The Wanderer - issue 119 - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/


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Dum-Barton: (noun) A manager who boasts of his team being more prepared than their

opponents, immediately before a comprehensive defeat.

• The manager thought it would galvanize his troops to denigrate the opposition,

but he felt like a Dumbarton after they lost 4-1 at home.

Sun-dul-lun: (noun) A rich person in a state of constant ingratitude.

• Though the man lived in the nicest house on the street, his constant complaining

and griping earned him a reputation as a bit of a Sundullun,

Peter-barragh: (verb) When a grape turns so sour that it becomes poisonous.

• The vineyard almost went out of business that year, when the entire crop was

found to have Peterbrarraghed.

Ocks-ferd: (noun) Someone who has the first laugh, but not the last.

• The player smirked when he got his opponent sent off for an innocuous push, but

felt like an Ocksferd when his club lost the big cup final to the same team.

Plim-Muth: (noun) A hallucination which causes one to see oneself as much larger in

proportion to one’s surroundings.

• I thought someone had spiked my drink when I found myself 9 feet tall. It was

only when the Plimmuth wore off that I was realised I was nowhere near that big.

Bris-toole: (noun) One who is mistakenly laughed at when not joking.

• After relaying his sad story, the man was surprised to see his audience in tears of

laughter. It was unpleasant to find oneself a Bristoole.

Cold-chester: (noun) The feeling of being irrelevant to those who once cared about you.

• I passed by an old rival, who did not seem to recognize me as he carried his

trophy past. I felt a Coldchester as I realised I had been all but forgotten.

Soll-ferd: (noun) A poor person who becomes rich without earning it and then tries to

maintain an identity of being a plucky upstart.

• After winning the lottery, the Sollferd maintained his usual seat in the pub, telling

his less wealthy companions how difficult life was for him.

Man-sitty: (noun) A newer, more expensive type of moulded plastic.

• The Middle-Eastern entrepreneurs shamelessly poured money into the Mansitty

business, until they were at the top of the plastic industry.

Mill-Wool: (noun) An inability to develop talent.

• The manager was annoyed when his employees kept going to a rival company

and achieving great things. He was beginning to be seen as having a Mill-Wool.

Red-ding: (noun) A blandness that makes one uninteresting and forgettable.

• I can’t remember the example, but it’s really boring.

Loo-tun: (verb) Awaking from a nightmare, only to discover that your real surroundings

are even worse than the nightmare.

• After dreaming I was trapped in a horrible, slimy pit with menacing orcs all around

me, I Lootunned, gasping with horror at how much worse my life actually was.


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