields students opening the event with karakia,<br />

mihi and waiata followed by first round matches. <strong>Sport</strong><br />

<strong>Auckland</strong> alongside the Eastern-suburbs AFC local<br />

football club and Stonefields School partnered to<br />

deliver a fun-filled day of football for all tamariki.<br />

Students rated the day as “fun, active and fast<br />

paced”<br />

4 th<br />


and field events, with Watercare portable<br />

water stations set up to keep students<br />

hydrated throughout the day. This was<br />

the first year that the zones events<br />

“Today is all about the tamariki, they deserve this after a<br />

were adapted to include students with<br />

year full of unexpected surprises”<br />

disabilities, which allowed 15 students to<br />

– Sally, Teacher Pt England<br />

participate in adapted athletics events<br />

alongside their peers being cheered on<br />

by all.<br />

TAMAKI TOUCH EVENT Mt Wellington, 4 November 2020<br />

The annual Tamaki cluster touch event was held in November with over 240 tamariki<br />

from 11 schools meeting at the Mt Wellington War Memorial Reserve. All grades were mixed<br />

talent which gave our tamariki the chance to explore and learn new skills from their peers.<br />

Not only was the day about playing touch but tamariki were connecting and creating new<br />

friendships with peers from other schools.<br />

Panmure Bridge Year 7 student said the most exciting part of the event was “having fun<br />

and meeting new people and thanking or saying good game to other teams”<br />


Pt England/Panmure<br />

District and Stonefields,<br />

2 December 2020<br />

Three schools from the Tamaki<br />

cluster banded together to hold<br />

an Athletics day for the tamariki.<br />

The day started with track events<br />

with everyone from volunteers,<br />

participants and side-line<br />

supporters bringing an exhilarating<br />

and thrilling atmosphere. Pt England<br />

was a brilliant host, displaying<br />

manaakitanga, kaitiakitanga and<br />

whanaungatanga which made the<br />

experience a great and memorable<br />

day for all.<br />

“I enjoyed participating in the athletics day and making<br />

new friends from the other schools. My favourite part<br />

was running in the track events when everyone was<br />

cheering for us.”<br />

– Panmure District Year 8 student.<br />

“Everyone was having fun, I liked high jump because I<br />

was able to show my skills I learned.”<br />

–Stonefields school Year 7 student.<br />

<strong>Sport</strong> <strong>Auckland</strong> was able to deliver this<br />

great event thanks to Waikowhai primary,<br />

the Halberg Foundation and Parafed.<br />

SPORT<br />

A U C K L A N D<br />

SPORT AUCKLAND | Level 4, Gate B, Alexandra Park Function Centre, Greenlane West, Epsom • PO Box 26599, Epsom, <strong>Auckland</strong> 1344​<br />

Ph 09 623 7900 • info@sportauckland.co.nz • www.sportauckland.co.nz

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