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Years of experience, innovation, and the highest quality. That's how standards are set. iSi represents the highest

level of quality around the world. This is just as true for charger production as it is for the manufacturing of cream

and soda siphons. Years of experience drive iSi to continuously set new standards. Our Vienna site produces

chargers and whippers which meet the highest international demands in terms of technology and quality.

iSi Whippers are used throughout the world, in award-winning professional kitchens, cofee bars, cocktail bars,

and catering. Wherever they are used, they help to make work easier and create inspiring dishes.

iSi Chargers and iSi Whippers are designed to work perfectly together. The seamless function of your iSi Whipper

can only be warrantied when used exclusively with iSi Chargers. All iSi products are subject to strict safety and

quality standards. They comply with HACCP and NSF Standards for your safety.

A family-run company founded in the heart of Europe. iSi is an Austrian

institution that is represented today in more than 90 countries around the

world. iSi began as Karl Fischer-Pochtler GmbH, during the early 19th century.

The CO 2

chargers used for making soda water and the N 2

O chargers for

creating whipped cream, soups, sauces, & foams make up the core products

of the company’s Culinary division.

The company is still family-run: Christian

C. Pochtler is a direct descendant of the

Fischer-Pochtler family. He has successfully

led the company into the 21st century with

an innovative business strategy.

iSi North America headquarters

is located in Fairfeld, NJ.

Visit: www.iSiFoodservice.com


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