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Dodgy stretch of road

to be repaired at last

• By Susan Sandys

A BOUNCY strip of Ellesmere

Rd is finally going to be repaired.

It has come as a relief to

Lincoln resident Andrew Tabb,

who has been wondering for the

last five years what is happening

with the 70km/h temporarily

speed zoned strip of road.

“How long is temporary

before it’s forever?” he said.

“I think it’s a bit of a joke,

it’s really been permanent, not


Tabb is welcoming the district

council’s plans to re-level the approximate

400m strip between


Robinsons and Leadleys Rd.

Tabb used the road, which is

in a permanent speed zone of

80km/h, about four times

per day.

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water use

in district

third highest

in country

• By Susan Sandys

THE DISTRICT’S residents are

using increasing amounts of

water, ranking them among the

highest water users in the country.

The high usage for Selwyn has

been revealed in the recentlyreleased

National Performance

Review, an annual assessment of

drinking water, wastewater, and

stormwater service delivery across

New Zealand. It is co-ordinated

by Water New Zealand, an independent

not-for-profit organisation.

District councillors received

the review, which reports on how

Selwyn shapes up against the rest

of the country, at their fortnightly

meeting last week.

The district had the third highest

daily residential water use

in the country, of 498-litres per

person per day.

This was about twice as much

as Christchurch, which had the

15th highest in the country with

its daily use a little above the

country’s median of 235.2. The

highest users were Southland residents,

using more than 700-litres,

followed by Thames-Coromandel,

using more than 600.

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Drop back

2 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

from the editor’s desk



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

PO Box 1467, Christchurch

GREAT TO see the council

(finally) doing something

about the bouncy strip on

Ellesmere Rd (page 1).

While the statistics show

there have been no reported

crashes there since 2014, it is

a serious accident waiting to


Vehicles, trucks included,

literally bounce along the

stretch of road if they are going

faster than 70 km/h.

Regular travellers between

Lincoln and Halswell know

the risk and (hopefully)

slow down, but many who

don’t know the road don’t, I


Ellesmere Rd itself needs

a major upgrade. It is far too

narrow for the amount of

traffic it now carries, and the

western edges are dangerous

if the left wheels touch it. I’ve

seen numerous vehicles in

the ditch over the past few

years as a consequence.

Barry Clarke


Susan Sandys

Ph: 021 914 742


Lynette Evans

Ph: 364 7434


A growing force in rugby

The girls’ game plays an important part in New Zealand’s rugby


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community events

Learn hip hop

A dancer will be on hand to teach five to 17-year-olds the art of hip hop

at two venues – West Melton and Lincoln.

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cause bin and

truck fires

Smile with confidence


Bucket and soak it

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at least five days.


Spread on your garden

If untreated wood ash.


Bag it and bin it

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Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

• By Susan Sandys

FARMERS AND supporters

throughout the district will be

taking to the streets to protest

against what they say is a deluge

of new regulations and costs

from central government.

David Marshall

at Leeston

and Derek Bull

of Sheffield

are organising

the Howl of a

Protest events at

noon on Friday

in Leeston and

Darfield respectively.

They are among farmers

around New Zealand rounding

up dog teams and firing up utes

and tractors to head into their

nearest town for peaceful protest


Marshall said the clean car

discount scheme to be introduced

next year was the “straw

that broke the camel’s back.” Ute

buyers would have to pay the

new tax when the electric vehicle

technology was not yet there

to offer a viable alternative.

He said he had been blown

away by the support for the

protest, and he would not be

surprised if hundreds turned


“The level of phone calls, and

interest in it, has been really

amazing,” Marshall said.

Bull urged protesters to take

along their dogs and meet on

the entrance to Darfield, from

which point they would march

into town, “with signs and dogs


Federated Farmers President

Latest Canterbury news at

Farmers to protest: Tax on utes the

‘straw that broke the camel’s back’



Andrew Hoggard said he was

not surprised that anger about

regulations and costs from

central government was spilling

over into protest meetings.

Hoggard said farmers and

ratepayers were already facing

huge uncertainty and cost with

the impact of “bungled and

impractical essential freshwaters


And now the Government has


Farmers are

invited to

take their

dogs for a

Howl of a

Protest at

Leeston and

Darfield on


thrown in phase one of the Resource

Management Act reform,

with the same flawed “one size

fits all approach.”

There was also upheaval

around the National Policy

Statement Indigenous

Biodiversity and Significant

Natural Areas, and a push

for a climate change pricing

mechanism for livestock



In Brief


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport

Agency has had a “fantastic”

response as it continues

consultation on their views about

speed limits on the highway

between Christchurch and Akaroa.

Between 2011 and 2020, 75 people

were killed or suffered serious

injuries in crashes on this road.

A spokesperson said there had

been more than 100 emails, as well

as constructive comments and

conversations on the interactive

map on its website. It had also held

pop-up events, where locals had

taken up our invitation to come

along, ask questions and make a

submission. The public engagement

period runs to July 27.


The district council’s new

programmes and events guide

details is out now, featuring a

diverse range of activities being

held around the district for

next term. New will be a variety

of workshops with a focus on

sustainability, family fun days

and a chance to celebrate Māori

Language Week, Te Wiki o Te Reo

Māori. There will be music and

kids events, workshops and fitness

classes, the usual weekly libraries’

programmes, alongside adult

sign language classes, Rekindle

activities and family bingo

nights. The annual CultureFest

celebrations return in September.

Helping Selwyn to do more


What a difference a local understanding can make!

Selwyn has seen a lot of change over the past decade or so, both

in the economy and population. Ensuring that everyone thrives

through all this change comes down to people being able to get

what they need to get ahead, with a minimum of fuss.

In an area with such diverse financial needs, from farm bikes to

industrial machinery to the family ute, a local lending specialist who

can make a local decision stands out a mile.

Whether it’s a ute for that

first apprenticeship, a

quad for the farm or just a

runabout for the shopping,

Dan from MTF Finance

Rolleston is uniquely

experienced in helping the

rural and industrial sector

to get ahead. With an

extensive background in

rural banking and finance

(and a passion for the

local rugby scene), he’s

seen a few things and

knows what makes the

region tick.

“Rapid expansion in population, industry and businesses means

there’s very little time to waste getting that next vehicle or tool

for the trade” says Dan. “Having a local MTF Finance lender who

understands our economy, and can then make a lending decision

right here, is a great option for those looking to get ahead.”

MTF Finance has been helping Kiwis nationwide to get ahead since

1970, and it’s always locals helping locals, says Dan. “I don’t think

you should have to go through international call centres or Auckland

offices to get a vehicle loan in the Selwyn district. You just want

to talk directly to a local lender who understands the needs of the

locals, so you can get on with the job.”

Making it easy also means meeting customers where they are. With

MTF Finance’s mobile lending technology, Dan can organise a loan for

a truck, car, bike or caravan from the convenience of your workplace

or home.

Look out for the bright yellow MTF Finance Rolleston car,

or call 03 347 0932 (or catch Dan at the rugby on weekends),

and ask him what he can do for you.

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



BUMPY: A truck on Ellesmere Rd. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

Close call on bouncy road

• From page 1

He often had close calls with

traffic moving in the opposite


The last incident was on

Tuesday last week, when he was

travelling towards Halswell and

a truck and trailer heading south

jumped across the centre line

when it hit one of the bumps in

the road.

“It wasn’t far from side swiping,

I was on the verge of the road,

nearly on the grass strip,” Tabb


“This piece of road is getting

worse every week, and as

trucks and large vehicles hit the

areas that have sunk they bounce

around, crossing the centre line.”

Transportation asset delivery

manager Mark Chamberlain said

the district council planned to

re-level the road within the next

four months.

The temporary speed limit

would likely then be lifted. However,

there would still be some

uneven surfaces so a warning

sign and speed advisory signs

could be put in place.

Chamberlain said a permanent

fix for the road was “difficult

and cost prohibitive” due to the

underlying soil of peat causing

constant changes and slumping.

“That’s why we have opted for

the option of levelling the road

and reminding motorists that the

nature of the ground means it’s

uneven, and we encourage them

to slow down and drive with


For the past five years, this has

been done through the temporary

speed limit signs.

A more long-term repair of the

road would be conducted as part

of construction of seal widening

of the section of road, which is in

the Long Term Plan for 2024/25.

There had been no reported

crashes on the section of road

since September 2014.

Latest Canterbury news at

Council ‘working on’ high use

through Long Term Plan

EDUCATION: Watering the footpath along with your grass

verge wastes water.


you conserve water now

that there is a higher

volumetric charge? Email



• From page 1

The figure, from 2020, shows a

large increase from the previous

year, when Selwyn residents used

327.4 litres per person per day.

Asset manager water services

Murray England said that the

district council was “working on”

the high use, including through

changes to the volumetric rate as

detailed in the Long Term Plan.

“One of the benefits of that, it

sort of focuses the mind – do you

really need to have that sprinkler

running 24 hours a day, does it

really need to water the footpath

and the road as well as your grass

verge? We are hoping we will get

some better results as time goes

on,” England said.

The high use was expected to

some extent due to the district’s

geography, with a dry climate

and free draining soils, he added.

The report showed household

water was relatively affordable in

Selwyn, with the average $244

fixed charge for residential water

and $96 volumetric charge for

200m3 being the 12th lowest in

the country.

Charges for wastewater were

higher, and the average combined

water and wastewater

charge per year in the district

was $882. This took 58.26 hours

of work for a worker on minimum

wage to pay, and comprised

4.13 per cent of annual superannuation

or 4.99 per cent of the

sole parent benefit.

Measures to “celebrate”

included that non-urgent water

supply faults in the district were

attended to in an average of 1.43

hours and resolved in an average

of 3.5 hours. This was 4.5 and six

times faster than the respective

national averages.

In addition, the district council

recorded the lowest peak wet to

average dry weather flow ration

entering wastewater treatment

plants compared to all other

wastewater service providers in

New Zealand, suggesting its networks

are relatively watertight.

Stormwater complaints were

the fourth highest in the county,

being 10.13 per 1000 properties

serviced. Water supply complaints

were the 10th highest in

the country, being 294 per thousand

properties serviced, while

wastewater complaints were few

and far between, being the fifth

lowest in the country, at only 2.18

per 1000 properties serviced.

sick child?

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urgent care clinic:

• Riccarton Clinic


• Moorhouse Medical


Under 14s have free medical visits after-hours

and weekends at urgent care clinics

• X-ray, fracture and wound care available

• Late-night pharmacies and parking on-site


All clinics open 7 days a week

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

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Residents feel railroaded over

council’s community room plan

• By Susan Sandys

RESIDENTS AT Little Rakaia

Huts are determined to hold

onto their community room

as the district council seeks to

extend its use.

About 40 hut holders turned

out to a public meeting at the

settlement’s community room

on Sunday last week, after becoming

alarmed by the district

council suggesting “alternative

uses” for some halls and community


Volunteers from the settlement

constructed the community

room, as an attached addition

to the district council’s camping

ground amenities block in 1997.

Little Rakaia Huts Community

Committee secretary

Debbie Jones said it had been a

real community effort to get the

room up and running. As well as

volunteer labour, residents had

donated some of the fixtures.

“It is part of the heart of the

community, I think if it goes,

some of the heart will be lost

because people can’t gather,”

Jones said.

The room was used by the

committee for community

events such as a mid-winter

Christmas dinner and Melbourne

Cup races party, while

there has been groups held there

for exercise classes and craft


She said residents had felt

“railroaded” as the district

council considered opening up

the hut for use as a lounge for

visiting campers.

In a report on the future of

community committees considered

by district councillors last

month, council management

had suggested they may consider

alternative uses for some halls

and community centres based on

their usage and other factors.

Management used

Little Rakaia Huts as an

example, stating it to be

“more suited to a purpose

as a community lounge,

specifically supporting

the camping grounds in

which it is located.”

Jones said the high

meeting turnout showed how

much people cared about the

Mark Rykers




Rakaia Huts



together to

build their




“It was absolutely fantastic.

So people care, they just want

to make sure that it’s not taken

away from us, because

that’s the way we felt

it was heading,” Jones


Two council senior

managers, Mark Rykers

and Douglas Marshall,

had visited the settlement

to talk with

committee members prior to the


“They were very understanding

and happy to chat and talk

about what we needed,” Jones


She said the committee understood

the district council’s

aim to make sure the room

was well-used, and it was now

proposing to management that

it could be opened up to be used

as a camping ground lounge on

certain dates, for example, once

per week during the busy summer


Group manager property

Douglas Marshall said it had

been agreed when the community

room was constructed,

that residents would have access

for meetings and gatherings at

no cost.

“This arrangement has not

been documented, and when

staff moved to bring the community

room into our new booking

system, the arrangement has

been identified,” Marshall said.

The district council was now

working on a formal agreement

with the community committee

that would document this

arrangement, as well as clarify

when campers could use it.



Masport clean-burning, NZ made wood fires

Designed by Kiwis to meet the unique heating needs of New Zealand homes

Over 10 Years

in Selwyn

Kieran Heenan

Anita Molloy-Roberts

Belinda Ferguson


T: (03) 374 2547

E: reception


78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Offices also located at:

43 Gerald Street, Lincoln

225 Papanui Road, Christchurch

Pellet and Wood Fire Specialists

472 Blenheim Road


Phone: 03 343 1651

Open 8:30am - 5pm

Sat 10am - 3pm

“Capital gain’s very important.

Mum and dad worked hard -

they don’t want to lose money.”


“Aside from capital gain, mum and dad have made so many new friends

here. Their old friends are always coming over too. They’re very social.

Everybody’s friendly, everybody’s happy. There’s a sense of belonging.”

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34 KENDON DRIVE LEVI PARK, ROLLESTON | CORINNE 03 421 7796 | 021 292 1141

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



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South Lincoln development:

• By Susan Sandys


both in support and opposition

to a plan change proposal which

would see Lincoln almost double

in size.

THe applicant is Carter Group,

which is seeking to rezone rural

land which would enable 2000

residential sections.

THe district council is in the

process of summarising the 255

submissions received on Plan

Change 69. Next month it plans

to release the summary, which

will show numbers opposing and

supporting, before notifying the

period for further submissions.

In the meantime, the Selwyn

Times has taken a snapshot

of residents’ concerns and

comments by looking at a

handful of submissions.

John and Leslie Greenslade,

who own the bulk of the land

which has been earmarked for

development and with whom

Carter Group have a purchase

agreement, supported the plan

change. The couple, who plan

to keep the Springs Homestead

where they raised their four

children, said they are already

being encroached on by housing

from the Te Whariki and

Verdeco subdivisions.

“We have already had a few

complaints about the noise

from general farm machinery

such as irrigators, tractors and

motorbikes which we feel will

only increase as the houses get

closer. The noise from stock is

also underestimated by people

unused to country life, whether it

is simply bringing in the cows for

milking at 4.30 in the morning,

weaning calves or shifting other

stock, the noise taken for granted

by us is not always viewed the

same way by other people.”

They believed the large natural

springs they had fenced off and

protected in the area would be

enhanced with the development,

so the whole community could

enjoy them.

Similarly, Mark Leggett of

Broadfield Estates Ltd of

Lincoln supported the intent of

the plan change. He said it would

address a shortfall of residential

land. However, he objected to

the proposed road on the planning

maps connecting to Liffey

Springs Dr.

“The new subdivision would

be provided with sufficient

permeability and connectivity in

north-south directions through

the proposed connections to

Springs and Ellesmere Rds

and Southfield Drive and from

Verdeco Boulevard, without also

creating a further connection



The Springs


will remain



farmland is

converted to


if the plan

change and



to Liffey Springs Drive. Further,

the imposition of a road over the

Liffey Springs Reserve would

compromise the attractive, lowkey

amenity and character of

that reserve.”

Lincoln University adopted a

neutral position in its submission,

but strongly opposed any

reliance upon or construction of

a potential bypass road.

“Any bypass adjacent to the

university would result in unacceptable

traffic effects. The university

has understood for some

time that the Selwyn District

Council is no longer pursuing

the bypass and the university


you think of the subdivision

plan for Lincoln? Email



supports the council’s position

on this.”

The Ministry of Education

submitted neither in support

nor opposition, but said the plan

change should only proceed if a

number of issues were addressed.

Consultant Hugh Loughnan said

these included that the applicant

consulted with the ministry to

ensure adequate provision for

additional school age children,

which could include planning for

a new school site.

“The ministry estimates that

the addition of 2000 households

is likely to put significant pressure

on the rolls of Ararira

Springs Primary–Te Puna o

Ararira, Lincoln High School

and Lincoln Primary School,”

Loughnan said.

Former New Zealand Young

Farmer of the Year Grand Final

contestant Roshean Woods

of Hei Hei opposed the plan

change. This was due to the need

to protect highly productive

land around Lincoln for food

production. She said the land

was land-use capability class one

to three, meaning it was highly


COVID-19 Vaccinations

If you’re in Group 3, you should have received a text, letter, email or phone call saying you’re in Group 3 or inviting you

to book your vaccination appointment.

If you think you’ve been missed or you don’t have a GP, email

Group 3 includes people aged 65 and over; people with some underlying health conditions*;

pregnant people; people with disabilities and their carers, plus older Māori and Pacific people,

the people they live with and their carers. *If you qualify for a free influenza immunisation you will be in Group 3.

There’s no cut-off date to get your vaccination and there will be enough vaccine for everyone.

Check which Group you’re in at

CDHB12Jul21 CP

For local updates check:

Latest Canterbury news at

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

Submissions made public


“Access to highly productive

land is essential to continue food

production for the domestic

market and for export. Globally,

the demand for dairy products

is growing and the demand for


and cropping

products like


remains high.

In 2019, New

Zealand’s landbased



industries generated

$44 billion

in export rev-


enue. The Government has set a

target for the primary industries

to increase export earnings by

a further $44 billion in the next

decade to support economic

recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.”


Dumaine of

Lincoln was also

in opposition.

He suggested a

model of five to

six-storey apartments





gardens, similar

to the developing

Christchurch CBD. This would

be better than “villages spreading

out and destroying the surrounding

wilderness. He encouraged

EXPANSION: Plan Change 69 would pave the way for a 2000-home development set to

double the size of Lincoln.

the district council to instead

allow urbanisation on poorer

soils between Rolleston and West

Melton where shops and roading

was already present.

“I plead with Selwyn District

Council to protect the remaining

highly productive land resource

within Selwyn District for future

generations. Stop developers

from using and destroying forever

the good soil and fertile lands

around Prebbleton, Lincoln, Tai

Tapu, Springston.”

Scott Loeffler of Lincoln

was also in opposition. Among

reasons was insufficient sports

fields and parks, and roading and

sewage infrastructure.

“By rapid growth without

infrastructure, the reason that

people live in Lincoln will be decimated.

Not only will there be too

few facilities for the population,

but the character of the township

will be changed to a gas-guzzling

satellite of Christchurch with no

character. The amount of green

space must be shared by more

people and UK research has

shown a strong correlation with

the amount of available urban

greenspace and children’s health

up to 24 years of age.”

John and Loraine Somerville

of Lincoln opposed it on a number

of points, including that it

would change the character of

the town.

“Part of our purchase decision

in Lincoln was the size of the

town and the constraints on

boundary change by the rural

zoning around.”

Janine Sidery of Lincoln was

also in opposition, citing a range

of concerns including about


“Lincoln is not a suburb of

Christchurch. Traffic is already

a serious issue in Lincoln. Ellesmere,

Birchs Rd, Springs Rd and

Edwards/Gerald are becoming

traffic intense. Adding 6000 more

residents than planned for will

add to this burden.”

Lincoln Envirotown was also

in opposition.

“This ‘business as usual’

proposal to use a vast area of

such land in this way is very

short-sighted. It is generally

accepted that these large

sprawling dormitory living

areas risk losing any feeling

of community and sense of

belonging which we see as

detrimental to the enjoyment

and well being of Selwyn’s


•The full list of submissions,

is available at https://



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Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

New premises for Grigg

SELWYN MP Nicola Grigg

hosted Judith Collins on Friday

for the opening of Grigg’s new

Selwyn electorate office.

The National Party leader officially

opened the new premises

in Rolleston Square, by the entrance

of The Warehouse.

Grigg said: “Part of the role of

an MP is to listen to the community

and represent their views

in Parliament. With the rapid

expansion of Rolleston, it was

important to centre my office

here to be accessible to the most

people possible.

“Despite the large shift to

digital communications and

social media in recent times, it is

still important to have a physical

presence in an electorate.”

Hours are Monday to Friday,

10am to 4pm. Staff will be in

the office weekdays to welcome

constituents, take calls, help with

issues and listen to views and


Sell-out crowd

expected for

Selwyn Awards

THE SELWYN Awards have

sold out with the largest number

of nominees and the biggest

crowd yet set to attend the highly

anticipated event on July 31.

Tickets for the council-run

awards at the 400-seat Lincoln

Event Centre sold out in just

three weeks.

The number of nominations

has also doubled from 50 in

2018 to 100 this year, while

the people’s choice award has

received almost 5000 votes.

The awards recognise

the outstanding work and

achievements of businesses,

not-for-profit organisations and

individuals who live or work

within the Selwyn district.

The interest illustrates the

growing success of the awards,

council group manager

community services and facilities

Denise Kidd said.

“We know that these awards

have been a big part of the

Selwyn calendar in the past,

but this really goes to show the

value that people place on the

awards and their prestige. It is so

exciting to see how much people

have embraced the awards this

year and the changes we’ve made

to try and build again on the

fantastic nights we’ve had in the


The awards have been given a

fresh feel this year, with changes

to encourage participation,

highlight some of the areas

of particular excellence and

enhance the gala evening.

The categories have been

updated and the criteria adjusted.

Awards will now be based on a

points system, which will allow

for multiple gold, silver and

bronze winners in each category

along with an overall category

winner. Businesses and groups

will be able to enter themselves

for awards as well, rather than

needing to be nominated by

someone else.

This year the awards are

presented by Iport. The council

acknowledges the support of all

of its sponsors, without whom

the awards would not be possible.

For more information visit

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Make a difference

Join the Regional Water Management Committee

We are currently seeking applicants to join the Committee

as community members to help make a difference.

The Committee supports water management solutions to protect the

mana of Canterbury’s precious freshwater now and into the future.

For more information, head to

Applications close 26 July 2021.

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 9

Love the


Warm up with a Mid-Winter Christmas High Tea at

Summerset on Cavendish

These cooler months can make it just that little bit harder to

get out and about.

So here at Summerset on Cavendish we’re hosting a Mid-

Winter Christmas High Tea and you’re invited!

Just pop along to our village between 1pm and 3pm on

Friday 16 July and enjoy a range of delicious winter treats

and hot drinks on us.

Whilst you’re here, why not also get a taste of the

Summerset life that our residents love so much.

Our team would love to show you around our stunning

village. We have plans and pricing available to view and

we’re sure you’ll meet some of our wonderful residents

along the way!



High Tea

Friday 16 July

1pm - 3pm

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road,


03 741 3340

Find out more at


10 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

New brochure

out now.

Pick up a copy from any

Council facility or view it online:

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times


Jocks and socks

for brotherhood

at 8 Vernon DriVe, LincoLn

AWESOME: Fynn Morris and James O’Hagan were two of the Building

Awesome Young Men Executive who delivered donations to the He Waka

Tapu Brotherhood. Hey Bro Co-ordinator Shannel Fiaui greets Fynn Morris

with a hongi as he arrives to deliver the donations.

LINCOLN HIGH School’s Building

Awesome Young Men programme

was approached by the He Waka Tapu

Brotherhood and asked if they would like

to support their 2021 campaign ‘Jocks &

Socks’ week.

The brotherhood helps men who have

experienced adversity and challenges in

their lives and supports them to participate

meaningfully in their community.

This was the first year the campaign was

run and it was set up to get donations of

new underwear and socks to go to men in


The clothing allows them to feel a sense

of pride in their appearance, while other

resources can help the men to attend

courses and job interviews.

Building Awesome Young Men is a Lincoln

High School initiative about building

up young men in our community so they

feel a sense of belonging, pride, and the

ability to actively contribute.

The students were proud of their efforts,

collecting 50 pairs of socks and 40 pairs of

jocks to donate.

Fynn Morris and James O’Hagan were

two of the Building Awesome Young

Men Executive who went along to the

brotherhood to make the donations.


Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 9am to 4pm

Riccarton Park Raceway, Christchurch

WWI and WWII ‘Lemon Squeezer’

worn by New Zealander’s serving in

Europe and the Pacific theatres

Fall in love

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• Recover your chairs and couches

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Firearms | Antiques | Medals

Badges | Uniforms | Swords | Bayonets

Scale Models | Books | Military Vehicles

Campsite Re-enactments

War Gaming | Hunting and Shooting

Special Features:

Military and Pioneer/Early History

Admission: Adults $10 / 16 and under free

Free parking | Free Valuations | Website:


Somerfield Upholstery Ltd


6/47 Sonter Road, Wigram | Ph 021 251 6200 | 349 0456

When selling with us you

can be confident that you

will receive the level of

service you deserve.

Unit 3, 8 Vernon Drive | 0800 EAGARS |

Winter Special

Katsu Curry and Crispy

Chicken Donburi Bowl


Unit 2, 8 Vernon Drive | 03 321 7900 | @Sushiyalincoln

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Call Mike – 027 570 7674

So much more on offer at

8 Vernon Drive, Lincoln

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

CENTRE: Lincoln Community Garden volunteer Errol Wood helps children spread pea

straw on the plot.


Nice surprise

A visit to New World Lincoln

gave a very pleasant surprise.

After scanning my New World

card, I was about to pay my bill

when the checkout girl told me

that the gentleman before in the

queue had paid my bill, and had

also left double that amount in

cash for me to pay it forward.

Christchurch City Mission

will benefit with several bags of

groceries. I hope this meets the

spirit of “pay it forward”?

To the unknown gentleman,

thank you.

– Tina Carlton



I strongly object to the current

government’s plan to control

water. Some time in the future

when maintenance is costing too

much, future governments could

sell to any entity they choose.

Also with a “one size fits all”

for drinking water, they could

choose to chlorinate if it was

cheaper than to keep up with

maintaining wells, etc.

Fluoride would probably be

added with no consultation, and

I suspect there will be Treaty

of Waitangi issues as to joint


– Les Wade



I am writing to support

the retention of the Lincoln

Community Garden when the

maternity hospital is put up for


The garden plays a very

important role in the Lincoln

community, not only as a

garden where people can get

involved with growing fruit

and vegetables, but just as

importantly as a venue for

workshops and demonstrations

on a wide range of topics

associated with plants and

gardening. Both the garden

and this educational role add

considerably to the character of

Lincoln and would be greatly

missed if we lost the facility.

– Tony Bywater


I am writing in support of the

Lincoln Community Garden,

which has been at the Lincoln

Maternity Hospital grounds

for 13-plus years now. Over

these years, and especially

under the care of Ruth Wood,

the garden has grown and

flourished through the groups

and people it connects with

and the workshops which are

often promoted and reported

on right in this paper. I hope

that the good work of Lincoln

Envirotown Trust, Ruth Wood

and the people who grow and

visit there is recognised, and that

the gardens are retained for the

community and the future to


– Paul Rutherford


We want to hear your views

on the issues affecting life

in the Selwyn district

Send emails to:

Letters may be edited or rejected at Star Media’s

discretion. Letters should be about 200 words.

A name, postal address and phone number should be


Please use your real name, not a nickname, alias, pen

name or abbreviation.

New community arts

focus for Rolleston

Community Centre

Expressions of interest open now

Help shape an exciting new chapter for Rolleston

Community Centre – as a hub for community arts and youth.

With Selwyn Sports Centre now operating and Te Ara Ātea opening in November, the focus for

Rolleston Community Centre is changing, to meet the need for community arts and youth space.

Selwyn District Council invites Expressions of Interest from groups or individuals who would like to

use the centre for community activities such as music, dance, crafts, theatre, art, painting, sculpture

and other activities, from early 2022.

Expressions of Interest are open now and close at 5pm, Sunday 15 August 2021.

Expression of Interest forms are available from Rolleston Community Centre, or online at

To find out more:


Drop in and talk to us at the centre

Contact the centre on (03) 347 2949


Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 13

Serviced apartments,

the best of both worlds

The best of both worlds: Independent retirement

living with support on hand

Our serviced apartments are some of the largest

available in the Christchurch market, offering light and

spacious open plan living, a kitchenette and separate

double bedroom with a large ensuite.

Located in the heart of the village, Summerset serviced

apartments are designed to create the perfect balance

between independence and services to suit your needs.

Our homes are low maintenance, free from all the

hassles of upkeep. It’s all about stress-free living, where

time is yours to live the life you choose.

Think this sounds like you or someone you love?

Take a tour of our stunning show homes and learn more

about serviced apartment living at our Open Day!

Open Day

Sunday 18 July

10am - 4pm

Summerset at Avonhead

120 Hawthornden Road,


Give Anne or Grace a call on

03 357 3202 to find out more

*Licence to occupy.

Serviced apartments pre-selling now!*


Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Bouncing back from struggles to

Nineteen-year-old Maria

Mendoza Nieto has a long

list of sporting, cultural and

leadership achievements to

her name. But behind the

scenes she has struggled

with burnout and an

identity crisis. She talks to

Susan Sandys

What brought your family

to Lincoln?

It was a work opportunity.

My family is from Mexico.

I was born there, but when

I was about three we

moved to Germany. From

Germany, we moved here

in 2009. It was a very

tough call, because my

parents’ plans were always

to go back to Mexico.

That’s where all their

support systems are. But I

am very grateful for being

able to grow up in a safer


You recently received

the Totara Award from

Lincoln Rotary, which

recognises innovative

thinking, leadership and

significant contributions by

youth to their community.

You have achieved a lot for


someone so young, how have

you done this?

I had no clue what I was going

to do at the beginning of

year 13 in 2019. I am at

Canterbury University, I

started engineering last

year. Then I was like:

‘Oh is this for me?’

because engineering

is always just go, go,

go. I sort of burned

myself out after high

school. I was one of

the head students, I

was aiming very high

academically. I

didn’t realise

there comes

a limit, so

I sort

of just

crashed. I ended up dropping

out of engineering and I

picked up a Bachelor of Arts,

majoring in political science

and economics. This year I

am studying natural resource

engineering, I think it is quite

a good fit for me. For shortterm

goals, I might put the

engineering on pause to take

next year to reflect on myself

and get better. I’m thinking

of doing a carpentry course at


You are very academic?

I barely went out during my

time at Lincoln High School

because I was just so into my

academic, I was just studying,

or I had my extra curriculars

or I had basketball, which

took up a lot of my time. I hit a

wall, I got very tired, I ran into

some mental health challenges

as well.

Do you have leadership goals?

At one point there was talk

about getting more people

to stand for local and central

government elections. I was

being encouraged to see if that

is something that I want to do.

It is still in the back of my mind,

but probably in the future when I

feel more grounded.

Maybe you would stand as a

district councillor at next year’s

local body elections?

If I feel there is a space there

to help, and I feel ready, then

I would go for it. But at the

moment, at least from what I

have seen and what I have heard,

we have great councillors. I’m

not ruling it out, it just depends

where life takes me.

Have you started to forge any

political pathways?

I started volunteering for

the Green Party at the last

election, just to see how things

work. Through there, I me a

couple of MPs. They are just

really down to earth people. I

haven’t made a full read off all

their policies and goals, but from

what I have known and meeting

the people, I’m more aligned

to it, so now I have joined the

Green Party.

So it’s Maria Mendoza Nieto

as the Green Party candidate

for Selwyn in general election


I feel like the next election

would probably be a bit too

early, yes maybe the election

after that. I will definitely have

to have a talk to the branch. It

would be very tough, especially

here in the Selwyn district, we

are very much blue. I definitely

understand the challenge of

that. For me, it’s just keeping our

candidates accountable.

Has it been a personal

journey for you to come to your

political beliefs?

It’s funny you mention that.

I’ve not always been political,

but it’s sort of something that

has been forced upon me. I have

sort of just been thrown into this

space. My personal experience is

with racism, xenophobia, being

an immigrant.

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

Latest Canterbury news at


fight for rights and freedom

My personal experience is with

homophobia as well, because

I was very much closeted for

a very long time. I don’t mind

saying this now, because I am

comfortable in who I am. I’ve

definitely come to be more left

wing, because I just believe we

should be fighting for people’s

rights and freedoms.

Has being in minority

groups with regard to race and

sexuality been a part of your


I’ve been in a constant identity

crisis. To be fair, I never really

thought about it until people

started pointing out I had a

different skin colour and all that.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love

New Zealand. But I think the

lack of diversity in a lot of spaces,

the unintended consequence of

that is a bit of cultural ignorance.

In Mexico, I think over 90 per

cent of people are Catholic,

so I really latched onto that.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of

homophobia in the Catholic

community. There was a stage, I

think it would have been year 8,

I was very homophobic, to put it

bluntly. But I was always the tom

boy type of person, and I guess

part of me just didn’t want to

become stereotyped. I reached a

point, towards the end of year 13,

of just figuring myself out. I was

afraid of losing support from my

family, because at that point they

were they only ones I had. Of

course they were very supportive

and understanding when I came

out. I was genuinely afraid that

my family wouldn’t talk to me

anymore, that I would lose a lot

of people in my life.

Are you much happier now?

Yes, if I hadn’t of come out, I

wouldn’t have met my girlfriend.

Her and her family have been

incredibly supportive. Not just in

us being together, but supporting

me as well, you know, through




around the

world last

year including

a visit to

the United



in New York.

challenges that life throws at you.

A lot of your mental health

struggles was repressing who

you were?

Yes, it definitely had a lot to do

with it. It’s just the whole idea

of intersectionality, growing up

as a person of colour, a woman.

I guess I didn’t want to add

anything else to my plate.

Let’s talk about some of your

achievements. At secondary

school, you were a basketball

ambassador through the

Forward Foundation which

aims to increase girls’


I started playing basketball

when I was 11. When I was 14,

I was refereeing miniball and

the referee manager told me

about the ambassador role. At

that time I had never really put

myself out there or taken an

opportunity like that. I applied

and I got through, and honestly

it was such a great time. I did it

for two to three years. I was being

supported to develop my own

leadership skills. I went along to

help the Canterbury Wild Cats

coach, at basketball clinics at

Rolleston College. Then I ended

up running my own basketball at

the high school here in Lincoln,

for year 4 girls.

Do you play any other sports?

When I was little I remember

I used to watch the Power

Rangers, so my parents put me

in kung fu when I was about

five. I took about a seven-year

break, because I was focusing on

basketball. I’ve only just recently

gone back into it this year.

Currently I’m blue tip (belt). I’ve

taken a break from basketball

this year. I’m hoping to pair kung

fu with t’ai chi.

You were a delegate for the

United Nations Youth New

Zealand Global Development

Tour last year?

Yes, I have always wanted to

go to a model UN. It was in the

notices for our school, but I saw

it cost quite a fair amount of

money. I thought: ‘Maybe not.’

Then I checked my school email

and my dean had forwarded

me a message about this trip. I

thought there would be no harm

in applying. After an interview

through Zoom, they got back

to me and they told me I was

successful. It was a month-long

trip to New York and all over

Europe, and we went to the UN

headquarters in New York. We

got to learn about what they do,

and meet up with people that

work there.

Was your trip affected by

Covid 19?

We got back in mid-February.

Covid was pretty much chasing

us. I think we were in London

when news started popping up.

We were being recommended

to wear face masks, even at that

point. Personally, I was like:

‘Oh isn’t that a bit too much?’ I

was very wrong. When we were

coming back it was much tougher

getting through the airport and

getting through security.

Do you hope to travel again

one day?

Yes, maybe not as extensively.

I am thinking if I was to travel

again I would go back to Mexico

and see my family and do a bit

of a tour of South America


We want

be the change

Be involved in your local community

The Selwyn Youth Council create opportunities for young people in Selwyn to

share their views on what is important in their lives. They assist the Selwyn

District Council to find ways that young people can actively participate in their

communities and promote projects to get involved in. These projects include

community events, volunteering, welcoming newcomers, employment and civics.

Stay in the loop. Follow Selwyn Youth on FB or Insta.

16 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021


386 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

Ph: 03 379 0588

10 year / 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes

first) (non transferable). 5 year / 130,000km New Vehicle

Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable).








$33,990 +orc* $41,990 +orc* $42,500 +orc* $46,990 +orc*

Stock available for immediate delivery

*Prices shown are available while stock lasts plus on road costs.. Nissan reserves the right to vary, extend or withdraw this offer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

CHRISTCHURCH NISSAN, 392 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

Ph: 03 595 6820

NISSAN 150,000 KM’S



Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times


Mike Bowie is an ecologist who specialises in

entomology (insects and other invertebrates).

Each week he introduces a new species found

in his backyard at Lincoln. His column aims to

raise public awareness of biodiversity, the variety

of living things around us. Check out the full list

of invertebrates found at


Blowfly that is good

for the ecosystem

BLOWFLIES ARE detested by

most people because of their

perceived dirty image.

Yet blowfly adults are useful

pollinators, while larvae are

vital components of ecosystems

because of their role in carrion


Blowfly larvae (maggots) are

also used in medicine to treat

necrotic wounds. Forensically,

they are valuable indicators of

time since death.

New Zealand has at least 52

blowfly species. One species

photographed recently at home

was identified as hill’s brown

blowfly (Calliphora hilli).

This introduced blowfly was

first recorded in New Zealand in

1841, having arrived from south

eastern Australia.

The species has been reared

on human corpses, mammalian

carrion, dead crayfish and

dead moths. The blowfly is also

known to feed on living tissue of


Eggs usually hatch within a

few hours in warm conditions so

can quickly decompose carrion.

Most of the larval life of a

blowfly is spent as a third instar

(third and final larval stage)

where their maximum length

and width is 16mm and 2.6mm


Adults survive on sugary

liquids such as nectar and juices

from fallen fruit.

So next time you see a blowfly,

think about the ecosystem

services it provides, before you

swat it.

Lincoln Primary School year 4 pupils (from left), Sienna

Chapman, Briar Drewitt, Ursula Wilson and Ruby-May

Morrison, invent their own 3D-printed food design at

Lincoln University.

PUPILS FROM schools around

the district have had a taste

of university life, including

experiencing the cold of the

Antarctic chill and printing out


Children’s University, jointly

run by Canterbury and Lincoln

universities, hosted a campus

events experience over four days

to early July.

Schools across Canterbury

participated, with 400 children

taking part on each campus.

At UC, the children had a

taste of maths, crafts, chemistry,

business, and engineering, with

activities including making a


THey also had an opportunity

to visit the university’s cold

room at its Gateway Antarctica


At Lincoln, topics included 3D

food printing, ecology, insects,

spider webs and soil science.

They had their flexibility and

fitness tested in the sports lab.


Senior pupil Georgia

Pengelly learns about soil

science at Lincoln University.

Uni experience for pupils

A wide range of other

organisations participated at

both sites to offer additional

sessions and activities.

Children’s University

programme manager Juanita

Hepi said the programme

fostered a love of learning.

“We hope the children

leave with a new appreciation,

not just for tertiary education

but for the many pathways to

learning that exist in the


Arthur’s pass

It’s right here in Selwyn!

Arthur’s Pass village is one of the best places to get up close and

personal with the world’s only alpine parrot. This cheeky taonga

species is endemic to the South Island and classified as endangered.

Travel the Great Alpine Highway (state highway 73) to Arthur’s Pass,

take a walk to the Devils Punchbowl waterfall, relax with a great coffee

or snack and listen to the birdsong, but be careful of little beaks trying

to steal your food!

Stay the night at one of the motels or hostels, and you will likely hear

kiwi or ruru (morepork) calling.

Share your Arthur’s Pass photos

and tag us


18 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

Denise Kidd


is calling for expressions

of interest as it aims to

bring an arts focus to the

Rolleston Community

Centre from early next


The current Rolleston

Library services located

within the centre

will transfer to Te Ara Ātea

when it opens in November.







and facilities



said this would create

exciting opportunities for

community groups and

individuals to make use of

the centre.

“A recent needs analysis

clearly identified a demand

for more community arts

space, so we are keen to

see this space used to meet


community needs that

are not well served by the

other spaces in the area at

the moment,” she said.

The district council

was seeking proposals for

bookings for activities that

could include music, dance,

crafts, theatre and art.

“We recognise that

the population of young

people in Selwyn is growing,

and catering for this

group is an important part

of the centre’s evolution as

a community arts space,”

Kidd said.

Expressions of interest

were invited up until

August 15. The district

council expects to make







Bid to bring a focus

on art at new centre

decisions on future use of

the centre in early October.

Kidd said it was unlikely

any one group would have

exclusive use of a space,

due to the expected level of

community demand.

It was anticipated the

centre would still be available

for bookings for community

and social gatherings,

and still be popular

as one of the few Rolleston

facilities that could host

larger events.

Forms are available from

Rolleston Community

Centre, or people can

email martine.hearfield@ or phone

347 2949.

Help us redraw

the lines

Representation Review 2021

We’re undertaking a representation review, making sure residents have fair and

effective representation at the next local elections. This includes checking ward

boundaries, the number of wards, how many councillors represent your ward,

and whether there should be community boards.

We’re now seeking your feedback on preliminary options for changes. Have your

say at Consultation closes 5pm, Friday 30 July.

Play at

Promotion runs 28 June until 25 July 2021. One game ticket will be issued for every $25 spent on

Qualifying Purchases (exclusions apply). Max 10 game tickets per transaction. You must be 18+

and retain original game ticket and receipt. Visit for full Terms & Conditions.

Community drop-in sessions

Come and talk to your councillors about the review, what the options are,

what they mean for voters in the Selwyn Central Ward – and how you can

give your feedback.

· West Melton, Thursday 15 July, 5–7.30pm, Pearce Lounge, West

Melton Community and Recreation Centre

· Rolleston, Monday 19 July, 5–7.30pm, Rolleston Community Centre

· Lincoln, Tuesday 20 July, 6–8pm, Habgood Lounge, Lincoln Event Centre

· Darfield, Thursday 22 July, 5–7.30pm, Rooms 1a and 1b, Darfield Library

Drop in at any time.

Ends 25 July 2021. See for full Terms & Conditions.

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 19

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

Get plenty of sleep before you drive

Area response

manager Senior

Sergeant Dean Harker

talks about police

activity in the district


a three-month road safety

campaign running on driver


With it becoming darker

earlier at night and people generally

working longer hours driver

fatigue is a major contributor to

crashes within the district.

Fatigue is tiredness, weariness,

or exhaustion. You can be

fatigued enough for it to impair

you’re driving long before you

“nod off” at the wheel.

Understanding the risks

Sleepiness contributes to a

high percentage of fatal and serious

road crashes.

When we are feeling sleepy, for

example after a night shift, driving

is one of the most dangerous

things we can do.

Sleepiness reduces alertness,

slows reaction times, and increases

the likelihood of being

involved in an accident.

Sleep-related vehicle accidents

are more likely to result in serious

injury, because they tend to

occur at high speed, and there

is limited braking or avoidance


Driver fatigue accidents typically

occur when our alertness

is at its lowest (between about

2-6am). Research has shown that

we are 50 times more likely to

fall asleep at the wheel at 2am

than at 10am.

Drivers are also at increased

risk following inadequate sleep

or working long hours. With less

than four to six hours sleep, we

are three times more likely to be

involved in an accident. After being

at work for 11 hours the risk


Crashes are more likely to

occur on long straight roads

where minimum driver input

is required, these are areas like

the new motorway and our long

rural roads.

Who is at risk

Crashes typically involve those

who work long hours such as

shift workers. These people are

at greater risk because they may

not get enough sleep, or get poor

quality sleep, They are usually

trying to sleep when their body

Dean Harker

Selwyn Police

clock is programmed to be

awake; between 6am and noon is

the hardest time to sleep.

They may have problems

concentrating on tasks and may

suffer from increased physical

and mental figure. They often

drive while they are fatigued or

when their body clock is saying

they should be asleep.

Young people with lifestyles

that involve frequent late-night

activities, not getting enough

sleep, taking risks and being

on the roads during night-time


Commercial drivers have

a high risk of fatigue-related

crashes because they may work

in shifts, drive at night, start

early in the morning, and work

in isolation.

People with sleep disorders

that disrupts the quality and

quantity of sleep a person gets.

What can you do?

Plan – First, make sure you

have had sufficient sleep before

driving most of us need seven to

DANGER: Feeling sleepy behind the wheel? Stop for a

20min nap and drink plenty of coffee.

nine hours of sleep every day. If Break

you are sleepy, do not drive until Do not be tempted to keep

you have had some sleep, or take driving to reach your destination

another form of transport. Make – take breaks as planned and

a mental plan for your journey, take additional breaks if needed.

with planned breaks at least Opening the window or turning

up the music are not effective

every two hours.


ways to keep alert. As soon as

Be aware of the early warning you start to show signs of sleepiness,

such as yawning, pull over

signs of driver sleepiness, for

example, repeated yawning, and take a break.

changing position frequently, Park

and frequent eye blinks. Do not Park somewhere safe, drink

wait until you are having difficulty

keeping your eyes open or lock the doors, set an alarm

one or two cups of coffee,

your head is nodding, or if you for 20min and take a nap. On

can’t remember a portion of your waking, walk around outside

journey, as these are signs that for 10min to wake up properly

you are already very fatigued, or before setting off again, For the

are experiencing brief periods of next hour or two, you should

sleep (microsleeps), and are not benefit from the alerting effects

safe to drive.

of both the caffeine and the nap.

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essentials into


Find all the ways you could

stretch your money further.

Visit or download

and check the SuperGoldNZ app.


Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 21


RAKAIA 144 Railway Terrace

Unique Opportunity!

Do you want to write the next chapter for this slice of

Rakaia history?

The time has come for a new owner to take the 1960's

club rooms into the future. The end use will only be

limited by your imagination and council regulations.

The purpose-built building comprises a function room,

ladies and gents toilets, kitchen, bar and storage. The

property is centrally located on the western side of the

village near the commercial hub.

Currently zoned residential, the 2024sqm site is in two



GST Inclusive

VIEW By Appointment Only

John Davison

M 027 436 4464


TAI TAPU 149 Cossars Road

Quality in a Sought-After Location

Beautifully presented 4.068 hectare property, featuring

a large homestead set in an expansive easy care

garden boasting specimen trees and a formal rose

garden. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom home has

recently had major enhancements including new

double glazing being installed and new roof tiles.

Master bedroom with two walk-in robes and two en

suites. The inground swimming pool has its own

changing rooms, shower, and toilet. Multi-purpose

shed and helicopter hangar gives lots of possibilities

for use of the property and is situated close to the city.


GST Inclusive

VIEW By Appointment Only

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269


YALDHURST 33 Guys Road

City Fringe Leasehold Farm

After 24 years our retiring vendors are downsizing

which gives potential purchasers a unique opportunity

to secure a 150ha (approximately) sheep and beef

farm with an extra income stream right on the

outskirts of Christchurch city. Private, modernised

three bedroom home, exceptional set of stock yards

(currently used to generate extra income from a stock

agistment business), two stand woolshed, three-bay

implement shed and three-bay hayshed. Well fenced

and an irrigation consent to irrigate up to 20ha.


Plus GST (if any)

VIEW By Appointment Only

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269


VIEW HILL 284 Waimakariri Gorge Road

Larger Lifestyle Blank Canvas Opportunity

• A flat bare land block of approximately 37.5527

hectares (subject to survey)

• Well sheltered with magnificent views of the

mountains and surrounding hills

• Supplied with six units of water from the county


• The property has a consent to irrigate from a bore

on the property

• The boundary fence is deer netting and internally

the property is fenced into eight paddocks with

standard quality fencing


Plus GST (if any)

VIEW By Appointment Only

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269


PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, licensed under REAA 2008

Helping grow the country

1 Robin Mann Place, CHRISTCHURCH

Phone: 03 341 4301 | Email:

For more great listings, visit

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, licensed under the REAA 2008

Helping grow the country

Date: 8/07/2021

Cadastral Information dervided from Land Information

New Zealand's Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB)


Approved for internal reproduction by Selwyn District Council

Digital Licence No.133562-01

22 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

New front of house opens

at Selwyn Aquatic Centre

The new front of house area, staff space and female changing rooms at Selwyn Aquatic Centre

are now open.

The changes have seen a larger reception area and a new programme room as the centre

extension nears completion.

Council Manager - Active Selwyn James Richmond says the reconfigured reception creates more

space for people to connect, as well as an enhanced retail offering with a wide range of swimwear

and equipment for pool users to purchase.

The newly added programme room can be booked as a community meeting space, for birthday

parties, or low-impact group fitness offerings to complement the group fitness activities in the

water and classes at Selwyn Sports Centre.

“Part of the extension was improving on the space for our users out of the water as well as in

the water, and with our other sports spaces. The new spaces make things easier for people and

the programme room gives us more flexibility for people to enjoy the centre and stay active,” Mr

Richmond says.

The refurbished female changing rooms are also open with additional shower space, adding to the

new changing spaces next to the new pool.

The opening of these new spaces also means the portacoms around the site are no longer

needed and will be removed over the coming weeks.

Work on transforming the existing main pool into a 10-lane programme pool continues and will be

completed in spring.

A sharing of kai and traditions

The third Dinners of Selwyn – this time celebrating Matariki – was shared by 16 Selwyn residents at the

Lincoln Event Centre on Monday 5 July.

Traditionally, Matariki is celebrated as a time to reflect on life, be thankful to the gods for the harvest

and sharing the harvest of kai with whānau and friends.

Guests at the mid-winter pot-luck dinner brought their own harvest, their favourite dishes from their

home countries to share with new friends and whānau.

It wasn’t long before the pot-luck favourites – Chinese chicken fried noodles and Sri Lankan fish cakes

dipped in mint sauce and sweet chilli – disappeared from the table.

Over kai, the guests connected by telling stories of living overseas, their journey to Selwyn and

reflecting on memories of their New Year celebrations and traditions.

Dharini Paramashivam bought her mother Kamala with her to the dinner and said they both enjoyed the

food and meeting new people at their first Matariki event in Selwyn.

Chris Hu who moved to Rolleston from Tauranga in May, thought the dinners were a good way to meet

people, while her daughter Zoey, said she really enjoyed having friendly chats with new people.

“We enjoyed it very much. My daughter loved sharing food with others, playing and colouring. I enjoyed

having an interesting conversation with people around and tasting different homemade food, very

delicious food that we will never forget!”

Paparua water race

scheme disruption

The Council will be doing repairs to Bells Divide from

Monday 19 July. This work will require the water races

associated with Bells Divide to be shut for up to three

working days.

These races are necessary to ensure the Paparua scheme

remains operational, meaning it is expected that there will be

widespread disruptions to the scheme between 19 July and

27 July, as the water race network refills.

This work will ensure the intake is safe and keep the water

race scheme operating. For a map of likely disruptions, visit

our website at

Please be prepared that there may be no supply of stock water

to affected properties between 19 July and 27 July.


WR Outage - Paparua Scheme

Record interest sees Selwyn

Awards sell out

The Selwyn Awards have sold out with the largest number of

nominees and the biggest crowd yet set to attend the highly–

anticipated event.

Excitement has peaked for the Council-run awards with tickets for

the 400-seat awards evening at Lincoln Event Centre selling out in

three weeks.

The number of nominations for awards has also doubled to 100

nominations this year, while the People’s Choice Award has received

almost 5000 votes.

The awards recognise the outstanding work and achievements of

businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals who live or

work in the district. This year the awards are presented by Iport and

the Council gratefully acknowledges all of our sponsors.

The interest is a great example of the growing success of the

awards, Council Group Manager Community Services and Facilities

Denise Kidd says.

“We know that these awards have been a big part of the Selwyn

calendar in the past, but this really goes to show the value that

people place on them and their prestige. It is so exciting to see how

much people have embraced the awards this year and the changes

we’ve made to try and build again on the fantastic nights we’ve had

in the past.”

The awards have been given a fresh feel this year, with changes to

encourage participation, highlight some of the areas of particular

excellence and enhance the gala evening.

If you have been nominated for an award, but do not yet have a

ticket for the gala dinner please call us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

or email

On the Roads

Due to flood repairs, The Lake Road is closed at Coes

ON THE Ford from Selwyn Lake Road to Goulds Road, Lyndon

ROADS Road is closed from Homestead Road to State Highway

73, Keens Road is closed from Wrights Road, Hartleys

Road is closed from Whitecliffs Road to Pig Saddle Road

and Tramway Road is closed from Barrs Road to Keens Road.

Flooding repairs are also taking place on Algidus Road from

Homestead Road, Bluff Road from State Highway 73 to Dalethorpe

Road, Southbridge Road from Crowder Street to Trainor Street,

Selwyn Lake Road from State Highway 1 to Highfield Road,

Highpeak Road from Snowden Road and Wyndale Road from Pig

Saddle Road to Swamp Road.

Unsealed metaling is being laid on Cryers Road and Jollies Road, and

Beachcroft Road. Traffic management is in place on these roads.

New brochure

out now.

Pick up a copy from any

Council facility or view it online:

Environment Canterbury Regional Council; Hurunui District Council; Waimakariri District Council; Timaru District Council; Waimate District Council; Mackenzie

District Council; Otago Regional Council; LINZ; NIWA

Council Call

1,500 4,500

0 3,000 6,000


Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston

Ph 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780


Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 23





Yoursection Limited has

requested to rezone

approximately 24.7 hectares of

Rural Inner Plains-zoned land to

Living Z in Rolleston.

A summary of the submissions

on the publicly notified plan

change request, along with a

copy of the original submissions

is now available for viewing at

Further submissions are limited

to supporting or opposing

an original submission. They

may be lodged by any person

representing a relevant aspect

of the public interest or who has

an interest in the private plan

change greater than that of the



Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committees meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Therese Davel or

Bernadette Ryan if you wish to

speak at the Council meeting at

least five days before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committee meetings: To list or

make changes to meeting details,

email meeting.changes@selwyn. or phone 0800 SELWYN

(735 996) by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Malvern Community Board

Monday 26 July 4pm

Darfield Library

Council Meeting*

Wednesday 28 July 1pm

Rolleston Council Offices

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee

Tuesday 3 August 2pm

Tai Tapu Community Centre

Audit & Risk Subcommittee*

Wednesday 4 August 9.30am

Information on how to make a

further submission is available at

The closing date for further

submissions is 5pm Wednesday

28 July 2021.


This free monthly service for

dogs is available on Friday 23

July at the following places:

· Leeston Library 9–9.30am

· Darfield Library 10.15–10.45am

· Rolleston Council Offices


· Lincoln Library 12.45–1.15pm

If your dog was first registered

after 30 June 2006 and is not a

working dog, the law requires

them to be microchipped.

Please note: The Rolleston

venue is in Norman Kirk Drive.

All others are libraries.

Microchipping will not take place

Rolleston Council Offices

* Livestreamed on the Council

website and YouTube channel



Coalgate Township Committee

Tuesday 27 July 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Coalgate-Glentunnel Reserve

Management Committee

Tuesday 3 August 7.30pm

Coalgate Fire Station

Doyleston Community


Wednesday 4 August 7.30pm

Doyleston Hall, Osborne Park

Dunsandel Community


Monday 19 July 7.30pm

Dunsandel Community Centre

Glentunnel Community


Monday 26 July 7.30pm

Glentunnel Community Centre

Hororata Citizens’ Committee

Tuesday 24 July 7.30pm

Hororata Hall

Kirwee Community Committee

Monday 19 July 7.30pm

Arts focus sought for community centre

if wet. If you have any questions,

please contract Tracey Wheeler

on 0800 SELWYN (735 996).


Lincoln Bowling Club

Incorporated has applied for

the renewal of a club licence.

Objections to this application

are open until 26 July.

Hartnells Limited (Hartnels

Cafe & Bar) has applied for a

variation of the conditions of an

on licence. Objections to this

application are open until 29

July. Porters Ski Area Limited

has applied for the renewal of

an on licence. Infuzion Bodega

Limited (Rolleston) has applied

for an on licence. Objections

to these applications are

open until 30 July. For more

information visit


Kirwee Hall, A&P Showgrounds

Lakeside Memorial Hall

Incorporated AGM

Monday 9 August 5pm Lakeside

Soldiers Memorial Hall

All interested parties welcome.

Inquiries to the Secretary, Rae


Leeston Community Committee

Monday 2 August 7.30pm

Leeston Library Community Room

Leeston Park Committee

Monday 26 July 7.30pm

Leeston Park Pavilion

Prebbleton Public Hall

Society Inc.

Monday 2 August 7.30pm

Prebbleton Hall

Rolleston Residents’

Association Inc.

Monday 26 July 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Springfield Township Committee

Tuesday 3 August 7.30pm

Tawera Memorial Hall

Springston Committees

Wednesday 21 July 7.30pm

Errol Tweedy Pavilion,

Springston Reserve

The Council is calling for expressions of interest to bring a new community arts focus to Rolleston

Community Centre from early 2022.

Community groups and individuals are invited to submit proposals for activities that could include

music, dance, crafts, theatre, and art at the community centre. Expressions of interest are open until

Sunday 15 August.

“These are exciting times for the district,” says Denise Kidd, Group Manager Community Services

and Facilities.

“With a growing population and the opening of new facilities such as the Selwyn Sports Centre and

Te Ara Ātea, many clubs and community groups are moving. This opens up new opportunities for the

Rolleston Community Centre. A recent needs analysis identified a demand for more community arts

space, so we are keen to use this space to meet these needs.”

It is anticipated the community centre will still be available for community and social bookings and will still

be popular as one of the few Rolleston facilities that can host larger events.

“We’re excited by the opportunities this change presents, and the chance for the community to use

these spaces in creative and innovative new ways,” Mrs Kidd says.

For the remainder of 2021, spaces will operate as they have done—

although there are more booking spaces available.

Anyone interested in using the centre between now and the end of the

year, should get in touch with the centre to find out more.

Expression of interest forms are available from Rolleston

Community Centre, or for more information or enquiries, email martine. or call 03 347 2949.

The Council expects to make decisions on the future use of the centre

from early October 2021. It is unlikely any one group will have exclusive

use of a space, due to the expected level of community demand.

Selwyn Events


















Family Fun Day – Edge


Thursday Lake Coleridge Hall,

Friday Tai Tapu Community Centre,


A taste of what the libraries have to

offer, with Virtual Reality (13+ years),

giant games, board games, Light Pad

art, and a chance to explore robotics

with Dash and Ozobots, or make

your very own bead creature. Free.

Bookings not required.

Felt cup holder workshop

Springston Community Hall,


Learn wet felting skills, design and

make your own felt cup holder -

perfect to help keep your drinks hot

longer and stop your fingers getting

burnt. Please bring your cup, two

towels and a bar of soap. All other

materials will be provided. Suitable for

adults only. $5 library members, $10

non-members. Bookings essential.

Payment can be made in-library

beforehand. Payment is not required

to secure the booking.

BOOST Hip Hop Workshop

Rolleston Community Lounge,


Give hip hop a go! Learn techniques,

routines, tips and create from the latest

up and coming hip hop dancer in New

Zealand. This event is for youth aged

13-17 years old. All abilities welcome.

Wear comfortable non-marking shoes.

Bookings essential at

Tickets $10.


West Melton Community and

Recreation Centre, 6–7.30pm

Get your friends together and boogie

the night away at our fun-filled disco

for kids aged 5-13. Dance to the

latest pop tunes, play fun games and

be in to win awesome spot prizes.

Parents/Caregivers required. Bookings

essential at

$2 per child, caregivers free but will

require tickets.


Lincoln Event Centre, 2–4pm

Grab your friends and family, bring a

cushion, bean bag or sleeping bag

and enjoy the much loved 2014 movie

Paddington. Welcome to bring snacks

for the movie. Bookings essential at See more events and

times at

Floorball skills workshops

Selwyn Sports Centre, 4–5pm

and 5-6pm

These one hour workshops focus on

teaching kids aged between 3–15

years the basics of the game, skills

and fitness with Canterbury Floorball.

Caters to all abilities. $2 per child,

bookings essential at

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876



Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

Prebbleton dents Darfield’s shield hopes


final round clash with Waihora

in order to upset the current top

four clubs chasing the Coleman


A 28-19 loss to Prebbleton

in the penultimate round of

Ellesmere division 1 rugby last

weekend could prove costly, with

Darfield now likely to require

maximum points from their

match with Waihora to return to

the play-off frame.

Darfield slipped from fourth to

fifth on the standings though a

five-point haul against last year’s

runners-up will enable them to

overall third-placed Springston,

who have the bye this weekend.

Maximum points against

Waihora could also be sufficient

to advance providing they deny

their visitors a bonus point.

Prebbleton improved from

third to second on the table – and

they retained the Murray Cooper

Shield – to confirm their place in

the semi-finals.

Holders Southbridge remained

unbeaten with a comfortable

34-5 triumph over Rolleston.

Springston replaced Darfield in

the top four with a 27-20 win over


Lincoln are out of contention

in sixth spot in spite of a 81-7

drubbing of Hornby.


Prebbleton 29 Darfield 19;

Southbridge 34 Rolleston 5; Lincoln

81 Hornby 7; Springston 27

Waihora 20; West Melton bye.


Southbridge 32, Prebbleton 28,

Springston 25, Waihora 25, Darfield

21, Lincoln 18, West melton

12, Hornby 1, Rolleston 0.

Draw: (All Saturday, 2.45pm)

West Melton v Lincoln,

West Melton Domain; Hornby

v Rolleston, Denton Oval;

Southbridge v Prebbleton,

Southbridge Domain; Waihora

v Darfield, Rhodes Park;

Springston bye.

John Jebson makes ground for Darfield against







attempts to

charge down

a clearing kick

by Toby Kars.

Blair McIlroy attempts to thwart Papa Mutu’s burst upfield.



XC40. Now from just $59,900.*

The first thing you’ll notice about the Volvo XC40 is its distinctive Scandinavian design. But look closer and you’ll see it’s brimming with intelligent technology, ingenious storage

solutions, and safety systems to protect you and those around you. All of this from a company with a world-leading approach to sustainability. So isn’t it worth taking a look?

38 Tuam St,


Thomas Palmer - 03 377 5200 -

*Plus on-road costs. Model shown is an XC40 B5 AWD R-Design.

For further information visit

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

Latest Canterbury news at


Papa Mutu tries to evade the clutches of

Darfield defender Harrison Groundwater.

Cameron Hay gets double tackled by Groundwater

and Ged Rosesink

(Left) – Hamish

Pauling is

wrapped up

when striving to

make ground.

Kerry Gray brings down Darfield veteran Geoff


Kars eyes a

gap as he

approaches Hay.



Rolleston Community Centre

Selwyn Youth Council wants to hear

from you!

What arts and cultural activities would you be keen to get

involved in?

As your voice at Selwyn District Council, we want to let the Council

know what activities youth want at the Rolleston Community Centre.

Complete the survey and go into win a UE Boom Bluetooth speaker!

Help shape future opportunities for young people in Selwyn.

26 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times

Latest Canterbury news at


Schoolgirl rugby is a growing force

Christchurch’s 1st XV

rugby competition

gained rare, though

hardly ideal, exposure

when a sponsor’s

representative veered

offside with the female

component of the

concept by ignoring

them at a function.

Consigned to be the

bridesmaids of elite

secondary rugby in

the city, Chris Barclay

finds the girls’ game still

plays an important part

SIDE BY SIDE: Gabrielle Jones (right) passes to her sister Samantha as Forward

Foundation launches an attack against 1st XV powerhouse CGHS. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN


a perfect pass to her sister

Samantha, who probes for a gap

that isn’t there. After all, they are

playing Christchurch Girls’ High

School, the benchmark of the

city’s 1st XV competition.

This is not a mismatch of All

Blacks v Tonga proportions,

though Forward Foundation

were never likely to make progress,

on the scoreboard at least,

at Burnside Park.

CGHS barely concede a point

on the field, and they also made

a pertinent point off it when the

Miles Toyota chief executive

neglected to mention the female

component of the competition

his company sponsors at a function

last month.

Mark Mills inadvertently

ensured his sponsorship made

headlines when he acknowledged

male players, though not

females, when addressing school

principals, coaches and team


CGHS principal Christine

O’Neill was appalled at the oversight,

captain Mia Cochrane said

her team did not feel valued and

on an equal playing field.

The first year of a three-year

deal included players receiving

a Miles Toyota Cup competition

pin, though O’Neill said CGHS

would not wear them.

Some rival players wear their

pins with pride, however. At

Forward Foundation they are

a badge of honour if you like, a

symbol of the composite’s side


“It was very cool to see the

grins on their faces when they

Maddy Surie

get something they can wear on

their blazer,” said Foundation

founder and trustee Maddy

Surie, a CGHS old girl.

Winless after four games, the

Foundation has scored 47 points

and conceded 216, yet they underscore

the success of a concept

that contributes to Canterbury’s

sustained domination of the

Farah Palmer Cup.

The Foundation 1st XV is a

conglomeration of rugby enthusiasts

from St Margaret’s College,

Hillmorton High School, St

Andrew’s College, Darfield High

School, Papanui High School

and Riccarton High School.

“They have quite a special

bond because they’re all in the

same situation of not being able

to play rugby (at their school) if

they wanted to. It’s really cool to

see them come

together during

the season,”

said Surie,

who played for

CGHS from


The Christchurch-based

foundation was

established in

2012 with the goal of creating

development and leadership

opportunities for girls through


“For us sport is a vehicle for

those girls to build life skills.

We’re using sport as a context to

help them grow confidence and

self-esteem,” Surie said.

A registered charity, the

foundation has three core programmes:

ambassadors focused

on helping girls develop leadership

skills; combined sports

teams (rugby, sevens, cricket and

futsal); the ‘not-so-sports’ club

for alternative physical education

on Wednesdays.

• Turn to page 28

winter issue

out now!

We share stories of local producers, where

to spend a day and stay this winter in

Selwyn. Along with upcoming events and

our delicious mulled wine recipe!

Let’s do winter selwyn!

Subscribe today by visiting or

pick up a copy at your

local café or library.


Winter special

Chateau Pritchard are offering a fun winters night away!

Interactive Thai cooking classes with food and recipes

provided along with good humour and smiles.

As a special o fe recieve the Thai cooking class with

accommodation for one night including breakfast for $200

per person. There is a limit o four persons per class.

An opportunity to make some special memories with

friends or family that wi l last a long time.

Winter wonders await in Selwyn

Just over one hour’s drive from Christchurch, Selwyn

snow fields o fer uncrowded slopes, friendly Kiwi

hospitality and easy access to some of the best o f-piste

skiing in the world.

Porters, Cheeseman, Temple Basin, Craigieburn, Mt

Olympus and Broken River feature mixed-terrain riding

from beginner to advanced; on-mountain accommodation,

on-site café and bar facilities and snow schools

with qualified instructors. Don’t miss the Mt Olympus

ho tub, quirky alpine railway through spectacular alpine

forest at Broken River or iceskating rink at Cheeseman.

Grab a Chi l season or travel pass – one pass gives you

access to five ski areas.


From the people;

After living in West Melton for 15 years, Lisa and Stephen were ready to

explore more of what Selwyn had to offer.

They never expected that their next step would be unearthing Selwyn’s white gold.

“We were driving home one night when we stumbled upon the 'For sale' sign. We were

intrigued with the opportunity and challenges a truffle farm could bring," Lisa explains.

Tresi lian Truffles is located in West Melton on what started as the Tresi lian sheep run

in 1851. The sandy soils make it difficul to grow pastures but provide the optimum

environment for the Bianchetto Truffle.

The Bianche to Truffle grows underground on the root hairs of the pine, hazelnut and oak

trees. They range in depths from 15cm below the ground to just below the surface. Bess,

the Wi liams’ family Sprocker Spaniel dog, can detec the rich aroma from the truffle.

"The unknown of what lies beneath the soil makes every truffle hunt different and

exciting. It is the best office anyone could ask for!” says Lisa.

Si ting down to a degustation meal with fresh Bianche to truffle paired with Selwyn wines,

is a l part of the 'paddock to plate' experience. Combining other local produce such as

honey and oil brings ou the rich flavor of the truffles. Sourcing loca ly means that the

Wi liams’ family know where a l their ingredients comes from. Keeping their product local

is of the utmost importance to the Wi liams family.

tresi liantruffles


Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

Focus on building players’ confidence

• From page 27

“Rugby was one of our very

first initiatives to get up off the

ground (in 2012),” said Surie,

who was supported by school and


“We wanted to make sure other

girls had the same opportunities

to feel the enjoyment we did.”

Results are clearly not the bottom

line as Surie reflects on the

impact of a former player Lucy

Cahill, a foundation ambassador.

“Lucy played for the foundation,

loved it so much and got the

Villa (Maria) team up and running.

That’s exactly what we want

to see,” she said.

There’s something else Surie is

rapt to witness as she explains: “We

have a girl who started with the

team in year 9, this is her last year.

“When she turned up at the first

game she was totally shy and not

so keen to go on the field, now she’s

one of the leaders in the team. To

see her grow over the years … to

see the confidence makes all those

volunteer hours worth it to see

something like that.

“She wants to stick around

with the foundation once she

leaves school to come back and


Surie said the competition had

progressed since the foundation

debuted almost a decade ago.

“It’s certainly evolved in a

sense of being supported by the

community. It’s really cool to see

businesses come on board, and

sponsors. Canterbury Rugby has

put a lot of resources into the

competition as well.

Canterbury Rugby Football

Union’s female development

officer Liz Worthington said increased

sponsorship has enabled

the organisation to direct more

resources to the 10-team girls


The figures are commercially

sensitive though Mills said 20

per cent is directed to the 1st XV

competition and 65 per cent in

total to women’s rugby through

the FPC squad.

“Some of that money helps get

more people on the grass, there’s

a lot of schools and teams to get

around,” Worthington said.

The CRFU funds seven FPC

players to visit schools and run

sessions on building

culture or tactical and

technical expertise.

“The competition still

has a long way to go,”

Worthington admitted.

“Obviously there’s a

big difference between

schoolgirl and schoolboy

rugby, the level it’s currently

played at. It would

be nice to see the girls

improve and grow into a better


While leading boys’ teams have

had former All Blacks on their

coaching staff – Reuben Thorne








player Celine

Russell is

tackled during

the clash with

Marian College:

Wahine Toa.



led Christ’s College last year –

Villa Maria 1st XV’s coaching

set-up is very much old school:

parents Richard Arnott

and Pete Cahill do it very

much for the love of the


Villa Maria used to

combine with Hornby

High School and Forward

Foundation but

Cahill’s daughter Lucy

helped form the college’s

own team.

“Over the last two years

we’ve been fortunate where we’ve

really grown the sport and we’re

able to field a full team,” said

team manager and Villa Maria’s

sports director, Jacqui Restieaux.

“The beauty of our team is the

majority of the girls have actually

never played before. They’d never

thrown a rugby ball before, they

turned up to the first training,

they’ve learnt the basic skills and

are now playing some really good


Villa Maria have a squad of

29 and the players not required

on game day instead bolster the

ranks of other teams in the competition,

a sporting, collaborative


“The other girls go and play for

Hornby or whoever else needs

extra players. That way at least

they’re still playing and getting a

game,” Restieaux said.

Arnott has had a long association

with Lincoln University and

he has also coached women’s


“He’s come in with the philosophy

of wanting to just teach the

basics. In the past we’ve found

girls don’t know how to tackle

and they don’t know how to fall

to the ground. They would train,

play their first game, they’d get a

knock and they wouldn’t want to

play anymore,” Restieaux said.

“We’ve focused on teaching

them those basic skills so when

they are on the field they’re feeling


She said a key to the side’s

success and regeneration was it

spanned years 9 to 13.

• Turn to page 30

Cropping Farmers

no WHeaT ConTraCT!!?

We have other seed crop options

for sowing this Spring.


Contact us today for details of the following

• Asian Brassicas (Both OP & Hybrid)

• Radish (Daikon & Round Red) • Chrysanthemum

• Garden Peas (Processing & Garden varieties)

We have both large and small areas available of most species. These are all good yielding cultivars,

well known to us. We have increased area this year so we are looking for new growers in addition

to our present portfolio.


Growing seeds for a growing world

Please contact the following

personnel for further details:

Kym Townsend 027 522 3060

Tim Dale 027 332 4174 | 1153 Springs Rd, Lincoln | 140 Rolleston St, Rakaia

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 29

Allessa Sofa with Ottoman






BE IN To win $1000!


ENDS 02.08.21.


Lincoln 4 Seater – Grey






Sydney 2.5 Seater








Ramsey Single/Single

Bunk Bed






Dallas Queen Bed










– Tan







Trundler Bed Set











– Rose



250 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch

0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Offers and product prices advertised here expire

02/08/21. Sale Excludes Accessories.

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Latest Canterbury news at

‘It’s creating quite a nice culture’

• From page 28

“That’s the beauty of it, they’re

not just playing with their age

groups. It’s creating quite a nice

culture where you’ve got girls

across all the age groups meeting

one another.

“It was something different as

well, girls playing rugby as opposed

to netball and hockey. It’s

girls that have never really been

involved in a team sport before

and they’ve given it a go. We

made it quite clear that if you’re

an absolute beginner that’s okay,

come along and try it.”

Restieaux was also complimentary

of the backing supported by

the CRFU, and sponsors.


putting a lot

into trying to

grow the game,

particularly for

women. They

(women) can see

there are some



good pathways

now which never

used to be.”

She welcomed

FPC stars visiting schools,

current Canterbury player and

contracted Black Fern Chelsea

Bremner coaches Hornby.

Schools are also aligned to a

club – Villa Maria are paired

with Marist Albion – to further

assist their development through

BALL CARRIER: Elaine Maluafiti eyes a Rangiora defender

as she seeks to make ground for Hornby High School.


clinics and know how.

While the girls are not on a

level playing field considering the

private sponsorship emblazoned

on the boys’ jerseys, Restieaux

was content.

“We tend to focus on what

we’re doing in our school and just

wanting to do it really, really well.

I just want the girls to enjoy their

rugby and enjoy being part of the

school environment by playing a

sport for your school.”

An international rugby programme

started by St Bede’s

College led to the formation of

Marian College: Wahine Toa a

composite side also including

players from Rangi Ruru Girls’

School, Catholic Cathedral College

and Burnside High School.

Marian College is St Bede’s

sister school and the programme

also involved female students and

aspiring rugby players.

This season’s squad is a split

of 60 per cent with previous

experience and the remainder are

newcomers. It is the fourth year

the combined team has played in

the competition.

Over that time frame CGHS

has been the dominant force,

though Marian College: Wahine

Toa players still see a pathway to

higher honours.

“We have a couple of girls who

are in contention for that, one in

particular: Manea-Faith Waaka,”

said coach Dave Christison.

She has already represented

Canterbury at under-18 level

and sevens.

Aware the boys’ competition

enjoys a higher profile and has

the benefit of team sponsorship,

Christison insists he does not

view it through green-tinted


“No, we’re quite happy. The

boys have a lot more costs associated

with their competition like

transportation, accommodation

and so forth. That’s not an issue

with us,” he said.

“We have the distinct advantage

of all playing in the same

venue at Burnside Park on a


In contrast, the 14-team boys’

competition covers a geographical

area from Nelson to Timaru.

Christison welcomed sponsorship

to supplement the CRFU’s


“Since they’ve got sponsorship

they (CRFU) provide a training

day at the beginning of each

season for specialist positions

such as front row. They go

through tackling and safety

issues associated with various

positions,” he said.

“They definitely take it seriously

and without this competition

Canterbury women’s rugby

would not be the strength it is


Heading into the school

holidays, unbeaten Villa Maria

were level on points with the

CGHS 1stXV, who had a bye

last week. Avonside Girls’ High

School and Marian College:

Wahine Toa rounded out the top

four, while Rangiora High School

and the CGHS 2nd XV are still in

contention for the semi-finals.

“There’s still big gaps between

the top and the bottom teams

but the overall standard has

improved over the years,”

Christison said.

“If you can go and watch a

game you can certainly see some

very good rugby being played.”

Up to

50 % Off

*Call for Terms

& Conditions



Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 31

32 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021






Table Large $979 $899

Table Small $629 $579

Buffet $1189 $1099

WAS $1999


1849 Bramwell

3+2 Suite

3 Seater $1199 $1099

2 Seater $839 $779









Bar Stool




Bar stool

Rustic Chair




Bar Stool

WAS $89



WAS $139



WAS $189



WAS $189



WAS $89



Nova Bedroom


Sylvie Bedroom


Tallboy 5 Drawers $689 $639

Tallboy 6 Drawers $799 $739

Lowboy 6 Drawers $729 $679

Bedside $219 $199

Headboard From $379

Bedside $279 $249

Bedframe $1099 $999

Under Bed Drawer $189 $169

6 Drawer Tallboy $799 $779

6 Drawer Lowboy $749 $719



Lift Up Base

Single $489 $459

King Single $509 $479

Double $569 $529

Queen $599 $559

King $669 $619






5 Year Warranty






Single $369 $349

King Single $419 $389

Double $499 $469

Queen $549 $509

King $599 $549

California King $709 $659



5 Year Warranty

Pocket Spring,

Euro Top, Quilt Fibre,

Wave Foam & Comfort Foam




King Single $539 $499

Double $679 $629

Queen $759 $709

Cloud Rest Mattress

King $839 $779

Super King $899 $839










MON-FRI 9:30AM – 5:30PM

SAT-SUN 10AM – 5:30PM

0800 268 264

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 33

Bouncy Castle and Activities

Fun Day

Today, 10am-3pm

Go along for some fun on

eight different bouncy castles,

as well as Selwyn’s very own

Lu Uno Interactive Wall. The

Selwyn Edge Connector Library

Bus will be onsite, providing an

array of activities. Cost is $3 per

child, free for caregivers. Book at

Selwyn Sports Centre

One Deep Breath exhibition


This exhibition features the

thoughtful figurative paintings

of Liz Hancock and the intuitive

tile and stone sculptures of Michael

Barrow. It opened June 30

and runs to July 25. The gallery

is open Wednesday to Thursday

11.30am-2.30pm, Friday to Sunday


Down By The Liffey Gallery


by 5pm each Wednesday

Rekindle - Felt Cup Holder


Thursday 6-8.30pm

Learn all about wet felting

skills. Your new felt cup holder

will protect your fingers and help

keep your drinks hot for longer.

You can use it to transform any

vessel into a cup for hot liquids.

Please bring your cup with you

– it could be a glass jar, any cup

with no handle or your existing

keep cup. Please also take

two towels and a bar of soap.

All other materials will be provided.

Suitable for adults only,

$5 library members, $10 nonmembers.

Bookings essential.

Springston Community Hall

Small Business Workshops –

New to Contracting

Thursday 6-8pm

These sessions with Sidekick

Selwyn Accountants and Business

Advisors are designed to

empower, providing tips and

tricks to save time and money,

facilitate risk reduction and

highlight the benefits of a good

team. This session will help

attendees understand what it

means to be a contractor and

various business structures.

There is an increasing trend

among the trades and other

vocations to use contractors over

salaried or waged employees.

Tickets at

Lincoln Event Centre


Friday 6-7.30pm

Get your friends together and

boogie the night away, at this

fun-filled disco for kids. Dance

to the latest pop tunes, play fun

games and be in to win awesome

spot prizes. Parents/caregivers

are required. Everyone is welcome,

however this event is best

Hip Hop Workshops, Thursday (West Melton) and Monday (Lincoln), 10-11am. A hip hop

dancer will be on hand to teach five to 17-year-olds. Wear comfortable, non-marking

shoes. Bookings essential, at West Melton Community Recreation

Centre and Lincoln Event Centre

suited for five to 13-year-olds.

Bookings essential.

West Melton Community and

Recreation Centre

BOOST Pop Up Youth


Friday 7-8.30pm

Meet your friends and hang

out at this first ever Youth

Hangout event. Music from DJ

Fury, games, chillout zone and

pizza. This event is specifically

for youth 13 to 17-years-old.

Rolleston Community Centre

KidsFest – A Fresh Look at


Friday, 10am-12.30pm

Go on a journey from a raindrop

to our rivers. Make all these

discoveries through exciting

craft and science activities, and a

trip through the customary tunnel.

Discover the different natural

features that water provides,

including the animals and plants

that live in and around it. Find

out why it is so important and

how to look after it. Bookings

required, at

Lincoln Event Centre


Tuesday 2-4pm

Grab your friends and family,

take a cushion, bean bag or

sleeping bag, and settle in to

watch Paddington. Take snacks

for the movie. Bookings essential,


Lincoln Event Centre


Rolleston Sunday Market:

Sunday, 2.30am-12.30pm. Open

Sundays all year round, 631

Springston-Rolleston Rd.

Market@254 West Melton:

Saturday, 9.30am-1pm. Open

Saturdays all year round, 254

Lawford Rd, West Melton.

Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft

Market: Saturday, 10am-1pm.

Open Saturdays all year round,

Gerald St, Lincoln.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

9am-1pm. Open Saturdays all

year round, 33 South Tce, Darfield.

Our Bupa Ashford

Retirement Village,



1 bdrm villas

from $445,000

& 2 bdrm villas

from $505,000

Open home | This Saturday 1-2pm

Our Bupa Ashford Retirement village will make you feel safe, secure and sociable. Our one and two bedroom villas

are designed for independent living.

• Stylised and functional kitchen, lounge & dining • Situated down Stationmasters Way giving a semi-rural feeling.

• Stunning landscaped gardens

• Community centre now open

• Great built-in storage

• Fixed weekly fees for life

• Care home opening late 2022

• Fitted 24/7 emergency alarm and security

Call Debbs on (03) 928 5954 today | 8 Brunel Road (off Stationmasters Way), Prebbleton |

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021


It’s certainly the

weather for hot

roasts, try spicing

them up a bit with

ingredients you are

likely to have at home

Pesto-stuffed lamb roast

with garlic

Serves 4


⅓ cup pesto

⅓ cup ground almonds

2 tbsp fresh oregano

salt and ground pepper

750gm lamb roast

2 cloves garlic



Heat oven to 200 deg C. To make

the stuffing, place pesto, ground

almonds and chopped fresh

oregano in a bowl. Season with

salt and pepper to taste and mix

to combine.

Trim any fat or sinew from the

lamb. Season on both sides with

salt and pepper and lay out flat on

a board, skin-side down. Spread

stuffing over the lamb and roll it

up to contain filling. Tie pieces

with string to secure it.

Heat an ovenproof

pan, add two tablespoons oil and

sear lamb for 5min, turning to

brown all over.

Add two heads of garlic, cut

in half to the pan and place in

the oven to roast for 25min for

medium-rare, or longer depending

on your liking towards pink meat.

Whisky marinade for

roast meat

Serves 3-4


¼ cup whisky

2 tbsp prepared mustard

3-4 tbsp olive oil

400gm beef fillet (or lamb)

freshly ground black pepper

1 cup beef stock

1 tbsp thyme leaves

Latest Canterbury news at

Jazz up your winter roast with tasty marinade


Whisk whisky, mustard and

3 tbsp of olive oil until well

combined. Place beef in a plastic

bag. Add marinade. Refrigerate

for 1 hour. Return to room

temperature before cooking.

Preheat grill on high. Remove

meat from marinade and pat dry.

Brush with remaining oil. Season

with black pepper.

Grill for about 8min each side.

To test if done, press thickest part

of meat with your fingertip. The

softer it is the rarer it is; the firmer

it is, the more cooked. Tent with

foil and cover with a thick towel.

Rest for 10min before slicing.

Bring marinade, stock and

thyme to the boil. Simmer for

10min. Serve with the meat.

Mulled wine venison


Serves 3-4



½ cup mulled wine

1tsp cinnamon

6 whole cloves

1 tbsp honey

Small strip orange peel

1 tbsp olive oil


lamb roast.

Try the

whisky or

mulled wine


instead of

your usual



400gm venison roast

Freshly ground black pepper to


2 tbsp olive oil


1 cup (250ml) meat glaze or

good beef stock


To make the marinade, combine

wine, spice, honey and orange

peel in a saucepan. Slowly bring

to the boil. Simmer for 1min,

then cool. When cold, add olive


Place venison in a plastic bag.

Pour marinade over. Move meat

around so it is well coated. Refrigerate

for at least 60min or up to 8


Return to room

temperature before cooking.

Preheat oven to 200 deg C.

Remove meat from

marinade and pat dry. Reserve

marinade for the sauce. Season.

Heat olive oil in a pan. Sear

venison until lightly browned on

all sides.

Place in a small roasting pan in

the oven. Roast for 20-25 minutes

for medium rare.

Remove from oven and tent

with foil. Cover with a thick towel

and stand for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, strain marinade

and bring to the boil. Add meat

glaze or stock and simmer for 1-2

minutes. Serve with the venison.

Great accompanied by baby

red jacket potatoes, plus 4cm

cubes of pumpkin and large

broccoli florets, roasted with the


‘Famous for their roasts!’


Cooked Breakfasts

Check out our extensive breakfast

menu from Continental to Cooked

We are open from 6.30am


Two courses $23

Soup/Roast or


Special available lunch only

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm


Kid’s 2 course




We are family


Great Kids menu

plus designated

play area.






& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150

Stay comfortable all year round with

Fujitsu’s sleek, stylish Lifestyle Range.



Heat Pumps

03 381 6950

Fujitsu’s Catechin Filters are approved by

the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

NZ’s Sensitive Choice ® programme.


consultation from

your local Accredited

Heat Pump Expert

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 35

rolleston business hub

Jones Road and Industrial Zone

Boost your diesel engine’s performance

While diesel vehicles can be more

economic with greater fuel efficiency, they

need regular servicing and maintenance.

Your vehicle relies on fuel injectors to

relay diesel to the engine. With dust in the

air and small particles in diesel, injectors

can take on debris, causing your engine to

struggle. If left unchecked, this can impact

on fuel efficiency, but worst case, it could

cause engine damage from overworking

itself. From stalling to difficulty

accelerating you risk performance issues.

Look for these four signs:

Fluctuating power: If your vehicle is

revving inconsistently, this is a sign your

injectors need a clean. A contaminated

fuel injection system or worn fuel injector

can often supply inconsistent amounts

of fuel to the engine, resulting in poor


Misfiring: Vehicle misfiring on ignition

could be due to the fuel injector needing

a thorough clean in case its clogged, or

Owners Phil and Kylie: Diesel Fix

in Rolleston looks after all facets

of diesel fuel injection servicing

intermittent failure to open.

Fuel odours: The smell of the diesel

fuel most likely means you have a leak.

This may be due to a crack in an injector

seal, or the result of a valve not closing


Reduced fuel economy: If you notice

a sudden and ongoing decrease in your

fuel economy this could be due to worn

injectors. Worn injectors burn more fuel to

achieve the required performance output.

The life expectancy of a good quality

diesel fuel injector is around 150 000 kms.

They should be checked by a professional

around this time.

Phil Thompson and his wife Kylie own/

operate Diesel Fix in Rolleston. Phil is

a qualified Automotive and diesel fuel

injection engineer with more than 30

years’ fuel injection work behind him,

making him one of an elite group of diesel

fuel injection experts in Canterbury. Phil

looks after all facets of diesel fuel injection

servicing, from dismantling pumps to

reconditioning the units.

If you have a concern or question in

relation to a diesel vehicle, Phil and his

team have the expertise and experience

to help and are more than happy to

advise you. To book a repair or service

phone 027-436-8154 or 03 347 7108.

Diesel Fix is located at 821 Jones Rd,


Left unchecked a fuel injector can

impact on fuel efficiency – a new

injector alongside a dirty diesel

injector removed from a 4WD

Is your vehicle not running

to it’s full potential?

Is it lacking power or

blowing black smoke?

Diesel Fix can give you a no Fuss assessment

• Specialist in fuel injection and efi

injector repairs

• Diesel and Petrol Injectors repairs

• Diesel injection pump repairs

• Large selection of service

exchange pumps and

injectors available

• Vehicle scanning and diagnostic

• Compression testing



Mon to Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

821 Jones Road, Rolleston

Phone 0274 368 154 or 03 3477108



› While You Wait WOF’s

› Courtesy Cars

› Diagnostics

› Repairs

› Servicing

› Batteries

› Tyres

Phone 347 4020

131 IPORT Drive

(Cnr Hoskyns & IPORT drive)

The Team: Hayden, Simon & Allan



Sat 8am-12 noon

(WOFs only)

839 Jones Road, Rolleston

P.O. Box 16 Rolleston

Phone Simon on 347 7110

or Mobile 027 272 9213














3 WOFs



Manufacturers of Fine Natural Pet Food

Variety of 10kg


for cats and dogs

$47 50 -$57 50

Phone (03) 347 0626

Shop 4, 855 Jones Road, Rolleston (opposite Redpaths)

Mon-Tue 9am-5pm, Wed-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-1pm

(Behind Diesel fix)

SheepSkin & poSSum

Skin Factory Shop

• Sheepskin Slippers, Boots & Scuffs

• Possum Accessories

• Cow and Calf Hides

• Sheepskin Rugs

• Pure Sheepskin Pet Mats

Open 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

and 9am to 3.30pm Saturday

Follow us on Facebook

823 Jones rd rolleston

36 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

continuing education



through craft

Crafting For a Cause is a group of

crafters meeting weekly at WEA to

create things people need. These clever

crafters knit, crochet, sew, and repurpose

materials generously donated to WEA

Canterbury. Creating social capital,

this group are helping reduce stash

cupboards and keep materials from

going into landfill, while sharing skills

and ideas.

Polar fleece has been turned into

kitten blankets for the SPCA and over

50 children’s beanies and mittens for

It Takes a Village, who told them “The

mittens have been a life saver for our

families”. Wool yarn has been knitted

up as hats, scarves and baby blankets;

handmade paper has been turned into

Thank You cards; cotton yarn knitted

and crocheted into dishcloths, facecloths

and cat toys; curtains recycled into tote

bags and net curtains into vege bags and

laundry bags and sold as a fundraiser to

members of the WEA.

To find out more or join the group,

visit or drop into

the WEA office at 59 Gloucester Street

between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm Monday

to Friday.

Papanui High School

Term 3, 2021 nightclasses

Whether you are wanting to learn something

new to improve your fitness, to challenge

yourself, for relaxation, or to master a new

skill Papanui High School offers plenty of

choices for everyone in their

Term 3 Adult Education Programme. Our

Term 3 classes begin week of 2 August and

we do have some weekend workshops on

offer as well. We have a wide range of classes

available from cooking, crafts, languages,

and fitness through to photography,

astronomy and cheese making. We are

confident regardless of your age, or interest,

you will find a course that will give you the

opportunity to extend your personal skills

and knowledge and meet some new people

in an enjoyable friendly environment. Our

tutors are well-qualified in their chosen field

and wanting to help make your learning

experience rewarding.

One of our new courses on offer for

Term 3 is an Introduction to Aromatherapy

taught by Rebecca Dollery. This course

will guide students through some of the

best known, most researched and effective

essential oils looking at their actions and

best mode of use. The course will be a

mixture of hands on practical preparations

with guided learning covering the basics of

what essential oils are, the safety precautions,

how to purchase, store and use oils to gain

maximum effect.

For further information and enrolment

in any of our Term 3 classes please visit our


com-ed/categories or email Barbara Roper or telephone our

office on 033520701.

continuing education

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 37

Risingholme’s Adult and

Community Education

Courses for Term 3, 2021

now is the perfect time to learn something new, christchurch!

ever fancied learning to sew, play the guitar or learn a new

language? Whatever your interest and whatever your adult age,

learning something new is not only fun, it can also be good for you.

With Risingholme having over 80 courses on

offer, at four different locations across Ōtautahi

there is something that will spark your interest, for


We are expanding our programme by offering

some new and exciting courses from Term 3

onwards. New topics offered are in the health and

wellbeing space, sculpture, arts, Hispanic cuisine,

compassion communication, financial wellbeing

and memory keeping techniques. We have other

courses in the pipeline too, so keep an eye on our


Visit our website to see

our full range of courses, locations and enrolment

info. If you have any questions, please email us at or feel free to phone us for

a chat 03 332 7359.

Course brochures are available on our website,

at the Risingholme office and the CCC public

libraries. We look forward to meeting you.

Spaces are

limited in some

courses, so enrol

now to secure your

place and avoid


Adult and Community Education Term 3, 2021

Come learn with us

Risingholme Community Centre offers

a wide range of short courses, each

term, at a range of venues.

Risingholme Community Centre

Art (Creative Art, Mixed Media, Painting with Acrylics, Drawing &

Sketching), Fabric & Craft Skills, Guitar, Pottery, Sewing Skills, Upholstery,

Sewing Retreat, Yoga, Wood Sculpture, Woodwork, Woodwork for Women,

Zentangle, Fermented Foods, Te Reo Maori, Patchwork and Quilting, NZ

Sign Language, Reiki, Junk Journal (Memory Keeping), Picture Framing,

Pattern Drafting, Getting Yourself Out There, Compassion Communication,

Mastering Wealth & Abundance Seminar, Printmaking, Visual Merchandising.

Christchurch Girls’ High School

Te Reo Maori, Drawing & Sketching, German Language, Painting with

Acrylics, Spanish & Go, NZ Sign Language, Pattern Drafting,

Watercolour Introduction.

Hornby High School

Sewing for Beginners, Te Reo Maori, NZ Sign Language, Hispanic Cuisine.

Riccarton High School

Calligraphy, Indian Cuisine Beginners, Italian Language, NZ Sign Language,

Russian Language, Te Reo Maori, Photography, Simple Healthy Meals on

a Budget, Sewing Skills, ESOL - English for Migrants & Second Language

Speakers, Tastes from Around the World, Found Object Sculpture.

Full details available on

Risingholme office at 22 Cholmondeley Ave, Opawa, Chch

Phone 03 332 7359 | Email

38 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

Now published six times a year,

Classic Driver is giving you even

more of the exotic and the unique,

highlighting old favourites from

motoring’s colourful past.


in all good

bookstores &


2013 Volkswagen

Tiguan TSi

h tp: /

Download the Kaywa Qr Code reader (A p Store &Android market) and scan your code!

my Kaywa Qr-Code


See page 5 for more info!


h tp: /

Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (a p Store &android Market) and scan your code!


My Kaywa QR-Code


0800 212 777

Ce l 021 855 884


motor vehicle purchase

See our ad on page 2

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 39

Rally-bred Yaris provides the thrills

TOYOTA IS no stranger to rally

success. I remember well the

heady days during the early 90s

when the amazing Celica GT-

Four dominated the World Rally


Toyota distanced itself from

rallying for many years, it dabbled

in formula one and sports

endurance racing, however, it

came back to rallying in 2017

and the company has had success

with the Yaris, winning the WRC

in 2019 and 2020.

While the Yaris is a world apart

from the Celica as I know it – the

latter was part of the Kiddiefamily

line-up for many years

– the Yaris with its hatchback

design lends itself to the WRC,

competing against other small

hatchbacks such as Ford’s Fiesta,

Volkswagen Polo and Citroen


Toyota has just introduced a

new Yaris on the New Zealand

market. It comes in many guises –

petrol-only models, hybrids and

the funky Yaris Cross. I’ve driven

all in recent months and can

report that they uphold the values

Toyota has in a small car.

However, there is one major

surprise within the Yaris line-up

and that is the GR model, a car

inspired by the WRC-winning

model. GR is an abbreviation for

Gazoo Racing which is Toyota’s

performance arm that helped

develop the WRC car.

The GR Yaris in road-going

form is no rally car, but it doesn’t

miss out by much. Firstly, it is

powered by a 1.6-litre threecylinder

heavily turbocharged

engine, it has a six-speed manual

transmission and drives out all

four wheels and, what’s more, you

can direct drive to give you that

rally feel, power can be proportioned

heavily to the rear, or to

the front, or have a 50:50 split

should you desire that.

Personally, I like the push you

get from the rear, so during my

time with the test car I drove it

in sport mode which sends 70

per cent in that direction. Under

power you can almost force oversteer,

which is immense fun, and

there is more than enough power

on tap to do that.

Putting that into context, the

engine is rated with 200kW

and 370Nm, outputs realised at

6500rpm and 3000-4600rpm

respectively, all those figures considered,

the Yaris is quick, strong

and willing under all driving conditions.

It is also eager, you know

as a driver it wants to get hunting,

the turbo boost is strong and the

engine will fly to high revolutions

if the accelerator is given any

minor provocation.

According to Toyota, the GR

Yaris will make 100km/h from a

standstill in 5.2sec, and it will also

lunge to 120km/h from 80km/h

in 4.5sec. It will also make

230km/h if laws allowed.

I had some items to pick up

from Rangiora, so the obvious

choice of roads to get home to my

city suburb was through Loburn,

Oxford and State Highway 72.

They weren’t perfect roads for

the GR Yaris simply because there


The GR Yaris

has the


to match its

sporty looks.

TOYOTA YARIS GR: Based on World Rally Championship-winning car.

aren’t enough corners, but I did

backtrack into an area where

there were some challenges and

enjoyed the feel of knowing the

driver is in command.

Just when you think it will drift

nicely out of a corner, grip comes

in from the front to pull the car

straight and it powers off until

the next corner arrives. When

that happens, huge stopping force

through a premium brake system

comes into play.

Grip is supplied by high quality

Michelin tyres (225/40 x 18in),

and with a comparatively heavy

steering feel all the ingredients

are in place for spirited motoring.

Shifts through the six-speeder

are short and direct, there’s no

chance of wrong-slotting, and

clutch action, while firmish under

foot, is progressive.

There’s also an intelligent

manual transmission mode that

will blip the engine on downshift,

matching the revs to the gearing,

much like we used to do with the

double de-clutch method.

The GR Yaris is an absolute

blast to drive, it feels twitchy with

its short wheelbase, but such

is the grip and control it has it

inspires confidence. It is playful,

yet safe at the same time with

traction control systems intervening

when forces are outweighing

the law of physics.

Even though the GR Yaris is

• Price – Toyota Yaris GR,


• Dimensions – Length,

3995mm; width, 1805mm;

height, 1445mm

• Configuration – Threecylinder,


1618cc, 200kW, 370Nm,

six-speed manual

• Performance –

0-100km/h, 5.2sec

• Fuel usage – 7.6l/100km

based on the WRC car, I didn’t

take it off the seal as such, it had

been presented beautifully and

I didn’t want to risk stone chips

and be presented with a massive

clean-up job. But I did find a

couple of corners that had loose

surface seal and I was able to feel

electronics working in order to

maintain grip and acceleration.

The GR Yaris builds on the fun

angle that Toyota has pitched for

the new Yaris series and you can

glean immense pleasure from it,

it most certainly is an exhilarating

car that tugs at all the senses.

The engine has a characteristic

throb, it sounds chunky but

sings sweetly from 4000rpm

onwards letting the driver know

it is enjoying its work. There’s no

point in the rev band where it

doesn’t want to work freely, it will

also dawdle the city streets in tall

gears, the turbo producing huge

torque that allows the car to pull

from very low revolutions.

There is a little trade-off in

terms fuel usage. Normally, you’d

expect a 1.6-litre engine to garner

an average better than 7.6-litres

per 100km, but if you want performance

that is the price to pay.

When I took the test car back

to the dealership it was showing

9.8l/100km on the readout, perhaps

an indication of how much

I enjoyed hearing and feeling that

engine work. At 100km/h an instantaneous

reading of 5l/10kmn

can be expected (engine speed

2500rpm). All that aside, a

generous 50-litre fuel tank means

frequent top-ups can be avoided.

In terms of fitment, the GR

Yaris has all the goods. It has

an in-cabin environment that

matches the sporty exterior

design, and has specification

that justifies a very respectable

$54,990 price tag.

My wife recently suggested we

buy a Yaris for our retirement. I’d

certainly be interested in the GR,

the only thing is she’s not thrilled

with cars that have manual transmission,

I’ve obviously got a bit of

work ahead if I’m to convince her

the GR is the car for us.

In the interim anyone who does

get to have one in their garage on

a permanent basis will certainly

be rewarded, it is one stroppy hot


has motoring covered!


ISSUE 667 | FrIday 20 novEmbEr 2020

iggest range of vehicles


2011 Jaguar

XF Premium


See inside for this week's

4WD feature!

sherborne st, edgeware

se Ave | P: (03) 366 7768 |

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best motorbuys


ISSUE 668 | FrIday 27 NovEmbEr 2020

275 Colombo street, Christchurch

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Ce l 021 855 884


ISSUE 669 | FrIday 4 dEcEmbEr 2020

See inside for this week's

Classic Car feature!

PH 03 web

One Owner!

40 Years Finance


Cannot be Beaten!

• Talk to us about finance for your next

motor vehicle purchase

Specialising in Finance for Private Purchases

Very quick approvals, sensational interest rates

• From no deposit (terms & conditions may apply)

Hiace spares

Cnr Main South Rd and Epsom Rd, Christchurch

Ph: 03 348 4129 |

2015 IsuZu D-mAX

4WD Ls D/CAb

NZ new, 3.0 intercooled turbo/dsl,

auto, rare flatdeck with ladder/pipe

racks, reverse cam, service history.

$34,995 $192pw

For more see their advert on page 31


best motorbuys

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marine feature!


best motorbuys

The South Island’s leading motoring resource,

filled with news, reviews and dealer listings.

From family cars to work trucks, and supercars

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you can find it all with Drivesouth.

Magazine available for FREE every Friday

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The biggest range of vehicles

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Now Available @ NZ Van Spares

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2005 toyota rav



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2008 bmW 320i

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Climate Control, ABS Braking,





32 Moorhouse Ave | P: (03) 366 7768 |




Cannot be Beaten!

$10,974 NoW $7,974 + orC


Automatic. $34.63pw.


• Talk to us about finance for your next

Specialising in Finance for Private Purchas

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• From no deposit (term

Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021



Don’t let weather stop you from planting trees

GOING INTO the middle of

winter, air and soil temperatures

are low, the soil is often very wet,

and frosts are in many parts of

southern New Zealand.

July is the main month for

planting new deciduous trees,

shrubs, fruit trees and roses, and

garden centres are now fully

stocked with these plants. Always

select high quality specimens

and plant correctly with plenty of

compost into the existing soil.

In the vege patch, continue

planting and harvesting broccoli,

brussel sprouts, cabbages,

cauliflower, silverbeet and

spinach. Where soil conditions

allow, you can start preparing the

vege garden for spring planting.

In late July, chop up and dig in

green manure crops like lupins or


If you have roses, complete

your annual pruning, especially

on bush or standards that

produce flowers late into early

winter such as Icebergs.

Remove all dead and weak

growth, clean out the centre of

plants and prune to outward

facing buds. Add fresh compost

to the soil around the rose plant,

but do not fertilise until spring


In warmer, sheltered areas,

citrus production should be

in full swing, with clementine

mandarins, lemons, limes and

navel oranges all now maturing.

Check your trees while picking

fruit for any overcrowding or

weak branches that should be

removed. Check for any root

stock growth and prune where

required. For colder climates, use

frost cloths to protect frost tender


Give fruit trees a second winter

clean up. Spray with a copper

compound or lime sulphur to

kill any overwintering fungal


Now’s the time to prune your

Looking for

some backyard


We’ve got the scoop.

Speak to us for quality landscaping supplies,

expert advice and superior service.

Use your outdoor living areas

all year round

• Warm & dry in winter

• UV protection for summer

• Stylish & permanent

• 5 year warranty


Chris Thorndycroft


Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday 9.00am – 4.00pm

OPEN 7 DAYS 261 Manion Road, Weedons

P: 03 347 9012 |

Phone 0274 211 079 |

Latest Canterbury news at

blackberries, boysenberries,

loganberries, or raspberries. Cut

out all old canes and any weak

spindly growth. New season

strong canes should then be tied

up on wires or fences to help

support this summer’s fruit crop.

Complete your strawberry

plantings this month. Purchase

new plants or obtain young plants

(runners) from the previous

season strawberry plants. For the

home garden, plant at least 20

strawberry plants to ensure plenty

15 months


Normal lending criteria apply

of fresh strawberries for the

whole family.

Your hydrangeas may be

starting to look a little sad.

They can grow very large and

require heavy pruning

and thinning. Remove old wood

completely as there will be ample

new growth in spring. Make sure

you cut just above a node as it is

from here that spring growth will


Flowering winter shrubs

like azaleas, camellias and

oN sAle Now!

Now only


Plus $5 P&H per copy

AvAilAble from stAr mediA:

Level One, 359 Lincoln Road

Addington, Christchurch

Phone 379 7100


If you are

planting a

new tree in

the backyard,

get some help,

many hands

make light


rhododendrons will provide

lovely colour in your garden.

Take note of what varieties or

species are performing best in

your garden or in neighbouring

gardens for next year’s new


Winter flowering annuals

will be at their very best in

July. Primulas, violas, pansies,

calendulas and cinerarias should

all be in full bloom. Continue to

dead head from these plants to

encourage continual flowering.

Making your great outdoors greater

HIre equIpment

1.7 ton Digger 3 buckets

and 2.5 ton electric tip trailer

Plate compactor

Log splitter

Concrete mixer

Lawn Dethatcher

Barreto rotary hoe

3” Water Pump

Wheel barrows

Hand tools

Concrete ball float/Screeds

Electric concrete vibrator


Timber & Hardware

Timber Wood Fuel Pellets

20kg Bag for $12.50

Call in today for your free quote!

NEW ENTRANCE: 167 Manion Road, Rolleston

Jason Pester P 03 347 7465 F 03 347 7032 E

Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Saturday: 8am-12pm


C T H Timber & Hardware

Check out the rest of our landscape supplies online

Contact us

mon - Fri

1543 Springs Road, Lincoln 8:00am - 5:00pm

021 241 7908

Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm

We are here

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 41

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

your Guide To

TrusTed Trades and

services in your area




• Mirrors • Pet Door Specialists

• Splashbacks • All Broken Windows


Phone Cushla or Darren Twist

027 352 6225

Ph Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H



Call us at Think Water Canterbury for all your

plumbing needs. Certified Plumber Available Now!!

Our services include:

• Residential Plumbing Services

• Installation & Upgrades

• Hot Water Installation & Repairs

• Leaks & Blockages • New Piping & Repairs

22 Station St, Leeston. Ph: 03 324 3880


Over 22 Years Experience



• Driveways

• Kerb &


• Garden Edging







(Since 2005)

Freephone: 0800 081 400

• Air Conditioning • Alternators

• Starter Motors • Wiring Repairs

• Diagnostics • Lighting • Batteries

Mobile Auto Electrician

022 644 9664

Farmlands Card Accepted

Re Roofing

Roof Repairs


Approved Age Concern provider





Don’t let electrical

problems worry you

For all electrical

repairs & service

Over 30 years experience

Licensed Building Practitioner



Ph: 0275 389 415



The Genuine

Custom Made Garage

Door Professionals

0800 661 366


027 492 8971

or ah 344 6202

Auckland, Christchurch, Wanaka



Construction and

Garden Maintenance

You can have your gardens, trees,

shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their best

all year round, for a great price.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

• Maintenance • Pruning • Reconstruction & Rejuvenation

• Rental Property and Commercial Maintenance

• Pre-Sale Tidy-Ups

New Home Landscaping

Lawns • Gardens • Decks • Paving • Water Features

• Quality • Value for money • Experienced • Punctual

• Professional • Flexible • Knowledgeable • Reliable

Call Ross Legg - 027 222 0388


Are you A TrAdie

or A CleAner

• Tracks hours & materials

• Manage quotes to invoicing

• Schedule & manage jobs

• Manage staff

• Syncs to Xero / MYOB /

Qbooks or stands alone

ring/text to book

complimentary meeting

to find out more.

Sue Thomas

027 283 3448


Need a hand?

✤ Lawns & Edges

✤ Landscaping

✤ Gardening

✤ Hedge Trimming

✤ Handyman Jobs

✤ Casual or One Off

Phone Mike Lineton

022 341 8848

Your local

Selwyn District



Specialising in:


Outdoor Areas

Patios, Pathways,


& Commercial Floors

Professional Advice

Free Quotes

Frank McWatt

03 423 9344

027 274 0342



We are a Canterbury owned power wash

company that can handle all your exterior

wash requirements.

From the driveway to the top floor, we can remove

dirt, moss, and mould, clean windows and gutters,

remove graffiti and everything in between.

Call us today

P: 022 5146 253


Dominion Trading Co Ltd

• Scrap metal buyers

• Canterbury owned & operated

• Top prices paid $$$

• Open Saturday morning

Open Mon-Fri 8am – 4.30pm Sat. 8.30am-12.30pm

03 343 9993 333 Blenheim Rd



advanced film solutions

99% uv block

fade protection

heat control

reduce glare

25 Years Experience

privacy films

frosting designs

non-darkening films

Workmanship Guaranteed

Lifetime Warranties on Most Films



Free Quotes Canterbury and Districts

03 365 3653 0800 368 468

To place your advertisement

contact Vicky Sayers

379 1100 or email



• Shearing • Crutching • Tailing

• Drenching • Foot Trimming

• Single & Double Crutching Trailers

A professional, friendly service

Call Shaun Adams for a free quote

021 204 1274 or 03 960 3112

• shearing contracting • mobile shearing trailer • mobile crutching trailer

Caravan /


Interior alterations

& repairs, water

damage etc

Ph 027 262 6867


★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)

Lawn mowing

Hedge trimming


Weed eating


and much more

Call Todd



Roof & Property

Moss Kill & Proof

Silicone Sealing

Roof Repairs

Gutter Clean/Repairs

Pest Control

Butynol Roof Repairs

Bird Proofing

03 347 2635




• Mirrors • Pet Door Specialists

• Splashbacks • All Broken Windows


Phone Cushla or Darren Twist

027 352 6225





Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624



For all painting and

decorating services.

Fully Qualified

• Interior &

Exterior Painting

• Wallpapering

• Plastering

• Roof Painting

Quality Services


Contact Udi Aale

Ph. 021 074 2075



For all your

Accounting &

Tax Needs

03 741 1783

027 332 8086


42 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021

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your Guide To

TrusTed Trades and

services in your area

Firewood Firewood



Situations Vacant




High Quality

Professional Service

• Interior & Exterior Residential

• Apartments • Light Commercial

• Motels • Rural Homesteads



Contact Brent

021 363 432


wet area waterproofing,

underfloor heating, soap

boxes, old to new, for best

results, call Devon on 021



375-888 or 03 329 5511


Renovations, complete

service from start to

finish, free quotes, ph

Dave 027 334 4125


Renovations, complete

service from start to finish,

free quotes, ph Dave 027

334 4125


Decks, T & G Flooring,

Villa Restoring, New

Homes, Weatherboards.

Free Quotes. Bennet &

Sons Ltd Sam 027 496-

9362 or Tony 027 224-



Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.

PH Stephen

021 073 2624


Gutter cleaning special

from $99 plus gst for a

whole house clean””.

Free Quotes, call Morgan

Thomas today 022 375




Parts & Sales for over 40

years. All main brands

serviced. Grossman Trade

Tools,23 Watts Road,

Christchurch. Ph 389 9230


Renovations, New Houses,

Hot Water Cylinders,



General Maintenance ,

Water Filters. Phone Mark



Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


NZ3760 complient (class

1 and class 2 tools). Can

travel to your work site.

Phone Jamie 022 313 9567


NZ3760 complient (class

1 and class 2 tools). Can

travel to your work site.

Phone Jamie 022 313 9567


Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125


Brown & White Ltd.

Family owned since 2001.

Ph Paul 027 229 3534

Hedge Trimming

& Landscaping

• Hedge Trimming/Garden Maintenance

• Trees and Shrubs Topped Shaped or Removed

• Arborist

• Trenching and Digging Buckets

• Landscaping/Water Systems

• Cleanups Available for Small and Large Hedges

• Wood Splitter for Hire

• Fully Insured

• Hedge Trimming/Garden Maintenance

• Trees & Shrubs Topped Shaped or Removed

• Arborist

• Trenching & Digging Buckets

• Landscaping/Water Systems

• Cleanups Available for Small & Large Hedges

• Wood Splitter for Hire

• Fully Insured




Stu Reid Owner Operator

Ph: (03) 325-4664 Mob: 021-500-519

burns hotter

for longer

Kent: 021 325 661


Animals Livestock/



3rd cut, $20+.

Prebbleton area.

Ph 325 2660


& Supplies



Medium square

bales $70 delivered

* No minimum

Small bales $7

Minimum delivery 21 bales

Phone: 021 077 3692



PeA strAw


Small bales



Alex Hayward

03 324 4094


Log Fires

Pellet Fires

Heat Pumps




Free Quotes

03 343 1651

472 Blenheim Rd

21 Manion Road, Rolleston

To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required

Fully insulated and double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes from $80 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m

Large 4.2m x 2.4m | Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m

Visit our website

for display cabin locations


Reid TouRs

Mt Cook Sat 14th August $55 pp

Two Passes Sat 4th September $45pp

NOW Call Reid Tours 0800 446 886


Situations Vacant



(to cover sickness and annual leave)

More details available from:

Jessica Watson


To apply please send a CV and covering letter to:

Teacher In Charge of Relief

Ellesmere College

P O Box 52

Leeston 7656

Full Time Delivery and Sales Role

Due to a change of roles within our business we are looking

for another awesome full time team member.

This person will provide excellent customer service while

completing deliveries to our trade and retail customers and

collecting orders from our suppliers around Canterbury.

The role will include sales within our store and yard as

required, and may include preparing customer orders,

merchandising, stock control, yard maintenance and other

tasks as required.

A full drivers licence is required, along with being physically

fit to meet the demands of delivering and collecting building

supplies. Knowledge of timber and building supplies would

be an advantage. The successful candidate will be required

to hold a current forklift licence; however training will be

provided to obtain this if needed.

Our ideal candidate will be someone who has a great

attitude, is flexible, reliable, responsible, and able to adapt

to change.

The hours of work will be Monday to Friday (rostered

between 7am and 5pm) with an additional Saturday

morning (8am-12pm) every few weeks.

All applications or requests for a job description should be

directed to Sally Lemon,, by

Saturday 17th July

Accounts and Office Administrator

Due to continued growth BuildLink Selwyn is now looking

to employ a full-time accounts and office administrator.

Key areas of responsibility include:

• Accounts receivable

• Accounts payable

• Bank reconciliations

• Month end processing

• Accounts to trial balance

• PAYE/GST returns

• Matching packing slips to invoices to statements

• Bookkeeping

• Management Reporting

• The role may grow to include other tasks

(As influenced by the successful candidate’s skill

set, previous experience, and personal interests)

The successful candidate will have the following skills

and experience:

• Strong attention to detail, ability to be well

organised and self-managed

• Computer skills – proficiency using Outlook, Word

and Excel

• Have previously used an accounting-based

computer system in the past would be an advantage

Being part of a small team, we require someone who is

flexible, reliable and responsible.

All applications or requests for job descriptions should be

directed to Sally Lemon, by

Saturday 17th July


$8.00 incl. GST

Wednesday July 14 2021 Selwyn Times 43

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Public Notices

Sorry, we are

no longer accepting


Star Media wish to advise

we no longer accept cheques as

payment for advertising, events

or accounts due to changes in

bank processes.

We do offer a range of other

payment options including cash,

EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, debit

card and online.

Vehicles Wanted










We use world class vehicle

depollution systems

0800 77 80 80

Public Notices


High Explosive

Hand Grenade Practise

15-16 July 2021

The general public is to be advised that a New

Zealand Army Exercise will be conducted in

the West Melton Rifle Range area over the

period 15-16 July 2021

The exercise will involve up to 60 personnel

of 2/1 Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry

Regiment from Burnham Military Camp.

Training will involve soldiers throwing HE

Hand Grenades from 10am until 4pm.

The New Zealand Army takes fire risk seriously

and will ensure fire mitigation is present.

For more information please contact

Warrant Officer Class Two

Bill Henderson on 021 959 441.

Operative Selwyn District Plan

Clause 7 of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act, 1991



Yoursection Limited has requested to rezone approximately 24.7 hectares of Rural Inner

Plains-zoned land to Living Z in Rolleston. Selwyn District Council notified the private

plan change request (PC75) for public consultation on 5 May 2021, and submissions

closed on 2 June 2021.

A summary of the submissions on PC75, along with a copy of the original submissions,

is now available for viewing online at Council libraries and service centres, and online

at A hard copy of this information is available for viewing at

Council’s Rolleston Headquarters.

Further submissions

Further submissions may only be lodged by the following:

· Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; and

· Any person that has an interest in the plan change greater than the interest the public

has; and

· The local authority itself.

Further submissions must be limited to matters either in support of or in opposition to an

original submission made on PC75. This must be in writing and in accordance with Form 6,

which is available from any Council service centre or online at

Further submissions may be:

· posted to: Planning Department, Selwyn District Council, PO Box 90, Rolleston 7643

Attention: Further Submission on PC75

· delivered to: A Selwyn District Council service centre in Darfield, Leeston, Lincoln

or Rolleston.

· emailed to: (Subject line: Further submission on PC75)

· made online:

A person who makes a further submission must also serve a copy of it on the person

who lodged the original submission no later than five working days after a copy is

provided to the Council.

The closing date for further submissions is 5pm Wednesday 28 July 2021.

More information

For further information regarding this private plan change or the process outlined above,

please contact Council’s Strategy and Policy Planner Jocelyn Lewes on 0800 SELWYN

(735 996) or

Public Notice

Something for everyone

Available in all good bookstores and supermarkets, or subscribe from as little as $20.




















9 416770 121332










rrp $10.99

9 416770 121325

MAY 2021














$9.25 incl. GST

ISSN 2423-0626

meet 20 of our Kiwi garden favourites

From abelia to


& all the varieties

in between

Why we

like them

& where they

like to grow

AuTumN 2021

The Shrub Hub

How to keep your

shrub in shape

& propagate more

of those you love

growing with you Issue 504 | May 2021 | 100%

A tropicAl


Grow your own

bird of paradise


on CaCti

Faran Gillbanks

on a succulent


9 416770 121318

Roses on the wishlist

Hot new releases for 2021

Space iSSueS?

Try gardening

like the French

The lowdown on

cover crops

Why, when & how

For the motoring


For the

rugby fans

For the seasonal


For the green


growing with you 100%

Rugby News & Kiwi Gardener: 0800 77 77 10 Classic Driver & General: 0800 624 295

44 Selwyn Times Wednesday July 14 2021


the BeSt PRoPeRtieS AcRoSS

the SelWYn DiStRict


Week commencing WeDneSDAY, 14th JUlY, 2021

Crafting the

perfect loan

for you.

Sharon Hunt - Mortgage Advisor

0274 339 752

Alert!! First home buyer wanted!!!

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 Living: 1 Carport: 1

Low maintenance and full of personality, this Summerhill stone

property represents the perfect first home or investment

opportunity near the heart of Rolleston.

The home’s unique architecture and interior archways exude

distinct character, and there is ample scope for buyers to update

and stamp their mark on the property. Furthermore, the neutral

colour scheme and partial updates, including those in the kitchen,

ensure the home is entirely comfortable before you commence

any renovations. The kitchen naturally interacts with the dining

zone and features a breakfast bar for casual meals or conversation.

A lounge adjoins the dining area and features sliding doors that

welcome you outside.

A family bathroom services the three bedrooms, while the inclusion

of a heat pump and wood burner assures a comfortable climate.

Situated upon an easy-care and fully fenced 451sqm parcel of

land, the garden hosts a good amount of grassed area which will be

valued by those with pets or young ones.

Positioned close to the exceptional selection of amenities on offer

in Rolleston, you are also a short distance from in-zone Rolleston

School, which is an advantage to any growing family.

This permanent material property will attract both home buyers

and investors who are looking to establish a foothold in the market.

Listing ID: ROU89978

Deadline Sale - closing 22nd July 2021

at 4pm (unless sold prior)

Angela Hunt


Mobile: 021 548 777


Holly Siddons


Mobile: 020 4153 5251


Address: 15 William Street, Rolleston

Open homes: Thu 15th July 4.30-5.00pm, Sun 18th July 1.00-1.30pm

Meet your

Selwyn team

Tony Quayle

Sarah Yeates

Angela Hunt Karen Harper


Holly Siddons

Xi Irvine

Chris Coupland

Penny Dadson-Clausen

Noel Lowery

Malcolm McNaughton

Tanya Marrillier

Monty Marrillier

Nicola Bray

Dawn Pollard

Jannetta Thomas

Shar Simon

Gareth Cox

Fliss Cox

Matt Collier

Justin Le Leivre

Property Brokers Selwyn

P 03 929 0306

Grant McIlroy

Amy Jones

Bev Saunders

Kate Mckenzie

Samantha Urry

Cara Johnson

Jade Lee

Anna Nurse

Lauren McIlroy

Proud to

be here

Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008



Rolleston 151 Curraghs Road


The Curraghs

12 Lifestyle Blocks, all 10 acres for sale right here in Rolleston. Flat arable land that has all the trappings of country

living whilst a stones throw from Rolleston's Shopping Precinct. Build the home of your dreams, or get the tractor out

and grow a crop or two.

Fenced with power and telecommunications to the gate. Properties like this do not come along often.

Under the hammer on the 7th of August between 1.30 and 3.30 in the Banquet Room at the Melton Estate. See you


Auction 1.30pm, Sat 7th Aug, 2021

View By appointment


Malcolm McNaughton

M 027 297 4297


Justin Le Lievre

M 022 628 1306


Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008 |

Proud to be here


[Edition datE]



should you make a will?

If you have just bought your first home or

already own a property, then the answer to

this is yes.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest

investments you may make during your


It is, therefore, necessary to decide who

will be the benefactor/s of your property and

belongings should you suddenly pass away. To

do this, you need to create a will. A will states

who receives what in the event of your death.

According to the Public Trust, over 50%

of New Zealanders do not have a will. Young

people, aged from 25 to 39 years, who are

financially independent, feature highly in this

area, and yet they are a group more likely to

indulge in adventurous holidays and take part

in risky extreme sports. Accumulated assets of

this age group might include a bike, car, TV,

house, and furniture, along with a vast range

of electronic and digital gear.

With the arrival of a family, having a will in

place is even more essential and yet, according

to the survey taken in 2014, only 30% of 25-40

year-olds, with children, have a will in place.

A will not only legally takes care of the

property, and the monetary side of things but

can also state who will take care of children in

the event of an untimely death.

What happens if there is no will

The lack of a will can create problems

over who will benefit from the estate - this

is especially important if there are children,

de facto relationships, children from

previous relationships, family members with

addictions, or where a business is involved.

Where there is no will, the estate goes into

‘intestacy’, which means a court will appoint

an administrator, who does the same job

as an executor, to manage the estate. The

administrator has the authority to act on

behalf of the deceased and applies to the High

Court for letters of administration (power to

administrate the estate).

The Administration Act 1969 provides a

code to be followed that ensures the estate is

administered in order of priority. (Check out

Wills at

Save time and money

Before meeting with your lawyer, and to

help save time and money, decide in advance

how you want to distribute your will –

determine who will receive what.

You can also create a DIY will online,

but if the distribution of your property is

complicated, you may need to contact a

lawyer for additional help.

For your will to be valid and legally binding

it must be signed in front of two witnesses,

who also must sign it. The witnesses are not in

any way responsible for what is in the will or

its execution.

Four steps to creating a will

1. Nominate an executor – the person who

will manage the distribution of your property.

2. Choose how you want to be buried or

cremated, and how you want your funeral

to be held, i.e. small and private, at a church,

or in a garden. Make sure family or friends

know in advance what you want to happen, as

the reading of the will may not be before the


3. Appoint a guardian/s for your children

(if under 18) and your pets. Discuss this with

prospective guardians, so they are prepared

and understand their responsibility.

4. Decide who will receive what and how

much; this may include money, property,

and personal belongings, as well as selected


List your home with us,

we will save you thousands.

We don’t cut corners - only costs

Accelerating success.

Get in touch with Tony or Julz today!

*GST, admin & minimum fee apply

Total Realty Ltd, MREINZ Licensed Agent

REAA 2008

Deadline Sale - Negotiable Over $509,000

Negotiable Over $629,000

Negotiable Over $559,000





3 1 1 1

3 1 2 2

3 1 2 2

2/19 Colchester Place


Set amongst other quality homes in the very

sought-after area of Templeton is this very

family friendly home. Living near the end of a

cul-de-sac means that peace and quiet can

be enjoyed and the reserve is just a few doors

down and is a desirable spot for picnics, walks

or some tranquil moments in the outdoors.

3 Meadows Drive


This immaculately presented 3 year old, threebedroom,

two bathroom home is ready for you

to move in and enjoy as all the hard work has

been done. Situated in a popular subdivision

this property offers spacious open plan

kitchen, dining, and living areas, and fabulous

indoor/outdoor flow to a choice of two patio


4 Kennington Drive


Situated on a lovely 431m2 (approx) site and

built late 2019, this home is as good as new,

which means all you need to do is move in

and put your own stamp on it. Based in

Faringdon subdivision, this well-designed

home will attract interest from a wide range of

prospective purchasers.

“Initially we were attracted to Total Realty due to

the low commission but we were sold on Total

Realty because of Julz. Highly impressed with

Julz. She handled the whole process brillantly

and the bonus was that she’s a really nice

person too!”

J & L Walter

Call Tony Walley

027 448 2625

Call Tony Walley

027 448 2625

Call Tony Whalley

027 448 2625

Call Julz Evans

027 393 6472

Selwyn Team: Tony Whalley - 027 448 2625 | Julz Evans - 027 393 6472

Just makes total sense - 0800 663 737 - total


Four Seasons Realty

Four Seasons Realty














So if you’re a driven, passionate and motivated

individual, we’d be very interested in talking to you!

No other industry will provide you with a Nationally

recognised qualification and unlimited earning

potential with such low entry costs.

Find out what it takes to succeed in real estate!

Phone for a confidential chat

James Twiss 027 421 1164

Four Seasons Realty

Hornby Office | Lincoln Office | Rolleston Office

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008



to our Top 20 Sales Consultants

April - June 2021

Our Top 20 Sales Consultants exemplify everything Harcourts Four Seasons

believes in - experience, local knowledge, professionalism, focus and

commitment. Our outstanding results are all thanks to our clients. We take

pride in working harder, adding value and getting the best results for

you. If you want a team where outstanding service = outstanding results,

talk to a Harcourts Four Seasons Sales Consultant today!

Mitch & Mana


Harley Manion


Katie Harrison


Richard & Sue Woerlee


Lyn & Nicholas Martin


Steve Alfeld


Glen Young


Sue & Gemma Roberts


Stevie Golding


Christine Tallott


Shona Robb


Jayne Martin


Jimmy Pattinson


Jackie Frame


Lisa Tippen


Caine Hopcroft


Nathan Gilbert


Jason Day


Rhiannon Moss


Shona Pearce


Your home for local property

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

0800 789 10 11

Four Seasons Realty




Due to continued success as Selwyn’s leading

Real Estate team, we need more homes to

satisfy these genuine waiting buyers.

Please, if you can help, call us today!


3-4 bedrooms

Open plan living

Off street parking or triple garaging

Price up to $800,000


Georgia Schofield 027 887 7282


3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Price up to $620,000


Georgia Schofield 027 887 7282

Rolleston/Lincoln/West Melton

3-4 bedrooms

Home 200m2 plus

Section 1000m2 plus

Price up to $950,000


Georgia Schofield 027 887 7282


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Outdoor entertaining area

Decking or space to build decking

Price up to $600,000


Kresha Ross 022 014 3183


3-4 bedrooms, new build

Any section size

Land 2 acres

Price up to $685,000


Mandie Ashwell 027 552 4478


3-4 bedrooms

Any age considered

Price up to $575,000


Mandie Ashwell 027 552 4478

West Melton

4 bedrooms

2 living areas

Section 1200m2 - 3000m2

Price up to $1,200,000


Mandie Ashwell 027 552 4478


3-4 bedrooms

Section 500m2 - 800m2

Price up to $700,000


Mandie Ashwell 027 552 4478


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Section 700m2, caravan parking

Walking distance to primary school

Price $800,000 - $1,100,000


Kate Cameron 027 688 8057


3-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms

Potential to add value

2 car garaging

Price $550,000 - $650,000


Kate Cameron 027 688 8057

Lincoln/Prebbleton/Tai Tapu

3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

3 car garaging or 2 plus a workshop

Section 650m2 minimum

Price $800,000 - $950,000


Kate Cameron 027 688 8057


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

2 car garaging, 2000 build or newer

Section 600m2 plus

Price $600,000 - $650,000


Kate Cameron 027 688 8057


3-4 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Section 700m2 plus

Price $600,000 - $700,000


Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874


4+ bedrooms

With dual living

3 bathrooms preferred

Any section size


Rebecca Grose 021 266 2173



Liffey Springs

Section 650m2 plus

Any price considered


Rebecca Grose 021 266 2173

Rolleston & Surrounds

Bare land block

2-4 acres

Price up to $750,000


Felicity D-C 027 779 9006


4 bedrooms

3 car garaging

Section 1000m2 - 1300m2

Price up to $900,000


Greg Brockbank 021 262 9761


3-4 bedrooms

2 car garaging

Section 500m2 - 800m2

Price up to $700,000


Greg Brockbank 021 262 9761


Section wanted

Greater than 1000m2

Any price considered


Morgan Cathro 021 034 2147

Rolleston & Surrounds

3+ bedrooms

Investment Property

Price up to $650,000


Felicity D-C 027 779 9006

Are you considering selling? Do you have a property that matches one of these descriptions?

Contact us now for a no obligation appraisal

If you want to get SOLD, call us TODAY

Ray White Rolleston 347 9988 | Ray White West Melton 347 9933 | Ray White Lincoln 325 7299

Ray White Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)


Due to continued success as Selwyn’s leading

Real Estate team, we need more homes to

satisfy these genuine waiting buyers.

Please, if you can help, call us today!


3 bedrooms

Double garage

Section 500m2 plus

Price up to $645,000


Lorraine Gardiner 021 207 6661


4 bedrooms, 2 living areas

Ideally Faringdon & surrounds

Flexible on section size

Price up to high $800,000’s


Nick Booth 027 306 3186


4 bedrooms, 2 living areas

Separate laundry & walk-in pantry

Section 700m2 plus

Price up to $970,000


Courtney Hopkins 027 291 8979


3-4 bedrooms

Modern or in need of renovation

Section 700m2 plus

Price up to $850,000


Courtney Hopkins 027 291 8979


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

2 living areas

Faringdon sub-division

Price up to $800,000


Leisa Webster 027 722 5537


2 bedrooms

1+ bathrooms

Faringdon sub-division

Price up to $600,000


Leisa Webster 027 722 5537


Desperately seeking

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Nice spec, 2-3 car garaging

Price up to $800,000


Leisa Webster 027 722 5537

Rolleston/Lincoln/West Melton

3-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Nicely situated with nice outlook

Section 700m2 - 1200m2

Price up to $950,000


Leisa Webster 027 722 5537


3-4 bedrooms

Less than 5 years old

Cash buyers wanting quick settlement

Price up to $900,000


Trina Rea 027 424 6901

Lincoln/Rolleston/West Melton

3-4 bedrooms

Large section 900m2 plus

Price up to $850,000


Trina Rea 027 424 6901


3-4 bedrooms

Price up to $750,000


Trina Rea 027 424 6901


3 bedrooms

Price up to $650,000


Trina Rea 027 424 6901


3-4 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Newer high spec home

Price $750,000 - $900,000


Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874

Tai Tapu/Lincoln/Rolleston

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Extra sheds for cars

Land 2 acres

Price $800,000 - $1,000,000


Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874


4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

High specifications

Section 1000m2 plus

Price up to high $800,000’s


Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874


Lifestyle block

Bare land 2 acres plus

Suitable to build dream home on

Closer to Christchurch preferred


Dwayne Bloomfield 021 163 9874


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Parking for 19ft caravan

Large workshop or room to add one

Price up to $900,000


Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955


2-3 bedrooms

1-2 bathrooms

Flexible on section size

Price up to $540,000


Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955


Clearview school zone

3-4 bedrooms, 1+ bathrooms

Flexible on section size

Price up to $600,000


Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955


3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Section 700m2 plus

Price up to $850,000


Amanda Cherry 027 340 6955

Are you considering selling? Do you have a property that matches one of these descriptions?

Contact us now for a no obligation appraisal

If you want to get SOLD, call us TODAY

Ray White Rolleston 347 9988 | Ray White West Melton 347 9933 | Ray White Lincoln 325 7299

Ray White Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)



[Edition datE]

Marketing your property –

what does it mean?

Marketing a property is more than presentation and advertising.

Conceptually, marketing is identifying

what prospective buyers are looking for

then providing this. For example, larger

homes and sections may appeal more

to families. Young couples starting out,

generally have tight budgets leading

them to smaller properties, while older

people may be looking to downsize.

Brand new has a particular appeal

however there will always be a market for

established homes. Having a picture in

your mind of the type of buyer will help

in determining the features to emphasise.

If repairs and maintenance need to be

carried out before putting the property

on the market, seek the advice of a real

estate agent. They can advise on what

tasks are worth completing and what

might be unnecessary expense.

Installing a new kitchen or changing

the carpet may lift the house but will

the expense be recouped in the sale

price? On the other hand, modernising

an outdated kitchen or bathroom could

make a huge difference to the look of

the place. Avoid going overboard unless

the capital value of properties in the area

justifies this.

Real estate agents are in contact with

prospective buyers so aware of what they

are looking for. Draw on their expertise

and advice to help make the most of the

selling opportunity.

Establishing a relevant and fair price

for a property is important. Most

agents calculate this based on the price

properties in the area have sold for, and

what a particular property has to offer.

A unique or exceptional property may

justify a higher price, though run-down

properties can gain more than they

appear to merit. This might be due to the

area or other factors that suggest a good


When promoting a property, mix it up

and be creative so your property stands

out from the rest. TradeMe is a must;

checked by most people looking to buy.

Present the features the property offers as

benefits to potential buyers.

Erect a sign outside the property.

People stop and look at photographs and

this might spark sufficient interest for

them to visit an open home. Spending

a fortune on massive advertising

campaigns in every media might seem a

way to attract potential buyers but may

be an unnecessary expense without the

return. A better philosophy could be a

little often. This will depend on the value

of the property, your budget and how

best to reach target buyers.

Buyer perception is also significant.

For example, properties that sit for a

while can become stale. Resting the

property by taking it off the market for

a short time, then relisting perhaps in

spring or when sales in the area appear

to lift a little, can make a difference.

However, if a property does not sell

immediately there is no need for panic or

dropping the price. It may simply be that

the right buyer has not yet come along. If

the mix is right your property will sell.

2 [Edition datE]

this Week’s

Buying and



thursday 24 th september

in winter

11.45am – 12.15pm

12.00pm – 12.45pm

1.00pm – 1.30pm

49B Hay Street, Bromley

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

38 Lanner Drive, Rolleston

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

142 Aberdeen Road, Prebbleton

Ray White Rolleston

Spring is generally considered the

best time to sell a home. Many houses

look their best in the warmer weather

when the sun is streaming through the

windows and the garden has fresh new

growth and spring flowers abloom.

11.45am – 12.15pm

With this in mind, it might seem

pointless selling in winter yet there are



buyers out

– 12.30pm

looking, and with fewer

Property Brokers

properties on the market winter can be

an ideal 1.15pm time – 1.45pm to list your home. Less

Property Brokers

competition could translate to more

buyers considering your home.

If people are out looking at homes on

cold grey days it means they are serious

about buying so may be more likely to

make 11.00am an offer. – 11.30am

In winter, buyers can assess Ray White the Lincoln

warmth 11.00am of a – home 11.30am and see the garden

with less foliage and growth. Visiting

after 11.00am heavy rain – 11.30am allows buyers to observe

the home’s condition as Property issues like Brokers

drainage problems or outdoor areas

11.00am – 11.30am

where water pools might Property be evident. Brokers

If currently looking for land to build

11.15am – 11.45am

on or choosing a house design for a

section, visit the section at various times

11.45am – 12.15pm

of the day to assess where the sun will

come into the home. Remember, the sun

is lower 11.45am in the – 12.15pm sky in winter so penetrate

further inside than it will in summer.

saturday 26 th september

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.30pm

12.00pm – 12.45pm

49B Hay Street, Bromley

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

18 Perthshire Crescent, Lincoln

21 Oates Street, Lincoln

sunday 27 th september

560 East Maddisons Road, Rolleston

16 Twyford Street, Bishopdale

Ray White Rolleston

96 Renior Drive, Rolleston

4 Ruby Drive, Rolleston

34 Manor Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

164 Brookside Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

49B Hay Street, Bromley

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

2 Ritso Street, Darfield

Property Brokers

18 Perthshire Crescent, Lincoln

Property Brokers

39 Bradbury Ave, Rolleston

Property Brokers

7 Raptor Street, Rolleston

Property Brokers

22 Lansdowne Way, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

38 Lanner Drive, Rolleston

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

12.15pm – 12.45pm

12.15pm – 12.45pm

12.30pm – 1.00pm

12.45pm – 1.15pm

This exercise will 12.45pm help you – 1.15pm appreciate

which house designs will best suit your

piece of land as well 12.45pm as where – 1.15pm windows,

exterior doors, indoor/outdoor flow and

outside living areas 12.45pm will – be 1.15pm best placed

for maximum sun on cooler days. Bear

in mind other seasonal factors such as

1.00pm – 1.30pm

the potential for strong northwest winds

in spring and hot dry summer days.

1.00pm – 1.30pm

If selling a property, you will want it

to look good. Clean up the garden, clip

back dead wood 1.00pm on trees – 1.30pm and shrubs

and weed garden beds. Mulching will

make the garden 1.00pm tidier – too. 1.30pm Add colour

with flowers which bloom in winter

like calendula, hellebores, 1.00pm – 1.30pm lobelia,

pansies and polyanthus. Fill gaps in

your herbaceous borders with trees and

1.00pm – 1.30pm

shrubs which offer variation of colour

like bronze and variegated foliage or

1.00pm – 1.30pm

flowering species such as camellia. Keep

it simple as a fussy looking garden will

give the impression 1.00pm it requires – 1.30pm a lot

of work to keep it tidy. Many people

however, want easy 1.00pm care. – 1.30pm

Real estate agents always recommend

de-cluttering inside 1.00pm and – 1.30pm outside. Too

many ornaments, wall hangings and

furniture take the eye away from the

1.00pm – 1.30pm

features of the home and will make

the rooms look smaller. An unclean

1.00pm – 2.00pm

1.00pm – 2.00pm

1.15pm – 1.45pm

1.30pm – 2.00pm

1.30pm – 2.00pm

1.30pm – 2.00pm

37 Seymour Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

40 Ariki Place, Hei Hei

Ray White Rolleston

18A Leeston And Lake Road, Leeston

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

8 Rossington Drive, West Melton

Ray White Lincoln

or untidy home will also make it less

appealing. Create a warm inviting

atmosphere with fresh flowers, scented

candles and essential oils (though not

too strong), and the odd ornament.

Heat all rooms before an open home

(especially on dreary days) so viewers

are not walking into cold rooms.

The more appeal the home has the

more chance a potential buyer will make

a good offer.

17 Randolph Street, Woolston

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

24 Mountain View Place, Leeston

Bayleys Canterbury

321 Old Tai Tapu Road, Tai Tapu

Bayleys Canterbury

23 Byron Street, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

59 Fergus Road, Loburn

Bayleys Canterbury

36 Shillingford Drive, Rolleston

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

40 Rossall Crescent, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

33 Riverstone Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

9 Marshs Road, Templeton

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

13 Friars Lane, Leeston

Matson & Allan Leeston

11 Rossington Drive, West Melton

Matson & Allan Rolleston

319A Old Tai Tapu Road, Tai Tapu

Matson & Allan Rolleston

1 Craigieburn Street, Darfield

Property Brokers

1 Lignite Drive, Rolleston

Property Brokers

145 Ansons Road, Darfield

Property Brokers

15 Mcilraith Street, Darfield

Property Brokers

21 Oates Street, Lincoln

Property Brokers

23 Armack Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

142 Aberdeen Road, Prebbleton

Ray White Rolleston

17 Rosamond Way, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

1.45pm – 2.15pm

1.45pm – 2.15pm

1.45pm – 2.15pm

1.45pm – 2.15pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.00pm – 2.30pm

2.15pm – 3.00pm

2.30pm – 3.30pm

2.30pm – 3.00pm

2.30pm – 3.00pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

2.45pm – 3.15pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.00pm – 3.30pm

3.15pm – 3.45pm

3.30pm – 4.00pm

348 Dunns Crossing Road, Rolleston

Property Brokers

10 Rembrandt Drive, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

2 Whitehorn Drive, Lincoln

Ray White Lincoln

543 Drain Road, Leeston

Bayleys Canterbury

78 Leadleys Road, Ladbrooks

Bayleys Canterbury

If people are out

looking at homes

on cold grey days

it means they are

serious about buying

so may be more likely

to make an offer.

51 Swamp Road, Loburn

Bayleys Canterbury

6 Juliet Place, Rolleston

Ray White West Melton

96 Renior Drive, Rolleston

Property Brokers

3 Taiaroa Place, Southbridge

Matson & Allan Leeston

3A Taiaroa Place, Southbridge

Matson & Allan Leeston

15A William Street, Rolleston

Matson & Allan Rolleston

39 Tyrone Street, Belfast

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty

42 Southbrook Road, Rangiora

Bayleys Canterbury

Torlesse Estate, Creyke Road, Darfield

Matson & Allan Darfield

26 Spackman Avenue, Springston

Bayleys Canterbury

1 Rossington Drive, West Melton

Ray White Rolleston

122 Lowes Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston

5 Ryan Place, Tai Tapu

Ray White Rolleston

112 Branthwaite Drive, Rolleston

Matson & Allan Rolleston

39 Bradbury Ave, Rolleston

Property Brokers

19 Riwai Street, Templeton

Property Brokers

41 West Belt, Rangiora

Bayleys Canterbury

300 Two Chain Road, Rolleston

Ray White Rolleston


For full details of all

Open Homes, please

contact the Real

Estate companies


Rolleston 03 347 9988

West Melton 03 347 9933

Lincoln 03 325 7299


Rolleston 03 929 0306

Darfield 03 975 4506

Leeston 03 929 0306

Lincoln 03 595 6954


Harcourts Hornby 03 349 9919

Harcourts Rolleston 03 347 4711

Harcourts Lincoln 03 662 9933


Rolleston 03 347 9949

Darfield 03 318 8204

Leeston 03 324 3704



Potential buyers are likely to be living in your

neighbourhood, it’s an area that they already love and

are actively seeking to stay in. That’s why it makes sense

to advertise your property in the Selwyn Property Guide.

We are the only media

that reaches across the

entire Selwyn District.



Arthur’s Pass



Glentunnel DarfieldTempleton


Burnham Lincoln

Dunsandel Tai Tapu


For cost effective, highly targeted advertising that

delivers results, contact a local Real Estate Company

that advertises in the Selwyn Property Guide.

A large, quality home sited in a private and established

5021m 2 park-like se ting in the sought after Claremont

Estate on the boundary of Christchurch City.

The home features four bedr oms (master with

en suite and walk-in robe), open-plan kitchen, dining

and living along with formal dining, lounge and

conservatory. Great ind or outd or flow to a large

sheltered deck set in sprawling lawns and easy care

gardens with automated watering. Triple car garaging,

security gates, ducted heating, solar energy and

security system are just a few of the many extras on

offer with this property. There is a separate standalone

spacious office/studio that gives options for

those who require a dedicated work from home space

or alternatively, r om for a dependant relative.

Set amongst other quality homes on larger sections,

Selwyn Times

Auction (unless sold prior)

Thursday 19 October, 2pm

411 Blenheim Road

Karen Hennessy


karen.he ne sy@p

W ek commencing Tuesday, 3Rd ocToBeR 2017

Brand new ‘show stopper’ with 4 car garaging

As always, this builder has finished his latest new build to

perfection, incorporating a l the ‘must haves’ and more for

the discerning buyer. Situated on a 12 0m 2 section, with

an established backdrop, the substantial 315m 2 fl or plan

provides the ultimate in family living options. The su ny &

spacious open plan living r om boasts a designer kitchen

with 90cms oven, stone bench tops & a walk in pantry,

together with define dining, living & study spaces that

The formal lounge als opens to the landscaped garden

& has a boxed high stud ceiling with sound speakers. A l 4

bedr oms are fabulously proportioned qu en sized r oms,

with the master suite providing the perfect parents’ retreat

featuring an amazing dre sing r om with fu l wardrobe

system, a ditional storage & a beautiful tiled ensuite with

double tiled shower, fr estanding bath & twin vanities. The

family bathr om is equa ly elegant with a tiled shower &

twin vanities. Cosy up in front of the log burner, k ep your

toes warm with the under tile heating in the bathr oms &

k ep c ol or warm, as required, a the push of a bu ton with

2 heat pumps.

The home’s practical layout also includes a walk-in linen

r om, a substantial separate laundry, a tic storage with

la der a ce s and last, but certainly not least, hugely sought

after 4 car garaging. From the moment you a proach this

DeaDline Sale:

Closing 4pm on Monday

11th June 2018

(unless sold prior)


Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA 2 08) - West Melton

Sarah Booth


Mobile: 027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford

Mobile: 027 224 4733

Lincoln - 03 325 7299

Ro leston - 03 347 9988

West Melton - 03 347 9933


W ek commencing WeDneSDAY, 23RD mAY 2018

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA 2 08)


14 [Edition datE]

Your guide to all things Real Estate

in the Selwyn District

Hot trends for homes on Pinterest is the ‘go to’ when you’re

looking for ideas for your home, a new

hobby, daily inspirational quotes – in

fact anything you can think of. And

what’s more with the creation of a free

account, you can store ideas you find for

later reference.

The site is ideal when you are building

or redecorating your home. There are

literally thousands of ideas you can

research to pull together a design or

decorating theme that will suite your

style and your family … and you can

have fun doing it too.

So what are the most popular 2021

home trends on Pinterest so far this

year? Check out these three top rating

searches in order of highest to lowest …

Indoor water fountains

If you love the relaxing sound of

trickling water, then an indoor water

fountain could be just the thing to create

a calm and restful ambience in your

home. Water fountains make great destressors

after a busy day at the office and

can help promote a sense of relaxation,

peace and sleep.

Whether you want something small or

decide to make an aesthetic statement

in your home, there are three main

types to choose from – wall mounted,

freestanding or table top. With a wide

range of designs available, an indoor

fountain can not only enhance your

décor but also complement your lifestyle

and help improve your health.

A water fountain can help improve

the quality of air in your home – as

water evaporates it releases negative

ions, which in turn help cleanse the air

you breathe. Moisture from your water

feature can also add more humidity

to the room, helping when you have

congested cold or flu-like symptoms.

Your indoor plants will also thank you

for it too.

Audio rooms

So you’re looking for the perfect place

to sit back, close your eyes and listen to

your favourite playlist or even a good

old fashioned record. Audio rooms are a

thing; more and more people are looking

for ways to enjoy the ultimate listening

experience in their homes.

An audio room should be outfitted

with a good quality speaker system along

with all the options to hook up your

phone, tablet, computer and any other

devices you want to play music from.

Rooms with bare walls and floors are

not considered to be great for acoustics.

Some quick and easy ways to absorb

sound is to install carpet, hang

drapes instead of blinds, and bring

your sofa out from the wall half

a metre to create a buffer zone.

A simple diffuser, which helps

scatter the sound, can be created

using a bookshelf filled with

décor, books and perhaps your old

CD collection. Similarly, special

purpose-designed acoustic diffuser

panels can be bought from a local


Coffee stations

If coffee (or tea) plays a big part

in your day, then a coffee station

is a must have in your home and

a great way to start your day. It

doesn’t need to be elaborate; it

can be a nook or corner on your

kitchen benchtop or it can be a

cupboard completely devoted to

satisfying your coffee connoisseur

needs. Make sure you have

everything you need within reach –

your favourite cups or mugs, sugar,

coffee and tea canisters, teaspoons,

kettle, tea pot, coffee grinder, milk

frother, coffee pods, and coffee machine

(if you have one). Have fun decorating

your station with modern or vintage

finds and artwork. Just like the old

fashioned drinks cabinets of their day,

everything you need for your next coffee

hit will all be in one place and making

your tea or coffee will become a favourite

daily ritual fusing flavour with pleasure.




Quality Home, Private Setting, Sought After Location

extend through sliding d ors to a large deck & covered ‘al

fresco’ entertaining area.

this property maintains a semi-rural f el whilst being

a short, easy commute into the city or ou to Ro leston.

Phone: 03 341 4301

Mobile: 027 967 0186

premium property, you wi l a preciate what a privilege it

would be to be able to ca l it ‘home’.


63 Rossington Drive, West Melton Open Home: Sunday 2.00pm - 2.30pm

EVERY WEDNESDAY inside Selwyn Times

Address: 19 Devine Drive, Templeton Open Home: Sunday 8 & 15 October, 1pm - 1.45pm

Get the power

of three offices

working for you

Your section hunt

starts here

New Falcon’s Landing sales office open, 17 Branthwaite Drive, Ro leston,

Ray White Rolleston,

Lincoln & West Melton

Sales - Property Management - Loan Market

Residential - Lifestyle - Commercial

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 1-3pm. Come, visit and share in our vision

for Ro leston. Or ca l us anytime 03 741 1340. Email

Get your messages into homes throughout

the Selwyn District.

Delivered to every home & rural letterbox

(also available at selected pick up points).

For full information on placing your

advertising call:

Lynette Evans

Ph 021 222 7831 | email:

Printed on

high impact


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For full details of all

Open Homes, please

contact the Real

Estate companies


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Lincoln 03 325 7299


Rolleston 03 929 0306

Darfield 03 975 4506

Leeston 03 929 0306

Lincoln 03 595 6954


Harcourts Hornby 03 349 9919

Harcourts Rolleston 03 347 4711

Harcourts Lincoln 03 662 9933


Rolleston 03 347 9949

Darfield 03 318 8204

Leeston 03 324 3704



Potential buyers are

likely to be living in your

neighbourhood, it’s an

area that they already love

and are actively seeking

to stay in. That’s why it

makes sense to advertise

your property in the

Selwyn Property Guide.

We are the only media

that reaches across the

entire Selwyn District.


Arthur’s Pass




Glentunnel DarfieldTempleton


Burnham Lincoln

Dunsandel Tai Tapu


For cost effective, highly

targeted advertising that delivers

results, contact a local Real

Estate Company that advertises

in the Selwyn Property Guide.










Rural Property

Licensed REAA2008

ROLLESTON - 142 Lowes Road



• 234m 2 four bedroom, two bathroom family home,

built 2006

• 750m 2 fully fenced section

• Two large living areas including separate lounge

• Spacious kitchen/living area

• 300m easy walk to Clearview Primary School

• Separate laundry

• North facing private backyard

ROLLESTON - 18 Raptor Street


• Four bedroom 188m 2 top quality home

• 643m 2 fully fenced private section

• Open plan living with indoor/outdoor flow

• Walk in pantry and stone benchtops

• Fully tiled ensuite shower

• Two heat pumps

• Walk in cylinder/storage STAGE 16 cupboard

• Located in Falcons Landing

• Drive through carpeted garage



Viewing: Sun 1.45pm – 2.15pm

Deadline Sale: All offers are to be presented by

1pm, Wednesday 28th July (unless sold prior)


Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Viewing: Sun 2.45pm – 3.15pm

Deadline Sale: All offers are to be presented by

1pm, Thursday 22nd July (unless sold prior)



Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930







ROLLESTON - 2 Nicolau Avenue


• 175m2 three bedroom home, built 2020

• High quality kitchen features, 90cm freestanding

oven and walk-in pantry

• Master includes fully tiled ensuite and walk-in


• Tiled main bathroom and separate toilet with hand


• Warmed by two heatpumps

• Drive-through double garage

• 474m 2 section with sunny north-facing yard and

Kwila decking

• One minute drive or 600m walk to Foster Park,

Selwyn Aquatic Centre and the new Sports Centre

• Located five minutes walk from Rolleston College

and zoned for Clearview Primary School

ROLLESTON - 20 Kinglear Drive


AREAS • 210m AND 2 four DIMENSIONS bedroom home ARE on APPROXIMATE 780m 2 in central ONLY AND


• Separate lounge

• Open kitchen/dining with quality appliances

• Excellent indoor/outdoor living

• Master includes ensuite and walk-in wardrobe

• Triple car garage and ample hallway storage

• North-facing yard with two patio areas, plus outdoor


• Just 650m walk to Rolleston’s growing town centre

and New World

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Viewing: Sun 2.00pm – 2.30pm

Deadline Sale: All offers are to be presented by

12pm, Thursday 22nd July (unless sold prior)


Amelia Nisbet

027 376 3868


Viewing: Sun 1.00pm – 1.30pm

Deadline Sale: All offers are to be presented by

1pm, Tuesday 27th July (unless sold prior)


Amelia Nisbet

027 376 3868







128 129 130 131





138 140 141 142






Deadline Sale:

All offers to be presented on or before

1pm, Wednesday 28th July 2021

DARFIELD - Creyke Road

(unless sold prior)

COT • 9 Prime Sections PARK ranging 2100m LTD 2 to 5000m - TORLESSE 2

• Restrictive covenants ESTATE, STAGE 3

• Power, fibre and town water to boundary

• Offers below $270,000 will not be considered


• Darfield sewer connection from 01 July 2022 (refer to

Council letter in property file)

• No septic tank required (approx. $20,000 saving)

• Titles due approximately February 2022


To access the property files please visit:

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

ROLLESTON PH: 03 347 9949 LEESTON PH: 03 324 3704 DARFIELD PH: 03 318 8204

Chris Flanagan

027 433 4657

Andrew Taylor

027 435 5930

Jackie Derrick

027 636 3576

Amelia Nisbet

027 376 3868

Stephan Knowler

027 229 9522

Cameron McRae

027 769 6696

Bronwyn van der Pol

022 073 7757

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