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Zoom (you’re on mute) 6

Vacation 8

J’aime la Terre 10

Nouns 12


The Colour of Heroes 16

When I Close My Eyes 18

My Mom Is... 20

The French River 22


A Poem is Like a River 26

In the Kitchen 29




Zoom (you’re on mute)

by Maia



by Cassia

J’aime la Terre

by Ivy


by Roshni

Zoom (you’re on mute)

A fire truck nee-nawing

In the distance

A baby brother bawling

In the background

Someone’s cat drowning

Their voice and mine too

A mother talking loudly

And an occasional ding-dong doorbell.

These are my calls with my friends.

Since they started

I’ve been dreaming of

People saying

“You’re frozen”

“I was disconnected” and

“You’re on mute.”

This is Zoom.


About the Poet: Maia

“I like to swim, sail, play computer games with my

friends and go outside, lie in the hammock and read.

I am working towards getting my basic ham radio

license and my call sign. I am a philatelist and have

collected over 200 stamps. I am also saving to go to

the World Scout Jamboree in Poland when I am 14.”



I am on Pelee Island

Floating on the lake


I hear birds tweet

Above me


The shore a few feet away from me.

The cottage atop the shore.



About the Poet: Cassia

Cassia is in grade three and lives in Ontario. She

enjoys playing with her pet rats and her dog, and

she loves to create all kinds of art with her sister,



J’aime la Terre

J’aime la terre, comme J’aime ma mère.

La ciel est blue, comme mes yeux.

Mon pere est gentile, comme les jonquille.

Ma chat est blanc, comme les montagnes.

Ma soeur est spéciale, comme un arc-en-ciel.

Mon frère est fort, comme les animaux du nord.

J’aime beaucoup la terre aussi, parce que Je pense a

ma famille.


About the Poet: Ivy

Ivy is 8 years old and in grade 3. She is from

Thunder Bay, Ontario and loves to draw, sing and

play with her cat Poppy.



Nouns are the fish in the sea

Nouns are the birds in the tree

Nouns are the butcher and the baker too

Nouns are the things that belong to you


About the Poet: Roshni

Roshni is nine years old and lives in Innisfil, Ontario

with her Mom, Dad, sister, and puppy. Besides

writing, Roshni likes to swim, sing, cook and bake.

She also likes to play sports and hang out with her

friends and family. When she grows up Roshni

hopes to be a veterinarian or engineer.





The Colour of Heroes

by Reeya


When I Close My Eyes

by Caroline

My Mom Is...

by Marleigh

The French River

by Sophie

The Colour of Heroes

Heroes have no colour, yet they shine so bright,

Protecting us with all their might.

They are brave, strong and


They live amongst us,

In our homes, in the stores, in schools and on the


Heroes have no size, shape or name,

Since they are all the same.

They give so we can receive,

They shed tears and cry like the rest of us.

We are all fortunate to have these heroes,

For they are all around us,

Quietly doing their best to protect us.

Heroes have no colour, but you will see them

everywhere you look.


About the Poet: Reeya

Reeya is in grade 6 .She loves reading, writing, art,

swimming, travelling, and playing the piano.


When I Close My Eyes

Tonight I lay in bed,

And dreams of places enter my head.

Places I’d like to be,

Things I would like to see.

I think of volcanos with lava below,

I imagine the top where smoke bellows.

Frosty mountains with amazing peaks,

Cold snowy wind whips my cheeks.

Beautiful beaches with crashing waves,

I imagine warm and sunny days.

Thinking of forests that stretch for miles,

Taking a deep breath, I can smell the wild.

When I close my eyes I see the crashing waves.

When I close my eyes I see the warm and sunny


When I close my eyes I see amazing forest space,

When I close my eyes I see the suns sparkling rays,

When I close my eyes I see a volcanos great array,

When I close my eyes I can travel the earth,

But it is nice to be home, at my hearth.


About the Poet: Caroline

Caroline is going into Grade 6 and lives in Guelph,

Ontario. In addition to writing poetry, she loves

playing hockey, horseback riding, and camping with

her family.


My Mom Is...

My mom is long nature walks down paths full of

pretty pink, red and orange flowers and newly

planted green trees.

She is movies and warm fresh popcorn on cold rainy

indoor days.

She is cuddly and lazy on warm Saturday mornings

with her freshly brewed coffee.

My mom is bike rides to the Boathouse on hot

weekend days.

She is Canada’s Wonderland on summer vacation

with me and my brothers.

She is the sound of calm waves lapping gently

against the shore of Lake Erie.

My mom is seemingly never-ending Covid updates

on the news in the morning.

She is mini road trip vacations in the summer when

she is off for two months.

She is sweet.

She is strong.

She is pretty.

My mom is my safety net when I get scared.

She is my best friend.

I love you mommy.


About the Poet: Marleigh

Nine year old Marleigh likes to draw, write

cheerlead, and play with friends.


The French River

The bird settled down

in her nest

on the tree



pine needles and

the rocks

The rocks made a wall

and the wall made a shield

and the shield made a monument

surrounding the lake

Up on the rock

red embers sparked


not long ago

flames had danced





the loons moaned,


a ghostly wail

In the sky

the stars gleamed

and we laid on our backs


And somewhere there

in between all that

was me

little old me

thinking that

the world really is wonderful


About the Poet: Sophie

Sophie has spent the summer swimming and

reading fantasy novels. She is now entering sixth






A Poem is Like a River

by Kate


Ode to Books (not printed here)

by Alida

I am a Dreamer (not printed here)

by April

In the Kitchen

by Maddie

A Poem is Like a River

A poem is like a river

A book is like the sea

Rushing water, like waves of words

Transport to a new reality.

Wander among the stories

Searching through the songs

Each author, poet, writer

Has a place where they belong.

With stories to escape to

And poems to light your path

This trip across this sea of words

Surely won’t be your last.

Your journey may have mountains

Or raging fires in the way

But amongst the words of others

You can find a place to stay.


And if along your journey

Our words inspire you

Pick up a pen and join us

And inspire others too.


About the Poet: Kate

Kate is a 14-year-old starting high school in

September. Some of her favourite things to do are

swimming, spending time with friends and reading.

Her favourite book is Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.



In the Kitchen

We rush

around the

room, the

guests are

in the

hall, we

bump into

counters as

we make

their food.

The dishwasher

rumbles, the

sink, it

gurgles, but

nothing grumbles

louder than

the stomachs

of our

company. The

timer beeps,


we fill

the plates,

and finally

we serve

the dinner.


About the Poet: Maddie

Maddie is in grade 8 and lives in Ontario. She’s 13

years old and other than writing, she loves to dance

and read. Some of her favourite books include the

Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games trilogy, and

the Six of Crows duology. She also likes to act and

sing. She has a twin sister named Riley and loves to

hang out with her friends and spend time with her



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