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Excellence Awards 2021

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Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine

Excellence Awards 2021


ABR Solicitors

Criminal Defence Law Firm of the Year – UK

Anne O’Connell Solicitors

Employee Benefits Law Firm of the Year – Ireland

Arnecke Sibeth

Entertainment Law Firm of the Year - Germany

ByrneWallace LLP

Private Equity Law Firm of the Year – Ireland

Camden Associates

Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of the Year – UK

Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year - Philippines

Deep & Far

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan

Entwistle & Cappucci LLP

Securities Litigation Law Firm of the Year - USA

Esquível Advogados

Government Contracts Law Firm of the Year – Portugal

F Chambers Attorneys at Law

Employment Disputes Law Firm of the Year – Turks & Caicos

Infinity Partnership Limited

Accountancy Business Services Firm of the Year – UK

Jose Perez

SSI/SSD Law Firm of the Year - USA

Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo

Arbitration & Litigation Advisor of the Year – Indonesia


Alberto Ziliani

Sports Lawyer of the Year - Italy


Tax Advisory Firm of the Year – Portugal

Rustem Guardian LLP

Business Crime Law Firm of the Year - UK

Spadafora DeRosa

Tax Law Firm of the Year - Italy

Taylor Hampton

Media Law Firm of the Year – UK

The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC

Franchising Law Firm of the Year – USA

The Scarpulla Law Firm

Competition: US Plaintiff Law Firm of the Year

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year—


Deep & Far attorneys-at-law was founded in 1992 and is dealing with all phases of laws

with a focus on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual

property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair

competition, and/or licensing, counselling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.

Area of Practice: Intellectual Property, including patent, trademark, copyright and trade


The patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far normally hold outstanding and

advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country.

Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs in this

country. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have

experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100

incorporations has ever used services of this firm. Furthermore, Hi-Tech companies in the

science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu had ever played the most important role

in booming the economy of this country. About one half of them has experiences in seeking

patented their techniques, and out of more than 50% of the patent-experienced companies

in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm.


Mr. Yu-Li Tsai, a patent attorney graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering of

National Taiwan University (NTUEE), which is the best engineering school in Taiwan.

Because of interest in communication system, he then attended in the Graduate Institute of

Communication Engineering (GICE) of NTU. During his research life in GICE, he also

started to get involved in knowledge and skills of patent-related matters for taking and

receiving the qualification of patent attorney. Mr. Tsai also attended to receive an IP master

from Law School of University of New Hampshire, also known as Franklin Pierce Center for

Intellectual Property, had an internship with InterDigital, Inc., and passed the U.S. Patent

Bar Examination. Currently, Mr. Tsai is working for Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law as a

patent attorney.

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firm cannot comparably

provide. The necessitated ensuing problem is how we can so provide? Deep & Far so

achieve by selecting, edifying and nurturing peoples who have the following personalities:

learned in expertise, morally earnest and sincerely behaved in mind and strictly disciplined

between give and take. It is well-believed that such properties are key factors for peoples to

properly and competently behave themselves. Because the clients become more understood

in the knowledge of IP and more budget-sensitive, they usually want to select an agent who

can more efficiently and effectively deal with their IP matters. They often invite bids, set out

tenders and call for interview before they decide to entrust a service provider. Taking

patent for example, they gather information of costs for patent prosecution, previous works,

and firm introduction materials in a preliminary choice stage, and hold an interview to

obtain further details of the firm which has passed the preliminary choice stage. We

represent international giants, e.g. InterDigital, MPS, Schott Glas, Toyo Ink, Motorola,

Cypress, Google, Armani.

We always keep updating the newest state of this firm, recruiting elite patent engineers and

strictly training them the essential skills, improving the efficiency and quality of service,

and developing new strategies that can assist the clients effectively protecting their

intellectual property rights. This firm believes that if the efficiency, quality, and enthusiasm

of the services can be consistently monitored and maintained, overcoming complexities,

challenges or changes is just a result rather than an issue.

Our aspiration and directions would be developing more potential clients either in domestic

or foreign countries, and expanding the size of this firm to assist more clients in pursuing

most satisfactory IP protection. Although the domestic IP market, especially in the patent

field in 2013 shrank a little, we expect this situation may finally change because there is a

phenomenon that the gross economy is starting to recover in 2014.

Contact Details:

Deep & Far

Yu-Li. Tsai

Tel: 886-2-25856688#900

Fax: 886-2-25989900//886-2-25978989

Add: 13th Fl., 27 Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Web: www.deepnfar.com.tw

Email: lawtsai@deepnfar.com.tw

Arbitration & Litigation Advisor of the Year –


Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS) was founded in 1985 by Timbul Thomas Lubis,

Mohamed Idwan (‘Kiki’) Ganie and Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo. LGS specializes

in both Commercial Transactions and Commercial Disputes, including criminal

law. As well as helping to put the deal together we can also help to prevent or solve

problems in its implementation.

Our lawyers are specialized in confirming what the legal problem is, but do not

leave the solution to the client, they are also trained to suggest commercial

solutions to what has started as a legal problem or legal solutions to what has

started as commercial problems.

Mohamed Idwan (‘Kiki’) Ganie is the Managing Partner of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo

(LGS). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Indonesia and

holds a PhD in Law from the University of Hamburg. Dr. Ganie is a Chairman of

the Association of Indonesian Anti-Trust Lawyers, a member of the Regional Panel

of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), and a fellow (FSIarb) of the

Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

Dr. Ganie has more than 30 years of legal experience, and specializes in

commercial transactions and commercial litigation, including alternative dispute

resolution and has acted as an expert in a number court and arbitration

proceedings. His expertise covers general corporate/company law, banking law,

finance, bankruptcy and restructuring, mining, investment, acquisitions,

infrastructure projects/project finance, antitrust, and shipping/aviation, with a

particular focus on corporate governance and compliance.

Founding Partners:

Mr. Timbul Thomas Lubis heads the Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo litigation section. Mr.

Lubis specialises in commercial transactions and company law, as well as labour,

property and real estate law.

Dr. Mohamed Idwan Ganie is the Managing Partner of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo. Dr.

Ganie specializes in commercial transactions and commercial dispute resolution,

and has a focus on corporate governance.

Mr. Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo specializes in corporate law and has acted as

the lead lawyer in hundreds of IPOs, rights issues and other capital market

transactions, and more than 100 M&A deals.


Mr. Abdul Haris Muhammad Rum’s field of expertise includes general corporate,

restructuring, capital markets, M&A, project finance, syariah, and oil and gas law.

Mr. Harjon Sinaga has a strong general corporate background and specializes in

commercial litigation, concentrating in the fields of bankruptcy and antitrust.

Mr. Rofik Sungkar’s practice focuses on litigation, debt restructuring and general

corporate law.

Ms. Dini Retnoningsih specialises in corporate transactions.

Mr. Mochamad Fajar Syamsualdi specialises in M&A.

Mr. Ahmad Jamal Assegaf specialises in restructuring, investment, M&A, and


LGS has experience representing a diverse range of clients, including domestic and

multinational corporations, public and private companies, Government

instrumentalities and State Owned Enterprises.

Dr. Ganie’s international commercial transaction and litigation clients include:

Goldman Sachs (US), Temasek Holdings (Singapore), Hutchison Whampoa (Hong

Kong) and Mitsui (Japan).

Clients are increasingly looking for stability (or better: sustainability) and strategic

direction. We have made it our mission not only to service existing but also

anticipated client needs. We are therefore skilled not only to advice what the "the

law says", but also what the clients could or should do to solve the legal aspects of

a legal or commercial problem or to support our Clients' strategic direction.

In three years’ time we see the firm to have achieved its mission to be the

Indonesian firm with the largest transaction and dispute resolution division and

with the largest network of branch offices throughout Indonesia to provide not only

expertise on central government laws, regulations and policies, but also regional

laws, regulations and policies, and to provide assistance wherever the legal issues

arise within Indonesia. All that with a view to increase value, to be more effective

and cost efficient for the benefit of our clients and also to assist other firms who

require legal services in the region (provinces) of Indonesia.

Contact Details:

Dr. Mohamed Idwan (‘Kiki’) Ganie

Managing Partner

Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo


Menara Imperium 30th Floor

Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan

Jakarta 12980, Indonesia

Tel: +62 21 831-5005, 831-5025

Fax: +62 21 831-5015, 831-5018

Email: ganie@lgslaw.co.id

Website: www.lgsonline.com

Franchising Law Firm of the Year – USA

The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC and its predecessors have been providing

high quality legal services for over 40 years. While the firm is located in New York

City, at 110 East 59th Street, and services many clients in the tri-state area, it also

represents franchise clients nationwide. The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm has earned

Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating for legal ability and integrity, listed by US News

and World Report as being among the best franchise law firms in the United States

and Richard Rosen is rated amongst Martindale Hubbell’s list of Preeminent

Attorneys. In 2018 and 2019 The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC was named one

of the 50 Best Law Firms in the World by LegalComprehensive.com.

The Firm is familiar with virtually every franchise related issue that its clients may

face, whether it be buying or selling a franchise, negotiating a lease for a new

restaurant, setting up a franchise program and preparing the necessary

agreements and disclosure documents, forming or counseling a franchisee

association or litigating, arbitrating, mediating (or negotiating) a dispute. The

Firms experience, gained in hundreds of transactions, enables it to guide and

counsel its clients effectively and efficiently wherever they are located.

Richard L. Rosen, the founding member of The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC,

has been actively engaged in the practice of franchise law in New York City for over

40 years, during which time he has represented countless franchisors and

franchisees, both as counsel and as a business adviser. Richard Rosen has been

engaged in virtually all aspects of franchising during his career. He has counselled

and represented franchisors in the setting up of franchising systems and programs;

formed franchising entities; drafted and negotiated franchise agreements, multiunit

area development agreements, master franchise agreements, registration

statements, disclosure and other ancillary franchise documents; represented

franchisees and franchisee associations; litigated in both state and federal courts;

and mediated, arbitrated and litigated matters on behalf of both franchisors and

franchisees. He has represented franchisors and franchisees in virtually every

field, including: fast food, fitness, education, senior care, clothing sales, real estate

brokerage, eyewear, auto care, party planning, health care, coffee shops, ice cream

shops, fitness and gyms, employee staffing, nutrition centers, child care and

learning, tanning salons, yogurt shops, gas and service stations, sign design and


Mr. Rosen is a founding member and immediate past chairman of the Franchise,

Distribution and Licensing Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, a

member of the Steering Committee of the National Franchise Mediation Program,

The CPR Institute For Dispute Resolution, Distinguished Panel of Neutrals and a

member of the Executive Committee of the Business Law Section of the New York

State Bar Association. He is the chairman of the American Association of

Franchisees and Dealers’ Fair Franchising Standards Committee and a member of

the AAFD’s board of directors. In 2008 he received the AAFD’s Total Quality

Franchising Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the field of

franchising. Richard Rosen and his firm have earned Martindale-Hubbell’s highest

rating for legal ability and integrity, and Richard is rated amongst Martindale

Hubbell’s list of Preeminent Attorneys. Richard has frequently lectured on a variety

of franchise topics before various groups and organizations, including the American

Bar Association, the International Franchise Association, the New York State Bar

Association, The Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the American

Association of Franchisees and Dealers. He has been interviewed on both television

and radio, the American Bar Association Journal, the Franchise Times and Forbes

Magazine, regarding franchising. Mr. Rosen is a contributor to “Franchising 101,

The Complete Guide to Evaluating, Buying and Growing Your Franchise Business”

compiled by the Association of Small Business Development Centers and has

written many articles on the legal and business aspects of franchising. Mr. Rosen

and his firm are the authors of the sections on Franchise Law in the United States

which appear in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Editions of the (International)

Franchise Law Review, as well as the US Franchise Law Analysis which appears in

The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Franchise, in 2017, 2018 and 2019


Mr. Rosen is listed in: Who’s Who in America; and recently received the Marquis

Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award; Who’s Who in American Law; Who’s Who

in the World; Best Lawyers in America; “101 Best Franchise Lawyers in America”

(the Franchise Times); the Franchise Times’ “Hall of Fame” of Franchise Attorneys

(a charter member); Best Lawyers in the US; Franchise Attorney of the Year, New

York, 2015; America’s Super Lawyers; Chambers; Best Attorneys In America; Who’s

Who Legal: Franchise; and International Who’s Who Legal (compendium edition),

and is a recipient of the Global Award for Franchise Law. In 2016, 2017 and 2018,

Richard Rosen was named Franchise Attorney of the Year for the United States by

Lawyer Monthly. He received the Global 100 Award as Franchise Attorney of the

Year in the USA in 2017. Richard was named Franchise Lawyer of the Year in the

United States by Intercontinental Finance and Law in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 and

2019, Richard was named one of the 100 Best Attorneys in the World by


Richard L. Rosen and his firm are engaged in a general, commercial practice which

includes active involvement in the fields of franchising, corporate, real estate and

trust and estates law. Mr. Rosen has been a real estate developer for many years

and has represented many commercial clients in their real estate development,

acquisition and leasing endeavors. The firm also maintains an active state and

federal court litigation practice and regularly engages in other forms of Alternative

Dispute Resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Contact Details:

The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm PLLC

110 E. 59th Street, 23rd Floor

New York, NY 10022


212-644-3344 (fax)


Mid-Market Investment Advisory Boutique Firm of

the Year – UK

Camden is a corporate finance house with a particular specialty in international

financing and a special emphasis on the following sectors: biotech, tech, real estate

as well as junior mining and exploration companies.

Practice Areas:

Listed Companies

Private Companies

Private Placements

Secondary Issues

Private Equity

Mining Advisory Services

Cleantech and Renewables

Internet & e-Commerce

Healthcare & Biotech


Real Estate

Our expertise:

Internet & e-Commerce business models are highly differentiate. In addition,

technological evolution is extremely rapid and often ‘game changing’.

Camden’s dedicated team has been active in this sector since its inception and

consequently has a detailed understanding of the market dynamics – essential

knowledge for an advisor in this area.

Our long-standing experience has resulted in the development of strong

relationships with some of Europe’s key players, investors and potential buyers.

Contact Details:

Camden Associates Ltd.

27 Hill Street

London W1J 5LP

Tel.: +44 207 290 9812

Cell Europe: +336 7498 4104

Francis Scarpulla

Competition: US Plaintiff Law Firm of the Year

The Scarpulla Law Firm handles antitrust and other competition claims in the United

States, Canada, the European Union, and Taiwan. We profiled the firm as we gained an

insight into the success and strategy of the business from Francis O. Scarpulla.

Based in California, the Scarpulla Law Firm works with a variety of clients, including

Fortune 500 companies, government entities, small businesses, and natural-person

consumers. The team operates with an overall mission of recovering the highest amount of

damages for clients, and it achieves this by prosecuting their claims to the fullest extent of

the law.

Operating exclusively as a litigation boutique, the firm only accepts cases which it believes

are winnable, either because there has already been a governmental-entity investigation, or

because the client has inside information which is sufficient to support the claims.

After taking on the case, the firm’s team works alongside the client every step of the way to

ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Taking an individual interest in each client,

staff consult with them on a regular basis and involve them in all major decisions. If the

client is not interested in pre-trial resolution of claims, then the team are always prepared

to try their cases.

Ensuring that the firm can adapt to daily developments within the legal industry, attorneys

read all new case-law precedent, the rules of procedure, and statutes in the

competition/antitrust discipline, including how these substantive laws relate to class action


Ensuring that the best result is reached, the law firm’s attorneys consult with each other,

as well as with staff daily to ensure that there is no important information overlooked.

In addition to being admitted to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court, Francis is

admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. Expanding

its international competition practice in addition to its Canadian and EU competition cases,

the firm will consider the viability of cartel claims in China and India.

Francis has been the recipient of a number of accolades, including: The California State Bar

Antitrust Lawyer of the Year; AI – Most Outstanding Law Firm of the Year; Global Leading

Lawyers – Competition – US Plaintiffs Law Firm of the Year; and Lawyers of Distinction –

Civil Litigation – Top 10% in USA to name a few.

Ultimately, building on the success of its achievements, there are exciting times ahead for

the Scarpulla Law Firm. Francis and the team believe that for EU member states to protect

their citizen-consumers from price-fixing cartels, these states should adopt uniform

competition damage statutes, permit cross-border service of process and discovery, and

enact uniform opt-out class action procedures, as well as permitting contingent fee


Contact Details:

Company: Scarpulla Law Firm

Address: 456 Montgomery Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

Contact: Francis O. Scarpulla

Phone: 001 (415) 788-7210

Website: www.scarpullalaw.com

Tax Advisory Firm of the Year – Portugal

PwC firms collaborate with organizations and individuals to create the value they

seek. PwC, a network of independent firms, is present in 157 countries and has

approximately 223,000 employees who share the objective of providing quality

services in auditing, consulting and taxation.

PwC in Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde has 34 partners, of which 21 are in the

Lisbon office, 9 in Porto and 4 in Luanda, and some 1,300 permanent employees in

the Lisbon, Porto, Luanda and Praia offices. The vast majority of professionals are

licensed in business management, finance, economics, accounting, law,

engineering or social sciences, all being offered the chance to complement their

academic training, and often receive specific professional training.

Jaime Carvalho Esteves, is Partner of PwC and heads the taxation department of

PwC in Angola, Cape Verde and Portugal. He is also the leader of the Government

and Public Sector area of PwC. He is a referee of the Administrative Arbitration

Center (CAAD) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Forum for


He specializes in national and international tax planning, transfer pricing, mergers

and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, ultra and high net worth individuals

and family businesses, including family offices .

He holds a law degree from the Catholic University of Porto. Postgraduate in

European Studies from the Catholic University of Lisbon and in Commercial Law

from the same University. Executive training at the New Forum of the New

University of Lisbon, INSEAD and IMD.

He collaborates regularly with several institutions of higher education and with the

media, and has published several studies in the area of taxation. He frequently

participates as a speaker in courses, seminars and conferences related to taxation

in Portugal and abroad.

Throughout his career he has been distinguished with several nominations and

awards attributed by entities of reference in the area of taxation. Recently he was

recommended by Who's Who Legal as one of the world's leading practitioners in the

following areas: Corporate Tax 2017 and Consulting Experts 2017.

Contact Details:

Tel: +351 213 599 601

Email: jaime.esteves@pt.pwc.com

Alberto Ziliani – PrimeLex - Sports Lawyer the Year – Italy

PrimeLex is a law firm that offers customers a wide range of legal services, ranging

from listing on regulated markets to restructuring of groups, from any kind and

degree of litigation, to the protection of family assets to the valuation of companies.

PrimeLex operates in the main sectors of law and economics, including corporate

and M&A, sports law, real estate, labour law, bankruptcy law, criminal law,

litigation, in Milan, Lecco, Como and Rome. PrimeLex offers qualified assistance in

the extrajudicial and Judicial fields.

PrimeLex has 3 partners:

Alberto Ziliani,

Giacomo Micheletti is an expert in real estate.

Massimo Campa is an expert in company law and litigation.

Alberto Ziliani is a partner of PrimeLex, and is an expert in sports law and company


The experience he has gained allowed him to become a point of reference for any

legal requirements related to sports law, both for client’s contractual needs and for

litigations. Over the years he has been involved in several international transfers of

football top players and has been appointed lawyer in important disputes before the

TAS/CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport).

His skills and expertise enable him to assist champions of the world of cycling and

motorcycling, and deal with international sportsmen for the management of their

contracts and disciplinary disputes before arbitration proceedings.

His expertise in company law mainly concerns M&A transactions and the drafting

of commercial contracts. He is a member of the board of directors of the most

important private security employers’ associations in Europe (COESS) and Italy


Contact Details:

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20 – 20122 Milano

tel. +39027222201/ fax +3902861375


email: milano@primelex.it

Business Crime Law Firm of the Year – UK

Rustem Guardian was founded in 2005 by Managing Partner, Mr. Timur Rustem,

after a very successful and high profile career based in the City of London. Just ten

years on, Rustem Guardian has established itself as a formidable niche criminal

defense law firm in London with a reputation associated with high profile and high

complex criminal cases. The firm's reputation means that Timur is regularly invited

to comment in the media.

Timur Rustem, founder and Managing Partner comments:

"We have a small but dedicated team with an enviable reputation for meticulous

case preparation and tenacity in defending its clients. We take pride in being a

multi-cultural firm with a team of solicitors and paralegals that speak a range of

languages. We are a leader in criminal defense work as Rustem Guardian uniquely

houses both solicitors and barristers, placing ourselves above other standard

practicing law firms.

Clients choose Rustem Guardian as the firm is known for its discreet and sensitive

approach to what can be complex and life destroying allegations.

We appreciate that the law is complex and challenging and we strive to give every

client the advice and support they are entitled to. We also recognize that problems

can arise at inconvenient times. We are therefore available to help 24 hours a day,

7 days a week."

Mr. Rustem is a highly sought after Serious Crime Solicitor with over twenty years'

experience in the City of London and the highest level of media exposure appearing

on Sky, the BBC, Channel 5 and ITV to name a few. Mr. Rustem was named

‘Recommended Lawyer, 2014’ by Legal 500 and has many accolades under his belt

including the prestigious ‘Super Lawyer’ award. Mr. Rustem is called upon

specifically for his focused specialist areas Sexual Offences, Fraud and Appeals and

has built a multi-award winning firm which is now one of the top criminal law firms

in the UK. Tim built his reputation in Terrorism Law and is often invited to

comment in the media on terrorism legislation. Most recently Rustem Guardian

was named ‘Niche Terrorism Law Firm of the Year 2014’ by ACQ5. His tenacious

and formidable approach was founded in his representation of a defendant in the

Airline Bombing (Terrorism) case in 2006, which won him the ‘Lawyer of the Year’,

presented at the House of Lords. His legal expertise covers, but is not restricted to:

• Serious Sexual Offences including Historical Sexual Offences, Rape, Sexual

Offences Against Children, Child Pornography, Indecent Exposure, Downloading

Indecent Images, Voyeurism, Trafficking and Sex Offenders Register

• Serious Fraud including VHCC, Boiler Room Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Mortgage

Fraud and Money Laundering

• Appeals against Conviction and Sentencing

• Serious Violent Offences including Murder

• Drug trafficking

• Terrorism

• Private Investigations and Private Prosecutions

• Private Immigration

• Blackmail

• Drug trafficking

• Motoring Offences

Sexual Offences

Since founding Rustem Guardian ten years ago, Mr. Rustem has an unrivalled

reputation in representing those accused of the most serious Sexual Offences and

is a sought-after legal expert often invited to comment in the media (please see

below). Mr. Rustem holds long-term and trusted relationships with his clients,

offering them sophisticated, practical and supportive legal advice. His depth of

experience means that he is well accustomed with media attention and is well

equipped to keep potentially high profile cases out of the public eye. His high

success rate coupled with his media profile is recognized; recently Rustem

Guardian was awarded ‘Niche Sexual Offences Law Firm of the Year, 2014’ by

ACQ5 in conjunction with the ft.com.


Under Mr. Rustem’s leadership, Rustem Guardian was one of few UK criminal law

firms awarded prestigious status to deal with VHCC cases. Mr. Rustem was

recently awarded the accolade ‘Super Lawyer, 2013’ for his White Collar Fraud

work and ‘Business Crime Lawyer of the Year’, 2014 by Lawyer Monthly. Under Mr.

Rustem’s leadership of the Fraud department the firm has built a reputation for

taking on the most complex of Fraud cases which is widely recognized. Most

recently Rustem Guardian was awarded ‘Business Crime Law Firm of the Year

2014’ by Finance Monthly.


Mr. Rustem is quickly establishing Rustem Guardian as the go-to firm for private

Appeals as his case load is growing in number and Mr. Rustem is realising more

wins. Mr. Rustem is passionate about fighting for justice and believes there are

many falsely accused individuals who have been sentenced unjustly, taking on

Appeals at any stage. He understands that in these cases it is the wider family and

friends that also victims of convictions, and Mr. Rustem approaches cases with the

utmost sensitivity and care.

Contact Details:

Rustem Guardian LLP

5 Chancery Lane

4th floor



Tax Law Firm of the Year – Italy

Spadafora De Rosa Law has more than 15 years of history and can provide a full

range of services through its professionals and/or its broad international network.

Alessandro De Rosa has more than 20 years of experience in Contracts, Civil Law,

International Deals, Real Estate, Soccer, Aviation, Fashion, Hotels, VIP Properties,

Apps, etc.

He has a 24/7 problem solving attitude for any emergency of his clients.

Spadafora De Rosa Law has more than 15 years of history and can provide a full

range of services through its professionals and/or its broad international network.

The level of experience reached and the creativity of its professionals represent a

tremendous added value for its clients.

Practice Areas:

- Real estate transactions for VIP properties

- Hotels transactions

- Aviation Global business project start up

- Football deals closed in EU

- App contracts for a new international platform

- Distribution agreements for an international consortium

“Our work and commitments remain the same since our foundation 15 years ago. We

to work hard every single day, the success is proportional to the hours dedicated to

Your structure and clients.”

Contact Details:

Sede di Roma

Via di Trasone, 52 00199

Tel. 06 858221

Fax. 06 8582250

Email: a.derosa@spadaforaderosa.com

Employment Disputes Law Firm of the Year

– Turks & Caicos

Mark Anthony Fulford is a Managing Partner at F Chambers Attorneys based in

Providenciales. He is an organizer and communicator with extensive experience in

public administration and policy making, public relations, banking, sales and

marketing. His expertise lies in Inward Investment, Corporate Structuring,

Development, Immigration, Employment and Real Estate.

He is an outstanding graduate of the University of Buckingham Law School where

he was the first Turks and Caicos Islander to receive the coveted Merit Prize Award.

At Buckingham University he served as President of the Law Society a position that

ushered him into the company of distinguished leaders including His Royal

Highness the Duke of Kent. Prior to returning to the TCI where he is now the

Managing Partner of F Chambers, he gained work experience in an array of practice

areas with reputable law firms in London, and in Bermuda.

Fulford has successfully conducted numerous cases in the Magistrate Court,

Labour Tribunal, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in the Turks and Caicos

Islands. He serves as the President of the Legislative Committee of the TCI Bar

Association. He is a founding member and Chairman of the Advocates Legal Group,

which is the largest group of Legal Aid lawyers that undertake litigation for the

indigent. He is a member of the International Bar Association and sits on the Law

Firm Management committee. Fulford has served as Special Assistant to the first

Premier of the TCI and as an Advisor to the second Premier of the Turks and Caicos

Islands. He regularly provides his opinion on specially commissioned work to the

current Premier.

Contact Details

Unit 007 Emily House,

1105 Leeward Highway,

P.O. Box 666


Turks and Caicos Islands

Email: info@fchamberslaw.com

Telephone: +1 649 339 6275

Fax: + 1 649 941 777

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year –


Mr. Simeon V. Marcelo, in 1979, graduated among the top of his law class in University of

the Philippines and placed No. 5 in the bar examinations. With big corporations, then

President Ramos and other prominent individuals as clients, he had distinguished himself

as a topnotch litigator after twenty years of private practice of law. He caught national

public attention during the 2000 impeachment proceedings against President Estrada when

he was selected to present the prosecution’s star witness. In February 2001, he was

appointed as Solicitor General. Having won all of his major cases, he is considered one of

the most successful Solicitors General. This led to his appointment in October 2002 as the

youngest head of the country’s independent anti-corruption body. Despite severe lack of

resources, he was able to pursue an effective crusade against corruption, earning praises

from local and foreign media. The Washington Post stated that Mr. Marcelo actively pursued

a crusade “taking on the most powerful vested and entrenched interests in a country that

perennially ranks among the worlds’ most corrupt xxx”; “targeting the most corrupt

agencies, daring to prosecute even members of the historically untouchable military.” (10

June 2005, at page A14) He led the prosecution team that secured the historical first-ever

criminal conviction of a President.

In January 2008, he returned to private practice with two publications describing him as

“perhaps the country’s best litigator”. Immediately, he was engaged as counsel of top

corporations and even by the Central Bank to prosecute the persons responsible for the

biggest bank fraud case in the country’s history. Since then, he won many major legal

victories, particularly at the Supreme Court. Just last year, he again led his team in

winning a multi-billion case in the Supreme Court.

In 2013-2014, he served with an ICC Arbitral Tribunal that resolved two related disputes

that arose from allegations of corruption. The following year, he headed the panel that

secured a favorable award in an important construction arbitration dispute. Subsequently,

he became the Chairman of the Tribunal that handled a very significant international

arbitration case. Incidentally, he handled his first arbitration case in 1984 and was a

founding trustee of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. in 1996.

From 2008-2014, he served as a member of the World Bank’s highly-prominent

Independent Advisory Board.

He was President of the Philippine Bar Association from 2009-2010, the oldest, largest

voluntary organization of lawyers. The University of the Philippines Alumni Association

conferred upon him the 2013 Centennial Year’s Distinguished Alumni Award in Public


Currently, he serves as legal counsel in high-profile cases in various courts, including the

Supreme Court, aside from being active in arbitration and the crusade for good governance.

Fifteen partners led by former Presidential Legal Counsel/Secretary of National Defense

Avelino J. Cruz, Jr. and former Solicitor General/Ombudsman Simeon V. Marcelo, name

partners of their former law office, founded Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia (CMTLAW) to

establish a lasting legal institution anchored on professionalism, meritocracy, excellence,

innovation and mutual respect. Its leadership is rich in experience in the public/private

sectors as well as in international organizations (e.g., World Bank and Asian Development

Bank). Consequently, CMTLaw is deeply committed to delivering the best legal services to

help its clients attain optimum business success, as well as contribute to national building.

Now, CMTLaw has twenty partners.

CMTLaw’s lawyers have three decades of experience in Litigation & Alternative Dispute

Resolution, Corporation & Special Projects, Mining & Natural Resources, Energy,

Infrastructure Transportation & Public Utilities, Intellectual Property, and Taxation. By

matching arduous training with expansive experience (which also enables it to attract top

legal talents), CMTLaw delivers tailored solutions to its broad spectrum of clients that

includes established conglomerates, leading banking and financial institutions,

multinational corporations and even entire industries and government regulatory

institutions like the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Apart from what was just mentioned above, the Firm has unmatched experience in all

aspects of the Philippine legal system, including court litigation, alternative dispute

resolution, government and infrastructure programs, intellectual property, corporate

structures and anti-corruption initiatives. This experience comes from almost thirty years

in legal practice of the Firm’s lawyers. Our founding partners also have the unique

distinction of having served in the highest position of government with Atty. Avelino J. Cruz,

Jr. as Secretary of Defense and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, Simeon V. Marcelo as

Ombudsman and Solicitor General, and Joe Nathan P. Tenefrancia as the Head of the Legal

department of the Office of the President. Other Partners have also served in top positions

in government. This experience, which has been imparted to other members of the Firm,

has allowed us a unique understanding of the Philippine legal system and allows our Firm

to serve our clients most effectively.

The Firm is managed by its Management Committee headed by the Managing Partner and

Chairman, Mr. Joe Nathan P. Tenefrancia (a Name Partner); Mr. Manuel L. Manaligod, Jr.,

Vice-Chairman; Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Susan D. Villanueva; Secretary, Ms. Aida Araceli

G. Roxas-Rivera and three (3) Members, Ms. Patricia A. O. Bunye (Senior Partner), Mr.

Rodel A. Cruz (Senior Partner) and Mr. Pancho G. Umali (representative of the Junior

Partners). The different practice groups of the Firm are supervised by their respective

Department Heads.

Contact Details:


Simeon V. Marcelo – Founding Partner

9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Floor, One Orion Tower

11th Avenue corner University Parkway

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634 Metro Manila


Employee Benefits Law Firm of the Year – Ireland

Anne O’Connell Solicitors, also known as AOC Solicitors, is a leading specialist Employment

Law firm. Established in 2017 by Founder and Principal Anne O’Connell, the Firm has

achieved great success in the last number of years and continues to grow and expand.

Drawing on a combined 25 years of employment law experience, AOC Solicitors provides a

strategic approach to employment law issues, focusing on advising clients on the best

solution to achieve their objectives while meeting their commercial needs and business

requirements. AOC Solicitors advises large multi-national companies, semi-state

companies, small and start-up businesses. It also advises individual employees facing

employment law disputes, particularly executives and directors.

Qualified as a solicitor and a New York Attorney in 2001, Anne O’Connell, Founder and

Principal, practiced employment law with the Chief State Solicitors Office and two top tier

Irish law firms. With over 19 years employment law experience Anne formed her own

specialist employment law firm in 2017 and thus AOC Solicitors was born.

Within its first year AOC was ranked by Legal 500 as Leading Firm in Employment Law in

Ireland and has received numerous awards.

The Firm provides dedicated and expert legal advice that is tailored to the unique

requirements of its clients. The scope of services of the Firm include, advising private and

public sector companies, international clients and individuals on all contentious and

noncontentious employment law issues. AOC Solicitors represents its clients before

employment law statutory bodies, regulatory boards, the Civil Courts and at Mediation.

The Firm offers a full suite of employment law services including advices and representation

in respect of all contentious employment matters and non-contentious employment related

issues including advices in respect of all day to day employment law queries such as

disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, dignity at work complaints, protected

disclosures, working time queries, the drafting and reviewing of contracts of employment

and staff policies and procedures, the negotiation of and drafting and reviewing of severance

agreements and the handling of industrial relations issues.

AOC Solicitors also routinely advises its employer clients in respect of redundancy and

restructuring, transfer of undertakings and trade union recognition. It also carries out

employment law compliance audits and offers bespoke training and seminars for its

employer and consultant clients.

ANNE O’Connell – Founder and Principal

As stated above, Anne qualified as a solicitor and a New York Attorney in 2001 and

practiced employment law with the Chief State Solicitors Office, two top tier Irish law firms

and also established the Employment Law Department in a smaller firm. With over 19 years

of extensive employment law experience, Anne has acquired an in-depth experience from

every angle in employment law through the various firms in which she has practiced and

this has given her a high-calibre strategic and practical approach to employment law

issues. The large firms where Anne previously worked regularly refer clients to Anne when

they are conflicted and colleagues turn to Anne when they have queries regarding their own

clients’ issues.

Anne loves assisting clients in employment law and is very passionate about what she does.

She becomes as vested in finding a solution to the issues as the client is.

Anne was honoured to have received the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law 2019 Award for

Employment Law in Ireland. The Firm was also awarded Client Choice Award for

Employment Law in Ireland 2019 for a second year running; the ACQ5 Global Award for

Employment & Benefits Lawyer 2019 also for the second year running and ‘Leading

Specialist Employment and Labour Lawyer of the Year 2019, Ireland’ awarded by

Acquisition International. The Firm won the Employment Law Firm/Lawyer of the Year

2019 at the Irish Law Awards.

Anne is also a member of the Law Society Employment Law Committee and lectures and

tutors on employment law in the Law Society of Ireland. In 2020, Anne has been invited to

be a speaker and contributor at the annual Employment Law Conference of the

International Bar Association. Anne is also in the process of writing A Practical Guide to

Protected Disclosures for the Irish Institute of Charted Accountants.

Laura Reid – Associate Solicitor

In 2019, the Firm expanded by hiring Laura Reid as an Associate Solicitor. Laura has over

six years of specialist Employment Law experience. Laura has advised and represented

corporate employer clients of all sizes from small start-up employers to large global

corporations. Laura’s experience includes advising these employers in relation to the

numerous day to day employment issues arising in the work place including the handling of

grievance and disciplinary processes, workplace investigations and mediations, advising on

protected disclosures, advices in respect of bullying and harassment complaints, drafting

and reviewing contracts of employment and company handbooks, advising and representing

employers in respect of the negotiation and conclusion of exit agreements and advising and

representing employers in respect of the defence of all kinds of employee claims. Laura also

has valuable experience assisting employers in respect of the employment law aspects of

due diligence upon the sale/transfer of businesses.

Laura has carried out a considerable amount of public sector work having advised a

number of different employers within the public sector in respect of day to day employment

law issues arising and the defence of employee claims. She has particular experience in

advising public sector employers within the education sector.

Laura is a Recommended Lawyer by Legal 500. Laura is also a member of the Employment

Law Association of Ireland Committee and has lectured for the Law Society of Ireland’s

Diploma on Employment Law.

Both Anne and Laura have great experience working as employment law solicitors in large

and small firms. It is this experience that provides the foundation of our strategic approach

to addressing our client’s issues.

Contact Details:

Email: anne@aocsolicitors.ie

Tel: +353 (1) 6698550

Website: www.aocsolicitors.ie

Securities Litigation Law Firm of the Year — USA

Entwistle & Cappucci is a national law firm providing exceptional legal representation to clients

globally in the most complex and challenging legal matters. Our practice encompasses all areas of

litigation including securities, antitrust, corporate transactions, general corporate and commercial,

creditor’s rights and bankruptcy, corporate governance and fiduciary duty, government affairs,

insurance, investigations and white collar defense. Our clients include public and private

corporations, major hedge funds, public pension funds, governmental entities, leading institutional

investors, domestic and foreign financial services companies, emerging business enterprises and

individual entrepreneurs.

Andrew J. Entwistle is the firm’s managing partner in New York City. He received his undergraduate

degree from the University of Notre Dame and his law degree from the University of Syracuse College

of Law. Mr. Entwistle's practice principally involves the representation of public and private

institutional investors and public and private corporations in complex litigation (including both the

prosecution and defense of securities and antitrust cases), corporate finance and transactional

matters and internal investigations.

Our senior partners have diverse experience in the management of complex business litigation,

transactions and corporate investigations in bet the company situations. Over the years, the Firm

represented an impressive roster of clients including the nation’s largest public pension systems,

publicly traded corporations, private equity firms, hedge funds, high net worth investors and

charitable organizations.

As an entrepreneurial firm, we approach the issues facing our clients not merely as lawyers but as

business owners who understand the realities of the modern business environment. We partner

closely with our clients both in formulating highly effective solutions to the challenges they face and in

identifying opportunities that present themselves. This approach has rewarded us with loyal and

expansive relationships of which we are immensely proud. Our reputation as the most highly skilled

and accomplished litigators among clients, adversaries and the judiciary has not been inherited from

prior generations but has been earned day-by-day, client-by-client and matter-by-matter.

Our Firm has litigated newsworthy, high profile and complex cases across a broad spectrum of

substantive areas, representing public and private corporations, major hedge funds, public pension

funds and other leading institutional investors.

We managed through all of these changes on the strength of our Chief Financial Officer and Paralegal

Manager who led the restructuring and move with fantastic support from the rest of our staff.

In late 2015 we restructured our entire IT department in order to move to a cutting edge cloud based

platform that would provide a more collaborative environment for clients and co-counsel. At the same

time we moved to new space with a more flexible floor plan.

We are wholly focused on serving the most complex and serious of our clients' litigation, investigative

and transactional needs. This is work that cannot be efficiently or cost effectively handled in-house at

the level these fast moving situations require.

Contact Details:

Andrew J. Entwistle

299 Park Avenue

20th Floor

New York, NY 10171


Telephone: (212) 894-7200

Fax: (212) 894-7272

Entertainment Law Firm of the Year – Germany

ARNECKE SIBETH is an independent law firm with 35 partners and more than 100

attorneys at four locations: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Dresden. It ranks among the top

legal service providers in Germany.

We offer comprehensive legal services in selected practice areas and sectors. We call this

approach focused full service.

Our specialists are organised in six strong practice groups which are fully integrated across

the locations and are working together closely as a team.

●Corporate / M&A / Tax

●Real Estate

●Public Law


●IP/IT/Commercial (with sports + media)

●Transportation / aviation / logistics

Our Corporate/M&A Practice is highly valued both domestically and in cross-border

transactions. In the area of Real Estate and Construction/Engineering we can boast one of

the most successful and largest teams in Germany. Many of our professionals working in

the areas of Public Law and IP/IT/Commercial have received multiple awards. We are

leading experts in the Law of Transportation, Aviation and Logistics and our TAL practice

enjoys high acclaim internationally.

We advise multinational groups as well as medium-sized enterprises in various industry

sectors, both domestically and in cross border matters. We have an excellent international

network. Our carefully selected partners Meritas and Interlaw offer access to first class

attorneys in all important legal systems who share our comprehensive approach to legal

services and meet the high expectations of our clients.

At our firm you will deal with partners directly – throughout the entire project. Teams will

be set up in the size as required. We can also handle complex matters with

multidisciplinary and well integrated teams. Always under the clear leadership of a partner

who keeps a watchful eye on the matter and stays in close contact with the client.

We take pride in providing services. It takes more than just legal considerations to find the

right entrepreneurial decision. Therefore we offer “more than law”. It is our ambition to take

a 360-degree look at the picture and thus to have a clear view of all facets of a topic.

Contact Details:




Tel.: +49 69 979885-0

E-Mail: Frankfurt@ArneckeSibeth.com

Criminal Défense Law Firm of the Year – UK

ABR Solicitors is a nationally recognised criminal defence solicitors practice

specialising in fraud, crime, and regulatory defence. Our mental health and prison

law teams are highly regarded throughout the North of England. We have offices in

Leeds, Liverpool, and London.

Rob Rode

Practice Areas:

Criminal Defence

Business Defence


Regulatory Solicitors

Professional Discipline

Military Law

Mental Health

Prison Law Advice and Representation


Private Prosecution

Rob is a nationally and internationally recognised specialist criminal defence

solicitor. He is an acknowledged specialist fraud (white collar) and regulatory

defence solicitor. He is described in one of the leading guides to the profession as

“like a terrier that never stops digging”. Rob is a supervisor on the Specialist Fraud

Panel set up by the Legal Aid Agency. He is a higher court advocate.

He is described in Chambers 2019 as “a very good lawyer” and a “fearsome

advocate” and recognised as a leading individual in crime fraud and financial crime

by the most recent Legal 500 and Chambers editions, both nationally and locally.

He represents individuals and companies in the UK and abroad facing

investigation/prosecution under the Bribery Act or multijurisdictional legislation

including FCPA. He has experience of dealing with prosecution authorities across

several jurisdictions.

Rob undertakes fraud defence, regulatory defence, white collar defence involving

international/cross-jurisdictional issues, defence of tax /VAT fraud, motoring, and

general criminal matters with (again, according to a leading independent guide) “a

certain panache”.

Rob undertakes private prosecutions on behalf of individuals and companies.

Rob has acted as defence solicitor successfully in numerous cases defending

historic and present-day sexual offence allegations. He also has a particular

interest in defending allegations of serious violence and murder.

He is tactically astute and will ensure that when appropriate a pro-active defence is

pursued in all cases.

Rob trained at Irwin Mitchell and joined the firm in 1998 becoming a partner in

2002 and senior/managing partner in 2013. He was chairman of the Serious Fraud

Association and is a member of SAHCA,POCLA,CLSA the International Criminal

Bar, The American Bar Association, and a member of the criminal duty solicitor

defence scheme.

Contact Details:

81 Chancery Lane



0333 009 8181


SSI/SSD Law Firm of the Year – USA

Jose is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, and Venezuela. Jose began his

career as an attorney in Venezuela. Jose’s outstanding Venezuelan practice was recognized

several times by the Miranda State Bar Association, which awarded him with honors in

three different years.

In 2002, Jose decided to come to the United States to further develop himself academically

and professionally. In 2004, Jose was admitted to Syracuse University College of Law,

where he graduated cum laude. During law school, Jose clerked for a US District Court in


Jose joined the Smith Sovik law firm in 2007. Since joining the firm, Jose was involved in

all areas of litigation. Jose has been and is a member of the Latin American Law Student

Association; Hispanic National Bar Association; Black Law Student Association; DRI;

American Bar Association; New Jersey State Bar; New York State Bar; Law Students in

Action Project-Spanish Translation and Interpretation Assistance Team; Onondaga County

Bar Association; AILA, among others.

In 2012, Jose decided to open his new and independent law firm. After opening the Law

Offices of Jose Perez, Jose has been involved in all areas of litigation, including

construction, labor and employment, premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, workers’

compensation, SSI/SSD, and immigration. Jose has been a speaker/panelist at numerous

events dealing with his legal practice, Workers’ Compensation, and immigration issues.

Jose also has a “Know-Your-Rights” column in the CNY Latino newspaper. Now, he has

offices in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, and continue to grow his practice.

Contact Details:

Jose E. Perez, Esq.

Law Offices of Jose Perez

120 East Washington Street,

Suite 925

Syracuse, New York 13202

(t) (315) 422-5673

(f) (315) 466-5673



Practice Areas:

Workers Compensation Law

Personal Injury & Accident Law

Immigration Law

Social Security Disability Law

Labour & Employment Law









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