Hadar Swersky on Whether ADHD Can be Cured

Mr. Hadar Swersky is the founder of Smart Box Capital and the author of “Winning in business with ADHD”.

Mr. Hadar Swersky is the founder of Smart Box Capital and the author of “Winning in business with ADHD”.


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Hadar Swersky on whether ADHD Can be Cured

Experts say that ADHD cannot be treated. Early management and diagnosis with an

excellent treatment plan can assist an individual manage their symptoms. The treatment of

ADHD depends on a number of factors such as:

• Severity of symptoms

• Age

• Predominant symptoms

There are medications and therapies available for ADHD with studies showing their

efficiency. Therapy options may differ from individual to individual based on their

intensity, symptoms, and duration. The available therapies assist in reducing the symptoms

and allow functioning with less or no complexity. The treatment options seen to be efficient

for ADHD are:

Behaviour Therapy: It aims at developing and increasing preferred suitable behaviour and

eliminates or diminishes the undesired one. There are a few behaviour therapies that are

efficient. Contingency management is common among them. To strengthen behaviour the

individual is rewarded whenever they engage in that behaviour. For instance, to increase

attention, a kid may be given reward whenever he/she finishes a task that necessitates

constant mental attention.

Medications: Medications, like stimulants, are seen to reduce ADHD symptoms effectively.

They are not the permanent cure but they do assist in managing the symptoms. The assist an

individual focus better, augment their attention, stay peaceful, control their impulsivity and

obtain new skills.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Here, the individual is taught self-control via problemsolving

tactics, verbal self-instruction, self-evaluation and other tactics. Children with

ADHD tend to fail to recognize internal cues. CBT assists them identify them and deal with

them. The client is taught to control their inattentive and impulsive behaviour.

Parents Training: Hadar Swersky, the author of “Winning in business with ADHD” and

Parents Training says parents training is also a kind of behaviour therapy. Here, parents are

taught how to help the child reduce symptoms. This has also been seen to augment the

parent-child relationship. Parents are taught behaviour techniques, for instance, contingency

management, and how to apply it on the child. Not only parents but the caregivers of the

child can engage in the training as they are the ones who are the most direct to the child.

Studies show that the mix of both therapy and medications is effective in lessening ADHD

symptoms. Along with the therapies support from parents and teachers are also necessary to

perk up the child’s behaviour.

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