Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 482

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.


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The weekend of August 21-22, the

boys will once again descend onto

Cherry Grove, Fire Island for a full

two-day, three-party experience run

by some of the top DJs from the

circuit world and surrounded by the

beautiful scenery the island has to

offer. World-famous producer DJ

Aron, who has been spinning the

largest circuit parties around the

world for over 20 years, will headline

Gostoso, the main event Saturday

August 21st at the largest dance

floor on the island, The Ice Palace


Backed by some of the biggest DJ

names in the industry and ready

to take over Fire Island, producer

Maurico Lagreca and his partner and

team are ready to bring their highquality

productions to the island,

just as they have been producing in

their events in Rio de Janeiro, Miami

and NYC for the last five years,

They promise to bring high-level

quality production, state-of-the-art

sound and lighting and dynamic

performances to all three party


In addition to the main event, the

festival will kick off Saturday from

1-9 PM with the Guapo Pool Party at

the Grove Hotel, which will transform

its pool and deck into an oasis for

the hottest boys to play and dance

to the beats of Brazilian DJ Paulo

Fragoso and DJ Arno Diem from Los

Angeles. The main event, Gostoso,

will start right at 10 PM at the Ice

Palace Nightclub, where the boys will

frolic the night away to the beats of

opening DJs Binho Uckermann and

Thiago Layber, followed by superstar

DJ Aron. A night of pure sexiness and

happiness is guaranteed.

To end the festival on a stellar note,

the closing sunset Mystiko Party,

which takes place at the Belvedere

Hotel deck overlooking the stunning

bay, will go from 3 PM to midnight

and will be a preview of the Mystiko

Circuit Festival, which will take place

in Tulum later this year. Be ready

to be transported to the sights,

sounds and sensations of an oasis.

Headlining this event will be DJ Alex

Acosta, DJ Alex Lo from Mexico and

DJ Carlos Rojas from Miami. Be ready

to be connected with the universe at


Splash Weekend Festival will take

place on August 21st-22nd in Fire

Island, NY. Tickets are being sold as

a three-party combo or individually

for each event. A portion of all ticket

sales will be donated to the Cherry

Grove Community House & Theater

and Out My Closet.

For more information and details regarding the event please


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The Cherry Grove Volleyball

Tournament LezVolley

is Celebrating its 10-year Anniversary

Known as one of the most popular vacation destinations for LGBTQ

individuals, Fire Island is a little piece of heaven that attracts hundreds of

people every year with its beaches, drag shows, water taxis and summer


One of the most notorious annual events in Cherry Grove, Fire Island is the

LezVolley beach volleyball tournament that now gathers 25 teams and over

200 players for a day of fun-filled competition. The event has been supported

by the historic Stonewall Inn since the very beginning in 2011, and all the

games are professionally officiated by New York City’s Gotham Volleyball

league, the largest gay sports organization in New York City founded in 1981.

The games are spread out across 5 volleyball courts set up on the Cherry

Grove beaches and last from12PM to 4PM, when the tournament’s winners

receive their medals and prizes, acclaimed by the crowd.

Beyond the competition, the event also attracts each year hundreds of

visitors and spectators who come from all over New York, Long Island, New

Jersey, and Pennsylvania to watch the games, cheer on their favorite teams

and meet like-minded individuals with similar interests. The atmosphere

is light, summery and exciting, with people from all age groups mingling,

relaxing, or partying. Even better? The event is kid and pet friendly (under

adult supervision).

To celebrate all participants and bring the community together, the games are

followed by an after party that takes place at the Ice Palace from 5PM until the

night ends – a night that is always one to be remembered.


After being cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual

LezVolley tournament is BACK and will take place on August 14, 2021 in Cherry

Grove, Fire Island.

The event is celebrating its 10-year Anniversary, an incredible milestone for

business partners Danielle and Kristine who wanted to help Cherry Grove stay

the number one vacation spot for LGBTQ women by launching a sporting event

that continues to bring the community together year after year.

In addition to the incredible Stonewall Inn support, LezVolley is fortunate to

receive the support from many sponsors every year. In 2021, Gold and Silver

sponsors include Olivia, the travel company for LGBTQ+ women, The Kurland

Group, Attorney at Law, Northwell Health Orthopaedic Institute, and Haus of

Madusa, LGBTQIA Recording & Production Studio.

Learn more

Go to www.lezvolley.com to learn more about the event and how to get there.






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A rising superstar, singer/songwriter April

Rose Gabrielli launched her new single, “Do

You?”, on July 20 via Tribeca Records a

SohoJohnny Enterprise, and in less than a

week, it is illuminating the Pride Chill Music

Charts at number four.

Easily described as the love child of Pat

Benatar and Taylor Swift, April Rose Gabrielli,

who is signed exclusively with master music

publishers BMG, has already toured the

world as a headliner. Most recently, her song

“Tameless”, co-written by Sony artist KULICK,

was chosen out of hundreds to represent the

movie “Not The Science Type”, which just

premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. She

also just came off a sold-out performance at

the iconic Bitter End, the oldest rock club in

New York City, where she lit up the stage and earned a standing ovation.

April Rose Gabrielli is a seductive alchemist who transforms private anguish into

a narrative of truth with her edgy lyrics and a crushing dedication to her music. I

spoke to April regarding her new song, her career, and her future.


Hello, April. Your debut new single

release, “Do You?”, has been out less

than a week and has already been

added to top playlists such as ‘Pop &

Rock Party Songs,’ ‘Pride Chill Hits’

and ‘Love, Self-Love & Empowerment

Anthems’. Aside from it being

fabulous, what do you believe that’s

attributed to?

Thank you! I love when my songs get

listened to and playlisted! It’s cool to see

who the song resonates with and what

message is received by the listener. “Do

You?” is a pretty straightforward love

anthem, with lyrics in the pre-chorus like

“The way that I want you all of the time,

baby be mine,” but I think the brash

and confident nature of lyrics such as

those give it the edge of a self-love and

self-expression anthem too, so it’s got

a little something for everyone. It took

me almost no time to fully write and

came straight from the heart, so maybe

authenticity has helped to push this one

to the places that it has arrived.

Tell me what inspired “Do You?”

“Do You?” is both a love song and

self-love song at the same time. It was

sonically inspired by what we’d typically

hear in a Queen song, and lyrically, I

wrote a tongue in cheek poem about

how I am the master of emotional

deflection. No one really knows how

I feel, because I never tell them and

I really don’t want to because I’m

afraid of the reaction. It wasn’t always

a conscious choice, I just couldn’t see

past my fear of rejection or upset.

I spent most of my life as a people

pleaser and a mediator. It was draining

to always keep the peace and I always

forgot about my own happiness in

the process. I have learned that being

honest, assertive and communicative

keeps the most peace overall. Moral of

the story: Don’t ask ‘Do You?’ just “Do


You just came off of a sold out,

standing ovation concert at NYC’s

Bitter End. How did that feel,

especially after going nearly two

years without seeing a stage ?

It truly felt ELECTRIC! Live performance

is so special to me. I’ve been

performing on stage since I was nine

years old, and since I began, I’ve

never taken more than a few months

off. My show at the Bitter End was my

first performance in two years, with a

new project, a new sound, new band,

new health hurdles, 10 new songs and

so much more. Most of the audience

members were also experiencing their

first show in over a year, so it was a

uniquely special, shared experience.

I will never forget the energy and

happiness that was buzzing around

in the air. I hope to bring a little bit of

it with me to every one of my shows

moving forward. I have also never had

a sold out show or received a standing

ovation or an encore of this nature, so it

was pretty surreal to be experiencing all

of these new moments on my very first

show back. I am forever grateful

for this experience.

You are part of the huge

Times Square gala hosted

by David Osmond, with

“Wonderama”. What is your

reaction to that?

I love New York City, Broadway

shows and musical theater, so

something about playing in the

middle of Times Square with

such an awesome production

feels really validating and

special. I’ve heard amazing

things about David Osmond

and I cannot wait to meet

him. The cast and crew that

I’ve interacted with so far

have been nothing short of

incredible. In between gigs,

I used to spend many days a

week stomping through the

streets of midtown, heading

to internships or jobs during

college while dreaming about

one day being on a billboard

or performing on a big stage

in the massive lightbulb that

is Times Square. I can’t wait,

and I feel so appreciative to

be included. It’s going to be


Your song “Tameless” was chosen to

be the theme of the movie “Not The

Science Type,” which premiered at

the Tribeca Film Festival. How was

it chosen and what did the writing

process entail? Did the movie or the

song come first?

I received a message to submit

anthemic and uplifting songs for a

science-focused docuseries, so I came

up with a general chord structure,

production style and main melody.

I then enlisted the help of my righthand

man, producer, artist, engineer

extraordinaire: (Jacob) KULICK. We

developed stronger lyrics, filled out the

song instrumentally and built a stronger

story for “Tameless” over a couple of

days and submitted

it. We were contacted

some months later

and we flipped out.

Eventually, I learned the

film was about women

in STEM and how they

are constantly breaking

the stereotypes of

what most of us might

consider a typical

“scientist.” I couldn’t

be more honored!

We saw the film at the

festival for the first

time and I shamelessly

cried my eyes out. I was

so proud to be a part

of such an important

piece of art.

What have been both the high points

and low points of your career thus


My career has been really good to

me, and while I haven’t had specific

low moments, I think it’s important to

note that I’ve been told “No” or been

passed over about 100 times more

than I’ve been told “Yes.” But keeping

resilient, passionate and focused kept

me in good spirits in between those

high and low points. Those “Yes”

moments are what make careers soar.

Giving up because of bad moments

never gives a career or an opportunity

time to develop the way it would have. I

have been pushed, shoved and verbally

abused at gigs, all before the age of 20.

I’ve been broken down on the road a

handful of times, got hit (then ditched)

by a drunk driver, made no money, lost

money, played for no one when we were

across the country. (Even the sound guy

left). I’ve been told I’m too old to be

appealing as a female musician before

the age of 30, I’ve navigated abusive

partners who would fight me every time

I wanted to go to rehearsal, suffered

from chronic illnesses and went months

without having enough money to pay

bills and rent... but I have this deep love

for music, creating and art that fueled

my journey to stability and health. I

am lucky that my story is my story. It’s

not over yet, and I look

forward to continuing

in a positive direction.

Some highlights include

touring the U.S. and

Canada a few times,

being managed by music

industry veteran John

Velasco (ABBA, Yes),

signing a publishing deal

with BMG and of course

every little musical kid’s

dream of actually signing

a record deal.

What is next for April

Rose Gabrielli in 2021

and beyond?

I’m looking forward to

so many fun things. After the Times

Square event, I will be performing in

New York City on September 3rd at

Arlene’s Grocery, as well as during

Fashion Week. I’m also excited to

continue pushing “Do You?” with my

debut music video. I’m also planning

on releasing new singles, an EP and

eventually my debut full length album. I

will also be going on tour in November

as the keys player/vocalist for the band

KULICK, touring with The Spill Canvas.

Everything from this moment on is a

bonus, a blessing and so appreciated.



The new album by NYC’s Brandon James Gwinn reflects on a

messy period in the life of the young out and loud artist

Brandon James Gwinn is best

known for producing Trixie

Mattel’s albums. In fact, it was

Trixie’s idea for Brandon James

to sing his own songs on his first

EP, Not Too Late, released three

years ago. She then convinced

him to join her nationwide tour

as her opening act.

Now, Brandon James Gwinn

returns with his sophomore

album, BULLIT, featuring the

first single “Cristal Conners,” a

country-rock pop-infused ode

to the Gina Gershon character

in Showgirls. The album mixes

queer pop with theatrical rock ‘n

roll and is darker than the pianobased-quirkiness

of his previous

album. BULLIT is about messy

ends and the rocky, mirky, often

uncertain paths many of us

travel before getting to what we

celebrate as new beginnings.

Brandon James Gwinn will

promote BULLIT on August 12th

when he joins Jack Tracy and

JJ Bozeman for a live recording

of their Dying Alone, Together

podcast, taking place at NYC’s

Dixon Place, part of the HOT!

Festival. Here is our talk.

Did you intend for BULLIT to be

a feel-fest?

Brandon James Gwinn: Most of

the material on the album was

born out of my own private,

devastating feel-fest; a period

of my life where a lot changed

quickly. I had 13 songs worth of

shit to say, and to experience this

album from start to finish is almost

a tour of how I dealt with that time

in my life.

You bare a lot of deep emotions

throughout the album.

Brandon James Gwinn: I’m a

songwriter, and that’s how I work

things out. Even something

as cheeky as the song “Cristal

Conners” is about how

sometimes, when you’re dealing

with heartache and you have

too many vodkas, you can wreak

a little havoc. You wake up the

next day wondering if you still

have friends. It’s about being

devastated and messy and living

in that moment and feeling

it fully. Almost relishing and

allowing yourself a tiny moment of

indulgent, fun self-destruction.

How much of Brandon James is

in Cristal?

Brandon James Gwinn: That

honestly depends on what time of

night it is. What are we drinking?

And how’s the crowd? I’d love

to think there’s a good dose of

me in her. But really, Cristal’s

my hero. Both in the video and

in the genius performance by

Gina Gershon, she is someone

who knows exactly what she

has to offer and gets away with

everything. She is a badass. Who

wouldn’t want to be her?

The song sounds like a

Trixie Mattel track. Was that


Brandon James Gwinn: Trixie is a

brilliant talent and a good friend.

I think we have somewhat similar

songwriting backgrounds and

definitely a mutual appreciation

for country, pop and roots music.

I wouldn’t say it was intentional,

but I definitely sent her the track

before we even mastered it

because I thought it’d be right up

her alley.

What do you want listeners to

take away from BULLIT?

Brandon James Gwinn: I hope

listeners have fun. So much fun.

It’s an eclectic album, about

coming of age. Ultimately, I hope

listeners feel something and

maybe get a little insight into who

I am.

Visit brandonjamesgwinn.

com. See Brandon James

Gwinn live August 12 @

7:30pm at Dixon Place

(161A Chrystie Street, Btwn

Rivington & Delancey).

Tickets starting at $15 are

available at Dixonplace.org.

5 0 0 W 4 8 T H S T .

N Y , N Y 1 0 0 3 6









The publications of MJT/GOOTH ENTERTAINMENT, getoutmag.com or any

other related print or Web publications or social media accounts, their images,

quotations or articles should not be construed to be an indication of the sexual

orientation of anyone portrayed therein.

All Content © Copyright 2019


25-21 45TH STREET ASTORIA, NY 11103




The Brooklyn artist Performs Songs

from Their Debut EP in Bed-Stuy

The Brookyln-based self-identified

nonbinary queer femme artist

known as THE ORACLE first made

waves last winter with the release of

“Celadon Haze”, a Bjork-inspired

trance song that told the story of

queer exes thinking of rekindling

their love due to the isolation of the

Covid pandemic.

This month, THE ORACLE returns

with Lost Amulet, their debut EP

that blends a love of poetry with

soaring vocals, a futuristic sound,

and deeply emotional narratives.

“I wanted the EP to capture the

diversity and beauty of queer love

and create an immersive, uplifting

and healing atmosphere that

counters these tumultuous times

on earth,” THE ORACLE explains.

THE ORACLE will perform songs

from Lost Amulet at the EP’s release

party, taking place Friday, August

20th at Refuge Arts (80 Vernon

Avenue) in Bed-Stuy.

“My vision was to deliver crystal

transmutation rays to minds and

hearts through ethereal sound

spells,” THE ORACLE explains of

Lost Amulet. “I aimed to synthesize

my beautiful experiences of love

and dance in the rave community,

as well as my background as a poet

and spoken word artist.”

Produced by Meviu§,

the album opens with

“Dark Iridescent,” a

sad, brooding song

about chasing after

quickly transforming,

fluid energy. In the next

single, “Clockwork”,


spoken word poetry

into an intensely dark

but flowing narrative. It

leads into the hyper-pop

“Cloud 9 Angel” that

THE ORACLE lovingly

describes as a straight

up sappy love song. “I

had to get the cheese

out of my system!” they

confess. It is followed by

“Leaving Earth” and then

two remixes of “Celadon


THE ORACLE was born

in Jerusalem, Israel and raised

in St. Petersburg, Russia as Julia

Sinelnikova. When THE ORACLE

was five years old, the family

relocated to Texas.

Now living in Brooklyn, New York,

THE ORACLE is best known for

their sculpture and lighting design.

THE ORACLE views music as a

soundscape for their video art and

light art ideas to come together

through performance.

Their message to fans is to

stay focused and extra sparkly.

“Acceptance is really lacking

in this world and we all need

to step up to bring more love

and interconnecting art into this


“Lost Amulet” is being

distributed by Ghostcat

Media International and is

available on Bandcamp.

Follow THE ORACLE on

Instagram.com @or_acle.




Communication and Media Artist

Turned Actor and Model Triumphs in New Endeavor

Communications, media, and public relations connoisseur

Shaun Melady has exchanged backstage antics for the

front and center limelight. With his classically handsome

looks, sex appeal and innate talent, he has emerged


Shaun has already been featured in the award-winning

short films “Abysmo” and “The Disturbance Call”, as well

as multiple Amazon Prime productions. He has given his

regards to Off-Broadway by landing three plays, namely

Aeschylus’ Greek tragedy “The Persians”, as well as “The

Killers” and “Disconnected”.

As a model, he has worked with Italian-brand Elie Balleh Couture during Fashion

Weeks in the Society Fashion Show and at Pier 59 Studios. He has also worked

with menswear brands and Fortune 500 clients for commercial and print work,

including Michelob Ultra, U.S. Navy, and Kane 11, just to mention a few.

I had a conversation with Shaun regarding his newfound career and he was

absolutely delicious.


Hi, Shaun. You are a huge deal in

communications, media, PR and

journalism and you’ve left that

behind for the onstage world of


I used to work in communications, PR,

journalism and all that good stuff, and I

still love it and I will still write here and

there, but I’m focusing mainly on acting

and modeling now. Earlier this year/end

of last year, a film that I’m in on Amazon

Prime came out called “The Disturbance

Call”. I starred in that and it’s won a

handful of awards. It’s been really cool.

What inspired you to leave journalism

and communications and all that good

stuff behind? I mean you’re definitely

cute and sexy enough.

I love journalism, I love writing, and it’s

always going to be a part of me, but I’ve

always had this low-key desire to pursue

acting and modeling. But when I lived

in Florida, aside from the theme parks,

there wasn’t really that much opportunity.

But then, when I moved to New York, I

went to Fashion Week in an open casting

call and worked there and met my first

manager there and decided this was the

track for me.

As an actor and a model, what has

been your highlight thus far?

Definitely starring on Amazon Prime.

That has been incredible, with so much

great feedback. The recognition from

that has been really great. On the

modeling side, I work in both runway

and commercials. On the runway

side, Fashion Week has been really

incredible, especially being invited to

walk in New York Fashion Week shows

with an Italian couture designer. That

has been amazing and a testament

to know that they like my work. That’s

really refreshing to know. Then, on the

commercial side, working with brands

like Anheuser Busch and different

couture brands has been amazing.

It’s very cool to jump into a new

career and actually love it and to be

successful in it. The entertainment

business is a really hard business.

It is wild. I tell people that outside of

neurosurgery or being a cardiologist

(a thing that literally saves lives), this

industry has really been probably

one of the most difficult industries to

navigate through because it’s a mental

game as well as a physical game. But I

wouldn’t trade it. It’s a weird love-hate


I get it, but I think being a

neurosurgeon, at least you have a

goal and you know what’s going to

happen, whereas in the world of

entertainment, you have to hope.

Yes, that’s very true. There is also a

factor of feedback. I love feedback.

Being in the communications world,

you get feedback in the form of edits

on different things. In acting, you get

the feedback with the different scenes-

-maybe trying something a different


On the modeling end, what is


That is an affordable brand on Amazon

that is also very stylish--a comfortable

brand that you can wear everywhere.

It’s like a two-button, slim-fit sports

coat and it comes in different color

palettes. You can wear it casually,

businesswise or at formal events and

even fashion events. I am actually part

of the Player’s Club here in New York,

which is more of a formal setting, and

I can wear it there. I can wear it to take

pictures in street style photo shoots

and all that. So it’s very versatile.

If you could pick your ultimate stage

fantasy, what would it be?

If it’s about TV or film, I honestly love

feature films. I would like to continue to

go down the film track, which would be

just the ultimate fantasy, because it’s

just a longer form of entertainment. It’s

bringing characters to life and also it’s

about working together with incredible

teams to make magic happen. Literal

Hollywood magic, but here in New


If you had your choice of roles to

portray, what do you see yourself


That is tough. I would like to do

something in the dramatic comedy-

-the dramedy--world. One of my

favorite movies is “The Birdcage.”

Robin Williams’ character is a perfect

mix of serious, but also hilarious. Being

someone like that would just be the

icing on the cake, I think.

Do you have a favorite actor?

I don’t, because there are so many

different characteristics. I think Charlize

Theron is brilliant and again, touching

on Robin Williams, he was amazing. If

I had to pick two, those would be the

top two.

Knowing everything you know now,

if you could give baby Shaun some

advice, what would it be?

Wow.. .Just to really love and accept

yourself and who you are and don’t

be afraid to put yourself out there.

You never know what can happen,

especially in this wild world that we live


That’s for sure! Do you think that

being part of the LGBTQ community

has helped or hindered your career?

It definitely hasn’t hindered my

career. It’s been kind of neutral, I feel,

because being a part of the LGBTQ+

community is amazing. It’s great to

be a part of the community, but that’s

not the only thing I identify as. There

is so much more and it’s just a part of

me that I love. I think it’s just been a

constant blessing, if you will.




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Tyler Whitman is more

than your average,

very handsome and

successful NYC real estate

professional. He’s charming

and vibrant and creative and

has over a decade of real

estate experience, selling

some of the most expensive

apartments in the city. His

accomplishments have

surpassed even his wildest


An agent starring in the

hit Bravo reality series

“Million Dollar Listing New

York,” Tyler agreed to talk

about his career and the

challenges and triumphs

he faced because of the

pandemic in season 9.







None of it was a plan. None of that was

part of the expectations of life. When I

first moved to the city, I had no plan, but

I had the dream in the back of my head

and that was that one day I would host

my own TV show. I used to tell people

I wanted to be like a Chelsea Handler,

but I wanted to be on a channel where I

could cuss. That is what I would always

tell people I wanted to do. So I was

waiting tables at Planet Hollywood in

Times Square and I got a sublet from a

guy off Craigslist. I had no money--I was

really struggling back then. The guy who

I got the sublet off of was a real estate

agent. I kind of saw his lifestyle, as he sat

in front of his computer in his bedroom all

day and then went out and showed a few

apartments. I thought, “I could do that.

” But he always used to try to talk me out

of it. He told me that he had a good thing

going because he had all these exclusives

in the East Village.

He was a rental agent and I got my start

in rentals. Anyway, I was so fed up with

waiting tables, so I finally decided to get

my real estate license. So I got it and I

started doing rentals. That was in 2006.

And now here I am. It kind of took over my





That took me forever. I was a rental agent

for a very long time, for the first five

years of my career until 2011. But then, I

went into management. I stopped selling

altogether and I began hiring and training

agents for a few years. Then we started the

company that I work for now, “Triplemint”.

I was part of the launch team and there

were three of us. I was on the leadership

team and strictly working behind the

scenes for business development roles

until 2016. By 2016, I had been around the

block enough. I had been in the industry

for 10 years, but not really selling. I went

from rentals to behind the scenes. So I had

a unique experience and background in

real estate, as compared to a lot of people

who have gotten into the business. I stayed

at “Triplemint”, where I still work, but went

back to being an agent and started a small

team. I hired a life coach and a business

coach and put together a marketing plan.

As part of that marketing plan, my business

coach was shoving down my throat that I

needed to do video marketing. He claimed

it was the future of real estate. He thought

I should be making commercials and they

should be unique and funny and

different. He suggested I have

a lot of content going up on

Instagram, so I hired these guys

out of Brooklyn, who today still

make my video content. We just

started making video content

and it worked. I started posting

it and the next thing I knew, I

started getting referral after

referral. I was having a ton of

fun with it. I made a lot of really

funny commercials. We launched

“Whitman Wisdom” which is still

kind of like my little Instagram

web series, and I put it out

to help people with their real

estate life. But I also kept it fun

and light, and honestly that has exploded

for me. That’s ultimately how I got on the

TV show. People saw the content I was

putting out and it got in front of the right

people. I got a phone call and one thing

led to another and I was on the show.


It truly is. It’s a dream come true. It’s wild.


Obviously, it’s been a very unique year.

We usually film for a long time because we

are following the life of real estate deal.

So usually we film for about nine months.

But because of Covid, we kept getting

shut down. The landscape of real estate

kept changing rapidly, so we filmed the

season for a year and a half. The season

is airing now and they’re halfway through,

but it is really a chronological look back at

what the world went through. New York

City specifically had such a unique story.

While most real estate markets exploded,

New York City had the exact opposite.

We filmed through all of that. Typically

in Million Dollar Listing, the viewer tunes

in because they want to see really sexy

and expensive apartments. For them, it’s

kind of a look into the life of the super

wealthy in one of the most iconic cities in

the world. That’s what the show has always

had and I think that’s why the show was

such a hit. People just can’t get enough

of that. The show will run forever because

that never gets old and that’s why I love

my job so much, because it never gets old

to me either.

But this season is completely different.

We showed a completely different side

of things. We showed people taking big

financial hits and people making really

difficult decisions and people needing to

adapt to this new world that we live in.

You also got to see this city completely

empty, as a ghost town. You got to see

how we had to market the properties and

show them during a pandemic, how we all

adjusted and what that looked like. The

season started before the pandemic, when

everything was business as usual. The

market was not hot before the pandemic,

so we were already kind of down. Things

were going OK. I landed ironically the

biggest sale of my career. That has already

aired. That was the property that the

season opened with. At the time, it was

a $13 million listing. It got to be my story

on the show. I am the underdog, so for

me it was

huge. I was

so excited. I

had just sold

the biggest


of my career,

made the



of my career.

The property



with is a

property that

had been on

the market

for over a

year with

another broker, and it didn’t get a single

offer. I took it over and had a marketing

plan and staged it and kept the price the

same, and I got in a bidding war the first

week. So I was feeling really good. I had

two big success stories. I remember when

the producer called me and told me that

we’d have to pause production. That was

when I thought that Covid wasn’t going to

be such a big deal. Literally the next day I

got an email from the real estate board of

New York that told me no more showings.

I thought, “What is going on?” We were

shut down for months. Then they kind

of filmed us coming back, which people

have started to see. We were dealing

with all the new normals and looking at

what business looks like because of the

pandemic. What you’re going to see by

the end of it is New York City starting to

roar back. Unfortunately, by that point

they needed to launch the season, so you

just get a small taste of it, but the city is

on fire right now. I’ve never been so busy

in my life. I’ve sold so many properties in

that price range. I just sold one quadruple

that price. A lot has changed in the last

year and a half. It’s been insane, what’s




When I got cast on the show, I was truly

an underdog. I had never really interacted

with any of the cast members before. I

didn’t know

Fredrik or

Ryan or Steve

before I

joined. When

KJ joined

right after I

did, she and

I knew each

other. She

was the only

cast member

that I had a


with outside

of the show.

At first, she

and I had

a strange


vibe. We had a lot of crossover on various

listings that we worked on. But I think

we were both the newest people on the

show, so once we got through that, she

became a very dear friend of mine. We

talk every day, actually. We are working on

listings together, and it’s been amazing,

finally having a woman on the show. I

know that a lot of our audience are women

and of course there should’ve been

representation, and now there is. She’s

great and I hope that people find her very


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