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18 Aug - 14 Sep 2021 The City of London’s independent newspaper with 45,000 READERS

Edition 132

Firms called on to

boost jab uptake

Square Mile leaders issue call to arms to business giants

in the City of London to ramp up vaccination campaign

SOME of the largest employers in

the City are being asked to offer

vaccines in their offices to boost

take-up, writes Julia Gregory,

Local Democracy Reporter.

Health bosses have asked 200

of the largest organisations in the

Square Mile to get involved.

They are also talking to night

clubs, pubs and restaurants “to see

what the appetite on uptake would

be”, according to local vaccination

director Graham MacDougall.

He added: “We are very conscious

that we need to take the vaccine to

young people... whether that’s their

place of work.”

He said they hoped to get venues

in Hackney and the City involved,

following central London club

Heaven’s recent role as a pop-up

vaccine centre for 1,000 people.

The Square Mile is home to 8,000

people, and pre-pandemic 542,000

people worked there every day. One

in 57 workers in the UK have jobs in

the City, or 10 percent of Greater

London’s workforce, according to

the City of London Corporation.

Across the City and Hackney,

46.5 percent or 123,951 of eligible

residents had been doublevaccinated

by August 10. Just over

165,000, or 61.9 percent, have had

their first jab, as more age groups

become eligible. These include

6,786 City residents and 158,641

from Hackney.

It comes as authorities ask NHS

England if more interested pharmacies

can get involved. Twelve

community pharmacies in Hackney

have volunteered, but none from

the City. They are hoping that

another five to nine will get the

green light.

They are also considering asking

Homerton Hospital again if the

Leadenhall sexual health clinic it

runs in the City can be used as a

vaccine centre.

The hospital’s team are vaccinating

100 people a day at St.

Leonard’s Hospital in Hoxton and

has said no to a centre at Leadenhall.

However, health bosses will

look again to see if it’s an option

in September. City and Hackney’s

Vaccination campaign

Deputy Director of Public Health,

Chris Lovitt, said: “If there are spare

days when 80 Leadenhall is not

being used as a sexual health clinic,

it might be something we could

look at again.”

Residents in the City of London’s

Portsoken ward will be invited to a

pop-up family event on September

5 as the ward has a “particularly low

vaccination take-up”.

Lovitt explained that people

could get the vaccine in Fleet Street

to the west of the Square Mile, but

western wards in Tower Hamlets

and eastern wards of the City were

“fairly under-served” by places to

get the jab.

City councillor Marianne

Fredericks pointed out that the

majority of the elderly and vulnerable

City residents had mainly been

vaccinated at Barts Hospital.

She said: “If we hadn’t had the

opportunity to use Barts we would

be further behind in vaccinating our

vulnerable, which is why we desperately

need extra pop-ups and more

pharmacy facilities in the City.”

She said the pharmacy on Fleet

Street would have a lot of work

doing booster jabs and flu for those

based near the Barbican and west

of the City. The key priority here at

the moment is the COVID vaccination

and the flu jab.”

TfL facing more

strikes P5

What’s On in the

Square Mile P8

Algarve property

guide P16-17



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18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 3


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New homes give a new

generation the chance

to get on the ladder

Vaccine passport scheme

would damage nightclubs

NIGHTCLUB bosses have warned that the

introduction of vaccine passports next

month will be “detrimental to business” as

London’s nightlife scene faces a slow return

to normal since July 19, writes Joe Talora,

Local Democracy Reporter.

Boris Johnson announced last month that

proof of full vaccination would be required to

enter nightclubs from the end of September,

by which time most adults are expected to

have been offered both jabs.

But venue owners and industry leaders

have called for more details to be provided,

with confusion over the current rules contributing

to a lower-than-expected turnout over

reopening weekend.

John Clark, who owns popular east

London nightclub Faces, said that the

so-called “freedom week” was not “the big

bang I think we were all expecting”, in part

due to high numbers of self-isolating staff

and customers but also a lack of clarity over

the rules.

Mr Clark said: “There is a lot of confusion

out there at the moment with regards

to what you actually need to come into a

nightclub or anywhere else. There’s a lot of

this discussion about a vaccine passport and,

of course, for everyone that understands

it there’s somebody else that doesn’t and

thinks that you have to show a certificate to

go in somewhere.”

He added that the four-week delay to

reopening and the spread of the Delta variant

of COVID-19 had “knocked a lot of peoples’


Currently, nightclubs are not legally

required to ask for proof of vaccination as a

condition of entry, though the Government

has encouraged them to do so or to ask for

proof of a negative test.

But with those rules set to change next

month, Mr Clark has said there has been “no

guidance” and that it adds “another layer of


Ashley Letchford, co-owner of Clapham

nightclub Lit, reported similar experiences

of reopening weekend and said that his club

was “not as busy as it probably would’ve

been two years ago”.

Mr Letchford said: “There’s some hesitancy

or even misguided knowledge of the

current rules. People may be thinking that

vaccine passports were required to come

out. There’s so much information travelling

around and people not actually knowing at

this moment in time that you don’t need a

vaccine passport to get in.

“I think there’s a combination of consumer

confidence and not fully understanding what

the rules are to get in.”

While John Clark said that he would be

“more than happy” to support the use of

vaccine passports if more guidance was

provided and they were implemented fairly,

Mr Letchford said that an “alternative” to

vaccine passports would “really help our


He added that the industry is “heavily

reliant” on younger demographics, many

of whom may not have received both jabs

by the end of September and who may be

reluctant to do so, and that it was “morally

wrong” to be “coercing people into getting

the vaccine”.

Mr Letchford said: “It doesn’t feel right that

the Government are kind of coercing people

into getting the vaccine by restricting the

things that they like doing. Young people

want to go to nightclubs. To say ‘well you’re

not going until you’ve had a double vaccine’,

it just feels morally wrong. I do envisage it

Nightclubs could struggle

will be detrimental to trade.” London’s Night

Czar, Amy Lamé, has called on the Government

to provide more clarity on how vaccine

passports will be used to support the night

time sector.

Ms Lamé said: “I think a lot of the lack

of consumer confidence may have come

from the Government’s lack of detail around

vaccine passports. This has been incredibly

frustrating for the industry. Businesses and

Londoners alike need clarity, but instead

the rules are changing all the time, and this

directly affects peoples’ lives and livelihoods.

“We really need the Government to

provide detailed plans explaining how these

vaccine passports are going to work – how

they’re going to work fairly and consistently

without discriminating against people that

have exemptions, or putting a further financial

burden on our hospitality, culture and

night time industries.”

The night time sector has been one of

the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic,

with most venues remaining closed and not

bringing in any revenue since March 2020.

A Government spokesperson said: “As the

Prime Minister said, we reserve the right to do

what is necessary to protect the public and

reduce transmission of the virus, including

mandating the NHS COVID Pass in certain


“We are working closely with organisations

that operate large, crowded settings,

where people are likely to be in close proximity

to others outside their household, to

encourage the use of the NHS COVID Pass.

“Vaccines are the best possible way to

protect you and your family against the virus

and we strongly encourage people to come

forward and book theirs.”

SITTING in my office at Guildhall, a lot of

papers cross my desk and every now and

then, one of them reminds me of a personal

memory, writes City of London Policy Chair,

Catherine McGuinness.

How many of you can remember getting

the keys to your first home? Those feelings

of excitement, hope for the future, and pride

at having a home of your own, whether

rented or owned. Scroll through Twitter and

before long, you’ll see photos of beaming

couples or young families, standing outside

their house, or sitting in their new living

room, perhaps, holding a baby. And so, I was

particularly delighted that Islington Council’s

Planning Committee recently approved our

proposals for new homes in the York Way

Estate, for which the City Corporation is its

social landlord.

These new homes will make a real difference

to the lives of hundreds of Londoners.

These are not just new homes, but affordable

homes – and in this day and age, that is absolutely

key to ensuring that the people who

need these homes will have the means to get

them. The scheme will also provide a community

centre for new and existing residents,

landscaping improvements, and play spaces.

So far, so good, but this scheme has been

born out of necessity. There is a serious

problem - an urgent demand for social and

affordable housing in the capital.

A housing shortage and high housing costs

are a threat to London’s competitiveness, and

the ability of London’s businesses to attract

and retain the workforce that they need.

I would go further and say that London’s

housing shortage is one of the most pressing

economic and social issues that the capital

faces. And that’s why we have embarked

upon an ambitious development programme

of new housing, aiming to deliver up to 3,700

new homes on sites across London.

At the same time, we are working to ensure

that our existing housing estates are in good

shape. Our £75m Housing Major Works

Programme, started in 2016 and running until

2024, will see significant improvements to

the 12 housing estates that we look after in

six London boroughs, and here in the City of

London. Nearly half of the budget has been

earmarked for the Golden Lane Estate, while

£11m is being invested into work on the Middlesex

Street Estate. Replacement kitchens,

windows and roofs, fire safety improvements,

refurbished lifts, and upgraded electricity

systems are among the works underway

to bring the accommodation up to ‘City


And despite the unavoidable upheaval

caused by major works, 97% of residents said

in a recent survey that over the last year, they

were satisfied with living conditions on the

estates. The Square Mile’s residential population

makes the City what it is: a buzzing hub

in the very centre of London, full of life and

creativity. And it is entirely right that these

works are carried out.

People take a pride in their homes and as

responsible social landlords, we take a pride

in providing well-designed, fit-for-purpose

accommodation. In a few years’ time, the

new homes on the York Estate will have been

built and the new tenants settled in. I won’t

be sitting in the same office at Guildhall by

then, but I know the City Corporation will be

as committed as ever to meeting London’s

demand for housing and supporting our



18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 5


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TfL facing more strikes

over staff pension row

LONDON could be hit by more strikes

later this year as a leading transport union

announces plans to oppose a review into

TfL’s pension scheme, writes Joe Talora,

Local Democracy Reporter.

Just days after calling off planned walkouts

this week over a decision to scrap the

pay grade of Night Tube drivers, the RMT

union has announced that it is launching a

campaign to resist changes to TfL’s pension

scheme “using every option available to us,

including a determined campaign of strike


As part of the Government’s £1.08 billion

emergency funding deal agreed in June,

TfL was required to launch a review into its

“generous” pension scheme in a bid to cut


But RMT general secretary Mick Lynch

has said that the review is “a smoke screen

for a massive attack on RMT members” and

the union has declared no confidence in

the review process.

Mr Lynch said: “RMT will fight any

attempt to impose detrimental terms onto

our members. We will resist any attempt

to make members work longer, increase

pension contributions of workers – just

a pay cut in disguise – reduce pension

payments or undermine the fund in the

long-term by closing it off to future staff.

“Our members in TfL kept transport

services running throughout the pandemic

and were hailed as heroes. Now their reward

is the threat of poverty in retirement.

“We have absolutely no confidence in the

review process set out, which is no more

than a smoke screen for a massive attack

on RMT members driven by the government

and London Mayor’s agreement to

make huge financial cuts on TfL and LUL.”

The union has also urged TfL to bring all

regular work “in-house” and has called for

an end to “gravy train of easy profits and

dividends to the shareholders of the private


TfL currently outsources work such as

cleaning, track maintenance and fleet

maintenance to private contractors.

Last week, TfL commissioner Andy

Byford announced that former Trades

Union Congress general secretary and

current ACAS chair Sir Brendan Barber

would lead the “truly independent” review

into TfL’s pensions.

Speaking at a TfL board meeting, Mr

Byford said: “We are working 24/7 to

reduce the (funding) gap to keep London

moving. Part of that budget, of course, is

the conditions imposed on us by Government

as a result of the most recent funding

deal. And one of those elements was the

need to review – and I stress that word –

review the TfL pension.”

He added: “This is a truly independent

review, there is no predetermined

outcome. The panel will do their work and

we’ll report back in due course.”

Published last week, TfL’s revised budget

for 2021/22 showed a funding gap of £500

London Underground

million remaining for the current financial

year, despite an overall reduction in estimated

funding requirements compared to

March’s budget.

TfL has said that the review into its

pension arrangements will identify and

recommend options that are both fair to

taxpayers, customers and employees and

financially sustainable and affordable in the

long term.

A spokesperson for TfL said: “TfL’s funding

agreement with Government included a

requirement to carry out an independent

review of the pension scheme, with the aim

of moving TfL’s Pension Fund into a financially

sustainable position which protects

members’ pension benefits built up to date.

“Sir Brendan Barber has agreed to independently

lead the pension review and will

bring a wealth of experience having been

a former General Secretary of the Trades

Union Congress (TUC) and until recently

serving as the Chair of the Advisory, Conciliation

and Arbitration Service (ACAS).

“Sir Brendan will be supported by Joanne

Segars OBE, in independently conducting

the Pensions Review. Joanne has expertise

in pensions, as the Chair of NOW:

Pensions, one of the UK’s largest auto

enrolment pension providers and Chair of

the Joint Expert Panel on the Universities

Superannuation Scheme.”

350,000 Londoners

still on furlough

NEARLY 350,000 Londoners were still on

furlough at the end of June despite the

imminent easing of lockdown restrictions,

according to new Government figures,

writes Joe Talora, Local Democracy


Although the number of employees on

furlough decreased from May to June,

London still has the highest take up of the

Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention

Scheme, with nine per cent of eligible jobs

furloughed compared to seven percent


Nine of the ten local authorities in England

with the highest take up of the furlough

scheme are in London, with Newham and

Hounslow the highest at 12 per cent.

Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Haringey, Hillingdon,

Redbridge and Waltham Forest make up the

other boroughs with the highest numbers of

furloughed employees.

But with all legal COVID restrictions now

lifted as of July 19, the furlough scheme is

set to wind down before being phased out

entirely in September.

A spokesperson for Mayor of London

Sadiq Khan has said that the scheme is still a

“vital lifeline” for nearly 350,000 Londoners,

and that there is still the risk of a “cliff edge”

once the scheme winds down.

Mr Khan’s spokesperson said: “A reduction

in the numbers using the scheme can only

be truly welcomed if it is accompanied by

proof that Londoners are able to return to

secure work and ministers commit to longerterm

support for businesses – especially

those in the hospitality and culture sectors

that do so much to support the London


“This weekend the furlough scheme

tapers off further before approaching a cliffedge

in September. We cannot allow those

who still rely on the scheme to be forgotten.”

Across England, the accommodation and

food services sector has the highest number

of individuals furloughed, while London

has a disproportionately higher number

of people on furlough in the construction

industry compared to the rest of the country.

Nick Bowes, chief executive of the Centre

for London thinktank, has warned that

London’s economy is “particularly delicate”

and that there are “huge challenges”

remaining despite the lifting of lockdown


Mr Bowes said: “London still continues to

have a disproportionate number of its workforce

on furlough compared to every other

region in the country, as well as the highest

unemployment rate.

“While the furlough rate in the capital has

fallen, there are still huge challenges for

getting central London back on its feet given

it is hospitality, arts and construction workers

who are most likely to still be on furlough.

“What we also don’t know is how many of

those who are no longer on furlough have

returned to their jobs or how many might

now be out of work.

“Central London’s economy is particularly

delicate at the moment, and the government

needs to recognise that a slower recovery

for London will risk the whole country’s

recovery too.”

The latest figures from HM Treasury reveal

that, as of June 30, there were the fewest

number of people on furlough since the

pandemic began, with around 500,000

fewer people furloughed compared to May.

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Let’s get



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Traditional Printing with a Social Value

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The Cumbrian

Mountain Express

Saturday 4th September

The Cumbrian Mountain Express provides a wonderful opportunity to get

out and about during the spring, summer and autumn months, with the

added bonus of steam haulage over the Northern Fells, including the

spectacular Settle & Carlisle Railway. We have a high speed journey down

the West Coast Main Line to Carnforth, hauled by a blue class 86 electric

locomotive. We then enjoy a circular steam tour outwards via Shap to

Carlisle and back via the Settle and Carlisle line.

We return from Preston to London behind our blue electric locomotive.

Join us from London Euston, Watford Junction, Milton Keynes,

Northampton, Rugby, Nuneaton, Crewe and Preston to visit Carlisle.

There are three classes available:

Premier Dining includes a full English breakfast and a four course dinner

served at your seat.

First Class includes morning tea or coffee with a bacon/breakfast roll, a

Danish pastry and an afternoon service of tea or coffee with a savoury of

the day followed by a scone with butter and jam.

Standard Class includes a reserved seat usually at a table for four.

Bob Green

Fares Adult Junior Family

Premier £259 £175 £781

First £159 £102 £471

Standard £99 £70 £303

Tables for two can be guaranteed in Premier Dining and

First Class for a supplement of £25 per person (subject

to availability). A refreshment service is available serving

tea, coffee, snacks and light refreshments.

The Railway Touring Company

Autumn Day Trips 2021

The Royal Duchy

Sunday 29th August and 12th September

Departs Slough, Reading, Newbury, Westbury, Taunton,

and Exeter. Arrives Par.

The Swanage Belle

Thursday 9th September

Departs London Victoria, Staines, Woking and

Basingstoke. Arrives Swanage.

The Cumbrian Coast Express

Saturday 18th September

Departs London Euston, Watford Junction, Milton

Keynes, Northampton, Rugby, Nuneaton, Crewe and

Preston. Arrives Carlisle.

The Cumbrian Mountain


Saturday 9th October

Departs London Euston, Watford Junction, Milton

Keynes, Northampton, Rugby, Nuneaton, Crewe and

Preston. Arrives Carlisle.

The Yorkshireman

Saturday 16th October

Departs Ealing Broadway, St. Albans, Luton, Bedford,

Kettering and Melton Mowbray. Arrives York.

The Cheshireman

Saturday 20th November

London Euston, Watford Junction, Milton Keynes,

Northampton, Rugby and Nuneaton. Arrives Chester.


EST. 1997

For more information please visit or phone 01553 661 500

The Railway Touring Company

14a Tuesday Market Place, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1JN

The Railway Touring Company’s standard conditions of booking and travel apply. See website or brochures for details.

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IT’S time for the nosy Londoners

to come out of the woodwork –

because Open House London is

finally back from 4 - 12 September.

Private buildings all over the City of

London (and throughout the rest of

the Capital) will be open to the public for

one week only.

Expect a huge range of in-person and

online events, including guided tours,

walking tours, general access visits, children’s

activities, and workshops. But book

well ahead – especially for high security


Check out their website for all the buildings

which are open. There are just too

many to list – but here are our favourite

events taking place in the Square Mile.

Slavery and the City

‘It is not lawful to put it into the Treasury,

because it is the price of blood’. These are

the words of abolitionist John Newton as

he preached from St Mary Woolnoth in the

City in 1788. But the abolitionist’s tale is only

one side of the coin in the City’s involvement

in the horrors of the slave trade.

On this tour, guides will explore sites and

institutions with direct links to the history of

slavery and hear why the apologies were

made last year.

Either go to listen or actively join in the

discussion of our relationship to history and

the legacy of the past to the present.

The Museum of London

The Museum of London is going all out

for this year’s Open House London. First

off, they have the Morning Explorers event.

Guests are invited to become a morning

museum explorer at this relaxed early

opening on Saturday 4 September. The

event will be sensitive to the needs of children

with autistic spectrum conditions.

Siblings and children with other types of

SEND are very welcome.

Next up is Build it! This is the Museum of

London’s free-play building session where

you and your under 5s can build to your

heart’s content! Build the tallest tower, the

longest bridge or a London landmark in this

drop-in activity. It a whole lot of fun for the

little ones.

Stories in Stone is a time travelling story

walk from the museum’s current home to its

new site in West Smithfield. Explore tales of

the city’s magical beasts, everyday heroes

and heroines, forgotten voices, dreams and

visions and much more by storyteller Olivia

Armstrong. Tickets are allocated on a firstcome-first-served

basis from the Family

Desk on the day.

And lastly, these guys are hosting some

special tours of the new Museum of London

site at West Smithfield. The Museum of

London is creating a new museum in the

derelict General Market and adjacent

post-war Poultry Market. For the first time

in 20-years they are inviting the public to

explore these spaces in historic and creative

Smithfield. See what will soon become

London’s newest and most modern


Walk through West Smithfield, the Museum of

London’s new home. Image by Forbes Massie.

A River’s Tale. A guided walk along

the Thames Path

For about an hour and a half, guests will

walk along the Thames Path from Millennium

Bridge finishing at the old Billingsgate

Fish Market along the way learning of the

prosperity, power, prestige and plague this

great river has brought us.

You’ll learn of London’s long relationship

with the river, as you walk in and out of

buildings along the Thames.

Ancient Livery Companies

Most people in London know very little of

the Square Mile’s livery companies. But they

have so much power and influence. That’s

why the secrecy of these institutions should

really be better understood by Londoners.



On this walk, you will get a fluffier history of

the liveries.

But it’s still a good start, and incredibly

interesting. On this tour, you’ll discover

some of the craft guilds and trades they

governed. And you will admire the halls of

some of the livery companies, learn about

their ancient traditions and their role in the

City administration. Ask all the questions

you can think of on this tour – as the City of

London Guides who run them have got all

the answers!


Contact us for

all your last minute

printing orders

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Bocca di Lupo’s BBQ kits are

stuffed full of meat and seafood.

The Hawksmoor at Home box costs £120,

limited to 500 boxes per week.

Tom Hixson Of Smithfield

Posting up in the City of London’s historic

meat market since 1963, Tom Hixson Of

Smithfield has also been operating door-todoor

delivery since 2005. Its butchers travel

to every corner of the globe – Argentina to

Japan and everywhere between – in search

of the highest quality cuts. And it shows with

their offerings.

Nowhere more so than their Smoker Box,

which delivers Australian grain-fed brisket,

Wexford Valley jumbo short ribs and USDA

ribs from St Louis to your door. Fire up your

smoker in the morning and you’ll be enjoying

that melt-in-the-mouth meat fantasy by the

early evening.

The Meater BBQ Box costs £100 for a

whopping 9.2kg of meat.

THE BAO London group just

keeps on giving us more and

more deliciousness – this time

with the new BAO Noodle Shop

in Shoreditch.

The team have mastered their

famous bao buns – fluffy clouds of dough

filled with all manners of tasty meat, fish, and


And now BAO London is moving onto the

noodle game, inspired by the beef noodle

shops of Taiwan.

The whole space looks and feels just like

one of these local haunts in Taiwan, with all

the walls clad in either wood or white tiles.

Low tables with stools are the order of the

day too – so maybe don’t bring your parents

with bad backs here.

It’s super simple design. Made for a high

turnover of hungry noodle loving customers.

You’ll see people slurping up massive bowls

of noodles all day long here in Shoreditch.

It’s only been open about a month, but

people know the Bao name generally means


These guys have two signature bowls of

beef noodles on the menu. Both are made

with bone broth, fresh wheat noodles made

in-house and Cornish beef, aged for a

minimum of 40 days.

One is richer and full of braised cheek and

short rib (with some additional fermented

greens for a little kick). It’s accompanied

by some beef butter which just adds to the

deep meaty flavours.

Be sure to have one of the BAO beers

while tucking into this one, otherwise it

might be a bit too rich and overpowering for

you. There’s a lot of tasty fat in this bad boy.

Elsewhere on the menu, they also got

Try out both of their beef noodle soups

a few of their classic boas which you can

get at all other BAO restaurants in London.

But they’ve added some new boys just for


Try the crispy fried tripe (less scary because

it’s fried), the fried cheese and jalapeño rolls

with plum and coriander sauces, a smoked

eel salad, a panko shrimp croquette Bao

(we fell in love with this one), and an Iberico

pork Bao with garlic mayo and a sweetcorn


They even have a dessert bao. A fried



bun filled with malt ice cream. This is a

really fun way to end all the fun – but we

kinda wish the ice cream had been battered

and fried too. But we can be a bit greedy.

Nonetheless, this is another big win for

the BAO group. Each new location comes

with a similar but still unique menu. And they

do not miss a beat. Bring on whatever they

have in store for us next.

n233 Shoreditch High Street E1 6PJ

RECIPE BOXES / Borough Market

Borough Market has just launched its new

recipe boxes which have been curated by

Borough Market’s top chefs. Many of the

recipes come from the ‘Borough Market

Cookbook’ so do expect lots of British classics

alongside some more modern creations. As

you’d expect, all the produce is picked and

packed fresh from the Market and delivered

straight to your door, both in London and

nationally. This month’s options include Roast

chicken thighs with tarragon creme fraiche

sauce, baked aubergines and mozzarella

and wild mushroom kievs, with slow roasted



Lyle’s, the Michelin starred and World’s 50

Best British restaurant in Shoreditch, has just

launched a three-course set lunch menu. This

is the best way to experience the luxury of

Lyle’s on a budget. The three-course set lunch

menu is available every Wednesday to Friday

for £30 per person. Taking the opportunity to

open some of the bottles that they’ve been

saving in the cellar, each menu will feature a

different grape which will be served by the

glass. As always, the menu will highlight the

very best of what’s in season and will change

weekly. This is the perfect way to try the Lyle’s

experience – without breaking the bank.

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CITYMATTERS.LONDON 18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 17

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countless celebrities continuing to flock to

new and old properties scattered about the

Central Algarve resort.

Here you will find luxury villas, an impressive

beach and a world-renowned golf

resort – of course.

These folks are obsessed with golf. And

these are some of the very best in the

Golden Triangle. Some of the courses are

even built on cliff tops overlooking the clear

blue waters.

But, for those who prefer relaxation and

pampering to a day on the golf course, there

is the Royal Spa. Here, you can indulge in a

wide variety of spa treatments and therapies

on the regular.

Shoppers are catered for as well, thanks to

the massive Quinta Shopping Mall located

between Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago.

It is home to series of luxury fashion, home

and sporting labels. Pick up some pro golfing

equipment while there to help improve your


This is the largest of the luxury resorts

in the Golden Triangle so amenities are

aplenty. You won’t go wanting here.

stretch along the Atlantic Ocean towards the

Spanish border. It’s insanely beautiful.

The resort itself is also just as visually

impressive. The Quinta do Lago resort is

surrounded by pine trees, rolling hills, a

selection of rare plant and animal life, and

plenty of lush greenery.

In addition, you’ll find over two miles of

sandy Blue Flag beaches and an Instagrammable

network of sand dunes which are

made for long walks and days of sun tanning.

Not convinced yet?

The exclusive nature of Quinta do Lago

has seen it become home to celebrities. It

is one of the most expensive places to buy

Central Algarve property.

Townhouses cost from around €300,000

and detached villas with gardens from

€650,000. And those searching for the

crème de la crème of luxury villas should

expect to pay upwards of €6 million.

These high-end properties look much like

Villa Reverie (left), come with all the latest

technology, and are paired with elegant

modern design.

And it’s all about the views here – with

this property overlooking the resort’s golf

course and many lakes. We can very easily

see ourselves living in a place like this.

Quinta Verde

For a unique investment opportunity in

the glamorous confines of a smaller, more

exclusive resort, just on the edge of Quinta

do Lago, Quinta Verde offers an exciting

version of the Algarve luxury villa experience.

Just moments from the area’s main social

and shopping hub, yet secluded from the

busier side of coastal developments, this

small but perfectly formed resort development

contains everything you could ever

need from resort living, while ensuring the

premium of complete privacy and the very

best in security services.

Properties within the resort are built to the

highest standards and feature every luxury

convenience you would expect of a quality

villa in this area.

Take the below property for example. ONE

Select Properties is selling the luxury fivebedroom

villa right now, offering up some

traditional design with all the best modern


Built on large plots, the four or five

bedroom houses in the area, each with their

own pool, enjoy generous areas, stunning

fittings, fixtures and finishes, and have been

designed to make the very most out of living

Quinta do Lago

in the Algarve.

Investment opportunities currently include

finished properties and plots for turnkey

villas, in which investors can be fully involved

in the design and build process.

Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo, about 20 minutes away from

Faro too, is made up of some of the most

exclusive residences in the Algarve – with

Villa Tuscany: located in the smaller private resort of Quinta Verde. Listed by ONE Select Properties.


18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 19


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Enjoy all the perks of living in Portugal

BACK in October 2012, the

Portuguese Government

introduced the Golden Visa

scheme – a residency program

which has since attracted

more than €5.7 billion of direct

foreign investment into Portugal.

With the aim of attracting High Net Worth

Individuals (HNWIs) to the country, the

Golden Visa offers a residency visa for up to

five years in exchange for a qualifying investment

made in Portugal, and is valid only for

non-EU-EEA or Swiss citizens.

As of the beginning of 2021, UK passports

lost their freedom of movement in the

Schengen Area. But don’t let that get you


There are so many reasons why UK citizens

should look at Portugal for residency.

It would give you more travel rights across

Europe, a highly desirable lifestyle, and a

chance at getting the highly-coveted European

citizenship through investment.

The Golden Visa requires applicants to

invest and apply using one of the following


nReal Estate Acquisition: Purchase worth

at least €500,000.

nFund Subscription: Capital transfer of at

least €350,000 in a qualifying investment


nCapital Transfer: Capital transfer of at least

€1million to a Portuguese bank account.

nCompany Setup: Invest €1million in

a Portuguese company together with

creation of jobs.

Watch out for 1 January 2022

Following amendments to the Portuguese

2021 State Budget, the Golden Visa scheme

will see some big changes as of 1 January

2022, particularly for citizens looking to

invest via a real estate acquisition.

This system has been successful for

many years, but mostly for large cities like

ONE Select Properties can help you a find luxe home like this Quinta do Lago villa

Lisbon Faro and Port. Many other regions

have not experienced such real estate


That’s why, as of beginning of 2022,

foreign citizens looking to invest in real

estate (in order to obtain legal residency)

will be restricted to invest only in “low

density” rural areas.

This amendment to the visa scheme has

been introduced to “boost” investment in

cities within the interior of Portugal.

Unfortunately, in the Algarve, this does

not include the most sought after touristic

parishes and will perhaps hinder real estate

investment, via the scheme, in the area.

What about the Fund Investment


This could be the alternative for investors

who do not see a profitable return in real

estate in “low density” rural areas – but still

wish to apply for the residency scheme.

The investment fund route was

introduced through an amendment in

Portuguese Law in August 2017.

This route might not be the answer for all

citizens. However for HNWIs, especially if

experienced and knowledgeable investors,

this application process could prove to be

an interesting business venture.

Alongside applicants needing to have

experience in fund investments, there is

also the need to supply proof and sufficient

funds. Which until the end of 2021 requires

a minimum investment of only €350,000,

which will jump up to €500,000 as of

January 1, 2022.

The fund investment route sees great

advantages. It presents a low investment,

security, tax-efficiency, portfolio diversification

and, most importantly, low fees

and taxes seeing as these do not require

payment of Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty or

Notary Costs which are applicable to real

estate purchases.

Nonetheless the exit period is at a

minimum of 5/6 years, depending on the

fund you choose to work with, as well as

perhaps some lack of control as to funds

allocation, performance and management


Get lost on the coastline

Choosing the right route for the

Golden Visa

In the current real estate market, for clients

who are made aware and interested in the

Golden Visa, we have noticed a surge in

buyers looking to invest for this particular

reason, before the amendment of January

1, 2022.

Needless to say, if Portugal is your destination

of choice and you are a non-EU-EEA or

Swiss citizen, this could be the perfect time

to buy.

If the fund investment route also represents

a profitable and stable market, bear

in mind the deadline for a €350,000 capital

transfer will only be available until the end

of 2021.

In conclusion, besides alterations to come,

the options still available are very attractive

given the freedom to travel throughout

Europe, alongside a residency in a sunshine

filled, safe and stable haven such as Portugal.

•For more info call +351 289 143 940 or go

online to

CITYMATTERS.LONDON 18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 21

Your puzzle challenge


20 16 12 6 4 9 13 4 25

23 6 15 13 3 6 19 4 2 7

8 13 3 3 2 4 5 16 21

22 13 24 21 6 13 13 11 13 16

19 26 9 19 6 7 2 2 26

20 10 19 5 6 4 5 6 7 20 26 13

4 18 7 16 12 7

6 26 14 13 19 5 26 19 17 10 19 22

9 13 24 2 22 13 16 4 13

12 13 4 14 10 6 16 5 19 4

18 10 9 4 19 20 12 5 22

4 19 7 20 13 10 6 1 26 13

5 16 10 4 20 13 4 11 13


1 2 3 4


14 15 16 17 18

Each number in our Cross Code grid represents a different letter

of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start

you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid,

then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters

should go in the missing squares.

As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number

in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of

letters as you identify them.



Using all 16 letters of the phrase above, form

four words each of four letters which will fit in the

grid to form a magic square in which the words

can be read both horizontally and vertically.



5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


2 8 6 7 5

1 5 7 4

8 9 4


7 9 1 3 5 8

8 1 9 6 7

3 5 6 7

4 2 7 1 3 6

7 6 4 1


How many words of four

letters or more can you

make from this

Nonagram? Each word

must use the central letter,

and each letter may be

used only once. At least

one word using all nine

letters can be found.


23 Good; 27 Very Good;

32 Excellent.

Any word found in the Concise

Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition) is

eligible with the following

exceptions: proper nouns; plural

nouns, pronouns and possessives;

third person singular verbs;

hyphenated words; contractions

and abbreviations; vulgar slang

words; variant spellings of the

same word (where another variant

is also eligible).

Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box.

Quiz Challenge

1. What is the difference between

libel and slander?

2. The Man-Machine was a 1978

album by which influential

German band?

3. In May 2021, tennis player

Cameron Norrie was ranked No.

2 in Britain. Who was ranked No.


4. Which fuel is a by-product of the

process of burning coal to make

coal gas?

5. The Mindhunter book and TV

series detail the FBI’s attempts

to profile which type of






Spell out a 15-letter word or

phrase by moving from one

chamber to another within

the pyramid. You may

only enter each of the

chambers once and

may only proceed

through openings

in the walls. The

first letter may

appear in any



3 2

1 3 4 6 7

4 9

2 6 8 5

7 5 2 4


6 8 4 1

9 8


6. The Museo del Greco, which is

devoted to the works of the

painter El Greco, is in which


7. Michael York starred as the

boyfriend of Sally Bowles,

played by Liza Minnelli, in which

classic film?

8. Which US TV comedy-drama

shares its name with garments

worn in operating theatres?

9. Why is the flower polyanthus so


10. Bernina, Singer, Husqvarna and

Pfaff are all brands of what?













Here are two

miniature fivesquare


using the same

grid – but the

letters have

been mixed up.

You have to

work out which

letters belong

to which



6 4

14 2 1

2 4

5 5 3

4 9

Place the four signs (add,

subtract, multiply, divide)

one in each circle so that

the total of each across

and down line is the same.

Perform the first calculation in each

line first and ignore the mathematical

law which says you should always

perform division and multiplication

before addition and subtraction.

This puzzle page is supplied by

Sirius Media Services Ltd.

To try our new puzzle,

Zygolex, go to

© Sirius Media Services Ltd
















1. Wildcat joins flyer in light

plane (5,4)

6. Keep under – lower (3)

8. An exaggeration about the

bowling analysis (13)

9. Financially and physically

exhausted (5)

10. Clumsy pathologist loses

plot – how foolish (7)

11. Thanks non-drinker

with spectacles for the

design (6)

13. Dance in a short jacket (6)

16. Australian island, it’s in

East Anglia (7)

18. Met Fred initially with Bill

and Edward (5)

20. Deceitful – like a twoheaded

lizard? (6-7)

22. City entirely hidden (3)

23. Cut inside French

father and continue

steadfastly (9)

























21 25












1. Sounds like a number as

well (3)

2. Be breaking leg first on

church land (5)

3. Rex is to return to the

dish (7)

4. Nothing on the hills but

fruit (6)

5. Expression of surprise about

longing to find this animal (5)

6. Shift for pharmacist having

time off with sweetheart (7)

7. Observe some letters making

up phrase (9)

9. Excite border clique (3,2,4)

12. Resort has landing-place

below rocky height (7)

14. Illegal act of a receiver (7)

15. Fish right for one on ice (6)

17. Neat edge of a bloomer (5)

19. Photograph, we hear, is a

slide (5)

21. Expected novice to leave

fight (3)














24 26







belt; bent; bier; bile; bine; bint; birl;

bite; biter; blent; blin; blip; blue;

BLUEPRINT; bluer; bluet; blunt;

blunter; blur; blurt; brine; bruin; bruit;

brunt; brut; brute; built; bunt; burin;

burl; burn; burnet; burnt; burp; butler;

lube; nubile; rebuilt; rebut; ruble; tribe;

tribune; tube; tuber; turbine.

Across – Clump; Drill; Tight.

Down – Cadet; Using; Pilot.

Across – Porch; Totem; Aloud.

Down – Pitta; Retro; Homed.





Across – 1 Signet; 4 Damson; 8 Opened; 10 Sprang; 11 Taupe; 12

Hot air; 14 Ardent; 16 Sack; 17 News; 19 Pods; 22 Halt; 26 Turnip;

27 Unlace; 28 Rummy; 29 Tender; 30 Potato; 31 Svelte; 32 Render.

Down – 1 Soothe; 2 Greets; 3 Emetic; 5 Ampere; 6 Scales; 7

Negate; 9 Dark; 10 Span; 13 Aaron; 15 Dwell; 18 Status; 19

Prance; 20 Direct; 21 Spur; 22 Hump; 23 Anyone; 24 Tabard; 25



Across – 1 Tiger moth; 6 Cow; 8 Overstatement; 9 Spent; 10

Goatish; 11 Tattoo; 13 Bolero; 16 Norfolk; 18 Faced; 20 Doubletongued;

22 Ely; 23 Persevere.

Down – 1 Too; 2 Glebe; 3 Risotto; 4 Orange; 5 Hyena; 6 Chemise;

7 Watchword; 9 Set on edge; 12 Torquay; 14 Offence; 15 Skater;

17 Oxlip; 19 Chute; 21 Due.



Clockwise from top

left – divide;

multiply; subtract;

add. Total: 7.


Common complaint.



when; hare; Eric;
















8 3 2 7 1 6 5 4 9

5 1 9 3 4 8 6 7 2

4 6 7 5 2 9 1 8 3

2 7 4 9 6 3 8 1 5

3 8 6 1 7 5 9 2 4

9 5 1 4 8 2 7 3 6

6 9 8 2 3 7 4 5 1

7 4 3 6 5 1 2 9 8

1 2 5 8 9 4 3 6 7





















2 9 4 8 3 1 6 7 5

1 3 5 6 7 4 9 8 2

6 8 7 5 2 9 4 1 3

4 6 3 2 8 5 1 9 7

7 2 9 1 4 3 5 6 8

8 5 1 9 6 7 2 3 4

3 1 8 4 5 6 7 2 9

9 4 2 7 1 8 3 5 6

5 7 6 3 9 2 8 4 1
















1 2 3

QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Libel is written defamation, slander is spoken; 2 Kraftwerk; 3 Dan Evans; 4 Coke; 5 Serial killers; 6 Toledo, Spain; 7

Cabaret; 8 Scrubs; 9 Because it produces many flowers on a single stem.; 10 Sewing machines.


1. Seal (6)

4. Small plum (6)

8. Unwrapped (6)

10. Leapt (6)

11. Brownish-grey (5)

12. Empty talk (3,3)

14. Fervent (6)

16. Large bag (4)

17. Current affairs (4)

19. Seed cases (4)

22. Stop (4)

26. Root

vegetable (6)

27. Untie (6)

28. Card game (5)

29. Sore (6)

30. Edible tuber (6)

31. Slender (6)

32. Plaster (6)


1. Comfort (6)

2. Hails (6)

3. Causing

vomiting (6)

5. Unit of current (6)

6. Weighing

device (6)

7. Contradict (6)

9. Unlit (4)

10. Bridge (4)

13. Brother of

Moses (5)

15. Abide (5)

18. Social position (6)

19. Frolic (6)

20. Forthright (6)

21. Branch line (4)

22. Protrusion (4)

23. Whoever (6)

24. Tunic (6)

25. French artist (6)


18 August - 14 September 2021 | Page 23


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GRAND OPENING: 22 Bishopsgate,

the City’s newest and tallest tower,

is already filling up with workers.

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