Belmont Times August 2021 Issue

We hope you enjoy the August 2021 edition of the Belmont Times magazine! Corrections: The story "My Bucket List" is written by Oli, and the poem "Traveling Bucket List" was written by Aanya. Sorry for the inconvenience!

We hope you enjoy the August 2021 edition of the Belmont Times magazine!

Corrections: The story "My Bucket List" is written by Oli, and the poem "Traveling Bucket List" was written by Aanya. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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The Greatest Day Of Robert


Fullfilling a Dream

The Bucket List

By Hillary

By Rishika

By Eva


4 Traveling Bucket List By Eva


What is a Bucket List ? By Aria


My Bucket List By Asher



1 Lucky the Cat By Eva



By Aria



By Adeline

From Our

August Classes


Shine Bright

A Bear's Love By Adeline

Why the government should

spend more time and

resources on renewable energy

By Mark





Book Recommendations









Back-to-School Tips!

Poem of the Month

Letter from the Editors

(First Place for Creative Writing)

The Greatest Day of Robert Johnson

By Eva C.

He looked, smiling, eyes brimming with reminiscent tears, at the ragged

piece of paper. It was full of crossed-off things. His bucket list- no,

theirs. All finished, he looked at the paper, something he regarded as

proof of a life well lived. Two lives. Each word brought back a vivid

memory, each full of joy and suspense. Each unique. He held them close

to his heart, more precious than anything that was, or would ever be.

After all, they were all he had left of her. “Do something that has killed

someone before.” He twisted his mouth in a small smile, remembering

when he and Evelyn had ridden the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags.

The ups and downs were breathtaking, and he had no idea what would be

next on the ride, even after watching it go around what seemed like a

thousand times in a nearly endless line. It was like Evelyn, really. Up and

down, exhilarating, unpredictable. She was a spur of the moment

person, and he remembered how with her, every day had brought a new

adventure. He caressed the photo next to his hospital bed, one of he and

Evelyn, after a particularly terrifying voyage to sea, both soaked to the

bone and grinning wide like children. At least, he thought so. He wasn’t

as brave as her, so while it had been thrilling to Evelyn, he had found it

absolutely petrifying. He looked down the list, recalling every event,

until he came to a fold in the paper. Something obscured. Frowning, he

opened it up- “Sneak out.” Those two words almost broke him. He

hadn’t finished. Even if he wanted to- how? He couldn’t. That much he

knew. “Do it, Rob.” He could almost hear his late wife egging him on.

Then he grinned, even wider than in the photo, if that was possible. He

slowly lifted himself off the uncomfortably stiff mattress. Looking out

onto the hospital’s amazing view of the pier, he knew exactly what his

mission was.

Leaving the hospital was relatively easy. After all, no one really expected

someone to try to escape. The hard part was not getting noticed. He

saw a group of costumed tourists, joining in with them. As they passed

Lu’s Popsicle stand, he remembered how it was Evelyn’s favorite treat

stand on the boardwalk. When he saw a ten dollar bill flutter down from

someone’s pocket, he realized his chance. He took the bill and walked

over to the stand. “Mint chocolate chip please.” Recognizing him, the

storekeeper replied “Evelyn’s favorite, huh?” He could only smile and

nod, while she scooped ice cream into the cup. “Thanks, Ms. Lu.” The

storekeeper waved him goodbye. As he took big bites, careful to finish it

before he returned to his room, he remembered something fresh in his

mind, from the first time they had visited the stand. “Mint chocolate

chip, please.” He remembered his confusion with her order. “I didn’t

know that was your favorite.” “It is. Because it’s minty and fresh, just

like me.” She had waggled her eyebrows playfully. He had rolled his

eyes, mouth shut tight so one of the eager chuckles waiting inside him

wouldn’t slip out. But Evelyn saw through it. She always did.

On his return to the hospital, he was sure to cover up his tracks. He then

tucked himself into bed, made sure to cross the last item off his list, and

then made sure to act as if nothing had happened.

“See! I told you, Mr. Johnson was missing!” A frantic nurse burst into

the room. “Hello. Did I miss anything?” he said in the crinkly yet joyful

voice of a innocent, slightly senile old man with a cheery disposition.

“María, stop making things up. Maybe you should have your own room.”

one of

the other nurses teased. “Shut up, Yamini.” she grumbled. “You

did it,” Evelyn said proudly. And with that, he knew he could

finally rest.

"She's at a friend's birthday party."

"Where's Dad?"

"Not done with work yet."

Ivy sat down at the table with her mother. "How's your Bucket


"Still thinking, Mom. Haven't gotten a clue what to be my first


"Maybe Niwi can help you."

Niwi was Tracy's cat, which they had just gotten a week ago.

"Mom, I wouldn't want to borrow Niwi right now, when she

hasn't taken her bath yet. Remember? She rolled in the grass

this afternoon."

Ivy's mom had nothing more to say. Then, a tiny whimper

sounded across the room, startling them. It was the onemonth-old

Kiwi, Ivy's kitten. They just got Kiwi yesterday, and

nobody thought she would help much. But Kiwi believed in

herself, and plus, Kiwi was lonely. By this rate, Ivy just had to

let Kiwi sit on her lap. They both were thinking of goals to put

on the Bucket List, and Kiwi helped vey much. One by one

Ivy's dreams came to view, and arranged themselves neatly

from 1 to 10. Finally, Ivy's heart was set at peace. But not for

so long. DING DONG! DING! DING! The doorbell kept ringing.

"What's wrong, Tracy?" Ivy asked Tracy, who was soaked at

the door.

"I. Saw. A. Dog. On. The. Road. And. I'm. Afraid. Of. Dogs. But.

You. Can. Help. Me. Save. It." she huffed.

"Tracy, show me. Now."

"There!" Tracy pointed to a wet baby poodle on the road.

No cars were on the road, but one gigantic truck was coming

towards the poodle, and it didn't move one bit. As far as Ivy

could see, the baby poodle had a hurt leg. She quickly ran

towards it, grabbing the poodle while turning to the driver,

knocking his damp windowshield.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Sir, just so you know, you almost drove into this baby

poodle, but it's nothing to worry about. I saved it. But of

course, my older sister, Tracy, actually told me about this, so

she did the telling and I did the action."

"That was very brave of you, young lady. And I am sorry that I

didn't see the poodle."

"No worries, Sir."

"Thank you for saving it."

"Your welcome, Sir. I have to go, Sir."

Ivy ran to the sidewalk, and the girls waved at the driver. He

waved back, yelling, "See you sometime later, brave young

ladies!" as his truck roared away. Ivy and Tracy stood there,

stunned at what they did. They both ran home, Ivy's heart

singing in her chest. She had just completed a goal—one on

her Bucket List. Peace, real peace, at last. She completed her

homework fully, and snuggled under the covers, dreaming of

tomorrow, a new day yet to come.

(3rd place CW)

The Bucket List

by Rishika

I’mgonnadie, I’mgonnadie! I’M GONNA DIEEEEE!!

I was plummeting to my death. A parachute blasted into the air,

slowing me down. I gracefully landed on the landing pad, body on

the floor.

“Mom, I don’t think I can do that again.” I moaned, getting up. I

unhooked my gear and me and my mom walked toward the

station next to the landing pad.

“That’s okay, Izzy. We can have lunch if you’re hungry.”

So Mom and I sat down at Peppiginos’ Pizza and ate some lunch.

“So, what’s next on the list?” I asked Mom in the middle of a bite.

“Next, we go to Six Flags!”

“WOOHOO! That place is amazing!” I screamed in joy. “When can

we go?”

“How about tomorrow?”

I nodded, grinning.

Me and my mom were completing her childhood bucket list. I

thought that maybe she wanted to enjoy it with me before she

gets old and can’t do it anymore. Or so I thought...

The next day, me and Mom drove out to Six Flags. Once we

reached, we put on our sunscreen and headed inside.

“Which ride do you wanna do first?”

I pointed at one of the rides. “ThunderBolt.”

One by one, each ride was completed. Even one of the scariest;

Goliath. It went crazy fast and after the ride, my neck pained

like a needle rapidly being stabbed into my neck on all sides.

After eating a delicious meal including burgers and french

fries, we headed over to the Lazy River. It was a nice and

relaxing river that had a slow current, unlike The Wave

Pool-which sounds just like its name. It has waves that are

the size of the OCEAN! It’s pretty fun when you jump over

each wave. If you haven’t yet gone to Six Flags, I would

recommend it.

The next time on the bucket list was pretty easy.

“Wait, so all we need to do is play hide and seek in the

house?” I asked my mom.

“Yep.” Mom replied.

“Alright. I’ll seek.”

I closed my eyes and heard receding footsteps. “10

mississippi, 9 mississippi, 8 mississippi, 7 mississippi, 6

mississippi, 5 mississippi, 4 mississippi, 3 mississippi, 2

mississippi, 1 mississippi! Ready or not, here I come!”

I ran over to the couch in the living room and looked

behind it. No one there. I looked everywhere in our kitchen,

living room, bedrooms, bathrooms-Mom was nowhere to be


“OKAY, I GIVE UP, MOM!” I screamed, making sure that Mom

could hear me. No answer. I waited a few minutes. My mom

wasn’t coming to me or anything. I raced through the house,

checking every place I knew. I opened the closet in Mom’s

bedroom and there she was. Eyes closed and forehead


(1st Place for Essay Writing)

What is a Bucket List?

by Aria

Do you have a bucket list? Bucket lists are lists of things you want to

do, or want to happen. Bucket lists can be extremely helpful.

Bucket lists help you remember important things that you want to do like

going camping or traveling to New York. They also help you remember

goals that you have such as planting a specific flower in a garden.

You make amazing memories with a bucket list. No matter if you're just

getting a pet or flying out of the country, checking something off your

list will always make you memories. You’ll feel happy and proud after

checking off your list.

For me, first on my list is that I would like to have a good, sunny trip to

New York. My family is going to the American side of the Niagara Falls,

and I hope there won’t be bad weather.

Second on my list is to get a pet bunny. I want a lop eared bunny because

they’re cute and smart. Third is to go hiking, as I really like it.

I will soon complete the first thing on my bucket list if the weather is

good. My trip will be fun no matter if I complete it or not though.

(2nd Place for Creative Writing)

My Bucket List

by Asher

Over the last couple of years, every time before summer starts I

create a bucket list. This list that I make includes everything from

finally cooking a recipe, to taking a trip to Australia (which I would

love to do). The smallest things that just take 20 minutes or lifelong

goals. Every year despite me telling myself “I’m going to have a

productive summer” or “I’m going to complete everything”, inevitably I

end up doing a couple of things and just being lazy for the rest of the

summer. But over the years I’ve grown to realize that it’s okay to be

bored over the summer and not doing anything because as you get

older school gets more difficult and your only time to rest well will be

over the summer. So I still do something constructive but also allow

myself to chill. My summer bucket lists change every year. I learn

about new destinations to visit, new restaurants to try, and new books

to read. But since last summer I wasn’t able to do much because of

the Pandemic, I’ve taken advantage of this summer and tried to make

the most of it. I’ve also accumulated a list of places I’d like to travel in

my lifetime, many of these places I’ve already visited with my family

including Yellowstone, Virgin Islands, Smokey mountains, and much

more. But besides a list of places I want to go, here is a bucket list of

things I’d like to accomplish before I die. I’d learn to speak french

fluently, meet Taylor Swift, visit every National park, go bungee

jumping, go skydiving, go cliff jumping, do a flip in the air, learn how to

write cursive, go to space (most likely won’t happen). In conclusion

this is my bucket list which seems bountiful to me.




“Look, everyone! Lucky’s wearing that cheesy red bandana again!”Danbi said,

laughing alongside his calico friends. “Hey, Lucky. Just so you know, you look

like a dork. And you’ll never make it to the Red Team.”

My ears droop as everyone started to laugh. “See you tomorrow, Un-Lucky!

And mind the hat,” Danbi jeered, swiping it off of my head. He and his buddies

run off in a crowd of high-paws and teasing expressions.

“Are you OK?” Aiko said, She looked concerned.“Did they steal something from

you again? What’d they take? Maybe we can catch up to them if it’s not too

late.” She gave her wings a vigorous flap.

“It’s fine. See you later,” I said. I forced my ears back up and gave her a

shiny smile. It hurt the edges of my mouth as I trudged towards the

direction of home.

“If you say so. . .” she said. I could tell she was still curious on

what had happened, but I wasn’t in the mood. “I’m still getting

that hat back for you.” She took off into the air. In the distance,

I heard annoyed growls and a surprised yelp emerge from the

clowder of cats as she snatched the hat right back from their

greedy claws. She landed down next to me, hat in her beak.

“Here you go, Lucky. Let me know if anything goes wrong again,”

she said. I stuffed it into my backpack, spirits lifted, and gave

her a thumbs-up. She mock-saluted me. “So long, Lucky.”

“So long, Aiko.”

Waves are crashing against my boat as I panic. “Oh, no. What do we do?” I say,

turning towards the boatsman. He’s sound asleep. I shake him violently just as

another wave barely misses the sail. My stomach lurches as we rise up and down.

“Captain!” I shake him again, harder. This time, he wakes up.

“...Huh?” he yawns. “What’s going o-” A crack of lighting hits the waters near us. He

immediately recovers from a daze. “Hurry, you! Grab the tiller! We can’t let her

tip!”I leap for the wooden lever just as the boom swings over our heads.

“I heard the Tengu had a legendary fan that could blow away any storm, but he’s

always fast asleep during any storm! It’s only a very rare occasion that he wakes

to the lighting and thunder!” I blurt out as I grip tightly onto the slippery

mast.“We’re going to sink!” I wail. In the gray distance, I see the outline of a…

green giant?

A sudden whoosh emerges out of nowhere, and I see a beautiful green fan flap as

the majestic giant continues to wave it towards us. One by one, the storm clouds

are pushed towards the mainland of Koji, where we set off from.

“Welcome to Nobu, newcomers! I’m Tengu. You called for me? Anyway, nice to

meet you! Head on over to the plaza and choose a team before you do anything

else. Me? I’m a Kappa team enthusiast, in case you’re wondering.” He winks before

soaring off into the distance.

“Wait!” I cry out. But it’s too late. He’s already gone.

“Huh. You were right,” the boatsman murmurs. He’s apparently in shock, because

hes trying to row the boat with a spoon to get closer. There’s a fair wind now, so

I carefully steer it to the shore before making a smooth banking.

“Alright. Where to now, Cap-” I say, turning around. “Captain? Where are you

going?” I say, looking around wildly. There’s no trace of him. I see a figure waving

on the boat. “Why are you leaving? Don’t you want to stay?”

“Sorry, mate. I’ve got a family to take care of. Let

me know when you want a return trip. See you!” he

calls back. A sense of loneliness envelopes me, but as

I look out beyond the sea of cheering people, I see

a familiar face. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so

lonely after all.

Do you like the season autumn? Fall is a special

season when deciduous tree leaves turn yellow, orange,

and red and fall off. Many fruits and vegetables become

ripe, and are harvested in fall. Autumn might not be the

best season, but it’s the funnest.

Fall has a great holiday:

Halloween! During Halloween,

homes are decorated in a spooky

theme. Kids dress up in

costumes as fun characters,

then they go trick-or-treating;

going up to homes and getting

candy. Seeing all the costumes is

always fun, the candy is

delicious, but the best part is the

eerie, ghostly, but also hilarious

houses. One street in Belmont is

always covered with funny

skeletons doing even funnier

things, like kayaking. Almost all

homes have jack - o’lanterns;

pumpkins carved into all sorts of

scared, frightening, or even silly

faces or shapes.



Another fun thing to do in fall is harvesting! Go to apple

orchards during autumn to pick sweet, crunchy apples you

can eat, or bake. Have a good time climbing trees while

apple picking, and get fresh, ripe apples, to make pie with.

Leave for the stores to get pumpkins, big or small, orange

or white! With the pumpkins, have a fun night carving

them into whatever you want! Afterwards, bake a warm,

smooth pumpkin pie with a crisp, crunchy crust. Enjoy the

rich, sweet, even fruity flavor of the pumpkin blending in

with spicy - sweet cinnamon and the soft, delicate flavor of

brown sugar.

The cool, crispness of the autumn air, and the colorful

leaves dancing in the wind, gently floating towards the

ground is enjoyed and the crunchy foliage under your feet

is fun to play with. Try throwing leaves up into the air, and

watch them flutter down. Or, build a pile of leaves and play

in them.

There are many more ways why fall is such a nice season.

Just look around in autumn, and find out!

shine bright

By Adeline

Slowly and slowly nights pass by,

The wind howling into the deep end sky,

Shining stars that appear way far,

Even the Millions of Stars cannot explain the dark.

Some are small that seem invisible,

Some are Big that are possible to see.

The Stars are reflecting the moments of hope,

Night has become the relaxing hour,

Even the beautiful flowers can be rested.

But the light’s call can last on for hours and


Now the shine slowly disappears because midnight is


I was walking in the dark woods so afraid that there

was going to be a humongous monster erupting at any

moment. I looked around me, “Still nothing was there.”

At that exact moment. I heard a “crunch.” I

immediately turned around to see a human with black hair and

a black cape. “Oh no!” I heard that if you ever see a human

with black hair and a black cape, there is one chance that the

human is a vampire. My biggest fear was a vampire! I knew

that this was the complete end of my life. I was only 10

years old!

I closed my eyes tightly hoping that this

was a dream. I knew that I was going to be

dead when I woke up. This was a complete


A few seconds later I finally

opened my eyes. I felt a hand touch

my back, “Agh!” I turned around just

in time to see a baby bear cub

trying to cuddle in my warm arms. I

always LOVED baby cubs!

A Bear's Love

by Adeline

But right when I thought everything was perfect, I saw a

gigantic flood rushing My way. That was weird. Floods never appear

in forests, was I in a fantasy or something? Now I know why the

little bear cub was cuddling in my warm arms! But where was his

mother? I turned around to see if there was a path I could take

to the exit of this catastrophe!

There wasn’t a safe path! There was no more time so I brought

the cub with me and ran the fastest in my life.

Right then there was an ultimate sunrise. The sunrise was coming

from the highest amongst the sky. Who was controlling this whole


I saw a brown figure walking by, but before I could move a single

finger, everything went completely blurry. Soon, I felt a slimy

thing lick my face, it was the baby cub and its mother. The brown

blurry figure was the cub’s mommy! I couldn’t believe it! The baby

bear was licking its mother the whole time. How cute! Before I

could leave for my path, the mother bear rushed my way. Oh gosh!

Was she going to hurt me? I was definitely wrong about that! She

was just going to give me a big bear hug! The little bear joined

too. All these years I thought that bears were dangerous but

they actually weren’t. Maybe bears aren’t so bad after all

The End

Why the government should

spend more time and resources

on renewable energy

By Mark

Scary as it seems but the Earth is now slowly dying due to global

warming. This is why the government should use more time and

resources on renewable energy to prevent this from happening.

The government should use more time and resources for

renewable energy because it can slow the effects of global

warming, prevent air pollution, and make generating energy more


One reason why the government should use more time and

resources for renewable energy is because non reusable energy

causes global warming which can have really bad side effects.

When we use non reusable energy, it releases a lot of harmful

chemicals that cause global warming. Global warming is really bad

because it can cause ice caps to melt which cause severe flooding.

But when the government spends more time and resources on

renewable energy, none of this will happen. According to

Wikipedia, it says “The largest driver of global warming is the

emission of gases that create a greenhouse effect, of which more

than 90% are carbon dioxide (CO) and methane.[3] Fossil fuel

burning (coal, oil, and natural gas) for energy consumption is the

main source of these emissions.” All of these harmful chemicals

are released when using nonrenewable energy.

Another reason why the government should spend more time and

resources on renewable energy is because renewable energy is more

efficient than non renewable energy. Non renewable energy, such

as coal and oil, takes hundreds of years to form which isn’t really

efficient. Reusable energy, such as solar power, and windmills on

the other hand is much more efficient because the sun and wind can

be used many times. According to Inspirecleanenergy it says: “When

it comes to energy efficiency, renewable energy is generally more

efficient than non-renewable energy. The energy we get from wind,

the sun, and hydro turbines can be reused without relying on an

exhaustible or finite element." If the government uses more time

and resources for renewable energy then generating energy will be

more efficient.

The final reason why the government should spend more time and

resources on renewable energy is because using nonrenewable

energy creates a lot of air pollution in the air we breathe in.Air

pollution is really harmful to the body because it can cause lung

disease and kill you. According to sparetheair: “ Long-term exposure

to particulate pollution can result in significant health problems

including: Increased respiratory symptoms, such as irritation of the

airways, coughing or difficulty breathing. Decreased lung function.

... Premature death in people with heart or lung disease, including

death from lung cancer.” If the government uses more time and

resources for renewable energy then the air would be more cleaner.

In conclusion, the government should use more time and resources

on renewable energy because it can reduce the global warming and

air pollution and make generating energy more efficient.



Wild River by

Rodmam Philbrick

The Dragon Path by

Ethan Young

Have you ever tie-

dyed a t-shirt?

The link to the instructional website is

on this issue's Belmont Times page!

(Credit: https://sarahmaker.com/howto-tie-dye/)

August Craft:

Note: You can also

tie-dye other

clothing items, such

as socks or pants!

Monthly Recipe!

Matcha Latte!

Link on our website at


Back-to-School Tips!


Tips to prepare you for the next year of school:

1. Learn time-management! (VERY IMPORTANT)

a. Efficiency is key.

b. Learn how to prioritize.

c. Try not to procrastinate!

d. Make a short to-do list every day.

2. If you have questions or need help with something, don't

be afraid to talk to teachers and counselors.

a. They're there to help you, after all!

b. It's better to ask questions early than wait and be

confused later.

3. Try to stay organized. (Keep your workspace, notebooks,

etc. clean and neat.)

4. Have fun with friends! (And try to make a few new ones, if


5. Don't worry about following these tips perfectly - even we

sometimes don't!

Poem of the Month

First Day at School

By Roger McGough

A millionbillionwillion miles from home

Waiting for the bell to go. (To go where?)

Why are they all so big, other children?

So noisy? So much at home they

Must have been born in uniform

Lived all their lives in playgrounds

Spent the years inventing games

That don't let me in. Games

That are rough, that swallow you up.

And the railings.

All around, the railings.

Are they to keep out wolves and monsters?

Things that carry off and eat children?

Things you don't take sweets from?

Perhaps they're to stop us getting out

Running away from the lessins. Lessin.

What does a lessin look like?

Sounds small and slimy.

They keep them in the glassrooms.

Whole rooms made out of glass. Imagine.

I wish I could remember my name

Mummy said it would come in useful.

Like wellies. When there's puddles.

Yellowwellies. I wish she was here.

I think my name is sewn on somewhere

Perhaps the teacher will read it for me.

Tea-cher. The one who makes the tea.

Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Thank you for participating in the August issue of the Belmont Times! We

really appreciate all of your support.

We really enjoyed reading this month's submissions, and it was very

interesting to see how each writer approached the theme - "Bucket List"

- in a different way. Your creativity, effort, and skill definitely shines

through the writing. Thanks for taking the time to write submissions!

As the first day of school approaches, we want to let you know that we'd

be happy to answer any questions you come up with about school

(particularly about Chenery or Belmont High School). As high schoolers,

we have a lot of personal experience learning in the Belmont Public

Schools system, and we are always glad to share the information with

other students. We also hope that you liked the "Back-to-School Tips"

column in this edition!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

belmontkidsmagazine@gmail.com (about the Belmont Times) or

bhswriting2020@gmail.com (about our writing classes).

Best wishes,

Belmont Youth Writers

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