T. - Southington Library and Museum


T. - Southington Library and Museum

NO. ] 2, VOL. XV. SERIES. , SC •

.... , , - - 5, 1890, WHOLE NO. 893,

ia' Se. Ontho farm Of al g ams on

THE EATING." yourhero oovered a small [ the ta of the Duke of Portlaed. for

rneas.theco.ter of eb ld. [ memonthsp t anew milking a-,

h h -unolosed by tdent y ]chine, inve.ted by r, William urch-

" W OU O ON Oy __ [ gdo Up°n' in secrett o enmg,SP g" but , has been

opcration. °

[land, sanita en ncor of Imarnock,

mtthomobw ba td ng down J[ngMalns, ofavc simple char - TTA T T/ TI T ] T A L l IT 7

m m showsl sof gway. ter. ord a ironpipo, one chin 111 1

• • donth y cend intothe amoter, carried round the cow

Grand Opening .D snlav of I ..,, =

nd w] W dbytbe means of stone- the shoulders of the ws. It oommn- [ T • , T , T L-[ 5.

etw t t s iedh mother nicateswi ahandpump, wherebythe

I- J [ G , o u x lot v e s erz )on d ng,

I emb Sw IgeIow, d, and then, y heatedly olos- a , drawn from the pip a circular n Ir V r TT A [ D fl" (

1 8. H. STREET & CO..__ - anS s" z ak ,trap.decree shut himself and teuk nnec thas llow wellof

Xta vep= 0 tiV w nt carefully do , vacuum. F m the imnpipe project n- ]l] Y l [) U UUU 13 P i I 1% l l I1AI

lo m rl , ne na ow damp steps of their nections, oncopposi the sp e be-

comp ingalargocollcctionof -- o avoa w hs ng descended sev- twconeve p ofanimals, e h e -

NOTE8 GATHERED FRONI VAil- lr b M v -- '' rea ad an n door, nvotiou being furnished with s

ous u sTmm, cook. Zo .y o o th . an.tio., EVERYTIIING. OI'H[NG IJKE Ir EVER



together with their unprecedented assortment of


Cloak , Wraps, Millinery, Upholstery, etc., at Pr/ce

Ihat will Surprise and Gratify tile Purchaser.

N()W IS Till,; "1 IME

3,'. Ett'll.


$4.8 A SET.

\ a,, I), ,c.ne laec xx,,rt'h $6

()UF-()F-T()WN ('I'ST()MEI S



( crr n+.rly I- m Butler.) (Formerly Butler Broe.)

Boots and Shoes


In Ladies' Oooxls a full assortment of a l styles, maiuding e great wrier7

msde on the "KAYLOIt LAST."

No. 15 Colon.v treet, Meriden Conn.



Low Prices.

Chamberlin & (Io.,


l atn St., Plantsvi]]e.



(Mr. Eden Ave. and Bristol tit,


E.R.SL'-" IFF.

Cfl1 c B01t ShoD,


at ]ow m ket


my text nd motto


O ce Hofr l ntn ft. m., 1 to S nnd " to

Southin n ng ln t l Mr. Alf T. M ou, F. R C. L., P fe r

dryer the u s g thedayof of Mesle, prepared ve l ons eve

de ik O h f 9 m. week to vau d or other pupfit. Mr.

p. , 1: 8 p.m. e B k had along and eound muat l edacat,on

o M Y n f m 6: 8: . Euro , and be tdee eue fully p atng him-

ee f ugh the pflncl nd llege of

B. B, . mutio he wee uc eeful In gainl "honou

B. N Tre er. rttflca s" for many of hit pupib.

s aatil 9 In the mo ing, from t9 7.80 PLAN .

R 8 H. HOT,CO}IS, Attorney snd Per obtaining efl n Ind FO i Paton

,t un ellor at I w, bota b[le and md reg dug ade ka Ptmphle

ludg. of Probate. l.e.al buat e e prom?ely me*ruction m led free

.end Om M treet, Southingto i ES SHEp t RD, Sollel r &

frOtH , sew star.N, OT,

Wa d. Bo n B B

o Mbnday and ay. h Tea B ( er N Ou oy & ,'l

PkRI e , '# mhed at r SOUTHINGTON OONN,




Cures Coughn, Colds, Asthma



John Hanna,

Ds ter lit

Cenl(,tery Work.

Offior and Show Room


EO BI,ABTRE fl, esman



Stairs and Work of All Kinds.

New Haven, Conn.


I have opened afl hmarketin the William

Wilcox Building, Berlin ave,, South-

ington, where I n eupply a full l,ne of fresh

fish, oyste clam lo . o . F h w 11

celv sh eve y d o st e m -

ket affo 11 fu hhed.

I pro e n a ol s market in e

rcepect d eoli t

age. A

Oede en d live .

F1Rnsb gh.

Fo erly of d wn M ket.

Ju6 lm*

Oysters. Oysters.

F t of the Se ,



Insurance A

Tho Oovornn.ont Envelope Factory

--Southbury O11 Weil--Stnte



were not filled for

Postmeeters have been blamed for the

tardiness, and somewhat unjustly.

When they receive an c

envelopes they forward it to

ton and from there it is senl

rd, Conn. Of course the order has to

take its place on a list bvaring thous-

ands of othere. When made, the en-

velopes are sent direct to the post office

from the manufactory. The cauaeof the

delay in filling orders ie the enormous

demand existmg for stamped envelopes

and the present in, apaclty of tbe mau-

ufimturer to keep np wl h the proces-

sion. They me running tbmr business

at full pressure and st ll mo a ay be-

A Post reporter v|sited tho govern

ment factory recently to mvest ate

ned he questmned M. S. Chapman,

supermtendent f the wmk aml preai-

done of Hartford Mauilb company as

to the meteor. Mr, (3impman said

the sh ml,ed envelope bnsme b d

has been gnater tbau ever. A f.ir

cxampl.e of the inmeaso is g ven by a

oomparmon of the number of enveh

turnod out during August, He

and October of 1889 and tba

done tn the eorraspomling nonths of

this year. n th e thre months of

last year tbn number was 128,559,009,

and tins year, 146,117,000, sho.aing an

increase of 17,560,000,

Last month the bumness done as

the largest of a,n.y month m tbe histo

of the works. be number of ah mped

enve]opee maeufactured wa 63,499,-

(,)% and the t tel uumbt,r of stampeJ

and official envelopes, 70 000,L00, l bls

ahead of the supply.

facihtms for making the euvelopes, ao

that the present un atmfaetory servioo

wall soon be remedmd. They alo put-

tiug up a threo story flre-p oof build-

ing, 45 by50f et, erectmg a ne en-

gme aed bodo honses, 30 by 40 feet,

and ca Tymg up th. ee.t wmg tw

lated wt[l enable the con'x wtrus to

k, ep abreast ol ibeir mders.j So great

h.s beeu tim roah at the q*orka that

the go erument department has I een

,o.nlarg, d [,y the mhbtmu of two clerks.

Flus relatmn ot the t te of affails will

for stampe I en elopo i,ann(li be fill,,d

x Ithln the t(n+. days whzoh was ont to

never cau orget,

ma e i=e writs and M cr,

emb ho Q n w

o flH us with

v the t 8 d

bl(, for somo tlm(' p, st has b(,en due to

it (bY|alert among tbovo pu hl|l the en

m mll vml of fired tak.a fr.m the weU

()v tlw fort or flt mdhon pmmd ,

mor or le , o maple acgar nnnual]y

madoin this country, eearly bait

l)roducod m N,+w Lnghunl, anti a htt]o,

omo forty or fifty tbousand pounds in

Connvctmut. l'b. honnty of hvo

a pound to Im p 'd f m the United

Stat s Tr(a my, il[ p obably give

g cat impetoa to th tuduatry. The law,

which goee into eff et next Ap l,

rides a bounty for all ngars from

aple sap, can , aorgbum or bee ,

domestic pr untion. It look as if

sugar would be cheaper next year.

that Colonel L. L. Morgan, i buMne

manager, is herc f ¢ [ e the lmmnesa

manager of th. Boaton Po t that he

has not left th Regm r and that he

wilt hve in New Haven nd g to Bos-

ton two or thfas days every week.

Om C , P , Nov. 29.--Pa lrulam

•n outrageous ault n4 rob at

Parker have been reported to e poll

here. Burgla met John D ,

knocked h m tesensib]e, and, filling

mouth with mud, carried him in

they exto ed from him the combination

of She safe, and by bunglln 8 failed to

open it. They then tied up Duff and

gagged him by driving a knot in his

mouth with a chisel, which b ke in a

humor of hie eth; then laid him on

the d, and whfio some stood a the

ethers the lo k off the safe, blew

fu of powder, wet the b clothes and

u ateed the sate with them desert

the sound. ee they fl d the and

he door w btown off, Th got noth-

In from the sate, but cured $8 from

ff' trou ra' p keta, a wash and

1vet, overlooking $98 his hip

aad over 00 In he bu u

r the burgla left Duff aaeceed

in releasing his h da by mcaas of the

oor-latch and untied the other tecta.

He went down town or aid to the d g

tore, blowy, gl , and h dly

ecoanl able h len , Throe m

were a ea on suapleisu of being

les the de . They a ll ed to

he ght nee. ff ts a well- o oil

0 ra r. H to eriy r a

hop at Parker, and aleeps In the o

he worka boeing a the Hou

e la b ly t up and a f e

ld lng b ly broken up by the

h L He w as b l h that he w

nab t 0 a the e o the

B aaother m tin o the

of ut m olisge on D em r 2 ,

which time the date or the guratte

of Dr.* uatin ott. th new pmaidsu

11 fixed. It will not aseur

the e lypa o eb as the D tol

1 " '- -,' ' -


• True Story of the French Rcvolu.


At the time of which we write, 1793,

during the "reigh of terror," all Paris

was being deluged in blood by the

monster Robespe rro aud his blood-

thirty minions, ho hurled the Kmg

from the throne, ruthlesaly murdermg

thousands of the aristocrats, whoso

life-blood stained the streets.

It was near mghtfall. The ethereal

vaults of eaven were obscured by tl.ck,

heavy clouds, which hung hke a dark

pall over the mty. A emall vosrel was

sailing sway to the north, up, m tho wa-

ters ot the Seine, from whzch had dis- '

embarked Victor Du Mont, who Led ro-

. terminated the pa caga-

movef his baud over the

hopes might fined come

' which it could be opened, but

t avail. He then

to the bottom of the dreary

to ascertain of what the pavement

eL His touch on every

with sold flag-stone& They

frem the outside world,

.cast his eyes

mute dmpalr, when he perceived a

d m ray of light from b oeeatb

the door he had so fruitlessly tried

naoloae] Our hero's soul was stirred

wzth a mingled thrill of joy and he I

for he beheved whoever those Walls

closed to be a frmnd to the ehorent of

the mg.

Prasaing close to the aperture from

wheece the light appeared he enid :

"For the love of heaven and the

I ag, give admittance to the son and

his aged mother, who are fugitivas from

a mnrdorous mob I"

Du Mont awaited breathlessly for a

raspon e, as he was aware that the mob

might at any moment d cover the re-

treat by whwh they had so n raculoasiy

escaped. At langth, after the lapse of

what seemed an age to him, he hoard

in a low responsive tone: Who calls?"

"Madam Dn Mont and her sonff our

hero rophe L

Instantly ho detected a gratzng

souud, as of the removmg of

turned to Parm to removo his aged bolts and bare, when the door

mother to a place of safety, waa quietly opene revealing a human

Ae )u Mont moved along one of the form, whoha tily bade the fugzt vo,

principal thoroughfares he observ l enter. The door was thsu seemed,

everywhere the marks of carnage and and the kind benefao r who hed given

d t otion,m the.battered]walls of some Ihe lugitives a place of refuge, o]asl

ma at palace or the lsfelass oorl)sO' the nd of each and nobly

of some haughty nob]ema However, "Madame Du Moot and son, thrice

he n uedto rasolutelv pro ed for-, c.me my dungeon

ward, until, abrup v lca iug the mate By thi time the fug tives had

tho ug , he uter a narrow come su mently accustomed the me-

,freer, which he traversed for some diw m6ntary blin ass, cau d from the

nco, until flually he reaehed th per- : eye being ex the suddenno

teis of own threshold. of the hght, re ,mze m their

The house l ked dark acd gloom), ho t, the Marquis D'Vornon, who was a

withou No one answered b well- , v ry warm frmud. After happy eet-

known signal. Throe no fond,mgsh bee exchanged by the

mother greet buu. umted friends, the Marquis row back

With an almost smk g heart l)u the heavy eurtain whmh derided

Mona entet t hi borne. hat a scene l, w but not uncomfortable prmon-hke

meet h startled ga The house hom , and m a nder voles s d.

was desert and the conten de- "(Aar s my daughter, welcome our

atroyed, friends who have been guided our

Du Mont rushed v.ildly ioto tl,e

street,whore he euddenly encountered a

young peaaant lad, whom be l)ad

on moro than ono ocoasiou be-

friended, He immodiately accosted

the lad, wbo informed h n that h

mother had bee, taken hefi re the

dreaded Tribunal, Condemned, m d ca t


Hearing of tho horrible fate of b

beloved mothor, Du Mont, w th a

S L. Turtle, one of tl|ose connect ! be fore his vmton. A crazed and mad-

w t]l the Houtlfl,ury osl ell. has ioo,,n dening mob assembled before the

hdkmg to tb Birmtngham 7 , t , r pt. onteranco. A rendy h they began

Ho said Ll,oi,, waa n ,t tbo sh6h t the thless mnrder ,)f the anfortunate

d,)tlbt that th,.rc uas O1[ and the InL()ll- wretches. In.tantly hz blood was

h m now mte go down nt ba t I, stirred by a burmngp mon for omcklv

' drawmg hmaword, heuttored frantic

drill m the hole that . , gbs about a howl he deshed madly rote thmr

t, N .w Yo=k for a sud ldo l'Opo to et rs p on each sido ot the p ison

it o t. O. zasum=n the ]sst hme t entrance, leaving s p sw 7 for th

w=m found ]m be hob= at Elm I)ott, m d m risouers, stud t e bloody

Imze,] or d and ew drfl[ had exe t oners, ree y nd o ger i unco

to ho made tr h ,n it. The arch- upo s otber ew victim.

retreat by the kznd hand ot Provi-

'£ho young lady came joyfully for-

ward, war n]y ombracmg Madamo

Du Moot, whom sho bad loved w th an

affoction akm to mothor, ever since she

bad ltnowa her, as her mother had

'd ed wher she was but a chdd. As

I she bowedte our hero a rosy emile

thtted acroes hor countenauce.

Clarissa I)oVeruon was a beautiful

eolemn vow to be avoa 'ed:" basttG' pro- '.ang maiden, porfect form, whitedeop

ceeded toward the place of thoTItli- due eyes and golden hair, which

lenes, hmh was then used a prta(m ' clustered in gr oful little ringlets over

for the wctima of the mob. a brow of a owy-whi nas

Whde movi, g rapidly along his mind Meanwhile the mob had euo eded

w filled w th tho mu t awfuL Iorebod- b t ering down the d r of the r

gs. oh the fu tivas had so ha tziy

He w crossing a street when the qmtted. D h g fu ously m the

hmnmg urt o the Tmllerie fished chamber, they carefully se ched t,

but, not flndmg the fu tives, the super-

stitious mob abandoned th pursuit,

]eiving that they h cap by the

d of superuatural power.

After several h urs suspense Du Men t

oyfully reebzed that tl y were m no

further dan er f m the ba ed and m-

furi t d

As t me wore on, Du Moot learned

passmnate]y love he beau-

tiful Claris , bo shyly

courage4 but evaded hm declar-

ati n of love, until hi whole soul went

The doom of the prison were flung

opon and a vonerablo old man was

thrust rudoly forth, ho looked dly

around, brushed his long snow-whlto

looks beck from a brow that was (,f a

]narble hue. Ide tottered a few telm

orward d fell. With a domonmcal

cry a a t fl nd m bureau form e ored

tho h from tho bod w th no blow

Of the

0 ext victim cmt forth wa a

tffal rl, who azed wltb temfl l

awe on the bloodthtmty fiends. W th a

wild pier ng ahriek she sank lifeless at

Chair fee which ceased the mob to veil

with rage at beiag (heated


Du Mont, in b athless horror,

aw every movemont, expachng

see the orm of h s aged mother thrust

out eet an awful eath at lbe haml

of the bloody executioners

Mn the d of the p son

were quickly thzown (,i)e,:, I

revca g a noble looking lady

ot some five and throe score year .

A smile of ntentmont re.ted on her

beaut u11 serene unten nce, as if

sheh pf cedher tsRh in tha

reme Being who has a crown m

Heaven for the righ ous. The m b

seeme l asolute for moment, while

ga ngupon that noble woman; but it

was only for moment, the,

ant m n shouted: "Down with

the aris ccatl and, r s gh penden-

ts ax alo t, sprang forwmd. At the

ld shout Du Moot rai ed hm head,

seeming have become d zed by the

wfulness the scene. He looked

toward the doomed woman, then in-

sanely uttering most heart-rending

At thecameiast nt Mad n)o Du

e d her on. Sbe advanced for-

w rd, but only few feet, when she

w confronted by the giant execu-


Du Meet ppeared be po essed

th a super-human power, for with

lightning-like r pidity he r ised hi

heavy sword a d leaped forward, with

one stroke oleeviug the giant axm n's

head m his shouldem; then, drawing

his mother tenderly to I lde,

ally out his y through the mob, who

tell back in wonder at the terr e on-

slaught. ,

The fu twes were rapidly p sslng

through m r0hway in one o the

treete before the mob raslized that the

pilsener was being re rued. They

then rushed vagelyMter the'lugitiro ,

nd were about over-h uling them,

when Du Moot h ppily discovered

open doorwny, e h stily drew h

other within, sl mming the door

th face of the mob. H ina ntly

vur the door by pushing the heavy

l n b r in the sovke

Our ero next explore the

which had ordad such mely helt r

m • hor ble doeth. It w d rk

nd gloomy, nd as Mont. roped h

y ound in the q ass mother

gladty olu.g h arm, f vently

thanking God ha as once mo e

per t be t her brave

loy n. "

AH the while the ntio mob th ut

. ven mg their vengeance

the d r which creake

blow at

is fitted a length of Indm rubber tub-

ing, the other end being attached to a

nozzle near the top of the milk pail.

which is of special construction. The

pail is cylindrlcai in form, with a trun-

cated conical top. Its opening, which

is four inches wide, is closed by means

of a thick glass disk, which rests ineide

flush with the outer rim vf the pail,

supported by a thick rubber band, held

iu place by a pre actmg led' e under-

ffeath. On one side ot the ailouldnr f

the pail is the nozzle which has been

referred to and on the opposite eide are

four similar nozzles, all of which are

like the small connections upon the

area pipe. The solitary nozzle is for at-

tachmeut to the long flexible tube from

the ron pipe; the other four are for

short inngths of tubing connected in

their turn with specially construeted

tear,cups, each of which receives a teat

of the cow under operation. The cups,

hke the pail, are made of tinned iron,

and each one ts prev ded with a tap or

stop cock. The milk pail has, in ed-

d tion to its handle, a couple of hooks,

hy means of which it s suspended a

little in front of-'the cow' udder, a

broad baud of girthing being lind across

the ammal's loins for the purpose.

The modus operandt is very slmpla.

When all m ready, the pump m worked

by a led, and the air is thus ex-

hausted from the ron pipe. Then a

pml, w th ts cups attached, is adjusted

under the cow, the long tube is loined

to one of the eonneetions overhead, the

stop cock opened, mud a partmi

vacuum is established within the pmi.

Nextone of the cups is moistened and

placed so as to embrace a teat; the

stop cock of the cup a then opeoed,

the teat is thus brought under the

fiuonco of the vauuum, and the greater

extarua] atmospheric pressure at onc'

causes the milk to be n to flow.

ter all four cups have thus been ad-

lusted, four jets of milk can be seen

flowing into the can immedmtely be-

neath the glass oo' er. In from eight

to ten minutes the vow is milked "dry."

The animals submit very quietly to

this novel method of milking and after

tim first time they appear to be scarcely

consemus thatthey are being deprived

of thetr mtlk. The apparatus, indeed,

promises to reheve cows of much ot the

dmtrass which, under e isting aireum-

stnces, seems inevitable. Its use will

obviate the excruciating pare that ani-

mals with chapped or swollen teats

must necessarily suffer when milked by

baud. Moreover, its employment

insure much greater cleanliness in the

operation of malting, a benefit of at

least as much importance to the con-

sumer as tethe producer. One atten-

dant can conveniently keep half a dozen

cows going. By the time the adjust-

ment has been made for the sixth cow,

the first cow will about have finished

milking, and her pad can be taken for

the seventh cow, and so on. To main-

tain the vacuum a few strokes at the

pump occasionally are sufficfent.--Lon-

don Tiutes.

"Just wateh this crank." eaid a man

every day and goes through a whole act

belore he gets up oourage .enough to a k

for frmd comes. Hc always finmhes

by ordering them, but he never avows

nm real purvose until he has beaten

about the bush for ten minutes. The

we,tiers know him and humor him."

the lover ot creche seatod himself,

and looked over the droner card with a

langmd, bored air. and asked

"How are soft-ehelled crabs deviled ?"

"They ere very race, sir."

"It's a little ]ate for crabs, me't it?





813 & 815 CHAPEL STREET,


1891 theTa ff, ult tho Fa era d )l rrIIE


Bargains in l)arlor Stove,

ATalkwith me n B ,ya ByP T. r- Liberty St., 8outhing n.

,+.. No more

an , TIIE ' C()L('HE%TFR" IH BBER C0.

Our ero t a ked bin stars (hat ho had Humt)bt Let me soe. How is your oth,,, Fenture,. l C. = f r ', .....

', r

, roached ucb a haven of refug I nv back '' tt

........... - , During189LTheTrlbu ,ewai pnnt svzl - ADHESIVE COU TERS.

lrzson hom He hal me f m the , I

no mu cneerlmiy gmn consent to card. JmnowmF nc-,vmti g the farms and farm J .]()Ill1 3I..]ohnson

oo and win the hand of the 'lovely [ 'I'h w i r tood mta ntlv hv [ bni dln of I a t r ft ,,f e r ,u tural r

.U,l O ,'+., ,,, "+ Williams Son

, "Clarzasa," sMd he, "may i call you No, tint doosn't strzko my fancy." A Jt page (,vp w k

would be bIe od with everlasting hap- brmg mo a b.ttle )f Hi. Jnhen and a printed, d cflbmg the -uth It exl to-

' pinas " shoo of cold rO t b eel. I ha e no ap- I da ,

, I with httl mccoy La e toek uf M Skin

s ho p monat ly kissed her r mntly "Y s, mr." . B y T h,r. th dow o Ulster, Saeque , Jacket .

bo utfful face again and agmn "] have an dca " All ear Own

ieg of Med mo Du Mon and tbo "I m gbt be ablo eat a go t oak well pra tl l knowl g of h r ubje t ll nd x mn e oar k nd get

good Marqu ono in a blis inl with tew frmd onion , w r , w l upply • lumn • wt k on the

drcam. That would be very nieo, ir." t. t nd puget f ll o e of the 41 and 4a Pratt t ,

At length t],e refugo+, soorot,y haveth°s'°a g°°d") +eF°retgn"tt'"'g°°d't°ri 'the ne


the t+.t of mark., + r+) I+,k , The _ un

quitted Pari for the sboros of Switzor- "Yes, sir."

]and, with its werln mountain peaks, That will be all You noodn't mind e bune ofl t e ty and

vales. ThereVio rDuMont and h "Yes, e . mthe un . 1 8 ] *

noble wife, surrouuded bv thesr ch - Then the lover of fried onions tean

ays in pasco and happin s. a child.

Europe, Going Spr gfleld the otber day, for T e T bu e's new 'r en ' ])em mt know thtt for twenty y

"Perhaps," s id • business m n,

%here re a good many of us who be- oke's legal lights, acoomp ied by h

lieve that all the orl h ab olu wife and 6-yo r ld son n heir, who o o W kly, 1. r year, f e for the la l }o tt to the true m s vf t e

keeping n eye on deb r that the the bey bed been holdmg on hi h t If it h a her mm the millstone.

honest men are washed carefully i with one lmnd for fear it would blow ight n hund d nmety ne H

theflishonastone When I went away. The conduc r ming in INDIANS MEAN FIGHT. t year in Amerl lm , andes-

two or three hundred dollars, I su the boy let go hz ha His father ltidge Agency. DMly, p r me ,th, - - - - $O

pose. reached round throagh the window and RID , Dec 1.--The exeitemeut l Drily, r ear, - ....

"When I retu ed I went around whisked it off bin head. The boy w inc ing ets have n doubl Sunday, r year, - - - - 00

him to order my fall clothes, dis nsola "Look straight aheadaud Over on h f the Indians have left the D vand Sunday, p r year, O0

" How do you do, Mr. L s it will come back, said his father, a ncy. D y and Sunday. I r month, - O.

he. 'How did you enjo your trip I can t hist]o, I m too mad. The Cheyenne dl s from the orth Weekly Sun, one veer,

rope?' "Well, then, I'll try," and the di i- e t Joining o Strike. A nd el "

"Now I h ne away quietly and fled lawyer wbistled a taw ba of Indies a concentrating at mout Address Tile S[ N'. N'e

hadroturued no ]ass q ietly. ot a "Annio o ey,'a d sbortlyafterward of Wound KueoC k They ad i

dozeeofmy,rioudsknewwhen,started placodth, hat on tbe boy's heed, whos. wo thattheywiIIflght --''''--,. .O0..+R"s

or when I got baok. team were now turned smilea Theu

"'Eu ]'e?' I said, 'What do you he s od up in the seat, and sna ug oem MIItl o Hope L

meau ' a d I l ked at him ban r- hi father's new tde from his h Cmc , Nov. 29.-- n Mll d

gly. deliberately threw it out of the intent-General William had along n-

"'Why,' said he, ' mean your last window, saying: "Whistle for it ague, sultatton p paratory to the de u of

trip. I see that you returned only l t pap '-- orthampt JouleS. the to er for W hin on, whe he

ll p sent his vie en the In tu-


"'Where did you see it?' I asked, "Here a watch I bought of a tel- pathos have en lved at my h d- U U UU ir lr

"He a pped Ior amoment and l ked low passsuger 9n the train - av," aMd qu te since the one at midnight m 0LDS o

embarraese r n. Ruger s ting that B oke l 0 i s. U byth

a man a W dw d avenue Jeweler. egrapbed everything quiet. It is the

Come now, I said, qtow d y u "Can you tell me its value . IT WILL CU E YOU. '

opinion of n. Miles that h day Is

know I had gone Europe or that I "Ten dollars would a big p ce for brining the "s " ne its N0 P , Mothera, u

had rot rn ' . it," w the reply, thatd e, CR0 ,w thtt.

d tha . 8old by drug.S, TRY

"'To 11 you the truth, Mr. L--, "But I gave him 0 for it" A Barite to toe Doat B. Y, op., North p n, M

he angered, we know about eve "Gan'thelptha " A o , Ken., Nov. .-- or 8 tby on ptof3 ts a s.

movement of those who owe us money. "But he sMd it w worth $1 0." Weston, an exp man qu l

We receive weekly reports f m "It's worth bout ."

hie fe the other nlgh over the

otbe business houses know mu the man must have actually li Weston used a hammer for a w pon

about th cus mer ' .- w or -- D troi s. d hi wife us a hasher, wi

T b me, THERE were operation in e South they rained blow on ch othe ' he

Optical Advantage "And o in 1 9-' 0 mauy 1 62 5 s - and houlders the mbat co tin nS

for some tim nally, a blow m e ALL TYLES

poetry you yester- dies, ng nst 561,8 0 in 1879- 0. husband's weapon p du s o d

H w' did you endu it?" "I om which she h Just e W

on m aud T sea hm a net popula on-of eev- nju d, d f



3It and 3tr [ ]{ ltnlh,t alrltl,

Mr. and lrs. George Gates, 51r. ( 1'

Gate and family indcludmg their beautiful

seven months' old t qn babes Milton and

.Mllhe, Ms. C. tl. Wright and others.

l atar Cteorge W m th was on hand with

i ia ca aeta and secured everal views of the

eolllptm ',



in,chldleg ,,he +,f

fter supper a fine

his Grand a


literary snd

g l lcnl entertainment was enjoy .l With

recollections of ba f a century ago blr Mr.

Smith. 'l'he l tmr gentleman returned to

Soothll gton on Monday,


A Confederate lemento.

h'. L. M. Camp who has beeu troubled

for sixyears pa t wlth an old wouad in

shoulder received in the battle of Wises

Forks, .North Carolina in '65, was again

laid up this week. It was very painful and

on Wednesday night a l)iece of bullet as

large as a pea came away from the place

witere It bad been imbe(lded m his shoulder

for a quarter of a century. The bullet was

supposed to have all bereft taken out

surgeon after the wouaql, but this

maloed and has constantly enticed

even alter the wound had'healed for a lonw

time. It is possii)le that another piece

E er}lilln,. mu I |,o al 8OlUt' Price

Bar ains in

I'ricc Reduced


l)ress Goods.

For Ladn,s, Missen or G'entlenlen

IlsmllllrgS, Illllte Goods,

8notch Yarns,

(;ermaslo t it, &r.

I, urritt & 0a,

S0uthington, Conn.

H01iday.- C:oods

Have just returned from Now York with a largo tmsozkment of

TYI E Good for the Iohday tr o. 8omethinff New in

' Evcry deponent,

Novelties in ilveiwear. Everything at BoHom Prices,

Watches, Clocks and Jewel pair l P mpfly and well ne.



Lace Clasp.

It speaks for itself. It fastens all kinds of T-m inRm inatantly.

No strings to tie I No hard knofi untie I If one sta-ing breaks

the other one holds securely. Does not wear the or clothing

and saves time and temper, also twice their coe , in lacings.

In using thegn lace the shoes in the usual manner re'one the

strings at top, bring them up under tongue of clasp, bring them

forward and they are FASTENED. (See cut).

Every ptt#'cltaser of La,ce , hoes can Itave

this ('l sp p t or l 'itho t Cost at the

Town ilaH /toe 8tw"e.


Merchant Tailors, Clothiers, Hatters and Farnmhers


Financial Necessity

(.-'omDt']< tls tit tttrn ottr

Overcoats, /'lsters,

Heavy Suits, Winter Caps, Gloves',

Cardigans, Underwear,

Hosiery, &c.,


Martin & Co.,

Center St., Soutltington.


Met,de,, Combination Si;r , "

clear | | l llint's Block, l:)iantsville.

Entn'e leW stock of CLOT]lING SAM PLES this week.

Boys' Overooats from $1.50 to $10,

M'en's Overcoats from $3.95 to $25,

] en's Suits from $5 tO $' 5.

Spocial New Novelties in




B. E. St .,PA.RI), AgL

dollar h a lald 0n the pro rcy lind ] Fresh Candy M o Ev Day.

J H , M [ N(IWAY. t'olleetor

Fall and Winter


r . C, W.

Here You Have It l .

The Columhia Light

R0adst r Safeties

With Cushion Tires

Pric ll $135

If bought before ,]'an. 1, 1891.


-d' t 't,Xa:l: x x :., PlastsvUle

Fresh Mola os Candy,

C anut C s,

Anise Drops.

Lemon Drops,

Peppermint Drops,

All flovors tablet drops,

Chooolate Creams

20c per lb.

All kinds of Fruit.



We have alwaxs made a specialty of Handkerehiefs at the

Christmas season and this year onx stock is more varied and

larger than ever before. Lt lies', Gentlemen's and Children's

Handkerchiefs, both lainen and Silk, and in al.l grades.

Of BOOKS we have a splendid li e. .Illustrated GUt

Books, Artastie Z Pde Booklets, and Children's Books at all

prices. Come in and look them ov r.




--Have just received--


ALl wldths, and prices Ver, I.ow.


Dinner Sle't'tsi.

If you are m want of a Dinner Sot for a I,t e Money we ca please

Sorts oolmlst of 112 pieces each, Dill'ereCt Shades.

I- orse Blankets.

We have received oar winter stock of Horse Blankets and can please you

m Quahty and Price. When you want these goods , e can surely

setl them rio you d we are favored w th the opportumty.


The Best

Bargain yet

for Men.

Nea10 & Guernsey.

For Four Days 0nly

('ommencing Fraday, Nov ,'2],

mad continuing t, 25th

2oo Pairs Fine Shoes.

These Shoes a e made from Solected t alf stock, Dong la

upper , smooth inner soles free from naris, tacks or wax.

STY/.A and' FIT PERFECT. Made in Lace and L'ungress

Plain and Cap Toe, sizes and half srzes 6 to 9

Our Spot Cash Pric for this sale

Only Two Duller'sand Forty-nine cents i ,r imar

t49 . These are better gouda than are usually sold for $3.50.

Improve this opportami " Remember the dates.

Remember ths l: iee. Remember the aa3e m for Cash only

And to enable tm many as possible to take advantage of thin

sale we hmit the sale to O.NE pair for each purchaser

Thomas Buckley,

P. & W. Block, PLA.NTSVI.LI.a

November 1, 1890.

Prices on American Granitc advanced

from 8 to o pcr cent. Oct.

, 89o. Duties on Scotch Granitc

advanced zo per cent.

For the next 3° days i will sell

the above named goods at old priccs.

Marble work will be sold Iowcr

than ever to reduce nay large stock.


All the Lea n 8t le m

Felt Hats, Toques and Child.

ren's Caps

Millinery Trimmings, 0strlch and

Fancy Feather ,


ad 'nlallll:etli and

Stock left that must be sold by Jan.

1, 1891.

I[Ipeotal targM s e ery

•tatn+rday until Jan. 1.

Rebe and Blanket Room will be

open every day from 8 a. m. until 6

I have also some S x)nd Hand

CHARLES H. SAUNDER. ..oo,o, ma wage=, th.t

em w ow w t ey

omp ua obs d o a low

I ehall] e l)lnas l to show :my] goods to

the ladl of Plantsvllie, Southington and


Miss Edith 5udson,

Pltnt's Block, Phmt 'llle,

- Trn report OX t

-- of thc District of

mVA DA , . L, U.--. ttbe l t year over 8, 00 tizcns war0 ken

[o0 a p mlnent me h p for into lion and rcl cd when

mmlt suicide ] t ober. "Strange it may app r,"

g himself In his ga t s no offense

m Ill h th the taut, ,,




, P ,, c. & Ni ly ALTHOUGH only five yca in cx tcnce,

n I Jail hc . Hew the T chcm' Mutual Benefit oc atlon

t J ou ide the ugh Hm- of cw York city b alr d payin

a ba ose whe Da w nult] to forty-seven of z mcmbc

from a fund o 50,000, collecte by

u , P , ov. .--The the hying ido of 80

ant of Smith, the legheny Count of the dues of the member.

meteor, who is now in an insane y THn city of Wo ester, , h

,1 h en withdrawn by the Gee doptcd • sys m of scwagc which

o .

lq'l w Yonx, Nov. 20 --Mrs. Floronct

mmh in vo e in E op0"and h bccn

demonstrated to hc a complete success. Hood's Sarsaparilla

Vtratvrmau, formerly an tr and th The sc agc is collected into large tanks,

of a Wate a, who w

for muter iu Br klyn, h

ntly nd when the work of omicalprocipi-

, tation h beou complishod the water I DOSES One Dollar

o d to e ylum. which rcntains is so pure that chemists

say it might be drunk with safety.

o , Nov. .-- ve or Hill Two men were s uding on s er

1 at the Hoffmsn Hou I t nlgh Tus Missionary Rodow says that the on S th Avenue, holding an animated

bany. He vml New York tc chief hgions of the world may cl - oonvero tion.

one of the pall a at Mr sifted acceding to the number of adhcr-

Au st lmont iunaral to-d cn follows: Christianity, 450,000,-

0 . Co ucianism, 390,000,000, Hm-

G FA , Y., Y., Nov 26.--Lln dooism, 190,000,000; Mohsmmcd msm,

MoRhouse, a young woman employei I ,000,000, Fetichism, 150,00 ),000'

& dmnestic in Johnsburg, this county,

him been arrested for placing her recently

born babe in an outhouse, where it died

Buddhism 100,000.000; Spsrit Worship,

,50,000,000; Shintoism, 22,000,000,

Jews, 8,000,000, Parsecs, 1,000,000;

Total, 1,440,000,000.

G ;NERKL MZL S repeats an ohl story

when, in writing of our lack of co&st de

to dotermme on a plan of etion to bt fences, he says "much of the wealth of

pursued at the special session, whic the country m in jeopardy and at the

begins Tuc sday _ mercy of any fourth-rate or fifth-rate na-

BA oo Me, Nov 26--J F Hamilton, val power " It is an old story, but, deof

Oariacd, was arraigned hero charged ctares th0 Washington Star, worth

with the embezzlement of $3,000 from pcatmg until Cocgress shall have acted

the American Roa i Machine Company, of

Kennstt, Pa He wtm bound over to the

February term of the Supreme Court.

Midge FMIs, W hzng n County, wh

is In Ja under an indtctment for ho ¢

s M g, w marri this morning ab th

j l Gu ie Wager, of this city.

bride 15 yea old and the m

on his suggestion and secured sites for

co t dcfcaces and made other preparetmos

for possible war. Tim new navy is

good as far a it go s, but land batten.,e.2,

which are much less costly than armored

shzlm , are also needed.

"Tllm bit of aluminum," said Colonel

L. C. Weir, of Cincinnati, the other day,

ointing to a small bit of the rectal on

N w BewAIl, Conn., Yov

eight tramscollid on the ew England

llroad t Hamha's Pond during

the morning Four ca we sm h

sad their contents dest y . Yope on

is desk, "cost me just $10,000.

that's rather dear for aluminum, I admit,

but still," with a smile, "we must have

it, you know. [ became interested in a

man who had a 'perfect process' for making

aluminum. & company was organlzed

and the stock subscribed. ' "ao pro-

PmL n LPmA. NOV I L learn cass looked very well on paper, but this

that John } Eaker. jr, hemissingst k i all I have to show what became of

oporat,,r t a defaulter to the estate of $I0,000, the amount of my stock, i'm

the tru ttcu :n the tzln of $1,000,000,

W'.sal ,. ,, -, Dec 1 --Major-General

will be."

NULmU minieg statistics, as given in

the report of the inspectom f mlnes for

1889, show 4S9,179 peopto enlploye, t

underground, 117,978 above grouad and

about the mines, output of coal, 176,.

916,724 tons, ss compared with 169,9.15,-

219 tons in 1888 The output of won

DOVZR, N }l, Nov 26 --In the city ore In IH89 wtLs 8,270,542 tons, against

electron here tlenry K Parker, Dent,we., 8,635,032 tons in l ss, an average of

government s an,l t puidzcans and 7 906,283 tons for the hfteen years

Democrats, a i .nlo ratm gain of ore, 1 7.1 87. During 1 75 77 inclusive the

ha ever had annum. The a(cident hat Include

accidents and 1,018 person killed in

1889. The ratio of fatal acctdenL

emlfloyed wa one for ,, o til;5

& l ,uhng Railroad, hay. arrl ( i

balk m a few day

)loyed in 1885, one to 6.i4 m 1 7

one to 6 in 18 6.

TH British censug of April 5

ever taken in Englaml Not -nly h,

I ¢nmnbermg of the pc.pie lit l l,

and+ for Wal --whcth,,r each mhahlnt

s aks both Welsh and Eugh h.

bill mu t and would be ps.ssed by the head of the famdy, btrthidacc, whether

presenL L'ongre , blind, (leaf or dulnb, imheclie or

Fully eight .r nine mdhon of schedules

FRZ T,,X. N J , Nov 29 z]Jarn n tll he distributed by the rl)ctial ec.m

available elk heads an,1 horrl that aa

F A ZS ,,, Nov 29--Advices by be Drocure says the('athtamet Gazette.

the steamer Au trMia s that King It s a well known fact tha elk

the ( m .rl'harlo tonandwillarrsve the years they will boextinctlikothobuffaI,

t,mk to I ql lie died without apparent the East John Vailacky, a faro,Hie

Indian elk hunter of th s place, ha l,,en

ontthls week hnntmg ,[k lle sa) he

has been offered $5u el)tree f ,r all the


rein it t¢ouble on this score, If ho will lttlldy

peruse article 29 of the B.rhn tic,it;',

i*rni.Anzt PHi% Pa , c 1 --Assignee which forbi h m to have any ,t, shlp

the 'm x tll¢'x,ee(l $14 ),O ) st m hopc'l that hm own memory tll

sere him, but the Berlin treaty tlt

Ngw YOFLK, DeC 1 --The delegates t

against the Knights of Labor, because, I

the Browsers, Pap " Hangers and Bric

Lsyer ' U[IllUla aflilla with the Feder

N Yoaz. [ c 3 Succl, the

w examined by d ora l t night

It w discove that he w flight

Cg a , N. Y, Dec 1--A gang o

fl . They wv tran rs in thl ctiou

and h a large humor of droned

In their pos on rely for shipment

, Pa , c. 1 --PlttsburI

manufacturers are lookmg Lima oil

tn rv tmg vxpemmeot with ma oil

now ng conduc at the mil of J

Pala r & Seas, on he south lde.

only one puddhng farad.

lion he w very clo . J. rgenL

'm, w Mec d ayor 187

The l mocratm townticket w sicced.

The publica also 1o in the mater

of Councilmen d Alde en, but

voi In the m mup ot the dlfforon

Equatt,rlal Africa and the Ihdd (east,

but h(' sis,, II.l good scr . ,' for Engtal,d

In many part of the ,,rhl --ill India,

Syria aud lha/d lake htalllty, he had

Dahomey many ycar ago and a

induced the King to retmt ins oppres.tvc

Oriental countries w due mainly to

familiarity with the langaa as, and to

his abibttty to disgmso himself acd

m quorode a native. He was credited

a few years ago with speaking twentynian

languages, not counting dialects

Though bred for the church Burton w

the tinct ty of the English adventurer,

a d hing soldier, a dead th.t,

cosmopolite who w fully much at

home m Dahomey or Arabia in England

3'H¢ launching of the United States

Cringer Memo at the Brooklyn Navy

Yard,was suggestive of a reminiscence to

a [ stied States nator, who represents

a New England State. "I am prnud of

evorything t t w have m America," he

s d, "and I hope, within a reasonable

something that we have n,,t yet got in

of the Americans who think that no nec-

bring into exlstcnte n.t ((sly beautiful

an enemy's ironclad, bet battle ship

that will be able to gland up before

on.my of any force and keep tim Star*

and Strip wavicg aver the spot whorl

the enemy's war ship went dowe. American

had that kind of battle ship one(

upon a time, and we want that kind

ship, and lets of them, again. [ wm

never so forcibly impressed with mn

the naval review, in booer of the Queen

Jubilee. I w on the ship that cmricd

th Government, and, therefore. I had

an unobstructed view. The war

of o ery class were ranged in four lices,

each four miles long. q e QHeen at o

the quarter deck of tho ro ,al yut.ht, sac

M a Lm, c. 1 --The m rt

from Fhil elphh that the aillng of

B. Jamiaon & 0o., bankers and I okers passed between tl sc formidable walls el

of that city, w due In a m ure s l, rotorning the salutes of their com.

traditions with the St Paul and Mln- maude . No mine impres ivv d0mon

n Mortg o and t mp y is stratton of Eaghmd's tremendous naval

pronoun e by the o rs o that strength could e imagined, aspeclall)

in ltu lon In th s ty. -Goveruor

GIH, who sident o the venom,

ys the only tr lon t y svvr h

when you rvmmnber that perhaps a

many more war ships of England wvr

lth J . w Hcy ot s t red in MI the oth0r w t0 of th

"I say that man Webb is a sneal ,"

said one of them excitedly.

"Ho's no sneak," roph'ed the other.

"But the strike is all over, so what's the

usa of talking about it. The strikers

never bdd a gho t of a show an? how."

"That's all you kno " about it,"

encored the first speaker.

*Of ooursn it's over.

are whipped."

The Knights

"Tim Km hts had just beguu"--

"Just begun to play out fnt good."

"No, sir I"

"Yes, sirt"

"Do yoH mean to say that I'm not

mau of my word? If t|mt' what you'ro

driving at coma out and call mca

"I guess you have sized yourself up

about right."

Then they clinched. After thebattla

h d raged for some imo with varying

results, the striker got hta adversary

down, and w prenaring to take

vantage of the situation, when a Knight

of Labor, who had been standicg near,

amd :

"Hold on[ Don't punch him yek

Just let me k him a few questions.

How about these l bor troubles?

you think the strike is really over?"

"I am be nning to have my doub

about it," ald the uz,der man. "1 am

thinking that her no doubt but

what the Kmghts had conmdorable

power, after all."

"O, you are, eh What do you think

of Vwe Pro nlont Webb?"

"O, I lmven% a good

him now I had l', rhap heshou[d

have treated the stzlkers morn l,ohtely."

"You said a whdo ago that I was

lying Am I?" pu m the striker on

top. drawing back ht arm threatenlng[y.

"No, indeed you ain't. I'm attending

the lying ]uat now, but If yuU will

lust let me Ul,, I think I ke.w whore

thoro ] asaloon keeper ho would

arbthator zn thzs httle affair ithout

detriment to the hon(,r of rather party "

"N,,wyou are talkfi,g

tim stoker, lotting lmu spend brushing

thethrt from hm o,at "1[ ou had

made a proposi tou hko that before, this

aml they prot eded to the nearest

saloon, where the bitter momorlo

the past as w hed down with foammg

bumt,er of b.er Te

The monks r,d cures of l,'raoeo have

d-no as much for their country la the

ages o,e first l,rel,aro(l under tho(h-

mz,,glo,1 by the Abbo ]tergougnouL

the laud

1ally eft tile ['sited States, is but JHst

c-nuttY I candidly confess that lZi tile

ery n tureof the "hzevlty of the telegram

there Is s.mothmg which tells

mar. I wa iu loc(,ipt ouly last we k

a letter from a well-known edi riM

language of telegraphy w e ily

discerned .thou h the epistl had

'"Your eceived, "will wn again,

"am not sure ot phr eology," "Huxley

lowed to shp hem hmpon.--J h

r good.


5,000 restores them on

Colcor 0ceau street.

tor frd , The-col and

, "- w that th0 eater" should qua er

the w0r e th f t d p cc the pce in

m for e Mcohol s ndtng near. About4,000

the oranges war0 cain by thc au onud-

fl wumu

'the dM and

ing owd, d Mr. Molter

mount of work done for

Fold by

De t



d p ling will bc shipped to ng

- used for mcdicl l purpos . [Flo


du vvry kind of w rk thnt we n't do looks

d F rimes-Union.


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