2021 ICBC Magazine

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46th Annual

Interclub Bay Cruise


18–24 September 2021

When I grow up. . .

I want to go Cruising

Commencing in May 1976, the Interclub Bay Cruise is the largest and longest running single

event held on Moreton Bay. Whether your preference is sailing or power boating, the Cruise

provides a safe and inexpensive family holiday, with up to 60 vessels from boating clubs

around South-East Queensland attending each year.

The Interclub Bay Cruise Magazine is designed

and edited by Sharon Felschow, “Sunseeker”,



Many thanks to all who’ve

contributed to this edition of

the Cruise Magazine, including

the Flag Officers and members

of the Committee, as well

as Cruisers past and present

who’ve provided material.

Last, but not least, let’s acknowledge

this year’s sponsors who

so generously support us.

2021 Sponsors:

• Andrew Woodforth Marine

• Boating and RV

• Forkquip

• Integrity Motor Yachts /

Spectrum Marine

• Svitzer

• Table Top Innovations

• Yachtshare

Support these sponsors where

you can!

Meet the Committee

Flag Officers

Peter Miller “Exile” WMYC Commodore

Matt Lowe “William J” LSC Vice Commodore

Jeff Hircock “Wayne Douglas” WMYC Rear Commodore

Dean Robertson “Arena” RQYS Secretary

Rowan King “Bloody Mary” WMYC Treasurer

Anton Prange “Satisfaction” RQYS Sponsorship Officer

Graeme Sharp “Time Out” RQYS Immediate Past Commodore

Committee Members

Andrew Petroff “Suzie II” BOAT

Marion Petroff “Suzie II” BOAT

Jason Dutton “Jenny Lee” BCBC

Bruce Phillips “Jamani” LSC

Matt Lowe “William J” LSC

Stephan Magnani “Kokomo” MBTBC

Mark Arnold “Crackl’n Rose” MBTBC

Graeme Sharp “Time Out” RQYS

James Tapp “Olive J” RQYS

Anton Prange “Satisfaction” RQYS

Richard Ward “Yuanmi” SMBBC

Gordon Leck “Between Tides” SYC

Peter Miller “Exile” WMYC

Jeff Hircock “Wayne Douglas” WMYC

Rowan King “Bloody Mary” WMYC www.interclubbaycruise.org.au

Table Top lnnovations brings you custom

commercial and hand-crafted table tops

and statement furniture pieces.




Custom Made

Marine Table Tops


(07) 5532 7191 or 0404 326 7191






Patrick Schmorl and family “Escapade II”


Past Commodores

2020 Graeme Sharp “Time Out” RQYS

2019 Jullie McCulloch “Danseur” RQYS

2018 Michelle Anderson “Wanderers Paradise” MBTBC

2017 David Mason-Cox “Sunshine” MBBC

2016 Anton Prange “Revelation” MBTBC

2015 Mike Morris “Jodien” BOAT

2014 Mike Morris “Jodien” BOAT

2013 John Elliott “Sea All” MBBC

2012 Michael Bryant “Ocean Maid” WMYC

2011 Andrew Petroff “Suzie II” WMYC

2010 Andrew Petroff “Suzie II” WMYC

2009 Peter Shaw “Pescador” LSC

2008 Amanda Clements “Hombre” MBTBC

2007 Robert Bailey “Aurora” BOAT

2006 Ann Henry “Patan” GCBC

2005 Tony Williams “Currawong” WMYC

2004 Rodney Johnston “Maltese Cross” LSC

2003 Peter Howse “Freedom I” LSC

2002 John Pearce “True Blue” BOAT

2001 Graham White “Beaujolais II” RBC

2000 Lorraine Low “Solquest” BOAT

Errol Thompson “Erilda” SCYC

Geoff Rose “Pisces” GCBC

Lloyd Hillman “Platinum I” MBTBC

Geoff Finegan “Satisfaction III” RQYS

Kevin Talbot “Kalyngra” MBTBC

Paul Gosling “Cheroney II” HSYC

David Mason-Cox “Woftam” MBBC

Peter Miller “Exile”

On behalf of the 2021 Interclub Bay Cruise committee,

I would like to welcome all Cruisers to the 46 th Annual

Interclub Bay Cruise.

I’m very much looking forward to this year’s Cruise.

I am honoured to be your Commodore and I hope

to successfully fill the big boat shoes of the many

previous Commodores before me. Vice Commodore

Matt, Rear Commodore Jeff, Past Commodore

Graeme and the entire committee are committed to

delivering you a fun, inclusive and safe Cruise in 2021.

With the theme of this year’s Cruise is “When I grow

up …” Adults and kids should be able to have plenty of

fun with this theme. Kids about what they aspire to be,

and maybe the same with a few adults as well.

This year’s itinerary includes a bit of the old and a

bit of the new. As demonstrated last year, the trip

to Little Ship Club for Sunday lunch is a great way to

meet others (and have a nap) as we all travel on some

of the larger vessels for the trip up there. We are also

back to a few old favourites such as the Southport

Yacht Club for our fancy dress theme night and VMR

Southport at ‘Bum’s Bay‘ for the Caniapa Cup, sausage

sizzle and Talent Quest.

I trust we will all have a great time on this year’s

Cruise. If you have any queries and concerns during

the Cruise, please come and see me or any member

of the committee.

Fair winds and following seas.


Ernie Stewart “Osprey” MBTBC

Ron Altmann “Valinda” LSC

John Connell “Barbie II” MBTBC

Noel Ives “No L IV” BOAT

Tim Green “Jessica” RQYS

Jim Chant “Blue Horizon” MBTBC

John Cranley “Vanquisher” LSC

Roger Pugsley “Windrift” MBTBC

Nev Anderson

“Wanderers Paradise” RBC

Neil Thompson “Sunseeker” MBBC

Des Clements “Hombre” QCYC

Graham Mouatt “Getcha” MBBC

David Cameron “Progress” LSC

Ken Pilkington “Chiquita” MBBC

Ray Lawson “Peg-Ray” LSC

Graham Sells “Granita” RQYS

David Bowley “Kingfisher” RQYS

Peter, Ngaire, Thomas and Jacob Miller on board “Exile”.



This year the Cruise

Committee chose

dark teal and white

as the Cruise


All Cruisers will

receive a burgee

in their sign-on

bag. Committee

burgees have a

white border.

Matt Lowe “William J”

It is with great pride and pleasure that

I am your Vice Commodore for 2021.

My first ICBC was in 1983 on my

parents boat “William J”. This year

I am again on “William J” with my

two sons, Jack and Harry, and my

fiancé, Kim. The boys have been

doing the ICBC since they were born

and this will be Kim’s second Cruise.

Vice Commodore

We are all incredibly passionate about

boating and spend as much time as

permits on the water. Whether that is

on the jetskis, or Kim’s boat “Sally”.

Matt Lowe and his sons (from left) Jack

and Harry; (below) “William J”.


Vice Commodore

As Vice Commodore, my main role for

the Cruise is to support Commodore

Peter, and I am in charge of all things

COVID. I am also First Aid Officer, so

if anyone has any little issues, please

call me on the phone or radio as I

have the first aid kit on board.

In previous years I have been

Radio Ship, Sarge, Rear Commodore

(twice) and also on the Committee.

I am a believer in ‘You get out of

things what you put into them’,

so I love being involved.

Kim, Jack, Harry and myself all look

forward to seeing everyone again

soon and meeting new friends too.

Safe boating and fair weather.

Rear Commodore

What do the balls mean?

The Rear Commodore has

two balls on their flag, the Vice

Commodore has one, and the

Commodore has none. :-O

Past Commodore

The ‘Cruise’

In 1976 the late John Hattrick, whilst

Commodore of the Royal Queensland

Yacht Squadron, initiated an annual

bay cruise to promote safe family

boating and good will amongst the

boating fraternity.

Over four decades on, the Interclub

Bay Cruise Association continues

this tradition with the dedication of a

committee of volunteers representing

a number of diff erent affiliated yacht

and boating clubs.

Participating Boat Clubs

Breakfast Creek Boat Club...................... BCBC

Brisbane Outboard Aquatic Touring

(B.O.A.T.) Club..........................................BOAT

Little Ship Club...................................................LSC

Moreton Bay Boat Club............................ MBBC

Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club.............MBTBC

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron........RQYS

Southern Moreton Bay Boat Club..... SMBBC

Southport Yacht Club.......................................SYC

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club.................... WMYC




Rear Commodore

Jeff Hircock “Wayne Douglas”

I am really excited and honored to be

the Rear Commodore for this year’s

Interclub Bay Cruise. For my family

and I, this will be our 13 th Bay Cruise

so my kids have grown up looking

forward to the Cruise each year.

We have always had boats, enjoying

swimming, boating and fishing in our

lovely Moreton Bay. Our current boat

“Wayne Douglas” is our home away

from home and we love being aboard.

We have met many great people

on the Cruise and we regularly see

fellow Cruisers on our travels, always

eager to catch up for a chat and

share stories.

As your Rear Commodore I want to

try and encourage all the kids to join

in all the activities we are planning

over the week. By doing this we are

hoping to give the kids an awesome

experience, making life-long friends

and unforgettable memories, like the

ones my kids have made.

We have been very grateful

to the Cruise over the years,

learning a lot about cruising the

southern end of Moreton Bay and

enjoying the protected anchorages

and venues along

the way. These

have always been

accompanied by

great food, great

entertainment and

lots of laughs.

So let’s grab our hat

and sunscreen and

begin a brand new

adventure, drop on

over and say ‘Hi’.

Jeff Hircock and his family (from left)

Karen, Katie and Emma aboard their

vessel “Wayne Douglas” (shown below).

• Antifouling

• Detailing - Interior and Exterior

• Insurance Work

• Timber & Fibreglass Works

• Refit Project Management

• Scheduled Servicing

• Skippering/Deliveries

• Equipment Repairs/Replacement

• Marine Plumbing

• Varnishing

Call Andrew on 0409 479 204

or email andrew@awmarine.com.au


Shed 2 - RQYS


Radio Ship

Graeme Sharp “Time Out”

Hello fellow Cruisers and a very big

welcome to you all, especially to our

New Cruisers. Hopefully we are in for

another great Cruise this year as we

catch up with fellow boating friends

both old and new. We trust that you

all have been paying enough gratuity

to the weather gods so they have

no reason but to cooperate for the

week. This year “Time Out” has been

handed the privilege of being the

Radio Ship for the Cruise.

Our role is to manage and monitor

all our marine radio traffic and

keeping you up-to-date on any

program changes or other important

information. This is done using

VHF radio channel 77, so your first job

is to switch you VHF radio to 77!

At the morning Radio Schedule at

0800hrs we will update you with

key information for the day including

weather, maritime information,

flag officer and Sarge reports, and

any Cruise program updates. As

VHF Ch 77 is our primary means of

communicating with you, and you

with us, we ask that you leave your

radio on so that you can hear any

updates that might occur during

the day.

If for any reason you have

to leave the Cruise, or are

deviating from the itinerary,

we need you to log on

and log off with us so we

can keep a track of Cruise

participants wherever

possible. Also if you are

experiencing difficulties

or have a problem then

don’t hesitate to contact

us so we can coordinate

some assistance for you

if required.

Finally, remember your radio etiquette.

Please keep VHF Ch 77 clear, so if you

wish to chat with another Cruiser, call

them on Ch 77 and then find another

channel to hold your conversation.

Please stop by “Time Out”(pictured

below) and say ‘Hello’.

The Cruz Nooz, our daily newspaper

Cruz Nooz editor Gayle Hall from

“Kamara” has done a wonderful job

of putting together a jam-packed

daily newspaper — in it you will find

the daily news and planned activities,

tide times, and lots of fun puzzles,

quizzes and activities for the kids,

including a colouring-in page.

Each morning at 0700hrs we ask

our Junior Cruisers (and parents) to

meet at “Kamara” (pictured below

right) to collect the Cruz Nooz, and

then deliver it by dinghy to all vessels

flying the Interclub Bay Cruise burgee.

It is also customary to ‘pay’ for your

paper — a small bag of lollies is the

going rate.

If you miss out on your newspaper

in the morning, you can still get your

Cruz Nooz from “Kamara” or on shore

at the evening’s event.

Here are a few safety tips when

delivering the Cruz Nooz:

• Don’t rock the boat.

Watch your speed and wash

— or Sarge will be onto you!

• Wear a lifejacket if you’re

aged 12 and under.

• Be mindful of others.

Give everyone a fair go and

watch out for other ‘traffic’.

The daily newspaper delivery of the Cruz Nooz.




Brett Thwaite “Blackhawk”

Welcome fellow Cruisers to the

2021 Interclub Bay Cruise from

your Sergeant-at-Arms.

For the second year running I have

been given the task of keeping law

and order on the Cruise, and it is a

responsibility I will take very seriously

... sometimes.

With the help of my senior constable

Jason Dutton “Jenny Lee” (a reformed

bad boy) and my junior constables,

no-one will be safe from the law.

Please ensure you have lots of gold

coins on hand if you decide to get up

to mischief or do anything wrong, as

you WILL be seen.

And remember the song,

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s on the Cruise

we go,

If we don’t be good, like we

know we should,

It’s gonna cost us dough!

This will be sung with gusto each

night at the beginning of the

Sarge’s report.

Naughty Cruisers get costumes to wear.

With a bunch of fabulous costumes

for perpetrators, this will be a great

Cruise for all involved. Tow the line

and you may not get in trouble!

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy

the Cruise.

To our New Cruisers:

The Sarge makes an appearance each night at the evening’s event to report on any ‘law breakers’

he or his spies identify ... Don’t forget to bring your gold coins ashore in case you need to pay a

‘fine’ for any mischief you may get up to, and remember to wear your name tag!

• Share the running costs with fellow owners

• Professional sail training included

• Easy to use online calendar system

• Minimum of 33 days sailing per year

• Standby days available for more sailing

• Fully equiped luxury cruising yacht

• Fully maintained and cleaned

• Worry free yacht ownership

• You own your share of the yacht

• A capital return on exit from the syndicate

www.yachtshare.com.au and a QR code

To begin your sailing adventures, call Anton Prange 0410 696 578




When you need the space to clear your head and spend real quality time with your loved ones, there is no place

better than the boat. Integrity has created a range of motor yachts with the comfort, stability and economy of

an old bay cruiser with a modern, luxury aesthetic and smart, intuitive interiors. The saloon and cockpit open

into one expansive space overlooking the swim platform and, with high gunwales and wrap around decks,

boaties young and old can move around with confidence. It puts the quality back into your time. There’s never

been a better time to join the Integrity family and immerse yourself in the Integrity boating lifestyle.

Contact Queensland’s leading authorised Integrity dealer,

Spectrum Marine, on 1300 872 006 and see why you discover more with Integrity.


Shop 1A, 251 Bayview Street, Hollywell

Phone 1300 872 006



The John Hattrick Memorial Trophy

Everyone taking part in the Cruise is competing for this trophy. It is awarded to the family who

has participated in the best traditions of the boating fraternity, their involvement and fellowship.

The late John Hattrick, commissioned artist Ralph Wilson to paint a scene at Horseshoe Bay

(below), and each year the painting hangs at the winner’s Club for the ensuing year.

Previous Winners

2020 The Hircock Family “Wayne Douglas” WMYC

2019 The Lowe Family “Wild Thing” MBTBC

2018 The Leppien Family “Gypsymariner” RQYS

2017 The Sharp Family “Time Out” RQYS

2016 The Hircock Family “Lea-R” RQYS

2015 The Thompson Family “Game On” BIGFC

2014 Trevor & Liz Clelland & Family “Restless Lady” WMYC

2013 Robert & Sonja Bailey & Family “Aurora” SYC

2012 The Lund Family “Ollyvia” BOAT

2011 The Tessier Family “Gracie Lee” SYC

2010 The Leck Family “Between Tides” SYC

2009 The Elliott Family “Sea-All” MBBC

2008 The Poulsen Family “Bluegum” WMYC

2007 The Petroff Family “Sojourn” WMYC

2006 The Bryant Family “Viking Maid” WMYC

2005 The Marty Family “Real Thing” MBBC

2004 The Neilson Family “Rummin Bear” LSC

2003 The Shaw Family “Pescador” LSC

2002 Bob & Elizabeth Rose “Pacific Star” SCC

2001 The Kosecki Family “Maxie” WMYC

2000 The Nankervis Family “Santone” BOAT

1999 The Pearce Family “Altair” BOAT

The Thomson Family “Imagine IX” LSC

1998 The Williams Family “Currawong” WMYC

1997 The Morris Family “Alibi” RQYS

1996 The Gaunt Family “Kindara” LSC

1995 The Turner Family “Coral Coaster II” MBTBC

1994 Lloyd & Liz Hillman “Latvia” MBTBC

1993 Colin & Hazel Cook “Startrek” LSC

1992 Rod & Desley Park “Puffin” BIBFC

Last year at the reunion lunch, 2020 Commodore Graeme

Sharp presented the John Hattrick Memorial Trophy to

the Hircock family (from left) Emma, Karen, Katie and Jeff.

1991 John & Wendy Ridler “Pinnacle II” MBTBC

1990 Tim & Frances Green “Jessica” RQYS

1989 Tom & Betty Slattery “Betsy Too” LSC

1988 Paul & Iris Harris “Venturer” RBC

1987 Chris & Helen Dow “Claire” LSC

1986 Jack & Yvonne Clay “Sea Chief III” LSC

1985 Ted & Anne Davenport “Senibiau IV” LSC

1984 Cliff & Robin Matfin “Whiporie” RBC

1983 Nev & Pam Anderson “Wanderers Paradise” RBC

1982 Ray & Peg Lawson “Peg-Ray” LSC

1981 Neil & Daphne Thompson “Sunseeker” MBBC

1980 Bruce & Roma King “Su-Bra-P” RBC

1979 Des & Denice Clements “Solar” LSC

1978 Graham & Dianne Mouatt “Getcha” MBBC

1977 Derek & Ellen Becker “Sharyn” LSC

1976 Paul & Diane Perrin “Revolution” SYC



Take in the views of Moreton Bay while enjoy

As part of the Interclub Bay Cruise, you have access to some wonderful

venues that you may not ordinarily be able to visit unless you’re a

member or guest of that club. It is the perfect opportunity for you to

experience the facilities first-hand and ‘try before you join’.

Here is a little bit about some of the clubs we visit:


The Little Ship Club is one of the

few places on North Straddie

where you can enjoy spectacular

sunsets and a delicious meal in our

Waterfront Bistro or a refreshing

drink in our Garden Bar.

Commodore Mark Neilson (centre),

Vice Commodore Bruce Phillips (left),

and Rear Commodore Maria Anderson

(right) extend a warm welcome to all

ICBC Cruisers.

It is a truly magical place to visit.

Many of our members and visitors

describe it as club paradise. Some of

the benefits of membership are:

• Enjoy camaraderie and friendship

with fellow boating members on

bay outings

• Book one of our four moorings

or book onto our pontoon at

no charge

• 24-hour access to our beautiful

grounds, showers, laundry,

and BBQ

• Live entertainment and events

• Garden Bar, Waterfront Bistro,

Gaming, and free Wi-Fi

• Member discounts and loyalty

points at the Garden Bar

• 10% discount on function

venue hire.

We can also cater for family events,

corporate events, and weddings.

Enjoy a slice of paradise by joining our

Club. It’s only $300 per year with a

$50 joining fee.

Spoil yourself and come over for

lunch. Bring your boat or jump on the

Straddie Flyer (flyer.com.au), it’s just

a one-minute walk to the Club.

Have a drink at the bar or on our

beautiful green lawn and enjoy the

waterfront views.

Call us on (07) 3409 9022

Visit littleshipclub.com.au

Southport Yacht Club [GOLD COAST & SURROUINDS]

Southport Yacht Club, established

in 1946, is the Gold Coast’s awardwinning

premier sports Club and

a recent recipient of the ‘Hall of

Fame Award’ from Keno and Clubs

Queensland Awards for Excellence

for 3 consecutive years of achieving

the ‘Best Sports Club Award’ along

with the Chef of the Year and Club

of the Year (non-gaming) for 2021.

The Club offers a wide range of restaurants,

bars, function spaces, sailing

programs, events and training at any

of our four waterfront locations.

Our Main Beach Clubhouse is home

to the only open-air waterfront northfacing

restaurant and bar. Overlooking

our stunning 300-berth Marina on

the Gold Coast’s waters, this location

is a perfect venue for your next

conference, function, or waterfront

wedding.Oxenford Watersports at

Oxenford Lake, in addition to being


the location for our youth tackers and

school sailing programs, also offers

paddle boarding, an onsite cafe and

outdoor/indoor function areas for hire,

the perfect space for a casual meeting

or a Club’s presentation event.

The Hollywell Clubhouse is home to

our SYC sailing squadron, along with

a Bar and Bistro.

It’s the ideal place to grab a cold drink

and watch one of our many off-thebeach

Sailing events.

Southport Yacht Club’s fourth location

is the private Dux Anchorage, located

on the Gold Coast’s famous South

Stradbroke Island. Our well cared

for campgrounds are ideal for you to

moor and relax with family and friends.

Watch the sunset behind the beautiful

Hinterland while toasting marshmallows

in the outdoor fire pit.

Visit southportyachtclub.com.au

Southport Yacht Club’s Main Beach Clubhous

ing a drink or meal at the Little Ship Club.

Brisbane Outboard Aquatic Touring (B.O.A.T.) Club [SOUTH STRADBROKE ISLAND]

B.O.A.T. Club is delighted to once

again welcome the ICBC “family”

to our piece of paradise on South

Stradbroke Island – “Boathaven”.

Boathaven began life nearly 60 years

ago in 1963 and is a not-for-profit

volunteer club run and maintained

by members, for members.

It boasts the following facilities:

• Day shed to claim your ‘personal’

dining area during your stay

• Generator that provides 240v

power at night until 11pm curfew

• Bore water and fresh water supply

• Crab Pot Shed to store your crab

pots ONLY

• Brand new state-of-the-art septic

system, 5000+ litres capacity

• Well-maintained amenities block

with mulitple showers and toilets,

as well as a separate family shower

• Full functioning undercover kitchen

with 2 BBQ hot plates with double

gas burners, 4 x gas cookers for

pots, and even a microwave.

This year we are again offering to waive

the $100 joining fee on B.O.A.T. Club

membership for all ICBC Cruisers.

The annual membership fee has

recently increased to $240 which

still represents great value as it gives

access to all the above facilities, plus

the following:

• The right to camp and leave your

tent erected for 6 weeks at a time*

• Access to a club locker to store

camping gear at $60 per annum**

• Invitations to all club organised

social functions and events

A cracking mud crab caught by B.O.A.T.

Club member John Tischler.

• Walking access to Couran Cove

and Tipplers Licensed Café, not

to mention the ‘surf side’ of

South Stradbroke Island

• The option to invite guests*

• Safe anchorage in most weather


• Discounts at Gem Bait and Tackle.

Visit boatclub.org.au

*Conditions apply **Subject to availability

e and 300-berth Marina.

Spectacular sunsets from the B.O.A.T. Club foreshore.


Destinations (continued)

The large grassed area at Canaipa is

perfect for a three-legged race.


Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron’s

‘down-on-the-bay’ property on

the north-east tip of Russell Island

is in an idyllic location with an

all‐weather anchorage.

Covering 1.1 hectares, the property

includes shower, toilet and laundry

facilities, a swimming pool, covered

barbecues and a camp kitchen, picnic

tables and extensive lawn areas

— making it particularly attractive

to members with smaller vessels

with more limited accommodation.

The pontoon provides easy access

and a place to moor your tender.

It is the perfect island retreat to

unwind, relax by the pool, go cycling,

watch spectacular sunsets and socialise

with other members as you end

the day with a barbeque and a drink.

With no public access permitted,

RQYS Canaipa is a private facility for

the exclusive use of full members of

the club (not social members).

A full-time caretaker resides on-site

and ensures everything is just

right for members’ visits. For more

information please call the caretaker

on 0457 778 097.

Visit www.rqys.com.au

Toasting marshmallows and telling tall stories around the campfire at Canaipa.


The Cruise Banner

On the first day of the Cruise

everyone has an opportunity to

decorate the Cruise banner.

Not only is this a fun activity for the

kids, the banner also serves a useful

purpose for the rest of the week.

Each day you will notice the banner

will go up at our new location.

In the event of an emergency, it

helps an emergency vessel locate

our group, so please keep the

banner area clear at all times.

Cruise Tradition — The Sail Past

For all our Cruisers, this is an

opportunity to dress your vessel with

bunting and all it’s finery to Cruise in

procession past the Commodore’s

boat and ‘take your salute’. The fleet

certainly looks impressive as it makes

its way along single-file.

For our New Cruisers, there is a

specific order to follow — The first

vessel is the Vice Commodore who

leads the flotilla followed by any past

Commodores (in order of oldest

serving), then the Committee boats,

and finally the rest of the fleet.

The Rear Commodore (as the name

suggests) is the last boat, at the rear.

This year our sail past will be on

Friday, 24 September, when we

leave Bum’s bay and make our way

to Sanctuary Cove.

Commodore Peter Miller “Exile”

will be taking the salute south of

Ephraim Island.

Junior Sail Past

This is a chance for our Junior

Cruisers to take part in the Sail Past

on a small scale. Prizes will be up for

grabs for the best dressed dinghy.

All Junior Cruisers need to assemble

at a designated site on shore in

Tipplers Passage (Rear Commodore

Jeff will confirm exactly where at the

Radio Schedule that morning), and

then they will follow a set course in

single file past the Commodore to

show off their vessels.

Commodore Peter is really excited

about this new event and can’t wait to

see how the Junior Cruisers decorate

their tenders!

The Junior Sail Past will be held on

Tuesday, 21 September.



Cruise Programme

Canaipa Point




Delegates: James Tapp, Graeme Sharp

Helpful tip

• Don’t forget insect

repellent, as the

sandflies can be

bad near the





1400–1600 Sign-On

1400–1600 Kid’s activities, banner painting

1700–1730 Commodore’s Welcome, Weather Report and Sarge

1800–2000 Roast Meal at RQYS Canaipa

Mingle with Cruisers

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0201 0.44 m 0031 0.17 m

HIGH WATER 0739 1.81 m 0624 1.11 m

LOW WATER 1338 0.42 m 1202 0.18 m

HIGH WATER 2004 2.42 m 1849 1.63 m

Local tide (Canaipa Point) – LOW 35mins later

HIGH 31mins later than the Brisbane Bar.

Remember to Check In

each time you visit

a venue



Delegate: Matt Lowe

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0730 Clean-up ashore at Canaipa

0800 Radio Schedule

0900–1100 Cruise to Little Ship Club

1200 Lunch at Little Ship Club

1300–1430 Kid’s activities

1430–1630 Cruise back to Canaipa

1600 Photos in for daily Fishing Competition

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge


1900 Bonfire and Marshmallows

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0245 0.37 m 0111 0.11 m

HIGH WATER 0826 1.92 m 0708 1.20 m

LOW WATER 1429 0.37 m 1250 0.12 m

HIGH WATER 2046 2.43 m 1930 1.63 m

Local tide (Canaipa Point) – LOW 35mins later

HIGH 31mins later than the Brisbane Bar.




Measured Nautical Mil




Leads in line




Tipplers Café


BOAT Club “Boathaven”

GCBC “The Anchorage”



Delegate: Andrew Fletcher

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0730 Clean-up ashore at Canaipa

0800 Radio Schedule

Cruise to Tipplers Passage


1400–1600 Walk to the sand dunes for sand tobogganing

(BYO toboggan/boogie board)

1600 Photos in for daily Fishing Competition

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge

1800–1900 Dinner at B.O.A.T.

1900–2100 Trivia night

Wine and cheese courtesy of WMYC

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0324 0.34 m 0146 0.07 m

HIGH WATER 0906 2.00 m 0747 1.27 m

LOW WATER 1513 0.35 m 1332 0.09 m

HIGH WATER 2124 2.39 m 2006 1.60 m

Local tide (Couran Cove) – LOW 11mins earlier

HIGH 6mins later than the Brisbane Bar.



Delegates: Matt Lowe, Peter Miller

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0730 Clean-up ashore at B.O.A.T.

0800 Radio Schedule

0900–1100 FREE morning

1100 Junior Sail Past


1400–1600 Activities at the swimming enclosure

1600 Photos in for daily Fishing Competition

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge

1800–2000 Dinner at Tipplers Licensed Café

1900–2100 Kid’s Movie

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0358 0.34 m 0219 0.06 m

HIGH WATER 0943 2.06 m 0824 1.32 m

LOW WATER 1551 0.38 m 1413 0.09 m

HIGH WATER 2157 2.33 m 2040 1.54 m

Local tide (Couran Cove) – LOW 11mins earlier

HIGH 6mins later than the Brisbane Bar.

Kid’s games at RQYS Canaipa






VMR Southport

VMR 400



Delegate: Gordon Leck

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0730 Clean-up ashore at BOAT Club

0800 Radio Schedule

0730–0900 Cruise to Southport Yacht Club – Observation

Run between Tipplers and Southport Yacht Club

0800–1000 Berthing at Southport Yacht Club


1330–1500 FREE afternoon

1600 Photos in for Daily Fishing Competition

1600–1700 Pre-dinner drinks on the Quarter Deck

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge

1800–1930 Dinner at SYC Compass Room


1930–2245 Disco

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0428 0.34 m 0250 0.06 m

HIGH WATER 1018 2.11 m 0859 1.35 m

LOW WATER 1628 0.43 m 1451 0.13 m

HIGH WATER 2228 2.23 m 2112 1.45 m



Delegates: Jason Dutton, Peter Miller

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0730 Clean-up ashore at SYC

0800 Radio Schedule

1000 Must have departed SYC Marina

1000–1100 Cruise to Bum’s Bay


1330–1600 Activities on beach at northern end of basin

1600 Photos in for Daily Fishing Competition

1600–1700 Canaipa Cup Horse Race (BYO horse)

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge

1800–1900 Sausage Sizzle (Gold coin donation to VMR)

1930–2030 Talent Quest

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0454 0.36 m 0319 0.09 m

HIGH WATER 1052 2.13 m 0934 1.37 m

LOW WATER 1701 0.50 m 1529 0.19 m

HIGH WATER 2257 2.12 m 2142 1.34 m

Local tide (Gold Coast Seaway) – see above


Local tide (Gold Coast Seaway) – see above

Remember to Check In

each time you visit

a venue

Dinghies on the sand at the boat ramp adjacent to VMR Southport




Delegates: Peter Miller, Graeme Sharp

0700 Cruz Nooz Distribution

0715 Clean-up ashore at VMR

0800 Radio Schedule

0830 Dress boats and leave Bum’s Bay for

Commodore’s Sail Past

0930 Line-up and salute the Cruise Commodore –

Peter Miller – south of Ephraim Island

Cruise to Sanctuary Cove Marina

1030–1200 Berthing at Sanctuary Cove Marina


1400–1600 Explore Sanctuary Cove – shopping, activities in

and around the village

1600 Photos in for Daily Fishing Competition

1700 Commodore’s Report, Weather Report and Sarge

on grass near marina

1800–2100 Dinner at Sanctuary Cove beside resort lagoon pool

Secret Sailor (aka Secret Santa)

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0518 0.38 m 0346 0.13 m

HIGH WATER 1125 2.13 m 1009 1.37 m

LOW WATER 1736 0.59 m 1608 0.27 m

HIGH WATER 2325 1.98 m 2212 1.23 m

Local tide (Sanctuary Cove) – LOW 32mins later

HIGH 24mins later than the Brisbane Bar.




Cruise home

Brisbane Bar

Gold Coast Seaway

LOW WATER 0544 0.42 m 0413 0.18 m

HIGH WATER 1200 2.11 m 1045 1.36 m

LOW WATER 1811 0.68 m 1649 0.35 m

HIGH WATER 2354 1.83 m 2244 1.12 m

Local tide (Sanctuary Cove) – LOW 32mins later

HIGH 24mins later than the Brisbane Bar.

Matter of Policy

In the past we have asked you to support function

“Can Bars” when the Committee or Host Club

have organised this facility. To help clarify any

doubts about these situations this year, the

drinks policy has been described as follows:

• When a “Can Bar” is set up, liquor should not

be brought ashore.

• When there is no organised refreshment, you are

welcome to BYO.

• Where we are visiting licensed clubs, liquor must

NOT be taken onto club premises. This is a legal


Also to assist our environment, we, as responsible

boaties, also request that the Bay Cruisers supply

their own plates and cutlery for meals provided by

the host clubs. This also saves the volunteers of

host clubs (especially those with island facilities)

from having to dispose of rubbish.

Cruise Programme


Code of Behaviour

1. All participants agree to conform to

the high standards of social behaviour,

which are customary and traditional on

Bay Cruises.

2. Owners and skippers are responsible

not only for their own behaviour, but

also that of their crew, family and


3. Every Skipper shall render all possible

assistance to any vessel or person in

peril, when in a position to do so.

4. It shall be the sole responsibility of

each skipper to decide whether or

not to navigate his vessel in any part

of the Cruise, and where and how

to anchor or moor his vessel so as

to present the least possible risk

to his own or any other vessel or

person, having particular regard to

the weather conditions both prevailing

and predicted.

5. Each vessel shall comply with the

safety regulations and standards as

prescribed by the Transport Operations

(Marine Safety) Regulations and

Standards 1995.

6. All marine incidents are to be reported

to Maritime Safety Queensland within

48 hours.

7. All persons in charge of a vessel must

hold the appropriate marine licence,

and the vessel must be appropriately


8. Parents (or parent substitutes) agree

to be responsible for the conduct

of children in their care at all times.

In this regard, children are defined as

any person under the age of 18 years.

The skipper is responsible for restitution

of damage to any property or

equipment by anyone from his vessel,

at any Cruise venue.

9. To promote boating safety during

the Cruise, skippers are advised that

rafting up is not permitted this year.

This practice, whilst being comfortable

and socially acceptable, has proven

dangerous to other boats in the

past. The ICBC’s 2021 COVID Plan

precludes this activity.

10. The ICBC banner will be erected at

each of our locations. Not only does

this show everyone where we are,

and who we are, it also shows the

area to be KEPT CLEAR of boats and

tenders for an emergency vessel to

attend if required. Skippers are to



11. All participants agree that the following

conduct may result in a person’s

immediate removal from the Interclub

Bay Cruise Register:

9.1 Participation in any illegal activity,

and in particular, possession

or consumption of any illegal

substances, or the supply of

such substances; the supply of

alcohol or tobacco products to a

minor; stealing or destruction of

property of any kind;

Skippers beware

To comply with our 2021 COVID Safe Plan,

rafting up is not permitted on the Cruise.

9.2 Conduct of a gross, obscene

or lewd nature.

9.3 Participation in unruly or

noisy behaviour that disturbs

other Cruisers or members of

the public.

9.4 Social Media — Skippers are

responsible that they and their

use of social media is done

a responsible manner on the

Cruise. Social media is there

to pass on information and

promote the Cruise. Bullying

or intimidation via social media

will not be tolerated.

COVID Safe Plan


The current COVID environment

requires the 2021 Cruise to be conducted

under a COVID Safe Plan. Skippers are

responsible to adhere to the following

key points:

1. All skippers to read and understand

the full ICBC COVID Plan when issued.

Skipper to contact the committee if

they have any queries or concerns.

2. At the sign-on, skippers are required

to complete the details for themselves

and their crew on an attendance register

at the sign-on at Saturday. This sign-on

includes a COVID declaration.

3. Skippers are to advise the Radio Ship

if leaving the Cruise. Skippers to also

advise the radio ship if there are any

crew changes throughout the Cruise.

i.e. crew leaving or new crew arriving.

4. As far as reasonably practicable,

skippers are to provide a COVID Safe

environment on their vessel, including

the provision of hand sanitiser, hand

washing facilities and social distancing

(if possible).

5. Skippers are to ensure that crew wash

or sanitise their hands when arriving at

each venue.

6. Due to the difficulties in providing

social distancing on a boat, skippers

are discouraged from having multiple

visitors to their vessel. Should a

person outside of the nominated

crew come aboard, the Skipper shall

keep record of these visitors including

contact details and time of entry/exit

of the vessel.

7. Skippers and their crew are to follow

the COVID signage and procedures on

shore, including social distancing and

hand washing/sanitising.

8. To help reduce the risk of infection

ashore skippers are encouraged to

have their crew shower aboard, where

their vessel has these facilities, and it

is practicable to do so.

9. Skippers are encouraged to bring their

tables and chairs for their crew ashore

at those venues where seating for all

Cruisers is not available. i.e. Canaipa,

VMR and B.O.A.T. Club. Crockery and

cutlery to also be brought ashore.




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121 Charters Towers Rd,

Hyde Park QLD 4812

16/1029 Manly Rd,

Tingalpa QLD 4173

14/172 Redland Bay Rd,

Capalaba, QLD 4157

5 Lapis St,

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