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G L A M P I N G : A N E X T R A O R D I N A R Y E S C A P E

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Needs Jewlery

Everything You Need

To Know About Glamping

Top Tips On How To

Manage Stress

E D I T O R ' S N O T E S

I remember when I was about ten, my dad brought home a

huge army surplus tent. It was the only affordable option

that fit our family of nine +. That was the beginning of many

wonderful summers spent parked beside wild Rocky

Mountain rivers and pristine ice cold lakes.

There are many more places to explore in this world, but the

luxury of glamping when I need a nature fix, means making

new memories is much more manageable.

This issue, Kirsten shares some tips for managing stress if

you can't get glamping. You can cross things off your to-do

list for five bucks, bake am easy yummy campfire cake. Ariel

dishes advice on the four pillars of health and April Rose

More shares her Aura of Woman Series.

Wishing you a week of peace,


“ I G O T O N A T U R E T O B E S O O T H E D A N D H E A L E D , A N D T O H A V E M Y

S E N S E S P U T I N O R D E R . — J O H N B U R R O U G H S



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You want to feel;

better? four

pillars of health


Fiverr® A

Plethora Of

Services For $5


Top Tips on How To

Manage Feeling



Aura of woman




Sherry Kallergis




ariel Jarvis, rhn

vitality wellness






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The Next Half










Choosing the perfect necklace is such a personal experience and also something

that can feel pleasurable and wonderfully self-indulgent.

Our necks are a very sensitive and sensual area and are considered an erogenous

zone. I’ve often wondered if that’s why, through the centuries, we’ve had a

tradition of decorating ourselves in this area to draw attention to it.

Necklaces can be surprisingly difficult to get just right. So, taking time to appreciate and

adorn this area of your body in a way that accentuates your femininity and elegance is really





CI’m a firm believer that accessories are the

key to fashion success. They add spice and

individuality to an outfit, which can elevate

a look to a whole new level.

If you enjoy big, bold costume jewelry there

are lots of statement necklaces around that

will add colour and drama to the simplest

of outfits. But if your taste is more classic,

then you may prefer pieces that are neat

and elegant and will remain timeless.

Classic jewelry really doesn’t have to be


When you’re choosing your perfect

necklace there are a few things to


Pearl & Tassel

Traditional or modern?

Classic jewelry really doesn’t have to be


Traditionally diamonds are the first choice for

engagement and wedding rings because they

symbolize eternity and love. And pearls are

the epitome of lady-like elegance when

paired with an understated outfit.

But gone are the days of only wearing

diamonds and pearls for traditional and

formal occasions. They’ve had a fashion

revival and you’ll find them being used in

cutting-edge modern designs. Because of

this, more and more women are mixing them

in with their individual everyday style, which

gives these gems a fresh and edgy twist.

Mother of Pearl



Make It Personal

The main benefit of wearing an accessory is

that it’s a great way to inject a bit of your

own personality and creativity into an

outfit. You can have two people wearing

exactly the same outfit, but as soon as

accessories are added – hey presto, they

couldn’t look more different!

Horn Beads

This personality element can sometimes

make choosing a necklace for someone

else feels a little tricky. But don’t let that

put you off, because it really is a special

gesture and that shows how much you

care. The thing to remember is that not

every metal suit every person, so if you’re

unsure your best option is to go for rose

gold because it looks great with any skin


Formal Or Casual?

The choice of material for necklaces usually

comes down to whether you’re going for a

formal or a casual look.

As a general rule, a more ornate necklace

with a lot of stones looks best with a formal

outfit, while casual outfits will benefit from

a simpler design.

Rose Quartz

There’s no right or wrong, of course, always

go with what feels right for you and have

fun experimenting. Just keep in mind that

loads of diamonds might look a bit out of

place with a casual t-shirt and jeans





Glamping literally redefines the conventional concept of camping. After spending half of


your life handling household and career responsibilities, don’t you deserve a special retreat?


Does the passion for traveling keep haunting

you in your dreams? No matter how many

attractive destinations you have traveled to so

far, there’s a lot more to explore in the world.

Though many travel enthusiasts aren’t familiar

with glamping, you should experience an

exotic glamping trip once in your lifetime.

What Exactly Is Glamping?

The concept of glamping is easy to understand.

You probably have a retro camping experience

in your past. It might not have been a totally

positive experience. Recalling your sore back

after a night on the hard ground or the fall as

you stumbled to the bathroom in the pitchblack

night might mean you are content to

leave camping in the past. After all, many of us

are now spoiled by our “dream beds” and

creature comforts. Our creaky knees and bad

backs may get in the way of embracing the

concept of camping.

In simple words, glamping means enjoying

nature with all the luxurious amenities at hand.

When you arrange a typical camping session,

you don’t get the comfort of a five-star resort in

your tent. You are at the mercy of mother

nature. Instead, glamping offers you luxurious

and relaxing amenities while enjoying nature.

As well, if you travel to offbeat destinations,

glamping can be an ideal choice when the

hotel experience is not an option.

Why glamping is a

preferable option?

Perhaps, you are just coming up short with

enough energy to go camping. Why make

things difficult? You can enjoy an authentic yet

convenient “resort” during your glamping trip

There is no point in suffering, right? So, what’s

holding you back? Get planning your glamping


Glamping Is Good For Your

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

If you still have doubts, glamping can enhance

your physical and mental wellbeing. For


You can boost your energy levels just by

getting in tune with nature. A glamping trip

helps you take your mind away from your

hectic life and gives your mind and soul a


A customized glamping trip comes with

loads of new experiences and stunning

destinations to explore.

Glamping can help decrease your stress

levels significantly by providing some worryfree,


A temporary change in your lifestyle will

renew your focus and give you have a sense

of freedom from your humdrum routine.

What are the best platforms for

booking Glamping sessions?

There are multiple platforms that are extremely

helpful for booking Glamping trips. How do you

determine the best platforms among all the

available options? Well, Glamping Hub

(headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, and

Seville, Spain) and Airbnb are two

internationally recognized and exceptional

names when it comes to booking a glamping


Both of the platforms offer all types of

glamping sessions with different budget plans,

desired levels of convenience, and unique

activities. The customer support teams of these

platforms are highly reliable in terms of

resolving client queries and obligations. So,

where are you going?

Explore Glamping

In Turkey

Image Credit Airbnb

In Greece Image Credit

Glamping Hub

In Spain

Image Credit Glamping Hub

In France

Image Credit Airbnb


Hover or click on image or credits to go directly to the glamping offer

Glamp The World


Image Credit


In Phillipines

Image Credit Airbnb

In Croatia

Image Credit Glamping Hub


Image Credit Glamping Hub


Back To Nature Glamping

In Canada

Image Credit Airbnb

In USA Image Credit Airbnb

In USA Image Credit Glamping Hub

In USA Image Credit Airbnb

Glamp In Nature

Hover or click on image or credits to go directly

to the glamping offer


In Canada

Image Credit Glamping Hub

In USA Image Credit Airbnb

In Canada Image Credit Glamping Hub







Four Pillars Of


/ B Y V I D E O E X C E R P T W I T H A R I A L J A R V I S , V I T A L I T Y W E L L N E S S W O R L D

P A R T 2 O F 2

Pillar Of Health Two: Sleep

Repairs Your Body

The second pillar is sleep. How many people

give up their good quality sleep to be able to

get up early to go to the gym. Or chase their

kids around instead of going for a nap.

It's so important. You need seven to nine

hours of good quality sleep. If you wake up for

more than 20 minutes, you're basically

starting that system all over again. So, it's very

important if you do wake up to use the

washroom, or go check on a noise, try to go

back to sleep within 15 minutes because once

you're at 20 minutes, your clocks start all over

again. And with arithmetic medicine, every

single organ system detoxifies and cleans

itself at a certain hour in the night.

If you are working the grave shift, or your

hours are all over the place and you don't

have a system you're not going to regulate

your circadian rhythm. Your body's not

going to be able to get into a pattern of

detoxifying itself properly. This can wreak

havoc on your mental health

What happens is that in the seventh hour

the brain detoxifies all the neural toxins

that you've been breathing in the last 24

hours. I encourage you and I challenge you

to get at least 7 hours of sleep every single

night. And if you're not sleeping properly

get help.

Pillar Of Health Three:

Proper Nutrients Are Key

The third pillar is nutrition. We don't need

to be eating an abundance of food, eating

less is better, and eating right for our cells.

You want to make sure that you are getting

the proper nutrients in the body and you're

not overeating or undereating. Try not to


eat when you're stressed because as we

know, we have something called a central

nervous system and that will interact with

your gut health.

If you eat when you're stressed, the body

goes into something called “Fight or Flight”

which is the sympathetic nervous system.

The stomach shuts off and you will not be

able to secrete the proper enzymes, the

hydrochloric acid, and the pepsin to break

down and absorb all those wonderful

nutrients. Your bioavailability of those

nutrients decreases. That's bad because it

puts you into fat storage mode and your

cortisol goes up.

I encourage and challenge you if you're

feeling stressed, drink a glass of water and

go for a walk or go do something that's

going to relax you. Get your feet massaged,

put on your favorite song, pet your cat, or

have a cup of tea. Do those things just for

about 15 minutes to regulate your stress.

After a long day, or on the road stuck in

traffic, don't go through a drive-through.

Don't eat when you're stressed. Wait, till you

get into the parasympathetic system, which

is the rest, digest, repair system.

Pillar of Health Four:

Exercise Daily

Exercise every single day, any form of

movement is important. Clean your house,

walk your dog, do a little bit of stretching.

Just a little every day can prevent you from

getting 13 different types of cancer.

It cleans the lymphatic system, which is

going to help you with your skin, just like,

Helen earlier explained beautifully.

When you start focusing on these four

pillars, you're going to start to notice that

your body is no longer going to be a

survival mode. It is going to thrive.

Watch The Show

Ariel Jarvis is a registered Iridologist,

Sclerologist, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified

Microscopist, and Acutherapist

Visit Vitality Wellness World


What Exactly is Fiverr®?

It is a platform for buyers and sellers. In this age

of freelancing, this is the ultimate marketplace

where you can offer a service or buy one. There

are over 500 service categories and in 2020 their

revenue was 189.51 million (source: Fiverr®)

Originally, when it started in 2010 the opening

level of pricing was $5.00 US, hence the name.

The base price has increased slightly over time,

and some services are more. Many services have

add-ons (stock images, copyrights, delivery date

options) that increase the price but once you

make a choice, the price is fixed. Many of the

sellers are from around the globe so don't expect

perfect grammar but the service is outstanding.

I have used it countless times for posters, logo

designs, business advice, tag lines, invitations,

business card designs, videos, editing, and even

a lifestyle coach. I have been satisfied with all of

them, although some more than others.

What Kind of Quality Do You Get?

Each time the quality was worth more than I

paid, and the result met my needs.

Is It Trustworthy?

I am comfortable using this service because:

My son first recommended it.

My privacy is protected. Both parties use

usernames and the platform is the


You can look at samples of their work,

review all seller’s services by ratings, and

see how much work they have in the

queue before yours.

It is easy to create an account and use it.

Most sellers allow one revision request to

their first version.

If there is any type of problem with the

product there is a recourse action

process that works well. A few times

what I needed was not delivered to my

satisfaction and there was no charge.

Am I Taking Advantage of

People at this Rate?

Many people use Fiverr® to supplement

their income as well as practice their

English and their trade. You are supporting

the gig economy and connecting with those

who want to work.


How Does Fiverr® Work?

There are 8 easy steps!

You create an account, set up your username

and password, add your payment


Find the service you are looking for by

entering a search term or looking at the

applicable tab.

Browse the offerings and choose the vendor

whose style is most like your wants or needs.

Place the order on your card and complete

the purchase.

Add specifications such as details about your

concept, ideas, color swatches, font, etc. This

information is used to produce the final


Wait for the product to be delivered.

Review the product and request a revision or

accept it.

Rate the seller.

Can You Guide Me Step by Step?

Set up an Account

Go To Fiverr® Home Page (the link will open

in a new window)

Click "Join" on the top right-hand corner

Enter your email address and you will get a

confirmation message

Go into your email, look for the email. It may

be in your junk or spam. Hit "Confirm".

Then get familiar with your dashboard


Choose your seller

Review the pricing and options

If you want to compare multiple sellers use

the “Compare Services”

Click “Proceed to Order”

Check out the order details, if correct click

“Proceed to Payment”

Choose your payment preference and enter


Your Gig® is ready to go.

Enter instructions and/or details pn your “Gig®”.

The seller will request details and I

recommend you be as specific as you can.

Enter details such as the size, color, content.

Send images of what you like or want. The

more information you provide, the closer the

vendor's first effort will be to what you want.

Sit back and wait for delivery.

You will need to check into your Fiverr®

dashboard for progress.

Watch for information from the seller.

The notifications will not go to your regular


If you want to sell then you will want to fill out

your profile.

Review the delivery

If acceptable rate your seller or if not, request

Find your desired service

the revision.

Choose a custom heading from the choices If you are not satisfied, tell the seller. Typically,

on your dashboard.

they will let Fiverr® know and your money

Enter it into the search field.

will be refunded.

Browse the services displayed. If you want, If not, there is an escalation process with

you can refine the search results by things Fiverr® that is very reputable.

like price or delivery time.

Give Fiverr® a try. Start to buy or sell today!





Let’s talk about feeling

overwhelmed and provide

some top tips on how we can

best manage this dreadful,

yet all too familiar, emotion.

Dealing with overwhelm

It may seem counter-intuitive

to discuss being

overwhelmed during the

summer months, a period of

holiday time for many. But it’s

not. This is the perfect time.

seems to be a natural and

First, some of us are able to

recurring part of our

go on vacation. If we can,

everyday life. We simply holidays provide reflection

can’t avoid it in today’s world. time which is ideal for

Because of this, it makes pondering better life habits.

sense to take a moment to Also, feeling overwhelmed

better understand its causes can come at any time, and

even more so with heat, so

and learn some top tips for

the sooner we can be

its management. These

prepared the better. Lastly,

pointers can help us all be

this summer brings more

our best.

mounted stress than usual for

many of us,


Opportunities for many of us have been

adversely affected by the pandemic.

A familiar feeling

Stress is acceptable in manageable doses. It

can create a surge in intensity of focus which

helps us accomplish a task. However, a tad too

much and the effects are disastrous. The

weight of being pulled down overpowers and

productivity can crumble. The worse yet is that

no matter how much life experience we have,

these feelings of overwhelm will recur.

Statistics say that over 90% of us have felt a

sense of overwhelm at least once in the last 7-

10 days. This takes hold like a surging wave

instigated by something we could predict - like

juggling too many responsibilities at the same

time - or it can strike suddenly, triggered by

something not forecastable. Overwhelm can

also lurk as a constant, low-grade threat

underlying the surface, present but not

threatening until too late… ominous like a vine

growing around our necks, slowly tightening.

Either way, overwhelm is unwelcome and

unpleasant. But it could be managed. Let’s now

discuss how our brain reacts to overwhelm and

provide helpful tips on effectively tackling it.

What happens in our brain

When we are feeling close to reaching the

point of overwhelm, our brain seeks to resolve

the situation and calm us down. I’m not a

doctor but what has been explained to me by a

Biologist is that is two things happen when we

are feeling overwhelmed. Stick with me for this

basic biology class because it explains a lot

about our behaviour when in this state.

First, our brain tries to reduce the demand on

it, so extraneous noises which we can usually

tolerate become unbearable (like footballs

being hit onto your wall. That’s which made me

lose my cool with one kid last week, something

I still feel bad about).

Second, when we are under pressure our brain

relies on fast, instinctive processes to make

decisions rather than slower, more analytic

ones. That make us more likely to fall into old

habits and also reduces our ability to be rational

or problem solve. When feeling overwhelmed,

we judge situations in basic terms, as good or

bad, positive or negative. Life is not that

obvious. In reality, things are rarely as bad as

they feel when we are in that state of being


It’s important to remember that the negativity

we feel when overwhelmed is a symptom, not a

reality. When we calm down, our thinking brain

kicks back in, and things don’t seem quite so

horrendous. We feel more hopeful. When we

take a breather, we literally feel better.

So when the quicksand and level is rising ... or

the vine around our neck is tightening… it

literally is best to have a time out. Let’s talk

about ways to tackle overwhelm in a minute.

OK, so we understand now what happens to

our brain when we are overwhelmed. We also

get that we all live in a world where this feeling

will reoccur. Let’s benefit by better equipping

ourselves for dealing with this feeling by better

understand its causes and learning some

helpful pointers on what to remember when

we are next feeling overwhelmed.

Causes of overwhelm

We all must learn to recognise our individual

triggers which can make us feel overwhelmed.

A classic for many is having too many balls in

the air. Some of us may like being mega-busy.

However, if we are not mindful, being occupied




Image by April Rose More Photography


and engaged can quickly descend into feeling

submerged in stress.

Other common triggers for feeling overwhelmed

include emotional trauma, financial stress, an

anniversary of a loss or emotional benchmark,

family friction, spending too much time alone,

being yelled at or in a hostile environment, sexual

harassment, health issues, our own internal

expectations and dealing with change - a big one

now that our routines and future plans have been

affected by the pandemic.

The bottom line is that our everyday life can and

probably will include at least some of these stress

inducers. So, let’s prepare ourselves and our


Here are some practical pointers on how to

manage overwhelm and stay away from the




Tip 1

When overwhelm sets in, let’s first remind

ourselves of the following nuggets of wisdom to

help ease the feeling.

For ease of recall, I have labelled them “The R-P-

G-Ps”. Let’s remember:

* Real. Be aware these feelings are real: It’s our

mind’s way of telling us we need to slow down if

we want to live a healthier life. We should listen

to this warning.

* Positive. Get rid of the negativity. Let’s

remember while our feelings are real, overwhelm

is a simply jumbling of our thoughts, not a

collapse of our life. We all have

the power to control our thoughts. We can thus

manage who we are and where and what we

want to be. That’s important to understand and

believe. When we are feeling overwhelmed, let’s

remind ourselves that our whole life isn’t falling

apart, just our thoughts are confused and need a

rejigging, a re-prioritisation. We need to take

some time out to purge negative, selfdeprecating

emotions and thoughts. As we

do this, we will feel renewed energy and more

invigorated to take on the day.

* Gratitude. This is important. The feeling of

being grateful and appreciative is vital for

mental health. Coaches often suggest clients

write journals recalling what they are grateful

for. This help being in “the present”. Gaining

perspective on our problems is also important

and can also augment gratitude. Perspective

and gratitude are topics I will write more about.

* Proactivity. When we feel overwhelmed, let’s

first remind ourselves the “4 Be’s” and then

progress to the following pointers to practically

and proactively manage and emerge from this


Tip 2

Prioritise and Divide into Manageable Chunks:

If thoughts and worries interrupt our daily rest

time or barge into our usual activities, it’s time to

prioritize. Let’s stop, breathe deeply and think of

all the issues that are swirling in our heads that

need to be tackled.

I find making lists helps. This process allows us to

identify the plethora of stuff that needs to be

addressed and the act of writing it all down is

cathartic. I swear there is some magical

meditative power for me in list making. I will let

you in on a secret - sometimes I add quick tasks t


o my lists just to enjoy the therapeutic act of crossing off! Now we’ve made a list, let’s segment the

whole seemingly mammoth mess into smaller, more manageable chunks. That’s the key: identify,

divide (or segment) and conquer. When we understand all the components of our overwhelm and

what needs to be done first, the job becomes doable.

Tip 3

Communication is important so we don’t feel isolated. Let’s tell other people how we are feeling.

Share. Vent. Have a conversation, monologue, dumping session. This helps reduce our stress levels.

Remember to balance communication with the adage “less talking, more doing”. We need to be

aware that talking gets us only so far. At some point, proactivity needs to start.


Delegation is a key to survival. Often this sense of overwhelm is a result of feeling there is just too

much to do. If this is the case, is there someone at home or work that we can delegate some tasks

to? While it’s easy to think “it’s just quicker if I do it”, that doesn’t help us nor teach the others

around us. We must learn to ask for and accept help.


We must remember our boundaries and keep them. Remember the expression “saying yes to

someone else can be saying no to yourself”. Whether it’s accepting another project at work or

social invitation or task we’re simply not keen on, saying yes commits us. Instead, perhaps we

follow the strategy of “let me get back to you”, decide on our own time scale what we want to do,

and then revert … but remember to!


For those of you who know me send The Next Half, one of the mantras is “Remember Recharge

Time”. We cannot be any good to others if we are depleted. Staying recharged helps us both

better manage when feeling overwhelmed and also prevent its surge. Let’s prioritize getting our

personal reflection time to refuel, both to manage overwhelm when it surges and to also prevent

its approach. Let’s get some fresh air, vitamin D3, and exercise, or take a nap, or see a friend


Let’s try to listen to our warning signs and try to head off any eruption. This loops back to knowing

your triggers and paying attention to them. I’ll admit that I’m rubbish at this. But life is about

learning and improving, so I will keep on trying.

Now it’s time to walk with a friend and have a chocolate cookie! Life is good once again. Wishing

you all a peaceful, overwhelm-free, contented, and productive week.

The missing piece



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