The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 26

Features Saxo Bank's CEO and Founder, Kim Fournais on the cover, and inside are more exciting events from our global offices and members.

Features Saxo Bank's CEO and Founder, Kim Fournais on the cover, and inside are more exciting events from our global offices and members.


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Founder and CEO,<br />

Saxo Bank<br />


ISSUE <strong>26</strong> | SEP - OCT 2021

Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

We are delighted to welcome you to the <strong>26</strong>th edition of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, your gateway<br />

to the latest news in the world of luxury.<br />

Our front cover features Kim Fournais, the Founder and CEO of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> member Saxo Bank. An<br />

exclusive feature about the latest trends in investment may also be found inside.<br />

<strong>The</strong> spotlight story inside is a feature about <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> African Art Series – a series of exhibitions<br />

created in response to the increasing interest and appetite for contemporary African Art, both in the capital<br />

and globally. We are delighted to introduce the inaugural event in partnership with the prestigious Bvlgari Hotel<br />

London.<br />

Some of this issue’s special features include an exclusive wild game and truffle dinner hosted by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> New Zealand, the new high jewelry collection Magnifica by Bvlgari, the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar,<br />

the Bentley Home collection for 2021, and the Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic collaboration for pure sound<br />

sophistication.<br />

Watch out for the next issues, as we take you on to a deeper journey to explore more detailed topics that cover<br />

a range of top-notch brands from the luxury industry. We will be featuring the upcoming launch of our digital<br />

education platform <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Academy and some of the exciting projects that our global members<br />

and <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> international offices are working on.<br />

On behalf of the editorial team, we wish you safe days ahead.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

@faresghattas<br />


112<br />




highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>26</strong> | Sep - Oct 2021<br />


12<br />

30<br />

36<br />

52<br />

64<br />

70<br />

Bvlgari Unveils Magnifica<br />

Invest in what Matters to You<br />

Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar<br />



Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic have unveiled a<br />

distinctive collection of sound tools to offer you the<br />

luxury of peerless sound everywhere you go.<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Airship Offers Rides to the North Pole<br />

Drawing inspiration from iconic Lamborghini designs,<br />

the New York-based premium audio brand Master &<br />

Dynamic has developed sophisticated True Wireless<br />

Earphones and Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones<br />

with the iconic Lamborghini hexagon and Y<br />

patterns and advanced Bluetooth technology that will<br />

satisfy even the most performance-focused consumer.<br />

Kenzo Homme Eau de Toilette Intense<br />

Paris Saint-Germain Get Dressed Up in Dior<br />

10mm Beryllium drivers guaranteeing brill<br />

and are housed in a stainless steel charging<br />

viding 40 hours of play time.<br />

<strong>The</strong> collection is crafted from the finest m<br />

cluding Alcantara®, sapphire glass, Italian a<br />

odized aluminum, and stainless steel, and sp<br />

different signature Lamborghini liveries of<br />

al, light grey and yellow Alcantara; black m<br />

and yellow Alcantara; and black metal, blac<br />

Alcantara.<br />

72<br />

80<br />

86<br />

94<br />

102<br />

<strong>The</strong> MW65 ANC Wireless Over Ear Headphones feature<br />

two Active Noise-Cancelling modes, 24 hours of battery<br />

life and Bluetooth 5.0 with a 30m/100ft connection.<br />

While the MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones feature<br />

Spotlight on Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Haute Couture<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bentley Home Collection for 2021<br />

Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic<br />

Champagne Carbon for Bugatti<br />

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon<br />

toast theır partnershıp<br />

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have more<br />

in common than just their homeland, the<br />

Grand Est region of France. As pioneers in<br />

their industries, they translate the knowledge<br />

and expertise gathered over their<br />

proud histories into an innovative present<br />

and future, always striving for perfection<br />

and to push their own boundaries in<br />

everything they do. ‘At the crossroad of tradition<br />

and modernity, excellence and technology,<br />

Bugatti never makes compromises.<br />

We feel the same about our Champagne’,<br />

explains Alexandre Mea, CEO of Champagne<br />

Carbon. That is why Carbon has created<br />

the new ‘ B.01’ to mark the 110th birthday<br />

of Bugatti.<br />

An Exclusive Wild Game and Truffle Dinner<br />

E<br />

Stylish design and advanced technology com<br />

to create the perfect sound for the perfect c

ufacturer of the world’s largest vehicle, Hybrid Air Vehicles.<br />

OceanSky’s founders have a solid background in the aer<br />

and transport industry and have, among other things, succ<br />

completed conversion and certification projects for cargo a<br />

In order for new, ultra-efficient technologies such as L<br />

Than-Air technology, electric airplanes and alternatives<br />

A1 fuel to be able to go from prototype level to market.<br />

Sky focuses on the high-end experiential THE travel BENT market, a<br />

of the travel industry that continues to exceed expectat<br />

growth. This sector can fund, drive and implement new<br />

gy-efficient, more sustainable technologies.<br />

ATTI<br />

Creating change by promoting the use of<br />

alternative aircraft.<br />

By collaborating with manufacturers of electric aviation a<br />

vehicles, OceanSky provides exposure to new energy-e<br />

B.01<br />

alternatives in the aviation industry.<br />

Champagne<br />

E<br />

B.02<br />

Champagne<br />

E<br />

E<br />

<strong>The</strong> “ B.02” came in celebration of the oneyear<br />

anniversary of the record set by the<br />

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, which in<br />

2019 was the first series production car to<br />

break the 300-mile barrier, reaching a top<br />

speed of 304.773 mph.<br />

This limited-edition cuvée Champagne<br />

comprises an excellent 2006 vintage blanc<br />

de blancs Grand Cru carrying aromas of acacia,<br />

grilled bread, almonds, and hazelnuts. A<br />

deep gold color and millions of bubbles complete<br />

the experience. <strong>The</strong> bottle packaging is<br />

the ultimate reference to the unique design<br />

and colors of the Chiron Super Sport 300+,<br />

representing an equally unique lifestyle. <strong>The</strong><br />

EB.02 is a new, extraordinary opportunity<br />

for wine enthusiasts to extend their collection<br />

with a truly one-of-a-kind selection.<br />

E<br />

Consisting of 90% C<br />

Pinot Noir, ‘ B.01’<br />

time for the celebrat<br />

anniversary. Champ<br />

ed its unparalleled e<br />

and the utmost prec<br />

of this unique, highpagne.<br />

Only grapes f<br />

guished terroirs of C<br />

<strong>The</strong> vintage of this<br />

was a very bright o<br />

Bentley Motors and Be<br />

working at full speed<br />

ent their latest colla<br />

vival and the Veyron,<br />

Four bold new furnit<br />

in the Grand Est regi<br />

each featuring a carefully<br />

weather conditions f<br />

materials and finishes tha<br />

Champagne flavour<br />

and fine craft. <strong>The</strong> Aldfor<br />

particular vintage ha<br />

Loveseat and the Styal D<br />

from the Carbon win<br />

lacquered finish and an<br />

mum maturity.<br />

from marble powder amon<br />

Defined by precious and<br />

the desire to push craftsm<br />

Bentley Home Collection<br />

the brand, aligned to the<br />

to be the most sustainab<br />

the world. Strong, distinc<br />

characterise the new fur<br />

lombo in close collaborat<br />

introduce Bentley Home’s<br />

new MARM \ MORE® ma<br />


Degradé lacquering is ke<br />

the 2021 Bentley Home C<br />

of quintessential luxury t<br />

instantly recognisable. D<br />

bly intricate and comple

“Disruption is the<br />

only way the luxury<br />

industry can evolve.”<br />

- Sascha Lilic<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Academy is an educational<br />

initiative to individuals who are interested<br />

in joining the growing community of the luxury<br />

industry. In times of downsizing, global unemployment,<br />

and never-ending quality pressures,<br />

the need for protecting high standards in marketing<br />

sectors is being compromised.

Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



Heart racing, tarmac scorching, the wheels scream<br />

into life. When visionary engineers meet incredible<br />

watchmakers, iconic timepieces are born.<br />

3, 2, 1: Introducing the new Excalibur Spider Pirelli, the<br />

first Roger Dubuis fully versatile timepiece fuelled by<br />

adrenaline and crafted with winning motorsport tyre<br />

rubber. <strong>The</strong> latest Roger Dubuis innovation to emerge<br />

from an exclusive collaboration with Pirelli, Excalibur<br />

Spider Pirelli shows what happens when the finest<br />

minds from different industries come together to share<br />

their unrivalled know-how, breakthrough research and<br />

boundless creativity. Driven by a desire to create adrenaline-charged<br />

masterpieces for a fearless tribe, serial<br />

innovator Roger Dubuis and motorsport performance<br />

pioneer Pirelli present the newest interpretation of the<br />

Excalibur Spider collection, which sees iconic calibres<br />

heightened by interchangeable straps that features<br />

rubber inlays from certified race winning Pirelli tyres.<br />

Pit Stop, each element of the new Excalibur Spider Pirelli<br />

is interchangeable, from strap to crown and bezel –<br />

all with a simple click. A Roger Dubuis world-premiere,<br />

not only is this an extremely customisable timepiece, it<br />

also features innovative lock technology. With an uncompromising<br />

focus on a clicking sensation and sound<br />

both reassuring and thrilling, the Quick Release System<br />

on the strap and crown is now taken to the next level at<br />

the bezel, with a precise position alignment that fixes<br />

the clock with one click. A click that tells you it’s time to<br />

go. When suddenly you’ve accelerated beyond the limits–<br />

ahead of the game.<br />




On the road to victory, a few seconds is crucial. It makes<br />

all the difference. Inspired by the renowned motorsport<br />

<strong>The</strong> Excalibur Spider Pirelli is an adrenaline-charged<br />

mechanical masterpiece. With a calibre that includes<br />

Roger Dubuis’ first automatic skeleton, the transparent<br />

view of its self-winding movement is held directly<br />

on the inimitable Roger Dubuis star. It also features<br />

a micro-rotor, one reduced to its strict essence at 11<br />

o’clock, turning seamlessly with that of the wrist. <strong>The</strong><br />

perfect balance of weight to wind the RD820SQ is further<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

in red, white or blue – the iconic Pirelli colour codes –<br />

the Excalibur Spider Pirelli transforms from full black<br />

to a pop of bold colour in a click. Petrolheads take<br />

note! Available in a limited run of just 88 kits per colourway,<br />

these are timepieces crafted from race-winning<br />

tyres for the wrists of life’s winners. Brimming<br />

with racing design codes, the inner design of the<br />

strap displays the recognisable Pirelli CinturatoTM<br />

Intermediate pattern and the additional colour kits<br />

are thicker than the base bezel to mirror the look and<br />

feel of the distinctive Pirelli tyres, those that squeal<br />

on their way to the finish line.<br />

achieved through the use of innovative materials, such<br />

as DLC Titanium, both lighter and more luxurious than<br />

stainless steel. As notorious for avant-garde aesthetics<br />

as for traditional craftsmanship, Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur<br />

Automatic Skeleton is a signature of the Maison.<br />

Of the hundreds of hours of manufacturing time for<br />

this 45mm timepiece, as much of a third of this time<br />

is devoted specifically to the prestigious Poinçon de<br />

Genève, with each and every component carefully finished<br />

by hand at the Roger Dubuis Manufacture in Geneva.<br />

Equipped with a 60-hour power reserve, this impressive<br />

feat of mechanical engineering is just a further<br />

example of the horological boldness of the Maison.<br />



Just like in motorsports, it takes a team effort to make it<br />

easier, faster and simpler than ever before to switch gears<br />

and customise a timepiece. Now with three additional kits<br />

What if a click was all the impetus needed to trigger<br />

change? A provocative sound resonating with the craziest<br />

minds, pushing them to act? Effortlessly interchangeable,<br />

this is a click that changes the game entirely,<br />

one that empowers those who hear it to experience<br />

the world exactly the way they want. Epitomising its<br />

larger than life attitude, Roger Dubuis believes wearing<br />

a strap made of Pirelli winning tyres is what will get<br />

troublemakers beyond the finishing line. So heat up the<br />

engine and get ready to live life in the fast lane. Ready<br />

to feel the thrill?<br />

#NoRulesOurGame<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



With a message of joy and creativity, Bvlgari<br />

unveiled MAGNIFICA, its new High Jewelry<br />

and High-End Watches collection, during an<br />

event organized in Milan, the Italian capital of luxury<br />

and fashion, paying tribute to the Milanese people,<br />

and to the courage they showed during the Covid-19<br />

pandemic.<br />

With the new Magnifica collection, the Roman Maison<br />

created the most extraordinary combination ever of<br />

exceptional gems, unrivaled craftsmanship, and bold<br />

design, reaching unprecedented pinnacles of excellence<br />

and beauty.<br />

Counting more than 350 designs, 122 of wich are new,<br />

Magnifica is the most precious high jewelry collection<br />

that Bvlgari has ever created.<br />

Splendid examples of ultimate lightness and suppleness,<br />

these designs are versatile, convertible, and were<br />

conceived to be worn in different ways. It is a modern<br />

concept for High Jewelry excellence. <strong>The</strong> Magnifica<br />

collection encompasses an extraordinary selection<br />

of High Jewelry masterpieces and watches. It magnificently<br />

epitomizes the Roman Maison’s DNA and its<br />

137 years of experience and expertise in working with<br />

the rarest and most precious gems that are discovered<br />

around the world by the Roman jeweler.<br />

Amongst these extraordinary gemstones, there is the<br />

fourth largest spinel in the world and most beautiful<br />

quality-wise: a magnificent polished Colombian emerald<br />

cabochon is nested between the jaws of a sublime<br />

snake, which creates an alluring sense of movement.<br />

In addition, five marvelous oval Paraiba tourmalines<br />

echo the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean<br />

Sea, around Italy’s Sardinia Island. <strong>The</strong>se cushion-cut<br />

gemstones are the rarest in the world and exude a refreshing<br />

sense of purity.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

<strong>The</strong>se unparalleled gifts of nature are glorified by Bvlgari<br />

artisans’ incredible craftsmanship. <strong>The</strong>ir skilled<br />

and inventive hands transform creative ideas into<br />

impressive three-dimensional high jewelry artworks,<br />

which in some cases require up to 2,500 hours of<br />

handwork. Indeed, artisans cut and craft, without the<br />

help of any computers, each component of what will<br />

become a perfect, everlasting, and unique piece of art.<br />

Thanks to this splendid collection, Bvlgari reaches new<br />

heights in jewel mastery and expresses its bold and<br />

timeless creativity.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />




“Love is the diamond that the jewelry and art decorate.” --<strong>The</strong> Carters<br />

Tiffany & Co. announced today that powerhouse<br />

couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z will star in its latest<br />

campaign celebrating modern love. Synonymous<br />

with the world’s greatest love stories since 1837, Tiffany’s<br />

debut of “ABOUT LOVE” marks the latest evolution<br />

of the luxury jeweler’s new creative direction. <strong>The</strong> campaign<br />

is the result of a close collaboration and a shared<br />

vision between both the Carters and Tiffany & Co.<br />

“Beyoncé and JAY-Z are the epitome of the modern<br />

love story. As a brand that has always stood for love,<br />

strength and self-expression, we could not think of a<br />

more iconic couple that better represents Tiffany’s values.<br />

We are honored to have the Carters as a part of the<br />

Tiffany family.” —Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice<br />

President of Product & Communications<br />

As the first time the couple has appeared in a campaign<br />

together, “ABOUT LOVE” is an exploration of connection<br />

and vulnerability. <strong>The</strong> Carters’ love story is illuminated<br />

by the iconic Tiffany Diamond and set against<br />

the backdrop of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Equals Pi<br />

(1982).* As part of a private collection from its creation<br />

until now, this campaign marks the work of art’s first<br />

public appearance, propelling Tiffany’s long-standing<br />

tradition of working with New York creatives forward.<br />

Ushering in a new brand identity, this campaign embodies<br />

the beauty of love through time and all its diverse<br />

facets, forging a new vision of love today.<br />

Worn in a campaign for the first time in history, the<br />

Tiffany Diamond weighs 128.54 carats and boasts an<br />

unprecedented 82 facets. Seen on Beyoncé throughout<br />

“ABOUT LOVE,” it is considered among the most<br />

important gemstone discoveries<br />

of the 19th century. Unearthed<br />

in 1877 in the Kimberley<br />

Mines of South Africa,<br />

founder Charles Lewis Tiffany<br />

purchased the rough diamond<br />

in 1878, solidifying the<br />

brand’s reputation as a diamond<br />

authority. House icons<br />

including designs from Jean<br />

Schlumberger and the Tiffany<br />

T collection are also featured<br />

throughout. Most notably,<br />

JAY-Z wears Jean Schlumberger’s<br />

legendary Bird on a<br />

Rock brooch, reconstructed<br />

as a pair of one-of-a-kind cuff<br />

links. Jean Schlumberger was<br />

best known for dressing high<br />

society’s elite in the 1960s and<br />

‘70s, so it is appropriate that<br />

his unmistakable designs live<br />

out his legacy on one of today’s<br />

greatest creative forces.<br />

A film by acclaimed director Emmanuel Adjei has also<br />

been created and features a musical performance of<br />

the classic song “Moon River.” Made famous in the<br />

1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the iconic tune is reimagined<br />

with vocals by Beyoncé, captured by JAY-Z<br />

on a Super 8 camera. <strong>The</strong> couple selected the Orum<br />

House in Los Angeles to serve as the setting for the<br />

film, in which nostalgic flashbacks are interwoven with<br />

cinematic, dreamlike visuals. Basquiat’s Equals Pi ap-<br />


pears once again as a common Tiffany Blue® thread<br />

throughout the narrative. <strong>The</strong> accompanying “ABOUT<br />

LOVE” print campaign was shot by Mason Poole and<br />

styled by June Ambrose and Marni Senofonte.<br />

“ABOUT LOVE” reflects Tiffany’s continued support<br />

of underrepresented communities. As a part of the<br />

house’s partnership with the Carters, Tiffany & Co. is<br />

proud to pledge a USD $2 million commitment towards<br />

scholarship and internship programs for Historically<br />

Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Additional<br />

details on this initiative are forthcoming.<br />

“ABOUT LOVE” launches globally in print on September<br />

2. <strong>The</strong> accompanying film will launch on Tiffany.<br />

com September 15 and will be amplified through global<br />

media activations. <strong>The</strong> campaign will further unfold<br />

later this year with additional films created by<br />

acclaimed director Dikayl Rimmasch and second unit<br />

director, Derek Milton.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



With their eye-catching<br />

colors and luminescence,<br />

these watches evoke the<br />

intoxicating vibes of summer, marine<br />

life, and lush greenery.<br />

“This colorful and exclusive new<br />

capsule collection – to be produced<br />

for a limited time only – is aimed<br />

at more fashion-forward women of<br />

action, purpose, and style,” notes<br />

Breitling CEO Georges Kern.<br />

Available in three distinctive versions,<br />

the Chronomat Automatic<br />

36 South Sea Capsule Collection<br />

is the spirited sister of Breitling’s<br />

latest Chronomat for Women. This<br />

elegantly modern, retro-inspired<br />

watch is for ladies looking to stand<br />

out from the crowd. It symbolizes<br />

competence and effortless style<br />

with a breezy twist.<br />

<strong>The</strong> timepieces in the new Chronomat<br />

Automatic 36 South Sea<br />

Capsule Collection feature special<br />

lacquered dials in beige, midnight<br />

blue, and mint green, as well as<br />

matching alligator straps with folding<br />

clasps. Especially striking are<br />

the golden indexes and hands, not<br />

to mention the diamond-set hour<br />

markers and cocktail-hued gemset<br />

bezels.<br />

On the technical side, these Swissmade<br />

beauties are powered by the<br />

Breitling Caliber 10, a COSC-certified<br />

chronometer that offers a<br />

power reserve of approximately 42<br />

hours.<br />

Get DREST<br />

<strong>The</strong> delightful Chronomat Automatic<br />

36 South Sea Capsule Collection<br />

is also a perfect fit for Breitling<br />

partner DREST, the world’s first<br />


interactive luxury fashion mobile<br />

game. This highly immersive game<br />

puts players in the role of fashion<br />

stylists choosing clothing and accessories<br />

from over 200 leading<br />

global fashion brands.<br />

<strong>The</strong> second Breitling–DREST mood<br />

board challenge – based on the new<br />

Chronomat Automatic 36 South<br />

Sea Capsule Collection – goes live<br />

on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at<br />

12:00 noon GMT, and will run for<br />

three days (72 hours).<br />

As with all the other fashion items<br />

featured in DREST, there is the option<br />

for users to seamlessly shop<br />

the Breitling pieces they have<br />

played and competed with in the<br />

game – creating a fun and interactive<br />

modern-day shopping experience.<br />

A Nod to Tradition<br />

Since the 1940s, Breitling has created<br />

a variety of dedicated women’s<br />

models. <strong>The</strong>re was the delicate ladies’<br />

TransOcean, called the “most<br />

wonderful expression of Breitling<br />

precision” back in 1957. <strong>The</strong> Lady<br />

J made a bold statement in the<br />

1990s, before the Galactic brought<br />

a “blend of refined luxury and uncompromising<br />

technical sophistication”<br />

in 2010. More recent women’s<br />

timepieces include the iconic<br />

Navitimer 35 and 38 and the sporty<br />

Superocean 36.<br />

<strong>The</strong> original 1984 Chronomat<br />

helped signal the rebirth of the<br />

Swiss watch industry, and it has inspired<br />

many more timepieces over<br />

the past four decades – including<br />

women’s models.<br />

Today, the modern-retro watches<br />

of the Chronomat for Women collection<br />

shine the spotlight on confident<br />

and versatile women.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG<br />

have launched the<br />

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition<br />

“AMG”. This timepiece is the<br />

latest product to celebrate the partnership<br />

that has linked the Swiss<br />

luxury watchmaker and the German<br />

car manufacturer since 2004.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph<br />

in titanium is powered<br />

by the IWC-manufactured 69385<br />

calibre movement and features a<br />

carbon fibre dial. IWC unveiled the<br />

new edition during a webcast conversation<br />

with IWC CEO Christoph<br />

Grainger-Herr, Mercedes-AMG<br />

CEO Philipp Schiemer and shared<br />

brand ambassador and racing driver<br />

Maro Engel.<br />

<strong>The</strong> long-standing collaboration<br />

between the Swiss luxury watchmaker<br />

and the performance and<br />

sports car brand Mercedes-AMG, is<br />

grounded in many common values,<br />

including the pursuit of technical<br />

perfection and uncompromising<br />

quality. Both companies were created<br />

by visionaries with bold ideas.<br />

18<br />

In 1868, Florentine Ariosto Jones<br />

combined traditional craftsmanship<br />

with advanced industrial technology<br />

to redefine watchmaking in<br />

Switzerland. In 1967 in Grossaspach,<br />

Germany, Hans Werner Aufrecht<br />

and Erhard Melcher established<br />

AMG with a visionary concept of<br />

incorporating cutting-edge racing<br />

technology into road-going series<br />

vehicles.<br />

“IWC Schaffhausen and Mercedes-AMG<br />

share both a passion for<br />

performance and design, as well as<br />

a commitment to engineering excellence<br />

down to the smallest detail.<br />

Over the last 17 years of our<br />

partnership, IWC and AMG have<br />

shared exhilarating moments in<br />

motorsport and beyond and we have<br />

created many lasting memories for<br />

our clients. Today we are proud to<br />

introduce Mercedes-AMG as a permanent<br />

feature of our Pilot‘s Watch<br />

Collection, starting with the Pilot‘s<br />

Watch Chronograph Edition “AMG”,<br />

Christoph Grainger-Herr, CEO of<br />

IWC Schaffhausen<br />

“<strong>The</strong> partnership between Mercedes-AMG<br />

and IWC has all the<br />

components that are needed for<br />

a successful and long-lasting collaboration.<br />

It’s very rare to come<br />

across a company and people with<br />

so many common interests and<br />

values. Our commitment to craftsmanship<br />

of the highest level and<br />

our pursuit of emotional product<br />

experiences is what has united us<br />

since 2004 – and the Pilot‘s Watch<br />

Chronograph Edition “AMG” once<br />

again underlines our strong partnership,”<br />

said Philipp Schiemer,<br />

CEO of Mercedes-AMG.<br />

Crafted from automotive engineering<br />

materials, the Pilot’s Watch<br />

Chronograph Edition “AMG” (Ref.<br />

IW377903) is IWC‘s first 43mm

Pilot‘s Watch Chronograph featuring<br />

the IWC-manufactured 69385 calibre,<br />

as well as the first Pilot‘s Watch<br />

Chronograph with a case made of<br />

extremely light and scratch-resistant<br />

titanium. <strong>The</strong> Grade 5 titanium<br />

finish gives the watch its matte<br />

grey appearance, inspired by AMG‘s<br />

signature Selenite Grey Magno<br />

paint finish. <strong>The</strong> dial features precisely<br />

woven carbon fibre, a material<br />

directly derived from AMG‘s<br />

aero components. <strong>The</strong>se parts are<br />

produced in a complex process involving<br />

heat and pressure and are<br />

known for their remarkable lightness<br />

and rigidity. <strong>The</strong> raw material<br />

is continuous carbon fibres, which<br />

are processed on weaving machines<br />

into textile structures, giving the<br />

end product its characteristic woven<br />

“carbon look”. <strong>The</strong> black carbon dial<br />

provides the perfect contrast to the<br />

silver chronograph sub-dials, reminiscent<br />

of motorsport instruments.<br />

Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

<strong>The</strong> all-around performance watch<br />

is powered by the IWC-manufactured<br />

calibre 69385, a robust and<br />

precise chronograph movement<br />

that enables stop time measurements<br />

of up to 12 hours. <strong>The</strong> chronograph<br />

function is controlled by a<br />

column wheel, an intricate component<br />

with two functional levels. <strong>The</strong><br />

Mercedes-AMG logo is emblazoned<br />

on the tinted sapphire crystal case<br />

back. <strong>The</strong> timepiece is fitted with a<br />

black embossed calf leather strap<br />

with contrast stitching and folding<br />

clasp.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition<br />

“AMG” was unveiled at a webcast<br />

hosted by Philipp Schiemer<br />

and Christoph Grainger-Herr. Both<br />

elaborated on their passion for racing,<br />

the values both brands share,<br />

and the sustainable future of watchmaking<br />

and mobility. <strong>The</strong>y were<br />

joined by Maro Engel, who brought<br />

in the perspective of a professional<br />

racing driver. <strong>The</strong> IWC brand ambassador<br />

is also a Mercedes-AMG<br />

factory driver and has an in-depth<br />

knowledge of both companies.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

ARNOLD & SON<br />





Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

After presenting the Luna Magna, Arnold<br />

& Son set out to create a series of<br />

high-end jewellery interpretations of its<br />

three-dimensional moon model. In addition to<br />

the technical feat of placing a mechanical star<br />

measuring 12mm inside a watch, this piece displays<br />

superlative jewel-setting ability, both in<br />

the stones and techniques used. With paved<br />

and invisibly-set precious stones, Arnold & Son<br />

have applied their exceptional know-how to<br />

creating eight Luna Magna Ultimate I watches.<br />

Poetic and rare, they reveal an outstanding level<br />

of detail.<br />

High altitude<br />

Only the most precious materials are used in<br />

the Luna Magna Ultimate I limited series. <strong>The</strong><br />

case, measuring 44mm in diameter, is made<br />

of white gold and set with 7.62 carats of the<br />

highest quality diamonds. <strong>The</strong>se include 20 baguette-cut<br />

diamonds on the case’s lugs, cut one<br />

by one to fit the unique shape of each mount.<br />

White orbit<br />

A fine ring resembling the ring around Saturn<br />

constitutes the bezel, orbiting the Luna Magna<br />

Ultimate I case. It contains 112 baguette-cut<br />

diamonds totalling 5.90 carats. Light can enter<br />

freely, just as it would an open prism, thanks to<br />

the dual-row invisible setting which allows for<br />

radiance beyond compare.<br />

A watch face featuring<br />

ruthenium crystals and a<br />

dial made of white opal. A<br />

bezel set with baguette-cut<br />

diamonds. A three-dimensional<br />

moon paved with<br />

blue sapphires and diamonds.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first chapter of<br />

the Luna Magna Ultimate<br />

series illustrates light,<br />

astronomical precision and<br />

the truly exceptional.<br />

Blanket of blue<br />

<strong>The</strong> material used to make the watch face itself<br />

is just as exceptional, owing to its rarity. Hundreds<br />

of pure ruthenium crystals make up that<br />

sparkling blue façade. This extremely hard metal<br />

belongs to the platinum group, which means<br />

they are found together in the same ore. Separating<br />

them is a complex process that makes<br />

ruthenium ten times rarer. Here, it has been<br />

reshaped into crystals which are placed on the<br />

face plate before being blued.<br />


22<br />

Bits of<br />


Iridescent display<br />

Within the circle of blue radiance lies a dial in<br />

the conventional sense, featuring twelve Roman<br />

numeral markings, the Arnold & Son signature<br />

and the hands. This off-centre subdial owes its<br />

delicate colour to white opal, and its finesse<br />

befits a piece of the finest jewellery such as the<br />

Luna Magna Ultimate I.<br />

Double hemisphere<br />

Beneath the timepiece, the three-dimensional<br />

moon is the standout feature of the Luna Magna<br />

watches. Gem-setting of the utmost intricacy<br />

coats the entire white gold sphere. It is divided<br />

into 161 brilliant-cut diamonds for daytime and<br />

as many blue sapphires for night-time. <strong>The</strong> line<br />

between the two colours is a ripple of blue and<br />

white along the outline of the stones.<br />

Craftsmanship<br />

<strong>The</strong> Luna Magna Ultimate I is made with the<br />

A&S1021 calibre, which is entirely developed,<br />

manufactured, assembled and adjusted inhouse<br />

at Arnold & Son. This hand-wound calibre,<br />

designed around the lunar globe, has a<br />

power reserve of 90 hours and a regulating organ<br />

at a frequency of 3 Hz. As for the case back,<br />

the movement provides a second display for<br />

the lunar phase, featuring easy-to-read graduations<br />

for utmost precision when correcting<br />

the lunar globe.<br />

Precision<br />

<strong>The</strong> sophistication of this celestial mechanism<br />

also lies in its astronomical accuracy. <strong>The</strong><br />

length of a full moon cycle is 29 days, 12 hours,<br />

44 minutes and 2.8 seconds. Arnold & Son has<br />

produced a likeness such that it would take 122<br />

years for the movement to accrue a one-day interval<br />

between the watch display and the true<br />

celestial cycle. Nevertheless, this error is easy<br />

to correct given that the lunar function on the<br />

Luna Magna Ultimate I is directly accessible<br />

from the crown. Arnold & Son’s complete mastery<br />

of the watchmaking process allows for this<br />

practical touch.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



“Deep in the desert, a girl danced around a night fire...”<br />

“Taking some glowing embers, she threw<br />

them high up into the air...”<br />


“...where they magically transformed into stars, illuminating the<br />

pitch-black night, like diamonds in the sky.”<br />

Motifs<br />

Striking, sculptural motifs define the collection<br />

— a contemporary reimagining of universally<br />

understood symbols that surround<br />

us in nature.<br />

New Dawn<br />

An explosive sunburst symbolic of life, energy<br />

and power, the New Dawn motif harnesses<br />

the power of the blazing sun.<br />

Graff Gateway<br />

Emblematic of new beginnings and new potential,<br />

the Graff Gateway is a contemporary<br />

vision of timelessness linking the past and<br />

the future, the Earth and the stars.<br />

Night Moon<br />

A perfect half-moon symbolic of clarity and<br />

reflection, this modern reimagining of an<br />

iconic motif shines bright in jewels that enchant<br />

with their talismanic beauty.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />


Tourbillon is one of the most important complications introduced to the world of watchmaking since the 18th<br />

century by Abraham Louis Breguet, which was patented in 1801, and this achievement was a great success and<br />

was the most popular among lovers and collectors of complex watches to this day, in this report we highlight<br />

the top 8 versions of the Tourbillon movements announced in 2020.<br />

1.<br />

Breguet Classique Double<br />

Tourbillon 5345 Quai de<br />

l’Horloge<br />

2.<br />

CODE 11.59 by Audemars<br />

Piguet Selfwinding Flying<br />

Tourbillon Chronograph<br />

3.<br />

A. Lange & Söhne<br />

Tourbograph Perpetual<br />

Honeygold “Homage to<br />

F.A. Lange”<br />

4.<br />

Roger Dubuis Excalibur<br />

Superbia<br />

5.<br />

Louis Moinet Pyramid of<br />

Chichén Itzá<br />

6.<br />

MB&F Legacy Machine<br />

FlyingT<br />

7.<br />

Richard Mille 71-02<br />

Automatic Winding<br />

Tourbillon Talisman<br />

8.<br />

BOVET Récital <strong>26</strong><br />

Brainstorm® Chapter<br />

One<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />


WHAT<br />


TO YOU<br />

Kim Fournais<br />

Founder and CEO, Saxo Bank

Follow the<br />

Leader<br />

With the recent report by the United<br />

Nations on Climate Change described<br />

as a ‘code red for humanity’,<br />

more investors may look to tackle<br />

big issues through their portfolio<br />

choices.<br />

Kim Fournais, Founder and CEO<br />

Saxo Bank, gives some background<br />

to ESG’s upward trend.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first eight months of 2021 has<br />

seen an incredible market performance,<br />

with equity markets reaching<br />

all-time highs, and unprecedented<br />

moves (in both directions)<br />

in speculative stocks and cryptocurrencies.<br />

This activity taking place amidst<br />

a global recovery from the Covid<br />

pandemic has offered investors<br />

- including the many retail traders<br />

who chose to take control of<br />

their own investments during one<br />

of the most volatile stock markets<br />

in recent history - an opportunity<br />

to profit from the unprecedented<br />

market moves.<br />

Yet profit is not the only consideration<br />

motivating investors in our<br />

modern world. In recent times, we<br />

have seen a global trend where investors<br />

have actively made choices<br />

that reflect their environmental<br />

principles. A strong drive towards<br />

purpose.<br />

<strong>The</strong> rise of ESG (Environmental,<br />

Social and Corporate Governance)<br />

investment, where non-financial<br />

factors drive investor choice,<br />

shows how the trading and investment<br />

space is changing with the<br />

times.<br />

In modern life, individuals are becoming<br />

increasingly mindful of<br />

their actions and the footprint they<br />

are leaving behind. Our hyperconnected<br />

world is providing individuals<br />

with more information and<br />

choice than ever before. And based<br />

on this information and awareness,<br />

they are looking to make lifestyle<br />

adjustments that can influence the<br />

issues that matter to them.<br />

Some decide to skip long flights<br />

for summer holidays to cut down<br />

on carbon emissions, or to eat less<br />

meat to protect animal welfare and<br />

the climate.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong>/purpose-driven investment<br />

is an extension of this attitude,<br />

where actions back up the conscience.<br />

With the recent UN report on climate<br />

change guaranteeing that<br />

human-caused climate change will<br />

get worse, there is a growing sense<br />

that individuals need to take action.<br />

ESG investment is one way that<br />

investors can bring about change,<br />

and at Saxo Bank, we are taking<br />

a lead in this area – a natural and<br />

obvious next step in democratising<br />

investments.<br />

Investment decisions are some<br />

of the most important decisions<br />

choices we make. Sustainable<br />

and responsible investments are<br />

not only philanthropic and impact-driven<br />

– they can also be real<br />

drivers of profit.<br />

<strong>The</strong>refore, it is crucial that a larger<br />

number of people have access to<br />

the tools and information available.<br />

Saxo Bank’s offering enables investors<br />

to align their savings with the<br />

values they want to promote and<br />

take stakes in the companies that<br />

shape the world while taking more<br />

control of their financial future.<br />

<strong>The</strong> retail trading boom brought<br />

about by the Covid-19 crisis - one<br />

of most volatile and exuberant<br />

stock markets in recent history –<br />

has amplified the trend of citizens<br />

taking control of their own investments.<br />

In this climate, investments and<br />

savings are poised to become ever<br />

more personalised, as people realise<br />

that their portfolios are an opportunity<br />

to deliver a real impact<br />

on the world.<br />

Investing in accordance with personal<br />

beliefs is important, but this<br />

should also be matched with risk<br />

appetite, investment goals and time<br />

horizons.<br />

By offering the right tools, good education<br />

and low prices, we can help<br />

investors to calibrate their savings<br />

to match their own values. In other<br />

words, we can empower clients to<br />

fulfil their financial aspirations and<br />

make an impact to better shape the<br />

world they want to live and thrive in.<br />


A luxury charter yacht for<br />

relaxed exploration or adventure<br />

fishing in New Zealand’s<br />

beautiful Bay of Islands.<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />



Lamborghini presents the Countach LPI 800-4, the<br />

commemorative version celebrating the 50th anniversary<br />

of the iconic model that since 1971 has<br />

revolutionized forever the modern super sports car<br />

scene and inspired everything that has come afterwards,<br />

incarnating the summa of Lamborghini DNA. An<br />

even more visionary and futuristic design characterizes<br />

this new totally reinvented version produced in just 112<br />

units, destined to once again change the rules of the<br />

game and to open the road to a new extraordinary era<br />

of the automotive world.<br />

A name that smacks of amazement<br />

<strong>The</strong> Countach LPI 800-4 is immediately recognizable<br />

as the highest expression of the Countach generation:<br />

proof of the long-lasting impact of the design of the<br />

original model, an iconic model of the ‘80s and symbol<br />

of motoring and the ultra-cool lifestyle. <strong>The</strong> name<br />

Countach – which expresses surprise and amazement<br />

in the Italian Piedmontese dialect, pronounced “Coontach”<br />

– is one of the very few names of Lamborghini<br />

models not associated with bulls.<br />

An unparalleled design<br />

Perfect proportions, futuristic style: the new Countach<br />

LPI 800-4 reinterprets the distinctive silhouette of the<br />

classic model with an even cleaner and essential line,<br />

making it immediately recognizable. Its pure lines, the<br />

rear longitudinal position of the V12, the iconic scissor<br />

doors, the built-in air intakes and the distinctive<br />

“shark gills”, plus the vast assortment of colors ranging<br />

from the heritage hues like Giallo Countach and Impact<br />

White to the contemporary nuances like Viola Pasifae<br />

and Blu Uranus make this specimen the summa of Lamborghini’s<br />

visionary DNA.<br />

Feel the Engine<br />

It boasts not only a breathtaking design, but also performance<br />

of the highest level. <strong>The</strong> 6.5-liter, 780 CV V12<br />

engine of the new Countach, paired with a 48V electric<br />

motor mounted directly on the gearbox to supply<br />

another 34 CV, is the only example of Lamborghini<br />

hybrid architecture able to create a direct connection<br />

between electric motor and wheels and to retain the<br />

pure behavior of the V12, which with its 814 combined<br />

CV makes it possible to reach the extraordinary top<br />

speed of 355 km/h.<br />


Fast as the wind, light like a feather<br />

<strong>The</strong> integral body chassis and all body panels are in carbon<br />

fiber, which provides the optimum solution of lightness<br />

in addition to an exceptional torsional rigidity. In<br />

fact, the Countach LPI 800-4 has a dry weight of 1,595 kg<br />

for a dry weight to power ratio of 1.95 kg/CV. Mobile air<br />

intakes produced by advanced 3D printing technologies<br />

and a photochromatic glass roof – which changes from<br />

matt to transparent with a single click – remind us that<br />

despite its historic inspiration, this car appears as the<br />

postcard of the 21st century automotive future.<br />

Absolute performance<br />

<strong>The</strong> new Countach LPI 800-4 features a four-wheel<br />

drive system optimized for working specifically with all<br />

the new active systems, and rear-wheel steering in<br />

particular, able to ensure high performance even in<br />

situations that entail poor grip. <strong>The</strong> front and rear<br />

shock absorbers of the Countach LPI 800-4 are able<br />

to adapt the behavior of the suspension to the road<br />

conditions and driving mode, which is selected directly<br />

from the 8.4” HDMI center touchscreen that<br />

manages the car’s controls, including Connectivity<br />

and Apple CarPlay.<br />

<strong>The</strong> words of Stephan Winkelmann,<br />

Chairman and CEO of Automobili<br />

Lamborghini<br />

<strong>The</strong> Countach LPI 800-4 made its world debut today<br />

at <strong>The</strong> Quail: A Motorsports Gathering (USA), in a<br />

splendid Bianco Siderale with touches of Blu Perlato<br />

reminiscent of the Countach LP 400 S of Ferruccio<br />

Lamborghini, complete with historic red and black<br />

leather interior.<br />

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili<br />

Lamborghini, commented, “<strong>The</strong> Countach LPI<br />

800-4 is the visionary model of the moment, precisely<br />

like its predecessor. One of the most important<br />

automotive icons, the Countach not only embodies<br />

Lamborghini design and technology, but fully represents<br />

our philosophy, that philosophy able to reinvent<br />

boundaries, attain the unexpected, and access the<br />

extraordinary realm of the dream.”<br />







SPEED 2021<br />

Following the cancellation of last year’s show, Aston<br />

Martin are looking forward to exciting the<br />

crowds this week at Goodwood Festival of Speed<br />

2021, with an array of showstopping activities. With a<br />

long-standing history at Goodwood, the ultra-luxury<br />

British manufacturer is pulling out all the stops to ensure<br />

fans and customers alike are excited and thrilled<br />

at what is set to be one of the biggest public events in<br />

the UK since early 2020.<br />

<strong>The</strong> highly anticipated Aston Martin Valkyrie is due to<br />

make its Goodwood Festival of Speed debut at the show.<br />

<strong>The</strong> crowd will be delighted to see – and hear – Valkyrie<br />

take on the famous Hillclimb past Goodwood House in<br />

the ‘Supercar’ batch. Accelerating from 0-60mph in<br />

under 2.5 seconds and powered by an almighty, naturally<br />

aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine producing 1160bhp,<br />

Valkyrie – which will be driven by Aston Martin Cognizant<br />

Formula OneTM Team driver Lance Stroll on Saturday<br />

– is surely set to be the star of the show.<br />

<strong>The</strong> all new Vantage F1® Edition will also be seen<br />

sprinting up the 1.16-mile course. Based on the Vantage,<br />

Official Safety Car of Formula 1®, with increased<br />

power and enhanced performance and dressed in the<br />

new Satin Aston Martin Racing Green, the Vantage F1®<br />

Edition will certainly command attention both on the<br />

hill and in the Supercar Paddock. <strong>The</strong> V12 Speedster,<br />


one of only 88, will too be present in the latest DBR1<br />

Designer Specification, which pays homage to the legendary<br />

Le Mans winning car. <strong>The</strong> Supercar Paddock<br />

will also host DB11 and DBS Volante while the First<br />

Glance paddock hosts Aston Martin’s highly commended<br />

SUV; DBX which will be driven up the hill by<br />

Aston Martin’s Chief Engineer, Matt Becker.<br />

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

Drivers also include Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers,<br />

EVP and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman and<br />

three-time Le Mans winner Darren Turner who will all<br />

make Hillclimb appearances over the weekend.<br />

As a celebration to mark the brands long-anticipated return<br />

to Formula One® with the Aston Martin Cognizant<br />

Formula OneTM team, and only a week ahead of the<br />

British Grand Prix at Silverstone, an ‘Aston Martin Moment’<br />

will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.<br />

Led by Valkyrie, the Vantage Official Safety Car of Formula<br />

1®, DBX Official Medical Car of Formula 1® and<br />

Vantage F1® Edition will make their way up the famous<br />

Hillclimb along with the brands historic racing heroes,<br />

DBR1 and LM7.<br />

LM7 was one of 3 Aston Martin factory ‘Team Cars’<br />

built for the 1931 season, making its debut at the<br />

Brooklands JCC Double Twelve, followed by Le Mans<br />

– and has raced almost continuously since it was<br />

built, including in the annual Mille Miglia. Next year<br />

will mark a century since Aston Martin made its grand<br />

prix debut (in France 1922), but the brand has enjoyed<br />

sustained success in sportscar racing throughout its<br />

108-year history, including overall victory in the 1959<br />

24 Hours of Le Mans with the famous DBR1, driven by<br />

Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori.<br />

On Saturday, the precession will be joined by the Aston<br />

Martin Cognizant Formula OneTM Team’s race car,<br />

AMR21 which will be driven by none-other than Aston<br />

Martin Cognizant Formula OneTM Team driver himself,<br />

Lance Stroll. Taking center-stage at 10:45, AMR21<br />

will be the only 2021 F1® car to appear at the Goodwood<br />

Festival of Speed this year.<br />




Available for ghibli, quattroporte and levante.<br />

Maserati introduces exclusive new trims for<br />

Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante as part of<br />

the range’s renewal for Model Year 22 (MY22).<br />

<strong>The</strong> three new trims - GT, Modena and Trofeo<br />

- have been developed not only to fulfill all customers’<br />

demands and expectations, but also to<br />

fully express the different yet complementary souls<br />

of innovation, performance and design of the Maserati<br />

range.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Brand’s DNA is expressed through unique trims created<br />

by the synergy between Centro Stile Maserati and<br />

the Product Development Team, with in-depth research<br />

into dedicated materials, details and characterisations.<br />

GT Trim. GT highlights Maserati’s character, charm and<br />

elegance and embodies the Brand’s more urban, minimal,<br />

and contemporary spirit, suitable for the dynamic<br />

and curious global citizens who are fashion-conscious<br />

but with their own sophisticated, original style.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ghibli GT and Levante GT are equipped with a 330<br />

hp 4-cylinder mild hybrid powerplant.*<br />

<strong>The</strong> Quattroporte GT, on the other hand, is powered by<br />

a 350 hp V6 engine.<br />


On the exterior, this trim enhances the models in the<br />

range with chrome inserts, while the wheel rims in 18”<br />

(for Ghibli and Levante) or 19’’ (for Quattroporte) are in<br />

alloy. <strong>The</strong> interior look is completed by leather comfort<br />

seats with a Dark Mirror Trim for Ghibli GT, a radica<br />

trim for Quattroporte GT, and Levante GT features a<br />

Black Piano Trim.<br />

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

Modena Trim. Modena is for customers who are sports<br />

enthusiasts as a means to enjoying their time and the<br />

context to the full. For people looking for a balance of<br />

innate elegance, dynamism and fun-to-drive.<br />

Ghibli Modena and Levante Modena are equipped with<br />

the 350 hp V6 gasoline engine.<br />

Modena S trims with 430 hp are also available for Ghibli<br />

and Levante.<br />

Quattroporte Modena features the 430 hp V6 powerplant.<br />

**<br />

<strong>The</strong> trim enhances the cars’ athleticism through<br />

sport bumpers with Black Piano inserts and 20” alloy<br />

wheel rims. In the interior, every detail evokes the<br />

Brand’s typical driving pleasure, with sporty wraparound<br />

leather seats and Black Piano Trim interiors<br />

for Levante and Quattroporte or Dark Mirror Trim<br />

interiors for Ghibli.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Modena S trim features the Nerissimo Pack and<br />

red brake calipers.<br />

Trofeo Trim. Trofeo represents the maximum performance<br />

of Maserati’s personality: the focus is firmly on<br />

performance, without sacrificing comfort. This trim is<br />

the top of the range in terms of package and, above all,<br />

performance. This is thanks to the powerful 580 hp V8<br />

Twin Turbo engine. A carbon fibre trim, 21” alloy wheel<br />

rims and red brake calipers complete the exterior. <strong>The</strong><br />

interior is luxurious, with sport seats in full-grain “Pieno<br />

Fiore” natural leather.<br />

Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante Trofeo move into an<br />

extreme dimension, even higher-performing and faster,<br />

but always unquestionably elegant and safe.<br />

In terms of styling, the exterior three new trims (GT,<br />

Modena and Trofeo) have the new Maserati logo (introduced<br />

with the launch of the MC20) on the bonnet,<br />

new Trident logo on the C pillar and updated rear lettering.<br />

<strong>The</strong> badges of the specific trim (with the names<br />

GT, Modena or Trofeo) will also appear just above the<br />

three iconic side air ducts. <strong>The</strong> interior also features<br />

the new Maserati lettering on the central screen and<br />

the new “Trofeo” logo on the headrests.<br />



765LT SPIDER<br />





Renowned worldwide for the exclusive, luxury,<br />

high-performance supercars on which it has<br />

built its reputation over the past decade, McLaren<br />

Automotive today reveals another landmark model:<br />

the 765LT Spider.<br />

Complementing the 765LT ‘Longtail’ coupe unveiled<br />

last year – all of which are sold – the new Spider is Mc-<br />

Laren’s most powerful-ever convertible supercar and<br />

brings highest-ever levels of driver engagement to the<br />

McLaren LT experience. Engineered in addition with<br />

the other core attributes intrinsic to any McLaren<br />

Longtail – minimised weight, track-focused dynamics<br />

and optimised aerodynamics – the 765LT Spider has<br />

all of the class-leading abilities of the coupe and also<br />

meets the LT demand for exclusivity: just 765 cars will<br />

be available globally for customer order.<br />

Carrying over the coupe’s dynamic and aerodynamic<br />

DNA with no structural compromise and only a minimal<br />

49kg weight increase – primarily from the retractable<br />

hard top and accompanying operating mechanism<br />

– the 765LT Spider weighs in at just 1,388kg (DIN<br />

weight), which is 80kg lighter than a 720S Spider and<br />

circa 100kg lighter than its closest comparable competitor.<br />

<strong>The</strong> electrically operated, one-piece carbon fibre Retractable<br />

Hard Top (RHT) enables open-top motoring<br />

in just 11 seconds and operates at speeds of up<br />

to 50km/h, bringing the dramatic soundtrack of the<br />

quad-exit titanium exhaust system into the cabin to<br />

take driver engagement into another dimension.<br />

“As we continue to build the LT sub-brand with the introduction<br />

of the new 765LT Spider, it’s clear that our<br />

customers are increasingly attracted to the Longtail<br />

supercar proposition of exhilarating, extreme performance<br />

and limited availability. With all 765 examples of<br />

the 765LT coupe sold, it’s no surprise that as we publicly<br />

announce our new LT Spider, production capacity for<br />

2021 is already filled.”<br />

Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive<br />

<strong>The</strong> immense performance and dynamic prowess of<br />

the new Spider – already proven in the 765LT coupe –<br />

are enhanced by three compelling factors: the stability<br />

of its MonoCage II-S structure, the game-changing<br />

design of its one-piece Retractable Hard Top roof, and<br />

the ongoing determination of McLaren engineers to<br />

pursue the company’s philosophy of super-lightweight<br />

engineering.<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

<strong>The</strong> Spider version of the carbon fibre MonoCage II –<br />

designated MonoCage II-S – was developed alongside<br />

the coupe monocoque and shares most of its structural<br />

elements, including the windscreen surround. Such<br />

is the strength and stiffness of the structure that no<br />

additional bracing is required over the coupe – another<br />

weight-optimising factor. At the rear of the car, carbon<br />

fibre structural supports are fully bonded into the<br />

chassis to provide rollover protection.<br />

<strong>The</strong> convertible roof design plays an integral role in<br />

the structure, featuring a carbon fibre frame within<br />

the Retractable Hard Top panel and creating a full<br />

carbon fibre shell when closed. <strong>The</strong>re are also additional<br />

comfort benefits for occupants – because it is<br />

a single-piece panel with no central seal, headroom is<br />

improved, while the extended length of the roof panel<br />

allows the tops of the A-pillars to be further forward,<br />

enhancing the sense of space and easing ingress and<br />

egress.<br />

Like every LT, the new Spider is designed to excel on<br />

track, however the extra dimension of theatre and<br />

drama offered by the convertible roof also makes it an<br />

even more immersive and compelling car to drive on<br />

the road. With the same highly evolved aerodynamic<br />

package as the coupe – although with active rear wing<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

calibration revised to reflect whether the roof is up or<br />

down and a recalibration of the dampers to account<br />

for the minor increase in weight – the Spider matches<br />

the coupe’s outstanding aero performance in every respect,<br />

with class-leading downforce 25% greater than<br />

that of a 720S Spider.<br />

Performance is ferocious, the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged<br />

V8 engine producing 765PS – giving the<br />

765LT Spider a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of<br />

598PS-per-tonne at lightest dry weight – and 800Nm<br />

of torque. Transmission gear ratios have been revised<br />

for even greater engagement and performance; ingear<br />

acceleration is 15% quicker than a 720S Spider,<br />

helping the new Longtail to achieve the fastest lap<br />

times ever posted by a convertible LT model.<br />

and the Spider builds on this, adding the additional engagement<br />

factor of open-air driving to give direct access<br />

to the scintillating sound of the titanium exhaust<br />

– a pleasure that thanks to the electrically operated rear<br />

window can also be enjoyed with the retractable roof in<br />

place.”<br />

Jamie Corstorphine, Director of Product Strategy, Mc-<br />

Laren Automotive<br />

<strong>The</strong> most powerful McLaren convertible ever and the<br />

latest and most engaging addition to the brand’s Longtail<br />

lineage can be ordered now from McLaren retailers.<br />

Pricing is from £310, 500* and availability is limited<br />

to just 765 cars for customer order worldwide, with<br />

2021 production already all sold.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 0-100km/h time often seen as a benchmark figure<br />

is 2.8 seconds (0-60mph is 2.7 seconds), with<br />

0-200km/h (124mph) taking 7.2 seconds. <strong>The</strong> new LT<br />

Spider takes 10.0 seconds to cover 400m (¼ mile) from<br />

standstill and the car’s maximum speed is 330km/h<br />

(205mph).<br />

“A McLaren ‘Longtail’ is engineered to deliver not only<br />

incredible performance but also the highest levels of<br />

driver engagement. <strong>The</strong> 765LT coupe set new benchmarks<br />

in maximising a driver’s connection with the car<br />


Stay Exquisite<br />

Live exquisite at the address of prestige and elegance in the city.<br />

Reside in luxury beyond expectation with exemplary service by the<br />

St. Regis Butler and a suite of gastronomic and wellness experiences.<br />

<strong>The</strong> St. Regis Singapore<br />

29 Tanglin Road, S247911<br />

stregissingapore.com<br />

Stay exquisite at more than 40 St. Regis hotels and resorts worldwide.<br />



LONDON<br />


FROM GBP 775,000 *<br />

Presenting DAMAC Tower Nine Elms, a spectacular 50-storey tower rising through Nine Elms,<br />

one of London’s most coveted and central locations. With interiors by Versace Home and the<br />

most competitive prices in London, your next big acquisition is close at hand.<br />

Call us on 800 DAMAC or visit www.damacproperties.com<br />

*Terms & conditions apply



Dubai’s latest iconic skyscraper, the Address Beach<br />

Resort, has broken two records, one of which being<br />

an extraordinary outdoor infinity pool which<br />

is located almost 300m up in the air.<br />

Dubai is one of the leading cities in the world when it<br />

comes to extraordinary architecture.<br />

From the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa standing<br />

at 828 m (2,716 ft 6 in) tall, to the world’s largest<br />

frame building measuring 150.23 m (492 ft 10 in) tall and<br />

95.53 m (313 ft 5 in) wide.<br />

And it seems like the city is not slowing down anytime<br />

soon!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Address Beach Resort, one of the latest additions to<br />

the Dubai skyline, has broken the record for the highest<br />

outdoor infinity pool in a building in the world.<br />

<strong>The</strong> infinity pool is located on the resort’s rooftop at<br />

293.90 m (964 ft 2 in) up.<br />

<strong>The</strong> wet surface area is approximately 560 square metres,<br />

giving it the appearance of a massive lake in the sky.<br />

<strong>The</strong> pool has a volume of approximately 500 cubic metres<br />

and is 1.2 metres deep at its deepest point.<br />

But the pool isn’t the only record-breaking feature of<br />

the Address Beach Resort.<br />

In addition to the record-breaking pool, the 77th-floor<br />

rooftop provides an amazing panoramic view of the cities<br />

most iconic landmarks such as the Bluewater’s Island,<br />

Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, Dubai’s Dubai<br />

Marina Coastline, the Burj Al Arab and across the Arabian<br />

Gulf Sea.<br />

Next to the floating lake, the rooftop is home to ZETA<br />

Seventy Seven, an Asian restaurant with a seafood-inspired<br />

menu.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Address Beach Resort is part of a 77-storey twin<br />

tower project alongside the Address Beach Residences.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Both towers are joined at their base from the 1st level<br />

to the 13th and linked again at the top by a skybridge<br />

from the 63rd level to the 77th.<br />

<strong>The</strong> skybridge has broken the record for the highest<br />

occupiable skybridge floor at 294.36 m (965.7 ft).<br />

<strong>The</strong> skybridge hosts luxurious and serviced residential<br />

apartments.<br />

<strong>The</strong> entire project was developed by Al Ain Holding and<br />

consists of 217 hotel rooms and suites, 443 serviced<br />

apartments, and 478 residential apartments.<br />

“We are very honored to have received this accolade.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Guinness World Records titles positions<br />

Address Hotels and Resorts at the epitome of luxury<br />

and within bucket list destinations for travelers.<br />

With the opening of ZETA Seventy Seven, our diners<br />

will have an unmatched view of the city alongside<br />

with some great food.” - Mark Kirby, Head of hospitality<br />

at Emaar<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />





After 16 successful years of operation, the Park<br />

Hyatt Dubai will undergo a complete renovation<br />

to its lobby, rooms and suites. Merging with the<br />

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club in the same complex,<br />

the new Dubai Creek Resort is gearing up to be one of<br />

the most luxurious lifestyle destinations in the emirate.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dubai Creek Resort houses Dubai Creek Golf, Park<br />

Hyatt Dubai, Dubai Creek Marina, Creek Golf Residences,<br />

Dubai Creek Academies, Amara Spa, and all F&B venues<br />

within one destination.<br />

Hotelier Middle East was the first to talk to Park Hyatt<br />

Dubai’s recently-promoted hotel manager on the news.<br />

Luis Cobo said merging with the immaculate golf course<br />

was a no-brainer.<br />

He said: “What we’re really envisioning here is the<br />

merger between Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and<br />

Park Hyatt Dubai. <strong>The</strong> Park Hyatt Dubai has been run<br />

independently for 16 years and we did not have any relation<br />

with Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, which includes<br />

its marina, restaurants, tennis areas and villas.<br />

So we thought, why don’t we just merge the entire resort<br />

under the Hyatt umbrella?<br />

“It made a lot of sense, why have two directors of engineering,<br />

two directors of securities, and so on? It’s the<br />

same complex with one entrance. That [merger] happened<br />

already in 2019 so the entire complex is already<br />

merged under Hyatt. It’s been very successful already.<br />

We have a lot of golfers in our high season so they have<br />

additional benefits from staying.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> renovation will be done in stages, with Cobo’s goal<br />

to contend with the “big boys” of Dubai hospitality.<br />

He continued: “<strong>The</strong> hotel itself is aging in a very nice<br />

way, the guests love it like that. But we are in Dubai and<br />

we need to renovate if we want to compete with the big<br />

boys. Once we get all the approvals, we will go ahead<br />

and fully renovate.<br />

“We’re going to renovate half of the hotel next year and<br />

the other half in 2023. We’re working on a lobby renovation<br />

as well. That arrival experience will roll out next year and<br />

it’s going to have things such as afternoon tea upon arrival.<br />

“All the resources have been integrated already.”<br />

A gradual evolution of the<br />

Park Hyatt experience<br />

Since the hotel itself already boasts so much space and<br />

has such a striking exterior, Cobo has no intention of<br />

completely starting anew. Instead, the change is a gradual<br />

evolution of the property, with subtle upgrades<br />

along the way to create a cohesive lifestyle destination.<br />

He explained: “For us what is really important is creating<br />

a destination – the Dubai Creek Resort. We can start<br />

changing the look and feel of the resort.”<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

“Villa guests are very happy as now they have easy access<br />

to all the Hyatt restaurants. Services have been elevated<br />

too. In fact, we’re planning to build more villas as<br />

92 just isn’t enough anymore.<br />

“We’re going to redesign and rebrand 27 of our villas to<br />

have a similar look and feel to the resort itself. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

27 villas are going to be top-notch and we’re working<br />

on two royal villas near the Twiggy by La Cantine area.”<br />

Turning the resort back into<br />

a gastronomic powerhouse<br />

As a hotel that has been around since 2005 with a<br />

long list of loyal patrons over that time, Cobo promised<br />

that the resort will retain its original charm,<br />

while still responding to the modern demands of the<br />

industry.<br />

He stated: “We will keep the charm of the hotel, we will<br />

keep the nature and its DNA. <strong>The</strong> hotel itself is beautiful,<br />

it’s a sanctuary in Dubai.”<br />

He went on to explain how interior design firm HBA<br />

will be renovating the interiors, a core part of any hotel<br />

transformation.<br />

He said: “<strong>The</strong> design is very contemporary but yet has<br />

an Arabic feel along with its Mediterranean roots. <strong>The</strong><br />

courtyard will be opened up with a glass top. <strong>The</strong> lobby<br />

will really have a contemporary Arabic feel.<br />

“Technology is very important, so we’re incorporatingall<br />

these new elements into the renovation. In rooms,<br />

we’re integrating walk-in minibars – I’m a true believer<br />

of a good minibar in hotels. <strong>The</strong>y have to be fun and<br />

exciting, not just KitKats! We’re using organic, locally<br />

sourced products in our bars. I want our guests to walk<br />

into a minibar space in their room and feel a vibe, feel<br />

the fun.”<br />

Park Hyatt Dubai had a turning point for its F&B this<br />

year. <strong>The</strong> monumental success of Twiggy by La Cantine<br />

opened Cobo’s eyes to the power of trendy – and collaborative<br />

– restaurants.<br />

Moving forward, he revealed that upgrading F&B is potentially<br />

the single most important change for the new<br />

Dubai Creek Resort.<br />

Opening with Twiggy by La Cantine, he said: “It’s by<br />

the same guys as La Cantine so it’s really fantastic. It’s<br />

been an incredible success in terms of numbers and the<br />

crowd we get as well is phenomenal.<br />

“We are looking at bringing in more collaborations like<br />

we did at Twiggy by La Cantine.<br />

“We want to add more F&B offerings, there are 11 outlets<br />

at the moment covering all sorts of cuisines, but<br />

we want Indian cuisine to be with us. That’s why we’re<br />

opening <strong>The</strong> Cinnamon Club, part of a very successful<br />

and historic venue in London. We’re building it here in<br />

our former cafe and that’s opening mid-October.”<br />

Setting his sights on the venues within the wider Dubai<br />

For the villas now under Park Hyatt Dubai’s remit also,<br />

there are equally lavish plans. <strong>The</strong> appeal of the villas<br />

has rocketed since the pandemic, spurred by a greater<br />

demand for privacy, as well as new perks associated<br />

with Park Hyatt operations.<br />

Cobo said: “Our 92 villas are all occupied and there<br />

are another 20 families on the waiting list for them.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Creek Golf Club, he said: “<strong>The</strong> Boardwalk, QD’s, Cielo.<br />

Casa de Tapas… <strong>The</strong>y could all have some changes.”<br />

Cobo has been told of many happy memories from<br />

guests about their times at the hotel. Many of these,<br />

he said, have been in F&B outlets. Part of the renovation<br />

then will be about bringing venues back to their<br />

glory days.<br />

He explained: “Brasserie du Park for example is being<br />

turned back into Traiteur Brunch. It was one of the best<br />

steakhouses around and one of the best brunches in<br />

Dubai – awarded many times by Time Out.<br />

“We had the best brunch in Dubai three times in a<br />

row. It had oysters, suckling pig, a cheese room, foie<br />

gras, caviar, it had everything. We understand that<br />

we need to bring back what people like, we need to<br />

be flexible.<br />

“It’s good for the destination to activate these spaces<br />

that perhaps don’t work as well as they should, and<br />

unify them to create an ultimate destination.<br />

“We want to bring Dubai back to the destination<br />

here. People used to tell me stories of having their<br />

first date in QD’s or their first getaway in the resort.<br />

We want to bring back that sense of escape from<br />

the city. Once you walk in, there are 600 palm trees,<br />

that’s our vibe.”<br />

It’s possible the success of Twiggy by La Cantine alone<br />

opened up Cobo and his team’s eyes to the possibilities<br />

of a more luxurious place in the market. He revealed:<br />

“You know, some of the clientele who were going to<br />

the city’s big boys, we’ve managed to bring them here<br />

through placessuch as Twiggy by Cantine. That’s why<br />

the renovation of the F&B is so vital. If you add enough<br />

value, people will travel to your hotel.”<br />

Rounding off his ambitious plans, Cobo reveals a former<br />

venue will be turned into a spa: “Our Seventy<br />

Seventy bar is being turned into an incredible salon<br />

in partnership with Rossano Ferretti, a big celebrity<br />

who works across Europe and is known for being the<br />

hairdresser for Kate Middleton. He’s coming with us<br />

starting September.”<br />

Making a place to connect<br />

Hotel leaders can have all sorts of different motivations.<br />

For Cobo, his motivation is clear: To create memories<br />

for his guests. Of course, the transformation is about<br />

elevating standards of the property and supercharging<br />

its place in the market. But, as Cobo said, it is also about<br />

making new connections.<br />

“A lot of our guests don’t come to the hotel just for<br />

its facilities, they come to see the staff. <strong>The</strong>re are<br />

friendships here, there are connections. During the<br />

pandemic, actually, we’ve been overwhelmed by the<br />

response from our guests. Guests have been reaching<br />

out to support staff in any way they can, including<br />

their families. Guests in villas have been baking cakes<br />

for staff,” he said.<br />

Remaining on the topic of service, he said it is one of<br />

the things already “on track” for the transformed Dubai<br />

Creek Resort. He also said that the merger has sent<br />

a wave of optimism over the staff.<br />

“<strong>The</strong>y’re [the staff] more engaged than ever. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

have more opportunities than ever so that helps<br />

them so much <strong>The</strong>re’s a lot of cross-exposure between<br />

the Dubai Creek Golf Club and hotel going on”<br />

he revealed.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

He confirmed: “Things are moving along at the resort<br />

very quickly, quite simply because we know the demand<br />

is there. <strong>The</strong> UK moving onto the amber list actually,<br />

we have many requests for October, and then the golfing<br />

tournament in November. <strong>The</strong> demand for Dubai is<br />

there, and we’ve already had an extremely busy summer<br />

running close to 70 percent occupancy this summer.<br />

A massive change for the<br />

rooms<br />

Planning to bring the hotel and its rooms “up a tier”,<br />

Cobo said that the property will be eyeing new markets.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> rooms are all in line with the entire renovation.<br />

Right now our average rate is around AED1,000 to<br />

AED1,200 for the year. But once the rooms and renovation<br />

are complete, it will be an incredible five-star experience.<br />

We will definitely contend with the ‘big boys’.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> room rates are going to increase big time.<br />

Honestly, we’re making an investment that has to be<br />

recovered. Naturally, we’ll have to look towards new<br />

markets. Rates in high season from November to<br />

March could range between AED2,500 to AED,3000<br />

for a room. That’s the product we’re going to be offering<br />

now and the clientele we envision.<br />

“Even AED6,000 for a suite could be possible, but to<br />

justify rates like that, we need to have completed the<br />

renovation completely. That won’t be until 2024.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> hotel manager himself joined Park Hyatt Dubai from<br />

the famous Connaught hotel in London. Before that, he<br />

was on the pre-opening team for Four Seasons Dubai at<br />

Jumeirah Beach. He is no stranger to the top end of luxury.<br />

“We closed the hotel for six months and used that time<br />

to elevate programmes. Of course we closed because we<br />

had to, but we reopened in September 2020. We survived<br />

after reopening thanks to staycations, with a lot of locals<br />

booking for a week or more as a sort of holiday retreat.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> resort benefitted heavily for the sudden demand<br />

in privacy, confirmed the hotel manager.<br />

He continued: “In the winter [of 2020], boom, we were<br />

welcomed by the European market, the Asian markets,<br />

both wanted to actually work here. Hedge fund<br />

managers from London came here to do their work. So<br />

there was about 20 families of bankers and managers<br />

staying here for two months.<br />

“We’ve seen benefit from the UAE’s visas actually, people<br />

want to work here. Combine that with our tennis,<br />

F&B and sports, and that people could eat at the resort<br />

every day. Interestingly enough, they were our best<br />

numbers in over 10 years. We broke records for our<br />

RevPAR, our ADR and our occupancy.”<br />

“That was really refreshing for our staff, to be closed<br />

for six months and then come back and break a record<br />

standing for more than 10 years. That was just amazing.<br />

RevPAR YOY increased 20 percent against 2019. October,<br />

November, December especially. <strong>The</strong> beginning of<br />

2021 has been very good too and the rest of the year<br />

looks very promising.”<br />

by Josh Corder<br />

2020 was an eye-opener for<br />

Park Hyatt Dubai<br />

But why now for such a costly renovation to the keys<br />

and lobby? Cobo and his team are riding a successful<br />

late-2020 season which proved the demand is still there<br />

for the resort.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />



OceanSky has a passion for sustainable skies<br />

and innovative alternatives in aviation.<br />

Our most high-profile project is a planned trip from Longyearbyen,<br />

Svalbard to the North Pole with a hybrid aircraft with Robert Swan,<br />

Arctic Explorer and the first person to reach both the North and<br />

South Pole by foot. We have an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer<br />

of the world’s largest vehicle, Hybrid Air Vehicles.<br />

OceanSky’s founders have a solid background in the aerospace<br />

and transport industry and have, among other things, successfully<br />

completed conversion and certification projects for cargo aircraft.<br />

In order for new, ultra-efficient technologies such as Lighter-<br />

Than-Air technology, electric airplanes and alternatives to Jet<br />

A1 fuel to be able to go from prototype level to market. Ocean-<br />

Sky focuses on the high-end experiential travel market, a sector<br />

of the travel industry that continues to exceed expectations in<br />

growth. This sector can fund, drive and implement new, energy-efficient,<br />

more sustainable technologies.<br />

Creating change by promoting the use of new<br />

alternative aircraft.<br />

By collaborating with manufacturers of electric aviation and LTA<br />

vehicles, OceanSky provides exposure to new energy-efficient<br />

alternatives in the aviation industry.<br />


Creating change by supporting and using alternatives<br />

to fossil fuels.<br />

By cooperating with non-fossil fuel manufacturers, OceanSky promotes<br />

the development of alternative non-fossil fuels in air travel.<br />

Creating change by supporting and using ultraclean<br />

fuels with lower emissions of toxic substances.<br />

By advocating for less toxic fuel, like EcoPar Ultra Clean, OceanSky<br />

can help promote the development of fuel with less emission of<br />

toxic substances. Compared with diesel oil, the emissions of many<br />

carcinogenic substances drop by more than 90%. <strong>The</strong> levels of nitrogen<br />

oxides in the environment are down by almost 50%. To take<br />

the discussion about emissions at depths and also talk about emissions<br />

other than greenhouse gases is important for OceanSky.<br />

OceanSky has a passion for sustainable skies<br />

and innovative alternatives in aviation<br />

Today, the airline and travel industry have created cheap flights<br />

that are consumed in an ever-increasing volume, despite the<br />

fact that abundant long-distance flights with aviation fuel is unsustainable.<br />

With OceanSky the journey is the destination, we<br />

aim for quality rather than quantity by creating unique, once-ina-lifetime<br />

journeys with a clear environmental focus.<br />

Creating change by climate-compensation<br />

Through our cooperation with ChooseNow, OceanSky becomes<br />

climate positive. <strong>The</strong> money paid for carbon credits goes to<br />

UN-certified clean energy projects in developing countries. Carbon<br />

offsetting is not to be considered an all-in-one solution but<br />

an important part of OceanSky’s actions to reduce<br />

carbon footprint and fight climate change.<br />

Creating change by promoting<br />

the message and stories of environmentalists<br />

and Arctic experts<br />

With the help of environmental profiles such<br />

as Robert Swan and foundations like Bertrand<br />

Picard’s Solar Impulse Foundation we can promote<br />

alternatives in the aerospace industry.<br />

Personal stories about the Arctic and climate<br />

action projects from our ambassadors are a<br />

great way to reach out with our work and inspire<br />

change in the aviation industry.<br />




Following a year defined by unprecedented restrictions<br />

on communal interaction and long-distance<br />

travel, we wanted to look forward to the impact<br />

this time has had on the yachting industry.<br />

Despite the negative impact of Covid-19, the yachting<br />

industry has seen some positives, more than anyone<br />

could have imagined. We spoke to Alan Knight from<br />

Princess Motor Yacht Sales, and the British Marine Federation<br />

to find out more.<br />

A surge in demand for yachts<br />

<strong>The</strong> first and most striking consequence of Covid-19 has<br />

been a rapid surge in the demand for yachts. In response<br />

to the suspension of international travel and social interaction,<br />

those with the funds for an annual holiday<br />

began to use their free time to examine other options.<br />

In place of traditional hotel-based breaks, more isolated<br />

outdoor activities, closer to home, began to soar in<br />

popularity. <strong>The</strong> Great British ‘staycation’ became the<br />

go-to solution and, thanks in part to the ‘Summer on<br />

the Water’ campaign initiated by the UK’s trade body,<br />

British Marine, watersports were a key part of that.<br />

However, at the same time as the pandemic was helping<br />

invigorate demand for yachting, it was also bringing about<br />

a short-term delay in yacht building productivity. Factories<br />

were forced to close and boatbuilders were compelled<br />

to introduce 24-hour shift work in order to bring<br />

production techniques into line with social distancing<br />

imperatives. For some builders, the issue of getting<br />

boats finished was also exacerbated by disruptions in<br />

the flow of outsourced parts and components and, of<br />

course, with soaring demand and faltering supply, the<br />

competition for boats became extremely intense.<br />

As Alan Knight, UK Sales Manager at Princess Motor<br />

Yacht Sales, points out, marine leisure became a seller’s<br />

market almost overnight: “In a traditional recession,<br />

boating gets affected. But in the pandemic, those who<br />

managed to retain their income streams found themselves<br />

unable to book a cruise or a holiday, so they<br />

looked at what they could do – and as a result, the sheer<br />

volume of new boat owners has been extraordinary.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> impact on yacht brokerage<br />

According to most brokers, it was after the easing of<br />

the first lockdown and on the cusp of the summer that<br />

the enquiries really began to spike. In May 2020, many<br />

brokerage firms reported sales figures four times higher<br />

than in previous years, alongside a far greater proportion<br />

of queries from first-time boaters than ever before.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are stories of multiple buyers competing over asking-price<br />

purchases within 24 hours of postings being<br />

made live – and some operators also noted a steep increase<br />

in yachts being bought without a physical viewing.<br />

New, as well as used, boats began to face shortages<br />

and, as Alan Knight puts it, in the wake of that new landscape,<br />

“customers have come to realise that they’ve got<br />

to be pretty on the ball if they want to buy a boat.”<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

A fresh way of interacting<br />

with boaters<br />

In the forced absence of traditional outlets like marine<br />

exhibitions and high-end lifestyle events, boatbuilders<br />

have had to work hard at making their products visible.<br />

Across the board, websites have been supplemented<br />

with improved information on design and engineering,<br />

as well as filmed walk-throughs and sea trials. <strong>The</strong>re<br />

have also been upgrades in the value and interactivity<br />

of digital content and, while the easing of restrictions<br />

will no doubt bring a renewed fondness for face-toface<br />

negotiations, the increased fidelity of the industry’s<br />

digital dialogue is here to stay.<br />

Alan Knight explains: “Selling boats would normally involve<br />

a lot of travel, but we had to adapt during 2020.<br />

We had to use Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and video conferencing.<br />

We even did live FaceTime walkarounds inside<br />

boats, enabling customers to decide what to look<br />

at and where to go. It became very much an interactive<br />

viewing experience rather than a generic 3D tour, and<br />

there’s no doubt that it has helped deliver the confidence<br />

and clarity boat buyers want.”<br />

From 2020 to 2021: the trade<br />

body assessment<br />

British Marine Federation (the trade association for<br />

UK marine leisure) has no access to monthly boat<br />

registration data so it is unable to assess market performance<br />

in real time – but the picture it paints on<br />

the basis of anecdotal evidence certainly tallies closely<br />

with Alan’s impressions. While the impact on boating<br />

tourism was of course significant, Lesley Robinson,<br />

CEO at British Marine Federation, points to “record<br />

monthly orders and sales figures from prominent boat<br />

and equipment retailers during the summer”, as well as<br />

“a boom in watersports activity from marinas and marine<br />

safety organisations”.<br />

This broadly positive picture has been reflected elsewhere<br />

in Europe too. In Finland, for instance, which<br />

already owned more boats per capita than anywhere<br />

else in the world, overall figures for the year show a<br />

19% growth in boat registrations, with the strongest<br />

increase in powerboats under 23 feet. Finnboat (the<br />

trade body for the Finnish marine industry) also found<br />

that a third of boatbuilders expect to take on extra staff<br />

in 2021, while only 2% anticipate letting staff go. And<br />

while just 7% of marine firms predict a decline in turnover<br />

during 2021, almost half are expecting significant<br />

increases. Of course, in nations where marine trade is<br />

tightly bound up with yacht charter and international<br />

marine tourism, the picture is less positive but, in the<br />

main, it appears that the UK and European perspective<br />

remains one of guarded optimism.<br />

Lesley added: “British Marine expects the UK market<br />

to continue its recovery in 2021, with demand for<br />

boating products remaining strong. As restrictions on<br />

international travel are yet to ease and other countries<br />

are not in the same position as the UK with vaccination,<br />

boating and watersports should hold their<br />

attraction among British consumers.” And while premium<br />

yachts are currently flourishing, Lesley also anticipates<br />

continued growth at the all-important entry<br />

point to the market: “I expect that smaller boats and<br />

watersports craft (dinghies, RIBs, canoes, kayaks and<br />

SUPs) will see growth during this period, due to their<br />

accessibility in terms of skill level, affordability, mobility<br />

and ease of storage.”<br />




<strong>The</strong> new Hard Top enhances<br />

elegance and sportiness,<br />

increasing the pleasure of<br />

cruising.<br />

Breathtakingly beautiful, sporty,<br />

exciting and now even more comfortable,<br />

for the perfect combination<br />

of fun and relaxation on the<br />

water.<br />

56’ Rivale’s magnificent and functional<br />

Hard Top aims to satisfy<br />

the needs of owners by offering<br />

a spacious main deck shaded by<br />

56<br />

awnings, the result of a functional<br />

design that is especially popular in<br />

markets where the average temperature<br />

is very high. It is no coincidence<br />

that the first unit is already<br />

on the other side of the Atlantic,<br />

sailing in American waters.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 56’ Rivale Hard Top follows on<br />

from the Dolceriva Hard Top and is<br />

part of the evolution of the Open<br />

range, consolidating a market segment<br />

that has been Riva’s main focus<br />

right from the outset, one that<br />

includes the brand’s most iconic<br />

models, such as Riva Iseo, Acquariva<br />

Super and Rivamare. Another<br />

example is Riva 68’ Diable, the project<br />

officially presented a few weeks<br />

ago as the ultimate expression of<br />

this segment.<br />

56’ Rivale Hard Top expresses all its<br />

dynamism, elegance and sportiness<br />

from the very first glance, drawing<br />

on the design elements that<br />

have given the Riva open range its<br />

unique status in the world, and is

Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

the result of collaboration between<br />

the Product Strategy Committee<br />

led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the creative<br />

flair of designer Mauro Micheli,<br />

the founder of Officina Italiana<br />

Design with Sergio Beretta,<br />

and the Ferretti Group Engineering<br />

Department.<br />

This extraordinary yacht combines<br />

meticulous attention to detail with<br />

the finest materials, distinctive features<br />

of the brand right from the<br />

outset, ranging from polished mahogany<br />

for the interiors to teak for<br />

the exteriors, and from lacquered<br />

surfaces to mirror-finish stainless<br />

steel and fine leather.<br />

<strong>The</strong> hull colour is entirely Riva<br />

Shark Grey with Bright Black detailing.<br />


<strong>The</strong> stern, with a garage for a Williams<br />

325 tender protected by a<br />

carbon fibre hatch, features a key<br />

mechanism: lowering the swim<br />

platform partially submerges the<br />

steps on the port side and reveals<br />

others set in the hull, providing a<br />

unique stairway to enter the water<br />

and return on board, without needing<br />

to use the steel ladder.<br />

<strong>The</strong> aft section of the cockpit is fitted<br />

with a generous sun pad. <strong>The</strong><br />

deck lounge is furnished with generous<br />

forward-facing seating, an<br />

L-shaped sofa and a teak table on<br />

the port side.<br />

This area for socialising continues<br />

forward, with a raised dormeuse to<br />

the left of the helm station, which is<br />

equipped with touchscreen-based<br />

control, monitoring and navigation<br />

systems, including the engine panel<br />

in the innovative wide version from<br />

MAN-Boening. Behind the helm<br />

station, the side cabinet contains<br />

a refrigerator, an ice maker, a grill<br />

and a wash basin, plus bar equipment<br />

and accessories for at least<br />

six people. <strong>The</strong> practical waste separation<br />

bins and storage compartments<br />

extend up to the pilot chair<br />

and into its base.<br />

<strong>The</strong> bow area has a sun pad with<br />

reclining headrest that can be sheltered<br />

by an awning. Forward of the<br />

sun pad is an anti-slip, walk-on<br />

glass panel set in a stainless steel<br />

frame, completed by the signal horn<br />

in its gorgeous vintage casing. <strong>The</strong><br />

casing is a polished stainless steel<br />

casting that pays tribute to the legendary<br />

Riva models of the past.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sofas, the forward and aft sun<br />

pads, and the external pilot chair<br />

are all upholstered in ochre and<br />

white Morbern leather from the<br />

Prodigy line.<br />

<strong>The</strong> main new feature is the black<br />

fixed Hard Top with carbon fibre<br />

detailing, which covers the entire<br />

centre section of the yacht, sheltering<br />

the relaxation areas from<br />

the heat and weather. <strong>The</strong> exclusive<br />

design features steel handles<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

on either side acting as handrails<br />

and optional air conditioning built<br />

into the structure. Awnings can<br />

also be added to cover the cockpit<br />

and forward lounge, creating a single<br />

covered area that runs the entire<br />

length of the boat, from bow to<br />

stern.<br />

58<br />


56’ Rivale Hard Top welcomes<br />

guests below deck into a stylish<br />

lounge-dinette where mirrored<br />

surfaces alternate with polished<br />

mahogany, dark lacquer finishes,<br />

and dark leather upholstery.<br />

<strong>The</strong> galley on the port hull side is<br />

in part invisible thanks to the mirrored<br />

walls - which also contain the<br />

TV screen - and the lacquer finish<br />

sliding surfaces that cover the sink<br />

and work tops.<br />

A glass skylight and the big windows<br />

in the hull flood this space<br />

with natural light.<br />

<strong>The</strong> independent day head, with direct<br />

access from the dinette, makes<br />

this open ideal for day cruises with<br />

multiple passengers, who can use it<br />

in total privacy without having to<br />

enter the cabins and bathrooms of<br />

overnight guests.<br />

<strong>The</strong> layout of the night area includes<br />

three en-suite cabins, featuring the<br />

same play on textures and colours<br />

seen in the lounge, complemented<br />

by the contrast between the white<br />

leather of the headboard and bed<br />

sides and the dark leather of the<br />

beside table tops and bed bases.<br />

<strong>The</strong> master stateroom is on the<br />

starboard side, with a VIP cabin<br />

forward, and both have their own<br />

bathroom. Completing the layout<br />

is a double cabin with two bunk<br />

beds served by a bathroom that is<br />

also used as a day head. <strong>The</strong> decor<br />

in the bathrooms blends together<br />

wood, light and dark lacquer finishes,<br />

mirrored surfaces and white<br />

Corian.<br />

On request, the third guest cabin<br />

can be replaced with a crew cabin.<br />


56’ Rivale Hard Top is fitted with<br />

a pair of MAN engines rated 1200<br />

mhp, powering the yacht to a top<br />

speed of 38 knots and a cruising<br />

speed of 34 knots.<br />

<strong>The</strong> owner can also opt for the<br />

standard pair of 1000 mhp MAN<br />

engines, providing a top speed of<br />

35 knots and a cruising speed of 31<br />

knots.<br />

<strong>The</strong> engine room can be entered<br />

through two hatches on the deck,<br />

one in the centre of the cockpit and<br />

other at the far end of the stern on<br />

the port side. On request, a Seakeeper<br />

stabilizer can be installed to<br />

minimise rolling at sea and at anchor.


An unforgettable retreat in<br />

Aotearoa New Zealand’s<br />

beautiful Bay of Islands.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />




KENZO HOMME, the woody marine scent created by<br />

KENZO in 1991, has been reinvented thirty years later<br />

in a new Eau de Toilette Intense. <strong>The</strong> mythic bamboo<br />

inspired bottle has been redesigned for this new scent<br />

celebrating nature. Inspired by the remarkable strength<br />

and flexibility of sustainable and recyclable bamboo, the<br />

fragrance embodies KENZO PARFUMS’ values and engagement.<br />

For the new Eau de Toilette Intense, perfumer Quentin<br />

Bisch (Givaudan) chose top notes of pink pepper for<br />

spicy freshness and calypsone for an aquatic dimension.<br />

<strong>The</strong> heart note of vetiver is warmed by a woody fig tree<br />

note, while the base of sandalwood is elevated by the<br />

elegance of akigalawood. <strong>The</strong> marine-woody fragrance<br />

evokes sun-warmed salty skin. Eliciting the power of the<br />

ocean and the lush bamboo forest, the scent is embodied<br />

by Orin Hardy, an engaged entrepreneur who grew up in<br />

Indonesia.<br />

<strong>The</strong> founder of Bamboo U has a passion for the extraordinary<br />

properties of bamboo. <strong>The</strong> ecological designer<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

hopes to educate a new generation<br />

of creative talents about the<br />

potential of bamboo as a sustainable<br />

building material for innovative<br />

living spaces in harmony with<br />

nature. <strong>The</strong> new face of KENZO<br />

HOMME, Orin Hardy shares KEN-<br />

ZO PARFUMS’ values of generosity,<br />

respect for nature and poetry. To<br />

support his work, KENZO has created<br />

a scholarship that will enable<br />

ten students to study through the<br />

Bamboo U Project.<br />

Director Clément Beauvais and<br />

photographer Arthur de Kersauson<br />

traveled to meet Orin Hardy<br />

to learn more about his ambitious<br />

project and shoot the campaign for<br />

the new Eau de Toilette Intense.<br />

“Connecting to nature is really<br />

about re-connecting to who we<br />

really are. We all want to make the<br />

world the best place it can be. And<br />

bamboo is one medium to make<br />

that happen,” says Orin Hardy. An<br />

immersion into the beauty of Indonesian<br />

landscapes, the documentary<br />

is streaming on the KENZO PAR-<br />

FUMS website.<br />

This invitation to make the world<br />

more beautiful includes the bottle,<br />

in a vibrant blue that evokes<br />

marine freshness. Reflecting KEN-<br />

ZO’s longstanding commitment to<br />

eco-responsibility, the bottle contains<br />

10% recycled glass and a cap<br />

design that saves 34% of plastic.<br />

<strong>The</strong> packaging is made of FSC®<br />

(Forest Stewardship Council®)<br />

certified paper, printed with biosourced<br />

inks. KENZO HOMME Eau<br />

de Toilette Intense perfectly symbolizes<br />

sustainable beauty.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />



Committed to sustainable beauty that does not compromise<br />

on the quality or performance of its products,<br />

MAKE UP FOR EVER presents WATERTONE, its new<br />

skin-perfecting foundation. <strong>The</strong> launch is accompanied<br />

by the campaign BE FEARLESS, filmed and directed by<br />

the photographer Charlotte WALES, acclaimed for her<br />

ability to capture emotions through faces and bodies.<br />

Co-created with the Maison’s professional makeup artists,<br />

WATERTONE foundation suits all skin types, while<br />

its range of 23 shades adapts to all skin tones.<br />

Designed for fans of natural beauty, WATERTONE is<br />

formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens,<br />

silicones, PEG, EDTA, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol,<br />

and with less than 1% fragrance. It comprises<br />

78% water-based and 94% nature-derived ingredients.<br />

Its 100% recyclable glass bottle has a removable cap<br />

which can be used as a palette, while its paper packaging<br />

is sourced from sustainably managed forests.<br />

Two innovative accessories have also been created with an<br />

objective of sustainability. <strong>The</strong>y were developed in collaboration<br />

with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s professional makeup<br />

artists in order to optimize the performance of the foundation.<br />

<strong>The</strong> WATERTONE SPONGE, which is latex-free<br />

and sold in a recyclable plastic box, is produced with water-activated<br />

materials which enable it to transform into<br />

a supple tool that blends and smooths foundation for a<br />

flawless finish. Meanwhile, the ARTISAN BRUSH #116 consists<br />

of synthetic bristles with a beech-wood handle.<br />

<strong>The</strong> creative mission of MAKE UP FOR EVER is to inspire<br />

everyone to show who they really are and what<br />

makes them unique.<br />


Global 6500<br />

Quintessentially Global<br />

Longest range | Largest cabin | Smoothest ride<br />

<strong>The</strong> Global 6500 aircraft has the largest cabin, longest range and smoothest ride in its class. Please see businessaircraft.bombardier.com for more details or speak to your sales representative.<br />

Bombardier, Global, Global 6500 and Exceptional by design are registered or unregistered trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. © 2021 Bombardier Inc.


TOKYO<br />


MACAO<br />



DOHA<br />

<strong>The</strong> Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands<br />


Pacific Place<br />

Shoppes at Four Seasons | <strong>The</strong> Promenade Shops at Galaxy Macau<br />

Gaysorn | Siam Paragon | ICONSIAM<br />

Zorlu Center<br />

<strong>The</strong> Pearl<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />



IN DIOR<br />

Paris Saint-Germain and the house of Dior have<br />

signed a two-year partnership. Starting this season,<br />

Dior will provide the official wardrobe for<br />

the Parisian club and will outfit the Rouge & Bleu team.<br />

This is the first time that Dior has partnered with a<br />

sports club.<br />

With this partnership, Paris Saint-Germain continues<br />

its pioneering foray into the world of fashion and lifestyle.<br />

<strong>The</strong> club shares the house of Dior’s passion for<br />

Paris, whose global influence is enhanced by the two<br />

brands’ creativity.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

To mark this unique collaboration, Kim Jones, Artistic<br />

Director of Dior men’s collections, has designed a series<br />

of new creations for the next two seasons. Spanning<br />

casual and formal moods, this elegant wardrobe<br />

combines black and navy-blue shades – in tones specially<br />

designed for the Paris Saint-Germain team. <strong>The</strong><br />

casual look is notably composed of a Harrington jacket,<br />

a knitted sweater and a polo shirt, all finished with<br />

an embroidered “Paris Saint-Germain” patch and the<br />

“CD Icon” initials, as well as the Dior Explorer derbies*<br />

in black leather, punctuated by the iconic Dior Oblique<br />

motif.<br />

<strong>The</strong> formal outfit pairs a cashmere coat, a jacket, a<br />

shirt and pants, and a pair of black leather Dior Timeless<br />

derbies*. <strong>The</strong> pieces are enhanced by other subtle<br />

details, reflecting Dior’s exceptional savoir-faire.<br />

Symbols of refinement, the emblematic Saddle bag in<br />

black grained calfskin, a jacquard tie adorned with a<br />

matching “Paris Saint-Germain” logo, a cashmere scarf<br />

as well as a reversible – black and navy-blue – belt also<br />

complete the looks.<br />

*<strong>The</strong> insole of the shoes is embossed, with a silver film,<br />

with the players’ jersey numbers.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />


WINTER 2021-2022<br />


<strong>The</strong> most prestigious of fashion weeks, haute couture, took<br />

place from July 5-8 for the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 season.<br />

Maisons Dior and Fendi once again celebrated their exquisite<br />

savoir-faire with poetic creations marked by contemporary<br />

resonance.<br />

Dior: icon of excellence<br />

<strong>The</strong> French luxury house presented its Fall/Winter 2021-2022<br />

haute couture collection on July 5 at the Rodin Museum in Paris.<br />

Celebrating a return to “being present” for Fashion Week, Artistic<br />

Director Maria Grazia Chiuri emphasized a return to the<br />

fundamentals of couture with a show focused on plays of textures<br />

and a tactile materiality.<br />

French artist Eva Jospin created the backdrop for the show<br />

with a work entitled Chambre de Soie (Silk Room), featuring<br />

embroidery to recognize the importance of passing on artisanal<br />

savoir-faire as a keystone of creativity, a theme that<br />

runs through the collection.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

Voluptuous draping of silhouettes and graphic charm heighten<br />

the romanticism and sensuality expressed in the fluidity and<br />

freedom of movement of the body.<br />

While the designer revisited iconic Dior pieces such as the<br />

Bar jacket, the highlight was a spectacular mint green wedding<br />

dress decorated with embroidery and floral details. <strong>The</strong><br />

resolutely modern gown elegantly reflects the timeless codes<br />

of Monsieur Dior.<br />

Timeless Fendi<br />

Fendi presented its haute couture collection for Fall/Winter<br />

Hiver 2021-2022 through the lens of Italian filmmaker<br />

Luca Guadagnino. Womenswear Artistic Director, Kim Jones<br />

shared his vision of Rome, inspired by legendary Italian filmmaker<br />

Pier Paolo Pasolini.<br />

Amidst the Italian Maison’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana headquarters,<br />

the silhouettes echoed the rich history of Rome, immersing<br />

us in a poetic universe where time seems to stand still.<br />

Shoes are decorated with mosaics and gowns reference the<br />

building’s marble columns with mineral hues and contemporary<br />

cuts, set off by embroidered silk and lace in draping that<br />

pays tribute to ancient Rome.<br />

Overlapping temporalities included Kate Moss walking the<br />

runway with her daughter, a fusing of generations for timeless<br />

fashion that celebrates Italian elegance and artisanal excellence.<br />

By Adrien Dirand<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />



Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?<br />

What exactly is preppy dressing?<br />

Preppy is the informal noun for a pupil or graduate of an<br />

expensive prep school (or a person resembling such a<br />

person in appearance). Naturally, you don’t want to look<br />

like a messy teenager. You do want to look expensive. So<br />

when you hear the term preppy dressing being thrown<br />

around it most likely refers to plaid prints and structured<br />

silhouettes. Often, pastel hues make up the core<br />

palette of a preppy dresser’s wardrobe, but you’ll also<br />

find classic tones like navy and neutral shades thrown<br />

into the preppy mix.<br />

A classic – and suitably famous – preppy look is chinos<br />

paired with a smart shirt and sports jacket. And at Ascots<br />

& Chapels, we’re not only here for bespoke suiting;<br />

we can kit you out with your tailored separates, fitted to<br />

perfection, with class and ease.<br />

Layering is a key element of preppy ensembles, which<br />

makes it so perfect for hot or cooler months. Think a<br />

textured knit thrown over your shoulders with the arms<br />

nonchalantly tied, or a blazer flung over your shoulders<br />

with a certain je ne sais quoi air. Mixing textures is a<br />

great way to take your look from summer to winter so<br />

you can stay true to your style whatever the season.<br />

For a collegiate-inspired aesthetic, try traditional shirts<br />

layered under sweaters with a contrast tie – you can<br />

really have fun here. Or perhaps it’s a fitted waistcoat<br />

under your jacket for that extra layer of gentleman’s finery.<br />

Too hot? Come spring, you can pair this separately<br />

with a casual T-shirt throughout the warmer months.<br />

You don’t need to get too carried away with pattern.<br />

Simple colour palettes such as navy, light blue, white<br />

and beige can be woven into a preppy look that also<br />

stands the test of time. But to truly nail ‘preppyness’, a<br />

hint of pink is no less than essential. We all know a man<br />

who can pull off pink is one to be admired.<br />

Another look to have on your<br />

rotation is the hero button-down<br />

Oxford shirt with<br />

tailored shorts for summertime<br />

(or tailored trousers<br />

when it’s colder, of course).<br />

This pairing is great with boater<br />

style shoes and that luxe<br />

sweater thrown over your<br />

shoulders.<br />

<strong>The</strong> goal? You want to appear<br />

put-together but not pompous.<br />

And that can be a challenge<br />

considering the sort of<br />

person you’re channelling.<br />

But, with less of a try-hard<br />

attitude, you’ll definitely pull<br />

these looks off. And there’s<br />

always polo-shirts to nudge<br />

your look in a casual direction.<br />

Don’t forget to have some fun<br />

when it comes to your accessories<br />

as well. Can sunglasses<br />

top off the tailored look? Absolutely.<br />

How about the components<br />

of silk bowties, printed<br />

pocket squares and even lapel<br />

pins? Invest in them all. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

add-ons are sometimes playful<br />

and can bring a cool, youthful<br />

contrast to more conservative looks.<br />

Unless you’re really out there on fashion’s front row<br />

though, we’d avoid overdoing the print clash. To be<br />

honest, this can be an eye-sore and doesn’t stand the<br />

test of time. So if your bowtie is blue and white paisley,<br />

go for a block pale pink shirting choice. Or if you’ve got<br />

a boldly striped grey and white shirt, then try a more<br />

minimal navy tie to bring the look together.<br />


Remember, style is unique and our mission at Ascots is<br />

to help you master yours and wear it with confidence.<br />

You’re not at college any more so you don’t have to commit<br />

to one look, preppy style, all the time. Sometimes<br />

you’ll want to flex a preppy-inspired ensemble, maybe<br />

another day you’ll be feeling something more casual.<br />

<strong>The</strong> best part? You can always turn to preppy looks and<br />

be safe in the knowledge they’re timeless. No-one ever<br />

looks out of place in well-tailored separates – especially<br />

if they’ve been fitted by a master tailor. We’re ready<br />

when you are.<br />

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think you’ve nailed<br />

the art of preppy dressing? And who’s your preppy<br />

dressing style icon, if you have one?<br />

Right, we better get back to class!<br />

By Gary Sweeney<br />



‘Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.’<br />


‘Our work stems from the land; if you seek a mindful existence,<br />

you need that direct connection with nature.’<br />






<strong>The</strong> most prestigious pocket of Melbourne, the Domain Precinct, is without compare. On the edge of<br />

the Royal Botanic Gardens, this leafy and peaceful, yet vibrant and active, enclave delivers everything<br />

you need for a balanced, stimulated and enriched life. With breathtaking and forever-protected<br />

views of the Royal Botanic Gardens—and stunning interiors defined by striking architecture—<br />

the Penthouse at Thirty Anderson is unequivocally Melbourne’s most prestigious address.<br />

DAMON KRONGOLD – +61 418 850 757<br />

PETER KUDELKA – +61 418 319 439<br />

ANDREW MACMILLAN – +61 418 142 252<br />

NATHAN WATERSON – +61 439 905 188

Creative<br />

Concepts<br />


Workspaces are evolving.<br />

From co-working and collaborative working environments<br />

to flexibility and home offices, to which<br />

can be added the recent issue of how to manage<br />

space in a context of increased home working, the entire<br />

theme couldn’t be more relevant. “Work!” is a fascinating<br />

itinerary interspersed with all sorts of innovations.<br />

For its first participation in Paris Design Week, Herman<br />

Miller is opening a showroom in Opéra. In the heart of<br />

Faubourg Saint-Antoine, PCM, Projet Concept Mobilier<br />

is presenting an array of lovely European brands that<br />

are perhaps less well-known than some market-leading<br />

brands, but whose performance they equal. Amongst<br />

other highlights, don’t miss Absolute Office, AFC and<br />

Moore Design and their attractive, atypical, high quality<br />

and human interior solutions. And finally, famous for<br />

the quality of its bold designs, Vitra lives on. Still a family<br />

company after eighty years, the brand’s capacity to<br />

continually marry its know-how with the creativity of<br />

contemporary designers is exemplary.<br />

By Maison&Objet



<strong>The</strong> multi-tasking Go Pillow is<br />

designed to move effortlessly with<br />

you anywhere you go, providing<br />

unrivalled comfort beyond the<br />

bedroom, when you’re napping,<br />

driving, flying or relaxing.<br />

Crafted from high-quality memory<br />

foam, the Go Pillow gently cradles<br />

the head in any position and<br />

converts to a compact lumbar<br />

bolster with the Go Travel Bag.<br />

Discover our full range at<br />

hyoumankind.co.nz<br />

lightweight<br />

& compact<br />

advanced<br />

memory foam<br />

made in<br />

New Zealand

Casa<br />

Goals<br />


Bentley Motors and Bentley Home are proud to present<br />

their latest collaboration: <strong>The</strong> 2021 Collection.<br />

Four bold new furniture designs are revealed today<br />

each featuring a carefully chosen combination of unique<br />

materials and finishes that blend innovation, technology<br />

and fine craft. <strong>The</strong> Aldford Table, the Ramsey Sofa and<br />

Loveseat and the Styal Desk, elegantly sport a unique<br />

lacquered finish and an exciting new fabric produced<br />

from marble powder among a choice of finishes.<br />

Defined by precious and cutting-edge materials, and<br />

the desire to push craftsmanship to new levels, the 2021<br />

Bentley Home Collection represents a new vision for<br />

the brand, aligned to the ambitions of Bentley Motors,<br />

to be the most sustainable luxury automotive brand in<br />

the world. Strong, distinctive lines and timeless shapes<br />

characterise the new furniture designs by Carlo Colombo<br />

in close collaboration with Bentley Design, and<br />

introduce Bentley Home’s new Degradé lacquering and<br />

new MARM \ MORE® marble powder fabric.<br />

Degradé lacquering is key to the overall aesthetic of<br />

the 2021 Bentley Home Collection, and brings a sense<br />

of quintessential luxury that is both customisable and<br />

instantly recognisable. Degradé involves an incredibly<br />

intricate and complex process to achieve the high<br />

standards required by Bentley Home’s customers. Before<br />

the Degradé essence can be created, a coat of<br />

varnish is hand-applied to protect the wood. A master<br />

craftsman must then use an airbrush to apply the colour<br />

by hand, with just the right dose of lacquer, gradually<br />

drawing away from the wood to accentuate the colour<br />

gradient and faithfully replicate every detail of the<br />

natural shading. After this long process, a round of polishing<br />

is required to give the product body, depth and<br />

solidity. Four coats of varnish are then applied before a<br />

final round of polishing.<br />

<strong>The</strong> elegant finish is brought to life in a variety of options:<br />

Deep Ocean, Midnight Walnut, Black Kenya, Dark<br />

Shadow, Rust Degradé, Silver Degradé and Bronze Degradé.<br />

Each of these options is characterised by subtle<br />

nuances which range from black, to distinctive metallic<br />

colours that make each hand-painted product unique<br />

and unrepeatable. Each product within the new collection<br />

features the Degradé essence, and this technique<br />

can also be applied to past Bentley Home designs too.<br />


Casa<br />

Goals<br />

MARM \ MORE® is an innovative, ethical new fabric<br />

making its debut in the furniture world, developed and<br />

patented for Bentley Home. <strong>The</strong> new fabric utilises the<br />

genuine dust that is a bi-product of marble production.<br />

Sourced and produced in Italy from start to finish, master<br />

craftsmen are required to complete every step on the<br />

journey from powder to furniture wrap. Marble is known<br />

to be the ultimate material for sculpture and architecture,<br />

and is now stylishly and innovatively reinterpreted<br />

for fabric. Harnessing the natural power of marble, it<br />

restores value to its unique dust, transforming it into a<br />

textile that offers unmatched technical performance and<br />

aesthetic qualities. <strong>The</strong> precious marble powder fabric<br />

gracefully dresses the 2021 Bentley Home Collection, accentuating<br />

the elegant shapes of the furniture designs.<br />

colours: light grey and natural green, each with a matte<br />

finish. This innovative covering can be chosen for every<br />

upholstered product within the new collection, and also<br />

applied to previous designs from Bentley Home.<br />

Developing the new fabric was a complex and lengthy<br />

process. Production of the fabric requires the powder<br />

from high quality marble to be mixed with a special<br />

composite to obtain a liquid microfilm. <strong>The</strong> microfilm<br />

recipe is then coupled with the selected cotton base<br />

textile to produce this unique fabric finish. This innovation<br />

in textile development uses renewable resources<br />

only and results in significant waste reduction.<br />

MARM \ MORE® is available in a choice of two different<br />

Styal<br />

<strong>The</strong> new Styal Desk is the masterpiece of the new 2021<br />

Bentley Home collection. During these times where the<br />

office has forcibly entered our homes, Bentley Home<br />

elevates the concept of office space, giving shape to<br />

an iconic product, luxurious and refined throughout<br />

every detail.<br />

A succession of graceful curves run the length of the<br />

3 metre wooden frame, covered in a choice of leather<br />

or veneer, with the sideboard elegantly positioned for<br />

balanced proportion. <strong>The</strong> desktop is punctuated with a<br />

gun metal grey insert: a visual “incision” that accentuates<br />

its sculptural profile, governing its lines and leading<br />

the curves at either end. <strong>The</strong> desk is broken down<br />

into four elements, subdivided by a metal profile, which<br />

can be covered in either leather or veneer. Slim and<br />

light, extreme from all perspectives, Styal dramatically<br />

reimagines the experience of working from home.<br />

<strong>The</strong> structure and top can be customised in a choice<br />

of: Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar<br />

or Burr Walnut root, with a glossy, brushed<br />

finishing.<br />


Casa<br />

Goals<br />

Ramsey<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ramsey range appears to defy gravity: its seat is<br />

suspended off the floor, and its tapered shell flows into<br />

armrests that reach upwards like outstretched wings.<br />

<strong>The</strong> lines are delicate, split only by a transparent panel<br />

between the seat and backrest. A gun metal grey insert<br />

frames the profile, reaching down below the seat, emphasising<br />

the apparent defiance of gravity.<br />

With graceful proportions, the Ramsey Loveseat is the<br />

first loveseat conceived by Bentley Home. It is therefore<br />

fitting that this design proposes a new dimension<br />

of luxury through its evolving spatial requirements, that<br />

will suit the most contemporary of homes, both alongside<br />

or independently from the Ramsey Sofa.<br />

Both the sofa and loveseat are available in a choice of<br />

coverings: Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked<br />

Liquidambar, Burr Walnut root, or alternatively, covered<br />

in leather or the marble powder fabric. Degradé<br />

lacquering is also applied to the wood finishes.<br />

Alternatively, leather-covered top can be chosen. Finished<br />

in wood with metallic finishing in gun metal grey.<br />

Degradé lacquering effect is also brought in to finish<br />

the wood options.<br />

Aldford<br />

Design and art come together in the clean, sleek lines of<br />

the new Aldford Table, with both rectangular and circular<br />

versions available to choose from. Legs taper up<br />

from the floor and meet under the top in a single form,<br />

accentuating the sense of lightness and suspension.<br />

<strong>The</strong> design is enhanced by the three layers that make up<br />

the tabletop: the underside is lacquered in glossy black,<br />

and a metal profile runs around the perimeter.<br />

Aldford presented a completely new constructional<br />

challenge for the designers at the <strong>Luxury</strong> Living Group<br />

and the craftspeople at Bentley Home. <strong>The</strong> double curve<br />

of the base and the sloping edge of the top are achieved<br />

using the very latest milling techniques.<br />

Customers can choose from three finishes for the legs:<br />

Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Ambar, or leather-covered.<br />

<strong>The</strong> top is available in Calacatta or Valentine Grey marble,<br />

or glossy Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Amber or<br />

Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore. Degradé lacquering<br />

is applied to all wood finishes.<br />



Education<br />

in a Digital Age<br />


DOSHII<br />

Bhavini Doshi is CEO of the multi-award-winning<br />

company PORSE, a leading Home-Based Childcare,<br />

Education and Training provider in New Zealand.<br />

“My role as a successful businesswoman, educationist<br />

and motivational leader is to promote education in the<br />

digital age and the wellbeing of Gen-Z Kids. Our vision is<br />

a world where children and young people feel safe and<br />

realise their aspirations to succeed”.<br />

<strong>The</strong> methods of education and delivery are now a blend<br />

between face-to-face and other combinations of virtual<br />

interfaces, content is moving from traditional text-based<br />

learning to text-plus-multimedia.<br />

While the world of education is still in transition; Bhavini<br />

says the cost of creating high-end multimedia content,<br />

although coming down, is still prohibitive for all but the<br />

very edge of the marketplace. Bhavini states that her<br />

work is driven by a belief that all children should have the<br />

chance to achieve their full potential and contribute to a<br />

healthy, robust society and environment.<br />

More than 20,000+ children and families have been<br />

supported by PORSE educators, nannies, babysitters<br />

and teachers in New Zealand providing strong<br />

partnership opportunities and global expansion.<br />

Bhavini has been in the education sector for more than<br />

two decades in India, the USA, the UK and New Zealand,<br />

and looks forward to forming new partnerships with<br />

those who want to make a difference and share her<br />

philanthropist view of ‘Giving back to the community’.<br />

As a part of her Corporate Social Responsibility More For<br />

Kidz Foundation Trust, a New Zealand Registered Charity<br />

was started by Bhavini to support ECE professionals,<br />

caregivers and parents with parenting skills and<br />

knowledge. She is also a member of Global Women, Co<br />

of Women, Early Childhood Council New Zealand and<br />

Home Early Learning Organisation and Early Childhood<br />

Association, India.

<strong>The</strong> Original outdoor beanbag TM . Made in New Zealand and designed to last.<br />

*Isla Chair in Marine Taupe

Tech<br />

Trends<br />


Tech<br />

Trends<br />



Lamborghini and Master & Dynamic have unveiled a<br />

distinctive collection of sound tools to offer you the<br />

luxury of peerless sound everywhere you go.<br />

Drawing inspiration from iconic Lamborghini designs,<br />

the New York-based premium audio brand Master &<br />

Dynamic has developed sophisticated True Wireless<br />

Earphones and Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones<br />

with the iconic Lamborghini hexagon and Y<br />

patterns and advanced Bluetooth technology that will<br />

satisfy even the most performance-focused consumer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> MW65 ANC Wireless Over Ear Headphones feature<br />

two Active Noise-Cancelling modes, 24 hours of battery<br />

life and Bluetooth 5.0 with a 30m/100ft connection.<br />

While the MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones feature<br />

10mm Beryllium drivers guaranteeing brilliant sound<br />

and are housed in a stainless steel charging case providing<br />

40 hours of play time.<br />

<strong>The</strong> collection is crafted from the finest materials including<br />

Alcantara®, sapphire glass, Italian acetate, anodized<br />

aluminum, and stainless steel, and sports three<br />

different signature Lamborghini liveries of silver metal,<br />

light grey and yellow Alcantara; black metal, black<br />

and yellow Alcantara; and black metal, black and grey<br />

Alcantara.<br />

Stylish design and advanced technology come together<br />

to create the perfect sound for the perfect car.<br />



horiZone fits even the largest of pans, so that you can work with<br />

flavours from around the world with the greatest of skill.<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />



CHANDON has been crafting<br />

superb sparkling wines with<br />

a unique personality since its<br />

founding in 1959 in Argentina. In 60<br />

years of excellence, the Maison’s<br />

pioneering spirit has taken<br />

it all over the globe, giving<br />

birth to a domain on which<br />

the sun never sets.<br />

CHANDON recently released<br />

its newest creation,<br />

Garden Spritz, the latest<br />

drop from its unexpected<br />

lands, decked out in<br />

an elegant new livery for<br />

a brand that has been pioneering<br />

for more than 60<br />

years.<br />

Sophisticated and authentic,<br />

simple and intriguing,<br />

CHANDON Garden<br />

Spritz takes an exceptional<br />

CHANDON brut sparkling<br />

wine and adds a delectable<br />

liqueur with a secret<br />

recipe, created by the Maison’s<br />

winemakers from natural extracts<br />

of orange peels, herbs and spices,<br />

with no artificial flavors or colors. A<br />

unique alcoholic beverage that redefines<br />

the spritz experience.<br />

92<br />

Founded in 1959 in the Andean foothills<br />

in Argentina, CHANDON today<br />

crafts exceptional sparkling wines<br />

at six wineries across the world: Argentina<br />

in 1959, then California and<br />

Brazil in 1973, Australia in 1986, China<br />

in 2013 and India in 2014. A deep<br />

attachment to the earth links these<br />

different cultures. <strong>The</strong> CHANDON<br />

worldwide community currently<br />

spans some 1,389 hectares of vineyards<br />

where 16 winemakers of seven<br />

different nationalities oversee<br />

the largest sparkling-wine estate<br />

in the world. Carrying on the spirit<br />

of founder Robert-Jean de Vogüé,<br />

onetime President of Moët<br />

& Chandon with a passion<br />

for travel, discovery and<br />

winemaking, the Maison<br />

carries on its tradition of<br />

innovation with CHANDON<br />

Garden Spritz. “Too many<br />

have closed their shutters.<br />

I have opened many<br />

windows.” This quote from<br />

Robert-Jean de Vogüé continues<br />

to inspire the winemakers<br />

and growers of the<br />

CHANDON community.<br />

Through their ongoing exchanges<br />

they reinvent collaboration,<br />

sharing inspiration<br />

and creativity.<br />

<strong>The</strong> primary ingredient in<br />

CHANDON Garden Spritz<br />

is CHANDON Brut sparkling<br />

wine produced by the team<br />

of winemakers and growers in<br />

Mendoza in the Andean foothills<br />

of Argentina. <strong>The</strong> wine is made<br />

with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and<br />

Semillon grapes grown at an alti-

tude of over 1,000 meters. Here,<br />

the terroir and climate naturally<br />

favor the requisite freshness,<br />

ripeness and acidity for this exceptional<br />

sparkling wine.<br />

<strong>The</strong> zesty bitterness is obtained<br />

through a natural maceration of<br />

orange rinds and of fresh aromatic<br />

herbs and spices. <strong>The</strong> secret is<br />

Valencia oranges variety selected<br />

for their unique balance of acidity<br />

and sweetness, grown and handpicked<br />

on a pesticide-free family<br />

farm in the Entre Rios province, in<br />

the NE of Argentina. <strong>The</strong> oranges<br />

have been studied with the same<br />

meticulous precision as the grapes<br />

to identify the best time to harvest,<br />

in order to obtain the most elegant<br />

aromas. <strong>The</strong> peels are slowly oven<br />

dried and macerated in grape brandy,<br />

along with fresh rinds and zests.<br />

CHANDON winemaker Ana Paula<br />

Bartolucci, a native of Mendoza<br />

in Argentina who was born near<br />

the CHANDON winery, talks about<br />

the creative process: “We spent<br />

years testing different blends and<br />

recipes. Finally, the 64th proposal<br />

proved to be the one. For CHAN-<br />

DON Garden Spritz I made it stronger<br />

to get more intense aromas, I<br />

really wanted enough bitterness.”<br />

This sun-drenched elixir reveals its<br />

unique freshness poured over a few<br />

ice cubes, a sliver of dried orange<br />

and a sprig of rosemary.<br />

Engaged with the earth and faithful<br />

to its roots, CHANDON is committed<br />

to protecting its terroirs<br />

and cultures with ever-more sustainable<br />

viticulture. This includes<br />

opting to hand pick grapes and oranges<br />

and working with partners<br />

who practice sustainable agriculture.<br />

CHANDON leaves nothing to<br />

chance: at least six months of maturation<br />

is required before the wine<br />

is blended with the macerated liqueur.<br />

<strong>The</strong> herbs and spices are slow-macerated<br />

for between six weeks and<br />

six months, depending on the type.<br />

<strong>The</strong> bitter orange notes are joined<br />

by aromatic notes from Argentinian<br />

and Brazilian herbs, as well as<br />

the warm and woody notes of spices<br />

from India, Central America and<br />

Madagascar. Certified without artificial<br />

colors or artificial flavors and<br />

made from 100% pesticide-free<br />

oranges, CHANDON Garden Spritz<br />

is naturally delicious. What’s more,<br />

five tons of waste – seeds, peels and<br />

pulp – are also used for compost in<br />

CHANDON vineyards.<br />

<strong>The</strong> CHANDON Garden Spritz<br />

bottle features the Maison’s seven-point<br />

star, representing its six<br />

domains and its founding pioneering<br />

spirit, auguring sparkling success<br />

for this latest creation. From<br />

the gilded logo to the illustrations<br />

of oranges on the label, this spritz<br />

embodies the grandeur of a domain<br />

on which the sun never sets.<br />

CHANDON Garden Spritz can be<br />

found at selected bars, restaurants<br />

and wine stores, as well as online at<br />

chandongarden.com<br />

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health.<br />

Please enjoy responsibly.<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />


Bugatti and Champagne Carbon<br />

toast theır partnershıp<br />

Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have more<br />

in common than just their homeland, the<br />

Grand Est region of France. As pioneers in<br />

their industries, they translate the knowledge<br />

and expertise gathered over their<br />

proud histories into an innovative present<br />

and future, always striving for perfection<br />

and to push their own boundaries in<br />

everything they do. ‘At the crossroad of tradition<br />

and modernity, excellence and technology,<br />

Bugatti never makes compromises.<br />

We feel the same about our Champagne’,<br />

explains Alexandre Mea, CEO of Champagne<br />

Carbon. That is why Carbon has created<br />

the new ‘ B.01’ to mark the 110th birthday<br />

of Bugatti.<br />

E<br />


E<br />

Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

B.01<br />

Champagne<br />

E<br />

Consisting of 90% Chardonnay and 10%<br />

Pinot Noir, ‘ B.01’ has been created on<br />

time for the celebration of Bugatti’s 110th<br />

anniversary. Champagne Carbon invested<br />

its unparalleled expertise, a lot of time<br />

and the utmost precision in the creation<br />

of this unique, high-quality cuvée Champagne.<br />

Only grapes from the most distinguished<br />

terroirs of Champagne were used.<br />

<strong>The</strong> vintage of this exclusive Champagne<br />

was a very bright one: 2002 saw Bugatti<br />

working at full speed on its modern era revival<br />

and the Veyron, while extraordinarily<br />

in the Grand Est region, it had the perfect<br />

weather conditions for good ripeness and<br />

Champagne flavour concentration. This<br />

particular vintage has just been released<br />

from the Carbon wine cellar at the optimum<br />

maturity.<br />

B.02<br />

Champagne<br />

E<br />

<strong>The</strong> “ B.02” came in celebration of the oneyear<br />

anniversary of the record set by the<br />

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, which in<br />

2019 was the first series production car to<br />

break the 300-mile barrier, reaching a top<br />

speed of 304.773 mph.<br />

This limited-edition cuvée Champagne<br />

comprises an excellent 2006 vintage blanc<br />

de blancs Grand Cru carrying aromas of acacia,<br />

grilled bread, almonds, and hazelnuts. A<br />

deep gold color and millions of bubbles complete<br />

the experience. <strong>The</strong> bottle packaging is<br />

the ultimate reference to the unique design<br />

and colors of the Chiron Super Sport 300+,<br />

representing an equally unique lifestyle. <strong>The</strong><br />

EB.02 is a new, extraordinary opportunity<br />

for wine enthusiasts to extend their collection<br />

with a truly one-of-a-kind selection.<br />

E<br />


Webb’s is New Zealand’s longest<br />

running multi-departmental auction<br />

house, specialising in Art, Asian<br />

Art, Decorative Arts, Fine Jewels &<br />

Watches, Fine Wines & Whiskies<br />

and Collectors’ Cars & Motorcycles.<br />


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Auctions<br />

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Defining <strong>Luxury</strong> Through Narrative

Knowledge<br />

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When I first landed in Dubai, like<br />

many expats, I only planned to<br />

stay here for a short while. After 15<br />

years, a wife, two daughters, and<br />

many interesting businesses and<br />

job opportunities later, I call Dubai<br />

the place where you can ‘have it<br />

all,’ a quality that has made the<br />

city a popular choice amongst the<br />

high-net-worth-individuals (HNWI)<br />

across the globe. Being in the business<br />

of Company Formation and<br />

98<br />

helping people set up their businesses<br />

never have I seen so many investors<br />

and entrepreneurs migrate<br />

to Dubai for new opportunities.<br />

So, what is it that Dubai is doing,<br />

right?<br />

For starters, Dubai’s status as the<br />

safe haven of the region has always<br />

been a major puller for the world’s<br />

rich, topping it off is Dubai’s entrepreneur-friendly<br />

business landscape,<br />

a high-income economy,<br />

excellent healthcare system, an international<br />

commercial and luxury<br />

hub, top-end and lavish villas and<br />

apartments, some of the biggest<br />

shopping malls of the world and the<br />

best international board schools.<br />

But all this is just the frosting; the<br />

introduction of financial regulations<br />

and reforms in the last few years,<br />

coupled with its handling of the

coronavirus crisis, has helped make<br />

the UAE a “model country” for people<br />

to live, work, and invest in.<br />

Dubai is surrounded by emerging<br />

markets, many of which have had a<br />

massive public health crisis during<br />

the pandemic. This golden city, on<br />

the other hand, managed the crisis<br />

brilliantly and outperformed many<br />

developed nations. For instance,<br />

in many European countries, one<br />

could not get a ventilator if they<br />

were above 60 years, Dubai did not<br />

have such harsh limits, and medical<br />

attention was given to all the same.<br />

<strong>The</strong> global health crisis has also reshaped<br />

what HNWIs from emerging<br />

markets are looking for from a<br />

second residency. <strong>The</strong>y are looking<br />

at the ability to relocate to a more<br />

mature or more acceptable country.<br />

So, people who have the power and<br />

tools to migrate to a place where<br />

they can provide their families with<br />

a good quality of life, the best educational<br />

and healthcare systems,<br />

and still be able to do their business<br />

remotely or travel anywhere very<br />

quickly, why wouldn’t they do it?<br />

Apart from the substantial economic<br />

support that the government of<br />

Dubai is providing to its entrepreneurial<br />

and startup community,<br />

initiatives such as the retirement<br />

visa, remote working visa, and the<br />

10-year golden visa could not have<br />

come at a better stage because for<br />

a long-time people were coming<br />

and going from the Dubai only to<br />

make money, but today, we are seeing<br />

Gen 1 entrepreneurs come here<br />

to go global, as there are a very few<br />

jurisdictions that offer the platform,<br />

support, and opportunities at par<br />

with Dubai.<br />

It is also an incredibly exciting time<br />

for this new generation of Nomad<br />

entrepreneurs, who operate remotely<br />

but have the world at the<br />

tip of their mouse click. For them,<br />

Dubai has thought ahead by setting<br />

up more efficient corporate<br />

structures and districts that are hyperconnected,<br />

support intelligent<br />

infrastructure, and have receptive<br />

markets. Dubai is a pioneer in smart<br />

city adoption and has taken on the<br />

post-pandemic world.<br />

<strong>The</strong> UAE’s removal from the European<br />

Union’s Code of Conduct Group<br />

on Business Taxation’s blacklist, as<br />

well as reforms on inheritance law<br />

which entails that if a person dies<br />

in the country without a will in<br />

place, their estate will be divided as<br />

per the applicable law according to<br />

their citizenship, regardless of their<br />

religion and bounced cheques are<br />

no longer a crime. All these added<br />

flexibilities and conveniences have<br />

made Dubai a major draw for the<br />

world’s ‘wealthy.’<br />

By Lorenzo Jooris<br />


<strong>The</strong> Landing Suites. A getaway<br />

in downtown waterfront<br />

Auckland, New Zealand.<br />





TLN<br />

News<br />

30 Jun 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand together<br />

with Gaggenau, Tantalus Estate, Cardrona Terraces,<br />

and Venator Cardrona Safaris held an exclusive<br />

wild game and truffle dinner in the stunning Gaggenau<br />

kitchen at UnserHaus in Parnell, Auckland.<br />

An intimate group of members and guests were seated<br />

‘Chef table style’ in the flagship Gaggenau Kitchen<br />

enabling them to watch Des Harris Private Chef at<br />

work. Guests were taken on a wild game culinary journey<br />

inspired by Venator Cardona Safaris. Wines were<br />

matched and poured by the head sommelier from Tantalus<br />

Estate on Waiheke Island.<br />

New connections and friendships were formed and a<br />

wonderful evening was had by all.<br />


Mastering the art of understatement.<br />

<strong>The</strong> difference is Gaggenau.<br />

Unifying contradictory elements is an art we have<br />

perfectly mastered. Our iconic design exudes an<br />

irresistible charisma; even in its uncompromising<br />

minimalism. Demonstrated by our 200 series including<br />

oven, coffee machine, combi-steam oven and warming<br />

drawers, the stunning composition in Gaggenau<br />

Anthracite or Metallic, elegantly blends into every<br />

interior design. Far from being opposites, statement<br />

and understatement are united in perfect harmony.<br />

For more information, please visit gaggenau1683.com.au



Latin for the number 100, Centum at Leonard Joel<br />

has become a unique event in the auctioneer’s calendar.<br />

Only in its second year, Centum brings together<br />

predominantly the work of 100 living contemporary<br />

Australian artists in the one auction. A who’s who of<br />

the art world, the walls at Leonard Joel have showcased<br />

the work of artists such as David Noonan, Jan Senbergs,<br />

Peter Booth, Mike Parr, Howard Arkley, Patricia Piccinini,<br />

and Jenny Watson, just to name a handful. Many<br />

of these artists not only have the following Down Under<br />

but have established reputations worldwide.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se works from the secondary market – from dealers,<br />

collectors and corporates – were launched at the<br />

Malvern Road headquarters on 24 June, “As with Kay &<br />

Burton, operating since 1938, Leonard Joel is one of the<br />

oldest auction houses in Australia, going back generations.<br />

<strong>The</strong> idea of this exhibition is one of our many collaborations,”<br />

says Ross Savas, Managing Director of Kay<br />

& Burton. For Leonard Joel’s owner, John Albrecht, who<br />

is at the helm of the company, which was established in<br />

1919, he’s proud to be the first to celebrate living contemporary<br />

artists of this standing. “Many of these artists<br />

are now highly collected in galleries, not just in Australia,<br />

but overseas. Centum is only in its second year,<br />

but it is now an annual event,” says Albrecht.<br />

Some of the artists, such as Howard Arkley, are household<br />

names. His paint on paperwork, Untitled (Poles),<br />

from 1976 would have been completed at the height of<br />

his career. And although not a major work by Arkley,<br />

his signature alone now comes with a significant price<br />

tag. A painting by David Noonan, ‘Untitled’ and produced<br />

in 2005, is from the artist’s earlier career, with<br />

his profile now considerably elevated, both in London<br />

where he now resides and in Australia where he has<br />

had numerous exhibitions including at the Ian Potter<br />

Centre.<br />

Curated by Leonard Joel’s Olivia Fuller, Head of Art,<br />

Centum represents highly respected living contemporary<br />

artists, wherever they are based in the world.<br />

“Sadly, a few of the artists have passed away,” says Fuller,<br />

pointing out a photograph taken by the late Polixeni<br />

Papapetrou, whose work, titled Indian Brave, from<br />

2002, depicts a young bare-chested boy wearing an Indian<br />

headdress and a mask. Another photographer, Pat<br />

Brassington, whose work Dress Hang is from the same<br />

year, offers an intimate reflection of the subject of the<br />

body. “Papapetrou’s work is an important part of the<br />

contemporary art scene even though she is no longer<br />

with us. Her work will continue to be discussed and is<br />

an important part of the current art scene,” says Fuller.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Lot 20 Robert Hunter<br />

While collectors and art buffs attended the launch<br />

of Centum, there were also artists in the mix. Sankar<br />

Nadeson, who was invited to Centum at the last moment<br />

by a friend, is based in London but is currently<br />

creating a major sculptural installation in Melbourne.<br />

“My work involves looking at fine art, particularly<br />

from the past, but obviously taking the work forward,”<br />

says Nadeson, who is drawn to glass artists<br />

such as Lalique and the mascots they produced during<br />

his time. “I’m always looking at the past, but you<br />

can see from this gathering, people love to look at<br />

great contemporary art,” he adds.<br />

Lot 12 Rone<br />

Lot 29 Nicholas Harding<br />


Converting power<br />

into performance<br />

As a longstanding supporter of the historic car world, EFG has<br />

a proud association with events as diverse as Le Mans Classic,<br />

Salon Privé and the RAC Woodcote Trophy.<br />

As genuine lovers of classic cars, we share the same values<br />

of innovation, passion and excellence that drive restorers,<br />

collectors, racers and enthusiasts.<br />

We also have a history of building unique, high quality<br />

and long-standing relationships with our clients.<br />

We share everyone’s frustration and disappointment that<br />

for now, you cannot pursue your love for the racetrack<br />

or open road.<br />

When the time comes, we will be there to celebrate the highs<br />

and lows of ownership and competition with you.<br />

Stay happy and well.<br />

efginternational.com<br />

Private Banking<br />

EFG <strong>International</strong>’s global private banking network operates in around 40 locations worldwide, including Zurich,<br />

Geneva, Lugano, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Miami, Bogotá and<br />

Montevideo. In the United Kingdom, EFG Private Bank Limited’s principal place of business and registered office<br />

is located at Leconfield House, Curzon Street, London W1J 5JB, T + 44 20 7491 9111. EFG Private Bank Limited is<br />

authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the<br />

Prudential Regulation Authority. EFG Private Bank Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Registered in<br />

England and Wales as no. 2321802. EFG Private Bank Ltd is a subsidiary of EFG <strong>International</strong>.

Artist: Muyiwa Akinwolere - Title: Battlecry<br />



Artist: Muraina Oyelami<br />

Title: My Lady<br />

7-9 OCT 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Nigeria is delighted to present<br />

<strong>The</strong> African Art Series – a series of<br />

exhibitions created in response to<br />

the increasing interest and appetite<br />

for contemporary African Art, both<br />

in the capital and globally.<br />

We are delighted to introduce the<br />

inaugural event in partnership with<br />

the prestigious Bvlgari Hotel London.<br />

This exclusive event will showcase a<br />

selection of artwork from new and<br />

established African artists across<br />

the continent and its diaspora, to<br />

celebrate the unprecedented rise in<br />

appreciation for African Art, amidst<br />

the new narrative about luxury and<br />

Africa.<br />

<strong>The</strong> breadth of African artwork;<br />

paintings, sculptures, prints, and<br />

photography in different genres<br />

emerging from the continent, is<br />

capturing the attention and imagination<br />

of both new generation and<br />

discerning art collectors. It is stimulating<br />

intercultural dialogue and<br />

discussion that is interweaving the<br />

conversation about Africa, into the<br />

discourse on diversity in the creative<br />

industries.<br />

<strong>The</strong> aim of this series is therefore to<br />

bring the joy and pleasure derived<br />

from the authentic opulence of exquisite<br />

African art to new audiences<br />

– in beautiful locations around the<br />

world.<br />

<strong>The</strong> African Art Market<br />

Demand is high for contemporary<br />

African Art.<br />

Over the past decade, contemporary<br />

Art from Africa has seen a dramatic<br />

rise in interest inside the global<br />

art scene. Artists, sculptors, and<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

Artist: Nyemike Onwuka<br />

Title: Untitled<br />

Artist: Ben Enwonwu<br />

Title: Christine<br />

photographers from the continent<br />

have gained increasing attention<br />

and international acclaim amidst<br />

soaring prices, as private and institutional<br />

buyers, hope to see the same<br />

growth trajectory and price rises, as<br />

seen in contemporary Chinese Art.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y are probably right. Unlike other<br />

emerging geographic collecting<br />

categories, African Art has maintained<br />

a steady market momentum.<br />

And so the financial prospects for<br />

artists, dealers, and collectors look<br />

very promising, as new world records<br />

confirm the art industry’s fascination<br />

with African art is stronger<br />

than ever.<br />

Today, many blue-chip galleries now<br />

have African artists on their roster<br />

and the world’s foremost auction<br />

houses are all vying for a piece of<br />

the action. A recently found painting<br />

by a Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu<br />

sold at seven times its valuation<br />

for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s.<br />

Artist: Ben Enwonwu<br />

Title: Africa Dances<br />



astonmartin.com<br />

Alfardan <strong>Luxury</strong> Motors Co. (L.L.C.), Alfardan Towers, West Bay, Tel. +974 4042 6363, qatar.astonmartindealers.com

Why Join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> has been recognized by the British media as ‘the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group’ and one<br />

of the most innovative formulas for the development of new businesses between luxury brands which share the same values,<br />

customers and target audience. We build meaningful business relationships and connections in the HNW and UNHW space<br />

with over 28 global offices and 500 exclusive member brands worldwide.<br />

With over a decade of experience in the international luxury industry facilitating access to new high-net-worth individuals, our<br />

team has developed thousands of strategies for countless companies. <strong>The</strong> importance of top-end strategic alliances for<br />

financial success is indisputable and yet most companies don’t have the time or the resources to create such ongoing business<br />

relationships.<br />

We are armed with the right connections to help you form new business alliances with many other luxury brands, to reach each<br />

other’s HNW pre-qualified private clients, and showcase your brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C sales or private<br />

client events. You will get the opportunity to entertain your clients and invite your prospects to our of B2C luxury events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s team will perform as your extended marketing arm to orchestrate successful collaborations by working<br />

closely with your own personal <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> account manager to develop your business and identify your targets.<br />

For more reasons to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, please visit our website testimonials and success stories section. You may join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> by filling in the form at www.tlnint.com/contact-us or email us at info@tlnint.com and we will take care of<br />

the rest for you.<br />


Brands Directory<br />

Address Beach Resort<br />

addresshotels.com<br />

Damac<br />

damacproperties.com<br />

Mclaren<br />

cars.mclaren.com<br />

Arnold & Son<br />

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De Dietrich<br />

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Aston Martin<br />

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Audemars Piguet<br />

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EFG<br />

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AV One<br />

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Etihad Airways<br />

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Bentley Motors<br />

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Ferial Barbir Art Painter<br />

instagram.com/fbartist<br />

Saxo Bank<br />

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Bombardier<br />

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Gaggenau<br />

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Tantalus Estate<br />

tantalus.co.nz<br />

Bovet<br />

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Graff<br />

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Tiffany & Co<br />

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Breguet<br />

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<strong>The</strong> St. Regis Singapore<br />

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<strong>The</strong> Landing<br />

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Cardrona Terraces<br />

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Print and Production<br />

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all-electric jaguar i-pace<br />

time to change.<br />

Introducing the I-PACE, Jaguar’s first all-electric performance SUV.<br />

Built from the ground up, its electric motors and aerodynamic<br />

design deliver 696Nm of instant torque with sports car agility,<br />

to cover up to 470km in a single charge.<br />

<strong>The</strong> battery, design, and state-of-the-art thermal management<br />

technology in the I-PACE is Jaguar’s first step to having a fully<br />

electric performance fleet by 2025.<br />

Now is the time to change, while still remaining resolutely Jaguar.<br />

Speak to your local retailer today about test-driving the I-PACE.<br />

jaguar.co.nz<br />

Watch art meet<br />

performance<br />

Official EU test figures are from manufacturer tests under EU legislation. Overall EV performance data may vary according to driving and environmental<br />

variables. Terms and conditions apply. <strong>The</strong> standard Scheduled 5 Year Servicing is included. Speak to your retailer for more details or visit www.jaguar.co.nz.<br />


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