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Riding the flood wave










Unlike a stranded motorist, whose car ended up submerged as he attempted to get through the tunnel under Route

128, Lynnfield resident Edward Allen, 23, found a more effective way to get through, using his surfboard last Friday.

Gas leak occurs at Summer Street School

By Sam Minton and Anne

Marie Tobin

LYNNFIELD — Construction crews

at the Summer Street School may

have dug a little too deep on Tuesday

morning after a high pressure gas line

break at 262 Summer Street.

Fire Department Spokesman Jeff

Fiorentino said the department received

a box alarm call at 7:52 a.m.

“A high-pressure gas line was struck

in the front parking lot area of the

Summer Street School and immediately

we called National Grid to the

scene,” Fiorentino said.

Fiorentino said, as a precaution, several

nearby homes were evacuated.

Reid’s Ride

helps to

support a

good cause

by anne marie tobin

LYNNFIELD — Calling all bikers,

runners, walkers and rowers: The annual

Reid’s Ride bike-a-thon is back for a 17th


The theme for this year’s ride, which

will be held on Sunday, July 18, is “Rise

up and Ride, Run, Row or Walk.”

For a second straight year, the event

will be virtual due to the fact that the City

of Gloucester has canceled all events at

Stage Fort Park, the traditional end of the


Reid’s Ride is the primary fundraiser for

The Reid R. Sacco Adolescent & Young

Adult (AYA) Cancer Alliance. The event

was founded by Sacco’s parents, Lorraine

and Gene Sacco, in 2005 in honor of their

son, who waged a two-year battle with

soft tissue sarcoma before dying at the age

of 20 in April 2005.

“Adolescents and young adults diagnosed

with cancer have long been an underserved

population of cancer patients,

yet they compose what we would argue is


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Reid’s Ride helps

support a good cause

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021


From page 1

have long been an underserved

population of cancer patients, yet

they compose what we would

argue is the most productive and

most promising segment of our

society,” said Lorraine Sacco.

The Saccos say that “AYAs are

perched at a pivotal point in life.”

“The path that lies ahead

is the one on which they will

launch their careers and professions,

establish their financial

independence, start their

own families and expand their

professional and social networks

and advocations,” Gene

Sacco said. “For an adolescent

or young adult stricken with

cancer, that path is derailed or,

at best, temporarily put on hold.

Our mission is to make sure

that all AYAs diagnosed with

cancers will survive and thrive

and can quickly resume life as it

was meant to be.”

Participants are invited to

create their own “Reid’s Ride”

and complete it on the morning

of July 18, when participants will

bike, run, row or walk a distance

of their choice as individuals or

small teams in their neighborhoods,

on trails or other venues.

Participants are encouraged to

share short videos and photos of

their ride and send it to Lorraine

Sacco at lorraine.sacco@gmail.

com for inclusion in a single

video that will be posted on the

Reid’s Ride Facebook page.

A fun, new twist this year is the

“Let’s pop a wheelie for AYA”

initiative. The promotion kicked

off Saturday at MarketStreet

where pinwheel-type decorations

were placed around the rotary

at the entrance to the mall.

Plans are also in the works to

install another display at Cerra’s

Market on Route 1 in Saugus.

The promotion runs all week

through Friday, July 16.

For the past 16 years, the goal

of the alliance has been to close

the gaps in medical care and treatment

of adolescents and young

adults diagnosed with cancer.

Sacco said last year’s event raised

$70,000 with the goal for 2021

being to raise $100,000. Reid’s

Ride has raised more than $3

million, helping to establish the

Reid R. Sacco Adolescent and

Youth Cancer Programs/Clinics

at Tufts Medical Center and the

Connecticut Children’s Medical


Lorraine Sacco said the alliance

has led the way in the development

of specialized AYA

cancer programs and clinics.

These programs have, in turn,

developed and implemented innovative

approaches and paradigms

for survivorship planning;

collaborative, AYA-specific and

rare-cancers clinical research;

meeting the economic and psychosocial

challenges faced by

AYA cancer patients and survivors;

and the formal training of

physicians in AYA cancer.

“Reid continues to be the energy

of each and every day. His

love and spirit fill our hearts and

endures with every breath we

take,” said Lorraine. “The precious

bond that we shared when

we were together, we continue

to share that same bond each day

even though we are apart. Reid’s

Ride is for all those precious

bonds that this horrific disease

tries to destroy. Ride or support

a rider and together we will alter

the course for AYA cancers so

they are routinely curable.”

All participants will receive a

2021 17th Annual Reid’s Ride

T-shirt. Other incentives include

a stainless steel, insulated Reid’s

Ride beverage container for individuals

or teams raising more

than $400; $50 restaurant gift

cards for those who raise more

than $750; and an official Reid’s

Ride cycling jersey, Reid’s Ride

AYA Cancer Alliance lapel pin

and a Mariposa tray for those

raising a minimum of $2,000.

To register or make a donation,

go to www.ReidsRide.org.

You don’t have to be a

rider to contribute to the

cause. Non-participants can

make a difference by sending

along photos with hashtags


#DreamTeam2021 and

#AYACancerAlliance to help

keep Reid’s legacy alive.


Pinwheels line the roundabout at MarketStreet Lynnfield in support of Reid’s Ride.

MarketStreet Lynnfield is a big supporter of the 17th Reid’s Ride, scheduled for this Sunday.

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Don Winslow’s


Celebrating 49 Years

MON-FRI 8-5 • SAT. 9-12

166 Holten Street • Danvers

(corner of Center & Collins)

978-762-6366 • 978-535-2474




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JULY 15, 2021

Summer Street gas leak


From page 1

triggers evacuation

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 3

“We did go door-to-door

and evacuated some of the surrounding

buildings and homes in

the neighborhood to make sure

they were safe,” Fiorentino said.

“There were no gas readings in

any houses and the gas was contained

to the construction zone

and the gas company did come

down and shut down the gas.”

Traffic was shut down between

Todd Lane and Elizabeth

with traffic diverted through

those streets to bypass Summer.

By mid-morning the gas was

still shut down, but traffic on

Summer Street had reopened,

Fiorentino said National Grid

was working with the assistance

of some members of the

construction crew.


National Grid was called to the Summer Street School Tuesday

morning to shut down a high-pressure gas line after a leak was

discovered. Several nearby residents were evacuated by the

Lynnfield and Middleton fire departments as a precaution.

The Middleton and Wakefield

fire departments helped with

coverage, with members of the

Middleton department assisting

with evacuations.

“There was no gas in any of

the houses and nobody was in

any danger,” Fiorentino said.

The gas leak comes on the heels

of a $17 million construction

project that is currently underway

at the property. According to reports,

an excavator was the culprit

who struck the gas line.

Bah, humbug: It’s

Christmas in July

By Anne Marie Tobin

LYNNFIELD — It’s going

to be a spirited Christmas in

July — as in, the new Ryan

Reynolds and Will Ferrell

Apple TV+ movie “Spirited,”

a musical remake-of-sorts of

the Charles Dickens classic, “A

Christmas Carol.”

The movie, which also stars

Oscar-winning actress Octavia

Spencer, was on location last

Wednesday on Joseph Lane.

Many of the home’s windows

were draped with black coverings

to simulate nighttime.

The tiny street was full of large

production trucks and cranes,

and activity on the street was

constant, with crew members

coming and going all day from

staging camps at the middle and

high schools.

A source familiar with the

movie said filming was expected

to last until 10 p.m.,

complete with a snow-making

machine to add a seasonal,

wintry touch to the holiday


Lynnfield residents Anntonia

Taylor, Sydney Jeab-Simon and

Emily Vath said they had been

waiting for about an hour in

the heat to get a glimpse of the


Vath, a theater major at Point

Park University in Pittsburgh,

said she was impressed with

the level of detail going into the


“It’s amazing how many

people and trucks and things

there are that go into a movie,”

she said. “It’s really fun just

watching all of the people it

needs to make it happen.”

Joseph Lane resident Kathy

Sieger said she was thrilled to

see both Reynolds and Ferrell

arrive, both of them waving to

onlookers as they made their

way inside the home. So far, she

said, the production has gone

without a hitch on her street.

“It’s been great; yes there has

been traffic, but it’s really been

nothing,” she said.

“From what we (the neighbors)

have been told, they will

be filming here just today,

maybe into the night, but so

far everyone has been so nice

and accommodating. We haven’t

seen too much yet, but it’s

been really cool watching the

crews put up the set. We had

been told we might be able to

go inside and watch, but with

COVID, I don’t think that is

being allowed.

“But it’s been good and we

have had no issues at all on the

street. Their crews have been

excellent and so friendly.”

Multiple trade publications

indicate that the filming will

continue through October at

several other Greater Boston

locations, including the South

Shore Mall in Braintree.


The Lynnfield Housing Authority’s two properties saw no cases

of COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.

No COVID-19 cases

in public housing

during pandemic

By Allysha Dunnigan


Lynnfield Housing Authority

is celebrating a tremendous

feat: The group made it through

the pandemic with zero cases of

COVID-19 in either of its units.

The housing authority has

64 units for the elderly and disabled

at 600 Ross Drive and

another eight units for disabled

residents on Main Street. With

over 70 individuals living in

an LHA facility, the Authority

didn’t have a single COVID-19

case, even in times when the

virus was spreading rapidly

through homes and housing

units for the elderly last year.

LHA Chairman James Wilkie

credited the hard work of the

authority’s employees and

volunteers, as well as the dedication

and caution of the residents,

for this great success.

Wilkie said that, in an effort

to minimize contact and practice

social distancing, the LHA

partnered with the local food

bank Good Hope Inc. to serve

the residents in the facility.

Every week, Good Hope Inc.

brought in food staples and necessities

such as toilet paper,

paper towels, soap, hand sanitizer,

laundry detergent and


There was a system to this

weekly delivery which enforced

COVID-19 safety guidelines:

Each resident was given

a time slot to pick up their food

and household supplies. By

having a designated time slot,

Wilkie said, the residents minimized

interactions with others,

and did not run the risk of getting

near anybody else.

“It was really a great benefit

to the residents,” Wilkie said.

“Those that didn’t have friends

or family to shop for them could

get what they needed through

the food bank so they didn’t

have to risk going to the store.”

Wilkie said the partnership

with Good Hope Inc. was a

great success and was key to assisting

residents in need during

the pandemic.

As for the housing authority

as a whole, Wilkie said the current

two properties are all they

have. He added that they are

always looking at opportunities

to expand, but have nothing

solid planned out right now.

Calvary Christian Church,

47 Grove Street Lynnfield


This Joseph Lane home went from residence to movie set last Wednesday as shooting commenced

on the upcoming Apple TV+ movie, “Spirited,” starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell

and Octavia Spencer.

For Kids, Families, and Car Enthusiasts

Jamie Booth,



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Can’t get to

the store?

Get home


Tuesday, July 6


A report of a motor vehicle

crash at 8:53 a.m. Tuesday at

Everett Bank at 771 Salem St.


A report of a suspicious motor

vehicle at 12:34 p.m. Tuesday at

7 Bryant St. A caller reported

two suspicious vehicles were

parked on the street. Police reported

contractors were working

on the street.


A report of malicious destruction

of property at 11:29 a.m.

Tuesday at 420 Main St. Boris

Zemel, 65, of 420 Main St., was

issued a summons for malicious

destruction of property over


Wednesday, July 7


At 7:26 a.m. Wednesday at

683 Walnut St. and 9 Bluejay

Road. A motor vehicle crash

was reported at 4:17 p.m.

Wednesday at 31 Grey Lane. A

caller reported her neighbor had

fallen on the sidewalk after his

vehicle hit her house. The fire

department was notified.

Thursday, July 8


At 4:29 p.m. Thursday at J.M.

Electrical at 471 N Broadway;

at 9:45 p.m. Thursday at 425

Market St. and 425 Walnut St.


A report of a suspicious

person at 8:57 p.m. Thursday

on Stagecoach Lane. A caller

reported a man on a hoverboard

had knocked on her door

and her neighbor’s door. Police

found nothing upon arrival.


A report of a larceny at 8:57

p.m. Thursday at Herb Chambers

Cadillac at 395 N Broadway.

Friday, July 9


A report of a motor vehicle

crash at 2:57 p.m. Friday at

6 Newhall Road; at 8:15 p.m.

Friday on S Broadway.


A caller reported there was

a large sinkhole in front of his

home at 1 Skinner Lane at 5:36

p.m. Friday. The Department of

Public Works was notified.

Saturday, July 10


At 5:03 p.m. Saturday at

Whole Foods Market at 100

Market St. A report of a motor

vehicle crash with personal injury

at 7:39 p.m. Saturday at 354

S Broadway.

Sunday, July 11


A report of an assault at 12:54

p.m. Sunday on Salem Street.

A caller reported two men were

fighting in the roadway.


A report of a disturbance at

9:38 p.m. Sunday at Huckleberry

Hill School, 5 Knoll Road. A

caller reported kids were on the

roof of the school. Police spoke

with the group of kids.

Jones, Crighton land state

money for town projects

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For the Weekly News

BOSTON — House Minority

Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr.

(R-North Reading) and state

Sen. Brendan P. Crighton

(D-Lynn) secured $100,000 in

state funding to help pay for

Lynnfield’s new war memorial

and improvements to the town


The funding was included as

part of the $48.1 billion fiscal

year 2022 state budget which

was enacted by the House and

Senate on July 9 and is now

before Governor Charlie Baker

for his review. The budget represents

a compromise spending

plan that reconciles the differences

between earlier versions

of the budget approved by the

House in April and the Senate

in May.

Included in the budget is a

$50,000 earmark to assist the

town in constructing a new war

memorial on the green space

adjacent to South Common

Street, across from the Town

Common and near the town’s

existing veterans memorial.

“Senator Crighton and I had

advocated for these two projects

on Lynnfield’s behalf, and

I’m pleased we were able to

work together to ensure that

they were both retained in the

final spending bill,” Jones said.

Another $50,000 has been

allocated to assist with the

continued improvements being

made to the common.

The new memorial will highlight

all of the country’s major

wars from the Revolutionary

War to the present day and will

be inscribed with the names of

the local men and women who

served in those wars.

It will serve as a teaching memorial

to help educate residents

and visitors about Lynnfield’s

history and the sacrifices of

the town’s residents who have

served in the U.S. military.

“The FY22 budget funds two

important local initiatives for

Lynnfield, including a new war

memorial honoring the town’s

veterans and improvements to

the Town Common for the enjoyment

of all residents,” said


“I am grateful to have worked

with Representative Jones to

secure funding for these projects

that celebrate our history

and honor our veterans,” said

Crighton. “I look forward to visiting

the new war memorial and

the improved Town Common.”

Baker has until July 19 to review

the budget and issue any


JULY 15, 2021

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Religious News

Centre Congregational


5 Summer St., Lynnfield



F a c e b o o k . c o m /





In the Centre since 1720,

Centre Church is an open and affirming

congregation of the

United Church of Christ. No

matter who you are or where you

are on your life’s journey, you

are welcome at Centre Church.

Our worship services are

held at 10 a.m. every Sunday


Our summer services are in

the air-conditioned chapel. All

worshippers are asked to wear a

PEABODY - Judith “Judy” (Michaud)

Nikitas, 74, of Peabody,

formerly of Lynn and Leesburg,

Fl, died on Wednesday July 7 surrounded

by her loving family at

Hathorne Hill in Danvers following

a lengthy illness. She was the devoted

wife of Christopher N. Nikitas

with whom she shared over 45

years of marriage.

Born in Salem, she was the

daughter of the late Henry E. and

Jean (Stevens) Michaud. She was

raised and educated in Lynn and

was a graduate of Saint Mary’s

High School. She continued her

education at Salem State College

and later received her Master’s

degree in Education from Boston

University. She also was a member

of Pi Lambda Theta Education

Honors Society

Judy taught for over 35 years

for the city of Lynn and taught in

both the elementary and middle

schools before retiring.

Judy was a devout catholic and

long -time member and Lector

at Our Lady of the Assumption

Church in Lynnfield. She was an

avid reader, loved history, and enjoyed

watching the Golden Girls on

TV. Her favorite activity was spending

time with her family, especially

her grandchildren, and sharing in

all their endeavors.

Besides her loving husband, she

is survived by her daughter Kristen

Nikitas of Danvers, her daughterin-law,

Jennifer Nikitas of Danvers,

her beloved five grandchildren,

Andrew, Ryan, and Taylor Moles,

and Jackson and Xander Nikitas,

as well as many nieces, nephews,

cousins, and dear friends. She

was predeceased by her son David

J. Nikitas, and her brother David

C. Michaud.

The family would like to thank


mask while indoors for worship

until further notice. Following

the service, we gather on the

front lawn for fellowship.

Our pastor, the Rev. Nancy

Rottman, and our Director of

Faith Formation, Ms. Larainne

Wilson, strive to provide inspiring,

down-to-earth messages

for people of all ages that are applicable

to everyday life.

We are committed to providing

children a warm, safe, and inclusive

environment. We will be

offering a summer program for

children called “Compassion


The overall theme is Be

Loved, Be Kind, Be You.

Messiah Lutheran Church

708 Lowell St., Lynnfield

(corner of Lowell & Chestnut)

is currently open for in-person

Judith “Judy” Nikitas, 74

1947 - 2021

the entire staff at Hathorne for

their care, compassion, and professionalism

during this past difficult

year. They are truly grateful for

all of their efforts.

Service Information: Following

cremation, her funeral

service will be held on Friday

at 9:00 AM at the Conway, Cahill-Brodeur

Funeral Home, 82

Lynn St, Peabody, followed by

her Funeral Mass at 10:00 AM

at Our Lady of the Assumption

Church, Lynnfield to which relatives

and friends are kindly

invited to attend. Visiting

hours will be held on Thursday

July 15, 2021, from 4:00 until

7:00 PM. Burial will be in Puritan

Lawn Memorial Park, Lake

St, Peabody. In lieu of flowers,

donations can be made in her

name to Care Dimensions, 75

Sylvan St, Suite B-102, Danvers,

MA 01923. For directions and

on-line obituary visit www.ccbfuneral.com

worship Sunday morning at 9:30

am (summer hours). Worship

services will also be streamed

live on Facebook. Like us

on Facebook: facebook.com/


Worship times: Sunday mornings

at 9:30 am, Sunday evening

devotion on Facebook Live

at 6:30 pm, Wednesday evening

Prayer time at 7:01 pm on

Facebook Live.

Messiah Lutheran Church

is served by Rev. Dr. Jeremy

Pekari, and Rev. David Brezina.

Temple Emmanuel/


For more information about

Temple Emmanuel, a member

of the Jewish Reconstructionist

Communities, call 781-245-

1886 or see our Facebook

page or website at www.

For the Weekly News

LYNNFIELD — Wakefield

Co-operative Bank employees

wore jeans to work to benefit

the Lynnfield school community’s

fundraiser to adopt an

assistance dog through NEADS

World Class Service Dogs.

Wakefield Co-op President

and CEO Jeff Worth doubled

employee contributions, resulting

in a donation of $312 to

NEADS, a nonprofit organization

based in Princeton, Mass.

To support the fundraiser,

Wakefield Co-op encourages

bank employees to wear denim

to work on designated “Jeans

Days” in exchange for a donation

to a local organization.

Two employees of the bank,

Chief Loan Officer Leo Barrett

Jr. and Senior Commercial

Loan Assistant Elisa Preston —

both Lynnfield residents with

children in the school system

— nominated the fundraiser as

a Jeans Day recipient in June.

NEADS was established

in 1976 and has trained over

1,900 service dog teams to help

veterans; individuals with disabilities,

autism and deafness;

NEADS also trains assistance

dogs for classrooms, hospitals,

therapy and courthouses,

among others.

Classroom assistance dogs

are trained to develop and enhance

students’ well-being and

can help provide emotional

regulation, increase student

independence and responsibility,

and facilitate the successful

transition to school or

during school, according to a

Wakefield Co-op press release.

They also encourage learners


Request service links to

the Zoom streaming: info@


Shabbat services: Friday, 7:30

p.m.: June 25.

Saturday mornings at 9:30 am:

June 5 and 19, July 17.

Wakefield-Lynnfield United

Methodist Church

Peace, Hope & Virtual Hugs

Deb Willis Bry, cell:


Office Assistant, Wakefield-

Lynnfield United Methodist


Assistant Coordinator, Greater

Boston Project Linus

Wakefield-Lynnfield United

Methodist Church, 273 Vernon

St., Wakefield, Mass., 01880

Church Office: 781-245-1359,

Parsonage: 781-245-0338 Email:

to be responsible and active

participants in the dog’s

well-being, as well as their

own. Students throughout the

Lynnfield school district will

benefit from the adoption.

To donate, visit https://



Since its inception in 2018,

Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s

Jeans Day program has resulted

in more than $19,000 in community

donations to local organizations

such as A Healthy

Lynnfield, Communitas, The

Food Drive in Melrose, Habitat

for Humanity, Lynnfield for

Love, Melrose-Wakefield

Hospital, Mission of Deeds,

Reid’s Ride and many more.

Wakefield Co-operative






*A Project Linus Blanket

Drop-Off Location*


The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints

400 Essex St., Lynnfield


(781) 334-5586

Bishop Aaron Udy

Missionaries: 978-896-9434

Sacrament meeting: 10 a.m.

Sunday School/Youth/

Children Class: 11 a.m.

Youth Night: Wednesdays at

7 p.m.

Visitors Welcome!

Jeans to meet a vital need

Bank (WCB) is a more than

130-year-old mutual institution

headquartered in Wakefield,

Mass. and operating under a

co-operative bank structure.

Being a mutual means that it

has no stockholders and issues

no public offerings.

Wakefield Co-operative

Bank’s Main Office is located at

342 Main St. in Wakefield and it

has two other branch locations:

596 Main St. in Lynnfield, MA

and 526 Main St. in Melrose.

It is the bank’s mission to

provide exceptional service

and innovative products, with

the vision of seeing every one

of its customers achieve their

personal financial goals and

success. Learn more at wakefieldcoop.com.


Jennie Terry, Wakefield Co-operative marketing manager; Bob

Clattenburg, Lynnfield branch manager; Cynthia Howse, universal

banker, with Luna, a seven-month-old Mississippi mutt.


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021

Senior Center

offers plenty to do

during the summer

LYNNFIELD — The Senior

Center is open and offering the

following programs. Get out of

the heat, and join us for some

laughs as we test our knowledge

every Monday at 1:30

p.m. with Trivia. Friends, fun,

prizes! Join us every Tuesday at

9 a.m. for Bingo. The Walking

Club meets every Wednesday

at 9 a.m.

Walk at your own speed and

for as long as you are comfortable.

Let’s get those steps

in! Drop-in Knitting will be

Seniors News

Town tapping into senior connections

For the Weekly News

LYNN — One result of the

global pandemic and its longterm

isolation is the need to find

innovative ways through which

people can stay connected.

One such effort includes a new

tool that Greater Lynn Senior

Services (GLSS), which serves

town residents, is piloting called

Uniper — a device that plugs into

your television set, along with a

small camera which perches on

top, enabling one-on-one communication

with case managers,

healthcare providers, counselors,

family and friends.

“The COVID-19 pandemic

pretty much destroyed the limited

social connections that many

older people or adults living

with disabilities already experience,”

said Kathryn C. Burns,

GLSS’ chief executive officer.

“Research shows that isolation,

particularly long-term isolation,

has a very negative effect on people’s

overall health, significantly

contributing to premature death

every Thursday at 9 a.m. Bring

your own project for some

stitching and chatting. Grab

and Go lunch every Tuesday,

Thursday, and Friday at 11 a.m.

for two dollars. It is too hot to

cook, let us do it for you!

Located on Salem Street,

the Senior Center was closed

during the pandemic, and offered

a variety of online classes.

Registration for lunch

required. Call the Senior

Center for more information.


from all causes and increasing

a person’s risk of diseases like


Uniper loads an individual’s

contacts into its device, allowing

for immediate virtual connection.

“This is really the primary

reason we chose Uniper over

the many other platforms we

reviewed,” said Valerie Parker

Callahan, director of planning

and development. “We view it

first and foremost as a communications

tool to help people better

manage their health and wellbeing,

with Uniper’s built-in programming

as a secondary — but

very helpful — add-on to reduce

social isolation and promote

stronger connections with the

wider community.”

It is easy to use with a simple

remote that allows people to

quickly transition from Uniper

back to television programming.

“Many platforms that allow

for virtual connection require a

computer, tablet or smartphone,

which many older people do not

have and might be uncomfortable

using,” Parker

Callahan noted. “But Uniper

only requires a TV, which most

people already have and use


Uniper’s existing content includes

access to hundreds of

videos — travel, arts and culture,

music and educational

programs, as well as “live” programming

that includes exercise

and other classes, peer-led discussion

groups, support groups

and more — which are available

throughout the day and scheduled

by Uniper.

GLSS is developing its own

content, which will be available

to users through a separate

channel, and is also working on

developing some live programming,


“We envision, for example,

that our Wellness Pathways fall

prevention and health self-management

workshops will be offered

over the Uniper platform,

as well as group and individual

counseling through our Mobile

Mental Health and Family

Charlie Sterling is

J Barrett’s new star

Advisory Committee

works for seniors

For the Weekly News

LYNNFIELD — The town

Senior Citizens Advisory Committee’s

role is to recognize the

significant contribution Lynnfield’s

senior citizen population

has made to the town.

The Lynnfield Senior Citizen

Advisory Council plays

a critical role in making sure

our senior citizens receive the

community support they rightly

deserve to enhance their health

and quality of life.

The council makes recommendations

to the Board of Selectmen

on how the town can

effectively implement and coordinate

services and programs

that would greatly benefit the

senior citizen population.

The council focuses on pursuing

opportunities to ease or

reduce the tax burden for the

senior citizen population in the

Town of Lynnfield.

The Senior Citizen Advisory

Council considers and advises

on issues and concerns that

affect the senior citizen population

within the Town of Lynnfield.

The council meets regularly

to discuss issues and concerns

brought to the attention of the

Caregiver Support programs in

a private, HIPAA-compliant setting,”

Parker Callahan said, “This

would be in addition to virtual

case manager visits with GLSS


UniperCare is an innovative,

Israeli-based company with a

West Coast U.S. hub. Its programming

is starting to pop up

all around the country, but GLSS

is its first Massachusetts-based


One of the Uniper’s unique features

is the work they have been

doing with Jewish Federation of

North America, connecting

Holocaust survivors, their descendants

and people of Jewish

faith with tailored supports and

group meetings, bringing together

people from all across the

country in celebration of some

Jewish holidays during the pandemic.

They plan to continue this

programming moving forward.

Uniper also offers a lot of content

in Russian and Spanish.

GLSS is initially hoping to sign

up 100 people age 60 and older or

council. The Senior Citizen

Advisory Council is to appear

regularly before the Board of

Selectmen to update and advise

the board and Town of Lynnfield

on issues and concerns

that impact the senior citizen


The Senior Citizen Advisory

Council is responsible for conducting

its activities in a manner

that is in compliance with

all relevant state and local laws

and regulations including, but

not limited to, the Open Meeting

Law, Public Records Law

and Conflict of Interest Law.

adults living with disabilities in

its service area of Lynn,

Lynnfield, Nahant, Saugus and

Swampscott for the free one-year

service. The product will be reevaluated

after a year and could

last beyond that, depending on its

results and continued interest on

the part of funders.

Uniper offers training and a

helpline to troubleshoot any issues

users encounter. The program is

supported by funding from the

Administration for Community

Living as well as funding through

the Older American Act administered

through the Massachusetts

Executive Office of Elder Affairs,

and a grant from Beverly and

Addison Gilbert Hospitals, operated

by Beth Israel Lahey Health.

Interested individuals can

contact Andrew Wallace, GLSS’

Title III Planner, at 781-477-6702

or email awallace@glss.net.

More information can be found

at www.glss.net.

For the Weekly News

BEVERLY — J Barrett &

Company is pleased to announce

that Sales Associate

Charles “Charlie” Sterling

has joined the agency in the

Cummings Center office.

Sterling began his real estate

career in 2005 helping clients

buy and sell property before

moving into the healthcare field

as a sales team manager.

“I had the satisfaction of

helping people take back control

of their health, but real

estate was never far from my

heart,” he said.

A Salem native, Sterling retains

strong ties to the area.

“Salem and the North Shore

are home. Of all the places I’ve

seen and visited, this region is

the best. Once real estate became

my next career move,

making the decision to work

with J Barrett & Company was

easy,” he said, adding, “The

company’s outstanding reputation

for its collaborative approach

with clients and agents

alike is certainly one reason I

chose this agency.”

Established in January 2007,

J Barrett & Company is a service-oriented

company that has

quickly become the premiere

privately-owned real estate firm

on the North Shore.

The company serves

the North Shore and Cape

Ann areas from offices in

Beverly, Gloucester, Ipswich,

Manchester, Marblehead, and

in Prides Crossing.

“All clients who work with

Charlie will appreciate his exceptional

customer service

skills,” said J Barrett President

Jon Gray, “We look forward to

a very successful relationship.”


Charles “Charlie” Sterling looks forward to working for J

Barrett & Company in Beverly.

JULY 15, 2021

On the fire line

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 7





Camp helps Alves

be all he can be

By Sam Minton


The Lynnfield Fire Department’s newest recruits spent their first day of live training at the

Massachusetts Firefighting Academy in Stow last Saturday. Pictured from left to right;

Stephen Corlett, Brittani Glinski, Guisseppe Marotta and Sebastian Morales. This team will

be members of the Call/Volunteer Class 094. All of these Lynnfield residents are nationally

-registered emergency medical technicians and will go through a rigorous 240-hour training

for their Firefighter 1, 2 certifications. Their anticipated graduation is October 2021.

Looking for a house?

Check the real estate section!

LYNNFIELD — As a kid, Nathan Alves learned how

much camp could do for him.

Now the Lynnfield resident is hoping that he can help

create some great memories for campers at Camp Eastman at

The Torigian Family YMCA.

This is Alves’ first year as a counselor at Camp Eastman

and, three weeks in, he reported that he is very much enjoying

his time.

“The kids are great; (camp) is very well structured,” he

said. “They have a

bunch of different

groups for (different)

ages. They

have a lot to do.

They have a lot of

activities. It’s great


For Alves, being

an effective counselor

is all about

giving the campers

an outlet to have

fun — no matter

what is going on in

their lives.

“A lot of these

kids, they have

somethings going

on in their lives and

it’s a really good

place for them to

be,” Alves said of

Camp Eastman.

Alves said he

wanted to get involved as a counselor and work with kids

because of his experiences at camp.

“I used to go to camp when I was younger,” he said. “I

remember how valuable these memories are, and I kind of

got into this because I really liked going to camp and I really

liked my counselors and I wanted to be like one of them.”

One of Alves’ favorite activities is playing with the kids

in the pool. He said the kids love to try to tackle him in the


Outside of camp, Alves loves playing hockey, and he has also

been involved with community service at My Brother’s Table in

Lynn. He is currently a rising junior at Lynnfield High.


experience has

been valuable

beyond measure.”

Denise, Caregiver

to Son, Dean


Lynnfield resident Nathan Alves is a

summer counselor at Camp Eastman

at the Torigian Family YMCA in





WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021

Salem State University spring Dean’s List

SALEM — The following

Lynnfield residents were honored

on the Salem State University

spring 2021 Dean’s List. Their

college of study at the university

is listed by their name:

Nicholas Aslanian, College of

Arts and Sciences

Gregory Gaetano Camier,

College of Arts and Sciences

Sofia Cristina Ciriello,

College of Arts and Sciences

Ryan Collins, Bertolon

School of Business

Yvonne Corcoran, College of

Arts and Sciences

Joshua Crockett, College of

Arts and Sciences

Ryan Frasier, College of Arts

and Sciences

Will M Fraulini, Maguire

Meservey College of Health

and Human Services

Joshua Huynh, College of

Arts and Sciences

Payton Alexis Jeffers,

College of Arts and Sciences

Gina Julian, School of

Continuing and Professional


Alyssa R Murphy, Bertolon

School of Business

Cailin Nelson, College of

Arts and Sciences

Laura Pham, College of Arts

and Sciences

Frederick Plante, Bertolon

School of Business

Sarah E Rudolf, College of

Arts and Sciences

Taylor Simpson Sorrentino,

College of Arts and Sciences

Karandeep K Singh, Maguire

Meservey College of Health

and Human Services

Alexandra Wing, Maguire

Meservey College of Health

and Human Services


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JULY 15, 2021

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Plenty of summer fun at SOFA

LYNNFIELD — Here is the

Community School’s Summer of

Fun Activities (SOFA) schedule

for the week of July 19-23. Visit

the Community School’s website

at lynnfield.k12.ma.us for

registration information.

Programs cost $125 for residents

and $135 for non-residents,

unless otherwise specified.

All programs are held at

the high school, 275 Essex St.

Children of all ages love to

be silly and have fun, especially

the youngest of us. We see this

first hand every time we run our

Silly Games program!

We will play games like:

Builders and Bulldozers, where

children either build or bulldoze

cones set up around the gym;

Bowling for Noodles, like real

bowling but with pool noodles;

and Kooky Relays!

Each game is designed specifically

for our tot friends and

includes elements that help further

develop the fine and gross

motor skills of our young champions.

Participants also have the

opportunity to practice working

together, sharing with other

children, and working on their

problem-solving skills.

The program cost is $135

for residents and $145 for


High Five Sports - directed

by the Sports Zone 101 staff, the

program runs from 9 a.m.-noon.

Let’s Get Crafty - Oriented to

kids 3-6 years old and directed

by Paula Rinaldi, the program

runs from 9 a.m.-noon with the

SOFA schedule describing it

as follows: Come get together

with your friends to make cool

crafts! There will be a variety

of different crafts each day.

Between crafts we’ll go outside

and enjoy the sunshine too.

Plan to wear clothes that can

get messy. Can’t wait to create


Landscape And Ocean Life

Paint Creations is directed by

Jeff Surette, which will contain

work in both acrylic and

digital forms to create amazing

artworks inspired by nature on

land and in the water. The program

runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,

and is initiated towards kids

ages 9 and older.

We will be developing skills

in realistic and fantasy-like art

with favorite sea creatures using

Adobe Photoshop and paint on

canvas. Get ready to create

some amazing works of art

throughout a fun week! The program

costs $250 for residents

and $260 for non-residents.

Aprons Ready - is run by

Leah O’Brien for kids ages 4-6

from 9 a.m.-noon and the program

description is as follows:

We will learn no-bake recipes

for kids that will make the

whole family happy! All supplies

will be provided for this

program, but the recipes will be

kept a secret until they are revealed

each day.

Let’s Get Sporty! Jr. is directed

by Lisa Verdile for kindergarten

through 12th grade and runs

from 9 a.m.-noon. Here’s the

program description: Come have

fun with a sports-filled morning!

Each day we will be playing

age-appropriate sports games

such as kickball, street hockey,

pickle and more! Who doesn’t

love a little sporty competition?

Filmmaking is a class for ages

8-11 running from 9 a.m-3 p.m.

Program description: In this

class, students will bring creativity

to life in a fun, collaborative

and exciting environment.

They will learn skills in scriptwriting,

storyboard sketching,

improvisation and camera skills.

Students who have previously

participated in our program will

be able to expand on their filmmaking

skills. Together they

will write, shoot and edit a film

in a genre of their choosing and

edit their project together using

the professional editing software

Adobe Premiere.

The cost is $310 for residents

and $320 for non-residents.

Cheer Camp is run by Morgan

Festa for ages 5-8 from 9

a.m.-3 p.m. The program is for

cheering enthusiasts! We will

learn motions, while practicing

cheers and chants. The morning

will start with stretching and

move on to somersaults and

cartwheels. We will also do

some cheerleading crafts.

At the end of the week, we will

have a mini-performance to show

our friends and family what we

learned. Program cost is $250 for

residents, $260 for non-residents.

Kids Concoctions and Tie

Dye is directed by Joey Puleo

for kids in grades 1-5. The program

runs from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

and costs $250 for residents,

$260 for non-residents.

Program description: Come get

messy! We will explore the magic

of making the ultimate crafty concoctions.

Some of the possible

creations include magic muck,

snowy foam paint and GAK.

Mix, measure, squish and

sculpt many colorful creations.

But that’s not all! We will also

spend our week tie-dying!

Learn to make different patterns

on clothing, garments and other


For grades two, three and

four, Spy Camp is directed

by Ava O’Brien and Chloe

Shapleigh and runs from 9 a.m.-

noon. Here is the program description:

Want to become a

secret spy and learn all about

what it takes to be one? Then

this SOFA program is perfect

for you! Get ready for secret

spy missions and solving new

mysteries every day!

Jocks and smocks, directed by

Lisa and Francesca Pasciuto, is

for kindergarteners through fifth

graders and runs from 9 a.m.-3

p.m. Described as hands-on

crafts and playtime, the program

combines a morning time craft

followed by a new sport activity

in the afternoon. The program

cost is $250 for residents and

$260 for non-residents.

Jeff Surette directs

“Fantastical Beasts Painting and

Drawing” for ages 8-12 from 9

a.m.-3 p.m. Students will explore

the forest and jungles of

our world today and creatures

that lived in the mysterious

past. Wolves, tigers, griffins,

unicorns and more.

Come learn fantastic drawing

and painting techniques that

will turn your imagination into

works of art ready to frame

and hang on the wall at home.

The program cost is $250

for residents and $260 for


The Sweet Shoppe is for kids

in grades two, three and four

and runs from 9 a.m.-noon.

Directed by Pam Shapleigh, it is

for kids who love cupcakes and

cookies and who want to learn

how to decorate and make them

irresistible to eat.

In this class, states the program

description, you will decorate

baked goods each day to

take home! All the supplies are

included, so you just have to

have a desire to decorate.

Space is limited and it will

fill up quickly, so do not wait!

If you have taken one of Pam’s

classes, these will be all new activities.

Please note: We cannot

guarantee nuts/peanuts are not

included in the food products

used. This program is not designed

to handle food allergies.

The Big Top Carnival is

a SOFA program for kids in

grades 1-4 directed by Katrina

Gustafson. It runs from 9


“Come join us under the

Big Top!” states the project

description, “All week we’ll

be celebrating good old-fashioned

carnival fun by creating

carnival-style games each day.

On the last day, we’ll have fun

enjoying carnival popcorn and

playing all of the games.”

The Tournament of

Champions: Cartoon Week is

for kids in grades 1-4 and runs

from 9 a.m.-noon. According to

the program description, kids

will participate in a variety of

games, such as street hockey,

soccer, football, battleship, four

corners, dodgeball, basketball

and many others during our funfilled


In addition to learning the

fundamentals of these sports,

we will have exciting discussions

about current events in

sports, good sportsmanship and

understanding the cool statistics

on sports cards.

Each participant will receive

a daily pack of cards as a major

prize. These prizes help emphasize

value and are a fun way to

enhance learning! We also have

our weekly “SLUSH DAY”

which is a fan favorite for all

our kids every week!

Our Cartoon Networkthemed

games are back again

this summer with some new and

exciting twists. Kids are encouraged

but not required to wear

their favorite cartoon shirt/hat.

Competitions this week will include

themed games involving

Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes,

SpongeBob, Rugrats, Power

Rangers and many others.

The cost is $250 for residents

and $260 for non-residents.

Extreme sports for middle

school students is directed by

Sports Zone 101 for kids in

grades 5-8. Running from 9

a.m.-noon, the program description

states, “we will involve

some high degree of speed, risk

and creativity in taking some of

our favorite games to a whole

new level.

“Games will include everything

from competitive flag

football, dodgeball, Nerf, floor

hockey, basketball and many

of your other favorite games

too. We will also work on some

skills, drills, and ways to improve

your competition in all

sports throughout the week.”

The cost $135 for residents,

$145 for non-residents.

Up, Up, and Away! Musical

Theatre Dance Camp, directed

by Mini Movers Dance Studio,

is for grades three, four and five

and runs from 9 a.m.-noon.

“In this Dance It Out! session,

dancers will explore the

exciting dance style of musical

theater while working on two

musicals with themes of magic

and flying.

This genre of dance can encompass

various movement

styles, while adding true theatrical

flair. Those new to dance

are always welcome. The last

day will culminate in a short

performance,” states the program


Sports Zone 101 also directs

SOFA’s middle school tennis

program for ages 11-14 from

9 a.m.-noon. According to the

description, students will learn

skills, drills and techniques for

tennis. We’ll also have practice

matches and stroke analysis.

This program takes place at the

LHS tennis courts. The cost is

$145 for residents and $155 for


Paul Burdett teaches golf

for SOFA to kids in grades 4-7

from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The program

covers basic fundamentals

of golf including rules, how to

play the game and even golf


They will take part in practice

along with mini-tournaments,

and even create their own

course out on the fields! (No

equipment required). The cost

is $250 for residents and $260

for non-residents.

SOFA also offers elementary

academic and social-emotional

learning programs.

Flipping into First Grade focuses,

according to the program

description, on keeping children

familiar with the school routine and

excited for the new school year.

This program is designed for

incoming first grade students.

The program will be modeled

after a typical classroom environment

offering a variety of

academic and enrichment activities

in the areas of math and literacy.

The students will also be

able to have recess, snack and

some time outdoors.

The program will be offered

for weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and/

or 8 and is a combined group

with the second grade program.

Students may be enrolled for

multiple weeks as themes and

activities will adjust each week.

No two weeks will be the same.

Oriented to children entering

first grade, Flipping

into First Grade runs Monday-

Thursday, 9 a.m.-noon and

costs $100 for residents, $110

for non-residents.

Second Grade All-Stars is

oriented, according to the program

description, to incoming

second grade students. The program

will be modeled after a

typical classroom environment

offering a variety of academic

and enrichment activities in

the areas of math and literacy.

The students will also be able

to have recess, snack, and some

time outdoors.

The program will be offered

for weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and/or 8

and is a combined group with

the first grade program.

Students may be enrolled

for multiple weeks as themes

and activities will adjust each

week. No two weeks will be the

same. The program runs from

Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-noon.

The cost is $100 for residents

and $100 for non-residents.

In Ready, Set...Regulate,

students take a deep dive into

social and emotional regulation

using programs like Zones

of Regulation and Mind-Up.

Students will learn strategies

and techniques they can use to

help their overall social-emotional


Come learn how to identify

emotions, thoughts, perspectives

and the science behind it

all! Learn what influences how

you, or others, feel and behave.

Each week students will break

down information into exciting

and fun activities that will teach

students to be readily able to

think about their feelings and

behaviors logically so that

they can better independently


The program is oriented to

grades two, three and four,

Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-

noon, with a program cost of

$100 for residents and $110 for



WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021



Lynnfield native and Seton Hall University rising junior Jonathan Luders is now in his second season with the North Shore Navigators.

Luders continues to grow with Navigators

By Mike Alongi

LYNN — Like for most athletes,

it’s been a whirlwind year

for Lynnfield native Jonathan


Between pandemic uncertainty,

limited seasons and

adjusting to the next level of

baseball, the former Lynnfield

High star had plenty to go up

against. And yet, he still managed

to come out better on the

other side.

“It’s definitely been a wild

year, but that’s no different than

for everyone else,” said Luders,

who recently wrapped up his

sophomore season at Seton Hall

University. “First of all, I’m just

happy that we had the opportunity

to play, because not everyone

got that. It was great to

grind it out and work my way

into the lineup, and I felt like I

really grew out there.”

Luders was one of the fortunate

collegiate players whose

team maintained a large chunk

of its schedule this year, as the

Pirates played 46 games in the

season. Luders played in 35 of

those games — with 31 starts

— and he hit .231 with a home

run and 12 RBI with an on-base

percentage of .412.

But more important than

the offensive end was Luders’

growth on the defensive side,

where he bounced around from

second base to shortstop to third

base, where he eventually settled.

Having been primarily a

middle infielder for his entire

baseball life, it was certainly an


“I hadn’t played much third

base before Seton Hall, so it

was great to be able to rely on

a great group of upperclassmen

to mentor me through it,” said

Luders. “Guys like Casey Dana

and Bobby Sheppard and all of

the other infielders, they really

helped and I’m grateful for all

the experience I’ve gotten.”

And all of that experience

flowed right into this summer

with the Navs, as Luders has

found himself in a similar position.

He’s seen time at second,

third and shortstop this year,

and he’s only made one error.

“I just want to be ready whenever

the coach needs me and

wherever he needs me,” said

Luders. “I just want to do what

I can to help the team win.”

While his batting average

isn’t exactly where he would

want it as of now (.185), Luders

continuously contributes to

the offense by getting on base,

moving runners along and

scoring runs when necessary.

His nine RBI rank him sixth

on the Navs, while his .380 onbase

percentage ranks eighth on

the team.

“It was a similar story this

year at Seton Hall. I didn’t get

off to the best start offensively

so I just started grinding out

at-bats,” said Luders. “I think

that’s the kind of player I am;

I’m always willing to drop a

bunt or draw a walk or get hit

by a pitch. My goal is to move

runners over, keep innings alive

and bring home runs when I


As Luders and the Navs come

to the final four weeks of the

season, the push is on to get into

a prime position for the playoff


“We’ve already had a bunch

of games postponed by rain,

so we know that the back half

of the schedule is going to be

jam-packed for everyone,”

said Luders. “I think it’s pretty

wide open across the division

right now, and we’re all really

meshing well, so anything

can happen coming down the


Luders is also looking forward

to his junior season at

Seton Hall, where he’ll welcome

fellow Lynnfield native

and recent St. John’s Prep

graduate Pat D’Amico onto the

Pirates squad.

“It’s exciting to have another

Lynnfield guy coming to Seton

Hall and I’m really happy for

him,” said Luders. “It’s going

to be great to come back after

another year of learning and

gaining experience and bring

what I’ve learned to the Seton

Hall team. If I’m getting better,

then Seton Hall is getting better,

and that’s the goal.”

JULY 15, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 11


Lynnfield pitcher James Pasquale throws a pitch against Peabody

West Sunday evening at the Wyoma Little League field.

Peabody West,

Lynnfield rained out


NFL agent Sean Stellato and his daughter Gianna have teamed up to write their second book

together, which will be released on Saturday.

Stellato ready to release

some more ‘Football Magic’

By Mike Alongi

LYNN — Despite starting 15

minutes early and playing as

quickly as possible, rain once

again pushed back the scheduled

District 16 tournament game

between a pair of unbeatens in

Peabody West and Lynnfield on

Sunday evening at the Wyoma

Little League Field. The two

teams only got in 1 2/3 innings

before the rain became too

heavy to play through, pushing

the conclusion to a later date.

Although it didn’t have much

time to play, Peabody West still

jumped ahead early with a pair

of runs in the top of the first. A

pair of walks and a passed ball

put two runners in scoring position,

then Brendan Kobierski

notched an RBI infield single.

A throwing error on the same

play brought a second run home,

giving Peabody West an early

2-0 lead.

On the mound, Lynnfield’s

James Pasquale had four strikeouts

and Peabody West’s Cullen

Pasterick had two strikeouts in

the early innings.

Lynnfield and Peabody West

had plans to get in the rest of

the game on Tuesday evening

(5:45), so the game did not end

before press time.

By Mike Alongi

Two years after the release

of the first book in the series,

Salem native and NFL

agent Sean Stellato and his

14-year-old daughter, Gianna,

are back with the release

of their new story entitled,

“Football Magic: A Pirate’s


This is the second book that

the father-daughter duo has

combined to write, a follow-up

to “Football Magic: Buddy’s

New Beginning.”

“To be able to write and

do a project like this with my

daughter has been incredibly

special,” said Stellato, who famously

helped lead the 1994

Salem High football team to

a Super Bowl title. “When

Gianna was struck with this

battle with juvenile arthritis

and lupus, we went right into

our toolbox and said, ‘What

can we do to start a movement?

What can we do to educate?’

It’s all about creating awareness

while also giving kids a

fun book to read.”

The new story picks up

where the last one left off, with

main characters Buddy and

Gianna riding high after winning

the league championship

at school. Even better, Buddy’s

dad decided to keep the family

in Salem, so that Buddy and his

sister can stay with their new

friends after adjusting to life in

a new town in Massachusetts.

When Buddy and Gianna

discover something magical, it

leads them on a mysterious adventure

through historic Salem

and Marblehead. Things seem

to be going great — until the

wicked Kurtin Drapes and his

raven reveal some dreadful

plans. With the clock ticking

and time running out, will they

be able to outwit Drapes? Can

Buddy and Gianna do the impossible,

or will the magical

ball lose its luster forever?

To celebrate the release of

the new book, Stellato has put

together the Football Magic

Book Release Gala, which

is set for Saturday, July 17

from 6 to 10 p.m. at House of

the Seven Gables in Salem.

The event will feature a book

signing, a meet and greet, a live

DJ and even a treasure hunt for

the kids. There will also be a

VIP reception beforehand at

The Hawthorne Hotel from 5

to 6 p.m.

“Ever since I went there on a

field trip in 1990, I’ve always

been fascinated by the House

of the Seven Gables and I’ve

always dreamed of holding an

event there,” said Stellato.

A number of local businesses

are sponsoring the

event, including Kowloon,

Kame Restaurant, The Cookie

Monstah, The Cheese Shop of

Salem and Tuscan Brands.

A host of current and former

NFL players — including current

and former members of

the New England Patriots like

Rob Ninkovich, Brandon King,

Nick Thurman and Jonas Gray

— will also be in attendance to

support the event.

“It’s very special to me to

have these guys come out and

support what we’re doing,”

said Stellato. “You have the

business side of things with

these guys, but I can really appreciate

the fact that they come

out in their free time and help

out like this. We all share a

vision of helping others in the


At the end of the day,

Stellato is looking forward to

an exciting night where both

children and adults can have a

great time.

General admission tickets

to the event are $35 and will

include entry, a copy of the

book, food, desserts and more.

A family four-pack can also be

purchased for $60 (one adult,

three children) or $80 (two

adults, two children), and there

will also be VIP tickets available

for $100 that will include

access to the VIP reception

and an autographed copy of

the book. A donation to The

Arthritis Foundation will be

made from the proceeds of

ticket sales.

Tickets can be purchased at




Peabody boys basketball coach Thad Broughton will be hosting the

annual Peabody Basketball School for boys and girls this summer.

Peabody Boys and Girls

Basketball School 2021

The Peabody Basketball

School is returning in 2021,

and sign-ups are now available

via the Peabody Recreation


The Peabody Basketball

School is run by Peabody High

boys basketball coach Thad

Broughton, and the staff of the

school consists of players and

coaches from his Tanners team.

The school will be split up

between boys and girls camps,

with the boys attending from

July 12-16 and the girls attending

from July 19-23. All

camps will run from 9 a.m. to 2

p.m. Monday through Friday.

The school is open to boys and

girls from third to ninth grade

and the cost is $150. To register,

contact the Peabody Recreation

Department online at peabodyrecreation.com,

by phone

at 978-536-7130 or in person at

50 Farm Ave.


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021

Art Guild painters make summer debut



LYNNFIELD — Lynnfield

Art Guild painters harvested

a crop of new paintings, featuring

work in acrylic and


Beverly Cook


“Gnawan Musician”

Maya Jacob

“Salem Willows Rock”

“Amaryllis Bud”

Bill Deveney

“Sunset, Isle of Capri”

“Pennsylvania Sheep”

Jane Booras

“So What! South Africa”

“My Little Pink Bowl

Kyoto Japan”

Both are from her series,

“Children of the World —

100 Faces of Humanity”

Gail Rober

“Greg & Renee Maine

Beach 1994”

“Pillings Pond in Autumn”

Anne Leskiw

“Betta Fish”

“Pretty in Pink”

Rober, Gail “Greg & Renee Maine Beach 1994” (watercolor)

Cook, Beverly “Wolf” (watercolor)

Cook, Beverly “Gnawan Musician” (acrylic)


• We make shopping for insurance EASY.

• Ask for a quote! DISCOUNTS available.

Please visit us at one of our locations:

LYNNFIELD 550 Summer Street @Pillings Pond

MALDEN 1012 Eastern Avenue

Call 781.334.4888 or email



Deveney, Bill “Sunset, Isle of Capri” (watercolor)

JULY 15, 2021

WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 13

Art Guild painters make summer debut


Deveney, Bill “Pennsylvania Sheep” (watercolor)

Booras, Jane “So What! South Africa” (watercolor)

Booras, Jane “My Little Pink Bowl, Kyoto, Japan” (watercolor)

Rober, Gail “Pillings Pondin Autumn” (watercolor)




Michael Garabedian

Mike Garabedian

welcomes his friends and former customers


Mike says he will beat any deal from any Subaru dealer!

Leskiw, Anne “Pretty in Pink” (watercolor)

260 Main Street

North Reading MA 01864

Sales: 978 396 6090

Direct: 844 720 9034



WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021

Lynnfield-Peabody Little Leaguers rained out


Lynnfield pitcher James Pasquale tosses the ball in the Division

16 Little League game against West Peabody at Wyoma Little

League Field in Lynn on July 11.




B: Donald Bellandi & Katie Ciulla-


S: Christina F Feinberg & Michael S




B: Rybo Inc

S: Denise R Gilligan



B: Keira Capobianco & Michael J


S: Forest St Reading Prop



B: Jian Xu & Jing Li

S: Gerard C Hennessey & Mary A




B: Marlene J Giacobbi & Matthew F


S: Laurence R Carroll Jr & Marjorie

J Carroll

Cullan Pasterick pitched for West Peabody in the game against Lynnfield. Rain was beginning

to fall and increased in intensity until the game was called early.




B: Carine M Corsaro & Jeffrey E


S: Jeffrey Lupien & Jennifer Lupien



B: Michael Touchette

S: Rosemary Astrofsky & Scott F





B: Martin Mcmahon & Kathleen


S: Christine L Robbins



B: George M Hrycenko

S: Laurence N Aiello & Phyllis F




B: Andrew C Mikkelson & Nicole V


S: Charlene B Mckenzie & Robert L




B: Ruthanne Bono

S: Howard B Fisher Jr Tr, Tr for Fisher




B: Jason R Cabral

S: Tambini William M Est & Desiree

T Mcbride

The Leonard Co.

Residential Window

& Screen Cleaning

Yard clean-ups

Gutter cleaning

Power Washing

Comp. Clean-outs

Graffiti removal


Call 617.512.7849

for a FREE estimate

or email: fondinib@aol.com

If you need it clean,

we’re on the scene...

Paul DeNisco

Mason Contractor

Brick • Block • Stone

Concrete • Tile


Repairs - Big or Small

• Residential

• Commerical

• Industrial







3rd Generation Paving Contractor

Baystate Paving

and Landscape Design






Call for free estimates:







• Emergency Winter Maintenance

• Parking Lots • Patchwork

• Private Roads • Sealcoating

Serving the North Shore since 1981



Follow us

on Facebook

(978) 535-8980

(800) 227-1652





May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be

adored, glorified, loved and preserved

throughout the world now and forever.

Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us.

Saint Jude worker of miracles pray for

us; Saint Jude helper of the hopeless

pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a

day, by the eighth day your prayers will

be answered. Say it for 9 days, it has

never been known to fail. Publication

must be promised. My prayers have

been answered. Thank you St. Jude. TB

The Lynnfield Senior Center has an


CAL MANAGER. 30 hours a week.

Plans day trips and overnight trips for

senior citizens. Resp. for MUNIS input

and all billing, invoices, purchases and

budget reports. Call Linda at

781-598-1078 for more info.

Another great way to place

your Item classified ad...


it in!

110 Munroe St., Lynn

Open Monday-Friday 8-5


Catch up with your

favorite team

in Item Sports!



Photos are available for purchase on


“Helpful tips” for a S-M-O-O-T-H trouble-free move!

Designate a drawer for essentials such as sheets and

towels for quick access the first night you move into

your new home.

Plan a garage/yard sale before you move.

Fresh coffee, baking soda, or charcoal in a sock, placed

inside your refrigerator will keep the inside smelling

fresh and clean.

JULY 15, 2021

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Navigators’ Luders is leading the way


North Shore Navigators’ Jonathan Luders of Lynnfield, left, and Jake Gustin of Peabody touch gloves after closing out an inning against the North Adams Steeplecats.

Jonathan Luders is ready in the batters box.

North Shore Navigators’ Jonathan Luders steals second base as he watches the pitch get thrown

toward home.

Navigators’ shortstop Jonathan Luders, center, signals to the umpire as North Adams’ Charles

Middleton is called out attempting to steal second.

Luders, left, and Jake Gustin helped close out an inning against

the North Adams Steeplecats.


WEEKLYNEWS.NET - 978-532-5880 JULY 15, 2021

The North Shore’s Premier Real Estate Agency


Offered at $3,995,000


Offered at $1,674,900


Offered at $1,400,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $1,000,000

Custom Contemporary on 3.9 acres in Smith

Crossing has every amenity: Marble foyer with

double bridal staircase, chef’s quartzite kitchen,

outdoor kitchen, basketball court, heated garage.

The Lopes Group

Oceanfront with private beach plus panoramic

views: ocean, Boston skyline and spectacular

sunsets from each window, deck, pool! Fireplaced

kitchen. 2nd floor great room has wet bar. 3 decks.

Maria Salzillo

Active family’s dream! 1997 Colonial has huge yard,

pool & lovely patio plus soaring ceilings and charm

from 2-story foyer to fireplaced family room. Gym,

media & game rooms in lower level.

Susan Bridge

Fantastic lot on the cul-de-sac abuts woodlands.

Hardwood floors, open kitchen-dining area, 1st

floor office or bedroom. Finished walkout lower

level. Deck, saltwater Gunite pool, cabana.

Steven Graczyk


Offered at $999,000


Offered at $950,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $895,000


Offered at $850,000

Gracious home on 3+ acres offers Old World

charm and an elegant front porch, grace and

luxurious open ambiance, high ceilings and

gleaming hardwood floors. Up to 8 bedrooms.

Judith Muss’ells

Rare Opportunity! Eagle Hill – Well-maintained

5-bedroom, 2-bath home with an updated 1

bedroom In-law unit with separate entrance. Newer

roof/heating system. Two driveways.

Susan Bridge

Country Colonial in Shawsheen Estates with front

porch, vine covered pergola and patio. Custom

fireplace in living room, sunroom, laundry room

and 2nd floor bonus room. Central A/C, garage.

Thomas Andruszkiewicz

Outstanding 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath Cape with

expansive floor plan, updated kitchen, magnificent

master bath. Huge deck, fenced yard, 600 sf

freestanding heated building. Rights to West Beach.

Nancy Peterson


Offered at $849,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $799,000


Offered at $730,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $729,000

Downtown Marblehead! 3-family income property

has 3 one-bedroom units with separately metered

utilities and paying tenants. Across from bus stop,

laundromat, eateries near schools and beach.

Cressy Team

Multi-family has 6-year-old roof, siding,

windows, gutters, circuit breakers, 5-zone heating

system! 2 side-by-side units. 3-bed unit has 3

levels. One 1-bed unit. Fenced yard. Park 6 cars.

Joyce DiLiegro

Call this beautiful 4-bedroom Colonial “home”.

Sun-drenched main level ideal for entertaining. All

hardwood floors, spacious kitchen, easy-to-finish

lower level. Landscaped yard, garage.

Steven Graczyk

Move-in ready, updated 3-bedroom, 2-bath Cape

on a cul de sac next to playground, tennis courts.

Cook’s kitchen open to fireplaced dining area. 1st

floor bedroom suite. Central air, patio.

Deb Evans



Offered at $710,000


Offered at $699,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $675,000

Newly Listed


Offered at $659,900

Rarely available mixed-use commercial building

Zoned B1 on Route 114. Corner lot. 3,300 sf has

4 units: 3 commercial at street level and 2-bedroom

residential unit above. Separate utilities.

Daniel Meegan

Conveniently located 3-family has many updates:

heating systems, 5-year-old roof, two 3-year-old

hot water tanks. Separate utilities. 2-car parking

for each unit. Sold As-Is. Fully tenanted.

Dan Bernal

Space & sophistication! 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. New

appliances, gas stove in updated kitchen. Radiant

heat in master bath. Plumbed 3rd floor bonus room.

Hardwood. New roof, AC, solar panels.

Grace Byrd

Unforgettable views from pristine townhouse

overlooking Beverly marina. Custom stainlessgranite

kitchen, open dining-living room. En suite

baths in all bedrooms. In-unit laundry, parking.

Debbie Aminzadeh


Offered at $649,900

Newly Listed


Offered at $639,900


Offered at $610,000


Starting at $589,000

Well-maintained dormered Cape has 4 bedrooms, 2

full baths. French doors to dining area, new stainless

appliances in kitchen. Heated basement with office.

New vinyl fence. Near major routes.

Salzillo Realty Group

Well-maintained home on corner lot. Enjoy

kitchen with upgraded appliances and expanded

living on a sun-splashed deck. 4 bedrooms, attic,

new 100 Amp panel in full basement, 1-car garage.

Daniel Meegan

Create a coastal oasis! Well-maintained, 2-bedroom

Ranch near Short Beach. 1-level living and potential

to finish lower level for extra space. Newer heating

system, 200 amp electric, garage.

The Lopes Group

Welcome to Maplewood School. A brand new

residential complex with 2- & 3- bedroom homes.

Contemporary open floor plans. Chic kitchens,

office, in-unit laundry and elevator service.

Ann Olivo & Chris Moore

Newly Listed


Offered at $559,900

Newly Listed


Offered at $549,900



Offered at $475,000



Offered at $399,000

Witchcraft Heights delight! 4-bedroom, 1.5-bath

Colonial with newly installed floors and recently

remodeled kitchen open to dining room, fireplaced

living room. Enjoy year-round fun in yard.

Daniel Meegan

Well-maintained antique Colonial has modern

updates and period charm: curved staircase, tin

ceiling in dining room, wraparound screen porch.

1st floor den, updated master bath, 2-car garage.

Maria Salzillo

Expand your business! 5,358 sf Office Condo zoned

R-3. Former doctor’s space with 5+ exam rooms,

waiting area, 5 offices, 3 baths, kitchen area, 2

conference rooms. Storage. Ample parking.

Kate Richard

Buildable residential .45-acre lot near Goodwin Circle.

Raw land lot on hillside with potential sunrise views.

Buyers to do due diligence. Driveway access would be

off one-way Lynnfield St.

Cricket Sperry

100 Cummings Center, Suite 101K • Beverly, MA 01915 • 978.922.3683

J Barrett & Company, LLC supports the principles of both the Fair Housing and the Equal Opportunity Acts.


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