The Wanderer - issue 119 - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/

The Wanderer - issue 119 - Online - WYCOMBE WANDERERS INDEPENDENT SUPPORTERS CLUB - http://www.wwisc.co.uk/


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The case against…

Let’s be clear. There was no pressure put on the EFL or any other clubs in League One by

Wycombe Wanderers. In fact, the club kept a dignified silence throughout the debacle,

although Ainsworth said he would prefer to play out the rest of the season and Rob

Couhig came out in favour of voiding the season with no promotion and relegation,

citing the financial damage of playing our remaining games behind closed doors. I’ll tell

you who did apply pressure though – Peterborough Chairman Darragh MacAnthony,

who made numerous public statements ranging from demanding clubs unable to play

being forced to forfeit games, to threatening legal action if he didn’t get his own way.

The vote was an absolute landslide in favour of stopping. Even if Wycombe had voted to

continue playing, the result would have been the same. That, coupled with League Two

clubs also deciding to end their season, should probably tell Peterborough something.

Don’t like the result? Sorry, that’s democracy baby. Perhaps Peterborough should look

to the clubs who had nothing to ‘gain’ from the season finishing; clubs like Accrington,

who explained that finishing their fixtures with no income could be financially disastrous

for them. Were Peterborough really happy to drive other clubs to ruin in their quest for

possible promotion? Forcing the rest of the league to continue would have undoubtedly

skewed things in favour of the clubs with deeper pockets to offset their losses. Not

much sporting integrity to be found in that Darragh.

Was there any hypocrisy in saying we couldn’t afford to play out the season, but then

taking part in the playoffs? It depends if you studied maths beyond the age of six.

Playing a maximum of three games, only one at home, with the losses being offset by

guaranteed television revenue, is exponentially cheaper than playing between eleven to

fourteen games, all with no income unless we’d made the playoffs at the end of it.

Fact or Fiction?

Cutting through all the anger and tribalism, the conclusive vote suggests that ending the

season was indeed the correct decision. But that doesn’t answer the wider question of

whether or not Wycombe deserved promotion? Well, opinion and speculation aside, it’s

a fact that Wycombe went into the top six on the opening day and stayed there for the

entire season, up until the last round of fixtures when we slipped to eighth, although of

course, we didn’t play that weekend. None of the teams that were in the top six at the

time Covid struck can make that same claim, which is arguably a good indicator that we

were consistently one of the best teams in the league over the course of the season. If

Peterborough were so much more deserving of promotion, why then was their PPG not

better than ours? Why weren’t they already higher up the table after 35 games?

Even after the vote, we still had to win our playoff games. Not only did we do that, we

were the only team to actually win a playoff game in 90 minutes, which we did twice. If

we weren’t truly deserving of promotion, Fleetwood and the supposedly superior

Oxford had more than enough of an opportunity to stop us. But they didn’t.

Conclusion: FICTION! Behold, your League One Playoff Champions!


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