NSP 2020-21 Annual Report

National School Project is an evangelical non-profit ministry that equips students to share Jesus with their peers and classmates. Our vision is to see a student-led, church supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school.

National School Project is an evangelical non-profit ministry that equips students to share Jesus with their peers and classmates. Our vision is to see a student-led, church supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school.


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<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


Vision + Mission<br />

The vision of National School Project is to see a student-led, church-supported<br />

campus awakening to the love of Christ at every public school. Since 2004, <strong>NSP</strong><br />

has seen nearly 10,000 students from more than 385 schools give their lives to<br />

Christ through on-campus, student-led outreach events.<br />

Meant for More, our three-year initiative launched during the summer of 2019, is a<br />

nationwide movement of students sharing Jesus with students at school.<br />

Our goals for this campaign are to give 1 million students the chance to hear the<br />

gospel before they graduate, and see the mission expand to 12 major cities and<br />

450 high schools.<br />

In this report, we are pleased to update you on our second year of the campaign<br />

structured around three pillars of progress: Mission Expansion, Digital Multipliers,<br />

and Capacity Builders.

What’s Inside<br />

Greetings from <strong>NSP</strong><br />

Letter from the President..................................... 1<br />

Campaign Progress<br />

Mission Expansion..............................................5<br />

New Frontiers...............................................................5<br />

Mapping Growth..........................................................7<br />

Stories of Impact from Our Current Areas..............9<br />

Expansion Cities...........................................................9<br />

Tucson........................................................................ 11<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth Area............................................ 13<br />

Los Angeles................................................................ 15<br />

Chicago....................................................................... 17<br />

SF Bay Area................................................................ 19<br />

Digital Multipliers.............................................. <strong>21</strong><br />

Digital Outreach......................................................... 23<br />

Capacity Builders.............................................. 25<br />

Finances & Leadership<br />

Financial Update............................................... 26<br />

Letter from the Founder & CEO.......................... 27<br />

Leadership Team............................................... 28

A Letter<br />

from the<br />

President<br />

It’s been two years since<br />

we launched our Meant for<br />

More Campaign. Today, I’m<br />

excited to update you on the<br />

progress the Lord has given<br />

since launching, especially<br />

how He has been at work<br />

even in this challenging year.<br />

God sustained the ministry.<br />

God advanced the gospel.<br />

God moved the mission<br />

forward in new areas.<br />


God Sustained the Ministry<br />

God provided all we needed during a difficult year. There were some lean months in the early<br />

days of the shutdown, but we praise God for keeping our doors open and the mission moving<br />

forward. Thank you for standing with us as, together, we raise up young people to bring the<br />

hope of Christ to students across the country.<br />

Given the impact <strong>2020</strong> had on school closures across the nation, we decided to extend our<br />

Meant for More Campaign by one year, taking us into 2023 instead of 2022. We are confident<br />

that the Lord is still leading us towards our original goal of giving 1 million students at<br />

450 schools in 12 cities the opportunity to hear the gospel, and that this is a reasonable<br />

adjustment to keep us on track with those goals.<br />

God Advanced the Gospel<br />

Last summer our staff studied Philippians together. In it, the Apostle Paul was candid about<br />

the challenges he was facing. He wanted to be preaching the gospel in stadiums around the<br />

world, but he was confined to a small prison cell. From a human perspective, that’s a setback.<br />

But Paul assures them in Philippians 1:12 saying, “I want you to know what has happened has<br />

actually advanced the gospel.” Throughout the chapter, we see 3 ways God advanced the gospel<br />

through the “setback” Paul faced.<br />

1. Believers became bolder to witness.<br />

2. More believers stepped up to lead and preach.<br />

3. People were reached who would not otherwise have been reached.<br />

We have seen God use this year in similar ways in our own ministry. Students grew in boldness<br />

and more students stepped up to share the gospel with their peers. As many of the normal<br />

ways of reaching their peers were unavailable, we saw students step up and share Christ in<br />

ways that have required even more skin in the game for them.<br />

Let me share a few ways students have stepped out in faith this year.<br />

Online Christian<br />

Club Meetings and<br />

Outreach Events<br />

Personal<br />

Witnessing<br />

Gospel<br />

Conversation<br />

Groups<br />

Evangelistic<br />

Surveys<br />


First, students took their Christian club meetings and outreaches online. The world was still reeling<br />

from the early days of <strong>2020</strong> and students were hungrier than ever for truth and hope. We even saw<br />

students from other faith backgrounds join these online events.<br />

Second, students continued reaching out through personal witnessing. In addition to personally<br />

witnessing to their classmates, students went a step further by recording their testimonies and posting<br />

the videos on their social media—no small feat for a young person!<br />

Third, while large in-person outreaches on campus weren’t an option for every student, many led<br />

small group evangelistic Bible studies and gospel conversation groups at local parks and even in their<br />

backyards! Here their classmates had the space to ask some of life’s biggest questions about God.<br />

Fourth, students sent out evangelistic surveys to their entire schools. These digital surveys prompted<br />

questions about God, gauged students’ spiritual interest, and provided a natural way for student<br />

leaders to reach out to students who expressed interest in God. Students diligently gathered the email<br />

address of everyone at their school, divided the list between their leaders, and personally wrote to each<br />

student. The surveys asked questions like “In your opinion, what makes life meaningful or purposeful?”<br />

and “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?”<br />

One of our student leaders who took this challenge is Xavier, a senior and Christian club president from<br />

Green, OH. His leadership team sent surveys to every student on their campus and over 200 responded.<br />

Many of these students went on to attend the club’s Meant for More Week in May.<br />

One of the most unexpected ways that God advanced the gospel to reach students who otherwise<br />

would not have been reached was through a new online outreach initiative. As our<br />

mission field became restricted overnight, God simultaneously opened new doors to reach students<br />

with the gospel online.<br />

This year, we launched a brand new outreach site for our Meant for More Campaign at MeantForMore.<br />

us. The website is full of testimonies from students and influential believers. It also provides students<br />

the opportunity to chat with someone who cares. Trained “gospel coaches” are available 24/7 to<br />

connect with students and share the hope of Christ with them.<br />

In conjunction with this site, we also launched a series of social media ads featuring William Green,<br />

former NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns and one of our most requested guest speakers.<br />

In the ads, William speaks directly to young people and shares his story. Scan the QR code below to<br />

view one of William’s ads now. In the last 6 months, William’s ads were seen by over 1.5 million people!<br />

As these ads invite young people to click to hear more, they are brought to MeantForMore.us where<br />

they can listen to William not only share his full testimony and present the gospel, but also personally<br />

invite them to repent and believe. Head to our Digital Multipliers section to read more about the impact<br />

our evangelistic content has had on social media this year, including the testimonies of students who<br />

repented and were baptized as a result of it!<br />

All told, by God’s grace and your partnership,<br />

the evangelistic content we’ve put on social<br />

media has been seen over 18 million times!<br />


God Moved the Mission Forward<br />

God sustained the mission, He advanced the gospel, and, finally, He moved the mission forward.<br />

This year, we reinvented our entire playbook, trained students in brand new outreach strategies,<br />

and did all of this in a context we’ve never seen before. While these new strategies didn’t fit within the<br />

parameters of our standard tracking mechanisms, we are excited to share about the way the Lord<br />

moved this year through the many powerful stories you’ll find throughout this report.<br />

This year, our staff in LA, the Bay and Chicago worked diligently to keep their schools moving<br />

forward in the midst of ongoing shutdowns, while launching ministry with new schools. At the same<br />

time, God provided full-time staff for two of our expansion cities—Dallas, TX, and Tucson, AZ. Within<br />

months of these new staff joining, we were able to launch ministry with students from 14 new<br />

schools in these areas! And we’ve been able to partner with churches and coach students in our<br />

target cities of Phoenix, Sacramento, and Minneapolis.<br />

By God’s grace, we’ve also been able to break ground in two more of our target cities—Tulsa and<br />

Oklahoma City, OK—while unexpectedly launching ministry in San Antonio, TX, and Boston, MA, as<br />

well. To top it all off, God opened doors for us to challenge thousands of students at three major<br />

Christian youth camps in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Ohio to join the Meant for More Movement and<br />

commit to reaching their schools for the very first time this summer.<br />

In this year’s <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>, we celebrate what God has done and we’re profoundly grateful for the<br />

way He has sustained and advanced the mission this year. With that, we have a strong urgency<br />

to continue moving the mission forward. We look around today and see students hurting and<br />

more hopeless than ever before. We see so many working zealously to promote lifestyles that are<br />

destructive and deadly to students’ lives, and see cultural forces at work that would love to limit<br />

or prohibit free expression of faith on campus, but we also see a huge opportunity. Schools are<br />

reopening and student leaders are ready.<br />

Thank you for your partnership throughout <strong>2020</strong>-<strong>21</strong>, and for all that you’ve done to help reach<br />

students with the life-changing news of Jesus Christ.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Mark Hopson<br />

President, National School Project<br />


Mission<br />

Expansion<br />

New Frontiers<br />

This year, our ministry continued to expand in our<br />

current and target areas. In this section, we’re<br />

specifically spotlighting our “New Frontiers”:<br />

areas in which we broke ground this year, and<br />

areas where we’re excited to see the Lord<br />

continue to establish us in coming years.<br />

This map highlights the schools of all<br />

the students who attended our Meant<br />

for More breakout sessions at Super<br />

Summer. Students from the schools<br />

marked in yellow expressed interest<br />

in learning more!<br />

5<br />

After Super Summer, students attended a<br />

vision lunch to learn more about the Meant<br />

for More Movement. The students pictured<br />

here officially signed up and are excited to<br />

be student leaders this fall!<br />

Oklahoma<br />

This year, we partnered with Barry Williams and Next<br />

Generation IMPACT (NGI) as we broke ground and began<br />

building key ministry relationships in Oklahoma. NGI is<br />

a like-minded ministry whose vision is “to see each next<br />

generation set its hope on God.”<br />

In June, we had the opportunity to challenge hundreds of<br />

students at the Super Summer youth conference to join<br />

the Meant for More Movement and reach their campuses<br />

with the gospel. For 3 weeks in a row, our team led a<br />

Meant for More workshop at the camp. 222 students said<br />

they want to learn more and 60 said they’re interested in<br />

joining the movement.<br />

When asked what brought him to the workshop, one<br />

student said, “I heard about Meant for More from another<br />

student at Super Summer. I’m here in the hopes that<br />

Meant for More will help me reach more people at my<br />

school. I heard that they were able to create a club that<br />

helped save other students at their school.”

San Antonio, Texas<br />

This summer, we took our first steps towards launching<br />

ministry in San Antonio, TX. We are honored to have a<br />

brother in Christ with over 40 years of ministry experience<br />

with Cru and Jesus Film International relocating to San<br />

Antonio to take a leading role in this project.<br />

In June at Oakwood Church in New<br />

Braunfels, TX, Josh McDowell (far left)<br />

challenges local pastors to partner with<br />

the Meant for More Movement.<br />

To help us get things underway, world-renowned Christian<br />

author, speaker, and leader, Josh McDowell, will be<br />

partnering with us through the fall. In June, Josh spoke at<br />

two local churches in San Antonio, sharing the ministry and<br />

vision of National School Project with nearly 250 pastors<br />

and church members.<br />

Massachusetts<br />

The Lord blessed us with a strategic connection with<br />

the Massachusetts Family Institute this year. Through<br />

them, we’ve already made strong connections with<br />

students and youth pastors in the area. Eric Campos,<br />

an assistant pastor at Westgate Church in Weston, MA.<br />

who volunteered with <strong>NSP</strong> as a college student, joined us<br />

during our virtual Boston Gathering on June 29.<br />

“Thinking about <strong>NSP</strong> in Massachusetts is really exciting,”<br />

said Eric. “This could be the spark for a transformational<br />

generational impact. Let’s get into the high schools...<br />

Let’s get the gospel out there. Let’s see what God can do.<br />

I would love to see this take off in multiple directions for<br />

all of our churches.”<br />

Pastors and youth leaders<br />

gather together over Zoom<br />

during our virtual Boston<br />

Gathering on June 29.<br />


Mission Expansion<br />

Mapping Growth<br />

During our Meant for More Campaign, our goal is to give 1 million students<br />

from 450 schools across 12 cities the opportunity to hear the gospel before<br />

they graduate. The map below highlights these 12 cities and our progress in<br />

each. Head to page 9 to read stories of impact from our some of our current<br />

and target areas.<br />

Minneapolis<br />

Ottawa<br />

Worcester<br />

Irvington<br />

Boston<br />

Sacramento<br />

Chicago<br />

Green<br />

San Francisco<br />

Los Angeles<br />

Phoenix<br />

Tucson<br />

Oklahoma City<br />

Tulsa<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth<br />

Hinesville<br />

San Antonio<br />

Map Key<br />

Current Areas<br />

Target Areas<br />

Distance Areas<br />


Distance Areas<br />

Beyond our current and target areas of ministry, students from across the<br />

country stepped up to join the Meant for More Movement and receive training to<br />

share the gospel at their schools. Here are stories spotlighting just a few of our<br />

“distance areas” this year.<br />

Ottawa, Canada<br />

Sylvane and Lois joined the Meant for More Movement in December of <strong>2020</strong>. They utilized<br />

gospel surveys to begin gospel conversations with their friends and worked to leave the Bible<br />

club at their school in capable hands after they graduated.<br />

Worcester, MA<br />

Tyra joined the Meant for More Movement last fall after participating<br />

in a Digital Cohort. Over the past six months, Tyra has led two<br />

conversation groups, used gospel surveys to share the gospel with<br />

her friends, and is working to start a Bible club at her school.<br />

Irvington, NJ<br />

Derrick, a freshman, participated in our very first round of Digital Cohorts this year. “I’m hyped<br />

to be in a cohort! I’m excited that this is a program that enlightens us to spread the gospel of<br />

God! This is helping me to be more confident in myself and telling people that Jesus is the<br />

only way, and there is no other way.”<br />

Green, OH<br />

Green High School’s Christian club not only ran regular club meetings<br />

on campus, organized a Meant for More Night at a local church,<br />

and sent gospel surveys to hundreds of their classmates via email,<br />

but they also hosted a full-blown Meant for More Week on their<br />

campus! Over 150 students heard the gospel at the event and dozens<br />

expressed interest in taking their relationship with God to the next<br />

level through baptism, attending a local church, and more.<br />

Hinesville, GA<br />

Ashley and Teyah, co-presidents of the Bible Club at Bradwell Institute<br />

joined the Meant for More Movement in December of <strong>2020</strong> and have<br />

since fully adopted the mission of reaching their school for Christ. In<br />

the past six months, they’ve led two conversation groups and have<br />

used gospel surveys to initiate conversations with their classmates.<br />


Stories of Impact from<br />

our Current Areas<br />

Kicking off our “Stories of Impact” section are Sacramento, CA, and Phoenix, AZ—two cities that<br />

we were blessed to launch ministry in this year. On the coming pages, you’ll also read stories<br />

from Tucson, AZ, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX—two cities where, this year, we saw God answer<br />

our longstanding prayers for full-time staff. Lastly, you’ll read stories from our current areas of<br />

ministry including Los Angeles, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where students and<br />

staff are still going strong.<br />

Sacramento and Phoenix |<br />

Meant for More Nights Hit the West Coast!<br />

Meant for More Nights are one of the outreach strategies our team launched this year to give<br />

students a new way to share the gospel despite school closures. Not only do Meant for More Nights<br />

give students the chance to host large-scale outreach events at their local church, but they also give<br />

youth pastors a powerful opportunity to come alongside their students and help them take the next<br />

step in their faith.<br />

This year, students across the U.S. hosted Meant for More Nights at their local churches. Two of<br />

these events were in Phoenix, AZ, and Sacramento, CA.<br />

Sacramento, CA<br />

Abby and Brooklyn are sophomores at Lincoln High School in Sacramento, CA, and returning<br />

members of the Christian club at their school. At the end of April, both girls shared their<br />

testimonies at a Meant for More Night hosted by their club, Foothills Bible Church, and The Salt<br />

Mine Church.<br />

“Our main focus this year was to spread the gospel in a way that God would want it to be spread,”<br />

said Brooklyn. She and Abby actively shared about the event on their social media accounts<br />

leading up to it, and they even reached out to a Latter-Day Saints (LDS) classmate, personally<br />

inviting him to attend.<br />

That night, not only did their LDS friend attend, but he also prayed to give his life to Christ!<br />

“I had been praying for him a lot before that night,” said Abby, “so it was really cool.” In addition to<br />

their LDS classmate, two middle school students also accepted Christ during the event.<br />

“One of the things I love about the gospel is that when you share it, you feel this happiness<br />

that compares to nothing else. Abby and I call it ‘Jesus Joyful’,” said Brooklyn. “I definitely felt<br />

‘Jesus joyful’ that night. Seeing people receive the gospel is so encouraging—it makes you<br />

want to go tell everybody!”<br />


Carlos (second from right), poses with the team of student<br />

leaders who organized their Meant for More Night this<br />

spring. The students are joined by their Youth Leader and<br />

Coach, Jason Hussong (second from left), and <strong>NSP</strong>’s<br />

Expansion Director, Devin Long (far left).<br />

Phoenix, AZ<br />

Carlos is a junior at Millennium High School in Phoenix, AZ, where he served as the vice president of<br />

the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) this year. In May, Carlos and the FCA Club hosted a Meant<br />

for More Night at Desert Springs Community Church with the help of a handful of other students at<br />

the church who attend nearby Desert Edge High School. Over 150 students attended the event and<br />

16 recommitted their lives to Christ.<br />

“It was a little nerve-wracking putting so much time and energy into the event and not knowing how<br />

many people would show up,” said Carlos, who shared his testimony at the event. For two months,<br />

the FCA club met every other week as the five club leaders and their Meant for More Coach worked<br />

to plan the event together.<br />

“After sharing my testimony, one student came up to me and said, ‘I didn’t know that other people<br />

felt the way I did. It’s comforting to know that other people are with me in this.’ Just that one<br />

student’s response was enough to make everything worth it.”<br />

The event received tons of positive feedback from both Christian students and seeker students, said<br />

Carlos, and they are looking forward to hosting another Meant for More Night soon.<br />


Tucson |<br />

Students Launch First Christian Club On Campus!<br />

Last year, God answered our longstanding prayers for a full-time staff member in the Tucson<br />

area through Breanna Loveland. Despite joining staff in the midst of one of the most unusual and<br />

challenging years, Breanna did amazing work establishing ministry in the Tucson area as our firstever<br />

Tucson Chapter Director. A highlight for Breanna was coaching a student to start the very first<br />

Christian club on her public school campus.<br />

Hallie is a senior at Catalina Foothills High School (CFHS) in Tucson, AZ. She and her friend Lauren<br />

felt called to shine the light of Christ on their affluent campus where many students have easy<br />

access to drugs and alcohol. After connecting with Breanna and Misha, a Lead Coach in Tucson,<br />

through their local church, the girls began receiving coaching to help them start a Christian club on<br />

their campus.<br />

“Through Breanna and Misha, we were really encouraged, blessed, and<br />

emboldened to start a Bible study at our school,” said Hallie.<br />

Hallie and Lauren named the club “Club Hope”—a nod to the “Club Hope” that Breanna founded<br />

back when she was a senior in high school. As they prayed for the Lord to provide them with a<br />

teacher advisor to make their club official, Hallie and Lauren started hosting a weekly Bible study in<br />

Lauren’s backyard and inviting their classmates to attend. To their surprise, they had 10-15 students<br />

coming every Friday night, many of whom did not know Jesus.<br />

Although their club wasn’t officially recognized on campus yet, Hallie and Lauren wasted no time<br />

getting started sharing the gospel and making an impact in the lives of their classmates. In May,<br />

they helped organize a Meant for More Night at Hope Community Church (Hallie’s home church)<br />

alongside Christian students from four other public schools in the area. 62 students attended the<br />

event!<br />

“It was awesome to see God working in the hearts of those students<br />

and get to be used by God in that,” said Hallie. “Although Lauren and<br />

I are graduating this year, we are excited about what God’s going to<br />

continue to do through the club!”<br />

Just before the school year ended, God answered Hallie and Lauren’s prayers through Ms. Perez,<br />

a teacher at CFHS who is “all in” to sponsor and support the students leading Club Hope next year.<br />

Hallie and Lauren’s younger siblings, Loni and Kaden, are excited to take over Club Hope this fall.<br />

For their very last club meeting of the school year, Club Hope was able to meet on campus in Ms.<br />

Perez’s classroom as an officially recognized club. Praise God!<br />


Breanna, our new Tucson Chapter Director,<br />

moved to Arizona with her husband, Eric, in the<br />

fall of <strong>2020</strong> when she felt God calling her to join<br />

full-time staff with <strong>NSP</strong>.<br />

Club Hope meets together in Lauren’s backyard<br />

during a Friday night Bible study.<br />

(From left), Breanna, Lauren, Hallie, and Misha,<br />

meet together during a coaching session this year.<br />

This year, our Tucson team coached students at the schools<br />

marked with blue icons. Schools marked with yellow icons represent<br />

our “target” schools that our team is actively praying and working to<br />

begin coaching next year.<br />


Jonathan and Katie Medina felt the Lord calling them to<br />

join full-time staff with <strong>NSP</strong> in 2019. With over 10 years of<br />

youth ministry experience under their belts, we were blessed<br />

to have them come on-board as our first Dallas-Fort Worth<br />

Chapter Directors this year!<br />

This year, our Dallas-Fort Worth team coached students at<br />

the schools marked with blue icons. Schools marked with<br />

yellow icons represent our “target” schools that our team is<br />

actively praying and working to begin coaching next year.<br />

Emily (far right) and David (second from left) pose for a photo<br />

during a Meant for More Night at her local church. This event took<br />

place just two weeks before David accepted Christ.<br />


Dallas-Fort Worth |<br />

Deaf Student Accepts Christ<br />

Despite joining staff the week before the world “shut down,” Jonathan and Katie Medina, our firstever<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth chapter directors, went above and beyond connecting with churches and<br />

coaching students this year. One student they had the opportunity to coach this year is Emily, a<br />

senior at Weatherford High School in Weatherford, TX.<br />

While most of her classmates were coming down with “senioritis,” Emily felt called by God to do<br />

something big before she graduated. During her last semester of high school, Emily started the<br />

first Christian club on campus, gathering the needed signatures and finding a teacher advisor all<br />

in a single afternoon.<br />

One day at lunch, Emily noticed David, a deaf student, sitting by himself. Knowing that she and a<br />

few of her friends could sign, Emily invited David to sit with them. They quickly became friends.<br />

In the following weeks, David regularly asked Emily and her friends questions like “Why are you<br />

a Christian?” which created some amazing witnessing opportunities. As the club members took<br />

turns answering, David’s school-appointed interpreter (who is not a believer), would have to sign<br />

each and every word of their responses!<br />

Before long, David started attending youth events at Emily’s church. At one event, Emily was<br />

singing on stage with the worship band when she looked into the audience and saw David<br />

approach their youth pastor. David signed, “I want to be a Christian.”<br />

After the service, Emily had the chance to connect with David and talk about the life-changing<br />

decision he had just made. David signed, “I wouldn’t be a Christian right now if you hadn’t<br />

invited me to lunch. Thank you.”<br />

“It would’ve been an easier choice for Emily to want to just ‘get<br />

through’ her senior year,” reflected Katie. “For her to make a different<br />

choice shows a lot of people, not just high school seniors, that it’s not<br />

too late to really have an impact for the Lord and to really make the<br />

most of the platform that you have in the season you’re in.”<br />

Emily is excited to continue being part of the Meant for More Movement after graduation and<br />

be there for the underclassmen carrying the club forward in the fall.<br />


Los Angeles | Lighting the Way at Glen A. Wilson<br />

Our team began coaching the Christian club at Glen A. Wilson High School back in 2019. For two<br />

years, the club was led by the same core group of leaders...and then Covid-19 hit. By the grace of<br />

God, the club survived despite school shutdowns, but it was now being led by seven brand new club<br />

leaders during one of the most uncertain seasons yet. These seven leaders were from seven different<br />

churches, but they were all united around the shared vision to see their club, Campus Light, grow and<br />

help people follow Jesus.<br />

Chris, a junior and club president, launched Campus Light before administration had officially<br />

announced its guidelines for student-run clubs during the digital learning period. Because of their<br />

early action, Chris and his two advisors helped push for certain policies that enabled Campus Light to<br />

meet early and often.<br />

Campus Light quickly launched seven bible studies where they equipped other Christian students to<br />

share the gospel and initiate gospel conversations with their friends. Through their efforts, several<br />

non-Christian students said “yes” to learning more about Jesus this year. They began meeting weekly<br />

to watch the Alpha Series together. This 11-week discussion-based program walks students through<br />

the basics of Christianity, including topics like Jesus, sin, the Bible, and the purpose of life.<br />

Joseph, a sophomore and Campus Light leader, led a conversation group that several of his non-<br />

Christian friends, including an atheist and a Muslim student, attended. When asked about their<br />

experiences in the conversation groups, many seeker students shared that these discussions were<br />

the first meaningful and interesting “religious” experiences they had ever been a part of.<br />

“At first, I was apprehensive about talking to my friends about Christ,”<br />

said Joseph. “After I took that first step and just went out and invited<br />

them, God and Christianity have become topics brought up way more<br />

in our conversations. As a byproduct, I feel way more confident talking<br />

about my faith to not only my friends, but anyone.”<br />

In addition to leading gospel conversation groups, Campus Light continued weekly club meetings to<br />

which students constantly brought new friends to come and hear about Jesus and the gospel. They<br />

even recorded and shared their testimonies on the club’s Instagram!<br />

Campus Light’s club leaders (Chris, Delaney, Joseph, Jake, Jen, Karsten, and Kaitlyn) are excited to<br />

return in the fall and be some of the first to greet students back to campus!<br />


Chris, a senior and president of Campus Light, shares the<br />

Word live on their club’s Instagram page as part of the Pray 5<br />

Challenge. His video was seen 59 times by his peers!<br />

Joseph, a sophomore at Glen A. Wilson High School, led a<br />

gospel conversation group with several of his non-Christian<br />

friends this year, including a Muslim and an atheist student.<br />

This year, our LA team coached<br />

students at the schools marked<br />

with blue icons.<br />


Chicago sophomore, Angelina, felt called by God to launch<br />

a Bible study at her school this year.<br />

Angelina (second from left) sits down with her parents and<br />

Jon Cox, IL State Director, during a filming day this spring.<br />

Angelina shared her story during our Meant for More Virtual<br />

Fundraiser in May.<br />

This year, our Chicago team<br />

coached students at the schools<br />

marked with blue icons. Schools<br />

marked with yellow icons represent<br />

our “target” schools that our team<br />

is actively praying and working to<br />

begin coaching next year.<br />


Chicago | Angelina Discovers Her Purpose<br />

Angelina is a sophomore at Kennedy High School in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. This<br />

spring, she felt called by God to launch a Bible study at her school and do more to make an<br />

impact for the gospel.<br />

“When I first got the idea to start a Bible club at my school, I didn’t know how it was going to<br />

look,” said Angelina. “But, through the help of <strong>NSP</strong>, I learned that leading a club means serving<br />

those in my club.”<br />

Kate Cordova, one of our new staff members this year, personally coached Angelina as she took<br />

the first steps to start her club. Before long, she started seeing students from many different<br />

walks of life come to the club. She especially noticed a spiritual hunger in two of her friends,<br />

Mayerlyn and Kaitlyn, whom she invited to attend Easter Sunday service with her.<br />

“They both ended up coming and I could just see how God was touching their hearts through<br />

the service. At the end, our pastor asked if anyone would like to receive Jesus and they both<br />

raised their hands! Marilyn rededicated her life to Christ and Caitlyn gave her life to Christ for<br />

the first time.”<br />

Angelina’s friends have continued to come to youth group and church since Easter Sunday, and<br />

they’re hungrier than ever to grow in their relationships with God. The three girls meet every<br />

Sunday to study the Bible together at a local park.<br />

“Through this whole experience, I now believe that I have a greater<br />

purpose. God is working through many students and many friends,<br />

and that encourages me to want to spread the gospel. It’s grown my<br />

compassion for others in wanting to see them grow, too! I’m very<br />

grateful to <strong>NSP</strong> for giving me the resources to share the gospel and<br />

for that I’m forever grateful.”<br />

This fall, Angelina is excited for the club to be able to start meeting in-person and on-campus.<br />

“I hope that we can spread the gospel to more students, even those who don’t attend our club,<br />

and teachers as well.”<br />


SF Bay Area | Muslim Student Accepts Christ<br />

It’s no coincidence that “Youth Alive” is the name of the Christian club at Irvington High School.<br />

From the very beginning of the shutdown through the <strong>2020</strong>-<strong>21</strong> school year, the leaders of Youth Alive<br />

hardly skipped a beat and eagerly embraced new ways to share the gospel with their classmates.<br />

Irvington’s Youth Alive Club is led by three powerhouse students: Sarah,<br />

a senior and club president; Helen, a junior and vice president; and Sena,<br />

a senior and worship leader.<br />

Youth Alive kicked off the school year by going through the Alpha Series together (more on this<br />

series on pg. 15). After a few sessions, Sarah realized that one of their club members might not<br />

completely understand the gospel, although she calls herself a Christian. Sarah took the time to talk<br />

with her, and the student gave her life to Christ for the first time!<br />

“We have a huge chance to share the gospel with students we think already might know Jesus,” said<br />

Sarah. “Since my classmate accepted Christ, she told me she sees everything differently. She doesn’t<br />

just know God. She understands what He’s done for her and it has changed the way that she lives<br />

her life.”<br />

After the Alpha Series, Youth Alive put on a “witnessing blitz” during the fall semester and was able<br />

to share the gospel with 60 people! This was a powerful moment for Helen, who was born and<br />

raised in a Buddhist family. With the help of her <strong>NSP</strong> coach and fellow club members, she personally<br />

shared the gospel with her mom and dad. Helen tells the full story in her Meant for More Story, which<br />

she shared on social media. Scan the QR code below to watch!<br />

Sena also had a great experience during Youth Alive’s “witnessing blitz.”<br />

During the blitz, Sena was able to share the gospel with a Muslim classmate.<br />

While he did not accept Christ right away, he continued to engage in gospel<br />

conversations with Sena and asked big questions—he even had a dream<br />

where he felt the Lord really speaking to him! On New Year’s Day, this<br />

student gave his life to Christ. Praise God! Since that day, he has been<br />

attending online church services and has read through all four of the<br />

Gospels.<br />

This fall, Youth Alive is excited to continue sharing the gospel and making the<br />

name of Jesus known on Irvington’s campus. Helen will be leading the club<br />

as president.<br />


This year, our Bay Area<br />

team coached students at<br />

the schools marked with<br />

blue icons.<br />

Irvington High School’s Youth Alive club enjoys a<br />

sunny afternoon in the park during their end-ofthe-year<br />

team event on June 5th. For most of the<br />

students, this was their first time being together<br />

in-person all year!<br />

Left: Sena is a senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA.<br />

This year, she served as the worship leader for the on-campus<br />

Christian club, Youth Alive.<br />

Middle: Helen is a junior at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA.<br />

This year, she served as the vice president of the on-campus<br />

Christian club, Youth Alive.<br />

Right: Sarah is a senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA.<br />

This year, she served as the president of the on-campus Christian<br />

club, Youth Alive.<br />


Digital Multipliers<br />

Training and Reaching Students Online<br />

Our focus during year one of Meant for More was establishing strategies and resources for equipping<br />

and reaching students with the gospel online. This involved launching MeantForMore.org, filming a series<br />

of online training videos to give students anywhere in the country the chance to receive coaching, and<br />

creating opportunities to both train and reach students online.<br />

We continued to build on the success of these pillars this year, which you can read about below! These<br />

pillars were made possible with the help of Groundwire and Nonprofit Megaphone. Groundwire is a likeminded<br />

ministry that hosts our live gospel chat at MeantForMore.us and helped us launch many of our<br />

social media ads this year. You can learn more about them at groundwire.net.<br />

Nonprofit Megaphone equipped us to maximize the impact of our live chat, websites, and social media ad<br />

content online through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Grant Hensel, CEO of Nonprofit<br />

Megaphone, is a longtime supporter and friend of the ministry.<br />

“In a year marked by isolation and fear, <strong>NSP</strong> is reaching people where they are spending more and more<br />

time: online,” said Grant. “Thousands of people turn to the internet for answers to life’s biggest questions<br />

and <strong>NSP</strong> is there to share the hope we have in Christ.”<br />

Training Students<br />

Social Media—Recruiting Ads<br />

With many campuses still closed at the start of this school year, we knew we needed to meet students<br />

where they were in order to inspire and challenge them to join the Meant for More Movement. To this end,<br />

we ran a series of ads on social media, sharing the Meant for More vision and inviting students to apply.<br />

Through these ads, we were able to connect with students from all over the nation. One of these students<br />

is Siani, a middle school student in Phoenix, AZ.<br />

As she looks forward to beginning her freshman year of high school this fall, Siani is excited to join the<br />

Christian club at her school and actively share the gospel on campus. You can read more stories of<br />

students who were connected to the mission through our social media ads on pages 8 and 23-24.<br />

Digital Cohorts<br />

Digital Cohorts are a revolutionary outreach tool for our<br />

ministry. These 6-week online cohorts teach students<br />

how to lead a Bible study with friends, share their<br />

testimony, and take the Pray 5 Challenge. They allow<br />

students from any city to receive personalized coaching,<br />

tangible next steps to share the gospel and reach their<br />

school, and the ability to be part of the nationwide<br />

Meant for More community.<br />


Last spring, we invited student leaders from across the country to gather together online for regular<br />

times of prayer and encouragement that we called National Student Gatherings.<br />

This year, our Digital Cohorts built off these events, giving students all over the nation the chance to<br />

receive small group-style coaching while building relationships with like-minded Christian teens.<br />

“I enjoyed the Digital Cohort because it gave me a lot of assistance as to how to study<br />

the Bible and share the word of God!” said Siani, a rising ninth grade student from Tucson,<br />

AZ. Siani joined a Digital Cohort after discovering the Meant for More Movement through a<br />

digital ad. She is excited to share the gospel at her high school this fall.<br />

Reaching Students<br />

MeantForMore.us—Live Gospel Chat<br />

MeantForMore.us is home to our seeker-friendly<br />

resources including an apologetics page, resources<br />

for finding a local church, and a library of testimony<br />

videos. It’s also home to our 24/7 live chat where<br />

people can talk with a trained gospel coach online<br />

and hear the gospel.<br />

119,420 7,180 6,868 1,550<br />

Visited our chat landing page<br />

and had the opportunity to<br />

hear the gospel.<br />

Engaged online<br />

gospel chat.<br />

Indicated a decision for<br />

Christ after visiting our site<br />

and/or engaging in a chat<br />

(includes first time decisions<br />

and recommitments).<br />

Made first-time decisions for<br />

Christ through our live chat<br />

(approximate).<br />

Social Media—Evangelistic Ads<br />

Last summer, we hosted our Digital Tour, a series of online events during which nationally recognized<br />

Christians like Bethany Hamilton and Nick Vujicic shared the gospel and the Meant for More message<br />

live on social media. We re-purposed the content into a series of evangelistic ads on Facebook and<br />

Instagram that help drive users to our live chat at MeantForMore.us. Our ads featuring former NFL<br />

running back and long-time friend of <strong>NSP</strong>, William Green, were an instant hit.<br />

<strong>21</strong>,050,877<br />

Impressions<br />

223,696<br />

Clicks<br />

124,360<br />

Sessions<br />

Times our ads have been<br />

viewed since September<br />

Times users have<br />

clicked on our ads<br />

Times users visited MeantForMore.us<br />

as a result of the ads<br />


Digital<br />

Outreach<br />

Stories of Impact from<br />

our Digital Multipliers<br />

In <strong>2020</strong>-<strong>21</strong>, the impact of our digital<br />

multipliers exceeded our expectations and,<br />

as a result, we saw God move in some<br />

incredible ways. We saw lost students not<br />

only receive the gospel online, but, through<br />

the diligent efforts of our <strong>NSP</strong> team, we also<br />

saw them get plugged into local churches,<br />

discipled, and baptized—praise God! We<br />

also saw Christian students catching the<br />

vision of the Meant for More Movement for<br />

the very first time, and our team was able<br />

to begin coaching several of them to start<br />

reaching their campus for Christ.<br />

1<br />

Seeker Students Find Help—and Hope—Online<br />

In March, Diana, a young girl who was struggling to feel understood by her parents, went online<br />

and searched for a place where she could “chat with someone.” Diana found the Meant for More<br />

website and got connected to an <strong>NSP</strong> staff member in the live chat. She shared that she grew up<br />

in a Buddhist home, that she had never heard of Jesus before, and that she was in 6th grade. Here<br />

is what Diana said in response to hearing the gospel:<br />

“I never heard stories about Jesus so it was all new and interesting to me...<br />

I understand. I 100% believe in [the gospel].”<br />

Afterwards, our team member was able to connect Diana to a church down the street from her<br />

and help Diana download a Bible app so she could start reading the Bible and get plugged into<br />

a local church community.<br />

2<br />

Online Evangelism Leads to<br />

Real-World Discipleship<br />

Yourdanos accepted Christ through our live chat<br />

on MeantForMore.us on November 27th, <strong>2020</strong>. In<br />

January, we were able to chat with a local church<br />

pastor in Yourdanos’ hometown, introduce her as a<br />

new believer, and help her get plugged into the local<br />

church. In early March, we were able to celebrate with<br />

Yourdanos as she made a public declaration of faith<br />

and was baptized (pictured left)! Sharing about her new<br />

conviction and hope in life, Yourdanos said...<br />

“I want to understand what God‘s will is for<br />

my life. I want to motivate people to walk with<br />

God the right way and I want to serve God to<br />

the best of my ability.”<br />


3<br />

Christian Students Respond to God’s Call Online<br />

We first connected with Lincoln, a sophomore from the Chicago area,<br />

through our evangelistic social media ads. Lincoln visited our site,<br />

MeantForMore.us, and filled out our response form to let us know that he<br />

was already a follower of Jesus and excited to receive materials to grow in<br />

his faith.<br />

After seeing his response, a team member reached out to him via text and<br />

told him about our Meant for More Movement. Lincoln was immediately<br />

interested in becoming a student leader and learning more about reaching<br />

his school for Christ.<br />

Since then, Lincoln has worked to start an after school Bible study where<br />

they will be reading through the Book of John. He’s currently working on<br />

expanding the leadership team at his school, while also planning to start<br />

witnessing this summer.<br />

4<br />

Christian Students United by<br />

Online Community of Leaders<br />

“The message of the Scripture… is not<br />

that in following Him everything is going<br />

to go right, but that He is enough no<br />

matter what happens to you.”<br />

These are the words that Creatione, an eighth<br />

grade student from Sacramento, CA, shared<br />

with her peers in a video on the popular social<br />

media platform, Tik Tok. We first connected with<br />

Creatione after she responded to one of our<br />

social media ads. We learned that, early-on in<br />

the shutdowns, Creatione accepted Christ after<br />

overcoming a battle with drugs and alcohol.<br />

However, she was still desperately searching<br />

for a Christian community to call home.<br />

Creatione joined our second session of Digital<br />

Cohorts, during which she gathered online with<br />

a small group of Christian teens from around<br />

the nation for six weeks of in-depth training<br />

and discipleship.<br />

Today, Creatione is being discipled and poured<br />

into by a local church family, and is excited to<br />

share the gospel with her classmates this fall.<br />

Creatione, an 8th grade student from<br />

Sacramento, CA, began sharing the gospel<br />

with her peers on the social media app,<br />

Tik Tok, before joining a Digital Cohort this year.<br />


Capacity Builders<br />

Updating Our Staff Support Raising Model<br />

This year saw a subtle, but significant, change to the way our staff members go about fundraising.<br />

Instead of raising personal support to cover their own salary and ministry expenses while also separately<br />

raising money for the schools they’re reaching, we’ve united all fundraising efforts under one goal.<br />

All <strong>NSP</strong> staff are still involved in fundraising, but now, when they ask for funding partnership, they’re<br />

raising funds for their whole area (Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, etc.) rather than only their personal<br />

support. This shift is a marked improvement and opens up many new advantages as we grow and care<br />

for our team:<br />

• Enabling us to pay staff their full salary from the get-go, it opens doors for recruiting staff who are<br />

called, qualified, and ready to fundraise, but would have a hard time making the “jump” to full-time<br />

staff under the old model.<br />

• It continues to provide financial stability to hard working staff members as they focus on their<br />

areas of ministry.<br />

• It unites all our vision and fundraising on the key point of our mission: sending bold student<br />

leaders to reach their schools for Christ.<br />

Visit nationalschoolproject.com/partner to learn more about our new funding model.<br />

New Staff<br />

One of our constant prayers at National School Project is for the Lord to raise up workers for the<br />

harvest (Luke 10:2). This year, the Lord was faithful to bring several new staff members to join the<br />

mission. Please keep the Cordovas, Kristen, and Edwin in your prayers as they push hard to raise<br />

their full support this summer and prepare to launch into ministry this fall.<br />

Jonathan Cordova<br />

Moody Bible Institute Chapter Director<br />

Breanna Loveland<br />

Tucson Chapter Director<br />

Kate Cordova<br />

Chicago Campus Ministry Staff<br />

Edwin Martinez<br />

Los Angeles Campus Ministry Staff<br />

Kassandra Cox<br />

Administrative Assistant<br />

Jonathan Medina<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter Director<br />

Kristen Harper<br />

Los Angeles Campus Ministry Staff<br />

Katie Medina<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter Director<br />


Financial Update<br />

TOTAL<br />

Jun <strong>2020</strong>–May 20<strong>21</strong><br />

TOTAL<br />

Jun 2019–May <strong>2020</strong> (PY)<br />

INCOME<br />

40000 DONATION INCOME $ 3,277,806.28 $ 2,652,525.84<br />

44000 IN-KIND DONATIONS $ 15,000.00 $ 2,500.00<br />

44200 NON-DONATION INCOME $ 2,466.59 $ 7,560.95<br />

Total Income $ 3,295,272.87 $ 2,662,586.79<br />



60940 Tax & licenses 52.00 14.00<br />

70100 Accounting - Admin 57,440.00 54,945.75<br />

70107 Digital Outreach - Admin 2,769.24 --<br />

70110 Depreciation Expense 13,342.00 30,407.75<br />

70115 Dues and subscriptions - Admin 41,092.73 25,432.56<br />

70120 Equipment - Admin 7,989.70 2,771.66<br />

70130 Gifts - Admin 1,173.28 109.90<br />

70135 Health insurance - Admin 5,106.38 277.45<br />

70140 Insurance - Admin 8,380.73 2,674.19<br />

70145 Meals - Admin 5,095.96 1,290.14<br />

70150 Mileage - Admin -- 266.80<br />

70155 Miscellaneous Expense - Admin 2,491.80 -6,501.01<br />

70160 Payment Processing Fees 31,019.09 30,723.13<br />

70165 Postage - Admin 4,807.98 9,894.85<br />

70170 Printing - Admin 2,985.61 9,113.91<br />

70180 Printing Supplies 312.39 --<br />

70185 Rent - Admin 51,769.00 19,879.50<br />

70190 Repairs and Maintenance 400.00 66.00<br />

70195 Software - Admin 164.00 --<br />

70200 Subcontracting - Admin 44,9<strong>21</strong>.88 18,282.34<br />

70205 Supplies - Admin 5,692.39 7,813.16<br />

70<strong>21</strong>0 Telecommunications - Admin 2,518.11 856.59<br />

70<strong>21</strong>5 Transaction fees - Admin 209.67 228.50<br />

70220 Travel - Admin -1,561.80 1,068.48<br />

70225 Utilities - Admin 973.61 818.73<br />

70230 Housing - Admin 1,275.57 --<br />

TOTAL $ 290,4<strong>21</strong>.32 $ <strong>21</strong>0,434.38<br />


90100 Conference Center Fees - F.R. -7,465.00 17,760.00<br />

90110 Dues and subscriptions - F.R. 10,914.88 66,244.05<br />

90115 Equipment - F.R. -- 2,468.38<br />

90120 Equipment rental - F.R. -- -143.38<br />

90125 Event Fee - FR 761.50 2,837.37<br />

90130 Gifts - F.R. 2,984.77 2,017.89<br />

90135 Insurance - F.R. 6,908.67 3,818.57<br />

90140 Advertising - F.R. 10,000.00 9,680.00<br />

90145 Meals - F.R. 2,865.28 10,690.47<br />

90150 Mileage - F.R. 1,651.57 3,092.38<br />

0160 Postage - F.R. 4,108.65 8,798.49<br />

90165 Printing - F.R. 7,5<strong>21</strong>.99 23,984.16<br />

90170 Rent - F.R. 7,984.56 14,570.41<br />

90175 Software - fund raising 594.15 -577.59<br />

90180 Subcontracting - FR 5,025.00 40,732.68<br />

90185 Supplies - F.R. 2,141.42 1,085.94<br />

90190 Telecommunications - F.R. 140.56 1,110.16<br />

90195 Travel - F.R. 4,<strong>21</strong>3.45 9,154.00<br />

90200 Utilities - F.R. 246.42 340.05<br />

TOTAL $ 60,597.87 $ <strong>21</strong>8,664.03<br />


Benefits 46,301.42 30,792.68<br />

Gross Payroll 1,647,483.56 1,641,345.50<br />

Payroll Taxes 122,155.18 117,643.<strong>21</strong><br />

TOTAL $ 1,815,940.16 $ 1,789,781.39<br />


80100 Conference Center Fees 3,936.52 35,236.26<br />

80106 Digital Advertising - Program 25,041.44 --<br />

80107 Digital Outreach - Program 133,544.63 --<br />

80110 Education & training - Program 1,734.07 12,920.15<br />

80115 Entertainment - Program 358.35 9,037.22<br />

80120 Equipment - Program 6,985.78 14,657.93<br />

80130 Event Fee - Program 2,350.68 8,753.20<br />

80135 Gifts - Program 15,278.82 8,076.22<br />

80140 Health Insurance - Program 26,141.89 17,515.27<br />

80145 Honorarium - Program 2,850.00 19,990.00<br />

80150 Housing - Program 815.38 49,996.17<br />

80155 Insurance - Program 12,740.65 5,048.11<br />

80160 Internet Presence - Program 18,011.09 40,575.20<br />

80165 Literature - Program 1,132.74 2,198.54<br />

80170 Meals - Program 16,207.79 55,803.41<br />

80175 Mileage - Program 3,917.48 23,463.06<br />

80180 Miscellaneous - Program -- 1,232.50<br />

80185 Postage - Program 2,576.96 3,202.54<br />

80190 Printing - Program 4,236.11 38,959.67<br />

80195 Rent - Program 41,078.44 58,576.47<br />

80200 Subcontracting - Program 64,557.50 <strong>21</strong>,835.50<br />

80205 Supplies - Program 3,315.04 24,566.90<br />

80<strong>21</strong>0 Telecommunications - Program 13,522.29 10,946.33<br />

80<strong>21</strong>5 Travel - Program 20,483.27 68,465.88<br />

80220 Utilities - Program 1,280.68 1,965.00<br />

80225 Advertising - Program 282.01 --<br />

TOTAL $ 422,379.61 $ 533,0<strong>21</strong>.53<br />

Total Expenses $ 2,589,338.96 $ 2,751,901.33<br />

Net Operating Income $ 705,933.91 -$ 89,314.54<br />


70600 Unrealized Gains and Losses 473.38 --<br />

70700 PPP Loan Forgiveness Income 169,378.68 133,056.32<br />

Total $ 169,852.06 $ 133,056.32<br />


In-kind donations expense 15,000.00 --<br />

Total $ 15,000.00 --<br />

Net Other Income $ 154,852.06 $ 133,056.32<br />

Net Income $ 860,785.97 $ 43,741.78<br />

90182 Honorarium - FR -- 1,000.00<br />


Letter from the<br />

Founder & CEO<br />

“I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel” - Philippians 1:12<br />

I was reminded of the Lord’s ability to use any and every circumstance to advance the gospel when I was involved in<br />

a 7-car pile-up earlier this spring while waiting for a stoplight. The driver who caused the accident went into a diabetic<br />

shock and blacked out at the wheel. Thankfully, I was the only person in my vehicle and paramedics were able to free me<br />

without needing the “jaws of life.”<br />

At the hospital, the young man in charge of the CAT scan machine said to me, “Don’t worry, sir. We’ll get you where you<br />

need to go.” I reached into my shirt pocket, pulled out one of the gospel booklets I always keep on-hand, and said to the<br />

young man, “You won’t believe this but I have in my hand a booklet that shows where you need to go!” He looked at the<br />

cover which said, “Would You Like to Know God Personally?” and said with a smile, “This is exactly what I need!”<br />

Here I am in the ER and can’t move in any direction without enormous and excruciating pain, and this guy is telling<br />

me this is exactly what he needs! I was in this wreck and came out with an L-1 compression fracture in my lower<br />

back so this young man could receive the gospel.<br />

Later, the orderly who pushed me back to the ER from the CAT scan was staring at me in a funny way so I said,<br />

“Would you like a booklet too?” His face immediately lit up and he said, “Thank you, Sir, do you have one for me?”<br />

It is clear to me that many today are hungry for the hope and truth that Christ brings. On my second visit to the same ER,<br />

one nurse thanked me after I handed her a gospel booklet, saying she had heard about “the booklet man” from the CAT<br />

scan operator. Amazing! If the booklets had not been in my shirt pocket….<br />

At National School Project, we are so often inspired and encouraged by the stories of bold student leaders who are<br />

putting everything on the line to share the gospel on their public school campuses—and for good reason! But does it<br />

just stop at inspiration, or are we also sharing our faith boldly at every opportunity?<br />

2 Corinthians 5:20 says, “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.<br />

We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”<br />

Without a doubt, we have been called to be ambassadors and share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world.<br />

As our nation begins to reopen and communities come back together, I want to leave you with a challenge to not only<br />

continue to support the National School Project through your prayers and financial giving, but also to consider who the<br />

Lord has given you to reach with the message that Christ died for the sins of the world and that the Kingdom of God is<br />

near to them as you share the truth of the gospel with them.<br />

Thank you for your continued support of this mission. It is an honor to serve the Lord alongside our students, staff, and<br />

each and every one of you.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Warren Willis - Founder & CEO, National School Project<br />


Leadership Team<br />

Governing Board<br />


Warren Willis Ph.D.<br />

Flower Mound, Texas<br />

Chief Executive Officer, National School Project<br />


Richard W. Sherwood, PMP<br />

Trophy Club, Texas<br />

Senior Vice President of Operations,<br />

The Martis Group, Inc.<br />


Michael Winter D.D.S.<br />

Whittier, California<br />

Owner, Michael Winter D.D.S.<br />

Greg Thompson<br />

Burson, California<br />

President, Thompson Media Company, Inc.<br />

Heinrich Johnsen<br />

Bloomingdale, Illinois<br />

Owner, Christian Art Gifts, Inc.<br />

Executive Staff<br />


Warren Willis Ph.D.<br />

Flower Mound, Texas<br />


Mark Hopson, M.A.<br />

Wheaton, Illinois<br />


Kellee Popp<br />

Long Beach, California<br />



Ben Flemming<br />

Whittier, California<br />


Don Sivesind<br />

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas<br />

Phil Nussbaum<br />

Wheaton, Illinois<br />

Co-founder & Chairman of Performance Trust<br />

Capital Partners<br />

*We are thankful for Heinrich Johnsen’s leadership<br />

as he served on the board from<br />

Jan 2019–May 20<strong>21</strong>. We are excited to<br />

welcome Phil Nussbaum as a board<br />

member for the 20<strong>21</strong>-22 academic year.<br />


PO Box 1118<br />

Wheaton, IL 60187<br />

nationalschoolproject.com<br />

Change service requested<br />

‘TIL<br />

EVERY<br />


HAS<br />

HEARD<br />

<strong>NSP</strong> is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization<br />

(Tax ID: 20-3226605)

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