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Welcome to the Elderflower Fields 2021 festival programme!
If you're joining us at the festival, you'll get a printed copy of this programme, included free in your ticket price. But here is a digital version to peruse at your leisure...


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Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

Welcome to what is one of the first festivals in the country in two

years. You couldn’t get any closer to the Government’s opening up

date and we are pleased as punch to be able to put this on for you…

Even if it is by the skin of our smiling teeth.

Once you’ve settled in, made yourself at home and squared your

pitch, give yourself a moment to breathe in the sky, feel the ground

beneath your feet, listen to the wind in the trees, and observe the

sense of space. This is a weekend for reconnecting with yourself,

your family, your friends, the arts, music, dance, nature and the

weather Gods! Let every small moment resonate. Enjoy. Play. Feel

the pleasure of shared experience and relish in feeling free again.

A deep heartfelt…



Pippingford is a beautiful estate with diverse flora

and fauna. We are privileged to call this place our

home for a few days. Please explore and enjoy

the wonderful landscape, but respect it and teach

your kids to respect it too. We ask you to support

us by trying not to disturb wildlife, by helping us

to keep Pippingford clean and by using the waste

and recycling facilities provided. Please pay

attention to any signs for areas which are closed

or off limits. Leave only your footprints behind...

The site is quite wild in places with deep water

and potentially dangerous ground conditions.

Never leave your child unsupervised on any part

of the site (with the exception of the Sports & Arts

Camps), and take extra care near the ponds or

lakes. Please also be aware that some areas can

be uneven, boggy or slippery when wet.

Fires, BBQs and stoves are allowed in the

campsites only, but must be raised off the ground.

Please do not take wood to burn from the site.

Open, unconfined fires are not allowed and please

never use stoves or BBQs inside your tent -

carbon monoxide poisoning is a real risk. Please

note; if it is very dry, we may need to ban all fires

& BBQs.

There is no smoking allowed in any venue or

structure on site. Please do not drop your butts

on the ground, each one must be collected by us

after the event by hand. Ensure your cigarette is

fully extinguished before disposing of it in a bin

or sand bucket.


Please help us to keep the site clean and tidy by

using the waste and recycling facilities provided.

When you pack up your campsite, please take

everything home with you and leave any waste in

black bin bags and all mixed recycling in clear bin

bags, in the bins or waste areas provided.

There is strictly no glass allowed on site. If you

accidentally brought some, please kindly take it

back home with you for recycling.


When you first arrive, make sure to write your

mobile number on your kids’ wristbands. Spare

blank wristbands are available at the Ticketing

Tent and the Info Tent. Take some time to

familiarise yourself and your children with the

site layout & note where your camping spot is.

It’s a good idea to tell your kids that if they get

lost, they should ask for help from security or a

steward (who will be wearing high vis vests or

tabards), or head to the Info Tent. Found children

will be taken to and cared for at the Info Tent. If

you become separated from your child during

the weekend, please tell a steward or head to the

Info Tent as soon as possible so that our team can

assist you. This year we are using What3Words

which can be helpful with locating your tent and

car. See page 6 for more information.



Keep any valuables on you. Do not leave them

in your tent or in your car. Lost property will be

managed by the team at the Info Tent. If you have

lost something, please head there and we will do

our best to reunite you with the item.


Phone charging is available in the Info Tent for £2

per charge. Please note that we can only charge a

small number of phones at any one time and that

your phone is left at your own risk.


Please encourage your kids to wash their hands,

especially before eating. There are lots of lovely

wild animals who normally inhabit the estate,

which means animal poo too. Hand wash stations

are located around the site and in the toilet

blocks. Please do not put food waste into the hand

washing sinks.

Drinking water is available freely in all bars and

from taps in the campsites and by the toilets on

Dragonfly Hill. Please turn off taps once you’ve

filled up your water bottles.

There are hot showers and plenty of toilets

around the site. Please respect the countryside

and do not use the woods or bushes. Showers can

get extremely busy in the mornings, so please

understand that if you want to use the showers

you may have to queue. Our advice is to have a

sneaky shower mid-afternoon and also keep your

shower short to help save water. You could also

consider no-rinse body wash and dry shampoo.

Or, dare we suggest it, not wash for a day or two…


Thanks to our friends at Child Friendly Brighton,

who once again have provided tipis near to the

Info Tent for baby changing and breastfeeding

and even just for a bit of quiet and shade if you’re

coming with very small children. These facilities

are free to use all weekend so do pop in whenever

you need to.


On Monday evening and Tuesday morning, we

will be operating a tractor and trailer luggage drop

service to help get your camping gear back up the

hill to the car park. This will operate three times

on Monday evening, between 6pm and 8pm every

40 minutes, and then again on Tuesday morning

starting at 9am until 11am, from the top of the

main family camping field, next to the bell tents.

Luggage will be dropped at a central location in

the car park. £2 per item - pre-book at any point

over the weekend via the Info Tent. Please note,

this is for luggage only, not people.


‘The Keepers of Calm’, Mortimer Nannies with

their experienced team will be hosting two ‘stay

up late’ sessions each evening in their babysitting

tent next to the fist aid centre in Leapfrog Lawns

for kids aged 2+. Sessions cost £22.50 per child.

Limited spaces still available - pop in to book a




If you need help at any point over the weekend,

the best place to head to is the Info Tent. It’s

also the place to go to for programme schedule


Info Tent opening times:

Friday: 2pm - 10pm

Sat & Sun: 8am - 10pm

Monday: 8am - 8pm

Tuesday: 8am - 12pm

If you have a physical disability and need

assistance getting around the site, please go

and speak to the team at the Info Tent. We have

a wheelchair accessible buggy specifically for

helping those who might need assistance getting

to and from the car park.

If you need urgent help with anything and are

unable to find a steward or other member of staff,

or if you need emergency assistance during

the night, you can phone this number which is

manned 24 hours throughout the festival: 07749



Our event first aid team is lead by paramedics

and very experienced first aiders, who provide

excellent first aid cover throughout the weekend.

If you or your kids have any medical concerns at

all, please head to the First Aid tent at the bottom

of Leapfrog Lawns.

Please be aware of ticks and if you find one on

you, or think you’ve been bitten, head to the First

Aid tent for advice.


Parents: please remember, you are responsible

for your children at ALL times. Please treat the

site, structures and each other with respect.

Customers will be asked to leave the festival if

they use activity equipment outside supervised

activity times.

What3Words Treasure Hunt

What 3 Words is a really useful tool which can

help you find your way around the site, locate

your tent or car and get help in an emergency.

The app is totally free to use and can be

downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

If you’ve downloaded the app, make a note of

where your tent is and write it on your kids

wristband, along with your mobile number.

This year, to help you explore the

wider festival site, we’ve hidden some

nighttime animals and mythical

creatures around the site for you to

find using What3Words… If you’re

staying on site through Monday,

this is a great activity to do together

as a family, but you can do it at any

point over the weekend.

The whole walk should take around 1 - 2 hours.

All you need to do is enter the What3Words

address into the app, and then use it to find the

next clue. The first clue is on display next to

the Green People van (which can be found at


In all there are 10 clues and the final clue leads

you to a specific creature… If you complete the

treasure hunt, send us a photo of yourselves in

front of the final creature (on social

media with #ElderflowerFields or

email to hello@elderflowerfields.

co.uk) and we’ll enter you into a

draw to win a family ticket to

next year’s festival!


Accessibility icons are indicated in the programme next to each activity or

performance with one or more coloured dots. They are intended as a quick

reference to help you decide which bits of the festival your family might

enjoy the most, and we hope that they will be particularly useful for anyone

who might have specific access needs


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly outside.

So, there are no closed off areas

and if it’s raining you’ll probably

get a bit wet…


Activities or


performances which take

place wholly or mostly inside or

under shelter of some kind. So

you’ll be nice and dry if it rains,

but it could feel crowded or

claustrophobic at times.


Participation is required –


get stuck in and be part of

the action!


Kick back, relax and


watch the spectacle. No

need to do anything other than

enjoy the show.


Sometimes loud or


exciting and energetic –

ok to add your own noise too :-)


These activities or


performances might

still involve music or talking,

but they are generally more

relaxing and quiet.


Hands on, sensory, tactile


and possibly a little

messy or wet!


Take something home


after the festival – either

a thing which you’ve made or a

skill you’ve learnt.


Bob Marley

Join us in joyously welcoming live music back to the stage. Festivals and small

venues provide our youngsters with a tapestry of artistic inspiration, firing their

imaginations and awakening an alternative reality to their normal classroom

experience. Live music is a big part of that. It can be an incredibly visceral

experience that stays with you for life. How many of you remember your first gig -

the tingles down the spine, the wide-eyed awe, the involuntary capitulation of your

body to the rhythm. We have a fantastic variety of quality music on offer in 2021

and you can guarantee the performers will be giving it everything they’ve got after

their enforced down time.

Please clap your hands, stomp your feet and cheer as loudly as you can

in support of all the fantastic artists sharing their energy, talent

and freedom with us over the weekend.







Saachi Sen

Tongue and Groove

The Mountain Firework


Tiger Moth

Wild Pansies

Ferris & Sylvester

Robin Manuel Storytelling

Bedtime Tales with

The MakeShift Ensemble

Dawn Casey Storytelling


Rum Buffalo

Ben Ottewell


Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.










Wake Up Elderflower

West End Kids


DJ Set

Maya Lane

The Marching SKAlatons

Waterbear College of Music’s

songwriting workshop

Geoff Robb

Vocal Repertoire - Kids Choir

Maisy Banks

Three Little Piggies

Clowning Workshop with

The MakeShift Ensemble

Porous Thesaurus, with

your host, Helen Johnson

Paul Lyalls 11:45-12:25

Steve Tasane 12:25-13:00

Dommy B 13:00-13:40

Paul Lyalls 13:40-14:20

Steve Tasane 14:20-14:55

Dommy B 14:55-15:30



Ska Toons

Love Is the Message - DJ Set


Wolfe Hogan

Duck Pond Sailors

Brave Bold Drama




Dan The Hat


Soul Grenades

Tanglewood Tales




True Strays

Kog And The Zongo Brigade

Jonny Cash Converters

Opus Kink

Robin Manuel



Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.









Rock your Asana

David Gibb

Uckfield Concert Brass

If it don’t swing it aint got

that thing - DJ Set

Waterbear College of Music’s

songwriting workshop

Michele & Maisie’s Musical

Jam session

David Gibb - workshop


Earlybird Storytelling with

The MakeShift Ensemble

Mr Pineapple Head






The Swing Commanders

Cable Street Collective

Old Baby Mackerel

Jolie Skye

Zoe Zori

The Equatorial Group

Drama Workshop with

The MakeShift Ensemble

Brave Bold Drama

play and workshop







ABBA Chique

Year Of The Dog

Carnival Collective

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

Still Moving DJs

Crinkle Cuts

Mr Pineapple Head

Jon Mason

The Wow Pow Wish Bonfire



Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


O Outside I Inside GI Get Involved JW Just Watch NN Nice & Noisy CQ Calm & Quiet M Messy TH Take It Home


ABBA Chique


Sun: 6.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

S.O.S! One for the Mums ...and Stuart our Event

Manager. We’re going back to the 70’s on the

Dragonfly Stage at Elderflower Fields this year,

with the hottest tribute to ABBA. Come and singa-long,

be a dancing queen and take a chance

with Abba Chique!

Ben Ottewell


Fri: 9.30pm

Woodland Stage

The musical Godfather of Elderflower Fields

and former Gomez singer...Ben Ottewell, is for

the first time playing his seminal, mercury prize

winning ablum Bring It On, especially for you, on

our Woodland Stage on the Friday night. Ben’s

infamous and distinctive voice has been a part of

this festival since its inception and we are mighty

pleased and proud to have him come play again.

Too good to miss!

Bev Lee Harling and

The Kitchen Sink


Sun: 5.00pm

Moonshine Fandango

Inspired to create songs using found objects,

kitchen equipment and her violin and voice, Bev

Lee Harling will be providing an interactive live

show for you at the Moonshine Fandango. Expect

an unpredictable, experimental and playful

performance from Bev and her kitchen sink!

Big Fish Little Fish


Sat: 2.00pm

Moonshine Fandango

The original family rave Big Fish Little Fish bring

their mega mix of banging club classics, crafts,

bubbles, balloons, confetti, foam and fun to the

Moonshine Fandango with DJ Miles Gorfy on the

decks. Come dance, laugh, craft and be daft. Time

to get silly again - oi oi!

Big Fish Little Fish


Cable Street Collective

David Gibb

Cable Street Collective O JW NN

Sun: 3.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

The Cable Street Collective sound mixes Africaninfluenced

guitars and beats with soulful female

vocals and western melodies, creating an

idiosyncratic alt-pop sound that’s all their own.

The band are joined by a horn section when

playing live, and their sets are guaranteed to get

the party started.“Music that makes you want to

dance your ‘beep’ off” Amy Lamé (BBC 6 Music)

Carnival Collective O JW NN

Sun: 9.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

Brighton’s infamous Drum n’ Bass Orchestra.

From carnival samba bloco to a 21st Century Big

Carnival Collective

Band - a samba-brass-Drum ’n’ Bass mashup, with

lush vocals, dirty basslines, hot horn section and

a huge array of drums, CC is the impossible-todefine

glittering beast that’s been filling dance

floors and blowing the roof off for a quarter


Crinkle Cuts O JW NN

Sun: 8.45pm

Woodland stage

Crinkle Cuts bring a world of heavy grooves,

funk and soulful skanks to Elderflower Fields.

The 7-piece have built up a reputation for getting

crowds dancing through the night. A perfect

finale for the Woodland Stage!

David Gibb O JW NN

Sun: Dragonfly Stage 9.30pm

Sun: Woodland Stage 11.15am

The legendary David Gibb is back at Elderflower

Fields 2021! Join David on a musical journey

through his hilarious and often surreal

imagination, where dragons live under the bed,

wolves are roaming the corridors at school, and

teddy bears dance the night away at the disco.

One for all the family.

Duck Pond Sailors O JW NN

Sat: 5.15pm

Woodland Stage & Elsewhere

See if you can spot the Duck Pond Sailors when

exploring Elderflower Fields this year! They are

a group of lads that sing traditional sea shanties

and the odd Sussex folk song. They tell us that

they often sing them whilst drinking in local ale


Geoff Robb

Jonny Cash Converters

houses and have no aim other than singing well

and drinking better. They are based on the South

Coast of England where the sun shines and the

beards hang low.

Ferris & Sylvester O JW NN

Fri: 8.15pm

Woodland Stage

Join songwiters Ferris & Sylvester at the

Woodland Stage for a Friday evening treat

of catchy mid-60s sounds; a combination of

Americana, Blues and Rock n Roll. The duo’s

new EP ‘I Should Be On A Train’, earned them a

spot in BBC Introducing’s Best of 2020 list and a

nomination for UK Song of The Year at The UK

Americana Awards. Enjoy!

Geoff Robb - The Music of Trees

original interpretation and delivery of covers and

her own songs. Please give maximum. support

and super loud cheering to this special talent.

Jonny Cash Converters O JW NN

Sat: 7.15pm

Woodland Stage

Back once again with the renegade master, hugely

popular Johnny Cash Converters play dance

anthems in the style of, wait for it, Johnny Cash.

Covering everything from Adamski to Zombie

Nation in a ‘Funktry and Western’ stylee. JCC take

stupid very seriously.

Jolie Skye

Sat: 11.00am O JW CQ

Woodland Stage

Described as “making the guitar sound like 2

guitars and a piano” Geoff will be performing his

show’ The Music of Trees’ which weaves together

tales of our woodland folklore with a suite of new

original compositions featuring Geoff’s signature

blend of classical, jazz, Celtic and Spanish

influences. Master musicianship.

Jolie Skye O JW NN

Sun: 2.30pm

Woodland Stage

Jolie, one of Elderflower Fields’ youngest

performers, combines her warm vocal quality

together with her guitar playing to create an



Maya Lane

Kevin Morton Magician O GI CQ

Walkabout performer

Kevin Morton will be dazzling and mesmorising

audiences young and old, with his sharp sleight

of hand and engaging personality. Be sure to

catch Kevin, as he magically wanders around the

Elderflower Fields and performs for small groups.

No stage required – your hands are the perfect

platform for some top class Magic!

K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade O JW NN

Sat: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

We’ve very excited to have K.O.G and the Zongo

Brigade headline the Dragonfly Stage, Saturday

night! Under the leadership of the outrageously

talented whirlwind of energy that is Kweku Sackey

aka Ghanaian force of nature KOG, the 8-piece

Zongo brigade deliver infectious, high-energy West

African grooves, drawing on afrobeat, soul, funk,

rock and reggae to create a totally original sound.

Guaranteed hip-swivelling action!

Kingfast O JW NN

Sat: 3.15pm

Woodland Stage

KingFast is a solo singer who performs stunning

looped guitar acrobatics and soulful pop numbers.

We’ve been told that you’d have to be one very

seriously miserable so and so, not to be hooked in

by his Stevie Wonder-style vocals, along with that

beaming, infectious smile of his!

Maisy Banks O JW NN

Sat: 2.15pm

Woodland stage

Folk singer-songwriter Maisy Banks shall be

joined on the Woodland Stage by flautist Kate

Burling and Multi-instrumentalist Oli Fox.

Presenting Elderflower Fields with beautiful

harmonies and unique story telling lyrics that will

stay with you long after they leave the stage.

K.O.G and The Zongo Brigade


Middle Aged Rave

Maisy Banks

Maya Lane O JW NN

Sat: 1.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

Maya Lane is an up and coming singer song

writer from London. She plays pop / folk originals,

coupled with classic covers all crafted around her

stunning vocals. Likened to a modern day Joni

Mitchell or youthful Florence she is a genuine

female troubadour to follow in the future.

Michele & Maisie’s Jam Session

Sun: 10.00am O JW NN

Woodland Stage

Michele of the Magic Numbers and her daughter

Maisie will be offering a playful song writing

workshop where the kids can feel free to shout

out lyrics, share stories...whatever they desire

to write about. ‘Hopefully by the end of the jam

session we can all sing /play along to the song

or songs we’ve just written together.” All ages


Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer

Sun: 5.15pm O JW NN

Woodland stage

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer always packs out the

Woodland Stage with his infamous Elderflower

performances, and we’re so pleased to have

him back again. Dont miss his unique chap-hop

genre which brings elements of his previous

incarnations: UK rapper, jump-up breaks producer,

banjolele maverick and dandy extrodinaire!

Middle Aged Rave O JW NN

Sat: 6.00pm

Moonshine Fandango

“A great philosopher once wrote: ey, ba day, ba

wadladie day”. Highly trained, slightly awkward

mum and dad dancers give it the full Bez.

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer


Opus Kink

Rum Buffalo

Old Baby Mackerel O JW NN

Sun: 4.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

Old Baby Mackerel play bluegrass music that

makes you “yee-haw” harder than a 9-pound

hammer. Good old fashioned songs about whisky,

murder, railroads and Jesus played at 500 bpm

& angelic harmonies that make the Beach Boys

sound like Eric Cartman!

Opus Kink O JW NN

Sat: 9.00pm

Woodland Stage

Opus Kink brings you grooving bass lines,

delectable beats, punk-funk guitar and synths,

outlandish lyricism and a formidable horn

section. Don’t miss this Brighton based band on

the Woodland Stage with their jazz inspired hipshaking


Rum Buffalo O JW NN

Fri: 9.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

Get ready to dance to the unique big band

powerhouse that is Rum Buffalo. Combining

heavy punk grooves, soulful vocals and epic

horn lines, Rum Buffalo are known for their

unforgettable live shows packed with massive

bass lines and unified melodies. A real festival


Saachi Sen O JW NN

Fri: 5.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

Opening our main stage this year is Mumbaiborn,

London-grown indie-pop singer/songwriter,

Saachi Sen who received the PRS for Music’s

prestigious Lynsey de Paul songwriting prize.

With influences like Norah Jones and Don

McLean, her songwriting showcases soaring

melodies and vivid lyrical imagery.

Saachi Sen

Old Baby Mackerel


Soul Grenades


Samaki O JW NN

Sat: 5.45pm

Woodland stage

Elderflower Faves, Samaki, bring polished

instrumentalism to afrobeat rhythms based on

the sounds of legends like Fela Kuti, Tony Allen

and Oscar Sulley. Beats and brass to make you

smile and dance.

Ska Toons O JW NN

Sat: 3.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

A solid blowing horn section of two saxes and

trombone, very groovesome rhythm section of

guitar, keyboards, bass and drums together with

the vocal talents of Michael Munday and the

incredible Matty Eeles create an irresistible mix of

great classic ska, skanked-up jazz instrumentals

and rocking off-beat reworkings of class pop


Soul Grenades O JW NN

Sat: 6.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

A veritable tornado of funk, Soul Granades boasts

a super-tight rhythm section, a wall of brass

and a burgeoning song book of original music.

Fusing their many influences, encompassing

crate-digging rarities to contemporary dance floor

fillers, Soul Grenades deliver no-nonsense, hardhitting

funk and soul music.

Still Moving DJs O JW NN

Sun: 6.45pm Woodland Stage

Sun: 2pm Moonshine Fandango

This lively and unique duo have an eclectic

selection of records by great musicians and a

slightly odd and very charming obsessive love

of dinosaurs. With live percussion, ship lanterns,

gramophones, tankards and dinos a-plenty, they’ll

raise the roof off The Woodland Stage! Perpare for

a jolly good knees-up.

Still Moving DJs


The Equatorial Group

The Magnificent Kevens

The Equatorial Group O JW NN

Sun: 3.45pm

Woodland Stage

A ramshackle folk-rock, space country, languid

Americana bunch from Sussex, likened to

Fleetwood Mac, Magnolia Electric Co. and

Emmylou Harris.Featuring pedal steel guitar and

four part harmonies their sound has developed

continuously throughout their five years together.

Perfect Woodland Stage, Sunday afternoon vibes.

The Magnificent Kevens O JW NN

Could be anytime...anywhere!

Everywhere and Nowhere

Back for a third year, you can hear this walkabout

hodge-podge of flowery shirts play anywhere

from the car park, cocktail bar and even outside

the loos! A hapless troupe that shamelessly

pummel many of your favourite tunes with their

unique time signatures and randomly drifting

tonal registers. A guaranteed sing-along-athon.

The Marching SKAletons O JW NN

Sat: 2.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

SKA music meets the Day of the Dead. Watch

out for these skeletal, horn playing, site walking,

ghostly apparitions as they do their dead musical

dance through the site and onto the stage.

The Mountain Firework Company

Fri: 8.00pm O JW NN

Dragonfly Stage

The Mountain Firework Company are an acoustic

5 piece based in Brighton. They came together

over heartache and wine to create what has been

described as “gorgeous folk/alt country pop, with

equal parts “darkness and cheeky humour” and

“alternative bluegrass with a dark treacle folk


The Swing Commanders


The Mountain Firework Company

Tiger Moth

The Swing Commanders O JW NN

Sun: 1.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

The Swing Commanders wear nice suits and

pretty dresses and belt out happy music from the

1940’s and 50’s. They sing in beautiful harmony,

play loads of instruments and always, always,

always have a lot of fun.

Tiger Moth O JW NN

Fri: 6.00pm

Woodland Stage

Tiger Moth are full of energetic original songs

that tell weird and wonderful stories, often about

real historical figures. Their music is a wild mix of

world gypsy folk punk, including Balkan, Middle

Eastern, Hispanic, and swing. Bring your dancing


Travelling Theatre Box O GI JW NN

Sat: Various Times

Leapfrog Lawns

Travelling Theatre Box is a family friendly

interactive theatre performance, using songs,

music, dance, drama, games, bubbles, puppets

and lots of imagination. Come along to Leapfrog

Lawns and join in the adventure, suitable for

children aged 2-8 years of age.

Travelling Theatre Box

Tongue & Groove O JW NN

Fri: 6.45pm

Dragonfly Stage

Tongue & Groove are a psychedelic pop disco

show band. A funk machine, whose blend of

charm, floor filling funk, ska, hypnotising riffology

and pure energy guarantee to get eveyone

dancing. Young or old, every song is a classic!


Vocal Repertoire

Wild Pansies

True Strays O JW NN

Sat: 8.00pm

Dragonfly Stage

The True Strays are a vintage loving, blues fuelled,

dirty rock and roll band. Their live shows are

a joyous hoedown of huge bass driven riffs, a

howling tornado of resonator guitar, cacophonous

drums and soaring Hammond organ. We’re so

excited to welcome them to their first year at

Elderflower Fields!

Uckfield Concert Brass O JW NN

Sun: 11.00am

Dragonfly Stage

To get everyone up and raring to go and in lieu

of a Sun: morning alarm clock we have brought

in the big guns. 24 lungs and brass will fill the air

on the main stage with covers of familiar songs.


Vocal Repertoire O JW NN

Sat: 12.45pm

Woodland Stage

We’re welcoming Seaford based youth singing

and performance school, Vocal Repertoire to

Elderflower Fields this year. A whopping 30 of

their students will be performing songs from all

eras with the VR twist. Vocal Repertoire gives

young people aged 6 years up to 20 years old

opportunities to socialise and be creative in a

unique enviroment. Come and support their

performance on the Woodland Stage

West End Kids O JW NN

Sat: 11.00am

Dragonfly Stage

West End Kids are set to delight with a mix of

toe-tapping songs from Broadway shows like

Fame and Motown, along with some of London’s

top-selling West End shows. In this high energy

theatrical performance, expect thrilling dance

numbers that will have everyone singing along.

Get ready for a showstopping experience and a

chance to inspire your own kids!

Wild Pansies O JW NN

Fri: 7.:00pm

Woodland stage

Straight out of East Sussex, The Wild Pansies

draw deep on their love of blues, folk and country

music to serve up their take on traditional music

from America and beyond. Bluegrass, klezmer,

english tunes, it’s all fair game as they mix up the

styles to get your feet moving.

Wolfe Hogan O JW NN

Sat: 4.15pm

Woodland stage

Violinist, singer/songwriter Wolfe Hogan creates

super rich soundscapes with a fiddle/loop set

up, delivering songs that touch and inspire. “His

bluegrass blood, Celtic fingers, Viking lungs and

gypsy heart can be heard in every damn note!”


Wolfe Hogan

Zoe Zori

Year Of The Dog O JW NN

Sun: 7.30pm

Dragonfly Stage

Packed with brass-blasting punch, professional

suave, and high energy, the Dogs arrive pack style

ready to howl and bark at ya from our Dragonfly

Stage. Aaaawooooooo. Woof woof.

the last four years writing songs of great diversity

about her life experiences, much beyond her

years. Zoe played Elderflower Fields in 2016, and

we can’t wait to have her back this year!

Year Of The Dog

Zoe Zori O JW NN

Sun: 3.00pm

Woodland Stage

Zoe Zori is a small girl with a big voice! As a selftaught

multi-instrumentalist, Zoe plays the guitar,

bass, piano, trumpet and she sings. She has spent


Now in its fifth year, our spoken word venue, WowPow! is back and is bigger and

better than ever before. Head to the Nightjars, just up from the Woodland Stage

and you’ll find a full schedule of storytellers, poets and spoken word performers.

There will be something for everyone, from morning discussion to late night

tales around the campfire… This year BIG THANKS to festival faves The Makeshift

Ensemble who are playing host to the WowPow venue.


Brave Bold Drama O I GI JW N+N C+Q M TIH

Sat: 4pm / Sun: 3.30pm

Do you possess the wit, nerve and skill to become

the next CIA agent?

Join Agents Kahlo and Dali of the Company of

International Artists to solve the mystery of

missing Munch painting ‘The Scream’. Help them

to chase leads, decipher clues and interrogate

suspects to retrieve the stolen artwork. Full of

mystery, intrigue and a dollop of Comedy thrown

in for good measure, The Munch Mission offers a

glimpse into the world of the CIA (just not as you

know it...)

‘CIA: The Munch Mission’ is an interactive arttheft

theatre show adopting the ‘choose-yourown-adventure’

format in real time.

Dan The Hat


Sat: 6.00 - 6:30pm

Loads of skills interspersed with ridiculous feats

of stupidity! Warning this show contains the

WORLD renowned “Fruit Catch of Death” This is

an unmissable, danger ridden family show with

plenty of laughs.

Dawn Casey Storytelling

Fri: 8.30pm

Storytelling for all the family, plus a magical

bedtime story-scroll for children and their adults.

Dommy B: Spark,

the Goblin Wizard


Sat: 1pm - 1:40pm

“Spark‘s magic rhymes can turn anything into

anything. He’ll turn the bogeys up his nose

into some pink ribbons and bows. He’ll make a

gorgeous high heeled shoe out of a pile of donkey


But then… something terrible starts to happen in

the enchanted forest. Here be wasps, werewolves

and wily wickedness! Maybe not even Spark’s

spells will be enough to stop it…

Poet Dommy B needs you to help Spark save the


Jon Mason Storytelling


Sun: 7.15pm

Ever wondered how the hills were made? Where

the sun goes at night? Who built that empty

house on the edge of town? Let Jon show you. A

passionate and captivating storyteller with a love

of legends old and new.

Mr Pineapple Head


Sun: 10.15am & 6.15pm

Let Mr Pineapple Head take you on a rollercoaster

ride of clown beauty, professional Silliness and

Pineapple Magic! Genuinely very funny silent

clown show for the whole family. Pure physical

visual comedy, combining classic vintage gags

and modern original slapstick routines to music.


Paul Lyalls: A Funny

Thing Happened


Saturday 11:45am-12:25pm

A fun show of poetry and stories for ages 4

upwards - or anyone who like dogs that can draw,

owns a belly button or has annoying parents!

Paul was the Poet in residence for the Roald Dahl

family and Museum, works with Arsenal FC and

was a London 2012 Olmpics Poet! ‘Paul makes you

notice the world with his kind of magic’

Porous Thesaurus


Saturday 11:30am - 3:15 pm

Porous Thesaurus, poetry and poets with your

host, Helen Johnson.

Robin Manuel Storytelling

Fri: 6.30pm / Sat: 8pm

Join us for a riot of improvised storytelling

created by you in the Wow Pow tent! Robin

improvises anarchic adventures from audience

suggestions and there’s no telling where they’ll

end up. Funny, fairy-tale like with a magical twist

and always surprising, this event was a big hit at

the last Elderflower Fields.

Steve Tasane


Sat: 2:20pm - 2:50pm

Wonderful Wordery from Steve Tasane -

instantaneous performance poetry, with chanting,

jumping, waving and much joining in for all the

family, from toddlers to teens to elders. Bring

along a hula hoop to join in with the Hula Hoop


Tanglewood Tales


Sat: 6.45pm

Snuggle up in the Wow Pow tent for a special

performance from Dread Falls Theatre. Let

Faustus the faun and his two sidekicks tell you

the story of Butterball and the Troll, Anansi, The

Swamp Prince, and many more. This delightful

theatre show brings to life lesser known folk tales

by combining storytelling, dance and puppetry.

The Makeshift Ensemble

Fri: 7.30pm / Sat: 10.30am / Sun: 9am & 2pm

The MakeShift Ensemble have been bringing their

much-loved family theatre shows to Elderflower

for the last 6 years. This year they join us as

curators of Wow Pow offering story sessions,

poetry slams and drama workshops for all ages.

Three Little Piggies


Three Little Piggies: Sat: 9am

Come and join the three little pigs outsmart the

big bad wold in this immersive and interactive

storytelling experience. Become a little piggy by

making a headband and snout, listen to the Three

Little Pigs story and then help us hide in our

houses. What will become of that pesky wold?

There’s only one way to find out!

Brave Bold Drama


Head to Leapfrog Lawns and The Hop for a line up of moving, shaking, stretching and dancing.

It’s also the venue for what is fast becoming an Elderflower Fields tradition: The Big Family

Dance Off on Sunday. Choose your family tribe, Mythical Creatures or Night-time Animals,

dress up, be guided by the world’s leading nonsense facilitators Lost & Found. No special skills

required, just enthusiasm! One family will be crowned the 2021 Dance Off Champions and win

weekend tickets to our 2022 festival!








Mindful Movement

Universal Dance

Pre-school dance workshop (10.30)

Contemporary Dance Workshop (11.00)

Street Dance Workshop (11.30)


Mindful Movement


Get Lost and Found








Get Lost and Found

Get Lost and Found

DJ Jason Prawn’s Anarchic

Underwater Silent Disco

Dan the Hat

The Infamous Elderflower Dance Off -

with Get Lost and Found

Dan the Hat

Waterbear College of Music’s

songwriting performance




Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


Head to the Cocktail Bar in Lazy Glades and you’ll discover a great lineup of DJs and

performers, with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Early morning chill out sessions,

afternoon games and late night silent disco parties...




Bacon Rum n Dub

Bacon Rum n Dub


Morning Glory

A Gentle Journey Of

Sonic Cuddles


All The Feels




Big Fish Little Fish

Still Moving DJs













The Social Distancing

Dance Party

Beat Trough - 90’s Beat Feast

Criztoz (45 Day) Eclectic

the 7” Vinyl set.

Delictable Dancing Delights


All Shook Up

Love is the Message


Swing Dance Lesson

Middle Aged Rave

Disco Divas

Criztoz (45 Day) Eclectic

the 7” Vinyl set.

The Sundown Shake


Dance Duels

Love Is The Message

Maple Syrup and Jam

Bev Lee Harling and

The Kitchen Sink 5pm

Motown, Stax &

Northern Soul


Glitterball Sessions


The Joy Joy Set)

Signed Sealed and Delivered

Please note timings may be subject to change. Look out for stage times on the venue blackboards.


Dragonfly Hill is where the big stuff happens – the Dragonfly Stage, which

plays hosts to our get up and dance type of bands, theatre shows and other

big performances, the main bar, plus a great selection of food vendors.

It’s also the location for what is for many a highlight of the festival – our

fantastic So Sussex taster picnic. It’s the perfect place to head for a dance

in the evenings or for a bit of chill out time, lounging in the sunshine…




Sun: 1.30pm

Come and enjoy blowing, chasing and catching

those soapy creatures.

Rock Your Asana


Sun: 8am-9am

Rock Your Asana brings together two of the

greatest things which exist in the world – power

ballads and yoga.

So Sussex Family Picnic


Sun: 12.30pm

Quite possibly the biggest picnic in Sussex, if not

the UK! We welcome absolutely everyone to join

us in the Elderflower Fields tradition of sharing

some delicious food together. See page 47 for

more details.

Wake Up Elderflower O GI NN

Sat: 9.30-10.30am

Get invigorated for the day ahead with Universal

Dance in this fun family dance fitness class (no

dance experience necessary!).

So Sussex Picnic


The Nightjars is an eclectic and friendly little corner of the festival, with

a bit of a laid back atmosphere. Home to the Woodland Stage, the venue

for smaller, more intimate performances, WowPow, our spoken word tent

which is the home for storytelling and poetry, the Woodland Cafe and Bar

and the gateway to the wonderful Arts Trail. Tucked into the bottom corner

of the main family camping field, it’s the perfect place to start and end

your day, and home of the festival campfire each evening from about 7…


Bug Sculptures


Sat & Sun: 10am-12.00pm/2pm-4pm

Lucy’s Little Forest School are in search of bugs!

Use spotter sheets, i.d cards and other useful tools

to help them then create a bug sculpture from

natural materials to take home with you.

Mud kitchens


Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm

Come and cook up a feast with Ben and Chloe

from Holmes Wood Play in their gorgeous mud

kitchens. Mud pies, sloppy soups and much more.

Nature Makers


Sat: 10.30-11am; 11.15-11.45am

Sun: 9.45-10.15am; 10.30-11am; 11.15-11.45am

Nature Makers welcome you to join their nature

forage so you can create your own magical

festival nature crowns and fairy wizard wands.

Identify shapes, patterns and colours through

natural objects and gather the material for your

magical creations.



Sat & Sun: 9pm

Experience a voyage through the solar system

using the latest Astronomy software, from the

farthest reaches of the solar system to seeing

the moon like you’ve never seen before. See the

location of black holes and learn how to find some

of the most amazing objects in our sky.

Waterbear College of Music’s

Songwriting Workshop


Sat: 9-10:45am & Sun: 8:30-10am

Woodland Stage

Learn how to construct a song, develop a strategy

for writing lyrics and then put these new found

words and ideas to music with the opportunity to

perform the songs at a later point on a the festival

site. The songwriting sessions place an emphasis

on harnessing creativity and offer a performance

opportunity for the participants to showcase their

work. Each session runs for 80 minutes and will

be led by music students from Waterbear College

of Music in Brighton

Woodland Spa

Appointments available throughout the weekend

You can find the Woodland Spa tucked away in

a tranquil corner of the festival site, just past the

Woodland Stage in the Nightjars area. See page 43

for details.


Leapfrog Lawns is the village green of Elderflower Fields. Silly fun and

games, the Science Dome, crafty activities, a glass of fizz or and ice cream

perhaps? It’s also the place to go to claim your crown as the victor in the

now legendary Big Family Dance Off on Sunday afternoon, curated by the

wonderful Lost & Found…


Animation Workshop


Sat & Sun: pre-booked sessions only


Press Play Films popular claymation workshop

uses set design & stop-motion animation to

make this year’s Nighttime Animals vs Mythical

Creatures festival film.

Art Camp & Drop In Sessions

Sat & Sun: Pre-booked sessions only

Under 5s drop in:

Sat: 9am-12pm & 1.30pm-4pm

Sun: 9am-12pm & 2pm-4.30pm


The lovely Shireen and her team of art teachers

will be running our hugely popular Arts Camp,

offering kids the chance to paint, draw and create

amazing works of art whilst giving parents a

chance to dump the kids and nip off for a sneaky


Beer Tasting with Beer and Brew

Sat & Sun: 11am & 2pm

Pre-book via our website £20pp

Join Beer & Brew for a fun and informal workshop

exploring the story of India Pale Ale. The journey

begins in 1600s London and takes in exotic

paradises such as South America, South Africa,

India, California and Burton-on-Trent. Drink great

beer, explore fascinating history, meet lovely




Circus Skills


Sat & Sun: 10am-12.00pm & 1pm-4pm workshops

Join The Circus Project and try death-defying

aerial tricks with expert teachers. Free play

circus activities and performances throughout

the day.

Contemporary dance workshop

Sat: 11am-1130am


Contemporary dance workshops to inspire and

ignite your child’s passion for dance.

Curiosity Kids O GI NN M TH

Saturday & Sunday 10am-10.30am

Outside the Science Dome on Leapfrog Lawns

Suitable for 1-4 year olds accompanied by an

adult. Ignite your child’s innate curiosity at

a toddler class with a twist! Join Jenny for

an adventure with songs, storytelling and

experiments, and take the first steps on a lifetime

journey of exploration and discovery. Come and

hear about science, sing about science and even

don a tiny lab coat and do some science!

Dance Workshops with

Universal Dance


Pre-booked sessions only

Sat: 10.30am - Pre-schoolers Dance workshop -

fully booked

Sat: 11am - Contemporary Dance - fully booked

Sat: 11.30am - Street Dance - fully booked

Workshops to inspire and ignite your child’s

passion for dance.

Defrazzle I GI CQ TH

Sat & Sun: 9.30am

Defrazzle is your heavenly dose of emotional

strength, positivity and blissfully deep relaxation.

It’s precious, and much deserved time out for

no-one else but YOU. Leave the kids for a much

deserved hour to yourself, and experience

the gifts your mind has waiting for you. This

empowering and uplifting Hypno-meditation

session will allow you to simply be you, it’ll ensure

you leave feeling lighter, brighter and gorgeously

relaxed, ready for a fun packed day with your

family and friends.

Freckles and Fire O GI CQ TH

Sat & Sun: 9am-3pm

A creative space to come, explore, connect and

create - from flower crowns to festival bands

and feather earrings or simply get your little one

started on their wool adventure – small fee for


Get Lost and Found Silly Games

Sat & Sun O GI JW NN M TH

Human Krufts, Binocular football, Snail racing and

57,612 more games this crazy crew haven’t made

up yet! Don’t miss Sunday’s ultimate Mythical

Creatures vs Nighttime Animals dance off for a

chance to win 2022 festival tickets!

Gin Workshop

Sat & Sun: 3.30pm & 5pm

Pre-book via our website £20pp

Generation Distillers from North Chailey take

you on a tour through the history of Gin ending

with the landscape of today’s incredibly diverse

Gin market. Find our what goes into making their

Generation 11 Sussex Dry Gin and finish with a

marvellous Gin & Tonic.



Jitterbug Circus O I GI NN TH

Fri: 6pm-8pm / Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm

Housed in their very own “Baby Big Top” Jitterbug

Circus will be on hand offering a wide range of

circus skills. So if you have a budding juggler,

stiltwalker, tightwire walker, plate spinner or

limbo dancer then this is the activity for you!

Kombucha Workshop

Sat: 12.30pm Pre-book via our website £20pp

What on earth is Kombucha? Well, join the gang

from Only With Love as they teach you all about

this amazing fermented soft drink. Steve and the

team will show you how to make your own at

home with a few simple kitchen staples, as well

as taste your way through the full range of Only

With Love Kombuchas. The workshop lasts an

hour or so and you will get a starter kit with your

very own SCOBY to get you brewing up your very

own batches.

Mindful Movement O GI CQ TH

Sat, Sun & Mon: 9am-9.45am

Use a blend of yoga and qi gong to explore

your body’s fluidity and containment – from

moving, opening and loosening to still-points of


PostHaste: The Festival Post Office

The unicorn-riding posties from Post Haste will

be delivering your hand-made letters to anyone

you so desire at the festival.

Pottery O GI CQ M TH

Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm

Adults and children are invited to make fantastic

terracotta animal heads to top canes or stakes

with Eastbourne Studio Pottery with an option

to have your creations fired back in their studio

so they are frost proof and will last many many

years in your garden.

Qigong O GI CQ TH

Sat: 12.15pm-1pm/Sun: 10am-10.45am

Mon: 10.15am-11.15am

The ancient practice of Qigong (cultivating

energy) aligns breath, movement, and awareness

for exercise, healing, and meditation.

Screen Printed T-shirts

with Little Mashers

Sat & Sun: 10am-5pm I GI M TH

Little Mashers will be running a screenprinting

workshop, where you can screen print and

stencil your own chalkboard Elderflower Fields

2021 festival t-shirt. Once screenprinted you can

then personalise and embellish the t-shirt using

stencils, stamps and an array of fab coloured

and glow in the dark inks. A lovely lasting piece

of festival memorabilia to take home with you!

Or simply print your own festival flag or banner

using similar techniques.

Solar Observing & Star Gazing

Fri: 6pm Solar 9.13pm Moon rises O GI CQ TH

Sat: From 9.21 when Saturn rises

We are thrilled to welcome back Steve Pond for

some Friday & Saturday star gazing. Join Steve

at 6pm on Friday where you’ll be able to view the

Sun safely through his telescopes using solar


filters. On Friday the Moon rises at 9.13pm and

Saturday we’ll have a full moon from 9.51pm.

Saturn then rises at 9.21pm followed by Jupiter at


Street Dance O GI NN TH

Sat: 11.45am-1245pm

Universal Dance is one of the few dance

companies in the UK able to provide authentic

Street Dance classes. Lindsay, qualified with

government accredited company Urban Strides

in 2013 and is now one of only a handful of fully

fledged Street Dance teachers in the entire


Tatty Bumpkin -

Yoga for kids O GI TH

Sat/Sun/Mon: 8.30am

Yoga-inspired sessions for little ones to

encourage movement, enhance development and

inspire confidence, in a bendy, giggly world for

strong bodies and clever minds!

Travelling Theatre Box O GI JW

Sat: 10am-4pm

A family friendly interactive theatre performance,

using songs, music, dance, drama, games, bubbles,

puppets and lots of imagination. Come along

to Leapfrog Lawns and join in the adventure,

suitable for children aged 2-8 years of age.

Under 5’s drop in arts camp

Sat: 9am-12.00pm & 1pm-4pm I GI NN M TH

Sun: 9am-12.00pm & 2.30pm-4.30pm

Our team of art teachers will have lots of drop in

arts sessions for under 5’s over the course of the

weekend. Under 5’s must be accompanied by an

adult for these sessions

Wrong Pong O GI NN

Wonky race track

Yellow Post Park

All weekend

Everyone has a competitive streak in them

somewhere... Dotted around the site are various

fun and silly games which parents and the kids

can play together at any time over the weekend.

From the ultimate balance of fun and frustration

of a game of swing ball to a rather odd running

race on our wonky 100m track, keep an eye out

across the site for silly sports to have a go at...

Pocket Science Funfair

Sat & Sun 10:30am-4pm

The Incredible Machine. The

Amazing Shrinking Box.

Upside-down Goggles. Splat

the Rat. Guess the Weight of

the Cake. Plus up to the minute

science fun including ‘make

your own lateral flow test!

Blow down houses like the

big bad wolf! Save the planet!!!

It looks like a funfair; it IS a

funfair, but each activity has a

little science snuck in. Created

by BBC Rough Science’s

Jonathan Hare and science

showman Richard Robinson,

director of the Brighton

Science Festival.

Tales Of The Unknown

Sat & Sun: 20 minutes past

every hour starting from


We promise we will know the

unknown by the time we do

them! And they will make

your toes and tails curl.

Curiosity Kids

Sat & Sun 10am-10.30pm

Ignite your child’s innate

curiosity at a toddler class

with a twist! Join Jenny for

an adventure with songs,

storytelling and experiments,

and take the first steps on a

lifetime journey of exploration

and discovery. Come and hear

about science, sing about

science and even don a tiny

lab coat and do some science!



Lazy Glades occupies the heart of the festival site. Wind your way through

beautiful sunlight dappled glades and discover some of our wonderful food

vendors, kids and family activities. Get your groove on in the silent disco

or just a quiet shady spot to relax with a cocktail…


Make a Camera Obscura O GI CQ M TH

Sat: 12.00pm-1.30pm/3pm-4.30pm

Sun: 10am-11.30am/3pm-4.30pm

Pre-booked session - fully booked

Come and make a mini camera obscura that you

can use to trace images directly from nature.

Made from everyday materials, this workshop by

Brighton science-artist Nick Sayers will introduce

you to the basics of photography and optics.

Poppy & Pearle - Face & Body

Artistry I JW CQ M

Fri: 2pm-6pm/Sat & Sun: 9am-6pm

Mon: 9am-6pm

Beautiful face painting, gorgeous freehand glitter

tattoos, and beautiful henna designs – using safe,

natural henna and biodegradable glitter.

Silent Disco O GI NN

Fri:, Sat: 10.30-1.30am

Moonshine Fandango

Does the novelty ever wear off? Come and take

part or just watch...which sometimes is just as

much fun.

Swing Dance Lesson

Sat: 4:45pm - 6pm

Moonshine Fandango


Learn to Swing Dance in the hands of an expert.

Wild Running O GI TH

Sat & Sun: 8am- 8.45am

Start the day with Rachael Brown,an experienced

personal trainer and stretch your legs with a run

around the Pippingford Park estate.

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura

Sat: 10am-5pm

Sun: 10am-5pm


Come and see the forest and your friends turned

upside-down, inside this woodland hut camera

obscura. Like walking into a giant camera, this

darkroom experience will introduce you to the

magic of basic photography and optics. Created

by Brighton science-artist Nick Sayers. Lenses

provided by The Specky Wren opticians.


The Urban Woods is our little piece of the adventure sports world

transported into Elderflower Fields. Many kids spend almost the entire

weekend in this part of the festival and with The Woodland Tribe,

skateboarding, climbing, parkour and many more adrenaline pumping

activities, who’d blame them?…

Climbing Wall O GI NN TH

Fri: 5pm- 8pm/Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm

Make it to the top for some of the best views of

Elderflower Fields!

Monkey Do O GI NN TH

Fri: 4pm-7pm/Sat: 10am-5pm

Sun: 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-4.30pm

Monkey around on nets and swings in these tree

top adventures for our wildest explorers!

Woodland Tribe - adventure

playground O GI NN TH

Fri: 4pm-7pm/Sat & Sun: 10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm

The masters of constructive play! Use hammers,

nails, saws, drills and a HUGE quantity of wood to

help build the playground of your dreams… and

then play on it! Tool hire £2 or £4 for all weekend.

Parkour O GI NN TH

Sat: 10am-4pm/Sun: 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-4pm

Getting over, under and around obstacles will

never be the same! The emphasis here is on the

art of creatively moving from A to B.

Skateboarding O GI NN TH

Fri: 4pm-8pm/Sat & Sun: 10am-6pm

Learn to grind, hop and slide on a half pipe but

please be patient as there are often queues due to


Woodland Tribe


Tumbledown Meadows is home to most of Elderflower Fields’ sports and

adventure activities. From trying your hand at something new in the

Sports Camp to the festival family favourite of a round of Disc Golf, there is

something physical for everyone to have a go at.


All Star Cricket O GI NN TH

Sat & Sun: 2pm-4pm

There will be lots of throwing, catching, bowling

and batting games. No experience of cricket


Beach Rugby O GI NN M TH

Sat & Sun: 10am-12.30pm

Always huge fun for the participants. Just one

word of warning; we can’t guarantee the sand!

Disc Golf O GI CQ TH

Sat & Sun: 9am-5pm

Disc Golf… The Greatest Sport You’ve Never Heard

of! Golf with Frisbees, A short Par 3 course of 7

holes, lots of fun for all the family, who will get the

lowest score…

Family Obstacle Challenge O GI NN TH


Challenge your family and friends to see who will

be at the top of the leader board by the end of the



Orienteering O GI CQ TH


Family friendly orienteering course around the

festival site. Just pick up a map and an answer

sheet from the Sports Camp HQ and away you go.

Mountain Biking O GI TH

Sat: 10am-12.30pm & 1.30pm-4pm

Sun: 10am-12.30pm & 2pm-4.30pm

Get Out There MTB’s amazing bike obstacle

course is suitable for all ages and they will help

toddlers to teens navigate the course with skill.

With over 50 metres of course you’ll be sure to

have a blast, learn how to corner, stand on your

pedals, “pump” the humps and navigate the

narrow section.

Rugbytots O GI NN M TH

Sat & Sun: 10am-12pm

Join Rugbytots for a colourful session of snakes,

parachutes, rugby balls, cones, hoops and high

energy craziness that is guaranteed to wear your

little one out ready for their afternoon nap.

Sports Camp O GI NN M TH

Sat & Sun: pre-booked session

Our ambition is to provide kids with the chance to

take part in sports that they might not normally

get the chance to try. Premier Education return

for their eighth year to take over Tumbledown



Into the Trees is a beautiful, wild part of the festival site which contains all

of our wildlife and nature activities. Head down the hill and you’ll discover

a world of amazing creatures and plants right on our festival doorstep.

This year we welcome Ben Kimpton with wonderful Woodland Walks,

plus we will be expanding on the success of last year’s Talks in the Trees,

which will again host a programme of inspiring and entertaining talks and

demonstrations from some brilliant naturalists and wildlife experts.


Bat Detecting O GI CQ

Fri & Sat: 9pm

Mark Monk Terry from Sussex Wildlife Trust

and the team from The Ecology Consultancy

will guide you on this popular evening of Bat

detecting. Places are limited and on a first come

first served basis.

Bird Walks O JW CQ

Sat & Sun: 11am/3pm

Bird song is reaching it’s crescendo at this time

of year! So join local ecologist and naturalist Tom

Forward for a walk to tune your ears into the ‘love’

songs and calls of forest and heathland birds,

and maybe spot a few too as we go. The best free

concert there is! Places are limited and on a first

come first served basis.


Campfire Cooking O GI CQ M TH

Sat, Sun

Pre-booked sessions only £10pp

We are thrilled to welcome Scott and his team

from Wild Classroom for some old fashioned

campfire cooking. Get hands-on and cook

delicious healthy for either breakfast, lunch or

dinner or all three!

Canoe Self Hire O GI M

Sat, Sun & Mon: pre-booked sessions only

If you want to take yourself or your family on an

adventure along the water this could be for you

with a variety of different crafts for hire.

Foraging O JW CQ TH

Sat & Sun: 11am, 2pm, 4pm

Jane HEDGEwitch takes you on a foraging walk

to see and taste what is growing wild around the

Elderflower Fields site and to earn the culinary

and health benefits of nature’s bounty.

Naturedayz O GI CQ TH

Sat & Sun: 10am-4pm

Join Naturedayz in the woods to make a memory

for your amazing time at Elderflower Fields. They

will be hosting a Nordic singing extravaganza,

learn how to make a friendship bracelet and

check out the Naturedayz “table of curiosity” for

you to test your skills at identifying a huge range

of animal skulls.

Pond Dipping O GI CQ M TH

Sat & Sun: 10am-12pm; 2pm-4pm

Childhood memories are made of this and

Pippingford Park is home to a whole host of

wildlife, much of it under water. Grab a net, tray

and identification sheet and start you underwater

mini beast safari.

Kids Kayaking Lesson

Sat, Sun & Mon: pre-booked sessions only


A great way to exercise and experience that sense

of adventure in the heart of the countryside. Head

to the water and prepare to get wet!

Moth Geodome O GI CQ

Sat, Sun & Mon: after dark

Head to our geodesic dome to see what night-time

visitors hide at Pippingford Park.

Mud Monsters O GI CQ M

Sat & Sun: 10am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm

Calling all mini mud monsters! Come and create

mud creatures, tree faces, and mud art.


Raft Building O GI NN M TH

Sat, Sun & Mon: pre-booked sessions only

Hatt Adventures challenge you to the ultimate

test to set sail on your own raft and travel a

course. The session will include tuition in

different knots skills, raft designs and basic water

safety. Once your group have a plan then work in

a team to get building. Expect to get wet!!

Tree Climbing O GI CQ TH

Sat & Sun: Pre-booked sessions only

Take to the tree canopy in Pippingford’s ancient

woodland with Canopy Climbing highly skilled

instructors who will teach you how to ascend

using harness and ropes.

Treehoppers O GI CQ M TH

Sat: 11am-3pm; Sun: 1.30pm-5pm

Join Treehoppers and explore the woods

searching for caterpillars and butterflies. Then

make your own caterpillar or butterfly using

natural resources. Make some willow butterfly

wings and join in with stories and songs.

Woodland Wonders O GI CQ M

Sat, Sun: 10.30am

Join Ben Kimpton on a guided walk through the

woods at Pippingford Park to learn about the

history of Sussex woodland and the wildlife it

supports. Find out why our ancient woodland

is so important and who once lived and worked

there, visit an ancient badger sett and learn about

our common woodland wildflowers and what

mice are hiding out.


A natural clearing deep in the woodlands of Pippingford Park will play

host to a programme of inspiring and entertaining talks from some

brilliant naturalists and wildlife experts. Make sure you head down to

Into the Trees during the festival.

Chloe Rhodes O JW TH

Saturday 2.30pm & Sunday 2.45pm

Language of the Land

Learn the origins of sayings that connect us to the

natural world, from ‘the darkest hour is that before

the dawn’ to ‘red sky at night’.

Jamie Hartland O JW TH

Saturday 1pm & Sunday 4pm

Why You Should Dig a Pond

Jamie Hartland chats about how to boost

biodiversity in our own backyards.

Lizzie Finn O JW TH

Sunday 2pm

Drawing from Nature

Lizzie introduces drawing as a way of

appreciating plants including examples of artists

and designers who use drawing from nature as

a starting point. Participate in quick and easy

drawing tasks during the talk to notice shape,

colour and texture in nature all around.”

Russell Arnott O JW TH

Saturday 3.15pm & Sunday 3:15pm

Mythical Sea Creatures

Join Russell Arnott, Elderflower Fields’ resident

marine biologist, for some salty stories about

Mythical Sea Creatures.

Journey Into The Deep

Russell Arnott, Elderflower Fields’ resident

marine biologist, journeys into the deep about

ocean science.

Theo Tramblinas O JW TH

Saturday 1.45pm

Bugs, Birds & Beasties

Theo provides an insight into the Wildlife benath

your feet, and shows off an aray of woodland

animal skulls.

Nigel Marven O JW TH

Saturday 4:15pm & Sunday 5pm

Back once again the mesmerizingly marvellous

Mr Nigel Marven will be with us to give his

wonderful talks on the adventures he has had

with various animals around the world. I wonder

which children eating ones he’ll bring with him

this time?!

Russell Arnott


So Sussex Schools Without Walls offer a wide range of outdoor education

experiences with a focus on nature and art. Working with schools

throughout Sussex the team are passionate about encouraging children

and young people to enjoy, appreciate and learn in the great outdoors.


Schools Without Walls offer a wide range of

outdoor education experiences with a focus

on nature and art. Working with schools

throughout Sussex the team are passionate about

encouraging children and young people to enjoy,

appreciate and learn in the great outdoors.

The Art Trail is a place to discover and explore

your creativity. This year’s art trail installations

have been created by children and young people

from Sussex Schools as part of our Art Council

funded Art Active... Naturally project.

Special thanks to the year 8 Priory School Forest

School and teachers Sam Twilley and Michelle

O’Connell for their help and support in setting up

the trail.

We would like to take this opportunity to applaud

all of the teachers who have supported children

and young people over this strange year. You are


Big thanks to the pupils and staff from:

Causeway School

Chailey School

Copthorne C.E. Junior School.

Ifield Community College

Priory School

Tollgate Junior School


Dream Catchers O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Join the Schools Without Walls team on the art

trail to create your very own dream catcher. Using

willow and colourful threads, collect natural items

and get creative in the woods.

Flag making from Nature O GI CQ TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Join the Schools Without Walls team on the

art trail to have a smashing time making your

own Hapa Zome or printed flag. Using natural

materials to create an individual memento of the


From Junk to Art O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Join the Schools Without Walls team on the art

trail to transform plastics and junk into ...? What

can you make from a plastic bottle? A beautiful

flower? A funky fish? Come along and have a go!

I-saw Regeneration O GI CQ M TH

Sat 10am - 2pm Sun 9.30am - 12.30pm

‘Belonging in Nature’ - A mindful creative

workshop in the trees that connects embroidery,

sewing and making messages, with being present

in nature.

Land Art O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Andy Goldsworthy-esque land art - you wont

believe what you can create with nature!

Natural Dying O GI CQ M TH

Sat/Sun: 10am-5pm

Dye fabric using beautiful colours extracted from

leaves, flowers, bark, fruits and veggies. Some of

the most beautiful and longest lasting colored

fabrics were created with those natural dyes.

Learn more about this ancient process and let

your creativity flow. Fabric pieces will be provided

free of charge. Bring along a plain T-shirt if you

would like to experiment on a bigger scale.

Puppet & Mask Making O GI CQ M TH

Sat: 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm/Sun: 10am-12pm

Join the Schools Without Walls team to transform

old fabric and junk into puppets and masks.

Bring along your own fabric to make it totally


Nocturnal Animal

Shadow Puppets O GI JW CQ TH

Sat & Sun: Workshop 10am-12pm Show 8.30-9.30

“Night is approaching the light fades away,

darkness is creeping to take over from day, out

come the animals....” Make Night-time animal

shadow puppets then return after dark to perform

or watch as the nocturnal animals come to life

with the use of percussion to create a magical


Woodland Hut Camera Obscura &

Make a Camera Obscura

See desciption on page 32




Head to the Info Tent, where you can pick up a

festival t-shirt, water bottle or tote bag. There

is limited stock available at the festival, but

you can now order t-shirts and hoodies from

previous years, including a limited edition of

our classic dragonfly design, from our online


All our products are made from organic cotton

and printed in the UK in a renewable energypowered




This year the Woodland Spa is being created by local somatic therapist

and yoga teacher Janee Swan and her wonderful team from YogaCamp.

You can find the Woodland Spa tucked away in a tranquil corner of the

festival site, just past the Woodland Stage in the Nightjars area.

The soothing and revitalizing one hour massage

treatments include Thai Massage, Sports

Remedial, Deep tissue, Hot stones, Shiatsu,

Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Myofacial Release,

Pregnancy massage, Reiki. There’s also a chance

to have a shorter clothed back, neck and shoulder

treatments (30 mins).

Please come to the Woodland Spa area to book

you or your loved ones slot. (side by side in the

same tent treatments available too).

All the massage therapists have years of

experience, are highly professional and can

deliver treatments to suit your individual needs.

They will be abiding by current Covid guidelines

to ensure that your safety and comfort is a


A few examples of the treatments are below, and

please do come and chat with the reception or

therapists for any more information.

Deep Tissue Massage

Relax, energise & revitalise: full body treatments

are available that focus on specific issues or areas

and are ideal for fatigued necks & shoulders. This

will benefit any parts of you that are stressed by

life, injury, over-exercise & festival-itis...

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the essential oil, or a blend that suits you:

ideal for treating tension, digestive, respiratory,

physical & emotional issues; nut & seed free

Neal’s Yard oils used: ask Bill if you have allergy /

intolerance concerns.

Sports Injury Massage

Treats fatigue, repetitive stress injuries towards

recovery & ease of maintenance and can ease

painful tight neck & frozen shoulders, limbs,

joints, muscles & sinews in acute & chronic

issues: exercises are included to aid recovery &


Shiatsu Clothed Oriental Massage

Interactive movement body work with Bill is ideal

for physical, emotional, acute & chronic health

issues - especially effective for head & backaches,

PMT, anxiety & stress as it is for muscular, fascial,

joint & neural conditions e.g. sciatica. We explore

ways for you to move effectively from your core

& develop awareness of this – enhanced with

simple exercises for you to develop the work

beyond the treatment.

Oriental Massage with Oils

Bill tailors sessions to your requirements to be

physical & energetic, or gently supportive as you

wish. Traditionally, clients are treated on a futon,

but Bill adapts this for treatments on a massage

chair, couch or body cushions and works with

breath, resistance & movement interactively to

assist you to develop awareness of your posture

and how to move with greater ease.

Japanese Facial Massage

More than a cosmetic makeover, a cleansing,

relaxing, nurturing & revitalising experience: melt

in a deep release of tension, neck & shoulders are

an optional extra.

Seated Chair Massage

Includes neck, shoulders, back, arms & hands –

enjoy! Treatments are available with, or without

oils as massage or shiatsu sessions: ideal for

pregnant clients & those unable to lie down easily.


The food on offer at Elderflower Fields is a most prominent and enjoyable

part of the festival experience. Our aim is to provide a range of delicious

food served up by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about what

they offer. We aim to seek out small family run, innovative food providers

who are based in Sussex or in close proximity to the festival site and they

are encouraged to bring their own magic to the festival. We aim to promote

exciting, new and up and coming ventures who are committed to using

locally sourced, organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

Dragonfly Hill

Curry Cook House V Ve

Authentic Pakistani food

including wraps, homemade

chutney and delicious pakora.

Dragonfly Bar

Locally sourced ales, craft beer,

lager and cider as well as wines,

spirits and soft drinks.

Flux V Ve GF

Innovative Californian inspired

vegan dishes.

Fine Grind V Ve GF

Perfect barista coffee,

smoothies, fresh juices and


Pizza Wagon V GF

Traditional wood-fired pizzas.

Vintage Scoops V Ve GF

Handmade icecreams, lollies,

sorbets and lots of sprinkles.

Waffle on a Stick

Freshly made crispy chocolate

covered waffles with exciting


Westlands BBQ V GF

Slow cooked pulled pork, beef

brisket, sausages, chunky chips

and jacket potatoes.


Leapfrog Lawns

Betsy’s Bake V Ve GF

Beautiful homemade cakes,

savouries and salads.

The Little Langton

Refreshing G&T’s, sparkling

proseccos and a range of thirstquenching

local drinks.

Juice Up V Ve GF

Healthy juices and a chance to

pedal your way to the perfect


Lickalix V Ve GF

Natural organic real whole fruit

lollies. Gluten, lactose & dairy

free, vegetarian and vegan.


The Nightjars

800 Degrees V

Authentic wood-fired pizza.

Space + Thyme at the Woodland

Bar & Cafe

Local draught and craft beers,

wines and barista coffee.

Posh Spuds V Ve GF

The very best in comfort food..

jacket potatoes.

Carnival Ices V Ve GF

Premium locally sourced ice

cream and fruit lollies.


Campsite Bar V Ve GF

Hot drinks, smoothies, pastries

and breakfast baps to start the


Lazy Glades

Bajan Jerk Box V Ve GF

Caribbean specialities such as

Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat and

traditional Rice and Peas.

Cairovan V Ve

Egyptian lamb wraps, falafel and

moorish cuisine.

Cocktail Bar

Classic cocktails with a twist,

including a special Elderflower

Cocktail, plus Barista coffee.

Down Mexico Way V Ve

Pulled pork, halloumi and

jackfruit burritos.

Greenbox Food Co. V Ve

Homemade and innovative

vegetarian and vegan street food

with sustainability at the core of

what they offer.

Jacksons General Store

Festival and camping essentials,

including bread, milk, toothpaste

and the like. (And sweets!)

If you’ve forgotten it, they’ll

probably stock it!

Jacobs Ladder

Biodynamic homemade organic



Oui Creperie V Ve GF

Sweet and savoury crepes and


Thai Angle V Ve

Thai Street food including

curries, noodles, side dishes and

snack boxes.

The Breakfast Club V Ve GF

The ultimate breakfast in many

forms, followed by loaded fries.

The Grey Earl V Ve GF

Barista coffee, hot drinks, divine

toasties and sweet treats).

Into The Trees

Wildside Bar

Homemade nettle beer, foraged

cocktails, mocktails and cordials.

Plus foraged teas and mint

infused water.


This unique complimentary taster picnic is a highlight of our festival and the

experience will provide you, your family and friends with an opportunity to

sample a selection of delicious locally sourced produce. Providing a picnic of this

scale is fun, but quite a challenge and we do need your help to make it work so

please come along with a positive and relaxed attitude.

The main aim of the picnic is to introduce you to some great local food producers

and enjoy a little taste of some lovely local food. It is not designed to feed the

family till supper. See it as a delicious starter – all our brilliant food stall holders

are open all day so do pay them a visit for the rest of your lunch.


Get into groups with six picnic

wristbands (these are given to

adults when you first arrive).

So get your family together,

team up with old friends or

find new ones!


Bring your picnic blankets,

your drinks and any useful

camping utensils, then sit

down on Dragonfly Hill a bit

before 12.30pm on Sunday.


Get one member of your

group to collect the picnic

wristbands and take these

along to where the picnic bags

are being handed out by our

picnic helpers between 12.30

and 1pm. There’s plenty to go



Break the baguette, dip it in

the lovely pesto, tuck into the

cheeses, sample the smoked

Sussex ham, spread the pate...

relax, enjoy the music and

kick back with friends!


Share and swap food to reduce

any wastage, reuse the paper

bags and help us to recycle :-)

We appreciate it may be a

little tricky for some small

groups of people to find others

to share the picnic with, but

please do see this as a fun way

of making new friends rather

than an obstacle to getting

your free food...


We hope you and your family have a brilliant weekend and we can’t thank

you enough for joining us this year, especially those of you who supported

us by rolling tickets over from 2020.

Next year will be our tenth festival and we are planning to celebrate

reaching double digits (not to mention surviving the last 2 years...) in

style! We offer the first 500 tickets for Elderflower Fields 2022 at the lowest

price tier, exclusively to those who came this year.

To book yours, visit the special ticket page of the website and use the code

“EF21”. Tickets go on sale Wednesday 28th July at 9am.


Despite the bank holiday changing for the platinum jubilee,

Elderflower Fields will still take place on the first weekend of half term:

27th - 30th May 2022.


Missing from our lives more than anything is time spent outdoors in

nature… Into the Trees returns in September this year to take you on

a fascinating journey through one of the South East’s most unique

landscapes. A rare chance to relax and actively explore our natural

surroundings with your family.

Once again, in addition to day tickets, we will be offering very limited

weekend camping tickets. Enjoy the magical early autumnal colours in

this stunning part of the Ashdown Forest, two nights camping under

the stars, two full days access to the festival, plus wonderful evening

entertainment for the family…

Special offer for

Elderflower Fields


Enter the code “EF21” before

7th August on the tickets page

for access to discount tier 2




There are so many wonderful people and organisations who come together

to make Elderflower Fields happen each year and simply we can’t say

enough nice things about everyone who helps out and what a pleasure it is

to work with you all. Thank you!


A huge thank you and high fives to Alex who

really is the oil which keeps the festival gears

turning. Dax & Zoe, our performance programme

managers. Charlotte, our vendor manager.

Sarah, our marketing and social media manager.

Caroline and the Schools Without Walls team for

their inspirational work with local schools. Mark

for keeping the lights on and leading on our Event

Control admin systems amongst other things.

Tim for overseeing the health and safety of the

event, organising and managing the event team

and recruiting volunteers with much needed

cheer and clarity. The calm and sophisticated

bunch in Event Control. And the talented and

charming team in the Info Tent.

Ian Joliet, world’s hardest working DJ and

organiser, and all the fantastic DJs playing

throughout the weekend - thank you, and sorry

we didn’t have space to namecheck you all

individually here!

Green People - thanks to Stephanie and the Green

People team for supporting the festival again this


Huge thanks to graphic designer extraordinaire -

Andrew Chapman


Thanks to the contractors and suppliers working

with us to build and operate the festival. In

particular, thanks to Bob, Adam and the crew at

Sussex Events Ltd. Andrew and the team at EMS.

Ben, Gerald and the Last Mile team. Gigloo, Veolia

and Select Security.


Amazing effort and skill as always from our

brilliant build crew. Thanks to site manager Luke

Brown and his team for all the heavy jobs. Arun

Taylor, Jon Hounsell, Jane Seymour, James at

Circus Kinetica. Thanks also to Richard, Tom and

the rest of the estate team at Pippingford.


The Sunday picnic takes a massive amount of

effort to coordinate - thanks to Charlotte and all

the amazing helpers for packing and distributing

the picnic to over 4000 people!


We are blown away every year by the hard work,

friendliness and unstinting enthusiasm of our

army of amazing volunteers and stewards. Thank

you to each and every person who has given their

time, before, during and after the event, especially

to our team leaders.

Programme design by Andrew Chapman • info@chapmandesign.net





See page 26 for details

See page 27 for details

See page 36 for details


Rock Your Asana

So Sussex Family Picnic

Wake up Elderflower


See page page 28 for details

Animation workshop

Art Camp & drop in sessions

Beer Tasting

Circus Skills

Curiosity Kids

Dance workshops


Freckles and Fire

Get Lost and Found

Gin Workshop

Jitterbug Circus

Kombucha Workshop

Lost and Found Silly Games

Mindful Movement

Mortimer Nannies

Pocket Science

PostHaste: The Festival

Post Office



Screen printed T-Shirts

Solar Observing & Star Gazing

Street Dance

Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga

Travelling Theatre Box

Wonky race track

Wrong Pong

Yellow Post Park

Bug Sculptures

Mud kitchens

Nature Makers


Waterbear College of Music

Woodland Spa


See page 32 for details

Make a Camera Obscura

Face painting

Silent Disco

Swing Dance Lesson

Wild Running

Woodland Hut Camera Obscura


See page 33 for details

Climbing Wall

Monkey Do



Woodland Tribe



See page 34 for details

All Star Cricket

Beach Rugby

Disc Golf

Family Obstacle Challenge


Mountain Biking


Sports Camp

Bat Detecting

Bird Walks

Campfire Cooking

Canoe self hire


Kids Kayaking Lesson

Moth Geodome

Mud Monsters


Pond Dipping

Raft Building

Tree Climbing


Woodland Wonders








Park and




Car park

and exit










First aid

Info tent





Woodland Spa








































Talks in

the Trees



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