Struer Tracks #3 catalogue

Struer Tracks is an international biennial of sound art that takes place in Struer, the City of Sound. Experience Struer Tracks for the 3rd time from 20 August to 5 September 2021.

Struer Tracks is an international biennial of sound art that takes place in Struer, the City of Sound. Experience Struer Tracks for the 3rd time from 20 August to 5 September 2021.


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20. AUGUST — 5. SEPTEMBER 2021







In 2016 we started dreaming of a major sound art festival every other year

in Struer’s urban space, the idea was to learn as we go and after holding the

biennial the first few times, we could see the potential and its path for the


The sound art and biennial format first had to be tested, developed and

eventually find its legs. We had to make several different ’tracks’.

As always, reality crashes in and nobody could have foreseen the challenges

we have faced since the Corona pandemic announced its arrival. It’s not a

simple task to prepare an international art event in a period of a lockdown.

Today, I’m proud of what we, the team have achieved together, with artists

and partners in and outside Struer, I’m delighted to finally be on the threshold

of a new edition of Struer Tracks - this time with Charlotte Bagger Brandt as

its principal curator.

Struer Tracks # 3 is titled Sonic Landscapes. The participating artists

have worked with moods, atmospheres, stories, memories, sounds and

imaginations that are connected to different places in Struer.

The works evoke fleeting atmospheres, sensory impressions and life forms

that hide right behind the obvious: in our bodies, in sewers, under the surface

of the Limfjord or behind the facades of the old industrial harbor.



Struer Tracks would like to extend a big thank you to our many partners that have made

this sound art biennale possible: Alpha Offshore, Global Wind Academy, Struer Energi,

Ulefos, Kurbad Limfjorden, Brian Højhus, Hedeselskabet, Nordvestjysk Fjordkultur, Siloen,

Talent Vests Show Up, Sound Hub Denmark, Sound Art Lab, Struer Museum, Struer

Bibliotek, Harman, Struer Turistforening, Grand Hotel Struer, Det Jyske Kunstakademi,

Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Arhus Billedkunstcenter, Billedkunstnernes Forbund,

Apollon, Spor Festival, Conformo, Content Crew, Kunsthal Regelbau 411, Nordic Podcast

Academy etc.

The 2021 Struer Tracks biennial has also been created with a number of

strong partnerships we would like to thank and acknowledge. Together with

Kunsthal Regelbau 411, we have created a special exhibition with young art

students, we will also hold the Nordic Podcast Conference in association

with the Nordic Podcast Academy, together with Siloen and Talent Vests

Show Up we will hold OFF TRACK, together with Aarhus University we hold

the summer school Sounding City, together with Sound Art Lab and Sound

Hub Denmark we will hold workshops, symposiums and much more.

The partnership programs are independent and aimed at different target

groups, together they contribute to creating a broad and inclusive program

over 16 days in Struer with a focus on sound, art and the urban space.

Welcome to the third edition of Struer Tracks. I hope you will discover that

we’ve found our legs in these difficult times.

Jacob Kreutzfeldt,

Biennale Director








Sonic Landscapes



Symposium and

the Nordic Podcast







Official opening of

Struer Tracks #3


Artists and works



Regelbau 411 and

Sounding Cities





A Youth

environment at the

harbor, created by

the youth - for the



”It’s weird what art

can be”


Workshop for art

and sound

In the meeting between

the artists knowledge,

their aesthetic grip and

the local understanding

and experiences,

something very special


- Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Curator






Program overview

tours, concerts, etc


Permanent works

from Struer Tracks





Sound generates spaces and calls forth memories. Sound interferes

with time, place and space to establish connections between what

we see, and what we remember. Between the spaces we are in, and

the spaces that no longer exists – or those that exists far away. The

capacity of sound to amplify, investigate and open up to different

ways of experiencing the world, the psycho-geography of sound, is

the focus of this third version of the Struer Tracks biennale.

The title of this year’s biennale is Sonic Landscapes, and it aims at

retelling and adding new layers to the public space by inviting audience

to move through these landscapes of Struer in new ways, where the

immediacy of the sonic works will trigger memories and emotions.

The invited artists dive into different local stories and places, and open

them up with sound, by establishing new sonic landscapes in wellknown


We live in an image-oriented time, where the sense of sight is prioritized

above other bodily senses – yet listening and smelling seems to hit

us more immediately and directly, right in the diaphragm, making us

sense the world before our eyes take over.

Struer Tracks is a biennale that takes place in public space, and for

this third edition the curator has selected the harbor as its venue.

The harbor is a special place, where the city clings on to the Limfjord,

where you may discover pockets of nature and water, raw industry,

old warehouses, ships and boats – in many ways the city of Struer

is a product of the water, which makes the harbor an interesting

venue for the biennale. Another special focus is local narratives and

collaborations between artists and people in Struer. This means that

apart from diving into the many layers of Struer in research and in

works –architectural, cultural historical, social and personal – all artists

will collaborate with local resources and gain from local knowledge

in one way or another. In the meeting between artist’s knowledge

and aesthetic approaches and the knowledge and experience of local

citizens something special will inevitably arise.



Struer Tracks opens with a party in the square around the ‘Info Center’

(Brobuerne by Byens Plads), everyone is welcome, lets meet up and be


Meet the Struer Tracks’ artists, the team behind the biennale, and all the many

people who have contributed to Struer Tracks # 3.







Launch of Kaffe Mathews Sonic Bicycles with the

composition The weather is present

Official opening of Struer Tracks # 3: Sonic Landscapes

The Main speaker: Mayor of Struer Niels Viggo Lynghøj.

Premiere of the choral work Rejse som lys der blir

ved. The work is preformed by a mobile loudspeaker

orchestra, in and around the urban space.

Composer: Anders Lauge Meldgaard

Performed by Koret Klang

Lyrics: Amalie Smith

Communal dining: Fish cakes, mussels, etc.

Free food –until we run out. Drinks can be purchased.

Performance by Ragnhild May:

It Ended With Silver Balloons.

This is an outdoor event, so remember appropriate attire.

Charlotte Bagger Brandt/Råderum,


We want to minimize the risk of spreading Coronavirus at this event. We encourage all

participants to follow the National Board of Health’s general advice to prevent infection,

including keeping distance and responsible hygiene measures, dispensers with hand

sanitizer alcohol will be available.










subsurface soundscapes s. 9


Listening with Mussles s. 10


Rejse som lys der blir ved s. 15


Future Unreal s. 16






Aeolian Pavillon s. 11


The weather is present s. 12


Breathing from the ground up s. 17


Special Exhibitions s. 19




i 1



Broken telephone s. 13


The Freedom Room s. 14


Special Exhibitions s. 20


(The exhibitions are open every day from

10 am to 6 pm)

1) Arendse Krabbe - subsurface soundscapes

Østergade 29 + along Syd- and Østkajen, Struer Harbor


(see times on pages 23-24)

7) Anders Lauge Meldgaard - Rejse som lys der blir ved

The concert will take place at T. W. Jensens Plads

2) Jana Winderen - Listening with Mussles

Molehuset, by Ved Fjorden 8

7) Juliana Hodkinson - Future Unreal

The concert will take place at T. W. Jensens Plads

3) Ragnhild May - Aeolian Pavillon

Vrald Odde, in extension of Vraldvej

8) Se Byen Vertikalt - Breathing from the ground up

Vraldvej on Vrald Odde


4) Kaffe Mathews - The weather is present

Byens Plads, Fjordvejen

5) Vinyl -Terror & -Horror - Broken telephone

Sydkajen 2 at Struer Harbor

6) Brandon LaBelle - The Freedom Room

Østkajen 4 at Struer Harbor


Struer Track Info centre


A)The realm of in-between

Regelbau 411, Hovedvejen 1, 7790 Thyholm

B) Sounding City

Brobuerne, next to Struer Tracks Info center


Østkajen 2 at Struer Harbor







Arendse Krabbe is a visual artist working with

sound, video, performance, text, collective

readings and listening situations. Through

her artistic practice, she explores hidden

structures and unheard voices from humans,

other species and unknown dimensions.

Arendse uses listening as a tool that engages

the listener in the world. To listen without

judging or analyzing, and to experience how

the sounds pass through body and mind. In

this way, listening can create new insights

and communities across species, systems,

boundaries and dimensions.

Jana Winderen is a Norwegian sound

artist, and works with the different sound

environments that exist in the world around

us. Her works allow the audience to listen to

creatures that are usually difficult for humans

to access, both physically and audibly: deep

under water, inside ice or in frequency ranges

that cannot be heard by the human ear.

Winderen uses sound and listening to focus

on important issues and questions in relation

to the state of health of the environment

around us.

subsurface soundscapes

Listening with Mussels

With subsurface soundscapes, Arendse has

created a site-specific sound work for Struer,

which focuses on the hidden systems that

maintain the city and the people who live in


The work consists of three elements: a

specially designed sewer cover, a sound work

in five parts composed of sound recordings

from intestines and sewers to be heard from

sewer covers at five locations at Struer harbor,

and a listening situation where participants

experience sounds that make the nervous

system relax and triggers digestion.

The work has digestion as a consistent

thematic figure, and points to the vital

organic processes that often take place

unnoticed. By working with the city’s hidden

systems; the public sewers, water drainage

and wastewater treatment plants, the piece

points to the idea of the city as a body and

the analogy between the city’s and human

being’s inner digestive systems.

Arendse recording sounds at the harbor

With Listening with mussels, Winderen has

created an intimate listening experience in

the small black wooden house at the far end

of the long pier. Surrounded by water on

almost every side, the trip out there creates a

small mental journey, away from the city and

into the landscape it’s all about.

The piece is composed of field recordings

from inaccessible places deep in the sea

and under the Limfjord surface. The listener

gets the opportunity to hear the remarkable

sounds of the Limfjord mussels just as they

awaken from winter hibernation and begin

their search for food particles.

The piece points to the biological and

ecological connections that exist between us,

and the water we live beside. So, sink down,

have a listen and experience life as a mussel,

deep under water.

The small house at the pier









Ragnhild May works with sound art,

performance, sculpture and installation.

Through her work, she explores acoustic

phenomena and their impact on the human

sensory system and cultural role. May’s

approach is playful, experimental and full of

humor. She often draws on existing historical

theories about music and technological

inventions and instruments, where the

boundaries between man and machine, work

and tools, materiality and idea are blurred.

Ragnhild is also known for her work with her

characteristic, self-built flute instruments.

Kaffe Matthews is a British composer, sound

artist and musician. In her electroacoustic

compositions and live performances, she

works with a large number of parameters

including space, data, things and place. The

physical and tactile aspect of the music

experience is central to her work. Thus, she has

invented a range of new listening interfaces

such as the Sonic armchair, Sonic bed and

Sonic bike, that enable new approaches to

composition as well as creating immediate

ways into the world of unfamiliar sound and

music for the audience.

Aeolian Pavillon

The weather is present

Vrald Odde, in extension of Vraldvej

Aeolian Pavillon is a reinterpretation of the

pavilion as an architectural figure, which

Ragnhild May in this piece functionally

merges with the Aeolus harp that originated

in Greece, and was particularly widespread

during the Romantic period. The resulting

structure is both, an architectural building,

and at the same time an instrument, a large

sound box that you can step into. Ragnhild

has been inspired both by speaker and boat

construction for the pavillon’s shape and

aesthetics. Built on the basis of a geometric

logic with four wind traps, each of which

vibrates a string of different lengths and

fundamental frequencies, a sound is created

of almost supernatural and ghostly overtones.

The work translates the almost constant wind

of Struer harbor into sounds that mix with

the area’s own soundscape of clattering mast

lines and whistling wind in boat houses. The 4

funnels frame the view in different directions

and visitors can experience Odden’s diverse

landscape to the sound of the wind’s evocative


With The weather is present, Matthews has

created a new sonic bike composition made

specifically for Struer with The Bicrophonic

Research Institute (BRI).

The work is experienced on one of the 6

Sonic Bikes that play geo-located sounds

via mounted speakers whilst riding. The

piece takes riders in and out of new sound

experiences created through detailed studies

of life and beyond the empty buildings that

stand as sculpture through the old harbor.

Duration and narrative is determined by

the rider’s path, with different compositions

created through the bikes location connected

through GPS.

Riders will experience electronic compositions

blending or transforming the landscapes’

own sounds as you cycle. Choose your own

route through the mapped areas and make

your own landscape of Struer, the City of


The Sonic bike

You can borrow a Sonic bike at the

information center at Brobuerne by

handing in your ID as a deposit.

Bicycles can be borrowed by anyone

aged 15 and up, free of charge.

Opening hours 10-18







Vinyl -terror & -horror is a collaboration

between Danish artists Camilla Sørensen

and Greta Christensen. Both live and work

in Berlin. Working in the interplay between

music and visual arts they investigate the

relationship between sound and object.

Since the 00s the duo has worked with

sculptural manipulations of hi-fi equipment in

their combined artistic practice. By cutting

up, rearranging and timing hi-fi equipment,

music, sounds, objects, stories and more,

they assemble a narrative that always refers

back to the medium playing it or the certain

situation in which it is presented.



Brandon LaBelle is an artist, author and

theorist, born in Los Angeles and living

in Berlin. His artistic work explores issues

of social and cultural life using sound,

performance, text and site-specific

constructions. This results in projects that

create interventions in the public space. In

this way, the artwork becomes part of the

surroundings, for example in the form of a

political action or through art projects that

translate into social work.

Broken telephone

Broken telephone is a site-specific sound

installation created for the red warehouse.

Fragments of impressions from the harbor

transform into a fictional abstract narrative

told through objects, actions and sound. Here,

stories about the harbor, both the fictional ones

based on scrap, deck tracks, etc., and stories

from the people that use the harbor’s, are

woven in and out of each other. The speakers

appear as distinctive characters, each with

their aesthetic expression and personality.

Sound waves oscillate through the installation,

distorted step by step. In interplay with a

reel-to-reel tape recorder and a fishing rod,

they perform the familiar whispering game,

where all the recognizable seeps out and new

meanings emerge. The installation becomes a

hub of stories about the port’s functions now

and through time, and opens up the thoughts

for all the things that happen here without us


The Freedom Room

The Freedom Room is an installation based on the anarchic environment that often exists around

music clubs and venues. These sanctuaries are typically found in abandoned buildings, hidden

and a little dirty. Here you can enter a zone with space for alternative social behavior, intimate

relationships and individual expressions. Through his artistic research work, Brandon explores

the club as a free space to experiment with new identities.

During Struer Tracks, Brandon, together with

Struer’s local youth, will cultivate an anarchist

energy and create a free space in the harbor’s

raw atmosphere.

The installation utilizes and transforms the

industrial environment and creates an artistic

space where visitors can hang out, watch

and listen to audio and video material as well

as other research material. The installation

will also be active through a number of

public events where local bands and DJs can


The work has been created in collaboration with

Bang & Olufsen’s development department.

The red warehouse and production

Under the silo at the industrial harbor







Anders Lauge Meldgaard is a multiinstrumentalist

and composer. He works in a wide field

of musical expressions, from modern

compositional music to free improvisation,

sound installations, electronic music,

songwriting set in orchestral midi collages

and noisy works for electric guitar sextet.

He uses the tension between composition

and improvisation as a motivating force for

his musical creations. Anders is a trained

saxophonist from the Rhythmic Music

Conservatory in Copenhagen, self-taught

composer and part of the artist-run music

platform and record company År & Dag.



Juliana Hodkinson is a British composer

working with vocal, orchestral, instrumental

and electronic music. Her works often arise in

the interplay between abstract concepts and

social relations where different sound sources

such as sound recordings, foley sound and

ripped media are incorporated. Through her

work, she explores how the materials, contexts

and associations of sound interact with one

another. Juliana is an associate professor of

composition at the Jutland Conservatory of

Music and recently elected chairwoman of

the Danish Composers’ Society.

Rejse som lys der blir ved

Future Unreal

With Rejse som lys der blir ved, Meldgaard has composed a new piece in dialogue with the

choir Klang from Holstebro. The focal point is the air between us, what we share and what

binds us together socially and physically.

The choir Klang

The text is written by author Amalie Smith,

about the air we breathe and share. The

air can carry a lot of things, pictures, if you

enunciate a poem, or aerosols, the tiny water

particles from our saliva that float around in

the air. In an age of corona mutations and

face masks, this theme is more relevant than


The piece is based on vocal recordings of

the choir and will be performed by a mobile

speaker orchestra in the public space. You

can experience the concert around the center

of Struer during Struer Tracks.

See program for concert times. (s. 23)

With Future Unreal, Hodkinson is presenting

a new piece composed for and with the local

choir Side by Side and their conductor Sisse

Skovbakke. The piece has evolved online,

week by week, during the pandemic without

the choir, conductor and composer being

able to meet. In place of real-life collaboration

and rehearsal, and exploration of site-specific

roots, the choir has contributed text through

answering questions about their hopes and

fears for the coming time, and the highs

and lows of their local neighbourhood.

Tonal movements and textual fragments

mix together, and new connections and

contexts erupt when the choir performs in

changing constellations around the urban

space, blurring the boundaries between

performance space and public space. You

can experience the performance in Struer

during Struer Tracks.

See program for concert times. (s. 23)

Side by Side







Breathing from the ground up

Se Byen Vertikalt is an artist trio that has

existed since 2017 and consists of dancers and

choreographers Mette Møller Overgaard and

Esther Wrobel, and sound artist and composer

David Navndrup Black. In their work with

sound, movement and architecture, they turn

the city’s spaces upside down and challenge

the audience to interact differently in relation

to the city’s sounds and architectural spaces.

The artists work together in different

constellations and on their own as workshop

leaders, creators, and performers.

Breathing from the ground up is a physical sound walk created especially for Struer Harbor.

The performance is an interplay of vertical dance, sound art and a participatory experience.

Through sound and movement, the audience is invited to experience the architecture at Struer

Harbor in a completely new way. The piece transforms the raw harbor into a magical scene by

focusing on the potential of the place itself, its sounds and atmosphere.


















Christian skjødt Hasselstrøm:

The Receiver (2019)

The audience becomes an active participant,

through instructions conveyed via wireless

headphones. During the performance, the

audience is invited to feel the surroundings

on their own body and meet artists who walk,

dance and move in and out of the industrial


Feel your senses get sharpened when Struer

harbor is brought to life in a completely new

way. Slow down, take a deep breath and sink

into the experience.

Costume design: Inbal Lieblich

Experience the physical sound

walk. See program p. 24

(instructions in danish)

Rehearsals on the silo









Photo: Lise Johansson


#Special exhibitions



(special exhibitions)




THE REALM OF IN-BETWEEN (special exhibitions)

As part of Struer Tracks, Regelbau 411 will

present the group exhibition THE REALM OF

IN-BETWEEN with students from the Jutland

Academy of Fine Arts and the Danish Institute

for Electronic Music.

Regelbau 411 focuses on the ability of sound to

transform, expand, amplify and interpret the

relationship between our physical and mental


The unique location of this art space forms the

framework for five site-specific works, with sound

as the central point, creating connections between

our inner spaces - defined by our thoughts, ideas

and dreams, and the outer connections - defined

by our physical surroundings.

The focal point of the exhibition is the audible

world and the special ability of sound to create

links between the physical present body, and

our collective and individual memories and the

recollections with the threads to the past, present

and future.

The exhibition is the culmination of a longer

discourse, where the invited artists from DJK

and DIEM have investigated and questioned the

potential of sound and the geographically bound

qualities of the surroundings as a starting point

for the artistic work.


opens with this year’s Struer Tracks and has

been created in collaboration between Regelbau

411, Struer Tracks, Sound Art Lab, the Jutland

Academy of Fine Arts and the Danish Institute

for Electronic Music.

The exhibition is curated by Matilde Best and

Simon Thykjær.

Participating artists

Benjamin Asger Krog Møller, Livia Bruun

Pezzot & Andrea Mailund Glahn, Veronika

Nielsen & Amalie Götz, August Norborg

and Christian Stenbro.

Opening: 20th of August 2021, at 2pm.

Exhibition period: 20th of August -

10th of September 2021.

Address: Hovedvejen 1, 7790 Thyholm

Opening hours: Every day from 10am - 5pm.

Regelbau 411 has free admission.

There are daily trains between Struer and

Oddesund Nord station.

(The station is approx. 600 meters from

Regelbau 411)

A big thank you to the Danish Arts

Foundation, The Nordic Culture Fund, The

Obel Family Foundation, Faerch Foundation,

Region Midtjylland and Struer - Lydens By for

supporting the exhibition.

In the period leading up to the biennial, a group of

summer school students from Aarhus University

visited the site of Struer Tracks.

These students were part of the workshop

‘Sounding City’ - Sonic interventions for

liveable urban spaces. They have worked with

questions about sound, urban space and public

participation. Over a two-week work stay in

Struer, the students developed concepts and

created prototypes for how sound and listening

can activate different places in Struer. The result

of their work can be experienced in the bridge

arch at Lydens Have (behind the town hall).

The course was organized by Marianne Huang

and Nanna Hauge Kristensen in collaboration

with Struer Tracks and Sound Art Lab.

Before the excursion to Struer, the students

have been introduced to theories within sound

studies, urban studies, design thinking and much

more, while during the visit, they have had the

opportunity to follow the effort of creating a part

of Struer Tracks’ exhibition.

Opening: 20th of August 2021, at 2.00pm.

Exhibition period: 20th of August –

5th of September 2021.

Opening hours: Every day from 10am – 6pm.






Each weekend during the biennial you can take part in one of our free public tours. School classes, groups

and associations can book private free tours. For more information write to: nicole@soundartlab.org

Public tours:

Every Saturday and Sunday during Struer Tracks.

On these days at 10.30am you can participate in a free tour with an

art guide. Tour Duration: 1 to 2 hours.

Where: We meet at Brobuerne at Byens Plads, Fjordvejen

When: 21st - 22nd and 28th - 29th of August and 4 - 5. of September

at 10.30am.


As a teacher, you can book a special tour for your class, which will

be organised for that specific grade level.

Where: We meet at Brobuerne at Byens Plads, Fjordvejen

When: 23rd – 27th and 30th of August and 1st – 3rd of September

at 9am and 1pm

Groups and associations:

Struer Tracks offers specially designed tours for associations and

groups. Together we can find a suitable time and duration.

The tours are free.

Where: We meet at Brobuerne at Byens Plads, Fjordvejen

When: Agreed upon booking


The Inspiration Library is open for curious kids and adults in the public library’s opening hours.

Here you will find books, sounds, photos, objects and more

which have all inspired the nine artists in the development

of their art for this years Struer Tracks. Here you can explore

and immerse yourself in the material to get a different

insight into the thoughts and processes behind the artworks

created for Struer harbor.

Where: Struer Library, Smedegade 7

When: 20th of August until the 5th of September, in

library opening hours.


Hear the artists in conversation with professionals and local collaborators. The conversations take place as

Walk’n’talks - informal conversations about the works, the local collaborations and sound art in the urban

space. The conversations take place in Danish.

Art & the sewer:

Arendse Krabbe in conversation with Thomas Sørensen,

project manager within wastewater at Struer Energi.

What is it like to work with an artist?

What does it mean for the work that the artist has professionals

from alternate fields that want to contribute to a project?

Where: Meeting place is at the info center in Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: Sunday 22nd of August at 2pm

Acoustics & art:

Artist Ranghild May in conversation with Jakob Dyreby,

acoustic engineer, from Bang & Olufsen.

What does it mean for art, that professionals make their

expertise available?

Where: Meeting place is at the info center in Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: Sunday 5th of September at 12.30

Sound, body and urban space:

Mette Møller Overgaard from Se Byen Vertikalt in conversation

with Helle Starch, architect, Struer Municipality, and Søren

Kristensen, architect and founding partner of LABLAND.

What’s it like to use the cities space as a stage?

How can dance be used to explore urban space?

Where: Meeting place at the info center in Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: Saturday the 21st of August at 2pm

Local collaborations in art:

Vinyl terror & horror in conversation with Kresten Krab-

Bjerre, Bang & Olufsen.

How does collaboration between artists and B&O work?

What does a company like B&O get out of this type of


Where: Meeting place is at the info center in Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: Saturday 21st of August at 4pm




Experience concerts that expands traditional choral music, incorporates urban space and audience and

challenge the senses with a sound universe that provokes and invites reflection.

Rune Søchting, curator for choir works

During early development of the program for Struer Tracks #3 the idea

emerged to present a program of new music works that – just like the

installations – complied with the principles of public art and site-specificity.

Following this starting point, projects based on the strong culture for choir

that exists in and around Struer were developed. As a result two new works

have been written for and in dialogue with local choirs.

Choirs have existed in various forms throughout history. In the Greek tragedy the choir is a voice

that comments on the action on stage. In this way the choir represents the voice of the community

that reflects on what is happening. In various ways the choir works presented during Struer Tracks

can also be said to reflect our current situation. Particularly the fact that the works have been

developed during a pandemic where the possibility for collective activities have been restricted.

It is with a certain sense of pride that Struer Tracks presents two new works for choirs written by

the composers Anders Lauge Medlgaard and Juliana Hodkinson. In various ways, the two works

explore both the idea of the choir and in what way one can be a choir. Firstly, it has been part of the

circumstance to adapt to new ways of practicing and working. Secondly, the works explore limits.

The composers have played with the limits that separates audience from performer, stage-space

from performance space. Finally, there has been an exploration of ways to integrate technology as

part of the two works.

These artistic experiments reflect a unique and difficult situation but are at the same time suggestions

to how one can meet around the idea of a choir in Struer anno 2021.

Future Unreal:

The choral work Future Unreal, composed

by Juliana Hodkinson and performed in

collaboration with the local choir Side by Side

and choir leader Sisse Skovbakke. Read more

about Juliana and the work on page 16.


Experience Struer Tracks’ artists performing their works throughout the city and become a part of the

work itself.

Se Byen Vertikalt:

Experience ’Se Byen Vertikal’s’ physical sound walk Breathing from

the ground up created specifically for Struer Harbor.

Read more on page 17.

Where: By the boat houses, Vraldvej 12A, Struer.

When: 20th of August 1.00pm and 3.30pm

21st of August 11.00am and 4.30pm

22nd of August 11.00pm and 4.30pm

2nd of September 4.30pm

4th of September 11.00am and 4.30pm

Sonic Bicycles

Create your own soundscape of Struer, the City of Sound, take a

ride on the sonic bike and hear Kaffe Matthew’s work ‘The weather

is present’. Duration and composition are determined by the rider’s

path. Read more on page 12. You can borrow a Sonic bike by handing

in your ID as a deposit at the Struer Tracks info center. Bicycles can

be borrowed by anyone aged 15 and up, completely free.

Where: Struer Tracks info center at Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: 20th of August – 5th of September between 10am and 6pm.

Guided bike ride

Bring your own bike, or borrow one of the sonic bikes and go on a

group bike ride around downtown Struer and the harbor area.

Artist Kaffe Matthews takes you on their favourite audio routes

around town. Registration not required.

Where: Struer Tracks info center at Brobuerne, Fjordvejen

When: 21st of August at 10am

Where: T. W. Jensens Plads

When: 28th and 29th of August at 12pm

Rejse som lys der blir ved:

Rejse som lys der blir ved is a choral work created

for Struer Tracks by Anders Lauge Meldgaard,

composed in dialogue with Koret Klang from

Holstebro, and with lyrics written by author

Amalie Smith. Read more about Anders and the

work on page 15.

Where: T. W. Jensens Plads

When: 20th of August at 5.30pm and 21st of

August at 12pm and 5th of September at 12pm

Listening event in Kurbad Limfjorden

In the quiet surroundings of Kurbad Limfjorden, with a beautiful

view of the water, participants are invited to a relaxing listening

event, where collected leaves and other organic material are used

as instruments in a soft composition. The sound universe has an

”earthly” character, which many have experience as a calming and

pleasing effect. The listening event is part of the work subsurface

soundscapes by sound artist Arendse Krabbe and will prove to help

make the nervous system relax and start the body’s digestion.

Read more about the work on p. 9.

Where: Kurbad Limfjorden, Ved Fjorden 6A

When: Monday the 23rd of August at 2pm to 3pm

Registration: At info@struertracks.dk (Limited number of places)




Get a unique experience with guided tours to venues around Struer, such as B&O, Venø and Regelbau 411.

This event requires registration. Read more and book your experience at struertracks.dk/events

// SYMPOSIUM: Sound art in the public space

This symposium proposes to open up a discussion about sound art in public spaces with a focus on the

meaning and effect of sound art in a site-specific context as well as on the creation of the works themselves.

Tour of B&O:

A unique experience in Struer. Guided tour of Bang & Olufsen’s Innovation

Lab and factory as well as the Bang & Olufsen exhibition at Struer Museum.

Kresten Krab Bjerre from B&O talks about the collaboration between B&O

and Struer Tracks. Breakfast is included.

Where: Meeting place at Bang & Olufsen, Bang and Olufsen Allé 1, Struer

When: 26th and the 31st August at 10am

Sound art and oysters:

Join us on an exclusive trip to Venø, where we will taste the world famous

Limfjord oyster at Venø Seafood, which are served at several of the country’s

top Michelin restaurants. Finish at Venø Kro with a sumptuous seafood dish.

Where: Meeting place at Struer harbor by the Amplified Views sculpture

When: 27th of August and 3rd of September at 9am


OFF Track:

OFF TRACK is an event that takes place under Struer Tracks

created by the youth - for the youth, with a three-day program

that offers music, concerts, dance, theater, film, visual arts,

design, literature and exciting workshops. OFF TRACK aims to

cultivate the youth community, but it is also open to all.

Read more and see the full program:


Where: Østkajen 2, Struer Harbour

When: 26th – 28th of August

Ferry trip to the special exhibition at Regelbau 411:

Take Denmark’s oldest car ferry from Struer Harbor to Oddesund and

experience sound art in an old bunker. The trip also offers a taste experience

in the form of oysters and champagne, as well as a delicious lunch with the

Danish classic open sandwiches.

Hvor: Meeting place at Struer harbor by the Amplified Views sculpture

When: 24th and 31st of August at 9.45am

Feel the freedom and community when OFF TRACK invites you to live culture and music, mixed with

workshops, food, and a cold beer in a comfortable urban setting.

In recent years, sound art has become more common in public space - not just in Struer, but also

around the world. At this seminar, a number of professionals in and around the sound art field

gather to exchange knowledge about sound art, outside of the ordinary exhibition spaces and

concert halls. What is the significance and effect of sound works in public spaces? How do the

works interact, interfere and reason with the physical and social framework in which they exist?

And how to create the framework for artistically experimental work with sound in public spaces?

Keynote speakers at the symposium are sound

artists Sam Auinger(DE) and Jana Winderen(NO).

The symposium will be in English.

The symposium is held by Sound Art Lab in

collaboration with Struer Tracks and Sound Hub

Denmark. The symposium is supported by The

Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point and The

Danish Arts Foundation.

Where: Sound Hub Denmark or online

When: Friday, August 27th at 10am-4pm

Registration: struertracks.dk/program


Nordic Podcast Conference is Denmark’s latest forum for joint listening and discussion of podcasts. Experience

great international podcasters and get inspiration and learn more about the latest in podcasting.

Nordic Podcast Conference is Denmark’s new conference with joint listening of podcasts as well as

discussion of the content of podcasts, sound and sharing interesting ideas. There will be inspirational

presentations from some of the most innovative podcast voices in the Nordic countries, keynote

speakers from the USA and premieres of new podcasts from some of the biggest Danish names in

the genre.

Participants will be able to meet Kari Hesthamar(N) Robert Barkman(S) and Tim Hinman,

from Danish Third Ear in a discussion about the special Nordic podcast tone. An agreement has also

been made with the American Heather Li, the creator of ”It’s Nice to Hear You” - one of 2021’s most

innovative podcasts. And many more names to be announced.

Nordic Podcast Conference is organized by

Nordic Podcast Academy in collaboration

with Rakkerpak Productions, Loud, Third Ear,

Lydens By, Struer, Center for Podcasting,

Sound Hub Denmark and Struer Municipality.

Where: Apollon, Anlægsvej 4, Struer

When: August 28 at 1pm - 5pm

Registration at: struertracks.dk/program





Feel the freedom and community when OFF TRACK invites you to

live culture and music mixed with workshops, food, and a cold beer

in an urban setting.

OFF TRACK is a 3-day event, created by the youth - for the

youth, at the border between the festival and the flourishing

young environment. Experience music, dance, theatre, film,

visual arts, design and literature in a unified community where

culture is down to earth. OFF TRACK offers workshops from all

over the world, where you can get to know new sides of yourself

- or rediscover the old ones.


26th of August - 28th of August

Østkajen 2, 7600 Struer

OFF TRACK is open to everyone.

Experience, among other things:

Thursday 26/8 Friday 27/8 Saturday 28/8

5.00pm Workshop: Dance

4.00pm Workshop: T-shirt design

6.00pm Workshop: Songwriting

with Emma Hørlyck

8.00pm Stomp with Mikkel Hebs

and Kisser

8.30pm Concert: Gustav Bjerrum

9.30pm Concert: La Oh

9.00pm Concert: Patina

La Oh

Gustav Bjerrum


The sound of youth, community and freedom:

Struer Tracks contributes to OFF TRACK with the work ”The Freedom Room” by the artist Brandon LaBelle,

who speaks directly to the youth community that is cultivated on Østkajen, where everyone is welcome to

explore and be part of the work. LaBelle’s work can be experienced in the silo on Østkajen 4 throughout

the exhibition period and also OFF TRACK in the warehouse on Østkajen 2 from 26th to 28th of August.


For more details see the

full program here

OFF TRACK has been created in collaboration between Struer Library, the youth association Siloen, showUP, FGU and the Danish

Talent Academy with support from the Tuborg Foundation’s Dream Pool, Talent West, Struer Municipality’s Youth Culture Pool

and Struer Municipality.



”Struer’s children experience

what art can be”

At Struer Library, a 5th grade class from Parkskolen

sits and listens intensely. In front of them are the

sound artists Vinyl -terror & -horror (VTH) showing

videos of their previous works.

A smoking speaker and eerie horror music create

a skewed and macabre universe that captures the

motionless students.

Behind the scary moniker are the two Danish sound

artists Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen.

They live in Berlin but have travelled to Struer in

connection with their work on Struer Tracks and

hold a series of school workshops.

It is one of 18 workshops happening before

and during the biennial as an offer for Struer

Municipality’s school classes, which gives students

the opportunity to learn more about contemporary

art and try out artistic processes. Apart from VTH’s

workshop, students have also created monochords,

watched artists dance from silos and have partaken

in guided tours during the festival. Everything –

totally free of charge.

This workshop is about something called “Foley

technique”. It is the sound effects we hear in

television and movies that are made afterwards,

often by things that you would not immediately

associate with what they are to express. The

understanding comes within the context.

Rice in a tin can is pouring rain and a stick of

celery that cracks is a bone that breaks. “It’s a way

to explore and invent new situations where the

objects can be used - across their actual form and

function” As Greta explains it. “It’s about showing

how important timing is in terms of meaning.”

In search of garbage

A world of possibilities opens up to portray the

surroundings in completely new ways, and that is

the students’ task today. They are divided into two

groups - boys vs. girls, who each get a film clip

which they will perform. live sound effects to.

The boys are given “Once Upon a Time In the West”,

the girls “Jurassic Park”.

Broken glass, rain and thunder are some of the

words scribbled on the girls’ list of sounds.

Some of it can be done with their own vocal cords,

others with Vinyl -terror & -horror’s props and the

last sounds, they have to find themselves around

Struer Harbor.

The girls head towards the water while the boys dig

into the pile of strange sounds that the artists have

brought with them.

The treasure is out there

“It’s fun to get out and see all the things that are just

thrown away,” says Liva, one of the students from

Parkskolen, while her eyes map out the possibilities.

She walks in the abandoned part of the harbor,

where none of the girls have been before, but they

still fearlessly start rummaging through scrap heaps

and examining abandoned bricks for good sounds.

For Greta, it is great to see the students’ commitment.

“We want the children to experience the place in a

new way. They need to find things that tell a different

story than the one they are found in or what they

are usually used for.” she explains.

Because suddenly, an empty beer bottle and a pile

of gravel are seen as a possibility, and there are loud

complaints that there is no good trash to be found -

at least not the kind that make the right noises.

Luckily, the treasure is out there, an abandoned

piece of greenery hiding a long, rusty chain, and all

sorts of things a sound artist in the making could

dream of. It is all collected and dragged back.



Art can be many things

At the library, the girls practice finding the right

sounds. The timing has to be just right, so it fits with

the film clip.

Both teams take a seat in front of the projector and

perform with metal objects that are pushed down

from stools, plastic bucket drums, long grass that is

whipped and all the other gold that has been found.

As smiles spread, there is no doubt that it has been

a good break from the classroom.

“I liked to perform, scream and make dinosaur

noises” says the student, Smilla, smiling.

But have they learned anything today?

The question does not even have time to be asked

before it is met by a resounding “YES!”.

Liva elaborates: “It was fun - I didn’t even know that

art could be something like this. That trash is art. It’s

weird what art can be.”

As part of Struer Tracks, school children at all grade levels in Struer Municipality have been

offered to participate in 18 different workshops and performances, free of charge.

The students take part in and learn about the artistic processes when the artists teach in

specially designed workshop courses, based on this year’s works.

Workshops and performances are held both in connection with the preparations for the

artworks and during the biennial itself.

School classes are also offered free guided tours and transport is offered for schools located

outside Struer town.





Sound Art Lab is a center for artistic

development, established in B&O’s former

administration building, at Peter Bangsvej 17B

in Struer.

Sound Art Lab attracts Danish and foreign

artists who work professionally with sound. SAL

offers professional sound studios, workshops,

studios and many other facilities, in addition

to a strong professional network in the City of

Sound, and will assist users in creating highquality


enthusiasts in the field of sound, including the

Radio Amateur Association OZ3EDR.

In the autumn of 2021, Sound Art Lab will house

two resident artists who have been selected

on the basis of an international open call in

collaboration with the Danish arts council. The

artists will work on their own projects in and

around SAL over 3 months. The works or its

progress will be experienced along the way

with presentations, lectures, open studios and

much more.

SAL will also offer tuition to local and regional

schools. With dedicated teaching laboratories,

a framework has been created for innovative

teaching with a focus on sound, listening and

art. SAL is also home to local associations and

Sound Art Lab was established by Struer

Municipality and is developed in collaboration

with Sound Hub Denmark, Bang & Olufsen,

Harman, Struer Tracks Biennale, Kunsthal

Regelbau 411 and others,

From this point on, the work of design and

technology will be replaced with sound and art,

as now the former B&O administration building

forms the framework for the production of

sound art, professional knowledge sharing and

innovative teaching within sound.

The Sound Art Lab is equipped with 4 sound

studios with professional equipment for

recording and editing everything from stereo,

surround and multi-channel works, and has

been created with generous support from the

Færchfonden and Harman.


Friday, August the 27th 2021 at 4pm Sound Art

Lab officially opens its doors to the public, and is

open all weekend to the public.

The opening event begins with speeches and

refreshments, after which the (open reel) tape

for the brand-new facilities will be cut by Mayor

Niels Viggo Lynghøj.

The opening weekend is held in collaboration

with the Radio Amateur Association OZ3EDR,

which has already moved into the facilities at

Sound Art Lab - where the association’s activities

began 75 years ago. Take a look inside - see, hear

and experience a little snippet of the life that will

unfold in the building in the future. Throughout

the weekend, you can experience the new sound

studios, workshops and studios, also you can

visit the radio amateurs in their new premises.

Experience, among other things, the OZ3EDR

mobile transmitter at Struer Harbor, hear sound

artist Christian Skjødt Hasselstrøm talk about

his work with the work Radar til Regelbau 411,

find radio gold at the Radio Amateur Association

OZ3EDR’s flea market, participate in a sound art

workshop for children and much more.

To see the full program, visit:

Website www.soundartlab.org



Address: Sound Art Lab, Peter Bangsvej 17B

Official opening: Friday 27th of August at 4pm – 6pm

Open house: 28th and the 29th of August at 10 – 4pm

Together with various partners Sound Art

Lab offers residencies with stays in Struer for

shorter or longer periods of time.

Residencies can be applied for on an open call

basis, and all applications will be assessed by a

committee of experts in the field.

Sound Art Lab has teaching spaces dedicated

to sound, and offers a number of courses with

sound art as the focal point. If you represent

an educational institution and are interested in

hearing more about our educational offer, you

are welcome to contact us.





Struer Tracks is a biennial of sound art in Struer’s public urban spaces. Every two

years, we create new temporary art experiences through the streets, squares, in empty

warehouses, sheds and even on the edge of silos and deep down in sewers.

Struer Tracks would also like to put more lasting tracks down.

Some of the traces from previous biennials can be found around Struer such as:

Wind & Water 2017

Wind and Water is a sound sculpture created by

Frode Gundorf Nielsen. It consists of 12 resonant

tubes with 12 tones that play melodies using

compressed air and water. The sculpture is a

permanent work that was unveiled during Struer

Tracks in 2017.

Amplified Views 2019

Amplified Views is a sculptural sound work of

aluminium created by artist Ursula Nistrup in

collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.



In 2021, we also have ambitions to leave more

lasting traces. We have already entered into

an agreement with Struer Energi that Arendse

Krabbe’s specially designed sewer cover (p. 9) will

remain after the biennial, just as Ragnhild May’s

Æolian Pavillion (p. 11), which, thanks to Sound Art

Lab, can be experienced at Vrald Odde over the

next three years.

Sketch of Aeolian Pavillon

2021 - ?

2019 - Amplified Views

2017 - Wind & Water

The sound is triggered when the audience moves

within the area of the three pillars. The sound is

created with compressed air and water, the air

pushes the water up into an acrylic pipe and the

turbulence from this is resonated in the large pipes.

Wind and water have been built in the garden

at Gimsinghoved Art and Culture Center with

support from the Danish arts council and Aarhus

2017 and in close collaboration with Struer Lydens

By and The Overheard.

Together, they have created the curved shapes

and crystallized surfaces that designate listening

spots, which focus and amplify the sounds of the


The Amplified Views work consists of a series of

installations around Struer Municipality. Currently,

the works can be found at the harbor in Struer and

in Klosterheden. Amplified Views is supported by

Struer Lydens By, the Danish arts council, Bang

& Olufsen, Augustinusfonden, Færchfonden and

Struer Tracks.

Back In 2020, Struer Municipality has adopted

an ambitious strategy for sound art. It is the

ambition that sound art should be a driver for

the municipality’s development, and the vision

is therefore that sound art in Struer Municipality

should be art with effect.

Struer Tracks’ temporary works have an

opportunity to experiment and try out different

artistic visions in the municipality’s public

spaces, which may develop into permanent

works and who knows, maybe in the long run

you will be able to find even more works and

sounds from Struer Tracks #3 in Struer’s urban


Sketch of sewer cover





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