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Issue #68 October 2021

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Dear Junior Tennis Players,

We at Serveitup think, that understaanding branding

is extremely important to every junior tennis players.

As a junior tennis player, there is already so much you

have to consider, like whether you just want tennis to

get you into your dream college, or are you pursuing

it seriously to become a professional tennis player?

You should firstly consider, that all these things will

eventually come to an end, but your life will continue,

long after your tennis career comes to an end.

That is why it’s imperative for you to seriously think

about branding yourself. Branding yourself can certainly

secure your future. This issue provides important

information for players to brand themselves.

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All articles are written by the publisher

Wesley Baptiste unless otherwise noted.

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Our Credo

Serveitup is the quintessential junior tennis magazine. We intend

to promote and showcase only junior tennis players 18 and under.

Serveitup lays claim to the fact that we are real junior tennis.

Serveitup is the most unique, dynamic, cutting-edge junior tennis

publication on the planet. Our vision at Serveitup, is to transport

you every month, on an exciting journey into the remarkable lives

of real junior tennis players. We will tell their stories and reveal

who they are. You will know about their Lifestyles, Fashion, Tournaments,

Health & Fitness, Achievements, Equipment, Instructions,

Goals, Passions, Training Methods, Travel and much more, before

they become the next tennis superstars.

We will strive for excellence in every issue. Every publication will

be specifically designed to deliver the most relevant resources to

educate, motivate, empower, showcase and interact with all junior

tennis players. We will chronicle the lives of the junior players, as

they begin their pursuit into that elite world of tennis stardom.

For this reason Serveitup is totally free and 100% juniors. We will

promote junior tennis players, whether they play the junior circuit

or the pro level. We intend to affect junior tennis globally by getting

Serveitup into the hands of current and future junior tennis

players. That makes Serveitup a must read for every player... and

their parents? So get all your photos and content ready, and send

them to

4 Serveitup May 2021


October 2021


Exactly What Is

A Brand.


Build Brand With

Social Media.

in this issue









Decide What Is

Your Brand.

Come Up With A

Good Slogan.

Carefully Choose

Brand Words.

Design A Unique


Carefully Choose

Colors And Fonts.

Surround Yourself

With A Team.

Use Social Media


Build A Website.


Practice Public


28 Practice




Internet Is


Protect Your


34 Become Bankable.



All Press Is Not

Good Press.

Develop A Brand


40 What Affects

Your Brand.

Exactly What

is a brand

Ekaterina Kislitsyna

Featured on the cover of

Issue #28

A brand is a recognizable name and

logo, that distinguishes you from everyone

else in the marketplace. People

will always perceive you by your

brand, and decide whether or not to

interact or do business with you. It is

like your name or face, it will make an

impression on people.

Anna Tang

Featured on the cover of

Issue #56

Decide What Is

your brand

Know that your brand can’t be everything

to everyone, especially at

the start. Just like there are different

brands, selling different products, like

Apple is different from Nike, it’s very

important to focus on what your brand

is about, and build around that.


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