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Product catalog

0 to 12 years

Educational toys


SmartBaby AB

Johan Kocksgatan 42

S-231 53 Trelleborg


Phone: +46-410-353501


Dear reseller,

SmartBaby is a distributor of educational toys. In addition we also have larger toys for schools,

daycare centers and waiting rooms.

In this catalog you will find our smaller toys. We represent some of the best producers within

play and learn products and educational materials.

All products are 100% non-toxic and they meet or exceed the European toy safety standards

EN71 and CE.

From our warehouse in Sweden we ship products to all countries in Europe at competitive

freight rates. Within the EU we only ship to business customers with a valid European VAT


We supply our partners with high quality toys that support children’s development within the

following areas:



Motor skills


Language and reading


Social development

We offer:

Unique quality products

Educational toys that support children’s development

Competitive shipping rates

Good prices and margins

Partner meetings locally or through webcast

We welcome you to our range of products that satisfy, motivate and engage children and often

will be at the center of any user environment. We are here for you and if you have any

questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Again, thank you for considering our products

and company.

Best regards,

SmartBaby AB

Magnatab A to Z (Upper Case)

Prod. no.: KO-342

Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow

arrows. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Erases with the tip of a finger.

Ages: 3+

29 x 23 x 1 cm (11 1/2” x 9 1/4” x 1/2”)

Magnatab a-z (Lower Case)

Prod. no.: KO-346

Learning to write the curves of the lowercase alphabet just got a bit easier. Use the directional arrows

and trace each letter with the magnetic stylus for a sensory-driven reinforced lesson. Erases with the tip

of a finger.

Ages: 3+

29 x 23 x 1 cm (11 1/2” x 9 1/4” x 1/2”)

Magnatab 0-9

Prod. no.: KO-347

Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number

writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic

lessons. Erase with a tip of a finger.

Ages: 3+

19 x 15 x 1 cm (7 1/2” x 6” x 1/2”)

Magnatab Free Play

Prod. no.: KO-348

Let your magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper. Use your imagination to draw

shapes, letters and pictures, popping individual beads to the surface. Erase with the tip of a finger.

Ages: 3+

15 x 19 x 1 cm (6” x 7 1/2” x 1/2”)


Jumbo Magnatab Glow

Prod. no.: KO-468

Our Limited Edition Magnatab gets glowing reviews from children and adults alike. The jumbo glow-inthe-dark

board and stylus brings an exciting new dimension to nighttime play.

Let your magnetic stylus be your pen and the bead board be your paper. Use your imagination to draw

shapes, letters and pictures, popping individual beads to the surface.

Erases with the tip of your finger, or by swiping across the beads with the side of the stylus.

While supplies last.

Ages: 3+

23 x 19 x 1 cm

Myland Play House Sleeping

Prod. nr: KO-478

Good morning sleepyhead! Children discover the cheerful sound of chirping birds when they place the

character in front of the mirror. Bedtime! Listen to the owls before climbing into your bed. When the

character is tucked in, snoring sounds will amuse and delight.

Size: 13 x 13 x 19 cm

Age: + 2 yrs

Myland Play House Dining

Myland Play House Living

Prod. no.: KO- 476 Prod. no.: KO- 477

KO-476: Hungry? Time to eat! Place the character in front of the stove and be prepared to experience

the range light up. When cooking time is over, take a seat and enjoy your meal by the soothing light of

the table lamp

KO-477: Get ready for a cozy evening by the fireplace. When the character sits in the proper armchair

the light of the fire illuminates the space. Switch seats and the floor lamp lights up casting a warm

glow throughout the family room.

3 of 3 unique Myland houses. Can be combined with other Myland huose moduls.

Age: 2 +

Size: 13 x 13 x 19 cm

Myland Car

Prod. no.: KO-462

Take a relaxing road trip while learning early STEM concepts. Soft driving sounds and car lights are

triggered by different play patterns. Children discover that by color matching the characters, the boy and

girl transform into on/off switches, while the car movements control the sounds and lights.

Age: 2+

20 x 11 x 8

Myland Magnetic Demo Display

Prod. nr: KO-489



Myland Horse

Prod. no.: KO-464

Children discover the comforting sounds of a gentle horse ride in the countryside while being introduced

to early STEM concepts. Soothing horse sounds and singing birds are triggered by different play

patterns. Children discover that the character is the on/off switch, while the horse movements control the


Age: 2+

12 x 4 x 12 cm

Myland Seal

Prod. no.: KO-466

Turn bathtime into an engaging lesson in early STEM concepts. Through play, kids learn why our

floating seal lights up differently depending on how it's interacted with. Children discover that the

character is the on/off switch, and moderates the intensity of the lights from a gentle glow to a brighter


Age: 2+

13 x 10 x 5 cm

Myland Houseboat

Prod. no.: KO-465

Travel the waterways while learning early STEM concepts. Relax to the sound of seagulls and gentle

waves, with the glow of your lamp lighting the way. Children discover that by color matching the

characters, the boy and girl turn into on/off switches and moderate the intensity of sounds and light.

Age: 2+

26 x 14 x 14 cm

Stack and Fit Cups!

Prod. no.: KO-441

A fresh new take on our classic stacking cups, including new brighter colors and rounded corners for a

smoother design. Turn these five cups into endless water play and infinite discovery. On dry land, they

stack together to form a tall skyscraper or nest together to resemble a box of flowers.

Ages: 1+

8 x 8 x 8 cm

Kid O® Origami Color-Changing Boats (3 pcs)

Art. Nr: KO-487

Ahoy Matey! Our playful take on the classic Origami boat provides a secret surprise at bath time. In

warm water, the hulls unexpectedly transform into bright new hues.

Our colorful fleet is both a surprising science experiment and a vibrant visual cue to water temperature.

Comes in a pack of three different colors, each measuring approximately 12 cm.

Ages 12m+

Contents pk: 3 Boats

Myland Friends Characters

Prod. nr: KO-482

Welcome to our Myland Community! Play with our characters alone, or use them with

our Myland toys to trigger sound and light functions. Our counter display contains

twelve assorted sound and light characters (5 girls, 5 boys, 2 aliens).

Memo Match 36

Prod. no.: KO-325

More dots for a greater challenge; eight games involve nature (matching animal tracks) and the others

are more abstract like matching upper case and lower case letters and full and half colors.

Excellent memory training for everybody!

Ages: 5+

30 x 30 cm (11 1/2" x 11 1/2")

Links Rattle

Prod. no.: KO-426 Blue & KO-427 Pink (Red N/A)

Discs of varying sizes and colors are stacked together, bending and twisting while producing a soft

clacking sound. With a little wiggle, infants can hold onto the smooth ring and shake the links for a

pleasing lesson in touch and sound. Individually boxed.

Ages: 6 months +

16 x 6 x 4,5 cm

Hide & Seek Discs

Prod. no.: KO-439

This sliding toy will delight early toddlers. Three double sided discs fall into place as children rotate the

rattle, revealing six different images. With each turn new faces and patterns will appear for constant


Ages: 1+

10 x 10 x 5 cm


- "an unsteady movement from side to side"

Prod nr: KO-386 Fox Wobble

Prod nr: KO-388 Owl Wobble

Prod nr: KO-387 Raccoon Wobble

Push, pull or grab these colorful wobbling forest animals and their rounded, weighted bottoms will

always spin them back upright for more play. The repetitive action will improve hand-eye coordination in

young children, as well as delight them for hours.

Age: 1+

Size: 5 x 10 cm

Stack & roll cones

Prod. no.: KO-442

Five hourglass shaped cones stack high to create fun, vibrantly colored geometric towers. Designed for

small hands, each coned piece can be turned on its side to allow toddlers to push and roll, exercising

fine and gross motor skills.

Ages: 18m+

10 x 10 x 33 cm

Mix & match animals

Prod. no.: KO-446

Mix and match common zoo animals in brightly colored pieces to create new versions of our familiar

friends. Sort and snap pieces together producing funny puzzles that encourage early creative thinking

and social storytelling.

Ages: 2+

23 x 20 x 9 cm

Alphabuild – Magnetic Building blocks

Prod.nr.: KO-454

Magnetized blocks of varying sizes snap together to form distinct letters of the upper case alphabet. Use

the white borders as your guide to see the individual letters come together. An unrestricted construction

toy, use the durable magnetic pieces to build familiar objects or imaginative shapes.

Practice problem solving skills to select the correct pieces to match together, while also having the

flexibility for open-ended play.

Age: 3+

20 pieces

Size: 12 x 6 x 6 cm (largest piece)

Click & Pop Links

Prod. no.: KO-455 (

Connect, twist and turn the linking pieces to construct unique shapes and designs that range from easy

to complex. Matching colors allows for fun pattern making, encouraging children to develop valuable fine

motor skills through open-ended play.

Ages: 2+

18 x 18 x 6 cm (every pcs appx 6 cm)

Pattern stacker

Prod. nr.: KO-456

Sort the brightly colored pieces to create unique patterns and designs. Match colors and shapes for

open-ended play, while the stacking lesson reinforces important hand-eye coordination and spatial


Ages: 2+

27 x 9 x 20 cm

Water tower set

Prod. nr.: KO-450

Pour the water through the top of this multi-layered toy for an early lesson in water exploration. Watch as

the water spins through the wheel and trickles through the sieve to create raindrops into the waiting

funnel, where it lands in the clear bottom cup. Separate into individual pieces, or use them together.

Ages: 3+

11 x 11 x 20 cm

Floating Duck, Kid O (bath toy)

Prod.nr.: KO-413, color Purple

With a large rounded body and smooth edges, this aquatic floating friend is ready for bath time fun.

Designed for small hands, our duck is easy to grasp and hold. The solid seams prevent water leaks for a

long lasting water toy.

Age: 1+

Size: 18 x 10 x 10 cm

Mini Floating Ducks - 12 pcs assorted

(12 pcs in assorted color & display)

Prod. nr.: KO-431

A floating bath time friend that can fit in the palm of your hand. The smaller version of our larger Floating

Ducks, these mini birds come in a variety of purple, yellow and teal. The solid seams prevent water

leaks for a long lasting water toy.

Ages: 1+

9 x 5 cm

Size comparison between regular and Mini ducks

Whale Squirt Toy

Prod. nr.: KO-463

Draw the water in, then squirt it out through the whale’s spout. This active water toy introduces children

to the basic principles of water pressure. Push the tail in slowly for a gentle spray, and faster for a more

dramatic one. Our high quality ABS plastic makes it a cinch to keep clean.

Ages: 2 +

17 x 6 x 5 cm

Floating whale – bath toy

Prod. nr.: KO-384

A happy blue whale for every oceanic adventure. This fun floating toy will delight children in the pool,

bath or water table.

Ages: 1+

18 x 10 x 10 cm (7.5" x 4.5" x 4")

Go Car

Prod. no.: KO-339 (red), KO-340 (green) and KO 341 (blue)

A pushable, rollable, graspable vehicle gets young drivers excited. The gracefully curving roof does

double-duty as a handle and rubber coated wheels glide smoothly along any path.

Available in the colors red, green and blue.

PVC, BPA and Phthalate free plastic.

Ages: 1+

15 x 9 x 9 cm (6" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2")

Go Car Glow

Prod. no.: KO-470

A pushable, rollable, graspable, glow-in-the-dark vehicle gets young drivers excited. The gracefully

curving roof does double-duty as a handle and rubber coated wheels glide smoothly along any path.

Age: 1+

15 x 9 x 9 cm

Tip Truck

Prod. no.: KO-351 (red), KO-352 (green) and KO-353 (blue)

Small hands can transport items with this fun, easy to grasp Tip Truck. With a working hinged bed and

gliding rubber wheels, this interactive truck is great for young drivers.

Available in the colors red, green and blue.

PVC, BPA and Phthalate free plastic.

Ages: 1+

17 x 10 x 10 cm (6 3/4" x 4" x 4")

Tug boat

Prod. no.: KO-360 (red) and KO-361 (blue)

Find your sea legs with this floating tug boat, with detachable life buoy. Perfect for any skipper’s bath


Available in the colors red and blue.

PVC, BPA and Phthalate free plastic.

Ages: 1+

20 x 11 x 10 cm (8” x 4,25” x 4”)


Prod. no.: KO-365 (red) and KO-366 (blue)

Let your imagination soar with this gliding toddler plane. The dynamic rolling rubber wheels and spinning

front propeller will engage young pilot.

Available in the colors red and blue.

PVC, BPA and Phthalate free plastic.

Ages: 1+

23 x 21 x 11 cm (9” x 8,25” x 4,25”)

Kid O Toys — music instruments


Prod. no.: KO-437 (Blue), KO-438 (red)

Give it a shake to hear a rattling beat. The round shape of this percussion instrument, with its brightly

colored geometric design, is easy to hold for young budding musicians. Each jiggle will help get kids

dancing while encouraging auditory development.

Ages: 2+

16 x 3 x 16 cm (6,5" x 1,25" x 6,5")

Jumbo Harmonica

Prod. no.: KO-449

The harmonica is an easy-to-play wind instrument, perfect for growing musicians. Pleasant tones are

produced through uneven breathing patterns, which encourage music exploration and healthy lungs.

The molded plastic case protects the brass reeds, and features 16-hold opening for a wide range of


Ages: 3+

16 x 3 x 16 cm (7" x 3" x 1,5")

Kid O Toys — Puzzles, Games and Party bag items

Animal Bead Tilts - 24 pcs assorted

Prod. nr.: KO-431

Turn and tilt these animal heads to carefully navigate the small beads to multiple holes, completing

these challenging puzzles. A great loot bag gift that also helps to improve the dexterity and hand-eye

coordination of young party goers. Available in an assortment of Tiger, Lion and Owl.

Ages: 3+

5 x 5 x 1 cm

Display 24 pcs

Spinning Tops (24 pcs)

Prod. Nr: KO-380

These classic tops feature a modern cyclone design that will quickly twist and spin around to entertain

children of all ages. Add to any party bag for immediate play-time fun. Available in an 24 pcs assortment

of Red, Blue, and Green. Comes with a display.

Ages: 3+

4,5 x 4,5 x 5 cm

Bubbimals (12 pcs )

Prod. nr.: KO-436

Explore the active properties of bubbles with our ready to use bubble solution. Each animal features a

uniquely designed, functional bubble wand.

Comes in 12 pcs assorted with Rabbit/Carrot, Cat/Mouse and Frog/Fly. Comes filled with bubbble


Ages: 3+

5 x 4 x 10 cm

El Nan Tower - Powerful Hugs (Construction Kit)

Prod. nr: EL-V28 Nan Tower (18 pcs)

Prod. nr: EL-V33 Nan Tower (120 pcs)

The only construction game that encourages

equilibrium, fitting and empathy.

Pedagogical and therapeutic properties of the game *

report of Sant Joan de Déu:

Promotes the imagination and creativity.

Helps motor coordination and precision.

Allows develop observation skills, planning

and reasoning.

Facilitates the spatial structure and orientation.

Amazing constructions with hugs!

Unique building set that enables to explore creativity and

imagination. This set is made up of 18 or 120 wooden

pieces with an original shape which allows to build with

powerful hugs.


Size: Nans (6,0 x 4,1 x 1,9 cm)

1 Little Nan (4,9 x 2,8x x 1,9 cm).

Hugging makes everything possible!

Anatex manufactures educational toys that teach counting, cooperative play, alphabet and eye-hand

coordination. They also make wonderful activity centers for home, schools and waiting rooms. They

have been awarded the best prize from the organization Parents’ Choice and is also a Dr. Toy Best

Classic Toys winner. They co-operate with American Academy of Pediatrics.

Magnetic Gumball Counting Game

Prod. no.: AX-112

Develops the following skills:




Fun and colorful, Magnetic Gumball Counting Game teaches counting and math skills, while at the same

time promoting eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and fine motor skills. Children use the magnetic

wand to guide the balls through the maze, choosing the correct number of balls that correspond to each

gumball machine numbered 1 through 10!


Completely enclosed with no loose parts.

Ages: 3+

38 x 46 x 1,5 cm (15” x 18” x 0,60”)

Magnetic Express, Anatex

Prod. no.: AX-113

Develops the following skills:



Social development

Children use magnetic wands to guide metal balls through the maze, selecting their destination. The first

player to get all 5 balls into the center is the winner! Magnet Express develops problem-solving, visualtracking,

and logical thinking skills.


Ages: 3+

30 x 38 x 2 cm (12” x 15” x 0,80”)

GeoToys produces large and colorful geographic puzzles for all ages. The products are very innovative

and have won awards as “Smart Play and Smart Toy”. GeoPuzzle is developed in the

USA and produced in Germany from recycled material.

GEO Bingo World

Prod. nr.: GP-320

GeoBingo is a new twist on a classic game and a new way to make geography fun! The goal of

GeoBingo is to get 5 countries in a row on one of the 8 GeoBingo Boards, then yell BINGO!

GeoBingo World contains 50 country cards, representing the world’s most populous nations, that show

each country’s capital, land area, population, and geographic location. A fun and learning game for all

ages! Ages 4 and Up.

Flag Frenzy game

Prod. nr.: GP-327

Flag Frenzy is a fast-paced card game where players race to match flags from countries around the

world! 49 cards have 8 flags each, and every card has one flag in common with every other card. The

goal is to find the matching flags before your opponents do, and be the first to match all your cards.

Continent cards add to the fun, as players must match a flag to one of four continents (Europe, Asia,

Americas, and Africa). And a bonus world map is included, showing all flags and where the countries

are located.

Contents: 49 flag cards, 8 continent cards, rules, world map.

Ages 6+

MightyMind® award winning 5-Star products are available at the best retailers around the world.

MightyMind products bring hours of contagious fun that gives kids the necessary skills they must

develop for success and confidence.


Prod. nr.: MM-201

Winner of Parents’ Choice Honor Toy, cited by child development experts. In just 30 steps, a child

develops essential life long skills needed for future success. Encourages and entices a child to think,

build complex designs, and solve puzzles without assistance. Builds confidence.

No language required.

Includes 32 colorful design shapes, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray with a series of 30

numbered programmed puzzles.

Multi-language instructions in English, French, Spanish, Swedish ++

Age: 3 – 8 yrs

26 x 21 x 3 cm


Prod. nr.: MM-202

This confidence building sequel to MightyMind stimulates a child to explore and discover the fascinating

way simple shapes can be combined to form intricate delightful pictures and designs.

Develops important critical analytical thinking skills essential for future success.

Includes 32 colorful design tiles, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray with numbered advanced

programmed puzzles.

No language required.

Age: 5 – 9 yrs

26 x 21 x 3 cm

Mini MightyMind

Prod. nr.: MM-205

This light edition of the bestselling basic MightyMind introduces children to logic, reasoning and problem

solving skills. Kids learn counting, sorting, categorizing, spatial relationships and color matching.

Contains a specially programmed series of 16 beginner puzzles. Also included are 12 proportional

geometric design tiles contained in a convenient storage tray.

Age: 3 – 8 yrs

Magnetic MightyMind

Prod. nr.: MM-200

MightyMind, the award winning, highest rated 5-Star activity set is now magnetic. Contains 32

proportional design tiles in 6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, in large and small sizes, with matching

magnetic shapes. The tiles are neatly stored in the convenient cotton storage pouch.

Also included is a deck of 30 sturdy puzzle board cards which are organized and programmed in

numerical sequence to show children how to build and solve puzzles.

Age: 3 – 8 yrs

20 x 10 x 10 cm

Magnetic SuperMind

Prod. nr.: MM-204

The sequel to Magnetic MightyMind. It shows school age children how to build and solve puzzles. Kids

love combining shapes and design blocks to create figures, animals, people, buildings and imaginative


Age: 5 – 9 år

26 x 21 x 3 cm

GeoCentral has been the leading supplier of quality, educational and fun earth-related products

for over 30 years to the wholesale trade.

Gemstone Collection Box

Prod. nr.: CE-125

This beautiful collection of 25 pcs polished gemstones is a must for the beginner or seasoned

gemstone collector.

1 unit contains display and 12 boxes

Mineral Science Kit

Prod. nr.: CE-129

Mineral Science Kit where you can explore the wonders of our geological


Each kit contains 15 rocks, streak plate, educational guide and magnifier.

Real Sharks Teeths!

Prod nr: CE-STGST

Kids love to collect shark teeth, one of the mostsought-after

fossils. These are 5-7 million years old! Average size is

approx. 1- 2 cm.

A box with shark teeths and information for the little (or

big) collector.

Box size: 5 x 4 x 2 cm

48 boxer w/ display



Sculpted by nature, faceted clear quartz never

cease to fascinate

Age: from 6 yrs

box size: 5 x 4 x 2 cm

48 boxer m/ display

Ammonit & Orthoceras - Fossiles 48 pcs

Prod nr: CE-FTGOA

This is the real deal! Contains 24 ammonites or

orthoceras fossils from Morocco, each genuine.

Educational info included in each box.

48 boxer m/display

SnapAround Wildlife Bracelets

Prod nr: CE-370

Kids will want all styles of these fun bracelets with animals. The fabric-covered steel strap

stretches out to 23cm and then snaps around a wrist or ankle to show off the sea life or

wildlife creature. Patterns vary.

1 unit contains display jar and 48 bracelets

Pocket Puzzles

Prod nr: CE-PZWP

Small enough to fit in your pocket but complex enough for hours of puzzling fun.

1 unit contains display with 4 each of 6 puzzles.

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