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Issue #68 October 2021

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2 Serveitup July 2021


Dear Junior Tennis Players,

We at Serveitup think, that understaanding branding

is extremely important to every junior tennis players.

As a junior tennis player, there is already so much you

have to consider, like whether you just want tennis to

get you into your dream college, or are you pursuing

it seriously to become a professional tennis player?

You should firstly consider, that all these things will

eventually come to an end, but your life will continue,

long after your tennis career comes to an end.

That is why it’s imperative for you to seriously think

about branding yourself. Branding yourself can certainly

secure your future. This issue provides important

information for players to brand themselves.

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All articles are written by the publisher

Wesley Baptiste unless otherwise noted.

Our Credo

Serveitup is the quintessential junior tennis magazine. We intend

to promote and showcase only junior tennis players 18 and under.

Serveitup lays claim to the fact that we are real junior tennis.

Serveitup is the most unique, dynamic, cutting-edge junior tennis

publication on the planet. Our vision at Serveitup, is to transport

you every month, on an exciting journey into the remarkable lives

of real junior tennis players. We will tell their stories and reveal

who they are. You will know about their Lifestyles, Fashion, Tournaments,

Health & Fitness, Achievements, Equipment, Instructions,

Goals, Passions, Training Methods, Travel and much more, before

they become the next tennis superstars.

We will strive for excellence in every issue. Every publication will

be specifically designed to deliver the most relevant resources to

educate, motivate, empower, showcase and interact with all junior

tennis players. We will chronicle the lives of the junior players, as

they begin their pursuit into that elite world of tennis stardom.

For this reason Serveitup is totally free and 100% juniors. We will

promote junior tennis players, whether they play the junior circuit

or the pro level. We intend to affect junior tennis globally by getting

Serveitup into the hands of current and future junior tennis

players. That makes Serveitup a must read for every player... and

their parents? So get all your photos and content ready, and send

them to


October 2021


Exactly What Is

A Brand.


Build Brand With

Social Media.

in this issue









Decide What Is

Your Brand.

Come Up With A

Good Slogan.

Carefully Choose

Brand Words.

Design A Unique


Carefully Choose

Colors And Fonts.

Surround Yourself

With A Team.

Use Social Media


Build A Website.


Practice Public


28 Practice




Internet Is


Protect Your


34 Become Bankable.



All Press Is Not

Good Press.

Develop A Brand


40 What Affects

Your Brand.

Exactly What

is a brand

Ekaterina Kislitsyna

Featured on the cover of

Issue #28

A brand is a recognizable name and

logo, that distinguishes you from everyone

else in the marketplace. People

will always perceive you by your

brand, and decide whether or not to

interact or do business with you. It is

like your name or face, it will make an

impression on people.

Anna Tang

Featured on the cover of

Issue #56

Decide What Is

your brand

Know that your brand can’t be everything

to everyone, especially at

the start. Just like there are different

brands, selling different products, like

Apple is different from Nike, it’s very

important to focus on what your brand

is about, and build around that.

Norina Bak-Szabo

Featured on the cover of

Issue #51

Come Up With A

good slogan

Your slogan should be very short

and catchy. Remember you’ve got

just a few words to make a major

impact. Keep in mind that you can

always change your slogan as you

grow. A good slogan will makes a

strong and lasting impression.

Jade Walton

Featured on the cover of

Issue #46

Carefully Choose

brand words

Think of your brand as a person

when choosing brand words . What

kind of person should they be like

in order to attract people to them.

Use descriptive words like honest,

charitable, reliable, trustworthy, etc,

when building and describing your

brand. These words will make your

brand go far, on social media.

Design A

unique logo

Mikaeel Ali

Featured on the cover of

Issue #54

A logo is one of the first things you

should consider when thinking about

creating a brand. It’s will be the face

of your company, and will be everywhere

that your brand exists. Ideally,

you’ll want a logo that’s unique, easy

to identify, and scalable to be able to

work on different sizes.

Ana Candiotto

Featured on the cover of

Issue #26

Carefully Choose

colors & fonts

You’ll need to give a lot of thought,

about how you want your brand to

look, specifically the colors and the

typography. Colors and fonts will define

the look of your brand, and make

you stand out from other competitors,

and avoid any confusion.

Sapir Cohen

Featured on the cover of

Issue #36

Surround Yourself

with a team

Not because it’s your brand, means

that you know everything, and that

you should make the decisions. Surround

yourself with a knowledgable

team, who will give you sound advice,

and manage the affairs of developing

a successful brand. You stick to what

you do best... tennis.


If you are already on social media, and

have followers, use those platforms to

introduce your brand (when it’s ready).

Don’t start promoting your brand until

you have everything in place. It will

reflect badly on your brand, if people

go looking for stuff, and it’s not available.

Having a brand, is different from

having followers.

se Social Media


Jana Zollher

Featured on the cover of

Issue #52

Build A


Sophie Hobson

Featured on the cover of

Issue #45

Eventually you will have to build a

website to support your brand. This

will be the central hub where people

can find your products. So this is not

something that you need to rush out

and do tomorrow. Since this site will

have an e-commerce component, to

sell your products, build it carefully.

Build Brand With

social media

Leila Garrison Hunter

Featured on the cover of

Issue #48

Social media is a brand builder.

You can strengthen your brand by

doing behind-the-scenes videos at

tournaments, some of your practice

sessions, fun videos that show your

personality, what you do in your

downtime. Let your followers feel

like they know you. It is not about

being perfect, it’s about being real

and relatable. That’s building trust.

Gomez Twins

Featured on the cover of

Issue #30

You will win tournaments, and it’s very

important for you to know how to

compose yourself to speak publicly.

Begin by practicing in a mirror. Learn

to make eye contact when you speak,

and if there are any fidgeting quirks

you may have, correct them. It’s very

important how you present yourself.

It can either help or hurt your brand.

Practice Public




Interviewing is part of building your

brand. Be prepared to answer complex

questions. Know that there are

friendly and harsh critics out there.

Learn to be poised in any situation.

Have friends or family ask you questions,

and make sure to interview on

camera to practice being comfortable

on video. The more you practice, the

easier it will eventually become.

Anya Mae Taylor

Featured on the cover of

Issue #63

Internet Is


Remember that the internet is forever,

and be very careful of what

you put online. Whenever you are

about to post something online,

think about your grandkids, or your

grandma seeing it. Is it something

that you would want them to see,

or that you’ll have to explain later

in life? Be mindful about your online


Natalia Fehr

Featured on the cover of

Issue #55


your brand

Samuel Rayner

Featured on the cover of

Issue #37

Being a brand is the most important

thing you can do for your tennis

career either way. Once you

have branded yourself, remember

you are now a brand. From here on,

every move you make should be to

promote and protect your brand

and help it to grow. As Jay Z said, “I

am not a businessman; I am a business,

man!” Remember, you are a

business and a brand. Protect your




Anna Kay Johnston

Featured on the cover of

Issue #32

Sponsors look for the most bankable

athletes to represent them.

They look at your social media. They

check how well known your name

is, in different communities. They

make sure there is not too much

negative Press about you. This lets

them know if you are an excellent

investment for them to make. You,

your brand will want sponsors, so

make sure you are on their radar.

Understand that all press is not

good press. You want people to

be talking about you for the right

reasons. Many athletes have fallen

from grace because of one bad story.

The best thing to do as you grow

your brand, is to have a publicist in

your corner. They handle any lousy

press and fill the media with positive

stories about you.

All Press Is Not

good press

Antonia Vergara

Featured on the cover of

Issue #58

Hanako Kasai

Featured on the cover of

Issue #43

Develop A

brand kit

Put together a brand kit, especially

for the press, PR teams, brand ambassadors,

affiliates, and influencers.

This contains all the information

someone would need to get to know

and promote your brand. Things like

the company name, logo, color palette,

company founders and team,

goals, approved imagery, and even


What Affects

your brand

Everything affects your brand. The way

you dress, speak (profanity), your oncourt

behaviour, online activity, who

you associate with. Basically people

will associate your brand, with your

lifestyle. Also remember that everything

you say, should be pointing

people to your brand, and not to you.

Aaron Uter

Featured on the cover of

Issue #14


Run like the wind

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