3556 Magazine Edition 41

Enjoy our latest version of the 3556 Magazine!

Enjoy our latest version of the 3556 Magazine!


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3556 magazine

Maxine Campbell—Apprentice Baker | Grange Gallery & The Painted Brush Studio

Kerry Krenz—Empowering Eaglehawk | The Garden That Marg Built


Disclaimer: all articles were produced adhering to the covid-safe

guidelines at the time.

We are already over half-way through the year! We firstly hope that you

have all been keeping safe during this uncertain time. Fortunately, we are

finally able to publish another edition of the magazine for you all after two

lockdowns impeding on our progress. Within this edition you will be able

to read about Maxine Campbell who is an apprentice baker, Marg Ashman

an amazing gardening enthusiast, we caught up with Councillor Metcalf,

discovered about the lives of well-known Eaglehawk community

members Kerry and the late Peter Krenz, as well as Glen from Bendigo

Mobility Services, Charlie a young local percussionist, Eaglehawk artist

Jan Henderson, the new Painted Brush & Co. space, a vintage Buick

owner and so much more!

Although we have been covering a lot of new businesses in the CBD of

Eaglehawk, we want to assure you that if you have a business in the 3556

area - especially a home-based business - we would love to hear from you!

After all, the 3556 magazine is about our community; from Campbells

Forest to California Gully the 3556 community encompasses it all! If you

have an interesting story to tell or know someone who does, please do not

hesitate to email us at: eaglehawk3556magazine@gmail.com

We also want to say a huge thank you to Steven Stanley from Modart

Design for his graphic design advice and assistance throughout

this edition. As always, we thank you for your continued support and look

forward to sharing more of the fantastic stories from our 3556 community

with you throughout the year. Thank you and take care.

Michael Watson


• 02: Maxine Campbell Apprentice Baker

• 05: Neangar E.U.F.S Pharmacy

• 06: Grange Gallery

• 08: The Painted Brush Co.

• 12: CFA Update

• 13: Mystery Photos

• 15: St. Liborius PS Update

• 16: Whipstick Ward with Cr. Metcalf

• 18: Empowering Eaglehawk: Kerry Krenz

• 21: California Gully PS Update /

Eaglehawk Kebab

• 22: Experience Eaglehawk Competition

• 23: Bunny Love

• 25: Eaglehawk PS Update

• 26: Bendigo Mobility Services

• 29: Eaglehawk North PS Update

• 30: The Garden Marg Built

• 32: Bendigo Violet Street PS Update

• 34: Little Drummer Boy

• 36: Lightning Reef PS Update

• 37: This Is Eaglehawk

• 40: Mystery Photos Answers







The business of

keeping people mobile




Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Saturdays 9am - 1pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepaintedbrushandco

Webpage: www.thepaintedbrush.com.au

or via appointment

Eaglehawk State School 1912.

Courtesy of Ann Conway from

Empowering Eaglehawk

See page 23 for a short history.


Connect with us:



(03) 5446 8099


Cover: Maxine the baker at Eaglehawk Hot Bake


Students: Alivia Hanson, Amanda Podoluch,

Charlie Worthington, Daniel Houston, Declan Todhunter,

Gorja Colliver, Hope James, Isabella Mayer, Jaison Marais,

Kayla Mather, KJ Avers, Laahnie Fitton, Leah Hall, Len Steel,

Lenny-Jay Furlong, Levity Camilleri, Lukas Bradley,

Makai Johns, Maleah Lawry, Piper Downing-Mooney,

Ricky Cunningham, Samantha Campbell, Shae Hines,

& Zara Gibbs

Staff: Danielle Duval, Michael Watson & Sarah Bugeja

This is a non-profit publication. All advertising pays

for the printing. If you would like to support this

community project with an ad please contact us.

1 | 3556 Magazine

Maxine Campbell:

Apprentice Baker


2 | 3556 Magazine

3 | 3556 Magazine

Do your banking: cash out and deposit (CBA, NAB and Westpac)

Pay a bill

Post a parcel or letter

Long Gully PO

160 Eaglehawk Road Long Gully


m: 0487 361 910

At H & V Pearce we are your

one stop shop for all your

automative needs.


We specialise in full engine

reconditioning, machining and car




We are Eaglehawk’s only place to

go for spare parts for your car,

truck, tractor and 4wd.

80 Wood Street

California Gully

Ph 5446 9000


Come and see Reidy and the team today!

4 | 3556 Magazine


Amanda & Piper

We want to

make a

difference in

our community

Neangar EUFS Pharmacy Shop 1 & 2 89 Victoria St Eaglehawk VIC 3556

p: 03 5446 1020 e: info@neufs.com.au

Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary 50 High St Eaglehawk VIC 3556 p: 03 5446 8203 e: eufs@eufs.com.au


6 | 3556 Magazine

Alivia & Charlie

7 | 3556 Magazine

8 | 3556 Magazine

KJ & Shae

Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Saturdays 9am - 1pm or via appointment

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thepaintedbrushandco

Webpage: www.thepaintedbrush.com.au

9 | 3556 Magazine

10 | 3556 Magazine


House Inspections

Central Victorian House Inspection

& Building Consultation Service

0418 367 644





11 | 3556 Magazine

Silence is deadly

Only working

smoke alarms

save lives

Over the past 10 years,

CFA firefighters

responded to around

16,000 residential fires.

Of these residential fires,

more than 560 resulted in

a causality (fatality or

serious injury).

Smoke alarm tips

We are urging all Victorians to install interconnected smoke

alarms in all bedrooms, hallways and living areas.

New data reveals most fatal house fires start in living and

sleeping areas.

Data also tells us a concerning number of Victorians still

do not have smoke alarms in these locations.

Interconnected smoke alarms work so that when one smoke

alarm activates, all alarms will sound.

We also recommend you install interconnected smoke alarms

powered by a 10-year lithium battery.

Test your smoke alarm monthly to ensure it is working.

If you have replaceable batteries in a smoke alarm, they

should be changed yearly

Smoke alarm units should be replaced every 10 years,

regardless of the type

Smoke alarms should be cleaned at least once a year with

a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove particles that will

affect smoke alarm performance.




Do you know where these places are?

Find the answers on page 40!

Declan, Gorja, Isabella, Kayla & Makai

13 | 3556 Magazine

St. Liborius Catholic Primary School services the educational needs of families within

Eaglehawk and surrounding areas. The Mercy Sisters founded the school in 1904

and in 1920 the Josephite Sisters became responsible for the school until 1978.

Today the school continues to maintain the strong commitment to the values and

ideals of both these religious orders.

St. Liborius Primary is committed to implementing innovative and contemporary

learning programs to ensure students are well equipped to become effective learners,

able to work co-operatively with others and to live effectively in a changing world.

The school believes in the pedagogical theory of the Walker Learning Approach:

providing a developmentally appropriate approach to the individual’s learning within the

school community.

The school understands the importance of providing students with a supportive

learning environment that has up to date resources and facilities.

14 | 3556 Magazine

Progressively, as we have been able to, the St. Liborius community has been getting back

to enjoying our community functions, bringing students, families and teachers together.

In Term 1 we continued our Friday morning

‘Walks to School’. This is a great initiative that

has allowed students and their families to walk

from Canterbury Park to school with teachers,

engaging in exercise, good conversation, as well

as a delicious coffee from Skips. We were also

able to continue with our Friday assemblies in

our stadium, allowing for all students, staff and

families to attend given the

huge space we enjoy.

In Term 2 we have been extremely lucky to utilise

our brand new outdoor undercover space for a

multitude of events including Muffins for Mums in

the lead up to Mothers day. It was a special

occasion that saw so many mums and special

ladies grace us with their presence and enjoy a

coffee and a muffin. We have also used this

space for a Thursday morning cuppa and catch

up for anyone in our community able to attend.

To kick off the Term, we were able to have our

community walk through our new and refurbished

buildings, and enjoy games, entertainment and a

BBQ on our oval before the weather got too cold!

We’ve also been blessed to have families into our

buildings of a morning for our community reading

program, and it is so great to see students

reading with someone from home, enjoying our

expansive open areas. Our class meals are also

back on the menu where each class will have the

opportunity to enjoy produce from our garden

incorporated into a meal cooked especially for the

students and their


We just love that our parents and community are

able to take time out of already busy schedules to

contribute to our strong community atmosphere,

and are grateful that we get to share the spaces

provided here at St. Liborius.


15 | 3556 Magazine

Cr. Andrea


Whipstick Report

Cr. Andrea Metcalf

provided us with details

about various initiatives

that the council will be

working towards in the

Whipstick Ward.

She said that there has

been proposed a ‘new

footpath in High Street

Eaglehawk, continued

remediation of the

Eaglehawk landfill site,

various works at the

Eaglehawk Town Hall,

and renewals at the

Eaglehawk preschool’.

She expressed how our

councillors are ‘always

listening and working

for our community,

so please feel free to

contact us’ regarding

any ideas you may

have to improve the

Whipstick Ward


Some of the requests

made to Coucil by local

community members


- Upgrades for the Dog

Park in Cal Gully

- Financial assistance for

some projects at

Saltworks Eaglehawk

- An upgraded Council

website for easier


- For ‘consideration to be

given’ in regards

to garbage pickup

being changed to

fortnightly as

opposed to weekly

‘to save rates’.

Cr. Andrea Metcalf

expressed for members

of the community to

make submissions as

you’ll ‘never know if

you will be successful

if you don’t apply’.

16 | 3556 Magazine










Making good things happen


with Bendigo



your account to

your Connected



an income stream

to your Connected



local community




Information current as at 1 June 2019 and is subject to change [without notice]. This flyer contains general information only. You should seek independent financial advice before making any investment decision. We will

receive monthly renumeration from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited if you have a new or request an existing account to be linked to us. We will receive a commission of between 0.025% and 0.12% per annum based on

the average monthly account balance. For example, for an account with a $50,000 balance, if commission is 0.12%p.a. we will receive a payment of $5.00 for that month. The commission we receive does not represent a

direct financial cost to you; rather it is paid from the product fees applicable to the financial product you acquire. Before deciding to acquire a financial product, you should consider whether the product is appropriate for you.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178. AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. 1562417–1562414 (01/21)

1562414-BB-Connected Communities-VIC-Poster A4.indd 9

17 | 3556 Magazine

2/3/21 3:21 pm








Hope, Leah & Lukas

We had a chat with Kerry

Krenz who is a

long-standing member of

the Empowering

Eaglehawk committee.

She is a passionate

supporter of the

Eaglehawk community

and all it has to offer.

Kerry has been a

active member of the

community for

decades. You may know

her from Heather Faye;

a clothing and

boutique store in High St.

She worked at this store

(where Boneless Barber is

now) for over 15 years.

‘Agents tried to talk us

out of buying in

Eaglehawk. I look back

now and I am so pleased

we didn’t listen to them.

There isn’t a community

in Bendigo that is like


Her story begins with

the love of her life: Peter

Krenz. They were

childhood sweethearts,

having fallen in love at

14 years old. Kerry fondly

recalled that Peter was

definitely a ‘true-blue

Eaglehawk supporter’.

Peter was the main

supporter of what is now

the ‘Peter Krenz Leisure

Centre’ as well as the

YMCA accommodation

housing in Bendigo and

the old ‘B-Central’ which

is now YO Bendigo.

18 | 3556 Magazine


Empowering Eaglehawk

was founded in 2006,

by Michael McKern, Peter

Cox and Peter Krenz.

Its mission was to support

Eaglehawk in a

number of ways.

After Peter passed away

in 2007, Kerry was invited

to become a member of

the committee.

‘You walk down the

street and you’re going

to run into someone you

know and have a chat.’

During this time Kerry

retired from Heather Faye,

she decided to ‘spread

her wings’ and worked

at TAFE and in various

administration roles.

She reminisces that ‘Peter

was the high flyer; I was

supporting from behind

the scenes and making

sure everything was

running at home. My little

job worked perfectly’.

‘Eaglehawk is a fantastic

place to live.’

Since being involved in

Empowering Eaglehawk,

her main passion has

been the end-of-year

scholarships, which

involves Kerry giving an

award to a student from

all seven primary schools

in the 3556 area as well

as Eaglehawk Secondary

College. ‘I really love it

and would never not do

them as I want to keep

Peter’s memory alive’.

Recently Kerry has retired,

and she is ‘loving it’.

Kerry is enjoying

spending time with her

family, and is excited

about another upcoming

granddaughter on the

horizon. Kerry loves

walking in the bush,

books and her lovely


‘I love the community

spirit more than anything.

I love that we are our

own little town; no other

area of Bendigo has the

uniqueness Eaglehawk

has. I love the people;

they’re unpretentious

and friendly.’


19 | 3556 Magazine



Managed Networks

Phone Systems

Mobile Services

Business NBN



We are 100% Australian Owned & Operated

All our staff are located within Australia, including our

Customer Help Centre.

We Promise the Best Customer Experience

Our customers are our number one priority and our

commitment to our customers is embodied in our

Platinum Service Promise.

Support Your Local Community

We offer very competitive Products and outstanding

Customer Service. However, it's so much more than that!

We want to keep all our profits local, to spend locally.

Support the Telco that supports your Local Community.


1300 228 123

Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5.30pm


23 McLaren Street, Bendigo





Bendigo Telco have been a proud partner of Empowering

Eaglehawk since 2006.

We believe helping to build vibrant, strong and resourceful

communities is a win for everyone.

When you connect with Bendigo Telco we pledge to

continuously donate a portion of the spend from your

services every month back into the community you care


With your help, we can continue to invest in Eaglehawk

to create a thriving community with long term benefits for



20 | 3556 Magazine

1300 228 123


Daniel, Declan, Gorja & Kayla

3 / 8 9 V I C T O R I A S T R E E T E A G L E H A W K

Phone 5446 7495 eaglehawkkebab@gmail.com

Daniel & Len

Congratulations to our winners

Brandy and Breanna

A big thankyou to all of

the generous businesses

who donated prizes




Eaglehawk Pet of the Issue

23 | 3556 Magazine

Welcome to


@ Eaglehawk Primary School

The Fathering Project Launch

Eaglehawk Primary School has partnered with Bendigo

City Council to be part of the Fathering Project in 2021.

Research shows father figures

have significant positive

impacts for children, including

improved self-esteem,

improved school engagement,

and improved health

behaviours. The launch was

held during Education Week

and what a turn out we had.

How lucky are our students to

have so many amazing father

figures in their lives! Some

travelled from other towns or

took time off work to spend

the afternoon with their

special person.

The session included making

paper planes sport activities

and a sausage sizzle followed

by an information session with

Rodney Eade (former AFL


Special Visitors Afternoon

As part of education each class invited a special

visitor to join them in some fun activities.

These ranged from:

Preps: activities and stories

Grade 1/2 creating self-portraits, playing math games

and sport

Grade 3/4 participating in ‘the Amazing Race’, and

Grades 5/6 sharing their work and challenging their

special visitors to a game of dodgeball with the

students winning of course!

History of Eaglehawk

State School No.210

During the Gold Rush in 1854 a school

opened in the Eaglehawk Goldfields.

In a few decades it would be titled the

‘State School No. 210’, out of 700 state

schools throughout Victoria at the time.

In 1881, the neighbouring Methodist

Church was leased to the school

for an intermediary construction period.

A century later, in 1980, the school

acquired the Methodist Church and

since have utilized the annexe space as

a kitchenette.

Throughout the 167 years since its

inception, this school has had many

alterations and created many new


To see an image of the school from 1912,

please view the contents page image

located on page one.

25 | 3556 Magazine



Lenny-Jay & Jaison








The business of

keeping people mobile


3/89 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk

p: (03) 5446 2012 e: bms@chariot.com.au



in your


Sign up for your FREE

membership and explore

our eLibrary for loads of

online resources.


The business of

keeping people mobile

Repairs, maintenance and service of mobility equipment including

scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, Ebikes, electric golf buggies

recliners and patient lifters. Onsite service, pickup and delivery

available. Wide range of spares and accessories.

3/89 BENDIGO Victoria Street, MOBILITY Eaglehawk SERVICES

3/89 Victoria Street, Eaglehawk

Ph: (03) 5446 2012 E: bms@chariot.com.au

p: (03) 5446 2012 e: bms@chariot.com.au

28 | 3556 Magazine

Students learn to respect


In conjunction with our Integrated Studies topic ‘Are We Destroying Our Earth?’ and the

School Wide Positive Behaviours program ‘Respect for Our Environment’ our Grade 3/4

cohort of students managed a visit to the CERES environmental park in Melbourne.

CERES is an environmental education centre, community

garden, urban farm and social enterprise hub spread

across four locations, linked by the Merri and Darebin

Creeks on Wurundjeri Country, Melbourne.

The students learnt about why and how to protect our

environment for future generations. The excursion

involved students in activities such as composting,

making paper and keeping water ways clean.

On return to school the students were then writing

procedural texts on how to make bird feeders. As a

completion of their unit of work the students were

required to make their own bird feeders and hang

them around our bushland area.

29 | 3556 Magazine




30 | 3556 Magazine

Marg Ashman describes herself as “a very

happy Eaglehawk resident and garden


As a new bride, Marg lived in Church Street

with her husband Graeme Ashman and later

moved to her current home in Jobs Gully

Road where she has been for 36 years.

Marg is a passionate gardener and was

eager to give us a garden tour one cold

winter’s morning recently.

Marg has some happy gardening memories

from her childhood in Epsom. There were

four children and they all had their own little

gardening patches where they would grow

fruit and veggies which they loved dearly.

“We were so happy just pottering around

at home. We never even had a push bike

and we were home all the time”.

When Marg first came to Jobs Gully Road,

she never thought that the garden would

become as big as it currently is.

“When we came here, this was a farm,

and this was just a paddock. Graham and

I planted every tree”. Initially there was a

driveway and lawns. A local landscaper set

up all the pebble gardens and gradually all

the flower beds were constructed”.

Marg views gardening as vital. “It’s very, very

important. You see something happening

from nothing”. She has been involved with

the Dahlia Flower Show since 1996 working

alongside David Richards, bringing in dahlia

flowers and visitors from all over Australia.

“I love it. Absolutely love it”.

We asked Marg what her favourite flower

was, she answered: “a rose, dahlias are my

second favourite”.

“You can have a lot of pleasure sitting out

in the garden, especially when the sun’s


“Gardening is in my blood. Entirely”.

31 | 3556 Magazine




Bendigo Violet Street Primary School, or B.V.S.P.S, is an

incredible school that has been running for over 150 years.

The school includes many fun and interesting classes such as Music,

Gardening, Art, P.E. and LOTE, where we learn Mandarin. The school’s

teachers are particularly outstanding, and the school is a great place to

‘Be your Best’. New prep students and grade 1 and 2’s have access to new

playgrounds and playing areas, fun classroom activities and

Investigation Time, where students upstairs get to investigate and

discover daily.

By Cooper Firli, 2021 School Captain

School Captain Cooper

School Captain Lila

Contact: Principal- Mandy Costello Ph: (03) 54436411 0418 892 486

Facebook: bendigo violet street primary


Website: www.benviolet.vic.edu.au

In grades 4, 5 and 6, students have a chance to become a part of the S.L.C, which is the School Leadership Council.

Each week they do things to help around the school. In grade 6, you are provided with the chance to become a

School Captain. As School Captain, the opportunities are endless. School Captains are always a part of the S.L.C,

are involved special activities, such as conducting radio interviews, writing for magazines, and being involved in

special events to represent our wonderful school. As a School Captain, we are constantly trying new things, and

getting pushed out of our comfort zones.

B.V.S.P.S., to me, will be a place we will remember for the rest of our lives. The school is truly wonderful, and we

are so proud to be a part of it.

By Cooper Firli, School Captain

School Captains: Lila Cowie and Cooper Firli

standing on either side of Principal, Mandy Costello.

School Vice Captains: Lux Delves and Jack Williams.

SLC Representatives with the Grade 5/6 teachers,

Jacinta Condon and Lisa Fasham.

Back row: Jack Williams, Cooper Firli, Harry Paynter, Lila Cowie.

Front row: Luelle Green, Shane Martens, Jesse Kinsmore, Lux Delves.

32 | 3556 Magazine











Charlie doesn’t

miss a beat

Photo contributed by Bendigo Advertiser

34 | 3556 Magazine

Laahnie, Len, Lukas & Zara

35 | 3556 Magazine

The White Dahlia

Homewares & Gifts


French Provincial

& Boho styles

Brighten up your

garden this winter!

At ASQ Garden & Landscape we have a great

range of plants to brighten up your garden

throughout the cooler months.

25B Peg Leg Road Eaglehawk

m 0418 372 865 e cazmcg1988@gmail.com

www.asq.net.au | Where your great outdoors begin!

a 187 Upper California Gully Rd, Eaglehawk

p 03 5446 1292 | e nursery@asq.net.au |



Lightning Reef Primary School is fortunate enough to be

working in partnership with the volunteers from Bendigo/

Sandhurst Rotary Club. They come every Wednesday

afternoon for an hour.

The Rotary Team come to our school and work with a small

group of students. It is a hands-on program where both

adults and students contribute equally. The focus has been

on planting out our vegetable garden and keeping it

maintained. This will help our students to learn how to grow

their own vegies and to be able to eat what they’ve grown.

Students learn that growing vegies requires patience,

evaluation, and reflection. Students can work together to

problem solve and analyse solutions to assure that all of

the plants in the garden reach their fullest potential.

Gardens provide ample opportunities to teach children

about responsibilities in care-taking and problem solving.

A school garden is a wonderful way for students to

physically connect with nutrition education, understand

the process of growing healthy foods, and recognize

environmental impacts. A school garden can also be

integrated into many subjects such as maths, literacy,

science, health and physical education. It also promotes

other life skills that may be shared and encouraged with

their own families.

Lighting Reef would like to thank the Bendigo/Sandhurst

Rotary Club and their volunteers for their valued

contribution to our Gardening

Program and we look forward to

seeing where the journey takes

our school garden.

36 | 3556 Magazine


What do you love

about Eaglehawk?

Alivia, Charlie, Daniel & Len

Erin: I love the people

and the communnity

James: I like seeing

the ‘burra grow

Glenn: I love Canterbury

Park and our IGA


Jay: It has a

spectacular lake

Kirsty: Friendly people

with a great vibe

Lucy: Diversity of shops;

something for everyone

Peter: I love the

sporting facilities

Sophie: The friendly

nature of the people

Martin: It has the

world’s best cinema

Skip: Our community

spirit; it leaves every other

community in the dust

Georgie: That people look

after one another,

there’s no judgement

Grant: Our closely knitted

community; we all

know each other

37 | 3556 Magazine

Keratin treatment


Oh So Sleek

156 Eaglehawk Road, Long Gully

0400 994 399

Bree has 20+ years in ladies and men’s

hairdressing. Specialising in keratin treatments

and perms for our older community.

To make an appointment or enquire on services

or prices please phone or drop into the salon.


Keratin treatment


Foils starting from $75

Keratin treatments from $119

Seniors perm, trim & set/blow wave $95

Kids cuts $12 up to 12 years, $15 up to 15 years

Products used

RPR MyColour

Prime BioTanix Brazilian Keratin

Proudly part of your community!

Matt Gretgrix

5441 4555

0438 911 688


38 | 3556 Magazine

39 | 3556 Magazine

We are Locally owned,

Locally operated,

Employ Local people

and support the

See the friendly

team for all your

garden, timber &

hardware needs

Fitzpatrick’s Home Hardware

e: admin@fitzpatrickshome.com

Mystery Photos answers

Skips Skateboard Shop White Horse Hotel Truscott Reserve Eaglehawk BMX Track Peter Krenz Leisure Centre

Fitzpatricks Eaglehawk Croquet Club Cal Gully Takeaway Eaglehawk Cannon Cal Gully Quality Meats

Rose Street Playspace

Eaglehawk Playspace Ranbuild Eaglehawk Recycle Centre Lake Neangar Toilets

Eaglehawk Grandstands Canterberry Park Cal Gully Post Office Eaglehawk Log Lock Up Cal Gully McDonalds

40 | 3556 Magazine

O'Brien Electrical & Air Conditioning Bendigo

proudly supports Eaglehawk 3556 Magazine

We would like to offer

you a fantastic deal on Air

Conditioning ahead of the

coming Summer months

5442 1455

5442 1455

Contact Dave or Sam for a free no obligation quote

bendigo@electrical.obrien.com.au 18 Mcdowalls Rd, East Bendigo VIC 3550


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