Caring Matters February 2021

Durham County Carers Support quarterly magazine

Durham County Carers Support quarterly magazine


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Carers Support Group

Carers Support Group meet the first Thursday at 2pm every month on Zoom. The group is small and friendly offering

Carers “ time out” to chat and meet other carers. We have speaker that join the group given us up to date information on

services they are providing at this difficult time. For further information on how to access this group please contact 0300

0051213 or email asking for the link to be sent to you.

YOGA Classes for Carers

Due to the continued demand and success of our exercise

classes we are continuing to offer friendly and inclusive Yoga

classes for people of all abilities one morning per week.

Delivered via the digital internet channel Zoom

Starting Tuesday 16th February 10.30 am to 11.30 am

for six weeks

The class will be taught by Julie Metcalfe

Julie explains that Yoga helps to strengthen your body,

improve your balance and increase your flexibility. Reconnect

with your breath and find a CALM space in your busy world!

Yoga has a multitude of benefits, on or off the mat. With yoga

in your life you will soon notice the physical benefits of better

strength, balance and flexibility. However you will no doubt

discover that making the time to reconnect with your breath

and find a calm space will lead to a multitude of other benefits

OFF the mat for example better sleep, less stress/anxiety.

To book a place on this course please email Jan Burden jan.


The Silent Solution.


All 999 calls are directed to BT call centres and operators

will ask which service you need. If no service is requested

but anything suspicious is heard throughout the process,

call operators will connect you to a police call handler.


It is always best to speak to the operator if you can, even

by whispering. You may also be asked to cough or tap the

keys on your phone in response to questions. If making

a sound would put you or someone else in danger and

the BT operator cannot decide whether an emergency

service is needed, your call will be transferred to the Silent

Solution system.

The Silent Solution is a police system used to filter out

large numbers of accidental or hoax 999 calls. It also exists

to help people who are unable to speak, but who genuinely

need police assistance. You will hear an automated police

message, which lasts for 20 seconds and begins with ‘you

are through to the police’. It will ask you to press 55 to be

put through to police call management. The BT operator

will remain on the line and listen. If you press 55, they will

be notified and transfer the call to the police. If you don’t


press 55, the call will be terminated. Pressing 55 does not

allow police to track your location.


When transferred to your local police force, the police call

handler will attempt to communicate with you by asking

simple yes or no questions. If you are not able to speak,

listen carefully to the questions and instructions from the

call handler so they can assess your call and arrange help

if needed

The Silent Solution is not used on 999 calls from landlines

as it is less likely to be an accidental call. If the call

handler does not get any response to questions, can only

hear background noise and is unsure whether there is an

emergency you will be transferred to a police call handler.

If you replace the handset, the landline may remain

connected for 45 seconds in case you pick it up again.

If you pick up again during this 45 seconds and the

BT operator is concerned for your safety, the call will

be connected to police. When 999 calls are made from

landlines, information about where you’re calling from

should be automatically available to the call handlers to

help provide a response.

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