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Since the beginning of Les vergers Boiron, there was a passion for fruit.

The Boiron family, originally from the Ardèche region of France, started

a fruit trading company in 1942. A few years later, business took off and

the Boiron Frères company rapidly developed. It followed the move

from Les Halles in Paris to the Rungis market in 1969. Pierre Boiron, the

founder's son, then launched a major innovation. Dessert and pastry

chefs were looking for practical and consistent use of products all-year

round. The CEO of Les vergers Boiron then created a fruit processing

activity - heat-treated specifically to each fruit, then deep frozen - which

is the best technique still today to keep the flavor, texture and freshness

of the fruit intact. Professionals enthusiastically welcomed these

ready-to-use fruit purees.

In 2005, Alain Boiron, Pierre's son, took over at Les vergers Boiron and

in 2010, all the activities moved to an ultra-modern site in Valence,

Drôme. Today, there are over 50 flavors of frozen fruit purées available

all of which are 100% all-natural, GMO-free and have no preservatives,

additives, or thickening agents. Les vergers Boiron experts select only

the finest varieties of fruit from the best regions worldwide. Then these

fruits, harvested at maturity, undergo a unique blending technique

which guarantees product consistency throughout the seasons.

“76 years ago, my grandfather founded the company Boiron Frères SA.

As the inventors of frozen fruit puree, we have continued to innovate by

developing our range to support pastry chefs, cooks, and bartenders

from all over the world daily with excellent fruit solutions. Aware of

what a privilege it was to take charge of the company in 1990, I continue

the expansion of the business with passion. Based in the heart of the

orchards of Valence, France, the company now has a subsidiary in the

United States, an office in Hong Kong and shines alongside great chefs

in more than 80 countries. To have exceptional fruit solutions, you can

count on our unique expertise in blending and processing fruits, on the

producers who provide us with fruits of rare quality, on our network of

distributors around the globe and the women and men of the company

without whom nothing would be possible. From hors d’oeuvres to

dessert and drinks our fruit solutions guide your inspiration and release

your creativity. Let’s share fruit at its best together!” Alain Boiron,


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