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Improver<br />

<strong>AUG</strong>UST | <strong>SEPT</strong>EMBER | 2021<br />

Kitchen<br />


trends<br />


Also inside: Great cleaning hacks •<br />

Grow a kitchen garden



NEWS<br />

AGENCY<br />


Vasantha Angamuthu<br />

vasantha@africannewsagency.com<br />



Vivian Warby<br />

EDITOR <strong>HOME</strong> IMPROVER:<br />

Vivian Warby<br />

vivian.warby@inl.co.za<br />

DESIGN:<br />

Kim Stone<br />

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WHAT I know about kitchens I learnt from<br />

my mom Dot and my grandmother Niddy.<br />

To me, as a young girl, whatever<br />

was going on in this room was totally<br />

otherworldly.<br />

I’d be in awe as I watched pickled<br />

turnips turn bright pink overnight,<br />

believing it was some form of magic<br />

and not knowing it was thanks to the<br />

chunk of beetroot thrown in with the<br />

vinegar and salt.<br />

It also took me a long time to<br />

realise that the chickens in the velhok<br />

were not my pets but instead dinner on<br />

the table. I never much liked<br />

eating chicken after that.<br />

That said, Mom and Gran spent<br />

many hours and days cooking for family,<br />

friends and strangers. Squashed around<br />

a small table, they’d prepare delicacies<br />

that people would drive from all over to<br />

come and eat. Just two ordinary woman<br />

concocting such magic in this room –<br />

our home’s headquarters – where many<br />

a plot and plan was brewed for the<br />

longevity of our family.<br />

I remember how excited my mom was<br />

when, finally, my dad had enough money<br />

to fix up the kitchen which would afford her<br />

more space to prepare these meals.<br />

A kitchen renovation is a big deal.<br />

This is, after all, the place from where<br />

the weary, the disheartened, the broken<br />

hearted, the jovial and the lonely get<br />

nourished.<br />

This kitchen edition hopes to be<br />

aspirational and inspirational to our<br />

readers, but also a practical guide on<br />

how to honour this most special room<br />

in your home.<br />

Enjoy!<br />

Vivian Warby<br />

Vivian warby<br />

Vivian.Warby@inl.Co.Za<br />

0 2 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

contents<br />

<strong>AUG</strong>UST | <strong>SEPT</strong>EMBER 2021<br />

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Letter<br />

Contents<br />

Trends<br />

Kitchen on a tight<br />

budget<br />

Must-haves<br />

Mom’s dos & don’ts<br />

19<br />

20<br />

24<br />

26<br />

27<br />

30<br />

Contractor’s tips<br />

Makeover<br />

Best cleaning hacks<br />

Outdoor kitchen<br />

Chefs’ choices<br />

A feast growing<br />

in the garden<br />

15 29<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 0 3

trends<br />


style<br />


The kitchen has become the heart of the<br />

home, where we not only cook but also<br />

entertain and sometimes work, create<br />

and dine. Home Improver editor<br />

Vivian Warby explores trends and ideas<br />

for a pandemic world<br />


We personally love wooden floors<br />

because of their warm ambiance<br />

and nowadays you have an unlimited<br />

selection of laminated flooring – it’s<br />

completely budget dependent.”<br />


“I’m all for wooden floors – which<br />

these days have great finishes,<br />

making them kitchen-friendly.<br />

I like a seamless look from the<br />

kitchen throughout the house.”<br />



0 4 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



We are seeing a huge shift from a more neutral, traditional colour<br />

palette to one of colour, such as reds and greens, and also<br />

interesting textures.”<br />


“There’s a definite move to colour for the kitchen. We are seeing<br />

more pastel and comforting shades: think pistachio green,<br />

ballet-pump pink and duck-egg blue.”<br />


trends<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 0 5

trends<br />


In your kitchen you want the<br />

lighting to be both inviting<br />

as well as bright enough to<br />

see what you’re doing while<br />

preparing your meals. For<br />

warmth, we enjoy a woven<br />

lampshade but this will<br />

depend on the style of the<br />

home and its owner.”<br />


“Think flexible lighting –<br />

especially the new “train<br />

lights” that you can move<br />

and adjust to where you<br />

need them. Layered lighting<br />

is still big – go for spotlights,<br />

pendants, table lamps, floor<br />

lamps. A multi-purpose<br />

kitchen, which serves so<br />

many uses today, means you<br />

need lighting to change the<br />

mood in an instant.”<br />



And don’t forget natural light<br />

– skylights and windows<br />

are big in the trend to bring<br />

the outside in.<br />

0 6 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


trends<br />


With the move to a more open-plan multipurpose<br />

kitchen, it makes sense that the<br />

formal dining room has been ditched and<br />

is now part of the kitchen. This offers a<br />

practical and functional answer to how<br />

we operate in a pandemic world. The<br />

trend is multi-pronged. Some families are<br />

converting the formal dining room into a<br />

study, using it as a storage space or an<br />

“isolation bedroom”. Another way to bring<br />

the dead space of a dining room back to<br />

life is to break down a wall and incorporate<br />

it into the kitchen. The extended island (see<br />

overleaf) is a result of this trend.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 0 7

trends<br />



One of the biggest trends right now is the extended<br />

island, with seating hidden under it and not jutting<br />

out. This is partly because of the death of the dining<br />

room. Extended islands functioning as dining tables<br />

also reflect the bigger trend of having more kitchen<br />

seating. A table abutting the island similarly creates<br />

a versatile workspace or a homework spot for the<br />

kids. It becomes a casual gathering place as well as a<br />

designated dining area. Added to that, extra storage<br />

can be incorporated into the island.<br />

0 8 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


trends<br />


With the move to more<br />

open-plan kitchens,<br />

designers are having<br />

to come up with clever<br />

ways to handle the bigger<br />

space. We are seeing<br />

glazed walls, sliding<br />

panels – such as the<br />

ones in the picture by<br />

artist Mark Hilltout – and<br />

slatted screens being used<br />

instead of walls, offering<br />

greater flexibility. The<br />

key, say the experts, is to<br />

ensure the space can be<br />

transformed into different<br />

areas, if necessary.”<br />

TIPS: Use removable<br />

wallpaper, painted panels,<br />

a big rug or different<br />

flooring to separate areas,<br />

for instance a patterned<br />

vinyl floor in the cooking<br />

area and hardwood in the<br />

dining/living section. But<br />

use colours and textures<br />

that link the areas.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 0 9

trends<br />



No, we are not just talking about extra cabinets<br />

for pots and pans which, of course, are a must.<br />

We are talking about spaces beyond the pantry.<br />

The pandemic has seen people stock up on food<br />

and other goods and often the pantry or shelves<br />

are just not enough to contain them. Never<br />

mind all that extra toilet paper. There is a move<br />

to second freezers, bigger pantries and using<br />

cupboards in other rooms (think the dining room)<br />

for storage.<br />


This trend is growing as a small-space solution.<br />

To recreate it, conjure up the idea of your<br />

favourite coffee shop. You can do this by<br />

adding a wooden bar counter against a wall or<br />

a window and accompanying that with bright<br />

bar stools creating a place to eat, drink, read<br />

or even work. Plus a view outdoors, if you have<br />

one, will create the illusion of more space.<br />

1 0 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


Budget menu<br />

A renovated kitchen is a good selling point - and it need not be expensive<br />

ONE PLACE that adds value when selling a home is the<br />

kitchen, say estate agents.<br />

But budgeting to redo a kitchen can be scary, especially<br />

now with the cost of building materials.<br />

Experts say the cost of a new kitchen depends on the<br />

finishes you use and on the size of your kitchen.<br />


The average cost of renovating a large kitchen with high-end<br />

appliances and semi-custom cabinets can range from<br />

R200 000 to R300 000 and up.<br />

For a full designer kitchen that figure jumps to R1 million,<br />

while a small to medium kitchen renovation can range from<br />

R10 000 to R200 000.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 1 1


KITCHEN cupboards will<br />

be your biggest expense.<br />

Building work your<br />

second biggest expense.<br />

Counter tops come in<br />

at number three for costs.<br />

You will also have to<br />

fork out for electrical work,<br />

plumbing and also gas<br />

points which could<br />

altogether set you<br />

back over R40 000.<br />

You need to know<br />

what you can skimp on<br />

and what you can’t, says<br />

designer Will Engelbrecht.<br />

HIS ADVICE: If you<br />

want a kitchen you’ll love,<br />

and one that will last, you<br />

will have to spend money<br />

to get you the longevity,<br />

however, if you do some<br />

DIY you can cut costs<br />

dramatically.<br />

You need to know<br />

what you can skimp<br />

on and what you<br />

can’t skimp on<br />

1 2 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



THERE are many ways to<br />

renovate a kitchen on a budget:<br />

Spray or paint old cabinets<br />

This will cost about R8 000 –<br />

that is about R70 000 less than<br />

getting new ones made.<br />

TIP Ensure you use a paint that<br />

can resist moisture and that has<br />

a sheen for ease of wiping.<br />

Go second-hand Use movable<br />

furniture instead of built-in<br />

cabinets. Buy these pieces<br />

from a second-hand shop and<br />

DIY as regards restoring them.<br />

Create a feature of open<br />

shelving (but mind the dust)<br />

for decorative purposes by<br />

removing the doors of one of<br />

the cabinets.<br />

DIY as much as possible<br />

This is one of the best ways to<br />

reduce costs as professional<br />

installation and repairs<br />

contribute significantly to the<br />

cost of kitchen renovation.<br />

Go for white appliances<br />

Make an art gallery on a<br />

wall. This can include recipes<br />

that are framed or photos of<br />

family and friends eating meals<br />

together or having celebrations<br />

around food. This will work to<br />

remind you of good times too.<br />

Backsplashes can be made<br />

of off-cuts of bigger slabs of<br />

kitchen counters, which can<br />

be cut into various sizes and<br />

stacked up.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 1 3


must-haves<br />

Gleaming gadgets to gladden<br />

the heart of any cook or budding<br />

barista - and all just a few clicks<br />

away from your kitchen<br />




BLACK (4 piece)<br />

Every kitchen needs a<br />

great set of knives and<br />

this Swiss classic range<br />

is a must for<br />

any chef.<br />

Loot price: R1 780<br />


BUY NOW<br />

BOSCH<br />

14- PLACE<br />



(silver/inox)<br />

Its high energy efficiency<br />

means this dishwasher is<br />

better for the environment<br />

– and we are always for<br />

greener options.<br />

Loot price: R7 399<br />


BUY NOW<br />




This retro-style machine<br />

has an easy-to-use<br />

three-switch operating<br />

system. The two-inone<br />

professional<br />

filter works<br />

with ground<br />

coffee or pods<br />

for creamy<br />

espresso,<br />

while the<br />

stainlesssteel<br />

milk<br />

frothing<br />

arm makes<br />

for great<br />

cappuccinos.<br />

Loot price:<br />

R1 999<br />


TO BUY NOW<br />




(90cm, anthracite)<br />

An energy-efficient, large-format cooker,<br />

with a European A+ energy rating. We<br />

also love its good looks and the fact<br />

that it is freestanding.<br />

Loot price: R44 999<br />



(pastel blue) We love this iconic,<br />

retro-looking stand mixer with its<br />

soft curves and in trendy blue.<br />

Loot price: R8 999<br />



AIRFRYER (3.6 litre)<br />

This seven-in-one airfryer will cook<br />

you up healthier versions of your<br />

favourite fried foods in no time.<br />

Loot price: R1 299<br />


1 4 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



Mom knows best<br />

REAL-LIFE stories about<br />

kitchen wins and<br />

disasters are the best<br />

place to find out if an<br />

idea works well.<br />

For this article, we are happy<br />

to team up with Renovating<br />

Moms (Cape Town and Joburg)<br />

– a Facebook group of women<br />

with a membership of more than<br />

65 000, full of useful ideas, tips<br />

and advice. Here are some dos<br />

and don’ts from moms who have<br />

tried and tested them.<br />


you have a separate scullerycum-laundry?<br />

If you do, have<br />

the dishwasher in the kitchen or<br />

you’ll be carrying dirty dishes and<br />

crockery into the scullery and then<br />

clean dishes back into the kitchen,<br />

says one mom. It’s much easier to<br />

pack and unpack if the dishwasher<br />

is near the crockery cupboard.<br />

A wall-mounted drying rack<br />

above the sink in the scullery can<br />

accommodate larger dishes that<br />

don’t fit into the dishwasher.<br />

If you have both a washing<br />

machine and a tumble dryer, the<br />

dryer can be mounted on the<br />

wall above the washing machine,<br />

saving floor space.<br />

PREP BOWLS Is it necessary<br />

to have a prep bowl in the<br />

kitchen if you have a scullery?<br />

There were mixed feelings on this<br />

one, but having one won out.<br />

How do you know designers’<br />

ideas will work for you and your<br />

family’s needs? Welcome the<br />

Renovating Moms who don’t<br />

mince words on what works<br />

and what doesn’t<br />

However, do ensure you have a<br />

hot as well as a cold tap.<br />

“The plumber who said I needed<br />

only a cold tap on the prep bowl<br />

obviously didn’t do the cooking in<br />

his home,” said one mom.<br />

Another mom says if both the<br />

main sinks are full of dirty dishes,<br />

a prep bowl can be “invaluable”<br />

and if your main sinks are in a<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 1 5

The plumber who said I<br />

needed only a cold tap on the<br />

prep bowl obviously didn’t do the<br />

cooking in his home<br />

separate scullery, a prep bowl in<br />

the kitchen “proper” saves a lot<br />

of walking.<br />

For those who don’t have<br />

much counter space, place a glass<br />

cutting board on top of a prep<br />

bowl and voila! extra space.<br />

FRIDGE One mom says it’s a<br />

good idea to have a free-standing<br />

fridge rather than one tucked<br />

away surrounded by cupboards.<br />

Should you buy a bigger fridge at<br />

some point, it won’t fit in the gap.<br />

COOKING What sort of oven<br />

are you wanting? Many people<br />

swear by eye-level ovens, rather<br />

than an under-hob version which<br />

requires bending every time you<br />

want to check on the progress of<br />

the roast or cake.<br />

If you’re going to have a gas<br />

hob, figure out where you’re going<br />

to put the gas cylinder. There are<br />

compliance rules about this, so<br />

check with the installer.<br />

And whatever you do, say<br />

two moms, do not go for stoves<br />

and ovens with touch displays,<br />

especially not one with a hob<br />

above.<br />

“I am constantly inadvertently<br />

making the oven beep, and once<br />

even turning it on, while I stand<br />

and use the hob. Biggest pain<br />

ever. I hate it.”<br />

Another mom agrees: “We<br />

had one and would often use the<br />

counter top to drop groceries on<br />

when coming home – and a few<br />

times the hob would turn on and<br />

melt the bags before I noticed.”<br />

Create a built-in niche for<br />

the microwave which means it<br />

doesn’t take up counter space.<br />

STORAGE Do you have room<br />

for a pantry or at least a decentsized<br />

pantry cupboard? If you go<br />

for a pantry cupboard, make sure<br />

it has a light.<br />

You’ll need plenty of storage –<br />

more than you think.<br />

PLUGS The same goes for plug<br />

points. You want lots.<br />

“There is a new life-changing<br />

electrical appliance every year<br />

which you’ll have to plug in.”<br />

Another mom says: “You get<br />

plug points with two-point plugs<br />

in them. I am going to change<br />

some of mine as most appliances<br />

come with two-point plugs. Also,<br />

plugs with USB charger points.<br />

Life changer.”<br />

ISLANDS Will you have an<br />

island? “We’ve got a huge island<br />

and got rid of our dining table<br />

which was the best decision. The<br />

dining room was a wasted space<br />

as we never used it. Nowadays we<br />

sit as a family at the island,” said<br />

on on-trend mom.<br />

Another suggested extra<br />

cupboards under the island.<br />

“I would recommend – if<br />

you can – putting cupboards<br />

underneath the island on the<br />

‘outside’ – the side that you<br />

normally have the seating.<br />

“Your island obviously<br />

needs to be deep enough and<br />

the overhang far enough to<br />

accommodate this, but it is<br />

great for extra storage for all the<br />

random things that one does not<br />

use every day – tablecloths, extra<br />

glasses, wine decanters, fancy<br />

cutlery, etc etc. It doesn’t detract<br />

from the look of the island at all,<br />

so it is basically bonus space.”<br />

Will you have room for an<br />

appliance cupboard? These allow<br />

you to put away things like the<br />

toaster and food mixer so they<br />

are not occupying valuable<br />

counter space.<br />

Or you could build, as one<br />

mom suggests, “a waist-high shelf<br />

in the pantry for all appliances<br />

with plug points so you can use<br />

them immediately and not have<br />

to climb a ladder, drop a lid or<br />

trip over your feet”.<br />

RUBBISH Plan where the<br />

dustbin and recycling bin will go.<br />

SHELVING Do open shelves<br />

work better than storage<br />

cupboards? The moms are<br />

pretty dubious. Says one: “Open<br />

shelving is a design feature, not a<br />

storage solution. You’ll find you<br />

have dust everywhere.”<br />

Says another: “Open shelving<br />

is great for plants and recipe books<br />

1 6 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


If you’re considering<br />

open shelving, take<br />

your cupboard doors<br />

off for a few weeks<br />

and see how that<br />

works for you before<br />

you commit<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 1 7


and glass storage containers, but<br />

they need constant styling, and<br />

cleaning, and they’re more hassle<br />

than they’re worth. If you are<br />

considering open shelving, take<br />

your cupboard doors off for a few<br />

weeks and see how that works for<br />

you before you commit.”<br />


CABINETRY Cupboard units<br />

should go all the way to the floor<br />

or you’ll spend your life cleaning<br />

under them, says one mom. And<br />

take them right up to the ceiling<br />

too, or you’ll end with dust and<br />

unsightly clutter on top of them.<br />

Large pot drawers are the<br />

storage solution for everything<br />

you keep below counter height.<br />

Obviously, they are good for<br />

pots, but also for Tupperware and<br />

other plastic containers, as well as<br />

casserole and other cooking and<br />

serving dishes.<br />

Another mom suggests a drawer<br />

for spices. She advises you consider<br />

the height of items you have to<br />

store in cupboards. Sometimes two<br />

shelves are better than three for tall<br />

items like vases and olive oil, fabric<br />

softener and so forth.<br />

Avoid corner cupboards,<br />

unless they are tall, walk-in ones.<br />

Or, as one mom says, “Corner<br />

cupboards are where things go<br />

to die.”<br />

And think carefully about<br />

your counter tops. One mom<br />

said: “Wish I hadn’t put in black<br />

counter tops. Yes, we were at the<br />

end of our budget and I didn’t<br />

care too much about the colour<br />

as long as it was granite... But it’s<br />

difficult to tell how clean they are<br />

(and to spot any lurking ants).”<br />

• Find renovating moms on Facebook<br />

in Cape Town here and in Joburg here<br />

Cupboard<br />

units should<br />

go all the<br />

way to the<br />

floor or you’ll<br />

spend your<br />

entire life<br />

cleaning<br />

under them<br />

1 8 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



We have all come<br />

across terrifying<br />

accounts of<br />

homeowners<br />

wanting to update<br />

their kitchens, and<br />

being left in the lurch<br />

by unscrupulous<br />

building contractors.<br />

So, how do you<br />

ensure this doesn’t<br />

happen to you?<br />


WHAT DO YOU WANT? Before calling<br />

in contractors for quotations, draw up a<br />

detailed plan of what you want done and<br />

what you can afford.<br />

For substantial work, get a detailed<br />

cost estimate.<br />

Find a qualified person to draw up<br />

plans, determine specifications and submit<br />

them to the local authority for approval. If<br />

you don’t do this, you may have problems<br />

later when it comes to selling the property.<br />


recognised companies that have a track<br />

record and are registered and compliant.<br />

A so-called bakkie builder may be cheap,<br />

but does he have insurance should one of<br />

his workers be injured in your home? If the<br />

builder doesn’t, the worker could sue you.<br />

Do you have any recourse if the contractor<br />

causes defects to your existing home?<br />

Contractors don’t have to be members<br />

of the Master Builders Association but<br />

membership will give you some protection<br />

if things go wrong.<br />

Ensure your contractor is registered<br />

with the necessary legal or statutory<br />

bodies, such as Workman’s Compensation<br />

Insurance, the Bargaining Council for the<br />

Building Industry and the Receiver<br />

of Revenue.<br />

Get references from all contractors.<br />

QUOTES Get quotations from at least<br />

three reputable contractors.<br />

To compare costs, make sure each<br />

contractor is quoting on the same written<br />

specifications and conditions and includes<br />

VAT. Be cautious of unrealistically low<br />

quotations. Do not begin any work while<br />

the price is still under negotiation.<br />


Get a written agreement with the<br />

contractor you have chosen. Don’t sign<br />

acceptance unless the contractor’s offer<br />

is firm, in writing, clear, covers all your<br />

requirements and is signed.<br />

Make sure the agreement includes the<br />

starting date, the approximate duration of<br />

the work, the anticipated completion date,<br />

specifications for cleaning up during the<br />

work, including the disposal of waste or<br />

rubble, and payment details.<br />

Use a Master Builders SA or Master<br />

Builders Association-approved building<br />

contract.<br />

INSURANCE Your contractor should<br />

be insured for public liability and have<br />

contract insurance.<br />

Appropriate insurance should be<br />

agreed to cover any damage to your<br />

existing building and contents. Tell your<br />

insurance company you are having<br />

renovations done.<br />


VARIATIONS Establish the cost of any<br />

extra work you want the contractor to do,<br />

again in writing, before the work is carried<br />

out and confirm any changes, in writing,<br />

with both you and the contractor signing.<br />

PAYMENT Usually, you will not be<br />

expected to pay a deposit before work<br />

starts or be asked to pay the wages of<br />

workers during the contract. With fairly<br />

large jobs, interim payments on completion<br />

of certain sections can be specified in a<br />

contract or agreement.<br />

A request for a progress payment<br />

should be accompanied by an invoice<br />

detailing the percentage and value of the<br />

work completed. For a small job, payment<br />

is usually made in one lump sum when the<br />

work is satisfactorily completed.<br />

Before making the final payment,<br />

inspect the completed work and detail<br />

in writing any complaints or defects. It is<br />

acceptable to withhold money for defects<br />

or incomplete work but it is unfair to<br />

withhold a large sum for minor defects.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 1 9

BEFORE The client<br />

wanted a timeless look and<br />

feel for the new kitchen<br />

in her traditional southern<br />

suburbs home, which would<br />

fit in with the palette of the<br />

rest of the house.<br />

Thought<br />

for food<br />

Interior designer Kimberley Richmond, of Beautiful Spaces, tells us how she<br />

recreated the kitchen of her client’s Cape Town home<br />

CLIENT I was looking for a timeless look and<br />

feel for my new kitchen. One of my limitations<br />

was that the house was painted and tiled with the<br />

same palette throughout when it was bought, so I<br />

had to use that palette and make my kitchen fit in<br />

with it.<br />

DESIGNER The house has quite a traditional<br />

southern suburb, Cape Town, feel so I couldn’t go<br />

too modern. My client likes to cook and entertains<br />

a lot, so the design had to work with that. I<br />

wanted it to be convenient, easy for her and<br />

family to move around in and practical in terms<br />

of cooking.<br />

The main kitchen felt too spacious and I felt<br />

an island would make it more complete. We also<br />

created a mini “bar” area for her husband from<br />

where to serve drinks as they like entertaining.<br />

I also made the oven area with spice racks, pullout<br />

drawers and all requirements close at reach.<br />

I added wood, and a hint of grey as a finish, to<br />

make it look less sterile. The scullery was divided<br />

by a gorgeous barn door in charcoal to separate<br />

the main kitchen and to allow that to be the<br />

coffee station/cleaning area.<br />

ADVICE Have your list of requirements before<br />

you design. Look at the size of your family and<br />

make life convenient. Have your wish list and<br />

design around that. A good kitchen design is one<br />

of the biggest investments in your home so it<br />

needs to be right.<br />

AFTER The designer<br />

used wood, and a hint of<br />

grey as a finish.<br />

2 0 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

AFTER A centre island was<br />

added to the kitchen which was<br />

designed to be convenient, easy<br />

to move around in and practical<br />

in terms of cooking.<br />

My client likes to cook and<br />

entertains a lot, so the design<br />

had to work with that<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 2 1

Improver<br />

Priceless<br />

advice for<br />

all your home<br />

improvements<br />

M A R C H 2 0 2 1<br />


Improver<br />

Bathroom<br />

splash issue<br />

Also inside: A palatial home • Gardens that will grow on you<br />

To advertise here contact<br />

Charl Reineke | charl.reineke@inl.co.za | Vivian Warby | vivian.warby@inl.co.za<br />

2 2 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

The world’s wealthiest are favouring sumptuous ‘whole life’ homes where they can<br />

seclude themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic and other disasters<br />


ONLY A<br />

MOTHER’S<br />

LOVE<br />

The ultimate<br />

L U X U<br />

Make your<br />

R<br />

cleaning<br />

experience an<br />

Y<br />

eco-friendly, beautiful<br />

and uplifting one<br />

with Mother’s Love<br />

Products.<br />

| Best quality eco-friendly ingredients | Biodegradable within 28 days<br />

| Safe to use with grey water systems | Uplifting fragrance of pure essential oils<br />

that will leave you feeling energised and your home looking pristine.<br />





Kitchens are busy spaces and get grubby fast. Here’s how to get yours spotless<br />

SUCH a high-traffic area can be<br />

tough to keep clean. There are often<br />

dirty dishes in the sink, there might<br />

be gunk in the secret spaces of the<br />

dishwasher and cooking means<br />

surfaces, stove tops and cupboard<br />

tops tend to get sticky with grease.<br />

Here are some ideas for getting<br />

your kitchen gleaming.<br />

THE COUNTERS Some people<br />

manage to keep their counters<br />

spotless and clear, others let them<br />

attract clutter. It’s much easier<br />

to clean an uncluttered kitchen.<br />

Remove everything that doesn’t<br />

belong on the counters, or in the<br />

kitchen at all, and put it away. Then<br />

wipe down with a cleaner.<br />

White vinegar can be great to<br />

wipe down surfaces but be careful<br />

with natural stone tops like granite –<br />

vinegar can eat into the stone.<br />

THE OVEN This is one of the most<br />

disliked cleaning jobs in the kitchen.<br />

Some ovens have an auto-clean<br />

setting but forget it. It’s a very high<br />

temperature setting and has been<br />

known to set off fire alarms.<br />

But there’s an easy way to clean it<br />

overnight. Fill a spray bottle with a<br />

solution of a third of a cup of water,<br />

a third of a cup of white vinegar and<br />

half a cup of bicarbonate of soda.<br />

When the oven is cool, take out<br />

the shelves and spray the inside,<br />

avoiding the heating elements. Then<br />

close the door and go to bed, while<br />

the solution does its work.<br />

Twelve hours later, you can clean<br />

the oven with soapy water, then dry<br />

it with a dish towel.<br />


EXTERIOR When cleaning your<br />

oven, don’t forget the hob and the<br />

exterior of the oven.<br />

Start at the top. If you have a gas<br />

stove, remove the grids and wash<br />

them if they’re sticky. Then clean the<br />

surface of the hob with all-purpose<br />

cleaner. Electric plates can be wiped<br />

off with diluted dish-washing soap.<br />

An electric glass hob is the<br />

easiest of all – just wipe it down<br />

2 4 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

with warm, soapy water.<br />

Once the top is clean, wipe<br />

down the front of your oven with<br />

all-purpose cleaner, white vinegar,<br />

or diluted dish-washing soap. Don’t<br />

forget the knobs and displays.<br />

THE EXTRACTOR FAN You just<br />

have to look at it to know that the<br />

extractor fan casing collects grease.<br />

The grease catches dust and the<br />

whole thing becomes disgusting.<br />

But you can clean it simply by<br />

wiping it down with a few drops of<br />

sunflower oil on sheets of kitchen<br />

paper. Then wipe it down again with<br />

your usual spray and a sponge.<br />

Inside the extractor fan you’ll<br />

find a fabric filter which needs to<br />

be washed from time to time. You<br />

might need to unscrew the grill to<br />

get at it. It can be washed in hot,<br />

soapy water, left to dry and replaced.<br />

THE SINK First rinse it out. Then<br />

use a scrubbing cleaner – or bicarb<br />

– and scrub it with a sponge or<br />

cleaning brush.<br />

Clean the taps, sponge holders<br />

and soap dishes. Wipe down the<br />

drying rack.<br />

When you’re done, fill the sink<br />

with hot water with some bleach<br />

added, let it sit for about 10 minutes,<br />

then drain.<br />

If your sink isn’t draining well,<br />

it might be that you have a build-up<br />

of grease in the drain. A kettleful of<br />

boiling water might well sort out<br />

the problem.<br />


the exteriors. Check the filter in the<br />

kettle and clean it. Empty the toaster<br />

of crumbs. Check both the interior<br />

and exterior of the microwave and<br />

clean them.<br />

THE FLOOR Sweep or vacuum<br />

clean the floor. Use a dust-buster to<br />

get into nooks and crannies.<br />

Then wash it with a mop dipped<br />

in soapy water. Some people prefer<br />

those ghastly string mops, others<br />

prefer the ones you can squeeze to<br />

wipe dry.<br />

When<br />

cleaning<br />

your oven,<br />

don’t forget<br />

the hob<br />

and the<br />

exterior of<br />

the oven<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 2 5


Outdoor kitchen<br />

Make a space where you can cook al fresco while entertaining guests<br />


IT MAY be winter but warm days in between the<br />

cold ones mean that an outdoor kitchen can be a<br />

year-round asset.<br />

Choosing the right location is important.<br />

It should be wind free and as close to the kitchen<br />

as possible, so going back and forth is not a chore,<br />

as often these kitchens do not have a second set of<br />

dishes, cookware or appliances.<br />

Whether your space is a back garden in the<br />

suburbs, a roof deck in the city or a wide porch in the<br />

country, you’ll want to consider hard-wearing materials<br />

for built-in counters, seating benches and storage<br />

units which remain fresh-looking while surviving the<br />

onslaught of cooking activities, dirt, dust and rain.<br />

YOU WILL<br />

NEED<br />

Cooking and<br />

grilling areas<br />

Counter tops and<br />

prep stations<br />

Storage<br />

A dining area<br />

Accessories<br />


If you already have a sizeable patio or deck area, incorporating<br />

an outdoor kitchen into that space is relatively simple.<br />

An existing deck can easily be turned into a basic outdoor food<br />

prep and dining area by adding a braai stand or grill, a counter top<br />

and a table with comfortable chairs.<br />

Remember to consider the lighting and power points for<br />

appliances. In the luxury market, we’re seeing full-on outdoor<br />

kitchens complete with bar areas, islands, ovens, stoves and extra<br />

storage space.<br />

These features allow the host to be present with their guests<br />

outside while they are preparing a meal.<br />

While custom kitchens give you more choices, a prefab outdoor<br />

kitchen will be more cost effective.<br />

2 6 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

AT YOUR<br />


Two local chefs give us<br />

the low-down on their<br />

style and fare<br />

I have loved cooking and creating dishes from an early<br />

age and used to help my granny and mom stir pots for<br />

family gatherings. I saw how food was a good enough<br />

reason to gather even the busiest of family members around<br />

the table and even the simplest of dishes was enjoyed amidst<br />

chatter, gossip and laughter. Food is also a great peace<br />

offering and has always been my secret weapon.<br />

CHEF<br />

Lerato Zondi<br />

Twenty-five-year-old chef Lerato<br />

Zondi from Thornton, Cape Town,<br />

established her own food company<br />

during the pandemic called Otarel,<br />

baking custom-made cakes to fit<br />

any occasion as well as catering<br />

for events big and small. Against<br />

all odds, it has been doing well.<br />

Otarel is her name backwards.<br />



I love my cakesicle mould. As a girl<br />

who lives for close to zero waste,<br />

I love the idea of being able to use<br />

my cake off-cuts in a beautiful way.<br />

Also my pastry-horn baking mould<br />

which makes it really easy for me<br />

to make pastry shells. I make a<br />

“milktart” cannoli<br />

STYLE:<br />

Food is my unspoken language of<br />

love, with energy and love being<br />

the main ingredients, and I hope<br />

that other people feel that too<br />

whenever they eat my food. One of<br />

my goals is to introduce the world<br />

to South African flavours.<br />

I am also passionate about<br />

ensuring no one is denied access<br />

to wholesome and nutritious food<br />

and my dream job would be to<br />

somehow be involved in a project<br />

aimed at ending world hunger.<br />


otareleats@gmail.com<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 2 7


In my restaurants, fresh is best and<br />

less is more. I keep it simple. No smears,<br />

smoke, foam or gel. The ingredients<br />

are the heroes of the plate<br />

CHEF<br />

Pavel Dimitrov<br />

Bulgarian-born Chef Pavel Dimitrov<br />

arrived in South Africa at the<br />

age of 21 and connected with the<br />

Gonsalves family in Johannesburg<br />

at its popular Vilamoura in Rosebank<br />

and at Gold Reef City. Dimitrov<br />

followed restaurateur Victor<br />

Gonsalves to Cape Town, helping<br />

him to open Pigalle in Green Point<br />

and NV-80 in The Point Shopping<br />

Centre in Sea Point. When The Vue<br />

changed to Utopia Cape Town,<br />

Dimitrov became co-owner of the<br />

restaurant and its executive chef<br />

about two years ago. He has also<br />

recently opened Zest Restaurant at<br />

the newkings boutique hotel in Sea<br />

Point. Dimitrov speaks highly of<br />

Gonsalves, regarding him as one of<br />

the best restaurateurs in the country,<br />

one who is honest and who<br />

keeps his word.<br />


The brand-new wood-fired grill that<br />

was installed at Zest. The coals of<br />

the kameeldoring wood give a woodsmoked<br />

aroma to the meat, fish<br />

and vegetables. Another essential<br />

is a good chef’s knife – a Swiss or<br />

Japanese one being a priority.<br />

STYLE<br />

Fresh is best and less is more. I<br />

do not use smoke, gels, foams or<br />

smears in my dishes and I do not<br />

use more than three ingredients per<br />

dish, to give texture and flavour. Fish<br />

is a favourite, prepared with some<br />

salt and olive oil. Ingredient sourcing<br />

is also important for a restaurant –<br />

buying the best quality at a good<br />

price. For example, I use a small<br />

olive oil producer for extra-virgin,<br />

cold-pressed olive oil.<br />

CONTACT:<br />

www.zestcapetown.co.za<br />

Insta: @chefpavelcapetown<br />

2 8 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

Let’s<br />

help<br />

rebuild<br />

Mzansi<br />

Support local<br />

food businesses.<br />

Let’s #EatLocal<br />

Register your<br />

business now.<br />

Visit:<br />




The pandemic and fears of food shortages have turned even the<br />

most diehard convenience foodies into avid gardeners.<br />


3 0 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

You can harvest a carrot<br />

crop in about three<br />

months after planting.<br />

The garden<br />

is nature’s<br />

classroom<br />

and gives kids<br />

insight on<br />

how food is<br />

produced<br />

eDIBLE gardening<br />

has become a<br />

popular trend<br />

that continues<br />

to grow.<br />

And there are<br />

pluses which<br />

go beyond being able to grow<br />

to eat. Growing veg is also a<br />

great way to introduce children<br />

to the hobby of gardening and<br />

encourage them to spend more<br />

time outdoors. The garden is<br />

nature’s classroom and gives<br />

kids first-hand insight on how<br />

food is produced.<br />


Correct placement is the key to<br />

success with vegetables. Find<br />

a space that receives about<br />

six hours of sun every day.<br />

However, if this is a challenge in<br />

your garden, there are a number<br />

of crops which can grow well in<br />

partial shade. A vegetable patch<br />

doesn’t have to be huge – 1.5m<br />

by 2m is ample.<br />

Assess your soil quality.<br />

Sandy soil runs through your<br />

fingers and clay soil forms<br />

clumps when squeezed. Loamy<br />

soil, considered best for<br />

gardening, is a crumbly, dark<br />

soil that retains water without<br />

becoming waterlogged.<br />

If you have sandy or clay<br />

soil, improve the quality by<br />

digging in plenty of organic<br />

matter (compost and manure)<br />

for better retention, drainage,<br />

texture and air flow.<br />



Remove the last of the summer<br />

crops and any weeds that might<br />

have invaded the patch. You<br />

don’t want them completing<br />

for nutrients and water with the<br />

new crops later on.<br />

If you put mulch down<br />

earlier in the season, don’t<br />

remove it, just dig it into the<br />

soil. Add more compost or<br />

manure to condition the soil<br />

and dig it over to break up clods<br />

for better drainage.<br />


BEDS<br />

Raised beds not only protect<br />

your crops from pests but also<br />

make weeding and watering that<br />

much easier.<br />

A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 3 \

MAIN: Raised beds not<br />

only protect your crops<br />

from pests but also<br />

make weeding easier.<br />


TOP: Keep the soil moist<br />

as dry periods can spoil<br />

the crop<br />

ABOVE: As cabbage<br />

heads begin to mature,<br />

cut back on watering<br />

as too much water can<br />

cause heads to split.<br />


In smaller gardens,<br />

wooden crates can be used for<br />

vegetables.<br />

They don’t take up too much<br />

space and can provide a good<br />

supply of food for the family<br />

table.<br />

In larger gardens, consider<br />

raised beds that provide the<br />

look and feel of the potagers or<br />

kitchen gardens of yesteryear.<br />

Raised beds also provide a<br />

solution in gardens where soil<br />

quality is poor.<br />

Beds can be constructed<br />

out of wooden planks or bricks<br />

and a rich top soil and organic<br />

matter added before seeds are<br />

sown.<br />


Several vegetables can be grown<br />

throughout the year in some<br />

locations, while others are<br />

seasonal.<br />

What you grow depends<br />

on your climate. You can sow<br />

seeds or get a head start with<br />

seedlings purchased from your<br />

local nursery. Remember to<br />

mulch after planting to keep the<br />

soil moist.<br />


Onions take four months or<br />

longer from seed to harvest, but<br />

they have a relatively good shelf<br />

life so you can plant a goodsized<br />

crop.<br />

Sow seeds in trays and<br />

transplant seedlings into the<br />

garden. Soil needs to drain well.<br />

Ask your local nurseryman<br />

which onion varieties are best<br />

for your region.<br />

Beetroot is easy to grow.<br />

Sow seeds in rows, every 3cm<br />

to 5cm, with rows about 30cm<br />

apart.<br />

Keep the soil moist as dry<br />

periods can spoil the crop.<br />

Cabbages thrive in welldraining,<br />

fertile soil. Sow seeds<br />

in seed trays or beds, with<br />

successive planting every three<br />

to four weeks.<br />

Carrots enjoy a loose<br />

soil, but don’t add too much<br />

3 2 | HI A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

compost when working the soil.<br />

Loose, friable soil will ensure<br />

that your carrots are straight<br />

and not misshapen. Sow seeds<br />

in furrows (1cm deep), with<br />

successive plantings every three<br />

to four weeks.<br />

Seeds which you can sow<br />

now (Western Cape): dwarf<br />

beans; beetroot; broccoli,<br />

Brussels sprouts, carrots – all<br />

year; cabbage – all year; celery<br />

and lettuce – all year. From<br />

March: leeks; spinach; radishes;<br />

Swiss chard and turnips. Plant<br />

onions in April and May.<br />

Sow seeds now (Gauteng):<br />

broccoli; beetroot; Brussels<br />

sprouts, cabbage; carrots – all<br />

year; leeks; spinach; lettuce –<br />

all year; cauliflower; onions,<br />

radishes; Swish chard as<br />

well as turnips.<br />



Earthworms break down<br />

organic matter in the soil and<br />

release nutrients for plants.<br />

They are an important part of a<br />

garden’s ecosystem, themselves<br />

providing a tasty meal for birds.<br />

As earthworms tunnel down,<br />

they aerate the soil, providing<br />

better water penetration and<br />

space for roots to grow.<br />

Earthworms feed on<br />

decaying plant matter and small<br />

micro-organisms in the soil.<br />

Their castings (waste) are a rich<br />

fertiliser that supply nutrients<br />

to plants.<br />

Encourage them to stay by<br />

improving your soil quality.<br />

Dig in organic matter such<br />

as compost, manure or leaf litter<br />

and add organic mulch to the<br />

soil surface. Earthworms don’t<br />

like to be disturbed. Use a fork<br />

when you dig.<br />

Garden earthworms should<br />

not be confused with red<br />

wigglers (Eisenia fetida), which<br />

are used in vermiculture, to<br />

compost waste matter.<br />

These earthworms cannot<br />

live in garden soil.<br />

MAIN: Ask your local<br />

nurseryman which onion<br />

varieties are best for your<br />

region.<br />

TOP: Swiss chard is<br />

as ornamental as it is<br />

delicious. It grows well in<br />

partial shade.<br />


ABOVE: Earthworms<br />

break down organic<br />

matter in the soil and<br />

release nutrients for<br />

plants. PICTURE:<br />


A U G U S T | S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 HI | 3 3

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