Scholarships are great financial aids for students to fund their higher education


"Started by the visionary in 2002, GIIS (Global Indian International School) is a part of the famed international chain by the same name. A proud part of this global chain is in the Queen of the deccan, Pune city. GIIS Hadapsar as the top CBSE school in Pune doesn’t subscribe to rote learning. Its ‘nine-gems’ teaching methodology believes in recognizing & appreciating the uniqueness of each student.

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Scholarships are great financial aids for students to fund their higher education.

Studying at coveted schools or universities is often an expensive affair, and

scholarships help bail students out based on their merit, need or other criteria.

Applying for school scholarships involves a clearly charted out process that can differ

between institutions, courses or funding. Whether it's a college near me, a CBSE

school or a foreign university, it's always advisable to stay a step ahead on information

when applying for scholarships. Here are three crucial things to keep in mind before

you join the run to the finish line.

1. Apply Across a Spectrum of Scholarships

Every institution has several scholarships of different values that are doled out based

on their unique criteria. Most often, applicants make the mistake of applying only for

the top line of scholarships that offer higher rewards. What they overlook is that these

school scholarships are the ones that attract the most applications. That means more

competition and a slimmer chance of making the cut. Scholarships with small reward

values have the advantage of fewer applicants, thus increasing the chances of success.

Always apply for as many scholarships as you can because every reward you earn is

eventually going to contribute towards your education.

2. Stay Current with Each Scholarship's Requirements

This preparation trick holds good on so many levels. It's never too early to prepare a

database of the scholarships you're interested in. First up, you need to ensure you're

apprised of the application dates and submission dates for all the scholarships you

intend to apply for. Create a spreadsheet with this information that you can update as

and when needed.

Many scholarships change their eligibility criteria based on academic/market trends.

Stay attuned to their current requirements and make sure your submissions, papers

and essays adhere to them. Some applicants make the mistake of adopting a

generalized approach to all scholarships. This could be detrimental to their chances as

each scholarship could have different eligibility criteria. Hence, it's crucial to tune

submissions to meet scholarship requirements every time. Always work backwards to

match the scholarship requirements with your submission.

Lastly, try to gather information on the scholarship committee and the qualifications

they're looking for in each grant. Tweaking your application to speak the voice of the

committee should be a deal maker.

3. Involve Your Mentor in Your Process

Rope in your mentor from school to help review your application and give you

specialist advice. It always helps to have a four-eye review of your work to identify

errors you may have overlooked. Who better to do that than a trusted mentor who

knows your strengths and weaknesses? It's also a great idea to include mentors at

school and outside of it as your references.

Make sure you choose your references carefully, as the chances for your scholarship

weigh heavily on them. Also, don't forget to let them know that you have slotted them

as your reference. That will help them stay prepared and rise to the occasion when

called upon.

Bagging a scholarship is an achievement in itself. With these valuable tips, we're

confident the process of earning a scholarship grant gets a lot more streamlined.

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