Dayton September 2021

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Kitchen Takes in the Views<br />






Designer Tips...What’s Hot<br />

Make Your Dining Room a Feast for the Eyes—<br />

Like every delicious meal, your dining room’s design recipe should<br />

contribute to the overall tone and mood you want to create for<br />

your guests. Here are a few delectable design ideas you might<br />

wish to incorporate in your dining space for upcoming holiday<br />

gatherings.<br />

Window Treatments – Nothing sets a mood of elegance and<br />

sophistication better than custom window treatments in soft, rich,<br />

and sumptuous fabrics.<br />

Dining Tables and Chairs – If you have the space to accommodate<br />

it, a round table will definitely increase the sense of coziness<br />

in your room and help to encourage free-flowing conversation<br />

and allow last-minute guests to be ‘squeezed in’ more comfortably.<br />

Dining chairs should be comfortable and covered in fabric<br />

that adds color and texture to compliment your room’s overall<br />

scheme.<br />

Lighting – Nothing makes a design statement in a dining room<br />

better than a gorgeous chandelier – on a dimmer, of course. Indirect<br />

lighting can help create the intimate mood you desire.<br />

Redesigning your dining room will help make it a place to enjoy<br />

great food, good company, and beautiful surroundings.<br />

Julie Cochran<br />

937-438-0901 | centerville@decoratingden.com | jcochran.decoratingden.com<br />


Setting the Standard for<br />

Excellence in Health Care<br />

We offer a continuum of health care services. Residents in this setting<br />

are eligible for priority access to all the resources of the campus,<br />

eliminating the concerns about health care needs over time.<br />


wcreekoh.com<br />

Call for your personal tour today! 937-293-7703<br />

Nursing Center: 5070 Lamme Road • Kettering, OH 45439<br />

Suites: 2501 Keystone Club Drive • Kettering, OH 45439<br />

We are proud to have our medical team that consists of<br />

Dr. Robert Grossman, Dr. Amita Patel & Dr. Stephanie Kaufield<br />


Your home is a priority.<br />


and meticulous attention<br />

to detail are ours.<br />

Our Designs are Timeless and<br />

the Investment is Lasting<br />

2251 Woodman Dr., Kettering<br />

(937) 781-2234 | www.cabinetcreationsinc.com<br />

Designers: Vicki Waker D.S.I.D | Tracy McLaren-Baur | Patty Clark<br />



SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />


<br />

18<br />


Riverfront home undergoes a dramatic restoration<br />


A Beavercreek kitchen was reworked to introduce a brighter, more organic vibe.<br />

See this space on page 44. Photo by Dawn M. Smith<br />

8 housetrends.com

HTDA0921.012<br />


44 14<br />


SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />


55<br />

40<br />



Tips on where to start when choosing an area rug<br />


40 SIDE TABLES<br />

Give your sofa or chair a sassy sidekick<br />



Cool kitchen build focuses on elevated functionality<br />


Kitchen’s window and wall reworked<br />

to take in the views<br />



Hands-free options with healthy home benefits<br />


14 FRESH FINDS<br />

It’s time to set the table again<br />

72 AD INDEX<br />

30<br />

10 housetrends.com

Darin and Ken Rieman<br />

Custom Distributors welcomes you to our refreshed <strong>Dayton</strong><br />

showroom location, boasting new product displays that<br />

show off the latest designs & technology available in the<br />

appliance industry. Including product solutions for kitchen,<br />

laundry, outdoor, & entertainment across all price-points, we<br />

are prepared to work with you no matter the size or budget of<br />

your project. Whether you are replacing appliances, building<br />

a home, or completing a full-scale remodel; we are your local<br />

appliance experts and are excited to work with you soon.<br />

2040 S. Alex Road • <strong>Dayton</strong>, OH 45449<br />


To visit our showrooms, please call or<br />

go online to request an appointment.<br />

937.384.7804<br />

www.CustomDistributors.com<br />


EDITOR’S<br />

NOTE<br />

The extra<br />

dishwasher…<br />

makes our lives<br />

so much easier.<br />

Some things are worth the splurge.<br />

For some of us that might mean a pair of designer shoes for an evening out, a<br />

pint of gourmet ice cream for an evening in, or perhaps a shiny car or dream<br />

vacation. But for the three homeowners we feature in this issue of Housetrends,<br />

that splurge became clear to them as they were remodeling or building their<br />

home.<br />

With an artist’s eye, Pattie Byron carefully chose distinctive light fixtures<br />

to add a modern touch—while honoring the history—in every room of her<br />

170-year-old home.<br />

Linda Blevins says she fell in love with the Crystalize quartzite the moment<br />

she saw it and quickly decided it was worth going over budget to get the countertop<br />

she wanted.<br />

When asked about her favorite feature in her glamorous new kitchen, Faye<br />

Eidi says it’s the two dishwashers. She entertains frequently and says being able<br />

to rotate between clean and dirty dishes is a major plus.<br />

We invite you to take a look at these three homes featured inside, along with<br />

tips on how to select an area rug, and information on hands-free technology.<br />

We try to bring you ideas and items that are worth the splurge in every issue<br />

of Housetrends. But we’d like to hear from you on that subject.<br />

What item in your house would you say was worth the splurge? We invite you<br />

to share it with us at: publishers@housetrends.com.<br />

Thanks for reading.<br />

Karen Bradner<br />

EDITOR<br />

I blew that<br />

budget out of<br />

the water.<br />

I wanted the lighting<br />

to be fantastic so that it<br />

drew your eyes up.<br />

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fresh finds<br />

It’s time to set the table again<br />

Walnut Live Edge<br />

Dining Table<br />

available at Pathway Tables<br />

Lithographie Tray Grateful<br />

available at rosannainc.com<br />

This brand available at<br />

The Spicy Olive<br />

Golden Salerno napkin rings<br />

available at pampabay.com<br />

This brand available at The Spicy Olive<br />

Harvest Bloom table runner<br />

available at Williams-Sonoma<br />

Plymouth Upholstered Arm Chair<br />

by Flexsteel<br />

available at Cedar Hill Furniture<br />

“Your Thanksgiving gathering all starts in the foyer. Foyers set the stage in every home, so be sure<br />

yours gives a great first impression. Beautiful lighting is a must and a well-selected area rug will add<br />

texture and warmth as you welcome your guests.” —Julie Cochran, Decorating Den Interiors<br />

14 housetrends.com

Requarth Co. President Alan Pippenger and Kitchen Design<br />

Center Manager Jill Rubey sat down to discuss how Covid-<br />

19 and virtual meetings have reshaped the kitchen design<br />

process. Jill is an NKBA certified kitchen designer who<br />

has worked with some of <strong>Dayton</strong>'s top homebuilders and<br />

remodelers for more than 30 years. Jill also manages the sixmember<br />

team of kitchen designers in Requarth's historic and<br />

award-winning downtown <strong>Dayton</strong> showroom. ➻<br />

Kitchen Designer Jill Rubey, Requarth Co;<br />

Interior Designer Jackie Hutton, Library of Design<br />


Alan Pippenger – My wife and I bought our first house for<br />

$46,500 in 1982 and called a kitchen designer within a month.<br />

Jill Rubey – Why so fast?<br />

AP – Dented, rusting metal cabinets and a Formica countertop<br />

that had buckled in the middle.<br />

JR – Got it. How did your first kitchen design experience go?<br />

AP – Not well. His proposal was $30,000. Without appliances!<br />

JR – Ouch! I’m guessing that was more than your budget?<br />

AP – I don’t know what he was thinking. He never asked about<br />

a budget.<br />

JR – It’s the best place to start. Talking about money can be<br />

uncomfortable, but starting with a reasonable budget is critical<br />

to ending up with a great kitchen. It allows the designer to focus<br />

on delivering a result that meets a homeowner’s most important<br />

needs and wants.<br />

AP – Without spending too much.<br />

JR – Or worse, spending too little.<br />

AP – Spending less is worse?<br />

JR – It can be. In consumer surveys, many homeowners regret<br />

spending too little on their kitchen remodel. They wish they’d<br />

added a few features and selected a couple of upgrades that are<br />

difficult to install after the fact. You don’t want to break the bank,<br />

but a good designer will help you find that sweet spot.<br />

AP – Sounds like it can take a lot of time. People are busy today.<br />

JR – I think working with an experienced designer can get you<br />

to a better result in less time than trying to do it yourself on the<br />

internet. We know what questions to ask, what products are<br />

available, and how to make it all work within a budget. And virtual<br />

meetings are shortening the process.<br />

AP – Yes, because of Covid-19 we installed and equipped a<br />

studio at our office dedicated to virtual meetings and trained our<br />

design staff to communicate with clients over Zoom.<br />

JR – It may have started during the pandemic, but even as<br />

customers return to our showroom, requests for virtual meetings<br />

continue to grow. It’s a great way to have an introductory chat<br />

with a designer, to share some ideas from Pinterest and Houzz,<br />

discuss a timeline, talk about how you use your kitchen.<br />

AP – And discuss budget?<br />

JR – Of course! Virtual meetings can help keep the process<br />

moving forward, even when our clients are in Michigan for the<br />

summer or Florida in the winter. Or maybe they just want the<br />

convenience of meeting from home to review a proposal over a<br />

shared screen.<br />

AP – So they never need to come downtown to our<br />

showroom?<br />

JR – That’s possible, but I think a hybrid model works better. The<br />

online experience can’t equal the showroom experience when<br />

it comes to product selection. Most people want to see cabinet<br />

doors and countertop samples in person, select colors in natural<br />

light, grip the hardware, and directly experience functionality of<br />

different types of corner storage and other features.<br />

AP – What we offer here is a mix of the old and the new.<br />

The online experience partnered with our bricks and mortar<br />

showroom.<br />

JR – Old bricks and mortar! A 19th century warehouse where<br />

we display the very latest in kitchen and bath products.<br />

AP – I love our showroom! I think it’s great that our clients can<br />

design their dream kitchen in the same space that Orville and<br />

Wilbur Wright selected spruce for their flyers!<br />

JR – Can I assume that the Requarth Co. did it within the<br />

brothers’ budget?<br />

AP - Well we must have. They got off the ground, didn’t they?<br />


Kitchen Designer Steve Dennis, Requarth Co.;<br />

Contractor Keith Landis, Landis Builders;<br />

Interior designer Cameo Stewart, Cameo Creative, LLC<br />

About the Requarth Co.<br />

The Requarth Co. was started in <strong>Dayton</strong> in 1860. The president, Alan Pippenger,<br />

is a great-great grandson of founder Frederick August Requarth.<br />

Today, the Requarth Co. provides building materials, mouldings, windows, doors, and cabinetry to<br />

home builders, general contractors, remodelers, and homeowners throughout Greater <strong>Dayton</strong>. The company<br />

also operates a public kitchen design center and window showroom in its historic downtown <strong>Dayton</strong> location<br />

next to Day Air Ballpark at 447 E. Monument Avenue • 937-224-1141 • requarth.com<br />


The front door opens to a striking view. Opposite page: Pattie, Frisco, Bronco and Mark are ready to greet guests.<br />

18 housetrends.com

Swept Away<br />


Riverfront home undergoes a dramatic restoration<br />


Downsizing is not the first word that is called to mind when one steps inside<br />

a totally reimagined home in Covington’s Licking Riverside Historic District.<br />

The Italianate treasure, originally dubbed the “Skiff House” when it was built<br />

in 1850, oozes glamour from every room. Twelve-foot ceilings set a dramatic<br />

stage throughout most of the first floor, and even taller, 14-foot ceilings grace the<br />

second floor. Between the main house and a newly constructed carriage house,<br />

there are four bedrooms, two studies, four full baths and plenty of indoor and<br />

outdoor entertaining space.<br />

But few of those details came in to play when Mark and Pattie Byron decided to downsize a<br />

bit earlier than expected.<br />

“It was the view,” Pattie says. “Mark and I were driving around on a Sunday and saw the<br />

for sale sign. We weren’t planning on moving right away, but we knew another house on this<br />

street might not come available for another 30 years.”<br />

The “street” was Riverside Drive, a coveted location in Covington, which boasts sweeping<br />

views of the river and the Cincinnati skyline.<br />

Having raised seven children between them, the couple was ready to move from their large<br />

suburban home in Liberty Township to a slightly smaller home closer to downtown. They fell in<br />

love with the Covington neighborhood that is lush and green yet steps away from the city. The<br />

walkability factor played a huge role in their decision making as well. ➻<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 19

Leap of faith<br />

Until recently, the structure was subdivided<br />

as a four-family rental and<br />

was owned by architect John Becker<br />

and his family. When the decision<br />

was made to restore the home to a<br />

single-family residence, Becker called<br />

upon the talents of James and Rob<br />

Kennedy at Legacy Custom Builders.<br />

The plan was to preserve as much<br />

of the character of the home as possible,<br />

while adding 21st century conveniences.<br />

“We’ve been adding on to and<br />

remodeling older homes for 20 years,”<br />

James says. “This without a doubt<br />

was the biggest complete start-tofinish<br />

job we’ve done. It was a complete<br />

gut—taking it from what it was<br />

to what it is. It was logistically crazy.”<br />

Kennedy goes on to explain that<br />

all the non-loadbearing walls which<br />

divided the four separate apartments—with<br />

four separate kitchens—were<br />

removed. Several structural<br />

issues, including crumbling<br />

stone walls, were addressed as well.<br />

During the process, some gems were<br />

discovered.<br />

“Every time you opened up a wall<br />

it was something new,” James says.<br />

“Sometimes that meant going back<br />

and starting from scratch with the<br />

framing…taking a little detour.”<br />

One example is the 10-foot-tall<br />

pocket doors that stand between the<br />

great room and parlor. While opening<br />

up a solid wall that separated the two<br />

rooms, the Legacy team discovered<br />

massive pine doors hidden within the<br />

wall. There was even a water mark<br />

on the doors about 30 inches off<br />

the floor, from the Ohio River flood<br />

of 1937. The doors were completely<br />

restored and painted to match the<br />

refreshed interior woodwork.<br />

1<br />

3<br />

20 housetrends.com

2<br />

4<br />

5<br />

1 Pocket doors were discovered hidden within a solid wall leading<br />

to what is now the parlor. 2 The original pocket doors, now<br />

with fresh paint and new trim, tuck out of the way for an easy<br />

flow between the parlor and living room. The botanical artwork<br />

over the sofa is by Josie Gearhart 3 The home’s six fireplaces<br />

originally burned coal, then wood, and later were inoperable.<br />

Two of them are now functional, and a third is slated to be<br />

restored in the near future. 4 This is the original structure,<br />

before a carriage house, with a garage space on each end and<br />

an upstairs apartment with an open-air deck was added. 5 This<br />

support beneath the first floor was one of the many structural<br />

issues remodelers found while renovating the home.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 21

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

22 housetrends.com

5<br />

Dream team<br />

Once the old walls were removed and new walls were placed per Becker’s vision, the<br />

architect and remodelers decided it was time to put the home on the market. “We<br />

thought this property deserved to have someone who would be living here make the<br />

finish decisions,” James says.<br />

So, when the Byrons first toured the home, it was mid-demolition. “They were starting<br />

to put up walls, but there were no floors,” Pattie says. “Legacy was already on board<br />

as the contractor. That was great luck. I can’t say enough about them. Their craftsmanship<br />

is what made this house.”<br />

The architect and remodeler got lucky as well. Pattie, who is an artist specializing in<br />

metal sculpture, has a keen eye for interior design and was well-equipped to take hold<br />

of the design reins.<br />

“Once they realized that I was going to take this project and run with it—and that<br />

this was going to be fun—they let me do my thing,” Pattie says. "We really played off<br />

each other well.”<br />

Pattie’s touch is seen in the striking lighting fixtures found throughout the home.<br />

While each fixture is distinctly different, the artist points out that they “speak” with<br />

each other. For example, starburst lights inside the island pendants give a nod to the<br />

starburst design of the light over the dining table. Other fixtures complement each<br />

other via color and material. But each one sets the stage beautifully for the room it<br />

is in. “I wanted the lighting to be fantastic so that it drew your eyes up,” she says. “I<br />

wanted to honor the history of the house while adding a modern touch.”<br />

Several brick walls, fireplaces and ceiling beams were uncovered during the demolition<br />

as well. While there was some consideration for covering them up to give the<br />

place a more modern aesthetic, but Pattie pushed to keep them exposed, wanting the<br />

“bones” of the home to talk.<br />

“I love that we have the best of both worlds,” she says. “We have all this historic character<br />

with a new roof, heating, air conditioning, windows, plumbing and electricity. It’s<br />

like living in a new house.”<br />

1 Pattie’s dubbed this sitting<br />

room off the master bedroom<br />

as her “snug,” which is a type<br />

of room often found in Irish<br />

pubs. 2 The walls in the parlor<br />

are painted a deep, but<br />

warm gray. 3 A corner tub<br />

in the master bath provides<br />

privacy for the bather, along<br />

with a picturesque view of Mt.<br />

Adams. 4 The landscape painting<br />

over the bed in the master<br />

suite is by Josie Gearhart. 5<br />

Landscapers installed a paver<br />

front seating area and sidewalk<br />

directing guests to their preferred<br />

front door. The door on<br />

the right opens to the parlor.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 23

Food for the soul<br />

One of Mark’s favorite places to hang out is the kitchen. He doesn’t particularly like to cook, but he<br />

loves that this is the space where everyone gathers. The island was designed to accommodate a crowd.<br />

“This house is very social,” he says.<br />

And yes, both Mark and Pattie admit that they love to entertain. “We have big parties,” Pattie says.<br />

“We are known for them.”<br />

But when it’s just the two of them, the couple can be found relaxing with their two Shiloh Shepherds<br />

in their private courtyard that is located between the main house and the carriage house. The only<br />

sizeable television in the residence is in the lower level of the carriage house. Mark often hangs out<br />

here with his dogs, occasionally traipsing across the courtyard in through the French doors off the<br />

kitchen for a snack.<br />

When it comes to picking her favorite room, Pattie says, “I can’t answer that. I bounce around all of<br />

the time. It depends on my mood and the weather.” But she admits that the parlor “is delicious when<br />

it’s raining and the doors are closed. It’s incredibly cozy.”<br />

1<br />

24 housetrends.com

2<br />

1 The kitchen is designed for entertaining, with an oversized island and an open floor plan<br />

that flows from the dining area through to the courtyard. 2 The original staircase was too<br />

narrow and not up to code. 3 A new staircase was added, keeping within the historical<br />

integrity of the home. 4 Much of the art in the home is by artists who, like Pattie, work<br />

from studio space in the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati. Botanical on left<br />

by Josie Gearhart. Abstract on right by Paula Wiggins.<br />

3<br />

4<br />

Deliberate design<br />

Not much furniture made it from the<br />

Byrons’ suburban home to this new<br />

enclave. Pattie has carefully chosen<br />

each new item with a purpose in mind.<br />

“Every piece is arranged to access conversation<br />

or the view,” she says.<br />

The view is equally important on<br />

the second floor where the couple’s<br />

master suite and studies are located.<br />

A sumptuous master bedroom leads<br />

to a dazzling master bath with those<br />

14-foot ceilings. An eye-catching<br />

chandelier and a soaking tub angled<br />

in the corner provide for a perfect<br />

glimpse of the spire of the Church of<br />

the Immaculata in Mt. Adams, which<br />

is a strong focal point after dusk.<br />

“At night this place is just off the<br />

hook,” Pattie says.<br />

After all, it really is all about the<br />

view. Each window facing north<br />

frames a prized slice of the Cincinnati<br />

skyline, whether it be the Reds’ stadium<br />

or the Great American Tower.<br />

Barges and pleasure boats pass by<br />

at regular intervals and couples, and<br />

families stroll along the street or in<br />

the park next door. The Byrons say<br />

there can be as many as five wedding<br />

parties a day gathering for photographs<br />

along the river in front of<br />

their home.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 25

1<br />

2<br />

To allow the couple to enjoy the<br />

activity going on out their front<br />

door, the Byrons enlisted the help of<br />

Lichtenberg Landscaping, the firm<br />

responsible for creating the inner<br />

courtyard. Lichtenberg leveled the<br />

sloped front yard and built a paver<br />

walkway and patio to allow for riverside<br />

seating. The hardscape and plant<br />

materials were designed to draw visitors<br />

to the main front door, rather<br />

than the secondary door on the parlor<br />

side of the home. The home’s one<br />

small patch of grass is found here, and<br />

the owners cut it with a weedwacker.<br />

Family friend and gardener Rebecca<br />

Sheets helps with maintenance and<br />

adds splashes of seasonal color.<br />

Work was completed and the<br />

couple moved into their new home<br />

in October of 2020. While cooler<br />

months and Covid restrictions kept<br />

them inside for a few months, once<br />

late spring arrived the couple took to<br />

the streets. Mark walks across the<br />

suspension bridge to Reds’ games and<br />

Pattie, an avid runner, has a favorite<br />

route that crosses one bridge into<br />

Cincinnati and another back through<br />

Newport. Both of them look forward<br />

to evening strolls to local restaurants<br />

and walking the cobblestone streets<br />

learning more about the history and<br />

flavor of this neighborhood they now<br />

call home.<br />

1 The walls from the house and carriage<br />

house, along with heavy shrubbery<br />

and trees, surround the courtyard<br />

and keep it feeling secluded and<br />

private. 2 The main dining area is<br />

open to the kitchen space and offers a<br />

view of the park next door.<br />


Architect: John Becker, Becker Architecture; Builder: Legacy Custom Builders;<br />

Landscape designer: Lichtenberg Landscaping; Kitchen design and cabinetry:<br />

Auer Kitchens; Appliances in main house: Keidel Supply; Appliances in carriage<br />

house: Custom Distributors, Inc.; Bath vanities: Restoration Hardware; Parlor<br />

chairs: Bova; Parlor rug: The Rug Gallery; Gardener: Rebecca Sheets; Window<br />

treatments: Shades of Distinction; Windows and doors: Pella Windows & Doors;<br />

Fireplace restoration: Bromwell’s; Ironwork: Stewart Iron Works<br />

26 housetrends.com

Great Design. Quality. Value.<br />

Serving the Greater Cincinnati area since 1985.<br />

Stop in and visit our beautiful showroom!<br />

Visit us online at bovafurniture.com<br />


12130 Royal Point Drive<br />

(Across from Kings Auto Mall)<br />

Cincinnati, OH 45249<br />

T: 513.247.9100<br />

HOURS:<br />

Mon-Fri: 10a–6p<br />

Saturday: 10a–5p<br />

Sunday: Closed<br />

Take a virtual tour<br />

of the store.<br />



Corporate Office & Showroom<br />

9190 Seward Road<br />

Fairfield • OH 45014<br />

513.874.5444<br />

<strong>Dayton</strong> Showroom<br />

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<strong>Dayton</strong> • OH 45449<br />

937.384.7804<br />

Columbus Showroom<br />

530 Lakeview Plaza Blvd., Ste. B<br />

Worthington • OH 43085<br />

614.796.2600<br />



Two Customizable<br />

Collections to<br />

Suit Your Style<br />

The Masterpiece ® and Professional Collections tell<br />

two distinct design stories while providing every<br />

necessary ingredient required to personalize<br />

your home. Experience unparalleled innovation<br />

and performance across cooling, cooking,<br />

and dish care – now featuring smart kitchen<br />

appliances enabled with Home Connect. Visit<br />

THERMADOR.COM or talk to an appliance<br />

professional at Custom Distributors today!<br />


To visit our showrooms, please call or<br />

go online to request an appointment.<br />

800.704.6313<br />

www.CustomDistributors.com<br />


30 housetrends.com<br />

There’s plenty of space to sit and eat, thanks to the islands and a nearby table that accommodates eight.


Something<br />

Blue<br />

Cool kitchen build focuses<br />

on elevated functionality<br />


All new homes offer a certain amount of<br />

excitement and allure, but this Ohio home<br />

and its kitchen are second to none. With<br />

two islands, two dishwashers, and two<br />

ovens, it is clear that bigger is better for<br />

this family of five. ➻<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 31

Fancy functionality<br />

Homeowner Faye Eidi and her family designed their home with a single idea in<br />

mind: to bring people together. And, with three children, a family dog, and an<br />

open-door policy for family and friends, the Eidi family wanted their kitchen to<br />

be the focal point of their home. “Like most families, the kitchen is the center<br />

of the home where everybody gathers,” Faye says. “We wanted to design our<br />

home around that.”<br />

Luckily for the Eidi family, Jim Deen, of Kitchen Kraft, was ready to utilize<br />

his creative mind on another Eidi family kitchen. The Columbus-based kitchen<br />

remodeler had worked with the family on their past homes and was looking<br />

forward to creating a layout and design that would fit the family’s busy lifestyle.<br />

“I’m always excited to work with Faye and her family,” says Deen. “We’ve built<br />

a really strong working relationship over the years, so the family trusts me to<br />

assist with the layout and design of the kitchen to build something they love.”<br />

And build they would. Because this was a construction for a new home,<br />

the opportunities for increased functionality were endless. The first step was<br />

revisiting the existing blueprints to maximize the space available in the kitchen.<br />

With an emphasis on tasteful architecture, Deen and the family were able to<br />

establish a layout that touched on all their kitchen needs.<br />

When asked about the best part of the kitchen, the answer for Faye was<br />

easy. “The two dishwashers. There’s something so nice about having the extra<br />

dishwasher and having room to rotate through our clean and dirty dishes,” Faye<br />

says with a laugh. “It makes our lives so much easier."<br />

Deen is in full agreement. He believes that a full kitchen is a happy one,<br />

especially when it comes to utilizing appliances. “I always recommend two<br />

dishwashers if the kitchen has enough room,” Deen explains. “Functionally, it<br />

is such an improvement in the kitchen, especially when you plan on hosting or<br />

entertaining.”<br />

1<br />

2<br />

32 housetrends.com

Twice the islands = twice the fun<br />

Having two islands was an exciting perk of the layout reconfiguration. Faye<br />

explained that even before her family built this home, the kitchen was always<br />

the most popular room of the house. Given the everyday visitors she entertains,<br />

Faye and her family needed a little more space than usual.<br />

One island is reserved for cooking and serving, while the other is dedicated<br />

to guests. Faye opted for quartzite countertops throughout her kitchen because<br />

its durability supports her love of cooking and her family’s never-ending kitchen<br />

buffets. “When we have people over, we usually serve food buffet-style,” Faye<br />

says. “People can come and help themselves whenever they’re hungry.” ➻<br />

1 While the kitchen’s color scheme is<br />

classic and timeless, eight bar stools—<br />

four on each island—add a welcome<br />

burst of color. 2 Two islands, two<br />

sinks, two ovens, and two dishwashers<br />

make this kitchen an excellent space<br />

for entertaining.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 33

Bigger is better<br />

With a kitchen of this grandeur, an equally exciting set of appliances was<br />

needed. The solution? Unique spacing and extra-large appliances.<br />

Unlike most homes, the fridge and freezer live on opposite sides of the<br />

kitchen. “We designed it to have a 36-inch refrigerator and a 36-inch freezer<br />

that aren’t side by side,” explains Deen. “They were paneled to match the cabinetry<br />

and put at different ends of the kitchen to look like armoires.”<br />

An additional plus: the range that separates the fridge and freezer. At 60<br />

inches, the range is a centerpiece in the kitchen (as opposed to the traditional<br />

48 inches homeowners have come to expect). It has become a necessity for<br />

the numerous meals she curates weekly, from fettuccini alfredo to Mexican<br />

lasagna.<br />

One word to describe this kitchen? “Epic,” states Deen. “This kitchen is one<br />

of the best I’ve seen. Between the islands and the appliances, the opportunities<br />

for use are endless. It’s absolutely epic.”<br />

Beautiful hues of blue<br />

The kitchen itself is dressed in trendy whites and neutrals, but the eye-catching<br />

blue stands out. Faye says the missing piece from the kitchen was “bright<br />

watercolors. We needed something that caught the eye no matter where you<br />

were.” This blue accent was carried throughout the kitchen configuration, from<br />

the seating to the cabinetry in the laundry room. “[The blue] is so beautiful<br />

when the sun comes in through the windows,” adds Faye. ➻<br />

This spacious laundry room picks up the shades of blue found nearby in the kitchen.<br />

34 housetrends.com

The kitchen was designed to take advantage<br />

of the home's architectural elements.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 35

Building a home to grow in<br />

It takes a village to build a home from its conception,<br />

and the Eidi family proved to be no different.<br />

Between Faye’s initial vision and Deen’s<br />

expertise, the final kitchen offers every amenity<br />

and comfort the family could have dreamed of.<br />

It is a kitchen that the Eidi family can continue<br />

to grow in, and experience many more years of<br />

gathering and enjoyment.<br />

“We love entertaining and having friends and<br />

family over. Over the years, we’ve turned into<br />

the hang-out house,” says Faye. “People come<br />

in and can spread out. They sit, they eat, they<br />

laugh—they feel welcome in our home.”<br />

1<br />

2<br />

1 A backsplash made of rectangular<br />

marble tile, in earthy tones, adds to<br />

the depth of the kitchen. 2 Elegant<br />

light fixtures add a bit of bling over<br />

each of the islands.<br />


Designer: Jim Deen, Kitchen Kraft; Cabinetry: Grabill Custom Cabinetry; Flooring:<br />

24 x 48 porcelain tiles; Countertops: quartzite; Backsplash: marble; Appliances:<br />

Dishwasher, 60” range, 36” refrigerator, 36” freezer, and ice maker, all from Thermador;<br />

Miele coffee station<br />

36 housetrends.com

No need to travel any further than your back yard!<br />

671 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.<br />

Washington Township 45458<br />

buckeyepools.com<br />

937.434.7916<br />

Creating backyard vacations for over 45 years<br />


Enjoy Our Healthy & Delicious Fall Recipes<br />

Ultra-Premium Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar<br />


Gourmet Pantry Food, Beauty Products, Unique Gift Sets<br />

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The Spicy Olive’s Rigatoni<br />

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We are the only retail location in Cincinnati and <strong>Dayton</strong> to carry Ultra-Premium Olive Oil<br />

West Chester<br />

7671 Cox Lane<br />

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*Wine Cellar @ The Spicy Olive<br />

Montgomery<br />

Montgomery Sq. Shopping Ctr.<br />

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HTDA0921.024<br />

Thin brick veneer …<br />

Great for interior walls,<br />

backsplash, ceilings!<br />

Snyder<br />

Family owned since 1949<br />


2301 W. Dorothy Lane<br />

937-299-7388<br />

TROY<br />

3246 N. Co. Rd. 25A<br />

937-339-7577<br />


2833 Cincy-<strong>Dayton</strong> Rd.<br />

513-217-5100<br />

snyderonline.com<br />




Welcome to this amazing & enchanting stone castle,<br />

nestled in the woods, down a long driveway with a<br />

gated entrance on a rare and private 5.9 acres.<br />

6 bedrooms, 7 full & 3 half baths. $2,600,000<br />

Represented by: The Cindy Buckreus Team<br />

937.609.5043 | cindy.buckreus@coldwellbanker.com<br />


Brook. Built by one of Homearama's previous builders &<br />

architects with impeccable detail & quality.<br />

5 bedrooms, 4 full & 1 half bath. $1,495,000<br />

Represented by: Shelley Parks<br />

937.416.4161 | Shelley.Parks@coldwellbanker.com<br />

5913 FOWLER RD, ENON<br />

this stunning custom built home on 3.8 acres.<br />

5 bedrooms, 3 full & 1 half bath. $1,150,000<br />

Represented by: The Comer Group<br />

Tamara Comer | 937.536.6411<br />

Lori Houseman | 937.206.6700<br />


Prepare to be impressed by this meticulous ranch by<br />

Michael's Custom Homes. It has beautiful curb appeal<br />

and an airy, comfortably elegant interior.<br />

4 bedrooms, 3 full & 1 half bath. $740,000<br />

Represented by: Lisa Arzate<br />

937.974.3938 | Lisa@SellingOhioHomes.com<br />


Located down a private drive with 5 acres, this custom<br />

5849 ft. home was built with complete attention to<br />

details. Many beautiful outdoor views of the woods.<br />

5 bedrooms, 3 full & 1 half bath. $875,000<br />

Represented by: Richard Pierce Group<br />

937.524.6077 | Rtpierce77@gmail.com<br />


Exquisite Rhoads home in coveted Terrace Creek.<br />

Fully renovated inside & out w/ high-end, custom<br />

5 bedrooms, 4 full & 1 half bath. $1,525,000<br />

Represented by: Christina Moran<br />

937.903.3809 | christinamoranrealtor@gmail.com<br />


highly desirable Fox Ridge! Perfectly situated on an acre<br />

lot with mature trees and a gorgeous stone exterior.<br />

5 bedrooms, 4 full & 1 half bath. $849,000<br />

Represented by: Kunal Patel Group<br />

937.248.3061 | Kunal.Patel@kunalpatelgroup.com<br />


Absolute SHOW STOPPER! This modern farmhouse<br />

ranch is updated from top to bottom. Situated on a .53<br />

acre lot with private back yard on a quiet cul-de-sac.<br />

4 bedrooms, 2 full & 1 half bath. $845,000<br />

Represented by: The Cindy Buckreus Team<br />

937.609.5043 | cindy.buckreus@coldwellbanker.com<br />


Absolutely outstanding home perched on almost an<br />

acre. French doors from living room open to great patio<br />

overlooking an amazing expansive private back yard.<br />

5 bedrooms, 4 full & 1 half bath. $598,500<br />

Represented by: Georgiana Nye<br />

937.266.5511 | Georgienye@gmail.com<br />


Yankee Centre 937.439.4500 | Kettering 937.434.7600 | Springboro 937.748.5500 | Beavercreek 937.426.6060 | Monroe 513.402.7372<br />

Operated. Coldwell Banker, the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury logo are service marks registered or pending registration owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.<br />


It’s time to talk<br />

Side tables<br />

Give your sofa or comfy chair a sassy sidekick<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

1 Cadiz Nested by Sherrill Furniture 2 Farmhouse Reimagined by Liberty Furniture 3 Aristo Clover by Lexington 4 Rustic Patina by<br />

Bernhardt 5 Crystal by Elite Modern 6 Ribbed Drum by Sherrill Furniture 7 Valance Spot by Lexington 8 Links Chairside by Century<br />

Furniture 9 Turtle Pond Round by Hickory White 10 Vero Spot by Century Furniture<br />

bernhardt.com, centuryfurniture.com, elitemodern.com, hickorywhite.com, lexington.com, mylibertyfurniture.com, sherrillfurniture.com<br />

Visit these retailers to see these tables and more:<br />

Best Furniture (Cincinnati); Bova Contemporary Furniture (Cincinnati); Cedar Hill Furniture (<strong>Dayton</strong>); Hoffman & Albers Interiors<br />

(Cincinnati); ID Cincinnati Furniture & Interior Design (Cincinnati); Studio J (Columbus); Watson’s (Cincinnati)<br />

40 housetrends.com

Vero Spot from Century<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 41

Create rooms that WO W!<br />



Premiere Lighting is a division of Premiere Home Center<br />

630 Orchard Lane, Beavercreek • 937-429-8655<br />

Hours: Monday- Friday 8-5 and Saturday 9-3<br />


HTRG0921.009<br />

Studio ® S<br />

Beautifully Crafted.<br />

Carefully Curated.<br />

Envisioning a bathroom that combines<br />

contemporary beauty and superior<br />

functionality inspired our designers to<br />

create the Studio S Suite.<br />

Whether a petite powder room or<br />

grand master bath, Studio S offers a<br />

variety of design options to refresh<br />

your space and rejuvenate your spirit.<br />

EST.<br />

1952<br />




614-445-1000<br />


150 E MAIN ST<br />

740-773-2188<br />


12071 BEST PLACE<br />

513-821-2833<br />


54 E HARRISON ST<br />

740-363-1151<br />


Grand Opening<br />

Kitchen’s window and wall<br />

reworked to take in the views<br />


44 housetrends.com

The new, open floor plan allows the cooks in the kitchen to be included in the activity going on in the living room.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 45

Just because the person in charge of<br />

tackling the project is your brother,<br />

that doesn’t give you special treatment<br />

while you’re living through a<br />

kitchen renovation. You still have to<br />

rework your living arrangements and<br />

toast your bagels in the makeshift<br />

garage kitchen like everyone else. But<br />

Linda Blevins would do it all over<br />

again—even live through a tornado<br />

during construction—to finally have<br />

her dream kitchen in the Beavercreek<br />

home she’s shared with her husband,<br />

Tim, for 35 years.<br />

Linda’s brother, Greg Thompson,<br />

is the owner of Greater <strong>Dayton</strong><br />

Construction Group. Since the<br />

Blevins family, which included their<br />

two grown children, moved into their<br />

home, Thompson and crew have<br />

done several projects to renovate and<br />

expand the house including custom<br />

shelving and a master bath remodel.<br />

“We did a three-room addition in<br />

1997,” Linda explains. “But that renovation<br />

wasn’t that bad because most<br />

of the construction was accomplished<br />

outside of the house…much different<br />

than this remodel.”<br />

Deep impact<br />

To achieve the open concept kitchen<br />

the Blevins wanted, the living room,<br />

the entryway and the dining room<br />

were all impacted.<br />

“I moved everything into two bedrooms,<br />

and I set up our kitchen in the<br />

garage with a microwave and refrigerator<br />

to do what little cooking we<br />

could. It was an inconvenience, but<br />

we really stayed on track despite the<br />

odds,” Linda says.<br />

In the middle of construction, the<br />

Blevins’ home was affected by the tornadoes<br />

that tore through Beavercreek.<br />

They lost their favorite shade tree<br />

and pergola in the back yard, and<br />

1<br />

2<br />

1 By removing a non-load-bearing wall, the renovation team created space for a much<br />

larger island. 2 Elongated hexagonal tile, in an earthy tone, adds to the organic feel of the<br />

room.<br />

46 housetrends.com

3<br />

they were without power for a<br />

4<br />

week. “And we’re on a well, so<br />

when we don’t have power we<br />

don’t have water,” Linda adds.<br />

“One of the contractors loaned<br />

us his personal generator for the<br />

week. It helped with construction,<br />

but also kept our refrigerator<br />

plugged in. We were very<br />

grateful for that.”<br />

Linda admits that the only<br />

thing that threatened to slow<br />

down construction was her indecisiveness<br />

when it came to selecting<br />

finishes and fixtures. Luckily,<br />

she had her daughter, Jaclyn, to<br />

help her make decisions. “She<br />

was a really big help to me on<br />

deciding what would look good<br />

3 An expansive, six-foot window above the sink invites the light and scenes of the back<br />

yard into the home. 4 The existing window opening did not allow for suitable infiltration<br />

together in the space.” ➻ of natural light, contributing to the “cramped” feeling of the space.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 47

48 housetrends.com

Neutral nuance<br />

Linda worked with architectural designer James Kent to bring her vision to life.<br />

“Linda has an artistic background and a very organic nature,” Kent says. “Those were<br />

things that were important to me to showcase in this space. I think as designers we try to<br />

bring that personal touch of our client’s personality to every project we design.”<br />

The word organic perfectly describes Linda’s vision for the kitchen. “I knew I wanted<br />

something natural looking,” she says. “I wanted the look of the natural stone of our fireplace<br />

to be carried through to the kitchen. I love neutral tones.” ➻<br />

Storage space that was lost by removing the wall, was gained back in the added cabinetry introduced in the much larger island.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 49

After selecting the Kraftmaid cabinetry,<br />

Linda focused on the countertops, and<br />

she admits, “I blew that budget out of the<br />

water. I fell in love with the quartzite the<br />

moment I saw it.”<br />

“Linda introduced me to the Crystalize<br />

quartzite,” Kent explains. “And it’s unbelievably<br />

dynamic, especially on that massive<br />

center island. There is something<br />

magical about an island that pulls everyone<br />

to it. I don’t know what it is—the<br />

face-to-face interaction maybe.”<br />

Five-inch, hand-scraped hickory plank<br />

flooring was used throughout the space<br />

to connect the kitchen and living area as<br />

one, large room. The induction cooktop<br />

was moved from the island to the perimeter<br />

countertop to open the island up for<br />

entertaining. The hexagonal tile backsplash<br />

is one of Linda’s favorite features<br />

of the space.<br />

The original kitchen window was small<br />

and limited the views into the back yard,<br />

so it was expanded and replaced with a<br />

six-foot, sliding Pella window above the<br />

kitchen sink. “I’m currently watching the<br />

hummingbirds fight over the flowers out<br />

back,” Linda says of the back patio they<br />

also renovated.<br />

Party central<br />

“We’ve kind of become party central,”<br />

Linda explains of their home. “Before we<br />

did this project, everyone would be in the<br />

kitchen and it would be tight around our<br />

small island. I wanted a big island everyone<br />

could gather around, and I wanted<br />

people in the living room to still feel like<br />

they were a part of the party.”<br />


Contractor: Greater <strong>Dayton</strong> Construction<br />

Group; Designer: James Kent; Cabinetry:<br />

Kraftmaid; painted canvas perimeter and<br />

stained cherry island; Countertops:<br />

Crystalize quartzite; Flooring: Hand-scraped<br />

hickory planks; Appliances: GE Profile,<br />

Custom Distributors, Inc.; Tile: Nabi Hexagon<br />

Sea Wind Ceramic Tile from Tilebar; Light:<br />

Anabella Rectangle Chandelier from Arhaus<br />

Doggie Den<br />

The dog-feeding station wasn’t in the original kitchen<br />

design, but Linda wanted to extend and round<br />

an edge of the countertop to protect her precious<br />

Chihuahua, Lola.<br />

“Because she was so little, I worried about the<br />

possibility that she would be easy to step on while<br />

she was eating,” she explains. “This kept people<br />

from tripping over her. My brother Greg was the<br />

one who said she needed a chandelier.”<br />

Tim and Linda unfortunately lost their beloved<br />

Lola in early August. Although they said they would<br />

never have another pet, the couple has already<br />

started discussing the possibility. “It’s just too quiet<br />

around here,” she says.<br />

50 housetrends.com




614.310.8955<br />








pebo.com<br />

Peoples Bank (w/logo)® is a federally registered service mark of Peoples Bank.<br />

HTRG0921.011<br />




(614) 221-2972<br />

222 East Sycamore St. | German Village<br />

www.franklinartglass.com<br />

HTRG0921.005<br />









2 ND – 17 TH<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

3855 Lower Market St.<br />

Lebanon, OH 45036<br />

Fall in love<br />

with Union<br />

Village!<br />

Spectacular New Houses<br />

and So Much More<br />

• Tour 11 fully furnished homes in an award-winning,<br />

master-planned community<br />

• Experience the charm of front-porch living<br />

• Showcasing the best Southwest Ohio builders<br />

• Modern farmhouse style and luxury townhomes<br />

• So close to Cincinnati and <strong>Dayton</strong>; An easy drive from<br />

Columbus<br />

• Walkable, sustainable New Urbanism community<br />

An Award-Winning Community<br />

• Connectivity: a show unlike any other in Ohio, discover a uniquely<br />

welcoming lifestyle<br />

• Quality of Life: a created place that enriches, uplifts and inspires<br />

• Mixed Housing: a range of home types, styles and options creates<br />

something for everyone<br />

• Builders Guild: this select group of Homearama builders is dedicated<br />

to craftsmanship and attention to detail<br />

Show hours:<br />

Tues., Wed., Thurs.<br />

4 to 8 p.m.<br />

and Fri., Sat., Sun.<br />

12 to 8 p.m.<br />

Visit daytonhomearama.com<br />

to learn more and scan the QR code<br />

to purchase your ticket.<br />

Search <strong>Dayton</strong> Homearama in the app store<br />





Highlight Art Bathroom Adjustable Lighting One Button Control Entertainment/Color Tuning<br />

Natural Light Simulation<br />

Cincinnati • 10800 Montgomery Road • 513-563-0444 | <strong>Dayton</strong> • 3140 Far Hills Avenue • 937-293-6200<br />

hansonav.com<br />

Call for an on-site consultation or visit our lifestyle showrooms in Cincinnati & <strong>Dayton</strong><br />


Laying the Groundwork<br />

Tips on where to start when choosing an area rug<br />


Rugs might seem like a small design decision, but they actually can make a<br />

big impact in a room. They set the tone for a room and serve as the canvas<br />

upon which the rest of the room can be ‘painted’ around and upon. ➻<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 55

1<br />

Therefore, a good rug is a good<br />

investment, but not necessarily in<br />

the way that high-end antique rugs<br />

used to be considered good (monetary)<br />

investments. Rather, explains<br />

Sam Presnell from The Rug Gallery<br />

in Cincinnati, “Rugs are investments<br />

in terms of good room design and<br />

pulling a room together. If you buy<br />

a quality rug, it can keep its original<br />

beauty and last a lifetime.”<br />

Knowing the importance of quality<br />

rugs is a good starting point, but<br />

choosing a rug can be overwhelming.<br />

After all, who among us knows the weft<br />

from the warp? Style, color, pattern,<br />

size, pile, lifestyle, and maintenance<br />

are all factors to consider. Here’s a<br />

primer on what to expect from the<br />

buying process, some background on<br />

classic rug styles, and input on what’s<br />

trending. ➻<br />

2<br />

1 Caldwell in blue hand woven in wool and viscose blend from Feizy 2 Jackson Firewood handmade in bamboo silk from Tufenkian<br />

56 housetrends.com

Temple Taupe stair runner<br />

in wool from Dash & Albert<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 57

Questions to ask<br />

Chad Martin of K.A. Menendian Rug Gallery in Columbus<br />

explains that the rug purchasing process should be enjoyable<br />

and relaxing. When you visit your local rug dealer,<br />

they will know the questions that need to be addressed.<br />

While you should definitely take advantage of the expertise<br />

that your local rug dealer offers, there are some questions<br />

consumers should be prepared to think through<br />

ahead of time. Martin details some of them here:<br />

• What is the size of the space the rug will be in?<br />

• Is this a heavily used room/space and how is it used?<br />

• Do you have pets or children in the home?<br />

• Will there be the potential for spills or accidents?<br />

• What pieces of furniture are in the room? Are there vents<br />

or outlets in the floor?<br />

• What style do you prefer (modern, traditional, transitional<br />

or casual)?<br />

• Would you prefer that the furniture partially or completely<br />

sits on the rug?<br />

• What color palette is the room?<br />

• Would you like the rug to make a statement or be more<br />

subdued?<br />

• What budget do you feel comfortable with?<br />

• What useful lifespan would you like to have for this rug?<br />

The answers to these questions will help your rug dealer<br />

provide you with useful guidance and suggestions. They<br />

can also better assist you, according to Presnell, if you<br />

bring along photos of accompanying fabrics and artwork,<br />

as well as of rug designs that you like. Bringing a copy of<br />

your floor plan is an asset as well.<br />

➻<br />

58 housetrends.com

2<br />

3<br />

1<br />

1 Oushak design hand knotted<br />

in wool and silkette<br />

blend in parchment/spice<br />

from Kalaty 2 Indoor/outdoor<br />

flatweave rugs machine<br />

made of polypropylene from<br />

Dash & Albert 3 Heriz design<br />

hand-knotted in ebony and<br />

brick wool from Kalaty<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 59

Great starting point<br />

“Most designers start with the rug<br />

first and pull in all the fabrics and<br />

paint choices based on the rug,”<br />

Presnell advises. “That way you can<br />

treat the rug as the foundation of<br />

the design process and buy the rug<br />

you love, as opposed to buying what<br />

works best with the other items.”<br />

As you begin to shop, you may<br />

see and hear about certain rug styles<br />

that have their roots in ancient<br />

times. For instance, Heriz rugs<br />

(including Serapi rugs, the grandest<br />

of the Heriz style) are a noteworthy<br />

type of Persian rug known for longlasting<br />

durability and a unique style<br />

of stunning geometric designs. Also<br />

known for its geometric composition<br />

are Kazak rugs, magnificent, oneof-a-kind<br />

pieces that were once<br />

seen as status symbols, and Oushak<br />

rugs, created in Western Turkey.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

60 housetrends.com

4<br />

3<br />

5<br />

Today’s new generation of weavers<br />

continue to exhibit their painstaking<br />

craftsmanship to create all these true<br />

pieces of art for the floor. Another<br />

historical tidbit: Many people equate<br />

Oriental rugs with those that come<br />

from the Orient, but in truth, any<br />

country can produce an Oriental<br />

rug. While the geographic origin of<br />

the rug will certainly influence its<br />

overall design, it is how a rug is made<br />

that renders it Oriental; authentic<br />

Oriental rugs are hand-knotted via a<br />

time-honored technique of the past.<br />

Both Presnell and Martin offer<br />

input on what’s hot right now.<br />

“Classic styles are still very popular,<br />

but we have also seen great additions<br />

using those styles with updated<br />

current colors that work extremely<br />

well with today’s design trends,” says<br />

Martin.<br />

Rugs that boast bright colors and<br />

have tribal influences are also quite<br />

popular, as are animal print rugs. Not<br />

surprisingly, as the indoor-outdoor<br />

living trend grows in popularity, so<br />

do indoor-outdoor casual rugs. And<br />

the popularity of stair runners is<br />

off the charts these days, comments<br />

Presnell.<br />

As you consider trends and begin<br />

your journey to finding a fabulous<br />

new rug, keep in mind that many<br />

stores offer—and even encourage—<br />

a complimentary, several-day trial<br />

period. This allows you to live with<br />

the rug in your home for a few days to<br />

ensure it is the best choice, one that<br />

is an investment in both quality and<br />

longevity.<br />

➻<br />


K.A. Menendian, The Rug Gallery<br />

annieselke.com, feizy.com, kalaty.com,<br />

loloirugs.com, tufenkian.com<br />

1 Jute handwoven from Loloi’s Bodhi Collection 2 Oushak<br />

design hand-knotted in orange and blue wool from Feizy’s<br />

Carrington Collection 3 Hooked wool pile from Loloi’s<br />

Wild Bloom Collection 4 The Bleecker Collection machine<br />

made of polypropylene from Feizy 5 Kazak design handknotted<br />

in wool from Kalaty<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 61

Rug construction<br />

Hand-knotted<br />

Individual knots are hand tied one by one. Quality varies<br />

depending on fibers used and knots per square inch. The<br />

smaller the knot, the higher quality the rug. Knots forming<br />

the pile are tied on the warp threads which stretch<br />

vertically on a hand-knotted area rug. Weft threads are<br />

the sections of yarn that pass across the width of the rug<br />

keeping the knots in place.<br />

Machine made<br />

Rugs made by power looms that are automated by computers.<br />

These allow for consistent color and offer unlimited<br />

designs and patterns. Usually a more affordable option.<br />



Rotate your rug. Turn it 180 degrees once a<br />

year to prevent uneven wear.<br />

Tufted<br />

Tufted rugs are constructed by hand-punching yarn<br />

through a stretched canvas. These take less labor and<br />

expense to produce than hand-knotted.<br />

Flatweave<br />

Created without any knots, often made with natural fibers<br />

woven in vertical and horizontal directions. Usually these<br />

are lightweight, casual rugs.<br />

Vacuum with care. Use attachments for a<br />

gentler cleaning, especially with today’s<br />

powerful vacuums.<br />

Fibers and Materials<br />

Wool<br />

One of the most durable fibers in the rug industry. Can<br />

withstand high traffic and resists stains and wrinkles.<br />

Viscose<br />

Often used as a substitute for silk due to its soft touch.<br />

Provides the luster of silk at a more affordable price. Not<br />

suitable for high-traffic areas.<br />

Professional cleaning. Most rugs benefit<br />

from a professional cleaning once every one<br />

to two years.<br />

Jute<br />

A natural fiber that can be spun and woven to achieve rugs<br />

of substantial body at an affordable price.<br />

Polyester<br />

One of the oldest and most widely used fibers in machinemade<br />

rug weaving. Naturally stain repellent, soft and easy<br />

to clean. Shorter lifespan than natural fibers.<br />

Polypropylene<br />

Created by a process originating with crude oil. The most<br />

colorfast fiber used in rug production. Perfect for hightraffic,<br />

indoor or outdoor applications.<br />

Use a rug pad. Provide extra padding and<br />

prevent slips. Reduce friction with the floor<br />

and extend the life of your rug.<br />

62 housetrends.com


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| 614-294-3345<br />

Mon-Fri 10a-5:30p | Sat 10a-4p<br />


Welcome Home.<br />

At Oberer Homes, we’re building more than homes. We’re building the foundation for<br />

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When you build with Oberer Homes, you can customize your home to fit your lifestyle.<br />

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The U by Moen Smart Faucet offers touchless and<br />

voice-activation technology. Photo courtesy of Moen<br />

touchless technology<br />

Hands-free options with healthy home benefits<br />


It’s back to school time again (at last)! Unfortunately, that often means back to cold and flu<br />

season too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Common colds<br />

are the main reason that children miss school (and adults miss work). Adults have an average<br />

of two to three colds per year, and children have even more.” Having experienced the<br />

toughest year ever for most of us, most parents want to avoid those pesky bugs and not<br />

have their littles out of class again. Your home can help! ➻<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 67

Hands-free benefits<br />

You’re probably already familiar with<br />

the benefits of hands-free technology,<br />

even if you don’t have it in your<br />

home. Also called hands-free, sensor,<br />

touchless or touch-free, it’s what makes<br />

the faucets turn on and off when you<br />

put your hands under them in public<br />

restrooms. It opens the doors to your<br />

favorite home center as you approach.<br />

It senses your presence and turns the<br />

lights on when you enter a room.<br />

While many of these systems were<br />

created to save water or energy, they<br />

also reduce your contact with other<br />

people’s germs on shared surfaces, and<br />

that can reduce the number of cold<br />

and flu viruses you bring home to your<br />

loved ones.<br />

Hands-free at home<br />

You can add hands-free functionality<br />

to your faucets and lights too—along<br />

with other home features—either on<br />

your own with some DIY know-how or<br />

by hiring a skilled professional. Voice<br />

control is the latest way to add handsfree<br />

functionality and can be part of<br />

a larger smart home system. It is fast<br />

becoming the most popular way to<br />

improve a home’s wellness potential.<br />

Faucets<br />

Kitchen faucets are among the most<br />

popular hands-free offerings, for good<br />

reason. They’re among the surfaces<br />

your entire household repeatedly<br />

touches throughout the day. Reducing<br />

germs there, (including foodborne<br />

varieties while preparing meat for dinner),<br />

can cut down on a lot of shared<br />

illness in a household.<br />

Since most hands-free faucets<br />

don’t include temperature control or<br />

adjustment, voice-controlled models<br />

with that capability are the best bet<br />

for cold reduction. (There’s even one<br />

on the market that will time the CDC’s<br />

recommended 20-second handwash<br />

cycle.)<br />

1<br />

68 housetrends.com

2<br />

Voice control also adds the convenience of remote measuring and easy operation when your<br />

hands are full; you can tell the faucet to pour two cups of water, or another quantity needed for<br />

your recipe without having to grab your reading glasses.<br />

There are hands-free faucets for bathrooms too, but voice-controlled models have been slow to<br />

reach that space. (It’s likely that they will once manufacturers get past the backlog on fulfilling<br />

existing orders.)<br />

Lighting<br />

This isn’t about clapping your table lamp on and off, but it has the same potential to light up a<br />

room or walk path without touching a switch. That too has germ-reducing benefits. It also adds<br />

safety when you can turn on a light without fumbling for a switch in the dark. This capacity will<br />

be helpful at the entrance to all of your home’s shared spaces.<br />

Those can include kitchen, living, dining or great room, and bedrooms and bathrooms used by<br />

more than one household member. You can opt for voice control or install a hands-free “wave”<br />

activated switch at key points individually. They work similarly to the hand sensors in public<br />

restrooms, but with more style.<br />

3<br />

1 The Thermador Column Refrigerator<br />

features Open Door Assist allowing you<br />

to open the refrigerator door with a<br />

gentle push. Photo courtesy of Thermador.<br />

2 Miele’s Knock2open technology allows<br />

the dishwasher to open by knocking<br />

twice on the front panel. Photo courtesy of<br />

Miele. 3 Turn lights on or off with a simple<br />

wave with the Adorne Wave Switch from<br />

Legrand.<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 69

Toilets<br />

No one likes to think about the germs living on their toilets, but their handles<br />

are one mechanism that can be swapped out for hands-free operation to remove<br />

germ-spreading potential. This is a worthwhile fixture choice for powder rooms<br />

in homes that see frequent social gatherings, and in shared hall baths.<br />

Cabinetry<br />

There’s cabinetry hardware that can open doors and drawers without touching<br />

them as well. Touch-latch openers are the easiest to add and are widely available.<br />

There are more elaborate electronic and mechanical systems available for those<br />

who are building or remodeling.<br />

1<br />

70 housetrends.com

Appliances<br />

If you’re replacing any of your kitchen<br />

appliances, you can look for models<br />

with hands-free opening. Dishwashers<br />

and refrigerators are among the easiest<br />

to change—shortages notwithstanding—and<br />

both are available this<br />

way. There are some wall ovens too.<br />

As this trend increases, there will<br />

likely be a broader selection.<br />

Easy Swap<br />

One of the easiest items to replace<br />

with a hands-free substitute is a soap<br />

dispenser. You can add one to each<br />

shared bathroom, utility room and<br />

kitchen sink. No installation required!<br />

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC is a<br />

Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and<br />

the author of three books on design and<br />

remodeling, including Wellness by Design: A<br />

Room-by-Room Guide to Optimizing Your<br />

Home for Health, Fitness and Happiness<br />

(Tiller Press, 2020).<br />

2<br />

1 In addition to many other handy attributes, the TOTO<br />

Washlet offers an automatic open and close lid. Photo<br />

courtesy of TOTO. 2 Omega Cabinetry's Touchless Trash<br />

Can Unit can be opened and closed with the tap of a<br />

foot. 3 A hands-free soap dispenser can be added during<br />

a remodel, or a countertop version can be added with<br />

no installation necessary.<br />


Custom Distributors, Inc.<br />

legrand.us, mieleusa.com,<br />

moen.com, omegacabinetry.com,<br />

thermador.com, totousa.com<br />

3<br />

housetrends magazine <strong>2021</strong> 71

advertiser index<br />

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