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Magzoid Magazine is a luxury magazine leading the creative space of the MENA region. The different genres covered by Magzoid Magazine include exceptional designs, arts & culture, interviews of influential business leaders and industry veterans, various creative and design aspects across different industry verticals, luxury lifestyle, fashion and jewelry brands, creative branding highlights from corporates, and many others. Magzoid Magazine is a leading media platform in the creative segment. This issue of Magzoid Magazine features the cover artwork by Joshua Miels, an exceptional artist based in Australia. It also features an exclusive interview of Alexander van’ t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai discussing the state-of-art factory with net-zero energy consumption. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and Alif – The Mobility Pavilion have been featured in the Architectural wonders. Editorial picks of luxury watches, jewelry, and lifestyle products have been featured in the designer's corner along with an exclusive featured story of the logos of Rolex and Versace.

Magzoid Magazine is a luxury magazine leading the creative space of the MENA region. The different genres covered by Magzoid Magazine include exceptional designs, arts & culture, interviews of influential business leaders and industry veterans, various creative and design aspects across different industry verticals, luxury lifestyle, fashion and jewelry brands, creative branding highlights from corporates, and many others. Magzoid Magazine is a leading media platform in the creative segment.

This issue of Magzoid Magazine features the cover artwork by Joshua Miels, an exceptional artist based in Australia. It also features an exclusive interview of Alexander van’ t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai discussing the state-of-art factory with net-zero energy consumption.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and Alif – The Mobility Pavilion have been featured in the Architectural wonders. Editorial picks of luxury watches, jewelry, and lifestyle products have been featured in the designer's corner along with an exclusive featured story of the logos of Rolex and Versace.


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Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14



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JULY 2021

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PAINTING BY Fabiano Millani










JULY 2021

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Connecting Minds,

Creating the Future







is what the World's

Largest Canvas Painting

by Sacha Jafri got sold for



Tessa Nicole

Lesya Guseva

Murat Yildirim

Lucy Wu

Raj Shahani

Sebastian Merk

Vera Jochum


14-year-old Dubai Boy

appreciated by Indian PM

Mr. Narendra Modi

Even after 18,000 years,

Ancient Shell Horn Can

Still Play a Tune







21-27 FEB 2021





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Iconic photo of His Late

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UAE's Mission to Mars

(HOPE) will enter into orbit on

9th Feb, 2020

Cover Picture Courtesy

Carla Grace Original Painting

© Carla Grace Art

APRIL 2021

MARCH 2021
















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International Art Exhibition

"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is

painting that is felt rather than seen."

- Leonardo da Vinci

Art can transform our lives. When we connect with art, we

are ultimately connecting with our inner selves. Art enables

us to look within and listen to ourselves, realize who we are,

and what we care about. It connects us to our thoughts,

feelings, perceptions, and outer realities and experiences.

We are extremely excited to bring this edition of the magazine to

you. We have amazing artists who have shared their inspiring and

empowering stories with us along with ‘Artists in Focus’ featuring local

artists. We have Art of Business featuring Alexander van 't Riet, CEO

of Mai Dubai and Featured Artists Mahfuzur Rahman and Alex Aliume.

There is a list of art events and exhibitions happening in the UAE and a

showcase of breath-taking photographs and artworks in addition to art

news, art facts, crossword, trivia and games for our readers to engage

themselves and win amazing gifts.

Art encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and

to search constantly for new ideas. We look forward to our readers

joining us in our passion for art. Let art feed your soul and bring joy to

your world!


Art That Matters



Artworks from Around the World

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Inspire & Empower -

Artist Stories

Doina Vitu | 10

Neomi Ibraz | 24

Erin Hanson | 28

Dave Pollot | 38

Jarrod Bezzina | 52




Human Emotions

by Joshua Miels

“I want to just paint people for

who they are and let the real

person shine through,”




Dubai’s Largest

Zip Line Park -

Aventura Park






Art of Business

An exclusive interview with

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO,

Mai Dubai









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as a Modern Art


www.magzoid.com September 2021 9





By Doina Vitu

10 September 2021


With my paintings,

I want to help people

relax and reconnect with

nature,” says

Doina Vitu.

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Doina Vitu is an artist

based in the UK

who specializes

in landscape and

seascape paintings.

She follows the trends of traditional

art and realism. Whether it be oil

colors, acrylics, or watercolor, she

succeeds in creating marvelous

and mesmerizing artwork.

Through her artworks, Doina

wishes to showcase how

beautiful nature and the world

around us are. “I want people

to understand how important

it is to protect nature and be

responsible for what we leave

behind. With my paintings,

I want to help people relax

and to reconnect with

nature,” she says. Currently,

she is working on a series

called “exod” which aims

to highlight the problem of

wild animals that are driven

out of their natural habitats due

to overcrowding and urban


Doina can sit for hours

watching the shapes of the

clouds, how the branches of a tree

grew or how the waves break. It

seems miraculous to her how the

shapes do not repeat themselves.

This planet is filled with many

extraordinary wonders that are

quite often left unnoticed but Doina

takes it as her greatest inspiration

which leads her to create beautiful


She is extremely proud of

the fact that her artworks have

reached people from countries like

Canada and Germany to Spain

and Holland. “Whether you choose

to visit a gallery or you paint, art

can relax you”, she says. Doina is

convinced that for

every painting

there is a

lover, there

is a wall

and a



She is

a firm



Doina is convinced

that for every

painting there

is a lover, there

is a wall and a

welcoming house.

there is beauty in every single

artist’s artwork, regardless of the

style or medium used.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 11


The state-of-art, fully automated

water plant with net-zero

electricity consumption in

the UAE

An exclusive interview with Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO, Mai Dubai

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Alexander van ‘t Riet

CEO, Mai Dubai

12 September 2021



Mai Dubai is an

international brand

that stands for

high quality, high

standards, and a

grand consumer experience, so

there is no compromise when it

comes to the effort and investment

towards building a best-in-class

company. The company name

comes from ‘Mai’ which means

water in Arabic; and in English

when someone hears Mai Dubai

they think “my Dubai”. As an entity,

Mai Dubai is fully owned by Dubai

Electricity and Water Authority,

which further reinforces the

company’s reputation in ensuring

the highest standards of quality

locally and globally.

Since the launch of Mai Dubai

seven years ago, it has become

one of the leading bottled drinking

water companies and the most

often used water brand in the UAE.

Today, Mai Dubai is a household

name not only in the UAE but in

several markets around the world.

It has been exporting its products

to several countries in Asia, Africa,

Europe, and the GCC. Since

2015, the bottled drinking water

is the proud water refreshment

partner of Emirates Airlines. Here

is an excerpt from Magzoid’s

conversation with Alexander van ’t

Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai.

You have prominently established

yourself as a successful executive.

How did you start your career in the

corporate world?

Well, my career skipped through

different stages. I started with

the industrial world and after a

few years in strategic consulting,

the bottled & packaging industry

seems to have selected me more

than I selected it. I went from large

MNCs to being a board member

and executive in a billion-plus

dollar company. From creative

labels to flexible packaging, the

experiences trained me to become

the GM in large multinationals and

private equity companies alike,

mainly through sales, marketing,

and operational roles. Then,

after finding out that I would be

really bad at retirement, we came

to Dubai and I started a small

consulting company, through which

I did a project for Mai Dubai. Few

years down the line, the former

CEO wanted to retire; and, after a

very smooth handover and I found

myself in the current role in

Mai Dubai.

Please share with us your educational

background. What is the impact of

your education on your personal and

professional growth and your decisionmaking

strategies today?

Since I used to travel a bit, I did

my education in several countries.

I got a business degree and an

MBA which set the scene for the

business world. But, like how it is

with driving a car; you get a license

but only learn to drive in the years

after, the business degree got

me in the door, the professional

growth came through experience

afterward. I had the fortune of

working with both small and large

companies which have given

me quite a rich proficiency from

sales, marketing and operations

to general management. I must

say that the education made me

consistently curious and developed

the desire to learn more.

How would you describe your

experience at Mai Dubai so far? As

part of the Mai Dubai family, what do

you enjoy the most?

Definitely the people! There’s

no doubt about it! I guess we are

getting to be too big to be called a

family, we are more of a clan now.

But what I enjoy the most is seeing

the passion and enthusiasm of the

teams for the business, the results,

and the overall growth. Mai Dubai

creates a nurturing workplace. We

have an inspiring work culture, a

spirit of unity, and respect for all;

those are our values and we live

by them. That is what makes it

inspiring for me. Work works when

it isn’t work!

From the beginning, Mai Dubai has

been using renewable energy as part

of its operations. Could you elaborate

on this and why did the company

choose this sustainability path?

It wasn’t quite from the beginning

that we had sustainable energy,

that came more recently, but we did

take our carbon footprint already

in the second year of operation.

Being responsible towards society

and the environment has been

part of our DNA from day one.

The shareholder and particularly

the Chairman drive this agenda

wholeheartedly. In the past, people

thought safety and profit were a

trade-off, only to find out that it

wasn’t. Today, business-savvy

people know intuitively that likewise

sustainability goes hand in hand

with long-term profitability. To me,

there is no alternative. Acting

responsibly is a prerequisite for

doing business these days. Mai

Dubai has the second largest solar

rooftop installation in the world,

and installed capacity of 18.1 MW

generated by about 52,056 solar

panels. We are committed to doing

whatever we can in a responsible

way and that works.

What challenges did the company face

during the planning and execution

phases of this state-of-the-art facility?

For us, the challenge was

multiple. First, the logistics system

we have is completely new for

the region. This meant the people

executing the project had to learn

quickly; and even the regulator

was challenged, as some building

specifications did not fit the usual

models. Secondly, the project was

www.magzoid.com September 2021 13


Since the

establishment of the

brand in December

2012, with quality,

innovation and safety

as core values, Mai

Dubai has grown to

become the second

biggest bottled water

brand in the UAE.

on a tight timeline, and given our

explosive growth, we needed it fast.

Executing big projects fast is never

easy. The last and the trickiest

challenge was that we were

building a factory while operating

a bottled water company. Imagine

being at sea, sailing, while building

a boat in parallel, bigger than the

one you are on, one that had never

been built before. That’s what the

team did.

What steps have been taken to

ensure your readiness to meet future


With our fast expansion, we

constantly obsess about the future

and growth. More trucks, more

people, more locations, more, well,

everything. Meanwhile, as we grow,

the processes and systems we

have need to become more robust,

tested, and sized for the future. It

means more investment in security,

the quality of the product, more IT,

more training for the employees,

more attention to safety, health, etc.

A brand-new bottling machine has

just been installed. The machine

can produce 86,000 bottles an

hour, that’s about 23 bottles every

second. That is phenomenal. But

looking ahead with our growth,

in the future we might need even


Paper and plastic use greatly affect

the environment. How does Mai Dubai

handle its plastic waste?

Thank you for asking, as this

is one of my pet subjects, pun

intended! PET is an amazing

product and I have grown to have a

passion for it. The key of course is

that we, and the consumer, manage

it correctly. The good news is that

the plastic bottles are perfectly

recyclable. In our factory, any

waste is segregated and goes to

recyclers. We work with our partner

DGrade, a company that recycles

PET bottles. They turn the recycled

bottles into flakes and yarn, to

produce clothing items such as

shirts. From the market, we collect

the large 16-liter bottles from our

customers if they want us to, and

about 25% of our customers use

this free service. For transportation

of liquids like bottled water, there

is no safer, cheaper, and more

environmentally friendly solution

than PET. Additionally, from a

product design perspective, we

continuously find ways to reduce

the amount of plastic in the bottles

without degrading the product

quality, hygiene, or safety. But the

key aspect is being responsible

and recycling that plastic.

With complete automation, a big

challenge comes when there is a

mechanical breakdown. How do you

handle such a scenario?

I am happy to report that the

systems we have invested in

are world-class. The impact of

a breakdown is high, but, just

like with airplanes and buildings,

we ensure the frequency of

failure is near zero. We also have

redundancy built into the system.

The factory is designed not to

be overly dependent on a single

item. For instance, even for our

warehouse with inventory, the

products are scattered over the

warehouse. So, should one crane

break down, another crane can

always get to that specific product.

Currently, we are also installing

equipment that predict if something

might go wrong. So on top of

preventive maintenance, but we

are now installing technology which

allows for predictive maintenance.

What cybersecurity protocols have

been implemented in your automated


First of all, most of the systems

are on-premise, meaning they are

not open to the outside world. Of

course, our partners are granted

access through tight protocols to

work with us remotely at times.

Like many companies, we have

been exposed to the typical

cyber-attacks you’d expect, be it

destructive or interruptive, such

as ransomware, virus, or other. We

take cybersecurity seriously, and

work with MORO, a sister company

of DEWA that specializes in hosting

services and IT security to ensure

we are well protected. Till date,

we never had issues jeopardizing

our ability to deliver our quality

products to the market.

How cost-effective is technology for

the company?

Plant automation means the

ability to track and trace, and to the

lower dependency on people for

repetitive non-value added tasks.

This brings financial benefits. As

for the solar panels, the payback

is between 5-10 years. The current

installation means that for the last

two years, the electricity bill has

been practically zero; in fact, we

supply electricity back into the

grid making Mai Dubai a net-zero

energy consumer. The rooftop solar

panel installations produced more

than 30 million kWh of power in

14 September 2021



2020, while it consumed only 26

million kWh. A surplus of 4,1 million

kWh of energy was sent back to

DEWA’s power grid.

Briefly describe the impact of this

move in terms of efficiency, speed,

quality control, and most importantly,

power and fuel consumption?

The most obvious change of

having everything automated and

transported via a 1.1 km monorail

and 44 carts is the absence of

forklifts. That has multiple benefits,

fewer chances for error, less

operational cost, fewer safety risks.

In some parts, artificial intelligence

is even helping to optimize,

saving space and time. Given the

machines call-off the product from

raw material stocks and fill the

Finished Goods warehouse without

any human touch or intervention,

you can imagine that the quality

control is unsurpassed. Power-wise

we rely 100% on solar. Mai Dubai

is the only bottled water plant of

our size that I know of in the world

that is fully operating on solar.

The factory and its adjacent office

building run fully on solar energy,

abating 15,000MTs of carbon

emissions annually.

What is your opinion on the UAE’s

efforts to build a sustainable future?

Anyone who is aware of the

state of our environment knows

sustainability is key. It is not just

environmental sustainability;

sustainability comes in many forms.

What is amazing in the UAE is that

the leadership is willing not only to

say it is important, but to act upon

it. When you have clear forwardthinking

leadership, it creates

a certain amount of clarity and

alignment to make it happen.

Do you have any plans to generate or

harvest water from other sources with

the help of technology? If so, please

briefly discuss your plans.

We are watching that domain

very carefully. We have studied,

reviewed, and tested different

options. Think alternative filtration

systems for water through

nanotechnology, air-to-water

systems, etc. To date, none of

these are to the point we believe

viable for use in high volume

FMCG. It needs to be commercially

valuable. Remember we supply

over 20% of the UAE retail market

with bottled water. With the average

person in the UAE consuming

over 1 liter per day per year, that’s

lots of water. Our Future Product

Development team consciously

looks for opportunities, and there

is no doubt that something great

will come out of that in the not-toodistant


What message do you have for our


Drink water. Lots of it. Preferably

Mai Dubai. I also invite people

to choose wisely and be

knowledgeable about the use

of plastic. As we deal with the

impacts of climate change, it

is our responsibility to adopt

sustainable practices to ensure a

clean environment and adequate

resources for our future generations.

That is why we reiterate the call to

practice the 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse,

Recycle. And to finish off- Stay

Healthy and Stay Hydrated.

- interview@magzoid.com

The operations of the

facility are fully automated,

eliminating to a greater

extent the need for human

intervention. From the

arrival of raw material up

to the loading of the final

product onto the trucks

for dispatch, every single

operation is performed by

machines, with minimal

human intervention.

www.magzoid.com September 2021 15






















16 September 2021



Read more at www.magzoid.com

20-meter-high sandcastle shaped

like a pyramid completed in Denmark

The world’s tallest

sandcastle has been

completed in Denmark,

towering more than

20 meters high and

comprising nearly 5,000 tonnes of

sand, according to its designers.

Standing 21.16 meters high,

more than three meters taller than

a castle built in Germany in 2019,

which previously held the title with

a height of 17.66 meters, according

to Guinness World Records. A total

of 4,860 tonnes of sand makes up

the intricately decorated structure

which is reminiscent of a pyramid.

Its creator, Dutchman Wilfred

Stijger, who was assisted by 30 of

the world's best sand sculptors,

wanted the castle to represent the

power of the coronavirus over the

world since the beginning

of the pandemic.

To make it more cohesive, the

sand contains approximately 10

percent clay and a layer of glue

was applied after it was completed

so that it could stand up to the

chilly and windy conditions of the

autumn and winter.

It took a team of 12 sculptors

and eight technicians three and a

half weeks working eight hours a

day to complete the sandcastle.

It took 11,000 tonnes of sand

mixed only with water. There were

no other additives or internal

support structures. The circular

base diameter of the sandcastle

measured approximately

It took a team of 12

sculptors and eight

technicians three and a

half weeks working eight

hours a day to complete the

sandcastle. It took 11,000

tonnes of sand mixed only

with water. There were no

other additives or internal

support structures.

26 meters, Guinness World

Records said.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 17




By Joshua Miels

18 September 2021


“I want to just

paint people for

who they are and

let the real person

shine through,” says

Joshua Miels


contemporary artist

Joshua Miels is a palette

knife oil painter who

captures the emotions

of human beings through a series of

colorful, multi-layered, large-scale

portraits. Spending countless hours

adding layer upon layer of paint,

Joshua produces powerful paintings

that resonate with viewers long after

their gaze has left the canvas.

Painted mainly using oil, each

and every piece of art takes its

own journey through a process of

experimentation. The first time he

picked a brush to paint portraits was

in high school. It may have not been

the greatest painting, but it created

a hunger inside him to get better.

Painting was an opportunity for him

to escape the world around him and

get lost in the creative challenges

that every brushstroke presented.

Studying visual communications

in university, he worked as a graphic

www.magzoid.com September 2021 19


“I try to translate

what people feel

into my pieces

and that is one

of the reasons I

like to keep the

face expressions

out of it”

designer initially. He then decided to

try his hand at watercolor and as his

confidence grew, he turned to largescale

oil paintings. Drawing inspiration

from many great artists replicating their

styles to unlock their secrets, he learned

something from every artist. He used

those lessons to create a style of art that

was unique to him.

Experimenting for him delivers a

great sense of excitement. Even if

the piece doesn’t work out, he may

be disappointed, yet he is happy to

learn from those mistakes. He uses

those learnings as the

springboards for his next


Joshua’s driving force

is his passion to create.

Through his work, he is

looking to remove the stigma

of mental health in males.

Due to a family history of

mental health and addiction,

art for him is a way of dealing

and understanding. At first

glance, Joshua’s artworks

are dynamic and powerful.

However, once we observe

the paint, the cracks in its

surface, the way it breaks

away from the contour of

the face into a multitude of lines and

strokes, our perception of them changes.

We start to understand that the face is

often a façade, masking what we all

experience as humans – times of fragility,

vulnerability, and powerlessness.

His artworks address the disconnect

between the exterior personality people

present and their interior worlds. “I try to

translate what people feel into my pieces

and that is one of the reasons I like to

keep the face expressions out of it,” he

says. “Just because someone is happy

and smiling doesn’t mean everything is

ok”. His artworks challenge the viewer

and prompt them to draw upon their own

emotive experiences.

- feature@magzoid.com

20 September 2021



Hand of angel


www.magzoid.com September 2021 21


22 September 2021



Skyscrapers across the

world have captured

people's imaginations. In

modern times skyscrapers

often define a city's

skyline. Right from the pyramids of

Egypt to the countless skyscrapers

now, architects have pushed their

creative skills to build something


World Skyscraper day is

celebrated on the 3rd of September

annually. Skyscrapers have become

commonplace in modern times, and

the day is the golden opportunity

to appreciate these architectural

marvels and feats of engineering.

It offers the opportunity to learn

more about the architects who

commit a dream to paper and the

construction crews that make it a


Skyscrapers Day is celebrated

every year on the birth anniversary

of Louis H. Sullivan, often called

the 'father of modern skyscrapers'.

The world's first skyscraper came

up in Chicago in 1885 called the

Home Insurance Building whose

architect was Major William LeBaron

Jenney. It stood only 138 feet tall, a

mere 10 stories that would not even

count as a skyscraper today. But

the name stuck, and initially, any

building that towered high over the

surrounding structures was dubbed

a skyscraper.

There is certainly no shortage

of sky-high buildings in Dubai. As

it has become a global hub for

commerce, its skyline has swelled

exponentially, with new, envelopepushing

buildings constantly being

added. Numerous Dubai towers

have, at various points in the past

15 years, claimed the title of the

tallest building in the city; however,

this competition has stalled with

the completion of the famous Burj

Khalifa, the current record holder for

the tallest building in the world.

Skyscrapers define the skyline

from which a city derives a lot of

its identity and unique personality.

Hosting a skyscraper is a mark of

your city's economic prowess, and

cities with more skyscrapers tend

to see more business activity than

cities with lower rooftops.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 23




Acrylic art

By Neomi Ibraz

24 September 2021


“My art ends up taking

unexpected turns from

all the experimentation”

says Neomi Ibraz

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Neomi Ibraz is a Spanish

artist who specializes

in gouache and acrylic

paintings. Mixing

gouache and acrylic

paint together provides you with

a paint that dries quickly, applies

smoothly, easily layers, and

combines all of the best benefits

from each painting. Instead of the

matte finish that gouache gives,

the end product appears glossier,

brighter, and more vibrant than

before, which can easily add

dimension to your painting.

Noemi’s artistic journey did not

initially start with painting. She

studied at the Faculty of Fine

Arts in Barcelona, specializing

in engraving, and worked for

fifteen years in textile design and

serigraphy which led her to own a

children’s clothing company. Her

paintings are certainly influenced

by her somewhat non-traditional

background and experience.

Neomi is an artist who doesn’t

plan on what to paint. All her work is

painted without the use of previous

studies or sketches. She lets her

hand be unrestrained, to trace the

lines it wants. The whole process

happens fairly unconsciously. It

truly is a form of meditation for her

as an artist. It allows her to create

work intuitively letting the work

figure itself out. Her art ends up

taking unexpected turns from all the


Her biggest inspiration, nature,

made her move from the big city

of Barcelona to a little town on

the Mediterranean Sea. Here she

is surrounded by the sea and

the mountains and woods of El

Montseny. Nature not only inspires

Noemi’s art but also provides her

respite from the many complexities

of life and her thoughts. Now, Noemi

lives in Canet de Mar, a small town

on the coast of Catalonia with her

husband, her daughter, five cats,

and a crazy dog, painting every day

as a therapy for her soul.

- feature@magzoid.com

Nature not only

inspires Noemi’s art

but also provides

her respite from the

many complexities

of life and her


www.magzoid.com September 2021 25



as a Modern Art

26 September 2021


Art can be termed

as an expression

of creativity and

imagination, while


are a way to communicate

your business to others. An

advertisement can be seen as

the reflection of the character's

alpha product that is aimed to be


Advertising has evolved by

transforming itself and merging

with different artistic trends to

give rise to a new era. Nowadays

graphic design is more than

a simple profession. Today a

graphic designer does more

than simply scanning and

creating digital images. A graphic

designer is a true creator of

trends, a complete artist who

has invented new art forms and


Digital art can be found all

around us from the posters we

see online to the flyers at the

mall and the billboards on the

streets. The amount of creativity

and effort required to make an

advertisement is almost equal to

that of any art form. No matter the

type of advertisement, it needs

enough brainstorming and effort

to create something eye-catching

for the audience. Hence, how

advertisements are constructed is

not any different from the process

involved in creating any other

form of art.

Undoubtedly, the final product

of art and an advertisement may

immensely be different from one

another but there is certainly a

point where they both meet and

that is the creativity that brings the

final product together. Creativity

is the key aspect of artworks and


Just as an artwork aims to

connect with multiple people

through the story it conveys,

advertisements also have the

same goal of conveying their

message to an audience. At the

core, it is a form of expression of a

concept. Not every advertisement

aims to have a deep emotional

connection with the audience.

Most advertisements are a

heavy blend of entertainment

and propaganda. These

advertisements aim to entertain

and grab the attention of the

consumer meanwhile drawing

them towards the product. An

advertisement is the dominating

form of art today which is used

to secure as much business

as possible. When people start

incorporating the advertisements

into their own lives, you know it is

more than just an ad, it has now

become an art.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 27




By Erin Hanson

I get my inspiration from nature, recreating the motion and vivid

colors with loose, expressive brush strokes,” says Erin Hanson

28 September 2021


- Exclusive to Magzoid

Erin Hanson is an artist who

specializes in oil painting.

Oil paints have flexibility

and depth of color and

because it is slow to dry,

artists can continue working the

paint for much longer than other

types of paint. Hanson loves to

transform landscapes into abstract

mosaics of color and texture, the

impasto application of paint lending

a sculptural effect to her art. Her

oil paintings stand out in a crowd,

bringing a fresh new look to western


From a young age, Hanson

voraciously learned about all sorts

of mediums such as oils, acrylics,

watercolor, pastels from her

accomplished art instructors. She

began commissioning paintings at

age ten, and by age twelve, she

was employed after school by a

mural studio where she learned

various techniques.

After a lifetime of experimenting

in different styles and mediums,

it wasn’t until Hanson began rock

climbing at Red Rock Canyon that

her painting style was consolidated

Erin decided to

dedicate the rest of

her life to creating one

painting every week and

has remained loyal to

that decision ever since

for the past decade.

by a single inspiration and force of

nature. Rock climbing among the

brilliantly colored cliffs of Nevada

and Utah, watching the seasons and

the light change daily across the

desert, provided endless inspiration

for her work. From watching the

beauty in her surroundings, Erin

decided to dedicate the rest of her

life to creating one painting every

week and has remained loyal to

that decision ever since for the past


“I have spent 30 years developing

a unique technique of painting in

oils, known as Open Impressionism.

I get all my inspiration directly from

nature, recreating the motion and

vivid colors I discover with loose,

expressive brush strokes,” she says.

As other artists began emulating

her painting techniques, Hanson

was credited as the pioneer and

originator of this contemporary

style. Through the years, Hanson

has continued to use the outdoors

to inspire a huge collection of work

and continues to bring a

new perspective to various

landscapes today.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 29



Dubai’s Largest

Zip Line Park -

Aventura Parks

30 September 2021





one of a kind adventure

park in the UAE,

Aventura Parks is an


adventure within a Ghaf

tree forest in the center of Dubai.

Immersed in nature, the park is

spread over 35,000 sq. meters and

is a thrilling experience consisting

of tree surfing, crawling web, rope

climbing, log balancing, zip-lining

whilst enjoying the breath-taking


Aventura Parks has 85 exhilarating

activities between the trees, split into

5 circuits designed as per height

and difficulty levels ranging from

new explorers to daredevils. The

typical Aventura experience starts

with a thorough safety briefing.

The briefing covers the entire

safety aspect of the park and the

visitors are taught how the personal

protective equipment or PPE works.

Participants are geared with a

harness and given a demonstration

on harness usage and the process

of the zip-line. Aventura divides

activities according to height and

difficulty. The categories are as


Rangers: A circuit specially

designed for young children. It is

made up of short, easy challenges,

at a low height.

Explorador: Designed for a family

bonding experience wherein parents

can join their children on bridges &

zip-lines that are not too difficult.

Aventura: A medium difficulty

circuit for youngsters and adults,

the challenge increases with both

the height and complexity. End the

circuit with 3 zip-lines in a row.

Extreme: A circuit best suited

for thrill-seekers and daredevils, it

consists of the most and highest

obstacles featuring complex rope

walks, surfboard through the trees,

and the famous 25m Tarzan jump

which is an unavoidable leap of faith

to get from one side of an obstacle

to the other.

Thriller: The most unique circuit

filled with exhilarating zip-lines,

surfing through the trees and ending

with the longest 160-meter zip-line.

Depending on the colour of the

wristband, one can explore the

respective circuits. If the rush of

adrenaline is what you crave, going

for the black band will ensure that

you enjoy the Explorador, Aventura,

Thriller, and Extreme circuits at


It also offers fun-filled experiences

for the visitors and provides a

place for schools to organize group

activities where students can learn,

play and grow in the heart of nature.

They also cater to groups of all

sizes from parties of ten people to

corporate events for hundreds of


There are corporate teambuilding

programs where your team

will engage in problem-solving,

active collaboration, and powerful

conversations. Programs range

from a team outing in the Adventure

Park to workshops with complex

objectives and breakthrough

experiences, utilizing special

installations in the Team Building


So head on to Aventura Parks on

your special days and get to enjoy

a host of activities, competitions,

challenges that will bring out the

best in everyone.

- events@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 31



Day out with Magzoid Readers at Aventura Parks

32 September 2021





“Painting is a reality, among realities, which has

been felt and formed,” says Mahfuzur Rahman

Mahfuzur Rahman is

an artist based in

Bangladesh currently

residing in Dubai

who specializes in

illuminated blended impressionism.

He produces art to express an

image of impressionism form

with his own artistic style. In each

work of art, he intends to depict

compositions with lifelike details and


Mahfuzur began his artistic

journey to explore the aspects

of nature and focus on what lies

between them. He considers his

artwork to be a dialogue between

a spiritual expression in which

the physical and psychological

properties affect the viewer. Over

the years his artwork has changed

immensely while developing his

art style. Through his artworks he

communicates with the audience in

his unique style.

Despite being a full time

corporate, the pleasure he gets from

creating art inspires him as an artist.

“I produce art to express an image

of impressionism form but with my

own artistic style. In each work of

art, I intend to depict compositions

with lifelike details and qualities,”

he says.

Mahfuzur has found himself

committed to illuminated blended

impressionism. “There is an eternal

romance between light and colour

that bathes the landscapes, where

the magic of the rays of light that

affect the surfaces and explode in

colours and textures that give life to

the space,” he says.

There have been several

emotional events in his life that

have led him to hold onto his

passion even more every day. His

artistic journey and the peace that

painting provides him with makes

his existence feel worthwhile. He

aims to explore the viewpoints we

take for granted and communicate

the sense of astute wonder we

experience when we realize they

may be specious.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 33




34 September 2021



The use of artistic methods

to treat psychological

disorders and enhance

mental health is known as art

therapy. Art therapy is a technique

rooted in the idea that creative

expression through visual art media

can foster healing and mental wellbeing.

The purpose of art therapy is to

utilize the creative process to help

people explore self-expression

and, in doing so, find new ways to

gain personal insight and develop

new coping skills. The creation or

appreciation of art is used to help

people explore


develop selfawareness,

cope with stress

and boost

self-esteem. It

may also aid

in resolving

conflicts and

reduce distress.

People have

been relying

on the arts for



and healing for thousands of

years. But art therapy didn't start

to become a formal program until

the 1940s. Doctors noted that

individuals living with mental illness

often expressed themselves in

drawings and other artworks, which

led many to explore the use of art

as a healing strategy. Since then,

art has become an important part

of the therapeutic field and is used

in some assessment and treatment


Professor Semir Zeki, a

neurobiologist at the University

College of London, affirmed that

when we stare at great art, our brain

is stimulated as when we fall in

love. Art brings increased levels of

dopamine, a neurotransmitter that

aids in controlling the brains' reward

The purpose of art

therapy is to utilize the

creative process to help

people explore selfexpression

and, in doing

so, find new ways to gain

personal insight and

develop new coping skills.

and pleasure centers.

Scientific studies have proven

that art appreciation improves our

quality of life and makes us feel

good. When we create art, we

elevate our mood, we improve our

ability to problem solve, and open

our minds to new ideas. According

to Dr. Shelley Carson, art's ability

to improve our mood broadens

our attention and allows us to see

further possible solutions to creative


After an assessment of the

client's strengths and needs, art

therapy may be offered in either

an individual or

group format,

according to

which is better

suited to the

person. As the

end goal of art

therapy is one

of healing, the

activities an

art therapist

chooses to do

with clients

depend on

a variety of

factors such

as their mental state or age. Art

therapists may draw upon images

from resources such as ARAS to

incorporate historical art and

symbols into their work with patients.

As the mental health field grows

and more research is done, we

expect to see art therapy blossom

into the mainstream, with more and

more condition-specific treatments

developed. Although art therapy

is still growing, there is an ample

amount of evidence suggesting

that it has very real and has very

powerful benefits that should be

considered by anyone seeking

effective ways to address serious

mental health issues.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 35







36 September 2021



Art is a widely ranged word

that makes an impact on

every aspect of our life. Art

is everywhere, influencing

us daily. Whether it be painting,

sketching, sculpting, photography,

creating music, or dancing. It

allows us to convey concepts

beyond the mere meaning of words

and a variety of ways to express

ourselves. Art is what is said

without speaking. It has the power

to change our opinions, instilling

values and translating experiences

across space and time. We can use

them to help us have boundless


Art gives meaning to our lives

and helps us understand our

world. It is an essential part of our

culture because it allows us to

have a deeper understanding of

our emotions. To take a song and

play it, to recreate a moment or

represent a feeling, is all art.

Art increases our self-awareness,

and also allows us to be open

to new ideas and experiences

which leads to opening our minds

and hearts. It shows us all that

could be possible in the world. Art

introduces us to a whole new set of

experiences and ideas that we may

have never witnessed before. We

can see the perspective of the

people around us and are never

limited to just one opinion.

When we connect with a

particular art piece, this experience

comes down to intuitively

connecting with the artist's story,

voice, and experience. You are

being welcomed into the artist's

world and through that, we are

ultimately connecting with our

inner selves. Art enables us to look

within and to listen to ourselves,

realize who we are, and what we

care about. As people, we tend to

make emotional choices that are

passionate to us, which allows us

to realize what we care about and

what we stand for. When we are

certain of our values, we tend to be

happier and healthier as individuals

because we can figure out our

life’s purpose.

Art is what makes life worthwhile.

It may not be vital to fulfill our basic

needs, but it does make life joyful.

As we continue our journey of a

fast-paced life with moments of

quick decisions and fragmented

thoughts, art allows every moment

to be memorable. Art makes the

world around us look beautiful and

more interesting. It helps us grow

and live more complete lives.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 37



Thrift Art

By Dave Pollot

“I’m telling my own story with each piece,” says Dave Pollot

38 September 2021


- Exclusive to Magzoid

Dave Pollot is an artist

based in New York

known for his altered

thrift art paintings. He

finds unwanted artwork

and adds his own touch, most often

pop culture parodies, and in doing

so, bridges the divide between

classic and pop art. By adding

his own unique touches to the art

found in thrift stores, he transforms

mundane scenes into sensational

art pieces that are entertaining and


His artwork has been displayed

and found homes in galleries,

businesses, and private collections

in all 50 states in the US and over

40 countries around the globe. His

work has attracted attention from

the media both in the U.S. and

abroad, including Business Insider,

Instagram, and the SyFy Channel

The idea began as a joke

between him and his wife who

adores shopping at thrift stores.

Painting had always been a hobby

to Dave, but once he began

repurposing thrift art in 2012 it

He finds comfort

in working over old

paintings and feels

restless when spending

too much time away

from his easel.

quickly evolved. Painting has now

turned into an obsession for Dave.

He finds comfort in working over old

paintings and feels restless when

spending too much time away from

his easel. Dave says “As much as

I’ve always loved to paint, I found

that I often lost interest in what I was

working on before it was ever close

to being finished.”

Reworking found art turned out to

be the answer to this problem. Each

new piece presents a new set of

challenges, and learning to work in

a variety of styles and master new

techniques has kept his attention.

It’s also an interesting challenge to

develop a narrative and tell a story

with a painting – the backgrounds

provide the framework to use to

build a story.

We express ourselves through

painting. “I’ve always loved the

idea that art is deeply personal.

I’m telling my own story with each

piece, but everyone is a little bit

like a mirror, reflecting its meaning

to the viewer through his or her

perception,” says Dave.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 39


Dubai evenings


40 September 2021



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Spectacular light festival to

bring Expo 2020 Dubai site to life

Kaleidoscope, a stunning

outdoor night-time light

festival, will bring Expo

2020 Dubai’s site to life

for the mega event’s

entire six months, from incredible

structures designed by superstars of

the architecture world, such as Asif

Khan, Foster + Partners, Grimshaw,

and Hopkins Architects, to its

landscaped public areas.

Kaleidoscope will harness the

beauty of photography, light and

visual arts. The festival will connect

with Expo 2020’s impactful initiatives

and global entertainment, including

Diwali and Christmas, to tell powerful

stories in immersive ways.

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin

Rashid Al Maktoum International

Photography Awards (HIPA) is

providing much of the light show’s

imagery and has been specially

chosen to link to Expo’s subthemes

of Opportunity, Mobility and

Kaleidoscope will

harness the beauty of

photography, light and

visual arts. The festival

will connect with Expo

2020’s impactful

initiatives and global


including Diwali and

Christmas, to tell

powerful stories in

immersive ways.

Sustainability using imagery from

HIPA’s archive, which stretches back

to its founding in 2011.

Grant Reid, Vice President, Events

and Entertainment, Expo 2020

Dubai, said: “While the past 18

months have been unprecedently

challenging, we believe that

collaboration can inspire a better

future – something we hope to

highlight in our light show. A

kaleidoscope is symbolic: once

shaken, it shows something new but

equally beautiful; and light has the

power to conquer darkness.

Through Kaleidoscope, our

subthemes – Opportunity, Mobility

and Sustainability – will be vividly

brought to life, reminding us of

their relevance now more than ever


Alongside showcasing Expo’s

subthemes, dynamic programming

and the power of human connection,

the light festival will also offer a

self-guided visitor experience,

with provisions made for social



www.magzoid.com September 2021 41





Travelling to different

destinations helps us

relax, detoxify our minds

and achieve peace from

within. Travel has been

said to broaden the mind, exploring

the world and seeing the broad

vistas and cultures that the people

of the world offer.

World Tourism Day is celebrated

on September 27 every year

to highlight the importance of

travelling and promoting the

respective nations’ tourism sector.

United Nations World Tourism

Organization (UNWTO), the global

body responsible for the promotion

of tourism, has been celebrating

World Tourism Day since 1980.

The date was chosen as it was on

this day that the UNWTO adopted

its Statutes which are considered

milestones in the global tourism


The tourism industry has

become one of the fastest growing

economic sectors in the world

today. Over the last few years,

the tourism industry has seen a

tremendous expansion and growth.

International tourist arrivals have

grown significantly in the past

few decades. Tourism industry is

estimated to be worth 10% of the

global GDP and provides one in ten

jobs globally. The UNWTO expects

an annual growth of 3% in the

tourism industry until 2030.

Tourism is a study of exploration.

It helps us to connect with our

ancient roots. It is a vibrant learning

process where a traveler identifies

himself amongst a wide variety

of different cultures, languages,

cuisines, traditions and lifestyles.

The main reason behind

celebrating the day was to spread

recognition of the tourism industry in

terms of its impact on the country’s

socio-lingual, cultural, geopolitical,

economic, and financial factors.

Tourism Day is your opportunity to

broaden your own world a little, find

a location you’ve always wanted to

make time to visit, and finally, get

around to making time to do it. So,

find your inner traveler and get out

there and experience the places

you’ve always wanted to see.

- feature@magzoid.com

42 September 2021



The main reason behind

celebrating the day was to

spread recognition of the

tourism industry in terms of

its impact on the country’s

socio-lingual, cultural,

geopolitical, economic, and

financial factors.

www.magzoid.com September 2021 43


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Portraits of UAE leaders

created with coins from 88 countries

To celebrate the 'Year of

50th', the local authority

of Abu Dhabi created

portraits of the UAE

leaders using coins. The

Integrated Transport Centre (ITC)

of the Department of Municipalities

and Transport made the work

from coins from 88 countries,

representing the social and cultural

harmony between the UAE and

other nations.

The ITC said the initiative is

following in the lines of the visionary

leader, the UAE’s Founding Father,

the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan

Al Nahyan, who once said: “We

preserve the past, maintain the

present and build the future.”

The initiative comes in celebration

of the ‘Year of the 50th’ and was

created by Arab artist Osama

Sbeata, who holds the Guinness

World Record for the largest sand

painting. The artwork is kept in the

main lobby of the ITC building in Al


The idea for artwork is derived

from pre-Hafilat smart cards when

residents, as well as tourists from

other countries, used coins to pay

for the bus fares. “In 2013, the ICT

discontinued the use of all cash

payments and switched to digital

payment system using Hafilat smart

cards as the service payment

method,” said Ateeq Mohammed

Al Mazroui, operations division

director, public transport sector.

The artwork expresses love

and gratitude to the UAE and its

leaders who built the country on

The artwork expresses

love and gratitude to

the UAE and its leaders

who built the country

on the foundations of

tolerance and made it

a role model.

the foundations of tolerance and

made it a role model. An artwork

also shows the development in Abu

Dhabi in all sectors, especially in

the transport sector.


44 September 2021



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Brendan Murphy installs a

22- foot sculpture in the Caribbean Sea

Brendan Murphy has

installed a 22 foot,

3,000-pound sculpture

named "The Boonji

Spaceman" on a dock

in the middle of the ocean at

the Hodges Bay Resort in Antigua.

The sculpture strikes a Michael

Jackson-inspired dance pose and

is emblazoned with words and

mathematical equations.

Often compared to artist Jeff

Koons, Murphy's "Boonji

Spaceman" series is his most

recognized body of work, which

he first created out of bronze in

2015. Yet that one stands only 18

inches high.

"I've always had this weird

connection to these people who are

willing to get on a space ship and

"And I think a lot of

the creative process

is (similar). If you're

not comfortable with

the unknown then

you're in the wrong


go to the unknown,' Murphy said.

"And I think a lot of the creative

process is (similar). If you're not

comfortable with the unknown then

you're in the wrong business."

When Christopher Harding,

the co-owner of the Hodges Bay

Resort, commissioned Murphy

to create another version of his

spaceman, Murphy said he knew it

had to be big, literally. "We wanted

to create something that you

could see from space down on the

island," he said. Murphy said they

hired a company to take photos of

the sculpture from space that they

plan to release soon.

The sculpture is made up of steel

and carbon fiber. Murphy took 8

months to create the sculpture and

there were production challenges

because of the ongoing Covid-19



www.magzoid.com September 2021 45





is the

most powerful

weapon we can

use to change the


world” – Nelson

Mandela. International Literacy

Day is celebrated on September

8 every year to promote human

attention towards literacy and

to know the rights for social and

human development. This day is

celebrated to encourage people

towards getting an education and

to understand their responsibility

towards the family, society, and

the country. It is necessary to raise

awareness in the world of literary

issues that are faced by people and

also to endorse campaigns that

help increase literacy for all people.

Can you imagine navigating

modern-day life without the

basic ability to read and write?

Wiping out illiteracy in every local

community around the world is

what International Literacy Day is all

about. Literacy is a necessary tool

to eradicate poverty, lowering child

mortality, controlling population

growth, attaining gender equality,

etc. It is correctly said that literacy

has the ability to raise the family


This day was adopted as

the part of UN's sustainable

development goals program in

2015. The purpose of the day was

to promote literacy as a tool that

could empower individuals as well

as whole communities. Literacy

has helped many people to get

employment and improve their

lifestyle all around the globe. It has

helped eradicate problems like

unemployment, poverty and has

played a huge role in leading a

stable and happy life.

Even in the times of global

crisis, efforts have been made

to find alternative ways to

ensure the continuity of learning,

including distance learning, often

in combination with in-person

learning. Literacy can contribute

to building a solid foundation for

a human-centered recovery, with

a special focus on the interplay of

literacy and digital skills required by

non-literate youth and adults. In our

increasingly complex and rapidly

changing technological world, it is

very important for us to expand our

knowledge and learn new skills in

order to cope up with the pace of


UNESCO has been central to

improve literacy worldwide and that

is why they promote International

Literacy Day in partnership with

governments, charities, local

communities, and experts in the

field worldwide. By adopting

various themes every year, they

wish to turn attention on literacy in

all its forms in a changing world.

- feature@magzoid.com

46 September 2021



UNESCO has been central to

improve literacy worldwide

and that is why they promote

International Literacy

Day in partnership with

governments, charities, local

communities, and experts in

the field worldwide.

www.magzoid.com September 2021 47




- Exclusive to Magzoid

Petra Kaltenbach is a German

painter residing in Dubai, who

follows the trends of digitization.

She moved to Dubai in 2004

when the transformative period of

the UAE began. As an energy healer,

graphic designer, and fine artist it

felt very authentic to her to have the

transformation as the core theme.

She developed her artist career, with

one of the milestones being World Art

Dubai. Shortlisted by the IEAA and

for the Burj Khalifa Façade Petra got

attention and recognition. In 2018 World

Art Dubai awarded her as the best UAEresident-artist,

and she was sponsored

for 1 year by Canon. Since 2019, she is

curator of World Art Dubai. For the last 5

years, her art is using the pomegranate

as an object to project her ideas

because the pomegranate is a symbol

of love, health, wealth, and beauty.

Petra intertwined her art with technology

to express her inner attitude in many

creative ways. She has integrated her

healing abilities into her art to mediate

positive energies to the viewer.

- feature@magzoid.com

48 September 2021



- Exclusive to Magzoid


Al Awadhi

Shaima Al Awadhi is an

artist residing in Dubai who

specializes in fine arts. Her

main motive through the

artworks is to express her love for

the various forms of arts from music

to dance and poetry. She started her

career at PepsiCo, one of the largest

foods and beverage businesses in

the region. Being selected for the

Emirati Graduate program, she was

working on various projects with

different functions as she expanded

her skills. She then looked after

social and digital communications,

planning and developing content

across multiple channels internally

and externally. She supported

activations and partnering with

different functions at regional levels

through messaging projects and

campaigns, and also produced

creative visuals and videos. Today,

she looks after ADNOC's integrated

Upstream Communications Unit

across HQ and major Group

Operating Companies.

Shaima has participated in several

exhibitions in Dubai. She won an

award for being one of the region’s

top five art students in AS Art and

first place in the Start-up Dubai

competition. Her interests include

painting, socializing, traveling,

and horse-riding. Her goal is to

bring positive change to society

and contribute her skills to create

a positive impact and pass on her

learning and skills to everyone

around her.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 49




- Exclusive to Magzoid

Shadab Khan is an artist

based in Dubai who

specializes in acrylic and

oil paintings. She combines

various media and different

kinds of elements to achieve the

right texture, flow blending, and

separation of color. Her mixed

media fluid art is captivating,

mesmerizing, energizing, and

depicting a tasteful explosion of


She rose to fame during the

Sikka Art Fair 2017, organized by

Dubai culture for her unique artwork

distinctive technique. She has

also received the most honorable

Golden Visa by Dubai Culture

and Arts Authority and Dubai


The most prominent characteristic

is her mastery of the fluid art

technique. Today, her artwork

is showcased in many private

residences and offices throughout

the UAE and other parts of the

world like United States, Nigeria,

India, Philippines, UK, Lebanon

and many more. Some of her art

collectors are even prominent

celebrities and designers such

as Shatha Hassoun ad Selma


- feature@magzoid.com

50 September 2021



- Exclusive to Magzoid



Abdulla Lutfi is an Emirati

artist who has been creating

art since childhood and

used drawing as a means of

communicating before he could even

speak. Abdulla goes by his artistic

signature “A.L”. He has a special

fascination for Japanese culture and

his appreciation and adoration for

their culture has led him to dedicate

a great number of his artworks to

Japanese life.

As an artist on the autistic

spectrum, Abdulla sees and

interprets the world in a unique

and non-conventional way. His art

is particularly important to society

as he can communicate to the

world in a way that is frequently not

represented. He regards art as his

connection to the world around him.

His passion for art is derived from

his tendency to see the world and its

complexities in a “black and white”

sense, and his sharp sense of humor.

Abdulla strives to be an active

member of society and use his art to

better the people around him. In his

efforts, he has carried out numerous

workshops and demonstrations at

corporate events and schools. To

Abdulla, creating art is like allowing

his viewers to peek into his soul.

Throughout his years as an artist,

he has had several commissions from

hotels, banks, and even has his art

on display at the Dubai International

Airport. His art was also displayed on

Word Autism Awareness Day in the

terra - the Sustainability Pavilion as

part of an Expo 2020 project.

Currently, Abdulla is working in

his art studio, “NEXT Chapter” at

Tashkeel, Al Fahidi alongside his

artistic mentor. He continues to grow

as a person and as a gifted artist,

exploring various art styles and

expanding his repertoire of talent.

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 51




By Jarrod Bezzina

52 September 2021


- Exclusive to Magzoid

“No matter how bad you think

your art is, keep trying...,” says

Jarrod Bezzina

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Jarrod follows the

trend of redesigning

old popular characters.

He aims to represent

himself as creative and

show the world the way

he sees things.

Jarrod Bezzina is an artist based in Australia who

specializes in illustration, concept art, and comic

art through digital artistry. Digital art is an artistic

work or practice that uses digital technology

as part of the creative or presentation process.

While the artist develops a graphical design with the

use of a computer, tablet, or stiletto, the process itself is

similar to painting with traditional materials.

Jarrod follows the trend of redesigning old popular

characters. He aims to represent himself as creative

and show the world the way he sees things. Artists

consciously use their minds in everyday life to search

out visual cues that create an emotional response

within them. Through his art, the reality of the world is

transformed into something completely different.

In recent years, comics and graphic novels have seen

immense growth which means this category is trending

for experimentation for many artists. Several aspects go

into creating a graphic novel such as the artwork, the plot,

and the focus on each character and their journey. Jarrod

has started his graphic novel series and is most proud of

the fact that he can create what he imagines on a page.

His greatest inspirations are his friends and colleagues

who constantly inspire him to be the best he can,

while also helping to push his skills to new heights.

This creates the ambition and drive for him to

work hard. The support derived from others

always feels encouraging. Jarrod says “No

matter how bad you think your art is, keep

trying...trust me it’s worth it and we've all

walked down that road of self-doubt. Some of

us are still walking it.”

- feature@magzoid.com

www.magzoid.com September 2021 53


Read more at www.magzoid.com

Cyprus opens an underwater

sculpture museum

Cyprus has added The

Museum of Underwater

Sculpture of Ayia Napa

(Musan) to its tourist

attraction list. The

museum features a collection of

130 sculptures in a newly created

Marine Protected Area.

The works at the museum,

located in the resort town of Ayia

Napa, range from botanical to

figurative, including more than

90 sculptures by Jason deCaires

Taylor, a British artist known for his

site-specific creations that turn into

artificial coral reefs.

Musan’s sculptures are made of

sea materials, including stones,

rocks and shells, and are meant

to live harmoniously among the

Musan’s sculptures are

made of sea materials,

including stones, rocks

and shells, and are meant

to live harmoniously

among the marine life.

The museum has stated

its intent to enrich the

biodiversity of the area

to allow the sculptures

to turn into coral reefs

and eventually an

“underwater forest”.

marine life. The museum has stated

its intent to enrich the biodiversity of

the area to allow the sculptures to

turn into coral reefs and eventually

an “underwater forest”.

Visitors can dive or snorkel

Musan for free, although

reservations must be made ahead

of time. The surrounding area

will also have diving centres and

schools for visitors.

With the arrival of Musan, Ayia

Napa’s local government hopes to

tap into this market for their town

too. By the local government’s

predictions, Musan will be able to

bring in 50,000 visitors annually.


54 September 2021




Simple yet powerful employee productivity boosting and work

tracking with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports,

attendance, project and task management and more.

Register for you Priority Access now at







“I seek to deliver

an unforgettable

experience to the

viewer,” says

Alex Aliume

Visionary Artist


rising start in the

contemporary art

scene, Alex Aliume is a

mystic, visionary artist

born in Ukraine. Having

no formal art education, he first laid

his hands on canvas, paints and

brushes in 2017, and consciously

created his very first painting. After

a lifetime of seeking, he had finally

discovered his true purpose in art

and has been painting every single

day ever since.

As a child, he experienced

strange visions and vivid dreams.

At the age of six, he discovered

a book of his grandfather’s about

“Sorcery," which ultimately became

a door to his cosmic future. Being

a student of various esoteric

doctrines, including numerology

and other magical practices,

as well as the Moscow-based

organization, Knowledge System:

Ecology of Thought, founded

by LP Troyan, the knowledge

he acquired during those years

56 September 2021


deeply impacted

his personality

as well as art.

After finishing

high school, he

briefly attended


University in Kharkiv,

Ukraine, before dropping

out to pursue his dream of going

to New York.

Aliume is most famously known

as the creator of cosmic UV glowin-the-dark,

3-D psychedelic

art. His Blacklight Visionary Art

represents his inspired attempt

to unveil the invisible mystery of

universal truth via the profound

languages of art and light. Through

his art, he aspires to speak

directly to the human heart and

soul reminding the viewer of their

primordial divine roots and evoking

a memory of the Great Spirit that

lies within and around us. He

believes that the language of art

and light requires no words.

To create unique

and extraordinary

ways to

experience art,

Aliume uses


methods and

technologies using

light, motion and threedimensional

shapes. Light is

the most powerful aspect of his

art. Most of the artworks created

by him, glow under black light or

in full darkness. He feels light is

the best tool for waking the viewer

to the profundity of the present. In

doing so, he aims to help all souls

rediscover the kindness, sincerity

and love inherent in their very


Painting was and remains the

most natural thing that Aliume has

ever felt. His artwork has collectors

in the United States, Canada, the

United Kingdom, France, Germany,

the Netherlands, India, Thailand

and the Philippines. Aliume’s art

Aliume is most famously

known as the creator of

cosmic UV glow-in-thedark,

3-D psychedelic art.

His Blacklight Visionary

Art represents his

inspired attempt to unveil

the invisible mystery of

universal truth via the

profound languages of art

and light.

can be viewed on his Instagram

page @aliumeart and his website



www.magzoid.com September 2021 57


Andy Warhol created over

600 time capsules during his


During the Middle Ages, the most common technique

to create murals was called tempera painting. Tempera

is created by mixing dry powdered pigments with egg

or water to dissolve them and obtain the vibrant paint

used in the religious works.

Bob Ross once helped a colorblind

viewer by dedicating a

whole episode to painting only

in grey

Salvador Dalí made it a point to be

as weird as possible throughout his

life. He would steal pens and carry an

ocelot with him as he walked around

the city.

58 September 2021



The first Sculpture Garden was planned in just one

night. The current space, dedicated to Abby Aldrich

Rockefeller, was initially designed in 1953 and is now

the heart of the museum.

Georgia O'Keeffe loved

painting in her car.

She would place the

canvas on the back

seat and paint from

the passenger seat.

It took a year for German

art student Benjamin Harff

to rewrite the Silmarillion in

elfish style.

In 2003 street

artist Banksy

stuck his own

work to the

wall in the

Tate Modern


Roy Lichtenstein

who is famous

for his comicstyle

art didn't

even like comics

as a kid!

www.magzoid.com September 2021 59


Dubai skyline


60 September 2021


www.artoze.com | Page 41



Art Exhibitions

and Events to look out for!

Al Murabba Arts Festival

Al Murabbaa is a ten-day art

and culture event that provides

visitors an art experience within

an extraordinary historical setting.

During the ten days of the Festival,

more than 60 artists, workshops,

and concerts will take place.

Date: 28 October, 2021 - 6

November, 2021

Location: Ajman Heritage District

For more information, visit:


When I count, There are only you…

Curated by Hoor Al Qasimi, Director

of Sharjah Art Foundation, When I

Count There Are Only You… presents

the work of Farhad Moshiri, Farideh

Lashai, Iman Issa, Mandy El Sayegh,

Nari Ward, Prajakta Potnis, Rabih

Mroue and Rasheed Araeen. Taking

its title from a work by Farideh Lashai

that was itself inspired by Goya’s

Disasters of War, this exhibition

offers an insight into the radical

ideas, visions and perspectives on

humanity that inform the work of eight

artists represented in the Sharjah Art

Foundation Collection.

Date: Until 10 Jan 2022

Location: Sharjah City, Al Muriejah


For more information, visit: https://


62 September 2021


Curatorial Development Exhibition Program

Warehouse421 and the Bombay

Institute for Critical Analysis and

Research (BICAR) invite curators from

within the Middle East, North Africa,

and South Asia regions, to propose a

group exhibition and publication on

‘Future Perfect: Catastrophe and the

Contemporary’. Future perfect is a

perspective of the future on what the

past (our present) will have been if we

do not think, act, and create in the here

and now of contemporary catastrophe.

Date: Until Dec 31, 2021

Location: Warehouse421, Zayed Port

For more information, visit: https://


Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week is the region's largest creative

festival, reflecting Dubai's position as design capital

of the Middle East featuring various sections and

participating brands. Alongside an extensive collateral

programme that will include conceptual showcases by

regional architects and interior designers, Downtown

Design’s talks programme and onsite networking events,

Connect Programme, the fair’s B2B platform will offer

brands direct access to key design professionals with

relevant project pipelines as it attracts over 19,000

visitors including the region's top design firms, industry

decision-makers and influencers

Date: 8 November 2021 to 13 November 2021

Location: Dubai Design District

For more information, visit: https://www.


Drop by Drop Life Falls from the Sky.

Water, Islam and Art exhibition

The exhibition at the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

includes more than 120 artworks and objects exploring the

theme of water, Islam and art. Art aficionados can catch

artefacts ranging from manuscripts to metalwork; pottery

to textiles; carpets to Islamic art; all centred on the theme

of water. The exhibition is a collaboration between Sharjah

Museums Authority (SMA) and the Fondazione Torino Musei

in Turin, Italy.

Date: Until Dec 11, 2021

Location: Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

For more information, visit: https://sharjahmuseums.ae

www.magzoid.com September 2021 63


The Burj Al Arab Hotel



64 September 2021



1.Who is Manasse Rampino’s favorite artist?

2.Where is Neomi Ibraz from?

3.Where is the world’s tallest sandcastle located?

4.What kind of art does Dave Pollot specialize in?

5.What did Anastasia Trusova name her style of art?

6.What is the name of Brendan Murphy’s 22 foot sculpture installed in the Caribbean Sea?

7.What is Erin Hanson’s unique technique called?

8.Which year was Versace found?

9.Where is Alex Aliume from?

10.When is World Tourism Day celebrated?




Answers of August Edition:

1. Russia

2. August 12

3. Alcohol Ink Art

4. Casey Baugh

5. Pet portraiture and animal portraiture

6. June 11, 2022

7. Villainy

8. Ukraine

9. Sharjah

10. August 19


Find the answers for the above questions within September edition of Magzoid and stand a chance

to win amazing headphones!

All you have to do is write down the answers, take a picture, post it as a story on Instagram and tag


Winner will be announced in the OCTOBER EDITION of Magzoid

Subject to terms and conditions

www.magzoid.com September 2021 65


Enchanted Forest

Margarita Kunizheva

Winter Dance


media on canvas

Size: 100x100 cm



Color pencil art

Kissa Rahpaima

Arabic calligraphy using gold foil on

acrylic and canvas

Rabia Abubaker

Monochrome Realistic Horse

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 30x40 cm.

Julie Migayron Arfaoui



66 September 2021



Spot The Difference

Find Me Out

Easy Sudoku Puzzles 1






4 7 9 1 2 8

9 8 4 5

6 5

9 8 2 1

6 2 4 3

7 2 4 9 8 6

1 4 6 8 2

5 2 8

8 7 2 3 6 1




5 6 4 9 8 2

4 1 2 6 5

www.magzoid.com September 2021 67



A beautiful scenery

Insiyah Mansoor

Gulf Indian High School

I'm just an intermediate artist

fascinated with art, especially

sketching and I pay a lot of

attention to details.

Krishna Venkatesh

Modern Indian School, Dibba


Peacocks have always mesmerized humans with

their beauty and the unique combination of colours

adorned by them. Just by being themselves they put

something in the world that was not there before.

We all should imbibe that quality and be true to our

nature and the unique attributes we all have. Just by

being us we will make this world a beautiful place.

Prachi Khurana

Gems Modern Academy

Two of my favourite artworks

Khalil Subedar

Jumeirah Primary School

Year 6

I love all types of art including

painting, acting/theater, singing

and music in general. I feel like

art describes my personality

and so that's the reason why I

ever started painting in the first

place :) That's why this painting

is special to me.

Ayah El-Masri

Australian International School

A beautiful starry night with the a

metoer shower and a beautiful girl

gazing at the soothing, calm and

delightful moonlight, thanking God

for this beautiful life.

Dhvani Dave

Gems Modern Academy



68 September 2021





3. The artist who once inhaled his own


5. Number of teabags Andy Brown

stitched together to create a portrait

of Queen Elizabeth

6. The first living person to have their art

featured in the Louvre

8. The country where the first pencil

was invented



1. The artist who said “We don't make

mistakes, just happy little accidents”

2. Red, yellow and blue are universally

known as

4. Country where the painting The

Starry Night by Van Gogh was


painted in

5. Number of definitions of the word ‘art’

there are in the Oxford dictionary

7. Number of paintings Vincent van

Gogh sold in his lifetime






1. Bob Ross

2. Primary

3. Wigan

4. France

5. Thousand, Twelve

6. Braque

7. One

8. England

www.magzoid.com September 2021 69



www.magzoid.com September 2021 71


The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) Capital Gate

Also known as

the leaning tower

of Abu Dhabi

The ultimate

business address in

the UAE capital.



15,000 sqm of exclusive

office space

The structure has

a near record-breaking

18 degrees inclination

toward the West.

ADNEC is the largest

conference and exhibition

centre in the region.

In June 2010, Guinness

World Records recognized

Capital Gate tower as

the world's "farthest

manmade leaning building"

72 September 2021



Alif – The Mobility Pavilion | Expo 2020 Dubai

An experience

that will merge

the digital world

with the physical,

exhibiting iconic

historical figures

whose innovations

have shaped the

technology of the

modern world.

The Pavilion was

named Alif after

the first letter

of the Arabic


symbolizing the

"beginning of

progress and

new horizons".

Designed by



and respected

architects Foster

+ Partner

Occupies a 12,000

m. sq. plot with

4,000m. sq. of

exhibition space

Features the

world’s largest

passenger lift,

which will be able

to transport 160+

people at a time

Consists of a semiunderground-semiopen-air


track which allows

visitors to see

cutting-edge mobility

devices in action

www.magzoid.com September 2021 73




18K white gold

beaded crown set

with a brilliant-cut


Silvered dial.




White gold.


case back. Waterresistant

to 30m.

Case diameter: 39

mm. Height: 11.18

mm. Dial: navy blue

lacquered, gold

applied hour markers

and numerals.



29 mm polished and brushed black PVD stainless

steel case and bezel, crown set with black onyx.

Black lacquered dial with shiny black indexes FF

Karligraphy set with 60 black diamonds, approx.

0.1 carats.


Mont Blanc

Stainless Steel, slate grey dial with black flange

and counters, black rhodium-coated luminescent

Roman numerals and indexes


Steel. Sapphire-crystal case back. Water-resistant

to 30m. Diameter: 36 mm. Height: 10.05 mm.

Blue sunburst dial. Gold applied numerals with

luminescent coating.





For sale is a pre-owned near mint condition

42mm 18 karat white gold Cartier Rotonde De

Cartier. silver stepped dial with black Roman

numerals, blued hands, small seconds, and

chronograph function.



Polished and brushed stainless steel case, bezel

set with 62 diamonds, approx. 0.29 carat, crown

set with 1 diamond, approx. 0.05 carat. Paved dial

set with 460 diamonds, approx. 0.99 carat, black

colored hands.



Slate gray dial with black flange, black rhodiumcoated

luminescent Roman numerals and indexes.

Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating


74 September 2021





Oyster bracelet, black dial w/ dot hour

markers, luminous hands & hour Markers

and unidirectional rotatable 60-Minute

aluminum black bezel



Sky Dive

Oyster, 42 mm, yellow gold, fluted, bidirectional

rotatable Rolex Ring Command bezel. Oysterflex

bracelet, bright black dial.



Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater with mechanical

manufacture extra-thin movement, manual winding,

minute repeater, two hammers and gongs, Carbon

CTP and Peek case, bracelet and skeletonized dial.



This 44 mm chronograph model is crafted from

stainless steel and includes a polished black

ceramic bezel with a white enamel diving scale.



Shining brightly in OMEGA's ceramic

"Moonwatch" collection, this radiant version of

the "Dark Side of the Moon" stands out with a

diamond-set ceramic bezel that sits on the black

ceramic 44.25 mm case.



BVLGARI Solotempo watch with mechanical

manufacture movement, automatic winding

and date, stainless steel case treated with black

Diamond Like Carbon and bezel engraved with

double logo, black dial, black rubber bracelet and

interchangeable brown calf leather bracelet.



44mm polished and satin finished 18K King

Gold, with 6-H shaped Titanium screwed

bezel. Sapphire and anti-reflective treatment

crystal with matte black skeleton dial.



42 mm satin finished and polished Titanium set

with 64 diamonds and 14-baguette cut diamonds.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 75


Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson looks to

Japan for inspiration

for her Spring

'21 collection, as

highlighted by this

'Aurore' dress that's

detailed with origamilike

pleating and

delicate ruffles. It's cut

from 'River Blossom'

printed cotton-poplin

with a crossover bodice

and a voluminous

tiered skirt.


The freshness of an

armful of colourful petals,

the vivifying energy of

citrusy dew.

Miss Dior Rose N'Roses

is a sparkling floral

fragrance, a profusion of

Grasse Roses refreshed

by a zest of Bergamot

and heightened by the

intensity of a White Musk




A strong, masculine fragrance, Dylan Blue

encapsulates the sensual scents of the

Mediterranean. The fragrance bold ambrox notes,

refreshed with hints of bergamot and grapefruit. The

earthy and citrusy olfactory notes are enveloped

with black pepper, papyrus wood and incense,

along with mineral musk, tonka beans and saffron.



Shiny crocodile embossed cafslin with adjustable

and removable crossbody leather strap (21,6 inch),

studded magnet closure.


Isabel Marant

Noliaze one-sleeve cutout fil coupé

silk-blend crepon mini dress


Encased within a new, elongated bottle, Gucci Flora

Gorgeous Gardenia relaunches with a new Eau de

Parfum. With a scent built around the Gardenia

flower, the joyful floral signature has been admired

since the dawn of time and said to be used in elixirs

and magic potions.



Simon Porte


says his Spring

'21 collection,

'L'Amour', is a

celebration of love.

It's been made in

Italy from breathable

linen that fits slim

through the bodice

before falling to a

swishy fishtail skirt.

The sweetheart

neckline is framed

by slinky straps

that drape off your

shoulders and tie at

the open back.


N°5 is the most iconic fragrance of the century. A

radical creation that revolutionized the traditions

of its era. A design piece turned legend that

fêtes 100 years of celebrity in 2021. To mark

this very special year, CHANEL has created an

exclusive collection inspired by quotidian objects

as a reminder that wearing N°5 transforms the

everyday. These 17 limited-edition products

compose the Factory 5 Collection.


76 September 2021




Sunglasses with an oversized, feminine shape. The

elegant frame is enhanced by refined acetate layers

glued to the brow bar of the frame front and on the

geometric temples. Prada lettering logo.


Marks & Spencer

Tap into the preppy trend with these square

sunglasses. Statement contrast frame, with

dark lenses and comfortable wide arms. M&S

Collection: easy-to-wear wardrobe staples that

combine classic and contemporary styles.



Made of calf leather, it is defined by the metal

hardware decorating the front and shoulder strap.

Detachable 105 cm chain shoulder strap with

shoulder pad, metal hardware, metal lettering logo

on the strap, closure with flap and strap with metal

loop, leather lining with patch pocket.



Revisited for the Fall 2021 Wild at Heart capsule,

this Speedy Bandoulière 25 bag makes a striking

impression. It is fashioned from embossed

Monogram Empreinte leather with an oversized

LV pattern and a bold leopard print on the sides.

The braided Toron handles are a signature of the

capsule and a detachable strap allows for crossbody




Valentino's dress was a vision on the Spring '21

runway thanks to its vibrant 'Carrot' hue. Made in

Italy, it's cut from silk and has an asymmetric drape

that tumbles down from the rippled collar.


Cross-body bag in leather with high frequency

embossed 4G motif.100% calfskin leather. Lining:

78% viscose, 17% polyamide, 5% acrylic. Metal

pieces: 100% zamak.



A past model is brought back with these eyecatching

octagon lenses. Straight out from the '70s,

these eye-catching frames remain a sleek choice,

available both in gold and silver shades, with

matching acetate temple tips for a full-metal look.



Gold-tone metal diamond-shape frame sunglasses, adding a sense of edge and glamour to your

everyday ensemble. Featuring black tinted lenses and thin gold-tone diamond-shape frames.


www.magzoid.com September 2021 77



Swarovski Collection I Millenia Necklace Octagon

Cut Crystals, White, Rhodium Plated


Tiffany & Co.

Inspired by the olive branch, a symbol of peace and

abundance. Narrow cuff in sterling silver.



The Holographique necklace by Boucheron is

composed of slices of rock crystal edged in

diamonds, with a 21-carat yellow sapphire at center.


Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels Merveilles d'émeraudes necklace with detachable pendants

There are multiple ways to combine the diamond and emerald pendants in the Merveille

d’émeraudes necklace showcasing the versatility of multi-wear designs that were popular

in the first half of the 20th century. A clever and discreet mechanism allows an easy

switching of the Colombian emeralds with pear-cut diamonds in this versatile necklace.

78 September 2021




Showcasing sapphires in all their multi-coloured glory, this eternity-style ring

comes from Bucherer Fine Jewellery’s Pastello range, with each stone carefully

selected for its feminine pastel hue. Set in 18 carat rose gold and featuring 34

sapphires, the design is also available in single or triple bands, making it the

ideal piece for those who like to mix and match their jewellery.




Panthére 18ct

white-gold and

diamond ring


Lignes 18ct


and diamond

wedding band


Panthère de

Cartier 18ct

white-gold, onyx,

emerald, and

diamond ring


Trinity de Cartier 18ct

white-gold, diamond

pave and ceramic ring


Extremely rare and ultra-sophisticated,

cornflower blue is one of sapphires’ most

coveted and precious colour varieties. A

vibrant, pure and light nuance coming to

life in an unbelievable 47.57 carats.



The double strand necklace is a masterpiece of diamond

design showcasing an extraordinary array of diamonds that

combined weigh close to 90 carats. Contrasting rows of

round and emerald cut diamonds, each invisibly connected

to the next, are accompanied by a magnificent 10.06 carat

Flawless emerald cut diamond drop.


Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels Merveilles

d'émeraudes earrings diamonds

The wing-shaped earrings match

the Van Cleef & Arpels Merveilles

d'émeraudes necklace. The

earrings can be transformed

using interchangeable

emeralds from the necklace or

worn with diamond drops. Set

with diamonds and emeralds

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Versace is an Italian luxury fashion company

and trade name founded by Gianni Versace

in 1978. He claimed that the inspiration for the

Versace logo came from the artwork on the floor

of the ruins in Rome that he and his siblings

used to play on. Gianni said that he chose

Medusa specifically for the logo because of

the way that she made people fall hopelessly

in love with her with no chance of ever going

back. He hoped that his company would have

the same effect on the people who purchased

Versace products.


Rolex was founded in 1905 by Alfred Davis

and his brother-in-law Hans Wilsdorf. The Rolex

logo is built around the name itself, which

was chosen since they thought it was easy to

pronounce in any language and sounded like

the winding of a watch when you say the name

out loud. The crown connects to the company’s

motto, “A Crown for Every Achievement”. This

symbol harkens back to its illustrious history of

innovation, quality, and the long list of firsts in

the world of watches. The green and gold color

palette further reinforces the ideas of wealth

and prestige.

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