Breckland School Prospectus 2021-22



Breckland School is an outward facing school at the heart of our community. We have

uncompromising aspirations for all students. Through high expectations, brave and

ambitious teaching we develop a love of learning, enabling children to achieve more than

they ever thought possible and thrive in an ever-changing world. As a small school, we know

our students well and are proud of each and every one.

Parental engagement is equally important; regular and effective communication between the

home and the school is a high priority and we will encourage parents and carers to visit the

school to celebrate their children’s talents and achievements. The school will function most

effectively with happy and engaged staff; staff welfare will be a key priority and we will do

all we can to maintain a healthy balance between accountability and support.

In order to provide an outstanding education, we must regularly evaluate our curriculum and

establish our desired intent for the students. We must ensure they leave school with a range

of skills and knowledge that will serve them well for their future lives. Equally important

however, is their personal development, and we must ensure the curriculum provides them

with the necessary life skills to make a purposeful contribution to wider society.

We believe in creating a learning environment which allows the curriculum to be delivered

through high quality stimulating lessons and a wide range of enrichment activities which

‘bring to life’ the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom, fully engaging our students

and developing their intrinsic desire to learn and to achieve, and ultimately fulfil their

aspirations. Teachers will be given the tools and capacity through bespoke professional

development opportunities and a strict code of conduct for students which ensures their

standards of behaviour and attitudes to learning are exemplary.

Our Ethos

To achieve our vision, we must ensure we maintain a positive culture and ethos which is

essential to developing good relationships and positive behaviour. We believe in a culture where

our students feel included, respected, safe and secure, and where their achievements and

contributions are valued and celebrated.

Strong and visible leadership, clear and consistently applied expectations of student conduct and

appearance, and high expectations of student potential, are distinct features of Breckland

School. Staff are supportive of the school’s vision and well-motivated to provide an outstanding

and inclusive education for all students.

There is a calm and purposeful learning culture where teachers can teach, and learners can

learn. The school is a welcoming environment; students are courteous, interacting positively

with one another, with staff and with visitors. Staff know students by name and have an

appreciation of their individual strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring they feel valued

at the school. All students are treated equally, and their specific needs are met both within the

classroom and throughout the school day.

We believe that establishing high standards at school will encourage a positive work ethic that

supports the children well throughout their lives. Our students are encouraged to be reflective,

resourceful and resilient individuals, with high self-esteem and the desire to fulfil their

aspirations, illustrated by our school motto ‘Be the best you can be’.

About Us

Breckland School is a school for children aged between 11 and 16 and is located in the

small market town of Brandon in West Suffolk, very close to the Norfolk Border. The

historic market town of Brandon is located in the heart of Breckland, surrounded by

acres of forest, which is renowned as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Thetford

Forest is the largest lowland pine forest in Britain and hosts a rich variety of animal and

plant life as well as providing a wide range of recreation facilities.

At present there are approximately 550 students on roll. We offer a stimulating threeyear

Key Stage 3 and two-year Key Stage 4 curriculum, supported by a wide range of

enrichment opportunities, including an annual snow sports trip, international, national

and local trips to places of cultural interest which bring to life that which is taught

within the classroom setting, and an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs and


Our principle aim is to prepare students for the next stage of their lives. To achieve this,

we employ the following principles:

• Allow all students to access a broad and balanced range of subjects

• Provide a tailored learning experience, meeting the individual needs of all students

• Ensure teaching deepens subject knowledge and skills

• Raise students’ aspirations of their own potential

• Enable students to develop knowledge and skills essential for their adult life

• Promote an enjoyment of learning and a desire to achieve well

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum provides students with the knowledge, character and skills they need to

develop a lifelong love for learning. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students are

taught ‘the best which has been thought and said’, and to encourage them to achieve more

than they ever thought possible. We are ambitious for our students to fulfil their career

aspirations in a rapidly changing 21st Century.

The curriculum provides a logical and consistent framework for a rounded education and

is designed to give all students access to a broad range of traditional subjects, taught in a

way that amazes, inspires and intrigues. Our curriculum has the power to change the lives

of every student and equip them with the cultural awareness, knowledge and competence

to enter the academic conversation and to thrive as healthy citizens with an appreciation of

British values in our diverse society.

Strong curriculum leadership is essential at all levels. Subject leaders work collaboratively

to ensure the curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced toward cumulatively

retained knowledge. Teachers empower students to develop a rich appreciation of the

subjects they study, and, in doing so, facilitate deeper understanding and retention of

powerful knowledge.

When students join Breckland School they will experience a broad curriculum with

elements of both academic and practical subjects on their timetable. Students are grouped

for Maths based on their Key Stage 2 scores. All other subjects are taught in mixed

attainment settings.

Upon entry to Breckland School in Year 7 students embark on a three-year Key Stage 3

curriculum broadly based on the National Curriculum requirements. Students receive

education in English, mathematics, science and French, as well as a range of humanities,

creative and physical subjects.

Our timetable consists of a two-weekly cycle, comprising 5 x 1-hour lessons per day.

In addition to our curriculum provision, we are able to offer SEN provision and Year 7

catch up intervention in maths and English to ensure that every student meets their potential

when they join our school in Year 7. Students begin their Key Stage 4, GCSE studies, in

Year 10.

The curriculum at Breckland School aims to:

• Allow all students to access a broad and balanced range of subjects,

providing equity in the curriculum, regardless of key stage

• Allow students to experience a diverse range of enrichment opportunities

• Provide a learning experience that is suited to an individual’s needs

through bespoke pathways

• Provide teaching that deepens subject knowledge and skills, whilst

challenging the student’s ability to make connections across different

subject disciplines

• Raise students’ aspirations of their own potential to be the best they can


• Enable students to develop knowledge and skills that are essential for

their chosen destination and adult life

• Produce students who enjoy learning, make good progress and achieve


• Create confident, responsible individuals who can make a positive

contribution to society and who have an appreciation of the world around


Personal Development

At Breckland School the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students is a

key priority. Our broad curriculum offer, including extra-curricular opportunities, ensures that

our students are given every chance of developing their character, resilience and self-belief.

We have a moral responsibility to help young people to be increasingly excited about the world

around them, to thirst for understanding and to develop the knowledge, skills and character

they will need to be confident, ethical citizens.

We believe that each of our students is entitled to the opportunities and experiences which will

help and motivate them to reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate

consistently well with others. We want our students to be inspired to achieve great things and

aspire to be the very best they can be. Our curriculum is the key to their entitlement; by

exposing our students to the best that has been written and the best that has been thought, it

should amaze, inspire and intrigue, providing students with opportunities for creative

expression and pathways to qualifications which help them to build their cultural capital as a

basis for growing their economic capital.

Breckland School is committed to equality of opportunity, celebrating the individual

characteristics of all members of the school population and providing an inclusive learning

environment which meets the needs of all students.

Developing students’ physical and mental health:

The importance of keeping physically healthy, eating healthily and maintaining an active

lifestyle will be promoted through the PE curriculum and extra-curricular programme, as well

as forming a key theme in our assembly programme. Our Student Support team is central in

helping students to develop their confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep

themselves mentally healthy. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that there are

opportunities throughout the curriculum for these messages to be delivered, including in

mentor time.

Student voice:

Fostering and developing an active student voice is a central tenet of our vision for Personal

Development at Breckland School. Our School Council and our Student Leadership

Programme are all examples of the opportunities afforded to our students in order to encourage

them to become active members of their community. Students lead assemblies, school tours

and have opportunities to make changes to aspects of school life and are encouraged to get

involved in the wider community.

Careers education:

Our careers education programme ensures that we meet the eight Gatsby benchmarks and

allows our students to be prepared for their future steps. Events such as the Post-16 Fair, Mock

Interviews, work experience, Suffolk Skills Show and contact with employers all form part of

our careers programme. These events, as well as the benefits offered to students as a result of

our strengthening links with local Post-16 providers, are all part of our aim to raise the

aspirations of our students.

British values:

Students at Breckland School will be prepared for life in modern Britain and have an

understanding of fundamental British values through our mentor time and assembly

programmes and PSHE curriculum.


The PSHE curriculum is appropriately sequenced and meets statutory requirements,

focusing on students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It includes the

expansion of students’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships, their ability

to recognise online and offline risks to their well-being through inappropriate use of mobile

technology and social media, and to appreciate the importance of equality of opportunity. It

also provides further potential to encourage student voice and to celebrate diversity of

thought and values.

Our Uniform

It is Breckland School policy that all students wear school uniform when attending school,

or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. We ask that

all parents support the school uniform policy. We believe that parents have the duty to send

their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their schoolwork. One of the

responsibilities of parents is to ensure their child is wearing the correct uniform and that it

is clean and in good repair. Uniform fitting events for new intake are held in the spring term.

Pinafore Uniform

• Breckland School checked pinafore dress

• White long/short sleeved blouse

• School cardigan (optional)

• School scarf to be worn with pinafore and blouse

• School blazer

• Socks – plain white, plain dark grey or plain black (no logos) – long or short or plain

grey tights.

Shirt and Trousers Uniform

• Charcoal grey tailored straight legged trousers. Black trousers are not permitted

• Belts must be plain black leather

• White long/short sleeved shirt

• School tank top (optional)

• School tie

• School blazer

• Socks – plain black or grey (white socks are not permitted with this uniform)

‘School’ items are individual to Breckland School and can be purchased via our



Sensible flat plain black formal leather shoes with no visible logos (and which would be

suitable when worn with formal clothing, such as a suit) are the expected footwear for boys

and girls. Canvas shoes, boots and trainers are not acceptable. This includes hybrid type

trainers/shoes that are not classed as formal shoes (the manufacturer or retailer may class

these as school shoes).


On health and safety grounds the only permitted jewellery which can be worn by students


• Stud earrings (maximum of 2 studs in each ear) - No other piercings are permitted

• A wristwatch (not a Smartwatch)

• No other jewellery is permitted (this includes wrist bands)

Any of the above worn jewellery is the responsibility of the student and any losses/

damages incurred, will not be refunded by the school.

Accessories, make-up and hair styles

• No accessories to the school uniform are permitted, other than belts which must be

plain black leather

• Hair styles are not to be extreme in appearance (all colour of hair is to be of natural


• Only clear nail varnish can be worn (no nail extensions or false nails or wearing of

coloured polishes)

• Make-up worn must be subtle. Students wearing excessive make-up (including that

which enhances eyebrows) will be required to remove it.

School Bags & Coats

Students must come to school with an appropriately sized waterproof bag for carrying

school books and equipment. It needs to be designed to comfortably hold A4 files and

workbooks without them getting damaged. Coats worn to and from school must be plain

and no hoodies are to be worn on site.


Please enquire at the school office.


Behaviour is closely linked to educational outcomes. When behaviour is good, students

achieve more both academically and socially, and there is more time for focused learning.

Breckland School is committed to the provision of a caring, secure and orderly community in

which the boundaries of acceptable behaviour are clear, shared and consistent. Such an

environment gives greater capacity for teachers to teach and students to learn.

The school’s expectations are reflected by the Breckland School Rules and Non-negotiables.

In order to ensure consistency in the application of sanctions and rewards, a comprehensive

behaviour for learning system is shared with staff and students.

Isolation Room

The Isolation Room is a facility where students are given the opportunity to reflect upon their

negative behaviour. Students may be removed from lessons for failing to display an

improvement or attitude after having previously received a warning. The Isolation Room

operates in silence and students are expected to complete work set. Students may also spend a

period of time in the room after being isolated from mainstream lessons. If a student is isolated

for any reason, they will be expected to remain in isolation until 5pm.

Rewards and Sanctions

At Breckland School we enjoy celebrating in the successes of our students and want to

ensure their contributions to school life are recognised.

Students are rewarded in class using a positive points system on Go4Schools (points may

be positive or negative). Positive points accumulate over the term and year to form the basis

for awards linked to sustained excellence and effort in class. Home learning tasks, showing

good manners, contributions for teams and clubs are also recognised with positive points.

Students are also rewarded for displaying inspirational acts of citizenship, overcoming

barriers to learning and also by academic subject. Subject teachers will select students who

have shown excellence within their subject or made great effort within their subject and

nominate them for awards in the termly Awards Assemblies.

Students will also be sanctioned if the school’s expectations are not met. During lessons,

teachers issue students with a warning if they are not meeting expectations in terms of

behaviour for learning, attitude to learning, uniform or equipment. If the teacher has to issue

a second warning related to either behaviour for learning or attitude to learning, then the

student is removed from the lesson and will be issued with a one-hour detention after school

the following day. In addition to lesson removals, students are also sanctioned through

detentions, isolation and, in extreme cases, exclusion.


At Breckland School we aim to offer students a wide variety of extra-curricular

opportunities to complement the curriculum. Sport and the Creative Arts are large

parts of our extra-curricular offer with regular Performing Arts shows and concerts,

along with fixtures and competitions in a number of sports, including Football,

Netball, Rugby, Athletics, Tennis and Rounders.

Our extra-curricular programme provides additional alternative opportunities for

students, outside of those they may experience in curriculum time, including the Duke

of EdinburghAward.

In addition to the clubs on offer each day at lunch time and after school, there is

provision for students to complete home learning tasks in an area supervised by

members of staff.

Extra-curricular timetables are published at the start of each term via the school

website and newsletters.

Student Support

The Student Support Centre at Breckland School involves a group of multi-skilled

professionals providing the necessary services for students to maximise their potential in

a calm and supportive environment.

Appropriate levels of support are provided for students with special educational needs

and/or disabilities. This includes identification of needs, provision of in-class support,

bespoke interventions (such as literacy support) and the identification and provision of

special access arrangements (such as additional time for completing examinations).

Additional provision is also made for students for whom English is not the first language,

looked after students and students for whom the pupil premium funding is intended. The

SENDCo ensures the needs of all students are met, working closely with the students,

staff, parents/carers and external agencies. The SEND Team are based in ‘The Hive’.

Intervention is provided for students for whom support is needed. This support takes

many forms, ranging from literacy support lessons to support for social, emotional or

behavioural issues. Support may be tailored to a specific individual (1:1 support) or a

small group.


Admissions for normal year of entry are managed by Suffolk County Council.

Information on this process is available from:

T: 0345 600 098



You can call the school for further advice. Please read our Admissions Policy which is

available from our website and read the Parents Booklet published by Suffolk County Council.

This will give you full details of the admissions criteria and procedures for applying for a place

at Breckland School.

Completed applications must be returned to the local authority (in which you are resident) by

no later than 31 October 2021.


Both Norfolk and Suffolk County Council will provide home-to-school transport for your

child if they are eligible. Additionally, we currently provide transport for students who live in

the areas of Methwold, Feltwell, Mundford and Thetford. Places are limited and will be issued

on a first come first served basis. There is a charge for this service. To find out more about

transport arrangements, please visit the parents and carers section of our website.

In-year transfers

For admissions that do not occur in the normal year of intake (i.e. all admissions outside of the

September 2022 Year 7 intake) please contact our admissions team or visit our website for

further details.

Contact our admissions team:

T: 01842 819501


Breckland School

Crown Street


Suffolk IP27 0PE

T: 01842 819501

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