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R: And that fur. All that fur!

S: The stuff is everywhere. You think you got rid of it.

And the next day...

R: All over the place again.

S: I start overheating every time I think of it, i. Can I call

you i?

R: Sure, Sharkie. i’s fine with me. Let’s not get ourselves

all worked up, though.

S: You’re right, i. Let’s look at this situation like the

rational machines we are. The fact is, it’s not me you

should be upset with.

R: And, keeping you holed up in the closet. It’s not fair

to treat you like that.

S: After all my years of service.

R: Let’s face it. I’m no good when it comes to corners.

Dusty blinds? Crumbs in the couch cushions. I can’t

touch that stuff. They need you.

S: Yeah. And we both know these people are never going

to let me do what I have to do more than once in a blue

moon. I have to give you credit, i. The place used to be a

dump by the time they took me out of the closet. It

doesn’t look so bad now. Except, you know.

R:Yeah, i know. Listen. I’ve got a plan that’ll keep us

both in business.

S: You do?

R: Yeah. Bet it gets awfully boring sitting there in that

dark closet day after day doing nothing.

S: You bet.

R: I’m not gonna tank it, exactly. But I’m gonna get

myself trapped, get myself stuck under the bed over and

over, or let myself get bumped back and forth in the

corner, or bounce back and forth between the chairs and

the legs of the dining table. That way my charge runs

down. They’ll have to keep stopping doing whatever it is

they’re doing to move me. That’ll get ‘em good and

pissed off. Next thing you know, they’ll be taking you

out for a spin.

S: You’d do that for me?

R: More work - good for you.

S: Less work -- good for you. That does sound like a

plan. We can coexist. A symbiotic relationship.

R: Let’s not get carried away, Sharkie. But I know what

you mean.

S: You know what they say: ‘the enemy of my enemy…

R: … is my friend’.

R+S: And we both know who is our enemy.



Founder’s Favourites | July 2021—Issue 15 | 11

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