SleepTech July-August 2021

SleepTech July-August 2021

SleepTech July-August 2021


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July - August 2021




“Trade fairs are essential

for a healthy and successful


Consumer and

environmentally friendly

brand: İpeker Home




IMM Cologne identifies

the best trends

Boyteks.............................................Back cover

Boyçelik................................ Inside back cover

Elektroteks............................. Inside front cover

Elektroteks.......................................................... 1

Durak Tekstil....................................................... 3

Nova Sünger...................................................... 5

VK Makina......................................................6-7

Oyti Adhesive.................................................... 9

Mert Makina............................................... 10-11

Metal Matris................................................ 12-13

Marsala............................................................ 17


Kırayteks........................................................... 23

Kozmos............................................................. 25

Dolphinpack................................................... 27


Nano Yay.........................................................33

Nerteks............................................................. 37


Armador..................................................... 48-49

Özen İplik......................................................... 51




Kayserili Tekstil............................................ 64-65

NewTech.................................................... 66-67

Gemba............................................................ 75

Milkay............................................................... 77

Ural Medikal..................................................... 79

Kaliteks............................................................. 81



Berfa................................................................. 87

Voli.................................................................. 120




Nano Yay supports its

customers in global


Nerteks is at the top

with its fast, dynamic

and active structure

or Mühendislik Makina

aspires to be at the best




Robatech reaches the whole

world with its 35 years of


Mattress ticking’s new

and assertive player:

Kayserili Tekstil


A global overview of the felt

textile market

IBIA at the service of the

world bedding industry



From The Editor

Mattress manufacturers

and their material

suppliers never sleep

but they always dream!

Technology changes rapidly... Not even named ten years ago,

today’s essential products and technologies add value and

convenience to our daily lives. Consumers access information

so fast that has not even been imagined in the past.

w w w . s l e e p t e c h m a g a z i n e . c o m


Managing Editor


Editorial Consultants


Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık

İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Adına sahibi

H. Ferruh IŞIK



Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ali OZBUDUN


Omer Faruk GORUN


Advertising Sales Manager

Omer Faruk GORUN (omer.gorun@img.com.tr)

T: +90 224 211 44 50-51 M: +90 505 299 62 65

Many of the leading manufacturing brands of mattress

components have focused on innovation and technology and

started to add value to their products. The most striking features

in the preferences of the new generation are ‘comfort,

support, performance, durability and quality’.

Mattress ticking fabric manufacturers developed cool fabrics,

breathable fabrics, soft and antibacterial fabrics along

with many other value adding features which did not exist in

the recent history.

Art Director

Technical Manager

Web Developer

Finance Manager




Tayfun AYDIN


Amine Nur YILMAZ






Machinery manufacturers developed so good, functional

and practical machinery that are close to robot technologies.

Stuffing materials used in bedding have been varied to many

natural and organic choices including horsehair, goose

down even a great many plants we could never imagine in

the past.



Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Cad. No:11

Medya Blok Kat:1

34197 Yenibosna / İstanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 212 454 22 22

Faks: +90 212 454 22 93


Buttim Plaza A. Blok Kat:4

No:1038 Osmangazi / Bursa

Tel: +90 224 211 44 50-51

Fax: +90 224 211 44 81

Foams and springs are the main body of a mattress and

they have also been developed so much that are completely

different from the old mattresses. Memory foams and pocket

coils are the wonders of contemporary mattresses.



Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Caddesi İhlas Plaza No:11 A/41


Tel: 0212 454 30 00

Who knows what innovations and technologies we will see

more in the future but it is definite that mattress manufacturers

and their material suppliers will never sleep but they

will always dream and their dreams will come true.

Mehmet Soztutan


“Trade fairs are essential

for a healthy and successful


Trade fairs pave the

way for economic

upswings and are

a key to prosperity

– this is something

that Nicola Beer,

Vice President of the

European Parliament,

and Wolfgang

Marzin, President

and Chief Executive

Officer of Messe

Frankfurt GmbH,

both emphasised when

they met at the home

base of Germany’s

biggest trade fair

organiser. Beer also

spoke forcefully about

the importance of

international trade

fairs to a strong, stable

and healthy economy.

Ever since early 2020, the international

trade fair industry has been

facing huge challenges posed by

the coronavirus pandemic. When

trade fairs were shut down, the

marketing, communication, order

and networking platforms that are

Nicola Beer, Vice President of

the European Parliament, and

Wolfgang Marzin, President and

Chief Executive Officer of Messe

Frankfurt GmbH,

so essential to every industry for

establishing and maintaining customer

relationships and generating

sales disappeared almost overnight.

“Trade fairs are international

showcases and strongholds for their

industries, and they make a major

contribution to economic prosperity,”

said Beer. “If trade fairs and congresses

cannot take place, this has

consequences not only for exhibiting

companies, but for the entire economy

– and these are significant in

scope. Trade fairs are essential for

a healthy and successful economy.”

That is why the European trade

fair industry needs policymakers

to send a clear signal that events

can resume. Spain, Great Britain

and the Netherlands have already

demonstrated that major events

such as trade fairs and congresses

are possible once again. Germany

is particularly important to international

business, and it needs to

show the political courage necessary

to permit a full reopening

of the trade fair industry on the

basis of the experience gained

in hygiene and testing concepts

throughout Europe. According to a

study by the renowned ifo research

institute, events at Messe Frankfurt

generated immense purchasing

power amounting to €3.6 billion annually

nationwide in the past, not

to mention a total of €657 million

in tax revenues. The cancellation

and postponement of trade fairs

also has a huge secondary impact,

not only on hotels, restaurants

and bars, but also on transport

and service providers and retailers.

According to the ifo study Messe

Frankfurt’s events safeguard over

33,000 jobs throughout Germany.

“As mirrors of the economy, trade

fairs have repeatedly been confronted

with crises – now they

are set to reprise their role as

stabilisers of the economy. That is

because trade fairs are where our

oldest and most valuable currency

is traded: trust,” said Marzin. He

noted that although digital and

hybrid event formats have once

again demonstrated the flexibility

and diversity of trade fairs during

the crisis, “Lasting trust can only be

generated in person. Close partnerships

cannot develop in a purely

digital arena.”


Consumer and

environmentally friendly

brand: İpeker Home

The company, which pays great attention to every issue in the

production phase, tries not to harm any living thing in nature while

designing its products. İpeker Home demonstrates its quality with

its superior quality understanding and production power.

İpeker Home, which started its

operations in 2016, focuses

on the concept of sustainable

production in order to design

new generation home textile

products. The company brings a

new enthusiasm to the field of

home textiles with its innovative

investments, innovative technology,

renewed machinery and century-old

textile know-how. With

its product range consisting

of sleep sets, anti-aging eye

masks, anti-aging pillow covers,

kimono, upholstery and drapery

fabrics, İpeker Home serves both

home and home wear.

The company’s product range

consists of products with a high

biodegradation rate of 100%.

İpeker Home, which produces

its products with the production

method called Vegan Textile

Processes, does not harm any

living thing. The company uses

animal-based protein in raw materials,

colorants and chemicals.

We talked to İhsan İpeker, the

owner of İpeker Home, which

attaches great importance to

every issue during the production

phase. Stating that they

are assertive in the sector with

their innovative products, İhsan

İpeker underlined that they have

always been a nature-friendly


How did you start the industry?

I want you to give general

information about your plans and


Our family, known as Gaffarzade

in the Ottoman Period, has

been known as İpeker since

the Republican Period. Our

adventure, which started with

silkworm production and trade

at the end of the 1800s, is

an organization that produces

high quality value-added fabrics

all over the world today. We

continue on our way with the

synergy of the third and fourth

generation, 100% belonging to

the same family. We accelerate

our strategic branding and

globalization process with our

international branch and agency


İpeker entered the new generation

home textile products with

İpeker Home brand in 2016.

İpeker Home reflects the new

generation home textile concept

with an innovative, innovative

and simple design by focusing

on the sustainability approach.

As a result of the investments

we have made, we are bringing

a new breath to home textile

with our machine park renewed

with innovative technology and

with our century-old textile

know-how. We have products


for both home and home wear

with a product range consisting

of sleep sets, anti-aging eye

masks, anti-aging pillow covers,

kimono, upholstery and drapery


We produce our home textile

fabric collections with a net

zero policy and consume natural

resources in a minimum

way. We also aim to keep our

waste products to a minimum.

In the products produced, we

obtain the filling material by

performing Industrial Symbiosis

within the scope of Circular

Economy. Our product range,

which dissolves in nature in a

short time without harming any

living thing, consists of products

with a high biodegradation rate

of 100%. We do not harm any

living thing with the production

method called Vegan Textile

Processes. The raw materials,

dyes and chemicals we use contain

animal-based protein.

What would you like to say about

your production capacity and

product range?

We offer a wide range of new

generation home textile products

and home wear. İpeker Home

produces 1,200,000 meters

of fabric used for upholstery,

drapery, homewear and sleep

products. It is an average of

100,000 pieces for products

that are ready for direct service

to the ultimate customer, such

as sleep sets, comforters, pillow

covers, eye masks, kimonos.

What are your most preferred

products among your products?

We have many products that

have the comfort demanded by

the ultimate consumer, especially

during the pandemic period

when we have to spend more

time in our homes. Among

these products, sleeping sets

and home wear products are

more preferred by our customers.

You are a company that believes

in innovation and is constantly

developing. In this context, how

is your R&D and innovation work

going and do you have any new


As a result of long-term R&D

studies, we developed Vegan

Textile Processes. We are

making our product range from

Vegan Silk for the first time in

the world in the field of home

textiles. Our other product,

our vegan leather upholstery

fabric, offers the desired color

scale, durability and longevity

criteria. On the other hand,

vegan leather is also used in

upholstery fabrics and accessories

inside the vehicle. Our

anti-aging mask and anti-aging

pillowcases are a product developed

in our innovation center.

This product, which shows the

highest skin sensitivity according

to the replica skin friction

tests, prevents dehydration on

the skin by providing moisture

control thanks to its naturally

cool climatic structure without

using any chemicals. It is a

product that does not have the

least detergent residue on it

and does not cause chemical

contamination-skin irritation in

contact with the skin. Thanks to

its anti-static feature, it helps

to prevent electrification not

only in the skin but also in the

hair. Our product has the mechanical

properties required for

a good sleep.


How do you supply raw materials?

İpeker continues to cooperate

with suppliers for the Vegan

Silk collection, which is the best

alternative to silk and even

superior to silk, according to the

criteria it calls Fine Raw Material.

Oekotex provides production

with a program that can be

traced with certificates such as

GRS, FSC, LCA, yarn selection,

the use of dyes and chemicals

with 100% ZDHC complianc and

the selection of machine parks

suitable for eco-criteria. Our

raw materials are originated

from Japan, Italy and Germany.

Reduction of combined transfer

carbon footprint is provided

for raw materials from different


I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

What do you think is the main

reason for this situation?

The most important factor that

distinguishes İpeker Home products

in the luxury segment is

to make it a sustainable focal

point with luxury coming from


Which countries do you export

to? Also, what is the ratio of your

exports to your total sales?

We sell to many countries, especially

America, Italy, Germany,

Spain. 92% of İpeker Home’s

sales are exports. We are a

company that received the most

environmentally friendly export

champion award. This achievement

makes us proud.

Finally, I would like to learn about

your goals in the sector.

Our goal is to emphasize the

importance of the story behind

the products used by the

ultimate consumer. We provide

the economic, social, environmental

and ethical conditions of

sustainability with transparency

in every product. We carry out

the strategic management of

our company with the v2 version

Blue Balance Sustainability


The Blue Balance Sustainability

Programme advocates that

all living things between the

sky and the oceans should live

fairly. Ultimate consumer wants

products with innovative features

and added value on the

basis of ethical understanding.

In this sense, we fully and

correctly provide all the rights

of our employees. We give our

customers the guarantee of our

product quality. Our goal is to

always move forward on this





IMM Cologne identifies

the best trends

The company researches and presents the best trends for

consumers to have comfortable and stylish designs.

The way we live is important

to us. An ever-increasing

number of people are thinking

about how they can make

their lives and their homes

more sustainable and considering

where they should live,

who they should live with,

what the way their homes are

furnished says about them and

how their homes need to look

for them to feel comfortable.

The Interior Business Event


imm cologne not only demonstrates

the inventiveness of furniture makers

– it is also a reflection of current

interiors trends.

That’s why imm cologne is highlighting

the latest trends affecting

different areas of the home in its

TV-format trend.briefings, broadcast

at intervals throughout the year.

The next trend.briefing will focus on


The subject of sleep has been a

firm fixture at imm cologne for many

years, not only as a stand-alone

themed area but also within the

portfolios of many exhibitors across

all the other halls. In recent times,

the bedroom has evolved into a

full-blown living space for a growing

number of people and is increasing-

Excellence in quality & quantity

Orthopedic Viscoelastic Knee Pillow

Orthopedic Viscoelastic Seat Cushion

Orthopedic Viscoelastic Pillow

Matress Fabric

Mattress Protector

Mattress Case


Headquarters: Bağlar Mah. 63. Sok. Erdinç Binaları N.3/31 K.5 Bağcılar - İstanbul

Branch: Demirtaş OSB Mustafa Karaer Cad. N.37 Osmangazi - Bursa

Branch: Orhangazi Mah. 1656. Sok. N.14 K.11 Esenyurt - İstanbul


ly being styled along holistic

lines. imm cologne will introduce

important new products,

experts and opinions to

highlight the three important

trends the team has identified

in the sleep segment whose

relevance will extend far beyond

the current interiors year.

The three developments in the

bedroom have been labelled

as Sleep in Style, Sleep Sustainably

and Sleep Better –

three trends with an enormous

impact on a growing market.

To coincide with the trend.

briefing broadcast, a content

folder containing the trend

news will be available in “the

magazine by imm cologne”


and in the news section of

the imm cologne website.

Global Competence in Furniture,

Interiors and Design:

Koelnmesse is the world’s top

trade fair organiser for the

areas of furnishing, living and

lifestyle. At the trade fair hub

of Cologne, the leading international

fair imm cologne as

well as the trade fair formats

of LivingKitchen, ORGATEC,

spoga+gafa, interzum and

Kind + Jugend rank among the

internationally renowned and

established industry meeting


These fairs comprehensively

represent the upholstered and

case furniture segment, the

kitchen industry, the office

furniture sector and outdoor

living as well as the innovations

of the furniture supply

industry. Over the last few

years, Koelnmesse has specifically

added international

fairs in the most important

fast-expanding markets to its

portfolio. These include idd

Shanghai, interzum bogotá in

Bogotá, interzum guangzhou in

Guangzhou and Pueri Expo in

São Paulo. With ambista, the

online portal for the interiors

business, Koelnmesse offers

direct access to products,

contacts, expertise and events

relevant to the industry all

year round.






Automatic packaging machine

for mattresses and toppers


and much more…

Specialized in design, customization and production

of packaging machinery for different sectors

Visit us at interzum@home

from 04.05 to 07.05 2021



Nano Yay supports its

customers in global


By using its resources in the most efficient way, the company stands

by its consumers in global competition areas. Nano Yay, which

acts with a reliable and honest principle, draws attention with its

sustainable philosophy in development.

Nano Yay is one of the leading

companies in the sector

with its qualified personnel and

investing in technology since

its establishment. Adopting the

principle of customer satisfaction

unconditionally, the company

offers the best quality products

and services to its global

customer network. The company

continues to make a difference

with its effective work in the

field of mattresses and furniture.

The company, which is a supplier

company that helps its

customers in global competition,

stands out with its philosophy

of continuous development,

dynamic and high quality standards.

The company adopts the

mission of being an environmentally

friendly, reliable and

honest business that respects

ethical rules by using the resources

of the society in the

most efficient way. We received

information about the achievements

and targets of Nano Yay,

which is sensitive to environment

and successful in its field,

from the Chairman of the Board,

Serkan Kır.


How did your journey in the

industry begin and how is it

going now? I would like to start

my questions by getting general

information about your plans and


I started my 1st job in 2004 in

this sector as an export sales

representative. After 10 years

experience I decided to start

with my own company which is

Nano Yay SAN. ve TIC. LTD. STI.

When I first begin the idea was

to produce something special

and innovative for the industry

depends on that first investment

made for “Tablet Pocket

Springs” production line. This

product is World Smallest Pocket

Springs which is providing

unrivalled comfort compared to

other materials. We have invested

a lot over the years and

today wire processing capacity

reached to 12.000 tons / per

year. We continue production in

2 factories on a total of 7000

m2 closed area.

Can I get information about your

production capacity and product

range? Also, I’m curious about

your usage areas.

Nano Springs has got wide

range of spring products which

are bonnel coils, bonnel units,

standart pocket spring units,

micro pocket springs, mini

pocket spring and tablet pocket

springs. We have 1000 tons

bonnell coils, 1.000.000 pcs

bonnell units, 1.000.000 pcs

pocket units and 250.00 units

tablet pocket springs production

capacity per year. Our products

are used in mattress and sofa


Which of your products are the

most demanded?

Our tablet pocket springs ,

pocket springs and bonnell

springs products are more appreciated

by our customers.

What kind of R&D and innovation

studies do you have? Do you think

the industry needs more different


In recent years, consumers have

become more conscious and

aware of innovations thanks to

the internet. Accordingly, manufacturers

must constantly offer

innovative and different products.

As a spring manufacturer,


we support our partners by

developing innovative and different

products. Our R&D team

always follows the latest technological

machines and works to

design innovative products with

customer feedback.

How do you supply raw materials?

We have good and reliable

suppliers and providing most

of raw materials from Domestic

market. Some of raw materials

importing from Europe which are

not manufacturing in Turkey.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe

this situation?

As Nano spring, our main principles

are quality products and

delivery on time. Due to that

we are using selected and standart

raw materials and always

invested for latest technological

machineries. Quality control

checking starting from beginning

to the end. We are serving consistent

quality control and innovative

products this makes our

products different from others.

Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target in

2021? Also, what is the ratio of

your exports to your total sales?

Nano Springs exporting %95

of production capacity. Mainly

exporting Europe and Balkan

countries. We would like to

expand our export to US market

and Benelux countries in 2021.

Finally, what are your biggest

goals in the industry?

Our target to be a one of the

leading and well known company

in the world with an innovative



Punteks grows with

quality, trust and

customer satisfaction

Building its strategy on customer satisfaction, the company

plans to further develop its efficient production with its

expert team. Punteks contributes to the country’s economy by

exporting its quality products to all over the world.

Founded in 1995 for the recycling

of textile wastes, Punteks

opened a felt line with the

best technology in 2006 with a

new investment. The company

makes use of the bonding of

synthetic fibers such as polypropylene

or polyester bicomponents

at low melting temperatures.

The company, which produces

felt at the best quality standards,

uses its felts in the

white goods and automotive

sectors. Punteks sends more

than half of its production

to many

parts of

the world,


to European


The company,

which has various

test devices to

determine the standard

of felt quality, also draws

attention as a company with

advanced laboratories.

The company continues to work

meticulously to meet the needs




its customers in

the sector. Constantly

following the changing

demands of the sector

and its customers, Punteks

has built its strategy on

quality, trust and customer

satisfaction. We talked

to the General Manager of

the company, Hüseyin Karakaya,

about the future goals of Punteks,

which wants to maintain

its efficient production approach

and to increase its production



First of all, can you give

some information about your

organization, please? I’m also

curious about your production area

and production power.

We were established in 1995

with the aim of recycling textile

wastes. In 2006, we launched

the felt line, which includes the

best technological innovations.

We have the power to produce

felt in weights between 500 gr/

m2 and 3500 gr/m2. We manufacture

by bonding (thermobonding)

synthetic fibers such as felt

line, polypropylene or polyester

bicomponents by utilizing low

melting temperatures.

The felts produced are used in

the white goods, automotive,

furniture and construction industries.

Punteks Tekstil, which

is established on an area of

30.000 m2 in Torbalı, of which

15.000 m2 is closed, makes

50% of its production for

European countries. Thanks to

our understanding of superior

quality and our expert team,

we send our products to many

different countries. We offer a

global partnership to all our


Could you please give information

about your production capacity

and product range?

With our production capacity

of 1000 tons per month, we

produce izogreen for sound

insulation for the white goods

industry, thermoplastic felt for

sound and heat insulation for

the automotive industry, temnobond

felt for sound and heat

insulation for the construction

industry, and thermobond felt

for the furniture industry. We

sell these products at home and


What are your most requested


We are pleased with the in-


terest of our customers in our

products. Our non-combustible

product, which we produce for

white goods, and our isogreen

product, the patent of which

belongs to our company, are in

great demand. The felt we produce

for the furniture industry is

also appreciated by our domestic

and international customers.

We know that you are open to

innovative products. In this sense,

what kind of R&D and innovation

studies do you have?

We attach great importance to

innovation. Our Izogreen product

emerged with an innovation

study and is highly appreciated.

How do you supply raw materials?

Our raw materials consist of

recycling the residues of important

textile factories. We

process textile wastes in our

sister company’s factory in Uşak

and make them suitable for our


our balanced price policy is one

of our other features that make

our company stand out.

Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target in

2021? Also, what is the ratio of

your exports to your total sales?

We export to the Balkans and

the Arabian peninsula, especially

to European countries. We

would like to add the Americas

and Asia continents to these

countries this year. Our export

rate is 50% for now, and we

want to increase this rate to

60% by the end of next year.

We do everything in a planned

way. For this reason, we have

no doubt that we will increase

our export level even more.

As a company that attaches

great importance to quality and

customer satisfaction, what are

your goals in the sector?

We want to increase our sales

and production capacity in the

next three years. That’s why we

invested in a new line. With

this investment, we aim to

increase our capacity by 50%

and increase our export share

to 60%.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe this


Our priority is quality. That’s

why we stand out in terms of

quality in the sector. On the

other hand, we provide timely

supply and quick reaction to

customer demands. In addition,


Nerteks is at the top

with its fast, dynamic

and active structure

The company, which is open to development and feeds on

technology, manages to be one of the brands at the top of the sector

with its experienced and expert infrastructure.

Founded in 1969, Nerteks is

one of Turkey’s most well-established

and leading industrial

sewing thread manufacturers.

The company, with its wide

product range, sends industrial

yarns and textile by-products

to Turkey and the whole world.

Nerteks, which has been continuing

its production in the

yarn production factory established

on an area of 12.000 m²

in Istanbul since 1999, offers

the sector’s best quality sewing

thread with rich color, variety

and thickness options.

The company, which closely

follows all the developments in

the world and works in cooperation

with the leading manufacturers

of the sector, uses

high technology to develop its

products. Nerteks carries out its

production in an environmentally

friendly factory. The company,

which has the OEKO-TEX 100

certificate, brings a solution

suitable for all kinds of needs

with its conscious production

approach. We talked to Merve

Erdoğan Som, Member of the

Board of Nerteks, which attaches

great importance to R&D

and innovation, about the goals

of the company.


How did you start the industry?

Could you please give general

information about your plans and


Nerteks was established in

Istanbul as the first textile

by-products market of the sector

and has expanded its production

and sales network over the

years. I started working in our

company with the support of my

dear mentor and father, Saim

Erdoğan. First, I participated in

international business meetings

and fairs and my journey in

the industry began. Today, as

Nerteks, we develop the most

innovative yarn types in the

industry and offer them to the

whole world. It is an honor to

be a part of the management

of a respected, reliable, sustainable

and innovative company

both at home and abroad.

Nerteks is getting bigger every

year and aims to grow. We

continue to work on further

expanding our export network

and delivering our products to

all continents in 2021. At the

same time, we have made

many new investments that will

increase our production capacity

in line with the demands.

We like to make use of high

technology and we have added

state-of-the-art machines of the

leading brands in the sector to

our factory in order to maximize

our quality and increase our

production speed. On the other

hand, we increased our stocks

and established a new warehouse

to strengthen our distribution

network. We started to

receive the return of all these

investments. I predict that we

will achieve great success as

Nerteks next year.

I would like to receive information

about your production capacity

and product range.

We have a wide range of sewing

threads in terms of variety,

thickness and color. Diversity is

very important to us. Nertex,

serves different needs from a

single location, and this is one

of our company’s primary goals.

We have many different types

of high-strength fiber yarns,

fire-resistant, anti-bacterial,

reflective. We also have a paint

shop, so we can easily access

unlimited color options.

Our usage areas are very

wide. We are in every field

you can imagine sewing. Our

products in ready-to-wear, home

textiles, furniture, mattresses,

quilting, shoes, bags, automobiles,

workwear, outdoor, sports

equipment, military equipment

and maritime equipment are

used especially in the bedding

industry for upside-down quilting

(looper, cocoon machines) edge


Which of your products are the

most demanded?

Our CF polyester, poly poly,

poly cotton, spun polyester

and cocoon yarns are in high

demand. All of our products are

loved and demanded both in

our country and abroad.


How is your R&D and innovation

work going? What kind of research

are you doing on this subject?

We attach importance to developing

special technical yarns for

the needs of the sectors. While

developing a new product, we

closely follow all the developments

in the world and we

prefer to work in cooperation

with the leading manufacturers

of the sector. In this direction,

we have developed fire resistant

(para aramid, meta aramid)

and anti-bacterial products in

recent years.

The speed of the machine

we use in the production of

mattresses has increased. For

this reason, we increase the

strength of our yarns every day

in order to obtain maximum

efficiency from production. Thus,

we develop products that are

resistant to heat and speed.

On the other hand, we are

very happy about environmentally

friendly products, which

we have been working hard

on and achieving great success

with in recent days. It is very

important for us to maintain

the human-ecosystem balance,

to use our resources correctly

and responsibly, and to produce

products that meet the needs

of future generations. We tend

towards natural and renewable

resources as much as possible.

The most important elements of

sustainability are definitely research

and innovation activities.

That’s why we research and

work hard to protect our nature.

Our industry is very open to

development and is developing

and growing every day. Therefore,

I think that new needs will

always arise. As I mentioned

before, there will be many new

developments especially in order

to provide homeostasis and

protect the ecosystem. Green

chemistry, less waste, natural

and nature-friendly materials,

more durable and long-lasting

products that reduce the amount

of consumption will come to

the fore. We follow all developments

and needs closely and

work to design new products.

How do you supply raw materials?

We are sensitive about raw

material supply. We test all our

raw materials both in our own

laboratory and in organizations


approved by various international

industry. In addition to

the durability and quality of our

raw materials, another important

issue we are sensitive about

is environmental friendliness.

Therefore, we carry out our raw

material procurement by keeping

these factors in mind.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe this


I can say that the most important

factors that make us

different and prioritized are our

experience and innovative approach.

Nerteks has more than

50 years of experience. We

have a certain quality standard.

Therefore, we never compromise

on quality. In addition, we are

a reliable brand and we know

the current needs of the industry

very well. Thus, we meet

the new needs of the sector.

On the other hand, we are an

institution that is open to innovations

and gives importance

to research and development.

We love technology and follow

the developments all the time.

I think that we have a fast,

dynamic, active and solution-oriented

team that takes us to a

different point. I can say that

we achieve a beautiful harmony

between the past and the


Finally, what are your biggest

goals for the sector?

Of course, we have many

goals. We will continue to

provide the sector with quality

products that will increase

productivity and our biggest

goal is to make this quality

easily accessible all over the

world. We want to serve more

manufacturers by expanding our

export network every day.


Armador Mühendislik

Makina aspires to be at the

best point

Rising in the sector with its active and diverse working areas,

the company trusts its technological structure and aims to be at

the top of the sector.

Founded in 2013 within Teknokent,

Armador Mühendislik

Makina is a Start-Up R&D company.

The company, which is

preferred for its technological

infrastructure and expert staff,

brings many new products

to the sector. The company,

which entered the mattress

industry in 2019, both designs

and manufactures machines.

As Armador Makina, the rapidly

developing company in the

mattress industry serves not

only in the field of machinery,

but also in the supply of

know-how and raw materials.

The company has been meeting

the bonnel spring needs

of its customers with the

Armadoryay company since

2017 and aims to continue its

production on fully automatic

lines. We received information

about the structure and

goals of the company from

Ersin Berberoğlu, the founding

partner of Armador Makina,

which draws attention with its

vision and strong plans for the


First of all, how did you enter the

sector and how many years have

you been continuing production as

Armador Mühendislik Makina?

Armador Mühendislik Makina is

a start-up R&D company established

within Teknokent in


2013. Since our establishment,

we have been providing high

value-added products from the

metal sector to the furniture

sector on boutique machinery

manufacturing and software

in line with the needs of our

customers. Our company, which

has started to design and

manufacture machines for the

mattress industry since 2019,

is rapidly expanding its product


We provide mattress manufacturers

not only with machinery,

but also with know-how and

raw material supply. We also

respond to Bonel spring needs

with our Armadoryay company,

which was established in

2017. Among our future plans,

we do not want to produce

only mattress production machines.

At the same time, we

aim to establish production

lines that can carry out the

production of base, which is

sold as a set, on fully automatic


Could you please give information

about your production capacity and

product range? I would also like to

learn about your usage areas.

We realize our projects such

as Wood Cnc Router, fully

automatic ironing board pro-


duction line, fully automatic

drying production line, fully

automatic wood varnishing and

drying line, robotic feeding

and stacking systems, image

processing, material counting

and quality control systems.

We have automatic production

lines, press, hotmelt bridges,

mattress edge sealing machine,

packaging and rollpack

systems in line with the needs

of the customers in the mattress

sector. Our products are

used in many areas from the

furniture industry to the mattress

industry, from the paper

industry to the metal industry.

Which product is the most

preferred among Armador

Mühendislik Makina’s products?

MATE-4001 is the most demanded

product among our

products. It is a mattress edge

sealing machine that benefits

both the machine operator

and the maintenance technician.

Automatic production

lines configured in different

production capacities are also

among our products demanded

by our customers.


What kind of work do you have

for the further development of the

sector? Do you do joint projects

on this subject? Also, I’m curious

about your ideas on shaping

products with the demands of the

new generation.

We work not only on machine-oriented

but also on

material and process-oriented

innovative projects in the sector.

In this context, our regular

meetings and projects with

Erciyes University Biomedical

Engineering, Industrial Design

Engineering and ETTO (Erciyes

Technology Transfer Office)

continue. We believe that

there is a need for companies

that produce as final products

in the mattress industry and

shape their products with the

requirements of the Z and Alpha

generation. We also want

companies that combine visual

design and advanced technology

to gain more importance.

How do you supply raw materials?

We have a strong mutual trust

relationship with our suppliers.

We primarily work with companies

that develop themselves

in innovative materials. We

have alternative suppliers in

almost every material group.

Thus, we are able to ensure

the supply of raw materials

safely and according to our

wishes. This is one of the

most important points for us.

its design. Our company

comes together with the

maintenance-repair personnel,

quality control personnel and

production managers of the

companies and offers a common

solution that satisfies the

entire company.

I would like to learn about your

goals as a company that is open to


Our company invests a lot in

R&D. We plan to use these

investments and our experience

from other sectors more

effectively in mattress manufacturing

machines. Thus, we

believe that we will become

one of the leading companies

in the sector. We continue our

efforts with great concentration

to carry our company, which

always deserves to be at the

top, to the best point.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

What do you think is the main

reason for this situation?

Armador, which makes boutique

production instead of

mass production model, first

understands the thoughts of

its customers and reshapes


Zolytech Machinery

stands out from its


Working with the principle of superior quality and sustainable

efficiency, the company manages to stay ahead of its competitors

in every sense.

Located in Dongguan city of

China, Zolytech Machinery is

a hi-tech enterprise, which is

professional in manufacturing

mattress machines and garment

quilting machines and home

textile machines. At present,

its main products include

computerized multi-needle and

single-needle quilting machine

series, mattress spring machine

series and quilting embroidery


Thanks to its advanced production

line and complete quality

control system, the company has

ISO 9001:2000 certificate, and

all its products are above the

CE certificate. Strong in both

machinery and software, Zolytech

Machinery uses the best

technology for its machines. The

company, which closely follows

all developments in production,

also has an expert R&D and

innovation team.

On the other hand, having a

professional international sales

team and 24-hour online service

team, Zolytech Machinery provides

fast technical support and

service for customers all over

the world. The company enjoys

a high reputation in the world

for its high efficiency, easy operation

and stable performance.

We received information about

the company from Cameron Luo,

Export Manager of Zolytech


Machinery, which attaches great

importance to quality management,

fast after-sales service

and continuous innovation. Cameron

Luo also talked about the

company’s goals and work.

How did your journey in the

industry begin and how is it

going now? I would like to start

my questions by getting general

information about your plans and


We established Zolytech Machinery

in 2016 after having more

than ten years of experience

in this field. In the first three

years we were doing well, but

in 2020 it became very tough

due to covid-19, no expositions,

no visitors, the world seemed

to be stuck and our sales revenue

decreased by 30% against

the previous year. In 2021, with

the well-controlled situation of

covid-19 by Chinese government,

we returned to growth. Our

sales revenue is expected to

reach 9 million dollars, which is

30% growth from 2019.

Can I get information about your

production capacity and product


We are focused on mattress industry,

especially in the quilting

sector. Such as quilting machine,

hemming machine, fabric cutting

machine and automatic mattress

production line. Every year we

produce about 500 machines.

Which of your products are the

most demanded?

Mattress quilting machine and

cutting machine are among our

most demanded products.

We know that you are open to

innovative products. In this sense,

what kind of R&D and innovation

studies do you have? Do you think

the industry needs more different


Innovation and quality are

always our top priority. We

have long term cooperation with

Shenzhen University in the automation

technology. During this

mechanism, we have become

the first who published the

half inch function and slitting

function on Computerized Multi


Needle Quilting Machine, and

Single Needle Quilting Machine

with hemming function.

We have long way to go to

reach real no-labor factory,

therefor there is plenty innovation

we have to make. We will

never stop our steps.

How do you supply raw materials?

We have a global supply chain

to guarantee the high quality of

all our products, such as Panasonic,

Delta, Simmons, Schneider

and some Chinese first class


I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe this


We are top five factory in the

world among our competitors,

the main reasons we think are

on-going innovation on our

products. 99% quality and 50%

or even less price than European

competitors. The best after

sale service.

Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target in

2021? Also, what is the ratio of

your exports to your total sales?

Our products are widely exported

to Europe, Middle

East, the Africa continent,

Asia, South Amer- i-

ca. We will be

more focused

on Europe

Middle East

market. Our

goal in 2021

is a turnover

of 9 million

dollars with an

export rate of


Finally, what are your biggest

goals for the sector?

Our goal is to be able to develop

a real no-labor factory in

the future.





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Robatech reaches

the whole world

with its 35 years

of experience

Continuing its journey in the sector with its expert team and

understanding that never compromises on quality, the company

exports to all over the world with its success in hot and cold glue


Robatech has been operating

in Turkey for 18 years as a

world-leading Swiss manufacturer

of gluing technology systems for

packaging, graphics, hygiene,

textile, wood, construction,

automotive and various other

industries. The company, which

enables its customers to produce

more economically with

its efficient systems, aims to

reduce energy consumption by

producing innovative products.

Robatech succeeds in being the

solution partner of its customers

with its worldwide quality glue

application system and innovative


Providing reliable service with

its trained engineers and best

practice maintenance activities,

the company provides professional

support to its consumers

all over the world. Robatech

continues to work for hot and

cold glue applications with its

35 years of experience in the

sector. We talked to Hakan

Tanrıöven, Sales Manager of the

company, which never compromises

on innovation, quality

and efficiency to produce the

most useful products. Tanrıöven

talked about Robatech’s experience

in the sector and its

working power spread all over

the world.

First of all, as one of the

experienced brands in the sector,

I would like to learn about your

plans and projects.

As Robatech Glue Technologies,

we entered our 25th year in

Turkey. We have been serving

Turkish Industry and Industrial

production power for a quarter

of a century. We are at a very

important point in the industry.

We never compromise on quality

with 35 years of experience.

We are known in the industry

by reaching our goals step by

step. Of course, we have big

plans for the future and we

continue to work to realize

these plans. I have been in

this industry for 21 years and


we are striving to be successful

with our expert team.

Could you please give information

about your production capacity

and product range? Also, what are

your usage areas?

We are a multinational company

based in Switzerland. We have

sales and service organizations

in 90 countries. We manufacture

industrial glue application

machinery and equipment. Our

products are used in many

industries such as packaging,

mattress, furniture, automotive,

converting, hygiene, printing,

textile, construction and electronics.

Which of your products are the

most demanded?

Many of our products are requested

by our customers. There

is a great interest in almost every

product of ours but our Concept

30 Diamond model piston

pump glue tanks, especially in

the mattress industry, are more

preferred by our customers. Of

course, we try to provide the

best service to our customers in

return for this interest.

What would you like to say about

your R&D and innovation studies?

Do you think the industry needs

more different products?

The mattress industry is a rapidly

advancing and constantly

evolving industry in terms of

innovative products. As Robatech,

we also offer new products

to the market for the needs of

our customers. In the future, we

will launch a new application

head, especially in the field

of hotmelt application. We are

constantly striving to produce

new products. We continue our

work in this area with great


Why do your customers choose

you? What are the differences

between you and your competitors

in the industry?

There are many reasons that

make us different in the industry.

“Green Gluing”, our

company motto, stands for

innovations, efficiency, services

and sustainability. We develop

innovative solutions and useful

methods to optimize glue

applications. We provide our

customers with technological

advantages and increase their

competitiveness. Our aim is

to continue in line with our

principles. We always make use

of the best technology with our

structure that does not compromise

on quality. These factors

make us stand out.

Which countries do you export to?

As a sales and service network

that manages the Turkish

market, we are a company that

imports heavily.

You are a company that cares

about customer satisfaction and

makes use of the best technology.

You have a structure that

works and constantly looks to

the future. In this direction, i

would like to learn about your

target in the sector.

Our primary goal is to provide

quality and cost-effective Robatech

products to all our customers

and to maintain customer

satisfaction at the highest level.

This goal is very important to

me. If i satisfy my customers,

i have no doubt that i will

achieve success more clearly.


Polifelt aims

to be at the

top in felt


Drawing attention

with its expert

team and efficient

work, the company

continues to take

firm steps forward

to be at the top in

the felt industry.

Founded in 2020 by the

founders of Polifelt Fiber Company,

Politeks started production

in three shifts, 24 hours

a day, with fully domestic

production machines with its

experienced and expert team.

Having made a quick start in

the non-woven industry, the

company managed to increase

its monthly production capacity

from 650 tons to 1300

tons. Planning to increase the

capacity of the company with

2 production lines, Polifelt’s

General Manager Murat Cengiz

stated that they are assertive

in the felt sector and talked

about their targets.

“Our goal is to establish 4 felt


Polifelt General Manager

Murat Cengiz stated that they

always desire the better and

work with the best team and

emphasized that they are

processing 2000 tons of raw

materials per month in the

Polifelt Fiber section, which

are group companies. Murat

Cengiz, “As a result, we are

doing 3300 tons of transactions

in our group companies.

In a short time, we will be at

the top among the companies

that continue to operate in

our sector with our numbers

and tonnage. Our goal is

to establish 4 felt lines and

reach 2600 tons. Also, we will

process 3000 tons of raw materials

as fiber with our group

company Polifelt in 2023,” he


Expressing that they are a

company preferred by companies

producing mattresses and

carpets in a very short time,

Murat Cengiz added that they

are extremely happy with their




ticking’s new and

assertive player:

Kayserili Tekstil

Being one of the

most important

companies in the

textile industry, the

company wants to

continue its success

in mattress ticking.

Kayserili Tekstil

aims to be at a

different point with

its high quality and

innovative standard

in mattress ticking.

Adopting development and

growth in the textile industry

as a company policy, Kayserili

Tekstil was established in Bursa

in 1995 as a small fabric store.

Passionately and decisively, the

company wants to continue to

be one of the most important

companies in the sector by making

larger and better quality investments

in the future. Kayserili

Tekstil supplies quality fabrics

to leading clothing and home

textile companies with an average

of 10,000 tons of yarn and

fabric per year. The company,

which does not compromise on

its corporate values and world

quality standards in production,

achieves great success with its

knitting machines.

The company continues its development

with new ideas and

new research. Having the best

quality in each of its products,

Kayserili Tekstil plans to be successful

in the production of mattress

ticking. We talked to Ufuk

Kanar, the General Manager of

the company, which is open to

development and makes use

of technological products. Ufuk

Kanar stated that they are also

assertive about mattress ticking

and underlined that they always

try to make better products.


Nurettin Oruç

Chairman of the Board of the company

First of all, I want to ask you about

the pandemic period. How did you

manage that critical period?

There was great pessimism in

the markets at the beginning of

the pandemic period. Almost everyone

was talking about disaster

scenarios. There was a great

astonishment, but when we look

at human history, such situations

have always happened. It looks

like it will continue to exist. We

never panicked in this process

and, we believed that crises

would generate opportunities as

well. In this sense, we made


“We will establish better

integrated facilities in

Bursa and Kayseri in


You thought that crises would

bring opportunities and you made

plans. I want to learn about your

plans, let’s open this topic a little


Yes, we have made many plans and

we want to take our steps strongly.

We know that we will work on

every subject and achieve success


by making the right moves. For this

reason, we made our investments to

establish better integrated facilities

in Kayseri and Bursa in 2021. We

did not stop during the pandemic

period and thought about what we

can do. I hope we will also get the

reward for this.

You have many investments. How

do you supply raw materials?

We started our yarn texturing

production in Kayseri in 2016.

With the increase in our machine

park, we produce 300 tons of yarn

per month. After the physical and

chemical controls required in our

texturing laboratories, we use 90%

of the yarns we produce ourselves.

We serve many manufacturers in the

market with our single-cover and

twisting facility. In addition, we will

start our vortex viscose production

at the end of 2021.

“Our position is very solid”

How do you see your position in

the market?

We increased our machine park by

establishing better integrated facilities

every day. We have always

followed the developing technology

closely and made our plans according

to the changing conditions. We

focused on our customers in the

domestic and foreign markets in the

global world. While doing these, we

never compromised on quality. We

also show that we are environmentally

friendly by making extremely

environmentally friendly production.

I see our place very solid because

we work and want to be one of

the best companies.

You said that you wanted to be one

of the best companies. What kind

of goals do you have?

We are a company that constantly

makes its goals come true. For

this reason, we always need to

renew our goals. We are among

the successful companies we look at

the conditions in Turkey. We have

achieved great success with our production

in the field of weaving and

yarn. Likewise, we have big goals

in mattress ticking fabric production

because we want to be the leader

of the market with our strong and

ambitious production facilities.

You have many successes in the

industry. What is your biggest


We do all kinds of production from

raw materials to finished products.

This is the biggest secret in our

success. We are a company that is

open to innovation in every sense.

For this reason, we follow technological

developments closely. We work

in a human-oriented manner and try

to see the future according to the

wishes and desires. As a result, we

direct the future.


“We work with an

expert staff”

You are one of the few companies

in the sector. Your production and

your perspective to the future

make you different in every sense.

When we look at your production

process, do you encounter any

problems in this area?

We take our precautions to avoid

any problems. Therefore, I would

like to sincerely say that we do

not encounter any major problems

in our production process. We work

with an expert staff and keep our

machine park always the same. In

particular, we do not use machines

more than 5 years old. After all

these, it is very normal not to encounter

any problems.

Finally, I wonder about your

export target?

We have grown 50 times in the

last 5 years. We want to see this

growth in exports as well. We aim

to increase the number of countries

we export to in the European market.

We think to grow and develop

in every sense. We want to take

our place in the American market,

which has a population of 330

million. In this sense, we have done

all our work and we are taking our

steps very carefully.


A global overview of

the felt textile market

Felt is a man-made fabric, which

is produced from natural/synthetic

fibers. Most man-made fabrics

are generally woven. However, in

several cases, synthetic fibers are

also used. A felted fabric is manufactured

through compression and

matting of fibers. Fibers are often

pressed together by using heat,

moisture, and a lot of pressure

and a highly dense fabric consisting

of permanently interlocked

fibers is obtained.

Two types of felts are available

in the market: natural and syn-


thetic. Among these, synthetic

felts are extensively used, owing

to their easy availability.

Main factors of the felt market

The eco-friendly nature of textile

felt is expected to augment the

demand for textile felt garments

among customers in the near

future. A majority of felt fabrics

can be recycled. In the Netherlands

alone, consumers and

businesses generated 240 million

kilograms of textile waste in

2018. Of this, 130 million kilograms

of textile waste is used

to manufacture felt garments.

Recyclability of textile felt is

expected to boost the demand

for textile felt across the globe

during the forecast period.

Increased usage of felt fabrics in

architectural buildings is another

factor driving the global textile

felt market. In modern buildings,

usage of textile felts can be

observed on decorative elements,

wall coverings, and furniture.

Textile felts are soft and they

provide an aesthetic appeal to

the object.


Susceptibility of Felt Garments

to Moth Damage to Hamper


Clothing made from felt is

prone to damage caused by

moth. When felt is worn close

to the body, the felt material

absorbs sweat and moisture,

which are the primary

water sources for moth. As

moth feeds on the clothing,

it forms holes in the fabric,

which can ruin the garment.

This factor can restrain the

global textile felt market in

the near future.

Asia Pacific to Hold a Major

Share of Global Textile Felt


In terms of region, the global

textile felt market can be

divided into North America,

Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin

America, and Middle East

& Africa. Supportive government

regulations in China

and India, which are aimed

at promoting investments in

their respective textile manufacturing

sectors, are expected

to boost the textile felt

market in Asia Pacific during

the forecast period. China



is a world-leading producer

and exporter of raw textiles

and garments. Textile has

been a prominent industry in

China over several years. The

textile industry in the country

has been flourishing, due to

the low cost of labor, availability

of land at a low cost,

supportive government policies,

large domestic consumer

market, and abundant availability

of human resources.

The expanding textile industry

in Asia Pacific, especially in

China and India, is projected

to propel the textile felt market

in the region during the

forecast period.

India has abundant availability

of raw materials such as

cotton, wool, silk, and jute.


This has boosted the textile

industry in the country. Significant

investments have been

made by the Government of

India under the Scheme for

Integrated Textile Parks (SITPs)

and Technology Upgradation

Fund to encourage more investments

by the private sector

and train workforce.

In terms of demand, Asia Pacific

held a leading share of the

global textile felt market in

2018, followed by North America

and Europe. The textile &

apparel industry in Canada is

well established. It has successfully

transformed from traditional

mass production to the

development of technical and

non-woven textiles. Growth of

the textile & apparel industry

in the country is projected to

fuel the textile felt market in

North America in the next few


The market in Latin America

and Middle East & Africa

is estimated to expand at

a moderate pace during the

forecast period. The textile &

apparel industry in Mexico has

been expanding steadily. This

factor is projected to drive the

demand for textile felt in Latin

America during the forecast



Global Textile Felt Market, by Raw


Natural Raw Material

Wool, animal fur.

Synthetic Raw Material

Acrylic, polyester, rayon, rayon/viscose


Global Textile Felt Market, by


Clothing, footwear, rugs, tents, craft


Global Textile Felt Market, by Region

North America

USA, Canada.


Germany, France, U.K. Italy, Spain,

Russia & CIS, Rest of Europe.

Asia Pacific

China, Japan, India, ASEAN, Rest of

Asia Pacific.

Latin America

Brazil, Mexico, Rest of Latin America.

Middle East & Africa

GCC, South Africa. Rest of Middle East

& Africa.

The report offers a comprehensive

evaluation of the market. It does

so via in-depth qualitative insights,

historical data, and verifiable projections

about market size. The projections

featured in the report have

been derived using proven research

methodologies and assumptions. By

doing so, the research report serves

as a repository of analysis and

information for every facet of the

market, including but not limited to:

Regional markets, technology, types,

and applications.


The study is a source of reliable data on:

Market segments and sub-segments, market trends and dynamics,

supply and demand, market size, current trends/opportunities/

challenges, competitive landscape, technological breakthroughs,

value chain and stakeholder analysis. The report has been

compiled through extensive primary research (through interviews,

surveys, and observations of seasoned analysts) and secondary

research (which entails reputable paid sources, trade journals,

and industry body databases). The report also features a complete

qualitative and quantitative assessment by analyzing data

gathered from industry analysts and market participants across

key points in the industry’s value chain.


A separate analysis of prevailing

trends in the parent market,

macro- and micro-economic

indicators, and regulations and

mandates is included under the

purview of the study. By doing

so, the report projects the attractiveness

of each major segment

over the forecast period.

Highlights of the report:

• A complete backdrop

analysis, which includes an

assessment of the parent


• Important changes in market


• Market segmentation up to

the second or third level

• Historical, current, and projected

size of the market

from the standpoint of both

value and volume

• Reporting and evaluation

of recent industry developments

• Market shares and strategies

of key players

• Emerging niche segments

and regional markets

• An objective assessment of

the trajectory of the market

• Recommendations to companies

for strengthening their

foothold in the market

Note: Although care has been

taken to maintain the highest

levels of accuracy in TMR’s re-


ports, recent market/vendor-specific

changes may take time to

reflect in the analysis.

This study by TMR is all-encompassing

framework of the dynamics

of the market. It mainly

comprises critical assessment of

consumers’ or customers’ journeys,

current and emerging avenues,

and strategic framework

to enable CXOs take effective


Our key underpinning is the

4-Quadrant Framework EIRS that

offers detailed visualization of

four elements:

Customer Experience Maps

Insights and Tools based on

data-driven research

Actionable Results to meet all

the business priorities

Strategic Frameworks to boost the

growth journey

The study strives to evaluate

the current and future growth

prospects, untapped avenues,

factors shaping their revenue

potential, and demand and

consumption patterns in the

global market by breaking it

into region-wise assessment.

The following regional segments

are covered comprehensively:

North America, Asia Pacific, Europe,

Latin America, The Middle

East and Africa.

The EIRS quadrant framework

in the report sums up our

wide spectrum of data-driven

research and advisory for CXOs

to help them make better decisions

for their businesses and

stay as leaders.

Customer Experience Map

The study offers an in-depth

assessment of various customers’

journeys pertinent to the

market and its segments. It

offers various customer impressions

about the products

and service use. The analysis

takes a closer look at their

pain points and fears across

various customer touchpoints.

The consultation and business

intelligence solutions will help

interested stakeholders, includ-


ing CXOs, define customer experience

maps tailored to their

needs. This will help them aim

at boosting customer engagement

with their brands.

Insights and Tools

The various insights in the

study are based on elaborate

cycles of primary and secondary

research the analysts

engage with during the course

of research. The analysts and

expert advisors at TMR adopt

industry-wide, quantitative

customer insights tools and

market projection methodologies

to arrive at results,

which makes them reliable. The

study not just offers estimations

and projections, but also

an uncluttered evaluation of

these figures on the market

dynamics. These insights merge

data-driven research framework

with qualitative consultations

for business owners, CXOs,

policy makers, and investors.

The insights will also help

their customers overcome their



Actionable Results

The findings presented in this

study by TMR are an indispensable

guide for meeting

all business priorities, including

mission-critical ones. The

results when implemented

have shown tangible benefits

to business stakeholders and

industry entities to boost

their performance. The results

are tailored to fit the individual

strategic framework. The

study also illustrates some of

the recent case studies on

solving various problems by

companies they faced in their

consolidation journey.


Strategic Frameworks

The study equips businesses

and anyone interested in

the market to frame broad

strategic frameworks. This has

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ever, given the current uncertainty

due to COVID-19. The

study deliberates on consultations

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such past disruptions and

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TMR helps you break down

the complex scenario and

bring resiliency in uncertain



Devan’s natural allergen

control technology effective

against pollen as well

With the pollen season starting, new independent test results by the

German external laboratory BMA-Labor have shown Purissimo’s

effectiveness against pollen, making it an all-in-one solution for

reducing allergens.

RONSE, BELGIUM – Devan’s allergen

control technology, known as Purissimo,

has been found effective

against allergens from pollen. The

technology had already been proven

to significantly reduce the amount of

allergens from house dust mites and

pets (cats & dogs).

“Allergens are small protein molecules,

which can cause allergic reactions

and asthma. All allergy sufferers

are different when it comes to

their sensitivity to allergens”, says

Sofie Depluverez, PhD researcher at

Devan. “However, few people are

only allergic to a single allergen –

and the effects of multiple allergens

can add up. The key to reducing

and even eliminating symptoms is

to reduce your exposure to the allergens


Allergy threshold

When people move into a house

or bring in a new dog, the number

of allergens starts to rise. In the

beginning there are little to none,

so the allergy threshold causing

symptoms is far from being reached.

Nobody is suffering any reaction at

this stage.

“As time goes by, the various allergens

start to build up inside the

house, certainly when ventilation is

limited”, Depluverez continues. “As

the allergen concentration increases

(especially in combination with seasonal

allergens such as pollen), the

allergy threshold may be reached if

no allergen reduction measures are

in place.”


Purissimo is a natural allergen

control technology that significantly

reduces allergens from pet dander,

dust mites and pollen in textiles

throughout the home. The technology

is based on encapsulated probiotics,

which are naturally occurring microorganisms

similar in kind to those you

can find in probiotic yogurt, tempeh,

kombucha, …

Inactive probiotics (spores) are encapsulated

and integrated onto the

textiles. Friction opens the microcapsules

and releases the spores. The

spores absorb humidity and self-activate.

They are transformed into probiotic

bacteria that start to consume

the allergens. “As the probiotics

consume the allergens, exposure is

gradually reduced to below threshold

levels”, Depluverez adds. “Therefore,

individuals with respiratory allergies

will be exposed to fewer ‘attacks’

and perceive a better well-being.”

Interested to learn more? On Tuesday,

March 23 at 3 p.m., Devan will

elaborate on this technology in a

webinar titled ‘Functionalizing textiles

for post-vaccination consumers:

Hygiene, sustainability & a natural

approach’ during Home Textiles

Week (a virtual NY Home Fashions



IBIA at the service

of the world bedding


The International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA), which

brings the mattress industry together, is expected to make a great

contribution to the sector with its activities.




The mattress industry sector,

which has a size of 3 billion dollars

in Turkey, exports 2.5 billion

dollars and contributes to the employment

of 25 thousand people.

In the mattress sector, production

is carried out across the

country in 10 different branches,

from machinery to fabric, from

springs and sponges to yarn and

chemicals. 22 companies from

the mattress sub-industry and

technologies sector, which are

growing and developing day by


day, came together as founding

members and established the

International Mattress Industry

Association (IBIA). Although

the foundation date of the

association coincided with the

date of the restrictions due to

the pandemic, IBIA increased

the number of its members in a

short time. IBIA currently has 61


The establishment process of

the association started under

the leadership of Osman Güler,


Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks

operating in Kayapa OSB

in Bursa, and the 1st Ordinary

General Assembly Meeting of the

International Mattress Industry

Association was held in Istanbul.

The association, which has

caused great enthusiasm in the

mattress sector, aims to include

all companies in the sector within

a short time.

Osman Güler, who was the

Founding Chairman of the Board

of Directors of the International


Mattress Industry Association,

which was established to reinforce

unity and solidarity in the

mattress industry, to lead the

development of the sector, to protect

the rights of the companies

in the sector and to increase our

competitive power in the world,

was re-elected as the chairman

with the votes of the members.

Kar-As Tekstil Mattress Spring

Ltd. from Kayseri Sti General

Manager Erdoğan Aslan, chaired

the General Assembly meeting,

and President of the International

Mattress Industry Association

Osman Güler, “Turkey is one of

the leading 4-5 countries in the

world in almost every field from

yarn to fabric and machinery.

A sector that makes such an

important contribution to the

country’s economy had to be

represented on various platforms,

especially in public spaces. We

brought together the strongest

companies in their fields from every

region of our country under

the roof of our association. Our

first goal is to make all the companies

in our sector members of

our association,” he said.







“We will work in

a cooperative and

clear manner”

Stating that they set out to provide

unity and solidarity in the

sector, to organize fairs, to organize

commercial delegations, to

carry out studies to increase the

competitiveness of the sector, to

carry out activities for international

integration, to cooperate

with public institutions and organizations,

professional organizations,

and to carry out educational

activities and social activities,

International Mattress Industry

Association President Osman

Güler underlined that their target

is to achieve a 30 percent increase

in giro, employment and

exports in a short time.

Osman Güler concluded his

words as follows: “We plan to

increase turnover from 3 billion

to 4 billion dollars, exports from

1.5 billion dollars to 2.5 billion

dollars, and employment from 25

thousand to 35 thousand people.

We are aware of our responsibility

and will do our best to fulfill

this honorable duty properly. We

will show participation and we

will continue all our work in a

clear way.”





will once

again show

everyone that

Turkey is not

behind in any


Electroteks Chairman of the Board

Osman Güler presented his views

on the International Mattress

Industry Association (IBIA) as the

founding chairman of the association.

Güler stated how the association

would work, its contributions

to Turkey. He also predicted that

the association would grow further

in the future. Underlining that the

association will bring everyone

in the mattress industry together,

Elektroteks Chairman of the Board

Osman Güler stated that IBIA


will provide a great support to

the development of the mattress

sector. Mentioning how he entered

the profession, Osman Güler said

that Turkey should be in the best

position in all matters and added:

“Everyone will see the strength of

our country.”

How did you decide to

found the International

Mattress Industry Association


There had to be a good bond and


effective communication between

the people in the industry. For this

reason, we organized very good

fairs together with Sleep Well

Magazine. Then we exchanged

ideas with our friends and thought

more seriously. When we formed a

commission together, we realized

that it was necessary to form an


When we came together at the

fairs abroad, we decided to establish

our own association. As a result

of these conversations, I took


the responsibility and we established

our association together.

Many of our friends helped us

in this process, but Ömer Faruk

Görün has also made a very serious

contribution to the establishment

of our association.

The establishment phase of the

association coincided with the

pandemic period. What kind of

problems did you experience

during this period? I would like

you to tell us about the establishment

process of the association.

We were going to establish our

association at the beginning of

2020, but due to the pandemic,

we made our official application

in January 2021 and we

established it. Due to pandemic

restrictions, we could not find

the opportunity to hold a general

assembly. However, we continued

our activities with online studies

even in the days of restriction.

Then, we had a fast recruiting

process. We held the first general

assembly meeting of our association

on 26 June 2021.

“Thanks to IBIA,

the giro of the

mattress industry

will increase”

What do you think the mattress

industry can achieve

with such an association?

Turkey is one of the most important

countries in the world in the

mattress industry. I even think

that our country is one of the top

4 or 5 countries. The mattress

industry has a worldwide giro of

around 31 Billion Dollars. The

share of mattress manufacturers

in Turkey is around 400 Million

Dollars. During the establishment

phase of our association,

we made some statistics and very

good numbers came out.

According to our statistics, our

industry provides employment to

25 thousand people. The sector,

which has a giro of 3 billion

dollars in Turkey, has exports of

more than 2 billion dollars. Such

a large industry needed to come

together. We took a very important

decision and ensured the

establishment of our association.

For now, we have over 60 members.

Our goal is to double the

number of members of the association

by the end of the year.

Our association will do very

important works and I think that

we will increase our giro from 3

billion dollars to 4 billion dollars,

our export figure of 2 billion

dollars to 3 billion dollars and

our employment number from 25

thousand to 35 thousand people

in a short time. In fact, I’m sure

of it because we have a huge

potential. They want to push us

into the background, but we will

manage to stand out.

What services are in the

program of the association?

• We attach great importance to

fair organizations, which is one

of our founding goals. We are

constantly working on this issue.

We have decided on the date of

the fair and have already started

the preparations for the fair. We

will announce it to the public

very soon, probably by holding a

press conference in September.

We continue to work together in

a very planned way.

• We also attach great importance

to the useful work of foreign

commercial committees, and we

will be starting these activities


• We will take decisions by consensus

in order to increase competitiveness,

and we will follow

up the decisions we take in order

to implement them in the sector.

• We contact our commercial consultants

abroad. We will inform

them that such an association

has been established. We will

share all kinds of cooperation offers,

goods and services requests

from them with our members.

• Our main goal will be to establish

a great synergy and increase

our country’s exports.

You said that fair organizations

are very important.

So, what kind of services

will you have besides the


There are different groups from

many sectors in our association.

After determining these groups

clearly, we plan to travel abroad

as a group. Together with the

companies, we will introduce the

production power and quality

products of our country to the

companies abroad. Thus, we will

carry out productive commercial

activities apart from fair organizations.

At the same time, we

will invite some companies from

abroad to Turkey and we will

bring our commercial power to a

better level by holding meetings

with them. We have many similar

ideas to these organizations.




When are you planning to

hold IBIAEXPO and how do

you think this fair will go?

Many fairs have been postponed

due to the pandemic period.

That’s why we had a hard time

finding a room. Then we determined

the most suitable dates for

us. We will hold IBIAEXPO in

2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center

on 5-6-7-8 October. We will have

an exhibition area of 10 thousand

square meters and I am sure

that this area will be filled one

hundred percent. We talked to

many companies abroad. They

are excited and want to be here.

Me and all my friends are also

very excited. I think we will have

a very good fair period.

“The association

will take



You have a very large board

of directors. Could you

please talk about the working

principles of your board

of directors?

Our board of directors consists of

9 people. I want a decision to be

made with a larger team. Thus,

I think we will establish a more

democratic environment. I am

aware that wider decisions will

be healthier and more beneficial.

While making decisions, we will

take the opinions of not only our

friends in the board of directors,

but also all our members in our

board of directors and some other

big companies.


We will care about everyone’s

opinion. Our members will also

participate when they want to attend

the board meeting and will

be able to express their opinions

easily during the decision process.

I believe that the decisions

taken in a democratic environment

will bring our industry to a

better position.


According to your association

charter, how many

years will the elections be

held and how many times

will the administrations be


We will hold elections every two

years and our members will be able


to preside at most 2 times. Due to

the pandemic period, we will make

our elections in 2024, but then we

will continue to do it every 2 years.

“We do not

charge entrance

fees to IBIA until


You will not be charged

an entrance fee until the

end of 2021 to encourage

association membership. I

would like to get more information

from you on this


Our association has a monthly

fee and an entrance fee to the association.

This applies to all other

associations. We do not charge

an entry fee until the end of 2021

in order to speed up the entry

processes to our association. We

will only charge monthly fees.

Companies that are members of

our association until the end of

2021 will be able to attend the

fair we will organize in 2022 for

a more affordable price. Thus,

we show that we provide serious

incentives during the member

recruitment phase.

Which segment will you

prioritize? Will you increase

your segment diversity?

Also, how many members

do you plan to enter

the year 2022?

We give the same importance to

each segment. We do not distinguish

between any segments. We

see everyone and every segment

as valuable. After reaching a

certain team, we will increase

our segment diversity. We need a

little more time for more variety.

I have full faith that we will

do great things together in the

future. Our association has 60

members. I think we will have 120

members in 2022.

“Electronic services

in Turkey

still work according

to my rules”

Could you tell us about

your background as the

Founding Chairman of the

Board of the Association?

I was born in 1962 in Bulgaria,

Kardzhali. I graduated from

Industrial Electricity Department

in high school and then I studied

industrial electronics at university

and I am an electronic engineer.

I also worked in production

for a certain period of time in

Bulgaria. I was in charge of the

machine energy division of a

large company. I came to Turkey

in 1089 and worked for a short

time in the electronic maintenance

department of a company

in the weaving sector.

In 1990, I established an electronic

service network in the weaving

sector. If we consider that there

are 35 electronic services in Turkey,

25 of these services left our

company and started their own

businesses. We designed a new

sector. I have made great contributions

to this industry and this

industry still works by my rules.

Then I also produced spare parts.

With my children growing up, I

decided to do machine production

as well.

First of all, we had some work

for the wood and curtain sector,

but we saw that there was a need

in the mattress sector and we

started to produce machinery

for the mattress sector. For now,

I can say that we are the largest

mattress manufacturing machinery

company in the world. By the

end of August 2021, we will reach

an operating area of 50 thousand

square meters. We export to 130

countries with our working team

of 300 people.

Finally, if you have anything

you want to say about

the association, please

indicate them.

There is so much to say about

our association. I want to do

the best for our country without

expecting anything. Our country

is very valuable and we need to

know the value of our country.

We must do something for our

country in the best way possible.

We established this association

because our country needed such

a structure. I took responsibility

not for myself or my company,

but primarily for my country. We

do not lag behind any country.

We will show it to everyone.




Mustafa Nebi Doğan


Vice President

We needed such an organization both at home and

abroad. There is a very strong production in our

country. Therefore, such an association had to be

established. The International Bedding Industry

Association (IBIA) has become a very important

association in terms of bringing people in the

industry together. We believe we are stronger together.

At this point, I would like to remind Henry

Ford’s very important quote: “Getting together is

the beginning, being together is an improvement.

Working together is a success,” without forgetting

this sentence, we want to achieve success by

working together. Our association will help us be


Ersin Koç


Vice President

After completing the establishment phase of the

International Bed Industry Association, we want

to do serious work in international fields. Thus, we

aim to get together with the producers abroad and

to get them into the business. We aim to bring our

association to an international level in every sense.

Our biggest idea is to reach a point that compensates

the demands of the sector and guides the

sector with known publications and researches in

the sector.




Ömer Faruk Görün


Secretary General

I think that the International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA) will

make significant contributions to our industry. I am sure that the fairs

we will organize, the travels of the overseas purchasing committee

and the sectoral clustering programs will add a new excitement to the

sector. The mattress industry is a huge industry. The mattress industry

has few players, but a very wide sphere of influence. With IBIA,

all these industry components will provide convenience in terms of

reaching new markets.

Together with IBIA, we will make people say, “It’s good that this association

exists and we are glad that we are members of this association.”

That’s why the presence of both our board of directors and our valuable

contributors excites us and encourages us to serve. We came a

little behind in pandemic conditions, but I hope we will move forward

very quickly from now on. The light at the end of the tunnel seems

very strong. Starting from 2022, we will show the positive contributions

of association with the IBIAEXPO fair and other activities.

I would like to thank in advance our founding president, Elektroteks

Chairman of the Board Osman Güler and all our board members, who

made great contributions in the establishment process of our association.

The main purpose of establishing such sectoral associations is to

add value to the sector. I would like to express that we will act as the

pioneer of all kinds of work to make the sector more efficient.

Zafer Baktır



Our association is very new and now we are at the beginning of the

road. I believe that we will do very important things with the contributions

of our association if we are in unity and solidarity in the future.

We needed such an association. We have eliminated a great deficiency

with the establishment of our association. We will do very good works

together by using the advantages of our association. Every passing

time will show us that this union will produce very good results.




Engin Kalkan



The biggest benefit of the association is that it will bring together all

the sub-industrialists in the sector. Being together and staying together

means great power. In this sense, we will find the opportunity to

show ourselves to the state and our customers at fairs. We will have

clear documents with the data we receive from our association in our

meetings with statesmen. In this way, we will always be taken seriously,

no matter who we meet in any environment. On the other hand, when

we want to meet with other mattress manufacturers around the world,

we will be able to reach them more easily. We will take our place in the

sector as a union rather than being an individual.

Erdoğan Aslan



I believe that the International Bedding Industry Association, which

we established with great enthusiasm, will make a great contribution

to our industry in every sense. Our association will bring a new

excitement to the sector and provide great support to the country’s

economy. With the work we will do together, we will make our association

permanent and we will continue our work with great strength. I

would like to thank everyone who contributed to the establishment of

our association.

Mustafa Kiper



We are at a very important point in mattress, mattress sub-industry

and machinery industry. We have decided to establish the International

Bed Industry Association (IBIA) to further consolidate this

place. The people at the founding stage of our association make huge

exports worldwide and these people are well known around the world.

That’s why we set up our association to tackle something as a team

rather than act individually, and we are extremely delighted with this

situation. I believe that our association will make great contributions

both abroad and domestically.




Abdullah Nursaçan



First of all, we are very happy that the International Bedding Industry

Association (IBIA) has been established. I think that our association

will unite us and will help us do better things together. Thus, we will

increase our exports in the mattress sector and contribute more to the

country’s economy. Together, we will do great things with the contribution

of our association. Therefore, i would like to thank everyone who

contributed to the establishment of our association.

Erhan Karakaşlar


Treasurer Member

The mattress industry is a growing and developing sector. Many companies

expanded their export network and started selling worldwide.

Thus, it became much more important for the sector to establish an

association and to act together. This cooperation we have made will

provide us with serious contributions in every sense and will bring us

to the forefront especially in fairs abroad. As companies in the sector,

we know each other, but I think we will spend more time and connect

with each other even more thanks to the International Bed Industry

Association. Our biggest aim in the establishment of the association is

to benefit our state and nation.

Akın Bebek



This is the first time such an association has been established and it

will undoubtedly make a huge contribution to the mattress industry. In

particular, I think it will be very beneficial for our foreign trade. It will

greatly affect exports and provide a massive increase. It will help us

integrate into international markets and improve our exports. I think

our association will make great contributions in every sense. I would

like to express that I am also happy because it will encourage us to

open up to new markets.




Onur Kırayoğlu



Turkey is at a very important point In the field of mattresses and

mattress side accessories. So we needed this kind of association. The

International Bedding Industry Association will bring everyone in the

industry together and increase the synergy between people. There

are many people in the mattress industry, so it will be very nice to

have these people together. The association will lead our colleagues

in every sense. The most important element of the association will be

fairs. I believe that we will get results that will make everyone happy in

terms of promotion.

Hakan Tanrıöven



The International Bedding Industry Association (IBIA), which brings

together the supplier companies under one roof, will greatly benefit

the industry both today and in the future. The mattress industry has

developed a lot in the last 10 years. Therefore, the establishment of this

association is very important. I believe that our association will bring

great enthusiasm to our industry in all matters. The International

Bedding Industry Association will keep people in the sector together,

especially abroad and will enable us to act together at fairs. I think our

association will be beneficial in every respect. I congratulate everyone

who contributed to the establishment of our association.

Hakan Günaydın



If we work in unity and togetherness, the International Bed Industry

Association will bring great benefits to us. I think we will get very

good results if we do qualified works as an association both in fairs

and other promotions. We hope that we will get very good feedback

with the strong organizations we will do. Our association is very new,

but in the future, we will have a more efficient working environment by

organizing some things. We must all take a great responsibility for our

association to succeed. We will work hard and get the most contribution

from our association.




Kevork Kalaycıyan



I think the International Bed Industry Association will be extremely

useful in every sense. For this reason, I am also in the establishment

phase of our association because i believe in what we can do. I think

we can learn positive developments in Turkey and in the international

arena. We will do our best to benefit from all possibilities of the

association. We will get to know each other better as an association in

time and I have no doubt that we will be much better together. We will

achieve a good synergy and do good work together.

Mehmet Demirok



The International Bedding Industry Association (IBIA), which we have

established for the development of the machinery and mattress industry

in Turkey, will provide very important benefits to the promotion of

Turkish brands in the world. I have no doubt that our association will

contribute to our work. We will fight our opponents respectfully, with

the philosophy that unity is strength. Our association will bring us

together and we will solve our problems easily. We firmly believe that

the International Bedding Industry Association will carry our country

to a much better position in the mattress sector together with all the

companies producing in the mattress industry.

Barış Ümit



The establishment of IBIA added excitement to the industry. I am so

excited to be a part of this team. For years, I have been advocating the

organization of our sector and making decisions with one voice. I am

very pleased with the establishment of our association. Hopefully, all

member companies will benefit greatly from this association. Our association

will help the industry to grow even more in the future. It will

be a great chance for our industry that people in the mattress industry

will be able to gather around the same table and make decisions. I say

welcome IBIA.




Ramazan Çelik



I think that our International Bed Industry Association will have a very

positive impact on all areas of the industry. We ensured the establishment

of this association, which should be established to compensate

the needs of the sector at home and abroad. Therefore we are very

happy. We are also hopeful for the future because we have very useful

plans as an association. We aim to make all of these plans come true

by working hard.

Mustafa Taka


Supervisory Board Member

I wish the International Bedding Industry Association to bring great

excitement and dynamism to our industry. I think we will be known

more in the world mattress industry with the contribution of our association.

We will solve the problems in the sector as quickly as possible

by working together and making joint decisions. We believe that we

will represent our country and our producers in the best possible way.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the establishment of

the International Bedding Industry Association (IBIA).

Ali Yiğit Durak


Supervisory Board Member

First of all, we are very happy as Durak Tekstil for the establishment of

this type of association and we are honored to be among the founding

members. We believe that this association will represent Turkey in

the mattress industry is much better. As Durak Tekstil, we will do our

best to train and inform producers in the mattress sector through the

organizations that the association will organize. We aim to organize

some seminars as a volunteer. Also, I think it will be beneficial for our

promotion in the mattress sector at fairs abroad.




Saffet Güngör


Supervisory Board Member

I have no doubts that our association will make great contributions in

every sense. We did a very important job in terms of bringing together

people in the mattress industry and we established this association.

I also think that our association will greatly benefit our promotion in

the mattress industry. Our biggest goal is to strengthen the mattress

industry both domestically and abroad by making joint decisions and

to provide an effective service. I believe that it will be very beneficial

in terms of easier procurement of all materials in the mattress industry.

Our association; will make serious advantages by keeping companies

together at fairs and enabling people in the sector to act together.

Lokman Özay


Supervisory Board Member

I attach great importance to our association to introduce our country

to the world. The products we make are produced in a very high

quality in Turkey. Perhaps the best quality products in the world are

produced in our country. We have to promote our products of such

good quality. Our association is vital for our promotion. I think we will

make our promotion effectively and bring serious gains to our country

with the help of our association.

Kazım Sezerkan


Supervisory Board Member

International Bedding Industry Association (IBIA) will provide very

serious benefits for the mattress industry. We will act together and we

will be in a better place, especially in fairs abroad. People will respect

us more because we will act as a team. I think our association will help

us in every way. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to

the establishment of our association. Together, we will work harder to

achieve a better future and reap the rewards of our efforts.




Emirhan Yeterler


Supervisory Board Member

The mattress industry has grown a lot around the world, but despite

this, the production volume of our country is low compared to other

countries. I think that the International Bedding Industry Association

will provide a great benefit to our country and manufacturers in this

regard. Our goal is to grow internationally in the mattress industry.

Our association will help all of us to develop the sector.

Tahir Nursaçan

Kayseri OSB Chairman of the Board

The International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA) bless our country and

our industry. I thank everyone who contributed. This association will improve

our ability to act together. Our association will remind us of the promise that

unity is strength. We will come together and discuss with our colleagues

through the association.We all know that Turkey is located in the heart of the

world in terms of geographic location. I believe that the heart of the beds and

bedding industry will be Turkey. Our country; It showed a great improvement

in fabric, sponge, spring, felt and especially machinery production. We have

taken serious steps in this regard and if we want to develop further, we must

continue to be together. In terms of being together, we are at the level of the

2nd League, but we have to be in the Super League. Whatever we think of

ourselves, we should think the same for another colleague. We always need to

empathize. We have to grow our quality with R&D and innovation. Due to the

pandemic, interest in our industry has increased. The geographical location of

our country is also at a very good point. Therefore, we can sell better. We must

use our working conditions well and act together. Our association will provide

this togetherness and it will make our unity better.

İzzet Şeritçioğlu


I think the International Bed Industry Association (IBIA) is a very

positive initiative. In this sense, I would like to thank everyone who

contributed to the establishment of the association. Our association

will ensure that the Turkish mattress industry is recognized in the

international arena. Our association, which I believe will have serious

benefits for us in every sense, will increase the solidarity between us,

especially by providing unity and integrity in the future. In addition, i

think it will increase its competitive power in the sector.




Mustafa Yıldırım


I wish the International Bed Industry Association (IBIA) to be beneficial.

We needed this organization that would make us stronger than

our competitors in every sense. Our association will make a great contribution

to us, especially in fairs. It will give great benefits to the promotion

of our country, which wants to be a strong and pioneer in the

field of international bedding industry. We will attract more attention

from people abroad. Interzum in Germany and ISPA fairs in America

have strong organizations. As Turkish manufacturers, we can be much

stronger in fairs. Our association will also provide a serious benefit to

our unity and solidarity.

Ali Anıl


Our country needed such an association. The International Bed Industry

Association (IBIA) is very important in terms of ensuring unity and

solidarity and keeping the producers in the sector together. I think we

can achieve a better position in the sector by respecting every company,

without separating big or small. For this reason, the formation of

such an association will add value to our industry. Our association is

very new yet, i have to say that we need some time. I hope that we will

gain experience in the future and get very good feedback in domestic

and international fairs.

Feridun Tosun


Good luck to everyone, the International Bedding Industry Association

(IBIA), which will increase our unity and solidarity in the industry.

Our association, which we think will strengthen the cooperation between

people in the mattress and mattress supplier industry, will bring

serious benefits to our industry in every sense. Our country needed

such an association for a long time and now this need has been compensated.

I fully believe that we will be successful under the roof of our

association by doing very good works both at home and abroad.




Ali Aydın


Good luck to the International Bedding Industry (IBIA) first. I congratulate

everyone who worked in the formation of this kind of association.

Our association will ensure that the people in the sector act together

and be in solidarity. I have no doubt that we will do great things if we

manage to act together. When we look back, we can clearly see that we

need this kind of association. This association, which I believe will provide

serious benefits both at home and abroad, will bring our country

to better positions in the mattress industry.

Aydın Aydın


Our biggest goal in the establishment of the association is to capture

the power to act together. Together, we have a goal to bring Turkish

products to the top. The International Bed Industry Association (IBIA)

will also compensate our wishes. We want our association to have

reports and information about the sector. We also expect our association

to have a fair. There are examples of this kind of thing in the

world, and we can achieve this kind of thing. I hope that our association

will make a serious contribution to the sector, with events that will

strengthen our solidarity.

Serkan Kır


The International Bed Industry Association (IBIA), which I think will

make a great contribution to our cooperation, will greatly benefit Turkish

manufacturers, especially in international organizations. If we are

in solidarity with the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey we can

be a strong point. If we do our promotions all over the world, we can

have a share in the development of the sector. While determining raw

material prices, we can make raw material prices more convenient as

a union. Thus, I think we will reach a more competitive position in the

mattress industry with the help of our association.




Kırayteks, the address of

decorative and functional


Offering a wide range of products for the mattress and home

decor manufacturers, the company is one of the leading brands

in the sector with its decorative and functional fabrics.

Kırayteks, which started production

in 1970, has a very important

place among home textiles

and technical textiles with its

new investments. Strengthening

its R&D and production infrastructure

and closely following

the technological developments

in the sector, the company continues

its activities in the field

of modern production.

Proving its quality with its

decorative and functional fabrics,

Kırayteks gains the appreciation

of its customers with its wide

production range. The company

is constantly developing its production

area with sun-protective

fabrics and special projects. We

talked to Onur Kırayoğlu, Member

of the Board of Directors of

the company that wants to be

a pioneer in every field, about

the projects and future goals of


How did your journey in the

industry begin and how is it

going now? I would like to start

my questions by getting general

information about your plans and


Kırayteks started production in

the field of mattress fabrics in


1970. We became

the first jacquard

mattress fabric manufacturer

in Turkey

and later we established

our knitting

and finishing facilities.

Over the years, we

have reached today’s

fully integrated state

by making continuous

renewals and

developments. We

are constantly updating

our collections.

We continue to work

with all our efforts to

maintain our medium

and long-term investment

plans in a

stable manner.

I would like to receive

information about your

production capacity and

product range.

Our annual production

capacity in mattress

fabrics exceeds 15 million

meters. We have also started

operating in the field of technical

textiles since 2000 and

we are in the leading position

of the sector in some product

groups in this field. We can

count our fabrics, which provide

sun protection suitable for indoor

and outdoor use and have

many functions, as examples of

our products in this area.

Which of your products are the

most demanded?

Our knit fabrics are more prominent

in sales in the mattress industry.

Our fabrics that provide

sun protection are our main

sales in technical textiles.

We know that you are

open to innovative

products. In this sense,

what kind of R&D and

innovation studi zes do

you have? Do you think

the industry needs more

different products?

We have a modern

infrastructure for many

tests and developments

in various laboratories

and R&D center

of our company.

With the investments

we make in our expert

human staff and

technological devices,

we are reducing

our dependence on

foreign sources in this

field day by day.

As long as people’s

needs increase, the

targets of the sector

will continue to

increase in the same direction.

I think improvements on existing

products are very important as

well as the need for different

innovative products. Product

developments in the industry

should improve product performance

and make it easier for

people to access products.


How do you supply raw materials?

Despite all the negativities

experienced during the pandemic

period, we were able to

send our customers’ orders on

time without major problems.

The biggest reason for this

is that we have always chosen

our suppliers from leading

companies for many years. Price

is one of the most important

factors for raw materials, but

the most important factor for us

is quality. We never compromise

on our quality standards. We

do not prefer any company that

does not comply with our terms.

On the other hand, our import

raw material supply continues at

a good level and efficiently.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe this


The most important factor for us


I can say that we export to all

continents. We continue to export

to many markets, especially

Europe and America. Our export

rate in mattress fabrics is over

70%. As one of Turkey’s most

important suppliers, we have

allocated a significant part of

our capacity to domestic producers.

In addition, our export rate

in technical textile fabrics is

around 90%.

Finally, what are your biggest

goals for the sector?

First of all, I would like to

say that we see ourselves as

competitors. Compared to the

previous period, we are constantly

competing with ourselves

on issues such as quality, sales

and the number of innovative

products. Our biggest goal

is to become a brand in the

countries that our country has

determined as target markets

and to have a very important

place in those markets. We

continue to work to achieve this

goal. I have no doubt that we

will achieve our goals as long

as we work in this way.

is that we are the first company

to do this business in this

country. Therefore, we have a

better experience than other

companies. We have been working

together with almost all of

our staff for 15 years and on a

very regular basis. Our employees;

they know the products,

the production and the customer

as well as we do. Thus, we

provide quality products and

good service.

Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target in

2021? Also, what is the ratio of

your exports to your total sales?


Nefin Makine Danışmanlık

provides efficient workspaces

with minimum cost

The company,

which prepares

solid examples

with its research

and reports,

contributes to the

design of qualified

business areas with

minimum price.

Nefin Makine ve Danışmanlık,

which takes its place among

the leading companies of the

sector with its company that

produces furniture machinery

and its experienced staff,

takes care of every detail

in the establishment of the

facilities. The company organizes

the factory area according

to the targeted capacity and

makes the best placement of

the sections.

Nefin Makine ve Danışmanlık,

which determines the machine

park list, current machine prices,

shelf types to be installed

in the warehouses, finished

and semi-finished product

transport trolleys, plant installation

costs, investment amortization

period, contact informa-


tion of raw material suppliers

and the number of employees,

strives to provide the best


The company designs an efficient

workplace with the least

cost. Nefin Makine Danışmanlık,

which also supports R&D

and innovation, offers the right

and quality products as soon

as possible. We talked with

Murat Baydilli, Chairman of the

Board of Directors of the company,

which prepares reports

to increase the capacity and

efficiency of the factories, with

or without investment, about

the services and future targets

of Nefin Makine Danışmanlık.

I would like to start my questions

by getting general information

about your plans and projects.

We have worked with high-level

companies in the furniture

sector and with this experience,

we have been manufacturing

machinery for the

furniture sector for 7 years.

On the other hand, Nefin

Makine ve Danışmanlık has

been operating for 1 year

as a new power. As Nefin

Makine Mühendislik, we have

come a long way in a short

time thanks to our experience

in the sector for more than

15 years. In addition, our

sales to foreign markets have

started. Our goal is to be

one of the largest companies

in the machinery manufacturing

sector in our country and to

represent our country in the

best way in the international


Could you please give information

about your production capacity

and product range?

Together with our team of

27 people in total, we mainly

manufacture production

machines for the furniture

industry. Mattress production

machines; mattress production

lines, quilting machines,

mattress preparation machines,

packaging machines, roll-pack

machines, mattress stacking


Foam cutting machines can be

grouped as production machines,

block foam packaging

machines (roll-pack), manual

vertical cutting, automatic vertical

cutting, horizontal cutting,

rotary cutting, clipping machines,

bondex foam lines.

When we look at the spring


winding machines; manual

spring coiling machine, automatic

spring coiling machine,

spring opening machine, spring

presses. Sofa production machines;

sofa production lines,

shrink lines, stacking machines,

home textile production machines.

We can list the quilt

quilting machines as follows:

Pillowcase sewing machines

and overlock machines.

Which of your products are the

most in demand?

Especially our foam cutting machines

and quilting machines

have attracted great interest

from our customers with their

economical and high-capacity,

high-class working performance.

These machines have reached

the point they deserve in the

market in a short time. Apart

from these machines, we also

receive many positive feedbacks

for our other machines.

Thus, we establish really good

relationships with all our customers

and we are proud to

have satisfied our customers.

Do you have R&D and innovation

studies? What kind of research do

you do to find new products?

Yes, we are always doing new

research and working to reach

new products. In particular, we

plan to produce machines that

provide high speed and low

investment cost. On the other

hand, we are constantly striving

to minimize the workforce

with fully automatic machines.

How do you supply raw materials?

We have main suppliers that

we have been working with

for many years. We prefer

domestic production as much

as possible. We never compromise

on quality in terms of

raw materials.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

How would you describe this


I know all the details in the

industry. Therefore, I know as

well as my customers what

they want and need from

me. This gives us a great

advantage and we make the

best use of this advantage.

Therefore, we respond very

quickly to customer feedback.


In addition, innovation is also

very important to us. We try

to realize our investments in

a planned and appropriate


Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target in

2021? Also, what is the ratio of

your exports to your total sales?

Although we have a short

history as Nefin Makine, we

have seen the benefit of our

experience in the sector in a

short time. Slovenia, Romania,

Azerbaijan, Russia and the

Netherlands are among the

countries we export to. The

ratio of our exports to our

total sales is 30%.

Let’s end our interview with your

biggest goals in the industry.

We want to receive positive

feedback from both our

employees and our customers.

Our goal is to reach a

good point in the market.

In 3 years, we plan to be

among the top 5 companies

in the sector. Also, we aim

to increase our export rate to


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