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Côte Brasserie


One of my favourite restaurants in Shrewsbury

has to be Côte Brasserie, in the Square. Having

not been since the first lockdown I was excited

to return with my partner Mike. Upon arrival it

was so delightful to see familiar faces with the

staff and an impeccable service and knowledge

from them all.

Cote Brasserie Shrewsbury

14-16 The Square,

Shrewsbury, SY1 1JZ

T: 01743 296314

Seated in our booth we soon requested some olives

and fougasse to nibble on whilst choosing our other

dishes. We were even offered a choice of just green,

just black or a mixture of olives. Mike opted for a

mixture and commented on the nice variation with

the green being very juicy and the black with a

slightly more bitter taste, but both delicious in a

garlicy sauce. The famous fougasse – a leaf shaped

garlic bread was just as good as I remember with

sprinkled fresh parsley and chunks of sea salt adding

a superb taste.

For starters I really toyed between the French onion

soup and the tomates ‘Breton’, eventually choosing

the lighter tomato option, mike also toyed with the

chicken liver parfait and the pâté aux cépes,

eventually choosing the pâté.

I am a big fan of tomatoes, but recently found

supermarket tomatoes to be very bland and lacking

taste, so I always buy fresh from European shops, the

difference is incredible, so I was delighted when my

starter arrived as a selection of red and yellow

Brittany heritage tomatoes with a pistou on toasted

pain de campagne. The tomatoes were fresh and

zesty, some warm, some cold, but all totally

delicious especially with the pistou - a mixture of

garlic, basil and olive oil, similar to a pesto and the

crunchy bread, it all came together as the perfect,

refreshing starter, I was very pleased with my choice

and would choose again.

Mike’s pâté was a really earthy field and porcini

mushroom pâté, topped with marinated shimeji

mushrooms and served with sourdough croútes.

Being a mushroom fan, this dish couldn’t get much

better for Mike with the pâté being a great

consistency and the oiled sourdough being the

perfect partner, a great meat free alternative for

vegetarians and vegans too.

We were off to a great start as we sat back sipping

our Sauvignon Blanc and awaiting our mains. For

mains there is plenty of choice especially if you like

fish and seafood, there is light mains, a selection of

steaks from the grill, the Côte burger, vegan options

and a fixed menu offering great value with 3 courses

only £18.95 available all-day Monday – Thursday

and Friday’s noon till 7pm.

Mike really wanted a steak and chose the 7oz fillet

steak cooked medium, served with frites and

watercress, a peppercorn sauce, and a side order of

petit pois, whilst I opted for the confit of belly pork.

Presentation was flawless as always as our mains

arrived looking utterly scrummy. Mike’s steak was

perfectly cooked with so much flavour, so soft and

succulent, a steak knife wasn’t needed it was that

good, the sauce added extra flavour and the frites –

superb as always. The side order of petit pois was a

surprising showstopper, with garlic and shallots,

mint and a herby balsamic sauce, they were literally

bursting with flavour really jazzy peas that are the

perfect side to any main.

My belly pork sat on a bed of savoy cabbage with

golden raisin, apple and thyme and a calvados jus

and a separate dish of the most incredible, creamy

gratin potato. The belly pork had a fabulous crisp

crackling to it. I thought of my grandad and how

impressed he would be with the chef, as belly pork

was his favourite food. Under the crisp edge was

chunky, moist meat, so tasty. The cabbage mix was

the perfect partner in crime and the dish just burst

with flavour. I was more than satisfied with my

main and not a speck was left.

We were of course quite full at this point, but the

desserts at Côte in my opinion are the real icing on

the cake, and I wasn’t missing out. Having already

tried (and loved) the crème caramel and chocolate

fondant, I decided to try the praline crêpes and Mike

opted for the chocolate and salted caramel tart with

vanilla ice cream. When Mike’s arrived, I have to

say the green-eyed monster came out in me as I saw

a thick layer of salted caramel topped with a thick

layer of chocolate, my spoon soon made its way

over for a try, wow, okay I had a new favourite

dessert, absolute heaven! Unfortunately, Mike

wasn’t willing to share much more, but I know what

I’m ordering already on my next visit!

My crêpes were also very delicious and possibly the

lighter option my belly needed. Chocolate and

praline crêpe with caramelised bananas and crème

Chantilly. The combination of all ingredients was

delightful and really went well together.

Neither of us could fault any part of our food, the

service or atmosphere, it was so good to be sitting

back in Côte Brasserie eating fine food and drinking

superb wine. I highly recommend Côte to all,

especially with their great range of food, fish, vegan

dishes and most of all the desserts!

Hi I'm Simon, a professionally

qualified and fully insured

group exercise instructor and

if you've ever been to one of

my classes you'll certainly

know I'm passionate about


My fitness journey began when I

was extremely unhealthy during

my 30's, extremely overweight,

numerous health issues and I

was hospitalised with a

suspected heart attack, I joined

a gym tried classes and it

literally changed (and probably

saved) my life. From there I

found a passion for fitness I had

never had before, trained,

qualified and the rest as they

say is history!

I'm now a freelance GX

instructor currently working at a

number of gyms and Health

clubs in Shrewsbury.

The class I am currently

teaching is a mixed martial arts

inspired, non contact, cardio

workout. I recently moved into

Bodytech in the town centre

and plan on adding a number

of other classes in the near

future. I try and make fitness fun,

engaging and accessible, I'm

not your typical drill sergeant!

To compliment my general

fitness qualifications I've

achieved Advanced Level

Instructor Certification with Les

Mills International and I'm also

certified as a Pro Level

Performance Cycling Instructor

(aka Spin).

Fitness for me has always been

about having fun, that doesn't

mean we don't work hard it just

means half the time we don't

realise how hard we're working!

I've been on the other side as a

participant and know first hand

the power and positivity of a

group exercise class and the

benefits it can bring.

I really look forward to seeing

you in one of my classes

soon and supporting your

fitness journey.

First Class

FREE when you


code SY100

Enter code when

booking online

For more details on my classes or to book your classes

please see my website:

or contact me on 07769 721994

The Bridgewater Arms

Wem Road, Shrewsbury SY4 3DS I Tel: 01939 290 377

Where a Warm Welcome awaits you!

We serve up delicious dishes full of seasonal flavour and a variety of drinks including

local cask ales, and all of your bottled favourites. So come along, make yourself at home,

Festive Menu

2 Courses £14.99

3 Courses £16.99


and let Andy and the team look after you

t Sunday Carvery - go large for just £9.99

t Open for Breakfast

Two Main Meals £8.99 Mon - Fri 12noon - 6pm

£5 OFF

anyfood order

over £15 with

this advert


Day 4 Course





Over recent decades, Julian and Diana

Temperley have been reviving the

productions of Cider Brandy. This ancient art

has gained much recognition and the

resulting, exceptional productions, can be

found in many restaurants and venues. The

West Country can be justifiably proud of

their fruits and cider productions – now

appreciated around the world. The familyrun

farm grows over 40 different varieties.

Vintage cider apples include Dabinett,

Kingston Black and Stoke Red, with the

juices being fermented in 150 year old oak

vats. The cider is then distilled in copper


Somerset Apple Eau de Vie (40% vol) is a pure

apple spirit and the raw material for Somerset

Cider Brandy. Somerset Pear Eau de Vie (40%

vol) is produced utilising 100% traditional perry

pear varieties, to great advantage. Somerset Cider

Brandy has several ‘options’ available, from 3 year

old, 5 year old, 10 year old, through Alchemy, to

the 20 year old. Smooth and rich in texture to the

mouthfeel, this (as with every production) leads to

the palate’s continuing enjoyment and sensation.

All are 42%vol. The Cider Brandy range also

includes XO (42% vol) and Shipwreck (43% vol),

with its oaky, smoky elegance, following through.

Still and sparkling ciders are extremely popular

too, with their popularity growing yearly. The

Burrow Hill productions certainly do not

disappoint, in any way. Additionally, bottle

fermented ciders have many ‘devotees’. Burrow

Hill Bottle Fermented Dry Kingston Black (8.0%

vol) and their Bottle Fermented Medium Kingston

Black (8.0% vol) are very much loved, with the

latter being slightly sweetened with Kingston

Black Ice Cider. Bottle Fermented Stoke Red

(8.0% vol) is, again, full-bodied, with great

flavour. Multi award-winning and very much

appreciated by cider connoisseurs.

Other productions include Ice Cider (11.5% vol),

plus Apple Cider Vinegar and Liqueurs, such as

Blackcurrant (16.6% vol) and Morello Cherry

(17.5% vol). Liqueurs are great on their own and

in cocktails. Tours and tastings are available or

walk in the orchards and visit the Cider House, to

sample drinks, amongst the nearly 200 year old

vats. All products are available by mail order, too.

Pass Vale Farm, Burrow Hill, Kingsbury

Episcopi, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6BU.

Tel: 01460 240782


As always, Enjoy!

Trevor Langley


Head on down to The Brooklands for perfect pints,

pub grub and a friendly atmosphere.

Regular live music!

Come and try our new Sunday Lunch

menu, we are getting a reputation for the

best in Shrewsbury @ only £6.95pp

Mill Road, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury SY3 9JT

Call the team today to book your table 01743 243 333

For its size, Britain has more

Tornadoes than any other country

in the World

Concrete is stronger if carrots

are added to it

Before David Attenborough became the World Famous

Naturalist, he was the first controller of BBC 2 which at

the time was also the First Colour TV Channel in Europe

and it was his idea to make tennis Balls Yellow, because

they looked better on TV

Candyfloss was invented by a dentist!


A fatal dose of caffeine is 112 cups of

coffee! However, you'd die of

water poisoning first!


When Winston Churchill

visited the US during

Prohibition he got a

Doctors Prescription for

an unlimited supply of



The Russian Leader

Lenin spoke English

with an Irish accent.??

All Jack Russell dogs are descended

from a dog called Trump who

famously became the first President

in over 168 years NOT to have a pet in

the White House


The dialling code from

Britain to Russia is 007.

The First Real Murder on the Orient Express took place a

year after Agatha Christie's Novel came out!

Scottish football referees are

sponsored by Specsavers!

The first


mouse was

made of wood.

Originally the distance of running a Marathon was

25 miles (40 Kilometres), however, in 1908 to the

insistence of The British Royal Family, i.e. Queen

Alexandra, the race was started on the lawns of

Windsor Castle, so the littlest royals could watch it

from their Nursery and it finished in front of the

Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium, some 26.2 miles

later!! and that distance is still used today!

The mysterious green code that begins all the

Matrix movies is in fact recipes for sushi.

The lost property

office at Dublin

airport has an

unclaimed tombstone

with the words: ‘You will

always be remembered,

never forgotten.’



Not only do we all have unique

fingerprints but we all have unique

Tongue prints.

The London Underground has made

more money from its famous map

than it has from running trains.



Google searches for 'How to put on a

condom' peak at 10.28pm.

90s Revival Show competes

with the 80s and the rain

Local DJ act, The 90’s Revival, held two live shows this month

at the Greenhous West Mid Showground.

audience’s reactions to all the great bands, top performances,

and our 90’s set.

Following the success of their lockdown live sets that

attracted thousands of online viewers, the duo took their

show to the showground for their ‘Mahoosive Nights Out’ on

August 6 and 7.

Their Friday show was a homage to local bands who had

been hit hard by Covid restrictions on live events. The night

featured The Ronaldos, Longden Calling, Five o’clock Hero,

Krack on Daft, Jordan Brown and Robbie Jones.

Dave and Benno of The 90’s Revival hosted the Saturday

show, taking the audience on a nostalgic trip through 90’s

dance classics. They were joined by special guests Bradley

from S-Club and Kelly Llorenna, whose hits include ’Set You

Free’ and ’Tell It to My Heart’.

“Our party goers braved the showers and had a fantastic

night out, and we will never forget those shows!

“We will be back in 2022 with another 90’s Revival Weekend

on Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4. We’re planning to

extend the events to make them more of a family day out. The

events will fall over the extended bank holiday weekend,

thanks to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so we anticipate a big

celebratory atmosphere!”

Tickets for the 2022 show can be purchased


Despite the popularity of the 90’s act, the organisers were

disappointed that the local council allowed Let’s Rock to

postpone their event to the same night as The 90’s Revival in


“When we set our dates, we were assured that no other big

events would be scheduled for that weekend, so we were

gutted that Let’s Rock was given the go ahead to rearrange

their gig for the same weekend. It had a big impact on our

audience numbers,” said Dave Prince, one half of The 90’s

Revival. “It was tough for me and Benno to compete against a

national business. On top of that we had the most horrendous

weather to contend with. However, despite all that, both

nights were absolutely brilliant! It was incredible to see the


1ST & 2ND OCT ‘21

150+ Real Ales ///

Lager Bar ///

Gin Den


Cocktails ///

Street Food


Wine Bar ///

Gin School

// Comedy Club

/// Live Music ///

Silent Disco




Steakhouse Meats

Unit 6 – Shropshire

Food Enterprise Park

Vanguard Way



01743 460171

F: @steakhousemeats


About Us

Steakhouse Meats is a new partnership

with Severn Valley Food Service who has

been supplying the foodservice industry

with high quality meat since 2016 from

their base at the Shropshire Food

Enterprise Centre.

Steakhouse Meats is a wholesale

butchery serving the Hospitality and

Retail sector across Shropshire, Cheshire,

Staffordshire and the West Midlands and

specialise in the use of carcass meat as

well as incorporating the use of dry

ageing and meat tenderising facilities

with an emphasis on provenance and

traceability; as well as animal welfare and

carbon footprint to ensure the highest

quality of meat.

Having established relationships with

both farmers and suppliers allows

Steakhouse Meats to carefully select the

produce we use to ensure we consistently

offer the highest quality at the best value.

Our Services

Our experienced staff are available to

help at all times with all enquiries, menu

costing’s and planning for events and

seasonal changes. All orders are

butchered to order with delivery

available Monday – Friday.

Orders can be placed by calling 01743

460171, office hours are 8am – 4pm then

an answer phone service is available any

other time, pre orders are welcome and

all orders placed before midnight are

available for next day delivery.

Our Beef

Focusing on native breeds, the herds spend

the summer grazing farmed meadows and

then during winter the herd live in large

straw barns where they are fed on stock

feed vegetables and cereals. The carcasses

are then hung for 21 days to maximise the

natural tenderness and flavour.

Our Pork

The Landrace cross welsh pigs are soured

from Red Tractor farms, all outdoor reared

to produce high‐quality bacon and pork

whilst retaining sufficient fat cover to

produce succulent, well flavoured meat.

Our Poultry

Steakhouse Meats use English; Red Tractor

approved chickens that are butchered

onsite and to order along side being able to

supply Duck and Turkey all year round.

Our Sausages & Burgers

All our sausages & Burgers are freshly

made each morning using homemade

recipes to ensure you wont get one like it

anywhere else. We also have an extensive

range of marinades available to give you a

great selection when BBQ season arrives,

however these can be used on all products

to add a little something extra to you menu.

Our Lamb

Lamb is sourced from Shropshire and

across the border in wales, The natural

environment the lamb is raised in and the

traditional farming methods used gives the

distinctive and unique flavour that has

become famous around the world.

SYone Recommends!

‘The smells from the candles

are superb, the Shrewsbury

candle is like a bouquet of

beautiful flowers, they really

are stunning candles! ‘

Sarah ­ SYone

Ella’s Lockdown Story

During lockdown when the shops

were closed, I was hit with a

dilemma when a friends’ birthday

was approaching, and I hadn't got

her a gift! I knew she loved candles,

so I decided to make some for her in

my kitchen. I bought some local

fragrances and some soy wax online

and began the candle making

process. After finally finding the

perfect recipe, I gave the candles out

to family members to try. My friends

and family loved them so much that

they encouraged me to start my own

business. As a university student

training to become a teacher, I knew

that owning a business would be

ideal as I could work it around my

studies. So, I decided to give it a go.

I wanted my candles to be unique

and be based on something that I’m

passionate about. I live in

Shropshire, and I absolutely love

spending my days exploring the

county! Shropshire has some

amazing natural sites as well as lots

of beautiful towns and independent

shops. On a beautiful walk up the

Wrekin to try and brainstorm a

business name and products ideas,

the Shropshire Candle Co. was born!

Once I had decided on the name and

theme for my candles, I created an

Instagram and Facebook page to

showcase my products. People

began messaging me to order some

candles however I wanted to have a

website to enhance the customer

experience. Although I had never

built a website before, we now have

a functioning website which I’m very

proud of! I am also looking at

renting a premise where I can make

more candles in bulk, since space for

stock is a real issue!

The Shropshire Candle Co. first

released three scents: The Long

Mynd, The Wrekin and The Severn.

Each candle is inspired by the scents

of the location to bring back happy

memories for both visitors and

residents of Shropshire. We have

recently released a new scent named

‘Shrewsbury’ which is a floral

candle, with notes of English pear

and freesia flowers. I am always

looking for inspiration for new

candles and products, and I have lots

of exciting ideas to release in the

future. We currently sell two sizes of

candles and offer free gift wrapping

on all orders, so our candles make

perfect gifts.

As we grow as a business, I hope to

release more scents covering the

wider area of Shropshire and maybe

even beyond! Please visit my shop:

Find us on Facebook and Instagram:





AKA025 • 9’11x8’2

WAS £2699 OFFER PRICE £1349 .50

100% Wool Pile, Handmade in Afghanistan


HAM019 • 7’3x4’5


100% Wool Pile, Handmade in Iran


PBE017 • 5’9x3’2


100% Wool Pile, Handmade in Iran


PER023 • 9’7x6’7

WAS £1999 OFFER PRICE £999 .50

100% Wool Pile, Handmade in Iran

Visit our Shrewsbury store to see the UK’s largest stocks of quality rugs & large rugs


19a Vanguard Way,

Shrewsbury SY1 3TG

Open: Mon-Sat: 10-5, Sun & Bank Hols: 10-4

Prices valid until 30th September 2021


Broad Oak

knights Way

Harlescott Lane

Shrewsbury Centre

Vanguard Way

Harlescott Lane

Harlescott Lane

Vanguard Way


Shrewsbury Centre










Tel: 01743 463 305

FrithRugs is a trademark of GH Frith (Bodelwyddan) Ltd. 21b01

Start your two wheeled scenic

Shrewsbury adventure, the electric way

with Shrewsbury Canoe & eBike Hire.

Visitors to Shrewsbury can now enjoy getting around

with more than just pedal power. Discover historic

Shrewsbury and the beautiful surrounding

countryside with the ease & pleasure of an electric

bike tour. Take in all the sights and you’ll be sure to

fall in love with our beautiful county.

Electric bikes make visiting Shrewsbury and the

surrounding area literally a breeze. Imagine getting out

and about, seeing the sights without hardly breaking a

sweat, well that's what eBiking is all about. Recapture the

freedom and excitement of cycling ­ without all the hard

work. They are loads of fun, accessible for many people

who may think cycling is now beyond them, and a really

flexible and very green, clean way of getting to see so

much more of the area.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new activity in the

town for visitors and locals alike. Hiring an eBike makes

going to see all the local places of interest and exploring

the wonderful countryside around here much so more

relaxing. It benefits the town as people get to see and

experience so much more than riding in a car could ever

give you. When they see all that Shrewsbury offers and so

are bound to spend more time here. The feeling on the

eBike is exhilarating and so much fun. We’ve now opened

a booking office where the eBikes will be based. Pop in

and take one out for a half or full day hire and we know

you will be hooked.”

We can recommend a number of thrilling routes to really

get out and explore. You’ll feel pure exhilaration and the

wind in your hair as you breeze through the beautiful

streets exploring Shrewsbury and its unique character.

Touring around will be fun and easy with an electric bike

as all the hard work & effort is taken out, and the

excitement of the journey is poured right in.

Maggie Love from Shrewsbury Ambassadors gave it a go


“I’ve never been able to share a simple countryside ride

with my partner because I have a damaged knee. Many

people had told me that an e­bike would be a good

option, and what a great freedom it gave me. I've really

craved to be in the glorious Shropshire Countryside and

the 10km loop we took filled me with all the summer

smells and sights I’d been missing.”

The eBikes are available for hire from

Shrewsbury Canoe & eBike Hire’s office

6 Claremont Hill. We offer half and full

day hire, with canoe and ebike

packages, luxury picnics and more


for further info and bookings for eBikes

or canoe hire

call 01743 244800 or check out


These are five classic books for kids that you’ll love reading too.

Reading with your child is possibly one of

the most bonding things you can do.

Enjoying the words and brilliant images of

some of the greatest kids’ books together

are moments you and your child will cherish

as the years go by. And there’s no doubt that

some children’s books have become

“classics” of their time, for the characters,

the rhymes, or the pure storytelling joy they


We’ve picked out a few of those books for

different ages which we reckon will find a place

on the shelves of many a nursery library for years

to come, not least because the parents, as well as

the kids, love them too. Have a look and see if

you agree...

The Gruffalo

“A mouse took a stroll in the

deep dark wood…”

This utterly classic tale, now a stage play and

television animation, tells the story of a mouse

strolling through a wood, avoiding the peril of

being eaten by other animals as he talks to them

about a fantastical and scary creature with

“terrible tusks and terrible claws”. Little does he

know … there is such a thing as a Gruffalo! It’s

very hard to pick out a favourite book by writing

legend Julia Donaldson, but we chose this one in

particular for its lovely illustrations and the

wonderful way the story pans out. We do like the

repetitive nature of it too, which means children

can join in oh-so easily. Memorable for many


That’s Not My Monkey

“That’s not my bat, its ears

are too hairy.”

Usborne’s touchy-feely books have been going

strong since 1997, and each is an absolute musthave

board book for little hands that love

exploring different textures. These editions are

designed for really young children (from three

months plus) and feature all sorts of creatures;

unicorn, donkey, llama, wombat, dinosaur to

name a few. The formula of each is generally the

same: “That’s not my bat, its ears are too hairy”...

and on each page, your child will be able to rub

the book and feel different textures from soft fur

to felt, textured card and more. Once your child

has their first, they’re bound to be very happy to

see the collection grow.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

“We’re going on a bear hunt….we’re

going to catch a big one!”

Another great writer of children’s books and

poems is Michael Rosen, whose “bear hunt” story

is one families can read animatedly together.

Watch your kids enjoy each refrain: “We’re going

on a bear hunt….we’re going to catch a big one!”

The sense of adventure that comes with reading

this book is probably even more compelling if you

live absolutely nowhere near where you might see

a bear! For inspiration on how to act the tale

aloud with the littles, see Rosen himself recite it

on YouTube. Total genius.

The Cat In The Hat

“Too wet to go out and too cold to

play ball.

So we sat in the house.

We did nothing at all….

And then something went BUMP!

How that bump made us jump!

We looked! Then we saw him step in on

the mat!

We looked! And we saw him! The cat in

the hat!”

For the wackiest rhymes, only Dr Seuss will do!

The Cat In The Hat is probably the most famous

in his collection and is a winning story for any

kids who find themselves inside with nothing to

do all day. If your child (and you!) love these

rhymes, be sure to check out the others: The Fox

In Socks is great fun, and There’s A Wocket In My

Pocket is pure nonsense that will have you all in

stitches,100% guaranteed.

The Twits

"A person who has good thoughts

cannot ever be ugly. You can have a

wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a

double chin and stick-out teeth, but if

you have good thoughts they will shine

out of your face like sunbeams and you

will always look lovely."

No rundown of kids’ books would be complete

without a mention of Roald Dahl, and we’ve

plumped for the tale of a decidedly dysfunctional

couple to feature here. Even years after reading it

ourselves, we simply can’t forget the wormy

spaghetti Mr Twit makes for his unsuspecting wife

or the way he lengthens her walking stick bit by

bit, day by day, so she thinks she’s shrinking.

Gruesome, brilliant stuff kids will love - and

perhaps a nostalgia trip for you as story time rolls


Quilting, knitting &

needlecraft essentials

4 Drayton Road, Shawbury, Shropshire SY4 4NZ

01939 768008 I Tuesday-Friday 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 3pm I



After the last eighteen months

of stress and heartache, slowly

but surely, we are now coming

out of it and into a period of

positivity and hope for the

future that we all need. One

way to make us all feel better

is a bit of retail therapy and

where better than in the centre

of Shrewsbury. Kellogg's corn

flakes famously used to have

the punchline "Have you

forgotten how good they taste",

well, "Have you forgotten how

good the shops are in


Taking a walk-up Wyle Cop there

are numerous opportunities to

indulge yourself with opportunities

to feel great about yourself,

whether it be a picking a nice Vino

from Tanners Wine merchants,

popping into the various Oberon

shops for a nice piece of Jewellery

or an "Essential" fashion item,

(well that's what you'll tell hubby),

then on to La Vie to pick up

another "essential" item for your


Vinterior Gift shop is a must visit

as it has some terrific gifts for your

home and garden that are really

unusual and unique that you will

be blown away by the quality

there. Newly Taken over by the

lovely Gaynor Jones, the premises

has expanded from one floor to

three so it will be one of those

places that every time you go

there you will see something that

really catches your eye! If you're

looking for an unusual piece of art

the Soden collection is for you,

why not give them a call to

arrange a visit,

A precious shop on the ‘Cop’ is

Snooty Fox and celebrating 20

years creating stunning handmade

jewellery, Snooty Fox is also going

to be on ITV’s Bling with Gok Wan

soon! So keep your eyes peeled.

Veering off Wyle Cop there are a

number of streets that showcase

all that Shrewsbury has to offer,

for instance Dogpole has a

number of shops well worth

visiting and with all that walking

this will be a great excuse to pop

into Teestar footwear and see

what they have to offer, with over

45 years’ experience you will be

well looked after and get the

footwear you need to enjoy your


With Dogpole leading on to St

Mary's Street again you will find

exactly what you are looking for as

well as finding somewhere to eat

and drink and going back on to

Wyle Cop you will see a vast array

of establishments that will tempt

you into spending your hard-earned

money in various different ways, in

fact you can get your double

glazing sorted or even a

conservatory at Wombourne


With Wyle cop leading on to High

Street, this will then bring you on to

the Square which if you time it right

will see the Made in Shropshire art,

craft and food outdoor market

there, in fact if you visit on either

Saturday 11th September or

Saturday 9th October you will be

pleasantly surprised, (find out more


All in all, whenever you decide to

visit Wyle Cop and its surrounding

streets you will remember how

good they are!!



We are an independent footwear retailer

established in 1976

We offer quality branded

ladies and gents footwear

especially chosen for

style and comfort.






Personal service by experienced

friendly staff, competitive prices.



A wide selection of Men’s Shoes available in

Reiker, Josef Seibel & Padders

22 Dogpole, Shrewsbury SY1 1ES | 01743 365410


Vinterior opened it's door in

October 2014 with Trish Donovan

being the Director/owner.

Originally the shop floor was just

one floor but as Trish began to

purchase more stock, more space

was needed, luckily the shop has

three floors.

In 2019 Trish decided to sell up

and move to Ireland.

Gaynor Jones, the new

Director/owner, began working a

few hours for Trish back in 2016.

Advising she didnt want to work

a Saturday or Sunday, But things

soon changed in March 2019,

when Gaynor became the new

owner of Vinterior, working six to

seven days a week.

Gaynor's background is retail and

office based employment.

Having first opened her own

sweet shop at the age of 18 called

Candy 'n' Crisps, in the Mardol

Gardens Arcade, with Graham


the then


Town FC

Manager, cutting the ribbon for

the grand opening. Gaynor soon

realised if she ate the stock then

she was actually eating her


The shop is full of vintage

inspired unique and quirky gifts.

Gaynor has put her heart and

soul into her new venture and is

extremely passionate, which

shows when you visit the shop.

Vinterior - one of the independent shops on Wyle Cop.

A quirky shop offering a unique range of items - gifts and interiors - many

unusual pieces sourced from a range of suppliers including some locally crafted.

Exclusive stockists of: Madeleine Vale Sculptures, Quail Ceramics

& John Beswick Silhouette D’Art Ceramics

Mirrors - Clocks - Ceramics - Candles - Sculptures

- Pictures - Garden Stoneware.

Perfect for those who don't want run of the mill items

@VinteriorLtd Tel: 01743 24855

vinterior_shrewsbury 9 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UT

Local Jeweller celebrates 20 years in business

the ‘BLING’ way with Gok Wan

Bespoke Jeweller David

Thomas celebrates his

business turning 20 in style,

Gok Wan Style! A new ITV

daytime television

programme, called Bling,

hosted by Gok Wan is due

out this Autumn and our very

own Shrewsbury’s Snooty Fox

will be featured.

Hosted by Gok Wan, the 20 x

60’ series delves into the

dazzling world of jewellery and

beyond; from buying and selling

to making and fixing eyecatching

pieces, figurines and


In the show’s very own Bling

store, bling is king. It’s a onestop

shop with four distinct

counters, one dedicated to

each process, with

charismatic experts on

hand to guide, advise

and get the best deals.

David specialises in

handmade jewellery,

gold, silver and platinum,

especially wedding and

engagement rings. David

talks on the show how

much time and expertise

goes into each and

every piece of jewellery

and handmade pieces

are far more than just a piece of

jewellery, and often carry a very

special significance.

From antique rings being given

a new life, creating a new ring

with a precious stone that has

been left to you, to rings made

with a loved ones ashes, Snooty

Fox will go above and beyond

to ensure your special piece is

exactly what you want it to be.

If you are looking for that

special and unique piece, pop

in and see David at Snooty Fox

on the Wyle Cop, and make

sure you look out for our local

celeb on ITV soon!


Handmade Wedding Rings

Hand Engraving

On site Repairs

Contemporary British Jewellery


See our work on our website


73 Wyle Cop I Shrewsbury I Shropshire I SY1 1UX

Tel: 01743 24 24 20


Moon Year Forecast

Sept / Oct 2021

Combining planetary influence, Astrology and Clairvoyance,

let these Moon Forecasts guide you in life with love and light....

45-minute readings giving guidance from the past present and

future and information from spirit are available at £20 via video.

Telephone readings also available. contact 07519 584975 or

Facebook page: Katie Anne Reynolds Clairvoyant and Artist

Aquarius - (21st Jan - 18th Feb)

Aquarius, the October 14th Waxing Gibbous Moon stage

sees you using unobtrusive honesty to really see a situation

clearly for someone, someone dear to you is wearing a

mask, and it is starting to slip, and you with your keen

sense of detail and wanting everything to be good, pure

and perfect can smell that something is not right... This is

where you come in with your refined sense of knowing just

what to say, even if you don't realize it, you're helping

someone with a weight on their shoulders and might even

get to hear quite a confession..

Pisces - (19th Feb - 20th March)

September 20th sees the Full Moon open your eyes to any

disillusion you may be under, although this might not be

an easy time it is so much better to be able to see

clearly... Dreams may be taking different paths than we

imagined, this is a test, how much do we want this

situation? Is it still a valid dream? Whether we're talking

ambitions goals or actual people, be malleable,

sometimes a door shuts because it's not the right door!...

may find themselves asking...

Aries - (21st March - 20th April)

The Waning Gibbous Moon stage arrives September 21st

which aids with confidence in your own reputation in both

work and social circles so by October 20th the full moon

fills you with thoughts of escape from redundant

situations, 'get out' Aries, why are you staying where you

no longer want to be? Or no longer feel appreciated? If

it (or they) no longer serve you let them go...

Taurus - (21st April -21st May)

Taurus, the Waning Gibbous Moon arrives October 21st

and image is key, advertising and PR matters, what others

think, public perceptions matter. Even in our relationships,

it seems we are concerned with what others think... A

united front helps be it in work or family, we all need to be

on the same side, come together enjoy the results of joint

labours, commit now, it's time to make the expected


Gemini - (22nd May - 21st June)

Gemini take care around the Last Quarter Moon stage

September 28th as challenge and opposition in family

matters in particular pop up, there are two paths here

under discussion, whichever camp you find yourself in

please take care of 'Mother' and make sure she is both

represented and treated fairly even if she is you... On the

flipside Wedding discussions also arise... again being

inclusive is important to all...

Cancer - (22nd June - 22nd July)

The Waning Cresent of September 1st is all about

surrender for you Cancer, letting go, dropping walls in

relationships, in the love life let it flow, stop digging in the

heels... Also, Cancer, the Last Quarter Moon stage 29th

September sees you challenging work situations, letting

your voice be heard, representing others your

communication skills can bring compromise, trust your

instincts of right and wrong, your own moral compass...

Leo - (23rd July - 23rd August)

Leo this September the 4th the Waning Crescent Moon

stage is all about 'getting rid' this Autumntime, it doesn't

take you long as by September the 10th Waxing Crescent

phase it's all about intentions, new starts, plans, goals,

wiping the slate clean, Fun is what's important, joy, frivolity,

excitement, as the saying goes you only live once! Book

the holiday, buy the new car, go on that date, Go go go!

Virgo - (24th August - 22nd Sept.)

'New moon, you saw me standing alone' as the song

goes, and why the hell not!, Its far better to be alone than

with those who compromise your soul, Virgo you do not

need the crowd, in fact your severing ties as we speak this

Autumn, 'snip snip snip', Do not be afraid to cut ties, just

be watchful around 7th September and be careful with

thoughts of revenge, but keep your sword on standby...

Libra - (23rd Sept - 23rd October)

Libra on September 22nd the Sun shines its way into your

sign, generally warming up this period. Then in enters Mars

on September 15th ramping you up, full of sexual prowess

aggression and instinct and animalistic passion! The new

moon of October 6th sees you starting a new phase in the

love life as you recognize the importance of certain

people, love enters a new period now, a very 'real' honest

future is to be considered as you face reality...

Scorpio - (24th Oct - 22nd November)

September 10th sees the arrival of Venus, and it's all about

solution, so any niggles in the love life area get addressed,

sorted out, if single then we come to healing


By 23rd October the Sun enters bringing with it the warmth

of forgiveness and reconciliation. October 30th sees Mars

bring a renewed sense of self, an acceptance of who we

are, warts and all, on another note, (excuse the pun) look

out for music gigs, live shows, theatre and anything

musical, it's good to indulge...

Sagittarius - (23rd Nov - 21st Dec.)

On the 13th of September First Quarter Moon brings a

general sense of peace to Sagittarius. A laid-back cool

approach to life brings in extreme good fortune, 'good

things come to those who wait'... October 7th sees Venus

coming in with a sense of stability, so expect a sense of

calm around the area of relationships, sometimes it's nice

to take a break if single, there's a lot to be said for selflove,

peace and that sense of empowerment when we

do not need anyone....

Capricorn - (22nd Dec - 20th January)

The Waxing Gibbous stage from September 14th brings in

a sense of 'refinement' and finishing touches to areas of

life that are almost complete, home matters, décor,

moving related issues/discussions may be almost

complete, finer details are now underway... Animals and

pets are also being discussed, but not always agreed

upon, also certain people are looking at family and

wanting fulfilment, especially where baby discussions

come in... .

Welcome to our regular column

where we keep you up to date

with the latest vegan news

and views

The Parade, Shrewsbury


Our customers have fallen in love

with vegan quiche made by

Clive’s pies. They come in several

varieties and once you try them

we can guarantee you will be

coming back for more.

Veganism is more popular than ever, but if you aren’t sure what

vegans eat here are a few pointers. Food that vegans avoid

are meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey. There are also

ingredients from insects such as beetles blood used as a red

food colouring and shellac used to make food shiny that they

will also avoid.

However, there are often hidden ingredients that are made

from animals but not so obvious. One example is lactose which

comes from milk and is often used to carry flavourings for

products such as crisps, which is why something like salt and

vinegar crisps, which would seem perfectly suitable for

vegans, sometimes aren’t. Fortunately a lot of companies now

label products as suitable for vegans, so if you aren’t sure, just

look for that label, or buy from a vegan shop.

Meet the Meat Replacements

A lot of people look for alternatives to meat, especially when

they first go vegan. There are lots of options out there including

products made alternatives such as soya, wheat gluten and

pea protein. Whether you miss the texture or the taste of meat,

or just need something to add to your meals so you don’t feel

like you are missing out then there are plenty of options for you.

If you aren’t sure what to try then feel free to come into the

shop and have a chat to us about what you like and we can

try to match you up with an appropriate alternative.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

It might not be possible to have a

traditional English breakfast when you

are vegan, but there are lots of

amazing alternatives that are healthier

than the original but just as nice. You

can replace your bacon with some

vegan rashers, egg with scrambled

tofu, and add mushrooms, tomatoes

and toast, for a really great start to the

day. If you want something healthier

you can use plant milk to make

porridge or make your own granola.

Here is our recipe for toasted oats with added protein: Crunchy Oat Cereal


Half a bowl of oats

2 tbsp sultanas

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp mixed seeds

1 tbsp mixed chopped nuts

1 tsp cocoa nibs.


Put the sultanas in a bowl and add boiling

water. Leave to sit for a few minutes then

drain. This make the sultanas more plump and


Gently heat the vegetable oil in a small

saucepan and add the oats. Keep stirring so

the oil is covering all the oats and cook a little

so they start to brown. Add the sultanas and

stir well then take off the heat. Then mix in the

other ingredients and stir. Put into a bowl and

add plant milk.

Join us on Facebook @theveganhubshropshire

Nut Butters for Protein

Protecting our Badgers

If you want to add extra protein to your oats then

a generous spoonful of nut butter can add taste

and texture to your breakfast. In The Vegan Hub

we sell a range of nut butters by Butterbelle. They

are made locally in Jackfield and contain all

natural ingredients and we would highly

recommend trying them.

We are selling mugs and t-shirts in aid of the

wounded badger patrol and can also pass

on donations if you would like to bring them

into the shop. You can find out more or learn

how to donate directly by emailing

The Vegan Hub can be found downstairs in The Parade Shops, Shrewsbury. To find out more you can go

to their website or email

Great hair


any age!

“Hair starts to

age after the age

of 25.”

Our hair ages along with the rest of our

bodies. It's not always easy to spot the

signs, but it's happening right before

our eyes, and our favourite chemical

and heat treatments will increasingly do

more harm than good as our hair ages.

Here's some advice to keep your locks

looking their best as you age.

Women have always known that hair

becomes more difficult to style and maintain

with age, but experts have now confirmed

that hair does indeed age along with our

skin and bodies. While it’s true that in

general, neglected or abused hair will start

to lose strength, no matter your age, ageing

hair is far more delicate and needs extra

TLC for the best outcomes.

Hair actually begins to age after the age of

25. Each strand shrinks 10% in diameter

and may become duller due to loss of the

colour pigment melanin. Just like

prematurely aged skin, hair can also be

prematurely aged by abuse and misuse of

chemicals and heat styling tools. Signs of

aged hair include weakness or brittleness,

dryness, flaking scalp, split ends, and an

extra fine and frizzy texture.

Ageing hair needs to be strengthened and

moisturised with the right combination of

products. Thankfully, this can easily be

achieved with a daily haircare routine as well

as the right haircut. Renowned celebrity

hairstylist, Philip Pelusi, recommends that

ageing hair be cut and styled a little

differently. He says softer, looser curls or

waves make for a more youthful look,

whereas sharp angles and severe shapes

will have the opposite effect.

Ten Tips for Aging Hair

Pelusi also suggests that ageing hair looks

best when treated to a softer, slightly lighter

hair colour with varying tones instead of

dark, solid shades. Furthermore, hair colour

should complement skin and eye colour, so

it is recommended that you consult a skilled

salon colourist before picking out a new

shade for your hair.

Here are Pelusi's top 10 anti-ageing tips for


1. Use products specifically designed to

rejuvenate ageing hair. Dove Pro-Age

shampoo and conditioner and Kérastase

Densifique Bodifying Shampoo are great

options. Your hairdresser could also assist

you by creating a haircare regimen that’s

tailor-made for you. Follow the regimen

consistently for best results.

2. Treat your hair to regular salon hair and

scalp treatments for deep, intense


3. The condition of your hair often reflects

your overall health and the quality of your

diet. Supply nutrients to your hair through a

healthy diet and supplements of essential

fatty acids.

4. Drink plenty of water to keep skin and

hair hydrated.

5. Stay active with regular exercise. Exercise

helps maintain healthy blood flow to the

scalp which encourages healthy hair growth.

6. Take time to unwind. Keep stress at bay

with a regular relaxation programme. Stress

can take its toll on the health of your hair

and skin.

7. Get plenty of rest. Proper sleep is key to

maintaining the health of the entire body,

including the hair.

8. Keep the scalp in its optimum healthy

state. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

9. Treat wet hair with tender loving care.

Apply a detangling product before combing

and use a wide-tooth comb only. Avoid

brushing your hair while it is wet as this is

likely to cause breakage.

10. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce

friction on the hair, which can cause




Sister Kate can help!

Sister Kate specialises in Micro Suction Treatment to

help patients remove excessive ear wax

The cost of the procedure is £60 for one or both ears

Home vists are also available upon request


Tel: 07793 145437



Suite G-05 Artillery Business Park, Park Hall,

Oswestry, Shropshire SY11 4AD

( Monthly clinic also in Shrewsbury )


Choosing the right hair colour can make you look

healthier, younger and more beautiful. But how do

you pick the right shade for your skin tone?

Every year hair colour fashions change, just as clothes

fashions do. But unless you have a top hair dresser on

call 24/7, the chances are ever changing hair tones are

neither suitable or doable. Instead choose the right

hair colour to suit you and you can not only look great

whatever the season but look healthier, younger and

more beautiful than ever before.

The first thing to consider is your skin tone and

whether it is cool or warm. As a general rule, warm

skin tones are redheads or have honey blonde or deep

brown natural hair and freckled or golden skin tones.

Cool tones are found on ice blondes or those with

black, dark brown or ash toned hair and the skin tends

to have a pink undertone or none at all. Olive skins

also tend to be cool.

A good rule of thumb is that if the veins in your arm

appear green you have a warm skin tone, blue and

you’re probably cool.

The Rules of Colour

Cool skin tones tend to suit intense shades such as a

dark brown shot through with honey or golden

highlights which warm up skin while warmer tones

can wear rich golden colours such as auburn or

chestnut with streaks in reds and coppers. Those with

ruddy, red­cheeked complexions should beware

colour, using the most subtle of tones in coffees and

beiges, avoiding bright reds or too­blonde bleaching.

An almost fool proof way to know is to think about

which colour clothes best suit you. If you wear red,

orange and yellow well, go for autumnal colours such

as auburn or golden blonde.

If red, purple and charcoal grey look good you’ll

probably be best with sandy or chocolate colours.

However, if you can pull off black, red and bright pink

try ash, platinum or even jet black or burgundy.

Also consider your lifestyle and how your hair colour

will fit in to it. If you’re a wallflower a bright burgundy

may draw too much attention so stick to a natural

colour. Loud, proud personalities who don’t need to

worry about a sombre professional appearance can

always get away with wackier tones.

Likewise the upkeep of a hair colour might affect your

choice. A red hair colour changes constantly and fades

fast so requires time­consuming regular top­ups. If

you have a busy or unpredictable schedule you might

wish to avoid root touch ups by choosing a colour

close to your own or simple highlights which blend in

as they grow out.

Once a hair colour is on, you can soon tell if you have

made the wrong decision. A good colour will make

you glow so if you need more make­up to make it

work or if your skin looks sallow or flushed the colour

probably isn't right for you.

To help you to avoid mistakes see a professional

colourist who can advise you on what tones will best

suit you.

Lavender Gifts and

Hampers is a friendly

and happy service bringing

you nothing but Lavender!

We stock everything Lavender from tea bags to

lavender soap, why not give these products a try.

Create your own hamper for the

perfect occasion, be it a staff gift, for a loved one

in a care home or a new home gift. Whatever the

occasion we can create the perfect hamper for you

Unique gifts for any occasion








07964 250406

“No need to wait!

Cataract surgery

within just a few



If, like many patients, you view the possibility of never having to wear glasses again as truly liberating, then you

should consider private cataract surgery. Privately, I can provide state-of-the-art premium multifocal, extended

depth of vision (EDoF), toric astigmatism–correcting and enhanced monofocal IOLs designed to give you much more

independence from glasses than the basic single vision lenses available through the NHS.

Your eyesight is precious, and you deserve the best range of vision that modern science can offer.

So, invest in your future with premium IOLs, and enjoy being able to read and use your computer or tablet with much

less dependence on annoying spectacles – something that perhaps you have not been able to do since your early 40s


Monofocal “NHS”

single vision lens.

Trifocal Premium Private cataract surgery

lens - lose your glasses

see clearly at all distances


Eye floaters are typically small pieces of debris that float in the eye’s vitreous humour. Often, they can also be caused

by sudden separation of the vitreous jelly from the back surface of the eye (posterior vitreous detachment), which is a

natural part of ageing). Most people find floaters minimally troublesome, but for some they can be a significant

source of irritation and may interfere with your quality of vision and life. Modern surgical techniques have made the

permanent treatment of eye floaters safer than ever. Mr Balaggan specialises in the permanent removal of

symptomatic troublesome eye floaters using the very latest micro-incision techniques, with the procedure being

performed in around 25 minutes as a day case patient. If you are over 45 years old and have suffered with eye floaters

for over 6 months then get in touch to arrange an assessment by Mr Balaggan. Do read the reviews from his former

floater patients on Trustpilot.


For more information contact his secretary on: 07950 684778

Email: I

T: 01952 245420

Goose on the Loose




“Mrs Goose at Home”

We are based on a farm in picturesque rural Shropshire, and host

small intimate affairs in our stunning dining room & gardens for

up to 30 guests. If you are looking for imaginative catering for a

private feasting affair, fine dining, or a special birthday

experience, we can provide everything you need here where the

house is yours exclusively.


SATURDAY 11th Sept & 9th October

'Money for Nothing' was

formed in 2000 as a

tribute to one of the

world's premier rock

bands - Dire Straits. The

abundant energy and the

excellence and musicality

of their performance

makes Money For Nothing

a "must see" for any rock enthusiast or Dire Straits

fan. Tickest £20


SATURDAY 18th September

Hear the sound and

experience the vision

through the performance

of Paul Henderson and

Aladdinsane, widely

acclaimed as the best

Bowie tribute in the UK.


t: 01746 766477


Tickets: £13


Friday 24th & Saturday 25th Sept

The band pride

themselves on their

authentic vocal sound,

first class musicianship,

and highly entertaining

show. From the corner in

Wilmslow Arizona to the

Long Road out of Eden,

as more than one fan

has said “if you close

your eyes you will

believe the Eagles

themselves are on stage”. Tickets: £18


FRIDAY 8th October

We invite you to

dance under a

diamond sky as we

pay tribute to the

greatest counter

culture of the 20th


Born on the West

Coast of America,

the Hippy movement quickly spread around the

globe, taking with it a powerful social and musical

message and a unique new sound. Tickets: £20


SATURDAY 23rd October

The Jimi Hendrix Tribute. Are

You Experienced? are now

in their 24th. year together,

and in that time have firmly

established themselves as

the premier Hendrix tribute in

Europe,having headlined

festivals in Brazil, Barbados,

Rhodes as well as

appearing at venues in

Holland, Germany and

Sweden. Tickets: £17


FRIDAY 29th &



Roxy Magic are the UK's best

and longest-running tribute to

Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry.

The band recreates entirely

live material that spans four decades.

Tickets £14 & £16


More than just a wedding venue

Opening in April 2022, Stockton House is a

brand new, exclusive wedding venue nestled in

8,500 acres of Shropshire countryside on the

breathtaking Apley Estate near Bridgnorth.

Built in 1702, the beautiful, historic Stockton House is

currently undergoing a total renovation with big

plans to transform what once was a beautiful family

home into a bespoke wedding venue like no other.

The historic house will be brought back to life with

seven luxurious en-suite double bedrooms and a

unique one hundred seater secret walled garden

dining room - the perfect location to exchange your

vows or host your wedding breakfast.

A truly bespoke experience

This luxurious, boutique wedding venue is the exciting

project of award-winning wedding caterers Caviar &

Chips, who provide a bespoke catering experience

for guests. The co-founders of Caviar & Chips,

Jonathan Carter-Morris and Marc Hornby, wanted to

create that same amazing, bespoke guest

experience at Stockton House.

The choice doesn’t stop there...

At Stockton House you get the opportunity to craft

your very own bespoke wedding menu, just the way

you like it.

Planning your food and drink journey at Stockton

begins with a blank piece of paper and our amazing

chefs work with you to craft a unique, delicious

wedding menu - designed just for you. This personal,

bespoke process gives you the opportunity to be

playful and experimental with your menu. You can

incorporate your favourite flavours and ingredients -

creating incredible, memorable moments that guests

will remember for years to come.

We still have availability for 2022 and

2023 weddings. Discover more about our

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It is now widely recognised that mental STRESS (which

includes fear, anger, chronic anxiety and depression) is one of

the leading causes of illness in the world!! The New England

Journal of Medicine published a major article detailing the

multi system damage that chronic stress can inflict on the

human body. This article reports that mental stress causes a

complex system of hormones and other chemicals to be

released. When stress persists and the body continues to

produce these chemicals, many organs in our body are

exposed to harmful consequences. Stress causes changes in

heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels and it

increases the secretion of cortisol, a powerful natural steroid


Perhaps worst of all, stress has been shown to depress the

natural functioning of our immune system, impairing our

ability to fight infections and chronic illnesses such as cancer.

This article concludes that chronic stress creates damaging

physiological changes, and that among these problems can

be; insulin resistance, heart disease, memory loss, immunesystem

dysfunction and osteoporosis, to name a few!

One of the medical researchers quoted in the article states,

“Physicians and other health care providers can help patients

reduce the risk of such stress-related problems by helping

them to relax and find ways of alleviating the stress”.


favourite excuse too and I got very offended if any one

dared to call it an ‘excuse’ because I genuinely felt so

overwhelmed by life that I believed I really didnt have time.

On further examination this was because I believed that if I

couldn’t do a full hour of something then I couldnt do it at

all. If I couldn’t do it ‘properly’ then what was the point.

The reality is I didnt need a full hour to do yoga or

meditation. Even 5 minutes would be more helpful than

none at all. This was just another form of self sabotage, a

way for me to not do the things I knew would make me feel

better. In reality if you are very stressed then even 30

seconds of deep breathing would help.

Coming out of the ‘stressed’ state allows us to see and feel

everything more clearly. If we take 10 minutes to breathe

deeply, to return to that quiet place we are far more likely to

react better to any stress anyway. So making the time for this

for a few short minutes can actually help that whole

‘stress’ situation.

Making time everyday to do this has an even deeper effect.

Just 10 minutes meditating can make you calmer and more

able to deal with stress. Just 10 minutes stretching your body

can help you feel stronger and more relaxed. Just a 10

minute walk in nature reconnects you to the world as a

whole and helps to reset your nervous systemThese dont

have to be big commitments that take up a lot of time, they

can be a few small minutes of peaceful breathing or a quick

walk in a field. The most important thing isnt how long you

do them for… its simply that you do them.

And you make that commitment to give yourself a few

minutes of your precious time every day, consistently.

Here are some suggestions for better relaxation that you can

start today…..



The most important factor in combatting stress is

RELAXATION! Learning to relax, unwind and let

go are the key to reducing the harmful effects that stress has

on the body, mind and soul. We do not function well when

we are stressed or tired. Finding ways to help you relax is

essential for physical and emotional wellbeing.


Before I make some suggestions of how to do this I wanted

to cover the most common barrier that I hear to this and

that is ‘I just dont have enough time’. This used to be my

Learning to meditate can be the most liberating and life

enriching experience but I think that people often feel

intimidated by the whole concept. The reality is that

meditation is simply ‘switching off your mind’ and there is

no hidden secret or magic involved. You do not have to be

sat cross legged chanting OM to feel the benefits of

meditation. I personally found that when I started I

preferred guided meditations and someone talking me

through it, it really helped to let go. The trick with

meditation is NOT TO TRY! I often think people are lying

there ‘trying’ to relax, trying to clear their mind.. Trying.

And thats the problem.

The best thing you can do is lie down and get comfortable,

just lie there and breath, listen to the voice of the person and

just lie there… listening and breathing. There is nothing else

you need to do.

Other than realx and allow yourself to let go but oftenwhen

we ‘try’ to relax we get more restless. So just lie there with

no demands on yourself, no need to ‘do’ anything. The

internet offers a whole range of guided relaxation and

meditation tracks (just type it in to YOUTUBE) there are

meditations for every emotion and mindset, there are 10

minute ones and 2 hour ones. Just find something that is

right for you. That you enjoy.

As stress often affects sleeping patterns so profoundly this is

also a very good way to go to sleep at night, I often fall

asleep listening to a ‘sleep meditation’ and can honestly say it

really helps me to have a full night of restful sleep and wake

up feeling great! The other advantage is that stress often leads

to poor sleep so this can help you relax AND sleep better. It is

also a great time to fit this into your day as you will be lying

in bed every night to go to sleep. What better time to fit a

little meditation into your day! There are so many to choose

from you are bound to find something that works for you! I

highly recommend you start meditating today!

Breathing deeply and slowly is the key to this and the exhale

is more important than the inhale. So a slow exhale is actually

the physical action that helps to correct your nervous system.

Just spending a few minutes taking some deep breaths and

slowly exhaling that breath will really help.

Definitely keep breathing today and try to take deeper

breaths today!


Regular exercise is not only essential for wellbeing but has

also been medicallyproven to reduce stress related disorders. I

personally love YOGA and have seen continuous positive

changes in my mind and body since starting the practice 20

years ago, but everyone is different and the key is doing

something you enjoy! Exercise doesn’t have to be hours in

the gym (that would be my worst nightmare anyway) a

gentle walk in nature, a stroll along the seafront or a hike in

the mountains is good for your body and your soul. Even just

10 minutes of gentle stretching will help your body more than

no exercise at all. It doesnt have to be hard graft. Your body

needs to move, even lazy cats stretch out their muscles, so

moving your body in a gentle way is very helpful. I

personally coundn’t survive without nature so I spend time

walking in forests and fields. Im not focusing on how many

calories I am burning I am just moving my body and


Getting active and out in nature is the best stress relief known

to man! Its free, its easy and everyone can do this no matter

what their level of fitness.I highly recommend that you go for

a walk outside today!



Sometimes you do all of these things and you still feel

stressed! That’s when you should look for help! When the

body is in a state of stress or anxiety the whole of your

system is working at full capacity, staying in this state for

persistent lengths of time will cause health issues so finding

something that helps you to completely switch off is very

important. Most people do not find relaxation easy and they

often need someone to give them ‘permission’ to rest. This is

where a treatment can really help as the therapist’s main

focus is to help that relaxation process!

There are a vast range of treatments and therapies that help

to alleviate stress, from Reiki to Reflexology the choice is

endless and making time for yourself and making the

commitment to yourself is really the key here. Allowing

yourself a regular appointment of your chosen therapy to

completely relax and unwind will have far reaching benefits

on your physical and mental health.

Sometimes we have genuine reasons to ‘stress’ in our lives but

often it is merely the treadmill of life that causes us to feel this

way. Taking some deep breaths, going for a walk in nature

and getting some help when you need it will allow your

body and mind the much needed rest that it craves.


It may sound a bit crazy telling you to remember to breathe

but many of us actually hold our breath for long periods

when we are stressed. Remembering to breathe and taking a

few minutes to focus on our breath can really help.

Breathwork is very powerful stuff. It took me a few years to

really understand how important the breath can be but we

can literally change our physical chemistry by

altering our breathing. I mentioned this during the Self Care

article as I talked about anxiety breathing, slowly our breath

can literally help to take our body out of its ‘stressed’ state.

Jessi Carrera-Maybury

Tel: 07944 501998

Charmed Healing Therapies

Reiki Master Teacher, Theta healing Practitioner

and Spiritual Coach

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Autumn Recipes to warm the soul...

Mary Berry's butternut

squash soup

This easy butternut squash soup recipe is

completely dairy-free! It has added red pepper

and ginger, and is deliciously smooth.

For this recipe you will need a 3.5–4 litre/6–7

pint deep-sided saucepan.


1.5kg/3lb 5oz peeled and deseeded butternut

squash, cut into 3cm/1¼in cubes (see tip)

1 large onion, roughly chopped

2 medium carrots, peeled and chopped

Pakistani spicy potatoes

(aloo bhujia) By Sumayya


This is gorgeous served simply with rice but

also tastes great as a side dish for meat and



500g/1lb 2oz potatoes, cubed

5 tbsp sunflower oil

1½ tbsp ghee

2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp nigella seeds

2 tsp coriander seeds

2cm/1in fresh root ginger, peeled and finely


4 garlic cloves, crushed

6 tomatoes, roughly chopped

4 tbsp tomato purée

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp chilli powder, or to taste

2 tbsp dried methi (fenugreek leaves)

1 red pepper, deseeded and cut into cubes

4 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp clear honey (optional)

5cm/2in piece fresh root ginger, peeled and


1.5 litres/2½ pints vegetable stock

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.

Tip the prepared squash into a large, resealable

freezer bag with the onion, carrots and red

pepper. Add half the oil and salt and pepper and

toss everything together until the vegetables are

evenly coated. Tip into a large roasting tin and

salt, to taste

To serve

handful fresh dill, roughly chopped

1 green chilli, thinly sliced

½ lemon, cut into wedges


Parboil the potatoes for a few minutes, then

drain well.

Heat the oil and ghee in a

saucepan with a lid, until hot.

Add the cumin, nigella and

coriander seeds and allow to

splutter. Turn the heat to low and

add the ginger and garlic. Stir,

ensuring they don’t burn or stick

to the bottom of the pan.

Add the tomatoes, tomato purée,

turmeric, chilli powder and salt to

taste and stir-fry for 6–8 minutes,

or until the oil rises to the top

and the tomatoes are soft. Add

the dried methi and stir.

spread out to form a single layer.

Roast in the oven for 40–45 minutes, or until

tender and tinged brown. Drizzle over the honey,

if using, 5 minutes before the end of cooking.

Place the large, deep-sided saucepan over a

medium heat, add the remaining oil and, when it

is hot, add the ginger and fry for a minute. Pour

in the stock and bring to the boil, then stir in the

roasted vegetables and add salt and pepper.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and, using a

hand blender, blend the mixture until smooth.

Return to the heat to warm through and serve

hot with crusty bread.

Add the parboiled potatoes and 120ml/4fl oz

water, stir and increase the heat to medium.

Cover the pan with the lid and cook for 10–12

minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked and

the liquid has evaporated (you might need to

top up the water). You want a thick sauce and

tender potatoes. Serve sprinkled with the dill,

chilli and a squeeze of lemon.

Apple and pear crumble

By Hattie Ellis

In this crumble, the cooking apples collapse to a

purée that is a nice contrast to chunks of cooked

pear. Use any kind of pear; windfalls and firm ones

are fine. Demerara sugar adds a good crunch to the

topping, as well as flavour.


For the crumble topping

100g/3½oz cold butter, cut into small pieces

125g/4½oz plain flour

75g/2½oz demerara sugar

75g/2½oz roughly chopped nuts (optional)

For the filling

500g/1lb 2oz cooking apples (2 medium–large)

400g/14oz pears (2 medium–large)

½ tsp ground cinnamon

2 tbsp runny honey

yoghurt, custard or cream, to serve


Preheat the oven to 190C/170C Fan/Gas 5.

To make the crumble topping, put the butter in a


mixing bowl and add the flour. Use the tips of

your fngers to rub the butter into the flour until

you have a texture like large breadcrumbs. Stir in

the sugar and the chopped nuts, if using.

To make the filling, peel, quarter and core the apples

and cut into 1cm/½in pieces. Quarter and

core the pears and cut into 3cm/1¼in chunks

crosswise (no need to peel). Spread the fruit in a

shallow ovenproof dish about 30x20cm/12x8in

and about 5cm/2in deep. Sprinkle over the cinnamon,

drizzle over the honey (dip the spoon in

just-boiled water first and the honey will slide

off), pour over 120ml/4fl oz of water and mix together.

Cover the fruit with the crumble topping,

but do not press it down.

Bake the crumble for 45–55 minutes, or until the

top is lightly brown and the liquid in the bottom

is oozing up around the outside. Serve warm or

hot with yoghurt, custard or, best of all, cold


Baked potato with bacon,

taleggio and leek

- James Martin

Taleggio melts wonderfully and makes a delicious

topping for baked potato, combined here with

bacon and a creamy white wine sauce.


4 large baking potatoes

1 tbsp olive oil

sea salt

25g/1oz butter

1 shallot, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, finely sliced

2 leeks, sliced lengthways then across into slices

75ml/2½fl oz white wine

300ml/10½fl oz double cream

150g/5½oz taleggio cheese, roughly chopped

8 slices streaky bacon

salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.

Rub the potatoes with the olive oil, prick all over

with a fork and place onto a little pile of sea salt

on a baking tray.

Place the potatoes on the top shelf of the oven

and bake until tender and the skin is crisp, about

an hour. Remove from the oven and set aside until

cool enough to handle.

Meanwhile, heat a frying pan until medium hot.

Add the butter, shallot and garlic and cook for 2-3

minutes, then add the leeks and cook for another

two minutes.

Add the white wine and cook until the volume of

liquid has reduced by half. Add the cream and

cook for 3-4 minutes, or until thickened. Season,

to taste, with salt and black pepper.

When the potatoes are cool enough, cut them into

quarters and place into an ovenproof dish. Pour

the leek sauce over the top then add the taleggio


Heat a frying pan until hot, add the bacon and

cook until golden-brown and crisp. Roughly chop

the bacon and scatter it over the top of the


Place in the oven and bake for 10 minutes, or until

golden-brown and bubbling.

All recipes can be found @

The Shropshire Distillery

Launch Gin School

A gin distillery based in Ellesmere has launched a new gin

school and tour experience for gin lovers. The tours will be

led by Emma Glynn, one of the UK's few female Distillers.

The Shropshire Distillery was launched in 2018 by husband and wife

team, Emma and Gareth Glynn. The distillery released their first

spirit, Shire Gin, in July 2018 followed by their Spiced Gin later that

year. In 2019 they were awarded two prestigious awards at the

International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

The in-person experiences are expected to be popular, with their

award-winning sprits attracting a loyal following beyond the county

borders. The distillery tours and gin school currently run every

Saturday afternoon.

Emma describes the tour and school as the perfect gift for gin

lovers, “It’s great to be showing people how we expertly handcraft

our classic, honest spirits. Our behind-the-scenes tours give gin

lovers an exclusive look at the hard work that goes in to producing

small batches of quality gin and the gin school provides a novel

hands-on experience. There will be plenty of opportunities to sample

our delicious gins as well!”

Owners Emma and Gareth Glynn at the new Gin School

There are two options available to book. The distillery tours include a

welcome drink, a meet and greet with the distiller, the history of gin

and The Shropshire Distillery, a tour of the distillery and the chance

to try four different G&T’s.

The gin school experience combines the distillery tour package with

a botanical talk. Participants will then create their own bespoke gin

using a copper still and botanicals of their choosing. They can take

their own wax sealed bottle home with them.

Emma continues, “Our distillery has a welcoming, rustic feel with

industrial vibes, ensuring a memorable day out. The experiences can

be purchased as a gift voucher or why not treat yourself! We are

limiting numbers to ensure social distancing is still possible, so

book with confidence and join us to enjoy the best gin in the


The tours are priced at £25 per person and take place at 12pm

Saturday afternoons. The Gin School is £90 per person or £120 for

a shared experience for two, and runs at 3pm on Saturdays. To book


The gin experiences can be purchased as gift vouchers - the perfect

Christmas present for gin lovers!

Beautiful Photography by Lindsey B

Stunning Wall Art, Traditionally Framed, Gallery Acrylics or Premium Canvas

=Shropshire based Photography Tuition, 1:1, small group

=Workshops or UK Holidays =Accredited Guest Speaker W.I,

Photography Clubs, Societies =Commissions

Find us in the Old Market Square, Shrewsbury on:

18th September, 9th & 16th October & 20th November

Mention SY1 or SCENE & get 10% discount.


Email: I Telephone: 07984 407015

Car Review:

Citroen e-C4 Shine

By Sue Cooke

Following 15 months of lockdown

and fewer cars on the road, people

living in the Northern state of Punjab

in India, were able to see the snowcapped

Himalayas, 200 kms away,

for the first time in 30 years. The

reason being, reduced air pollution.

In the UK concentrations of NO2, a

pollutant commonly associated with

road transport were estimated to

have declined by 45 per cent in the

Spring of 2020. (RQ magazine

Summer 2021)

Unfortunately, there are already signs

that pollution levels are returning to

levels closer to those observed prior

to the pandemic. So driving an allelectric

car will benefit every one of


The new Citroen ë-C4 is the fifth

model launched as part of Citroën’s

electrification offensive and is

powered by a 136hp electric motor

and 50kWh battery that can charge at

speeds of up to 100kW through CCS

rapid charging. A single charge gives

up to 217 miles.

This compact hatchback has the

qualities needed to shake up

standards, particularly with the

exterior design which I think is

absolutely gorgeous. New V shaped

LED lighting front and rear have

distinctive front fog lamps with a

cornering function. A black spoiler

across the rear window didn’t

hamper my vision and adds to the

sporty look. There

are 31

combinations of

body colours and

colour packs and

tinted side

windows with

matt black detail.

The interior is just

as good looking, is spacious and full

of gadgets. The large 10 inch high

touchscreen central display controls

the DAB digital radio, six speakers,

Apple car play and android auto

which I discovered can also be

operated by a voice command.

There are simple buttons to change

the air conditioning easily and a flip

lever instead of a handbrake. There is

so much storage space and I like the

sun visors with illuminated vanity


The integrated Smart Pad support to

which I attached my tablet computer

is useful when using the car as an

office. The steering wheel controls

and driver’s instrument cluster let me

know the average mileage I was

achieving. The head up display

showed the mileage I was driving at

and the mileage for the road ahead.

Bumping along potholed urban roads

can be very uncomfortable but this

compact hatchback has enhanced

suspension and supportive seating

which provided me with a very

smooth ride. Citroën’s Progressive

Hydraulic Cushion® technology, has

Progressive Hydraulic cushions with

advanced comfort seats. With broad

cushions and seat backs, they

combine high-density foam at the

heart of each seat, and a thick 15mm

layer of extra textured foam on the

surface. It is so relaxing for long


The ë-C4 has a “Brake” feature to

increase the slowing of the car

without pressing the brake pedal. The

system allows for the recovery of

energy when slowing the car, and the

driver can partially recharge the

battery and increase the range.

Several driving modes are available,

activated by the mode selector on the

centre console: Eco, Normal or Sport.

The system allows the driver to

choose between performance or

optimal eco-driving.

So take a deep breath and take

advantage of the environmental

benefits of driving Citroen’s allelectric

e-C4. New owners will find

zero odour and zero noise, zero

vibrations, zero CO2 emissions and

zero congestion charges.

Facts at a Glance

Model: Citroen e-C4 Shine

Price: £32,390otr

Power: Lithium-ion battery and

electric motor

Performance: 0-62mph in 9 seconds and on to a top

speed of 93mph

CO2 emissions: Zero

EV Range: Up to 217 miles (WLTP)

TwoJays Corner

Antiques & Vintage

We stock an eclectic mix for the home and garden

Unit ANTIQUES 21 Shifnal AND Industrial VINTAGE Estate, MAKE Lamledge GREAT Lane, UNIQUE Shifnal TF11 GIFTS 8SD

Open 6 days a week:

Tuesday - Sunday 10.30am - 4pm

Monday’s Watch to Thursday’s out for us we on could the TV. be out We collecting will soon or be delivering featured on stock the so it may

BBC’s antique Road trip with Charles Hanson

best to call us first if you are planning to visit us.

Tel: 01952 462340 or 07949385618


f Twojays Corner Antiques & Vintage

t @twojayscorner


The herb crust keeps the succulence of the beef while roasting with

vegetables melds flavours for a rich and satisfying meal.


1.25 kg rolled beef topside, trimmed of excess fat

300g shallots, peeled

4 carrots, peeled and chopped into cubes

2 sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 3.5cm chunks

1 celeriac, peeled and chopped into 3.5cm chunks

150g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs

100ml medium-sweet sherry, Madeira or port

6 large fresh sprigs of thyme

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp semi-skimmed milk

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard

1 tbsp fennel seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 190°C.

2. Mix the breadcrumbs and fennel seeds in a bowl with the leaves from 2

of the thyme sprigs and seasoning to taste. Mix with 2 tbsps of the oil.

3. Place the beef in a roasting tin and spread with the mustard. Press the

crumb mixture on the top of the meat to make a neat, firm crust before

placing in oven.

4. Mix the vegetables in a bowl with remaining oil, then after 1 hour add the

vegetables to the oven, arranged around the meat.



up by


5. Place some foil over the beef and cook for a further 40 minutes, turning

and basting the vegetables occasionally.

6. Once cooked, remove the meat and vegetables to a warmed serving dish

and cover with foil.

7. Pour 300ml water into the roasting tin and bring to a boil on the hob,

scraping up the meat juices from the bottom of the tin.

8. Add the sherry, Madeira or port and boil steadily for 5–7 minutes, stirring

from time to time, until the liquid is reduced by about half. Serve in a jug

with sliced meat and vegetables.




Established over 40 years and trained by former police officers.





Be able to self-monitor your property

on a smartphone or tablet anywhere

in the world with one of our mess

free wireless alarm systems.

COVID-19 update: All our engineers wear face masks & home visits

are carried out in accordance with the latest Covid Secure Guidelines.

Covering all of Telford & Shrewsbury










We cater for all types of Waste Management Solutions:



Book Online via our website

Roll On

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Trade Waste Wheelie Bin Services

Grab & Tipper Hire Services

Integrated Software

Cartwrights has specialised in Integrated Waste Management for

over 35 years covering Shropshire, West Midlands & surrounding areas

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Car Review:

Mazda MX-5

By Sue Cooke

My daughter was worried about

keeping her pristine hair in place

but with windows up and a small

wind deflector between the backs

of the two front seats, there was

very little wind buffeting although

that is something I usually enjoy.

The Mazda MX-5 is for people who just

like driving and to support its

phenomenal reliability the consumer

organisation ‘Which’ has named the

Mazda MX-5 coupe the most reliable

older car you can buy. Not a single

owner in the survey reported their car

breaking down. The two-seater even

scored the top score for its cars that are

9-14 years old. ‘Which’ says the current

generation convertible is the most

reliable car under three years old.

It is a lot easier than I thought to get in

and out of as seats sit high and doors

are light and stay open when pushed.

In true sports style, seats are bucket

shaped with integrated headrest and I

found them very comfortable. The

interior cabin space is luxurious and the

long list of standard specification items

include new wireless Apple CarPlay

with 7 inch colour touch screen display

and DAB radio.

There are two cup holders between the

seats, a useful covered and lockable

storage space behind the seats and space

in the centre console. Luckily for our

potential plant shopping spree, there is

no compromise to the luggage space

with the roof down, which is 127 litres.

Whenever I road test the MX-5 I think

of a friend, her husband and their

luggage who embarked on a drive

around Europe for three weeks in a

Mark III MX-5.

For 2021, there are 10 versions of the

MX-5 to choose from, four convertibles

and six RFs. Safety features have the

reassurance of 21st century technology.

There is a choice of engines with

Mazda’s award winning Skyactiv-G

technology which delivers improved

levels of performance and economy. I

road tested the 132ps powered 1.5-litre

engine which has a promising roar on

start-up that does not disappoint. The

instant acceleration with quick agile

overtaking is brilliant. There is also a

184ps powered 2 litre engine.

First launched in 1990, the MX-5 has

what the Japanese company calls Jinba

Ittai ‘horse and rider working in

harmony’, providing a precise steering

wheel feel; instant performance and

with rear wheel drive, the handling and

cornering that provokes pure driving

exhilaration, especially on a sunny

Autumn day.

Facts at a Glance

Model: Mazda MX-5 R-Sport

Price: £28,250 otr

Engine: 1.5 Skyactiv-G petrol

132PS manual

Performance: 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds

and on to a top speed of 126 mph

CO2 emissions: 142g/km

Combined fuel consumption: 44.8 mpg


Garden Services



Tree Felling, Pruning, Shaping

Fencing, Driveways, Slabbing

Turfing, Artificial Grass

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The future is bright following Tettenhall College’s A Level success

Teachers and staff at Tettenhall

College have been celebrating the

fantastic results achieved by their

pupils this week. The resilience,

determination, and perseverance

displayed over this unprecedented

time has been rightly rewarded for all

those who have worked so hard.

A Levels were celebrated with a 100%

pass rate and 85% achieving A* to B

grades. Teachers, students and parents

celebrated the Year 13 results, with a

superb set of academic grades ensuring

every student will be joining their firstchoice

university, with half being

prestigious Russell Group institutions.

All students are to be hugely

congratulated. Some of the stand out

performances being celebrated this year

include an outstanding 5 A* grades for

full boarder Zuzanna Malysz who is

heading to University College London

(UCL) to study Economics and Statistics.

With A*, A*, A* grades in Maths, Biology

and Chemistry, Esa Asghar will be

heading to the University of Manchester

to study Medicine.

Head Prefect David Marr­Naylor secured

a superb A*, A, A which will take him to

the University of Exeter for a Combined

Honours Degree, whilst fellow Head

Prefect Jimmy Hague will study

Economics at the University of

Loughborough having earned A, A, B in

Economics, History and Physical


Sofiat Onafuwa is now preparing to start

her time at Kings College London, where

she will study Biomedical Science with

her A, A, A grades now secure. Also, off

to Kings College London is Yi Zhou who

will study Mathematics with Statistics.

GCSE pupils also attained exceptional

results with 97% pupils achieving 5 or

more GCSE’s grade 9­4 (A*­C) and 34%

achieved an impressive grade 9­7 (A*­ A).

With a terrific nine grade 9s and a grade

8, Imogen Wright is today celebrating

and looking forward to commencing her

A levels in September at Tettenhall

College. Eashan Chumber also delivered

a stellar performance with nine grade 9s

and one grade 8. Ella Caffrey did

outstandingly well with 10 A grade

results, levels 9 – 7, six of which were the

top level 9. Coming in with her very

proud mum was Chelsea Wantling who

secured nine level 7s and 8s which will

give her a superb springboard up into

Sixth Form studies at Tettenhall in


Headmaster, Mr McAllister said, “The

fantastic results, awarded to our A Level

and GCSE students, reflect their

commitment and ambition; they deserve

to be congratulated. I have the utmost

admiration for their spirit and


Mr McAllister went on to say, “What is

clear from both our A Level and GCSE

results is that a commitment to teaching

every single timetabled lesson, whether

in person or digitally, an outstanding

pastoral system, small class sizes and an

outstanding Enrichment Programme, all

come together to deliver the highest

outcomes. Excellent independent schools

across the country like ours, are

demonstrating that it is this approach

that is so important and so effective for

our young people, giving them the ability

to choose their future pathways”.

The College looks forward to welcoming

their new Sixth Form cohort in a few

weeks’ time.

A limited number of places are still

available for September 2021. Further

details are available from the College

Admissions Team.

An open day with a difference

Saturday 25th September 2021


01902 751 119

Private tours available upon request


Water Confidence at Old Hall

A Shropshire headteacher has

said he will continue to ensure

swimming lessons remain a

priority this academic year as he

described the benefits of

swimming as “almost


Martin Stott, the headteacher at Old

Hall School in Wellington, said they had

been fortunate at Old Hall that as soon

as schools were allowed to fully open,

swimming sessions had continued in

strict class bubbles during the


“At Old Hall, every child swims at least

once a week from the moment they

start in reception and many go on to

take part in extra swim squad sessions

as they progress through the school,”

added Mr Stott.

“It’s a part of the weekly timetable that

is so important to us that we will do

everything in our power to ring-fence

it in the school calendar throughout the

year. Those efforts doubled as

swimming came under threat

elsewhere thanks to the series of

national lockdowns.”

“Fortunately, thanks to having a

fabulous swimming pool on-site, which

we share with Wrekin College, we were

able to maintain swimming lessons in

strict class bubbles throughout the

time the school was open,” said Mr


“Our online learning during the

pandemic has also ensured the

children are all relatively on track

academically, meaning we have not

needed to sacrifice our swimming time

to help them catch up on other key


“The benefits to the children are almost

immeasurable - not only in terms of

exercise but also for their mental wellbeing

and the fact this is a skill which

can actively saves lives.”

Most children at the school can swim

25 metres confidently by the age of

seven and will take part in competitive

swimming events and galas where they

earn points for their house from as

early as the age of five.

By the time they are aged seven, some

of them will be swimming

competitively against other schools

and even go on to compete at regional

and national levels.

“Our team is dedicated to putting in

any extra effort needed to get children

in the pool as young and as often as

possible because they know it is such

an important life skill to have.”

Old Hall is an independent school for

children aged 4-11. To find out more

about Old Hall contact Katy in our

Admissions Department on 01952

223117, email or visit our

website at You can

visit Old Hall School (and Wrekin, part

of the same Trust for children aged 11-

18) at our joint Open Day which will be

held on Saturday 2nd October between

10am and 1pm. If you can’t make our

Open Day you are welcome to book an

appointment at another time.

Independent c

o-educa tional

day school 4-11

Wellington, Shropshire TF1 3LB








Register your interest: • • 01952 265603 • • 01952 223117

Indepen ndent co-educational

day and boar

ding school 11 - 18


on, Shr

opshire TF1 3BH

Registered Charity No. 528417

Award winning education is

closer than you think

Wolverhampton Grammar School is an

extraordinary school. Founded in

1512, it's one of the oldest schools in

the country, within easy access of the

wider West Midlands, Staffordshire and

Shropshire thanks to flexible school bus


The independent day school has

expanded its provision to incorporate

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is a

fully all-through school, providing the

opportunity for children of all school

ages (4-18) to join a truly unique

community and experience its awardwinning

approach to education.

Means-tested bursaries and

scholarships are available for

exceptional and deserving applicants

to the Senior and Sixth Form.

If you’ve never visited the stunning 25

acre campus, you can register at any

time for an open event or personal

tour. Simply visit to register

for events that are taking place across

the coming months.

First priority is the happiness of

your child.

Children at Wolverhampton Grammar

School receive pastoral care like

nowhere else – that’s because happy

children do well, thrive, and leave the

school with excellent exam results and

the confidence to embrace whatever

opportunities come their way in their

young adult lives.

Your child will never feel alone at

Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Assistant Head in charge of Pastoral

Care, Claudine Jones, leads a team

of staff to support and work with

families. Support includes a

dedicated, expert pastoral team,

school counsellor and annual

adolescent mental health tracking

using the latest digital tools.

Academic excellence

The staff are totally committed to

providing the best teaching and

learning experience for your child –

something that continued in

lockdown, thanks to high expertise in

online delivery. Wolverhampton

Grammar School offers a very wide

range of subjects, from sciences to

humanities, creative arts to

languages. The timetable is built

around the academic choices that

the students make. They grow up to be

confident, curious and independentminded,

and their academic

achievements speak for themselves.

Despite the pressures of the

pandemic, students were awarded

stellar results at GCSE and A Level.

Sixth Form students are also able to

study towards Cambridge Technical

and BTEC awards in a range of

subjects. Sixth Form students achieved

the highest number of A*- A grades for

over 10 years, with 66% of entries

receiving nothing but the top two

grades. Alongside, 165 A* – B grades

awarded (85% of all students). At

GCSE, 641 Grade 9, 8 or 7 awards

(equivalent to A* and A) – 79% of all

grades were awarded. Students in

Years 11 and 13 enjoyed another

exceptional year with 100% pass rate.

The School offers a tailored and

individual approach to UCAS and

Careers support and students can

expect the very best preparation

possible when it comes to life after


Interested to learn more?

Simply visit the website to register for

an open event or to book an

individual school tour,,

alternatively please contact the

Admissions team at Wolverhampton

Grammar School telephone

01902 422939 email

Independent Day School for Boys

and Girls

Junior School ages 4-11 Senior School ages 11-16 Sixth Form ages 16-18

25 TES Independent

d acre site

School Award Winners

Judged ‘Excellent’ in all

areas by the Independent

Schools Inspectorate


Open Day

Extra and

S mall

co-curricular clubs

class sizes

Saturday 9 th October,

11am - 3pm

Register now to join our Open Day at or alternatively,

for more information about joining our School,

please contact our Admissions team telephone:

01902 422939 or email:

Flexible and convenient

school bus services

across 3 counties

Wrap around care

from 7.30am - 6.15pm



pastoral team

Places still

available for











Learn all about Alpacas

• Alpaca Educational and Therapy

courses for schools, groups and


• Residential and nursing home visits.

• All courses can be tailored to the


Alpaca your


Come and join the Alpacas for a picnic

For more information and up coming events

wildwoodalpacasuk @wildwoodalpacasuk

Tel Sarah 07779 667 798




Jeni Knight always wanted

to be a forensic scientist,

but dropped out of school

with no qualifications and

ended up going in a

different direction.

Now, thanks to an Access

to Higher Education

science course at Telford

College, her career dreams

are back on track.

“I saw a road sign outside the

college one day advertising the

Access to HE courses, and

decided to apply,” said Jeni, who

lives in Nantwich.

“I didn’t start the course planning

to progress on to university –

initially I just wanted to prove to

myself that I could do it.

Jeni Knight | Access to HE |

Telford College“It was my tutors

who made me believe I was

capable of so much more than

just getting a qualification. They

made me realise my potential,

and that university was a very

attainable path I could follow.”

Before enrolling at Telford

College, Jeni was self-employed,

running a catering business. Now,

a forensic science career is back

in her sights, and she has moved

on to study criminology at Keele


“I dropped out of school with no

qualifications, but at 42, I decided

to give education another go,”

said Jeni, originally from


“The access course is worth it just

for the sense of achievement you

feel when it’s finished. The tutors

gave me such a confidence boost

which really made me feel like I

could achieve everything they

were encouraging me to.

“They make everyone feel like

they can be someone and do

something important with their


“To anyone considering the

access course, I’d say believe in

yourself. It’s not as daunting as

you first believe – going back into

education is brilliant at Telford


“The support from the tutors will

make you realise what you are

capable of. College feels like a

community, so don’t let age put

you off.”

After university, Jeni says she

would like to either work in a

prison, support victims of crime,

or be a detective.

Jay Patel, who was one of her

lecturers at Telford College, said:

“Jeni has been amazing and


“The progression from when she

started, nervous and uncertain,

to the confident and outgoing

person she has become, has

been fantastic to see.”

Telford College offers three

access to higher education

pathways – Social Science,

Science, and Health


Enrolment is now under way for

the next round of courses. More

details can be found at

Telford College is

celebrating another

improved set of A Level

results, outperforming

the national average

and including a recordbreaking

percentage of

high grades.

The college’s 7th Form has seen an

overall 11% rise in high grades this

year, with 100% pass rates across

three quarters of its curriculum areas,

including English language and

literature, further maths, physics,

biology, chemistry, geography,

economics, business studies, law,

psychology, and computer science.

Principal and chief executive Graham

Guest said: “We know how hard our

students have worked over the past

year in these challenging times, so it’s

a real pleasure to see their efforts

being rightly rewarded.

“We’ve been determined to ensure

that no Telford College students are

left behind as a result of the

pandemic, and it’s been a real team


“It is satisfying to see overall

achievement for our AS and A levels

continue to rise, once again running

comfortably above the national


Aprille Rose discovers her results

Aprille Rose, 19, from Hadley, got A*,

A and B in her fine art, physics and

maths A levels, and now plans to

study an architecture degree at

Sheffield University.

The former Hadley Learning

Community student said she

appreciated the way Telford College

had given her more independence

than a 6th form.

“Fine art allowed me to become

independent in projects and allowed

me to explore my potential, maths

was challenging, and the practicals in

physics were both educational and


Kaycee Owen, 19, from St Georges,

moved to Telford College from

Madeley Academy after the first year

of her A levels, and achieved two A

grades and a B from her maths,

chemistry and biology studies.

She said: “I really enjoyed my A Levels

at college. My teachers changed my

perspective of learning – thoroughly. I

am incredibly grateful for everything

college has offered me.

“My teachers have supported my

every dream and I’ll be forever

grateful. They made me feel worthy of

good grades with the hard work I put

in – they go above and beyond for

each one of us and we’re all very


Callum Macmillan, 18, from

Albrighton, was previously home

schooled before enrolling at Telford

College. He achieved a hat-trick of A*

grades in his computing, maths and

physics A levels.

He said: “I would definitely

recommend Telford College, as the

experience was great and enjoyable.

The teachers have been so helpful. I

would like to do a degree in electronic

engineering and most likely become

and electronic engineer.

Former Thomas Telford School

student Chloe Ashfield, 18, studied

biology, psychology and sociology A

levels, and achieved one grade A and

two Bs.

She said: “The subject choice at

Telford College was much better,

meaning I could choose courses that

would stand out at university.

Everyone wants you to succeed and

pushes you to do your best.”

Chloe plans to go to Coventry

University to study paramedic science

with the hope eventually becoming a

paramedic in the NHS.

Jessica Terry from Wellington has her

sights set on a teaching career,

enrolling on a childhood studies

course at Aberystwyth University.

The 17-year-old achieved two As and

a B from her criminology, sociology

and English language A levels.

“Telford College has given me more

freedom as well as a better support

network between students and staff –

a much more interactive experience.

The support I received with my

course work has been absolutely


Margarita Donkoh Lockner

Margarita Donkoh Lockner, 20, from

Hadley, was previously schooled in

Spain, but thrived on her Telford

College A level courses, achieving A*

grades in both maths and further

maths, plus an A in her extended

project, and B in physics.

She is now planning to become a

structural engineer, starting with a

civil engineering course at the

University of Bath.

Margarita said: “When I moved to the

UK I knew I wanted to continue with

some scientific subjects that I did in

Spain. It was never my intention to

choose further mathematics but

when I started I really enjoyed it.

“I recommend Telford College

because it’s easily accessible, and

teachers and tutors are always there

to help you towards your career


Telford College are open for A level

applications after October half term

so apply to secure your place for

September 2022. You can also attend

an Open Event, more information can

be found on their website

10% OFF

with code:


Join us on

Facebook for

latest stock and



Welcome to Wyvern Wax , your one stop shop for highly

fragranced wax melts and home fragrance products.

We offer a fantastic range of hand poured Wax melts and

fragrance products. CLP Compliant & fully insured.

SYone SP


Welcome to the Autumn issue of

SYone's Sports and looking ahead we

have the previously postponed London

Marathon, which will be taking place in

the Capital on Sunday 3rd October, (All

being well), and another sign of a bit of

normality in these crazy times.

Virgin Money London Marathon

But with so many sporting events that

are planned and then at the last minute

either postponed or cancelled at the

last minute, we at scene thought we

would look back at the previous football

season and look ahead at to this

season's frolics, but in particular the

rule changes that have occured in our

magnificent game. In the old days,

(About a thousand years ago) football

consisted of two villages that would

battle it out between them by kicking a

"football" towards their neighbours and

if they got into the opposing villages

``Goal" then that would be that, you

win! In fact today some local villages

still perform this ancient battle (And

that's what it is really). It can take many

days and most of the "Players"

normally end up in A&E as there are no

rules to it.

because it was our game, we were the

best in the world at it, but ever so

slowly all the other countries caught up

to us and now we're not!! But as the

song goes eventually Football will come

home and we may win one of these

footie tournaments, as we nearly did

last summer!

Football is a simple game but

unfortunately we do try to complicate it,

which then confuses everyone!

Originally the Peoples game, it

consisted of one football pitch, eleven

players, two goals, oh and yes one

football! All you had to do was kick the

ball to the opponents goal, get it over

the line and then that was a goal!


No, that was too easy and to

complicate matters we decided to come

up with RULES, one in particular can

confuse one half of the nation. Now first

and foremost I completely apologise if I

sound sexist, but Gents, look at your

good lady and explain the offside law

so that she can understand. No, I didn't

think so.

"So as the ball is kicked, you cannot be

in front of their last man! Last man,

what are you on about??" and then try

to explain that those defenders will try

and catch the forwards offside by

running out of their penalty area!!?

Exactly, it is a game which we men love

to confuse our good ladies, (And really


The best defence at triggering the

offside rule were the Arsenal back four

who would always come out in a

straight line, now if I've again confused

you, watch the film The Full Monty

again because it will explain the way

Arsenal played better then any football

video would.

the Full Monty), we have decided to

complicate matters even more by

bringing in VAR. Imagine an alien crash

landed onto the planet and they

watched their first game of football, now

in the old days if a footballer was

offside, the linesman, (Sorry second

official), would put up their flag so the

referee could blow his whistle and stop

the game to confirm the player being


Nah, that's too easy, we decided to

complicate matters further, so when the

aforementioned player is offside, this

time the linesman, (Shoot me I'm gonna

call him a linesman!), DOESN'T put his

flag up, (I'll say that again he DOESN'T

put up his flag), lets them play on for a

bit, knocks the ball around and

eventually the ball might make its way

to a goal. Then and only then do they

decide to REVIEW the goal, now this is

the fun bit, they get in touch with

someone probably about 100 miles and

ask him for his opinion of the goal, he

then gets his electronic marker pens

out and draws all sorts of lines over his

telly screen to try and decide whether a

players armpit or big toe was in an

offside position.After what seems a

lifetime, the players have gone off to

make a cuppa, iron there shirts, had a

look at what's on telly that night and

then comes back to the referee

(shouldn't he be called first official now)

and says it is probably offside so don't

give the goal Aghhh!!

Match of the Day Shrove Tuesday


So about 150 years ago we Brits

decided to change this and come up

with the modern game with a pitch,

players, goals everybody

could play to the same rules.

Association Football was born. At first

The Arsenal Offside trap explained,

Easy when you know how

Now as more and more people are

grasping the idea, (Thanks to films like

Armpit or Big Toe you decide what is

more offside!!

This season to combat all the problems

of VAR they are going to use thicker

marker pens!! (And you think I'm

making this up!) So that's that sorted

then. Whatever happens this season

shouldn't we just make football as

simple as possible so everyone can

enjoy it. Now where did I put my Jumbo

Marker Pen!!

By Chris Dawson

Netley, Dorrington,



T: 07930 219568

F: @netleyhallpaintball

Here at Shropshire Paintball, we offer the ultimate paintball and

combat experience. The arena is far from being the conventional battle

zone, boasting a two story wooden house, a double decker bus, disused

caravans, dozens of dug outs, trenches and even has its own two story

fort with a lookout tower! Set in the woods with flowing streams and

undulating terrain gives the battlefield an added sense of realism, with

plenty of bushes, trees and undergrowth to provide ample ground

cover, the unwary soldier can quickly find himself surrounded by

concealed enemies often bearing down on him, all of this ensures for a

very realistic combat environment.


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1st October 2021

At The Market To

wn Vet we ensure you and your pet are at the heart of our

business. We are proud to be an independently owned practice, meaning

we will have total control over how we care for your pet.

Book Appointments

Register Your Pet

Pet Health Plans

Visit Our Website

A brand new practice opening at

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I n



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n d e

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Shrewsbury Canoe Hire:

the view from the blue canoes

Take the time this summer to see Shrewsbury and Attingham Park from a watery

new perspective in one of our cool blue canoes.

Whether you’re a Salopian or a visitor, canoeing the River Severn from

The Quarry Park is the must do activity in the sunshine. Join us for this

breath-taking experience of the local environment and have oodles

of fun with all the family. Take the time to see Shrewsbury from a

different direction. Here life moves a little slower. You’ll be paddling

under the Welsh Bridge, travelling through the local countryside

upstream – where you can take in the sights of the town river banks

and county show ground, and feel connected to Charles Darwin as

you pass by his childhood garden and Doctor’s Field where he had his

introductions to nature.

Down at river level you can often spot kingfishers, otters, sand martins

and other river flora and fauna. Have your own close encounter with

the incredible countryside and share a unique view of our historic

town away from the hustle and bustle. Exploring our big river is a

brilliant way to inspire young minds, get active and to make memories

that last.

We’re also very proud to be able to invite you to discover another of

our local rivers, The Tern at the National Trust’s Attingham Park. There

the hour long paddle takes you back in time and newly experience

the history of Attingham Park. Views from the river were originally

intended only for the landowners and their guests, which is very

reminiscent of a scene from Wind in the Willows.

It is a gentle meandering river, perfect for beginners. You’ll paddle

through the landscape, and wind your way through some enchanting

woodland. You may even catch the plop sound of a water vole as it

goes about its day. It is a wonderful place to spot all kinds of river

wildlife normally hidden from view, especailly the enormous

dragonflies that dance around the rivers edge. A great experience

that melts away the stresses of every day life.

Shrewsbury Canoe Hire - We are based in The Quarry Park, March

to September, next to the play area and Porthill Bridge. Our base at

the National Trust’s Attingham Park is open from July – September


One hour hire – All season long we offer canoe hire for 60 minutes

from The Quarry Park and/or Attingham Park, enough time to try out

this fun and exciting activity for all the family. You can turn up and

hire on the day, but we recommend that you book ahead on our


Half day hire from The Quarry you can choose between the

Shrewsbury town loop, or heading into the country upstream and

having a blissful riverside picnic. Book now via our website.

Who can canoe? The great news is open boat canoeing is

accessible to almost everyone, the very young to older people, people

with disabilities, and especially families. Canoes can hold two adults

with one to two children, & dogs are also welcome. To canoe with us

you don't need to have tried it before.

Safety - We provide you with safety equipment, highly trained staff

and constantly monitor the weather and river itself. For your

additional safety we take contactless card payments, follow strict

hygiene proceedures and recommended social distancing measures

during the pandemic.

We really look forward to getting you on the water! Find out more on

all of the above and much more on our website

01743 244 800

Find us on Facebook and Twitter for

updates, new services and offers.

Flowers, Ribbons

& Bows

Bespoke Silk flower

arrangements and

door wreaths, made

to order in any

colour or flower.

Contact Gail: on 07521 111723

or email:

Now taking

orders for



door decorations

and table



Floral door wreaths

made to your size

and budget


DITA eyewear exclusive to Martin Haynes

Official stockists of

Varilux lens specialist

3/4 St John's Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JD

Call: 01743 236777

Book on-line @


Following the

continuing journey of a

local business owner

For Adrian, the owner of Extra Help

Shropshire, the last five months

since he began his journey have

been truly inspiring, as his

business has continued to grow

and his reach across the county

has extended further.

With a background in relationship

management and ensuring customer

satisfaction, and with his personal

experience of supporting his mum who is

affected by Alzheimer’s, his longing to help

people, particularly those who are

vulnerable, led him to open a local office of

Extra Help to assist residents of Shropshire

to make their lives a little easier, and help

people retain their independence.

He explains, “I knew during lockdown that I

wanted to get out there and help, and the

more I learned about Extra Help, the more

I felt it was the

perfect opportunity

for me to make a

real difference,

particularly assisting

some of the more

vulnerable in our


“As business has steadily grown, the need

for our services has become increasingly

clear. Whether supporting busy

professionals who simply don’t have time

to keep on top of their cleaning after a

gruelling working week, to helping

sheltered living residents with meal

preparation, a bit of gardening, or some

companionship, we are providing a

compassionate and professional service,

and the feedback we have had so far is


“Lockdown has kept families apart, and

we’ve had enquiries from worried relatives

in different parts of the country who need

to know their parents are safe and eating

well. We fulfil an important role for our

clients for whom there are no personal

care needs but plenty of help around the

home required.”

“As a first time business owner, it has been

an exciting journey so far, and a real

learning curve, but I am now looking

forward to the coming months, with my

focused, reliable, caring team in place to

continue to support residents across the

whole of Shropshire.”

Adrian Preece

Extra Help Shropshire

Tel: 01743 830380

Jessi Carrera-Maybury

Reiki Master-Teacher

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Reiki Treatments

Reiki Training & Attunments

Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing

Theta Healing & Belief reprogramming

Spiritual Coaching & Guidance

Spiritual, Oracle and Tarot Readings

Over 10 years experience

Tel: 07944 501998

3 Salters Court, Lower Bar,

Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7BE

Trichology Clinic

Hair and Scalp conditions?

Treatments/Consultations available

Do you suffer with hair or

scalp problems?

Itchy scalp I Flaky Scalp I

Thinning Hair I Psoriasis I

Eczema I Patchy Hair Loss.

Contact Julie Cole MIT for an appointment 07813 828164

24 St John’s Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1JJ


accountants + business advisors


& Business

Advisers based in


01743 257300














Tim Shaw recommended & used by leading home

furnishing retailers since 1997.

07976 559072

0800 6128817

Shropshire Areas - FREE advice, quotes and fully insured.




Each number in our Cross Code grid represents a different letter

of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start

you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid,

then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters

should go in the missing squares.

As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number

in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of

letters as you identify them.



Using all 16 letters of the phrase above, form

four words each of four letters which will fit in the

grid to form a magic square in which the words

can be read both horizontally and vertically.

Quiz Challenge

1. Brian May has played lead guitar

for more than 40 years with

which rock group?

2. At Rio 2016, who cycled their

way into the history books to

become Great Britain’s most

decorated female Paralympian?

3. Which landmark is used as the

high water reference point for all

British tide tables?

4. Which inland sea fills the deepest

depression on the Earth’s


5. What is the title of the US

national anthem?





How many words of four

letters or more can you

make from this

Nonagram? Each word

must use the central letter,

and each letter may be

used only once. At least

one word using all nine

letters can be found.


18 Good; 22 Very Good;

25 Excellent.

Any word found in the Concise

Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition) is

eligible with the following

exceptions: proper nouns; plural

nouns, pronouns and possessives;

third person singular verbs;

hyphenated words; contractions

and abbreviations; vulgar slang

words; variant spellings of the

same word (where another variant

is also eligible).


Spell out a 15-letter word or

phrase by moving from one

chamber to another within

the pyramid. You may

only enter each of the

chambers once and

may only proceed

through openings

in the walls. The

first letter may

appear in any






6. The piccolo belongs to

which group of orchestral


7. Boy George is the lead

singer of which New

Romantic band?

8. While at St Andrew’s

University, Prince William

captained his team in which


9. The Carnatic Wars were

fought in which country?

10. Benbecula is in which British

group of islands?










Here are two

miniature fivesquare


using the same

grid – but the

letters have

been mixed up.

You have to

work out which

letters belong

to which




Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box.

1 5 7 9 6

5 2 8

9 8 4 3

3 8

2 8 6

1 6 2 9 4

9 3 7

2 7 3 6

8 1 7 4


3 9 7

5 7 2

6 1 3 4

7 3 4 9


1 2 7

9 6 5 8


5 8 6


4 8

14 2 1

2 2

4 2 1

4 1

Place the four signs (add,

subtract, multiply, divide)

one in each circle so that

the total of each across

and down line is the same.

Perform the first calculation in each

line first and ignore the mathematical

law which says you should always

perform division and multiplication

before addition and subtraction.

This puzzle page is supplied by

Sirius Media Services.

To try our new puzzle,

Zygolex, go to

© Sirius Media Services Ltd


Only £895 for

a fully fitted

electric door.

Gotta get a Garolla.

Garolla garage doors are strong

and solidly built. They’re made to

measure in our own

UK factories.

The electric Garollaa door rolls up

vertically taking up

only 8 inches

inside your garage.

Our expert installers will fit your

new door and take away the old

one so there’s no mess.

Give us a call today

and we’ll come

and measure up completely Free.



AS £ 1,354

£ 895 INC VAT





MOBILE 07537 149 128


are specialists in loft ladders and hatches for easy


safe access to your loft. W

e also provide boarding, lighting

and insulation solutions. Call us now to find out how we can

help you turn your lost space into a really useful loft space.

Call Jonathan to book a FREE survey & quote

01743 626144















































21 25



24 26




















1. Gathering it’s

improving (7,2)

6. Reduce percentage (3)

8. Eccentric members of

society have a crazy

hairdo (7,6)

9. Stop or pass on (5)

10. Trusting Robin

perhaps (7)

11. Cad gets right with the

beast (6)

13. Pecan, a sort of

appetiser (6)

16. Men in line went first and

caused irritation (7)

18. Initially Richard and I

examine the bolt (5)

20. Valley possibly is a rundown

region (9,4)

22. Clutch component! (3)

23. Digging is sheer

drudgery (9)


1. Friend having most of the

stake (3)

2. Many with Alan moving about

on the water (5)

3. Concentrated in the past

maybe (7)

4. Got one vehicle inside

another (2-4)

5. Copper illegally covers up

danger (5)

6. Is able to rubbish a musical

composition (7)

7. Dealing with management (9)

9. Case for an explosive vehicle

on the hill (9)

12. One used by those securing

temporary accommodation


14. Shorten a game (7)

15. Poems as sent back to Black

Sea port (6)

17. City is in first place, we hear (5)

19. Covers over part of the lefthand

page (5)

21. Request to lie in the sun

topless (3)


1. Even (6)

4. Foolish (6)

8. School

absentee (6)

10. Young cat (6)

11. International

prize (5)

12. Wanderer (6)

14. Tidy (6)

16. Went on

horseback (4)

17. Threesome (4)

19. Finest (4)

22. Haemorrhaged (4)

26. Kidney duct (6)

27. Lasso (6)

28. Bolt (5)

29. In the same

place (6)

30. Breathe

huskily (6)

31. Bicycle for two (6)

32. Emergency (6)


1. Surgical stitch (6)

2. Of the eye (6)

3. Canned (6)

5. Worker (6)

6. Vegetable (6)

7. Eating (6)

9. Ripped (4)

10. Garden of

England (4)

13. Musical work (5)

15. Drying frame (5)

18. Whimsical (6)

19. Harmless (6)

20. Calm (6)

21. Cut back (4)

22. Breathed out (4)

23. Suds (6)

24. Frogmen (6)

25. Strain (6)


QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Queen; 2 Sarah Storey; 3 London Bridge; 4 The Dead Sea; 5 The Star Spangled Banner; 6 Woodwind; 7 Culture Club;

8 Water polo; 9 India; 10 The Outer Hebrides.



4 8 1 5 7 3 9 6 2

5 3 9 2 4 6 8 1 7

6 7 2 9 1 8 4 5 3

7 9 4 6 5 1 3 2 8

3 2 5 4 8 7 6 9 1

1 6 8 3 2 9 5 7 4

9 4 6 1 3 2 7 8 5

2 5 7 8 9 4 1 3 6

8 1 3 7 6 5 2 4 9

3 2 9 4 8 6 1 5 7

8 5 4 7 9 1 3 2 6

6 7 1 5 2 3 4 9 8

7 6 5 8 3 4 9 1 2

9 3 8 2 1 5 6 7 4

1 4 2 9 6 7 8 3 5

4 9 6 1 5 2 7 8 3

2 8 3 6 7 9 5 4 1

5 1 7 3 4 8 2 6 9


tale; arid; ling; edge.


Queen’s Messenger.


Clockwise from top

left – divide;

subtract; multiply;

add. Total: 6.


Across – 1 Picking up; 6 Cut; 8 Lunatic fringe; 9 Colon; 10

Reliant; 11 Rotter; 13 Canapé; 16 Rankled; 18 Rivet; 20

Depressed area; 22 Egg; 23 Spadework.

Down – 1 Pal; 2 Canal; 3 Intense; 4 Go-cart; 5 Peril; 6 Cantata; 7

Treatment; 9 Cartridge; 12 Tent peg; 14 Abridge; 15 Odessa; 17

Leeds; 19 Verso; 21 Ask.


Across – 1 Smooth; 4 Stupid; 8 Truant; 10 Kitten; 11 Nobel; 12

Roamer; 14 Neaten; 16 Rode; 17 Trio; 19 Best; 22 Bled; 26

Ureter; 27 Lariat; 28 Rivet; 29 Ibidem; 30 Wheeze; 31 Tandem; 32


Down – 1 Suture; 2 Ocular; 3 Tinned; 5 Toiler; 6 Potato; 7 Dining;

9 Tore; 10 Kent; 13 Motet; 15 Airer; 18 Quaint; 19 Benign; 20

Serene; 21 Trim; 22 Blew; 23 Lather; 24 Divers; 25 Stress.




Across – Large; Scale; Resat.

Down – Loser; Reads; Eject.

Across – Small; Altar; Toyed.

Down – Smart; Aptly; Lurid.


abridge; abridger; aged; badge;

badger; barge; barged; begad;

berg; brag; bridge; brig; brigade;

BRIGADIER; debag; dirge; drag; egad;

garb; garbed; gear; gibe; gibed; gird;

girder; grab; grad; grade; grader; grid;

rage; raged; rager; regard; ridge; rigid.


Roofing Services


=New Roofs & Repairs =Dry Verge

=Flat & Pitch Roofs

=Barge Boards & Cladding

=Re-pointing & Chimney Work =Quality Assured Workmanship

=Guttering, Fascias & Soffits =Roof Cleaning

=Loft Insulation - For Cooler =No Job too Big or too Small!

... summers and warmer winters

Family run Business

T: 0800 959 6791

M: 07769 668863


=Based in Shrewsbury








The largest antiques, vintage

collectables, arts and crafts centre

in Shropshire


8,000sqft of antiques, collectables,

vintage and retro gems for your

home, pub or guesthouse





Vintage Teas, Fresh Coffee

Novelty Hot Chocolate

Homemade Cakes

Afternoon Teas

(booking advised)

07740 139 062


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm - Sunday: 10am-4pm

Tel: 01691 652257

Mobile: 07837 245769 Evenings: 01691 778607


Get on

your bike!

Shropshire Cycle Hub is making a big

difference across Shropshire, by improving

access to healthy, sustainable transport’


ased in Riverside Mall,

Shropshire Cycle Hub is

a young charity that has

already made a big difference to

hundreds of lives in Shrewsbury

and beyond!

From humble beginnings renovating

a handful of bikes for people

displaced by war, the Hub has

evolved into a pioneering charity,

committed to addressing the big

challenges of our time. Cycling is

proven to be a major contributor in

reducing obesity, improving mental

health, countering air pollution

and climate change, and addressing

transport poverty and rural isolation.

Cycling also brings benefits to

our local economy – studies show

that people travelling by bike visit

local shops more often and spend

more compared to other modes of

transport. In a compact town like

Shrewsbury, optimising the town

centre for active travel can increase

consumer spending too.

By reducing barriers to cycling,

Shropshire Cycle Hub are helping

to create a healthier, more sustainable

and vibrant town.

With three awesome employees

General Manager Colin Stead, testing

out our latest Triobike addition

Our volunteers in action at the Hub

and over 30 volunteers, we renovate

bikes and give them to people who

could not otherwise afford one,

as well as providing discounted

repairs for those on low income.

We have strong links with local

agencies and charities that support

people in difficult times, whilst

also working collaboratively across

communities with local councils,

schools, and youth groups, to help

NHS key worker, Ben,

receiving a free bike

promote active travel.

During the first coronavirus

lockdown Shropshire Cycle Hub

provided free bikes to key workers,

enabling them to travel safely

by avoiding public transport or

car sharing. In total over the last

eighteen months, we have provided

over 500 free or low cost bikes!

This has allowed more people to do

local journeys without the worry of

traffic jams or parking charges.

We also host regular free, fix and

learn events for members of the

local community via the ‘Dr Bike’

scheme. And the recent addition

of two fantastic Triobike Rickshaws

now offers accessibility for all to

experience the joy of the wind in

their hair!

Shropshire Cycle Hub is working

hard to secure funding that will

cement their future growth as the

‘Thank you for your great

service - especially during

the Covid storm. You and

your team do a really great

job serving the increasingly

active cycle community.

This bodes well for the

future of our planet’.

‘I am really

happy with

my new

bike from


cycling hub.

I have had

an email to

say I own

the bike

which I

was shocked at. It’s made

a big difference to me as I

can get to college on time.

It’s also going to keep me

healthy and fit’.



Nigel W

Dan L

‘one stop shop’ for improving access

and participation to active travel

via cycling. We believe there is no

better way to enjoy the beautiful

town of Shrewsbury and beyond.

If you could support us in any

way either via volunteering,

unwanted bikes, or a donation, we

would love to hear from you!

07485 212320

WCS Computers

Laptop / Desktop sales

and repairs.

Viral / Malware solutions.


Office 1, Rentaspace Building

Battlefield Road

Shrewsbury, SY1 4AN



07946 412734

01743 240 261




10am - 4pm Monday to Friday

Hartley Business Centre, Monkmoor Road,

Shrewsbury, SY2 5ST


Our Services


Regular pool servicing

t Summer startup service

t Winter shut down service

t Pool Maintenance and repair

t Swimming pool

refurbishment and build

t Hot tub servicing

t Hot tub Maintenance & Repairs

t Supply of chemicals and


t Advice on maintenance,

chemicals and

eciency cost saving

Please contact us for a free

no obligaon quote.

Get in touch

t:07541 351979



f: Aqualate Pool Services

We are a family business based in

Newport, Shropshire. Fully qualified

& experienced pool engineer.

Commied to the highest standard of

customer service and sasfacon.


Its a man thing... Gadgets

With the onset of Autumn and those dark winter nights, this is

the time of the year when "Modern men" up and down the

land will be updating their gadgets, whether it be electronic,

electrical or mechanical.

The domain of any man is his Tool Box, this is a box where

over a number of years he has acquired all sorts of gadgets

that he has probably only used once, but he needs to keep

them, just in case, he might need to use them again! (Which

never does), but this will give modern man the excuse to

have a walk around the DIY store planning their next project,

then buying the bits and bob's he needs for that project, take

them home, put them in the corner and never see them

again!! Ahh well the thought was there, "Maybe next year

love" is the message that comes back from your nearest and


As the football season is now kicking off "Modern Man" will

be looking at their televisions and thinking to themselves is it

time for an upgrade? Should I go from a 50 inch to an 80 inch

telly? Does it have the latest ultra HD 4K gobbledegook

equipment that I need to look at each individual blade of

grass on the pitch in jaw dropping detail? Decisions,

decisions, (By the way whatever happened to 3D screens,

you know the ones where we all had to wear 3D glasses?)

Toolstop 73 Piece Tool Kit in a Cantilever Tool Box £79

As modern man is happy with his television, his music

collection, his tool box and all his other gadgets that are now

strewn across the house, especially in that drawer, you know

the one where everything gets put because there is no place

for that torch with the strength of a thousand lamps!! He can

contemplate the future and put further plans in place to get

the wife to buy him the latest gadget for Christmas!! Now how

do you spell Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven!! (Look it up)

After the TV's next thoughts are on "Surround Sound"

speakers where you can hear exactly what the managers and

players are saying, as well as the tea lady inside the stand!

Modern man has some tricky decisions to make. He will then

look at his musical collection because being a hoarder, sorry I

mean collector, he will want all his music at his fingertips,

even though he could just ask Alexa! Now this could be a

time when he wants to go back to his childhood and buy

VINYL (Kids ask your dad's), but then he will need to get a

RECORD PLAYER to play them on (Again Kids..............Don't


Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven £399

By Chris Dawson

G.A Flooring

Over 40 years in the trade

Supplying & Fitting:

•Carpet • Vinyl • Laminate

• Engineered Wood

• LVT (Amtico / Karndean)

• Subfloor preparation

Offering customers the opportunity to view

samples within the comfort of their own home with

a FREE home consultation and estimate

Covering all of Shropshire

07848 810 833 or 07412 569 611

‘Bring the outside in’

this Autumn with

From modern art to artificial

plants and even a swinging

chair to relax in...


Artificial Palm Tree from £18.99

Artificial plant £11.99

Leaf print cushion covers £11.99 Bird wall Decór from £18.99

Choice of cast iron candle holders

from £16.99

Modern art flamingo or green crane

pictures from £8.99

Swing chair £91.99

Artificial Palm Tree from £18.99

Raven Lamp from £16.99

Seagrass wicket planters /

baskets from £8.99






Landscaping with Natural Stone. Great choice of Aggregates

• Decorative Stone

• Sand & Gravel

• Walling Stone

• Top soil

• Compost

• Rockery Stone

• Paving

• Cement

• Bark

• Railway Sleepers

• Logs & Coal

• De-Icing Salt

Tel/Fax: 01691 831 682


Brighten your home with a unique and abstract Vase all available at

Ceramic Face abstract vases from £21.99

Abstract vases &

Candle holders

from £18.99

Abstract Glass vases £11.99

Creating Faces vases from £14.99

Greek Godess Vases from £37.99

Beautiful blushing

face vases £26.99

Retro / Funky flower vase or make up brush holder £16.99

All at

Hand holding

flowers Vase


Beautiful blushing fac vases £26.99











throughout OFFERS







What is Permafence ® ?

Permafence ® is an ultra high quality

plastisol coated hot dipped zinc metal

fence. Available in a large range of

colours and styles with a

25 Years Guarantee.

Call us now for more information

Family owned and run business based in Shropshire


✔ Highly professional and personalised service

✔ Work delivered on time and on budget

✔ Competitive rates ✔ Friendly local craftsmen

Also specialise in Seamless Guttering I Roofing



01691 575456


Let’s get FUNKY

Tiger Cushion

covers £11.99



wall art



Hippo Holder @ £38.99

3D Guitar Lamp,

changing colours £21.99

Banksy ‘life is short’ canvas from £8.99

Choice of abstract

animal statues

from £36.99

Abstract Women,

cushion covers


Choice of retro canvases from £11.99

All Available from

Monkey lamp from £59.99


local independen

om y




Price Match Guarantee


nt electrical retailer

Expert Kn


r Service





Contact-Free Del




• 15 Programmes . Delay Start

• Soft Dial Touch Controls

• EcoSilence Drive, LCD Display

• Dimensions: H84.8xW59.8xD59cm

5 Year Warranty *

C Energy Rating

Unit 6 Vanguard Way, Harlescott, Shrewsbury SY1 3TG Tel: 01743 463261

Castle Street, Hadley (next to Lidl) Telford TF1 6GJ Tel: 01952 257007

• 5 Prorammes Inc. 24 Hour Delay


• Fast Full Load Programme

• Bluetoth Connected. White

• Dimensions: H84xW60xD58cm

3 Year Guarantee

C Energy Rating

• 14 programmes Inc. Delay start

& Hand Wash

• Buton/Dial Control. LED Display

• Reload function

• Dimensions: H84.8xW59.8xD55cm

2 Year Warranty

D Energy Rating

• 16 Programmes Inc. Hand Wash

• Dial Controls, Delay Start

• Digital Display with LED Indicators

• Dimensions: H85xW60xD56cm

1 Year labour 10 year parts

E Energy Rating

• 15 Programmes Inc: Delat Start

• Bluetooth Connected

• Dial & Touch Controls

• Dimensions: H84xW60xD55cm

1 Year Guarantee

A Energy Rating

• 16 Programmes Inc. 45 Minutes

Quick Wash

• BIT Digital Display, Dial Controls

• Up to 9Hours Delay Start

• Dimensions: H85xW59.5xD54cm

1 Year labour 10 year parts

E Energy Rating

Get cosy this Autumn with a

throw of your choice from

Luxury faux fur blanket from £36.99

Large Knitted Blanket from £21.99

Boho Ethnic throw from £16.99

Nordic knitted blanket from £23.99

Shaggy throw, choice of colours

from £20.99

Bohemian Chenille Blanket

from £53.99

We are hand painting specialists offering an affordable

bespoke service, transforming old and new furniture,

including fitted kitchens and fitted bedroom furniture.

Give a new lease of life to a piece of furniture and revitalise a favourite dresser, table or chairs.

Based in Newport, Shropshire, transformation is carried out in our custom

designed studio, or on site for fixed pieces.

PAINT IT promises to deliver you an affordable piece of furniture that will

be admired, desired and loved.

If you would like to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION please call Peta on 01952 670805

or email

Home & Garden

Garden makeover with

Mark Pumford


Transforming gardens for over 30 years is

Mark Pumford Stonework & Landscaping,

Oswestry (MPS). Offering a professional,

quality service from start to finish, their

services include full landscaping, water

features, all stone work, decking, fencing,

patios, repairs and repointing.

Specialising in Stonework such as miniature stone

bridges, dry stone walling, repointing of stone houses

and all general stone work. They also offer modern day

stone cladding which is a great way of easily

transforming tired and dated brickwork.

If you are looking for a complete garden make over for

2018, then look no further than MPS. Working with you

to help design and plan your perfect garden, they will

clear your garden of all unwanted materials and create

your dream garden, no matter on shape or size. From

new turf, new patio, Dremel gravel, supplying and

planting of borders or even a spectacular water feature,

MPS have got it covered. Some people know exactly

what they want however others don’t, this is where

MPS’s expert advice can guide you through the process

giving you a range of options to choose from.

MPS’s services don’t stop there, bespoke fencing,

decking and carports are also on offer. Using top quality

products such as Hercules for decking, which is available

in many colours and features natural wood and a unique

non-repeating colour variation within each board,

ensuring a beautiful finish every time. Carports can be a

great addition to your home, helping to prevent frost on your car in the winter

months and keeping you dry from the rain when getting in and out of your car, they

also allow you to use garage space for other things!

Mark Pumford Stonework & Landscaping not only offer a wealth of experience but

also a friendly and professional service at competitive prices. Free and honest

advice and quotations are offered and a wide range of quality services and

landscaping available to suit your budget, no job is too big or small for Mark

and his team!


WHITCHURCH, WREXHAM and further, distance is not an object!

Contact Mark Pumford on 01691 671849 or

07815 647421 for a free and detailed quotation

@ Mark Pumford Landscape Gardener and Stone Walling

Scene Local Media 01952 780058























07815 647421 or 01691 671849

Linden Homes offers a stylish new range of

spacious homes to suit both first time buyers and

those looking to move up the ladder.

With plenty of options to

choose from including 3 and 4­

bedroom homes there’s

something for couples and

families alike, with a range of

buying options to take the

stress out of buying a new


Designs favour open­plan kitchendiners

and selected styles offer a

downstairs utility room and

optional study or snug spaces;

ideal for the new trend of working

from home. The larger properties,

such as the four­bedroom

Knightley, offer additional features

of French doors leading to the

garden, plenty of storage space

and an en­suite.

If you want something smaller

then there are our three­bedroom

semi­detached homes in the

range, like the Eveleigh, that also

includes a downstairs WC and

cloakroom, as well as en­suite

features. The Eveleigh is a great

home for growing couples and

smaller families and has been

designed with a spacious sitting


Our homes offer great connections

into Shrewsbury and have great

outdoor space with new walkways

installed to make the most of your

surroundings. We’ve even

included Hedgehog Highways to

restore the balance of nature and

wildlife. You can be rest assured

that your home has plenty of

space around it giving you

maximum privacy in your

surroundings, private driveways,

and secluded street scenes. You

can also be safe in the knowledge

that your new home comes with a

two­year customer care warranty

and a 10­year NHBC Buildmark


Find your new home today from

just £279,995 or search Linden

Homes Shrewsbury to find out

more and ask about our options to

use with Smooth Move – making

your next move easy.

You can also book an

appointment to look around

our show­homes and speak to

a member of the sales team

from 10am to 5pm by visiting

our website at Please all

offers are subject to T&C and

available on selected homes.

Discover a stunning range

of new family homes

at Oteley Gardens, Shrewsbury

This exclusive and small development

is home to a range of 3 and 4 bedroom

homes from £279,995.

From open plan living to larger family homes with

For more information

please call

01743 617 160

or search

Linden Homes Mercia

Photograph depicts a typical BLinden Home exterior/interior. Internal images may include optional upgrades at an additional cost. Price & availability correct at


SECURED ON IT. Ask our sales advisor for details. GDD61497

#beltup #fatalfour

Do the right thing for

you and your passengers.

Belt up.

Not wearing a seat belt could be a fatal decision,

even on short familiar journeys and at low speed.

It is a legal requirement to ensure you and

your passengers are wearing a seatbelt.

westmerciapolice @WMerciaPolice

@westmerciapolice @WMerciaRoads

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