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In This issue

Yamaha YFZ450 - Racing Koue

Bokkeveld - 6 Unusual Adventures

BMW 1250 Launch - Vintage MX

News - Reviews and lots more...


2022 Models

kicks off from jhb 30th sept...

from jhb to sea


Battery Charger

RTC2000 RTC2000

Handheld Rechargeable Handheld Tyre Inflator Rechargeable Tyre Inflator

RTC 2000


• Versatile - Ideal for cars, motorbikes and bicycles

• Inflates bicycle tyre in

Intro. Keeping the wheels turning...

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Note from the Editor

Glenn “Roley” Foley

Hello chaps and chapettes.

Firstly: If you are reading this magazine, you are supporting our business and we say a big

thank you.

And we ask that you go and support our advertisers too.

It is business unusual and a lot of good people have been affected.

And try not to be too piddled off if your dealer does not have that part or specific tyre or

accessory you want - supply lines have been affected globally and normality will still take a

little while to get back to usual.

We have lost some good people in and around the motorcycle trade - and whilst we don’t like

doom and gloom it is a reality - and to the families who have been affected, our team sends

their love.

We have been asked to run features and tributes, but, should we forget just one person, that

will be remembered rather than a tribute.

Your bike magazine must be your happy place and that’s what we like to do...

So here goes:

A little guy is standing at the pearly gates, and St. Peter asks him if he has done any good

deeds in his life time.

The man says “Yes! This one time as I parked my scooter, I saw a bunch of gangsters

harassing a women in a parking lot. So I went up to the biggest guy there, pulled out his nose

ring and slapped him on the head. I said that if he didn’t leave her alone he’d be answering to


St. Peter says “Wow! When did this happen?”

The man said, “Umm about 2 minutes ago!”

Have a great riding month!

July Issue 2021


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Spring Kits Available

WISECO PISTON KITS Wiseco leads the aftermarket performance kits by producing the

highest quality pistons on the highest quality forgings.



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no 4 Fifth avenue

Northmead Benoni

Email:G124@mweb.co.za 011 425 1081/4


30th September GP to The Bay – 4

days of Lekker Lekker!

It’s all systems go so far for the annual GP to the

Bay event that runs from JHB all the way down to

Richards Bay, raising funds for the QuadPara Association

of South Africa.

This is the 17th year that the event takes place

– last years was cancelled thanks to the COVID

lockdown – and this year, as things stand now will

see limited entries in keeping with the laws of the


Triumph Pretoria opens soon…

The new kids on the block End July

The new “Triumph World Black” dealership will

be located on the corner of Jan Shoba and Park

Streets in Hatfield. The store will be a Triumph

one-stop-shop with motorcycle sales, full-service

Four days on your bike, or quad or side by side

and if you are a competent rider – adv riders are

welcome – the guys divert you around all the really

tough stuff.

It’s not a race or a hard enduro but it is damn good

fun with a bunch of like-minded people and lots of

cool places to see and enjoy. And oh yes! We’ll see

if we can generate some funds for the guys and

gals in wheelchairs.

Make it a bike holiday. See you there!

Details – www.adventurecompany.co.za foleyg@

mweb.co.za anette.acc@mweb.co.za

workshop, parts, accessories and clothing.

The team in Pretoria is really looking forward to

welcoming you into their brand new showroom

and 1902 café. They can be contacted on info@

triumphpretoria.co.za for now, and their contact

number is 012 955 4444.

ADX - 1








Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905


Available at selected dealers nationwide




Rolling into 2022 all Enduro bikes

feature premium Michelin Enduro

tyres. To cope with the added traction

the suspension settings on the

fork and shock have been revised

improving rider feedback. New Braktec

hydraulics offer superior braking

power and perfect modulation of

the clutch under all conditions.

Underlining the update, our Enduros

wear new rugged grey colour and

electric yellow accents.

Motul Ladies learn to ride a

motorcycle day

Pics by: Disruptive Intent and Richard Harper

Mercia Jansen, or Ms Motul SA, is an extremely

dynamic and pro-active person when it comes to

making things happen. Last year was the inaugural

“Ladies learn to ride a motorcycle day”, teaming up

with Honda Wing S.A. and the ADA Training Centre

out near Haartebeespoort Dam.

When asked, “Why Honda?” she said they are

always so willing and they also have a great range

of smaller bikes, plus they have a great relationship

with ADA.

The ADA training facility is absolutely superb for

hosting any kind of event, with fantastic facilities

and a great team running the show there. Heine

Engelbrecht and his sons make you feel like you

are visiting your favourite uncles and cousins and

having a great time braai-ing and riding motorbikes.

You really have to attend an event there to


This year the event was limited to 25 ladies, but you

can believe the waiting list was much, much longer

than that. On a warm and sunny winters Saturday

afternoon in mid-June they all descended on ADA.

Mercia says, “We teamed up with ADA Training and

Outdoor Centre and Honda SA to bring you another

successful Ladies Learn to Ride a Motorcycle day!

From simple steps like starting a motorcycle to

riding it comfortably, some ladies even got a bit

more spontaneous with their ‘moves,”. And did they


Starting out on the lawn in front of the main venue

were the absolute beginners, learning the controls

and how to start a bike to changing gears and

clutch/throttle control. Then it was down to the big

gravel skid pan to watch the more advanced ladies

learn about correct body position, standing and

riding and turning the bike with confidence. On the

other side of the terrain was the tar skid pan, where

the ladies were focusing on road craft and other

intricacies of riding a bike.

The most significant thing we noticed was the

fact that there were no tears or sad faces, every

one of the ladies was grinning from ear to ear

and whooping excitedly as they achieved another

milestone. Mercia commented that they were

now receiving requests for “family learn to ride a

motorcycle” days where the kids and hubbies could

also come along and learn to ride.

Can we help? We definitely need a whole lot more

of this happening in our industry…

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scene. Always wear protective safety gear and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations.

The illustrated vehicle may vary in selected details from the production models and may feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scene. Always wear protective safety gear and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations.

The illustrated vehicle may vary in selected details from the production models and may feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scene. Always wear protective safety gear and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations.

The illustrated vehicle may vary in selected details from the production models and may feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

A Smart




Composite carbon subframe

CNC machined triple clamps

WP Xact Rear Shock

Magura Braking System

Cool ‘A.F’ genuine leather masks

We bumped into Deon Veldsman on our rounds to

the dealers where he was showing off his really cool

as f… genuine leather masks which can be worn to

keep the virus at bay or with your open face helmet

to keep the bugs out of your teeth. Deon lost his

job due to the pandemic and is keeping food on the

table with his hand made and very unique leather


He is marketing them under the brand name ‘ROF’

and each one is a unique, custom made, high

quality item that can be made to size for the smaller

ladies or the bigger “boer seuns” out there.

Dealer enquiries are welcome and you can contact

him on 071 334 2233. Go on support him and help

keep a roof over his families head. They really are as

cool as f…





So! Not everybody wants or enjoys big hard boxes

bolted onto their bikes and a lot of motorcycles

do not actually have place to fit these types of

luggage. A lot of the smaller, more enduro styled

bikes can only take soft luggage, so instead of

trying to strap down your ruck sack or tag bag

to the rear of the seat or heaven forbid, using a

set of leather cruiser styled saddle bags what are

your options. Well the guys at DMD are currently

importing a very nice soft luggage system from

GIVI. It is a universal saddle base, for modular

fixing of different bags, particularly suitable for use

on enduro and adventure motorcycles. It allows the

rider to fix different lateral and upper loads. It is a

modular system compatible with the following GIVI


• Roller bag GRT714B

• Cargo bag GRT722

• Dry bag T520.

The Canyon-Base allows you to modulate the

configuration of the motorcycle luggage to adapt it

to your load needs, from short day trips to longer

and more demanding trips. The Canyon-Base with

a fully loaded GIVI configuration allows a maximum

capacity of 60 litres and is made of 1680D / PU

coating with high tenacity, side flaps in Hypalon

and inserts in TPU, PVC non slip, external materials

with high resistance to UV rays. And comes with

an array of cool features such as side flaps lined

in Hypalon, with straps for securing bags and also

hold the load and protect the bags in the event of a

fall, central straps for securing an additional upper

load, with cam buckle to ensure tension retention,

a reflective motif prints for greater visibility, non-slip

material on the base, fixing to different motorcycle

models, by means of adjustable straps with clamp

closure to ensure tightness of tension. We like

this idea a lot. For more info or to view more great

products and to find your nearest stockist go to


Leatt casual wear arrives…

The Leatt brand really is a South African success

story. They have gone from neck braces to a full

MX gear lineup, MX boots, Helmets and all sorts.

The latest arrival is the Leatt Range of branded

casual wear – and it’s at retailers all over.


Forma Terra EVO ADV Boots:

After approximately 6 years and literally thousands

of kilometres, we have finally convinced Farmer

Foley to invest in another set of Adventure boots.

“Well my first set of Forma Adventure boots gave

such good service that we’ll be doing it again” –

and a slightly more advanced, modern pair made

an appearance at our offices. Seriously, the original

pair deserves a place in The SA Motorcycle hall of

fame for longevity. The soles are worn through and

they don’t smell so good any more…

These ones are The Forma Terra Evo,

The Terra EVO is constructed from an oiled fullgrain

leather, DRYTEX Waterproof, with anti-bacterial

insoles, unbreakable alloy buckles, and an Ideal

welt sole with increased rigidity for a higher level

of protection while riding technical off-road terrain.

The boot incorporates a new FCS ankle support

system that acts like a hinged-style boot and adds

ankle support as well as CE-level protection. Put

this all together and you have a moto-style boot

with lots of room in the toe box for comfy all-day


At your dealer.

Photo: R. Schedl

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.




Trax Moto Silverlakes news:

This is one dealership that has quietly expanded

over the years and it is now the first KTM

multifranchise group store in South Africa. And it

all started way back, when Riaan Koen was one of

the very few Husaberg dealers in SA. When KTM

took over that brand and discontinued it, he was

offered the KTM brand and TRAX KTM was born.

They quietly got along with business selling the

orange brand, accessories and parts when GasGas

needed a home in Pretoria. “It made sense”, says

Riaan. “We are able to service and supply parts and

backup, so the Gas Gas brand was a natural fit.”

Soon afterwards, Husqvarna saw a few changes in

the far north, and once again Trax stepped up. “We

have always had a soft spot for the Blue and white

brand, so eight years along, when the opportunity

finally arose, we took it and we now stock the

Husqvarna brand, gear and parts. We are very

fortunate to have all three brands under one roof.

Kom drink n Koffie and see for yourself.”


Now is the time to get yourself that KTM ADVENTURE bike

you have always wanted with our trade in assistance on the

2020 KTM 1290 ADVENTURE models with

R15,000 (incl.15%VAT) trade in assistance + Travel pack

included free! See KTM.COM for your nearest dealer to help

you structure the best deal now.

Vermont Sales gets behind local

motorcycle racing in a big way

Veteran Moto Cross and Off-road champions

invest back in the sport…

Two Springbok Motocross legends who have

achieved the ultimate successes over the years

and are still racing today are giving their services

back to the sport they love. Springbok and Multiple

MX champions Ryan Hunt, Director of Vermont

Sales/Tork Craft and his International teammate

Tony Riddell are running and part sponsoring the

RTR (Ride Train and Race Team). The program

is designed for junior rider’s competing in, Motocross/Off-road

events country wide. The current

events are the Inland, Regional and National

Series. Any junior riders can join the team for a

monthly fee, if they are riding and competing in

the 50, 65 and 85cc classes. The team package

includes 3 training session a week, free pit/gazebo

at all the tracks, bike washing, race shirts,

discounts on parts and some of the motorcycle

brands. Plus having their training coach at the race

meetings. The Junior riders are awarded trophy’s

for their wins in the series and RTR have their own

top rider awards. Riders complete on their own

MX/Off-road motorcycles on their brand of choice.

Being part of RTR has added benefits from the

brands that support them like Tork Craft.

“We currently have 25 riders across the 3 junior

classes, who compete in the GXCC Off-road

8-part series, and the Inland, Regional and

National Motocross events who run a series of 8

events a year,” said Tony Riddell. “We have seen

tremendous improvements with the team riders

with some riders competing in the top ten amongst

factory riders, there is also a great vibe with the

kids being part of a race team. There is a great mix

of riders in the team male, female, all races and

across all classes and skill levels. Ryan and I are

looking at growing the team, and team benefits,”

said Riddell The team riders race at all the popular

tracks Terra Topia, Smoking Pistons, Dirt Bronco

and Rhino Park plus the national and regional MX

tracks around the country.

“The support that Tony and the RTR team provides

gives young riders and parents the assistance

needed to enter events and participate confidently.

We at Tork Craft see RTR as the right tool for

the job when it comes to training, and seeing the

younger generations improve, have fun learning

race craft while giving a firm foundation to go forward

in the sport and life”, said Hunt.

And then, on top of that with their Tork Craft brand

they sponsor and support the successful Lowveld

Enduro Series.

As if that wasn’t enough, Vermont Sales with their

brands Tork Craft and WORX add their support

and sponsorship to the Franchise Co C.I.T Off

Road Team. The Vermont Group adds yet another

support package to the list of sponsorships this

year with their partnership to the colourful Franchise

Co C.I.T Off Road Team. “This partnership

with the Franchise Co C.I.T Off Road Team is

ideal and perfect for our brands,” said Ryan Hunt,

“The team has a great mix of riders, covering all

the classes, with experienced team managers.

Worx and Tork Craft are leading brands, and they

align with the dedicated team and exciting GXCC

Racing series,” said Hunt. The team has done exceptionally

well this year winning regular podiums

over the last 3 events across all the classes. The

Franchise Co C.I.T Off Road Team riders have 30

riders who compete in the GXCC (Gauteng Xcross

Country Club) inland series.

To learn more about the team and its services go

to Instagram @ridetrainrace also follow them on

Facebook or Instagram

Thinking of joining? Tony would love to take your

call 0794421651 or if you prefer to write tonyriddell4@gmail.com

or Ryan Hunt ryanhunt@

vermontsales.co.za mobile 083 252 9805


Are you Tuff Enough? Red Cherry TUFF.

Rhodes, the quaint Ski village in the Southern Malutis will come alive in the 1st week of September as

Enduro bikers line up to see who will be “last man Standing”. With Covid playing havoc with our big

events like Inner City Enduro which is reliant on spectator support has decided to create a 3 day event

which will see the 200 plus riders facing bigger challenges as the race progresses and what is important

is that they have very few DNF’s ... you may not make it to the last day but you will record a finish either

in HOBBY, ELITE, EXPERT or PRO says Race organiser Mike Glover from Red Cherry. The goal for all

riders is to attempt to be one of the 50 riders to qualify for the INNER CITY ENDURO event on the Sat

4th September. For those that don’t make it through as a PRO, will then become spectators. The ICE

route will use the streets of Rhodes, the Bell River and whatever obstacles they can lay their hands on

to challenge the TUFF ones. The ICE format of racing for 1 lap of approximately 2km, stopping the race,

throwing the last rider out and restarting a brand new race is a concept that has attracted thousands of

spectators over the last 6 years of staging ICE.

Day 1 on Thursday 2nd Sept will be a 60km HOBBY loop and is equivalent to a Bronze Roof Ride and all

who finish become an Elite Rider. On Friday morning, they start increasing the intensity and will cut the field

by a third, two thirds will then ride as an EXPERT in the afternoon and by the time the sun sets they will

have their 50 PRO riders remaining .

The Race Village will have live music, beer garden, awesome grub and riders and crew have a choice of 3

nights of Guesthouse or camping. Check out www.redcherrytuff.co.za for all the info. If you want to chat,

call Mike on 083 601 3287 or Shaun on 082691 3515

HRP’s new products arrive:

There have been all sorts of shipping delays

nationwide thanks to global lockdowns and

all sorts, but products are starting to arrive at

distributors.The guys from Henderson Racing

Products have just unpacked a shipment of

Helmets and they are making their way onto dealer

floors as we type this lot.

Just 1 J34 Adventure Helmets:

We have bought one and found it to be light,

comfortable and it has one of the best visor

systems – both in terms of lifting and shutting and

field of vision that we have tried out to date.

One of our favorite features of the J34 is how

it looks. For motorcyclists, styling is important,

and this one looks really good. Its aggressive

lines resemble helmets worn by world-class

enduro racers. It looks sharp, generating lots of

compliments over the short time we’ve had it.

From long-distance travels to off-road adventures,

it combines the comfort and protection of a fullface

helmet with functionality, light weight, and air

ventilation typical of off-road helmets.

And it’s at a great price point.

At your dealer.





Origine classic lids:

Old School Helmet in the classic design of the seventies…

Trendy looks for trendy peeps…

* Thermoplasic Shell Structure

* Antiallergic lining in leather look

* Goggle-Strap holder

* Micrometic Chin Strap Buckle

* Inclusive black Sun Peak

* Approved by ECE 22.05 (European Standard)

* Weight approx. 1140g ± 50g

At your dealer…


eld Rechargeable Tyre Inflator

Rings Rechargeable tyre pump...


r cars,












Maiden Cross-Country Rallies World Championship win for


in Kazakhstan...

So – where the heck is Kazakhstan? We

didn’t know either...

The Republic of Kazakhstan, is bounded on the

northwest and north by Russia, on the east by

China, and on the south by Kyrgyzstan,

Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea, and Turkmenistan.

The Caspian Sea bounds Kazakhstan to the

southwest. Kazakhstan is the largest country in

Central Asia and the ninth largest in the world.

Between its most distant points, Kazakhstan

measures about 1,820 miles (2,930 kilometres)

east to west and 960 miles north to south.

“This year, the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country

Rallies benefits from an expanded calendar

that will take the contenders around the globe

for spectacular action over a diverse range of


Each cross-country rally will take in five days

of competition and at least 1,200 kilometres of

selective sections.

Crews will once again be fighting for overall

points in the World Cup for Drivers, Co-Drivers

and Teams.

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team’s Ross Branch claims

victory at the opening round of the 2021 FIM Cross-

Country Rallies World Championship, Rally


Sam Sunderland crashes out of the final stage breaking his


Argentina’s Lucio Alvarez and Botswana’s Ross Branch

survived the rigours of the final stage to secure stunning

victories in the car and motorcycle categories at Rally

Kazakhstan on Sunday.

Argentina’s Manuel Andujar takes top step on his Yamaha

Raptor 700.

With a four-minute lead entering the final day of racing at Rally

Kazakhstan, Branch’s main objective was to maintain that gap

over second-placed rider, Red Bull Factory Racing’s Matthias


In the end it was a tough call for Walkner who second rider

away on the final stage and went on to finish two minutes

down on Branch who took second on the stage which was

won by Hero Motorsports rider Joaquim Rodrigues.

After extending his lead to just over five minutes, Ross earned

his first ever victory in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World


“All-in-all it’s been an amazing week here in Kazakhstan and

I’m so happy to come away with the win.” Said Branch at the


“Before this race I really focused on working on my navigation

and it certainly worked here. I opened stages and finished up

front on each stage so I can’t ask for anything more.

“Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the whole week. It’s great to be

racing again and the team has done a fantastic job with the

bike and it’s just been an awesome experience. I’m really

happy to have won for myself and the team.”

With a four-minute lead entering the final day of racing at Rally

Kazakhstan, Ross Branch’s main objective was to deliver

a consistent finish on stage five to claim the overall win. In

placing second, Ross further extended his lead to just over

five minutes to earn his first ever victory in the FIM Cross-

Country Rallies World Championship.

Broken pelvis for Sunderland

The fifth stage of Rally Kazakhstan was cut short 158

kilometres into the special due to an issue with the event’s

refuelling equipment, which affected all riders. It was short but

it was long enough for Sam Sunderland to be caught out by

an almost invisible depression in the dirt and crash at speed.

Rockstar Husqvarna’s Luciano Benavides stopped to help

Sam at the scene until medics arrived.

Sunderland has since who said on his own social media

channels that he has a broken pelvis but is thankful for the

airbag system which prevented a worse injury.

Walkner consistent for P2

Meanwhile ahead of Sunderland on the stage and on the

timing sheets, KTM’s Matthias Walkner rounded out the week

in second place after holding the position across the five


“Second place overall is good,” concluded the Austrian, “it’s

a little frustrating to be just four minutes away from the win

after close to 15 hours of racing, and I know I made a couple

of mistakes earlier in the race that cost me that time, but this

is the nature of rallying. I’m especially happy that on the days

where I was opening the stage, I was able to maintain a good

pace and not lose too much time to the guys behind, so that’s

really encouraging.

Adrien Van Beveren Rally Kazakhstan 2021

Andrew Short Rally Kazakhstan 2021

I’m feeling good and already looking forward to


Yamaha puts Dakar gremlins to bed

Joining Branch on the podium was his Yamaha Racing

teammate Adrien Van Beveren in third. It was an

equally consistent five days for the Frenchman who

says he is not normally a fan of hard, fast and rocky

terrain. Along with Andrew Short in fifth place overall it

was a successful rally for team Yamaha .

“I’m super-happy to have finished third overall in the

rally.” Said Van Beveren. “It’s great for the team to

have three riders in the top five and it’s nice to see

Ross take the win, he deserved it. This rally isn’t really

on my favoured terrain, I would have preferred more

sand, so to finish third here is a great result for me. I’m

now looking forward to the Silk Way Rally.”

Because of a fuel logistical supply issue at the

refuelling zone, the decision was taken to end the final

stage for the motorcycles and quads 150KM’s short.

It gave Hero’s Joaquim Rodrigues the opportunity

to end a disappointing race on a high with the stage

win. The Portuguese got the better of Branch by 67

seconds, with Daniel Sanders finishing third.

However, our own Ross Branch did enough to claim

a career-topping maiden FIM World Cup win on his

Monster Energy Yamaha by the margin of 5min 07sec

from Matthias Walkner (KTM). Adrien van Beveren

(Yamaha) rounded off the podium places. Daniel

Sanders (Gas-Gas) and Andrew Short (Yamaha)

completed the top five.


1. Ross Branch (BWA) Yamaha WRF 450

14hr 39min 02sec

2. Matthias Walkner (AUT) KTM 450 Rally

14hr 44min 09sec

3. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Yamaha WRF 450

14hr 49min 18sec

4. Daniel Sanders (AUS) KTM 450 Rally

15hr 10min 36sec

5. Andrew Short (USA) Yamaha WRF 450

15hr 11min 23sec

6. Luciano Benavides (ARG) Husqvarna HQV 450

Rally Replica

15hr 21min 30sec

7. Augusto Cabini (ITA) Honda CRF 450 RS

20hr 56min 01sec

8. Joaquim Rodrigues (PRT) Hero 450 Rally

23hr 25min 10sec

9. Franco Caimi (ARG) Hero 450 Rally

23hr 26min 03sec

10. Sebastien Bühler (DEU) Hero 450 Rally

23hr 27min 16sec

11. Skyler Howes (USA) Husqvarna HQV 450 Rally


25hr 51min 37sec


1. Manuel Andujar (ARG) Yamaha Raptor 700

19hr 51min 20sec

2. Rafal Sonik (POL) Yamaha Raptor 700

20hr 21min 15sec

3. Aleksandr Maksimov (RUS) Yamaha YMF 700R SE

21hr 34min 24sec

Round two of the 2021 FIM Cross-Country Rallies

World Championship is the Silk Way Rally on July


Daniel Sanders on his Factory Gasgas Rally Kazakhstan 2021

Matthais Walkner Rally Kazakhstan 2021



The ultimate tribute to the iconic Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, the special

edition KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO is built with the sole purpose

to conquer the Iron Giant. With a host of race-developed parts

as standard and for 2022 it features a special Red Bull Erzbergrodeo

graphic kit..

KTM’s relationship with the world-known Red Bull Erzbergrodeo dates

to the event’s inception in 1995, with KTM riders taking no less than

16 wins since then. To celebrate the wealth of race success already

achieved and with a keen eye on future victories, KTM is proud to

introduce the 2022 KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO as a special

tribute to the iconic event.

Using the 2022 edition of the fuel-injected KTM 300 EXC TPI as

a platform, the KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO steps up the

READY TO RACE-ability with several race-inspired upgrades.

Taking feedback from elite extreme enduro riders into consideration,

Getting key updates the updated for 2022 KTM EXC model line-up

at authorized KTM dealers now.

Across the new line-up there are two key upgrades to boost


All new models receive updated WP suspension settings aimed at

offering a firmer, more planted feel while riding across the gnarliest

terrain. The second key upgrade is the addition of new MAXXIS Maxx

Enduro tyres.

With the KTM 300 EXC TPI being the flagship model, it is the 2022

KTM 250 EXC TPI that has come under the R&D microscope featuring

revised 13:52 gearing. This modification helps the quarter-liter in

terms of traction and front end lift on the most technical sections.

For 2022, KTM has visually emphasized the connection with competition

even further through the incorporation of blue colours and the

blue seat.

Inherently involved with top-level off-road competition, KTM reaffirms

its support to the massively popular FIM International Six Days Enduro

with the release of the full line-up of revamped 2022 KTM EXC SIX

DAYS models.

For 2022, KTM designers have gone bold with the introduction of a

striking new colorway. Featuring a long list of race-inspired parts as

standard, the 2022 KTM EXC SIX DAYS are at selected dealers.


•Revised WP suspension settings for a firmer & more responsive feel.

•Improved oil circulation in the suspension for more consistent feedback.

•New MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires for unmatched grip in all terrains.

•New 13:52 gearing giving the KTM 250 EXC TPI added bottom end


•Head-turning 2022 colors inspired by the Factory bikes.

•Bold design & retro colors for the revamped KTM EXC SIX DAYS


Joachim Sauer - KTM Product Manager: “It gives us great pride to

know that our KTM EXC models can once again supply any offroad

rider with the excitement and the performance they need. In their

updated trims, these bikes are technical masterpieces and there is

something to suit every rider across the globe. For 2022, with the new

WP suspension settings we are offering the bikes a more firm and

even more consistent feel. Matched with the new MAXXIS tires, these

are two key upgrades that elevate the overall offroad performance.

Our design team have also stepped-up with their work for this year

and the bikes look exactly like what they are supposed to be: winners

in all conditions.”

the KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO is specially built for

the toughest offroad terrain..

The bike Featues a long list of special protection parts, including

closed hand guards, clutch slave cylinder protection, a

robust skid plate, brake disc guards and radiator protection. It

also comes with further additions such as factory wheels with

anodized orange hubs, enduro-specific pull straps, radiator

fan, mapping select switch, CNC machined triple clamps, a

grippier Factory seat and a special frame coating in orange.

So pretty!



• Special Red Bull Erzbergrodeo graphics.

• Frame finishing coated in racing orange.

• Factory wheels with anodized hubs.

• Metzeler 6 days extreme soft tyre set-up.

• Closed, heavy-duty handguards.

• Radiator fan & radiator protectors.

• CNC-machined triple clamps.

• Factory seat & lightweight skid plate.

• Chain guide bracket protection.

• SUPERSPROX STEALTH rear sprocket.

• Clutch save cylinder protection & orange oil plug.

• Front & rear pull straps.

• Front brake disc guard.

• Solid rear disk & disk guard.

• Rear brake safety wire.

• Map selector switch.

Joachim Sauer - KTM Product Manager: “The KTM 300 EXC

TPI ERZBERGRODEO is a bike 100% built for purpose - and

that purpose is to tackle the most extreme of trails like those

found at the notorious Red Bull Erzbergrodeo. Receiving all

the updates of our 2022 KTM EXC model range, this special

edition bike has features developed by Red Bull KTM Factory

Racing riders to meet the extreme demands of every hard

enduro rider. For 2022 it also comes with a unique set of Red

Bull Erzbergrodeo graphics that make it stand out in any paddock.

This is undeniably the most READY TO RACE extreme

enduro motorcycle on the market – a bike that is fully ready to

line up in the quarry and tackle the famous Iron Giant.”

The 2022 KTM 300 EXC TPI ERZBERGRODEO is available in

authorized KTM dealers.

2022 KTM Motocross:

Fresh off Cooper Webb’s 2021 Monster Energy Supercross

Championship, we are seeing the 2022 KTM motocross lineup.

There are a dozen models to choose from this year, from the

electric-powered SX E 5 to the flagship 450 SX-F.

With 2020 so chaotic, updates are minimal. Every adult model

gets new graphics, but there is more. Let’s go through the


2022 KTM 450 SX-F. The big dog gets new rocker arms this

year for the SOHC powerplant. According to KTM, the new

rocker arms are light and stiffer. According to KTM, this results

in a throttle response improvement everywhere in the powerband.

2022 KTM 350 SX-F and 250 SX-F. KTM has put new bearings

in for the DOHC motors’ balancer shaft. The new bearings will

reduce friction and performance at high rpm.

2022 KTM 250 SX, 150 SX, and 125 SX. There are no functional

changes to the KTM two-stroke motocrossers for full-sized


2022 KTM 85 SX 19”/16”, 85 SX 17”/14”, 65 SX, 50 SX, 50 SX

Mini. Like the adult models, the mini KTM motocross twostrokes

for youngsters are unchanged.

Graphics remain the same.



The first 2022 Husqvarna models have already been offloaded in

dealerships all over SA. They look mighty fine!

The off-road Enduro lineup is five motorcycles strong. There are two

models with four-stroke motors, as well as three models powered

by two-strokes. All five 2022 Husqvarna Enduro off-road models

have fuel injection, with all of the two-strokes featuring oil injection.

Let’s see what’s new for 2022.

• Braktec is tapped for the brake and clutch hydraulics in 2022.

Braktec is a Spanish brand that has been around since 2012,

earning its reputation in the observed trials world. Last year,

Braktec expanded to enduro applications. You might be familiar

with Braktec’s parent company, which provides hydraulics to

KTM, BMW, Triumph, Indian, Piaggio, and the trials brands.

• GSK discs are being used for slowing things down. Husqvarna

claims “superior stopping power with outstanding sensitivity

and modulation” with the Braktec hydraulics and GSK discs.

• The WP suspension gets a few updates. The cartridge joint

in the fork tubes has been redone to improve damping

performance. The shock gets a softer valve seal which

Husqvarna says has “improved feedback and consistent

damping performance.”

• To complement the mechanical changes in the suspension, the

units also get new settings.

• The five off-road-only motorcycles in the 2022 Husqvarna

Enduro off-road lineup have Michelin Enduro Medium tires. The

Michelins are mounted on D.I.D DirtStar rims. The two dualsport

models are shod with street-legal Continental Twinduro

TKC 80 rubber.

• The 2022 Husqvarna TE 250i gets new gearing. The 13:52

sprocket pairing lowers the overall ratios.

• You can’t help but notice the minimalist new graphics. White

predominates with grey graphics and yellow highlights.

We Like! A Lot.

The brand new range of Husqvarna Motocross machines has landed.

Together with the new dark blue and white colour scheme, Husqvarna

Motorcycles has improved the durability of all full-size TC and FC

machines with each model now featuring a Brembo hydraulic clutch


Technical Highlights 2022:

• New high-performance Brembo hydraulic clutch system.

• New Swedish-inspired dark blue and white graphics.

• WP XACT forks with AER technology .

• WP XACT shock features low-friction linkage seals.

• High-grip seat cover texture.

• Progressive bodywork for optimal ergonomics.

• Chromium-molybdenum steel frame.

• Innovative two-piece composite subframe design.

• Interchangeable airbox cover on FC models for optimised airflow.

• CNC-machined triple clamps.

• Brembo brake calipers and high-performance discs.

• Traction and launch control with advanced settings (4-strokes).

• Electric starter for easy starting.

• Lightweight Li-ion 2.0 Ah battery.

• ProTaper handlebars.

• Progressive throttle mechanism and ODI grips.

• Laser engraved D.I.D. wheels.

• Gearboxes produced by Pankl Racing Systems.

Husqvarna have also updated there range of Minicycles.

The enduro Frame



New Pan


By Glenn Foley. Pics by Stefan Vd Riet.

Hey you! Yes you! I can see you smirking behind your keyboard as

you dash off a witty comment about Harleys in the dirt. And to be

quite frank we cannot blame you.

Harley…Adventure bike? Harley + Dirt … Doesn’t quite seem to gel

does it?

But keyboard warriors are a dime a dozen. Everyone’s a frikken’ expert in

their office chair or on their mobile device. You need to go and ride one

and then maybe, we’ll chat again.

It’s no secret that Globally Harley Davidson is having a spot of bother.

You see their traditional market is getting older and they need to find

ways to attract new customers. Slowly, slowly they are addressing this


Superbikes are not selling like they used to. In the cruiser market… Well

they have some serious competition. The most stable market appears to

be in adventures. So guess what?

Harley has invested… A LOT! And the result

of their first effort is the Pan America.

Yes we hear you sniggering, “It’s ugly!” and

“What the heck?”

Well, let’s tell you this. Pictures do not do this

bike justice. Go and have a looksee, we think

you might just come around. Rather than

doing what many brands do and copying

some of the market leaders, Harley thought

out of the box. VERY out of the box. And to

be completely honest, much like that famous

split headlamp on the orange bike, this one

has grown on us.

The chaps from ROC Harley Davidson in

Alberton offered us a spin on the very first

one to hit our shores. The bike had just been

run-in when we arrived for the ride. We’d

never seen it in the flesh so to speak and it

was worth telling that we spent quite some

time just looking at the unique take on one of

our favorite pastimes.

We like it … quite a lot actually.

Now we aren’t going to bore you with every

detail, google is your friend and we ran a prelaunch

story a few months ago, but there are

several features that really stand out.

•The headlights. Well what can we say?

Unique, certainly … pretty? Still deciding on

that but it certainly is quite funky.

•TFT display. Like a Christmas tree and so

easy to read.

•A degree, free electronics package. Simple

buttons to select rider mode and traction

control on … or off. Nothing fiddly. Just

simple, kinda the way we like it. And we

didn’t play with anything else but there are

lots of cool bits.

• The bike gets radial Brembo brakes, a 6.8in

TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity,

iding modes and cornering ABS and traction

control. The most obvious thing missing is the

lack of quick shifter/blipper, either as standard

fitment or as an optional extra. While this

doesn’t bother us it is what a lot of riders have

come to expect at this level.

•A wide comfy seat. Both front and back.

Harley is good at touring bikes and you can

see the expertise in the natural seating and

ergonomic arrangement. Also, you don’t need

to stand on tip-toes when you sit on the bike.


•A massive radiator complete with air scoops

up front. A Radiator? On a Harley?

•A gleaming V-Twin liquid cooled engine. Front

and centre. Boldly, unmistakably Harley. The

Harley-Davidson Revolution Max engine that

powers the new Pan America 1250 is one of

the most ambitious and advanced ever created

by the firm.

The ride:

You guys take it out for a couple of hours and

tell us what you think.

A couple of hours? HMMM OK where can we

really put it through the wringer in a short time?


Go South young man!

We headed out onto the freeway chuckling at

the people gawking out of the windows at this

unusual machine.

Initial impressions:

It is large. This is a big ADV in the realms of

the GS ADV and KTM’s Super ADV. The bike is

comfortable, relaxed and natural to ride. The

clutch is soft with a smooth positive shifting

6-speed box and loads of torque…. She

hustles along at pace!

The newly developed 60° V-twin powerplant

is competitive within the big adventure bike

market with 150bhp on tap at 9000rpm and

94lb.ft torque at 6750rpm.It loves to be revved,

and thanks to the ride-by-wire system, it feels

really sporty to ride. But the Pan America

engine also works well at low revs, where it’s

really smooth. And she does not emit much

engine heat in the traffic.

Brakes and handling even when avoiding errant

Taxi drivers are really good and the suspension

is firm. Open her up a bit and the screen

offers good coverage and its simple one hand

adjustment means that you can move it up or

down no hassle. Simple, the way it should be.

The different riding modes can be selected at the touch of a button on the right

handlebar and they make significant changes to the engine’s characteristics. The

step up from Road mode to Sport alters the throttle response to instantly feel

more aggressive.

The step back to Rain mode is another dramatic change in character, which will

prove useful for more inexperienced riders. And Harley is desperate to attract new

customers with this one.

Honestly, who would look at a bike like this?

Tourers who would maybe venture down a decent gravel road? People who love

wide open roads that take you into the great beyond...

Well we did a lot more than that and guess what?

This bike is really, really capable and despite her girth she is up to the task and

is really easy to ride. There is nothing that we can fault. Everything is predictable,

you just need to remember that she is a big girl and ride accordingly. With any

photo shoot, you head down the road,

turn around, come back, turn round, do

it again. The bike is large but it’s also

easy to maneuver with and engine that

is friendly enough to ride slowly and

very quickly. Harley’s engineers have

managed to achieve a center of gravity

that makes it easy to muscle around.

Guys, I’d be lying if I did not say that the

bike feels better than we ever imagined

it would. Who would ever think that a

brand like HD could build a capable

Adventure machine? Well guess what?

They flippen’ well have!

Pretty soon we were aiming her at offroad

stuff that just got sillier and sillier.

Rough rutted tracks, a groot donga,

stony loose ground, the only thing we

could not find in our short journey was

thick sand. But to be fair that’s not

our favorite spot on any big adventure


Once we’d convinced ourselves that any

further silliness would end in tears, we

headed for a wide open tar road that we

know, popped the bike into sports mode

and quick shifted through the gearbox

with the throttle open wide. 200KPH

came along in a big hurry and the bike

stayed stable and planted… take the

corner, smooth, predictable 210…,

220… and the road started to run out,

tap off and into relax mode for the ring

road all around JHB.

Commuting is fun. You sit quite high

and comfy with a good view of the road

around you. The engine generates no

real heat on your legs and the screen

does a great job keeping the wind at


If you have found that sweet spot, that perfect balance between

rebound, damping, pre load and sag and your shock is still

bottoming out then you may need to consider a heavier or sturdier

rear spring or you might need to have your rear shock refurbished by

a professional suspension technician, that or spend more time doing

cardio and less time in front of the telly chewing on hamburgers and

the like.

Front suspension

Due to the large variety of different front suspension systems we are

going to focus on the cartridge type which most modern bikes seem

to be fitted with these days.

Firstly lets look at some terminology and understand what it refers


Compression: This is the speed of the downward stroke of the fork

under braking or tilting into a corner

Rebound: Conversely this is the speed of the upward stroke of

the fork once released from the pressure of whatever caused the


The compression setting adjusters are located at the top of the

fork, on a dirt bike a flat head screw driver can be used and on a

road bike or super bike a socket or wrench needs to be used. On

dirt bikes you will also find an air bleed release above or below the

compression adjuster. The rebound adjuster is located at the bottom

of the fork.

Adjusting the fork compression and rebound ratio or speed

Turning the adjuster in or clockwise closes down the valve

and restricts the oil flow thus slowing down the speed of the

compression or downward stroke of the fork, essentially stiffening

it up. Counter clockwise open up the valve allowing the oil to flow

more freely and speeding up the stroke or making it softer. The same

applies to the rebound, the force and speed at which the fork return

to its natural position. Clockwise slows it down and anti-clockwise

speeds it up.

How to determine when, why and how you need adjust your forks.

Firstly, don’t be scared of large incremental adjustments. As long as

you stay within the working parameters of the adjusters you cannot

damage them. Do not try to force or over tighten or over loosen

them and you wont inflict any damage and going back to factory

settings or your start settings is as easy as referring to your notes or

your owner’s manual or even google.



Ah!! Fuel light flashing. That’s a good thing,

we’d hate to have to push this beasty along!

Pull into the Blockhouse One-Stop to more

rubbernecking and much chatter from the

attendants. 200 bucks rectifies the situation.

“Well, where are we going to get some

adventure pics?” Asks Stefan our ace Photog.

So we showed him…

Remember the mode button? We pipped the

bike into off-road mode and pointed it onto a

single spoor that trickles along the road. The

suspension softens up and off we go.

As we said, a lot of thought has been

put into this bikes design. It was a great

few hours in the saddle.

The tech is impressive, the ride quality

good, the price attractive and although

the look is quirky, there is something to

be said for it. It doesn’t blend into the

hordes of other adventure bikes in a car


For a first attempt at an Adventure,

we are really impressed and we look

forward to a, (much), longer ride soon.

This one from ROC Harley in Alberton.

Western Cape

Off-Road Club

Koue Bokkeveld

Round 2 & 3

With weeks of preparation behind the organizers, and the weather

for the weekend varying between rain and shine, the anticipation

was high for the Koue Bokkeveld Double Header on the

weekend of the 29th & 30th of May 2021.

With lowering clouds and the icy breeze, the 50cc class of 5

young riders, with their attendant marshals (Dads) in tow, got

off to an early start on their 3.8km loop. The concentration and

determination was clear even among the young ones.

Young Donovan Jacobs C923 rode with consistent determination

and even dispensed with his marshal (Dad, you can stay in the

pits!) and rode like a champion. Definitely a rider to watch for the


The other riders also kept up their momentum and clocked off

their circuits, keeping their marshals on their toes.

All too soon their 1 hour was over and the chequered flag came

out to herald the finish line. Kudos to J105 Jamie Gulliver whose

bike stopped out on the loop but he doggedly pushed it through

the final part of the section and over the finish line, with motivation

from his mother, and to cheers and clapping from the


Next up were the juniors who had speedily lined up with the ease

of familiarity while the 50cc’s had finished their event.

Within minutes they were flagged off in their rows for their 22km

Day 1 loop as the sky took on a more threatening look and the

distant surrounding mountains disappeared into the lowering


J329 Joop Coetzee and J406 AJ Louw had a head-to-head battle

all race in the 85cc class with AJ eventually taking the overall

honours even though he is Junior while Joop rides Senior 85cc.

Jariegh van Lill 424, even though riding a 65cc, was snapping at

their 85cc heels all the way and took the 65cc top spot for Day 1.

All too soon their time was up and while the seniors lined up, one

by one the chequered flag reduced the field until everyone had

completed their ride.

As always, the senior start attracted great interest as the pit

crews came out to egg on their rider to greater effort. As the first

rows were flagged off the rain that had been threatening proceedings

all morning began to come down and the riders were

off into a rainy first round.

Fortunately by the second hour of racing the rain stopped and

the clouds lifted, leaving many puddles and as much mud as any

rider could wish for.

The rain had obviously not dampened any of the competitive

spirit present and as the time passed the front runners lengthened

their lead with the rest of the riders trailing them at a greater

and greater distance.

Jarryd Coetzee #2 riding Open, showed the rest of the field his

heels and romped home to an easy first place in 3 hours,

5 minutes and 16.822 sec.

He was followed home by Devan Marais #405 who

trailed in with just under a 10 minute gap.

With Kevin de Kock and Krige van der Merwe

pushing hard in both 200cc and 125cc classes

respectively, there was plenty of excitement as the

riders arrived at the pits for a breather and refuel.

All classes were well supported and the “GEES”

was well in evidence after the high of the first event

at Porterville.

Round 2 results were:

50cc - 1st – Donovan Jacobs; 2nd – Andreas Engelbrecht;

3rd – Liam van Niekerk.

65cc - 1st – Jariegh van Lill; 2nd – Ryan Gulliver;

3rd – Michael Enslin.

Overall 85cc - 1st – AJ Louw; 2nd – Joop Coetzee;

3rd – Jariegh van Lill.

Ladies Intro. - Amy Rademeyer.

Ladies Senior - 1st – Angie Muller; 2nd – Alison

Droomer; 3rd – Riki Mans.

125cc - 1st – Krige van der Merwe; 2nd – Izan Coetzee;

3rd – Thys Dekker.

200cc - 1st – Kevin de Kock; 2nd – Jan-Ruben

Botha; 3rd – Jacques Janse van Rensburg.

Regional Open - 1st – Jarryd Coetzee; 2nd – Devan

Marais; 3rd – Jan Ryan.

Social - 1st – William Stephens; 2nd – Jacques

Uys; 3rd – Ruben Scholtz.

Senior - 1st – Ockert Swart; 2nd – John Pereira; 3rd

– Dreyer van Niekerk.

Master – 1st – Clint Rieper; 2nd - Johan van Lill;

3rd – Martin Lourens.

Quads - 1st – Anton van den Berg; 2nd – Clive

Crouse; 3rd – Mohammed Tahier Khalpey.

Day 2 started in the dark with a clear starry sky and

frost on the ground.

The weather report indicated that the rain was

over and the day should turn out bright and sunny,

which it soon did. But before then it was FREEZ-

ING ... with the frost on the ground only melting

around 10.30am!

The 50cc riders were off and this time Jamie

Gulliver was on point – no breakdowns – and a

steady and consistent pace saw him take second

on the day. All the youngsters were showing great

confidence and the pace had really picked up by

the end of their event.

The juniors got under way on a new track which

took them through water crossings and farmers

fields. As per day 1, Joop Coetzee and AJ Louw

were again locked in battle for the entire event,

with Joop taking the lead this time around. All the

juniors are showing great advances with a good

sprinkling of first timers and their supporters joining

to swell the ranks of the 65cc and 85cc classes.

Bodes well for the future of the club and the


With the senior classes off on the loop, spectators/pit

crew got back to ready the pits for

their riders. Meanwhile out on the loop there

were a few spills and plenty of thrills at the water

crossings and climbs. The senior and master

bikes are still as competitive as the younger

riders and did not disappoint on the day with

Martin Lourens and Johan van Lill trading

places in the final result between Round 2 &

3. The 125cc was also a good contest with

Krige van der Merwe, Izan Coetzee and Thys

Dekker retaining their placings on both days.

In the quads results, Anton van den Berg was

dislodged from his top spot by Imraan Esack

who pushed through to the top step on the

Sunday, Round 3. Well done to all the riders

and a huge thank you to their pitcrews!

Round 3 results -

50cc - 1st – Donovan Jacobs; 2nd – Jamie

Gulliver; 3rd – Andreas Engelbrecht.

65cc - 1st – Ryan Gulliver; 2nd – AJ Basson;

3rd – Michael Enslin.

Senior 85cc - 1st – Joop Coetzee; 2nd – Andrew

de Kock; 3rd – CG van Zyl.

Junior 85cc - 1st AJ Louw; 2nd – Paul Malcolm;

3rd – Grace de Jager.

Ladies Intro. - Amy Rademeyer.

Ladies Senior - 1st – Angie Muller; 2nd – Alison

Droomer; 3rd – Riki Mans.

125cc - 1st – Krige van der Merwe; 2nd – Izan

Coetzee; 3rd – Thys Dekker.

200cc - 1st – Kevin de Kock; 2nd – Jan-Ruben

Botha; 3rd – Burghardt Stander.

Regional Open - 1st – Jarryd Coetzee; 2nd –

Devan Marais; 3rd – JD van Niekerk.

Social - 1st – Kyle Kriedemann; 2nd – Jean-

Pierre Schoombee; 3rd – William Stephens.

Senior - 1st – Ockert Swart; 2nd – John Pereira;

3rd – Dreyer van Niekerk.

Master – 1st – Gideon Joubert; 2nd - Martin

Lourens; 3rd – Johan van Lill.

Quads - 1st – Imraan Esack; 2nd - Anton van

den Berg; 3rd - Mohammed Tahier Khalpey.

A HUGE word of thanks to Ockert Swart and

his team!!! He not only set all the tracks for

both rounds over 5 weekends beforehand,

rode both days and took top spot in the Senior

bikes, and then returned the following weekend

to remove all the track markers. A man

who needs special recognition for his passion

for the sport.

A great weekend of racing and the entire club

is looking forward to the next round in Worcester

on 24th July. Definitely not to be missed!

Pic By: Sebas Romero


YFZ450 R

It’s been a

long time...…

The Yamaha YFZ 450 –R

We sometimes get calls and all

sorts of abuse – “Hey man –

when are you oakes going to do

something for the quad guys”?

Well. That’s quite easy to answer. If the manufacturers and importers have a

unit for us to ride and photograph we’ll do it with pleasure! It’s been a long


The Yamaha YFZ 450 –R

We sometimes get calls and all sorts of abuse – “Hey man – when are you oakes going to do

something for the quad guys”? Well. That’s quite easy to answer. If the manufacturers and

importers have a unit for us to ride and photograph we’ll do it with pleasure!


YFZ450 R

Gareth Rawson Railing the burms

HOWEVER. Given the fact that quads on

the whole do not sell anything nearly like

what they used to, importers are quite

selective so the models that do arrive

quickly seem to find homes – or, thanks

to increased costs, the importers are

reluctant to turn them into Demo units.

We have noticed a bit of a resurgence in

the quad market lately. After lockdown

it’s as if people have dusted off their old

machines to hit the trails again. Most

companies have stopped sports quads

just about all together, focusing rather on

their utility lineup. Yamaha has continued

to manufacture and update both the YFZ

450 and the 700 Raptor every year.

When we visited Linex Yamaha a few

months back, we saw this spankin new

YFZ on the

floor and we

submitted a



to ride


After much debate between head office

and the dealership, they agreed to give

us a shot.

Back in the day, our Kyle Lawrenson was

actually – wait for it – a qualified Yamaha

instructor. He met up with Linex Yamaha’s

Gareth Rawson at ERORA on the

East Rand and they spent a few happy

hours tearing up the track.

“It’s been a long time – but it’s like riding

a bicycle – you never forget” says Kyle

and pretty soon the guys were hitting

the big jumps and railing this beasty

through the berms. It is awesome fun.

No matter what your two wheeled buddy

tells you…

About the Quad:


The engine is basically a fire snorting

449cc, fuel-injected four-stroke just

like you find in their dirtbike lineup. The

liquid cooled dual overhead cam power

plant has Yamaha’s five-valve head with

titanium valves.

All of the power generated by this

sophisticated engine is fed through

a five-speed manual transmission.

Yamaha incorporates a wet

multi-plate assist-and-slipper

clutch in the drivetrain.

Four-stroke engines have

strong engine deceleration

(Decompression braking)

which, with the use of the rear brake is

helpful for slowing things down. In a

racing scenario around an MX track like

this, it can cause the rear suspension to

bind and buck over braking bumps. A

slipper clutch prevents rear wheel chatter

and over-rev when you downshift and

hard engine braking happens. To put

it simply, it acts more like a two-stroke

engine. During hard throttle chops, the

machine feels as though it freewheels,

due to low compression, but in actuality,

the clutch is slipping to ease engine

deceleration to the rear wheels.

Another benefit of Yamaha’s assist and

slipper clutch setup is a light, soft clutch

feel. Ramps built into the clutch pressure

plate increase pressure on the clutch

pack as rpm increases.

Thanks to this mechanical advantage

on the clutch pack, Yamaha was able to

employ much softer springs in the clutch.

That requires less effort at the lever

making it easier to feather the clutch

lever to put down as much power as you

need, translating into more control over

the machine.


The riding position of the 450R is familiar,

low and sporty feeling. It is great for

shorter riders, but tall oafs like ours fit

just fine.

Yamaha incorporated adjustability in the handlebar

mounting department to open up the rider compartment.

The steering stem has two holes in front

of the standard bar clamp mounting holes. That

allows you to push the bars mounts forward by

20mm over stock.

The ERORA Super Cross track was a muddy playground

If you don’t need them moved that far, the bar

clamps can be swiveled around to move them back

10mm. In stock position, you can also shift the

handlebar clamps around to gain 10mm of rearward


Yamaha’s YFZ450R controls are natural in feel and

function. Lever action is smooth and precise for the

front hydraulic disc brake. The rear brake is just as

easy to modulate, but equivalently strong in comparison

to the fronts.

The throttle feel is crisp, but we do tend to get

some thumb pump with Yamaha throttles, and this

one is no different.

The YFZ rides at a wide 48.8 inches and sports a

long-travel suspension setup. Up front you’ll find

9.8 inches of travel through dual A-arms, out back

they give you 11 inches of travel via a linkage and

straight-axle swingarm.

In terms of Extra’s Linex paid a visit to the SSS

Racing guys and have fitted some goodies like the

skid plate, chain and disc guards and Nerf bars as

well as a GYTR exhaust. Like Yamaha, SSS Racing

has stuck with developing ATV parts through the


Ride impressions:

So we hear all the nay-sayers – quads are boring

etc etc – but we dare you to give this one a good

thrashing around the track.Although it’s fast – it’s

all under control and not too intimidating. The

quad has a very low centre of gravity and those

wide A-Arms and long axle keep things perfectly in

check and make you look like a Pro.

Plenty exciting too! The 450 engine is more than

strong enough for this chassis and it feels so quick

and peppy.

It’s been a long time since we last rode a Yamaha

Sports quad – but you really can feel the improvements

that have been made over the years. A real

MX machine, this quad just turns so well and feels

light and maneuverable – and always kinda in control

– while on some of the olds 450’s (and those of

you who grew up when Quad MX was a thing know

exactly what we are talking about), you kinda held

on for dear life!

It really is a barrel of fun and we understand why the sportsquad craze was

such a massive thing. It was so much fun – and after a few laps, we figured

that it was starting to get silly.

The jumps got bigger, the corners faster – it was just like the good old days

when we used to test with the guys like Grant Morris, Wayne Lester, Eric Williams

Clayton Du Plessis (We often wonder where they all are) and a certain

Mr De Villiers. Reluctantly we called it a day.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself at tests like this, but man! That was fun!

With a bit of setup, bigger wheels and maybe a steering damper, you can turn

this into a cross country racer in a hurry. Just bear in mind that the YFZ is

designed as a track machine and desert racer.

Prices have have gone up a bit since back then – this one: R199999.00

This one at Linex Yamaha –


You can feel that Yamaha has spent time developing

the suspension and handling over the years

which has resulted in a very fast, nimble machine

that feels stable and easier to ride.

We have to give a nod to the KYB suspension –

you can feel it working. In the old days the stock

stuff was thrown away and replaced with units

from Elka and others – with correct setup, these

ones feel quite factory. Yamaha’s suspension feel

is competitive off the showroom floor. The coil-over

piggyback reservoir-style shocks are compression,

rebound, and spring preload-adjustable with a progressive

rate spring setup. They handled the ERO-

RA track really well and the quad felt really plush.

Carving corners, blasting over whoops, and landing

jumps is what this machine is designed for.

The Yamaha is also suitable for trail riding

We do sometimes have a lot of fun in this here

office. When we heard that a public holiday was

on the horizon, we got to thinking about what

we could do to celebrate Freedom day. Well,

why don’t we go for a ride. We don’t really need

a holiday to do that…

Well why don’t we collect a variety of “different”

adventure bikes and go for a ride…

Now you’re talking!

Unusual adventure?

Well, not the run of the mill stuff like GS’s and

Adventures that everyone knows and rides.

Let’s look at some of the more unusual or Exotic


Hmm good plan! What’s out there?

Well that’s easy, we have featured RAD KTM’s

Advenduro bike and TRAX MOTO’s 790 Dirt

Convert, now there’s an 890, so those two

should be fun!

RAD took the KTM 500 and included a Rally

screen, long range tank and did some gearing

to make it suitable for longer distances. A more

Hardcore Adventure for the more tech terrain,

complete with soft luggage racks.

Trax has made the KTM 890 Adventure, (note

not the R), more dirt worthy by fitting a higher

fender and fitting more aggressive tyres. The

idea is to make a lower, more aggressive

looking motorcycle that is suitable for shorter










It’s been a while since we last rode the Moto

Guzzi V85, so a call was made to the friendly

guys at IMI and that unusual Vee twin was


Triumph has that luverly parallel twin retro 1200

Scrambler… it had to be included. Any excuse

to ride it really, it ranks amongst all of this lots


That covers the Europeans, but what about

something Japanese?

Sean’s suggestion, the Africa Twin DCT. We all

looked like him as if he’d fallen out of a tree.

What’s so unusual about that? Well, and he’s

quite correct, the DCT is the only bike of its

kind of the market… think about it. Honda is

the only manufacturer with this system and the

only other bike on the market with this system

is the NC750.

Yamaha’s T7? Unusual? Well not so much

unusual as “new” which is what makes it

unusual. And to be fair there has been lots of

debate and discussion in this very office around

this bike since it first hit our shores, so why not.

So, a lekker roundup from a 500cc dirtbike

right up to a 1200 retro. It looks like a fun day is


Cycle Technology ccT/A

Now who’s going to ride?

Let’s not involve the usual team. Why don’t

we invite some interesting people to ride and

share their thoughts rather than just the usual

suspects. And that’s what we did in the form of

father and son Kevin and Byron Norman, both

dyed in the wool KTM ADVaholics and Brett

Scholman who is a BMW man. None of these

guys have actually ridden any of the bikes that

we had on offer. None of them had ever even

considered bikes like these, so it is an absolute

fresh perspective on all the bikes from them,

proper consumer feedback if you will.

The ride:

We hear the guys from the Western Cape snorting

derision … ADV in Gauteng? Well, we’ll tell

you this, we might not have your mountains

or the spectacular scenery that you guys are

spoiled with but we know places and there are

some really lekker routes in Gauteng.

This one took us from our base on the East

Rand all the way out to Loskop dam and back

again. Most of the route there was on the

gravel along our railway service roads and on

to really beautiful sweeping roads that travel

through the Groblersdal mountains and up into

the Langkloof Pass. Along the way you can see

kudu, baboon and all kinds of small antelope.

Sadly, at this time of year, it has been ravaged

by veld fires so it was a bit bleak. Also, in some

sections, the rain has really hurt the roads, so

you need to keep your wits about you.

But it is a great ride and it was awesome to see

so many other adventure riders out and about

on the public holiday. Of course, the moment

they saw Stefan our photographer, they all

stood up and tried to look like Meercats…

Quite funny!

Lunch was at the beautiful Mossie Nes eatery

on the banks of the Olifants River. That overlooks

a reserve, so while you have a nibble you

can watch the fish jump and chances are good

that you might just see a bokkie or two.

The route home was a bit of a dice along the tar as the sun started setting. And as the

sun went down, the temperature dropped and there were quite a few stops so that riders

could fit extra layers of clothing. The leisurely route out took us around four hours. The

home run was just on two hours.

Every single bike performed faultlessly and even though we were not on some of the

biggest, baddest most popular adventures known to man we all came home with big

grins. And best of all, the little 500 did not keep anyone waiting, in fact it was in front most

of the way…

Almost 400 KM’s for the day. What could be better? Friends, motorcycles and wide open


You need a bike in your life!

Some opinions from our guests, and please do bear in mind that none of these guys had

ever ridden any of these machines. Please bear in mind that each of these guests ride big

capacity adventures … 1190’s and 1200’s.

One thing became clear: opinions on each bike differ and that’s what’s so cool about

bikes. If we all liked the same thing, life would be a bit boring…

Kevin Norman Rides a KTM 1190R:

“This was an awesome experience which, if it wasn’t for the DT crew, I would never get

the opportunity to ride. Quite an eye opener.”

Triumph 1200 Scrambler: Big surprise! I had recently ridden a Triumph T100 naked retro

street bike and was expecting a similar, experience.

This Scrambler is a revelation. At speed, the screen, although not very big, was more than

adequate. Gear changes were nice and smooth, power was more than adequate and is

delivered very smoothly. The riding position is very comfortable, with controls pretty easy

to get used to and located in easy reach.

The seat, although old school in appearance, is more comfortable than expected. I didn’t

get to ride it in the gravel, but on the tar, handling was excellent and brakes are very good.

KTM 890 Adventure: At 5 foot 9, I am pretty short, but after my 1190R, I found this bike

to be very small and for me, standing while riding was a bit uncomfortable, I would fit a

set of handle bar raisers.

Power and speed are very impressive. The instrumentation is very easy to use and well

located. Gravel road riding was adequate but, even though I currently ride a KTM, it didn’t

automatically give me a huge amount of confidence. C’mon Dirt And Trail when can we

get the “R”?

Africa Twin 1100 DCT: The Honda’s riding position is very comfortable and between

that and the handing characteristics, gives you instant confidence in the bike. The bike

has great ground clearance, but feels like it has a low centre of gravity (if that makes any

sense). Nice big screen, which keeps you well protected at speed.

I personally didn’t like the DCT gearbox. I think it takes away all the potential fun of the

bike and reduces the power delivery to that of a motor a lot smaller than 1100cc. I only

rode it on the tar and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to ride with that gearbox on the dirt, it just

doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe I’m old school, the other riders love it!

Moto Guzzi V85TT: I admired my first Guzzi at around 10 years old, so riding the Guzzi

was a real treat for me.

Initial thoughts when I started it up, was that it was very rough, with a lot of vibration from

the motor. It definitely smoothed out when I was moving and I found changing up through

the gears to very smooth. Unfortunately, changing down wasn’t quite as smooth. Power

delivery is very tame (especially compared to the KTM 890).

The riding position is very comfortable, the bike handles very well and feels pretty light,

but, to me the screen feels too small and results in quite a bit of buffering from the wind at


I felt that the side mirrors are positioned too wide. I am a big guy and I would still be

able to see past my arms, if the mirrors were positioned slightly narrower. If I remember

correctly, the mirrors stuck out past the handle bars, which felt a bit odd.

Yamaha T7: I have never been a Yamaha fan but, predictably, the bike impressed me on

the dirt. I was instantly confident on it in the dirt.

It handles like an enduro bike and the power is perfect for the size of the bike in the dirt.

I felt very comfortable on it. I think it could use more power for long trips on the tar. The

seating position is very comfortable and the bike is also very comfortable in the standing


Accessorising of all

makes of Adventure


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proven Adventure

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Service & Maintaining of BMW Classic,

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Customisation Consultancy

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Exclusive stockists of a

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Professional Restoration, Custom

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of all BMW Motorcycles

Officially Appointed

Distributors for

Motorcycle Equipment,

Accessories and more

KTM 500: Hooligan bike, which was great in the dirt.I come from a KTM enduro

background, so I was instantly comfortable on the bike in the dirt, (011) 433 8850 info@cytechmotorcycles.co.za

61 Port Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg


and could push the speed a bit and still feel

confident that the bike wouldn’t deliver any surprises.

A 500 4-stroke has a great sound to it as well.

Instrumentation is very basic, but that’s totally

acceptable on a bike like that.

It stands very high, so I struggled a bit to get on and

off it, I constantly needed to look for a nice rock or an

embankment along the side of the road.

Standing and seating positions were actually quite

comfortable, considering the style of seat (it obviously

has an enduro style seat, compared to much larger

seating areas on all the other bikes).

I was very impressed with the cruising speed on the

tar, I never expected it to take some of the higher

speeds in its stride like it did….

Brett Skolmen who rides a GS1200 Adventure

shares his thoughts:

Moto Guzzi V85TT

Pros: A really cool looking bike that reminds me of

an 80’s era Dakar bike. Very pleasing view from the

riders position with an effective windscreen and clear,

functional TFT display.

The Seating position is very comfortable. Nicely upright

with good handle bar width. I found this seat the most

comfortable of the all the bikes.

The standing position very neutral and comfortable.

A pleasure to use in the dirt.

Suspension is excellent if not a little short on travel.

I did bottom out the rear on a couple of occasions.

Traction control was really impressive on this bike

Cons: Although power delivery was linear and smooth,

I felt the bike was slightly underpowered, most likely

from being a heavy bike with a sub 900cc engine and

only 59kw.

Yamaha T7

Pros: I love the design of this bike. Very Rallye oriented

with an aggressive look. The front end with the upright

screen and LED lights looks superb. The seating position

is very good. I found the seat to be comfortable

and all the handlebar controls were easy to navigate

Standing position is very neutral and comfortable but I

did not get to try this bike on the dirt.

Suspension was on the hard side but felt very controlled.

The engine is extremely smooth and rev happy.

I have not ridden a smoother parallel twin with almost

zero vibrations throughout the rev range.

Gear shifts are also smooth. I found the bike really

good on tar with excellent high speed stability and

wind protection. It also handles very well on twisty sections

considering the off-road tyres.

Cons: I think the engine sounds was too muted and an

aftermarket pipe might fix that. It really needs a more

aggressive sound. The display is not great and it vibrates

a lot on the tar roads. I think on the dirt it might

shake significantly.

Triumph 1200XE Scrambler

Pros: In my opinion, the best looking bike of the

bunch. A very cool retro look with modern electronics.

Seating position is excellent and very comfortable.

Nice wide bars. Standing position is excellent for

somebody my size (5’7”). Suspension is excellent on

rutted dirt roads and the bike always felt sure footed

and in control. The engine is surprisingly powerful

considering the bike only puts out 66kw. The low down

grunt on this machine is very impressive.

Gear shifts are very smooth with a light clutch action. The bike also

handles very well on tar roads.

Cons: My only concern would be the long distance comfort for touring

on this bike as there is very little wind protection and also very limited

luggage options (only one pannier bracket on left hand side)

Honda Africa Twin DCT

Pros: A very handsome adventure styled bike with bold colour schemes.

Excellent TFT display. Seating position is excellent and very comfortable.







The Africa Twin is ready to conquer it all with its potent

engine and dynamic chassis. Purchase this model, and

enjoy free rider training. Find a dealer and book a test ride



Honda Africa Twin DCT Moto Guzzi V85 TT Triumph Scrambler 1200 Trax KTM 890 Adventure “Dirt Convert” Yamaha T7 RAD KTM Advenduro 500

Nice wide bars.

Standing position is excellent and easy to the control bike while

standing. Suspension is excellent on rutted dirt roads and the

bike always felt sure footed and in control. The engine feels

strong but I only rode this bike on dirt not on tar. It might feel a

bit subdued under acceleration on tar?

A very smooth and well executed DCT transmission was easy

to adapt to and was a nice change from being accustomed to

manual bikes.

Cons: I would like to ride the manual version as a comparison

and in my opinion the DCT is not really a con and will appeal to

many riders.

KTM 890 Adventure Dirt Convert.

Pros: Excellent TFT display. Seating position is nice and low

and very comfortable. The suspension is relatively good on dirt

roads but the ground clearance is a bit low.

The engine feels very strong throughout the rev range. It was

a blast to ride it on the tar. Nice cornering ability as well. Very

planted. The Gearbox and clutch action is smooth and precise

Cons: Perhaps a bit too low for an adventure bike. (It might be

good for lighter weight, shorter rider). A slightly awkward standing

position with bars a bit low and narrow. (Probably good for

smaller riders)…

KTM 500

Pros: This bike looks the business, like a proper enduro

machine. A definite head turner.

Seating position is great and the seat is surprisingly comfortable

for a dirt bike. I was surprised how well the bike handled

and runs on tar with knobbly’s on and was impressed how

stable it was at 160km/h (with still a bit more to go).

The engine felt very strong throughout the rev range and was

totally at home on the dirt roads. Sand, stones, ruts and corrugations

were easy for this bike to navigate. The Gearbox and

clutch action are also very smooth.

Cons: This bike surprised me the most of all the bikes. I knew it

was going to be good on dirt but I was very surprised what fun

it was on the tar. My only gripe being the vibrations at highway

cruising speeds coming through the pegs and handlebars and

the non-existent wind protection (but the bike is not designed

for that). The tiny display is very basic and I could not read

it when standing because it was positioned so close to the



All these bikes are very good in their own way. So different from

each other, but all can be used as dual purpose machines.

Byron Norman rides a KTM 1190 ‘S’.

“It was an absolute honour to be out there testing and

experiencing different motorcycles.”

Triumph 1200 Scrambler. Such a beautiful looking motorcycle,

very capable both on the road and off-road weirdly enough.

At first glance, I would never have expected that bike to be so

capable off-road but it definitely held up its own. Very smooth

and the handling is great. It does however generate a lot of

heat from the exhaust which sits right there by your legs and

fuel tank. Got lots of punch when it is needed. In general,

amazing and capable little motorcycle.

KTM 890 Adventure. Being a big KTM fan, this was definitely

one of my favourites of the day. The KTM is just an all-round

motorcycle, whether you need it for touring or for its off-roading

capabilities. It definitely pulls its weight. As with all of the new

KTM range, looks are definitely eye catching from every angle.

Very smooth and powerful, the handling is just fantastic. Was

very impressed with the top end, irrespective of it being an 890

it, however the bars do need to be raised, the positioning is

very low and for riders with long arms, the handle bars are very

much a reach.

Africa Twin DCT. Having ridden “little brother” the manual

1100 earlier this year, I far prefer the manual to this model.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely machine but the DCT gearbox

loses all the fun of owning a motorcycle. Once it does get up to

speed, it’s very capable. As you said, this model is definitely a

reserved bike. I didn’t ride it off-road but the on the tar, it was

very impressive with regards to smoothness, comfort and the

overall ride.

Moto Guzzi V85. A very old school, retro looking motorcycle.

When sitting stationary, the bike seems to make lots of

vibrations but disappears as soon as you get moving… After

getting used to the gear shifting (thanks to my big boots), it’s

actually a really pleasant bike to ride. The seating positioning

and handle bars are in the perfect place. However, there is just

not enough torque for this bike, it doesn’t have that get up and

go that some riders would like. It definitely takes its time getting

up to speed but once you are there it’s a great motorcycle, its

nimble and easy to throw your weight around on it.

Yamaha T7. Definitely not your typical looking adventure

motorcycle. Yamaha has developed something different here.

I wasn’t so sure of it on the road but it really did surprise me

Off-road, it’s like the KTM, an absolute machine… very capable

and you are able to just throw it into corners with minimal

effort. The suspension is very smooth and this is definitely the

same feel as riding an Enduro bike. As much as I’m a KTM fan,

I don’t like to say it, but I do like this machine. Yamaha has

done their homework and developed something that can really


KTM 500. Not my first choice for an adventure bike but along

with the extras that were done to modify it, it was absolute

good fun. The power is there when you need it, as it does hold

up its own on the road. This beast, just like the KTM and T7 is

very capable off-road. It brought back memories of riding the

enduro bikes, that’s how easy it is to ride… it’s just so much


Big thank you to all the guys who loaned us bikes – we even

had to do a bit of arm twisting to keep them for the holiday.

The KTM 500 Adventuro’s are built by RAD KTM


The Yamaha T7 was kindly supplied by Linex Yamaha


The KTM 790 Dirt Convert is by TRAX Moto and they offer it

with all of the electronics unlocked. www.traxmoto.co.za

The V85 Guzzi is from Italian motorcycle Importers


The Africa Twin DCT came from Motus Honda


The Triumph 1200 Scrambler from Triumph South Africa



for Choice




Willow Rock Shopping Centre

Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Willow Acres,

Pretoria East

Tel: 012 111 0190



Going hell for leather through the Karoo on some

updated BMW’s

Last month you would have read about Glenn’s adventure with Suzuki in the Karoo and

seen the spectacular photos from that trip. Well, it would seem the Karoo is the place to

be … and believe you me if you haven’t ridden a bike here, you haven’t experienced South

Africa at its best. BMW invited us along to join them on the media launch of one new

model and one updated model and flew us into George for a whistle stop tour of that part

of the Karoo on their new bikes. Landing just before 6pm in a wet, windy and cold George

was a bit of a shock to the system after leaving in a fairly mild and sunny Gauteng winters

day. We were bundled into a bunch of fancy BMW X5’s and taken to the ‘OuBaai’ for a

presentation and dinner and overnight digs…

The bikes we were there to ride were the all new BMW R1250RT, the updated GS 1250

and 1250 adventure. The route for the RT’s was to be out past Hartenbos and Mosselbay

and over Robinson Pass through the Karoo and Oudtshoorn to our lunch in the ever

gorgeous Karoo. Then it was a swap onto the GS’s for the return ride over Montagu Pass

via the Outeniqua Hop and back into George. Sadly, we had to keep a wary eye on the

clock because we all had to be back on the plane home by around 5pm and thus had to

run full “Hell for Leather” mode in both directions which was quite entertaining, (read –

underwear soiling), because Mother Nature decided to water her Karoo garden most of

the day.

Like I said earlier, honestly, this was just a mad

dash back to the airport so an in-depth analysis

of all the new and updated features was not really

possible, hopefully we get both bikes soon again to

really explore all the updates sometime soon.

Here is a quick look at some of the highlights of the

new GS and Adventure with some thoughts:

R18, First Edition 2020

S1000 RR, 2010

4,000km E X Demo


R280 R275 000 R119 R105 000

R1250 RS, 2021

2 300km Top Box

R199 000

Never having ridden the Outeniqua Hop or Montagu pass I was

quite excited. I had spent the morning on BMW’s RT (Check

out this months RideFast Magazine for my impression of that


Chatting to the guys who had just come off that route on the

GS’s my excitement was a bit dampened about all the stories

of rain, drizzle and really snotty mud. Here we go again.

Wrestling a hippopotamus on an ice rink were my thoughts

with flashbacks to the GS Trophy in Dullstroom in 2019. But all

that concern was for naught, yeah there were so squidgy and

squirley spots here and there but for the most part the rain had

stopped and the terrain had dried up quite a bit, which was

a good thing. Lunch was served at Karoo pace, very relaxed

which gave us very limited time to get back to George and on

the plane home to Gauteng, so for the most part it was a ‘Hell

for Leather’ dash over these passes to meet the plane. Lots of

fun but no real time to play with the new upgrades for 2021/22

on the GS and the Adventure … and more importantly, we

couldn’t stop for coffee and pastries at Village Trading Post.


Starting out on the Adventure on the tar was great, putting it

into dynamic pro mode gave it oodles of power making it plenty

fun on the tar. However, some of the sensors were playing

up turning that big TFT screen into a warning of impending Armageddon

which was terribly distracting. To be honest, I have

never really been a fan of the big tank on the Adventure. To

me it feels like it bias’s the weight too much on the front wheel

making it quite a handful for me in the dirt, especially sand and

the shape of the tank has me standing wide legged so I spent

most of the time sitting down.

Swapping onto the standard GS was such a revelation. To me

the GS just feels more nimble and controllable in the dirt, almost

like a big, comfortable dirt bike just reiterating my feelings

about the Adventure. Yet, it would seem that I am the only one

of that opinion, everybody else seems to prefer the Adventure

over the GS.

• Original boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology

for varying the valve control times and the

valve lift on the intake side – As usual, that Boxer

motor never fails to impress. The power is really

smooth and predictable with oodles of torque to

power out of any situation

• Powerful acceleration over the entire speed range,

exemplary consumption and emission values as

well as smooth and quiet running – Yanking on

the throttle gets you moving along in quite a hurry

from just about any speed with a top end that will

cost you more than a few Cokes and Nando’s if the

authorities ever catch you!

• Power and torque: 100 kW at 7 750 rpm and 143

Nm at 6,250 rpm.

• Knock sensor system for optimised touring capability.

• New BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro as standard

– Now this little feature came in particularly handy

as I was riding through a small Karoo village and

filming with my cell phone which requires 2 hands.

I had the bike in cruise control at about 60kmh and

both hand up filming when suddenly I ran out of tar

and found myself in the mud. Quickly shoving my

phone into my mouth and frantically grabbing the

bars and stepping on the foot brake in one panicked

movement surprisingly didn’t end up with me

on my arse in the mud. A feature I am very grateful

for … Thank you BMW for that.

R 1250 RS, 2019


R215 000

R1250 Vespa GS 300 ADV, GTS, 2020 2018

13,500km 000km (Factory Lowered)

R269 R99 000

R1250RT, 2019

18 000km

R230 000

Vespa 250 GTS, 2011

13, 000km

R89 000

C400 X 2020


R109 000

BMW Motorrad Fourways

R1250 GS ADV, Adventure 2019 2013


Top Box & panniers, Akropovic

Slip R245 on000

R320 000

Cnr Witkoppen and Cedar Road.

Fourways, Gauteng.

Tel: (011) 367-1600

Email: rodney.serfontein@cedarisle.co.za

• Three riding modes as standard.

• New “Eco” riding mode for particularly economical

driving as standard.

• Pro riding modes with additional riding modes and new

riding mode preselection as well as dynamic engine brake

control as optional equipment ex works.

• Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as standard – Another

feature I got to do an impromptu test on as I came

whizzing around a dry corner … or what I thought was

a dry corner and over a bump … turned out to be quite

a snotty, muddy bit that had the GS and I quite sideway

with the steering quite unresponsive as I approached

the edge of Montagu pass with quite alarming alacrity. In

frozen mesmerisation I was still on the gas a bit and the

big GS obviously deciding a trip into oblivion was not on

the cards for her stabilised everything and we managed

to get through the corner without falling off the edge …

again, thank you BMW for that bit of tech.

• Electronic Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” chassis with

fully automatic load compensation.

• Hill Start Control Pro (HSC Pro) with advanced function

as optional equipment ex works.

• New full-LED adaptive headlight as optional equipment

ex works.

• New lighting functions, cruising light and functionintegrated

turn indicator bulbs as optional equipment ex


• Vehicle voltage and USB sockets as standard.

• Seat heating for rider and passenger for increased

travelling and touring capability as optional equipment ex


• Handlebar risers by 30 mm as optional equipment ex

works – A feature that I as a taller rider really appreciate. I

can now stand up comfortably and ride over the rougher

stuff with a lot more comfort and confidence not having

to semi squat and hunch over the bars play havoc with

the weight distribution and proper control of the bike.

• A wide range of seat height options ex works.

• Connectivity: Multifunctional instrument cluster with

6.5-inch full-colour TFT display and numerous features as

standard on the R 1250 GS.

• Intelligent emergency call as optional equipment ex


• One attractive basic colour each and the two triple black

and Rallye style variants ex works as optional equipment.

• “40 Years GS” anniversary edition.

• Extended range of optional equipment and Original

BMW Motorrad Accessories.

The new R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure are

available each in an attractive basic colour and the two

triple black and Rallye style variants. “40 Years GS”

anniversary edition. And pricing is as follows:

BMW R 1250 GS

Light White R 322 900.00

Triple Black R 333 400.00

Style Rallye Package (HP) R 336 400.00

Special Edition 40 Years of GS R 350 400.00

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

Ice Grey R 343 700.00

Triple Black R 352 200.00

Style Rallye Package (HP) R 354 300.00

Special Edition 40 Years of GS R 368 700.00

You’ll to get down to your local Motorrad dealer and go

ride a demo.

A Second opinion by Mercia Jansen:

When I was invited to the BMW Launch

of their latest update to the R1250

GS, GS Adventure and RT I hesitated

for a few days. Those are big bikes I

thought, and I have very little experience

riding such big bikes off road. I said

yes because one of the reasons I ride

is that 2 wheels have taken me to the

most beautiful destinations, and when

the invite says ride from George into the

Karoo how can you resist… Also, my

dad always wanted me to try the GS and

he couldn’t stop singing its praises so

I nervously sent a mail to confirm how

technical it would be.

I rode the Triple Back GS Adventure

first and felt comfortable the moment I

got on to it despite the size and weight.

Firstly, the wide range of seat height

settings allows you to set it at a height

that is comfortable for anybody. That

is important for a lady rider as it is a

heavy bike and the biggest challenge is

to handle it when it’s stationary. Once

it gets moving it’s so well balanced

you don’t even think about the weight

and size anymore. By the time we hit

Montagu pass (in the wet), I trusted the

handling and the suspension gave me

confidence as it effortlessly tackled the

ruts and wet muddy conditions.

Having several modes and being able to

set it to “Enduro mode” further made me

feel that the bike can handle anything. It

was smooth, torquey and powerful but

with control and soft throttle response, I

could relax and enjoy the view - and that

in my opinion is what adventure riding is

all about. The traction control was a bit

weird for me and something I had to get

used to and unfortunately didn’t get a

chance to try the “Enduro Pro” mode to

feel the difference. We changed over to

the R1250 GS and I expected to enjoy it

more being smaller and lighter, but to my

surprise I found the GS Adventure easier

to handle. It is a solid machine and I can

understand the appeal.

Some people (the hooligan riders

) sometimes use the word boring

to describe the 1250 GS and GS

Adventure. I did not find it boring at

all. To the contrary I thought it was

comfortable and sophisticated and the

perfect companion for long road trips

to see the world. I’ve ridden old bikes,

new bikes, mostly naked bikes and

various off-road bikes. After several

hours of riding you get off knackered.

But not with this bike. It leaves you

wanting to explore more. This is the

bike I want to do long road trips with,

detouring through dirt country roads

and spectacular passes. And there is

nothing boring about that. I also believe

any skilled off-road rider can have great

fun on the dirt with it….


Moto Cross

alive and kicking!

In last months issue, we let you know about the Happy Days

Farm on the outskirts of Fouriesburg.

They recently hosted a VMX Day and our Jonno VD Westhuisen

went along for the day...

On the 22nd May, petrol heads of all shapes and sizes descended

upon happy days farm just outside Fouriesburg for another

VMX (Vintage Motor Cross) event.

There were collectors, tinkerers, ex racers and enthusiaists scattered

between the track, bar and the farm owners showroom,

the most impressive vintage enduro and MX collection I’ve ever


but that’s a whole other story, refer to last months issue of Dirt

and Trail Magazine.

58 riders signed up for the event, along with this rock rabbit who

is as comfortable around tight turns as an 18 wheeler - and loves

having both wheels off the ground as much as a tractor.

I managed a 7th out of 20 riders in my first heat, by

the 2nd heat, the track was pretty loose, and a handful

of riders threw in the towel, I finished 9th out of 14


I was getting the exact same look I give to guys who

rock up to go on an outride on an MX bike with no

protection at the start line. I was the only bike with full

enduro protection and a headlight at the start. Not that

it made any difference, I could have had the best bike

in the world, MX riding all comes down to the rider,

and these legends all showed us that with an extremely

entertaining day of riding.

The most anticipated race of the day was the 500CC

shootout. Every man and his dog was on the sidelines

for that one. It was a riveting battle up front between

Andre v d Westhuizen, Gareth Ireland and Evan Pretorius,

at the end of the day, Gareth got the T shirt on his 86

CR500. For more info on VMX events:

Tel: 082-551-3263


Happy days is an incredible venue for MX and Enduro

rides Im told. Do yourself a favour and stop there on your

next trip to Clarens or Fouriesburg and check out the


Contact Dexter on 082 255 7585 for more info.

Bikes were broken down into classes

Twin Shocks 76-81

GP 86-2000

Vintage Enduro 86-2000 ?

EVO pre 86

Modern support 2000 upwards

500cc shootout 81-2000

The event was hosted on the Roth family farm and the track was

prepared by Mr v d Westhuizen (no relation) and it was fun.

A couple of jumps, nothing too hectic, lots of tight turns and 2

reasonable straights so guys like me could go fast twice.

There was an open session in the morning.

I thought that since I hadn’t been on a track in 8 years, and even

then it was only briefly, I should sharpen my....skills.

I entered the modern support class with my 2018 KTM350

EXCW 6 days on a whim the day before because I had some

friends riding the event.

It was on my first lap at the open session that I realised I had

bitten off waay more than I could chew.

I was being overtaken by 40 year old 125s. What blew me away

was the condition of these bikes and how their owners rode

them. These are not immaculate showroom pieces, these bikes

are maintained to ride, and many of the guys who ride them used

to race so they ride them hard and very fast.

The Husky is a 1976 wr 250 that belonged to Tyrone Stevenson, he

did the roof on it in 1977. It was originally a 175 and he converted to

a 250. I bought it from Ian Groat in 2019 and had the engine rebuilt

by Johan Hamm (mr husky) The rear.

The first event was the Twin shock class and my buddy Ken

Strydom was aboard the oldest bike that raced on the day, a

1976 Husquavarna WR250. Each event had 2 heats, at the end

of the day the winner in this class was Adrian Werner on his 1981

Yamaha YZ 465.

EVO class was won by Gareth Ireland on a 1986 CR500

Vintage Enduro was taken by Gordon Johnstone

Modern support - I didn’t see who won because I was still riding,

I think it was AJ Visagie.






Why Buy Sherco?

Comparing listed retail pricing, the Sherco Factory

edition bikes are the most expensive dirt bikes in

South Comparing Africa listed at retail the pricing, moment.

the Sherco Factory edition bikes are the most

But expensive when dirt you bikes sit in South down Africa, and or so look it seems. carefully at the

But when you sit down and look carefully at the Factory bike, and what

Factory bike, and what buyers’ trends are and what

buyers’ trends are and what they require in a bike, the Sherco Factory is in fact

they require best priced in option a bike, on the market. you do get what you pay for.

Over Over the next few

few pages

pages we’ll highlight

we’ll 22 reasons

highlight why you

22 should

reasons buy a


Sherco Factory Edition and save a lot of money at the same time:

buy a Sherco.

15. SEAT - Selle Dalla Valle Factory gripper seat with a one turn by

hand action to remove. No bolts or tools required.

16. BRAKES – Galfer front disc and Solid rear disc brake for

improved braking and longer lasting pads in muddy conditions.

17. BASHPLATE - AXP 6mm bash plate fitted standard.

18. SUB FRAME - Aluminium subframe for strength.


19. PLASTICS - In-mould plastics more durable and resistant to

abrasions and saving on sticker kits.

20. PARTS – Sherco South Africa has some of the best over the

counter on demand parts availability at competitive pricing providing

you as the customer complete peace of mind.

21. RESALE – The Sherco 2 stroke is one of the most popular

used bikes in the current market, and are almost impossible to find,

because they are just swept up as they become available. They hold

exceptional value and the used bike market on Sherco is supported

by its dealer network.

1. SUSPENSION – Bikes are fitted standard with KYB closed cartridge

suspension developed specially for Sherco by Technical Touch. It’s the

same suspension used by Wade Young and Mario Roman and all the rest

of the Sherco Factory riders off the showroom floor.

No upgrades required.

2. SHOCK - KYB shock with linkage suspension.

3. TYRES - Michelin Medium Enduro tyres fitted (140 rear) as standard

equipment for improved grip and more progressive engagement.

4. RIMS - Excel rims known for exceptional quality.

5. HYDRAULICS - Brembo brake and clutch systems.

6. TRIPLE CLAMPS - Neken CNC triple clamps.

22. DEALERS – Sherco currently has 8 dealers nationwide:

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Windhoek,

Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit, PE and East London.

Details can be found on under the dealer tab.

After taking all this into consideration, if you are of the opinion that

the Sherco Factory bike is too expensive for you, think again. It will

require at least R50k or more to invest on top of your purchase of a

cheaper competitive product just to match the Sherco Factory Edition

in standard equipment.

Call your local Sherco dealer now, or send us an

email at sales@shercosouthafrica.co.za



7. SPEEDO – Full function Trailtech speedo.

8. FUEL TANK - 10.5 litre fuel tank, an extra 1.5 liters giving you that extra

peace of mind out on the trail.

9. COOLING - Radiator fan and expansion tank fitted standard, and larger

radiators for improved cooling in extreme conditions.

10. CARB - Keihin PWK36 Carburettor, that can be adjusted to perform

at peak in all conditions and sea levels, with pre-mixed fuel for peace of

mind. Simple and inexpensive to maintain.

11. POWER VALVE - SBS electronically controlled power valve, for

smooth power delivery while delivering unsurpassed bottom and midrange

torque. The power valve is controlled by the ECU and reacts on engine

speed rather than throttle opening to enable optimum valve opening

in all situations.

12. MAPPING - Map switch fitted standard with 2 settings giving the rider

the option of reduced power on the fly.

13. HEADER - FMF Gold series header pipe, for ultimate performance.

The FMF is stronger, and if damaged, can be repaired multiple times, and

if bumped does not damage engine casings.

14. FRAME GUARDS - Full frame guards are fitted as standard.

Sherco 300 SEF Factory

Sherco Sherco 300 SEF 300 Factory SEF Factory


Don’t Don’t just

just just follow

follow follow the

the the herd.



Why ride a stock set up on other bikes when you can have full KYB suspension, an Akrapovic exhaust system, AXP skid plate, Comex

Why ride Why a ride stock a stock set up set on up other on other bikes bikes when when you can you have can full have KYB full suspension, KYB suspension, an Akrapovic an Akrapovic exhaust exhaust system, system, AXP skid AXP plate, skid plate, Comex Comex

radiator fan, Brembo hydraulic brakes coupled with Galfer rotors, Excel Takasago rims, Sella Della Valle seat, AFAM sprockets, Twin Air

radiator radiator fan, Brembo fan, Brembo hydraulic hydraulic brakes brakes coupled coupled with Galfer with Galfer rotors, rotors, Excel Excel Takasago Takasago rims, Sella rims, Della Sella Della Valle seat, Valle AFAM seat, AFAM sprockets, sprockets, Twin Air Twin Air

filter, etc. There is no need to invest in upgrades in order to be ready to race. Sherco’s research and development team tests and sources

filter, etc. filter, There etc. There is no need is no need to invest to invest upgrades in upgrades in order in order to be to ready be ready to race. to Sherco’s race. Sherco’s research research and development and development team team tests and tests sources and sources

the magic combination of original equipment and aftermarket parts that bring you the ultimate performance right off the showroom floor.

the magic the magic combination combination of original of original equipment equipment and aftermarket and aftermarket parts parts that bring that bring you the you ultimate the ultimate performance performance right off right the off showroom the showroom floor. floor.

Visit us online to find a local dealer to see what makes Sherco stand out from the rest

Visit us Visit online us online to find to a find local a dealer local dealer to see to what see makes what makes Sherco Sherco stand stand out from out the from rest the rest



@sherco_sa @SHERCOUSA

@ShercoSouthAfricaOfficial @SHERCOUSA SHERCOUSA.COM




Photos: Sebas Romeo, Mitterbauer H.

Blood is green.

Dane Hellyers KX 450 Motard:

“Supermotard is a very different bike compared to

superbikes but it is a Challenge I am happy to take on”

After a ten year sabbatical from Motorcycle Racing aand

a three year stint in Australia, National Road Racer Dane

Hellyer is back racing on a Pepson Plastics Kawasaki KX450.

Dane, a qualified Ducati motorcycle mechanic, used to race prep

his own Kawasaki ZX6 in 2008 when he won the SA Supersport

Championships will take us through the steps he has to take to

convert the Kawaski KX450 into a competitive SuperMotard.

With the brand new bike uncrated and assembled, Dane spent

some time on a MX circuit to run the bike in and just acquaint

himself with the bike. A highside and a few roasties bore

testimony to the lack of saddle time. Once the basic shakedown

was completed, the race prep had to begin.

Most important of all was to find a set of wheels. Dane managed

to purchase a set of 17” spoked wheels and brake calliper from

Johnny Shand – The Bike Man from Roodepoort.

They were originally off a Suzuki , which meant re-aligning the

wheels and making new brake calliper mounting brackets.

Chris Davies, from MCR Engineering, is always willing to help

and has a wealth of experience. Incidentally Chris helped Dane

do similar modifications in 2003 when he started road racing his

dad’s Nico Bakker 250 Yamaha super single to compete in the

Northern Regions Championships.

In terms of the rules and regulations a few compulsory

modifications have to be made, such as hand guards, over flow

water bottle and axle sliders which Dane machined on his trusty

Myford lathe.

The next big challenge was suspension as the KX’s suspension

is engineered for motocross, not motards.



G A S !

Purpose built for no-nonsense riding enjoyment, GASGAS EC Enduro bikes put highperformance

into the hands of everyone from occasional weekend warriors to those chasing

extreme enduro glory. Wherever you decide to ride, GASGAS EC 2-stroke and 4-stroke enduro

bikes are super versatile, ready to get you through the hardest rides and to the top of the

gnarliest climbs!



Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

“The KX450 XC has got more than enough power” said Dane so it’s all about putting

the power down, ‘especially around the short circuits where holding and carrying

corner speed is all important.”

Round one of the Championships was held at the Formula K circuit in Benoni where

Dane, never hesitant to test his and the machines limit’s, crashed three times in

practice. Dane finished 4th in his first race, crashed heavily in heat 2 and 6th in the

third and final heat.

Thanks to Chris Speight from Kawasaki South Africa, Ian Pepper from Pepson

Plastics and Alain from Clubhouse Motorcycles for supporting Dane in his comeback


What’s been done to the KX?

2021 Kawasaki kx 450 xc

Wheels to a 16.5” why?

Motard specific Tyres with a higher profile. Helps to turn the bike faster.

Bigger front disc 320mm – why?

Faster stopping power standard over heats. Motor master set up front disc

and caliper - zx 6 master cylinder that comes off a 2008 race bike. Danes old

championship bike.

Acc billet triple clamps – Why?

The clamps change the steering angle (Rake). Helps with turning. They can be

adjusted to a 16mm off set.

Suspension has been Set up by RD racing:

Stiffer springs front and rear. Shortened as well. Lower centre of gravity.



Ready for

a new



After Market Pipe:

Ararat titanium pipe supplied by Club House Motorcycles. The game plan is to get

more torque.


Power commander - fueling . Quick shifter, possible purely thanks to fuel injection.

All engineering work was done by Chris Davies @ MCR engineering - wheel spacing

We buy used Bikes






2007 Honda CRF450 X

R46 000.00

2015 Yamaha YZ250-F

R45 000.00

2009 Kawasaki KX450f

R39 950.00

2010 Yamaha YZ250f

R38 000.00

2009 Kawasaki KFX450R

Race ready R45 000.00



2007 Suzuki LTZ400

R34 000

2011 KTM EXC 200

R35 000

2016 POLARIS RZR 1000 2005 Bombadier DS650

Turbo Ready to Race! R375 000.00 R38 000

2013/14Polaris RZR 900

ProStar EFI R220 000.00



2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP

Sport R539 950

2005 Yamaha Raptor

660 R34 000.00





Yamaha YFZ450R full

house race quad

2015 Polaris RZR

1000cc Race ready

R295 000

R45 000.00


Paul: 072 542 8630 Andrew: 083 266 1458

Showroom 011 475 4892 Email: qsp@katayracing.co.za

Visit us: 675 Cascades Road, Little Falls, Roodepoort


2005 SUZUKI LTZ250

R32 000



CONTACT 011 792 7691 OR VISIT



SAND R164 950


Kiddies Q



Engine V twin Revolution Max 1250,

DOHC, hydraulic self-adjusting

lifters, intake & exhaust VVT.

Max Power 150hp / 112 kw @ 9000rpm

Torque 127Nm / 6750rpm

Transmission 6-speed

Frame Stressed member, high strength

low alloy steel trellis frame.

Front Rim 19”

Rear Rim 17”

Seat Height 789mm

Wheelbase 1580 mm

Fuel Capacity 21.2 Litres

Wet Weight 254kg




Cycle Technology ccT/A


Looking for motorcycle parts or accessories

Phone 011 395 2553 - 082 756 1008


Email : info@nickscycles.co.za

Specialists in motocross gear and



756 1008

Mon - Tues 8am to 5pm

Thurs - Fri 8am to 5pm

Wed 10am to 5pm

173 Blaauwberg Road, Table View info@go-mx.co.za

079 270 8958

@go_mx @GO.MX.CT

Closed Saturdays/Sundays & Public Holidays


Exclusive stockists of a

comprehensive range

of New, Aftermarket,


Reconditioned and

ROAD & TRACK MOTOR- Used Parts from 1950

CYCLE MAGAZINE. to current Models.


EST. 1978

Adventure, Classic and

Custom Motorcycle and


Accessory Specialists

Battling to find BMW

Motorcycle Parts?

Professional Restoration, Custom

Building, www.motomedia.co.za

Servicing and Repairs

of all BMW Motorcycles




Ruan Smith OR1 Champion

RAD KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP MX33,

AT81, MX53 and DUNLOP 21

& 18 competition mousses

Ian Rall OR2 Champion

FAST KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP MX33,

AT81, MX53 and DUNLOP 21 & 18

competition mousses


Peter Karam OR3 Champion

ROOST KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP

MX33, AT81 and DUNLOP 21 & 18

competition mousses

Wade Blaauw Seniors Champion

ROOST KTM Race Team, using DUNLOP

MX33, AT81 and DUNLOP 21 & 18

competition mousses




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