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The lockdown rolls on, but every day doesn't

have to be the same. We've found the perfect

local cures for your lockdown fatigue.

Nicola Barton reports on page 12.


The unique way to

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Why Five Bedrooms

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Anish Maharjan at Milky Lane. Photo: Melissa Stevens.


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Safe & Accessible Transport


Are you looking for affordable, safe and low-cost transport?

We provide door-to-door transport to:

• Medical & Hospital Appointments

• Other health facilies

• Weekly shopping trips

• Senior Group Oungs

• Day Care & Respite Centres

• Weekly social oungs

• Monthly Bunnings, Spotlight, Flower Power trips




We provide transport to:

Parramaa/Cumberland residents aged 18 & above

• Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

• NDIS recipients

• People with mobility needs

• Culturally & diverse individuals & groups

• A carer for one of the above

Community Wheels Inc.

Funded by the NSW &

Commonwealth Governments

Safe & accessible vehicles and professional drivers who are accredited & trained to assist you.

For transport call 8868 1400


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Tuesday, August 31, 2021




A Message from Mayor Steve Christou

Follow our social media

channels for video updates

on Council services.

Cumberland City Council Sydney


NSW Police and the Australian Defence Force packing food for families in need.

If you have any issues you’d like me

to help you with, please contact me

Community spirit alive and kicking

One thing COVID-19 can’t lockdown is the support

we’ve been receiving for our community. Just last

week we delivered 300 food hampers to locals

most in need thanks to a whopping 300kg meat

donation from farmer Robert Mackenzie’s Mackas

Angus Beef. We’ll also be collaborating with

dedicated organisations to distribute hundreds

more in the next couple of weeks.

We’re distributing OzHarvest hampers next week

to vulnerable residents and those experiencing

hardship, plus 125 refugee families thanks to help

from a specialised refugee centre. The hamper

will include long-life milk, fruit, vegetables, oil,

cereal, rice and canned food. Resilience NSW will

supply wipes, face masks and hand sanitiser in each


Families in the area have been doing it tough. With

the shutdown of businesses, there have been many

families who have no household income, but still

have to pay bills. I’m glad we can pull together

a gesture the community can appreciate and

be proud of. I thank everyone involved for their

support and generosity. If you know someone in

need or if you have something to offer, visit our

website to register:


0419 651 187

For more information visit,

Let’s reach 80% vaccination

We’re aiming to be the first council area with

80% of our population vaccinated. I’m calling

on our community to roll up their sleeves

and book a vaccination appointment as soon

as possible so we can start rebuilding our


We’re supporting business so we can bounce back post lockdown. For more information visit,

Support for our local businesses

I’m pleased that Council will waive all unpaid

outdoor dining and goods on display application

and licensing fees for the rest of this year. These

fees are normally paid by businesses to council

to have tables and chairs on the footpath or to

display their goods on the footpath in front of their

stores. We’ll also ensure that any of our commercial

lessees are able to approach us to discuss rent

deferral and relief options. This will provide them

with some certainty over their businesses and their

lease arrangements with us. We’ve provided a

lot of information on our website for businesses

– including regular webinars on how to access

support. Our business engagement team is

available to offer support.

We are here for our residents and our local

businesses, and I encourage all affected by

COVID-19 to contact us or visit our web page.

We’ve proven we’re a strong and resilient

community and we will come through this again

as we did before.

We are tracking well as a state and have hit

our 6 million target. Just this week our Prime

Minister and Premier announced that zero

cases isn’t the goal anymore – vaccination

targets are. We’re very keen to contribute to

this to see some easing of restrictions at the

end of lockdown. Over 50% of people in NSW

have had at least one dose. It’s a target my

council and community want to keep on track.

Our suburbs are major hotspots experiencing

some of the toughest restrictions alongside

an alarming increase in cases. Having 80% of

our community vaccinated is the fastest and

safest way out of this pandemic. Let’s roll up

our sleeves and be that council from western

Sydney who smashed their vaccination targets.

For vaccination information:




Willow Grove fight lost

“The people of Parramatta will not forgive or forget”, say heritage activists


parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The green ban imposed by the

Construction, Forestry, Maritime,

Mining and Energy Union

(CFMEU) on Parramatta’s Willow Grove

site was lifted last week.

St Georges Terraces will be revitalised

and incorporated in the Parramatta

Powerhouse, however the historic,

140-year-old Victorian Italianate Villa

will be dismantled in the coming months,

placed in storage and eventually relocated

to a different site.

Arts Minister Don Harwin said the

CFMEU and others who have a clear interest

in the future location of Willow Grove

will be invited to participate.

“The union’s decision to lift the ban

comes after our lengthy discussions and I

welcome it,” he said.

“The government is looking forward

to announcing the main contractor for

the construction of the Powerhouse

Parramatta in the near future.

“Powerhouse Parramatta will be the

first State cultural institution in western


Historic Willow Grove is to be relocated as construction gets underway on the Powerhouse Parramatta in the near future.

“It will be a magnificent science and

technology museum that will delight

families and greatly contribute to the

Parramatta community.”

Museum Trust President, Peter Collins

said: “This decision is without doubt the

right one for the many communities of

western Sydney and the NSW economy.”

North Parramatta Residents Action

Group (NPRAG) spokesperson Suzette

Meade said the community “do not

support Willow Grove’s relocation as a

win for heritage and firmly believe it will

lose all heritage significance when it’s

removed from where it was built over a

century ago”.

“There has been nothing but total disrespect

to Parramatta’s heritage under the

Berejiklian Government,” she said.

“The Berejiklian Government is a serial

offender when it comes to outrageous

heritage crimes in Parramatta. The people

of Parramatta will not forgive or forget.”

Ms Meade thanked the union and

community for their tireless efforts.

“To the people all over NSW that donated

money to the Willow Grove court case,

tied a heart on the fence, made signs and

marched beside us – we thank you for your

strong stand to demand better.”


Planning Proposal, draft site-specific Development Control Plan (DCP) and draft Planning Agreement

for 135 George Street and 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel site)

The City of Parramatta is publicly exhibiting a

Planning Proposal, with its respective draft

site-specific DCP and draft Planning Agreement,

for land at 135 George Street and 118 Harris

Street, Parramatta (Albion Hotel site).

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the

Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011

(PLEP 2011) by:

• Increasing the maximum building height

(HOB) mapped control from 54 metres to

144 metres (165.6 metres including the 15%

design excellence bonus);

• Increasing the maximum floor-space ratio (FSR)

mapped control from 4∶1 to 10∶1 (11.5∶1 including

the existing 15% design excellence bonus);

• Inclusion of a site-specific clause providing a

bonus FSR of 5% (i.e 0.5∶1) for High Performing

Buildings (taking the total FSR to 12∶1);

• Inclusion of a site-specific clause in relation to

the requirement for minimum commercial floor

space and allowing for additional commercial

floor space to be exempt from the FSR control

where the development doesn’t exceed a height

of 165.6 metres;

• Inclusion of a site-specific clause that applies

the maximum car parking rates consistent

with the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal;

• Inclusion of a site-specific clause that ensures

no additional overshadowing to Experiment

Farm between 10am and 2pm on 21 June.

The draft site-specific DCP proposes detailed

guidelines on built form, setbacks, building

separation, public domain, access, parking,

servicing and sustainability. This will be included

as part of Parramatta DCP 2011 which can be

accessed via Council’s website.

The draft Planning Agreement is to enable Council

to receive a monetary contribution towards

community infrastructure in the Parramatta CBD

and also for the dedication of land, creation of

public easements and public domain embellishment

works within the site.

Council has been authorised as the local

plan-making authority as confirmed in the

Gateway Determination.

The planning proposal, draft plans and supporting

information will be publicly exhibited from

1 September to 30 September 2021, and can

be viewed at:

• Council’s website: News | City of Parramatta


• Please note that Council’s Customer Contact

Centre and Libraries are closed until further

notice in compliance with the directives issued

by NSW Health.

Written comments are invited. All submissions

received will be considered before a final

decision is made by Council. Submissions are to

be received by 5pm on 30 September 2021.

Submissions can be sent to:

• Email:

(please quote ‘RZ/3/2017’ in the subject line)

• Post: City Planning, City of Parramatta

Council, PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124

Attention: Felicity Roberts, Project Officer –

Land Use Planning

Subject: Public Exhibition of 135 George Street

and 118 Harris Street, Parramatta (RZ/3/2017)

• Fax: 9806 5913

For further information or queries, please

contact Felicity Roberts – Project Officer Land

Use Planning on 9806 5710.



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Tuesday, August 31, 2021




Parramatta Westfield, NSW 2150

P (02) 9168 8094


Editor’s Note

Troy Dodds


Drowning in mixed messaging

We’re constantly told to trust the health

advice, but I’d love to see the advice that

gives the green light to weddings with five

guests (vaccinated or not), yet won’t allow

fully vaccinated people from separate

households in Parramatta or Cumberland

to have a picnic in a park.

It’s not hard to see why people are confused

and bewildered by some of the

messaging at present.

The virus is so dangerous you can’t see

your grandkids.

But here’s the good news: if your grandkid

is getting married, no problem.

It’s a total mess.

Issue 41


to find out more.



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Parra Matters

When Westmead Hospital declared a

yellow emergency last week, it provided

an uncomfortable glimpse of what our future

of living with COVID might look like.

Perfection in a global pandemic is impossible.

However, Westmead was forced

to put a 24-hour pause on accepting new

patients, source an extra 100 private beds

and redirect cases as far as Wollongong

for a simple reason: it was being overwhelmed.

“We acknowledge we are no

longer operating in a business-as-usual

environment,” acting general manager

Jenelle Matic wrote to staff.

There’s no doubt our local health system

is under pressure while western

Sydney bears the majority of the state’s

COVID caseload. Based on figures released

by Health Minister Brad Hazzard,

Westmead was managing 121 COVID

cases in its wards, including 23 in Intensive

Care units, as of mid-last week. Ambulances

brought in 280 COVID patients

over the preceding seven days. Staff have

been handling hundreds more cases in

the community.

Despite these heroic efforts, there has

obviously been a logjam transferring patients

between settings.

When paramedics have to ramp patients

in the hospital car park for six hours, it’s a


Alan Mascarenhas


Health system at breaking point



Life & Style ...........................19-20

sure sign the system has hit crisis point.

It also raises the question: if this is what

hospitals like Westmead look like under a

lockdown scenario, what happens when

Sydney opens up?

Vaccination is our main tool to reduce

community transmission. It’s good that

50 per cent or more of adults have had

their first dose across most of Parramatta

LGA with Carlingford, Epping, Winston

Hills and Toongabbie doing particularly

well. Cumberland continues to run somewhat

behind. Yet case numbers continue

to rise and even Dr Kerry Chant warns

they will go “way above” 1000 a day.

The vaccination rate will max out at

some point. Only now is the rollout beginning

to extend to children. As other

nations are finding, we’ll also need a

booster strategy to combat vaccine waning

effectiveness over time.

This indicates our health system needs

to be prepared. Many have more detailed

working knowledge than me, but

the key challenges are apparent. What

are the projected case numbers that hospitals

like Westmead will face in future?

Do we have the necessary capacity – and

importantly staff? Already, it’s taking too

long to give many of our health and aged

care workers the jab. Some paramedics

Entertainment ....................21-27

Business Directory .......28-29


are working 21-hour shifts. When busy

health teams are forced to isolate for 14

days due to COVID exposure, it places

operations at risk.

Hospital infrastructure is another issue

along with workforce planning. Tragically,

we’ve seen so many fatalities at

hospitals like Liverpool, Nepean and St

George where the virus seeped into non-

COVID patients. So, what are the physical

changes needed to expand capacity and

make wards safe? Do we need to build

new COVID-only hospitals or temporarily

repurpose existing ones?

Finally, how will we continue to care for

other conditions that are a major cause

of morbidity, including heart attacks and

strokes? At Westmead, live donor transplants

have reportedly been cancelled

indefinitely as resources are diverted. But

what is termed elective surgery is essential

surgery if you’re the person requiring


If you listen to the federal and state governments,

moving to ease restrictions,

the response is essentially “nothing to

see here”. We all want to open up safely,

but the Prime Minister and Premier can’t

dismiss reasonable questions. We need

to be vigilant now about what living with

COVID means for our health system.

Sport .................................................32






OUR SERVICES: • Cash for unwanted vehicles

• Free car removal Sydney wide • Same day service

• Top dollar paid • Car recycling



We buy all scrap, damaged and unwanted

cars, vans, utes, 4x4 & small trucks.

Unit 4/160-166 Forrester Road, St Marys

0405 990 100





A gift from the country

Struggling Cumberland families in need supported by generous donations


In true Aussie spirit, kindness has

been spread from the bush to the city

as donated meat, fruit and vegetables

were made into hearty meals for Cumberland

residents in need.

Mid North Coast beef farmer Robert

Mackenzie from Mackas Beef donated

300kg of angus beef mince, while Hilltop

Fruit Market at Coleman Street, Merrylands,

LJ Hooker Granville & Guildford,

Cumberland City Councillor Joseph

Rahme and two anonymous donors

provided 300 boxes of fruit and vegetables.

The food hampers comprised delicious

shepherd’s pies and lasagnes made by a

professional chef from the donated goods,

as well as fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

This was packaged and delivered by

Defence Force personnel to households in

need who have been identified by police,

local charities and Cumberland City


Cr Rahme, who led the project, said the

joint initiative showed all parts of the

Australian community coming together.

“I’m very proud to see our local businesses,

government, defence and the

community coming together with our

country cousins to provide for households

in need,” he said.

“When I started to spread the word,

many local businesses were keen to jump

on board.”

Cr Rahme also gained the support of

Trims Fresh Merrylands, Woolworths

Merrylands and Bidfood Sydney, which

all donated produce and Confoil Australia

which donated trays and packaging

Meat and Livestock Australia’s Sam

Burke and resident Belinda Barakat were

also instrumental in the initiative, as well

as generous contributions from Bakers

Delight Merrylands and local worker

Cameron Simpson.

Mr Mackenzie, from Salt Ash, north of

Newcastle, said it was his opportunity to

support the city that supported the bush.

“The city always digs deep in times of

flood, drought and bushfire for farmers

and regional communities and this is an

opportunity for us to give to the city during

their time of need,” he said.

Mayor Steve Christou said families in the

area had been doing it tough, so the donation

was welcomed.

The Australian Defence Force helped package and deliver the donations.

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Rooty Hill Village


1 - 2

Retire from






Embrace the freedom of maintenance-free

retirement living in a pet-friendly community of

social retirees.

Rooty Hill Village is a safe and caring community

where you don’t have to be alone. It’s a safe

place to retire with services available to help

make sure you have what you need.


• Multi-purpose community centre

• BBQ facilities

• New community garden

• New off-leash dog park

• Children’s playground

• And more!

1300 111 278

Call to book a virtual tour!

For more details:

*Price based on 50% deferred management fee option. You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave the village.



Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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We know people want to help and we

encourage you to reach out to your neighbours

with Council’s Help a Neighbour calling cards.

The cards can be downloaded from Council’s

website and printed out, or copied by hand,

and left in the letterbox or under the door.

Please keep an eye on our website and social

media channels for updates on Council’s

response to COVID-19 and refer to NSW Health

for the latest health advice.

I’d also like to encourage everyone to participate

in the many home activities Council has to offer.

Keep your body moving with Active Parramatta’s

online exercise classes, or stimulate your mind

with art and craft workshops, science activities

and a wide selection of free e-book and

audiobooks via our online Library services.

Love trivia? AT Parramatta’s quiz is a great

way to bring your family and friends together

virtually and test your knowledge of all things


If you are struggling during this difficult time,

do not hesitate to seek expert advice and

reach out to services who are there to help you.

To find out more, visit cityofparramatta.nsw.

It’s almost like being in

the theatre! I encourage

everyone to check out these

incredible performances and show

your support for the creative arts industry

during this challenging time.

To find out more, visit

Please note the programs will not be

available to view online after the event.

COVID-19 Update

Have Your Say

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer at the

Granville OzHarvest hub with Shannon Richardson

(left) and Zuzana Droppa (right).

As the lockdown continues, I know many in

our community are finding it tough, but I have

confidence that by sticking together we will

get through this.

I’d like to thank you all for your ongoing patience

and cooperation during this challenging time,

and I ask that you continue to follow the public

health orders. If you’re eligible, I encourage

you to get vaccinated as soon as possible at

one of the vaccination clinics across our City.

If you have any symptoms, please go and get

tested immediately. We have a number of

new testing facilities now open in Parramatta,

including Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta Park,

and Northmead Bowling Centre car park.

Council’s top priority remains the safety and

wellbeing of our community and we are

currently working with OzHarvest and Foodbank

Australia to help get hampers out to those

in need. It is important to ensure we are

continuing to support each other and our

own mental health.

Riverside On-Demand Programs

If you, like me, are missing being able to go to

the theatre, I have some good news: Riverside

Theatres have just launched some fantastic

on-demand programs, which are available to

audiences everywhere.

A couple of wonderful shows, A Migrant’s Son

and David Williamson’s Emerald City, can be

streamed straight into your home.

Ben Winspear (Mike) and Kelly Paterniti (Helen) in David

Williamson’s Emerald City.

Council’s Draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure

Plan aims to ensure the City has the necessary

infrastructure to support its growing population.

Council is currently inviting community

feedback on the Draft Parramatta CBD

Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan.

With the City of Parramatta transforming

rapidly, and the Parramatta CBD forecast to

have an additional 15,000 dwellings and

46,000 jobs over the next 40 years, we need

to ensure we have the infrastructure to

support this growth – and that is what this

plan aims to do.

With help from funding from developer

contributions, we will be able to invest in

significant community facilities such as

recreational facilities, youth centres, and

creative spaces, as well as traffic infrastructure

and pedestrian and bike paths, to serve our

residents and visitors for decades to come.

To provide feedback, visit participate.

or email


Submissions close 5pm, Monday 20 September.

Please note: Since printed copies of many of our local newspapers are no longer available,

all Development Applications (DAs), items on exhibition, and public notices will now be available

via Council’s website:

Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6.30pm. In line

with the NSW Government’s COVID-19 restrictions, the public can not currently attend in person.

To view the live stream visit

You can also find my Lord Mayor’s Message

online on the City of Parramatta website:


Lord Mayor, Cr Bob Dwyer | Chief Executive Officer, Brett Newman | To contact the Lord Mayor follow the link at

126 Church Street, Parramatta | PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124 P 02 9806 5050 E |

@parracity, @discover_parra @cityofparramatta, @discoverparramatta discoverparramatta


Westmead Private

joins COVID battle


Westmead Private Hospital

is joining the fight

against COVID-19, as

staff are deployed to assist the

NSW Government’s response to

the current outbreak.

Private hospital staff will help

support the large-scale vaccination

effort currently underway and

support workforce demands in the

NSW public health system.

A number of private hospitals

across Greater Sydney including

the Blue Mountains, Central Coast

and Wollongong are putting their

hands up to assist where possible.

As a result, non-urgent elective

surgery is being temporarily

postponed at participating private


All emergency surgery and urgent

elective surgery will continue to be

performed during this challenging

period and people who require

emergency surgery will still have

access to it.

A NSW Health spokesperson

said it acknowledges the critical

importance of private hospitals in

delivering timely and high-quality

care for our communities and

thanks them for their ongoing

partnership in responding to the

current pandemic.

“These private hospitals have

been conducting additional elective

surgery on behalf of the public

health system for patients who had

their non-urgent elective surgery

postponed in 2020, following a

National Cabinet decision,” the

spokesperson said.

“Ensuring adequate system

capacity as well as patient, staff and

public safety will be key factors in

the delivery of healthcare services

during this time.

“Patients due to receive nonurgent

elective surgery impacted

by these changes are being

contacted and encouraged to

seek medical attention should

they experience a change in their

condition so they can be reviewed

and re-prioritised to a more urgent

category if required.”

Westmead Private Hospital


Clinical Nurse Educator Kay

Downie, who assisted at the Year

12 vaccination rollout said it’s

important for both private and

public healthcare to work together

to combat the virus that has devastated

so many.

“I worked in the post-vaccine

observation area and was team

leader for any medical emergencies,”

she said.

“I’m so proud of the thousands

of teenagers doing their bit to help

protect the people of NSW, and

amazed at NSW’s ability to pull

together a mass vaccination centre

in five days.

“It’s great to see such collaboration

from both private and public

sectors across all healthcare


“After seeing both sides of the

fight – vaccination and Special

Health Accommodation quarantine

– it’s very clear that the

COVID-19 situation is rapidly

escalating here in NSW and I

encourage all with the ability to do

so to help out in any way they can

and get vaccinated!”

Clinical Nurse Educator at Westmead Private Hospital Kay

Downie is helping in the COVID-19 battle.

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2021

City of Parramatta Council is exhibiting the

Draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure

Contributions Plan 2021 (the ‘Draft Plan’).

The Draft Plan will apply to all land in

the Parramatta CBD and will replace

the existing Contributions Plan that

currently applies.

The Draft Plan authorises Council to collect

contributions of money, land or both from

developers to provide for local infrastructure

needed by the relevant development.

The local infrastructure to be provided by

contributions under the Draft Plan would

include, for example, land and works for

open space and recreation, community

facilities, and traffic and transport works.

Public Exhibition of the Draft Plan

commenced on Monday 9 August and

concludes on Monday 20 September 2021.

The Draft Plan and the land where the plan

will apply (Refer to Figure 2 of the plan)

can be viewed during the exhibition

period at Council’s website:


Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the

ongoing lockdown the exhibition material

cannot be accessed at Council’s Customer

Contact Centre or Parramatta CBD Library.

For further information, please contact

David Hewetson, Project Officer Land Use

Planning on 9806 5979 or by email at

HAVE YOUR SAY – Public Exhibition

ends soon.

Submissions must be received by 5pm on

Monday 20 September 2021 and can be:

• Emailed to: parracbdplanning@

(with ‘Parra CBD Contributions Plan’

in the subject header); or

• Drafted using Council’s online

submission e-form:






Peter Wynn and Dr Geo f Lee.

Photo: Meli sa Stevens.







Try your

luck at our

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Expressions of Interest

Community Members for the

Cumberland Local Planning Panel (CLPP)

Cumberland City Council is seeking expressions

of interest to nominate as Community Members

to the Cumberland Local Planning Panel (CLPP).

Community members play an integral part in

influencing development in the Cumberland

Local Government Area (LGA) with their local

knowledge of the area.

We are looking for residents who live in the

Cumberland LGA who are interested in being

part of the CLPP in providing good development

outcomes for the local community.

Nominations are open from

1 September to 30 September 2021.

Further details can be found on

Council’s Have Your Say Platform at

9168 8094


We’re still printing

News and information at times like these is critical, so Parra News continues to

print and deliver during this time, with all COVID-safe protocols in place.

We’re here for business

From discounted advertising to lockdown-specific features, Parra News is here

to help businesses keep their customers informed during the lockdown and

COVID-19 restrictions. Messaging and communication is so important at this

time – don’t just rely on your own channels, speak to a wider market through

our print edition and digital offerings.

We’re working from home

Our office is currently closed, and our team is working from home. The

health and safety of our team is our number one priority. We look forward to

welcoming you back to our office for paper collection, story ideas and prize

pick-ups once restrictions have lifted.

We’re keeping you informed

Apart from our print edition, we’re providing up-to-date details on new

COVID-19 restrictions, s, exposure sites and cases

across our digital

platforms, headed






parra newss



Parramatta’s truly local newspaper

Nathan Cleary and

Clint Gutherson.

Photos: NRL Photos.

Try your

luck at our

puzzles and


Pages 30-31



Penrith and Parramatta matta face face off off off in in an an

NRL local derby of of epic epic proportions


this Friday night night at at BlueBet BlueBet Stadium. Stadium.

parra newss





How western Sydney

is powering ahead




Powerhouse and

WSU strike a deal









265 Pa rama ta Road, Auburn NSW

Ph: 02 9648 6588 Mob: 0421 249 738

Long Day Care

Early Learning Centre

• Childcare • Preschool



Try yyou



luck at our

puzzles and


Pages 30-31



Win tickets to see Paw

Patro live in Sydney!


Sandie Jessamine's sami

e s life was almost destroyed as a child and

teenager, enage




she e has lived to te l l l her extraordinary story.

Find out more at

Nicola Barton

reports on pages 14-15

Experience the Westmead

Private Hospital Difference

Visit our website to download oad



r maternity m

information pack and watch our r virtual tour.

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Deluxe Parenting Suites


Riverside to host

poignant play







A new campaign is set to attract customers to the struggling 'Eat Street' district.

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Baulkham Hills: Man charged after

frightening incident with MP

A man has been charged over the

alleged intimidation of a senior government

official in Baulkham Hills recently.

About 3pm on Friday, August 20, the

Member of Parliament (MP) was walking

along Old Northern Road, Baulkham

Hills, when he was approached by a man,

not known to him.

The man questioned the MP, recording

the interaction on his mobile phone and

allegedly continued to verbally abuse

and intimidate him as he followed him to

a nearby shopping centre.

A 47-year-old man attempted to intervene

and was also verbally abused.

Officers from The Hills Police

Area Command were notified and

commenced an investigation.

Following inquiries, detectives

attended a unit on Old Northern Road,

Baulkham Hills just after 5pm, and

arrested a 35-year-old man.

He was taken to Castle Hill Police

Station and charged with two counts of

‘stalk/intimidate intend fear physical

harm’, and not ‘comply with noticed


The man was granted conditional

bail and was due to at Parramatta Local

Court on Tuesday, August 31.

Wentworth Point: COVID positive

man on the run finally located

27-year-old Anthony Karam, who

was wanted on an outstanding arrest

warrant for multiple alleged breaches

of the Public Health Order, was found at

Wentworth Point and charged.

Mr Karam tested positive to COVID-19

and failed to isolate as directed by the

Public Health Order.

A warrant for his arrest was issued

on August 20 but despite numerous

attempts, police were unable to locate


Following a public appeal for information,

and extensive inquiries by officers

attached to Bankstown Police Area

Command, Mr Karam was arrested

at a unit on Footbridge Boulevard,

The HSC has been officially

delayed, with exams to now start

on November 9.

It comes as the State Government

reveals its plan for students to return to

the classroom.

The bad news for parents is that at-home

learning will continue for another two


Face-to-face learning in NSW will

return on October 25 when Kindergarten

and Year 1 students return to school.

Other years will return progressively

after that.

“The return to school plan provides

parents, teachers and students with

certainty and a path forward for the

return to face-to-face learning,” Ms

Berejiklian said.

“We know the last few months have

been tough on the school community

and we are deeply grateful to parents,

teachers and students for the sacrifices

you have made. Please continue to


Compiled by Nicola Barton

Wentworth Point, just before 5.30pm on

Thursday, August 26.

He was taken to Bankstown Police

Station where he was placed in isolation

and the outstanding warrant was


He was also charged with 13 offences

including; ‘in public not prevent spread

of Category 2 – 5 condition’, ‘not comply

with noticed direction re s 7/8/9 - COVID-

19’, two counts of ‘fail to comply with

self-isolation direction’ and nine counts

of ‘not wear fitted face covering indoor

area of common property’.

Mr Karam was refused bail and

appeared at Bankstown Local Court on

Friday, August 27.

South Granville: Police appeal for

help after kids escape injury

Police are appealing for information

from the public after shots were fired in

South Granville recently.

About 8.50pm on Wednesday, August

25 officers from Cumberland Police

Area Command attended Mackay Street,

South Granville following reports of

shots fired.

Police inspected the house and located

damage to the exterior of a front room.

Two adults and two children aged nine

and 14-years-old were at home at the

time and were not injured.

As police conducted a search of nearby

Chisholm Road, Auburn, they located

damage to a metal fence consistent with

a shot being fired.

Officers attached to Auburn Police Area

Command established a crime scene,

which was forensically examined by

specialist police.

As Auburn police conducted further

canvassing of the area, witnesses believe

they heard several shots nearby between

7pm and 7.30pm.

Investigations into the incident are

currently ongoing and anyone who

noticed or heard anything suspicious

in the vicinity of Webbs Avenue playing

fields is urged to contact Auburn Police

on 9646 8699 or Crime Stoppers on 1800

333 000.


School plan confirmed

protect our students by getting vaccinated

as quickly as possible.”

Minister for Education and Early

Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said

the education and safety of students is


“The classroom is where students learn

best and I thank the entire community

for playing their role in this return by

getting vaccinated,” Ms Mitchell said.

The State Government has also

confirmed that teachers must be vaccinated

by November 8.

Meanwhile, from this week authorised

workers leaving either the Parramatta or

Cumberland Local Government Areas

for work must carry a permit issued by

Service NSW.

Those workers must have had at least

one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by

Monday, September 6 to continue working.

A plan to accept rapid testing as an

alternate to the vaccine was scrapped.


Julie Owens Bulletin

Failed vaccine rollout

putting hospitals at risk

Western Sydney has been left behind by

Scott Morrison’s vaccine rollout. Now our

hospitals are being stretched to breaking


Last week, three hospitals – Westmead, Blacktown and

Nepean – were forced to turn away COVID patients.

As daily case numbers have tipped over one thousand,

there has also been a surge in the number of

hospitalisations and people needing intensive care. At

time of writing, there are 115 people in intensive care and

43 people on ventilators.

The overwhelming majority of people in intensive care

are unvaccinated. Only 13% have received at least one

dose of the COVID vaccine.

COVID patients are now filling 1 in 5 intensive care beds

in NSW and there is very little capacity left in intensive

care units to cope with the expected rise in case


Our hospital and community healthcare workers have

been caught in the middle of this crisis. Doctors, nurses,

paramedics and cleaners have taken huge personal risks

and worked tirelessly to keep us safe since the beginning

of the pandemic.

Now they tell us they’re exhausted. Paramedics backed

up outside hospitals in COVID exposed PPE don’t even

have the opportunity to have a drink of water or go to

the toilet.

All these workers and the desperately ill patients filling

up our hospital wards deserved much better. They

deserved an effective vaccine rollout that gave everyone

who wanted to get vaccinated the opportunity to do so.

Six months into the rollout, I’m still getting calls every

Parramatta needs vaccine

hubs now

Parramatta and surrounding suburbs have some of

the highest

COVID-19 cases and some of

the lowest vaccination rates.

Scan the

QR code to sign

the petition demanding

more vaccination hubs in


day from people who can’t book a vaccine appointment

in their local area. Others tell me they’re facing a

months long wait to get their first dose when it’s now a

requirement for them to go to work.

The NSW Government has announced an easing of

restrictions for fully vaccinated people on 13 September.

While I’m sure we’d all agree that we want to see the

light at the end of the tunnel, only 20-29% on people in

Parramatta and surrounding suburbs are fully vaccinated.

With Westmead Hospital turning away COVID patients

and setting up a makeshift unit to triage patients, it’s

obvious that we urgently need access to more vaccines.

That’s why I’m demanding that walk-in vaccination

hubs be set up in the Parramatta CBD and surrounding


The Morrison Government’s failure to secure enough

vaccine supplies and get them where they’re most

needed has put Western Sydney at greatest risk in this


If you think our state and federal governments should

stop blaming Western Sydney for this outbreak and start

working together to set up walk-in vaccination centres

in Parramatta now, scan the QR code below to sign the

petition on my website.

Subscribe to my bulletins

Sign up to my bulletins for locals, small

businesses and community groups. Scan the QR

code to sign up and stay up to date.

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021


If I can be of any help please phone me on 9689 1455 or write to 1/25 Smith St, Parramatta NSW 2150

or email

Authorised by Julie Owens MP, Australian Labor Party, 1/25 Smith Street, Parramatta.

WW43835 PN45187


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Joke of the


Q: What do you call it when a group of apes starts a company?

A: Monkey business.

Send your jokes to

Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Tasmania’s Lark

Distilling Co. has

unveiled an exceptional

collection of

bespoke gift sets,

just in time for Father’s Day.

Whether he’s a seasoned

whisky-drinker or looking to

experience something new,

Lark has a unique whisky

journey for every Dad, ready to

unbox on Sunday, September 5.

With distance separating

many families over the past 18

months, Lark has created a way

to bring everyone together and

raise a glass to the ones who

raised us.

Lark’s Father’s Day gift sets

feature both 100ml varieties of

Tasmania’s favourite spirits so

Dad can enjoy a dram or two on

their special day.

Just as there is no single

description of what makes

a Dad or father figure, Lark

has included not just one of

its pioneering whiskies, but a

number of flagshipand special

edition releases, beautifully

presented alongside a Glencairn

whisky glass emblazoned

with a laser-etched Lark insignia.

Lark Distilling Co. gift sets are

now available from

Parra News has a whisky

gift set to give away. For your

chance to win, send an email

to competitions@parranews. with ‘Whisky’ in the

subject line. Don’t forget to

include your contact details.

Entries close Friday, September

3 and the winners will be

notified by email. Terms and

conditions are available at or by

calling our office.



Dose of


Do you know

where this

picture was


Tell us exactly where this week’s

featured I Spy image is located in

Parramatta and you could win!


with your answer for your chance to

win two movie tickets. Our winner

will be notified by email. Entries

close each Friday at 5pm.


Last week’s photo was taken at the

Parramatta River walk, near Wilde


We’d like to wish all the Dads out

there a very Happy Father’s Day for

this Sunday. Times are tough at the

moment, and there will be no huge

Father’s Day celebrations or lunches,

but for those lucky enough to be at home with

their kids on this special day, we hope you have

an awesome time. To those who can’t be with

their kids, we’re thinking of you too!

Bad look: In her Twitter bio, former

Labor MP Emma Husar says “Tweet

nicely or don’t tweet at all”. But it

appears she doesn’t follow her own

advice. She recently responded to a

Tweet that asked “what annoys you or grates

you most” about Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

She replied: “That he is still breathing”. We think

that’s pretty poor form.

Connect with us online...

10 theparranews theparranews

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021



• A Will

• Enduring Guardianship



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Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Busting your boredom

Why not try something new and different during the ongoing lockdown?


With Greater Sydney residents

now entering week 10 of lockdown,

it’s safe to say the boredom,

restlessness and perhaps insanity

has well and truly set in.

But if you’ve got nothing left to watch

on Netflix or are sick of the same afternoon

stroll, we’ve composed a list of four

fun things to try this lockdown, whilst

supporting small business.

Get cooking

Whilst we romanticise about escaping

on an overseas holiday, why not bring

the flavours of Italy to your home with

some fun and easy take home kits from

Parramatta Square restaurant, Ciccia-


Available from Thursday-Saturday

with delivery offered NSW and ACT-wide

through Providoor, make a date of it with

distant family or friends and plan a night

to cook and connect.

Porta Via Per La Casa packs are available

for pick-up or delivery through Deliveroo

for up to a 3-5km radius.

La Panarda Dinner for two, Bambini

packs, pantry items, drinks and a la carte

dishes for cooking at home are available

for broader NSW and ACT through Providoor.

Order online at: or

through Providoor at:

Get ready for some delicious food.

Drinks with friends: lockdown edition

The pubs and clubs might be closed but

why not bring the bar to you with a delicious

range of fun and vibrant cocktails

from Parramatta’s famous Milky Lane.

Fire up Zoom for some Friday drinks

with friends or family and choose from a

selection of fun flavours, perfectly paired

with a mouthwatering Milky Lane burger

and fries.

From Boozy Beueno and Strawberry

Mojitos to Warhead Appletini and

Bubblegum Sours, takeaway cocktail

prices range from $14-$18 for 300ml –

almost two for the price of one!

To order, visit

Milky Lane has your Friday night sorted.

Do something relaxing

Destress and unwind with Parramattabased

yoga studio, Yoga Peace Australia.

Practice meditation, mindfulness and

breathwork with the lovely Annie Tran as

she guides you through a peaceful session

of movement and relaxation.

“Yoga is gentle movement and is about

connecting with yourself; it’s a meditative

practice that allows you to let go of your

thoughts,” she said.

Ms Tran is also offering free 15-20 minute

sessions at certain times during the week

on Facebook Live.

Those wishing to take part in one of her

12 full length Zoom sessions available

each week can visit yogapeaceaustralia.

com. This includes family classes which

run each Friday from 6pm.

Get Creative

Wentworthville small business Origami

World is loads of fun for all ages.

Origami World is currently offering

charity gift packs with $5 per kit sold to be

donated to the Ronald McDonald House at


View kit options here: origamiworld.

Get creative thanks to Origami World.



1800 737 732


1800 650 890


1800 184 527

Black Dog Institute

(02) 9382 4530

Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800

Relationships Australia

1300 364 277

Carers Australia

1800 242 636

MensLine Australia

1300 78 99 78

SANE Australia

1800 18 7263

Embrace Multicultural

Mental Health

(02) 6285 3100

MindSpot Clinic

1800 61 44 34

National Aboriginal

Community Controlled

Health Organisation

(02) 6246 9300


(02) 9168 8094 | PARRANEWS.COM.AU


parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021


respite care

2–4 week terms available

Do you care

for an elderly

loved one?

Let us give everyone a break

Caring for an elderly loved one can be both rewarding and demanding. Respite Care gives carers the

opportunity to rest, recharge and attend to the other things in life that may slip by while providing care.

For 2 to 4 weeks, your loved one can enjoy round-the-clock, professional, friendly support from our team of

registered nurses, carers and lifestyle officers at our Bombala residential care home.

They’ll have a private single suite with private ensuite bathroom, nutritious meals, friendly company and activities

all included at no cost. It’s a break that doesn’t break the bank.

Southern Cross Care has 50 years’ experience delivering person-centred care for older people, so they can live

their best life possible.

To discuss how we can assist you or someone you care for, please call our friendly customer service team.

* Terms and conditions apply

1800 958 001

scc-pn-2021-06-21.indd 1


21/6/21 12:29 pm


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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Space available in Parra

Parramatta CBD office vacancy rate reaches highest level in 11 years


The Property Council of Australia says

the time is right for businesses looking

to make their mark in Parramatta’s

CBD, as premium office space becomes available.

Due to the completion of new office accommodation,

along with the withdrawal of a major

tenant, significant premium office space has

now freed up in one of Australia’s fastest growing

office markets.

The Property Council of Australia’s Western

Sydney Regional Director Ross Grove said

Parramatta was seeing a significant increase in

its office vacancy rate as new buildings continued

to come online.

“This increase in supply, particularly at the

premium level, will allow local businesses to

re-evaluate what their office needs are, and

free up opportunities to upgrade their presence

in Parramatta,” he said.

Parramatta’s office future continues to be

one of excitement with more than 100,000sqm

coming online over the next six months,

assuming the present restrictions ease over the

short to medium term.”

The Property Council of Australia’s Office

Market report released recently reveals a 3.8

per cent increase in the Parramatta CBD office

vacancy rate – the highest level seen since July


The change is attributed to 26,500sqm of

supply additions and 7016sqm of net absorption,

which in large part is reflected in the

opening of 52 Smith Street, Parramatta and

a decision from National Australia Bank to

reshape its office presence across the country.

Mr Grove said the coming completion of 6

and 8 Parramatta Square, along with 6 Hassall

Street would continue to add to Parramatta’s

premium office space.

“As these new opportunities come online, the

future of some of our older office stock can be

revisited,” he said.

Parramatta sits at the heart of a skilled and

talented workforce, and the underlying infrastructure

narrative will continue to position it

as a destination for future investment.

“As Parramatta Light Rail comes to completion,

and early works begin for Sydney Metro

West, this will be one of Australia’s most

connected cities and an obvious inclusion on

the shortlist for future business decisions.”

A further 109,722sqm of office space is set to

be delivered in the second half of 2021, with

61,899sqm of space due to come online in 2022.

More office space is coming online in Parramatta.

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021

FOR LEASE – Parramatta CBD


Areas from 150m² - 940m²

Secure Parking

Flexible Lease Terms

9B opportunities

Areas from 120m² - 500m²

Market Street Location

9B opportunies

FOR LEASE – Parramatta CBD

Areas from 100m² - 500m²

Flexible Lease Terms

9B opportunities


Areas from 20m² - 400m²

Financial core location (Pitt St)

Flexible Lease Terms


FOR LEASE – Parramatta CBD

9B Education - 500m²

Walkin opportunity

Flexible Lease Terms

Close to transport & shopping amenities

Suite of 235m²

Financial core location

Close to transport and shopping amenities


John Siciliano

Mob: 0411 861 538


| Tenant Advisory & Lease Negotiations

Property Management | | Value Add & Advisory | Fitout Design & Construct



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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pick up a copy of the paper

Parra News is a free, weekly and local newspaper delivered to a number of locations.

We are constantly adding to this list. If you would like a location to stock our newspaper

please let us know at


Auburn Central, Queen St, Auburn

Auburn Library, Civic Place, 1 Susan St, Auburn

Auburn Service Centre, 1 Susan St, Auburn

Primewest Megamall, 265 Parramatta Rd, Auburn


Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre, 375-383 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills


Carlingford Court, 220 Carlingford Rd, Carlingford

Carlingford Fruit World, 220 Carlingford Rd, Carlingford

Carlingford Library, Lloyds Ave, Carlingford

Carlingford Village, 372 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford


Constitution Hill Branch Library, 20 Hollis St, Constitution Hill


Dundas Sports, 9 Elder Road, Dundas


Dundas Valley Library, 21 Sturt St, Dundas Valley


Eastwood Shopping Centre, 152-160 Rowe St, Eastwood


Ermington Woolworths, 30 Betty Cuthbert Ave, Ermington

Steven Street Corner Store, 10 Stevens St, Ermington


Granville Library, 1 Memorial Dr, Granville

Speedway South Granville, 171 Clyde St, South Granville


Greystanes Library, 732 Merrylands Rd, Greystanes

Greystanes Shopping Centre, 655 Merrylands Rd, Greystanes


Guildford Library, Railway Terrace, Guildford


Guildford Leagues Club, 25-55 Tamplin Rd, Guildford West


Harris Park Community Centre, 11 Albion St, Harris Park

Harris Park Food Store, 50 Marion St, Harris Park


Sydney Markets, Level 3 Sydney Markets Plaza, 250-318 Parramatta Rd


Lidcombe Library, 3 Bridge St, Lidcombe

Lynda Voltz, MP’s office, Mezzanine Level Lidcombe Centre,

92 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe


Uncle John Pizza, 114 Great western Highway, Westmead

Vaikhasi Groceries Shop 1, 164 Great Western Highway, Westmead


Cincotta Chemist Merrylands, 185 Merrylands Road, Merrylands

Coolibah Hotel, 15-25 Sherwood Rd, Merrylands

Merrylands Library, Corner of Miller St & Newman St, Merrylands

Merrylands RSL, 8/12 Miller St, Merrylands

Merrylands Service Centre, 16 Memorial Ave, Merrylands

Sergio’s Cake Shop, Stockland Mall, Merrylands

Stockland Merrylands Concierge desk, 1 Pitt St, Merryland


R & R Supa IGA, 7/530 Merrylands Rd, Merrylands West


Local Paper


North Parramatta Supermarket, 9 Iron St, North Parramatta

Spar North Parramatta, Cr Albert & Buller St, North Parramatta


BP truckstop, 369 North Rocks Rd, North Rocks

North Rocks Shopping Centre, 328–336 North Rocks Rd, North Rocks


NBC Sports Club, 166 Windsor Rd, Northmead

Northmead Shopping Village, 37 Windsor Rd, Northmead


IGA Oatlands, 41A Belmore St E, Oatlands


IGA Old Toongabbie, 56 Fitzwilliam Rd, Old Toongabbie


Bank of Queensland Parramatta, 354 Church St, Parramatta

Event Cinemas, Westfield Shopping Centre, 159-175 Church St, Parramatta

Hoops Coffee Shop, Bankwest Stadium, 1-13 O’Connell St, Parramatta

Parramatta Heritage and Information Centre, 346A Church St, Parramatta

Peter Wynn Store, 197 Church St, Parramatta

Westfield Concierge Desk Level 2, 4 and 5, 159-175 Church St, Parramatta

Woolworths Westfield Parramatta, Level 5, 1156/159-175 Church St, Parramatta


Woolworths Pemulwuy, Greystanes Rd & Butu Wargun Dr, Pemulwuy


Pendle Hill Meat Market, 142 Bungaree Rd, Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill Newsagency, 140 Pendle Way, Pendle Hill


Fox Hills Golf Club, 55 Fox Hills Crescent, Prospect

Silly Solly’s - Homemaker Prospect, 19 Stoddart Rd, Prospect


Regents Park Library, 1 Amy St, Regents Park


Woolworths Rosehill, 28-30 Oak St, Rosehill


The FC, Rydalmere Park, 35 South St, Rydalmere


Seven Hills Plaza, 224 Prospect Hwy, Seven Hills


DFO, 3-5 Underwood Rd, Homebush


Mint Fresh IGA, 9/4 Claudia Rd, Toongabbie

Portico Shopping Plaza, 17-19 Aurelia St, Toongabbie

Toongabbie Sports Club, 12 Station Rd, Toongabbie


Wentworthville Library, 2 Lane St, Wentworthville

Wentworthville Newsagency, 43 Station St, Wentworthville

Wentworthville Shopping Village, 336 Great Western Hwy, Wentworthville


Chemsave Chemist, Coles Centre, 29-33 Darcy Rd, Westmead

Uniting Westmead, 1 Caroline St, Westmead

Westmead Coles, 29-33 Darcy Rd, Westmead


Winston Hills Mall, 180-190 Caroline Chisholm Dr, Winston Hills

16 |


You would click and collect your

groceries, but would you do it for

a new car?

This is the question many locals,

currently under strict COVID restrictions,

are having to ask themselves, as they

weigh up the new added risks of buying in


From limited supplies and long wait

times to removing face-to-face negotiations

and inspections, the time for buying

a car is far from ideal.

Oatlands resident Anthony Coorey

knows first hand the challenges of buying

a car in the current climate, after he

bought a brand new Volkswagen without

ever seeing it in person.

With only two left of its kind in the state,

he was told he had to be quick and so took

the risky plunge to purchase the vehicle.

“I didn’t even get to test drive the car,” he


“This particular model is in high demand

and there is a significant backlog, so I just

had to trust my gut.”

Mr Coorey said with the click and collect

system, keys are left on the front seat and

customers have a phone call with a sales

rep to go through the car’s features.

“What this means though is that you

have to pay full price, I couldn’t negotiate,

so I couldn’t get any extras thrown in


Click, collect and drive: How

to buy a new car in lockdown


Anthony Coorey recently purchased a new car via click and collect.

there, however they had no accessories left

to give anyway!” he said.

Whilst traditional visits to the showroom

or dealership are currently out of the question,

some dealerships are using technology

in an attempt to boost consumer

confidence. The NRMA says the ability to

test drive is unlikely but that dealerships

are “doing everything they can to create a

thorough buying experience online”.

This is being achieved through video

calls to describe vehicle features and drive


The NRMA strongly recommends that

you thoroughly research all aspects, take a

good look at the pictures that accompany

the ad, ask for a 360-degree walk-through

via video and don’t be afraid to ask lots of


When it comes to buying privately,

COVID Health Orders still apply.

A NSW Health spokesperson reminded

the community that the stay-at-home

orders are designed to limit interaction

between people from different households.

“Please make practical and sensible decisions

that will limit your risk of acquiring

COVID-19,” the spokesperson said.

NSW Health recommends that people

make trips for essential shopping, including

for purchasing a vehicle, as brief,

COVID-safe and close to home as possible,

especially in Local Government Areas of


parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Nominations close 5pm 10th September 2021



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Tuesday, August 31, 2021




Solving the working from home

headaches one step at a time

Here we are still in lockdown and

“working from home”. What

exactly does that mean? Let’s

look at some things impacting working

from home.


Morning: I’m tired, I’ll start a half hour

late and make it up at lunch.

Lunch: A person’s got to eat and take

time to clear his head, I’ll knock-off a half

hour later plus another 10 minutes from


Knock-off: Man I’m tired, I’ll start

earlier tomorrow.



Your children, their children, the guy

somewhere in the street who keeps

pounding on his drum set without letup,

the car with the noisy exhaust pipe being

“warmed up” for 30 minutes before

being driven, barking dogs who join

one another around the neighbourhood

in a parody of the nun’s chorus, white

cockatoo mobs perching on the fence

squawking in the dawn, midday and

sundown encouraged by the neighbour

who intermittently illegally feeds them.


Enough said!

Any of these things are what those

running a business or working from

home contend with on a daily basis.

So, how do we deal with it? Try making

a list of the things that are causing you a

problem on one side of the page, leave at

least four lines between each.

Then list all the solutions to each problem.

Pick the one/s that will work and put

them into action immediately.

Need help with your business? For

businesses go to the Business Connect

website, look at the Western Sydney Business

Centre advisor bios and book one

of the advisors or call Western Sydney

Business Centre direct on 4721 5011.

The Merrylands Chamber is the

main Chamber operating across

the Cumberland LGA.

The Chamber represents

predominantly small and medium

sized businesses in the LGA but

also several large businesses.

If you have any queries or

want to become a member

Please call:

0428 204 739

or Email:

parra news

is a proud sponsor of the Chamber





With Jupiter and Saturn transiting

through your sign, there’s no doubt

you’re feeling motivated and frustrated

in equal measure. Try to power ahead at

a patient and steady pace. Be inspired by

birthday great, actress and comedienne

Lily Tomlin: “View challenges as hurdles

on the road to success.” The weekend is

wonderful for serious thinking, focused

mental work, outdoor adventures and

spending some quality time with your

favourite four-legged friend.



Daily posts at | twitter @JoMadelineMoore | © Joanne Madeline Moore 2021



You have a natural ability to calm,

console and help others. But promising

more than you can deliver is a danger

this week. If you pace yourself and

take practical baby steps, then you’ll get

things done without too much confusion

and chaos. Romance is also highlighted,

as the planets amplify your relationship

zones. Singles – do your best to distinguish

between a soul mate connection

and a dating disaster. If in doubt, let your

intuition be your guide.



Rambunctious Rams – you’re keen to

call the shots but remember there’s a

big difference between leading others

and just being plain bossy. Domineering

behaviour will lead to unnecessary dramas

so slip on your humility hat, as Venus

encourages you to be a consultative

Lamb (especially in close relationships).

The Sun and Mars urge you to establish

a regular exercise routine and make

healthier food choices. Green smoothies

and chia cupcakes anyone?



It’s a good week to step in and take the

initiative with a child, teenager or friend

who is facing challenges. If you offer a

positive, proactive solution (without

being bossy or judgemental) then they

might just accept your advice! When

it comes to a paid or volunteer job, a

practical step-by-step plan could lead to

more work in the future. Be inspired by

birthday great Beyonce: “Life isn’t about

living without problems. Life is about

solving problems.”

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021









Hey Twins … prepare for a split-personality

kind of week! The Sun and Mars

are visiting practical, earthy Virgo (and

steady Saturn trines your ruler Mercury).

But Mars opposes nebulous Neptune (in

the opposite sign of Pisces). So things

will tend to oscillate between organised

calm and confusing chaos in the coming

days. And beware fake news! Whether

it’s from family, friends, work colleagues

or the media, make sure you doublecheck

all information that comes your


Have you got a long list of domestic

chores that you’ve been avoiding? With

the planets activating your home zone,

tackle the to-do list with extra energy

and enthusiasm. But it would be wise

to handle a feisty neighbour or family

member with a double dose of diplomacy.

And don’t fall into the trap of

being side-tracked (or persuaded) into

pursuing someone else’s agenda. Have

the courage, conviction and fortitude

to forge your own path and follow your

own dreams.

The stars favour communicating, social

networking and multi-tasking to the

max! You crave your comfortable Lion

routines, but you need to shake them

up with some creative thinking and adventurous

ideas. And are you stuck in

worry wart mode? Seek advice from an

older friend or family member … someone

whose wisdom and experience you

respect. A problem shared is a problem

halved. For some lucky singles, love

could be as close as the girl or boy next


The creative Sun and confident Mars

are both moving through your sign (and

Saturn trines your power planet Mercury

at the moment). So you’ll be at your versatile

Virgo best as you impress others

with your methodical mind, broad general

knowledge, multi-tasking skills and

meticulous attention to detail. Which

makes it a particularly suitable week to

analyse evidence, power through paperwork,

do research, edit work, revise

projects, make decisions and problemsolve.









With Mercury and Venus both visiting

your sign, it will be hard for people

to resist your Libran charms. If you ask

for the moon and stars, others might just

deliver. Singles – it’s a good time to attract

your soul mate. So send out the

appropriate signals, and then go after

them! Mercury and Saturn also push you

to build firm foundations for the future.

As actress/comedienne (and birthday

great) Lily Tomlin observes: “The road

to success is always under construction.”

This week, with Venus and Mercury

visiting your seclusion zone, take a wellearned

break from the madness around

you and escape somewhere quiet where

you can relax and rejuvenate. And rediscover

your Scorpio vim, vigour and

verve! The power of imagination is also

on your side. You’ll find ideas and inspiration

come from daydreaming and

creative visualisation, as you retreat into

your own private world. Strictly invitation


When it comes to a relative or work

colleague, you’ll have to dig deep if you

want to decipher what’s really going on.

Make sure you focus on verified facts,

rather than vague hearsay. It is a good

week to concentrate on your goals for

the future. The more adventurous they

are, the better. Be inspired by Beyonce

(who turns 40 on Saturday). “I can never

be safe; I always try and go against the

grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing,

I just set a higher goal.”

Don’t hide your Capricorn light under

a bushel! The Sun, Mars, Mercury and

Venus are activating the highest part of

your horoscope. So it’s time to communicate

creatively, move mountains and

make a real difference. Public speaking,

performing, publishing and podcasting

are favoured, as you showcase your

leadership skills. Be inspired by birthday

great, entertainer Freddie Mercury. “I always

knew I was a star, and now the rest

of the world seems to agree with me.”








access to sporting anD

Getentertainment experiences

“This was a dream come true thanks to FAN+” Alex, NSW


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Tuesday, August 31, 2021




Helping kids shine: Jumpstart your

child’s learning via early education

Early education is so much more

than just ‘child minding.’

Inspiring and passionate educators

can be the key to a child’s success.

Noticing and nurturing each child’s

abilities, they play an integral role in

helping them shine.

Laying the foundations

Early education sets the foundations

for how children will learn in the future.

Young children’s brains are still developing,

making the first five years an extra

important time.

High-quality care at the start can shape

thinking, language and math skills for

the future.

Supported and structured playtime

Young children learn best through play

– but that doesn’t mean that all fun-time

is equal.

A qualified teacher can guide playtime

and provide the structure needed to

learn and grow.

Supported play gives children a chance

to experiment, explore the world and, of

course, have fun!

A nurturing environment to learn and


Learning is not only about academics,

but also social and emotional development.

Trained educators create a warm

and inclusive environment, so all children

feel welcome and supported.

As children engage in groups, they

can also develop emotional-regulation,

social skills and positive relationships.

Early Education is an opportunity to

inspire, engage and encourage your

child. At Alfred Street Early Education

Centre, we offer nurturing, qualified,

foundational support – and a boost to

a brighter future. Contact 9637 2082 or

visit to learn more.

Get to know us!

Come along to a centre tour.

Meet our inspiring, passionate educators

and learn more about our programs.

Alfred Street Early Education Centre,

Granville. Tour bookings can be made via

our website

Bookings essential



early education


Alfred Street Early Education Centre

20-22 Alfred Street, Granville NSW 2142

Ph: 9637 2082 W:




parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021




If you are looking to escape lockdown

for an hour or two then jump

into the funny Aussie television drama,

‘Five Bedrooms’.

Once you have binged the first

season, you can follow the second that has

just premiered on the recently launched

streaming service, Paramount Plus.

With 35 years’ experience in the entertainment

industry, cast member Doris

Younane told Parra News that the story

line is a special one.

“It is about five very different people from

different walks of life, in different financial

positions who decide at a wedding to buy

a house together,” Doris said.

“It is a really clever idea, how they navigate

the world within the house and how

they become each other’s support systems.”

Living in a share house when she studied

at NIDA, Doris said she wouldn’t want

to do it again but relates to her character

Heather in real life.

“I can relate to the feeling of a woman

feeling a little invisible once you hit a certain

age but she is braver than me and has

a very sharp sense of humour,” she said.

“She is beautifully written by Christine

Bartlett and I haven’t had a character like

this my entire career so I adore being her,

plus she is the romance part of the show

which I am liking.”

Heather’s romance is heating up with

Ben, who is played by Stephen Peacocke,

another member of the talented Australian


“Stephen and I get on really well but he

really is such a great actor which makes it

easy for us with challenging scenes,” she


“Australia is thanking me for him which

is hilarious… the fact that they have explored

a woman in her age group falling

in love with a gorgeous guy like him in a

very truthful way has restored some faith

in relationships.”

With filming underway of the third season,

Doris said now is the perfect time to

settle in at home and take a peek into the

‘Five Bedrooms’.

“There are some massive moments that

will make you laugh and cry, as well as

some challenges that are penciled beautifully

by the writers including the wonderful

Michael Lucas,” she said.

Doris said there’s a few rules before sitting

down to watch the series, which originally

premiered on Channel 10.

“Grab some popcorn, a little bit of wine

and fall in love with some real people who

are living life,” she said.

‘Five Bedrooms’ is available to stream

on Paramount Plus now. To sign up, visit



Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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Big Bash League is back

at Sydney Showground





12 December 7:15pm

26 December 6:05pm

2 January 7:15pm


13 January 4:05pm


19 January 4:05pm

Join the Thunder Nation,

with memberships starting from $40

Tickets on sale from 7 October at



Nathan Taylor


Basketball is returning to 10 for the

first time in six years, with the NBL signing

a three-year deal with the network.

The deal will see two games broadcast

live each Sunday afternoon in a marquee

timeslot during the NBL season, showcasing

four hours of basketball action on

10 Peach and streamed live in HD on 10

Play, from 1pm. Last month, Foxtel also

announced a new three-year agreement

with the NBL and ESPN.

Unsurprisingly both Channel Nine

and Foxtel have decided not to air the

final season of ‘Ellen’ from September.

It’s understood the program costs too

much to air here in Australia and it’s just

not worth it largely due to Ellen’s decline

in ratings and tarnished image of late.

The new season of ‘Gogglebox

Australia’ will premiere on Thursday,

September 9 at 8.30pm on 10. There are

plenty of changes to the cast this season,

with best mates and physiotherapists

Adam and Symon returning after a few

years off. Two ‘Gogglebox’ families residing

in Sydney’s hotspots, the Delpechitra

and the Elias families, will sit out this





season. The rest of the cast remains


Upcoming documentary series ‘Inside

Central Station: Australia’s Busiest

Railway’ will premiere on SBS on Sunday,

September 12 at 7.30pm. The 10-part

series, narrated by actor Shane Jacobson,

has camera crews embedded at Sydney’s

Central station, the Rail Operations Centre

and on the tracks and platforms of the

vast network.

Good news for Stan subscribers with

the streaming service inking a new deal

with WarnerMedia for new television and

film content.

Japanese declutter goddess Marie

Kondo is back with a new series on

Netflix. ‘Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo’

is a three-part series in which she assists

people to improve their lifestyle. It drops

this Tuesday, August 31.

New family comedy ‘Home Sweet

Home Alone’, a new addition to the

‘Home Alone’ film franchise, will debut

on November 12 on Disney+. Max Mercer

is a mischievous and resourceful young

boy who has been left behind while his

family is in Japan for the holidays. So

when a married couple attempting to retrieve

a priceless heirloom set their sights

on the Mercer family’s home, it is up to

Max to protect it from the trespassers.

Some surprising news this week with

Bryan Cranston legal drama ‘Your Honor’

being renewed for a second season. There

had previously been no plans for the

show to return.

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021



1st prize $150

2nd prize $100

3rd prize $50

Enter for your chance to win one of

three Parramatta Square Gift Cards!

To enter, simply:

1. Scan the QR code

2. Subscribe to Parramatta

Square & Parra News

3. Tell us what do you love to do

with your Dad in Parramatta?

T&Cs apply. Competition ends Thursday 2 September 2021. See for full details.



Tuesday 31 August

Wednesday 1 September

Thursday 2 September

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

6:00 News Breakfast [s] 9:00 ABC News [s]

10:00 Four Corners [s] 11:00 Coronavirus:

Public Update [s] 12:00 ABC News [s] 1:00

The Trial Of Christine Keeler (M l,s) [s] 2:00

Parliament Question Time [s] 3:15 ABC

News [s] 4:00 Escape From The City [s]

5:00 Anh’s Brush With Fame (PG) [s] 5:30

Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 6:00 The Drum [s] 7:00

ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30 [s] 8:00 Back To

Nature [s] 8:30 Magic And The Brain: The

Science Of Illusion - A Catalyst Special [s]

4:30 M*A*S*H (PG)

5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain

Hunt 7:30 Pie In The Sky (PG)

8:30 Lewis (M v) 10:30 Deadly

Dates (M v) 11:30 The Search

(M) 12:10 M*A*S*H (PG) 1:30

Surf Patrol (PG) 2:00 Escape

To The Country

6:00 Endlings (PG)

6:30 Teenage Boss

7:00 Mythbusters (PG)

7:35 Doctor Who (PG) 8:15

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(PG) 8:40 Wishfart! (PG) 8:55

Slugterra 9:15 Make It Pop

9:40 rage (PG)

TV Guide: August 31 - 6 September

Your guide to the week’s television viewing

6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show [s]

11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Day 7 - Day

Session *Live* [s] 4:00 Seven News At 4 [s]

5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) [s] 6:00

Seven News [s] 7:00 Home And Away (PG)

[s] 7:30 ABBA Forever [s] 8:30 Movie: “The

Greatest Showman” (PG) (’17) Stars: Hugh

Jackman 10:40 The Latest Seven News [s]

11:10 Station 19 (M v) [s] 12:10 Temptation

Island USA (MA15+) [s]

4:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Afternoon Session -

Day 7 *Live* 7:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020: Night

Session - Day 7 *Live* 10:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo

2020: Late Night Session - Day

7 *Live* 11:30 Family Guy (M)

4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

5:55 Heywire 6:00 ABC

Evening News 7:00 ABC

National News 8:00 Exit

America: An ABC News

Special With Stan Grant 8:45

The Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30

6:30 The Simpsons

(PG) 7:30 Family Guy

(M s) 8:00 American

Dad (M s) 8:30 Movie: “Rush

Hour 2” (M s,v) (’01) Stars:

Jackie Chan 10:30 Movie:

“Jonah Hex” (M h,v) (’10) Stars:

Josh Brolin 12:05 90210 (M)

1:00 Family Guy (M s)

5:55 The Adventures Of

Paddington 6:25 Shaun

The Sheep 7:00

Grace’s Amazing Machines

7:30 Spicks And Specks (PG)

8:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway?

(M s) 8:50 Everything’s Gonna

Be Okay (M) 9:15 Bliss (M l,s)

9:40 Rosehaven (PG)

6:00 Today [s] 9:00 Today Extra (PG) [s]

11:30 NINE’s Morning News [s] 12:00

Explore (PG) [s] 12:10 Driving Test (PG) [s]

12:40 The Block (PG) [s] 2:00 Pointless

(PG) [s] 3:00 Tipping Point (PG) [s] 4:00

NINE’s Afternoon News [s] 5:00 Millionaire

Hot Seat [s] 6:00 NINE News [s] 7:00 A

Current Affair (PG) [s] 7:30 The Block (PG)

[s] 8:40 The Hundred With Andy Lee [s] 9:40

Travel Guides (PG) [s] 10:50 NINE News

Late [s] 11:10 Reverie (M v) [s]

5:00 Shortland Street

(PG) 5:30 The Chefs’

Line 6:00 On Country

Kitchen 6:30 First Footprints

(PG) 7:30 The Point 8:00

Living Black 8:30 After The

Apology (M l) 10:00 The Work

(M l) 11:35 Bamay 12:00 The

Point 12:30 Living Black

6:00 Choccywoccydoodah

6:30 Come

Dine With Me UK 7:00

The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

7:30 Destination Flavour Japan

(In English/ Japanese) 8:00

David Rocco’s Dolce Africa

8:30 Jamie’s Great Britain 9:30

Mystery Diners

8:00 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG)

[s] 1:00 Australian Survivor (PG) [s] 2:00

Entertainment Tonight [s] 2:30 Farm To Fork

(PG) [s] 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) [s] 3:30 My

Market Kitchen [s] 4:00 Everyday Gourmet

[s] 4:30 The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) [s]

5:00 10 News First [s] 6:00 WIN News [s]

6:30 The Project (PG) [s] 7:30 Australian

Survivor (PG) [s] 9:00 The Cheap Seats (M)

[s] 9:55 The Montreal Comedy Festival

(MA15+) [s] 10:55 The Project (PG) [s]

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v) 8:30

Blue Bloods (M v) 10:25

Socceroos: Road To Qatar

10:55 NCIS: New Orleans (M)

12:45 Home Shopping 2:15

Movie: “Snake Eyes” (M) (’98)

5:30 Shortland Street

(PG) 6:00 Forged In

Fire (PG) 6:55

Jeopardy! (PG) 7:25 NITV

News Update 7:30 8 Out Of 10

Cats Does Countdown (M l,s)

8:30 Roswell: The First

Witness (PG) 9:25 Cat Ladies


This week’s TV Guide brought to you by

Sydney Showground

1:00 2 Broke Girls (M s)

1:30 Seinfeld (PG) 3:00

Rules Of Engagement

(PG) 4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00

Frasier (PG) 6:00 Friends (PG)

6:30 Neighbours (PG) 7:00

Friends (PG) 8:00 The Big

Bang Theory (PG) 9:30 Mom

(M d,s) 11:35 Frasier (PG)

5:00 Malcolm In The

Middle (PG) 6:00 The

Nanny (PG) 6:30 3rd

Rock From The Sun (PG) 7:00

That 70’s Show (PG) 7:30

Movie: “Mercury Rising” (M l,v)

(’98) Stars: Miko Hughes 9:45

Movie: “The Town” (MA15+)

(’10) Stars: Ben Affleck

5:30 Worldwatch 11:00 NSW Coronavirus

Update (Arabic) 11:30 Worldwatch 1:00

PBS Newshour 2:00 The Last Hours Of

Pompeii (PG) (In English/ Italian) 3:00 Going

Places With Ernie Dingo 3:30 The Cook Up

With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:00 Luke Nguyen’s

Railway Vietnam (PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG)

5:30 Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind

6:30 SBS World News 7:35 Who Do You

Think You Are? (PG) 8:30 Insight 9:30

Dateline 10:00 The Feed

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:00 Flipping Vegas

(PG) 5:00 Boise Boys

6:00 House Hunters International

7:00 House Hunters

USA 7:30 Escape To The Farm

With Kate Humble (PG) 8:30

Restoration Man (PG) 9:30

Building Off The Grid (PG)

5:20 Quincy (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 New Tricks (PG)

8:40 The Closer (M v) 9:40

Rizzoli & Isles (M v) 10:40

Lover’s Lane Murders (M v)

11:40 Chicago Justice (M)

12:35 Antiques Roadshow

1:00 Home Shopping

6:00 News Breakfast [s] 9:00 ABC News [s]

10:00 The Recording Studio (PG) [s] 11:00

Coronavirus: Public Update [s] 12:00 ABC

News [s] 1:00 Back Roads [s] 1:40 Media

Watch (PG) [s] 2:00 Parliament Question

Time [s] 3:15 ABC News [s] 4:00 Escape

From The City [s] 5:00 Anh’s Brush With

Fame (PG) [s] 5:30 Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 6:00

The Drum [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30

[s] 8:00 Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 8:30 Question

Everything [s] 9:00 Rosehaven (PG) [s]

4:30 M*A*S*H (PG)

5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain

Hunt 7:30 The Coroner (M v)

8:30 A Touch Of Frost (M v)

10:50 Bones (M v) 12:50

M*A*S*H (PG) 2:00 Home


6:00 Endlings (PG)

6:30 Teenage Boss

7:00 Mythbusters (PG)

7:35 Doctor Who (PG) 8:20

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(PG) 8:40 Wishfart! (PG) 8:55

Slugterra 9:15 Make It Pop

9:40 rage (PG)

6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show [s]

11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Day 8 - Day

Session *Live* [s] 4:00 Seven News At 4 [s]

5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) [s] 6:00

Seven News [s] 7:00 Home And Away (PG)

[s] 7:30 Nurses (M) [s] 8:30 RFDS (M mp,s)

[s] 9:30 The Rookie (M v) [s] 10:30 The

Latest Seven News [s] 11:00 Chicago Fire

(M) [s] 12:00 First Dates Australia (PG) [s]

1:30 Home Shopping

4:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Afternoon Session -

Day 8 *Live* 7:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020: Night

Session - Day 8 *Live* 10:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo

2020: Late Night Session - Day

8 *Live* 11:30 Family Guy (M)

4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC National News

7:55 Heywire 8:00 ABC News

Tonight 8:45 The Business

9:00 ABC Nightly News 9:30

7.30 10:00 The World 11:00

The Drum

6:30 American Dad

(PG) 7:00 The

Simpsons (PG) 7:30

Family Guy (M s) 8:00

American Dad (M s,v) 8:30

Movie: “True Lies” (M l,s,v)

(’94) Stars: Arnold

Schwarzenegger 11:25 Movie:

“Hard To Kill” (MA15+) (’90)

5:55 The Adventures Of

Paddington 6:25 Shaun

The Sheep 7:00

Grace’s Amazing Machines

7:30 Spicks And Specks (PG)

8:00 Would I Lie To You? (PG)

8:30 Art Works 9:00 Hitsville:

The Making Of Motown 10:55

Doctor Who (PG)

6:00 Today [s] 9:00 Today Extra (PG) [s]

11:30 NINE’s Morning News [s] 12:00

Garden Gurus Moments [s] 12:10 Customs

(PG) [s] 12:40 The Block (PG) [s] 2:00

Pointless (PG) [s] 3:00 Tipping Point (PG)

[s] 4:00 NINE’s Afternoon News [s] 5:00

Millionaire Hot Seat [s] 6:00 NINE News [s]

7:00 A Current Affair (PG) [s] 7:30 The

Block (PG) [s] 8:50 Paramedics (M) [s] 9:50

Australian Crime Stories (M) [s] 10:50 NINE

News Late [s] 11:20 Killer On The Line (M v)

5:00 Shortland Street

(PG) 5:30 The Chefs’

Line 6:00 On Country

Kitchen 6:30 Pete And Pio’s

Kai Safari (PG) 7:00 Our

Stories (PG) 7:20 NITV News

Update 7:30 The South

Sydney Story 8:00 Yokayi

Footy 8:35 Over The Black Dot

6:00 Choccywoccydoodah

6:30 Come

Dine With Me UK 7:00

The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

7:30 Giada Entertains 8:00

Kylie Kwong: Heart And Soul

8:30 Rick Stein’s Taste Of The

Sea 9:00 Rick Stein’s Seafood


8:00 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG)

[s] 1:00 The Bachelor Australia (M) [s] 2:30

Entertainment Tonight [s] 3:00 Judge Judy

(PG) [s] 3:30 My Market Kitchen [s] 4:00

Everyday Gourmet [s] 4:30 The Bold And

The Beautiful (PG) [s] 5:00 10 News First [s]

6:00 WIN News [s] 6:30 The Project (PG) [s]

7:30 The Bachelor Australia (M) [s] 8:30 Bull

(M) [s] 11:30 The Project (PG) [s] 12:30 The

Late Show (PG) [s] 1:30 Home Shopping

4:30 CBS This Morning [s]

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M) 8:30

NCIS: Los Angeles (M v) 11:15

Seal Team (M v) 12:10 Home

Shopping 2:10 Formula 1

Belgium Grand Prix 2021 3:10

Diagnosis Murder (M v)

5:30 Shortland Street

(PG) 6:00 Forged In

Fire (PG) 6:55

Jeopardy! (PG) 7:25 NITV

News Update 7:30 8 Out Of 10

Cats Does Countdown (M l,s)

8:30 The Act (MA15+) 9:35

Cycling: La Vuelta Stage 17

*Live* 1:50 Vice News Tonight

1:00 2 Broke Girls (M s)

2:00 Mom (M d,s) 3:00

Rules Of Engagement

(PG) 4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00

Frasier (PG) 6:00 Friends (PG)

6:30 Neighbours (PG) 7:00

Friends (PG) 8:00 The Big

Bang Theory (PG) 9:20 2

Broke Girls (M s)

5:00 Malcolm In The

Middle (PG) 6:00 The

Nanny (PG) 6:30 3rd

Rock From The Sun (PG) 7:00

That 70’s Show (PG) 7:30

Movie: “Swordfish” (M) (’01)

Stars: Halle Berry 9:30 Movie:

“Blade II” (MA15+) (’02) Stars:

Wesley Snipes

5:30 Worldwatch 11:00 NSW Coronavirus

Update (Arabic) 11:30 Worldwatch 1:00

PBS Newshour 2:00 Dateline 2:30 Insight

3:30 The Cook Up (PG) 4:00 Luke Nguyen’s

Railway Vietnam (PG) 4:35 Jeopardy! (PG)

5:00 Cycling: La Vuelta 2021 Highlights 5:30

Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30

SBS World News 7:35 Tony Robinson’s

World By Rail (PG) 8:30 What Does

Australia Really Think About (M) 9:30 War

Of The Worlds (MA15+) (In English/ French)

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:00 Flipping Vegas

(PG) 5:00 Escape To

The Farm With Kate Humble

(PG) 6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00 House

Hunters USA 7:30 Masters Of

Flip 8:30 Home Town 9:30

Beachfront Bargain Hunt Reno

5:20 Quincy (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 Keeping Up

Appearances (PG) 8:50

Midsomer Murders (M v) 10:50

An Unexpected Killer (MA15+)

11:50 Antiques Roadshow

12:20 My Favourite Martian

12:50 Garden Gurus Moments

6:00 News Breakfast [s] 9:00 ABC News [s]

10:00 Australian Story [s] 10:30 Back To

Nature [s] 11:00 Coronavirus: Public Update

[s] 12:00 ABC News [s] 1:00 Hard Quiz (PG)

[s] 1:30 Question Everything [s] 2:00

Parliament Question Time [s] 3:15 ABC

News [s] 4:00 Escape From The City [s]

5:00 Anh’s Brush With Fame (PG) [s] 5:30

Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 6:00 The Drum [s] 6:55

Sammy J (PG) [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30

7.30 [s] 8:00 Foreign Correspondent [s]

4:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Afternoon Session -

Day 9 *Live* 7:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020: Afternoon

Session - Day 9 *Live* 10:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo

2020: Night Session - Day 9

*Live* 11:30 Father Brown (M)

6:00 Endlings (PG)

6:30 Teenage Boss

7:00 Mythbusters (PG)

7:35 Doctor Who (PG) 8:25

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(PG) 8:45 Wishfart! (PG) 9:00

Slugterra 9:20 Make It Pop

9:45 rage (PG)

6:00 Sunrise [s] 9:00 The Morning Show [s]

11:30 Seven Morning News [s] 12:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Day 9 - Day

Session *Live* [s] 4:00 Seven News At 4 [s]

5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) [s] 6:00

Seven News [s] 7:00 Home And Away (PG)

[s] 8:30 My Impossible House (PG) [s] 9:30

Billy Connolly: Made In Scotland (M l) [s]

10:30 The Latest: Seven News [s] 11:00

The Front Bar (M) [s] 12:00 Movie: “Out Of

Line” (M l,s,v) (’01) Stars: Alonso Oyarzun

4:00 Graveyard Carz

(PG) 5:00 Aussie

Lobster Men (PG) 6:00

American Pickers (PG) 7:00

AFL: Finals Week 1: Teams

TBA *Live* 10:30 TBA 11:00

Family Guy (M) 11:30

American Dad (M) 12:00

Regular Old Bogan (MA15+)

4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC National News

7:45 Road To Tokyo 8:00 ABC

News Tonight 8:45 The

Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30 10:00 The

World 11:00 The Drum

6:30 American Dad

(PG) 7:00 The

Simpsons (PG) 7:30

Family Guy (M d,s) 8:00

American Dad (M v) 8:30

Movie: “New Year’s Eve” (PG)

(’11) Stars: Zac Efron 11:00

Bridezillas (M)

5:55 The Adventures

Of Paddington 6:25

Shaun The Sheep 7:00

Grace’s Amazing Machines

7:30 Spicks And Specks (PG)

8:30 Penn And Teller: Fool Us

(PG) 9:10 Hard Quiz (PG) 9:40

Question Everything (PG)

10:10 Doctor Who (PG)

6:00 Today [s] 9:00 Today Extra (PG) [s]

11:30 NINE’s Morning News [s] 12:00

Explore [s] 12:10 Driving Test (PG) [s] 12:40

The Block (PG) [s] 2:00 Pointless (PG) [s]

3:00 Tipping Point (PG) [s] 4:00 NINE’s

Afternoon News [s] 5:00 Millionaire Hot Seat

[s] 6:00 NINE News [s] 7:00 A Current Affair

[s] 7:30 NRL: Canberra Raiders v Sydney

Roosters *Live* [s] 9:45 Thursday Night

Knock Off (M) [s] 10:30 NINE News Late [s]

11:00 Chicago Med (M mp) [s]

6:00 On Country

Kitchen (PG) 6:30 Pete

And Pio’s Kai Safari

(PG) 7:00 Our Stories 7:20

NITV News Update 7:30 Going

Places With Ernie Dingo (PG)

8:30 Movie: “Backtrack Boys”

(MA15+) (’18) Stars: Bernie

Shakeshaft 10:20 The Point

6:00 Choccywoccydoodah

6:30 Come

Dine With Me UK 7:00

The Cook Up With Adam Liaw

7:30 Field Trip With Curtis

Stone 8:00 Nigellissima 8:30

Gino’s Italian Escape 9:00 Rick

Stein’s French Odyssey 9:30

Mystery Diners

8:00 Studio 10 (PG) [s] 12:00 Dr Phil (PG)

[s] 1:00 The Bachelor Australia (M) [s] 2:00

Entertainment Tonight [s] 2:30 Farm To Fork

(PG) [s] 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) [s] 3:30 My

Market Kitchen [s] 4:00 Everyday Gourmet

[s] 4:30 The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) [s]

5:00 10 News First [s] 6:30 The Project (PG)

[s] 7:30 The Bachelor Australia (M) [s] 9:15

Law & Order: SVU (M v) [s] 11:15 Blue

Bloods (M v) [s] 12:15 The Project (PG) [s]

1:15 The Late Show (PG) [s]

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v) 8:30

Hawaii Five-0 (M v) 10:30 Seal

Team (M v) 11:30 TBA 12:30

Home Shopping 2:00 Walker,

Texas Ranger (M v) 3:00 CSI:

Crime Scene Investigation (M)

5:30 Shortland Street

(PG) 6:00 Forged In

Fire (PG) 6:55

Jeopardy! (PG) 7:25 NITV

News Update 7:30 8 Out Of 10

Cats Does Countdown (M l,s)

8:30 The Curse Of Oak Island

(M l) 9:20 Cycling: La Vuelta

Stage 18 *Live*

1:00 2 Broke Girls (M s)

2:00 Mom (M d,s) 3:00

Rules Of Engagement

(PG) 3:30 The King Of Queens

(PG) 4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00

Frasier (PG) 6:00 Friends (PG)

6:30 Neighbours (PG) 7:00

Friends (PG) 8:00 The Big

Bang Theory (PG)

5:00 Malcolm In The

Middle (PG) 6:00 The

Nanny (PG) 6:30 3rd

Rock From The Sun (PG) 7:00

That 70’s Show (PG) 7:30

Young Sheldon (PG) 8:30

Movie: “Arrival” (M l) (’16)

Stars: Amy Adams 10:50

Young Sheldon (M)

5:30 Worldwatch 11:00 NSW Coronavirus

Update (Arabic) 11:30 Worldwatch 1:00

PBS Newshour 2:00 Woman Raised By

Monkeys (PG) (In English/ Portuguese) 3:00

Going Places 3:30 The Cook Up (PG) 4:00

Luke Nguyen’s Railway Vietnam (PG) 4:35

Jeopardy! (PG) 5:00 Cycling: La Vuelta

2021 5:30 Letters And Numbers 6:00

Mastermind 6:30 SBS World News 7:30

Great Asian Railways Journeys (PG) 8:35

Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve (M)

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:30 Island Life 5:00

Beachfront Bargain

Hunt Renovation 6:00 House

Hunters International 7:00

House Hunters USA 7:30

House Hunters International

8:30 Fixer Upper (PG) 9:30

Bargain Mansions

5:20 Quincy (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 The First 48 (M v)

8:30 Reported Missing (PG)

9:45 5 Mistakes That Caught A

Killer (MA15+) 10:45 Law &

Order (M) 11:45 Death At The

Mansion: Rebecca Zahau (M l)


Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years, [s] Subtitles

Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence

Monday 6 September

Friday 3 September

Saturday 4 September

Sunday 5 September

12:00 ABC News [s] 1:00 Foreign Correspondent

[s] 1:30 That Pacific Sports Show

[s] 2:00 The Capture (M l,v) [s] 3:00 ABC

News [s] 4:00 Escape From The City [s]

5:00 Anh’s Brush With Fame (PG) [s] 5:25

Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 6:00 The Drum [s] 7:00

ABC News [s] 7:30 Gardening Australia [s]

8:30 Midsomer Murders(M v) [s]

7:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Afternoon Session -

Day 10 *Live* 10:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Night Session - Day 10 *Live*

12:00 Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Day

10 - Day Session *Live* [s] 4:00 Seven

News At 4 [s] 5:00 The Chase Australia

(PG) [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00 Better

Homes And Gardens [s] 8:30 Movie:

“Grease” (PG) (’78) Stars: John Travolta

10:55 TBA 12:00 Marvel’s Agents Of

S.H.I.E.L.D. (M v) [s] 1:00 Home Shopping

6:00 American Pickers

(PG) 7:00 AFL: Pre

Game 7:30 AFL: Finals

Week 1: Teams TBA *Live*

11:30 Armchair Experts (M)

12:00 American Dad (M)

8:30 Movie: “Unbroken”

(M v) (’14) Stars: Jai

Courtney 11:20 Movie:

“Empire Of The Sun” (PG) (’87)

Stars: Christian Bale 2:35

Home Shopping 3:35 Fresh TV

12:15 Movie: “Deadly Vows” (M v) (’17)

Stars: Brittany Underwood 2:00 Pointless

(PG) [s] 3:00 Tipping Point (PG) [s] 4:00

NINE’s Afternoon News [s] 5:00 Millionaire

Hot Seat [s] 6:00 NINE News [s] 7:00 A

Current Affair [s] 7:30 NRL: Parramatta Eels

v Penrith Panthers *Live* [s] 9:50 Golden

Point (M) [s] 10:35 Movie: “Beirut” (M) (’18)

7:00 NITV News: Nula

7:30 Movie: “Rabbit-

Proof Fence” (PG) (’02)

Stars: Everlyn Sampi 9:10

Bedtime Stories (PG) 9:20 Map

To Paradise (PG)

2:00 Entertainment Tonight [s] 2:30 Farm To

Fork (PG) [s] 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) [s] 3:30

My Market Kitchen [s] 4:00 Everyday

Gourmet [s] 4:30 The Bold And The

Beautiful (PG) [s] 5:00 10 News First [s]

6:00 WIN News [s] 6:30 The Project (PG) [s]

7:30 The Living Room [s] 8:30 TBA 9:30

The Graham Norton Show (PG) [s]

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M)

8:30 Law & Order: SVU

(M d,v) 11:30 CSI: Crime

Scene Investigation (MA15+)

12:30 Home Shopping

3:00 The King Of

Queens (PG) 4:00

Becker (PG) 5:00

Frasier (PG) 6:00 Friends (PG)

8:00 The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 9:30 Friends (PG)

3:00 NITV News: Nula 3:30 The Cook Up

With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:00 Luke Nguyen’s

Railway Vietnam (PG) 4:30 Jeopardy! (PG)

5:00 Cycling: La Vuelta 2021 Highlights 5:30

Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30

SBS World News 7:35 Search For Cleopatra

(PG) 8:30 World’s Most Extraordinary

Homes (PG) 9:35 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (M)

6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00

House Hunters USA

7:30 Maine Cabin Masters

(PG) 8:30 Barnwood Builders

9:30 Building Off The Grid (PG)

parra news » Tuesday, August 31, 2021

6:30 Australia: The

Wild Top End 7:15

Early Man (PG) 8:40

Good Game Spawn Point 8:55

Fruits Basket (PG) 9:20 Sword

Art Online (PG) 9:45 Radiant

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC

National News 7:45

The Vaccine 8:00 Planet

America 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 Close Of Business

7:00 Grace’s Amazing

Machines 7:30 Spicks

And Specks (PG) 8:00

Hard Quiz (PG) 8:30 Last Night

Of The Proms 10:20 Gruen (M)

11:05 Doctor Who (PG)

7:00 The Cook Up With

Adam Liaw 7:30 River

Cottage Australia 8:30

Jamie’s Ultimate Veg 9:30

Mystery Diners 10:00 The

Cook Up With Adam Liaw

7:25 NITV News

Update 7:30 8 Out Of

10 Cats Does

Countdown (M l,s) 8:30

Hoarders (M l) 9:20 Love And

Sex In China (M) (In Mandarin)

7:30 Movie: “Legally

Blonde 2: Red, White

And Blonde” (PG) (’03)

Stars: Reese Witherspoon 9:30

Movie: “The Spy Who Dumped

Me” (MA15+) (’18)

5:20 Quincy (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 David Attenborough’s

Dynasties (PG) 8:40

Movie: “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

(M l,s,v) (’01)

12:00 ABC News [s] 12:30 Grand Designs

(M l) [s] 1:20 Restoration Australia (PG) [s]

2:30 Fake Or Fortune? [s] 3:30 Further Back

In Time For Dinner (PG) [s] 4:45 Landline [s]

5:15 Silvia’s Italian Table (PG) [s] 6:10 The

Repair Shop [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30

The Durrells (PG) [s] 8:20 The Trial Of

Christine Keeler (M l,s) [s]

12:00 Seven’s Horse Racing: Moonee

Valley/ Randwick *Live* [s] 5:00 Seven

News At 5 [s] 5:30 Border Security -

Australia’s Front Line (PG) [s] 6:00 Seven

News [s] 7:00 Movie: “Hotel Transylvania 3”

(PG) (’18) Stars: Adam Sandler 9:00 Movie:

“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” (M l,v) (’14)

Stars: Hugh Jackman 11:30 TBA

1:00 Explore [s] 1:10 The Hundred With

Andy Lee [s] 2:10 The Block (PG) [s] 3:30

Travel Guides (PG) [s] 4:30 The Garden

Gurus [s] 5:00 NINE News: First At Five [s]

5:30 Getaway (PG) [s] 6:00 NINE News

Saturday [s] 7:00 NRL: South Sydney

Rabbitohs v St George Illawarra Dragons

*Live* [s] 9:30 NRL: Post Match (M) [s]

2:45 The Dog House UK (PG) [s] 3:45

Roads Less Travelled [s] 4:15 Farm To Fork

(PG) [s] 4:30 Taste Of Australia [s] 5:00 10

News First [s] 6:00 Jamie’s Easy Meals For

Every Day [s] 6:30 Bondi Rescue (PG) [s]

7:00 The Dog House UK (PG) [s] 8:00

Ambulance Australia (M d) [s] 9:00 TBA

10:00 TBA 11:00 Blue Bloods (M v) [s]

3:00 Gymnastics 4:30 Going Places With

Ernie Dingo 5:00 Cycling: La Vuelta 2021

Highlights 5:30 Tuskegee Airmene (PG)

6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Castles:

Secrets, Mysteries And Legends (PG) 8:30

Celebrity Mastermind (PG) 9:40 Movie: “The

King’s Speech” (M l) (’10) Stars: Colin Firth

11:45 The Family Law (M)

7:00 Paralympic

Games Tokyo 2020:

Afternoon Session -

Day 11 *Live* 10:00

Paralympic Games Tokyo

2020: Night Session *Live*

4:30 AFL: Finals Week

1: Teams TBA *Live*

11:30 Family Guy (M)

12:00 American Dad (M) 12:30

Aussie Lobster Men (M l) 1:30

LPL Pro (MA15+)

7:00 Movie: “Mr.

Popper’s Penguins” (G)

(’11) Stars: Angela

Lansbury 9:00 Movie: “The

Hundred-Foot Journey” (PG)

(’14) Stars: Helen Mirren

6:55 Yokayi Footy 7:30

NITV News Update

7:40 Sam Watson - The

Street Fighting Years (M l) 8:40

Incarceration Nation 10:10

Coniston (M v) 11:10 Bamay

7:30 NCIS (M) 8:30

NCIS: New Orleans (M)

10:20 Blue Bloods (M)

11:20 CSI: Crime Scene

Investigation (M s,v) 1:10 48

Hours (M)

3:00 Friends (PG) 6:00

The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 9:45 2 Broke Girls

(M s) 10:45 The Conners (PG)

11:45 The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 12:10 Home Shopping

5:30 Maine Cabin

Masters (PG) 6:30 Log

Cabin Living 7:30

Escape To The Chateau (PG)

8:30 House Hunters USA 9:30

House Hunters International

6:30 Top Jobs For

Dogs 7:00 Mythbusters

(PG) 7:35 Doctor Who

(PG) 8:20 Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtles (PG) 8:45 Wishfart!

(PG) 8:55 Slugterra

6:00 ABC Evening

News 6:25 Ms

Represented With

Annabel Crabb 7:00 ABC

National News 7:30 Australian

Story 8:00 ABC News Tonight

7:00 Dino Dana 7:30

Spicks And Specks

(PG) 8:00 QI (PG) 8:30

TBA 9:15 Live At The Apollo

(M) 10:30 Sammy J (PG) 10:35

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (M)

6:00 Cheese Slices

7:00 Born To Cook

7:30 Yotam Ottolenghi’s

Mediterranean Feasts

8:30 Ainsley’s Mediterranean


7:30 Forsaken Places:

Lost Empire (PG) 8:30

The X-Files (MA15+)

11:00 Cycling: La Vuelta Stage

20 *Live* 1:50 Dateline 2:20

France 24 News

7:30 Movie: “Godzilla”

(M v) (’14) 9:50 Movie:

“The Incredible Hulk”

(M) (’08) 12:00 Young, Dumb

And Banged Up In The Sun


7:30 Movie: “My Big Fat

Greek Wedding” (PG)

(’02) Stars: Nia

Vardalos 9:25 Movie: “My Big

Fat Greek Wedding 2” (PG)

(’16) Stars: Elena Kampouris

12:00 ABC News [s] 12:30 Landline [s] 1:30

Gardening Australia [s] 2:30 Songs Of

Praise [s] 3:00 Shakespeare And Hathaway

(PG) [s] 4:00 New Dads (PG) [s] 5:00 Art

Works [s] 5:30 Antiques Roadshow [s] 6:30

Compass [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:40 David

Attenborough’s Global Adventure [s] 8:30

The Newsreader (M) [s] 9:25 Traces (M d,l)

12:00 Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020: Day

12 - Day Session *Live* [s] 3:30 Border

Security - Australia’s Front Line (PG) [s]

4:00 Better Homes And Gardens [s] 5:00

Seven News At 5 [s] 5:30 Sydney

Weekender [s] 6:00 Seven News [s] 7:00

TBA 9:00 Homicide With Ron Iddles (M) [s]

10:00 The Real Manhunter (M v,s) [s]

1:00 The Xtreme CollXtion (PG) [s] 1:30

Explore [s] 1:40 The Block (PG) [s] 3:00

NRL: Wests Tigers v Canterbury-Bankstown

Bulldogs *Live* [s] 6:00 NINE News Sunday

[s] 7:00 The Block (PG) [s] 8:30 60 Minutes

[s] 9:30 NINE News Late [s] 10:00 The First

48 (M) [s] 11:00 Prison Girls: Life Inside

(MA15+) [s]

2:00 Driven Not Hidden [s] 2:30 Everyday

Gourmet [s] 3:00 Three Veg And Meat [s]

3:30 Roads Less Travelled [s] 4:00 Waltzing

Jimeoin (PG) [s] 4:30 Taste Of Australia [s]

5:00 10 News First [s] 6:00 WIN News [s]

6:30 The Sunday Project (PG) [s] 7:30

Australian Survivor (PG) [s] 8:45 FBI (PG)

[s] 11:35 The Sunday Project (PG) [s]

3:00 Motor Sports 3:30 Gymnastics 4:30

Going Places With Ernie Dingo (PG) 5:00

Cycling: La Vuelta 2021 Highlights 5:30

Unsinkable: Japan’s Lost Battleship (PG) (In

English/ Japanese) 6:30 SBS World News

7:30 The Real Lawrence Of Arabia (M) 9:10

Children Of 9/11 - Our Story (M) 11:15 The

Surrogates (M s)

7:00 Border Security -

Australia’s Front Line

(PG) 8:30 Cold Case

(M d,v) 10:30 Without A Trace

(M v) 12:30 Cold Feet (M) 2:30

Bart Cummings

6:00 Pawn Stars (PG)

6:30 Movie:

“Caddyshack” (M d,l,s)

(’80) Stars: Bill Murray 8:30

Paralympic Games Tokyo

2020: Closing Ceremony *Live*

7:30 Ramsay’s Hotel

Hell (M l) 8:30

Ramsay’s 24 Hours To

Hell And Back (M l) 9:30

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

UK (M l)

7:30 NITV News

Update 7:40 First

Footprints (PG) 8:40

Incarceration Nation 9:50

Movie: “Be Water” (M v) (’20)

Stars: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v)

9:30 Movie: “Crimson

Tide” (M l,v) (’95) Stars: Gene

Hackman 11:50 NCIS: Los

Angeles (M v)

3:00 Friends (PG) 6:00

The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 8:30 The

Neighborhood (PG) 9:30 2

Broke Girls (M s) 11:30 Mom

(M d,s) 12:00 Home Shopping

6:30 House Hunters

International 7:30 Good

Bones (PG) 8:30 A

Sale Of Two Cities 9:30 My

Lottery Dream Home (PG)

10:30 Fixer To Fabulous

6:25 Welcome To Earth

7:00 Mythbusters (PG)

7:35 Doctor Who (PG)

8:20 Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles (PG) 8:40 Wishfart!

8:55 Slugterra

6:00 ABC Evening

News 6:30 Foreign

Correspondent 7:00

ABC News Sunday 7:40 The

Brief 8:00 Insiders 9:00 ABC

Nightly News

7:00 Dino Dana 7:30

Spicks And Specks

8:00 Compass 8:30

Louis Theroux: Selling Sex (M)

9:30 Shaun Micallef’s On The

Sauce (M l)

7:00 Nigellissima 7:30

Weekend Breaks With

Gregg Wallace 8:30

Rick Stein’s Long Weekends

9:40 Anthony Bourdain: Parts


7:40 UnXplained With

William Shatner (M)

8:30 Life And Death

Row (M d,l) 9:30 Locked Up:

Teens Behind Bars (M) 10:25 I

Was A Teenage Felon (M)

2:30 NRL: Wests Tigers

v Canterbury-

Bankstown Bulldogs

*Live* 5:30 TBA 6:00 TBA 6:30

TBA 7:00 Movie: “Kung Fu

Panda 2” (PG) (’11)

3:30 Rugby Union:

Bledisloe Cup: All

Blacks v Wallabies

*Live* 6:00 Rugby Union: Post

Match 6:30 As Time Goes By

(PG) 7:30 Death In Paradise

12:00 ABC News [s] 1:00 The Durrells (PG)

[s] 2:00 ABC News [s] 4:00 Escape From

The City (PG) [s] 4:55 Anh’s Brush With

Fame (PG) [s] 5:30 Hard Quiz (PG) [s] 6:00

The Drum [s] 7:00 ABC News [s] 7:30 7.30

[s] 8:00 Australian Story [s] 8:30 Four

Corners [s] 9:15 Media Watch (PG) [s] 9:35

Beyond The Towers (PG) [s]

12:00 Movie: “My Mother’s Secret” (M v)

(’12) Stars: Nicole de Boer 2:00 What The

Killer Did Next (M) [s] 3:00 The Chase UK

(PG) [s] 4:00 Seven News At 4 [s] 5:00 The

Chase Australia (PG) [s] 6:00 Seven News

[s] 7:00 Home And Away (PG) [s] 7:30 TBA

8:30 9-1-1: Lone Star (M v) [s] 10:30 The

Latest Seven News [s] 11:00 Station 19 (M)

12:00 Getaway (PG) [s] 12:30 The Block

(PG) [s] 2:00 Pointless (PG) [s] 3:00 Tipping

Point (PG) [s] 4:00 NINE’s Afternoon News

[s] 5:00 Millionaire Hot Seat [s] 6:00 NINE

News [s] 7:00 A Current Affair (PG) [s] 7:30

The Block (PG) [s] 8:50 Under Investigation

(M) [s] 9:50 100% Footy (M) [s] 10:50 NINE

News Late [s] 11:20 The Arrangement (M)

2:15 Entertainment Tonight [s] 3:00 Judge

Judy (PG) [s] 3:30 My Market Kitchen [s]

4:00 Everyday Gourmet [s] 4:30 The Bold

And The Beautiful (PG) [s] 5:00 10 News

First [s] 6:00 WIN News [s] 6:30 The Project

(PG) [s] 7:30 Australian Survivor (PG) [s]

8:40 Have You Been Paying Attention?

(MA15+) [s]

3:30 The Cook Up (PG) 4:00 Luke Nguyen’s

Railway Vietnam 4:35 Jeopardy! (PG) 5:00

Cycling: La Vuelta 2021 Highlights 5:30

Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30

SBS World News 7:30 Movie: “9/11: The

Falling Man” (M) (’06) Stars: Steven

Mackintosh 8:55 Movie: “The Woman Who

Wasn’t There” (M l) (’12) Stars: Tania Head

5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain

Hunt 7:30 Doc Martin

(M) 8:30 The Inspector Lynley

Mysteries (M v) 10:30 Mafia’s

Greatest Hits (M v) 11:30 TBA

6:00 American Pickers

(PG) 7:00 Pawn Stars

(PG) 7:30 American

Pickers (PG) 8:30 Movie: “Dirty

Harry” (M l,v) (’71) Stars: Clint


8:00 American Dad (M)

8:30 First Dates

Australia (M) 10:50

Marrying Millions (M l,s) 1:00

90210 (M d,s,v) 3:00 The

Resident (M)

7:00 Our Stories (PG)

7:20 NITV News

Update 7:30 Hand Talk

Bush Hunt 7:40 Through The

Wormhole 8:30 Karla Grant

Presents (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M)

10:20 Formula 1 Dutch

Grand Prix 2021 11:20 Blue

Bloods (M v) 12:15 Home

Shopping 2:15 48 Hours (M)

4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00

Frasier (PG) 6:00

Friends (PG) 6:30

Neighbours (PG) 7:00 Friends

(PG) 8:00 The Big Bang

Theory (PG) 9:30 Seinfeld (M)

6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00

House Hunters USA

8:30 Restored By The Fords

9:30 Boise Boys 10:30 Help! I

Wrecked My House

6:30 Teenage Boss

7:00 Fierce Earth (PG)

7:30 Shaun The Sheep

8:25 Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles (PG) 8:45 Wishfart!


6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC

National News 8:00

ABC News Tonight 8:45 The

Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30

7:30 Spicks And

Specks 8:00 QI (M l,s)

8:30 Brian Cox’s

Adventures In Space And Time

9:25 George Clarke’s Amazing

Spaces 10:15 Doctor Who (M)

7:00 The Cook Up With

Adam Liaw 7:30 Jamie

& Jimmy’s Food Fight

Club 8:30 Hairy Bikers’

Chocolate Challenge 9:30

Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam

7:30 8 Out Of 10 Cats

Does Countdown (M)

8:30 Hypothetical (M)

9:25 Taskmaster (M l) 10:20

What Does Australia Really

Think About (M)

7:30 RBT (M d,l) 8:30

Movie: “Sicario: Day Of

The Soldado” (MA15+)

(’18) Stars: Benicio del Toro

11:00 Paranormal Caught On

Camera (M l)

5:20 Quincy (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 Poirot (PG) 8:40

Agatha Christie’s Marple (PG)

10:40 Law & Order: Criminal

Intent (M v)

Programming information correct at time of going to press, changes are at the network’s discretion

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021



1. Steep rugged rock

4. Invigorate

8. Parrot

11. Heart-throb poster


13. More talented

15. Reflection

17. Hollywood studio


18. Escape

20. Famous ballpoint

21. Restate main points

24. Cake frosting, ...


27. Blunder

28. Fly out

30. Powdery

31. Too soon

33. Horror

34. Complacently

35. Folk tale

36. Detect

39. Sung rhythmically

42. Agreements

44. Resist

45. South Korean capital

46. Model, ... Macpherson

48. Curry accompaniment

49. Country bumpkin

50. Sell to public

52. Safe havens

54. Chief executive

officers (1,1,2)

55. Cheeky

56. Shaving blades

57. Strong flavour

60. Second largest birds

62. Hateful

65. Deadly Australian


67. Uncalled-for

69. Rework

70. Follow on

72. Diamonds ... a girl’s

best friend

73. Lustre

75. Coke’s rival

77. Inn

79. The Matrix actor, ...


81. Social insect

82. Sentimental

84. Indian currency

85. Kitchen strainer

86. Hornet home

87. Church bell tower

88. Axe-like cutter

Last week’s solution


1. Baby’s bed

2. Quickly

3. Pop concert

4. Long movie

5. Malaysia’s Kuala ...

6. Retches

7. German WWII fascist

8. Electric fish

9. Hardhearted

10. At an end

12. Sense receptor

14. Legitimate

16. Actress & singer, ...


19. Evaporate (3,2)

22. Spookily

23. Worships

25. Brass percussion


26. Contradict

29. Olympic competitor

32. Cereal grass

35. Settler from abroad

37. Searches for

38. Discolours (of paper)

40. UK actor, Rhys ...

41. Tooth problem

42. Less tainted

43. Wilier

44. Low couch

47. Slackens

51. Writer, ... Defoe

52. Transpires

53. Ferocious

54. Two-door cars

58. Blue shade

59. Immortal being

61. Deplete (3,2)

63. Uncovered (facts)


64. Magic saying, open


65. Highest quality

66. Asian spice, star ...

68. Approaches

71. Raised (stakes)

72. Similar

74. Poems

76. Affected attitude

78. Laptop data block

80. Pecan or cashew

83. Reproductive cells

Crossword and Word Search brought to you by Bankwest Stadium

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11 12 13 14

15 16 17 18 19

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

28 29 30 31 32

33 34

35 36 37 38

39 40 41 42 43

44 45 46 47

48 49

50 51 52 53 54

55 56

57 58 59 60 61

62 63 64 65 66

67 68 69 70 71

72 73 74 75 76 77 78

79 80 81 82 83

84 85

86 87 88

Sudoku brought to you by Bankwest Stadium


Fill in all squares so each row,

column and each of the nine

3 x 3 squares contain all digits

from one to nine.

Last week’s Sudoku solution


Word Search

Find all the words listed hidden

in the grid of letters. They can be

found in straight lines up, down,

forwards, backwards or even


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Last week’s Word Search


Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge about

1970s movies in our special

trivia quiz this week.

1. In what horror flick did

Ellen Burstyn play the

mother of Linda Blair?

2. What Burt Reynolds film

featured a basset hound

character named Fred?

3. What was Dirty Harry’s last


4. Where did Adrian work

when she and Rocky first


5. In the movie ‘Jaws’, what is

the Orca?

6. Who is the actor who plays

Robert Thorn in the horror

film ‘The Omen’?


1. ‘The Exorcist’

2. ‘Smoky and the


3. Callahan

4. Pet store

5. A boat

6. Gregory Peck




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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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Always the people’s car

How the Toyota Corolla established itself as a market leader internationally


Toyota has sold its 50 millionth

Corolla, cementing its position as

the world’s most popular model.

Over the course of the past 54 years,

Australians have played a significant role

in its success with more than 1.5 million

Corollas sold locally.

Australia was the first export market for

Corolla when 15 examples of the small

1.1-litre KE10 two-door sedan left the

factory in Japan in November 1966.

They went on sale here the following

year and every generation since has been

warmly embraced by Aussie car buyers.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales,

Marketing and Franchise Operations,

Sean Hanley, said the success of Corolla

was built on its quality, durability and reliability

and every owner had a story to tell.

“For many people, the affordability,

efficiency and fun-to-drive attitude that

Corolla has always epitomised meant it

was often a first car,” he said.

“Among the millions of owners, there

are more than a few fond memories and

here in Australia it has been so warmly

The 2018 Toyota Corolla ZR (front), SX (left), and Ascent Sport (right).

received that it has become part of our

cultural landscape.

“We would like to thank those millions of

people that have put their trust in Toyota

and made Corolla the world’s most popular


Such was the appeal of Japan’s “people’s

car” in Australia that in 1968, Toyota

started local assembly of the Corolla at a

factory in Port Melbourne – the first such

operation outside of Japan.

Toyota Australia went on to build more

than 666,000 Corollas until 1999 at factories

in Port Melbourne, Dandenong and


Australia was also the scene for Corolla’s

first win in international motorsport with

a class victory in the 1968 Hardi-Ferodo

500 at Bathurst.

This began a strong motorsport career

for Corolla in Australian motorsport,

which included winning the 2008 Australian

Rally Championship in the hands of

Neal Bates and Coral Taylor.

The success of Corolla in Australia has

been replicated across the globe. In 1997,

it became the world’s most popular nameplate

and last year, it was bought by more

than 1.1 million customers.

It is sold in more than 150 countries and

regions at the rate of approximately one

every 28 seconds over the past year and is

produced at 12 plants across the world in

Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Pakistan,

South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam,

Turkey, US and the UK.

Here in Australia, the car’s enduring

reputation for quality, durability and reliability

was a key attraction for its customers.

In September 2007, 40 years after the

original Corolla went on sale, it notched

up its millionth sale.

Since then, a further 500,000 Australian

customers have bought a new Corolla with

the car being the most popular passenger

car in Australia for the past eight years.

From the very beginning, Corolla was

designed to be affordable, safe, efficient

and practical with a fun to drive attitude. It

is those qualities, along with its legendary

reliability, that have won customers across

the world.

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The perfect opportunity for students, parents & job seekers to speak with potential employers &

training providers with opportunities available now.



Tuesday 16 November

3pm to 8pm

The Concourse



Thursday 4 November

3pm to 8pm

Mingara Recreation Club

Tumbi Umbi


Thursday 18 November

3pm to 8pm

Illawarra Hockey Centre




Thursday 11 November

3pm to 8pm

Liverpool Catholic Club



Tuesday 23 November

3pm to 8pm

Penrith Valley

Regional Sports Centre

Cambridge Park





If you If you are are interested in in exhibiting call call 0437 0437 995 995 279 279 or or visit visit



Tuesday, August 31 2021

Parramatta scores Hackney coup


Parramatta’s chances of reaching

the Finals for the first time since

the 2018/19 season have received

a significant boost after signing talented

NSW and Penrith cricketer Ryan Hackney

for the upcoming season.

The 22-year-old left-hand batsman joins

Parramatta after a sensational Grade

career with Penrith, which started way

back in 2013 as a young teenager.

Hackney has been an important member

of Penrith’s first grade team for a number

of years, opening the batting when the

Cats won the Belvidere Cup in 2019.

Speaking with Parra News from a cricket

camp in the Northern Territory, Hackney

said it was a tough decision to leave

Penrith for their western Sydney rival.

“For me it was a pretty hard decision

because I love Penrith and had some great

memories there,” he said.

“I’m a Penrith junior, so it was a tough

decision in that regard, but I think for me

and where my career is at, I really want

to get the best of out myself and I feel at

Parramatta I can do that.”

Hackney, who’s been a member of the

NSW Blues for a number of years, said he

had several clubs chasing his signature

for next season but a close friendship with

Parramatta skipper Nick Bertus was the

deciding factor.

“I played a lot of Second XI for NSW with

Nick Bertus and I feel the two of us batted

really well together. I feel like we can

help each other and win games of cricket

together,” he said.

“There were other clubs in the mix, but

I’m pretty good mates with Bert off the

field, so I think that will help make the

transition a little easier too.”

Before Hackney straps on the pads for

Parramatta, he’ll spend the next few

months playing for Ipswich, alongside

Bertus, in the strong Brisbane competition.

With summer’s cricket season still in

limbo here in NSW due to the lockdown,

Hackney will use his time in the Sunshine

State to strengthen his connection with


“We’re really looking forward to playing

in Brisbane because the standard up there

is pretty good as there’s only 12 teams

while Sydney has 20,” Hackney said.

“The depth of players is a lot stronger, so

I’m really looking forward to it.”

Ryan Hackney has left Penrith to join Parramatta for the upcoming cricket season.



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