Low Ash News- Summer 2


Edition 18, July 2021

Sports Day

In this edition:

• Bushcraft Club

• Healthy Schools Week

• Year Six Show

• And lots more...

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Welcome to the final edition of the year of

the Low Ash News. We hope you enjoy

reading about all of the activities we have

been taking part in this term. It’s been

another unusual and tricky year, but there

has still been lots going on and we’re sure

that you’ll find this last edition of the term

as interesting and entertaining as ever.

The children loved their Healthy Schools

Week, which was just as fabulous as normal

despite the restrictions. From sailing, to

mindfulness, hula hooping to high intensity

fitness training with an Paralympian, we hope

the week offered an activity which everyone

enjoyed. A big thank you to Mr Hurst and

Miss Broadbent for organising this

fantastic week.

Healthy Schools Event………………..…………… 24

Bike Club…………….……………………...……………..… 29

Euros and Football……….……………………………. 30

Guess the Teacher Quiz…………………………….. 32

Mental health…...…………………………………………. 34

English News……………………...………..……………… 36

Potatoes…………………………………………….……..…… 37

Goodbye Year Six……………………………….……... 38

Stars Of the Week……………………...………………. 40

Golden Learners………..………………..………………… 42

Online Safety…….…...…………………….……………… 43

Guess the Teacher Answers ……………………... 44



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of Low Ash Primary School.

Headteachers: Mrs Medhurst & Mrs

Meer Design: Mrs Nellist & News Team

Publisher: Mrs Nellist, Mr Handley &

News Team

Low Ash News is

produced by:

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This term is also tinged with sadness as we

say goodbye to our Year 6s . We would like

to wish them lots of luck as they move on to

secondary school.

We would like to say a big thank you to the

members of staff who have come back from

their retirement to help us in our hour of

need this year: Mr Henry, Mrs Sunderland

and Mr Ebbage. Enjoy your re-retirement!

We would also like to thank all the staff at

Low Ash for all of their hard work this year.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your

support this year. Let’s hope that next

academic year is a good deal calmer and

more straightforward than this last one!

Have a restful summer break and we look

forward to seeing you in September.

Fiona Meer and Beth Medhurst


Please note that Low Ash Primary School does not

endorse or recommend any of the commercial

products, processes, business or services advertised in

this School Magazine. Further the School makes no

representations or warranties of any kind, express or

implied with respect to any of the information,

products or services advertised. Any reliance you

place on such information is therefore strictly at

your own risk.’

Low Ash News 3


Well it’s that time of year again when our super

duper Nursery children get ready for the next

step in their school journey. We have had a

fantastic year with them, and it has been a

pleasure to spend it with such a great group of

children. Whether you are staying at Low Ash,

or moving on to meet new friends, we wish you

all the best for your next adventure!

Our seaside theme has really sparked the

children’s imaginations. They have loved

learning about the seaside and what you might

find in rock pools or in the deep blue sea.

Off for a swim!!

Making boats

Role playing in the

ice cream parlour

Sports Day

A fabulous time was had by all at

sports day. We all won medals and

had a lovely ice lolly to cool us down!!

Aye aye Captain !!

Low Ash News 4

Low Ash News 5


Nursery Summer Day

1st July 2021

All the children had a

wonderful day playing

swing ball, Connect 4,

paddling in the pools and

eating homemade ice



Our topic this half term has been Wild Animals. We have learnt

lots of fascinating facts about lots of different animals and we

have become excellent animal artists.

We started the topic by asking some questions, then we used the

internet and books to find out the answers.

Here are some questions we found the answer to.

Can elephants jump?

What are the spikes

called on a crocodile’s


Daniel RN

Do tigers like to


Tyler RN

Archie RN

What is a baby giraffe

What is a baby tiger


Jackson RN

Penelope RN

Low Ash News 6


Here are some of our amazing paintings!

Isaac RH

Jake RH

Alfie RH

Leo RH

Esmae RH

Low Ash News 7

Year One

We enjoyed our final visit to Buck Wood, where our focus was on

seasonal changes and tree identification. We were very impressed

with the questions that the children asked and the careful

observations that they made. There was also the opportunity for

children to work as a team making dens and creating homes for

woodland animals.

The children were inspired by our English text, Katie in London. It

linked beautifully with our Geography case study on the capital of

England. The children can now name many famous landmarks in

London and talk about why they are special. They were given the

opportunity to meet somebody who lives in London through an

online chat. They really showcased their knowledge and asked

many interesting questions such as: “What does it feel like to live

in London?” ...“What is your favourite place to visit?”...“How do you

travel around London?”... “How is London different to Wrose?”

Low Ash News 8

Year One

As part of our Creative Carousel this half term, we have designed

a super tasty fruit salad. We began by sampling

various different fruits to work out which was our

favourite. Believe it or not, kiwis and blueberries

topped the list! Next we looked at where our fruit

comes from, which fruits we can grow in this country

and which fruits we have to

import from abroad.

Once we had planned and designed our

fruit salad, we were ready to make our

delicious, healthy snack. We carefully

washed and prepared the fruit by

chopping, peeling and slicing. Finally, we

ate our yummy fruit salad, which turned out to be a big hit.

As part of our Healthy Schools Week, we have been focusing on

the country France. We have learnt basic phrases in French, such

as: hello, how are you? What is your name? My name is... We have

also looked at famous landmarks in France.

Low Ash News 9

Year Two

We have been very busy in Maths learning all about shapes! We

have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and can identify some different

ones, name them and say how many sides and vertices they have!

Some of us can even say if they have parallel lines or lines of


We did lots of different, fun things whilst

learning about shapes such as:

• A shape hunt around school to see what

shapes we could see in the world around us.

• Making shapes out of lollypop sticks and

peg boards.

• Creating pictures using different shapes.

Low Ash News 10

Year Two

In English, we looked at the poem “The Owl and the Pussy-Cat” by

Edward Lear. The children worked really hard to recite the poem

and they didn’t even need to words by the end of the week!

We went outside and performed the poem using masks and props

on the school stage in the playground. What a fun time we all had!

In our Art lessons, we have been

looking at Australian Aboriginal

artwork and having a go at recreating


We all agreed it was fascinating to

look at. Traditional Aboriginal

artwork only uses certain, natural

colours such as red, orange, yellow

and brown and uses lots of symbols

to tell stories. Some of the artwork

is made purely out of lines and dots!

Low Ash News 11

Year Three

This term we have continued our Geography

topic, ‘The Yorkshire Dales

on our doorstep’.

We have enjoyed looking at maps and

learning about what the

different symbols mean. We have

looked at the land formation and

discussed why big cities have not

been established within the

Yorkshire Dales. We have also looked

at tourism and debated as to

whether or not it has a positive or

negative impact on the local

people and the local environment.

This half term we have really

enjoyed reading Enid Blyton’s

‘The Famous Five’ adventure

Story; ‘Five Go Off To Camp’.

Miss Briggs really enjoyed the

mystery and storyline!

We have based our English work

around the story and have loved

writing an alternative ending to

the mystery.

On Wednesday 7th July we went to our new classrooms to

meet our new teachers.

3JB had no hidden surprises as Miss Briggs is lucky enough to

be joining her class in Year 4.

3DB were really excited to meet their brand new teacher Mr


Low Ash News 12

Year Three


We are now all fraction superstars! We have enjoyed the work that we

have done with fractions and loved getting to grips with and understanding

all about the job of the denominator and numerator! We have also enjoyed

learning about how to add and subtract fractions with the same



We have had a great time in Science, as we have been

learning about light and shadows. We loved watching each

others’ shadow puppet shows as well as drawing around our

own shadows and making crazy shapes.

Our final task of the year is a

really hard one! Both classes have

to decide what to do with all of

their class attendance money!

3JB are thinking about a

pizza, hot chocolate and movie

afternoon, as they have done

exceedingly well with winning the

award this year.

3DB are yet to decide what to do

with their money.

Low Ash News 13

Year Four

We have had a fantastic Summer term in Year 4! We have been

extremely busy in all of our lessons and have been looking forward

to moving into Year 5 with our new teachers, Mrs Carr and Miss


As our Learning Challenge topic is the Anglo – Saxons and Vikings,

we have been learning about major historic events within this time

period. We have used the outdoor playground to go on a treasure

hunt and find artefacts that were buried at Sutton Hoo. We used

our findings to hypothesise who we think was buried in the long

lost ship. Lots of us thought that a king might have been buried in

the ship!

I think a Viking who was

very important was

buried in the ship

because they had lots of

special things with them

in the ship.

Molly G

I think that it was

someone who was a

royal because there

was a golden helmet in

the ship which was

believed to be used as

a crown too.

Tom C

In Maths we have been learning

all about decimals and money.

We have really enjoyed using

the practical money when we

were adding different amounts

of money together. We have

also been using part whole

models to show understanding of

pounds and pence.

Low Ash News 14

Year Four

In Creative Carousel this term, we have finished painting our clay

Viking longships in metallic colours. We worked extremely hard on

them and are all very proud of our designs. We have also been

exploring the art work of Keith Haring; we have used primary

coloured powder paint to create a variety of different shades.

We have also designed our own artwork in the style of Keith

Haring. We used block colours and clean lines and created a

collage of to represent ourselves.

As it’s been Healthy Schools Week this term, we have made sure

to be extra active. We have participated in a Zumba dance class, a

team building class and we even had the opportunity to meet a

professional athlete. In addition to

this, we also learnt all about

Australia as this was our country

for the week. We used the iPads to

research Australia and made some

fabulous informative posters.

Low Ash News 15

Year Five

Our visit to Yeadon Tarn!

Year 5 had the opportunity during Healthy Schools Week to

attend a trip to Yeadon Tarn.

We did a range of activities including: team building, where we had

to attempt to cross ‘ alligator infested waters’ using crates and

planks; orienteering, where we used our map-reading skills to find

and collect information from around the tarn grounds and finally


We were lucky enough to go in giant boats as one whole team! We

played various games, where we had to turn around, swap seats and

try not to fall overboard as the instructor wobbled us!

Finally we were given the opportunity to jump in, which most of us


Low Ash News 16

Year Five

Euro Fever!

In the midst of the Euro excitement, Year 5 have created art

work based on the footballers who played in the final. Our focus

was on symmetry and trying to recreate the photograph on the

left hand side using sketching techniques. Here is an example of

the finished outcome!

By Malesha, 5C

Year 5’s treat day!

After a busy year with lots of hard work, Year 5 enjoyed a

fantastic sport-filled day at Hepworth and Idle Cricket Club. We

played football and cricket and even some of the adults got

involved in rounders (even if the children did catch a lot of us

out!). After a picnic, some snacks and a walk home in the glorious

sunshine, we were definitely all as exhausted as each other. Well

done Year 5, you have done us proud this year!

Low Ash News 17

Year Six

Year 6 have had a brilliant last half term of primary school. As

well as completing their learning for the year, they have been very

busy in many other ways.

They continue preparing for the transition to secondary school,

either visiting their new schools or having virtual meetings with

their new teachers.

Pirates of the Curry Bean, our end of year production is coming

along very nicely, with some fantastic acting and some of the best

scenery and prop making of recent years.

Low Ash News 18

Year Six

Sadly, this year’s residential couldn’t go ahead so, instead we

planned an activity week full of fun and adventure. Year 6 had a

fantastic time with a day trip to Boggle Hole, where they paddled,

buried themselves in the sand and enjoyed the typical fish and

chips followed by ice cream. They spent another day out at How

Stean Gorge challenging themselves on the Via Ferrata, abseiling

and gorge walking. They also had lots of fun onsite, learning

archery, biking, team building games and playing on an inflatable

assault course! The week culminated in a sleepover at school with

take away pizza, movie night and a proper ‘full residential’


Low Ash News 19

Activity week

By Arjay

Since Year Six couldn’t go to Peat Rigg, they had a whole week of

activities instead. It was called Activity Week.

Every day, they had different activities to do:

• Monday– Team building games, bouncy castle and then giving out

of the 2021 leavers’ hoodies.

• Tuesday- Group 1 went to the beach for the day and group 2

stayed at school. They did biking, archery and arts and crafts.

• Wednesday– Group 1 did biking, archery and arts and crafts

whilst group 2 went to the beach.

• Thursday– Group 1 went to How Stean Gorge and group 2 went

for a 10 mile walk!

• Friday– Group 1 went for a 10 mile walk whilst group 2 went to

How Stean Gorge. Also, the pupils came back to school at 7pm

later for a sleep over!

Year Six really enjoyed their fun activity week and will miss being

at Low Ash Primary School!

A big

Thank You

to all the staff for organising this week.

Low Ash News 20

Bushcraft Club!

Recently, there has been a new club introduced by Mrs Hooton,

who used to be a cub leader. It is called ‘Bushcraft club'. This club

is for year 6.

In this club the children have learnt how to survive in the wild.

They have made a campfire using flint and steel and cooked

s’mores over it. They have learnt how to tie knots and how to make

filters to make clean water from dirty water, using charcoal, sand,

paper towels and rocks. They have also made shelters, learnt some

semaphore signalling and played wide games.

The children have really enjoyed this club and it will teach them

some great skills for life.

Low Ash News 21

Sponsored Event

By Brooke

For our Healthy Schools Week, Low Ash partnered with

Sports For Champions.

Sport For Champions is on a mission to EDUCATE–ENABLE–

EMPOWER youth in line with the national agenda for child

welfare, public health, and safety. Team SFC currently has

around 50 active partnerships, with the majority

comprising of world-class athletic talents who inspire

children as champions of tomorrow in their performance as

professional Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

We had Paralympian, Ayaz Bhuta put us through our circuit

training. Ayaz is a gold medal wheelchair rugby player

winner. He encouraged us do start jumps, push ups, spotty

dogs and much more!

Low Ash News 22

Sponsored Event

A very big Thank You to everybody who

collected sponsor money. The end total

raised was over £2,000!

Low Ash News 23

Healthy Schools


This years Healthy Schools Week was slightly different to

previous years, but it was still great fun!

There were a variety of activities to take part in for example;

sailing, hula hooping, orienteering, Zumba and boxercise!

Each class was given a country that will be taking part in the

Olympics and during the week, children learnt lots about this


Year Four’s country was Australia and they learnt all about the

land and the population. Year One learnt French and Reception

looked at Cheerleading and American food!

Ayaz Bhuta, who is a Paralympian, came into our school to start the

week off with a sponsored event.

Sports days were also held during Healthy Schools Week and these

were a huge success. All the children gave 100% effort and they

did themselves very proud.

Low Ash News 24

Healthy Schools





Low Ash News 25

Healthy Schools


Low Ash News 26

Healthy Schools


Healthy Eating

Hula Hooping

Balance Bikes


Low Ash News 27

Healthy Schools


Sports Day

Low Ash News 28

Bike Club

By Evie, Maia

and Amber

This half term, Mr Hurst has introduced a bicycle club for

Year 6. The aim of the club was to teach children in Year 6

how to maintain a bike and ride it correctly as well as

develop their confidence.

Chris from BeCycling came ran

the club.

The club took place every

Tuesday after school in the school

playground. Children did not need

to have their own bicycle as

bicycles were available to borrow

during the club.

All Y6 pupils then had a

cycling experience during

their Activity Week.

Low Ash News 29


By Theo & Ubayd

After a year of the Euros being postponed,

they were finally back on.

England had never won their first Euro game in

nine attempts but they finally achieved this

against Croatia. The final score was 1-0.

With their second game they took a

disappointing draw with Scotland, 0-0.

England’s last game against Czech Republic was

a decider whether they would go through as

winners of the group stage or go through

second. The final score was 1-0, England



England lost in the

final against Italy

on penalties.

Our man of the

tournament was

Phil Foden.

Here’s to the next International competition –

The World Cup - where hopefully, we can

achieve that elusive win.

Low Ash News 30


To celebrate England getting to the finals, all

staff and children wore wear red, white and

blue or England football kits. to school.

Low Ash News 31

Guess the teacher

Read the clues and guess the teacher.

The answers are on the last page!

Teacher 1

I am a book worm

I am kind

And I am a grammar nerd.

Who am I?

Teacher 2

I have three children.

I have a caravan.

I have worked at Low Ash for 19 years

Who am I?

Teacher 3

I support Arsenal.

I have played field hockey for North East England.

I have lived in Singapore.

Who am I?

Teacher 4

I have climbed the 4th highest mountain in Africa.

I studied archaeology at University.

I can snow board (Hobby)

Who am I?

Teacher 5

I have three dogs.

I like to run.

My brother lives in New Zealand.

Who am I?

Low Ash News 32

Guess the teacher!

Teacher 6

I have two dogs.

I like rugby League.

My favourite TV show is Friends.

Who am I?

Teacher 7

I play Crown Green Bowling.

I love performing on the stage.

But I am a terrible singer!

Who am I?

Teacher 8

I love plays and amateur dramatics .

I love reading books.

My favourite holiday destination is Greece.

Who am I?

Teacher 9

I own a bakery.

I went on a walk in September for charity.

I have a rescue dog

Who am I?

Teacher 10

I am a big Bradford City fan.

I love walking my dog Rory.

I have nearly finished my 1st year at Low Ash.

Who am I?

Low Ash News 33

Mental Health

The website below offers suggestions about how we can

encourage our children to grow into happy, healthy humans.

This is how they describe themselves:

“We aim to improve children’s mental health through movement,

equipping them with sustainable, transferable skills and coping

strategies to thrive during the complex demands of growth into

adult life.”


We use the Thrive Approach in school to support the emotional

and social wellbeing of our children.

Thrive have produced some great ideas for the summer holidays,

with a different theme each week and activities you can choose


Take a look at these ideas on the next page!

Low Ash News 34

Mental Health

Low Ash News 35

English News

Over the summer why not take part in this year’s summer reading

challenge? Visit your local library and read 6 or more books.

Happy reading!

Low Ash News 18


1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato 4!

Over the last few months, Year 1 have been growing

their own potatoes. This week they were very excited

to harvest their crop. The children were very

surprised when they saw how many potatoes had grown.

The kitchen staff were kind enough to cook the

potatoes for them and turned them into chips.

It is safe to say that Year 1 enjoyed eating them very


Low Ash News 37

Goodbye Year 6

By Brooke

This week we are saying goodbye to the wonderful

Year 6 students.

They have spent weeks preparing to leave for

secondary school by reading Wonder and Boy 87 and

doing activities on these books.

They have also been working on a production, Pirates

of the Curry Bean.

They were all excited when they received their

leavers’ hoodies at the start of their activity week!

All the year 6 students are going to miss their

friends and old teachers when they leave, but they

are looking forward to making new friends and

meeting new teachers. The year 6 leavers will miss

this school and the people who they have grown up

with inside and out!

Goodbye year 6!

Low Ash News 38

Year Six Leavers

Low Ash News 39

Stars of the Week

EYFS & Key Stage One















RH Jake L Maya











1R Kai P Noah


Lily F

Eesa M Esme C Cole W



Logan W Freddie


Jake M Noah R


Jacob T Archie R

Jessica B

1RG Georgia Lucy C Nikhil Eden S Harper









1W Amelie Philip






Jessica Erin G Sonny R Amelia


Ibrahim Emma


Ashton Shanuka


Mila W

Chiara P



Max I


Low Ash News 40

Stars of the Week

By Arjay

Key Stage Two

















































Jack F Dunya






Ryan F Cole S









Amelia Jacob
















Elisa G







Chloe S




got it

Mia M

Emily K Jackson






Olly C Jack O Arjun G


Mera A Theo S Spencer





Low Ash News 41

Golden Learner

By Arjay and Maia

Here are Summer Term One’s Golden

Learners. These children show resilience,

determination, independence,

collaboration and communication amongst

many other skills.

















Low Ash News 42

Online Safety

In light of recent events surrounding the abuse received online by

England footballers, I wanted to share this handy guided from

NOS on how to be kind online.

I wish everyone a lovely summer break. Stay safe and see you all in


Low Ash News 43

Guess the teacher


1. Mrs Carr

2.Mrs Todd

3.Mr Handley

4.Mrs Hooton

5.Miss Butterill

6.Miss Broadbent

7.Mrs Nellist

8.Mrs Hansen

9.Mrs Spencer

10.Mrs Horne

How did you get on?


Oh dear, do you actually attend Low Ash?


I think you need to have another look at

the staff photographs in the entrance hall!


No Bad!


Well Done- You know your teachers!

Low Ash News 44

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