MINT, Graphic Design & Media Final Project at Marbella Design Academy by David Wadström.

For his final Graphic Design & Media project at Marbella Design Academy, David Wadstrom created a brand, a nightclub event, combined with a fashion show. He had to design: - Logo - Full Brand Manual - Products - Pop-up shop - Packaging - Website - Social media profiles - Advertisement (magazine, billboards, social networks, campaigns...) - Promotional video - Location decoration - Transports (buses, Uber, ...) - Night club fashion branded apparel - Merchandising - E-tickets - ID-cards- etc... Marbella Design Academy - Spain - Founded 1995 - Tuition in English - BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Media validated programme by the University of Bedfordshire https://www.designschool.com/graphic-design/

For his final Graphic Design & Media project at Marbella Design Academy, David Wadstrom created a brand, a nightclub event, combined with a fashion show.

He had to design:
- Logo - Full Brand Manual - Products - Pop-up shop - Packaging - Website - Social media profiles - Advertisement (magazine, billboards, social networks, campaigns...) - Promotional video - Location decoration - Transports (buses, Uber, ...) - Night club fashion branded apparel - Merchandising - E-tickets - ID-cards- etc...

Marbella Design Academy - Spain - Founded 1995 - Tuition in English - BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Media validated programme by the University of Bedfordshire



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<strong>Final</strong> project<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> <strong>Design</strong> <strong>Academy</strong><br />

2021<br />

<strong>David</strong><br />


Brief<br />

I got the task to cre<strong>at</strong>e a brand and design a nightclub event, combined with a fashion show.<br />

These are my deliverables:<br />

- Fashion company name;<br />

- Logo;<br />

- Full Brand Manual (logo, logo vari<strong>at</strong>ion, colour palette, typography, logo<br />

construction lines, logo proportion lines, logo exclusion lines, minimum sizes,<br />

do’s and don’ts, st<strong>at</strong>ionery, imagery style, ...); - Products;<br />

- Pop-up shop;<br />

- Packaging;<br />

- Shopping bags;<br />

- Website;<br />

- Social media profile;<br />

- Advertisement (magazine, billboards, social networks, campaigns...); - Promotional video;<br />

- Loc<strong>at</strong>ion decor<strong>at</strong>ion (inside and outside);<br />

- Transports (buses, Uber, ...);<br />

- Night club fashion branded apparel;<br />

- Merchandising (t-shirts, caps, backpacks, gifts, ...);<br />

- E-tickets;<br />

- ID-cards;<br />

- Landyards;<br />

- Event support social network profile;<br />

- Promotional event/fashion brand public<strong>at</strong>ion;<br />


Table of content<br />

Nightclub visual identity<br />

Nightclub history<br />

Fashion brands<br />

Fashion magazines<br />

Record Labels<br />

Fashion photography<br />

Video styles<br />

Y2K style<br />

Website styles<br />

Concept<br />

Logo design<br />

Brand manual<br />

Poster design<br />

Shopping bag<br />

Vodka bottle & bag<br />

Beanie<br />

Packaging design<br />

Silver necklace<br />

Ear plugs<br />

ID lanyard<br />

Packaging tape<br />

Stickers<br />

Vinyl slipm<strong>at</strong><br />

USB stick<br />

Pop up stand<br />

Tote bag<br />

UBER x Mint<br />

Metro advertisment<br />

Billboard advertisment<br />

Social media<br />

Merchandise (Hoodie & T-shirt)<br />

Fashion look book<br />

Website<br />

Website (Phone version)<br />

Mobile App<br />

Nightclub decor<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

3-19.<br />

20-29.<br />

30-49.<br />

50-63.<br />

64-71.<br />

72-81.<br />

82-89.<br />

90-91.<br />

92-93.<br />

94.<br />

95-109.<br />

110.<br />

111-121.<br />

122-123.<br />

124-125.<br />

126-127.<br />

128-131.<br />

132-135.<br />

136- 137.<br />

138-141.<br />

142.<br />

143.<br />

144-146.<br />

147-148.<br />

149-150.<br />

151.<br />

152-153.<br />

154-155.<br />

156-157.<br />

158-159.<br />

160-161.<br />

162-165.<br />

166-186.<br />

187-188.<br />

189-196.<br />

197-201.<br />


Night clubs visual identity<br />

In the research about nightclubs’ visual identity, I included<br />

research from visual style, graphic design trends, loc<strong>at</strong>ion,<br />

clubs, and event campaigns. I chose to write about clubs th<strong>at</strong><br />

would fit the best with my style.<br />

I wrote about clubs in Germany, Russia, UK, Japan, and the USA.<br />


Image example<br />


Berlin<br />

Kit K<strong>at</strong><br />

Founded: Berlin, March 1994.<br />

Founders: Simon Thaur and Kirsten Krüger.<br />

Their visual style is loud and colorful, using bold, sexual,<br />

and nightmare-looking artworks to showcase the vibe<br />

of the nightclub.<br />

The music genre is mainly techno and trance, and they are well<br />

known for their selection of sexually unconstrained parties,<br />

the KitK<strong>at</strong>Club is claimed to <strong>at</strong>tract visitors from all over the<br />

world. At the loc<strong>at</strong>ion, guests are free to engage in open sexual<br />

intercourse. Simon Thaur himself is an Austrian pornographic<br />

film director. To gain access to the KitK<strong>at</strong>Club, a strict dress<br />

code must be followed, which is frequently decided <strong>by</strong> the<br />

owners and includes fetish wear and glamour.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KitK<strong>at</strong>Club<br />

Wilde Ren<strong>at</strong>e<br />

Founded: 2007.<br />

Founders: “Sue” and a few unknown founders.<br />

Their visual style is very vers<strong>at</strong>ile, they commonly use<br />

photography, where they cre<strong>at</strong>e scenery to show a<br />

dram<strong>at</strong>ic and artistic style. They also use graphic-style<br />

posters which are usually distorted and abstract to<br />

m<strong>at</strong>ch with the techno vibe.<br />

Wilde Ren<strong>at</strong>e is housed in an unrenov<strong>at</strong>ed space th<strong>at</strong> used<br />

to be a tenement building and is known for its large number<br />

of rooms. The music genre th<strong>at</strong> is played is mainly techno or<br />

similar electronic music. “Ren<strong>at</strong>e started as a house party,” Sue<br />

says. “It was like we were inviting people into our living room.” -<br />

nofilterzine.com (Article about Wilde ren<strong>at</strong>e). Wilde Ren<strong>at</strong>e has<br />

for many years been very picky about the DJs th<strong>at</strong> have been<br />

playing, and for many years it has been mostly men.<br />

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilde_Ren<strong>at</strong>e<br />

https://www.nofilterzine.com/2019/08/music-sounds-better-with-you-thefeminists-of-salon-zur-wilden-ren<strong>at</strong>e/<br />

W<strong>at</strong>erg<strong>at</strong>e<br />

Founded: October 2002.<br />

Founders: Steffen Hack, Ulrich Wombacher, Niklas<br />

Eichstädt, and Johannes Braun.<br />

W<strong>at</strong>erg<strong>at</strong>e is inside an old office building. Initially, the club<br />

used to play a blend of reggae, hip-hop, and electronic dance<br />

music, but within a short period, they started to focus more<br />

on electronic music like house and techno.<br />

Their visual style is vibrant and abstract, often using<br />

their logo to blend in with certain graphics as visual<br />

branding. Most posters are pretty dark to represent the<br />

nightclub aesthetic.<br />

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/W<strong>at</strong>erg<strong>at</strong>e_(Club)<br />


Images<br />

Kit K<strong>at</strong><br />

Wilde Ren<strong>at</strong>e<br />

W<strong>at</strong>erg<strong>at</strong>e<br />


London<br />

Corsica Studios<br />

Founded: 2002.<br />

Founders: Amanda Moss, Adrian Jones.<br />

Visual designer: Max Shearer<br />

Their visual style is eyec<strong>at</strong>ching and vibrant, usually <strong>by</strong><br />

playing around with typography, edited photography,<br />

and illustr<strong>at</strong>ions.<br />

Corsica Studios is a small underground club in London but<br />

is well known for its good lineups and dance floor, it is also<br />

quite inexpensive. The music genre is mainly techno or similar<br />

electronic music.<br />

“it’s where your favorite DJ goes to w<strong>at</strong>ch their favorite DJ.”<br />

- Taken from Standard.co.uk.<br />

https://www.standard.co.uk/reveller/clubbing/corsica-studios<br />

Village underground<br />

Founded: 2006.<br />

Founders: Auro Foxcroft.<br />

Cre<strong>at</strong>ive director: Glenn Max.<br />

Their visual style is usually very dark, to represent<br />

the nightclub aesthetic, with sometimes detailed<br />

illustr<strong>at</strong>ions th<strong>at</strong> kind of tells a story <strong>by</strong> themselves.<br />

They also play around with photography and use fl<strong>at</strong><br />

illustr<strong>at</strong>ions with small usage of colors.<br />

Village underground is an old warehouse th<strong>at</strong> has been<br />

renov<strong>at</strong>ed and is now used as a cre<strong>at</strong>ive space for art<br />

exhibitions, the<strong>at</strong>re, and of course, its main purpose:<br />

nightclubbing. The music genre is mostly techno but also<br />

famous rappers like Skepta, Drake, and Playboi Carti have<br />

performed <strong>at</strong> the club.<br />



- Taken from villageunderground.co.uk<br />

https://www.villageunderground.co.uk<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=xMvYV7_x9Qw<br />

The Steel Yard<br />

Founded: ca 2006.<br />

The visual style of The Steelyard is mostly dark tones<br />

with bold typography. The style is not very unique, it’s<br />

mostly modern edited images with the face of the DJ or<br />

artist th<strong>at</strong> is going to play <strong>at</strong> the club.<br />

The Steel Yard is an underground club in London th<strong>at</strong> brings<br />

people and DJs from all over the world. The history behind the<br />

club is quite hard to find and the founders and opening d<strong>at</strong>e<br />

seem quite anonymous. The club plays techno and electronic<br />

music, but the venue is also used as an art gallery.<br />

https://thesteelyard.london<br />


Images<br />

Corsica Studios<br />

Village underground<br />

The Steel yard<br />


London<br />

Egg London<br />

Founded: May 2003.<br />

Founder: Laurence Malice.<br />

The visual style is vibrant colors with bold text, giving<br />

off a modern nightclub style.<br />

Egg LDN (London) is a club loc<strong>at</strong>ed in<br />

North London. The venue is consists of<br />

3 floors with 5 rooms, Basement, Main<br />

Room, Loft, and Cell 200. The main<br />

genre th<strong>at</strong> the club plays is Techno and<br />

similar electronic Dance music.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_London<br />

Fabric Live<br />

Founded: 29 October 1999.<br />

Founder: Keith Reilly and Cameron Leslie.<br />

The Club’s visual identity is standing out compared to<br />

other clubs in London. The designs are modern and<br />

abstract, <strong>by</strong> often using color photography and digital<br />

3D made objects and designs. They often use bold<br />

typography but the layout style is very structured and<br />

basic, to make the visual design stand out more. They<br />

usually stick to simple color palettes, with white or<br />

black text and titles.<br />

Fabric Live is known to be one of the best nightclubs in<br />

the world. In 2007 and 2008, it was ranked number 1 in Dj<br />

magazine’s “top 100 clubs poll”. The club was once closed<br />

down in 2016 due to drug-rel<strong>at</strong>ed de<strong>at</strong>hs inside the club, but<br />

it was l<strong>at</strong>er on reopened because of a campaign started <strong>by</strong><br />

the fans, now it has better security and stricter rules for the<br />

clubbers.<br />

The music genre can be different depending on the day. On<br />

some days it can be more grime (UK rap), drum and bass, and<br />

dubstep, which is a more darker and underground sound.<br />

Fabric London is more known for its techno, house, and other<br />

electronic music.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabric_(club)<br />


Images<br />

Egg London<br />

Fabric Live<br />


New York<br />

Public Records<br />

Public records is a music dance club, restaurant, and<br />

cafe. They have a big wide range of merchandise<br />

and focus a lot on cre<strong>at</strong>ive visualiz<strong>at</strong>ion. They focus<br />

on mostly electronic music. Their visual style is very<br />

abstract and artistic. Playing around with colors and<br />

shapes to cre<strong>at</strong>e weird but cool-looking artworks.<br />

https://table22.com/public-records<br />

https://publicrecords.nyc/inform<strong>at</strong>ion/contact<br />

Good Room<br />

Founded: 2014<br />

Founder: “Nightclub veterans”.<br />

<strong>Design</strong>s: Bad studio.<br />

The Club’s visual identity is loud and artistic, using<br />

multiple colors and editing vintage images. Their brand<br />

identity consists often of stretching simple typography.<br />


MUSIC LOVERS” - Goodroombk.com<br />

Goodroom is a nightclub in Brooklyn, New York.<br />

The music genre is techno, a bit of disco, and other<br />

electronic music styles.<br />

http://www.goodroombk.com<br />

https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/08/style/good-room-a-new-night-club-in-greenpointbrooklyn.html<br />


Images<br />

Public Records<br />

Good Room<br />


New York<br />

Basement<br />

Founded: 2019<br />

Founder: Knockdown Center.<br />

Their visual style is mostly dark, st<strong>at</strong>ic, and geometrical<br />

shapes, with colorful details and modern edited imagery.<br />

Basement is a New York version of Berlin’s Berghain.<br />

Phone cameras are cover with tape so th<strong>at</strong> people can<br />

be comfortable in wearing something, or in wearing<br />

nothing. There is a big mix of people from heterosexual<br />

young adults, queer club kids, to techno fans. The<br />

music genre th<strong>at</strong> is played is techno and other similar<br />

electronic music.<br />

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/20/style/basement-ny-queens-club.html<br />

https://basementny.net<br />

Bossa Nova<br />

Founded: 2012<br />

Founder: John Barclay.<br />

Their visual style is bold and reminds me a bit of<br />

pop art. The color palettes are mostly purple and<br />

sometimes green.<br />

“Since 2012, the Brooklyn establishment has fostered<br />

a dedic<strong>at</strong>ed community around it th<strong>at</strong> includes many<br />

of the New York DJs who are touring the world today”-<br />

Electronicbe<strong>at</strong>s.net<br />

The music genre is house, techno, and similar<br />

electronic music.<br />

https://www.electronicbe<strong>at</strong>s.net/the-feed/bossa-nova-civic-club-mixumfang/<br />

https://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/16/fashion/review-bossa-nova-civicclub-in-bushwick.html<br />


Images<br />

Basement<br />

Bossa Nova<br />


Tokyo<br />

WOMB<br />

Founded: April 2000<br />

Founder (company): FORM INC, 1980.<br />

Their visual style is mostly very fun working with colors<br />

and illustr<strong>at</strong>ions, they also use bold<br />

eyec<strong>at</strong>ching typography.<br />

WOMB is a nightclub in Shibuya, which was founded <strong>by</strong><br />

a big company in Japan, th<strong>at</strong> works with restaurants<br />

and other music venues, they also work with brands<br />

such as Adidas, Apple, and A B<strong>at</strong>hing Ape. The music<br />

genre th<strong>at</strong> is playing in the club is electronic dance<br />

music such as techno, EDM, and house.<br />

https://www.womb.co.jp/en/about/<br />

Contact<br />

Founded: April 2016.<br />

Their visual style is minimalistic and modern, but their<br />

posters usually consist of bold colors,<br />

illustr<strong>at</strong>ions, or images.<br />

On the back of a parking in Shibuya, is where you can find the<br />

nightclub Contact. They have DJs from all over the world and<br />

their music genre is mainly techno but also other electronic<br />

music styles.<br />

https://www.herenow.city/en/tokyo/article/shibuya-club/<br />

https://www.contacttokyo.com/notice/<br />


Images<br />

WOMB<br />

Contact<br />


Moscow<br />

Nii (Nauka i isskustvo)<br />

Founded: 2014<br />

Founders: Alexander Savyer, Sergey Starykh,<br />

Ildar Zaynetdinov, Marina Verkhovova, Alexander<br />

Khmelevsky and Pavel Milyakov.<br />

НИИ<br />

Nii stands for “Nauka i isskustvo” which transl<strong>at</strong>es to “Science<br />

and Art. Nii is a nightclub in Moscow, the venue is also used as<br />

an art gallery and an experimental concert space. The music<br />

genre th<strong>at</strong> is played <strong>at</strong> Nii is mostly house and techno.<br />

Their visual style is very abstract, using dull cold colors<br />

and playing around with typography. The styles of the<br />

posters display clearly wh<strong>at</strong> the aesthetic of the club is<br />

and th<strong>at</strong> they are all about artistically<br />

expressing cre<strong>at</strong>ivity.<br />

https://moscowforpeople.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/nii-hypeshouse-event-review/<br />

https://www.calvertjournal.com/fe<strong>at</strong>ures/show/11152/nii-russia-venueelectronic-music-nightlife-culture-community-say-their-farewells<br />

Mutabor<br />

Founded: April 2019.<br />

Founders: Arma, Rabitza, The Volks and System108.<br />

Their visual style usually consists of a grey background,<br />

with an abstract 3D object which is the <strong>at</strong>tention seeker<br />

of the design. Mutabor often plays around with shapes<br />

and has a very futuristic brand identity.<br />

“Although more than half club’s events in the previous year<br />

were dedic<strong>at</strong>ed to dance music, Mutabor declares itself an art<br />

center. During techno parties, some audiovisual shows can<br />

often be expected. Besides th<strong>at</strong>, the club is planning to extend<br />

its the<strong>at</strong>re program and hold exhibitions.” - ra.co (Total magic:<br />

How mut<strong>at</strong>or Bre<strong>at</strong>ged life into Moscow’s Scene).<br />

The music genre th<strong>at</strong> plays <strong>at</strong> mut<strong>at</strong>or is mainly techno.<br />

https://ra.co/fe<strong>at</strong>ures/3725<br />

https://ra.co/news/43657<br />

RNDM<br />

Founded: 2017.<br />

RNDM is an underground nightclub in Moscow th<strong>at</strong> specifies in playing techno, house, and drum & bass.<br />

They have DJs playing mostly from Russia but some come from all over the world.<br />

Their visual style is very bold, using vibrant colors, different types of unique fonts, and stand-out titles.<br />

https://ra.co/fe<strong>at</strong>ures/3725<br />

https://ra.co/news/43657<br />


Images<br />

Nii (Nauka i isskustvo)<br />

Mutabor<br />

RNDM<br />


Night Clubs (historical and cultural background)<br />

In the afterm<strong>at</strong>h of the acid house and techno booms<br />

in the l<strong>at</strong>e 1980s and early 1990s, Berlin and Frankfurt<br />

have domin<strong>at</strong>ed convers<strong>at</strong>ions about Germany in the<br />

intern<strong>at</strong>ional club culture cannon. But the truth is th<strong>at</strong><br />

the first coming of electronic dance music was so<br />

strong throughout the country th<strong>at</strong> it spawned and<br />

spurred scenes all over. Virtually every small city had its<br />

own special nightclub with a packed dance floor and an<br />

interesting vibe. - https://www.electronicbe<strong>at</strong>s.net/25-<br />

german-clubs-closed/<br />

I included research about the history, loc<strong>at</strong>ion, visual<br />

identity, campaigns, and nightclubs.<br />


Image example<br />


Detroit<br />

Wh<strong>at</strong> was before techno?<br />

Why did clubs want dj’s over bands?<br />

There was a time when techno was not a thing. In the ’70s<br />

in Detroit, clubs and bars were playing funk music, th<strong>at</strong><br />

was the music th<strong>at</strong> people went out to party to. Eventually,<br />

the music turned more electronic and they called it disco,<br />

it was kind of like electronic band music, and the clubs and<br />

bars started hiring DJs instead of bands.<br />

The reason why bars and clubs started to hire DJs instead of<br />

bands was because a band could cost 10 times more than<br />

wh<strong>at</strong> a DJ would cost to hire, and a DJ could play longer and<br />

had all the popular songs th<strong>at</strong> the audience wanted.<br />

Wh<strong>at</strong> clubs would people go to?<br />

How did techno start in detroit?<br />

The disco scene got bigger and more clubs in Detroit<br />

started playing disco, even radio channels too. Some<br />

famous clubs th<strong>at</strong> people would go to were: “Detroit’s<br />

version” of Studio 54, Lafayette Orleans, Boogie Down<br />

Lounge, My Fair Lady, Elmwood Casino, and Factory on<br />

Jefferson just to name a few.<br />

By the end of the ’70s, dance music was growing and the<br />

disco genre was dying. High schoolers started throwing their<br />

own g<strong>at</strong>herings and parties to dance and have fun. Th<strong>at</strong>’s<br />

when DJs started using 2 turntables so th<strong>at</strong> the music would<br />

not have any breaks between the song switches. By using 2<br />

turntables the DJ could easily mix m<strong>at</strong>ch and quickly switch<br />

the song without having the song stop playing, if the song<br />

stopped then the audience’s rhythm would stop. The faster<br />

music the DJ would play, the faster the audience would dance,<br />

eventually, the audience wanted it to go faster so heavy<br />

techno and house became the new music genre to play in<br />

clubs. Techno was also very inspired <strong>by</strong> the industrial sounds<br />

from machines and factories in Detroit.<br />

Nightclub poster from the 70’s in Detroit.<br />

https://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2014/07/roots-of-techno-fe<strong>at</strong>ure<br />

https://www.spin.com/fe<strong>at</strong>ured/juan-<strong>at</strong>kins-derrick-may-kevin-saundersoncarl-craig-detroit-techno-october-1998-fe<strong>at</strong>ure-a-tale-of-two-cities/<br />


Images<br />


Tresor<br />

History<br />

Tresor today<br />

Treseor opened in March 1991 <strong>by</strong> Dimitri Hegemann.<br />

Before Tresor, there was a club called Ufo club, also in<br />

Berlin. Ufo club was founded <strong>by</strong> the electronic record<br />

label, with Hegemann himself as the CEO, the club<br />

opened in 1988 and became the main house for techno<br />

and electronic music in Berlin. Unfortun<strong>at</strong>ely, the club<br />

faced bankruptcy and had to close down<br />

after only 2 years.<br />

Today, Tresor is one of the most famous<br />

nightclubs in the world and is known<br />

as a legendary club in Berlin. They have<br />

artists from all over the world to come<br />

to play. Clubbers from all over the world<br />

come to visit Tresor as well.<br />

Visual style<br />

Tresor’s visual style is very fl<strong>at</strong> but vibrant. They<br />

play around a lot with typography and use a unique<br />

geometrical p<strong>at</strong>tern for their posters. They commonly<br />

use bright RGB colors with black or white base details<br />

for grids, shapes, and typography. They have a unique<br />

style identity and have kept it very consistent over the<br />

years, their style is easily recognizable.<br />

Loc<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

Tresor’s venue is an old department store in East Berlin. The<br />

venue has been renov<strong>at</strong>ed and reconstructed multiple times,<br />

they have added an outdoor area and a second floor called<br />

“Globus”. The basement, which is the main floor, looks like<br />

an old prison of some sorts because of the metal bar, th<strong>at</strong> is<br />

where the DJs stand. The basement is mainly used for hard<br />

techno and dark underground electronic music, and the other<br />

floors are used for softer music like mellow house and similar<br />

electronic sounds.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tresor_(club)<br />

https://tresorberlin.com<br />


Images<br />


Other legendary German clubs<br />

Omen<br />

Omen was a techno club th<strong>at</strong> was loc<strong>at</strong>ed in Frankfurt. Sven Väth was 24 years<br />

old when he opened the club, he had been introduced to the club life when he<br />

was 16 years old and it didn’t take long until he started djing himself. Berlin is<br />

known to be the main city in Germany where the club life and the techno scene<br />

are <strong>at</strong> its best, but back in the l<strong>at</strong>e 80’s- early 90’s Frankfurt has made history<br />

with legendary clubs such as Omen. It was opened in 1988 and closed ca 1998.<br />

Sven Väth, l<strong>at</strong>er on, opened a club in Ibiza called Cocoon (Amnesia), with<br />

another legendary DJ and record collector from Canada, called Richie Hawtin.<br />

Omen’s visual identity is a big inspir<strong>at</strong>ion for my project, the logo and the<br />

posters really inspire me to do something in the same style. Their style is retrofuturistic<br />

and abstract, often playing with colors, shapes, and imagery. I will<br />

save the logo as inspir<strong>at</strong>ion for my logo development.<br />

https://youtu.be/XNrY5O4pUWA<br />

https://www.electronicbe<strong>at</strong>s.net/the-feed/photos-takeinside-frankfurts-legendary-techno-club-omen/<br />

Sven djing in Omen club ca early 90’s.<br />

Ultraschall<br />

Ultraschall was a club in Munich founded <strong>by</strong> a couple of DJs th<strong>at</strong> used to<br />

organize underground raves in different loc<strong>at</strong>ions, they used to call it Ultra<br />

World, l<strong>at</strong>er on in the year 1994 the same people cre<strong>at</strong>ed Ultraschall. The<br />

founders claim th<strong>at</strong> Ultra world and Ultraschall are basically the same thing, but<br />

Ultraschall was one place and they started making money from it. The venue<br />

started in a kitchen from a closed down airport (Munich Riem), after 2 years<br />

(1996) the airport was demolished and they moved loc<strong>at</strong>ion to a bigger space<br />

which used to be a factory. They got recognition from all over the world and<br />

kept open until 2003. Until today Ultraschall is still known as a legendary club<br />

from techno Germany.<br />

“The Ultraschall was the nucleus for lots of other projects and careers. In<br />

Munich, it was the starting point for everything – for the “new sound of Munich.”<br />

“- Dj hell.<br />

https://www.electronicbe<strong>at</strong>s.net/25-german-clubs-closed/<br />

https://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2014/10/<br />

nightclubbing-ultraschall<br />


Images<br />

Omen<br />

Ultraschall<br />


Berghain<br />

Founders<br />

Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele.<br />

History<br />

Berghain is an exclusive club in Berlin founded <strong>by</strong><br />

former club organizers Norbert Thormann and Michael<br />

Teufel in 2004. Before Berghain the 2 club owners had<br />

organized fetish events for men in clubs around Berlin<br />

in the early ’90s, they called it Snax. In 1999 the 2<br />

friends opened their first venue which was a club called<br />

Ostgut, but in 2003 the club got closed down and<br />

the building got rebuild into O2 World Berlin, which is<br />

today’s Mercedez Benz Arena.<br />

In 2004 the club opened in a massive venue which<br />

was a former powerplant from the ’50s which was<br />

abandoned in the ’80s.<br />

Why the club is unique<br />

The reason why Berghain is unique is not only because<br />

of its enormous venue with 4 floors but because of<br />

its exclusivity, not everyone is allowed in Berghain. To<br />

get into Berghain you must have the right type of body<br />

language and dress code, the average joe would not<br />

be let in. The person who decides who gets into the<br />

exclusive club is the bouncer Sven Marquardt.<br />

There are no windows inside the venue so it easily could<br />

happen th<strong>at</strong> you lose track of time, neither are phones are<br />

allowed, phone cameras are covered with tape so th<strong>at</strong> people<br />

can act and dress how they want in the club. There is not a<br />

lot of recorded history to find online of Berghain, it’s not only<br />

until recent times th<strong>at</strong> the club has been releasing images of<br />

the interior. After the pandemic hit because of Covid-19, the<br />

venue has been turned into an art gallery and fashion c<strong>at</strong>walk<br />

until social g<strong>at</strong>herings become normalized again.<br />

Visual identity<br />

Berghain’s visual identity is very minimalistic, using a<br />

lot of white space and letting the typography speak for<br />

itself. Their website is not informal or used to promote<br />

the club, the website is called “Berghain trainer”. It’s<br />

used to train a person who wants to get into Berghain,<br />

<strong>by</strong> using the computer microphone and web camera,<br />

the website analyzes energy and body language.<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=KXfK7H2eFl8 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berghain https://berghaintrainer.com<br />


Images<br />

Venue<br />

Inside<br />

Bouncer. Sven Marquardt<br />


Fashion brands<br />

I included research about graphic styles in fashion<br />

and fashion brands th<strong>at</strong> are rel<strong>at</strong>ed, inspired, or fits<br />

the nightclub-style. I also researched about different<br />

fashion shows and styles.<br />


Image example<br />


MISBHV<br />

Brand<br />

Collections<br />

MISBHV (pronounced misbehave) is a Polish fashion<br />

brand th<strong>at</strong> is inspired <strong>by</strong> club culture and underground<br />

raves. The brand was founded <strong>by</strong> N<strong>at</strong>alia Maczek and<br />

Thomas Wirski in 2013. In 2013 they made t-shirts for<br />

people to wear in clubs in Warzawa. Nowadays the<br />

brand has blown up and has been worn <strong>by</strong> famous<br />

rappers, artists, and other celebrities, they often work<br />

with luxury m<strong>at</strong>erials like different kinds of le<strong>at</strong>her but<br />

they still also do screen-printed t-shirts and hoodies.<br />

MISBHV often uses imagery and t-shirt graphics rel<strong>at</strong>ed to<br />

raving or techno music. There is not one specific collection<br />

th<strong>at</strong> is inspired <strong>by</strong> raving, the whole brand itself is inspired<br />

<strong>by</strong> club culture and they always try to express th<strong>at</strong> in dark<br />

garments, futuristic typography, illustr<strong>at</strong>ions, and the shape<br />

of the clothes.<br />

Events<br />

Mixtape<br />

MISBHV has organized multiple parties and raves to<br />

promote their fashion brand. They have also in the past<br />

teamed up with the clothing brand Souvenir Official to<br />

promote unity and the right to vote. In may 2019 they<br />

organized a rave event to show support.<br />

In June 2020 MISBHV cre<strong>at</strong>ed their first techno record for<br />

their fashion brand, they teamed up with the DJs Wolfram and<br />

DJ hell (from Ultraschall) to produce the record.<br />

N<strong>at</strong>alia Maczek and Thomas Wirski<br />

https://www.ssense.com/en-us/editorial/fashion/<br />

oper<strong>at</strong>ing-off-the-grid-with-misbhv<br />

https://tailored-communic<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

com/releases/m-i-s-b-h-v<br />

https://misbhv.com/archive<br />

https://vimeo.com/373366969<br />

https://vimeo.com/472630085<br />


Images<br />

Event posters<br />

Clothing<br />

Raves<br />

Le Petit Palace Paris 2020<br />


Gosha Rubchinskiy<br />

Brand<br />

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a Russian fashion brand<br />

from Moscow, started <strong>by</strong> Russian designer and<br />

photographer Georgiy Aleksandrovich Rubchinskiy.<br />

The brand Gosha Rubchinskiy has been around since<br />

ca 2008 and has in the past made collabor<strong>at</strong>ions with<br />

brands such as Adidas, Fila, Kappa, and British fashion<br />

house Burberry. Rubchinskiy also has a sub-brand<br />

called Paccbet (pronounced Rassvet),<br />

which is a sk<strong>at</strong>e brand.<br />

Gosha’s collections are often inspired <strong>by</strong> streetwear,<br />

sportswear, and youth culture.<br />

SS18 collection<br />

For Gosha’s spring/summer collection in 2018, he<br />

took inspir<strong>at</strong>ion from Russian rave culture. Many of<br />

the pieces were in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with Adidas, and the<br />

whole collection looked very much like a mix between<br />

sportswear and streetwear. He used tracksuits and<br />

baggy hoodies to give off the raver vibe, people need<br />

comfortable clothes if they are going to dance for<br />

hours. There were a lot of bold graphics, logos, and<br />

colors used on the garments.<br />

The fashion show itself was presented in an old school,<br />

with green neon lights and smoke as effects.<br />

“In this lengthy expose Gosha Rubchinskiy explains how his<br />

new Spring/Summer 2018 collection was directly influenced<br />

<strong>by</strong> wh<strong>at</strong> the first gener<strong>at</strong>ion of Russian club-goers wore.<br />

“P<strong>at</strong>terned jumpers and Day-Glo neons” coalesced with tiedye,<br />

wide cut jeans and branded sportswear. The spirit of the<br />

’90s is clearly alive and well in Rubchinskiy’s l<strong>at</strong>est collection.”<br />

- Hypebeast magazine.<br />

Georgiy Aleksandrovich Rubchinskiy<br />

https://www.nssmag.com/en/sports/11576/<br />

gosha-rubchinskiy-ss18-collection<br />

https://tailored-communic<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

com/releases/m-i-s-b-h-v<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/<br />

Gosha_Rubchinskiy<br />


Images<br />


Collections Inspired <strong>by</strong> Nightclubbing<br />

Balenciaga<br />

High-end fashion house Balenciaga previously had 2<br />

different collections inspired <strong>by</strong> rave, in 2020 and 2021.<br />

Everything was designed <strong>by</strong> their cre<strong>at</strong>ive director<br />

Demna Gvasalia, founder of the high-end<br />

fashion brand Vetements.<br />

Recently in 2021 Gvasalia designed a collection inspired <strong>by</strong><br />

raving, making glow-in-the-dark hoodies and t-shirts with<br />

glow-in-the-dark prints. He also used a smiley for many of the<br />

designs, which is inspired <strong>by</strong> rave culture and acid house<br />

in the l<strong>at</strong>e ’80s.<br />

One of the collections from 2020 fe<strong>at</strong>ures a wide range<br />

of experimental garments, with a brand new concept<br />

for campaigns in the high fashion world. Balenciaga<br />

designed a video game th<strong>at</strong> replaces the concept of<br />

a fashion show because of the Covid-19 pandemic.<br />

In the video game, the player walks through different<br />

environments where the collection is displayed, <strong>at</strong><br />

the end of the game the player ends up in a secret<br />

underground rave.<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/balenciaga-glow-in-the-dark/<br />

https://www.dezeen.com/2020/12/09/balenciaga-afterworld-the-age-oftomorrow-video-game/<br />

Bottega Veneta<br />

Recently the Italian luxury fashion brand Bottega<br />

Veneta held a secret fashion show in the club Berghain,<br />

in Berlin. Due to the pandemic, the Berlin-based<br />

nightclub was not open for clubbing, it’s now being<br />

used temporarily for art exhibitions and in this case<br />

a fashion show. The only thing fans know about the<br />

fashion show is the celebrities th<strong>at</strong> were on the way<br />

into the venue. Since no images are allowed in Berghain<br />

the fashion show is still unknown and the cre<strong>at</strong>ive<br />

director Daniel Lee will not showcase the collection<br />

until months l<strong>at</strong>er.<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/bottega-veneta-berghain/<br />

Dior<br />

In 2017 the french luxury fashion house Dior had a<br />

show with some garments inspired <strong>by</strong> rave culture.<br />

Dior’s <strong>at</strong> the time cre<strong>at</strong>ive director Kris Van Assche<br />

(now Kim Jones), designed jackets and bags with prints<br />

of a group of people dancing around “raving”. The<br />

prints are taken from the artist Dan Witz’s Mosh pits<br />

paintings, which is representing the crowd <strong>at</strong> music<br />

concerts dancing.<br />

“Another designer who looked <strong>at</strong> the idea of parties and<br />

subcultural g<strong>at</strong>herings was Kris Van Assche <strong>at</strong> Dior Homme,<br />

who referenced rave, along with New Wave, the gabbers and<br />

the candy boys. This transl<strong>at</strong>ed to a line of contemporary,<br />

youth-infused tailoring, all of which was imbued, in the<br />

designer’s words, with “a pure and raw ‘Dior’ <strong>at</strong>titude”. It truly<br />

was raw, and, as exemplified in the “HarDior” logo sm<strong>at</strong>tered<br />

throughout the collection, hardcore Dior.” - Anothermag.com<br />

https://www.anothermag.com/fashion-beauty/9506/raw-energy-and-rave-culture-<strong>at</strong>-dior-homme-aw17<br />


Images<br />

Balenciaga<br />

Video game campaign<br />

Rave collection<br />

Bottega Veneta<br />

Virgil Abloh Skepta, Slowthai & friends Sven Marquardt<br />

Dior<br />


Midnight Studios x AWGE<br />

Midnight Rave FW18<br />

Midnight Rave is a collabor<strong>at</strong>ion collection <strong>by</strong> the<br />

clothing brands Midnight Studios and AWGE, th<strong>at</strong> was<br />

released in December 2018. The collection is inspired<br />

<strong>by</strong> 90’s rave wear. Midnight Studios is a clothing<br />

brand founded <strong>by</strong> Shane Gonzales. AWGE is a brand/<br />

collective started <strong>by</strong> the rapper A$AP Rocky, a member<br />

of A$AP Mob. The 2 cre<strong>at</strong>ives organized a rave to<br />

promote the collection release.<br />

Collection<br />

“This l<strong>at</strong>est drop fe<strong>at</strong>ures T-shirts and ‘rave camo’ hoodies,<br />

oversized cargo jeans and polo shirts th<strong>at</strong> each bear a<br />

distinctly ’90s color palette. Notably, it’s a collab-heavy<br />

collection, with branded w<strong>at</strong>ches and socks produced <strong>by</strong><br />

Stance, and two limited edition pairs of the ‘Drew Mama’<br />

sunglasses in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with RetroSuperFuture. Also<br />

included is the Midnight Rave CREW jackets in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

with Alpha Industries.”<br />

- from Highsnobiety’s article about the collection.<br />

Shane Gonzales ( Midnight Studios)<br />

A$AP Rocky (AWGE)<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/asap-rocky-awge-midnight-studios-midnight-rave-lookbook/<br />


Images<br />


Mowa Lola<br />

About<br />

Recognized for her “Sex. More Sex. More Sexy,”<br />

aesthetic the Nigerian fashion designer Mowalola<br />

Ogunlesi has managed to release an eye-c<strong>at</strong>ching<br />

collection after dropping out from Central Saint<br />

Martins. The 24-year-old designer chose to work on<br />

her label instead of finishing her Master’s, to get more<br />

of a real experience. Currently working on all aspects<br />

of setting up her own label, Mowalola is doing her own<br />

PR and taking business classes while being the cre<strong>at</strong>ive<br />

director. Basing and taking inspir<strong>at</strong>ion from the 70s and<br />

80s Nigerian rock music, her garment silhouettes and<br />

aesthetic came about. Tight le<strong>at</strong>her trousers cut low<br />

with lacy lingerie peeking out, nipple-grazing crop tops<br />

th<strong>at</strong> skimmed the body.<br />

Not only fashion shows, Mowalola experiments with<br />

exhibitions, and for them, the key point th<strong>at</strong> drives her<br />

is music, film, and people. A chaotic scene for personal<br />

experience while surrounded <strong>by</strong> her luring prints and garment.<br />

Every collection directed <strong>by</strong> her is inspired <strong>by</strong> music mainly,<br />

an item of clothing th<strong>at</strong> holds her feelings while listening to a<br />

certain melody. A lookbook made up from Nigerian history<br />

and music sums up her aesthetic and demeanor.<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=20PuDdhmYb0&t=68s<br />

https://i-d.vice.com/en_us/article/bjezva/mowalolanigerian-designer-joyce-sze-ng<br />


Images<br />


Heron Preston<br />

About Preston<br />

Brand<br />

Heron Preston is an American fashion designer and DJ<br />

from San Fransico, California. He is most successful<br />

and intern<strong>at</strong>ionally known for his self-named fashion<br />

brand Heron Preston, but started off with being the<br />

co-founder of the streetwear/ DJ brand Been Trill. He is<br />

close friends with rapper Kanye West and Louis Vuitton<br />

cre<strong>at</strong>ive director/ Offwhite founder Virgil Abloh, Abloh<br />

was also one of the founders of Been Trill.<br />

The Heron Preston fashion brand itself is mostly streetwear<br />

inspired <strong>by</strong> workwear often using Russian lettering, but I<br />

felt like it was important to use in my research since Heron<br />

Preston himself started Been Trill and is known for DJ’ing <strong>at</strong><br />

fashion after-parties.<br />


Images<br />

Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston.<br />


Virgil Abloh<br />

About Abloh<br />

Offwhite x Midnight Rave<br />

Virgil Abloh is an American fashion designer and DJ<br />

from Rockford, Illinois. His name grew intern<strong>at</strong>ionally<br />

after founding the fashion brand Offwhite, which he<br />

started in 2013. Now he is the cre<strong>at</strong>ive director and<br />

designer for the French fashion house Louis Vuitton,<br />

which he became in 2018. Before Louis Vuitton and<br />

Offwhite, Abloh has started the streetwear brand Pyrex<br />

and Been trill, he also used work as a stylist for his good<br />

friend and rapper Kanye West. Abloh is world known for<br />

his collabor<strong>at</strong>ions with Nike and<br />

Swedish furniture brand IKEA.<br />

Offwhite designed a long sleeve in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with<br />

the collection Midnight Rave, which is the collection in<br />

collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with Midnight Studios and AWGE.<br />

Virgil Abloh for Pioneer<br />

Virgil Abloh & Ben Kelly<br />

Virgil Abloh is not only known for being a designer but<br />

is also well known for being a DJ and has traveled all<br />

around the world to play <strong>at</strong> clubs. In 2020 Virgil Abloh<br />

designed his own Pioneer deck, the CDJ-20000NXS2.<br />

“As a means to give a new look to the CDJ and DJM<br />

industry standard, I set out to design a transparent<br />

and label-free version of the classic models to inspire<br />

a different sound while I play. And perhaps a new way<br />

to achieve a different result <strong>by</strong> combining musical<br />

technology and human interaction.”<br />

- Virgil Abloh on Pioneer.com<br />

“Off-White cre<strong>at</strong>ive director Virgil Abloh and designer Ben<br />

Kelly have collabor<strong>at</strong>ed on a new install<strong>at</strong>ion, Ruin, <strong>at</strong> London’s<br />

Store Studios, piecing together fragments of abandoned<br />

nightclubs, iconic discos and cut-ups of dance music history.<br />

The install<strong>at</strong>ion joins Ryoji Ikeda, Arthur Jafa, Jeremy Shaw<br />

and Everything At Once as the l<strong>at</strong>est in a series of Store<br />

X The Vinyl Factory commissions housed in the Brutalist<br />

building <strong>at</strong> 180 The Strand.” - from The Spaces article on the<br />

collabor<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

https://www.pioneerdj.com/es-es/landing/virgil-abloh/<br />

https://thespaces.com/virgil-abloh-ben-kelly-nightclub-ruin/<br />

http://benkellydesign.com/off-set/<br />


Images<br />

Off-White x Midnight Rave<br />

Pioneer <strong>by</strong> Virgil Abloh<br />

Virgil Abloh & Ben Kelly<br />


Raf Simons<br />

About Raf<br />

Raf Simons is a world-known and appreci<strong>at</strong>ed fashion<br />

designer from Belgium. He began his career as an<br />

interior designer but l<strong>at</strong>er on, got into men’s fashion.<br />

He has been working alongside many designers in his<br />

early years in fashion, such as Walter Van Beirendonck,<br />

Martin Margiela, and Jean-Paul Gaultier.<br />

In 2005 he started working as a cre<strong>at</strong>ive director for Jil Sander,<br />

then in 2012-2015, he worked <strong>at</strong> Dior. He has also worked for<br />

Calvin Klien in 2016-2018 and now for Prada since 2020.<br />

About Raf<br />

“ Youth in Motion ” the Raf Simon collection th<strong>at</strong> has<br />

swept and caught the eye of many viewers during<br />

New York Fashion Week. A collection th<strong>at</strong> tells a story<br />

and contains one as well in the garments, the Belgian<br />

fashion designer avoided glorifying drug culture but<br />

instead considered its overwhelming and impactful<br />

presence in the fashion and entertainment industries.<br />

With th<strong>at</strong> being said all the benefits coming from the<br />

sales will head to those suffering from drug addiction.<br />

With every bold move in the industry controversy also<br />

rises with it, deb<strong>at</strong>es have he<strong>at</strong>ed up with the topic of<br />

drugs in the collection and how the younger gener<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

will perceive the message.<br />

Talking about more of the elements th<strong>at</strong> made this collection<br />

come alive, one of the key points of is the 1981 film, Christiane<br />

F: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (We Children of Bahnhof<br />

Zoo). The german movie touches upon child prostitution,<br />

uncontrollable drug addiction and de<strong>at</strong>h. Therefore images<br />

were taken from scenes of th<strong>at</strong> movie and out on the<br />

garments. Lastly, the designer Raf Simons merged in his<br />

garments Cookie Miller and Glenn O’Brien’s aptly-titled play<br />

called Drugs more. The cover book from the play was made<br />

with “bad cut” yellow and “prescriptive” orange covers th<strong>at</strong><br />

were also transl<strong>at</strong>ed on Raf Simons’s garments.<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/raf-simons-fw18-drug-references/<br />

https://hero-magazine.com/article/129218/raf-simons-drug-inspired-christiane-fcollection-has-finally-landed/<br />


Images<br />


Raf Simons 2000<br />

The designer Raf Simons released a collection once again<br />

inspired <strong>by</strong> his favorite the youth culture.<br />

“ Summa cum Laude “ is made up of joining together the uniform<br />

of gabber and style. The gabber ‘90s Dutch slang for “brother” but<br />

also means a subculture revolving around high BPM electronic<br />

music. Alongside the culture, gabber has its own sign<strong>at</strong>ure style<br />

th<strong>at</strong> includes bomber jackets, colorful tracksuits, and Air Maxes.<br />

Therefore with all these elements, Raf Simons has managed to<br />

produce a stylish and new collection where he also added on<br />

his garments the logo of the influential ‘90s gabber collective<br />

Rotterdam Terror Corps. He also did a fashion look book which<br />

will be in my inspir<strong>at</strong>ion for this project.<br />

https://www.grailed.com/drycleanonly/rave-culture-fashion-collections<br />


Images<br />


Jean Paul Gaultier<br />

This is not a specific collection th<strong>at</strong> is inspired <strong>by</strong> raving<br />

or clubwear, but the actual style of the clothes fits<br />

very well with wh<strong>at</strong> rave style is. The tight long sleeves,<br />

baggy pants, and colorful prints are essentials for<br />

90’s rave outfits.<br />



Fashion magazines<br />

I included research about fashion magazines th<strong>at</strong> fit the<br />

most to my style, some merchandising, and also a bit of<br />

web design.<br />


Image example<br />


032C<br />

About 032C<br />

Based in Germany, 032C is a magazine and apparel<br />

brand founded and edited <strong>by</strong> Joerg Koch. The working<br />

team includes art director Mike Meirè and apparel<br />

cre<strong>at</strong>ive director Maria Koch. 032c is a culture-apparel<br />

brand th<strong>at</strong> surrounds the art, fashion, and political world.<br />

The brand started out with highly-coveted streetwear<br />

merchandise in 2016, including T-shirts, motocross<br />

jerseys, and socks, with garments flying off the shelves.<br />

Moving ahead in time they developed the overflowing<br />

educ<strong>at</strong>ional magazine. They interview influential people<br />

in a long-form convers<strong>at</strong>ion touching upon extensive<br />

details about work and also produce illumin<strong>at</strong>ing articles<br />

for readers in interest. Alongside thought-provoking<br />

journalism coupled with glossy photoshoots <strong>by</strong> A-list<br />

photographers, they’ve also worked with designers and<br />

artists like Rei Kawakubo, Raf Simmons, and Nicolas<br />

Ghesquiere, along with editorials fe<strong>at</strong>uring Kim & Kanye,<br />

Angela Merkel, Bella Hadid, and Frank Ocean.<br />

Starting off with merchandise the brand has not let th<strong>at</strong><br />

interesting side fade away as they grow into different<br />

branches. Up till today, the brand is a fully-fledged fashion<br />

label. Forming a strong presence in the fashion industry,<br />

the brand formed collabor<strong>at</strong>ions with well-known brands<br />

like Stüssy, Alyx, Gosha, Dave’s NY, Swarovski, and Justin<br />

O’Shea’s SSS World Corp. For a deeper understanding of the<br />

mechanisms, the designers think or work with 032C magazine<br />

touches upon th<strong>at</strong> while also being an<br />

established household themselves.<br />

https://032c.com https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/joerg-koch https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=-tP2aut-Dko<br />


Images<br />

Magazine covers<br />

Clothing<br />


Highsnobiety<br />

About Highsnobiety<br />

<strong>David</strong> Fischer is the founder and publisher of<br />

Highsnobiety Magazine, one of the most visited global<br />

sources for inspir<strong>at</strong>ion. Starting with 7 team members<br />

in 2012, th<strong>at</strong> number has been doubling each year<br />

with a total of 80 works currently and 9 million unique<br />

visitors monthly in 2018. Their main core values are<br />

always being ahead of trends and innov<strong>at</strong>ion. The brand<br />

expands out into different sectors, fashion, sneakers<br />

to design, music, and entertainment, where they have<br />

truly cre<strong>at</strong>ed their own captiv<strong>at</strong>ing culture. Highsnobiety<br />

publishes daily content about their 5 domains. With<br />

written articles, the brand also has an ongoing famous<br />

and unique youtube channel where they interview<br />

artists around the globe, designers, and content<br />

makers. Artists like the Korean pop sens<strong>at</strong>ion CL have<br />

been in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with the same brand as Peggy<br />

Gou, 070 shake, Pyer Moss, Off-White, and Post Malone.<br />

As for their product division, Highsnobiety has collabor<strong>at</strong>ed<br />

with footwear and streetwear brands like Adidas, Carhartt,<br />

Puma, Kith’s Ronnie Fieg, and Anicorn. While also selling<br />

on their website, different brands like Maison Margiela and<br />

Raf Simons. Due to the many collabor<strong>at</strong>ions, Highsnobiety<br />

produces shirts, socks, h<strong>at</strong>s, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, books,<br />

and so on. One of the most in style and continuous magazines,<br />

Highsnobiety is definitely a major influence of today and many<br />

years to come.<br />

https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/david-fischer<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/about/<br />

https://www.highsnobiety.com/shop/brand/highsnobiety/<br />


Images<br />

Magazine covers<br />

Editorial design<br />

Shop & collabor<strong>at</strong>ions<br />


AVYSS<br />

About AVYSS<br />

“AVYSS has been recording daily unique music and<br />

culture th<strong>at</strong> upd<strong>at</strong>es the times since its start in June<br />

2018. We oper<strong>at</strong>e as a pl<strong>at</strong>form with multifaceted<br />

content such as fe<strong>at</strong>ure articles focusing on new<br />

scenes and communities, sales of collabor<strong>at</strong>ion items<br />

in collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with domestic and foreign artists,<br />

online events using original virtual space, or offline<br />

events.” - from AVYSS “about” page on their website.<br />

Loc<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

“CM BAR INC. Bauhaus Osu 4F, 1-24-51, Osu, Naka-ku,<br />

Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0011, Japan”<br />

- from AVYSS “about” page on their website.<br />

https://avyss-magazine.com/about/<br />


Images<br />

AVYSS also has a webshop, there they sell merchandizing<br />

like t-shirts, hoodies, longsleeves, bags, stickers and more.<br />

They have also organized underground parties with<br />

intern<strong>at</strong>ional dj’s.<br />


Arena Homme +<br />

About<br />

Labeled as the fashion bible, founder of Arena homme+<br />

magazine, Nick Logan launched the brand in 1993.<br />

A magazine recognized as the world’s leading men’s fashion<br />

brand, with a clear editorial aesthetic. Working hard on<br />

releasing perfectly made layouts for the people, they have<br />

regular collabor<strong>at</strong>ions with famous photographers like<br />

<strong>David</strong> Sims, Juergen Teller, and Wolfgang Tillmans. AH+<br />

also continues to innov<strong>at</strong>e from a publishing perspective <strong>by</strong><br />

using stylists and art directors working alongside the best of<br />

emerging talent from the new gener<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />

The list of celebrity covers, fashion designer interviews, and<br />

gre<strong>at</strong> writers th<strong>at</strong> grace Arena is never-ending. World star<br />

famous people have been also fe<strong>at</strong>ured on the cover of AH+,<br />

recently the artist Lil Uzi Vert was the front face alongside,<br />

Travis Scott, Blondey, Bladee, and Yung Sherman.<br />

https://www.magazineheaven.com/fashion-magazines/arena-hommes-plus.html<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arena_Homme_%2B<br />

https://cre<strong>at</strong>ive.maworldgroup.com/project/arena-homme/<br />


Images<br />

Covers<br />

Layout style<br />


System Magazine<br />

About System<br />

The well admired Jon<strong>at</strong>han Wingfield is known for being<br />

the magazine editor in chief and founder of System<br />

Magazine. The established magazine was first launched<br />

along with the art director Thomas Lenthal and cofounders<br />

Alexia Niedzielski and Elizabeth von Guttman.<br />

The structure of the brand and wh<strong>at</strong> they do is relayed<br />

on famous known fashion brands. “System explores<br />

with style and substance the dialogues <strong>at</strong> the heart of<br />

the global fashion industry.”- System. It’s a magazine<br />

th<strong>at</strong> holds long and deep convers<strong>at</strong>ions with one of<br />

the most influential household names, for a better<br />

understanding of the inside industry and out.<br />

For the first issue of System Wingfield interviewed<br />

Nicolas Ghesquière several times after leaving<br />

Balenciaga, they also held interviews with designers as<br />

Azzedine Alaïa and Valentino, art director Marc Ascoli,<br />

and former Louis Vuitton chief executive Yves Carcelle,<br />

in the beginning of system’s career. Therefore they still<br />

today work with upcoming famous designers like Rick<br />

Owens, Marc Jacobs and Virgil Abloh. The magazine<br />

enriches the readers knowledge of the fashion industry<br />

<strong>by</strong> analysing those convers<strong>at</strong>ions th<strong>at</strong> are taken from<br />

the designers mouth onto the paper directly.<br />

https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/jon<strong>at</strong>han-wingfield<br />

(16) The Best Fashion Magazines To Read - YouTube<br />

https://www.stackmagazines.com/everything/10-independent-fashionmagazines/<br />

https://www.businessoffashion.com/community/people/thomas-lenthal<br />


Images<br />

Magazine covers<br />

Layout style<br />


Record labels<br />

Researching about record labels for this project was not<br />

part of the contract, but I chose to use it since record<br />

labels can have very strong identity. I chose to write about<br />

some of my favorite record labels: Year0001, PC Music,<br />

Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion and Northern Electronics.<br />


Image example<br />


Year0001<br />

About the record label<br />

Year0001 is a record label from Sweden th<strong>at</strong> works with<br />

different kinds of music, mostly rap and electronic but<br />

also some punk rock. The founder of the label is Emilio<br />

Fragone from Skåne, Sweden.<br />

The label started off as a friend group consisting of<br />

the group Sadboys (rappers Yung Lean and producers<br />

Gud and Yung Sherman) as well as Gravity boys which<br />

are now called Drain Gang (rappers Bladee, Ecco2k,<br />

Thaiboy Digital and producer Whitearmor).<br />

Now the record label has signed many<br />

artists, mostly underground and smaller<br />

artists th<strong>at</strong> often has cre<strong>at</strong>ive design<br />

visuals to promote their music.<br />

https://year0001.com<br />

Ecco2K<br />

Ecco2K is a rapper, producer, photographer, and<br />

graphic designer. He is part of the rap collective<br />

Drain Gang, with Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, and<br />

Whitearmor. Ecco2k, real name Zak Arogundande<br />

G<strong>at</strong>erud, was born in London in 1994 but moved<br />

to Stockholm when he was very young, he grew<br />

up in Stockholm city where he got to know his<br />

best friends for life, Sadboys and Drain Gang.<br />

Zak is not only known for his gre<strong>at</strong> music and<br />

artworks but is also known for being very stylish,<br />

he has been labeled as one of the best-styled<br />

people in Stockholm. Zak has in the past been<br />

working as a footwear designer for the<br />

Swedish fashion brand Eytys.<br />

Zak is usually the cre<strong>at</strong>ive director and designer for<br />

Sadboys and Drain Gangs visual for their music. He<br />

films most of the music videos, does the photoshoots,<br />

designs the album covers and more.<br />

He even has his own clothing brand called G’loss (Loss and<br />

Gain) where he designs mostly clothes but also sometimes<br />

unisex jewelry like necklaces and earrings, most of the stuff is<br />

rel<strong>at</strong>ed to Drain Gang branding.<br />

https://www.vogue.com/article/musicians-zak-arogundade<br />

Mech<strong>at</strong>ok<br />

Mech<strong>at</strong>ok is a Berlin-based electronic producer.<br />

His real name is Timur Tokdemir and was born in<br />

Munich in 1997. He is not signed with Year0001 but<br />

he has frequently been doing work with them and<br />

their signed artists.<br />

Timur has his own records but is mostly known for his<br />

l<strong>at</strong>est collabor<strong>at</strong>ion album with Year0001signed artist<br />

Bladee, for the album Good luck.<br />

Mech<strong>at</strong>ok has also been working with Bladee in the past for<br />

the single All I Want, and as produced the songs “Noblest<br />

Strive” on the album “333” <strong>by</strong> Bladee and “Security!” on the<br />

album “E” <strong>by</strong> Ecco2K.<br />

https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2021/1/3/bladee-mech<strong>at</strong>ok-interview-2020-article-piece/<br />


Images<br />

Ecco2k cre<strong>at</strong>ive work<br />

Vanilla Sky <strong>by</strong> Bladee, Ecco2K<br />

Poison Ivy <strong>by</strong> Yung Lean<br />

Legendary Member <strong>by</strong> Thaiboy<br />

PXE <strong>by</strong> Ecco2k<br />

D&G <strong>by</strong> Drain Gang<br />

Stranger <strong>by</strong> Yung Lean<br />

GT-R <strong>by</strong> Ecco2K<br />

E <strong>by</strong> Ecco2K<br />

Merchandising<br />

E physical copy.<br />

g’Loss. Tour merchandize. Drain Gang “pill” necklace.<br />

Mech<strong>at</strong>ok visual style<br />

“All I Want” with Bladee “Goodluck” with Bladee Defective Holiday<br />

Gulf Area Photoshoot for “Goodluck” See Thru All My Time<br />


PC Music<br />

About the record label<br />

PC Music is an electronic music record label from the<br />

UK founded <strong>by</strong> producer A.G Cook in 2013. PC Music<br />

Consistently works with visual cre<strong>at</strong>ive artists and<br />

mostly with electro-pop artists and producers.<br />

They commonly work with the artist Hannah Diamond.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC_Music<br />

https://pcmusic.info<br />

Hannah Diamond<br />

Hannah Diamond (real name Hannah<br />

Amond) is a singer, producer, photographer<br />

and graphic designer born in<br />

Norwich (UK) 1991.<br />

She is known for her glamorous aesthetic<br />

mixed with Y2K, often inspired <strong>by</strong> futuristic<br />

scenery and luxury brands like Dolce &<br />

Gabbana and Dior.<br />

Hannah Diamond has in the past worked with many<br />

artists, often A.G Cook and American pop artist<br />

Charlie XCX. Many famous artists have also made<br />

remixes on her songs, like Bladee,<br />

Yung Sherman and Mech<strong>at</strong>ok.<br />

She designs her own album covers, does her own<br />

photoshoots, directs her own music videos and<br />

designs her own merchandise. She has also done<br />

photo shoots for other artists like Bladee, Ecco2K,<br />

Charlie XCX and rapper Offset from Migos.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannah_Diamond<br />

A.G Cook<br />

Alexander Guy Cook, goes under the name<br />

A.G Cook, is a London based electronic<br />

music producer, singer, songwriter and also<br />

founder of the record label PC Music. He<br />

was born in 1990 in London and started<br />

releasing solo music in 2014.<br />

A.G Cook has in the past worked with artists like<br />

Hannah Diamond, Charlie XCX, Kero Kero Bonito, Danny<br />

L Harle, and more artists in the same electro-pop genre.<br />

The visual designer for most of his projects is graphic<br />

designer Timothy Luke.<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._G._Cook<br />

https://instagram.com/tmthy.luke?utm_medium=copy_link<br />


Images<br />

Hannah Diamond visual style<br />

“Drop FM” with A.G Cook<br />

Reflections Remixes<br />

“Love Goes On” with<br />

Bladee & Palmistry<br />

Reflections<br />

Merchandise<br />

A.G Cook visual style<br />


Northern Electronics & Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

Northern Electronics<br />

Northern Electronics is a Swedish record label th<strong>at</strong> was founded <strong>by</strong> the<br />

techno DJ Anthony Linell, th<strong>at</strong> goes under the name Abdulla Rashim. The<br />

label is both run <strong>by</strong> Anthony Linell and Jonas Rönnberg (Varg2TM).<br />

The record label works mostly with heavy techno and has many works<br />

<strong>by</strong> Varg2TM. They focus a lot on their visual identity and have a medieval<br />

type of look to it, often getting inspir<strong>at</strong>ion from antique Scandinavian art.<br />

https://ra.co/fe<strong>at</strong>ures/2568<br />

https://ra.co/dj/abdullarashim<br />

Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

“Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion is a project founded <strong>by</strong> Christian Stadsgaard and Loke<br />

Rahbek in 2009. Based in Copenhagen, Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion focuses on<br />

presenting work from Scandinavian artists and collabor<strong>at</strong>ors <strong>by</strong> giving<br />

a pl<strong>at</strong>form to current music, art, and design. With a c<strong>at</strong>alog of over 200<br />

physical releases, and has facilit<strong>at</strong>ed numerous intern<strong>at</strong>ional exhibitions,<br />

programs, and showcases, the project is an evolving composite of voices<br />

and horizons anchored to its home.”<br />

- Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion info page on their website.<br />

Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion often works with producers like Swedish Varg2TM and<br />

danish Cro<strong>at</strong>ian Amor.<br />

Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion focuses heavily on visual cre<strong>at</strong>ive design and artworks for<br />

their projects. They work with Copenhagen-based design studio Ironflag,<br />

which is well known for working with different companies <strong>by</strong> cre<strong>at</strong>ing<br />

packaging and editorial design. Ironflag has also worked with danish<br />

brand Soulland and Swedish perfume brand 19-69.<br />

https://poshisol<strong>at</strong>ion.net/info/<br />

https://www.ironflagpublic<strong>at</strong>ion.com/studio-gallery?itemId=yqs36cx7koqtgtmzg3tiouk4l0wnqc<br />

Varg2TM<br />

Jonas Rönnberg (Varg2TM) is a Swedish<br />

techno and electronic music producer.<br />

Varg2TM makes often music for Northern<br />

Electronics and Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion. He is a part of<br />

the Swedish electronic duo Flora with VTSS,<br />

duo Cease 2 Exist (C2E) with Bladee and<br />

Empire Line with Christian Stadgaard, Vanity<br />

Productions, Damien Dubrovnik and Isak<br />

Hansen. Varg2TM consistently works with<br />

danish Cro<strong>at</strong>ian Amor and<br />

releases the “Body of-” series.<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=xmG-bl4R3q4&t=533s<br />

https://www.redbull.com/se-en/varg-the-techno-destroyer<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=Xa4oVTQ2Xo0<br />

https://15questions.net/interview/fifteen-questions-interview-varg/page-1/<br />

https://www.theransomnote.com/music/news/northern-electronics-to-release-debut-albumfrom-the-empire-line/<br />


Images<br />

Nothern electronics, Posh Isol<strong>at</strong>ion & Varg2TM visuals<br />

Merchandise<br />

Images from google and spotify.<br />


Fashion photography trends<br />

I researched about different photography styles, both<br />

fashion photography and other styles th<strong>at</strong> inspire my<br />

project. I included research of Hugo Comte, Hendrik<br />

Schnieder and Hannah Diamond.<br />


Image example<br />


Hugo Comte<br />

About<br />

Being the favorite among fashion designers, magazine<br />

editors and global pop stars, the photographer Hugo<br />

Comte has set his name strongly in the photography<br />

world. His 90’s inspired aesthetic has led him to<br />

well-known magazines like Pop and Vogue Italia and<br />

designer brands Burberry, Valentino, and others. “90s<br />

images really express an energy more than anything;<br />

some eras it’s about style or concept, but this specific<br />

era was about expressing a human energy”<br />

- Hugo Comte.<br />

Fashion and pop culture mixed into dreamy-like scenery and<br />

photographs the key point for Hugo Comte’s sharp vision.<br />

Setting his foot in pop music he has worked for artist Dua<br />

Lipa, and models Bella Hadid, Anok Yai, and more.<br />

https://www.anothermag.com/art-photography/13137/<br />

celebr<strong>at</strong>ing-the-dreamy-photography-of-hugo-comtebook-2021<br />

https://www.vogue.com/article/hugo-comte-book<br />

https://talent.maworldgroup.com/photo-fashion/hugocomte<br />


Images<br />

Valentino<br />

Prada<br />

Alexander Wang<br />


Hendrik Schneider<br />

About<br />

Hendrik Schneider is a Berin-based photographer which<br />

has worked with artists and fashion brands. He is not very<br />

known and does not post a lot about himself online, it is<br />

very hard to find inform<strong>at</strong>ion about him online.<br />

Schneider did the photoshoot for Bladee’s and Mech<strong>at</strong>ok<br />

album Good Luck which was released in December 2020. He<br />

also did Ecco2K’s photoshoot for NUDA, in the book Ecco2K<br />

has an interview with his own dad about life lessons and wh<strong>at</strong><br />

he has learned mentally.<br />

Schneider’s photography style is very raw and a bit grunch, he<br />

often shoots dram<strong>at</strong>ic scenery using movement and close-up<br />

images of faces, eyes, and flesh.<br />

Photo shoot for fashion brand ASAI.<br />

Editorial <strong>Design</strong><br />


Images<br />

Bladee & Mech<strong>at</strong>ok for Good Luck<br />

Ecco2K for NUDA<br />

Photo shoots<br />


Hannah Diamond photography<br />

Charlie XCX<br />

Bladee<br />

Collection <strong>by</strong> Claire Barrow<br />

Reflections album <strong>by</strong> Hanna Diamond herself<br />


Images<br />

Drain gang (Ecco2K and Bladee)<br />

Offset photoshoot<br />


Daniel Sannwald<br />

A contemporary unique voice for photography, Daniel Sannwald has developed<br />

a strong and recognizable sign<strong>at</strong>ure. Paving the way for the next gener<strong>at</strong>ions<br />

he explores with fast forward-thinking photography <strong>by</strong> blending in together<br />

conceptual, fantasy and reality. Studying MA in the Royal <strong>Academy</strong> in Antwerp, he<br />

based in London currently making images th<strong>at</strong> speak for the fashion and art world<br />

with a unique portrayal. With his captiv<strong>at</strong>ing photographs he has collabor<strong>at</strong>ed with<br />

the most influential fashion magazines - 032c, Arena Homme +, Dazed & Confused,<br />

i-D, PoP Magazine, and artists Ecco2k and Travis Scott.<br />

https://talent.maworldgroup.com/photo-fashion/daniel-sannwald<br />

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Sannwald<br />


Images<br />


Video style<br />

In research about multiple different video anim<strong>at</strong>ors,<br />

editors and directors, I included research about video<br />

styles and graphic trends like 3D.<br />


Image example<br />


Sam Rolfes<br />

About<br />

“Sam Rolfes (b.1990, Dallas TX) is a Chicago and New York based<br />

mixed-form<strong>at</strong> digital artist and director. Using the human body as<br />

a mark making device and underlying structure, he crafts diffusive<br />

psychosexual worlds th<strong>at</strong> sublim<strong>at</strong>e space and identity. His work<br />

examines the mutability and malleability of flesh, and surreal<br />

performance through the lens of contemporary portraiture.”<br />

- From lvl3official.com.<br />

Rolfes has been working with many famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Tiësto and artists from PC Music.<br />

https://lvl3official.com/spotlight-sam-rolfes/<br />

https://www.factmag.com/2020/08/09/fact-residency-sam-rolfes/<br />


Images<br />


The29nov Films<br />

About<br />

After researching for techno videos th<strong>at</strong> would fit<br />

my aesthetic, I found a comment on Reddit about a<br />

youtube channel called The29nov Films. It is a very<br />

small channel with not many views, but they make<br />

videos for underground techno DJs.<br />

Their style of effects goes well with my project and it is<br />

inspiring me to possibly be doing something similar. The<br />

videos are raw and vibrant, the stories of the videos are often<br />

very emotional and dram<strong>at</strong>ic.<br />

https://www.reddit.com/r/TechnoProduction/comments/ajmjdr/techno_music_videos_is_there_such_a_thing/<br />

VSK - Fides et Honor<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=tNVf5L4lhV4<br />

Karenn - Berlin - Live Cut 2<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=bGhBpfg_Uz0<br />


Images<br />

Stave - PI07.4<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=O_tssCEh_gI<br />

Michał Wolski - B<strong>at</strong>hyscaphe<br />

https://www.youtube.com/w<strong>at</strong>ch?v=8yxRighpxDI<br />


Gustav Stegfors<br />

About<br />

Gustav Stegfors is a video director and editor from Sweden. He is<br />

most known for his music videos, he has worked many times with<br />

artists like Yung Lean, Bladee and Ecco2K. He has also worked<br />

with Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop and done advertising campaigns<br />

for Nike and Adidas.<br />

Gustav Stegfors<br />

Music video for Yoyo Nasty<br />

https://stegfors.com<br />

https://www.instagram.com/stegfors/?hl=sv<br />


Images<br />

“God” music video for Bladee & Mech<strong>at</strong>ok<br />

“Drama” music video for Bladee & Mech<strong>at</strong>ok<br />

NTS live video with Ecco2K & Bladee<br />


Y2K (graphic design trend)<br />

About<br />

During the 2000s technology was rising, therefore<br />

it had an immedi<strong>at</strong>e reflection and influence on the<br />

fashion and graphic world. The term “Y2K “ was<br />

commonly used to refer to a widespread computer<br />

programming shortcut th<strong>at</strong> was expected to cause<br />

extensive havoc.” The style of Y2K emerged in the<br />

last long periods of the 1990s when individuals<br />

both dreaded and blissfully expected the coming<br />

ascent of Technology. Garments were filled with<br />

shiny and reflective fabrics. Girls would wear mesh or<br />

handkerchief tops, box-ple<strong>at</strong>ed or le<strong>at</strong>her skirts, shiny<br />

pants, and sparkly shoes while guys would wear le<strong>at</strong>her<br />

jackets, a st<strong>at</strong>ement dress shirt, and chunky shoes.<br />

Furthermore come computer, graphic work since it was<br />

the start of more technology.<br />

Computer-aided design and drafting software had just<br />

advanced enough th<strong>at</strong> designers could experiment with<br />

curves, “blobs”, gradients, layered transparencies, and lens<br />

flares for the first time. The two major elements of y2k were<br />

Optimism and techno-utopianism which were connected to<br />

the 3D fonts th<strong>at</strong> were graphically designed.<br />

Y2k style is portrayed <strong>by</strong> a specific aesthetic period,<br />

encapsul<strong>at</strong>ing fashion, hardware design, music, and<br />

furnishings shining with tech. Well known for the futuristic<br />

aspects, this style has been memorable for everyone and<br />

each era coming up is bringing the aesthetic alive again. After<br />

the 60’s the era of the Y2k style was the one th<strong>at</strong> brought the<br />

obsession with futurism back, due to the fact th<strong>at</strong> there were<br />

several styles rising between the 90s and 2000s the Y2k style<br />

can be also confused with hip hop style era. The slick and<br />

captiv<strong>at</strong>ing look has also inspired many designers today, like<br />

Chroma 2020, Mowalola, and Prada.<br />


Images<br />


Websites<br />

Here is some website th<strong>at</strong> I will use as inspir<strong>at</strong>ion for my<br />

project. I have found some elements from each website<br />

th<strong>at</strong> I will add to my own.<br />

Kraftwerk Berlin<br />

Robert Johnson<br />


Images<br />

Ecco2K (Musician)<br />

Raf Simons (Fashion brand)<br />

PC Music (Record Label)<br />

Heliot Emil (Fashion brand)<br />


Brain storming & concept<br />

Brands connected to nightclub culture:<br />

Misbhv<br />

Mowalola<br />

Off white<br />

Heron Preston<br />

Raf Simons<br />

Gosha Rubchinskiy<br />

Name ideas:<br />

Braincell<br />

Mint<br />

Mint2000<br />

Mint2k<br />

Teenage music system<br />

Music:<br />

Techno<br />

Trance<br />

Mockup ideas:<br />

USB stick.<br />

Tote bags<br />

Necklace<br />

Bracelet<br />

Facemask<br />

Acrylic pen with the brand color<br />

Posters<br />

Earplugs<br />

Stickers<br />

Vinyl slipm<strong>at</strong><br />

Backpack<br />

My idea for this project is to design a fashion show <strong>at</strong> a nightclub. The style and aesthetic will be inspired <strong>by</strong><br />

the 2000s club culture, Y2K, and technology. The target audience will be fashion enthusiasts of all ages but<br />

mainly targeting the youth.<br />

The brand name will be Mint. The name Mint represents something fresh and new, which easily resembles<br />

fashion and youth.<br />

The fashion show will display different designers’ work, th<strong>at</strong> is connected to electronic music, clubbing,<br />

and the 2000s. The designers could be Gosha Rubchinskey, Misbhv, Mowalola, Raf Simons, etc. The music<br />

genre th<strong>at</strong> will be playing is mainly techno and trance because th<strong>at</strong> music was very popular <strong>at</strong> clubs in early<br />

2000, nowadays it’s mainly house, EDM and deep house.<br />

An idea th<strong>at</strong> I have is to use the night of the event as the last show for the Dj duo Daft Punk, who recently<br />

split up. The idea then would be to make the design event target towards them since they have a very<br />

futuristic style with the robot heads. I will also add pre/after DJs th<strong>at</strong> are smaller but would still fit the<br />

concept, for example, Varg2tm, Ecco2k, Porter Robinson, Mech<strong>at</strong>ok, and possibly more.<br />

I will make a big variety of different designs. I will design the logo for the fashion brand and use different<br />

fashion designers’ work th<strong>at</strong> will fit the aesthetic of the concept, I will also cre<strong>at</strong>e a brand manual for the<br />

logo and branding.<br />

Social media and online promotion will be a design element th<strong>at</strong> I will focus on for this project since<br />

the target audience is the youth. For th<strong>at</strong>, I will design a website, social media profiles, and other social<br />

networks to promote the event. Not only will there be digital designs, but also physical products. I am going<br />

to design booklets, T-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, small accessories, ID-cards, and lanyards. I will also<br />

decor<strong>at</strong>e the nightclub and cre<strong>at</strong>e a pop-up shop for the merchandise.<br />

For the advertisement, my idea is to make banners and posters th<strong>at</strong> will go on transport such as busses,<br />

Ubers, train st<strong>at</strong>ions, etc. Then I will also cre<strong>at</strong>e different campaigns such as digital art and promotion<br />

videos. All of these products and designs will be the same aesthetic as the concept, futuristic, inspired<br />

2000 style and technologic.<br />

<strong>Final</strong> brand info :<br />

“Mint is a Berlin-based cre<strong>at</strong>ive brand, founded in 2021 <strong>by</strong> graphic designer <strong>David</strong> <strong>Wadström</strong>.<br />

We work with design, fashion, and music. We design events for nightclubbing and fashion shows, or<br />

possibly those 2 combined.<br />

We rent industrial/ factory spaces to hold our events. We work with artists and designers from all over the<br />

world, and bring them all to Berlin to keep the cre<strong>at</strong>ive culture alive.”<br />

Why Berlin?<br />

I chose to have the club in Berlin because it fits well with my fashion aesthetic and berlin is known for their<br />

art and design. Berlin is also known as one of the worlds best cities for clubbing and techno music.<br />


Inspir<strong>at</strong>ion board<br />


Logo design inspir<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

For my logo, I got inspired <strong>by</strong> the Y2K styles, and artists<br />

like Björk and Aphex Twin. I want to do some type of<br />

futuristic typography logo.<br />


Logo design inspir<strong>at</strong>ion<br />


Logo sketches<br />

I began with sketching some logo ideas in my<br />

sketchbook, inspired <strong>by</strong> the logos I added to my<br />

inspir<strong>at</strong>ion board. The logo th<strong>at</strong> inspired me the most<br />

was the Omen logo from the german nightclub. So<br />

I drew a replic<strong>at</strong>ed one but wrote “mint” in it. Then I<br />

developed th<strong>at</strong> into a logo th<strong>at</strong> was my own style.<br />


Logo development<br />

I took my sketch to Illustr<strong>at</strong>or and started to develop the logo<br />

more. I began with making diagonally slanted rectangles th<strong>at</strong> were<br />

all geometrically structured, then I made it all to one clean shape.<br />

I started adding circles which would be the curve of the corners.<br />


Logo development<br />

When I was happy with my shape I started to add curves to<br />

the corners. I did many different vari<strong>at</strong>ions but I preferred the<br />

simple version.<br />


Logo development<br />

I then started to make it more detailed and more geometrically<br />

constructed, I also added some colors to see wh<strong>at</strong> the logo would<br />

look like when it was filled. I thought the shape of the logo was<br />

a bit Square so I made the circles bigger and the corners more<br />

round. Indian this did not work because the logo did not look ask<br />

clean neither did it look geometrically constructed, so I decided<br />

to make a new shape.<br />


Logo development<br />

I began with using the same sizes and measurements but this<br />

time instead of starting making the logo diagonally I made it<br />

straight. then when I was happy with my shape I tilted the logo so<br />

it would look like the way I wanted it to be, but I can’t two circles as<br />

normal circles instead of having them tilted.<br />


Logo development<br />

I was way happier with this version of the logo, it made a lot more<br />

sense and it looks more geometrically structured. I decided to try<br />

a new element which was inspired <strong>by</strong> the logo from the artist Björk,<br />

but I quickly realized th<strong>at</strong> the wings on the logo did not m<strong>at</strong>ch my<br />

style so I kept it clean and did it like I intended the beginning. I also<br />

made another version of the logo which was to drag one part of<br />

the M down and then add the titles design-fashion-music, on th<strong>at</strong> I<br />

used a stretched bold Helvetica font. after I did to logos th<strong>at</strong> I was<br />

happy with, one without text and one with, I started looking for<br />

color inspir<strong>at</strong>ion. The color mint to me is a mix between blue and<br />

green, I looked up many different versions but the colors th<strong>at</strong> are<br />

represented mint to me the most was mouthwash, Mouthwash is<br />

the freshest thing I could think of, so I found three different bottles<br />

of mouthwash, and I tried them out on my logo. the one I liked the<br />

best was the “mint fresh”, it had the most pop of the green and blue<br />

and represented most “Mint” to me.<br />


Logo development<br />

Now th<strong>at</strong> I had my brand color, I started doing some minor<br />

changes to the logo.<br />


Logo development<br />

Then when I was happy with my shape, I started looking<br />

for fonts for my logo. I tried many different fonts but the<br />

one I like the most was Aktiv Groetesk EX. I wanted to use<br />

a stretched Helvetica font, but I got told th<strong>at</strong> th<strong>at</strong> was not<br />

professional to use, so instead, I found something similar, it<br />

m<strong>at</strong>ches very well with the Techno Style.<br />


Logo development<br />

Now th<strong>at</strong> I had my font, I started playing around with the<br />

placement of the text. I also started working on my icon.<br />

I decided to have one main logo, one brand logo, and one icon.<br />


Logo development<br />

After I was done with all my logos, I started working<br />

on a secondary color, I found a Mojito drink th<strong>at</strong> was<br />

called mojito Curacao, the drink is fresh and could go<br />

well with my brand. I tried 3 different versions of blue,<br />

but it started looking like a w<strong>at</strong>er sports brand, and it<br />

did not represent a nightclub anymore. also the fact<br />

of using herbs and drinks kind of drifted away from<br />

my concept. I also tried a green version, but I realized<br />

th<strong>at</strong> the logo looks better with the mint brand colo <strong>by</strong><br />

itself, so I started looking for more simple Shades like<br />

gray and black, the logo looks really well on a black<br />

background, but I did not want to use fully black, so I<br />

went with a slightly charcoal version. (#141414)<br />

Mojito Curacao<br />


108<br />

<strong>Final</strong> logo

Icons<br />

For the icons, the black on green looked a lot better,<br />

and since the icons would be small displayed, I<br />

wanted the brand color to be more visible.<br />


Brand manual<br />

After I designed my logo, I made a brand manual for Mint. The<br />

manual contains text edits, imagery style, do’s & dont’s, how the<br />

logo is constructed and more. I decided to make the imagery style<br />

in a dark grey, inspired <strong>by</strong> Kraftwerk Berlin and the secondary<br />

brand color (#141414).<br />


Poster inspir<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

I wanted my poster to be fl<strong>at</strong>, and I wanted to focus on the logo and the<br />

typography. I got inspired <strong>by</strong> many nightclub posters.<br />


Poster sketches<br />

Through one of the posters, I got inspired <strong>by</strong> the poster from<br />

Robert Johnson th<strong>at</strong> says “yes, it’s loud enough”. I got inspired<br />

<strong>by</strong> one of my favorite artists Bladee, he has a song called DNA<br />

RAIN, I got inspired <strong>by</strong> the lyrics “I can heal you, I can feel you”. I<br />

took those lyrics and cre<strong>at</strong>ed my own slogan to m<strong>at</strong>ch it with the<br />

techno vibe, FEEL DANCE HEAL. I also got inspired <strong>by</strong> another<br />

poster from Robert Johnson, it is an optical illusion, my idea was<br />

to take th<strong>at</strong> and remake it to m<strong>at</strong>ch my brand.<br />


Illusion poster development<br />

I did many different versions of this poster, trying out different sizes<br />

of the strokes, and how many rectangles I would use, I also added<br />

the dots from my logo into it as minimal branding.<br />


114<br />

Illusion poster development

<strong>Final</strong> illusion poster<br />

I ended up putting the d<strong>at</strong>e in the top corner, and the website URL on<br />

the side to not get too much <strong>at</strong>tention. The white in the middle of the<br />

illustr<strong>at</strong>ion m<strong>at</strong>ches well with the dots and white typography.<br />


Text poster<br />

For this poster I decided to use the same placement as the one I got<br />

inspired <strong>by</strong>, I played around with how I was supposed to display the words.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> text poster<br />

I ended up using dots after every word so th<strong>at</strong> each and every<br />

word would show importance. Then I added the d<strong>at</strong>e, website<br />

and the icon <strong>at</strong> the bottom as minimal branding. This poster is<br />

only meant as a design poster and is not the main advertising<br />

poster.<br />


Main poster development<br />

This is the main poster, this is meant to inform and advertise, the other<br />

posters th<strong>at</strong> I have designed are only meant as decor<strong>at</strong>ion posters unless<br />

all the posters are displayed together. I began <strong>by</strong> playing around with the<br />

layout style of the inform<strong>at</strong>ion.<br />


Main poster development<br />

I did many different versions of the main posters and tried out the placement of text and the logo.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> main poster<br />

For the final poster, I highlighted the d<strong>at</strong>e and loc<strong>at</strong>ion in bold and white and added the other titles “fashion<br />

show” and “techno fest” in medium and black/green to give it a nice contrast. Then i put the Main logo<br />

on the right to make the viewer read the poster starting from the left side of the poster, it also made the<br />

poster look more complete. I decided not to put the fashion brand on the poster because I don’t the brand<br />

to be highlighted for this project, I want Mint to be the main focus.<br />


Poster mockups<br />


Shopping bag<br />

I made some sketches of the shopping bag and how it would look. The first shopping bag I used did not<br />

look good so i decided to look for a wider one.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> shopping bag<br />


124<br />

Vodka bag & bottle

<strong>Final</strong> outcomes<br />


126<br />


Beanies<br />

Dots beanie<br />

Icon beanie<br />


Packaging design<br />

I wanted to make small packaging for smaller accessories, like a necklace and earplugs, So I started<br />

sketching and then looked for mockups. The first mockups th<strong>at</strong> I found did not look good so I found some<br />

wider and square ones th<strong>at</strong> would fit the accessories better.<br />


Packaging process<br />

I decided to make the dots on the black box in silver to represent the silver necklace.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> necklace packaging<br />

I ended up using a picture of foil to represent the silver on the<br />

packaging, then I wrote some basic inform<strong>at</strong>ion about the<br />

product on the back of the box.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> ear plug packaging<br />

I kept the ear plug box simple <strong>by</strong> only using the brand colors,<br />

and also putting basic inform<strong>at</strong>ion about the product on the<br />

back of the box.<br />


Necklace 3D design<br />

For this product, I contacted my friend Oscar Feria Bright who<br />

is an Interior designer and expert in 3D rendering. I started<br />

sketching and then sent him some digital versions for him to<br />

see measurements and style. I measured the size of a basic<br />

necklace pendant and chain and copied the measurements.<br />


Necklace development<br />

He sent me some pictures of the development and so far it<br />

was looking good. He also asked how I wanted the pendant to<br />

be <strong>at</strong>tached and I decided to have it like my digital sketch.<br />


134<br />

Rendering development

<strong>Final</strong> renders<br />

These are the final renders, I am very happy with the outcomes,<br />

I photoshopped in the brand logo on the back of the pendant so<br />

th<strong>at</strong> it would look engraved, <strong>at</strong> first it was blank.<br />


Ear plugs<br />

I looked online for some earplugs th<strong>at</strong> I could use to edit, I found some good ones in<br />

high resolution, and then I put them in Photoshop.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> outcome<br />

I made the ear plugs quite simple, I made 2 different version th<strong>at</strong> comes in the pack<br />

and th<strong>at</strong> is changeable, I kept it simple with one in black and one in the brand color,<br />

it is more about the idea then about the design itself.<br />


138<br />

ID Lanyard sketches

ID Lanyard process<br />


140<br />

ID Lanyard process

<strong>Final</strong> outcome<br />

I ended up making the VIP text bigger since the people who order VIP usually wants<br />

th<strong>at</strong> to stand out, then I put the ticket QR code and an identific<strong>at</strong>ion image of the<br />

VIP person on the back of the card.<br />


Packaging tape<br />

I found a packaging tape mockup online and branded it with mint. This can be used<br />

as industrial style decor<strong>at</strong>ion for the club, and also for shipping boxes from online<br />

orders.<br />


Stickers (Mini marketing campaign)<br />

I ordered real stickers from a website called StickerApp, they are transparent high-quality stickers, I made<br />

the icon and the main logo. The marketing campaign is to sticker bomb everything everywhere, and also to<br />

give out to people.<br />

People in my school have already been sticking them on their phones, headphones, and laptops.<br />


Vinyl slipm<strong>at</strong><br />

When researching on nightclub merchandise on<br />

their websites, I found many th<strong>at</strong> were selling vinyl<br />

slipm<strong>at</strong>s, so I thought it would be the perfect product<br />

for Mint.<br />

I made a couple of sketches and then started<br />

working in photoshop.<br />


Vinyl slipm<strong>at</strong> process<br />

I decided to cre<strong>at</strong>e my own mockup using smart objects. First, I looked for a vinyl player th<strong>at</strong> would fit my<br />

aesthetic, and I found one from SONY. Then I added an ellipse shape and made it into a smart object, then I<br />

started adding my designs. For the front view of the slipm<strong>at</strong>, I made it more simple, I just added some inner<br />

glows and shadows, and also some cork texture to make it look real.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> mockups<br />

For the final mockups, I ended up moving the main logo a little bit so th<strong>at</strong> the dot of the “i” would align with<br />

the middle hole.<br />


USB stick<br />

A professional DJ always needs a USB when they are playing live because th<strong>at</strong>’s where they keep all the<br />

music files th<strong>at</strong> they are going to play, so I thought th<strong>at</strong> this would be the perfect product for Mint.<br />

I wanted a sleek USB stick and not a cheap plastic one, so I used some metal USB sticks and started<br />

working on it in photoshop.<br />


148<br />

USB stick process

USB stick FInal outcome<br />

I made the branding quite simple, using the main logo on the front<br />

and the icon on the back with the text 32GB which is the memory<br />

size of the USB stick, DJs need a lot for all their music files.<br />

I ended up making a black version and a Mint green version.<br />

The black version is standard and available for all, the mint green<br />

version is only available for VIP’s.<br />


Event pop up<br />

I found some mockups online of event stands/ pop-ups but none of them m<strong>at</strong>ched the scenery or the<br />

aesthetic of my concept so I decided to look for another one.<br />


Event pop up final outcome<br />

I decided to use this tent as the pop-up because it worked a lot better for my concept and aesthetic, it’s<br />

also more realistic because, for a nightclub event like mine, a tent is very easy to set up in any environment.<br />

<strong>Final</strong><br />

Development<br />


Event pop up final outcome<br />

I designed the tote bag in the same style as the shopping bag. Minimal branding and advertising branding.<br />


Mint x Uber<br />

At first, I was going to redesign a Berlin taxi but I decided to use uber as a special collabor<strong>at</strong>ion with Mint, as<br />

a ride for the VIP audience <strong>at</strong> the event. The Mint uber will pick up the VIPs and drive them to the event. I<br />

I used a Mercedez Benz as the car since it is a luxury car, it has a lot of space, Uber often drives with<br />

Mercedez and it is a German car so it fits perfectly in Berlin.<br />


154<br />

<strong>Final</strong> mockup

Metro posters<br />

The first mockups I made did not look professional, neither did they fit my aesthetic, so I took a metro<br />

image and made my own mockup.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> metro posters<br />

The image I used was a square so I had to photoshop and fill out<br />

the edges to make the mockup wider.<br />


Billboard<br />

I looked for different billboards but the first one did not fit my<br />

style so I find one th<strong>at</strong> was more industrial-looking.<br />


Billboard final outcome<br />

I used the same layout style as my main poster for the mockup but used the brand logo instead of the main<br />

logo so th<strong>at</strong> a person who is unaware of Mint can understand wh<strong>at</strong> it is about.<br />


Social media development<br />


160<br />

Social media final mockups

Merchandise development<br />

I wanted to keep the merchandise simple. At first, I<br />

wanted to use models for my mockups but it did not<br />

turn out very nice, it looked a lot better with just having<br />

the clothes <strong>by</strong> themselves. The standard hoodies and<br />

t-shirts are from Eytys.<br />


162<br />

Merchandise final outcome

Fashion book inspir<strong>at</strong>ion board<br />


Look book sketches<br />

For the fashion look book, I chose to use outfits from fashion brand Eytys. Eytys<br />

is a fashion brand from Sweden, their clothes are baggy, super tight, 90’s style,<br />

everything unisex and fits perfectly with my aesthetic.<br />

Front cover<br />

Back cover<br />

These were the images I was choosing from for my cover, I ended up choosing the guy with the<br />

tank top and the blue beetle sunglasses, it was the picture th<strong>at</strong> stood out the most to me. The<br />

glasses are quite unique and the top can be quite controversial since it looks like a female tank<br />

top, clubs in Berlin can be very gender-neutral and embracing feminity from men so I think it’s<br />

the coolest picture out of all of them.<br />


Look book development<br />

Front cover<br />

Back cover<br />

First page/ table of content<br />

First page/ table of content<br />

Content<br />


Look book final outcome<br />

Front cover<br />

Back cover<br />

I ended up putting the illustr<strong>at</strong>ion poster on the back of the book, it worked a lot better as a back cover<br />

instead of using another face shot image. I also added the title “Run(a)way” for the runway fashion show,<br />

but also to represent the youth and how it can be hard for young people to feel confident in their own skin<br />

and to feel true to themselves.<br />

Content<br />

I combined the first page with the table of content, it made everything less confusing and messy, it gave<br />

the book a cleaner look, the info text does not take up to much space anyways.<br />

For the content pages, I put the Eytys logo and Mint logo in the corners, then I added the title name, and a<br />

detailed description of wh<strong>at</strong> the model is wearing.<br />


Website sketches<br />

My biggest inspir<strong>at</strong>ion for the website style and layout is<br />

Kraftwerk Berlin and PC Music. On PC Music’s website, there is a<br />

design fe<strong>at</strong>ure th<strong>at</strong> I want to use for my website, every time you<br />

hover over an image, it goes from their brand color to the normal<br />

image color, I want to do the same but from green to grey, or from<br />

grey to green.<br />

I began with sketching some different layout ideas for the home<br />

page and did the same digitally to see the placement of the logo.<br />


168<br />

Website sketches

Website sketches<br />


Home page page<br />

I did everything according to my brand manual, including the typography, logo<br />

placement, and imagery style.<br />

I put the Mint icon and “All rights reserved TM” on the bottom of the page when<br />

you scroll down, I did not want it to be visible from the start, I wanted to keep<br />

the website clean and minimalistic. I also added some fe<strong>at</strong>ures so th<strong>at</strong> when<br />

you hover over the menu options, they expand and turn white.<br />

I decided to not make an XD a page for the search bar because I want the<br />

search bar to be clicked and then you write right away on top of it.<br />


Event page<br />


172<br />

Artist page process

Archive page process<br />


174<br />

Shop page process

About page process<br />

At first, I put the brand logo above the info text, but it did not work<br />

with the main logo in the top corner, so I ended up moving it to the<br />

bottom page. I also put “download brand manual” as an option but I<br />

was told th<strong>at</strong> a company brand manual should not be open for the<br />

public, so I changed it to “download logos”.<br />


176<br />

Enhanced fe<strong>at</strong>ure process

Cart process<br />


Bottom page<br />

I ended up adding the social media on the bottom corner next to the<br />

logo, I downloaded an Instagram icon png and made it Mint colored.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> home page<br />


Event page final<br />

I ended up adding some info text about the event, and also a text about the VIP<br />

option. There is also a button for the book now. Under those text paragraphs,<br />

there will be more info text about the event.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> Shop page<br />

For the shop page, I ended up making the layout style pretty basic, from<br />

accessories to clothing. I made 2 items accessible in XD, the necklace and the<br />

black slipm<strong>at</strong>. When you click on one of the items, you enter a closer view of the<br />

item and some more product pictures with packaging as well. If you click on one<br />

of the product images you will see an enhanced imaged of the product, with a<br />

blurred Mint color as the background. When in enhance mode, I also changed the<br />

logos and text to black so it is more visible. Under the product images, there is a<br />

small text describing measurements and info about the product.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> archive page<br />

The archive page is a page for design m<strong>at</strong>erial like posters, campaigns, and look<br />

books for example. I got inspired <strong>by</strong> th<strong>at</strong> from a lot of fashion and design websites.<br />

Under the design, there is a small descriptive text explaining wh<strong>at</strong> it is about and<br />

when it was released. If you click on one of the designs there be an enhanced<br />

option showing the design in more detail.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> artist page<br />

For the artist page, I ended up having an info text on top<br />

explaining wh<strong>at</strong> type of artist is going to be <strong>at</strong> the event.<br />

Then below, there are short descriptive texts about the<br />

main DJs th<strong>at</strong> will play <strong>at</strong> the event. If you hover over the<br />

images it will turn grey.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> cart page<br />

I made the cart page quite simple, I added PayPal, Visa<br />

and Mastercard as options and then I put the price info in<br />

a simple layout style.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> artist page<br />

I added a short info text about wh<strong>at</strong> Mint is and wh<strong>at</strong> we do.<br />


186<br />

XD Wireframes

<strong>Final</strong> website mockups<br />


Website phone version<br />

I did the phone version of the website quite simply. I could not fit the side<br />

menu so I added it to the top of the website instead.<br />


Wireframes<br />


App sketches<br />

I chose to make an app th<strong>at</strong> is supposed to be for tickets only, there will<br />

not be the same kind of content on the website as there will be on the<br />

app. The app is mainly to sign up and have the ticker ready for the event.<br />


App sketches<br />

App development<br />

Start page Log in Sign up Menu<br />


192<br />

App development

<strong>Final</strong> start page<br />


194<br />

<strong>Final</strong> first & event page

<strong>Final</strong> loc<strong>at</strong>ion, ticket & profile page<br />


196<br />

E-ticket Mockup

Wireframes<br />


Nightclub decor<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

For the nightclub venue, I wanted something industrial, like an old factory<br />

or building. I researched many different buildings and picked out my 2<br />

favorites, inside and outside.<br />


Inside decor<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

I began with making the image in my imagery style settings. Then I took<br />

some neon disco lights from the internet and put blend mode on them so<br />

th<strong>at</strong> the lights would only show.<br />

After th<strong>at</strong>, I did some detailed erasing and put the Mint icon under the light,<br />

I also added blend mode to it so it would look like it was glowing. I also<br />

changed all the lights to be as similar to the Mint brand color as possible.<br />

Then I added some more lights to fill out in the background, I tried some<br />

different examples and ended up putting some lights th<strong>at</strong> were showing the<br />

Mint icon on the pillars. Then I added some glow around the whole image to<br />

make the picture more dazy.<br />


Outside decor<strong>at</strong>ion<br />

Same as the other image, I began with making it in my imagery style settings, then I<br />

removed all the graffiti from the building. Then I added lights and a big lamp th<strong>at</strong> would<br />

reflect my Mint icon, after th<strong>at</strong>, I did the same thing with the dots logo.<br />


<strong>Final</strong> inside & outside venue<br />

I ended up adding some outer glow on the logo elements and made the light sources whiter to make them<br />

look more realistic.<br />


Promotional video<br />

I began with sketching a storyboard. Then I screen-recorded youtube videos of the DJs th<strong>at</strong> I put in my<br />

poster, videos of them DJ’ing live in clubs, and also videos of an abandoned factory. I downloaded videos of<br />

Varg2TM, VTSS, Amelie Lens, Mech<strong>at</strong>ok, and Adrian Lux. After I had the clips th<strong>at</strong> I wanted, I picked out the<br />

best moments. Then I added a black and white filter to fit my branding, I also started adding the titles of the<br />

DJ’s and the head titles <strong>at</strong> the end of the video (Fashion show, Techno fest, 25/06). Then when I had all the<br />

titles I wanted, I edited the Mint dots logo so it would flash on the be<strong>at</strong> of the song. I used the song Fides et<br />

Honor <strong>by</strong> VSK which I found through research in this project. I made the dots logo in white because if they<br />

were green they would’ve been too distracting. The video ended up being too long, it was 1min, so cut it<br />

to 40s instead. I ended up not putting the fashion show in the video, it would’ve been confusing since the<br />

show has not happened yet, and it would not make sense to add unrel<strong>at</strong>ed outfits.<br />

I also did not put Eytys in the video on purpose, same reason as the poster, I want this project to be<br />

focused on Mint.<br />


Workbook <strong>by</strong><br />

<strong>David</strong> <strong>Wadström</strong><br />


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